21:05 05/18/2017

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Timeline Photos

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Una Iliev
Anja Stankovic
Luca Düsel
Nathalie Schwamm Phillip Becker 😂😂
Kenny Pieters
Jason de Vries there is stil hope
Johannes Bet
Thomas Becker verstanden ?
Trey Bryant
Haley Ciccone Amit Shankar challenge accepted
Courtni Tito Lark
Kabwela Billy
Tyga watsap
Dan Ryan
No, it's a choice.
Medques Keef Molly
Broish De Gonzalenz
Its others talent
Tyga Porek Diallo
In ability
Taey Davis
Thank you Tyga, now I have to think of other ways to get money. Jk, laugh, it's rewarding.
Stephan M Wynne
Yeah bro that's why it's important to ask their age first..
Audrey Dixon
Frustrating uh. Desire to hurt sometimes take away even your common sense.
Jay Skully
But some people are stupid because of there disabilities "I know this aimed at able people" but some people do have disability that affect reading writing and understanding and yes it's a disability not lack of education.

Other newsfeed from Tyga

LIV on SUNDAY tonight 🔥 #birthdaycelebration #miami

1.5k reactions 60 comments
Raymond Emmanuel Davis II Happy birthday, my fellow Scorpio
Blade LacQuette It’s my birthday too! 😈💯
Rey Nyacky Happy birthday to you tyge
Anna Heather Happy Birthday A Thae lay <3
Aiyah Luneta 💕

Miami Tonight 🔥

1.2k reactions 33 comments
Thomaz Bryan Philippines
Liburn Pllashniku Arber Pllashniku
Thomaz Bryan <3
Angelina Valdez 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Tarish Muldrew 28th

Paris tonight 🔥

1.8k reactions 32 comments
Mary Pena Love <3 XO
Denise Unique Happy birthday
Medallion Katawa Dallion Tyga
Al Sanjak Sam Ali keef kan amis fe Dubai !
Turi A. Rivero FLOP

Base Dubai tonight

660 reactions 14 comments
Mary Pena <3 XO
Dreal Saintflux 👑
Andréa Padilla 😍🌻
Abode Alkwafe 👌✊💪
Moeketsi Mokgatlhe do ur bst man.

B38 Milan tonight 🔥

1.5k reactions 29 comments
Cao Thanh Tuấn <3 TTT <3
Mary Pena Love <3 XO
Mabrigado Qobo Rhwaa
Nelisiwe Masinga aMAZING LK LV U
Siyabonga Masuku Skyf tyga dude

Day 3 Milan Italy🔥

597 reactions 16 comments
Abode Alkwafe dont forget Gucci, Armani, D&G stores like Birdman ayo hehe
Mary Pena <3 XO
Angelo Labanon Charisma Manalo noooo
Christian Alex Szatkowski 🔥
Wiz Tyga Tyga

Scandal club tonight.

1.8k reactions 20 comments
Simon Brice ML Justine
Cao Thanh Tuấn <3 TTT <3
Anelco Cavele Terew wonderfull. I'm one of them Tyga
Terry Tyga Efa Nday'k Like my king of hiphop you're best
Mary Pena Love <3

London tonight 🔥

832 reactions 19 comments
Natalia Śnieżek Natalia Koza Pietrasiak
Mihai Dolinschi Andrei Angelescu te duci?:))
Mary Pena <3 XO
Louise Thompson great

Firenze i’m in town. Are you ready for tonight 🔥

1.1k reactions 43 comments
Amandeep Singh Uninvited Gwap keep it up Last Kings
Muneca Lotus Hey i know your a Scorpio
Muneca Lotus Make more songs like your song in gone
Abdul Mikala King king king
Turi A. Rivero FLOP

Tears of joy collection by boohooman.

10.2k reactions 102 comments
Dwayne Kartel Mody Ché Swagg tyga
Miso Msizi Nzuza Tjooooh bocc come on bocc Rise san Rise.
宮本 ゆかり Tygaaaaa 😍😍
David D Humble King Soft niggi
Deux Fois Tapager Le boss

#boohoomanofficial #BugattiRaww

8.3k reactions 100 comments
Ngouloure Ibrahim Hé bro whats'up how u doing
Yego Edwards Nigga with money
Asubonteng Bidi Bright Too Dope Tyga
Kayque Berty Znsnns
Daniela Sanchez I love you

Ain't nobody fuckin' with my clique!!! #VietRaw #CompleCon

7.5k reactions 80 comments
Moncef Benz Mam Coool
Bello Muhammad Snap back backs
Junior Junior ICE CREAM MAN
Jozi Shmurda Jr. Last kingz u ar da real outlaw 4real
Victor Datchoua nice team very relaxe people

#Tequilakisses video drops next week ! #BugattiRaww

2.6k reactions 59 comments
Mary Pena <3 Love XO
Obinna Uma Aye
Obinna Uma $O£
Kwame Nkrumah Superb
Anotherway Rico Yes


1.3k reactions 22 comments
Mick Earle Rawwwwwwww
Romariong Ortiz Nigga wit isaia
Jr Mafya Junior P
Jr Mafya Junior T
Jr Mafya Junior O

Live Performance at LIV on Sunday

1.3k reactions 20 comments
Jason Boubacar Nice
Gerardo Cortes Christian Cortes
Louise Thompson thumbs up tyga
Handsom Henry Tyga keep it up ma niggar
Khant Htoo Naing Hello..bro..wellcome to..Myanmar🎤🎤

