Will Smith
02:18 01/12/2018

What Up, Sydney, Australia? Ya’ Boy is in the Buildin’

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Timeline Photos

What Up, Sydney, Australia? Ya’ Boy is in the Buildin’

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Kellie Upton
What's doin?! Have a great time while you're here 😆 hope the weather is kind to you, meant to be bloody hot again tomoz xx
Andy Lowe
Alex Colman willenial to willenial here.. keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground. He's here.
Annette Gillroy
Is love to cook you a Aussie home cooked meal. Would be lots of laughs. Love you will Smith you a great actor
Keri Smith Vicini
Awesome! Just watched back-to-back season of TFPOBA last night, LOL! Old school, love it. NYer in Oz, welcome down! ;)
Franky Tapia
I've got a sick bootleg of Fresh Prince of Be-lair if you're keen! Will spin at Laundry if you attend. Pat Ward Chris Arnott
Belinda Mullen
Welcome back to Australia bro! Hope you have an awesome time! Dont listen to the haters? Oprah next president! :-)
Baasaarai Vandandorj
Hi Will i’m your big fan. we are in the same place and i wish that i can meet with you. wish you all the best you are my idol. love you ❤️
Mark Handel
Hey Will, from one Philly boy to another, where you watchin the game Sunday?! Hit me up for the best spot!
Pra Chi
My dad saw you yesterday and you actually took time to speak to him😀😀😀😀😀I'm so happy! Made my heart and Dad smile😄 Thank YOU ❤ Akhilesh Verma
Ridwan Hassim
WOW! Have fun Will hopefully it will not rain anymore for your stay. We had 22000 lighting strikes in one day, a few days ago!
Brett Wheeler
Yo Will. If you wanna have a few beers with an Aussie let me know. I'll take you out. You filming or just on holiday?
Sav Schulman
Hey Will Smith, welcome down under. If you’d fancy a little coffee culture, great food & funky ‘burbs...pull into Melbourne for a few days...easy to get here, 1 hour flight south from Sydney.
Justin Smith
Welcome Big Fella. If you want to come over and meet the fam for a real Aussie BBQ, doors open mate. Best offer I've got for ya.
Petula Keogh
Welcome to Sydney 🎉🎉🎉. I’ve loved you since Fresh Prince xxxxxxx enjoy your stay and hopefully the weather stays sunny and warm during your visit.
Suze Sinclair
Craig!!!!! He’s here!!!!!!! Well Not in Melbourne but still AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺!!!!!! LOVE YOU WILLY!!! 😜😜😜 (My husband said I could marry you when you are free) 😜😘😝

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What Up, Sydney, Australia? Ya’ Boy is in the Buildin’

66.3k reactions 4635 comments
Kellie Upton What's doin?! Have a great time while you're here 😆 hope the weather is kind to you, meant to be bloody hot again tomoz xx
Andy Lowe Alex Colman willenial to willenial here.. keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground. He's here.
Annette Gillroy Is love to cook you a Aussie home cooked meal. Would be lots of laughs. Love you will Smith you a great actor
Keri Smith Vicini Awesome! Just watched back-to-back season of TFPOBA last night, LOL! Old school, love it. NYer in Oz, welcome down! ;)
Franky Tapia I've got a sick bootleg of Fresh Prince of Be-lair if you're keen! Will spin at Laundry if you attend. Pat Ward Chris Arnott

