Vinny Guadagnino
14:06 07/16/2017

If i saw a snake that big, I would run away in the opposite direction!😱😨😵😵

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Geraldina Munoz
They are jumping on it n touching it like if it was a dam dog or cat 😳
Tigan Galluzzi
Lukas Melvin I think these are your kids you just don't know it yet
Bridgett James Moore
In US out kids would be taken away for allowing our kids to do this. All they're doing is fishing..
Andrea Moya
Why wouldn't you touch it vin lol just a harmless snake haha
Jenn Michel
Vinny Guadagnino .... I have a red tailed boa that is 7 and almost 8ft long. She is extremely nice tho
Anny Pegno
I can't try this kind thing these kids have a strongest heats to approached and touched this big snake
April Wright
Too bad for the kid that his friend is actually pulling the snake tighter.
Jacquelyn Victoria C
Going to bring it back to their hut to cook for dinner.. guaranteed.
Krystal Gaudette
The snake trying to run, hes like oh hell no not these little MFs again
Maltisha Strye Brummett
If it was their dinner why go to a pond?
Tei Villalobos
Yo cuando convivo con ustedes Marlene Quezada Jo Villalobos jajajaja
Zee Proctor
Those are brave kids. That's prolly dinner for them. Wouldn't catch me doing that lol
Liz Salas
WTF? I can't even see little snakes! 😩🙈
Anel Gonzlez M
😱😱😱😱😱 aaaaahhhh esa está bien grandota, seguro no cantabamos o nos caíamos ja ja ja verdad CheliChelito Ja
Saz Ali
Zara Ali OMG, jag ser en myra och ja får panik! medans dem här barnen vågar röra en jävla orm :O ya rabiiiiii

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Know the difference!

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Vanessa Sanabria Susie Hernandez Nancy Munoz Nancy Hernandez
MiRanda Mohr Thanks..?
Ashley Mitchell The age of the stretch mark, purple is fresh white is old

Ayyy your ears speak too! Lol

The shape of your ears reveal a lot about your personality
The shape of your ears reveal a lot about your personality

This is what your personality is based on the shape of your ears.

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you do you, kid

6.6k reactions 1181 comments
Brandi Perry Jordan Capps this made me think pf avery but with his batman jacket lol
Melissa Beth Bobbie, I can see Eben doing this
Kyla Goodletson Omg. Jessica. This will be yours and Maryann’s spawn one day 😂😂
Desiree Pena 😂😂😂 I’m so glad Drayke hasn’t done this yet Ray Pena
Annie Guti Abigail this looks like your nephew!

She's heeeeere!!

401 reactions 10 comments
April Carr 🎂💥😇
Mitchell Parks It was Kylie....
Amanda Sadler That wasn’t a baby monitor lol
Carmela Sigala Kylie was said to be in labor as well!🤔
Meghan Yocom Reyes Well these sites need to get there facts straight because I literally just saw an article saying her surrogate lost the child?

Know these signs before it's too late...

Cancer Symptoms That Are Almost Always Ignored
Cancer Symptoms That Are Almost Always Ignored

Know these signs before it's too late...

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this guy takes his mac n cheese seriously 😂

2.3k reactions 369 comments
Kristal Brindle-Carroll Dylan Carroll, makes me think of you lol
Nicole Moore Ashley Cudahy this is the guy I was talking about
Cristina Caruso Krystle Marie Doucette, you have to watch this guy ... he’s boujie! 😂😂
Brandon Michael Hornby you gotta chill man. try it before you knock it.
Humchitt Kristy Kayla Page Gambler this would be you 😂

Def #6! How do yall sleep?

What does your sleeping position say about your relationship?
What does your sleeping position say about your relationship?

The way you sleep together says a lot about your relationship.

