The Rachel Maddow Show
Yesterday 21:12

One thing that we're still hung up on: Steve Bannon's lawyer is the same lawyer that White House counsel Don McGahn has (and also the same lawyer as Reince Priebus). How does that not present a conflicted situation? Last night, the Daily Beast's Betsy Woodruff explained her exclusive reporting that Steve Bannon intends to "tell all" to Robert Mueller:

4.9k reactions 395 comments
Chris Wachowiak How can any of these guys use executive privilege when trump wasn't sworn in until Jan 20 ,2017. Until that date he was a private citizen and not president. If Hillary won trump would still have been a private citizen and not under executive privilege. ...
William D Hunt Rachel, what if the money to payoff Stormy came from Kysliak and the russians? Then, the russian ambassador shows up in the oval office to remind POtuS how he was "protected" by his russian friends. Then, the Dumald meets privately with Putin to say ...
Charlotte Eckel Brown Clear conflict of interest. We had a lawsuit thrown out once for that exact reason. The new standard, or lack thereof, for republicans.
David M. Mannes Sounds like a clear conflict of interest and maybe a bit of obstruction. However if subpoenaed, then he has to spill the beans under oath.It could be revealing.
Yenny Nun Bannon recognized that Money Laundering will bring Trump down. He has also admitted that he is a close follower of Alexander Dugin , the Fascist Russian philosopher who believes in creating Chaos, destruction and End of Days, the same philosophy ...
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 16:48

Before #Conan travels to Haiti, he wants to introduce himself to the Haitian people. #ConanHaiti

8.3k reactions 718 comments
Nadeige Martelly This is hilarious - best introduction (and translation) ever. Haiti welcomes you and so happy #ConanHaiti
Bryan Chapman All well and good but after the episode is aired Haiti would be forgotten again. Don't allow these celebrities to exploit you for a few ratings.🇹🇹🇺🇸
Fredrich Joseph For those with their hateful comments on Haiti! Do you know what the difference between a hero and a villain is? They are both powerful, but the villain attack the less powerful while the hero help the less powerful! For example: A non disabled person ...
Aneel Bhutta I believe all people and cultures are amazing. A leader says something stated by media without proof and everyone joins in to show or stage a reality. Why didnt these same ppl show support when true hatred or harm was shown. Rwanda, bosnia and syria ...
Jean-Pierre Alcindor Haiti, this is where it all started in the Caribbean and a major part of what America has become today. We're waiting for you Conan O 'Brien, the world will be watching the Tonight Show on january 27th. Thank you.
The Wendy Williams Show
Yesterday 21:00

THURSDAY: Dish Nation's Rickey Smiley Official FanPage stops by to tell us about his new book “Stand by Your Truth: And Then Run for Your Life!”.

117 reactions 14 comments
Desmond Crawford Love you Wendy ❤❤
Kathy Weeks Love❤ you Wendy!
Ann Tate She gonna need a size 15 for those man feet.
Carol Mitchell Those thigh high boots don't cover the knees.
Deann Khayyam Wendy wow 😯 Ricky Smiley was the best great show today
The Rachel Maddow Show
Yesterday 21:12

Since the news of the Steve Bannon subpoenas broke, this is what Rachel has been like: (You'll want to hear the answers we got today because it's all getting a little closer to making sense.) Why subpoena Steve Bannon? Why not do a voluntary or informal interview with him the way they have done with so many other White House people and Trump campaign people? I mean, there's a ton of people who have been questioned by the Mueller inquiry, but they didn't get a subpoena. They didn't get told to turn up as a witness before the grand jury. Why is Steve Bannon, the one and only senior Trump advisor, senior White House official who is being treated this way? Who's been given a subpoena and told to testify to the grand jury? Does that necessarily mean that they asked him to do a voluntary interview like all the other White House officials but he refused? So, should we therefore see the subpoena as an indication that they asked Bannon to come in for an interview like everybody else and he said no? Is there any other reason why prosecutors might want him to be subpoenaed, might want to get him in front of the grand jury besides a negotiating tactic, besides trying to you know give him a little shove and make him understand the seriousness of this matter? I have more questions: Can you refuse to answer questions in the face of subpoena? Is it unusual for the White House to have told a White House adviser not to answer questions from Congress? Is it unusual that the committee in Congress had a subpoena for him ready to go in the room as soon as they came to that standoff? And last but not least, why did both of these things happen on the same day? I mean, twice. Did one of these subpoenas make the other one happen? Do they tend to arrive in pairs? Is one of them going to interfere with the other one? Is this more orderly than it seems?

