The Wendy Williams Show
01:48 11/19/2017

Remy Ma explains why she decided to replace her husband Papoose as her manager. 💍 Keep watching at

589 reactions 43 comments
Doris Bell I am happy for Remy Ma
Donald Bensinger Jr. She didn't want to talk Nicki because she knows Nicki is better and she handled it
Tamicka Neal I see why Vince is having issues at home...
Susan Nader Ugly dress Wendy just u doin..
Emily Sisay She looks pretty we want her to stay pretty and focus on the best music she can present us. Like when she first came out.
The Wendy Williams Show
01:48 11/19/2017

Could Cyndi Lauper define *our* people any more?! LOL! 😘 Keep watching at

165 reactions 34 comments
Louise Feinberg Time After Time
Ivan van Faassen WENDY cool as we follow her "GIRLS"
Caress Wheeler Gurl just wanna have fun
Debbee Dazzle Love U Wendy 💋
Alexis Eshem I love her
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
21:36 11/18/2017

Previously on #CONAN: Nathan FIelder brought Susan Sarandon as a back-up guest.

189 reactions 109 comments
Benedict Schurwanz Conan’s too nice
Stu Pedasso Yes, but she never said a word.
Katie Fallon Who is Nathan Fielder?
Travis Mills Lilly Shea this is too funny 😂
Cecelia Harte Kyle Zimes I know you're doing nothing right now so you should watch this
The Wendy Williams Show
01:48 11/19/2017

Where does Gary Owen stand in the Cardi B and Joseline feud? Keep watching at

160 reactions 20 comments
Conveeya Brown Hes cute
Erica E. Jenkins Really. Okay, I guess
Petunia Maria Pasos Unimportant
Sade Seals I knew About Joseline first!
Dienene C Williams Wendy Williams, how you doin?
The Wendy Williams Show
01:48 11/19/2017

It's leggings season and we're all about keeping it cute AND comfy.

Wendy Williams | Leggings Season is Upon Us: What You Should Know
Wendy Williams | Leggings Season is Upon Us: What You Should Know

Leggings season is upon us, and a lot of you are wearing them all wrong.

448 reactions 28 comments
Pamela Conrad Camel toes never went OUT. UNLESS YOU DON'T HAVE ONE....WENDY
Mix' Elengi Fans Page
Ronnie D'Amico Michael Norton
Sharron Mays 💕
Kim Yvette Dangerfield Freezing outside! Why? No., hellNo
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
21:36 11/18/2017

On This Day In #CONAN History: Conan took coffee connoisseur Jordan Schlansky to Intelligentsia - Silver Lake.

180 reactions 17 comments
Meri Tuulia Jordan is so cute!
Melissa Chua William Tan
Megan Smith Nathaniel James Brown
Mandy Stumpff Rebekah Dolio
Eric Green Carlos Buonavita
21:00 11/18/2017

The state of Florida has their float ready for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. [via acidcow]

998 reactions 178 comments
Hayley Mishell Jones Allison Wood looks very similar to Alabama's tho
John Blade Wow, such a nice style BMW ruined by idiots
Mike Westfall I didn't know Massengill had a float in the parade.
Curtis Combs 🤔 it looks like they are going places
Emm DBacha Daniel, I can’t see you in there 😂😂😂
The Wendy Williams Show
01:48 11/19/2017

Gary Owen explains why he doesn't like taking his sons to barbershops. Keep watching at

330 reactions 12 comments
Laura Blanchard agree, the person was probably white.
Jonelle Carter Lolll
Jonelle Carter Loll ok
Shawntell Butts What’s up with him and that pillow 😂😂
Penny Adams I agree I only watch up hot tops
The Wendy Williams Show
01:48 11/19/2017

What should you do if a guy you like flirts with everyone else, but you? 🙄 #AskWendy Keep watching at

83 reactions 113 comments
Pauline Rundle Little Kalenik Why would you want someone who flirts with everyone ? That alone who stop me from liking him
SheilaBug Dobbs Ummmera...he's just not into you toots. #thirstyass
Chris Johnson Take the hint and move on? He doesn’t want you lol.
Maria Arriola 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣funny as hell as simple as he is not into you mija
Sheryl Donald Is She Serious?? Move On Chica!! You are obviously NOT his Cup of Tea!!
The Wendy Williams Show
01:48 11/19/2017

Jason Biggs tells us about Angry Angel on Freeform!

51 reactions 1 comments
Karen Harbottle Why didn't you ask him about peeing on Chelsea Handlers face and mouth?? Being a straight shooter and all....Pow Pow 💥
The Rachel Maddow Show
02:00 11/19/2017

Alabama's Roy Moore decided to push back against his sexual-misconduct scandal this week with a letter of support from 53 pastors. The letter, however, wasn't quite what it appeared to be.

