Eva Longoria Baston
13:43 07/16/2017

So excited for the 6th edition of the #GlobalGiftGala Marbella tonight benefitting Global Gift Foundation,

Eva Longoria Foundation and Fundación Querer . Are you ready? #GlobalGifters #fundraising #GGGMarbella17

So excited for the 6th edition of the #GlobalGiftGala Marbella tonight benefitting Global Gift Foundation, Eva Longoria Foundation and Fundación Querer . Are you ready? #GlobalGifters #fundraising #GGGMarbella17

1.5k reactions 26 comments


Monalisa Santos
Earn $450 more income taking paid surveys ➧ #MoneyYouSurvey
Christopher Jacquet
Galb Ozor
Hans Rasmussen
Mark Heegaard Her har vi hende 😀
Roy Ramzi
Antonio Cangiano
Pure ioooooooo 😂
Ademir Penaloza
James Lyon
looking good girl
Eva Cisse
Je te soutien 100%100 comme tant d'autres dans le monde. (Bon succès dans tous tes PROJETS) Amen.
Ricardo Reyes
Evita 💘
Maybelle Arevalo Salvador
Im so excited for you eva ..congrats ..love you..
Robert Garriott
I am not ready
Rabin Ganguly
lovely u loving u
María Jose Gonzalez Valdes
Disfrutar mucho
George William Gockel
Thank you Eva for wearing a low cut dress.
Leo Chavez
Since you are from Corpus did you ever think about making a movie here?

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#LBD #DamnShoesTookForever #Spain #Mallorca

22.3k reactions 256 comments
Sylvia Salazar Monkres Stunningly fabulous!
Adrian Iturrieta Cuevas Luces preciosa eva felicitaciones
Anderson Guevara I'm not president, but you can be my first lady.
Célia Saint-Martin Clara Saint Martin Cloé Pledran Laetitia Sarrosquy on a loupé éva a majorque...
Luis Enrique Guerrero Gómez Shit Gabby Im on the episode when Eddie finds out Carlos is cheating her with you! Run!!

Fun and Flirty! #Mallorca #Spain

31.2k reactions 371 comments
Maybelle Arevalo Salvador You always looking beautiful my dear eva ..love that color ..
John Keetley Nice but some people look good in a bin liner! Jeans and T- shirt will never go out of fashion...
Ronald Smith With Some People Age Is Just A Number. You're Still Hot As Ever Sweetheart.
Gloria Lopezgonzalez Hermosa que eres. Que bieno que no les creiste que eras el patito feo de la.familia
Kuh Wan wow! a cowboy will kill thousands of outlaw for you :P beautiful :D

On our way to Lió! #Ibiza

13.5k reactions 228 comments
Dawn Harrar Long Classic beauty
Ikram Bouzit Ghizlaine Bouzit c sa 😂😉
Vera Stojanovska Eva the Queen
Joelle Oliveto juste magnifique trop belle cette Eva et le robe est sublime j'adore
Sumibcay Contreras Educated and Tejana ..GOD BLESS YOU EVA!

Love tennis shoes with a dress! 👗#VacationMode #Spain #Marbella

17.1k reactions 194 comments
Frano Jurič Jel ovo tebi ukrala haljinu Merima Bastijancic :-)
Diana Nrs Karim Akalay va la rejoindre tant qu elle y est !
M-Charlotte Nahé Auwé t'iras la voir :)
Robert Garriott Never had a vacation but i did buy a poster frame today for a poster by frank frazetta for the poster of the BARBARIAN
Anne Sophie Georgette !!! Si près de toiiiiii !! Essaie de la trouver et la câliner pour moi stp. Vazy fais pas ta p*** !

Thank you Melissa Odabash for always sending me the best bikinis! Couldn't have done Marbella without you! #Spain #Summer #Bikini 👙👙👙

10.2k reactions 187 comments
Aurore Ferchichi Mila Ha c'est vraiment une bombe Eva 😜
Mario de la Cruz Beautiful
Frank Williot Your body looks fab. Not too skinny, not fat. Not plump. Woman 1000% ;)
Robert Garriott You dont need a bikini

Love a summer dress! #Spain #Marbella

12.6k reactions 157 comments
Rojas Elena Beautiful
Vera Stojanovska Eva the Queen!
Dave Traskos One beautiful lady. :)
Gabrielle Hidrio Alysson Hamon

Love working with my beautiful Maria Bonita Maria Bravo in Marbella! Thank you to all of the foundations for participating and all of the generous people who helped us raise money for these great causes! #GGGMarbella17 #fundraising #GlobalGifters #GlobalGiftGala #FundacionQuerer

3.4k reactions 40 comments
Cristobel Dzendzei Gorgeous miss eva, 💘
Eva Cisse Que l'Éternel tend sa Main de Grâce sur toi et tes projets Amen.
Linda Chioma You look good Eva
Blanca De Triana Waouhh estupendas las dos. 💖
Joe Garcia Beautiful!!!

