Wiz Khalifa
16:04 09/12/2017

Get more high. Think about less bullshit. G Pen Gpen.com

Get more high. Think about less bullshit. G Pen Gpen.com

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Oliver Castillo
I got the new triple g master kush
Wf Blexx
khalifa make me love weed like mad......king of everything and king of weed
Ashley Sithole
Yah u are right and dont forget tht hell its waiting for u ey
Desperado Lamentationz Traiton Rynah
Yea Wiz,Dnt Hide Mke It Public Lve That
Merveille Ntumpa Lebani
real talk! better to keep it up foreva u know!
Devon Reyem
Get higher don't buy g pens there shitty
Mohammed Jihad Bawati
This LIFE is not our RESTING place, it is the TESTING place🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Tamar Asia
He looks so good but I've always thought he looked bomb lmao
Kenneth Kirui
Looking good Dog,,,,,the guns are coming out.💪💪💪💪
Daniel English
Looking bigger man, must be the training
Lorato Shima Mosweu
wiz khalifa.....G PEN Mind of a stoner.
Breena Love
Seriously the world would be so much better if everyone thought the same way
Rafael Santos Lima
Young Vastly
Anyone out there to sponsor my raps
Chris Peters
Is that a Trump cap though

Other newsfeed from Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa - Something New feat. Ty Dolla $ign [Official Music Video]

6.7k reactions 75 comments
Zakar A Chiroma Go wiz
Ali Ahmed Alkoda Butefol
Amon Amanyire My love
Michelle HarrisLove Taylor My jam
Christian Seno Corral My favorite song👌🔥💯

Tomorrow in Vegas. Tickets: bit.ly/wiz113

6.8k reactions 71 comments
Md Faysal Ahmed boss
Emanuel Medina ESTAremos hay Gil ATR Con lil wil
Diarra Daouda We Love
James Le Le I will b dare bas
Dwaipayan Datta Roy ✌️🕉️✌️


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علاءالدين عبد الرحمن Smok weed every day.. ✋✋✋💗💗
Maricar Estanislao Balmores Why sooooo pogiiii😍😍
Chadia Yasmina You destroyed my life...
SlimJay Khalifa Doing what you no how to do best #kush😂😂😂✈✈✈
Sbu Kewana "when ever you need me,when ever you want me,I'll ROLL UP",,#DurbanPoison

WTF Is Going On with Medical Marijuana in California? An Explainer | MERRY JANE

WTF Is Going On with Medical Marijuana in California? An Explainer | MERRY JANE
WTF Is Going On with Medical Marijuana in California? An Explainer | MERRY JANE

Even lawyers are in disagreement over how the Golden State’s old rules interact with new ones.

634 reactions 18 comments
Octavio Bravo Saul Almeda
David Taylor love weed
Northern King Word bout to click this
RoughRed RoughRed Royal Highness dope album
Arthur Amaru Amaury DuDu ça te rappelle quelque chose ? 🇺🇸

Don't miss #TheCookUpWithGhettoGastro now streaming on Spotify: smarturl.it/thecookup

2.4k reactions 41 comments
Jason Anwan Clyde Cuyop Jay Matias
Stefano RenaTo P Visit peru please Wiz
Oscar Alexis Flores Ramirez Marco Calderón Zamora don´t forget the cookie plz
Edgar Rzc 😂
Denise Criswell thanks you


2.5k reactions 46 comments
Jakob Huffman Wiz Khalifa u a troll
Bryan Mnt GAD¡
Nina Lebel ty
Camille Mann crazy
Lamia Kosovskaia crazy

😂✈️ atlantic.lnk.to/LNFL

11.8k reactions 108 comments
Esteban Medina Pls New Son Wiz , With Migos, TGOD
JuNnior Biciici Wizi
Soufiane Ali Grandi My Hero
Genevieve She'fee Your best weed shop awaits for you shop now at 🎁 forevermedicinalherb.com 🔥💯🎈🎈🎈🍁🍁🍁
Emmanuel James Cool bro!