4.1k reactions 224 comments
Scott Kruger One thing you left out in your reporting, is that the House Intel and Schiff specifically has said previously that they don't want to step on Mueller's probe, so why wasn't that made clear between the Special Counsel and the House Intel Committee before ...
Marcus Butzin One cannot make a person remember, but if they lie and there is video that tells a different story, THEN under subpoena it more serious! The person then has to drop any kind of charade they maybe attempting! Lie you die in front of a Grand Jury!
Sharon Hernandez I feel like if you don't watch her show you will definitely miss something important. I really appreciate the hard work they put into this show. It's very informative and entertaining.
Scott Lumpkin Absolutely no doubt that he is afraid that a Grand Jury would indict they did Paul Manafort!
Robyn Arrington Is this a distraction from what happened today to daca protest or is the dace protest a distraction to Mueller investigation. I can't keep up anymore. Oh the pornstar story is the distraction to both stories. But which one is fake news and which one do ...
The Wendy Williams Show
Yesterday 21:00

HOT TOPICS: Word on the curb is Toni Braxton is trying to become a Trap Queen. Keep watching at

821 reactions 177 comments
Brenda Hall The outfit Toni is wearing for Wendy information is For her performance, and he was called on stage at the end. At least she's not dressing like you at your age and not on stage to perform, and you need to stop laughing about every situation, some of it ...
Idalia Perez Why you so judgemental determine what's wrong in your home always up in someone's life I know you get paid and live well from running off your personal judgement of others but honestly his tatoos mean nothing why do you conclude he should of been a hit ...
Derek TeamBraxton Dunn Toni can do whatever she wants, She’s 50 and none of these young or old girls can touch her, (Mug and Body) Including yourself (Wendy). Your suppose to be Toni’s friend but you always have a negative opinion of her, Look at your husband first.......
Andrea Maria I think Toni is tired and desperate to stay relevant. She is beautiful and talented but won’t just age gracefully. It is very telling that she would get in a relationship with the ignorance that is Birdman.
Tonya Johnson Not sure if this is her dream man or thing for the moment, However, I agree with Wendy, Toni Braxton could do a lot better.
The Rachel Maddow Show
Yesterday 21:12

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) is right to be outraged by Donald Trump's attacks on the free press. The problem is what the Republican senator does after his speech.

GOP's Flake: Trump 'uses words infamously spoken by Josef Stalin'

Sen. Jeff Flake's (R) Trump criticisms are welcome. If he were willing to take steps beyond nice speeches, that'd be even better.

5.0k reactions 495 comments
Ron Rinker Congrats to Senator Flake for speaking his mind. Now he has an opportunity to make a real change that will make a difference and mark his words with action. CHARGE PARTY!. Senator Flake and a handful of other Republicans can use the Constitution's ...
Kathleen Wildey I suggested that Flack run for president on the republican ticket in 2020..I take it back....but his words were better than no words.
June Wilson If he really believed in democracy he would stay and STAND UP to the President but the GOP are all terrified of POTUS.
Barbara Brooks Flake is a Flake. What he says about 45 are just that words. When it comes down to it he votes the party line with 45. So, in my opinion, his words are hollow, just said to make himself seem important. He is not.
Suzanne Helms Jeff Flake is doing two things here: distancing himself from trump to secure his legacy, and voting party lines to stuff as much money in his pockets as possible before he heads out the door. And as the article notes, the legislation he votes for is in ...
Yesterday 16:12

Never play this at a Bar Mitzvah. You could go to jail for like, three years. [via Imgur]

1.5k reactions 584 comments
Johnathan Robinson Tosh has things covered. Anytime a woman says he sexually assulted her he can just say it was a sketch for the show
Eric Kravats Nothing like this happened at my Bar Mitzvah...😞😞😞
Chancy Stewart ..and I caught a bad case of tuna-wrist...
Brig Harry Jimbo Harvey Weinsteins Actress auditions.
David Cohen That must have been the Weinstein Bar Mitzvah
The Wendy Williams Show
Yesterday 21:00

Enter for your chance to win “Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics” by Dan Harris!