So excited for the 6th edition of the #GlobalGiftGala Marbella tonight benefitting Global Gift Foundation, Eva Longoria Foundation and Fundación Querer . Are you ready? #GlobalGifters #fundraising #GGGMarbella17

1.5k reactions 26 comments
Monalisa Santos Earn $450 more income taking paid surveys ➧ #MoneyYouSurvey
Christopher Jacquet Galb Ozor
Hans Rasmussen Mark Heegaard Her har vi hende 😀
Roy Ramzi Wow
Antonio Cangiano Pure ioooooooo 😂

Cannot wait for tonight! #GGParty Playa Padre It is going to be #PADRE

3.5k reactions 41 comments
Tony Magic-Waddle Gr 😮😮😍😍
Rita Okonkwo Go girl enjoy ur self
Jason Betts What a good looking woman!
Andrew Avitua Just because ur on it Hon
Adolfo Ortiz da le shine, girl

So much fun in Finca Besaya at our welcome dinner last night! Thank you #FincaBesaya & #GreyGoose!

14.1k reactions 146 comments
Jean Louis Breschi la classe 👍👍👍👍
María Jose Gonzalez Valdes Me encantas me encantas😎😎😎😎
Ognjen Ogi Jokic Omg!🙈🔝🔥🔥🔥
Rabin Ganguly lovely so
Stine Gahnstrøm Lauritsen You are beautiful Eva longoria

Me and my Maria Bonita at dinner in Marbella! Gracias a MOSH Fun Kitchen for the amazing food!!! #Marbella 🇪🇸

5.3k reactions 104 comments
Garvin Parrish Youz WILLING TO RELOCATE...?
Chase Taker Ka chow
Robert Garriott Amazingly pretty
Anna M Olivo Hello beautiful
Shafeer E Jennifer Khan U guys look cute

Happy birthday to this Beauty! Natasha Poly You are beautiful inside and out!! #HappyBirthday!

8.8k reactions 107 comments
Zahra Boutouba La classe... j'adore 👍🏻
Bastien Waffle Ma belle natasha avec qui jai eu ma photo Sylvain Pavlakis
Kapilraj Rastogi Happy birthday to you
Piero E Anna Tortorici Eva Longoria love
Hot Celebrities happy birthday

Summertime Salad!!! 🌞

1.8k reactions 25 comments
James Torres https://www.gofundme.com/3p7nffk
MouMou Ne Hynnd Brewster
Bianca Mackay Oml!!❤️ Nicki Mackay
Nataša Ivetić Jerca Kocjančič Neja Knavs sm vama rekla za jagode!
Pompilio Iorillo rugula e fragola mi piace e come prociutto e melone

Man Crush Monday goes to Eugenio Derbez!! I had so much fun working with this man, he's talented and funny and kind! A triple threat! This will be the first of many projects we do together! #OverboardTheMovie

5.4k reactions 67 comments
George William Gockel Excellent Eva.
Wiilber Lopez L ILY EVA 😍
Maybelle Arevalo Salvador The ever gorgeous eva longoria..salud
Gerette 'Gigi' Sanchez-Rodriguez Can't wait for your collab
Rosie Falcon Enjoyed the movie with my sister. Funny

Happy Weekend Y'all! #Namaste

5.8k reactions 120 comments
Monica Armendaris Love that shirt!
María Jose Gonzalez Valdes You have time for everything Lovely
Ylianna Godoy Namaste
Rita Okonkwo Namaste
Riccardo Parisi Namaste' buon week end anche a te

Friday night and ready to roll! #FinallyFriday

13.9k reactions 167 comments
Michel Trc Bellissima 💗💗👄👄🌞🌞
William Egan Ryan I saw you On James Cordew show Last night
Rody Savu Beautiful black dress 👗
Broderick Thompson Damn that hook up is slithering you well eva

Back with my mane man! Ken Paves Thank you for the beautiful styling always!! #HairGoals 💇🏻

5.6k reactions 71 comments
Tom Moresi Wish it was me your so beautiful!!!!
Joyce Louis It looks great!
Christina BeBes Murguía I see what you did there 😉
Franck Aurrel'o Éva! I love you.
María Jose Gonzalez Valdes You always lovely

Anyone want to go shopping! Sale today at EvaLongoria.com #fourthofjuly🇺🇸 #evalongoriacollection

283 reactions 8 comments
Maru Marian Great!!!!!!🙋
Sandra Rivas Awesome!!
George William Gockel Awesome Eva.
George William Gockel Excellent Eva.
Tony Deslandes Merci Eva, tu es une personne merveilleuse. Tony , France 🇫🇷