4.9k reactions 35 comments
Graciella M. Martinez Victor Manuel Luna
Cidalia Jeremias Jeremias king
Jeanne Kosmachevskaia thanks you
Adriana Soberanes 😍😍😍
Kemaro Young 🚁💸💸💸💰🇯🇲🚀🎱kk

Watch @Berner415 New Video #GettinIt - Taylor Gang

Watch @Berner415 New Video #GettinIt - Taylor Gang
Watch @Berner415 New Video #GettinIt - Taylor Gang

Intro by Too $hort Produced by Scott Storch Directed by David Camarena From the new album The Big Pescado prod. entirely by Scott Storch available 1/16/18 pre order now: HERE

1.9k reactions 19 comments
Sah Sjongo Boiz Mkhize Sjongo-Boiz🔥🔥💃💃 1)Bazooka 2)Ang'bambe Shiiqi 3)Aw'dlali Gqom www.datafilehost.com/d/8311fed1 www.datafilehost.com/d/242494ae www.datafilehost.com/d/75a86b92
Stacey Jones Reverbnation.com/nononsenserapper
Fërnåndö Yha Këvelå Romântico Anônimo
Margot Kunitskaia wow
Paula Rivero That Crazy!

Watch @RavenFelix ft. @WizKhalifa #JobDone - Taylor Gang

Watch @RavenFelix ft. @WizKhalifa #JobDone - Taylor Gang
Watch @RavenFelix ft. @WizKhalifa #JobDone - Taylor Gang

Directed by Sal Thousands // Valifornicaton available everywhere here: empire.lnk.to/Valifornication

7.4k reactions 39 comments
Olamide Moses Nice
Tina Rausch ty
Diana Bertram thanks you
Baki Kane Cool
Mohit Sinha Booooooommmmm

Wiz Khalifa - DayToday: Laugh Now, Fly Later Preview

3.0k reactions 21 comments
Yasin Shaikh Yasin Shaikh
Daniel Yobo OH yes wiz khalifa
David Enriquez 🔥
Maluko Cxela G
Paolo Omar BF 😎 (Y)


8.1k reactions 69 comments
Er Anuz Chakravartty Yo yo men,nice
Kalifa St Vil Look me
Ejame Medal Nice bro bro
Jack Bro Love you bro
Jaggei Mahlangu Khalifa the man🤑🤑🤑🤑

😂✈️ atlantic.lnk.to/LNFL

1.2k reactions 48 comments
Elton Geraldo 🔥💣🎶
Jesus Mandujano 🚮
Đỗ Minh Duyy 👍👍
Moussa Almoctar Aad Nice
Frank Kene Kk

Wiz Khalifa - DayToday: Road to LNFL

3.4k reactions 29 comments
Eric Campos Jose Navarro Bruh!!!! Lol
Kwizera Elie Badox Just fine
Hayden John Jayke Andrews
Lorena Irmer Luis Gustavo Lepre Priore
Reni Rajkort Félix Kovács

G Pen everywhere. Gpen.com

14.6k reactions 107 comments
Axel Dupraz mon préféré khalifa
Magatatyga Tyga Smok you ma wid
David Anyaegbu G Pen
Dhia Hammami Iheb Lemsi hhhh yvapi tlaa
Đj Ismael Mas Dhunkade Tubka Ku waashay adiyo abahaaba khalifa

This Saturday at Drai's Beachclub Nightclub Las Vegas. Tickets: http://bit.ly/wiz113

6.6k reactions 73 comments
Neal Blake First comment
Fer Maiztegui que grande el cachenguie
Steven Sapero OK cool
Rafiul Islam Live ohhhhhh noh
Davy Dml Mulbae'gah I wont attend 4 sure

8.9k reactions 65 comments
Nãthãñ ßrêêzy The Best
Adam Solomon LG Family
A Kay Kay I wanna be a rapper
Ibrahim Kone Oné lové

11.8k reactions 66 comments
Felipe Ramos Honorato Legal
Kh Lîfã Wiz you fac rap best f history
Nedy Kissimisse Good pink ...
Squedy Sosis Show Cool bro
Triminski Hutchings Get em on the khalifa kush 🔥🔥


Wiz Khalifa Drops Cartoony Lyric Video For
Wiz Khalifa Drops Cartoony Lyric Video For 'Letterman': Watch

The Taylor Gang rapper dropped a lyric video for his latest single 'Letterman.'

5.9k reactions 42 comments
Andrej Zibert Smoke Weed Every Day
Jill Lundberg <3
Amadou Sabaly 👊👊👊👊
Wilson Andres Gonzales
Rasta Man My mentor


Listen to @WizKhalifa
Listen to @WizKhalifa's New Mixtape #LaughNowFlyLater - Taylor Gang

Listen to it here: https://Atlantic.lnk.to/LNFL Rolling Papers 3 Coming Soon.

