Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
17:30 03/25/2017

How do we save Meals on Wheels when Trump is calling for drastic increases in military spending? We weaponize our generosity. #CONAN

42 reactions 73 comments
Adobled Pรฉrez I loved the pineapple part.
Daniel Phillips instant classic
Troy Mosher How can we save the seals with all this cotton candy turning blue?
Karen Shinn Smylie good idea.
Aug E. Waug I kind of wish I had a turkey cannon, now ...
16:54 03/25/2017

CAPTION CHALLENGE WINNER: Andre 3000 is always so fashion forward. We picked the caption above from a comment left by Ron Asian Thanks to everyone who submitted! Come back next Monday at 1pm for another edition.

94 reactions 20 comments
Ateyla Edwards Nikki May
Keith Hanson booooo
Daniel Ceja Robledo Booooo
Dylan Kliss Bogus
Drew James That sucks more dick than he does
The Rachel Maddow Show
21:54 03/25/2017

The role of real Americans making their voices heard and putting a human face on the importance of affordable health care cannot be discounted in the demise of Trump/Republican effort to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. Watch:

18.4k reactions 967 comments
Marie Hy I'm so glad that the representatives listened to their constituents for a change and did the right thing!!! And I want to say a big Thank You to the Republicans for standing firm!! Now, let's work together Democrats and Republicans to improve and fix ...
Rene Bonilla Why is it Americans are okay with spending taxes on education, military, infrastructure, a wall, aid to other countries etc... YET Americans have a hard time spending taxes on healthcare. It doesn't matter if you are rich, poor, brown, black, white, ...
Janie Rose Please Please Michael Moore was on Trump said today he threw his hand that Obama Care will explode it wasn't, but if Trump and Ryan get them the Insurance Companies you must call the insurance companies stop the raise of Premiums we loose our insurance ...
Joe Lopchinsky Actually the ultra conservative block killed this bill... because they want even more distance from Obamacare law. Most Republicans are chicken shit cowards who are only concerened about their glorified positions of power. Screw us all if it means they ...
Alecia Bohan I think the bigger story is not that they aren't voting on it, but that they have basically put their own selfishness ahead of citizens' wellbeing and health care by essentially hoping for Obamacare to fail at the expense of many people. Now that is ...
16:54 03/25/2017

Look at this little prick. [via Ebaum's World]

9.5k reactions 2307 comments
Judy Russell Monk Megan Todd you guys should each get one for your balcony/decks
Walter Kane I can't see his shoes but I'll guess they don't match his purse.
Audrey Johns Kara and Kate I love that this reminded me of you ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Jason Geren What you get when you feed your cactus Viagra! A mutant called Erecto coccti viagris
Silver Gil Sharan Hillier Gilbert garage sale time is upon us! Time to get creative ๐Ÿ˜‚
The Rachel Maddow Show
21:54 03/25/2017

For all of his boasts about his skills as a deal-maker, Donald Trump is proving himself to be a hapless amateur. The health care debacle suggests the president is simply unprepared for the tasks at hand.

Donald 'The Closer' Trump didn't know how to close the deal

For all of this boasts about his skills as a deal-maker, Donald Trump is proving himself to be a hapless amateur, unprepared for the tasks at hand.

31.6k reactions 4094 comments
Margaret Tritico Damico Couldn't get the ACA repealed. Couldn't defeat ISIS in 30 days. Can't get Mexico to pay for the wall. Couldn't put Hillary in jail. Didn't drain the swamp. Yup, he's a real freaking deal-maker. NOT! Not terrific or tremendous. SAD!
Gary Brynjegard If your only tool is a hammer, all problems resemble nails. Trump thinks he knows real estate dealmaking, and everything looks like a real estate deal to him. Politics aren't real estate, and cash isn't always the final goal. He really isn't even good ...
Liane Lanterman With all of the scandals that are rocking this administration - I truly think it is trump and his goons that are about to EXPLODE, not the Affordable Care Act! Stay at it Rachel!!! We all LOVE your Russia Connection series!!!!!
Art Weber Trump is completely unfit for this job. He's also a liar, misogynist, narcissist, racist, and cheat. He's incompetent, ignorant, reckless, delusional and DANGEROUS. Also, he's untrustworthy, offensive, obnoxious, vile, vulgar, detestable, and ...
Cj Laity Trump is still living in his alternative facts. He claims the vote was "very close, very tight". A) there wasn't even a vote because B) it was going to lose in a landslide, not by any very close to tight margin.
The Rachel Maddow Show
21:54 03/25/2017

Speaker Paul Ryan "guaranteed" that his health care plan would pass the House. He failed spectacularly to deliver. "Trumpcare" died today, and it's worth taking a moment to understand who derailed the Republican plan and why.

