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08:51 05/01/2017

Read this great article about the psychology of obsessive trolling

Comic Andy Kindler Is Malicious

Comic Andy Kindler Is Malicious

He obsessively attacks Ricky Gervais on Twitter. || Chris Beck

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Kenneth Schultz
Kindler was semi-amusing in the past and has gotten steadily worse since. Somewhere along the way he lost the fact that a comics best weapon against what he doesn't like is comedy. Kindler now rants and raves about things without a hint of comedy attached.
David Mooney
Every one entitled to an opinion ,however whether it worth considering for more than a nano second another thing. His ignorance is bliss I suppose...???(Andy Kindler)
Angie Rodriguez
Since most people in this thread (including myself) had to Google him to know who the heck we're talking about, I guess THIS is what he wanted since the beginning, more people knowing who he is and paying attention, even if it's for the worst of reasons and not at all related to his talent. Not sure if his obsession became a publicity stunt or vice-versa.
Mandy Tickle
So, let's get this straight: Someone who built a mediocre career by shouting his lines, and being the most annoying character on a now defunct tv show, (even though he appeared in about six episodes) is now trying to teach others about comedy. Okay.
Cheryl Ann Knott
Why reprint this article and bring attention to him. Good for Gervais for not engaging with him on Twitter, but whoever on his social media team that decided to reprint this I feel made a real mistake. Keep on ignoring and pretending he doesn't exist.
Bella Challis
Well done you Ricky for not rising to the bait. So sorry this idiot has nothing better to do than to troll you. This man is so obviously jealous of your fame. Never change being the hilarious caring person you are. We all love that you are so open and honest about what you believe in. It takes guts when you are in the limelight. Your laugh is the best music to my ears! Looking forward to seeing you for the first time on 14th October...Front row!!!!! Yay!!! xx
Shona Mckenzie Peers
Ricky you are a hero to me. You stand up against animal cruelty and hunters that alone is wonderful and it shows you have a beautiful heart . The 2 bit comic ahem is is trying so hard to get what you have. Bless he needs a good carer and support. Maybe he doesn't have private health care. Don't matter we all love you in this house and keep fighting the fucktards who are cruel or kill animals. Stand tall hun xxx
Liz Hill
He played our local comedy club once. He was bombing so badly that it was painful to watch. He just wasn't funny. So he turned on the crowd, calling us a bunch of hicks and morons who simply couldn't understand his act. That wasn't the case. He just wasn't funny. It got really ugly fast and if I remember correctly ended before it was scheduled to end. To be honest I was surprised to see him show up on ELR.
Richard Handscomb
Stopped reading at "pussy teenager whining about feminists influencing gaming culture" a pretty pathetic article. The guy clearly has issues and if ricky is offended by him he can block him. Also remember kiddies, online abuse =/= trolling
Sean Collis
Kindler is a funny comic but his twitter rants/attacks on some people are very uneducated and petty. Everyone is a bigot according to him. When Josh Zepps had him on to ask him about his hatred of Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins is comments didn't even make much sense. It's sucks because he is really funny on stage.
Yemel Ramos
This man is just so insecure and jealous of Rick and his success... I don't even know who he is!! Trashing others and slandering them to get attention is despicable.. and very Trumpy!
Stephen Milne
Would you expect anything less from a sad and boring narcissistic American comedian that hates anyone who is either funny or has a lot of followers? Sounds like Trumpf, you know... orange is the new black in the whitehouse...
Paula Dell
He's obviously a drinker who gets aggressive after a few, probably miserably unhappy with himself and when pissed lashes out at those he's jealous of. The fact that his penis fails him makes it worse
Kristen Reed
Stand-up comics are awkward people, Gervais is kind of an asshole (though he's honest about it) and Kindler is bitter. Both have characteristics that probably make them difficult to know on a personal level. However, Gervais is WAY funnier, and Kindler is just the living definition of a hacky comic. I never much liked Kindler's comedy, and learning about this obsession makes me like him even less.
Tracy De Soto
This wasn't a great article about the psychology of obsessive trolling at all. It was just an observation by a reporter that someone's being an obsessive weirdo. But Ricky, I do think it's shitty he's doing this to you. The man is clearly a twat.

Other newsfeed from Ricky Gervais

I’ve put on about 6lbs recently, but I have a very good reason, which is, I’m a greedy pig who’s been consuming more calories than I burn off. Fucking science. Please fat-shame me to help me buck my ideas up. Thanks.