This Week in God, 11.18.17
This Week in God, 11.18.17

Alabama's Roy Moore decided to push back against his sexual-misconduct scandal this week with a letter of support from 53 pastors. That really didn't go well.

4.0k reactions 892 comments
Marcia Silveira Pedophilia, forgery, lies. Is that what's written in that book the Christians love so much to quote from???
David Gannon Shame on these pastors. They can't be Christians and support his past behavior with young girls and violations of the law
Brad Koss Sr. This is the problem that the. Conservative Republican party has brought into our political system. ..keep... your.. religion out of the government. ...the zealots have taken in have never heard an Atheist justify a crime ...
Lynette Oren Women who worked with Ted Bundy said he was also nice and helpful, always smiling. He was a serial killer of women. An example of the fact that unless those people were present and listening to Roy's interactions with teens, they don't know what ...
Julie Labrum Does it really matter? They can write what they want and their blind followers will gobble it up because it's what they want to hear. Besides, it only matters in Alabama (or as I think of it, a fly-over state) and Moore's lawyer tried to make the point ...
The Rachel Maddow Show
02:00 11/19/2017

Last night we learned that Jared Kusher left out of the documents he submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee something about a "Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite." What? Today, NBC News reported who that mail was from: And it is also being pointed out that while we learned this week that Don Jr. was in touch with Wikileaks and forwarded some of that communication to Trump campaign staff including Kushner (, Kushner testified before congressional investigators that no one on the campaign had any contact with Wikileaks. Oh, Jared.... Watch:

4.4k reactions 734 comments
Donald Nelson For an administration that hasn't colluded with Russia they sure lie about their many ties and meeting. They also obstruct the investigation and Trump has yet the levy the new sanctions against Russia that was signed into law.
Tim Ransberger Sr. It certainly looks bad for Jared. And maybe Don Jr. as well. If both of them are indicted we are going to be smack dab in the middle of a constitutional crisis, given Trump's penchant for saying and doing the exact wrong thing.
Monica Texan amazing maddow show tonight - Engel shows how active Ivanka was and complicit Trump Org was in pursuing Panama project developed on laundered Russian / drug lord $
Kimberly Edmonds And the people who vote democrats, like me have to suffer through this bullshit. Time for republicans to live by their rules and standards and dems by theirs.
Amber V. Cottingham This has got to be the last straw for Jared, right? I mean, how many times does one “mistakenly omit” information. If his attorneys shouldn’t be disbarred bc they didn’t deliberately deceive the Committee, then Jared is the deceiver. Tho it still ...
The Wendy Williams Show
01:48 11/19/2017

HOT TOPICS: Joseline lashed out at Cardi B! Keep watching at

735 reactions 73 comments
Jonathon Anderson Cardi B is better ❤❤❤❤
Georgann Taliaferro Love CardiB.......
Donna James-Hughes Joseline's 15 minutes are over!
Ronda Allen about as low class as i've ever seen Wendy behave. and just to make a point about lipstick on the teeth. not to mention the desperation of the old lady thigh. trashy Wendy. TGIF i guess.
Lisa Bullock Maybe gasoline should get wit whom evs signed CARLI B... IT WOULD B BETA RESULTS 4 HER... CAREER....
The Rachel Maddow Show
02:00 11/19/2017

Donald Trump's billionaire Commerce secretary apparently lied about being a billionaire. And then Wilbur Ross' troubles got quite a bit worse.

Trump's faux-billionaire cabinet secretary faces new troubles

Donald Trump's billionaire Commerce secretary apparently lied about being a billionaire. And then Wilbur Ross' troubles got quite a bit worse.

5.4k reactions 414 comments
Mike Dingus Trump is an elitist pig! Always was! Always will be! He has pulled off the biggest scam of his life on slightly less than half of the American people. Hopefully, before the 2018 elections, some of those people will recognize that they have been tricked, ...
Don Comer Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has experience as an executive with the Bank of Cyprus, an institution known to launder money for Russian billionaire kleptocrats. In the end of the day, the *Trump and Kushner enterprises got "a lot of money from ...
Paul Young The only thing that Billionaires are interested in is further enriching themselves, even at the expense of Taxpayers! Trump’s administration is going to bankrupt the Secret Service because Trump insists that they stay at his properties wherever they go ...
Tarri Hall Fits w everything else from Trump. After all, he’s not a billionaire either. Just a ton of leveraged debt and a $300M loan from Alfa Bank.
Christie Ritchart I am going to celebrate for days when the mass exit starts in DC. I estimate that there will be no one in the White House, most of the repub in congress will be gone ( the head dogs) and just maybe the president will be Flo the cleaning lady!
21:00 11/18/2017

CAPTION CHALLENGE WINNER: Riding the pine you're doing it wrong. We picked the caption above from a comment left by Jonathan Roberson Thanks to everyone who submitted! Come back next Monday at 1pm for another edition.

