Nikki Bella
09:00 01/11/2017

This is far from over!

Photos: Nikki Bella suffers the wrath of The Queen of Hart(less)

Photos: Nikki Bella suffers the wrath of The Queen of Hart(less)

Fearless Nikki looks to get some retribution on her Total Divas co-star Natalya for The Queen of Hearts' attack at Survivor Series and her many subsequent insults.

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Tanya Sue Pelland
No one really likes Natalie she is a cry baby grow up u are not as good as u think and using your family's move all the time only way u can win
Eric Martin
My son was crying when we were there last night cause Nikki was hurt
Melissa Gonyer
Niki Bella my 9yr Hayley and 6yr Angel said get better so you can go kick some A** they love you and want to be just like you!! Thank you for being a amazing role model for the kids
Cyrie Del Rosario
missing the bella tweens btw. go nikki were here for you and dont forget to beat her a** #fearless #Philippines💓
Madison Mozol
Nikki you go get her and prove to her who the real leader is who is the true superstar.Stay strong.Stay confident.Stay Fearless.Never give up.No matter how bad it hurts you are Nikki Bella .And Nikki Bella never gives up no matter how bad the situation is.I love you Nikki a lot your one of my favorite divas there.I also surely do hope that you get your revenge on Natalya and show her who the real Queen is One last thing ..Do this for the Bella army for the divas division.For You.I hope you stay strong Nikki.S.T.A.Y.F.E.A.R.L.E.S.S. Do not let that evil Nattie take you down
Jeremy Hester
Nikki keep fighting and you will beat nattie, I love you.
Zach Ash
Nikki you'll get back at Natalya. You're prettier than her and you are clearly more talentef than she is.
Jasmine Leigh Salgado
I watched that your so fearless hope you see this comment love yah
Rebekah Schneider
As I read these comments I begin to wonder if y'all know that the story lines are scripted... I knew this when I first watched over 10 years ago... I really hope u guys understand that this isn't the real thing and that the women cannot change anyrhing
Rachel Marie Russell
What a great story line! So happy to see the spotlight where it belongs! Love you both!
Carmen Williasm
Carmen Williasm say something Elsa was y'all doing my me by I be by a by a by a I be by a by be a by a by a by 3135566298
Freida Vasquez
Cant wait for Nikki to get her revenge and Natayla will get what's coming to her
Rebecca Pezzaniti
Cant stand nattie as a wrestler and when she appears on total divas i always fadt forward that part
Prince AJ
Nikki is right nattie is living off her family the things that nattie does it comes from her family ppls think that everything that she does she made no her family made ....nikki Bella on the other hand every move she does she made natties mad cuz nikki Bella beat her by submisson in the middle of the ring to be the captain of smackdown women's team and if nattie wouldn't have attack nikki smackdown would have won
Kornelijus Armonas
I really like how this feud is going right now, I mean the video package for this feud was very well done, Nikki and Nattie do have chemistry together

Other newsfeed from Nikki Bella

No matter what Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan said, this Dancing with the Stars call was AMAZING news!

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ענת חייט אזולאי מקסימות
Kulwinder Ganga good good
Shen Uhciram idol your so pretty 😍
Jeremy Hester I love you Nikki
Shakil Ahmad Pretty Bella

Hey Bella Army! Get your tickets for this year's WWE Hall of Fame before anyone by using this code in the online pre-sale starting Wednesday: NIKKIFAN

1.5k reactions 42 comments
Edaury Pallamps wwe
James Mullaney You're my favorite.
Glenn Bright nice
Patrick Cela Sei la mia preferita
Lisa Marie LOL

Dreams Are Free 🌞 My Birdiebee

19.2k reactions 210 comments
Muhammad Atiq Tf,so hott🔥🔥
Uttam Biswas Soooo lovely Nikki 😍😍😍😍,, I love you
Mayra Fierro You're so pretty Nicole 😍❤
Lisseth Cazales When are you performing again?😘😘
Toni Johnson That’s an adorable picture!

Couldn't stand the thought of being late to WWE SummerSlam and missing John Cena!

5.9k reactions 55 comments
Saleem Ali U. Lova. Me
Kenneth Marcotte Someone crushin?
Anurag Hembram What are doing Bella Twin
Dinesh Dinesh Very nice
Maya Tamang Thanks so

You got this, Nia Jax!

