Eva Longoria Baston
13:43 07/16/2017

So excited for the 6th edition of the #GlobalGiftGala Marbella tonight benefitting Global Gift Foundation,

Eva Longoria Foundation and Fundación Querer . Are you ready? #GlobalGifters #fundraising #GGGMarbella17

So excited for the 6th edition of the #GlobalGiftGala Marbella tonight benefitting Global Gift Foundation, Eva Longoria Foundation and Fundación Querer . Are you ready? #GlobalGifters #fundraising #GGGMarbella17

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Monalisa Santos
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Christopher Jacquet
Galb Ozor
Hans Rasmussen
Mark Heegaard Her har vi hende 😀
Roy Ramzi
Antonio Cangiano
Pure ioooooooo 😂
Ademir Penaloza
James Lyon
looking good girl
Eva Cisse
Je te soutien 100%100 comme tant d'autres dans le monde. (Bon succès dans tous tes PROJETS) Amen.
Ricardo Reyes
Evita 💘
Maybelle Arevalo Salvador
Im so excited for you eva ..congrats ..love you..
Robert Garriott
I am not ready
Rabin Ganguly
lovely u loving u
María Jose Gonzalez Valdes
Disfrutar mucho
George William Gockel
Thank you Eva for wearing a low cut dress.
Leo Chavez
Since you are from Corpus did you ever think about making a movie here?

Other newsfeed from Eva Longoria Baston

Very much needed 🙌🏼 #SundayMotto

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Amy Bowles Lauren Adcock Rader Sabrina Hughes
Christopher Jacquet Galb Ozor
Lourdes Romero Yass!!
Evgenij Gorsanov Снимай трусы📽️📸💲👙
Maria Gazzaniga Me too... 🤒😔

Saturday: comfy clothes, messy hair💆🏻‍♀️ 📸 James White

3.5k reactions 50 comments
Malcom Hayes beautiful
Adrian Perez Gorgeous
María Jose Gonzalez Valdes Divina la mamá 😍😍😍
Bro Ya Knew Saturday night fever dam hot!!!
Chris Barrett Your still Sexy my dear!!!

I don’t do casual Fridays 🤣📸✨ #FlashbackFriday #Telenovela

2.4k reactions 77 comments
Johnny Roberto Llanes Pageant hair.
Lulu Lopez Gorgeous
Mike Steele 🕎O h my!You rang me lady?😍🚀🛏️
Emerson Arevalo I loved your show
Alexis Elizabeth Jimenez So mad it was cancelled

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back! 💪🏽❤️ #TIMESUP .... 📸: Christopher Polk | NBC via Getty Images Entertainment

2.7k reactions 44 comments
Jericó Ochoa Magaña Beautiful Chaparritas Mexicans jeje
Majid Abssi Hey you are beotiful beby love
Toni Ilomäki Talvisodan henkeä. Kaveria ei jätetä! 😊
Lew Jack Beautiful
Chris Barrett 4 Beautifull Women!!!

And it begins again....#DirectingMode #BossLady #Blackish 🎬🎬🎬

2.7k reactions 61 comments
Everett Flores You go Eva!
Cece Muñoz Great Job! Youre an inspiration!
Tina Ikome-Likambi What abt Devious Maids 😭😭
Mary Lopez 👍👏👏👏🙏
Michele Golding One of my favourite shows!

Actresses and Activists ❤❤❤ #TIMESUP #WhyWeWearBlack #GoldenGlobes2018

1.9k reactions 28 comments
Christa Angerer All Women are pretty
Gabriela Zabalúa Congratulations and blessing. I am very happy for you Eva Longoria Baston
Galb Ozor Christopher Jacquet
Greg George <3
Valérie Lemaire Toutes solidaires en noires

Nothing but love for these beautiful souls!! ❤️❤️❤️ #GoldenGlobes2018

5.3k reactions 29 comments
Christopher Jacquet Galb Ozor
Thierry Minet You are very too pretty Eva Longoria Baston
Anna Gia You shine Eva. ❤️
Macena Janet 🙏mr ricky
Serena Roxann Stewart 😄

With these beauties last night! #TIMESUP

4.9k reactions 65 comments
Bibin Mathew Abraham Fabulous Elegant xoxo
Marco Antonio Scotto Tessin **) :-* all beauty's
Bro Ya Knew Just divine
Tom Moresi Hi gorgeous!!!!