7.7k reactions 1672 comments
Tim Ball It's easier to go for that run than to make up some bullshit stories for the next week to make yourself feel better about your failure as a human being. Just do it. Hows that? Might make a good advert for Nike that.
Allan Moore Ricky, did you see that the show 'Modern Family' has jumped the shark and gone full 'When the Whistle Blows' in having Chris Martin from Coldplay randomly pop up then do a sing-song (Just having a little sing-song a la Stephen Merchant, but I digress) ...
Tina Norman-Howe What about cutting off that incredibly stretched ball sack? Gotta weigh in at 6 lbs I would wager (Bristol show was great) 🤔🤪
Graham Nelson If I fat-shame you I'll have to walk-the-talk myself. So, no - I won't! Besides, look at it this way - the extra fat may make death by cardiovascular disease more likely BUT .... ... if you fall off a trawler in the middle of the North Sea you will ...
Joseph Barnard For a few weeks last year, they were telling us that people overweight lived longer than thin people. So you had that going for you. They have changed their minds, though, which isn't so good if you read all the way to the end. I guess I wasn't that ...

When I get the 10 minute nuclear strike warning, I think I'll watch this...

1.6k reactions 149 comments
Dee Gazetta Derek reminds me that I'm sane enough, and happy to be old
Scott Peters Move on. 10 min nuke strike, you’ll be sobbing like the rest of us
Sean Markey Seen this about a hundred times, always worth a watch 😂
Sue Corrall Amos Brian Amos these are hilarious.
Stephen Murphy Can of special brew and a bowl of peanuts 🥜..

I have a date for my #Humanity special on Netflix! But I can't tell you yet until it's 100% confirmed. March, though. Soon!

1.7k reactions 103 comments
Grace Bell Get your fangs fixed you look like Dracula 😂
Andrew Howard Is that photo a howl of anger, or scream of fear, or both?
Ruth Ann Saw him in Chicago on a girls week, he was hilarious!
Tracy Victorino Great..Since you never do shows here in Portland, Oregon..LOL!
Cheryl Jenkins I like your comedy but geez you're a self promoting wanker

Dear America, Please watch my fun new game show “Child Support’ tonight on ABC. Not for me, for the kids. If it doesn’t do well I’m going to shut down the orphanage.

928 reactions 92 comments
Alison Sylves Love it! Love watching you with my 7yr old!
Jack Moore Donations to Herb Kazazz orphanage.
Elaine Duke When does Steve Carrel take it over and make it a hit??.. #toosoon
Robert Meachen It was fun and they guy who won the $100K was a hoot...you should bring him back as a host.
Emma Gardner And cut their grule (not sure I've spelt that right!) rations 😬

1.8k reactions 730 comments
John Knopick Mornin Ricky and Ollie from SoCal!!! :) Child Support is a HILARIOUS show :)
Linda Ruth Cook I appreciate all the good stuff back in UK 're adopting rescued dogs but why oh why is no one letting jo public know about the horrific torture that dogs suffer in China before they die! Simon Cowell had the ideal air time recently but never exposed it
Paula J. Conlogue Clark Has Ollie been taking kick boxing lessons?
Jules Jones I think you should do a new program on animals
Sacka Grifo Omg I just said to my mom I love you and your video popped up live!! Hi Ricky and Ollie !! 😻💖

Another lovely 5 Star review for Humanity. Thanks Bristol.

Ricky Gervais at Colston Hall in Bristol Comedy Review
Ricky Gervais at Colston Hall in Bristol Comedy Review

With my face literally wet from the tears I cried due to persistent, unrelenting giggling and my husband next to me claiming he felt sick because he couldn’t stop laughing, it’s clear that the Ricky Gervais gig at Bristol’s Colston Hall gets 5 stars.

222 reactions 22 comments
Stacy Claire Shepherd Dee Abraham 👌🏻
Fiona Hatt Thought u was a bit shit to be honest
Andy Davy Fantastic evening did you get mobbed after
Jon Paul The chicken of Bristol!
Charlotte Hendzel AMAZING! So so so brilliant - SO thrilled we got tickets ❤️🙌🏻

Thanks to the amazing audience tonight in Bristol. Let’s do it all again tomorrow. #Humanity Cheers!

1.2k reactions 77 comments
Roger Lowrey See you later
Andrew Loupekine Calm down turkey it’s going to your head .
Stacey Cleaver I'm sooo excited for tonight.....can't wait!!!!x x x x x
Anthony Hill Sarah thinks you are amazing...
Tavis Brian Laffan Reunite with Karl and Steve.