6 Days, 6 Countries Birthday tour. Info booking: [email protected]

4.9k reactions 106 comments
Yego Edwards Nigga with Money
Rhymes Imtiaz GOOD men TYGA
Clareiquo Walker Why with your mouth tyra
Erdem Sen Adem Sen Schnell mal mit dem Auto nach Paris ? 😂😂
Angelina Valdez ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I love tyga my Faviours him

🔥 New video

5.1k reactions 75 comments
Zeldon Ramos Nigga
Tony Centrozone Good Song Homie
Odirile Morudu Morudu I salute you Album
Seraj Almansore نزلتا ولا مزال
Rene Dushime Get a lyf


3.0k reactions 84 comments
Camilo Benitez Como se llama esa cancion ?
Oskar Górniak Recpect !!!
Ricardo Oliveira Oliveiraa Potente
Myke Staylher name of music ?
Chloé Rdl À vendredi prochain à dubaï ✌🏼 Anaïs Csn 🔥🔥🔥

Live Performance at Imperio Paris (France)

541 reactions 14 comments
Marcela Digregorio Argentina 🇦🇷️
Nxauseb Kariseb hey you nigga come to South Africa man
Jeline Myer hi baby sending you kisses!
Mary Pena <3
Christine Matkovic Sabina 😣😣😣😣😣

Live Performance at Queen Club Paris (France)

347 reactions 5 comments
Ma Fer F***** i wanna be there😢😢😢
Ayanna Johnson Ay! Tyga enjoy ur self bro!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎
Emerson Silva Matavel I m só sorry do not abeng to attend.but i ll always follow you
Paul Kolo T-raww
Kurtis Carter https://youtu.be/dyhYr8GOLYA

Live Performance at B38 Milan (Italy)

220 reactions 25 comments
Carl Justin Chem Locsin 😂
Oleg Konstantinov flirt date - http://schwi.ml/flirt_date/
Stefano Ierardi Reservation : +39.348.80.51.597 ( only whatsapp)
Inggoy Q Abuda Abuda also, Youg ning Sa nga eh know
Marco Borsoi Giorgia Pradal

Live Performance at Scandal Club London (UK)

261 reactions 3 comments
Oleg Konstantinov dating website reviews - http://flirta.gq/dating_website_reviews/
Fabio Henrique Cardoso Paulo KP
Kurtis Carter https://youtu.be/dyhYr8GOLYA

Live Performance at Space Club Firenze (Italy)

151 reactions 6 comments
Jas Min Uffiiiii 😭😭😭
Chasintha Umesh Rehan Anjelo B 😅😅
Leonard Fob Can't make it
Abraham Diaw Viola Spinelli Silvy VaNy Alex Lopez Dajud Misbah M Osman Jose' Manetti Yomegas
Bro Jay Del T Raw

Icy like me! #BUGATTIRAWW

10.8k reactions 136 comments
Daby Kamissoko Tyga Tyga king
Ibeabuchi Ibeabuchi T_ RAW
Salys Henderson My nicca
Paul Kenyi Some weight

I’ll be at Complex Con on NOV 4th 2:30PM-4PM at the VIET RAW booth. See ya’ll there!

3.0k reactions 57 comments
Rappy Kingpin I'll be there
Ashley Olsen Perrot Bisous bichiamá jtm badakí amotí vidaaaaaa
Romel Lontoc Astig!
ربيع يحي Good lack
Jayrayz Ferguson Dope buoy

Never let up! #BugattiRaww

3.9k reactions 41 comments
Ashley Olsen Perrot JTM MON AMOUR!!!!!!!!!
김하나 Thank you. Tyga! I don't give up ! Fighting
Aulnay Gucci Karisma King
James Adexonenoni 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿
Fred Faida Yao

1.3k reactions 58 comments
Bebenhio Debalamba Wysler YOU ARE A KING MAN
Sny Tbd Brice Nougbo il la fait à la gucci burrrr notre ami tyga !!! 💪💪
YasMaar Jr Louxe je l’es on l’a écouter Hyaa Jor
James Adexonenoni You groove
Hyaa Jor YasMaar Jr Louxe le son !


5.6k reactions 79 comments
သဇင္ ျမင့္ ျမတ္ သဲသဲတုန္​​ေလး😍😍 ခ်စိလိုက္​တာကြာ 😘
Thant Zin Oo Nice NiggA ;-) ;-) ;-)
Richie Maskis That Bugatti was repo'd my dude
Lunga S Mabaso Tyga got some gains!
Carolin Maier Mine Jale wird mal wieder Zeit oder?😍

Tonight Rosarito Mexico🔥🍻

5.0k reactions 84 comments
Zai Mohammed Zai Mohammed one tyga
Gee Ann Villanueva Loterte Baby😍
Bong's Mthembu Bitch I'm the shirt neh
Je Suis Ahmed Cheriv Best rapper
Mccarty Anna See ya there

What’s left to love if i give you all of me! Be patient

6.9k reactions 101 comments
Gold Skull Clark The new wave
Floyd Pauleta Daddy
Allan Jerker Top king
Clareiquo Walker U got da dollars power ur doing good
Lesley Maano The New Project Is Banging! !!
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