Wiz Khalifa
19:53 05/18/2017

Raven Felix x Wizzle. #TGOD

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Kinyauroso Officaltz
So nice men from Tanzania
Kamran Khan
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Farjana Zara Nishu
Yunus Candan
nice story
Erica Odang
Ghizlan Ghizlan
Love u muz
Anthony Smith
Your a buster
Jonel Orris Lamen
Finda way bro or else
Benny Thegood
Got it
Ashish Singh
Awesome song 😘😘😘
Moisés Rodriguez
Salys Henderson
Dig that
Toufik Aissani
WHat wizz
Toufik Aissani
DOog job
Trigg Stonzy Illygod III
Pretty dope

Other newsfeed from Wiz Khalifa

All summer '17

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Mr'Kk Kush Coolboy
Ọlọrun Jẹ Ìfẹ friend
Dar Laymoe we love Wszkhalifa
Denis Manay #BigKhalifaKushManGangUp 👑✌😜
Chris Brown Cb Tz gang

U bitch U! #Gang

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Zech Yule Wa GreenApple Excellent boss
Prince Dan Stonner
Steven Baccay Angelo Vega alleh si Jonathan Tee Duterte naman to
Nelson Aidoo Dope couples
Shana Myer hi Wiz good morning ')

Hope your stoned as I am. #Gang

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Chris Duff You want us to be stone...we...won't you to make music with a boogie with the hoodie!!!
Lionel Lodewyk #Wiz my dog and I are stoned for real man it's like we have a celebration
Jmill Brown Check out the Kush factory t shirt order your today men and women
Andrew Benjamin Slowly,just a easy laid back day loving the vibes.world needs Mary always and forever♧
Brook Bizuayehu Does this guy know anything other than talking about weed?

Everybody knows it. #gang

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Graeme Hodgkinson THE WIZ HI CHAP
Brianna Skyler We know what, Wiz? That you don't update the Weed farm app? 🤩🤩🤩
Jesse Lone What up wiz !
Agusthinhoh Oh Lendário nice
Jimmy Arias Gay af

Listen to lil bro J.R. Donato new EP 'Fear What They Don't Know' ft. me, Ty Dolla $ign, & more. #TGOD

PREMIERE! Listen to @RealJRDonato New EP #FWTDK - Taylor Gang
PREMIERE! Listen to @RealJRDonato New EP #FWTDK - Taylor Gang

Own it here: http://smarturl.it/FWTDK “Taylor Gang’s Chi City ambassador, J.R. Donato, emerges with his long-awaited and highly anticipated EP, Fear What They Don’t Know. But fear not, these seven songs prove that he’s one of the brightest talents from our region. A Midwest legend on the rise. He ha...

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Maria Gonzales Make $450 more money taking quick paid surveys ➠ #SurveyIncome1
Eastsíde Nestö Dope asf hml if you wanna ft a song wiz or ty Listen to my music https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=U2p9U8cV5Mc
Graeme Hodgkinson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8d0cm_hcQes
Stallone Soyeng 🏋️🏋️👌🏡❤️@ now denmarijuanamedical.com
Bola Omisanya Gang overtayloer gang artist check him out.. https://youtu.be/EEcFPStrqmk

Just got her. Haven't named her. #61 #cruiselife #gang #lowrider

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Salys Henderson Beauuutiful
Salys Henderson Ridn low AF baby
RJ Medibles Bend Niiice dude!!
Kevin Bélanger Chevy gang
Scott Noble wiz u can afford a lambo lol

In a very Gangsterish way. #Gang

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Luka Carrozza Wish I had it like this guy #wiz
Ty Rossi I want that hoodie
Alexus Derozen I love you
Diallo Bouba Wiz Nice wiz
Abdallah Tawfik حبيبى❤

Listen to the #PullUpWithAZip (Wiz Khalifa Remix) - Taylor Gang

Listen to the #PullUpWithAZip (Wiz Khalifa Remix) - Taylor Gang
Listen to the #PullUpWithAZip (Wiz Khalifa Remix) - Taylor Gang

Listen to the Wiz Khalifa remix “Pull Up With A Zip”

6.9k reactions 50 comments
Lozzy Khalifa Cool boy
Alkaline Ba One love
Felipe Rodrigues Alguém tem essa música manda para mim no pv no Whatsapp 021975580462
Elbass Djoare C'est cool
Ûmar M Sani you are tall and slim

Follow Wizzle on Spotify.