I love her new cut, I had to show y’all

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Ida Izquierdo Eres maravilloso Will Smith...ocurrente en todas las formas....te veo desde la serie "el principe del rap" un gran talento americano. Espectacular en todas tus películas que haces. Núnca cambies a pesar de la fama que tengas siempre sé sencillo y ...
Alexis Garza Gabriela Meléndez o mira JAJAJA es will smith que impactante! JAJAJA yase que la cague ya perdón jajajaja desbloqueame sino lo wa a agarrar y me lo voy a robar akjajajjajaka ntc me cae bien ese niño ajjaj perdón charlie no eres un niño retrasado... Dile ...
Kerstin Koss Franziska Koß..Viele liebe Grüsse aus Deutschland😉🙋Es ist immer wunderbar euch Beide zu sehen.Ihr 2 seit ein cooles Paar, immer wie beste Freunde.Es ist unbezahlbar,wenn man den gleichen Humor hat. Gratulation an euch Beide💐 ..Tolle sympatische Familie!...
Pamela Purnell I always loved Jada especially in funny shows n movies she was hilarious n always so pretty with nice hair styles that fits her whole personality n ur marriage people may talk crap about it but I see it's still stuck like glue keep loving pressing n ...
Sandy Seminario Hola soy de Piura Perú tengo que decirte que eres el mejor te sigo desde el principe del rack jajaja... Eres súper divertido y alegre, mejor dicho únicoooo... Porfavor dale like a mi comentario solo para saber si lo leíste, me haría muy feliz.... ...

My favorite John C. Maxwell quote, “Fail early, fail often, but always fail forward.” https://youtu.be/vEhoc_zGeN0

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Cecil Crego There are saying:Every failures has every successful ends,because you cannot feel the success if you did not failed ,every things have duality when your living in this world....remembered that.
John D. Seiley III Hey will i feel bad for you. You are a brainwashed liberal robot. The democrats have trained you well to be their pet. So sit down because you and the rest of Hollywood is what is about to be cleansed home boy
Brent Lilwall I agree with Will, people who think its BS are the ones who accept where they are and arnt willing to strive for more. They prefer to knock the sucessful because it makes them feel better about themselves. I was a cleaner, now i run my own business in ...
Tammantha Shaw Thanks Will Smith, we love yah. You are so right, never again will I say, The hell with it and want to quit. So from here on, I'm always going to keep pushing no matter what.
Connie Rippee Thank you for the encouragement Will! I've been working on starting a couple projects that encourage people on their pursuit of happiness and I love the gym analogy. I've been preparing the work bench for too freaking long, I need to get started and ...

Last vlog from the Bright promo tour is up! https://youtu.be/8O3o6P8WebM. Sorry for what happens at 2:08... kids these days.

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Madrinnie Silva I love this guys❤❤❤I have my children and are growing up so fast... OMG! Until now I don t know how did it happens😁😁😁I enjoying your vlogs, Will Smith! Now, a cute relationship of two handsome MEN! Thanx!!! I can also imagine the grandfather Will Smith. ...
David Brown The character interaction was off, it gave a b movie type effect, or Mabey it was because it was on Netflix, I did enjoy the story.
Karen Lewis-Jones They grow so quickly! My one and only 18 year college son, told my for Christmas, he “ love me forever.” Wow, he’s grown. ..... time for my ROI. Lol
Chris Biollo Need any more elves... My son has acted in local theatre and definitely has the look as a LARPer (his profile pic is in costume, name below) Tyson Ditner
Shannon Yaw You love your children unconditional! I have three children and there is nothing I wouldn't do for them. They are my heart and soul! Will and Jada, you raised a fine young man! Will Smith, No matter how many movies you made, or how many awards you got. ...

Years ago Arnold Schwarzenegger gave me one of the best damn pieces of advice that forever changed how I was shaping my career. Here's the story: https://youtu.be/eIAtHvzjk98

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Robert Perkins Jr Mr Smith, your a Legend none the less. Your one of the best, since your days on Fresh Prince of bell air, to independence day and even MIB series. Hands down a role model for the youth to look up too. My favorite actor and comedian would be Robin ...
John G. Davidoff i. used to live near austria in bavaria baking bread for nearly a year, they have a saying the older people in mountaineous regions or highlanders in area of the alps of bavaria and the south near austria same " habbe die erre " greeting each other , ...
Flennoy O. Flippen Over 44 year's ago they took a story that is know through out the world. That story was to be our way to get back home to our mom. Only if you were made to live without your mom can you know what that feels like. Star Wars was supposed to be our ticket ...
Darshan Gatehouse <3 Bright! More please! the Magical community needs more men. Was it just me or did the white people like black people more? Honkies are cray like that. When humans had to stick together and were against other species such as orcs, elves, fairies. Can ...
Uziel Hernandez Ask too secces people how they do it. Even If that people knows too much more then you. That is greatfuull. And its the way to bee Big and help and give LOVE and teach avrething you know yo the people. Thats is how wee could change the world.. thanks ...