5.9k reactions 239 comments
Jorden Ballinger Nichole and Brie seem like the best friends to have! Girls that stick together and love eachother the way they are!!!
Ana Quiroz You are a beautiful person from inside and out I used be just like you but know I am proud to be In a curve body
Helona Wright Now you are so beautiful for a full figured woman I look up to you I respect you and I am your biggest fan halona from Baltimore Maryland
Becky Blackmore Mia you are a role model for all us plus size women all over the world and would love to say you are so brave in what you do what you wear and I want to say your AMAZING xx
Kenton Robins Nia you're hot stop that craziness. Men don't want bones these days we like meat on our women. You also just have a beautiful face

This is the perfect solution to Nia Jax's dating disaster!!

3.8k reactions 60 comments
Lordjox Dpl I,love nía jax you are mi Dream
Denis Buciuta 😍😍loves
Indraa Indraa're very big
Canela Charlie Nikki bella
Tina Luscher Love the show

I just can’t with these two ❤️ I want my own mini! 😳 Brie Bella will just have to share for life 😜 #birdieandcoco #littlebird

16.1k reactions 298 comments
Gisell Paola Taborda Villamizar what. beautiful you look with your niece is beautiful
Christine Berry Don’t give up hope it took me 7 years to persuade my other have to start a family x x x
Nekesa Carol Nikki will you be in the rumble, would love to see you win
Amber Klein I ❤ the photo it's adorable!! You both look great!!

You can look, but you can't touch... #TBT

48.0k reactions 750 comments
Jeff W Atkins I bet John Cena has touched her so many spots
Claudia Brüns The Bella Twins are ready for Royal Rumble?
Philip Chavin I think the Bella's r hot and smokin as hell . I would like to touch !!
Mharla Umali You keep dreaming on the stars above😍😍😍
Kyla Andoyo Espiritu II the bella twins 😂Hi Nikki And brie😂😍😘 -from philippines

Birdie's first tea time at Pippa's Real Tea! - Bella Appétit

1.2k reactions 25 comments
Dinesh Dinesh Very nice
Isah Abdullahi Maimaderi Nace picture
حمادة ابو عقبي واو
Tư Lê Nice
Kamran Hussain Birdie !!!!!!

What an AMAZING surprise!

3.3k reactions 58 comments
Saleem Khan noN ice LovE 2
Sonu Kaushik Very lovely
Dinesh Dinesh So nice
Tỷ Ca Nắng Mưa Wow 💖💖💖
Tina Luscher Awesome

"Women just continue to break barriers at WWE!"

2.8k reactions 56 comments
Vai Amrit Limbu Hey what's up Nikki?
Dinesh Dinesh Nikki you come back royal rumble
Yolanda Yoli Hope there both in it
Sid Gawankar please nikki come on sd live and win first ever women royal rumble match
Shantell Prince 2018 Year of the Bellas. I hope you guys come back at Royal Rumble 😉

This one is for YOU, Bella Army!

4.3k reactions 118 comments
Pam Gage That was soooo beautiful...
ಗುರುರಾಜ್ ಕುಮಾರ್ Beautiful nikki .i feeling hardfucking nd suck ur boobs
Ashwini Solanki Wow Nikki Bella u did an amazing job...superb 💝💝💝
Donald Pratt She ruined her body when she got those foolish implants in her
Zaskia Anthoni wow then u a dance soo very pretty wow the bella twins<3

SURPRISE, Bella Army!

3.5k reactions 49 comments
Sarah Hamilton Loved it <3
Rigo Garcia 500,000 post was wayyyyyy better lol
Shania Parks Congrats on the one million subs
Maddy Boulton This is beautiful!
David Canzano Nikki sucks and is fake asf

Nikki Bella's cover photo

3.4k reactions 97 comments
Rajveer Røyal Love you
Aamir Khan So beautiful Nikki and brie 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Papoo Gull Gull Hi Nikki
Shania Parks Congrats
Melissa Bauguess Beautiful

Natalya made the right move!

10.1k reactions 139 comments
Ramiz Hussain Nikkei beautiful
Chotu Bhai Chotu Bhai Hello beautiful
Gregoery Hunte Very sexy
Imran Tahir Ghayur John cena ki wife check kr
Kenneth Liantluanga Kenneth My usa engage wife sharon take me awful sandwich europe wind fly over me take not second apparently

#BellaArmy! Be sure to check out my man John Cena as the big bull with an even bigger heart❤︎ in Ferdinand, now playing in theaters everywhere!

5.1k reactions 81 comments
Paola Alvarez it's so funny.i'm so excited to see this.yes
Tina Salinas It looks hilarious! Going to go see it today!
Carla Evans Just took my kids tonight! It was an adorable movie!
Melinda Reilly-Mason My son n his class are goin Monday to watch it
Andre Manuel Di Santos we see this looks kool

Coming soon...