Republicans give up on controversial, unpopular health plan
Republicans give up on controversial, unpopular health plan

"Trumpcare" died today. It's worth taking a moment to understand who derailed the Republican plan and why.

28.5k reactions 2117 comments
Steve Riordan Very cool! The Trumpcare bill was a turd no matter how the Republicans tried to make it not smell like a turd. 45 can now work on tax reductions for his billionaire buddies. I am looking forward to seeing an independent commission and Special ...
Val Stetler Sr. Almost seven years to come up with a replacement plan and a total failure. Imagine if they would have spent those seven years productively formulating a plan that covered all of our society or contributing positive improvements to the existing ...
Sandy Dean It failed because it did nothing for healthcare and everything to feed Ryan *Trump egos and Wall Street profits...and the people finally see them all for their greed and lies.. wait til you see the tax reform - it'll fail even more 'ugely .
Sylvie Stiner I hope that they will all put their big boy pants on and really work on improving the ACA to lower the cost in a with real bipartisan input and and with real consideration for better health for as many people as possible
Elizabeth Moxham Rachel...just think of the years, the many times the repubs voted to repeal O care..(58 or so). What is going on here? just a bunch of scums in the house. Paul Ryan at the lead. 2018!...for the dems. Take over the ...
16:54 03/25/2017

We're about to shove some truth down your throat. Watch the full clip here:

112 reactions 9 comments
Chase Cannon Jeff Younger...ha
Brad Horn that is pretty pretentious
Mike Freerking hipster confit, Please please take my money
Justin Fendley Tosh is fckn clown shoes ๐Ÿ˜„
Sergio Ramirez Sammy Roger put this on your diet ๐Ÿ˜‚
The Wendy Williams Show
21:42 03/25/2017

Itโ€™s morphinโ€™ time this weekend! Check out our weekend picks, including the new Power Rangers Movie with Becky G!


Morph into whatever youโ€™d like with our picks this weekend, including the new Power Rangers movie!

253 reactions 20 comments
Thomas Wang #morphinchallenge
Jasmine Duncan Who Beck with the good hair. Ahhaha how you doing
Patricia Boatwright I love the power ranger
Estee Carter I can't waitttttt to go see this!!!!
Rachel Warship Good movie
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
17:30 03/25/2017

Thatโ€™s right! An all-new episode of The #CONAN Podcast featuring Reese Witherspoon, Adam Pally, Erin Andrews, and more is available on iTunes and SoundCloud now.

62 reactions 5 comments
Mette Chestershucks Yaaaaaay!
Allison Parrott DANKE!
Robyn Mooney Sideris I truly like you. You are one of my all time favorite celebs. Thanks for making me laugh and for saying hello to me one day while passing by on a street in NY.
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco Listen @
16:54 03/25/2017

Your entire day after a Chipotle lunch. #WTFriday

2.8k reactions 1459 comments
Eddie Reyes That image will haunt me for the rest of my life. It's seared into my brain.
Steve Aparicio Denise Marie hey Ben Garcia is that what's going on back there?
Jena Kaye Bailey Justin Johnson you the other day at work
Pedro A. Seda Vargas Luis Enrique Ruperto Ocasio hahahahaha lo que se espera en el wiken despues de ir a chipotle hahaha
Katie Alatorre Melissa Paulsen I am laughing too hard at this. I am delirious
The Rachel Maddow Show
21:54 03/25/2017

The Republican chairman of the Intelligence Committee is supposed to be overseeing the investigation into the Russia scandal. But now, it's the GOP congressman - and loyal Donald Trump ally - who may need to be investigated.

When a Republican investigator needs to be investigated
When a Republican investigator needs to be investigated

House Intelligence Committee Chairman David Nunes has become less of an investigator of Team Trump's alleged misdeeds and more of an accomplice.