20 Years Ago Today we held hands and walked naively down that aisle. Here’s what I’ve learned since. Love is Like Gardening... I have learned to focus on HELPING you to BLOSSOM into what YOU want to be (into what you were born to be)... Rather than Demanding that you become what my Fragile Ego needs you to be. I’ve learned to take pleasure in Nourishing YOUR dreams... Rather than wrestling with you to Fulfill my Selfish Needs & Satiate My Insecurities. I have learned that Love is Listening. Love is Giving. Love is Freedom. Happy Anniversary, My Queen! I am forever Devoted to Nurturing your Deepest Truth.

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Paula Hobson Happy Anniversary, what beautiful words and how true, I've been married 28 years and you have to work at it and help one another in every way you can. Wishing you many more happy years to come 😊x
Brenna Hatter Happy Anniversary! I love you both so much! God Bless your family and the life you've created with one another! ❤️
Hope Saunders You've learned so much in the past 20 years. May the next 20 be equally if not more fruitful! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!
Cindy Perrick You and your family are a blessing to us all, proof of the honesty of true love and devotion in a crazy industry filled with fake people and game playing.. Happy Anniversary and may you continue to be blessed in the coming years.!!
Kim Brusegaard Stuart Happy anniversary! Glad you are able to keep your marriage going. It isn’t easy these days especially in Hollywood.

Damn... I just had to get Reading Glasses! This is NOT the look of an Action Hero!

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Sarah Tracy Will Smith please understand that you are the most attractive, fun, kind, and real person of the 90's. I don't think I could ever like a male actor the way I do you. And No Pair Of Glasses changes the super heri within us! Happy New year!
Sandi Gay Bruce Banner (Hulk) and Matt Murdock (Daredevil) both wear glasses. Of course when you're being super (or in action mode) it doesn't really require glasses 'cause I've never seen many of them stop to do any reading ...
Shannon Yaw Welcome to the world of getting old! lol Well if you going to take a selfie with your new glasses, can you please smile at least! They are only reading glasses, you don't have to wear them all the time. Suck it up buttercup, it could be a lot worse! lol
Carole Barbuto It’s all good! They look fine and you could always wear contacts if they bother you that much or you could get Lazer surgery. Plenty of options... I wear mine to drive and then I go through life blind the rest of the time lol
Nuala Mulholland I'm going to get my first eye test in about 20 years tomorrow. I've noticed I'm pulling stuff further away to read and squinting more to focus. Happens to us all as we get older. Still look as hot as Will. Dosn't matter at all. Xx

Our 20th Anniversary is in 4 Days! That’s a Real Feet... :-)... Get it!

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Farley Taú was at home, my daughter and nephews in my living room with a refrigerator to get a glass of coke when I came back, I came back blowing it so they thought it's coffee.
Susan Whitehead Aww congratulations to you both. My poor dad would have said you would get less for murder lol. what an achievement in this day and age many more years of wedded bliss to you both. Xx
Janice Hobby-ford 28 years 2 young adults 4 Grandchildren through thick and thin sickness and health rich and poor and loads of stress still together and Luv My Hubby Luke Zebedee Ford with all my heart communication allways talk cuddle and do stuff together and agree to ...
George Lake Congrats on the anniversary. Does that pretty lady smack your head once in a while? Mine does for stuff like that. lol Cheers. Oh yes, 38 years for me and my pretty lady in a couple of months.
Noel Holmes Congrats Will and to your wife for putting up with you, another 26 years and you'll catch up to My wife and myself whom celebrated 46 years on 20 Dec.... and believe me, it had it ups and downs...that is as bad as your Feet (FEAT) Joke is..