I’d be a terrible teacher because I’d just laugh at the kids all the time #ChildSupport

2.2k reactions 118 comments
Deb Allen Blair...i want to watch this! 😁
Melli Griebsch Adam Heaven is there a possibility to receive this one in Germany? xxx
Mittianna Brady I'm watching now ... and loving it!!! So cute & funny! 😂
Richard Padley Not enough of the kids and Ricky on the show - these are the best bits.
Dan Merkell Anyone know when this starts and what channel on Sky please.

What a beautiful day to pop to Bristol for a couple of gigs. #Humanity

1.2k reactions 112 comments
Avsie Paul Bit better than the 15 bus to St Marys Butts ain't it mate
Giuseppe Civitella I predict you will crash and die in that thing.
Debra D'Amico D'Ulisse You had me laughing last night when you skyped on jimmy kimmel. Very funny stuff
Michelle Lowrie Ah ...i thought it was the drought helicopter!
Kyle Ambeau What about the ferries ??? Sure those are running , but that would mean mixing in with the general public 😷

Ricky Gervais promotes his new game show with the world's least humble video interview

1.9k reactions 98 comments
Linnea Lindsgård Awesome!
Claire McMahon Hardy "Not for me to say"😂😂😂
Dan Merkell When does it start? What Sky Channel?
Laura Hazell Sean Hazell 😂 Roll on tonight!
Barnaby King Roberts Brilliant vid! Gameshow looks really good too :) Steven Caswell Kieran Spooner Phil Burgess Naomi Rose Roberts Connor Rickeard Gary Holland

One for the parents: David Brent dances to the CBeebies Stick Song from Hey Duggee.

4.3k reactions 3699 comments
Charlotte Watson-Cowen Jenna Leigh Lucy Cole FrancesscaLeigh Craig Nicola Reed please can we teach the kids this on funday Friday! 😂😂 this stick song is something else!
Africa Couto Only yesterday we were dancing to this tune at our household-Hey Duggee is a favourite! We are missing your moves though! 😂😂
Bee Nourian Hanni how many takes you reckon it took to nail this scene. I swear I’m humming the song he dances to/sings
Steven A. Strength And this is why Gervais will always be cooler than Steve Carell (see how I didn't even use his first name? He's THAT cool!)
David Nickerson One of my favorite scenes from the Office....makes me laugh until I'm crying...and please bring back An Idiot Abroad. Just Brilliant!

Have a peaceful night

3.7k reactions 0 comments

I’m beginning to think I have a childish sense of humour. #ChildSupport

4.3k reactions 285 comments
Barbara Happle Ricky Gervais, the new Steve Harvey. :(
Tommas Gazzola s'okay, even your juvenile humour is more complex than most murrican sitcoms.
Stephen Milton Uh oh , ricky and kids.....thats an idea
Natalie Hope Rach Bailey Alfie would love this show just for the kid that repeatedly says poo
Patrick Humphries On this week's episode of "the kids say the darnest things"

Series 2 of Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius starts next Tuesday at 11AM ET on SiriusXM Radio Comedy Greats (ch. 94). For international listeners, get the #1 Audiobook of Episodes 1-5 on iTunes now. Episodes 6-10 coming on January 26th.

Ricky Gervais Is Deadly Sirius: Episodes 1-5 by Ricky Gervais - Download Ricky Gervais Is Deadly Sirius: Episodes 1-5 in iTunes

Listen to a sample or download Ricky Gervais Is Deadly Sirius: Episodes 1-5 by Ricky Gervais in iTunes. Read a description of this audiobook, customer reviews, and more.

41 reactions 4 comments
Vanessa Grace Rumore Been listening to this everyday. Love it. 👏🏼
David Penzar XFM 104.9
Neil Thorne Loving series 1. I'm seeing you in Bristol tomorrow night. If I wasn't excited enough I've just listened to ep 7 of series 1 and now can't wait for tomorrows show to be 100% better than last years!

ABC's 'Child Support' Is A Game Show That Is Pure And Good And Adorable All At Once via Decider

ABC’s ‘Child Support’ Is A Game Show That Is Pure And Good And Adorable All At Once
ABC’s ‘Child Support’ Is A Game Show That Is Pure And Good And Adorable All At Once

Hosted by Fred Savage, the show is like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire if your lifeline was a group of elementary school children supervised by Ricky Gervais.