20.2k reactions 1603 comments
Andy Kennedy It is now clear that Trumpie's impeachment will only be orchestrated by the Justice Department, the media and the American people's outrage. Asking the GOP to aid in a proper investigation is akin to asking your dog to watch your dinner while you go to ...
Gail Bauman Liebchen Shepherds Such a convoluted the HELL did the best country on earth get into this predicament????? All you people who did not vote, I better not see any complaining from ANY of you - this is abhorrent!! And GET YOUR BUTTS OUT THERE AND BECOME THE ...
Nancy Boyd Just how far does Russian influence and interference go in this country? Is almost every Congressional Republican in Putin's pocket and committing treason? Add another bottom feeder to the growing list.This is absolutely deplorable!
Denise Rond Devin Nunes please step down. With or without the independent investigations into 45 and his camp's (including Nunes, who was part of the transition team) collusion with Russia and other foreign adversaries and his blatant conflicts of interests, the ...
Nancy Lovelette Zottos Any Repub who is still protecting and defending Trump and blocking a clear and honest investigation into Russia needs to be investigated themselves. I have no doubt the collusion runs deep within this party.
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
17:30 03/25/2017

This Week on #CONAN: Adam Pally was drunk when he selected this costume.

1.6k reactions 57 comments
Walter Flores Jesus Flores Andy Alvarado wtf lmao
Meilani Yarmola ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ AshAshley Yim
Leo Daniel Dominguez Monica Dominguez
Lonny Sulfaro Eric lol
Kevena Hammond El Richard Moringlane
16:54 03/25/2017

Tosh.0's cover photo

234 reactions 8 comments
Justin Ingham What the guy was TRYING to do
Gianii Loayza Vladimir Putin
Nicole Eve David Isaac๐Ÿ˜‚
JJ Krauss Big Lou Pearlman productions
Justin Fendley Tosh is fckn clown shoes ๐Ÿ˜„
16:54 03/25/2017

"Fine, I'll stop peeing in the shower." [via TCmag]

1.6k reactions 341 comments
Robert Beck "I'm not sure if this will work for athlete's foot."
Matt Cauble Because someone was shitting in the sink.....
Heather Lynn Dan Gilden boys are weird
Mike Hoffman Cure that athletes foot
Chris Suggs New toe fungus killer
The Wendy Williams Show
21:42 03/25/2017

Visit to shop these Trendy @ Wendy Deals. Sale ends 3/28/17 at 10:00 a.m. EST (taxes and shipping not included).

Rue La La โ€” Boutiques
Rue La La โ€” Boutiques

At Rue La La, shop today's must-have brands for her, him, home, and more - all up to 70% off. New sales launch daily. And it's always free to join.

106 reactions 7 comments
Bey Bey
Jerry Griffin ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Maggie Helderman The Kardashian stories are all fake.
Leah Havery I just LOVE your collection!!! ๐Ÿ˜
Cj Blair โค"Already All Ready"๐Ÿ’˜ ๐ŸŽคLa'Porsha Renae๐Ÿ’ฟ ๐Ÿ“†Expected March 31, 2017 ๐Ÿ’ณPre-Order Now!!!
The Rachel Maddow Show
21:54 03/25/2017

Republicans are pushing to eliminate maternity-care guarantees for American women. The White House has some advice for those affected by the proposed change -- but it's not exactly good advice.

White House has some bad advice for women seeking maternity care
White House has some bad advice for women seeking maternity care

Republicans are pushing to eliminate maternity-care guarantees for American women. The White House has some advice for those affected by the proposed change.

16.3k reactions 2300 comments
Patricia Bruening-Rickaby I hope the insurance companies then sue the fathers for 50% payment of the bill. It seems to me that men have a 50% responsibility in making the child. This is becoming ridiculous at many levels.
Lisa Oristian So, women needing maternity care or mammograms are a LOCAL problem. But men needing screening for prostate or testicular cancer and ED treatment can go ahead and look to the federal government to address their concerns? Scum sucking scum.
John Fitzgerald It's bad enough that these Republican men make such unbelievable statements about women's health care but I'm scratching my head wondering do women in these states feel the same way do they really just believe that they're just property of men?
Sharon Sponcel If your perspective of health care coverage is that you believe it should be managed at the state level, then i have to ask you, what else is your state going to cut to afford healthcare? the sad fact is that most states cant even support education, ...
Patrick Norris Anybody, anybody who understands what they're trying to do to healthcare and still votes Republican , is an imbecile. These morons do not care about you or your families, they need to go.
The Rachel Maddow Show
21:54 03/25/2017

Republicans took a bad, wildly unpopular health care plan and then added additional right-wing cruelty, on purpose. This might actually work out well for them, even if it doesn't work out well for you.