Got some people asking how we did this shot in Bright so here you go

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Andrea Rotundi Now...couple of questions: where's the guy jumping over the SUV in the final shot? I don't see him in this "behind the scenes" footage, from another angle. I guess it's not the same material? Also, cartridges. Do they really come out of the gun you were ...
Adrian Muldrow Great film !!! It told a great story on character, fairness and trust. It taught about racism , classism. It taught about affirmative action and the stigmatization of equality. It was witty , funny and touchingly entertaining. #Salute !!!
Jacob Jensen Awesome movie! But it didn't really elaborate on the history side of things.. I would very much like to know more about what happened 2000 years ago and how it all got to be the way it was shown in the present time.. I hope to see a bright 2 or some ...
Drew B. Mittelsteadt I honestly thought initially this was gonna be a series. Now that I've watched the movie, it makes even more sense for it to be a series. There's is WAY too much depth with the characters, plot history, etc for it not to be a series. I did enjoy the ...
Noah Noble Ray Allen ugh I <3 behind the scenes film production videos. Like this scene probably took at least a couple of hours to set up...and within 3 seconds, it's over. #UnsungHeroes

You know you did something right when you’re gettin burned by your first born! New video from the Bright promo tour is up: https://youtu.be/ot-2BTZoxBc

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Carlos Hill Geez your son is a mirror image of you sounds like you even has that laugh you have I swear I was looking at another will smith. Nonetheless love you keep doing your thing Mr smith.
Grecia Stephanie Martínez Morales Adrian Martinez porfis traduceme que dijeron... Solo entendí que es un buen actor frente a las cámaras pero que es malo mintiendo estoy en lo correcto o nada que ver
John Molnar WHAT!!! They do not look alike whatsoever. Maybe the teeth, that's it. The eyes and voice is completely different.
Liza Anomaly Johnson Will Smith hey i was just wondering if you respond to fan questions? BC i have a question about your moving Bright, which was great btw!
Shelia Cottrell Remember Patty Duke song? Ha-ha, but it's father and son. I can name three blessings you can be thankful for, give J my love.

It’s crazy out here in these Christmas streets. http://instagram.com/willsmith

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Henryka Day You are a wonderful family. you love them and you are normal compared to other known people. I greet you and your family. Wonderful wife. Answer me, I will have a souvenir. I'm Polish, I do not know English well, I'm sorry. Thank you.
Salvatore Angius To love is .... something so great that only those who can smooth the corners of their selfishness can fully understand. If you think you can safely do without it, you've never really done it. Best wishes to all, even to those who have crossed it, have ...
Erik Krouskop Texas here: Send some freakin' snow so we can have a good time too. All we got's cold. Plain, boring, cold. Half the green things aren't even dead yet. And it's not even cold by Oklahoma standards, but it feels that way! Send. Snow. Thanks, man, ...
Mary Jean Conway MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family, you should see the streets in Michigan the snow and the freezing cold, but all is well
Iris Rodriguez Merry Christmas to all of you beautiful family God bless you all with your wife is beautiful and she had done a good job with those kids you too Dad 🎅⛄🌲❤

Somebody Please Help! Jada makes us wear these Ugly Ass Sweaters for Christmas... She’s Doin’ Too Much! And she’s just gettin’ Started. Stay Tuned... More to Come

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Vinny Svoboda Don't let this distract you from the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game, Including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixon.
Becky Kobi Come on Mr. Smith!!!!! just about every family has that silly tradition. And besides, you look good in the sweater. Well, at least you and your family celebrate Christmas. I am not. For the past 5 months, my life has been anything but, good. My mom ...
Samantha Grey Montrose I'm pretty sure will meant this is a playful joke. Everyone here is trying to guilt him so hard rn. What happened to the spirit of Christmas? Merry Christmas Will! Hope you enjoy it with your family ❤
Tammantha Shaw Just love yah Will, your do anything for your wife. Man I saw your expression and what you said, I swear I couldn't stop laughing. We love your family Will and we just love and adore you. Its a pretty sweater Will Smith, love yah.
Matt Seifman There's really only one solution... Post family pix. That way all of you get to show off your ugly sweaters. Either that or use them as a movie prop and hope they get destroyed

Did a little thing with Lilly Singh. This Girl is THE TRUTH!

