01:30 01/12/2018

25 YEARS... #RAW25

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Gary Lutz
Your legacy will never die sir. Thank you for all the years of entertainment
Bikram Adak
Deadmam , you are the best ....
Shane Smith
Classic from my time!.....My favorite look from my hero (The Undertaker)......And my favorite look when Raw was brand new
Pedro Llorente
At least Damien Elemento had more moves than John Cena 😅
Eru Callejas-Reyes
The Undertaker defeats Damien Demento on the premiere of Monday Night Raw 25 years ago today on January 11, 1993.
Mark Allen
Did anyone else notice how loose the ropes were compared to today.
Subham Singh
When will undertaker v/s sting match
Raphael Oscar
My best wrestling of all the TIME
Tumsingh Bishal
Can't wait to see the wwe legends altogether in the same night. Hope the night'll be full of actions, drama and surprises. #WelcomeBackTaker
Zac Weirs
hes the only superstar in wwe to last longer than raw itself
Dianne G Rock
It wouldn't be the samee without him.
John Newman
No more matches. Dude gonna end up not even able to use a walker.
Jesus Angel Martinez
I wanna see Taker wrestle on Raw this Monday
Christopher Hurt
Jonathan MonasterMacho Man: “He’s URNED the right…”
Sascha Sprenger
Simply the best, the One and only UNDERTAKER 😎

Other newsfeed from Undertaker

25 YEARS... #RAW25

13.9k reactions 164 comments
Gary Lutz Your legacy will never die sir. Thank you for all the years of entertainment
Bikram Adak Deadmam , you are the best ....
Shane Smith Classic from my time!.....My favorite look from my hero (The Undertaker)......And my favorite look when Raw was brand new
Pedro Llorente At least Damien Elemento had more moves than John Cena 😅
Eru Callejas-Reyes The Undertaker defeats Damien Demento on the premiere of Monday Night Raw 25 years ago today on January 11, 1993.

WWE Raw turns 25 today...

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Ty Robertson Undertaker vs John Cena has been confirmed
Praba Str Great wrestler in the world
Emmanuel Kofi Ntow all you have done for the past 5 years that you have been here on fb is to sell your brand and gain ur personal selfish greedy intrset never see a post where you posted something motivational from your heart
Mike Titan one more time undertaker,just want to see him wrestle,used to scare the hell out of me when i was a kid,then grew up being a big fan.He deserves a propper retirement n send off,a great way to celebrate a legend one of his kind.He inspired me to be ...
Noel St Clair I just hope the undertaker is in Royale rumble

The Great One and The Deadman. #RAW25

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JaKobe Gilliam Your Mickey Mouse tattoos and your 5lb head 😂😂😂
Arsalan Ali Hogan , Flair , Bret Hart , HBK , Stonecold , Rock , Triple H , Kurt , Edge, Kane, Batista , Brock , CM Punk, Cena.............They all witnessed the glory of the one and only Undertaker <3 !!! Undertaker deserves to be nominated as the super-legend ...
Leryn Poole One of the rare times you see the Taker smile.... While in character. Love it!!
معاوية السوفاني A picture of the past hurt to the rock
John Brennan Mike Hayes: Two of the GOATs (Greatest of All Time)

Shawn Michaels suffered an unfortunate fate 20 years ago today...

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Raëëś Aminulläh Tanha Dead man is the best
Zain Akbar Love the attitude era.
Toby Zimmerman Shawn sounded drunk.
Gerson Gavino Clemente Dos leyendas The undertaker y shawn Michaels!!!
Fatima Ben Abdelkrim أندرتيكر💜

Deadman walking... #RAW25

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Igor Mering You gonna pay, here comes big mistake!
Wan Nidiel U must bring it back ur first costume debut. for last retire
Shaphiero Konstabel Undertaker is scary when he comes out he appers suddently here by u whew thts scary
Dennis Frahs Felix Bergner Die schönste Version und Erinnerung an den Undertaker 😊
Shannon Jesso I remember this, If I'm not mistaken this was the night after Paul Bearer's Heel Turn.

It's almost time... #RAW25

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Nilesh Londhe Young undertaker lub uhh taker dead man the streak
Sourav Pal Oooooooo yeeeessss....Phenom is everywhere......👿👿😱😱☠☠
Debbie Hunt Raw needs you to come and check your yard....get rid of Shan o mac and run your yard ...wwe needs you TAKER.....🏜
Francisco Monteiro Ooohhh yeeeaaahhh! Taker is gonna be there FACE TO FACE with CENA setting up their Bog , Historic and Monumental Match of the Century at Wrestlemania 34!!!!!!!!