72 reactions 48 comments
Tim Schlueter You still use pine tar... Pssh
Lee Rodd Ah shit I missed.
Coco D. Stabs Well tha S not gonna fit!
Keller Reeves Jerky Rubbinson
Justin Santoro "Skid mark" brand pine tar
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
21:36 11/18/2017

Conan works out his aggression by fighting the hundreds of players in Lineage 2: Revolution's massive online world. Download @ to play #Lineage2Revolution on your phone. #ad

329 reactions 52 comments
Caden Stoldt I hate Conan
Joshua Ferry To me it doesn't even look like a game just a add.
John Marion Conan is a ginger, so y’all can chill with the “He sold his soul” comments.
Carlin Jader Auto-quest game. 😴
Corey Stevens Not sure how people fine Conan funny. Same goes for people who watch The Big Bang theory
The Wendy Williams Show
01:48 11/19/2017

Gary Owen shares some advice with Tyrese. Keep watching at

551 reactions 16 comments
Patricia Esqueda He’s adorable!
Erica Jackson Yes!
Melissa Aguayo I was smiling throughout the interview. Ms. Wendy likes him!
Donna James-Hughes I think he looks way better than People's sexist man alive...
Ronica Rae He posted some funny videos. One was him "crying" and "saying I miss my baby." Over and over until one of his kids asked what he was doing.
The Rachel Maddow Show
02:00 11/19/2017

Why should claims against Al Franken be investigated, but claims against Donald Trump be ignored? The White House tried to answer that question today. It really didn't go well.

White House tries to defend Trump
White House tries to defend Trump's double standard on misconduct

Why should claims against Al Franken be investigated, but claims against Donald Trump be ignored? The White House tried to answer that question today.

17.0k reactions 1523 comments
Karen Whitham {eyeroll} So because Trump denies the allegations, there should be no investigation. I'm sure that makes perfect sense to Trump's Americans.
Linda Smerowski This is the pot calling the kettle black. This woman ms sucksbe is ridiculous. When will trump get real tired of his lies and narcissistic comments.
Kylee Westcott Al Franken himself asked for an ethics committee and he would face the consequences for his actions .. HE OWNED UP.. HE wants the ethics investigation that's the difference between him and trump...
Becky Davis Drees Huckleberry Hound is as dumb as a box of rocks. I quit caring or listening to her lying mouth a long time ago. 🙄
Ralph Hammond-Green So if Franken had not acknowledged it, it wouldn't need to investigated? Talk about an alternative universe - I really don't understand how she can live with herself or look at herself in the mirror. Either that or she has some really wonderful drugs ...
The Wendy Williams Show
01:48 11/19/2017

See if Wendy can correctly guess Jay Pharoah's celebrity impressions! Keep watching at

904 reactions 23 comments
Lee Kalunga Mwamba Lukwesa
Jaya Gass @ [ Vanii =>WATCH THE 2017 MOVIE
Wamala Derrick Stanly Nalumansi Renah Elsah
Tasha Scott Ifee Dalese
Jennifer Reed Kenneth Marks
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
21:36 11/18/2017

"If they reach for a marker, I know I've gone too far." - Beth Stelling doesn't weigh herself over the winter, she asks someone to draw her #CONAN

1.7k reactions 74 comments
Joshua Shimizu 👏👏👏
John Edward Egan gold
Jared Johnson Funny
Danny Mariachi Wow.. actually funny
Gaby Ortega Ya probaste esta receta? Que tal te quedó???
The Rachel Maddow Show
02:00 11/19/2017

Everyone's talking about the argument over taxes between Sens. Orrin Hatch (R) and Sherrod Brown (D), and for good reason. Republicans don't seem to understand why their side lost the argument.

A senatorial clash that explains what
A senatorial clash that explains what's wrong with the tax fight

Republicans don't seem to understand why Orrin Hatch lost last night's argument with Sherrod Brown.

7.6k reactions 950 comments
Susan Campbell Beall I couldn’t be any prouder of Sherrod Brown, my senator. By the way, he’s up for re-election in 2018. In 2012, the Kochs, Karl Rove and other like-minded folks spent over $40 million trying to defeat Brown. It will be worse in 2018.
Sondra Case Orrin Hatch yelled to Sharrod Brown that 'maybe if the parties worked together they could come up with good legislation'. I noticed that in the one meeting that Democrats were allowed to attend, the GOP committee did not allow even one Democratic ...
Robin Gemmill Besides all of the observations made in the piece the most striking is that Senator Hatch as the capacity to change the underlying dynamic. Unfortunately he does not value the legacy he leaves sad given his years of service. We have a ...
Tracy McDermott We pay for Hatch and all his Republican friends who now want us to also pay for their rich friends to "donate" money to their campaigns. WOW we are tired of paying for all the rich guys free lunch, what's wrong with that?
Joseph Chip All this is for the republicans is to help themselves because all those Fuckers certainly make more than 75 k a year. It's a pay back to all the millions the Mercer family and the Kock Brothers have bribed the current Congress. It makes me sick. ...
21:00 11/18/2017