42 reactions 6 comments
Ime Nkana Ok.
Brittani Day Sharon Pillsbury Spears this thing is everywhere ! Hahahaha
Jewel Shannon I fricken want it
Johnna Gallaugher I really need this!
Lisset Gaona My chances to win are slim to non @wendyshow. Signed up for 3 tickets two months ago and didn't get a reply and the day i wanted to attend is now full #sigh oh well, still your #1 fan
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 16:48

50 Cent's creative critique of JAY-Z's new album. #CONAN

1.3k reactions 68 comments
John Hunsberger Randall McDowell he's being all Carlton Banks
Vin Sukhraj 50's Right!!! Who's bringing the Bluetooth to my next birthday golf outing?!?! Antony Woykovsky Usman Hashmi Chirayu Shah Gary Desai Vishal Sharma
Fred Garvin Just come out of the closet 50.
Chris Simmons I've listen to you on the golf course . Many times.
Dexter Libao Dingle Carton was a great role model for Black Kids
The Wendy Williams Show
Yesterday 21:00

Good Morning America's Dan Harris tells Wendy why he turned to meditation after having a panic attack LIVE on the air and about his new book, “Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics”.

45 reactions 10 comments
Venise Smith # God bless you Dan..
Venise Smith # drink apple cider vinegar. It really works. Love sister peaches
Debbie Vadiwala Wendy has room to talk. I remember her saying something about she is has always been petrified of subways. This stuff is real panic attacks. Unless you had one. You don't know and prat you don't get one
Lisa Whitehead OMG! The way she literally yelled " why are you having a panic attack!!?" was beyond rude & showed how uneducated she is about the disorder. I guess she thought she was being funny. Sorry, it wasn't.
Peterson Stephanie Wendy why is it so easy for u 2 tell everybody else to give up on there marriage when you can't do the same now u know how they feel leaving someone u spent half of your life isn't easy to let go i watch your show eveyday and i had to say something ...
The Rachel Maddow Show
Yesterday 21:12

Missouri's Republican governor, Eric Greitens, thought he'd found a way to survive his unusual sex scandal. It looks like he may have thought wrong.

Following sex scandal, GOP governor faces pressure to resign
Following sex scandal, GOP governor faces pressure to resign

Democrats aren't the only ones pressuring Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens (R) to resign in the wake of his sex scandal.

4.6k reactions 301 comments
Jana Stepanek When all of the sex scandalists resign, you'll have to shut down the remaining portion of government and start from scratch! Maybe it's time... :D
Lalo Eduardo Lopez I honestly wonder how his wife REALLY feels about his affair? She forgave him, but I wonder if their is an underlying reason why? I mean, Lady, he cheated on you, WHILE he was married to you. I mean doesn't it look like he doesn't really care about you?
Kathleen Rodick Klok This man is about 180 degrees from what he said about himself in his book, The Heart and The Fist. He was a superhero in that, but look at his real character. The book should be in the fantasy section now. Or maybe lies I tell about myself section.
Rodney Abbott This is disturbing because every time something like this happens, it erodes confidence in elected officials. Enough, already!
Donna Schwegman Wells I live in Missouri, and when I saw his campaign ads, my gut told me something was "not right" with this guy....I never would have imagined that THIS stuff is the "not right" stuff. He's a damn freak and a cockroach!
Yesterday 16:12

The snake is the only thing in this disgusting bathroom that I'd even consider touching.

2.7k reactions 804 comments
Peter Kelly Are the Dolphins in the Playoff's this year? LOL!
Blake Jarriel They found Kevin Durant slithering in the toilet
Talon Jay Not a single snake the drain joke? You're act is slipping
Chris Cuaron well there you have it folks... it was Big it was Black it was a Snake..... Big Black Snake
Anthony Carlos Bri Speshok Stephanie Voorhees Speshok maybe bri isnt irrational worrying about a snakr in the toilet
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 16:48

Rebecca A. Romijn takes a ride on #Conan’s new movable set.

800 reactions 31 comments
Aus dem Leben eines Betrunkenen Hey Conan, check out the former German TV-Show "TV Total"! The Host, Stefan Raab, had a moveable stage which was going sideways to pick up the guest from the show stairs. It was always fun to watch!
Hunter Nash Nicholas great set
Michael Gabiga Hey HUm V.
Dilip Suthar It's funny cuz its true😂
Kyle Skordinski Genius
The Rachel Maddow Show
Yesterday 21:12

When it comes to Donald Trump's alleged relationship with an adult-firm star, the affair may be provocative. But it's the money that matters.

New details emerge surrounding Trump
New details emerge surrounding Trump's Stormy Daniels controversy

When it comes to Donald Trump's alleged relationship with an adult-firm star, the key question is all about the money.

