Wiz Khalifa
19:53 05/18/2017

Raven Felix x Wizzle. #TGOD

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Kinyauroso Officaltz
So nice men from Tanzania
Kamran Khan
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Farjana Zara Nishu
Yunus Candan
nice story
Erica Odang
Ghizlan Ghizlan
Love u muz
Anthony Smith
Your a buster
Jonel Orris Lamen
Finda way bro or else
Benny Thegood
Got it
Ashish Singh
Awesome song 😘😘😘
Moisés Rodriguez
Salys Henderson
Dig that
Toufik Aissani
WHat wizz
Toufik Aissani
DOog job
Trigg Stonzy Illygod III
Pretty dope

Other newsfeed from Wiz Khalifa

Izzy just said there's a video for that pull up wit a zip weedmix that just got put up. Gang gang. #IzabelaGuedes #tgod @izabelag4

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Elex Vample 🆒
Priince Sory top
Tgod Khalifa Say Lyf
Jitu Jid Add
Deiby Araya Azofeifa

Me wit the ghost. Been a fan of this mans music and bars for as long as I can remember. You always been a stand out artist and it was great meeting your son. Peace and love.

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David Williams Snitch
Valbert Silva Wiz nem curti rede social
Dar'Quan Wale Ware All y'all need is Spitta there
Jason Kemp Stlyes P Tha Lox Gang! #_MFH🔫
Mosses Gabriel methiwwww wizzy bby

My gang always got my bacc.

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Keith Milne VIP gang
Wiiz Laye Faye REAL GANG
Στέφανος Γιαννούσης Μονο ΠΑΟΚ
Alfiansyah 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤
Andreas Gagea Sa ma fut in el de bac

Wizzle Man and Dave East. Me and the homie made something crazy yesterday @daveeast #tgod

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Alex Coitino Yesssssssss Tj Carroll
Bim Lovins Owentiisa Antiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih nantiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih
Mahdi Drif D:
Tgod Khalifa Say Tgod
Allen Vergara #ganggang


Listen to the #PullUpWithAZip (Wiz Khalifa Remix) - Taylor Gang
Listen to the #PullUpWithAZip (Wiz Khalifa Remix) - Taylor Gang

Listen to the Wiz Khalifa remix “Pull Up With A Zip”

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Ruben Huanca Jose Chavez
Damian Sebi Alex
Ulises Vindell Steven Cruz
张花生 666
Raju Rana I Licke you wiz khalifa


Watch Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J & TM88
Watch Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J & TM88's New Video 'Bossed Up' - Taylor Gang

Watch Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J & TM88’s new video ‘Bossed Up’ off their project TGOD Mafia: Rude Awakening. iTunes: http://smarturl.it/RudeAwakening AppleMusic: http://smarturl.it/RudeAwakeningAM Spotify: http://smarturl.it/RudeAwakeningSpotify Google Play: http://smarturl.it/RudeAwakeningGP

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Omar Salinas Kk blowing
Nelson Pradhan Ymcmb
Shabbir Ali Kk blown
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Use code WIZ to get 25% off tickets to Wiz Khalifa's fashion show at MADE Los Angeles with FourTwoFour on Fairfax x Pleasures! Get tickets at MA.DE/25WIZ. #MADELA #TGOD

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Ekber Yaşar Men wiz
Malick LiGma Bangoura Nice bro
Aryan Oberoi Wiz uhh r best
Aji Manado superb
Turun Boro Hit

I didnt really punch him.

