Wiz Khalifa
14:17 04/20/2017

Happy 420. Download Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm now! http://weedfarm.wizkhalifa.com/fb

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Kevin Lin
wiz's bud farm doing a bit better than Alexander Carter's on his phone😂 SScott Poulton
Giuseppe Memeo
Marco Casaburi Michele Sardone questo posto è il vostro sogno nel cassetto e sicuro ora vi scaricate la app ahahahah
Flavio Wallison
penso mano logo um grow de levis aqui no Brasil suave falai mano jaoa Joao Paulo Lucena
Arthur Garnier
Romain chui mort chui sûre il était fonsdé quand il q fait sa 😂
Pastorio Weltengrab
Look at the picture I have 385k gems who will this in your account send me pn price 10$ Xbox live
Vitor Augusto
Roger Jonas Higor se liga nesse clilpe
Curtis Prest
I would but trailer park boys just released theirs and well... It's trailer park boys.
Gabriel Souza
Higor Gomes , Lucas De Paula O cara abriu uma fábrica de Bôldo man Kkk taporra bixo é Doido 😂
Mathéo Camilleri
Clément c'est ça que je te disais 😂 Il a pas le temps
Míra Vejvoda
Good game for the stoners! thank you Wiz it's cool man! :D Happy 420 ✌ TGOD
Nicolas Vautrin
Yannis On a pas tous la meme vision des recoltes de fermes 😂
Benjamin Devroye
Dylan De Petter bha oui c'est le 20 avril ajd on avait oublié
Nguyễn Hùng Quân
come to Vietnam and bring to me 1kg canabis... im so thankful... ur my idol
Gaurav Rawat Ddm
Ashish Rawat Yeh hotha hai business do what you love isse kehthe h
Léo Knittel
Anthony Chadelat c'est la map de BF Hardline où il y a full grenades incendiaires ds le sous-sol xD

Other newsfeed from Wiz Khalifa

Just dropped a new Qp. #bongrips

5.5k reactions 64 comments
Pnb Rock Hydrila I NEED THIS
Jason X Lopez Let me find out fam
Jean Philippe Wizmika YEAH
Edmilson Engenheiro Pongue amezing
Khutso Lekalakala can't wait for rolling papers two

Ready for #bongrips

8.1k reactions 94 comments
Mohammed A Najem ֹ
Salys Henderson Lol, Yah
Toure Toumani Good
Swadesh Bk Tripy TGOD😁
Ryan Nedoss

Wiz Khalifa - DayToday: As Long As My Fans Are Happy

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Kasey Younge Photography 🎥🎥🎥🎥
Sav Loudz Keron Christopher don't watch it until you pull up
Georgina Opoku Antwi You de man
Mohammed A Najem ֹ
Ilton Inacio this good vibe.

S/o Noisey + Gap

Spend a Day in the Life of Wiz Khalifa
Spend a Day in the Life of Wiz Khalifa

We spent the day with the rapper ahead of the recent appearance at Governors Ball.

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Aluko Mary I'm aluko Mary , can you kindly text me on 2486758272
Sofia Jackson Weed is a lifestyle
Godlov Stanley Nc
Mussa Kulanga Nc broo

Hit the switch on stage. #tgod #bongrips #cruiselife

5.4k reactions 56 comments
Thar Htet Aung Dope
श्रेष्ठ केसब Yes bro you're rocking on stage
Sandra Villanueva Best shows I been to 😻😻😻
West Molan Wooooow nice baby thats fantastic
Salys Henderson Dig it

When people ask me what I would rather be doing I say nothing cause when your genuinely happy you couldn't wish for more.

12.8k reactions 136 comments
Papa Gaye Every day i can to listen wizzy
Kyle Staylow Rappn ass songs
Bilall Waheb You mean genuinely high xD
Nsubuga Emmasnoop Blesssings
Shabbir Ali Big booty butt

Bong Rips.

27.9k reactions 326 comments
Amber Lee For dayyyys
Stone Cearlock Wisdom and weed
Velina Stoilova ✝👼you😁
Michael P. Smith Wiz getting his weight up
Tony Prescott Sorry Wiz but any song with him won't get no play around me

Don't Hold Your Breath. https://store.taylorgang.com/products/dont-hold-your-breath-long-sleeve-tee

2.0k reactions 28 comments
Igoor Henrique Nicolly Valeriano 😍😍
Durty Curt Pennington https://supercliknsave.com/collections/jewlrey/products/g-lamar-brand-watch Another Hip Hop Artist Thats Doin Big Thangs
Ruqayya Nuhu kush kawai
Victor Andong mmj for patient and stonners visit greenburdstore.com/product

Checc out the new Wiz merch available for a limited time on store.WizKhalifa.com ! #TGOD

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Nana Yaw Khalifa where cn we get dis in Ghana
Terishh Williams Gabino Perez
Unique Divine Mycal Banks $tock up B
Wiz Khalifa․ <3
Félix Côté Marc-Olivier Simard Thomas Tremblay on sen achete un

Gang Gang

4.5k reactions 49 comments
Ayma Kaadzar Ema
Monishia Moniqua Lolz
Yung Wave Gang gang
Aman Anderson Listen this awesome music dj khalid
Kashout Washington Slapper

Listen to Wizzle on Spotify.