4.3k reactions 622 comments
Henry Landwehr Where is the denial from our Great Supreme Leader ? Where are the tweets calling her a lying slut ? Hmmm.... Silence.... Sad Hillary didn’t get this interview to put on CNN.
Andrea Walker-Saylor All the salacious details about Trump in the Steele dossier looks alot more possible when you start talking about porn stars and so forth. Porn stars are at times known for having actual sexual activity as a part of their " work required function s". ...
Jeff Bradshaw If he paid her $130,000, based on what we know about how he honors his obligations in the past, he most likely promised to pay a cool million. You know, it's what he and his worshippers refer to as " the art of the deal".
Larry Hill Please tell me that the chief executive is regularly tested for AIDS and STD's. A certain spirochete would clarify so much about his regime.
Kay Crete "Suffice to say, Daniels never did make it on The Apprentice. But on a side note, “Ugh, here we go,” has been an overall fitting sentiment for Trump’s presidency." Gee - wouldn't it be something if the 130,000 came from Eric Trump's charity golf ...
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 16:48

#Conan points out all the things that Trump and Haiti have in common. #ConanHaiti

1.4k reactions 81 comments
Aaron Daniel Burke Just dont mention the Clintons, Haitians Haaate the Clintons and their corrupt, criminal foundation.
Sandy Joe Zoebody Monfort 98% of them are imbeciles who couldn't print Haiti on the map, stop giving those kkk the platform to keep pale kkkk ak dyol kabrit yo a
The Daily Truth Hi! Whoever is reading this, I understand how rough things are right now. I just want to let you know that things will get better, I promise. Keep holding on just a little bit longer. I know you feel like nobody really cares. You're wrong, stop denying ...
Troy Williams This clip has restored my faith in humanity.
Jeff Barnes Leave it to Conan to put the hate in Haiti.
The Wendy Williams Show
Yesterday 21:00

People Now host Jeremy Parsons joins Wendy to break down the hottest pop culture headlines of the week in Wendy's Hot 5! Keep watching:

120 reactions 29 comments
Sharon Miles I personally do not want to watch a bunch of rapist get any kind of awards. When are the men going to speak up #metooformen
Marlene Carbray I don’t understand...the little black boy with the green sweatshirt is racist..yet the artist that gave his baby girl a monkey...what’s the difference? Monkeys do resemble blacks..I’m not making fun... monkeys are highly intelligent...Wendy u need to ...
Linda MAria Memo excited for Kesha💚
Judi K. Bickham Ryba Do not like politics
Dienene C Williams How you doin?
Yesterday 16:12

If your office holiday party didn't have a tie luge, it's time to start job hunting. [via acidcow]

483 reactions 58 comments
Dana Thome Looks like Cameron Diaz
Thomas Migan She’s tounge tied
Clint Jackson That's a dirty girl 👍👍
Elizabeth Griffin Office whore. Lovely.
Chelsea Trapp Jason Trapp next weekend 😂😂😂
The Wendy Williams Show
Yesterday 21:00

Stephanie Harris-Uyidi, The Posh Pescatarian, makes coconut crab cakes and Hibiscus mimosas!

189 reactions 73 comments
Daryl Cummings She wasn’t rude, she was high as hell & if you couldn’t see that, you’re blind! 😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Ime Nkana Yummy coconut taste good and it is good for our health. God bless your hands as you make delicious food. Peace.
Ber Ven Suzanne is still. You see her when they pan towards the audiences getting them hyped when Wendy shimmy to her chair.
Destiny Khan Wendy always compare herself to other women. Insecure. Surround yourself with people who lift you up. Wendy.
Denise Xenia Suriel-Mims Hey whatever happened to the lady that was always on set? I forgot her name. I haven’t seen her in a while.
The Rachel Maddow Show
Yesterday 21:12

When it comes to Donald Trump's public standing, the White House is convinced that "the American people love him." In fact, the president is even under the false impression that his support among African Americans has "doubled."

White House: The
White House: The 'American people love' Trump

When it comes to Donald Trump's public standing, the White House is convinced that "the American people love him."