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Johnny Walker Thank you for connecting with me! Please enjoy my music! As a former dancer for Prince, I have had so much fun just writing good music! I had to share it! Please tell 5 friends about me! - Cheers!!! - https://www.reverbnation....
Madrinnie Silva Thats so nice to see Will Smith so Fresh😄😄😄
Madrinnie Silva I m sure i m needing this classes😁😁😁
Lee Murdock Man I like that color sweater on me my Brotha. Lol
Mark Nelson The English language is dead? Slang went sideways maybe. Oh crap.

He only looks slightly better without the 3 inches of makeup. http://instagram.com/willsmith

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Carl Martin watched it last night and was impressed specially for a netflix film , i enjoyed the movie 😎👌
Joshua Vital Bright=bruhthisshitwasdopeAF, hash tag this!!! 😬😬😬
Marisa Taveras It's Here!!!! Bright is streaming!!!! Sooo happy right now!!!!!
Danielle Duverglas Love the look Will, great jacket
Aubrey Rodgers This movie was good lots of action 👍👍🔥🔥🔥

We finally drop Bright tomorrow on Netflix!! Who’s throwin a watch party??

28.4k reactions 1250 comments
Matthieu Bourré i'm curious, and hateing Critics .. i dont care about them, i alway love your work, no reason for change that :)
Brenda Katzer Didn’t know you had something new coming out, Will. Hubby and I are always looking for something new so it might be a Christmas Eve watch for us. 🎄🥂
Daniel Schreithofer Waiting for it to be released in EU - its on my list for a long time >;3 Should be 9 am when it does and thats the moment ill be starting it ^^
Tonia Stewart I will be watching, come on ..... Friday and get here🤨popcorn ready chocolate covered raisins ready and my water ,good to go waiting on a movie
Josh Thomas A watch party?! Come on now, Will! Actually, I am interested in seeing this, but a watch party?! I’ll watch it next week between the holidays!

Been working with Sayuri for the better part of 20 years! She’s been my translator in Japan on almost every promo tour since Independence Day. I once had her beatbox a translation of what I was rapping to a crowd and she didn’t miss a beat

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Juan Rivas Cortez Vaya vaya... así que odia a los latinos... en fin es momento de abandonar esta pagina!!!
Ÿøu Çëf And now it is a big thing
Moe Miller Fantastic to find those special people who you can carry through your life!!
Lena Malmberg Mery christmas to You Will and your family! To you and also to al this people that is a fan of you.
Alisson Negreli Respect for translators and interpreters!! Once again, you’ve shown us why we admire you so much!!

This is Me at CCXP - Comic Con Experience in São Paulo, Brazil. I️t was KRAZY when I took the mask off. Full video: https://youtu.be/TGm8rxBLX4Y. The Orc Life is Sweet.

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Linda Bernards you are very popular around the world.... I can imagine the fans go crazy when they see you ..... have fun
Earl Brooks where are all the celebrity zombies at?. you guys eat sleep & dream of celebrity I never understood why lol :D I almost forgot celebrities exist.
Laura Edgar Stuart Ross imagine this happening and seeing Will Smith, i think I'd proper run and pounce on him haha xx
Abdel-wahab El-Kadi I like your works, and I wanted to say sorry to you as I didn't invited you when you been in Egypt about a year ago. I want to tell you please if you will come again I will be honored to invite you in my home
Earl Brooks everybody that love's celebrities send me $4 my way send it to my paypal come on all of you send me the money today don't be shy. $4 need 4 Million of you today $4 is cheaper than what you give to a celebrity anyways so don't think give me the money ...

