Vinny Guadagnino
17:14 09/12/2017

Almost too close to call...

Almost too close to call...

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Vale Pavón
Ludovic obviously Phyllis
Catie Crawford
Faith Duda why am I laughing so hard
Wyatt Dahl
Ethan Phillis 100% 😍
Lisa Raw
old mate did
Jess Meyer
Becca Esposito
Morgen Camponescki Phyllis, definitely Phyllis 💁🏼😂
Sherina Knutson
obviously Phyllis
Christian Fogarty
Sonia Faraone the lady from the office 😂😂😂😂
Julia A Gonzalez
Sylvia tough call
Andrea Warren
Nicole Netzel Bitch Stole My Look, Phyllis wins 👑
Heather Lee
Phyllis!!...she actually worse the dress!!...lmao 😂
Blythe Anne
Kara Wissing omg is this real?! 😂😂😂 is that from the office
Amanda Snow Mabeline
Ima be the odd one and say Kim lol 😂
Despina Tsamis
Bailey Fulton I think we all know the answer to this one
Scarlett Elizabeth Sage
Dinö Giamalis I think Phyllis has her beat 😂

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Kylie Jenner Releases NSFW Photos Amid Pregnancy Rumors
Kylie Jenner Releases NSFW Photos Amid Pregnancy Rumors

She clearly misses her pre-baby body!

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Sylvia Ortega Illuminati whore
Wendy Honaker She sure has gained some weight but definitely shouldn't be ashamed of it
Meghan Yocom Reyes Good maybe we won't hear about her for a while since she doesn't want her pregnancy to go public. 😂
Mandy Driebel Kriesel Vinny is this you really posting this stuff? I always think well that's some random ass post but I actually love it :)

Can you see with your mind's eye?

Can't see pictures in your head or count sheep? It could be aphantasia

Not everyone can imagine pictures or recollect faces, objects or places visually

4 reactions 0 comments

WTH did I just watch

730 reactions 1612 comments
Yasemin Lockwood Matt Johnson this freaks me out just looking at it
Ashley Rogers Erika Aconite I'm just tagging you cuz of the bug 😂
Ashley Dawn Lee I'm calling the police.
Chanti Cámara Moreno En panesico Miguel Manrique Jajajajaja pero en el baño sí que había una ajajajaj
Lyndal Therese Phillips No way could I drink that lol.

Hope she changes her mind!

Snooki Reveals Why Sammi Isn
Snooki Reveals Why Sammi Isn't Returning for the 'Jersey Shore' Revival

There’s a good reason why she's opted to sit out the reunion.

839 reactions 70 comments
Victoria Silva I hope she changes her mind too, it won't be the same without her
Laurie Rae Good I never liked her dramatic ass anyway
Marissa DiPaul Caroline Grace Giardina damn I thought it would have been Ronnie to not come back
Krishna Patel Chandni Patel Sammi isn’t coming! Who’s gonna say Rahnn stoppp
Shamirah Bedard it won't be the same w/o her

That doesn't sound like Steve...

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Brandy Pennington Sadly, sexual harassment didn't sound like Matt Lauer either. This world has gone to shit.

4.4k reactions 493 comments
Dulce Cerda Yesenia Martinez u k te levantas temprano like why?
Julia Zamora Everardo Guzman everyday at 6am because of you.
Nicole R LaChapelle Try 430 7 days a week no matter what
Maca A Rena Rich Ro me This morning
Mackenzie Birn Lissa Morgan Kiss me waking up at 530 today and yesterday 🙄

It's so hard to stop!!

What Nail Biting May Reveal About Your Personality
What Nail Biting May Reveal About Your Personality

Most people think of biting your nails as a response to nervousness, but research suggests nail biting may reveal a different personality trait altogether.

30 reactions 3 comments
Diana Irazoqui Alex Schaap
Merary Soriano Craig CJ Pearson
Shauna Quinlan Devardo The ted talk was interesting.. curious now

I am totally #4. Do you know your soul?

92 reactions 17 comments
Angel Meken Wise one
Jentel Veals Donnell D. Veals...this is interesting 🙂
Kay Lyn TinTin 1,3,5,7.
Laura Barakat #1
Kristine Serenity Nathan #1

3.3k reactions 498 comments
Es GoGetter Labelle Guigui who this remind you of?
Stina Shanahan Us whenever we go to Bluestone Emma Shanahan
Genesis Codina Amber Solberg lol majority of the time we go out
Monica Contreras Elizabeth Zapata oh my gosh why is this me af
Megan Ritchie Amanda Schlessel EVERY. TIME. we go to city & east

Shine bright like a FAT diamond

45 reactions 4 comments
Nora-jane Mandamin Maybe she just likes big ass rings
Aaron Castilla Most diamonds are of no value .
Couple Goals. I learned that who doesn’t look for you, doesn’t miss you and who doesn’t miss you doesn’t care for you… that destiny determines who enters your life but you decide who stays… that the truth hurts only once and a lie every time you remember it. There ...
Teri L. Coons Just because a woman wears a ring on her left ring finger doesn't mean anything. Stop assuming shit