9.8k reactions 3401 comments
Susan Koppenhaver Uh that’s a big no This is all a pandering show for the Orange twitter monster whose ego is so fragile it needs constant stroking.
Ann Robinson oh yeah, we love him alright....we love watching him destroy all that was good about America and lie about everything and surround himself with people that will lie for and with him, yeah,we love him..... NOT .....praying America will survive him
Vickie Calderon He's such a #simpleton a true narcissist... dude nobody with a real brain likes you ... get over yourself ... biggest group of liars I've ever seen ...
Ken Watchus There are about 65m that don't and a percentage of those begrudge him the oxygen he uses up for no good reason. I'm in the latter group.
Ray Morales Yeah NO. Only his cult members love him.
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 16:48

#Conan on Trump's community service and more @

7.4k reactions 116 comments
Matthew Blake Lackey I bet when Conan sleeps at night, it's with a picture of Trump and a recording of his voice playing
Joshua W. Smith Thank God people don't analyze my leisure time.
Marjorie Hilsenrad Love Conan. Wish he were on Broadcast TV.
Lou Stark watch the Conservatardeds come the rescue! lol
Tim Chapman Thought you may get a nice laugh out of this one Jeff Wells lol
The Wendy Williams Show
Yesterday 21:00

These celebrities win the internet! 🙌🏽 Who is your favorite celeb to follow on social media?

Wendy Williams | Top 5 Celebrity Social Media Masters
Wendy Williams | Top 5 Celebrity Social Media Masters

We're shining a spotlight on the stars who keep it real and give us an inside look into their lives!

110 reactions 25 comments
Crystal Havard Will smith
Lizzy Bae Will smith
Gary Berry Diana Ross ❤️
Oralia Rodriguez Ola chulo lol
Juliana Torres Will Smith❤️
Yesterday 16:12

Not even those purest of heart can resist great lighting. #SoZen [via Radass]

915 reactions 78 comments
Jimmy Olausson if you just can own 7 things, phone and charger are two
Juan Martinez Hash tag buddah life hash tag enlightenment hash tag hukuna matat no worries
Juan Martinez Oh and hash tag it's lit
Jeff Easton "This is TOTALLY going on my Tinder account"......
Juan Martinez Fuentes it's probably for their Instagram page
The Wendy Williams Show
Yesterday 21:00

HOT QUESTION: Is Toni Braxton too grown to be doing "trap music"?

Toni Braxton and Birman Team Up!
Toni Braxton and Birman Team Up!

Toni Braxton has a new song with her rumored husband, Birdman. It’s called “Heart Away,” and it’s a mid-tempo song with Toni singing over trap music.

539 reactions 232 comments
Renee Gregoire I personally don't see what Toni sees in that guy but that's her taste. I think she could do better and she has in the past. Getting a relationship that sticks for her seems to be key. I hope she find a good guy that will love and care for her in all ...
Jennifer Jones-Garner In that business, you have to keep up with the times regardless of your age? Should she? Depends on whether it's a genuine interest, for the money, reputation, what she wants to be known for, etc. Not for us to judge. I wouldn't buy it because that's ...
Vicky James If ya still got it, ya gotta use it...I mean isn't that your motto. Why else would you be 53 and dress like you do low cut dress, books hanging out, dress hiked up to near your...well, you get it! So all that's it feel. I cannot believe how ...
Culotta Moore The Wendy Williams Show - Hi this is culotta long time - watched your show today and did you really say to Toni Braxton photo (what the rainbox shop is happening?) Nothing wrong with rainbow sista but that comment was a HOT MESS, I can't. smh
Jen Matrisciano Nope, she’s super smart following what’s hot in the moment! Being versatile and able to change is (what I think) smart business and Toni Braxton of all people in the world with that singing voice and ability.....
The Rachel Maddow Show
Yesterday 21:12

When the Department of Homeland Security secretary doesn't know that Norway has a largely white population, there's a problem.

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen makes an awkward first impression
DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen makes an awkward first impression

When the Department of Homeland Security secretary doesn't know Norway has a largely white population, there's a problem.

4.5k reactions 872 comments
Lynn Wulff She wasn't even sure if Norway is white. WTF? Quite a smooth liar. And 'everyone' in the meeting was throwing around vulgar language?
Barbara Goostree she was Kelly's personal pick for the job. She is Scandinavian, she knows that Norway is mostly white. She is doing her best to not tell the truth without flat out lying. She should be ashamed.
Kelly O'Connor doubt she'll have the courage to say anything of substance based on her performance so far...not what we need in a DHS Secretary:(
Teresa Paris Dickson I don't believe for one minute that she did not know Norway is predominantly white. Trump has surrounded himself with 'like minded' people who will look us in the face and LIE with no problem at all.
John Randone " In his new column, Roll Call’s Walter Shapiro marveled at Nielsen’s rhetorical contortions during yesterday’s hearing. “[T]o achieve the requisite level of blandness under oath,” he wrote, “Nielsen had to display a lack of curiosity, faulty memory and ...
The Wendy Williams Show
Yesterday 21:00

What should Kim & Kanye name their baby?