Did you know "queso" actually means "romance" in Spanish? #WTFriday

233 reactions 82 comments
Jay Med No.. Romancé is romance
Stephen Lyle It's 150 for a quarter and 8 to pick cotton.. I want you to say something.. Even if it's depressing and not funny.. You'll know where your meth comes from..
Michael Helms So She Obviously Knows RickyGetzInYa! I Think That's Spanish For Taking A Cosby...
Brian Nunez Shut up Tosh....shut the fuck up man
Dan Vu It doesn,t take that long to thank you, for a kiss
The Wendy Williams Show
01:48 11/19/2017

After a 10 year engagement, Jennifer Hudson split from her fiancé David Otunga. 💔 Read More:

993 reactions 214 comments
Kgaitsewe Mofolo Why why why why why why why 😡😡 You have the ability to make it work. You choose the easy way instead of working it out. Tltlt
Jen Wade He was on that reality show on VH1 with called I Love New York (I think that was the name of the show). It was a follow up reality show to the Flavor Flav reality show. So when I heard that I thought they were an odd match.
Rhonda Steiner to bad -to sad, sad for the child... BUT if its just meant to be? shes a smart enough gal ...and they all will be ok
Lulu Edward Umm wait I thought they were already married. Engaged for 10 years... Who does that, we can talk about marriage for ten years yeah but I ain't staying engaged for ten years like really. Moving on
Kelia Howard Ten years!?!?!....Jennifer wasn't the one he truly wanted. It doesn't take a man that long to figure where his heart is.
The Wendy Williams Show
01:48 11/19/2017

Gary Owen explains why Kevin Hart will not be receiving a baby gift! 😂 Keep watching at

941 reactions 34 comments
Laurnette Thomas Lol
Jerry Griffin 😎
Sandra Collins Love Gary Owens
Rain Nancy Pay up Kevin
Calisha Reid Wow he is serious
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
21:36 11/18/2017

Watch Conan and Kevin Nealon take a hike in bucket hats and subscribe to Kevin Nealon's YouTube channel for more celebrity hikes. #hikingwithkevin

137 reactions 6 comments
Deanne Mcgready Lol oh Conan I love you
Kathleen Rasing conan's the best!
James Johnson Brilliant. Subscribed.
Rob Apellido It is your duty as a Conan and comedy fan to subscribe to this channel.
The Rachel Maddow Show
02:00 11/19/2017

First it was "a lucrative break for golf-course owners." Now it's a tax break for "owners of private jets." The politics of the Republican tax plan are getting ... strange.

Republican tax plan extends tax break to private jet owners
Republican tax plan extends tax break to private jet owners

First it was "a lucrative break for golf-course owners." Now it's a tax break for "owners of private jets."

13.9k reactions 1582 comments
Michael J Dougherty Pleas don't act surprised when you see that massive obscene tax breaks for he and his Oligarch friends was the end game.. OK.. Impeach.. Game over..
Phyllis Cady America breaks for golf-course owners and private jet, that's really taking care of her citizens!
Gina Huggins Ruff What about sellers of dumb red hats? Or men with many ex-wives, or tax breaks for security, when an entire country and many others have a deep abiding hatred for you?
Jessica Guidice Conroy once the dems are back in office can they reverse this bill???? heck, this administration is doing their best to reverse everything obama did.
Shelly Eigen The Republicans take care of themselves and their wealthy cronies. What can we say? While kids in America go hungry and Elders have to decide to eat or get their medicine -- what a mixed up world in the USA -- sad.
The Wendy Williams Show
01:48 11/19/2017

It's the weekend, and Thanksgiving is less than a week away!

97 reactions 11 comments
Dimpho Mokoena Oh wendy u always makes me smile n forget my problems thanks alot
Oscar Hills IV Isn't Donald Trump in that movie as a clown!
Chad Costello I can't wait to see it again. #1 for The weekend. Justice League.
Teacy Shelly For some...looks like it's going to take a miracle to " QUICK ....think of a plan" ! Lol. I won't be celebrating this year! JOBLESS 💯💿
Marie Archer U had the nerve to say terry crew is not brave for coming forward about his sexual abuse but yet your man out here with his side chick
21:00 11/18/2017

Great way to get some fresh blood without having to pay out unemployment.

315 reactions 14 comments
Stian Haukås Kenny Nordvoll 😂🤣
Nathan Wilburn Danny Pitts
Matthew McCoy Damian MIller
Matt Bradshaw Nathan Donohue give this a whirl
Greg Larsen Ha ha,you need 'em.
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