He's come a loooong way

51 reactions 4 comments
Ashley Yeo Megan McCormack
Doriann Cardiasmenos I'm glad he is better
Harib Bu-Ghaith Elizabeth lol bruh we was just talking about him
Travis Burnor They was my neighbors in Brooksville FL his mom and her bf ...they was a mess crazy drunks

I need one

6.7k reactions 1228 comments
Sharon Smalheiser That looks like me after Thanksgiving!
Rudy Davila Josh Perez when we see happy hour specials
Candace Jean Harvey Jordan Guajardo I'm crying right now because this is so cute
Courtney Reeves Justin Imel these are the dogs i was telling you bout that Aub wanted
Darla M Starr Tracy Kiefer omg you need one of these dogs 😍

Petty level: 100

2 Chainz Responds to Eminem Album Snub With Petty AF Post
2 Chainz Responds to Eminem Album Snub With Petty AF Post

It never feels good to be left out...

127 reactions 2 comments
Adam Santiago He big mad or lil mad?
Rosie Jean Eminem leave you have been I need to shave that beard get back on his game

Just trying to catch some happy waves from young Posty

2.0k reactions 47 comments
Gabrielle McCracken Maloree Hammons Taylor Baker ❤️
Shawna Dawn 😍 Meggan Rose
Alyssa Abraham Allison Nicole Sanchez omg 😍
Kasi Hanson Nicole Viebrock BAE❤
Chelsea Gabamonte Eduvijez Cristina Sanchez your mans

Jeez how many closets do they need??

Kim and Kanye
Kim and Kanye's $20 Million Dream Home Is Move-In Ready - Take the Tour!

The soon-to-be parents-of-three spared no expense in updating their luxury pad. You'll never guess how many closets they have!

243 reactions 7 comments
Eric Lavallee Hope it gets mold. #YepImAHater
Kandiss M Thomiss Lol closet case haha jk
Travis Burnor What a couple lol ....he ain't got anything it's all her money
Kris Larson And to think there are people that can barely afford to have shelter or homeless... #excess
Amber Ellis Wasn’t she just boo who crying because she was afraid her house in California was going to burn down with all the wild fire shit going on? Again I rest my case, just pack up and move into another unnecessary big ass house. Really is a waste! I’m sorry I ...

3.4k reactions 622 comments
Sarah Pieprzyk Jennifer Lust-Hampton this reminded me of you when you took your first Uber from downtown! 😂😂😂😂
Sarah Ela Dewi Valentine hahaha dit is echt zo. Hele levensverhalen in de taxi
Whitney Verley Natalie did you have to deal with your fare share of this?! Lol
Jeraud Bryant Not me, but always my uber driver lmaoo Stephanie Guy
Rebecca LaChapelle Malia Renee H the pizza man ride to the store to get change!! 😂😂

So much loss...

16 reactions 3 comments
Veronica Cruz Elizabeth Cruz
Leirin Snyder That sucks but i also dont know who this is. Is he from a tv show??
Amanda Sacher Born and raised here in Ventura, like a Phoenix we will rise from the ashes and rebuild. We are a very strong community. Over the past few days you can feel the love in this city, from the firefighters, to the cops, to the veterinarians, and to the ...

WTF. Who would you sell your organs for to see live?

Taylor Swift fans are ready to sell their organs to get
Taylor Swift fans are ready to sell their organs to get 'pricey' concert tickets

Taylor Swift's concert tickets are out and some fans are already complaining.

72 reactions 63 comments
Ivonne Gnzlz Ppl are so stupid!
Kayla Jade All of you have to realize taylor doesn't control the prices !SO EXCITED I'LL SAVE YOU ALL THE BITCHING JUST DON'T GO
Melanie Renáe I guess this is our only way Megan Zip Parker
Ashton Fausett BreAnna Powell did you sell your organs
Kelly Tillett Alyson kidney sold haha

good looking out

9.2k reactions 2071 comments
Edi Becerra Hahaha wouldn’t be surprising if I did.
Krysten Hawkins Cassie. I swear I've actually done this before
Lily Ascencio Nick Sevilla reminds me of our texts during pride im gonna look for it
Lauren Pruett Taylor Reed I’m dying this is definitely something I’d do 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anna Putman Melissa Keeland 😂reminds me of me climbing thur the window when I have keys in my pocket bahaha

If he's gonna be behind bars, he's gonna stay busy!

134 reactions 9 comments
Isaac Arcos only place you can’t get raped
Joey Schmidt Michael Waldt
Paul Guidone Get that money shawty
Joshua Wolfe Hey at least he is still hustlin
Mark Youssef He’s someone bitch now.... haha 😂

Hell yeah!

50 Cent Wins Big in
50 Cent Wins Big in 'Power' Lawsuit

Good news Power fans!

228 reactions 9 comments
Brittany Backstrom Thuy Vu
Navziie Kaya Sanchez Singh
Vanessa Calvillo Luis Calvillo
Conor Fegan Bazil Brush
Desiree Manning Eric Gierhart

This just put me in the spirit...