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Maria Gonzales Come for a full year of Netflix ! ➮ #OneYearOfNetflix
Taurin Theoniell Gertse Taylor gang all da way...
Wil Guerrero Ptt Love
Jualica Scott I Love Your Music! Wiz
Angelina Valdez 😯

Wiz and Iz having fun in nature 🍇🍷#Napa

54.2k reactions 329 comments
Donnie Battaglieri Get up to humboldt wiz I got somthing for you! Come on cap!
Mary Jo Geddes Love this picture of you and Izy you both look so happy❤️🙏🏻
Antrea Michaelidou sorry bro but i dont like this girl I LOVE ONLY KHALIFA 😘😘😘😘
Michael Herrmann U went from a thick one to thin my nigga what happened
Krystal Perez I love you both so happy for you Wiz finally a true beauty

New Music! Listen to @RealJRDonato #BigBusiness ft. @WizKhalifa Prod. by @TheRealrickyP - Taylor Gang

New Music! Listen to @RealJRDonato #BigBusiness ft. @WizKhalifa Prod. by @TheRealrickyP - Taylor Gang
New Music! Listen to @RealJRDonato #BigBusiness ft. @WizKhalifa Prod. by @TheRealrickyP - Taylor Gang

“Fresh off heading on tour with 2017 XXL Freshman Kap G, Taylor Gang’s own J.R. Donato pulls up with “Big Business,” the Wiz Khalifa-assisted first single from his FWTDK EP (Fear What They Don’t Know), which is the follow-up to last fall’s Why So Serious? mixtape. Check it out for yourself below. “B...

4.2k reactions 49 comments
Tyler Hudson Old, wheres "she go free the nip!!" ?? 🤔💯🔥
Tgod Khalifa Say Tgod
Moses Knnan TGOD!
Arefin Soron raping mastar ya
Bryan Barkuf Kumferah Tisute basi mu Biness

A circle in a world full of squares. #tgod

35.6k reactions 204 comments
James Johnson Fish sample just another bad young nigga from the parts
Rahsaan Wright I hear you Wiz
Villareal Xalil Αλήτης...
Charles Kingslee Nna I really aspire wiz Khalifa his my role model even though he's not quite an inspiration in life at all
Salys Henderson You got me goin in circles babe, love

The new G Pen Gio is coming soon to Gpen.com.

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Bra Escoba Ni Va
Diganta Banik RD Ridoy Das Säîkät Dâs
Guilherme Figueiredo Fred Zn
Emile Cote Alexandre Caron Emile Morency-lemelin
Rafael Costa Dan Pinheiro eita porra kk

Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" Has Made YouTube History

Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" Has Made YouTube History

Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" has surpassed Psy's "Gangnam Style" as the most-viewed video on YouTube.

22.6k reactions 193 comments
Christos Kabanis Γιώργος Σπύρου παρτα
Valerie NiCole Still have not seen this video
Emerson Galicia You are the King
Oscar Murillo Gómez This wouldn't be possible without Mr. Paul Walker's creative contribution 😉
Ademola Adeniyi https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/jeje/id1242037717… https://www.amazon.com/Jeje/dp/B071FM5ML8/ref=sr_1_1… http://musicabila.com/music/1242038485/jeje-kc-mishak https://music.okihika.com/NO/kc%20mishak/arns https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Wiz Khalifa - Pull Up With A Zip (Wiz Khalifa Remix)

10.5k reactions 80 comments
Fabian Moralez This tracks hard
Joven Kenjie idol give me weed plss
Chonaldo Das Califas Magrelo I love this song
Emerson Galicia "KOE"
Uno Sampo Your The Best.., Wiz :D Me No1 My Music..,

Help more than you hurt. Stay out of the way instead of in it. #tgod

4.1k reactions 54 comments
Luis Mendoza Rp2
Antranisse Jackson Babe what's up I love you
Dimitry Colbert good beat
Demba Daff Chic bro
Luis Perla Smoke one

