Nikki Bella
09:00 01/11/2017

This is far from over!

Photos: Nikki Bella suffers the wrath of The Queen of Hart(less)

Photos: Nikki Bella suffers the wrath of The Queen of Hart(less)

Fearless Nikki looks to get some retribution on her Total Divas co-star Natalya for The Queen of Hearts' attack at Survivor Series and her many subsequent insults.

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Tanya Sue Pelland
No one really likes Natalie she is a cry baby grow up u are not as good as u think and using your family's move all the time only way u can win
Eric Martin
My son was crying when we were there last night cause Nikki was hurt
Melissa Gonyer
Niki Bella my 9yr Hayley and 6yr Angel said get better so you can go kick some A** they love you and want to be just like you!! Thank you for being a amazing role model for the kids
Cyrie Del Rosario
missing the bella tweens btw. go nikki were here for you and dont forget to beat her a** #fearless #Philippines💓
Madison Mozol
Nikki you go get her and prove to her who the real leader is who is the true superstar.Stay strong.Stay confident.Stay Fearless.Never give up.No matter how bad it hurts you are Nikki Bella .And Nikki Bella never gives up no matter how bad the situation is.I love you Nikki a lot your one of my favorite divas there.I also surely do hope that you get your revenge on Natalya and show her who the real Queen is One last thing ..Do this for the Bella army for the divas division.For You.I hope you stay strong Nikki.S.T.A.Y.F.E.A.R.L.E.S.S. Do not let that evil Nattie take you down
Jeremy Hester
Nikki keep fighting and you will beat nattie, I love you.
Zach Ash
Nikki you'll get back at Natalya. You're prettier than her and you are clearly more talentef than she is.
Jasmine Leigh Salgado
I watched that your so fearless hope you see this comment love yah
Rebekah Schneider
As I read these comments I begin to wonder if y'all know that the story lines are scripted... I knew this when I first watched over 10 years ago... I really hope u guys understand that this isn't the real thing and that the women cannot change anyrhing
Rachel Marie Russell
What a great story line! So happy to see the spotlight where it belongs! Love you both!
Carmen Williasm
Carmen Williasm say something Elsa was y'all doing my me by I be by a by a by a I be by a by be a by a by a by 3135566298
Freida Vasquez
Cant wait for Nikki to get her revenge and Natayla will get what's coming to her
Rebecca Pezzaniti
Cant stand nattie as a wrestler and when she appears on total divas i always fadt forward that part
Prince AJ
Nikki is right nattie is living off her family the things that nattie does it comes from her family ppls think that everything that she does she made no her family made ....nikki Bella on the other hand every move she does she made natties mad cuz nikki Bella beat her by submisson in the middle of the ring to be the captain of smackdown women's team and if nattie wouldn't have attack nikki smackdown would have won
Kornelijus Armonas
I really like how this feud is going right now, I mean the video package for this feud was very well done, Nikki and Nattie do have chemistry together

Other newsfeed from Nikki Bella

Having some second thoughts on this Wonder Woman look for Comic-Con International...

16.9k reactions 264 comments
Asuka Imahashi i really love your fearless clothes! and i really want you and brie come back to the ring , because i really want you match with other women ! so please come back!
Valerie Peña Ryan did you see Nikki?!
Loloo Lolo I don't know,why john cena love u? For what? You are like any girl you don't have a special thing
William Bryant Nikki I'm gonna give you a chance to tell me If you think starting a WWE women tag team division would be a good idea That's a question I want you to answer yes or no
Alexus Wilks lol Nikki u won't I see all the time girls wearing stuff like that a comic con

The NEW Team Bella Mattel fashion dolls are always ready for ACTION!

6.8k reactions 62 comments
Tammy Hayman I want one of nikki and all of them
Ramneet Khosa Nice dol ji
Ʀʌɱɘsʜ Aʜɩʀ ʌŋn Yeah baby
Glenn Massoth Sr. Niče nikki im ready 4 šime action too
Radiant Boy Jobayer AWESOME LOOKING

Yesterday's shenanigans 💋💪🏽 Back to my skateboarding roots!

2.8k reactions 82 comments
Michael Kefauver Great booty
Glinkéren Höffman Lrangārd So much makeup in one video
Greg Craig Awesome
Løvêr Bøy Mùkêsh Røy So niccc
Løvêr Bøy Mùkêsh Røy Hi Nikki

OBSESSED with the new Mattel WWE Superstar dolls!

4.7k reactions 82 comments
Jessy Ethopia Sexyyy
Lisa Marie I LOVE THIS NIKKI!!!!
Glenn Massoth Sr. Missing
Jiaur Rahman nice doll nikki
Jay Sean i love you darling

Mattel's WWE Superstar dolls give you the opportunity to choose YOUR STYLE!