Dude on the left went for the DEEEEEP cut #realfanz

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Susan Smith Morgan Lol you sir have become an uppity Blackman.My advice to you is keep your political opinions to yourself.That is of course if you still want to have a career in movies.
Jessica Miranda Thank you will desde la serie el príncipe del rap te sigo eres muy carismático y tu forma de ser me llena de alegría cuídate que Dios te bendiga
Frank Moses Mr.smith am a big fan from egypt I love all u did and also what u said about Egypt we would love to see u shooting there ... merry Christmas to you and best of luck
Luz Marina Ataulluco Simplemente fantastico!!!! Lo admiro desde siempre y lo aaaammmooooo mucho. Saludos de Cusco Peru. Siga adelante y Dios me lo bendiga!!!!!!
Cirlady Carabali Caicedo I love you Will, yua are my favorite actor. I am from colombia and want know some day. Please come on to Cali - Colombia.

Mumbai we’re here! See You Tonight. Bright

175.1k reactions 1476 comments
Ahmed El Badrawi Hope you'd make it to Egypt again, maybe this time i can get to meet you somewhere :) wish you great time in India, watch out for the spices ;)
Kirk Felix Muteti Skillz Hey Will. Okay, all good being all there...good for you, hey, am your Fan#OneFor Sure, just that, Kenya, Africa is a Place too you can enjoy!
Kiran Rai Wow... I can't believe you are India.. Welcome to India, thanks for coming and I am sure you have unforgettable experience here..
Katharina Lohof I saw your movie yesterday: COLLATERAL BEAUTY, very good movie 👏 You are a very great artist, love watching all your movies !!! Merry Christmas to u and your family!!!
Jayashree Sharma Ganguly Hi will.... Please come to Hyderabad. It will be a dream come true for me n my baby. Please do come.... 😘 and welcome to India..

Yep definitely my seed

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Timothy Johnson It's funny seeing people come on a man's page and criticize his son like it's okay. He's not interested in your citicique. We've already seen the love Will and Jada have for their children. Your miniscule opinion is the last thing they're concerned ...
Adam Read When Will says he's just like his son, you'd better believe it, just cause you don't like what you're hearing and you don't want to believe it, it is the truth, if you actually looked you would see the truth.
Correnda Lovez Yu Yes that is your seed Sir! How dare people be so mean and rude, giving you props but speaking down on your son. The hearts of many have become so cold. Help us Jesus
Kelly Hudson A proud parent , excellent actor and different generations simple as that. I love both 👌🏻💯 they have their own personality’s that’s what makes our world beautiful right ? X
Aaron Talbot famous and wealthy parents can open doors for their kin, it's what they do when they walk through them that we can measure them on. he's a young lad, and if it was my son, i'd do what i could to see him succeed. right on will, cheers to success.

Joined Instagram today - Already Lovin’ It. This is gonna be a wild ride! Lets Go. http://instagram.com/willsmith

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Prachie Garg Now this is a story all about how, I finally joined instagram! 😄
Astrel Jack will smith i know how God bless you so much i would like you to help me out this Christmas i have four kids in Haiti and i havent been able to get them anything for Christmas i need you to help me to get them some Christmas gift if you can help you can ...
Jeremy Busby The legend arrives. Cant wait to see ya in Bright! Youre the reason Im in improv! Best of luck with the internet mob!!
Ariday Smith Me encantaba el príncipe del rap nunca me lo perdí ERES lo máximo WILL te mandó un gran abrazo y un beso bendiciones para ti y tu familia
Claudia Vazquez Eres lo máximo Will,nunca me perdí El príncipe del Rap,me gustaba y me sigue gustando,k tengas bonito día!t sigues viendo genial!saludos desde Celaya Gto.México!