#AboutLastNight ✨📸 #GoldenGlobes2018 #TIMESUP #WhyWeWearBlack ... Hair: Ken Paves Makeup: Elan Bongiorno Stylist: Charlene Rouxborough Dress: Genny Earrings: Lorraine Schwartz

9.7k reactions 163 comments
Alfred Torres Why is she showing her titles?
Mike Steele 😁So beautiful and sexy!💯🍑😉
Davis Bauguss Thanks for the baby bump picture, you look beautiful
Cathy Touati congratulations MME Baston toujours aussi belle et classe !!
Ovidio Barbour Everything else, Mom and dad.

Oh what a night! To witness the sea of solidarity tonight filled my heart with joy. We are going to help women everywhere and across all industries to have a safer and more fair work environment. And of course I had to quote my dear friend Lin Manuel Miranda and our favorite play, “this is not a moment, it’s a movement!” #TIMESUP #WhyWeWearBlack Times Up Now

3.3k reactions 55 comments
Hugo Rico Eva is so Beautiful 😍
Mick Ramos Beautiful <3***
Lorena Soniye Eva + Lin Manuel 😍
Galletita Mejia Hermosa mujer altruista Dios te bendiga siempre😘
Victorina Morais Rocha Bom dia voce maraviliosa beijos ❤😘

So happy to do this with you and all the women around the world 🖤 Love you!!! #Repost @reesewitherspoon ・・・ Honored to stand with this woman and women everywhere tonight for equality, parity, safety and inclusion. 🖤 @EvaLongoria #WhyWeWearBlack @timesupnow #GoldenGlobes

7.8k reactions 69 comments
Anna M Olivo Beautiful
Tron Lives Bellas en verdad! Abrazos.
Sylvia Laque Congrats. on the new baby on the way..
Tsvetomila Tsvetkova You look amazing Eva :-)
Aleksandre Soxadze The beauty of ...

🙌🏼 #TIMESUP #WhyWeWearBlack #GoldenGlobes2018

9.9k reactions 78 comments
Veronica Hernandez Absolutely
Reuben Martinez Beautiful ladies
Marcia Sullivan Wow they are beautiful
Mick Ramos 4 Beautiful ladies... Wow! Wait!!! Eva baby bump? ***
Marion Deseo Salmaaa 😍😍

✨#TIMESUP #WhyWeWearBlack #GoldenGlobes2018

22.6k reactions 210 comments
Ruth Contreras Simplemente .sin palabra alguna ...eres bendecida..evita 😊
Endrődi Tünde Casablanca Butik Beautiful women,great actresses 💗 💗 💗! Thank you so much🌹🌹🌹💗!
Lore Dana Respect!!! Eva you're beautiful as always!!! 💋
Lydie-Anne Delvallez Eva la grossesse vous va à ravir. Plein de bonnes choses pour ce petit bébé à venir,sans oublier vous et le papa 😊
José A. Alicea-Soto Beautiful both of you! Greetings from Puerto Rico!🇵🇷

📸 #TIMESUP #WhyWeWearBlack #GoldenGlobes2018

4.3k reactions 48 comments
Francis Antonnaux eva bella
Darcy Andres Looks perfect 2 me
Veronika Pg Eva 🙈 you are best this ❤️💋😻🛍💫CZ republic
Jerry Don Garcia U look beautiful Eva

Today, we invite people across the globe to come together and wear black, speak out over social media and donate whatever they can to the TIME'S UP Legal Defense Fund. Post your pics, videos, stories with the hashtag #TIMESUP and #WHYWEWEARBLACK Show your solidarity with people of all industries and say #TIMESUp for the imbalance of power! ✊🏼🙏🏻

376 reactions 24 comments
Leonardo Da Silva I will wear black for those actress that reported the sexual assault as soon as it happened. NOT for those one who left it happen just to get a job and become famous because it. Those actress don't deserve respect as they knew it and took advantage ...
Christopher Jacquet Galb Ozor
Gotary Hyacinthe Kemsolbaye right
Steven Forgét Lol
Laurie Simon Perhaps you should talk to actual rape victims/survivors, the ones who aren't famous and see how they feel about the wearing of black. They've been around quite awhile and you only seem to care now that your celebrity friends have come forward. Those ...