1.1k reactions 58 comments
Michelle Leigh I luv you so much. hugs to Jane and Ollie. from Australia.
Claire Wells Would be funnier if it was Karl instead of the kids
Gigi Olsen Ricky Gervais, I have a nearly 7 year old that wants to be on your panel and he’s hilarious!!!!
Danielle Hoffmann Love this show Ricky Gervais! You are golden with the kids. <3
Joshua Moschiano Sounds like it’s better reviewed than When The Wind Blows!

Happy Birthday Mr Jones.

9.5k reactions 166 comments
Mike Kelly Nice. Loved seeing him sing about you in your show.
Daniel Berg Ricky, was this before your facelift?
Linda Ann Still can't believe he's gone. :(
Angela Sheppard Pug pug pug pug...see his pug nosed face 😂😂
Haley N Malloy I wish I could’ve met you! You were so talented🖤 Happy Birthday

The holidays are over and I can’t wait to bring Humanity back to Bristol this week!

439 reactions 45 comments
Louie Boyes Steve Merchant town.
Mark Gowers #Egofest
Roger Lowrey See you there. I have my tickets
Jayn Edmonds Oh someone mentioned the inhumanity of homelessness! That's not rich people's style of humanity! Shhhh!
Marie Liddiatt 😁

Seth Meyers Have an absolute blast tonight at The #GoldenGlobes and please treat the industry with the respect it deserves.

1.7k reactions 95 comments
Dano Matic Ahhhhh Ricky, I see what you did there 😉
Rebecca Kelley Seth did a good job but nobody does a better job of hosting than you Ricky. ♡
Teresa Machado Gersão Machado já foi 😢 este ano ele tinha sido expulso a meio da cerimónia
Leila Newman Claire Wrigley wish he was presenting it this year, imagine what he would say xx
Kathy Geilinger That gig should have been yours

I spoke to the mighty San Francisco Chronicle about Sketchfest, Humanity and offending the Hollywood elite.

Ricky Gervais to appear at SF Sketchfest before taking on ‘Humanity’

SF Sketchfest celebrates improv, stand-up, sketch, film and TV, which makes it a perfect fit for Ricky Gervais. The 56-year-old has dabbled in all of that and then some, coming to comedic prominence as the creator and star of the British sitcom "The Office" and leaving a searing mark in the U.S. as�...

332 reactions 32 comments
Robert Coplen Can't wait to see you, Ricky. :) American culture is full of material right now, we need your special perspective on all this shit.
Jón Gunnar Benjamínsson Saw you in Iceland - Great show.
Maureen Valdes Marsh Kiem Sie 😆😆😆
Lee Phillips Thats me
Michael Featherston Come to Adelaide

Been like this for 20 minutes and I’m losing the feeling in my hand. I might have to break the law and move her.

11.4k reactions 510 comments
Angela Marston Halifax Ricky Gervais Have you ever traveled long distance by plane with your cat? Any helpful hints? I REALLY worry about 8.5 hours in pet cargo...
Clare Hemmings Yup. Love the way they can do that. I have 3 cats and i only ever feel like i exist for their use. I am definitely staff in my own house.
Marcy Shrub You better not. I bet Ollie missed her hooman so much she just wants to make sure you don't go away again before she's sick of you.
Brian Goodliffe Are you preparing for a number arm Scooby door mystery wank? Using a cat. "'Comedian' in beastiality probe after Facebook admission" boom career death.
Christina Mann Take Billy C's advice and have a wank with the numb hand. He says it is just like having someone else do it for you!! Which should be a novelty for you , oh furry lapped one!!!


14.0k reactions 942 comments
Betty Nowill Insane people never think they are that way. They believe their thoughts and actions are the only correct way. Those who think differently or disagree with them are the crazy ones. The superiority complex is one of the ways that a person with an ...
Jenny Marie Louise Fridh Well that’s a joke!! He is killing our children, grandchildren and this beautiful planet. Just to make money to his rich friends. Plastic in water, pollution, deforestation, global warming er etc the planet, animals and humans do not have a chance with ...
Jim Par He digs himself in deeper every day with his lack of mental balance, and Republicans fall all over themselves to justify him I’d call him the Red Queen, but he’s orange. Off with his head!!!!!
Vince Loxton Don’t worry folks this is the best, most well thought out piece of performance art in the history of the world
Chris Bradshaw Reminds me of Dustin Hoffman’s memorable line in Rainman: “I’m a very good driver. Yeah.” Who in their right mind needs to tell people they’re a “very stable genius?” Proves the point of the book.

David Baddiel and I discussing the “Nazi Saluting Pug” a few weeks ago on my Sirius XM show.