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Zach Bates Something you all may not know? This photo was taken in 1873. Will Smith is immortal and his body ceased to age around 1998 after shooting the video for Gettin' Jiggy Wit It.
Gwendolyn Clayborne Lord, Mr. Smith you favor my brother Frederick Roy. Who passed 34 years ago. I mean like twins! Lol. Innocent baby boy grew up to be a super star. How wonderful that is. I absolutely love your family's work!!
Zeshan Joseph Mohammed Gula the uk have just started showing fresh prince again and the best scene was when carlton ran round the whole studio and it was beautiful how you grabbed him at the end lol ....RIP uncle phil was sad to hear of that
Adrian Seneguis Peguero I will be a Dominican and you are my favorite actor. One of my biggest desires would be to meet you and talk to you because you are a successful man with a big heart and intelligence blessings.
Horace Ray Keys Jr. That my picture look Peter Pan in Gold letters was on the the picture sometimes it was in the front or the back of the picture but I have freckles.

Who ya'll watching with??

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Monica Perez M Hola como se llama la pelicula donde actua. De una niña que es tu hija y muere...quiero verla..tu te vuelves loco..eso lo que me han dicho
Eduardo Aranda I'm going to see my wife, and my little daughter. My wife already loves you, and I guarantee that my little one will too.
Brett Koz I will probably see if my mom and my sister want to watch this with me and of course enjoy some popcorn while we watch it :)
Felix Everyday Aguilar Jr. Will you make any movie good brotha! Even the ones they criticized you in I still think you did great! Keep it up homie!
Erin Johnson Rob I can’t wait to watch this with you!!! Will Smith you will always be one of my all time favorite actors.

I met Sri Prem Baba yesterday in São Paulo. I had seen this video about his life on YouTube. I am humbled & honored! https://youtu.be/ZHAEYOH0zNI

79.5k reactions 1038 comments
Carlos Rodriguez I wish I have the pleasure to meet you too, I wish you could come to my country Nicaragua, not as a movie Star, just like a person we could hang around. A day with Will Smith, I am a fan of you.
Geórgia Karla Nossa cara sua trajetoria é mesmo inspiradora ...vc sempre mostra ter um caracter intocavel ...parabéns Will ... Uqe os deuses sempre te iluminem e que vc tenha vida longa ...aqui da minha casa todos adoramos vc ....bjo.
Jesse Molette Waiting on bright to come out cant wait to see the message in the movie seems like it actually deals with some type of racism (in a world where that word is real) i hope it opens peoples eyes just a bit
Meriam Williams Life holds mysteries findings of fate upon meetings of others, what a gift you received on this day, a true experience to carrying with you through life. You rock Will.
Suzana Veras And thanks for sharing! I live in Sao Paulo and I have never heard of him until your post. Great lessons to be learned.

Working on something a lil different for ya’ll with Darren Aronofsky + National Geographic TV. One Strange Rock coming in 2018!!

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Desislava Stamatova Well done,Mr.Smith! Thank you for a show!
Anne-Mette Jensen Abso, tænker at man kan låne lydsiden til en nice video.
Carolyn Norwood This is certainly pretty bland next to the normal stuff.Results in me with this hollow sensation, just can’t grasp it fully. ✨
Dominique Laraque Anything that you are a part of is the bomb.
Philip Grano Nothing is different. You always give us quality, Mr Smith. Thank you sir.

One month out from Bright hitting Netflix!! Here’s a little something from Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors and Bebe Rexha to hold you over until we drop. Giving ya’ll the premiere of “Home”!

17.5k reactions 512 comments
Christina Jennefer Rosemary Ohh my God this song is giving me goosebumps
Voltaire Lopez Can't wait for the full bright album
Sara Lorraine Hutchings Jamie... I love this! And def wanna watch this new series! Xx
James Wilson Stacey here’s your MGK u bloody addict 😂

We’re shooting Aladdin in Jordan. Took my crew to see PETRA! It’s been on my Bucket List for about 20 years. IT’S CRAZY! Special “Thank You” to the Royal Family & to the people of Jordan. You all took PERFECT CARE of us. We Shall Return!