1.3k reactions 509 comments
Ash Richards Cj 😂😂
Nadine Münch Allan jajajaja nosotros
Gracie Gutierrez Orlando Castaño watch it until the end.
Becky Hiroki Richard Morgan watch this babe hahaha 😂😂🤣
Jenna Emmons Corey Rosato top of the list Christmas tree 😂😂😂

Stay safe out there!

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian's Home at Risk as Deadly California Wildfire Rages On

Hundreds of celebrity homes are on the path of destruction.

645 reactions 135 comments
Juan Linda Cisneros People work hard for what they got, no matter how little or a lot. It means something to them regardless who they are.
Michelle Wingard Seriously this is the story you go with..... not the thousands of others who's homes are in danger or completely gone? I'm so sick of this family
Jessica Lysdahl And so are thousands of other homes and businesses at risk. No need to make it a headline just because she's a celebrity.
Andrea Guev LMAO I was dead saying how come every time there’s a fire , their houses aren’t at risk 😭😭😭😭❗️❗️ jinxed it for you mama , bless your heart. I’ll pray for ya 😭😭😭😭☠️☠️💞
Richard Hinojos Fuck Kim Kardashian!! Bitch can buy another! Worry about all the working class people who don't have shit to come back to!

Damn Fergie I had no idea...

Fergie Comes Clean About Her Horrific Crystal Meth Addiction
Fergie Comes Clean About Her Horrific Crystal Meth Addiction

"It was a hell of a lot of fun… until it wasn’t"

470 reactions 28 comments
Chris Schleyhahn Fuckin junkie
Sam Blanchett Nadine Vandermeer
Paul Babayaga McAuley Dawn Head
Christina Camacho Justin Jackson
Jeremaine Santiago Novak Jazmine Santiago!!!

We've all been this person

5.4k reactions 1460 comments
Yuri Ennis That night I lost it at Mardi Gras!!! Dan Ennis 😂😂😂 Beads and all!!!!
Jenna Field Courtney MacKay when I refused to go get my jacket after my birthday lmao
Ashleigh Berry Don't let me forget my card don't let me forget my card 😂 Jessica Ulrich
Morgan Vernon Kevin Rega when you go to get gas and realize you left your card at the bar 🙄
Amber Hinman Shevonne “na, keep it lol throw that ish away. I’ll get a new one!” 😂

Savage bro

Dumped by Daddy? Travis Scott Ditches Pregnant Kylie Jenner
Dumped by Daddy? Travis Scott Ditches Pregnant Kylie Jenner

What's worse than getting dumped? Going through breakup while you're pregnant.

72 reactions 192 comments
Kimberly Compton Haha Haha. Lifes a bitch for us all i guess. Love to see her face now that she knows she's no better than the rest of us and that money can't fix everything.
Mariana Aquilino She should have known that was coming I mean what did she expect from well you know her choice for a baby daddy lol 😂 more like sperm donor now lol
Candace Johnson Is she mad that he "Got Out!?" 😒🤔😂😂👍🏽💯🤣🤣 HE left before it got worse lol..he got u on child support tho or they getting rid of that too lol😂😂
Andrea Guev First of all , that photo of her is old as fuck 😭 and two , I doubt this is true. But I wouldn’t blame him for Thinking it’s probably Tyga’s baby ☠️ cause the time just doesn’t add up. But who knows , maybe it is Travis’s baby. It’s just odd timing.
Georgein Petersen-Lorenzi If this is true. She has a big family that will help her physically and emotionally. There are plenty of baby sitters among the Gypsy clan. Also Kylie’s rich. She doesn’t need him.

Pasta never looked so good

Piers Morgan calls Emily Ratajkowski a
Piers Morgan calls Emily Ratajkowski a 'global bimbo' after lingerie pasta shoot divides opinion

"I love pasta and being greased up in olive oil..." Emily Ratajkowski said.

10 reactions 8 comments
Wo Ng Love.
Cherie Kastermans ew
Rachel Enderton Pupillo Barf😝🤢🤒😷
Jan Shuman Buon Appetito, Vincenzo!
Blake James The only time I’ve seen a hot girl eating look fucking gross tha bitch got worms 🐛

tag a third wheel

4.3k reactions 2060 comments
Adam Raad Helen Ngo our typical way to end an argument while we are driving
Meg Roo Shannon Camp Nick Camp, me in the back of the truck lol
Chrisi Dikeman Meghan that story you told me about Ashley an bryan fighting on the way to the lake
Andrea Sahily Espinosa Tú Cristina el día que iba enojada con Fernando de regreso a la casa JAJAJAJAJA

This is some Ocean's 11 ish!

R. Kelly’s Atlanta Homes Ransacked by Thieves Disguised as Movers
R. Kelly’s Atlanta Homes Ransacked by Thieves Disguised as Movers

Thieves cleaned out the singer's two Atlanta homes while he was away on tour.

5 reactions 1 comments
David Tozer Did he pee on them?

What happened to the old Amanda?

65 reactions 1 comments
Reyes Rivera Dan Schneider is what happened
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