1.5k reactions 164 comments
Andrea Long Where can we listen to these? All I can find is the pilot and first episode
Matt Lg >David Baddiel. >Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington. Righto, friendo.
Andrew Carter This is all wrong. Get Steve and Karl back!!
Glenn Bassett I can see Groucho Marx, but where's David Baddiel?
Jordan Kershaw Count Dankula. That's the YouTuber who did it. He a comedian. Funny guy.

Child Support Ricky Gervais Interview

Child Support Ricky Gervais Interview
Child Support Ricky Gervais Interview

Movie News Channel - 'Child Support' Ricky Gervais Interview

868 reactions 50 comments
Jen Figg Cathy McQuarrie you're gonna love this
Tom Petrou Put one in a wheelie bin
Ashley Butterfield How did it come to this, Ricky?
Estey Fam Loving watching you with the kids Ricky Gervais #childsupport 😂😁
Olly Saxon-Mills You that support the child? 😂😂 o mean really??

Child Support, tomorrow at 8|7c on ABC

470 reactions 60 comments
Mitch Whiley Can we watch this in British tv
Roger Karlsson Netflix? HBO? Torrent?
Kim Sheppard O'Neill Lol. Excited to watch this!
Tiffany Britt-Hooker This show looks hilarious .
Tomas van der Vinne Liza Ricky!!!!!

Have a peaceful night

6.0k reactions 204 comments
Ross Jarrett Love that picture who did It??
Yuna Maria Lind I just thought "well what the heck is that" and then "ohhh a cat!"
Jonathan Frith I'll bet you bought the painting because it goes well with the cat
Fred Cubler Jr. Your cat looks primed to attack Steve's nuts
Shaun Vaughan Is that a Jackson Bollocks on the wall.

If I were hosting the golden globes this weekend, I wouldn’t be brave enough to do the joke I’ve just thought of.

3.0k reactions 381 comments
Kacper Paździor Something regarding "my button is bigger"?
Christina Jenkinson Stop it! Love me, define me. Of course you would have done it British style, I’d expect nothing less.
Janine Coppini Jane found all her friends ... perfect answer and an even better one for being in shit company ... love you guys ..
Elisa Lorist At least do 1 joke about Meryl Streep....and please do stand in front of her while you do it?! Thanks in advanced. 🤗
Chris Webb I thought the rule was if you think of something funny you have to say it no matter the consequences??

As you may have read, Netflix have bought two stand up specials. The first, Humanity, which I have toured and filmed. And the second, which I haven't even thought about yet. Any suggestions for a theme or title?

8.6k reactions 5012 comments
Jeff Maki A lot of the comedy on Netflix isn't that good because even the good comics are just rushing them for the paycheck Netflix has turned into a comedy production line just because the Demand for comedy is high it doesnt mean that the quality of the comedy ...
Lyn Mcmillan Modern day sexual identity v political correctness and the demise of all childhood traditions. Example..topics on how sex ed would now be taught in school given all the gender types and why cant some nursery rhymes be sung as now not correct or ...
Ian K. Iles How about Inhumanity? Lots of stuff there, from Tories wanting to bring back fox hunting, factory farming, bombing children in Iraq, Syria, Yemen etc. Lots to get your teeth into.
Ryan Noyes Pretty sure 'Derek' should have his own live show with 'bubbles' from trailer park boys on there to. They both love animals. And what to amazing characters
Cam Roughfoot I don't know about you guys, but I'd like to see a documentary commentated by Gervais himself, in and out of shots. Where he travels places he always frequents, while reflecting on how much he's accomplished, what he's done to accomplish what he has, ...

News: Netflix Buys Next Ricky Gervais Stand-Up Show After Humanity

News: Netflix Buys Next Ricky Gervais Stand-Up Show After Humanity
News: Netflix Buys Next Ricky Gervais Stand-Up Show After Humanity

Following the global, exclusive sale of Ricky Gervais’ stand-up show Humanity, Netflix has just bought the rights to his next stand-up show, which will also be released as a special on the platform.

1.3k reactions 81 comments
Jesse Burr Are you familiar with Letterkenny? Go there, enjoy your stay!
Nathalie Mirabelle Schon Hey Ricky recommend me as a subtitler of your shows for French and German and I will love for forever (yeah this is a bribe). 😁😁😁😘
Paul Torres Wstched that Extras again last few nights on Netflix tell ya its as good as the office
Cynthia Romero I took the plunge and watched "David Brent" and loved it.
Stuart Neville ever thought bout doing china to raise awareness about yulins torture festival rick?
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