1.8k reactions 23 comments
Preshan Rimal 😂😂
Thokozane Mfuku 💪
Alexander Sanchez Miranda At last
RJ Rober Jeremy Car-woonder Oky dokie
Tgod Khalifa Say Wizz KHALIFA

Wiz Khalifa - DayToday: HOW TO MAINTAIN

2.6k reactions 14 comments
Courtesy Davinci III Brenden Scott Daugherty
Trần Trọng Duy Duy <3
Byn Tr <3 <3 <3
BîŁǿü Toubal wiz <3
Reina Emiliana Nsue Ayingono nice video baby

Congrats to my bro’s Diddy and DJ Khaled on their new show!! Who’s watching THE FOUR ON FOX TONIGHT at 8PM? The Four #ad #thefour

4.9k reactions 61 comments
Dennis Makiwa Bad boy for life
Washington Lincolins The flow King #Rozay
Vincenzo Mercuri Ylber Eljezi Wele Summer chunt der bi dem Lied ino Sinn? 😛
Arnold Olivares 💶💷💵💰✊
Jay P Singh Wiz the best nigga


Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa's 2018 Style Resolution Is One Every Guy Should Try

The king of skinny jeans is officially on board with one of this year's biggest trends.

6.2k reactions 37 comments
Rasta Man My mentor 👌
Vincent Oreza Gahahahahhaha
Max Taylor Love that
Taquekam Hendrix i love your new look
Dylan Wheeler what? smokin that strong

Wiz Khalifa - Something New feat. Ty Dolla $ign [Official Music Video]

5.5k reactions 62 comments
Maluko Cxela G
Johnny Martinez good men
Samkelo Dube Best song....lit
Amellio Hector Wiz&Ty still working together like old time{OR NAH}
Thiago Wonder Nias Wonder #TaylorGang

Follow Wiz on Apple Music

Wiz Khalifa on Apple Music
Wiz Khalifa on Apple Music

Listen to songs and albums by Wiz Khalifa, including "Sucker for Pain (with Logic, Ty Dolla $ign & X Ambassadors)," "Something New (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)," "Everyday We Lit (feat. PnB Rock, Lil Yachty & Wiz Khalifa) [Remix]," and many more. Free with Apple Music

2.9k reactions 33 comments
Aly Konaté GANG GANG BLACK bro Old city boys
Charmaine Brown Why yall dont support black? What color are you black men and ya mammy should smack yall. Cause all yall wabt in whites and foreign yuk they havent been immunization.
Manikin Bobby Tchobary Link na bio risada agora voa mais tarde 😂 https://youtu.be/35oawsqMXFg
Tiger Pisco Nice
Rafiul Islam nice

Follow Wiz on Spotify

15.4k reactions 86 comments
Momelezi Mneno Dope!...
Miguel Meza Obvio sii!!
Lamia Storiacon Lei One love rasta
Adani Adams One Love man
Slim Seraj مانبيش


8.1k reactions 99 comments
Moracha Edward Waiting for fuckin' 4.20 taking long lol
Lonnai Luze Billue Gotta start somewhere👻
Ngal Sai Wiz my bigbfan
Sarahi GA El nigga mas bello😍😍
Carlo Lopez Weed forever 🍁🍁

Next Saturday at Drai's Beachclub Nightclub in Vegas. Tickets: http://bit.ly/wiz113

6.3k reactions 84 comments
Axel Dupraz jolie
Edward Wanganga On the diamond city.
Twaza Fue Jr. From Africa to Las Vegas
Ŕâ Ssîm Does he know Paul Walker
Mikołaj Hajbos Julia zabierz mnie

Wiz Khalifa - Letterman [Official Lyric Video]

1.5k reactions 19 comments
Andrej Zibert Smoke Weed Every Day
Andrej Zibert Smoke Weed Every Day
Diaz Arteaga Adreeaan 🤗🤩😶😄
Reggie Jarilla Nce one
Kshitiz Malik 🔥🎧🎤

Dreams come true. 😂✈️™️

14.9k reactions 177 comments
Brian Cosme I wish it was possible for my dreams to come true
Lalchin Hangshing My dream is to became a Taylor gang to be like Wiz Kalifa to Smoke
Alain Guy Spark Starwell Wiz khalifa you are a super style .Cool
Jason Beach Can you spare a 10,000$ for a fan down on his luck and need that start a business jump off?
Denise Wilson And you are definitely living it...Do it Wiz..:-) :-) :-)
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