Republicans find a way to make a bad health care plan even worse
Republicans find a way to make a bad health care plan even worse

Republicans took a bad, wildly unpopular health care plan and then added additional right-wing cruelty, on purpose.

12.9k reactions 1286 comments
Linda Culbertson Novel idea, but what if the Republicans tried to work with the Democrats to fix the problems in Obamacare? Oh, but that would mean they would have to put party & their pride aside and actually work on behalf of the American people. That seems to have ...
Melissa Bennett Considering the connections with the russians being investigated involving trump and his gang of thugs no legislation should be acted on until the investigation is completed. With connections with russa there is no way to feel assured that anything they ...
Sally Day Sanchez "Of all the forms of inequality; injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane." Martin Luther King, March 25, 1966 Almost 51 years ago and to this day America is the only industrial 1st world country that does not provide healthcare for ...
Tyi Blackmon Except ACA was originally a Republican plan it came from Mitt Romney's state with a Republican governor and Democratic legislature Obamacare came from Republicans in the fisrt place. .ijs maybe they couldn't stand that a black man got their program up ...
Deborah Scannell Mann Let's not forget that the majority of Medicaid $ go to the disabled. But remember how 45 mocked them? I'll bet the republicans were cheering and laughing in their living rooms.
The Wendy Williams Show
21:42 03/25/2017

HOT TOPICS: Empire could be ending. Can the show continue without Taraji P. Henson? Click to Watch:

2.3k reactions 287 comments
Frank Sanborn This show seems too be off more than it's on anyway. I wonder if taraji does this alot. Like when she was in "person of interest" making money in syndication is her I think she wants movies not t.v. is what I'm thinking.
Carolette Eady-Roberts Cookie keep your behind there, this could very well be your last hurrah, take a vacation but, demand more money before you go. You're good, you're wonderful but not good enough to be just doing nothing but nutthing.
Florence Swan It seems to me, Nia Long would like the part. She'd be the one to replace Taraji although I'm not a fan of the show :)
Jacinta David No way cookie makes empire exciting and real to the audience she brings life to the show omg hope she reconsider, I can't imagine the show without her playing cookie is sure looks like alot of work but Tha show though I just love it always looking ...
Mely Stubbe The outfits on collie are horrible they need to go back to the part 1 original clothes they made her lose to much weight they are getting greedy this show it's going to end up cancel greed
The Rachel Maddow Show
21:54 03/25/2017

On Sunday, ranking House Intel Committee member Adam Schiff said the evidence of Donald Trump campaign coordination with Russia was "circumstantial." On Monday, on The Rachel Maddow Show, he said it again. But on Wednesday something changed. There is apparently now "more than circumstantial" evidence. For all the noise out of Washignton yesterday, that is the key detail to keep an eye on. Watch yesterday's full A block:

10.7k reactions 710 comments
Cynthia Peterson So...could it be barely possible that Russia is the one ultimately behind these terrorist attacks in the west? That he is circulating fake news, propaganda sites in the Middle East, inciting hatred and supplying weapons to the extremists? That Putin is ...
Debbie Durham Well....I'm on pins and needles waiting for the "Breaking News"...that all involved have fingered Humpty as being the ring leader ๐Ÿ˜€.....or at least involved some kind of way.
Mary Conner Ball The House needs to get ready. Time to start preparing the Articles of Impeachment. Every week more Republicans are jumping ship. By time it comes they will be ready to move on this also.
Merchelle Kolasa But, I want to say again, it may be in the realm of conspiracy, but I think this is bigger. I think trump is doing everything he can to be impeached. People will be satisfied the clown is gone and Pence who at least had the presidential demeanor will ...
Alia Bewley Wonderful job explaining all the parts and pieces tonight re Ukraine, Russia and US. So disturbing but needs to be brought to light- thank you Rachel!!
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
17:30 03/25/2017