9.1k reactions 107 comments
Hamza Hamza فديتج 😍
Paola Mendoza And love nikki bella
Deewana Nik 💏💏💏
Soukaina Soukaina Soukaina Ohhh nikki bella so nice i love you
Hàbib Bényouçef thanks

You can't touch these WWE Superstars right now, but you will be able to VERY soon!

4.9k reactions 44 comments
Lezlie Cole Wine is your show came back on TV
Shekar Deepu Hi. Nikki. Cena. Hru.
Christopher Lee Terrance Derhousoff Nikki Bella You Are Yummy Hot And Sexy Plus You Have A Yummy Hot And Sexy Body Also It Turn's Me On
Jaswanth Kumar Yadav Waiting for your reply
Latesia Banks This is awesome congrats girls

Time to heat up your summer wardrobe!

2.5k reactions 17 comments
Jelena Petrovic glupaco seres ko krava
Maronza Hloni Nnakage Joney You can't even wrestle!
Abdelbaki Iskandar فيد يو جميل
Jadav Saha Ma'am, I am coming please help
Yasmin Palomino Come and get 1 year of Netflix ! ➽ #NetflixFreeYear

LOVING the Birdiebee collection! Get your sneak peek...

11.0k reactions 95 comments
Imran Seikh So Sakai baby
Ʀʌɱɘsʜ Aʜɩʀ ʌŋn 🐹 Bella twins is great... Love you... 🐹
Eduardo Chavez Nikky bella q cuerpo😍😍
Tamika Eberhardt Wow so cool
Ârîñdám Gáñgûly Very very beautiful and nice looking sweet heart and Love you nikki

Another devastating Bella Brains challenge!

3.2k reactions 27 comments
Ritu Sharma ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Yasmin Palomino Know how to get 1 year of Netflix content! ➪ #NetflixForYear
Celina Maylett
Kamran Hussain So dumb !
Deunna Norman Dina L. Norman

Z... Y... X... this was a tough one!

943 reactions 47 comments
Deunna Norman Dee Norman
Anirazc Nierol NICE!!!!!!! Nikki Bella😂😂😂😂
MrWisut Wongkamhaeng 5555
Mina Mosavi Love u Nikki& Brie soooooo much!!!
Liya Hlubi Your children my nikki trust me

Just an AMAZING night at the ESPYs!

4.7k reactions 54 comments
Melissa Kitchen I loved it but missed your glam
Christy Kaderman I liked her outfit
Lisa And-Jonathan Stewart I loved it, if I had a nice body I'd wear it!
Greg Craig Awesome
Hlogi Queengee U rock in everything u wear bbe

Nothing brings people together like WINE!

3.2k reactions 17 comments
Angelo Monterosso Jess Monterosso
Ashwaq Hussain Hey Nikki bella
Priyanka Priyanka Nice
MD Golam Sorowar nice
Andy Penny 👍🏻💪🏻

An amazing night with an amazing man.

34.3k reactions 224 comments
Chommy Romeo Love you both.... Great couple of the year
SK Majij Ali Amazing CENA or Nikki
Suren Lucky Wwe john cena and beautiful nikki Bella good
Hlogi Queengee Best couple
Madahar Saab Cuteeee ❤

Had an amazing time at the ESPYs!

21.0k reactions 125 comments
उन्छ्यान कालु तामाङ्ग WOW SUPPER AND LOVE MISS N YOU BOTH
Arjun Bidla Nice couple
Greg Craig Awesome
Kazi Masud I jast love you john
Richard Webster Doesn't she have a dress?

Time to have some BUN with BellaBody!

833 reactions 55 comments
Arslan Ali Ali Guud murning
Kumar Sanjeev Greate
Ivory Kinita Love you Nikki Bella Dex
Juan Lombardo Garcia You're beautiful te amo niki
Dennis Wilson Sr. I would love to

Birdie is just one of the girls!

957 reactions 35 comments
Nisha Singh Fabulous you are Nikki
Comochin Gas What a name.
Emaa Aamchok cute
Ivory Kinita Baby
Dinesh Dinesh Awesome

Get a taste of the FINER things with the first episode of Bella Appetit!

2.4k reactions 35 comments
Devin Copen I am a big fan of you and John Cena
Md Sabbir Nice video nikki all love you an John cena
Ali Ahsan you. Nijki
Trang Hà Lê I love you Nikki
Djsant Jsika 👑🍷🍷🍱🍷🍷👑

Need a little help on this one...

2.0k reactions 21 comments
Gaby Dugan Nick Dugan
Md Sabbir Nice video all love You fain♥♡♥♡←←←←
Margita Zigova Love
Dinesh Dinesh Cool
Ali Ahsan So.sweet

Wouldn't have been complete without BIRDIE!

1.3k reactions 9 comments
Alejandro Rojas Hi friend Nikki, how are you
Jemy Andrson Toooo goood
Diana Kolitsoe Love u nikki I just u can come back to smack down Live
Jiaur Rahman So saxy nikki bella and sister.
Patti Ann Oaks He didn't nikki would be there

Some quality sister time!