53 reactions 11 comments
Nikole Goins Christopher Goins #7 :/
Tanya Marie Gerena Shaun Marchiano 🤔
Ga Ga Samber Heather Sparks why are we all 8 😂
Christina Maria Sisay Worku the sweetheart cuddle ❤
Tiffany CaliAnne Martin 5


997 reactions 260 comments
Paola Martes Piense en tiiii Valeria Feliciano
Cervantes Dianna Valeria Cervantes Alejandra Cervantes half of the time
Miranda Maldonado Isaiah Isaac Gonzalez me all day today 🤣🤣
Melike Shakur Monyta Mn du bei lol
Sam Garcia Isabel Andrea Jaramillo I don’t hear you lmfao 😒

Never knew birth marks had some kinda special meaning to it

141 reactions 12 comments
Ashley Barron Jason Dominguez Show vanessa lia has one on her nose middle forehead Nd back of neck. Kenny has one on her back
Taylor Morgan Mine isn't on here lol
Tabitha Sargent Alexandra Dominguez well mine is very true 😂
Christina Oneill I have no birthmarks
Paige Campbell Mines on the side of my torso , most of these are freckles

It's not as easy as it sounds 😂

Can you spot what
Can you spot what's wrong with these 21 pictures in 5 minutes?

Spot the problem with each of the pictures.

114 reactions 7 comments
Dennis Przybylski Jr What’s wrong his the TV is near the hot tub!📺
Kimberly Lovelady The creepy thing that is in the window behind the women
Leirin Snyder It was easy but i did get stuck on 2 of them. I also got 2 wrong. The dog and the one peaking out from behind the couch.
Stephanie Teague The creeper in the window
Mikey Ace Mattioni Ik whats wrong with me girls in the tub pic.. Im not there in it with them

1.5k reactions 48 comments
Christina Delcourt Aspen Delcourt
Alberto Michele Gavazzi Giulia Cagnina
Jo Thompson 😍 Jodi Erica Merrington
Jessica Fletcher Deanna Jarvis Kayleigh Lucci
Rachel Duggan Jenn Derrick aww 😇😂

The truth will set you free, and freak you out.

Dirty Facts From History That They Never Taught You In School
Dirty Facts From History That They Never Taught You In School

The truth will set you free, and freak you out.

1 reactions 1 comments
Sammie Rae Gates "Roman Emperor Nero had a young boy by the name of Sporus castrated and then married him. He would often appear in public with Nero wearing the customary garb for a Roman Empress. Sporus bore an uncanny resemblence [sic] to Nero's first wife who he ...

Obvious this is old...

69 reactions 16 comments
Karli McGinnis Vape???,
Angela Wagner Highly doubt it!
Dean Douglas Hello..? Ya it's me "the money" 😂
Christi Joyce Two different photos omg 🙄dum arses
Janel M Jimenez Lmao that was a old photo

can definitely relate to this.

5.1k reactions 1239 comments
Sara Chartrand Us at work in the back Alison Liz Dana 😂😂
Valerie Katherine Megan Hoover Andrea Martin this is me now that I have my heater at my desk haha!!!
Jessica Wilkinson Dana Ferguson this is so me with that shitty heater from work haha
Racso GaCa Mira MaríaBelza MariaBZ el video del cerdito que te deciaaaaa. Que adorableee <3
Meghan Schultz Tony mom said this used to be you!

WOAH! Some dedicated fans right there

5 reactions 2 comments
Elizabeth Hottenstein Amanda Harrington Mikey Johnson
Sammie Rae Gates Katie Parker Kneeland

Ayyye look away Scotty boy

225 reactions 12 comments
Shanielle Brown Erica Magdaleno
Michelle Spaeth A hickey grow up
Marty Rodriguez Ho ho ho...
Jackie Klingshirn Whoa! How trashy
Jess Pussell Good on her you only live once lol

what the

1.3k reactions 468 comments
Darien Marshall Ciaraa Nicolee idk if they were drunk throwing up or something? I still dont understand how 😂😂
Brooke Miller Rylee Fritzley when it has been a long ass night
Brittany Holman Anna Davis this is something you would do
Mandy Colla Chantal Hoff hoeveel moet je op hebben om dit te doen😂😂
Michelle Gutierrez-Cerda Sergio Castorena literally lmao who does this remind you of

What did you see first?

72 reactions 34 comments
Morales Ledesma Jessica wolf
Donaldson Campbell Wolf
Andre Burton Wolf
Trish Graham Wolf
Amanda Rose Flynn Wolf

LOL these are hilarious and practical

These Dog Leotards Are Not Only Adorable—They Solve A Problem That Plagues Most Dog Owners
These Dog Leotards Are Not Only Adorable—They Solve A Problem That Plagues Most Dog Owners

Dog owners, if you have ever wanted to see your dog in a leotard, now is your chance. But this dog leotard is not only cute, it's functional.