It's here! Download & play #WizKhalifasWeedFarm game! - Taylor Gang

It's here! Download & play #WizKhalifasWeedFarm game! - Taylor Gang

Download and begin playing now! http://weedfarm.wizkhalifa.com/install

6.0k reactions 89 comments
Escobar Taylor I love this game.
Salys Henderson Wizzle Wizzle Wizzle
Charles Obioha U've gat all this nigga'z screaming #weed_Game...
Berckenbaur Lucky Halata I LOVE IT
Shane Jeremiah Ford i have it..lol.. level 24 now only

14.7k reactions 180 comments
Noah Terry Me when I take you out Bella Moungvong
Salys Henderson OKKUURRR
陳衍之 蔡佳儒跟你一樣ㄎ一ㄤ
John Lawerance Dwey Now u know u don't know how to use chop sticks
'โก๋ปิง'ปอง 'ลายน้อย' Wowo

Heart on my sleeve. #tgod

25.2k reactions 143 comments
Kshitiz Malik #tgod #WK #Cam
Dopty Marvie Apanda Young Khalifa!!
Valentino TD Father big
Mario Casper God gave you a rare skin
Ramiro Florez El Rey

Wiz Khalifa's 'See You Again' Is Now the Most Watched Video in YouTube History - XXL

Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa's 'See You Again' Is Now the Most Watched Video in YouTube History - XXL

Wiz Khalifa's 'See You Again' video has officially achieved the title of being the most watched video in Youtube history.

29.3k reactions 244 comments
Tony KG The first song I wrote was on this track , still thinking about it cause I miss that girl
Swayam Gaikwad U read dis . Tera eminem to kuch na kr payaaaa ... hhahhahha
Pawan Kamble Why dont they put name of charlie puth he gives the best featuring in song.... uh..
Pápà Loŕđ This homie is Successful. So pot heads are kind of genius you don no
Desryl Justin I love this song. my uncle past away last year and they played this song at his Funeral so everytime I hear this song it brings great memorys back

There's always tomorrow. #tgod

34.9k reactions 303 comments
Chhongba Xerpa Yo wiz where can I get taylor gang locket in nepal I have any idea
Jared Miller U my nigga Wiz but damn u look more like a weiner dog everyday
Igor Grześlak he's looking like he's 40 and it's because of marihuana, he smoke too much of this devil's drug maybe he laugh but deep inside he suffer from addiction that's why i don't bou his music, i don't want my money to become another pound of this satan's ...
Jean Marc ta musc me rentre malade malgré je ne parle pas l anglais j aime trop votre musc
Kalista Forrest No you're wrong.... Tomorrow isn't promised to NO man!!!


49.4k reactions 227 comments
Owen Buncad whos this girl?
Zaw Min Aung Enjoy your life! ever fine Wiz .
Marco Antonio Xavier Taylor gang in love ❤️
Melezwa Linomtha Mgedezi Nigga inlove again🙋
Kevin Bokor dude, you are not bad but u wont be better than Eminem

I hope your week is goin as awesome as mine. #tgod

55.5k reactions 484 comments
Kaio Dal Pont I Wold Like It too but i don't haverá anny money and weed 😂😂😅
Stebe Rivera That's how gay this dude is. Worried about how he looks dancing and not looking at what's in front of him.
Max Dane Nope as weekend is coming near im going more insane /crazy .Bug world big doing .
Abel Haddis lmfao why that look like a dude dressed in a wig and lady clothes??
Juanita Banks How y'all gonna be at the wedding lol Chanay D. Banks Darren D. Banks his face tho

Always be genuine towards others regardless of what you get in return. #tgod

21.8k reactions 151 comments
Broderick Thompson Show you right
Emerson Muniz Santos BR
Rahsaan Wright That's good advice
Natasha Alicia Ullah Tobin And let rats walk over you no thanks
France Lubisi My bro

Wiz Khalifa Now Has The Most Viewed YouTube Video Of All Time

Wiz Khalifa Now Has The Most Viewed YouTube Video Of All Time
Wiz Khalifa Now Has The Most Viewed YouTube Video Of All Time