Hey guys you can join the @timesupnow movement too! Tomorrow just wear black and post your photo, video, story and tag #TIMESUP to say TIMESUP on the imbalance of power in the workplace! Donate to the legal fund today!! www.timesupnow.com

1.8k reactions 47 comments
George William Gockel Excellent Eva.
Paul Jorge Guerreiro Salut! ouah! Ouah! Ouah!
Pètit Noèl ❤️
George Bolkovac Hope my time isn't up
Ryan Alcalde Your out of pocket

Yaaas Rosario Dawson This is why we wear black! Everyone can join in tomorrow and post a pic of yourself in Black standing in solidarity with women everywhere trying to fight the imbalance of power! #TIMESUP on abuses of power! Today is a new day! We recognized and applaud all the brave women who have kick this door wide open for us to have this conversation! #WhyWeWearBlack #TIMESUP

746 reactions 26 comments
Tommy Dubbs Yall rich what you fightin about
Shaher Mia You tag the wrong Rosario Dawson page, Eva Longoria Baston
Robert Garriott Rosario d. I bought that movie where she goes full frontal, have not watched it yet, had it 3 months, i must be gay homo fudge boy
Randy Waterman Very brave, Rosario
David Carralero Ruiz Hello from Spain

Choose to be optimistic, it feels better - Dalai Lama ☀️ Buenos días everybody!!!

13.7k reactions 277 comments
Samuel Harris Jr. Choose to be optimistic, its better - samuel/leumas ☀️ Buenos días!!
Ivan Kiryushin Buenos dias Eva ! Love this picture of you
George Bolkovac Buenos Dias to you Eva!!
Yolanda Garcia Buenos dias beautiful from San Antonio.
Davis Bauguss Your very sexy and beautiful but we want to see the beautiful baby bump..

This is my sister Rashida Jones speaking the truth about the change that’s needed #TIMESUP 👏🏻

Rashida Jones Shuts Down Critics of the Golden Globes Red-Carpet Blackout
Rashida Jones Shuts Down Critics of the Golden Globes Red-Carpet Blackout

The Time’s Up activists explains why wearing black on the red carpet is not a “silent protest.”

198 reactions 9 comments
Romy Oltuski Thank you for sharing! <3
George William Gockel Good.
Robert Garriott Did not know you had a sister guess i am not your number 1 fan maybe your 13,000,467 fan
Diana Louise Lilly Gezz you'd think the general public hasn't heard of the casting couch it is old news
Belgin Gurdal I am sooo sad to hear & learn that many women in Hollywood were faced with sexual harassment. I don't even wanna see any of the movies of those directors anymore. I think this movement should be supported by audiences, they should protest the films of ...

This is me wishing it was Friday already! Maybe if I close my eyes hard enough it will come! 🤣#ThursdayMood

2.8k reactions 72 comments
Giorgio Cini Splendida.
Juan Burgos Bella
Carlos E. Perez What a Natural Beautiful Lady!
Hugo Rico Beautiful as ever Eva longoria
Rabin Ganguly lovely u awesome , xoxo

We’re halfway through the week 🙌🏼 Happy Wednesday!!! #ObviouslyPrePregnancy 😅

6.8k reactions 105 comments
Greg George Wine O'clock Right Now <3 U
GE Aesquivel Congratulations... Your an inspiration!! 🙌🏼
Jerry Don Garcia Looking gorgeous Eva
Magda Dal I love you
Guimbarda Berto The queen latina !!