The Deadman always rises...

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Ahmed Habashy Come back taker in wrestlmania we miss you
Jack Salisbury Tom when somebody comes in to wake me up at 9 on Saturday
Martin Keohane Kurt angle will win the rumble then at wm taker team kurt and cena and brock v Roman for the yard streak
Kings Onyenah He's Perhaps D most Feared 💀 SUPERSTAR In the history ov WWE 💪 The Phenom
Bright Emmanuel I miss you the undertaker, wrestlemania will not be complet with out you.

A fellow brother of DESTRUCTION needed help 20 years ago today...

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Jerome Rihmomanddad Ivery My childhood was lit because of these 2 guys!!!
アブド アフマド this is your life . the real life with your wife and your girl
Fuad Habjouqa every time i hear the music i get chills........ so many wonderful years watching you deadman
Sibu Sekhar I want this Kane to fight against the beast no one can survive aganist this Kane
Ryan Razza Ogborn Sam Waterman taker always will b the best wwe superstar geeza

The Deadman stands tall.

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Marcus Young Legend let the world know one more time you are the undertaker.
Sãkíl Pãrvêz I salute u boss.. plz return or finished roman
Ȑàǩȧȵŏɏểħĭɕ Ȑàǩȧȵŏɏểħĭɕ Iam sure you will come back because you the deadman you will not give up(rakan from egypt)
Suneel Sharma Dead man you are great wrestler . Plz came back on wrestlemania 34
Josh Cudlipp That picture with the fireworks makes him look like bret hart

Rumble season. #TBT

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Alvaro Cruz AdRian Cruz asi seriamos si estuvieramos en un royal rumble jajaja los hermanos de la destruccio jajajaja...que tiempos aquellos de la luchaa
ᬇᬕᬏᬤᬏ ᬓᬭᬇᬲᬦᬅ ᬧᬉᬢᬭᬅ The best days of wrestling federation!!!
Brandon Ritter Man alive would never want to take a soup bone from the take.
Julio Brian Don't mess with the DEADMAN!!!!!
Kamran Shakil These rumbles used to be the ones i enjoyed watching now i cant be asked to even wstch the highlights

The Deadman sees everything...

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Mùhǎmmad Usman Akram Rise in wrestlemania 34 defeated to romin 24-2 and win royal rumble
Anshika Verma Deadmen come back in wrestlemania and got one more title
Ahmed Atia حبيبي الانضر طيكا ادي للواد جون صينا بوم سلام ومانشيط صفحة اولي في الاهرام الامريكي
RanjithRaj Engira David Ks Yess taker plz come back one more match title match

All will fall to The Deadman...

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Franck Gloire Ntumba Le plus grand lutteur de la wwe; il n'y a aura pas un lutteur aussi fort et terrifiant comme le deadman; c'est l'excellence de la lutte
Donnie Yen haahhahaha you little€€€€€ you are the worst actor of wwe.oh and did you know that the rock can act better then you
Matthew Chamberlain Neil Morgan, the best ever.
Aykut Tukya Emre Ferhatoglu Ragip Demiraj seytan augen deswegen darf der nicht imam sein 😂😂
Lisa Whitfield I just watched you on the Network 💋

Expect destruction when The Deadman enters...

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Tanner Myers It should be Cena, Finn Balor, or Strowman for his last match; if he isn't retired
Suneel Sharma I don't watch wrestlemania 34 without thevdead man
Prïñçë Ãthàr face goldbrug or roman regins ... u can and u will.
Fauz Njoroge Hahaha welcome back King 👑!!! I knew this day would come......
Christopher Kavundi You have a lot of entering to do bro. Before you destroy anything.

The Deadman can overcome any obstacle...

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Sammy González Peñaloza hay que buscar esa pelea pa verla en español dfjfjd Farah Zerene xDD FUEGO, FUEGO!
Sascha Sprenger Oh yeah, the one and only UNDERTAKER. 😎 Simply the best - - - - EVER?
Kev Shenton Lee Goodwin undertaker far me favourite
Jagadish Jagadish This magical days won't come in wwe again

The Deadman is always focused...