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Leonal Dela Rosa Mercedes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sSDwlD6poY
Monty X Brizey Wiz love you.....u r a legend....😘😚😘😍😚😚😙😘😘😚😘😚😚😘😚😚😚.
Havea Sione hey how are you
Kshitiz Malik #Wizzle #TGOD #Hustlin' #Dopeshit 🎧
Taylor Trips Taylor,Taylor 🌳

When you walk in the studio and somebody got a m&m head. 😂

13.2k reactions 298 comments
Sophia Thummernicht Clara Hahahahaah
Tgod Khalifa Say #Tgod
Rahsaan Wright LMAO
Nick Albertson Still better than the whole XXL freshman list
Kevin Garcia You my favorite artist #WizKhalifa

Only a few pairs left from the collab with Pleasures x MADE Los Angeles ! Cop the Checkered Track Pants here: https://www.pleasuresnow.com/collections/made-x-pleasures/

20.3k reactions 68 comments
Yasmine Cabiste I love you baby ❤❤❤
Victor Rache Tgod TGOD BoOS
Edem Adika ##You kilin dem ###you livin lyf ☝🏿
Samuel Laide Khalifa my nigga
Salys Henderson Nice pants

Family first.

4.3k reactions 66 comments
João Eduardo Alima Family Ever
KhaLid ShAh GeeLani Luv u kido
West Molan Respect ma family tuff tmas
Salys Henderson First and foremost, always
Azeez Maleek Kk, are u da one right there men?

G Pen and think about life. Gpen.com

14.1k reactions 120 comments
Youssouf Diarra legendary artiste
Jimmy Alejandro GANG ! 🔥
Kashi Sree Kuttan T G O D
Franklim Pendurar This gangster guy can smoke his the best in world
Shashikant Minz Mind of a stoner😎😎

Inspired me through times when all I had was music. Rest In Peace P. #BarsNHooks

2.3k reactions 54 comments
Manjunath Nesargi u need to expolre
TanGo Pac Sey Jr. Top
Kingsley Oleforo Rip #blaad
Matthew Turner #HNIC #ONIFC
Broderick Thompson Is it not true tho

Happy #TaylordTuesdays. These are almost gone so get you one. #TGOD https://store.taylorgang.com/products/dont-hold-your-breath-long-sleeve-tee

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Jojo Wiz-Khalifa https://www.facebook.com/thugwizkhalifa
Jojo Wiz-Khalifa https://www.facebook.com/thugwizkhalifa
The Illuminati JOIN THE GREAT ILLUMINATI BROTHER HOOD TODAY AND LIVE A BETTER AND HAPPY LIFE. WELCOME TO THE GREAT TEMPLE OF RICHES AND FAME. Are you a businessman or woman, politician, musical, student,footballer,f­ashion designer,Pastors,Mod­el,upcoming artist,...
Ronnie Mike how can i get them delivered to kenya?
Shay Avera Tgod

New Wizzle Merch. Cop it here: stpre.wizkhalifa.com

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Leon Brinkmann https://open.spotify.com/user/leonb5578/playlist/0dv1PQVGXsdlUTwq9B0Z9p
Law of Attraction - Thoughts become things. Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow. - Plato
김찬솔이 김귀림
Stacy Pacheco Khalifa Kris 😯

If not me, than who?

52.6k reactions 315 comments
Zidane Kabir Then* 😂
Kym Ice You still have some places for more tattoos huh
Iulian Rey Musa Only you!!!
Tish Renee Hey there sweetie!!
Mohamed Saleh Elmagrahi فاطر يا تيس في رمضان تو ايبانلك يا كلب 🐸🐸🐸

Go for yours and get everything your supposed to have.

27.1k reactions 87 comments
Dexter Raymundo Andaya Wizkhalifa ma men.
Nada Mandic Maksimović Magdalena
Austin Ponder Is he sneezing lol
Tommy Norgård Litle early to start chugging ? Lool
Jean Henrique This is your son's good life.