Wiz Khalifa Now Has The Most Viewed YouTube Video Of All Time

73.0k reactions 584 comments
Jase Sanstrom Not a suprise wiz will always be the best🔥 Nothing but good vibes
Saurav Sapkota Congraz #khalifa n #puth . Celebrate this triumph . n aspire for the next revemped lyrics soon .
Ca Li TGOD !!!!! this for real? Oh yeah Taylor ... I'm lighting one up 🚬
Natalia Gorkavenko Meliçia Lumbantoruan-Koral remember how many times we played this video ?;)
Ben Au Frais Cindy Pottier Aurélie Tluaud c'est pas la musique de fast and furious ? 😂😂

See you this Saturday in Vegas at Drai's Beachclub & Nightclub. http://bit.ly/wizk715 #TGOD

14.0k reactions 86 comments
Tường Vân Yêu cậu nhiều lắm luôn á
Alex Corin Morris You should come to this thoooo
Stef Drasibo Seriously,when you come in Reims? 😁😎
Théo Bernardinho Wiz fort
Oumar Pathe Bah kalifa fai feu la dérniere semaine a vegas.j avai voulu acisté mai ohhi###

Thank you guys for making See you again the #1 most viewed video in YouTube history. Your love and support is very much appreciated. #tgod

29.5k reactions 276 comments
Ntuthuko Innocent I believe in T God Gang wiz keep it up you make me smile when I leastining your music... #love of TGOD
Feuba Hermann Every youth in China love it and can sing it Wiz ! How about coming here for a concert . I can arrange everything
Jethro Donasco You are the best young khalifa!🔥 RESPECT #TGOD
Abdul Zulqhar IX #SeeYouAgain this song was for Paul...and he deserves that!! <3
Frenzy Jeremy Tonny u re wlcom bruh and don't worr coz we re always wit u. dis is t frenzy Zambian up coming wrapper @# we luv u bruh.

Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth's 'See You Again' Is Now The Most-Viewed Video Of All Time On YouTube

Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth
Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth's 'See You Again' Is Now The Most-Viewed Video Of All Time On YouTube

After running the show for years, 'Gangnam Style' takes a back seat.

16.1k reactions 175 comments
Ashly Quiñones Andreina Peña😭😭😍😍😍😘
Salys Henderson Tell me all about baby
David Alejandro Martinez Pastran David Higuera donde lloran los cocos
Anyeong Haseyo yea Congratulations Just worry about another song called Despacito that increases 20 millions daily
Kevin Ford Daniel Gorziglia Connor Moore interesting we were just talking about this

The Black on Black Taylor Gang Strapback is now available while supplies last: https://store.taylorgang.com/products/black-on-black-taylor-gang-strapback #TaylordTuesdays #TGOD

4.7k reactions 51 comments
Thib'z Wiz Lucas Julien Nicolas
Tony Goolsby Send me one wiz!
Théo Bernardinho woow
DayDay Kanyandu Dude hw can l get 1,,,, woow nice cap
Issy Fuangfoo Khalifa I want


Listen to @TyDollaSign #LoveUBetter ft. @LilTunechi @TheKingDream - Taylor Gang
Listen to @TyDollaSign #LoveUBetter ft. @LilTunechi @TheKingDream - Taylor Gang

Get it here: http://atlantic.lnk.to/LoveUBetter “After announcing the track on Instagram last week, Ty Dolla brings us a stunning new track with Weezy and The Dream. ‘Love U Better’ is a concoction of smooth RnB, eclectic EDM and intricate hip-hop. The instrumental is heavy and melodic at the same t...

1.9k reactions 74 comments
Vinny Padhi Trust fund baby and apartments with the houses. NY and Dallas with everywhere the beaches lead me.
Vinny Padhi Always a 50/50 in my mind. Qualities I respect and aspire to very equally.
Vinny Padhi Heart Surgeons and Federal Judges. Venture Capitalists and Hedge-fund Managers. Owners, CTOs, Architects, Developers, and Testers. and me
Vinny Padhi I'd be content with a firm 650 after projecting 500 but disappointed by mild OCD to not having quite reached a clean 750.
Vinny Padhi And no Natalie Ring History life wasted Associate 100k trying to force herself on a student Dean will ever have any word regarding such. Any malicious actions to retaliate will soon follow ten fold.
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