Vinny Guadagnino
01:19 03/20/2017

No way I'm as vicious as my sign says I am...

How He

How He'll Break Your Heart, According To His Zodiac Sign

Look for the pitfalls before they happen

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Jessika Gravez
Gina Rossman
Vinny Guadagnino what zodiac sign are you
Angel Sunny-Taco
Not what I heard. Heard you were an asshole
Linda Frick
Sarah Ram Manj
Yup Scorpios keep it real

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Stopped my moms house for Sunday dinner and Dis shit right here.. dis shit right here..all the real chicken cutlet fam out there know about this shit . Shirt by #cheatday

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Elehcim Eoj Mike Zeugirdor 😂
Ashley Dib Leelee Espada our favv!!
Angela Kerls Courtney Fisher you know!!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Ashleigh McCambridge Ely Kristi McCambridge Eves Ryde cutletsss
JoAnne Adames Yesssss

Oh hellll no

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April Carr Hey Vinn 😊
Noora Anniina Vainikainen Heli Harju ku puhuttiin siitä matkimisesta joskus 😎
Kayla Jade I'd be pist to if I was kylie ! Kim stealing her idea all for the money it's not fair to her ! Cosmetics is kylies thing not kims

She has a trick to keep track of his every move...

Has Kylie Jenner found the perfect way to stop Travis Scott from cheating?
Has Kylie Jenner found the perfect way to stop Travis Scott from cheating?

She's roping in some help and hopefully, it will stop Travis from cheating

25 reactions 16 comments
Teresa DeMeo LET HIM GO!
Marcel Iezzi Basketball face, ducky/fishy lips.
April Carr My ears just ring
Ashlie Nicole She’s VERY controlling.
Gabrielle Marie Why would you want a cheater tho?

This took me way too long

117 reactions 122 comments
Nancy S. Santiago Q
Renee Lopez Q
Tamy Corrie That's easy Q
Melinda Poston Key Q
Jessica Fain Which state has a "j"?

Joseline's saltiness runs deep.

194 reactions 34 comments
Maranda Rhett Girrrl...... Stop it
Anthony N Belinda She's corny af
Kary Hernandez Bitch your wack.
Ashley Golding #teamCardiB
Audrey Salazar Shes such a hater. Ho back home josline. Nobody likea you

He's got moves!

3.1k reactions 258 comments
Inga Alona This makes me think of spencer Lindsay Dillon
Alex Colaiuta Richie Carlu this gonna be your baby lol
Tessa Fish That’s how it makes ya want to
Samantha Corson Jessica I hope this is Benjamin one day!
Brandie Dubk Aww hes feeling the shit out of it too cute

Yikes bro

"I Felt Used" Andy Cohen Accused of Sexual Misconduct
"I Felt Used" Andy Cohen Accused of Sexual Misconduct

The alleged victim offered up a very detailed account of what went down…

15 reactions 1 comments
Ryan Carter Smith There is nothing about his story that says sexual misconduct. Just someone who wanted more out of what the situation was, a one night stand.

Nice try, Taylor 😂

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Lisa Bartlett Please!
Reese Rose Her music is god awful.
Matthijs Van Der Lee Taylors New album is Good. Jay has his Own music. Leave it. Amen
Emily Jean They all suck. All of them are just petty af 😂😂😂
Anita Bryan Ugh disgusting can't I just can't even omg

The show must go on...

Katy Perry and Gigi Hadid BANNED From Victoria
Katy Perry and Gigi Hadid BANNED From Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

With their biggest names off the guest list, staffers are scrambling to save what’s left of the show.

243 reactions 13 comments
Ann Nüen John Dortkartt
Carlotta Riccio Francesca Romana Bazzani
Dina Amanda Karen GramstadEmily BamfordKiana Ghasemi ...oh shitttt
Shannon O'Rourke Mercedes
Ivy Dazo Candy Sosa 😂😂😂 GG


836 reactions 78 comments
Hope Mahmutovic Paige Michele
Nicole Marie Jessica Rhoden Peters Megs Feldt
Krista Lynn Francis Candice Gaudon lol
Ervin Škrijelj Simone De Santis pato
Floriano Derando Emma Birkholz Nicola Manhenke xD

Oh hell no...

164 reactions 40 comments
Kristina Famiglietta ThelifeofPedro Tlop
Kristina Famiglietta Stephanie Ann
Alex Montelongo Raquel Contreras
Daniela Aguilar Jesus Martinez
Tennea Tweedie Derome Dawn Rogers 😲😳😲😳😲😳

He's trying to make a statement here!