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's surrogate finally had the baby!

1.3k reactions 223 comments
The Rachel Maddow Show
Yesterday 21:12

As we saw overnight in Wisconsin, Democrats keep winning in districts where Donald Trump prevailed in 2016. If the GOP isn't feeling anxiety, it's not paying close enough attention.

Republicans get a
Republicans get a 'wake-up call' in pro-Trump Wisconsin district

As we saw overnight in Wisconsin, Democrats keep winning in districts where Donald Trump prevailed in 2016. If the GOP isn't feeling anxiety, it should be.

13.0k reactions 450 comments
Robert Williams Wisconsin have rotten labor laws that treat low pay hard working people like crap because of Scott Walker and Paul Ryan. The people are so depressed they're turning to heavy alcohol and drug use because of the policies of these two individuals.
Lani Oliver Rounds Here’s hoping the Dems don’t get complacent and actually come up with a PLAN and a message to woo voters. Their plan and message need to be substantial and can’t simply be “vote for us because the GOP sucks”.
Jane Schultheiss We have a Gov here in Maine that would love to have off-shore drilling to "promote" our state economy. And, we have Senator Susan Collins, who believes she's a "bi-partisan". She voted in DeVos... lest we forget.
Darrel Petrie Republican voters have been used. Lied too. Told that they and only they know the truth and that God has them on a mission. For 2018 year religion has been telling people lies. Why? Too keep power over the people. Somewhere along the way you had corrupt ...
Jim Anderson The GOP could take their tax scam victory and keep quiet until November, letting the Democrats get complacent. This would allow Gerrymandering to do its work... Oh wait. They have the orange onager in the Whitehouse.
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 16:48

#CONAN Highlight: "I felt like Carlton Banks when I was listening to it." - 50 Cent has some thoughts about JAY-Z’s mature new album.

1.1k reactions 47 comments
Jason Vos 4:44 is weak
Rizwan Mohammed Almost got’m CoCo
Sandy Geahr Justice Bill ... Jay Z inspires!
Michael L. Wallace Jr. Conan was your stepdad Gail in Poplar Springs MS. I was Gail's daughters son. We met once & I told you that you could change your name. I suggested "Conan O'Brien".
Jonathan Adcock Conan...the show for idiots and retards.
The Rachel Maddow Show
Yesterday 21:12

Today Donald Trump met with the president of Kazakhstan. That might seem like an obscure encounter unless you watched last night's opening segment of The Rachel Maddow Show. It turns out, an awful lot of money from deals that do not seem to be on the up-and-up in Kazakhstan ended up in the orbit of Donald Trump. Watch:

6.4k reactions 590 comments
Rachelle Roberts-Bethel Sketchy dealings always are found with Sketchy people. There is no one more sketchy than Trump and will always be the biggest catch sought after by sketchy people. Sad days in America.😒
Linda Coyner Let's hope Mueller can subpoena & obtain the WH tapes to listen what Trump discussed with this guy from Kazakhstan that he owes $$$ to & may involve illegal business?
Marilyn Brown This Michael Domack person must have gone to the same school as the Excrement president. It was hard to understand what he was trying to convey except that he is dumber than rocks. So now we know what his base is made of. I would tell him that Rachel ...
Julia Dillard Very brazen move on drumph's part. Guess he still thinks that he's gonna get away with his money laundering, collusion, and other crimes.
Debbie Reed Poland Makes one wonder, what does the president of Kazakhstan have to hold over DJT's head?? The heat is growing (I hope) so Donnie Dentures invited the man over to have a little 'let's cover our tracks and get out story straight' meeting?! On the dime of ...
Yesterday 16:12

This blowout is going to last literally forever. [via acidcow]

883 reactions 125 comments
Ervin Foreman Now that's funny...............!!!
Francois Theoret Got onboard when he was promised a blowjob, turns out no happy ending
Christian Ledek would.....I don’t understand.
Jake Howell Drying out the ol oily skin
Alma Jenkins When you end up paying for the unnecessary. I mean look at this guys face. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 16:48

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like free tickets to #CONAN. January and February tickets are now available @

173 reactions 20 comments
Mohammed Baadi Im in fucking Marseille
Tiffany DeLong Matthew Krewson
Jorge Bardales Remo Joseph Popolizzio
Eric Green Jillieann Velez
Kristen Robinson Jon! One day maybe.
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