38.1k reactions 367 comments
Stephane Henry Cote Nooo... we didn't know lol u must have been high af lol hit me up wiz!!!! we need to sesh !
Adrian Frunzaru the tiny one are the most dangerous ...be carrefull there sylvester s. :) ....i would not make idiot jokes ....iff u know what i mean .... :bd ;)
Richard Schemer Wan But you actually did, haha. I can't imagine you writing this post after you did that!!!
Cee Burpp Jay His expression would still be the same even if you did eh #bro
Sasha Romandetti Tom Hanks lookin swolle 👀

The best part about over coming a challenge is knowing that at one point you never thought it was possible. #tgod

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Marquetta Williams Facts
Toufik Aissani GOod bro
Mosses Gabriel overrrr
Mbwana De Abe Tgod
Anthony Go Wild I see the new member in talyor gang


24.9k reactions 615 comments
Sarah Lariza Limon Garcia Krisma Gomez tus experiencias subconscientes be like
Antonio Mcmeans Shayd Hester them turtles back at it again.
Jenni Sjrl Même Leonardo il bédave 😂
Emmanuel Chanda let them talk
Matthew Mclean crystal skull get that back here to aussie land or i destrpy all

When you pressure yourself to be something, you don't allow yourself the luxury of becoming it. #mindset

25.1k reactions 143 comments
Gene Acosta Bebé 💞
Deiby Araya Azofeifa Fusshisa nisa
Jaquila Price Hey
Cleiton Gomes É esse o cara
Souaïbe Moustaphe Siby The best ✌✊

Let's get medicated. G Pen Gpen.com

21.7k reactions 170 comments
Adrien Bruneau Simon Ds Medicated !! 🙏
Vincent Poupard Yohann propre 🤔
Shay Avera Gang gang
Giridhar XD Which software ?
Октаѝ Фахрединов stay stoned

See you Taylors at Thrival Music Festival.

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Brandi Rose Sisneros Jason Jamaica
Nick Scott Haines Colton Gray
Mamadi Diakite https://m.soundcloud.com/felon-supreme/for-the-stoners
Parker Eli Boren Jacob Branaman
Scotty Scanland Alyssa Mae

Download Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm: http://weedfarm.wizkhalifa.com/fb

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Dorgeles Kanga Capitain'kush
Marlon D Murphy A.M.Wear Urban Clothing Fashion
Bruna Albuquerque Wiz Khalifa, top!🇧🇷💛💚
Binish Antony Awsm
Vital Nuaman Livio Augusto Saca só o trailer da nova música do cara KKK

Green bean.

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Abba Angeloss Tamboura Taylor gang
Ian Langlois Who's the shorty on the couch wiz?
Mauricio Delgado That girl on the couch tho hahah
Donald Srey Go do jiu jitsu
Salys Henderson A very handsome green bean

Ima big thinker.

20.6k reactions 79 comments
Max Kush Boulianne You are not Alone bro x')
David Ristic Nah nigga u high af
Ban Jara He's all the way up
Alejandro Hernandez Yheaaaaa 😎😎💣🔥🔥🔥
Salys Henderson Very much so

I always have a blast communicating with people I never thought I would communicate with.

62.6k reactions 267 comments
Derrick Molett Nothing but white people lol
Nico Dzy Kassan Like Taylor those are the conversations that never leave you ...keep spreading the joy
Tisa Valid Haa it looks the crowd is high did they smoke some ??did you offer them ganja
Bugatti Boss taylor or die work hard play hard that's y'all about taylor life!!!
Shine Shine If not for tha security, he would've been down 10times.

Out now on SoundCloud for you potheads since it's Sunday. #tgod #weedmix

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N Squared Iglesias Mr wiz k nic on3
Nigel Hornsby Spitta must be near by, lowrider present
Théo Bernardinho Hello wiz
LA Love Lovin it
Matiu Te Purei Mean Ride wizz

New Weedmix.

Listen to @WizKhalifa #StayStoned (Redbone Weedmix) - Taylor Gang
Listen to @WizKhalifa #StayStoned (Redbone Weedmix) - Taylor Gang

Download Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm weedfarm.wizkhalifa.com/install

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Franco Brito Good love song <3
Kalifa St Vil I want smoking with you broh. What time
Zainab Deen-Kamara D pushing pen D pushing pen fricks up
Konaté Oumar Love that 💘
Lance John Burpee #RockstarKush

When your in the club but still got to text your baby.