#YaEsTiempo de detener el abuso, el acoso, la marginación y falta de representación hacia las mujeres en el campo laboral! #Basta Times Up Now #TimesUp

177 reactions 11 comments
Lau Bricio ❤💪
Greg George <3
Deepak Gaur You Say Right Eva Dear
Rodrigo Mendiola JR BEAUTIFUL QUEEN 👑🛍💄💋🌈
Belia Rock YA ES TIEMPO!!!

I stand with women across every industry to say #TIMESUP on abuse, harassment, marginalization and underrepresentation. �Times Up Now

644 reactions 23 comments
Lennox Mia “Time’s up” you say, really, after almost all of you actresses come out to criticize and condemn Donald Trump then you actresses go down on your knees for Harvey Weinstein aka the OGRE to degrade and prostitute yourself, wake up you (HOLLYWOOD ...
Judy VanBuskirk Kilgore Great article
Greg George ❤️🙏👍
Kimberly Boamah Great article!
Luvween Di Thanks for taking a stand Eva

New year, new adventures! I’m so grateful to my beautiful family for giving this new baby so much love already! 🙏🏻 #HappyNewYear #2018

39.3k reactions 573 comments
Nelly Shorty Congratulations you guys God bless always, Happy New Year 2018
Louisa Lopez congratulation for your baby and Happy new year Eva
Céline Liline Congratulations Eva and José for the baby, and happy new year. 😘😘😘
Cathi Horton Congratulations to you both! So happy 😀 for you! Happy New Year!
Felicia Marie Longoria Yay!!! How exciting Eva!! We're so happy for you!! Congratulations and Happy New Year!! ♡

Wow what a year! So many memorable moments! I’m so thankful for all of you guys who see my photos and comment and like and share! Many blessings to all of you for 2018 and remember to stay thankful and full of compassion for others! #HappyNewYears 💥🎊🎉🎊 #2017bestnine

4.0k reactions 125 comments
George Bolkovac The very best to you Eva!!
John Fawley Thank you for a great year.Happy New Year and God Bless
Jantje Bln Thanks to you ♥ and of course HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Jessy Nardiello ❤️ all the best to you and your fam❤️
Bultel Marie Claude Mes meilleurs voeux pour cette nouvelle année à la future maman. Plein de bisous 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Final Saturday night of 2017 #Miami

1.9k reactions 41 comments
Tommy Dubbs Finallly a sky line that isnt nyc
Joel HD Beautiful
Eve Partitaro 😘😚😎❤💋💙
George William Gockel Miami is a beautiful city Eva.
Aida Marco Berna Precioso! 🎆💕💃🏻

When in Miami... #RopaVieja 🍽

1.2k reactions 33 comments
Evan Eloy Nice pic
Roberto Atk MMMnnnn Se ve Daliciosa
George William Gockel Delicious. Happy New Year Eva.
Kasia Kruszewska What is it? :p
Kambiz Afkhami Merci, <3

The moment we've all been waiting for... it's FRIDAY 🙌🏼

7.1k reactions 103 comments
Juan Burgos Bella
Pedro Murillo Siémpre fuiste "bonita"!
Praise Huguette Tembo Happy friday...much love😍😍
Harper Sherie happy friday beauty
Greg George As Good As It Gets.. In The Presence.. Loved and Blessed 😍❤️🙏

Happy Thursday! #acaibowl

871 reactions 39 comments
Massilia Abia 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
Ivan Kiryushin Happy Thursday Eva !
Gedeon Mbala banana and rise????
George William Gockel Delicious Eva.
Pepe Andy F. Rincon Buen provecho mamita......

Purple rain, purple day 💜#WednesdayMood

5.3k reactions 91 comments
Juan Burgos bella
Giorgio Cini Una incantevole mise. Una splendida futura mamma.
Tyrell Grey Stunningly gorgeous <3
Steve Sandy Dats mwah!
Deepak Gaur Dashing Nd Cute Nd Very Beautiful Nd Stunning Pic Yaar Eva Darling Good Morning I Love you Eva Darling
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