131 reactions 94 comments
Katie Wayman Dawson Amanda M Wayman ur 3 need these 😄
Danielle Lopes Emmie Rivers bubba needs one
Brittany DeChichio Chrisanne Guilbert nooooo not a dog onesie!
Delaney Dembinski Anthony Dimartino 😂 it’s happening.
Crystal Martinez I’ll take 2! Lol Devin Martinez


1.2k reactions 188 comments
Brittney Kwandibens Nate SkyStriking TheEarth look pokerface! Hahahaha old party tunes
Charlotte McGauley-Cave Cody Dickinson any of our songs? 😂😂 how are we so old?! 🤣
Sheyla A. Ortega Yessica dang we getting old!
Danielle Mo'Nique JulieAnn Anderson i don't even wanna hear the old card lol i jist about cried
Brittany Dominguez Stephanie Zamudio our song is gonna be 10 years old!!!!! 😩😲

These guys got real lucky with their ladies!!

15 hottest WAGs in sports today
15 hottest WAGs in sports today

Check out these sports athletes and their beautiful women

0 reactions 0 comments

People just love to hate on her

Dragged! Kim Kardashian Slammed for Smoking Cigarette
Dragged! Kim Kardashian Slammed for Smoking Cigarette

"If you’re against smoking it, why promote it!?"

14 reactions 7 comments
April Carr Love-hate Hate~Love Lack from mama, no? But I didn't hate my mother, it was an accident...... 😆
Cindy Loughran She shouldn't have a smoke in her mouth I agree the rest of the crap whatever lol
Kimberly Maxwell It's obviously a throw back to the "grease" time....look at her hair?!?!! I'm no Kim k fan but is art and as I said obviously a Rizo/ bad sandy nod
Alisiana Jones Who the fuck cares who fucking smokes. she can smoke all the fuck she wants its not anybody business what someone does you guys take the smallest things and blow it up to what something so freaking stupid who cares. 😂😂
Charlene Pickett If Kim farts too loud it makes the news!lol

wax on, wax off

12 reactions 3 comments
Billy Fritzler Joey Snyder
April DiRosario Matthew DiRosario
Mitchell Welsh Larusso was nothing but a BULLY!

She shot her shot and failed 😂

Drake Curves TF Out of Famous Actress While DJing a Party [Video]
Drake Curves TF Out of Famous Actress While DJing a Party [Video]

Someone's having a rocky start to Shoot Your Shot 2018.

8 reactions 0 comments

I hate scrolling through the endless categories on Netflix! Now I don't have to 😎

Netflix Has A Ton Of Secret Movie Categories And Here
Netflix Has A Ton Of Secret Movie Categories And Here's How To Access Them

Let’s face it, it can be pretty overwhelming to sort through the vast number of movies and TV shows available on Netflix. While there is a lot of great stuff on there, there are also a lot of movies and TV shows that a person should never spend time watching. The good

50 reactions 8 comments
Debra Pommells Curtis Stanley
Tina Veegan Robert Zangari
Sandy Lee Douglas Brandi Lewis
Dominique Cusumano John Cusumano hmmmmm
Sara Erwin Jason McAlpine

Friday mood

1.3k reactions 247 comments
Maritza Tenorio Karina Tenorio this is Ali and Emma hahaha
Samantha Lily Wanda Figueroa : This is you at Target.
Ashley Leanne Brittany Hudspeth this made me think of you lol
Allen Wildey Lilie Betts when i took you to target
Gabby Gabstar Koda if she went to Kmart Dean Gibson

She sure did silence those rumors with these pics

27 reactions 2 comments
Lauren Anne Spiers It was Kylie with the pregnancy rumors not Kendall lmfao

I'll take it

463 reactions 29 comments
Hailey Deschamps Matthew Nikki Collin
Melissa Mackereth Arielle Forster
Stephanie Ramirez Emilee Ramirez
Sydney Little Eric Jackson
Federica Di Pardo William Perzolla
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