President Trump consults Obama about German Chancellor Angela Merkel. #CONAN

6.8k reactions 138 comments
Mike Sanchez Lmfao. .
Seth Harris It's so much funnier when you hear the voices. I'm a trump supporter but these get me every time ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Chase Rivera Lmfao. Priceless.
Raymond Consing The German Equivalent of Steve Bannon because the German President"s power is symbolic.
Andrew William Smith too bad youre a coward and never made fun of obama.
16:54 03/25/2017

Get you a girl that's a hippo in the sheets. [via Izismile Network]

2.5k reactions 328 comments
David Welliver How do you know it's boy-girl?
Amanda Rose Isn't gluttony a sin?
Scott Johnson The hungry hippo game gets real
Jason Owens Hippo centipede movie in the works?
Ismael Orrostieta "Eating ass" literally...
The Rachel Maddow Show
21:54 03/25/2017

What the heck was House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes talking about at his sudden press conferences yesterday? What did he really say about surveillance of Donald Trump and his transition team? Watch:

4.8k reactions 833 comments
Georgann Putintsev He's just muddying the waters. Let's get on with the Investigation on Trumps Election Committee and stop holding a Press Conference ... till you have something Concrete to share.
Marilyn Gabbard Now we don't know how Trump knew aboutt his info before Nunes talked to him, but he was in an interview/ meeting before it was announced and yet he already knew about it before Nunes made it to the white house. The more info that comes out the worst it ...
Mike Fidler The DOJ should be investigating Nunes for obstruction of justice, a criminal act. Nunes, on his own, sprints to the White House and reveals, to those directly under investigation by FBI counterintelligence, of what he has heard. This is an abomination ...
Juli Olson Devin Nunes needs to be removed from the House Intelligence Committee,and he needs to be removed from office!!! Lapse in judgment? Oh, I think it was more lack of intelligence and collusion...what did he "earn" from Trump for this move???
Peter Drews Did this nut forget that his job is to defend and protect our Constitution and not the lying tweeter in the Whitehouse. Shame on you Nunes and I hope the people in your District will make sure that you will not be elected again. By the way did your ...
The Rachel Maddow Show
21:54 03/25/2017

When core constituencies within Donald Trump's Republican base start to walk away from him, you know the president's in trouble.

New poll shows Trump slipping further, even among Republicans
New poll shows Trump slipping further, even among Republicans

Americans just aren't buying what Donald Trump is selling. It's a problem that's now affecting the president's own far-right base.

12.5k reactions 781 comments
Maluhia Stephanie Hugho Summers Malignant Narcissist... And here's my recipe for Fruit Dip Jar marshmallow cream Block softened cream cheese Powdered sugar to taste/consistency 1t Vanilla extract
Stanley Fray I just don't understand how republicans look at the cluster F#ยฃโ‚ฌ he has going on and believe anything he says!!! He listens to fake Fox News and runs with LIES!!?
Matthew A. Taylor Historically, He was never embraced by the GOP whom he totally walked over during the GOP Campaign only to be empowered when he won the election from the Electoral College and not the American People. That he lost the Electoral Vote by more than 3 ...
Andrew Burgess The GOP wasn't with him before the election, and -- fundamentally -- nothing has changed since then. Donald is still the same odious businessman. America deserves better from its POTUS. Fortunately, Congress is a separate arm of our government.
Maria Lynn House Republicans are slipping away.....heck they were not even with him to begin with, just riding the train for their party. Now, however, they are beginning to distance themselves in numbers because going against the ACA means going against their ...
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
17:30 03/25/2017

Happy #NationalPuppyDay. #TBT #PuppyConan

5.2k reactions 74 comments
Charles Hash That poor dog.
Matฤ›j Arunachala Happy Birthday Triumph :D
Patrick Godfroy Logan Hummel seriously good boy
Cesar A. Medina He does look like Conan ๐Ÿ˜‚
16:54 03/25/2017