5.2k reactions 77 comments
Pusingsemua Samasaja you and paige are my favorites
Moksh Bansal Please come back wwe
Veronica Patricia My idol Nikki!! #FearlessNikki
Kawsar AL Ali you are beautiful girl....
Rita Peterson can't wait!

Brie reveals the location of Nikki's engagement party: Total D...

6.5k reactions 63 comments
Ruhe Matthew Great video of the both of you
Sandriely Nunes Bella Army
Muhammad Riyaz Nice baby
Nyamet Khan Awesome
Vijay Rajput So beautiful

There's nothing quite like dominating in that ring!!

13.3k reactions 133 comments
Stanley Evans Sexy and beautiful and powerful woman.nikki u are rocking the u Ma
Chen Fa Yin Nikki if u can contact to Aj please say that I love her wish her back 🤘
Nelly Naahid Doig Villalobos Nikki because Aj left the wwe * Beautiful as always
Zul Zula You did SO GREAT!!! Be proud of yourself Nikki keep up the GREAT work
Erïčk Bürgös CR like if you want nikki to use the Rack Attack again

Belle Radici is coming back this spring! Here's a sneak peek...

Belle Radici is coming back! Brie shows you the bottling process!
Belle Radici is coming back! Brie shows you the bottling process!

Brie goes behind the scenes of the bottling of their wine line Belle Radici. Subscribe to The Bella Twins on YouTube - Follow The Bella...

3.7k reactions 36 comments
Kiran Parmar Nice
Bunty Singh Hii niki
Vai Amrit Limbu Hoi
Kt Andrea I am a huge fan go fearless nikki
Sachin Raina awesome!

Seriously, The Bella Army is THE BEST!

113 reactions 24 comments
Awais Sheikh #ClaSsic
Roberto Serratos Cool
Aziz Eagle Tnx
Kesar Rai Hi
Jatinder Singh Khalsa Very nice

I am proud to support #VWeek and The V Foundation in their continued efforts to achieve victory over cancer. To learn more on how you can support visit

3.5k reactions 30 comments
Oussa Guezi "WonderBøy"
Zatanna Zatara
Joey Avalos Elizabeth Buentello Beltran
JM Digvijaya Singh Chauhan Love u dear Nikki Bella
Smd Farhan ❤❤❤

Brie Bella gets back in the ring: Total Divas Preview, Dec. 6,...

6.8k reactions 52 comments
Answla Mushahary So good
Gianni Wilcox SituatIonGee
Amber Pirie Heck yes!!!!! Brie Mode 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
Alfonso N Leona Yes yes yes Brie Bella !!!
Negrita Cerna Don't worry brie u got this

Such a fun weekend!

17.7k reactions 310 comments
Raymond Paker love you both i miss yall in wwe wish you both return
Dale Martinez You are so beautiful. Definitely my dream girl.
Jashan Arora Both Bella Twins are beautiful.come backkk
Nikki Oumnia I love you the bella twins
Thapelo Mnisi I really miss nikki on the ring


15.1k reactions 207 comments
Deepak Thakare I like u so much.....Nikki
Ted Tomaszewski She sucks cena's dick
Qasir Khan Sanjrani Your very very very lovely lovely lovely
John McCarter Ludeke Love you Stephanie Nicole Garcia Colace
Pravin Gaikwad Nikki Bella is my favourite wrestler

#FearlessNikki and #BrieMode are coming to Ace Comic Con at NYCB Live in Uniondale, NY, from 5 - 9 PM on Friday, Dec. 8!

Ace Comic Con
Ace Comic Con

ACE Comic Con

950 reactions 17 comments
Manthan Raut i love you
Soumya Mallick ✅ 🕵️‍♀️
Ertuğrul Ayman Speed Nikki bella seviyom seni
Sandeep Kumar Beniwal Nikki joha kaha ha .
Sagar Pawar Sagar Hiii nikki

Brie Bella donates milk to the San Diego Mothers' Milk Bank: T...

4.9k reactions 51 comments
Stacie Jones This is amazing. I love this!
Lisa Marie Brie you are Gorgeous Inside and OUt1
Krystal Sharrar God bless you for help other baby's
AppUz JeStin nyz
Mary Contrary You achieved another goal xo

Nikki Bella's cover photo

1.5k reactions 44 comments
John Mendoza Happy thanksgiving to my world
Md Sahabuddin Nice
Sujani Salshani nice
جبريل احمد Waw Niiky l like 💗
Punjaban Jatti Hlo mam

So grateful for The Bella Army, you guys are AMAZING!

2.0k reactions 55 comments
Lori Nesbitt Congratulation
Jass Sandhu Super
Christian Israel Guzman Luna Happy birthday
Sahil Malik Hello beautiful girl
Trudy Gleason Trudy TRUDY GLEASON
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