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Nitesh Khare I miss ur entry dead man come-on light off and when light on I miss ur standing middle of ur yard
William Starrett No one will ever perform better then the deadman the undertaker truly the best in history 🤪🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Shane Michael Little He has retired....oh...yessssssss
Ravindher Nani Legend of wwe undeeeeetiker love u dead man come back to ring
Ashutosh Singh Deadman is immortal, haters r dead, followers just bow to him 😇

On this day in 1994...

24.7k reactions 311 comments
Geriann Dlapa One of the best matches. By the way Happy Thanksgiving
Alan Bonness Look how fast he was coming off those ropes.
Naseer Ahmed it's that time.. when I was out of the earth 😜
Abraham Martinez Reynaldo Torres aun no naciamos pero como ubiese kerido ver esa pelea en vivo :'('
Josmer Mwas Bassy Taker your legacy lives hoping to see you soon. We miss the darkness

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2.0k reactions 126 comments
Shabbi Mohammad Am Watching wwe only for u taker.....comeback deadman....we want to see u again in wwe.
Sheikh Talha Tahir If you will return there will more than 1000 people just to see you
Hridoy Khan please undertaker come back wrestlemania 34 .wwe is your yard please come back dead man
Syed Hidayat Shah Without phenom the wrestlemania is nothing
William Starrett I am super excited about wrestlemania like a puppy who just got his first Porkchop bone 🍖 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

The Deadman has arrived...

49.1k reactions 855 comments
Enough Nhlae Mthiyane Zondo Pliz come back The dead man This is our legend we love you Undertaker
Louis Faulkner Brad Brotherton Chris Faulkner reckon he'll be back at survivor series, been saying it for months
Pritesh Pankhaniya The Undertaker Returns #ThisSunday #SurvivorSeries
Jessica Evans His the best wrestler alive every time he wrestles I have to sit on the edge of my seat cause I get so excited I jump and scream even though he can't here me
Kepher Ondere Wrestling used to be there when we had the undertaker, shown Michaels, crush, Bret Hitman, Tatanka, Ray, etc

The PHENOM entering the right way...

11.3k reactions 135 comments
Jake Turner nope the best entrance was you coming up from the ground with the souls trying to grab you
Randolph Kim I wanted undertaker to be the best wrestler of all time.
Sachin Raina that was't the first time
Maher Muhammad Shahzad You are always in my heart deadman
Itz Basquilla BE Taker,you still remain the best of all legendary Batman love u

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2.1k reactions 64 comments
Hamid Mehmood Where is Deadman ???
Abhishek Jha 1 more match please!
Atta Ul Mulk We Want You At Wrestlmania 34 #ONEMOREMATCH
Paul Daniel Is the PHENOM back?
Abdul Baseer #ComebackTaker

Use code "PHENOM" this Wednesday at 11 AM ET to get your tickets in the online pre-sale for WWE WrestleMania 34!

4.7k reactions 146 comments
Mpho Lucky Ntobela The dead man rise again Wellcome back the phenom wrestlemania the boss was asked by the taker R.i.p they will be in trouble in Wwe wrestlemania
Shwetabh Aman You must be in this poster plsssss wrestlemania without u.. HE'LL NO😟😟😟😔😖😖😖
Shelby McTrusty Take or are you going to be at your house wrestlemania you’re Castle just to see everyone
Tsrang Marak We want to see Deadman at next years wrestlemania again.
Tony D. Wilson You don't pay your way to wrestlemania you pave it Sir. 🔥🌹🔥💎🔥🌪🎭🌪🎭🌪 ⚡️ Fury Road

Survivor Series is The Deadman's home...

25.4k reactions 339 comments
Raihan Ahmed Smackdown define Undertaker and Raw Define John Cena
Brett Troutman The deadman is comeback to sevior series
Terry Barrett Watching 30years of survivor series to funny
Lê Thuận undertaker will come back at survivor series? I CAN'T WAIT.
Haim Mussayev Yes The Undertaker Will Be Special Guest Referee For Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns For The WWE Universal Championship At Wrestlemnia 34 Believe That Rr

Two years ago today...brothers united.

13.5k reactions 266 comments
Magd Abu Ageeb Who can stop #the_brothers_of_destruction!!!......you are the best
Mihir Agarwal It would hav been so osm if sting nd the demon balor would hav showed up
Lauren Krissy i remembered when they won the WCW and WWF tag team titles in 2001
Josh Paton Best moment in my life Adam Luke
Alejandro Ivan Auris Taker is the best In the wwe world. In that time, he was In shape. Beatiful moments

It ALL began at Survivor Series...