8.1k reactions 76 comments
Ivory Kinita Love you Nikki Bella kiss Dex
Thavhiwa Ak Ambani Nice pic Nikki luv u
Xnxnz Dsk Hello 💝💝💝☝☝
Mark Chetcuti Nice picture ladies.
Atta Ur Rahman Khan Cutee

These date shakes are unreal!

2.7k reactions 38 comments
Syrel Baltazar wow georgeous twins
Harianne Mota i love bella twins
Valentin Maidana Nikk
Kiran Dhaliwal Nice
Kàràñ Ikolaha Nikki & Brie Cute Sisters

A very patriotic edition of Bella Brains!

3.8k reactions 38 comments
Star Blinks nyc
Deepak Rana Good morning ji
Bobich Anbm Bichbicha I love you nikki ♥♡♥♡♥♡
Victor C Michael Very nice...
Onney Maqhinga Onnie I love you Nikki and brie

How can Brie Bella NOT love these sweet karate moves?!

2.7k reactions 21 comments
Mandisar Nxumalorh nice
Shinda Singh Nice
Lynda Patrice Tyndall Beautiful baby
Anthoni Gonjalis So cute baby
Daniele Loperte you are my life!😂❤️

Such an amazing surprise!

3.9k reactions 34 comments
Emman Brkić Queen
Dawid Pacula i love nikki
Minh Anh Tran chi
Michael Anthony Serock Yeah
Yacine Padami Top

Just an average day at WWE SmackDown Live with Brie Bella!

6.1k reactions 44 comments
Kazi Ashraful Alam hello...
Victor C Michael Very nice....
Chisom Obiwuru Nikki is not jealous again over her sister because John Cena have proposed her
Denna Wester That is super mom brie mode she is an inspiration
Heriberto Vázquez Camacho Te amo

Patriotism means loving America and all Americans, because #LoveHasNoLabels. #WeAreAmerica

696 reactions 6 comments
Jashan Ballu Hello very nice video
Steve Marsh Happy 4th
Greg Craig Awesome
Barbie Bryn Love also has no gender

💋🇺🇸🔔 Happy 4th of July! 💋🇺🇸🔔 Want to take a second to just say Happy Birthday to America! 241 years ago we became a nation. Yes it's fun to do these sexy, fun shoots (btw that is not a real flag, it's a mock banner) but I feel so lucky to live in this country. I think of our freedom, the men and women that fought for that and all of this beautiful land we get to call home. It's always fun to light fireworks and BBQ with family and friends but it's also nice to take a moment and realize how lucky and fortunate we truly are to be Americans. Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!!

34.6k reactions 610 comments
Shahid Jamil We're is possible to meet you personally I would love to have a chat whyt you I guess I could learn a lot from you 🙂❤️
Terri Lynne Iron-Jones What about how the native two suffered with their lands taken away from people that promised them things.😠😠😠😠😠💀💀😠😠😠😠😠
Johnny Reyna Your so sexy on anything you wear. Hope you have a great 4th of July. See you tonight on smack down
Un Ishh Khokhali I am from Nepal and for American in date of 4th July Happy birthday and Nikki too....
Eze Chigewe Raymond Nikki you are a true American, so lovely,beautiful & fearless. Congrats. We look forward to seeing you do what you know how to do best in smack down

Celebrate Fourth of July by working every INDEPENDENT muscle in your core!

2.2k reactions 16 comments
Olvin Carcamo Nikki bella Love you
Ethan Dauzat Was up
Ethan Dauzat Loev good nikik
Muskan Mangi Ilove u payer karo plz
Daniele Loperte love you.❤️❤️😘😍😍😂🤙🏻

My Tuesday night & 4th of July ❤️🇺🇸 So excited for WWE SmackDown Live tonight with the return of my fiancé John Cena! 💋

16.5k reactions 173 comments
Rafael Nascimento Omg 😍 Jhon cena returns on RAW in jun yeaaaaaaaahhhhhh😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Victor Moura Happy fourth of July!
Panayiotis Toumazou Bring that John cena word life
Sayed Jamil Sayed Jamil so happy nikkl bella so glad you and i am excited john cena best w w e
Kel Almenario Parto We can see u now in the ring John Cena... lol😂

Who's excited for John Cena's WWE SmackDown Live return tonight?!?

5.4k reactions 114 comments
Christopher Richardson The reason why John cena!! Will go down as the greatest we superstar because he has sold more (T-SHIRT AND SWEAT BANDS THAN ANYBODY SO THIER 4 HE HAS MADE VINCE N WWE MORE MONEY THAN ANYONE#!) AND HE ALSO HAS WORKED HARDER AT HIS CRAFT THAN ANY ONE ...
Kevin Parrgeezy Me!!!!!! Lets go cenation
Lynda Patrice Tyndall We missed John Cena He is awesome he never Gives up
Sanjog Mongar I'm very excited to see John Cena
Shannon Lewis Can't wait to see him
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