New Wizzle Merch. Cop it here: store.wizkhalifa.com

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Alfiansyah ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Darring Bruvold Tyler the Creator face melt 🍩
Tania Villa Jesus Ç̧̛͕̲̗̪̮͙̜̓̑̈̀͒̈́̅̍̚͜î̡̛̫̰̜̹̠̞̜̭̏͛̈́͊̐̈̃̑ͅn͎͓̹̖̭̩̟̺̫̈́̓͛͊̓͛̚͝͝͠ͅḳ̨͇͓͕̙̣͈̞͗̆̌̍̾̎͐̀̚͜͝ está chida
KG RealerthanReal Fields Eugenia Tsai 😩
Jackson Silveer II Br

Today is a if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all type of day.

35.8k reactions 185 comments
Lauren Truitt 😍BAE😍
Malak Haider 😍 nice tatoo
Louiejay Donggon II thatsss itTT 😊👌
Toure Toumani Jolie
Shayla Rizzo 🔥🔥🔥

#PreRolleds #TGOD

PREMIERE! @WizKhalifa Presents #PreRolleds - Taylor Gang
PREMIERE! @WizKhalifa Presents #PreRolleds - Taylor Gang

Listen to 4 New Tracks from Wiz Khalifa.

3.3k reactions 41 comments
Frederico Tivane inacio
Frederico Tivane magaia
Ronnie Mike you look like a angel #happy fathers day wiz
Difficile Calèb #fuckwizkalifa
Ja Son we want "more money in a brown bag"😍😍😕😕

Miss my brother. Love my sister. Happy Father's Day.

16.7k reactions 76 comments
Eddie Diaz Love you wiz
Justin Henon Angi Delepiere il a eu Quoi son frangin?
Kone Zabra 👍👍👍
Warle Fairs Breezy that is you wiz?
Abdulmuhsin Suleiman Elmohammed يب رد مقرب

My dad's gang.

10.4k reactions 42 comments
Rens Kla Future Ndoss
Prince Ogbonna Eze Cool
Young Johnsson Oh shittt😂😂 thats your brothers?
Aboubakar Diallo The best of the best
Ramon Mendoza Yuh yuh

I always had the best dad ever. All my friends were scared to come to the house. Lol. Had to do all my chores and school work during the summer but he's my dad and not yours and I wouldn't trade him for the world. He always brings the best out of me even when I don't know I have it in my myself and literally gave me everything in this world. I love you daddy.

23.8k reactions 144 comments
Raïssa Struik Omggg daar is wizz kei cute xxx Ferre Verheyen
Anthony Mrthree Myers That's shady McCoy!
Ashley Nicole Scott Bash looks just like him lol
Jesse Tucker Damn your dad does look like future lol
Chipo Shanqs Lowkyy I wonder if you were already smoking at this age lol

Happy Father's Day.

17.0k reactions 146 comments
Tina Cherl Happy Father's Day Wiz
Harper Sherie Happy Fathers Day Wiz
Salys Henderson Happy Father's Day to ya handsome
Ainsh D. Shahi Awww soo cute happy father's day ma man #TGOD
Georgia Victoria Happy Father's Day 😙

Always been exceptional. Never been like my peers.

30.6k reactions 222 comments
Daniel Manaj Real nigga Adui u are the 1 💖 King of everthing
Aey-Ron Christa Hold up roll up mo money to throw up walk in the club everybody go up ,a hundred just to show off.
Canibus Sativa Eush I could smoke out with ya.. I dont have the money you and Snoop have. But I take a QP to the head solo in 2 weeks... Come smoke out with a disabled Vet.. tired of having to take road trips to CO lol
Nna Emeka Blowing with the ghost. Hoping the cloud heads treating you as good. Pass that Jared Kush.
Dan Lawson Does weed even get you high anymore


20.9k reactions 68 comments
Don Skiny We them boiez
Allan Jerker Top
Salys Henderson #TGOD
Henry Lee III ill cop it next week
Paul Haly Bless U 🌠🌠🌠 one love Son stay 🆙🌠🌠🌠

Water Damage. ft. Chevy Woods produced by Sledgren. #TGOD

Water Damage ft. Chevy Woods (Prod by Sledgren)
Water Damage ft. Chevy Woods (Prod by Sledgren)

Download Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm on iOS and Android http://weedfarm.wizkhalifa.com/install

1.7k reactions 34 comments
Erion Tafili https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsiekFZa0S4
RS Ngcobo South Africa. They don't want us to be great! http://www.datafilehost.com/d/c5daec0a RSyoungF - Want You Like That #CarribeanSound #HawaianShirtFlows #BlessUp
Kilian Charpentier Irvin Chptr
Malusie SnOw Bongumenzie DoPe
Asim Al Dolie واو
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