17.2k reactions 207 comments
Mathias TrappEscobar Coleman Ik that feeling bro😂
Nicole Baca Every time
Vishal Shah Roll me some.. or roll me out
Wiz Abdu Boss Wiz teje nw mechelshswe anchi chebo erase
Ehi Kelvin Carter Osasumwen Balling. 🚬

Wife and kids.

40.6k reactions 537 comments
Fullife 😂😂😂
Erwin Smith He captioned the wrong photo, too much weed.
Navya Sharma Atlease it's not a jenner or Kardashian
Ben Rivera Dakweon T Willis Bryce Austin if only he had a song to describe this situation lmao
James Lo Everyone around wiz just instantly look stoned, even those 3 Asian kids :D

See you guys at wired. #wiredmusicfestival

8.2k reactions 62 comments
Hamza Ouma 383 مرة 😂😂
Frank J Lo Wish i was there wiz
Torian Gordon I thought that was jet li on the decks haha
Gabe Sansone Me n whiz
Maryam Omary Bless

Wiz Khalifa - Remember You ft. The Weeknd [Audio]

17.7k reactions 156 comments
Salys Henderson Dig it
Martin P Ingram tgxood
Paul Haly Bless 🌠🌠🌠
Miguel Luz Still have the full album in my pc since 2012!
Demantre Lewis #NeverForgetABanger

Wiz Khalifa - So High ft. Ghost Loft [Official Audio]

11.0k reactions 107 comments
Fortunate Thamy Lucky Madlalisa Fire in the hole
Chase Richard Lindquist One of my favorite tracks
Neplizz Dipesh Cheetri I love this song wiz khalifa 👍
Joseph Christian Bake Sale💟
Sean Friday Best song ever

Wiz Khalifa - Medicated feat. Chevy Woods & Juicy J [Official Audio]

6.9k reactions 73 comments
Resham Kashyap Really bro u r going to malesiya
John Samuel Obinna Nice
Lea Kowald favorite song!!! 😍
Oscar Villa Frv Old school
Kareem Olive TGOD 💀✌

Wiz Khalifa - The Plan feat. Juicy J [Official Audio]

5.2k reactions 58 comments
Kamran Khan 💢 Bot User 💢 Kamran Khan 💢 ♪-----» SELF-BOT.ML «-----♪ ♡o. BOT OWNER 💢 HULASH BARUPAL 💢
Jio Berganio One of the lit songs in ONIFC ✌
Alvin Sue Lit af 👌
Von Montesa But it's all about the Benjamin $$$
Chalifa Junior Vlc WIZ


Watch The Official Video for
Watch The Official Video for 'Medication' by Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, and TM88 - Taylor Gang

Watch The Official Video for ‘Medication’ by Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, and TM88 Download “Rude Awakening” on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/rudeawakening Spotify: http://smarturl.it/rudeawakeningspotify Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/rudeawakeningAM

11.4k reactions 75 comments
Nicolas Fontaine Dc Fernandes Frappe
Rodgers De-order #high~dae~long
Karifala Wiz Konate Je suis ton fans en Guinée Conakry, wiz Konaté
Zion ABdoul So bad
Ubmi Alfred Taban The man of weed

Just announced: FourTwoFour on Fairfax x Pleasures join Wiz Khalifa and Taylor Gang at MADE New York LA! Get tickets at http://MA.DE. #MADELA #TGOD

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Kent Matthew https://youtu.be/VcQWwXN34wk
An Nguyen <3
Kamran Khan ♪-----» SELF-BOT.ML «-----♪ ♡o. BOT OWNER 💢 HULASH BARUPAL 💢
Wiz Samy Americano gang wiz
Jp Mono YEP


819 reactions 67 comments
Bailey Edwin good stuff
Varsha Tait Luv luv Luv Asianginsing🍀😃
Rosso Ketchum cool story
Mina Alami Am getting one, love the color!
Ford Capture Khalifa we keep som in our shops in Ghana(gh)
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