Happy 4th of July y'all! #4th

13.4k reactions 136 comments
Nina Petek Nuša Sobočan vidiš kak so vsi veseli na ta lep dan 😂☺️
Joseph Aguilar Happy 4th of July to you!🇺🇸
Anthony Rhine Happy independence day baby
Mike Roberts Happy 4th !!:):) <3
ThreeGranch Canes Hi Eva. Happy 4th

Why must we always celebrate with calories?!!! #CakeIsMyWeakness #Happy4th

1.3k reactions 47 comments
Frank Munoz Someone has to pop.
Roman Jean-françois So sweet
Manny Pena Might as well make it good don't forget some tomales.
Rosa Nunes Um carrot sticks n celery not very festive
Florence Firenze Where is wine? :-)

It's not a BBQ without my world famous spicy corn! (Okay not world famous but my friends love it!) #HappyEarly4th 🇺🇸

2.8k reactions 68 comments
Donald Milstead I want to come spend fourth with you
Lybia Anel Garcia #puromexicana #tejanosareus
Dora Tamez Looks so Yummy!
Gerty Vanhulle Is the recipe in your cookbook?
George William Gockel Excellent Eva.

Ready for a relaxing weekend? I am! 🕶 🌺

2.1k reactions 43 comments
Tiziana Siani Fortunata
Maria Viscovo Ciao Eva!!!! Abbracci dall'Italia 😍
Daniel Babey Ready as always! Warm regards from Geneva 🇨🇭
Alan Bankhead You bet
David Parr Great photo

I'm having an Olivia Pope dinner! #Scandal #OliviaPope

1.4k reactions 53 comments
Laurent Fauroux Le choix du vin est parfait !
Anabela Herrera ʚïɞ Mmm ese vino !! 🍷salud
Aïda BL With cheese it would have been better 😁🤣
Radu Teretean Great vintage! Light and crispy!
Arlene Soler Oh goody popcorn... Time to get scandalous ;)

#TBT Me and my Jinxy!

10.4k reactions 127 comments
Ola Biseth Hi Jinxy
Jano Tavartkiladze Tamo shennairi machvia xo?
Pi-rr Pier France Et ton bouledogue Français on ne le voit plus?
Alessandro Canepa Bellissima ❤❤❤❤
Bahattin Duran So ravishing with this pretty smile...☺

Love white jeans for the summer!! Actually all year round! 🍹🌸🌞 #evalongoriacollection

6.5k reactions 120 comments
María Jose Gonzalez Valdes Always lovely
Lee Bowers You're awesome girl x
Giorgio Cini La più bella oltre che la più brava.
Robert Garriott Huge massive giant silly big big butt bigger every day byt still pretty

Eva Longoria Baston's cover photo

1.3k reactions 22 comments
Samuel Peters http://trib.al/TYVH7or
Christopher Jacquet Galb Ozor
Matt Culpin She can suit any female wear
Joao Mendes ❤️💋💋
Joseph Fisher Siempre estoy pensando en ti Guapa!😍😘🌹

I just donated to support the Immigrants: We Get The Job Done Coalition - an amazing group of nonprofits working to better the lives of immigrants! I challenge Ricky Martin and Mario Lopez to sing their fav song from Hamilton to help raise funds! #Ham4All prizeo.com/Hamilton Link for the sweepstakes is in my bio! Thank you Lin-Manuel Miranda for all you do!

5.8k reactions 123 comments
John Anthony Gregory Beautiful!
Jim Jimbo Svetic Why don't you have them move in
Alejandra Miyamoto Lucia Hamilton jajaja Alexander Hamilton 😁
Jeff Hm So beautiful.
Javores Douse Yaah!! Happy Donation Eva Longoria!!

Happy Monday! Here's to a great week y'all! 👙 #Summer

8.3k reactions 314 comments
Olivér Kilenc Ülj már rendesen a kurva anyád
Audrey Santoni Ghislaine Santoni on dirait toi!!😂😂 Je plaisante!!😂😂😂
Robert Endtaler Alisa Leitner dein bikini die saison?
Jeff Hm So gorgeous. A minute with Eva is paradise.
Nora Syahnaz Bhangi Aimee Kerr I feel that you kinda look like her <3

Always look at life through rose colored glasses! Happy Sunday y'all! #SundayFunday

14.2k reactions 129 comments
Ebony Sharmane Shantella Harris I can see you doing this lol
Vanessa Slimani Margaux Rlt idées de nouveaux accessoires pour logan 😂
Harper Sherie awww this is such a cute picture
Michelle Poncette Luisa erinnerst du dich an ihn? 🙈
Wumpini Nassam Happy Sunday.

#FBF Maxim 200? Photo by Randall Slavin #ItsFridayYall

8.8k reactions 109 comments
Norman Martin BEAUTIFUL;
James S. Mauzy Asi yo quero!!
Adolfo Turri BELLEZZA, CIAO.
Joyce Louis So beautiful!
María Jose Gonzalez Valdes You are lovely Sorry that some people are not nice You are lovely lovely lovely
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