Sometimes daddy issues are really easy to diagnose. #TattooOfTheWeek

2.7k reactions 730 comments
Nolan Cerami I guess thats one way to keep your daddy around when he walks out on you
Steve Conrad next 1 im getting is Justin Trudeaus face with thw words canada guy under it
Vanessa Bright being creepy is one thing but being shitty too. Damn.
Conrad Endlich Daddy needs two hands for that cheek
Jacob Hassman Daddy spanked her so hard, the black came off of HIS hand, along with some shitty hand writing.
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
17:30 03/25/2017

Big Show says Dwayne The Rock Johnson always chose karaoke over a night of drinking. #CONAN

5.6k reactions 209 comments
Marco Carreon Weeeeeeeeeeell..... Well its the big show! It's a big bad show tonight!
Kathryn Felan Haha April Lou I totally said in my mind well it's the BiG SHow
Geraldo Gomez I think he should reprise the role of Captain Insano
Tyler Michael Scott Reid I'm not 7'0" tall but this is what you're going to be looking at when I'm 50ish Irmina
Niki Renslow My daughter and I got to meet him. One of the nicest guys and one of our favorite wrestlers!!
The Wendy Williams Show
21:42 03/25/2017

No one wants to be stuck in a long-term relationship, only to find out the hard way that heโ€™s Mr. Wrong. ๐Ÿ’”

5 SIGNS HE'S MR. WRONG | The Wendy Williams Show

No one wants to be stuck in a long-term relationship, only to find out the hard way that heโ€™s Mr. Wrong.

857 reactions 35 comments
Tiffany A Black Sara V Pierson
Jeannine Buxbaum Dillon
Jessica Fecich Tonya Marie Stephanoff
Tinna Rose Yu Bernadette Yu
Shakina Haynesworth Ortavia Walker
The Rachel Maddow Show
21:54 03/25/2017

The House was supposed to vote today on the Republicans' wildly unpopular health care plan, which some are calling "Trumpcare." Then reality set in.

House Republicans cancel vote on controversial health care bill
House Republicans cancel vote on controversial health care bill

The House was supposed to vote today on the Republicans' wildly unpopular health care plan. Then reality set in.

11.7k reactions 930 comments
Merrily Riesebeck What makes me crazy are these Republicans who keep saying the Dems need to come to the table and work with the GOP on the replacement. Excuse me, but where were these geniuses when the Dems put the ACA together???
Rosemary DiNatale Resnick They'll pass it just to say they did. T will promise them anything and we all know how well he does on promises. The GOP doesn't care whether Americans lose health care, a win is all they care about.
Erik Delp Huh, and to think there is a wealth of Democratic votes available if the speaker could find Nancy Pelosi's number and work together.
Sandra Kirby OMalley Trump is pushing this as his beautiful health care plan, which will offer better care at cheaper rates. Obviously he hasn't read it.
Be Smart America They voted about 60 times to repeal Obama Care when Obama was President....Don't you wonder why they got the votes then but they don't today? Don't you wonder what exactly those repeal bills contained or proposed then? They have nothing today...Where is ...
16:54 03/25/2017

I say anything that hisses doesn't need a forever home. #throwbackthursday #tbt

CeWEBrity Profile - Possum Lady-Tosh.0 - Video Clip | Comedy Central
CeWEBrity Profile - Possum Lady-Tosh.0 - Video Clip | Comedy Central

A woman teaches Daniel the ins and outs of raising opossums.

148 reactions 8 comments
Gage Odell Amanda Michelle Odell
David Stencil Jr. I loved this ceWEBrity Profile.
Murata Koi She was a really good sport๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜‚ looked natural!
Emily Elizabeth This lady is amazing. :D
Justin Fendley Tosh is fckn clown shoes ๐Ÿ˜„
The Wendy Williams Show
21:42 03/25/2017

Zara Larsson & Ty Dolla $ign perform!

Zara Larsson Performs "So Good" | The Wendy Williams Show
Zara Larsson Performs "So Good" | The Wendy Williams Show

Zara Larsson performs "So Good", featuring TY Dolla $ign, on The Wendy Williams Show.

319 reactions 23 comments
Nichola Rankine Charles Maseela ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ omg bae ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Mthunzi Mthembu Wow i must watch
Tynisha Hurd She killed it!!!!!!
Dario Da Ville Ok white Rhianna!
Jaliskoboy Magdaleno Cute
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