70 reactions 10 comments
Heather Rennee Glass What a weirdo
James Dionysus thank god ill be dead
Meryl Emily Abraham I accept the challenge! -.-
Roman Bracamonte That’s pretty cool!!!!
Ramiro Gomez So stupid I swear

We've all been there lol

4.7k reactions 1415 comments
Kate Wells Grace Major you catching me out “cash me outside howbowdah”
Mourad Ouahbi Dalano This is something you would do
Linda Cruz Jose Cruz that one time we ALL got drunk at ur house!😭😩😔😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Kim Garcia Nick this is you bro 😂
Nikita Hawira Ayden I imagine this is something you’d do

So relatable lol

5.1k reactions 940 comments
Zara Javed This is Nazia Fq when one of us is shotgun 😂😂😂 Sonia Fq
Shelby Boomgaarden Lynsey Jacklyn Johnson Mo Douez when you guys would crank the music when I was in the back alone 😂
Priya Anand-Chawla Nidhi Anand...this is Shawn Chawla when u and I take over in front of the car...
Romeo Tola Kristangelo Kris this reminds me of Andrea when she doesn’t wear her seat in the back 😂❤️
Stephanie Watson This is Me when I'm with you and ryley and the boys 😂 Stephanie

Dude bad timing lolll

214 reactions 4 comments
Nicola Winter Michael Elligett this was the story
Echo Johnson Omg This would be me!! Ha.
Windy C WhirlwindSoldier Lol!!

Seriously dangerous bro

Chaos Erupts at Kodak Black Show as Fan Scales Stage Scaffolding [Video]
Chaos Erupts at Kodak Black Show as Fan Scales Stage Scaffolding [Video]

Kodak's show in Connecticut was halted after a drunk fan climbed up into the rigging.

26 reactions 2 comments
Santiago Santi Sano Kodak is a clown n is idiotic
Jacob Sosa Stacey Gleeeeeeeeeeeee kodak is god

Kourt aint playin

164 reactions 12 comments
Jenn Mastromarino Who cares ?
April R. Arredondo There's nothing with her! :/
Mandi Pryor It's called Keto diet
Betty Daly Coleman Who the hell cares???!!!!
Tara Holder Is it healthy for a diabetic to do that?


6.7k reactions 1896 comments
Diane Fajardo I don't know why but Shauni Kelly I see u doing this
Mis Villalobos No I don’t! Lol I just loooooove sayingggggg it! Right baaabbyyyyyyyyy!!!! 😉😇 Wesley Wes West
Rebeka Hernandez me when you told me something yesterday😍😭 Hector Ortiz
Brandon Cuellar Julian Nola Ina does that to you allll the time
Jamie Lynn Lundberg 👀👀👀👀👀👀 but I don’t get anything 😂😂 jk I love you Allen Seburg

I mean I get it, but damn...

Kim Kardashian Admits Why Her Surrogate Wasn
Kim Kardashian Admits Why Her Surrogate Wasn't Invited to Her Baby Shower

Kim's got a seriously legit reason for leaving the secret mommy off the guest list.

250 reactions 66 comments
Jennifer Azzati Abjornson She has two kids and is rich as fuck. Why is she even having another baby shower?
Cassie Rojas She Is on baby #3 and rich...she don’t need a damn baby shower!
Rachel Leighty I think that what Kim does is her business.
Suave Fernandez Who gives a shit if its not her baby. She has to carry it and push it out and risk her life..anyone with respect would show this woman some recognition
LaVena McMahon Cadwallader I don't think I would have had the surrogate there either, the baby shower is for mom and baby, a surrogate is not the mom. Just saying.

Please cancel my subscription. Thanks.

2.2k reactions 205 comments
Samantha Shoemaker Alex Shoemaker this is you😂😂
Daniel Lord Caitlin Murphy is there ?!!!
Becs Gibson Who does this remind you of Meagan Jackman Bojana Mutlak-Milanovic
Denise Ni Cheallaigh Jade Conaghy and Angelene Milne hope you kept your receipts 😅
Delicia Somrah Andron Thomas you this morning


"Some Foul Sh*t" Cam’Ron Recalls the Time Dame Dash Slapped Harvey Weinstein
"Some Foul Sh*t" Cam’Ron Recalls the Time Dame Dash Slapped Harvey Weinstein

Dame Dash is the defender of women we've all been hoping for.

14 reactions 2 comments
Sharon Bookbinder Bean Yavel
April Carr 👌

Drake was having none of this creep's nonsense.

217 reactions 6 comments
Aneesh Chahal Tajinder Kaur
Zach Ritchie Damn get em Dustin Björklund
Leticia M Pereyra Good for him.
Santiago Santi Sano Drakes a little punk lol hahahaha u couldn't bring down a fly.
Derek Hartman Shiiii I can't stand by and watch that happen either. Made me like drake a little more fo dat

The heart wants what it wants!

382 reactions 12 comments
Jennifer Romero Jorge Leos
Micaela Alexander Cathy Alexander
Melinda Harding Kathy Harding
Sara Leunen Lize
Grace Barrera Happy for them !❤

Looks like she'd rather be anywhere else...

77 reactions 2 comments
Gabriel Taylor HP waht a lesbian pedophile lover
Tiffany Lorraine Montgomery Are we suppose to feel bad for the pedifiles family..... Nope. . dont harm children and u wont go to prison... I hope her brother is getting breakfast lunch dinner and snack as dick... For what he did to them babies...

Rest in peace, Lil Peep.

337 reactions 18 comments
Sam Koudsi Ugly cunt im glad his dead
Monika Maniak Rick Pedersen
Kirss Vicc Valtina Perry 🙁😕😔
Michael John Gare Bianca Hardy ❤
Jessica May Dunn Same

Wassup Angela?

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