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Justine Redmond I was therefor work a few years ago too. So amazing. I was overawed for most of my journey through the Middle East 😊
Eman Rweished Muna Shah it's about time you make it Jordan 🇯🇴 no excuses!! Elissa Azizi is already planning.. we agreed that I'll be taking her to Petra 😌 #GetMunaToJordan2018
Hisham Ayyash Jordan and Jordanians love you and we were honoured for having you in Jordan. We will be waiting for your next trip to us! To everyone and on behalf of all Jordanians, please count Jordan as your 2nd home any time!
Marisa Taveras I'm so excited 😀 for you My Will! I haven't been to Jordan is too many years and I miss its beauty. I hope this movie brings as much magic as the cartoon version. I cannot stop dreaming 💭 about what you are going to look like as Genie. Excited; ...
Debbie Lynn 💔💔💔💔💔💔🙏🙏🙏🙏Will, Please say a Special prayer for Us in San Antonio and Sutherland Springs Texas. We're trying to hold 0n. Thank you and God Bless🌹

Y'all are HILARIOUS! I'm still embarrassed about the Sunflower.

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Brad Percival Fresh Prince was the best tv show! Was hugely popular in New Zealand, I think I saw every episode, twice!
Yuvindra Sookraj Yoo I started watching over fresh Prince n I just started season 6 with the wedding and I'm sad cause it's only 6 seasons man
Debora Quinteros Me gustas como actor. Y me encanta tu forma de hablarle a la gente desde el corazon como asi tus peliculas que dejan mensajes muy profundos. Desde Argentina besos!!
JMan Warham Every episode of Fresh Prince on Netflix Some serious episodes, the one where Will takes a shot for Carlton , deeper storylines than most episodes
Brittany Camacho My friend dressed as the sunflower awhile back! I loved it! Don't be embarrassed! I'm pretty sure everyone loves you.

Trailer 2 is Out! And 2 months left til y’all got Bright at da cribo!

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Riza Sarabia The monster looks like the demon in Jetli's film The sorcerer and the White Snake, anyway this looks cool babyy love Jordan Hamilton
Marisa Taveras Tired of waiting on this! I am glad we are rounding the bend. Next up Aladdin and then hopefully Bad boys 3!!! LoveYouForAlwaysAndEternityMyWill😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙
Susan Coltellaro I LOVE your movies! I really love the sci-fi genre and you do it all so well. Thank you for YEARS of quality entertainment.
Trevor Norton Looks great then you hear Magic Wand lol Goes back to looking great then you hear gotta protect the Wand lol It just messes with it for me
Patrick Duverger Hey Will what's up with the new Bad Boys 3 is that going to hit theaters anytime soon I love you as an actor you got to be one of my favorite actors and Mike Lowry got to be one of my favorite characters

Love to see you thrive J-Diggy! JUST is ready for its moment

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Cody Smith I guarantee you that plastic bottles are 80% more rugged and last longer than these "use a few times and recycle" bottles. People already recycle plastic bottles...
Chez Marie Siddall That's fantastic.... now added using renewable energy to manufacture and distribute those bottles and purify the water. Then I will be really impressed.
Edith Gomes In the UK we recycle PET bottles. Each household has a recycling bin and the council collects weekly this special bin. So this waste of PET bottles , paper, cans etc can be used to generate new products out of it. Good Jaden the worls needs people like ...
Tyrone TJ White McClellan Yeah but at what cost to the consumer ? I definitely respect the vision and will support the movement as I always have when it comes to recycling and renewable resources but it seems like everything else that’s good for the body or planet just cost ...
Best Nosakhare Odion Awesome., Remarkable, while our rich Kids in Nigeria are busy smoking Marijuana and Cocaine , buying exoctic cars with their parents money which has been stolen from the Nigeria Government
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