14.5k reactions 161 comments
Chris Hamdengamle Lange And it all gonna end at the same place
Mano Mano Taker we r waiting for ur return......., See u on Jan 22......,
Scott Price What a career it turned out to be
Tobias Francis Brobizz The young Taker looked good!

How's this for a homecoming?

64.1k reactions 791 comments
Heidi Quade It makes the appearance as if this woman after 27 years has noticed it's not about your husband. And since she used lies can the Undertaker Finally after 27 years, everything starts to pay what this woman and he stole from me! Thank you
Yousaf Khan Who wants to walkkkk with eell no , not with elias, with randy Orton. I have made a group name " we love randy Orton " if you are interested. You can join.
Vivek Rathaur This video clearly shows that Brock Lesnar's head did not touch the floor (Tombstone Piledriver). Undertaker remained my only Favourite and by showing this video you're forcing me to Regret it.
Peter Liakos Taker can be Roman’s replacement in the shield
Deadman Alive The undertaker te esperamos ansioso en el aniversario de Raw, y esperó vuelvas a Palacio de los Deportes! Mi máximo ejemplo de todo 😎😎😎

It's mind games season...

23.4k reactions 162 comments
Eric Kimathi Without the phenom I quit watching Wwe
Elliott Lopez What happened to the storyline where Kane needed the electronic box to his throat to talk? 🤔
Said Peña Silleer That is mind games no the stupid abigail to much blablablabla
Kevin Cowan Respect for the undertaker for what he has done in the square circle
Derek Shink you don't mess with the dead man

Trick... #TBT

21.5k reactions 220 comments
Ahmed Elkholy i think this trick will repeat again
Austen McDonald Kane the undertake is a alive he dress like kane
Mojahed Abd Eljabar the greatest of all time the king of wwe my best hero thanks alot
Louise Johnston Taker is definitely pointing at something! !😨
Zisan Ahmed Well....I knew the plot cause I had played WWE 13 attitude era

THE PHENOM is coming to Wizard World Comic Con in the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City from 10 AM - 2 PM on Saturday, Oct. 28!

WWE® Superstar The Undertaker™ Wizard World Comic Con
WWE® Superstar The Undertaker™ Wizard World Comic Con

For a quarter of a century, The Undertaker has loomed over the WWE landscape like a menacing shadow, spelling out doom for those who dare cross him. Imbued with seemingly mystical abilities and preternatural in-ring skill, The Deadman is a WWE great in a class by himself, and no list of legends woul...

1.8k reactions 73 comments
Jason Larson DANG I want to meet him
Elizabeth Warner Hey buddy
Emmanuel Avila Nooooooooo...come back! 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sukhveer Dhillon 👱 Sukhveer🌸 Dhillon😋 Ka🎍 Bot☕ On🙌 Top🐻 Raha🍺 Ga💅 ♥ #Good_Night :* Undertaker ♥ ♥ Wednesday : 25 - October - 2017 ♥ Like Back♥ Undertaker ♥ Comment Late 1 mint :D 24 sec :v ♥ Auto Comment By Sukhveer Dhillon ♥ Bilal Ashraf X3 Chaudhry ...

Seven years ago today...

23.3k reactions 321 comments
Kanit H. Kadam Kane vs undertaker in wrestlemania. Book it. Last fight for both.
Sidad Qabil Memo Gee do you remember when we were scare of this
Patrick Post Rico zou wel leuk zijn vannacht uit het iets TLC! :P
Heidi Quade To the German and Austrian wrestlers which are of the opinion Fans have to attack because these at Facebook Photos of her German Wrestling Stars release. And I was threatened and prompted to delete these photos and texts where I was attacked by ...
Darshan Gandhi Fabian when your bro pisses you off

They all fall down...

15.4k reactions 178 comments
Chekwube Chidubem ahh........undertaker left wwe becas of dat roman #small fella#
Douglas Justice My undertaker no one will be like u, l so much love you.
Tushar Singh Thakur this is the victory of my ideal (THE UNDERTEKAR)
Obed Makaveli But edge won that match
John Mahlangu When I looked at Shawn Michael's shoulder,I see regrets #Sreak vs Carrier,,,,
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