01:00 05/28/2017

The DNA store had a two for one special going on today. [via Reddit]

314 reactions 76 comments
Zak Wild Jeremy kyle show
Melissa Franck After Kimmy's house warming party.
Jaclyn Galinis Jeremy Kyle show is a wild ride of trash
Mike Hax I guess the extra P was a little too hot for TV
Mike Caffyn Jr. Sweep week for the Maury Show
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
01:36 05/28/2017

This Week On #CONAN: The world was introduced to the fastest, most hygienic way to achieve total scrotal dryness.

635 reactions 569 comments
Sherri Sz hhaahahaahah yesss Christina Padilla, Jessica Wall haahaahaaahha yes yes oh yeah, Just liked it over and over again,
Andrew Sheldon "If you refuse me a good deal I'll walk away with there!" 😀😀
Vanessa M. Forttini I can guarantee you that'll be used for masturbatory purposes
Jim Moore More douchebaggery from the king of douches Conan the douchebarian..
Stephen Fogarty Matt Lehmann Renee Griffith Renee. Share this amongst ur lady friends 😂😂
01:00 05/28/2017

Well you see officer, there was this squirrel… [via Radass]

1.4k reactions 102 comments
Tyler Neff Still somewhat of a good boy!
Robert Johnson Squirrel !? Where ...
Shane Turek Of course its an asian dog
Mark Wolfgram Roat Roa better get Macco.
Rod Mash Is that Lil'Kim?
The Wendy Williams Show
05:48 05/28/2017

Start your Memorial Day with Wendy! Wendy's LIVE with an hour of Hot Topics, the inside scoop and this summer's must-haves.

118 reactions 6 comments
Diamond Amari Isom Looking to Get Paid ASAP Ladies Only TML For Cash Benefits In Mins 224-999-4048💸NO WAIT NO BS STRAIGHT LEGIT CASH IN MINS
Ramonda Sue Brady Happy Memorial Day, Wendy. Love your show.
Katrina Johnson Hello Mrs wendy
Elizabeth Nazario Love ya How u doing
Rodney Knuckles How you doin Wendy
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
01:36 05/28/2017

A new episode of The #CONAN Podcast feat. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale, T.J. Miller, and more is now available!

88 reactions 9 comments
Paul Kaylor Ryan Brun
Melissa Leo I love them !!
Joshua Dinwiddie she is still hot
Chris Chamley She is getting better looking as she ages. Female Benjamin Button.
Machelle Pacheco She will always be Elaine to me. She was just on Ellen & she is Awesome
01:00 05/28/2017

When you flip the switch but you forgot to play the light bill. #OverTheTop [via Gfycat]

1.8k reactions 196 comments
Martin Jolicoeur Hey lets not pay attention to the fact that the guy in the red shirt is commenting in here.
Tyler Wittenborn Body builder vs martial artists
William Park Aric Wolstenholme when you think you're tough cuz you go to the gym
Carlos Andres Villavicencio Literally me. I've beat people with almost twice my arm size consistently
Wilburn Hutcheson That moment when your the only one who got the "Over the Top" reference.
The Wendy Williams Show
05:48 05/28/2017

HOT TOPICS: Barry White's Son is Suing His Widow! Keep watching 👉🏽

627 reactions 43 comments
Marie Hernandez Smh
Tehrah Creasey Barry son suing what omg how you doin😀!!!!
Vincent Hale get it in writing
Sheila Graham More to this story will be reveal 🤔
Nina Hi Doll The Michael Jackson guy is uncanny and a bit scary
The Rachel Maddow Show
06:00 05/28/2017

Rachel Maddow pointed out last night that as his scandal progressed, Richard Nixon threw members of his staff under the bus. In Donald Trump's case, the member of staff currently under scrutiny by the FBI is his son-in-law. Will that limit Trump? Watch:

5.0k reactions 703 comments
Gary Nelson Trump's corruption knows no limits. After knowing how Trump conducts himself, he was just doing what comes natural. These cheap con artists need to be locked up
Elizabeth Ontiveros Garcia I'm getting tired of this shyt who was on the ballot? His kids or him ? What makes them able to break laws of nepotism? Who allows that to happen? Are we in for a fight to regain control of our country, from I'm saying it , A terrorist family?
Ted Carr Right after it was revealed that Bannon and Kushner were competing for Trump's favor a slew of smears and negative revelations against Kushner began hitting social media. Putin prefers Bannon, who wants the US to align with the Putinist anti-Liberal ...
Bet Mulligan No, Trump won't throw Kushner under the bus. He was following Trump's orders to make nice with Russia. Jared may choose to resign but I wouldn't hold my breath.
Michale Mohr SMH. They tried to get a back-channel private line to the Kremlin?? Seriously??? I am so sick of the stupid excuse (or naivete as the press puts it). Nobody wants a private line to Russia for good reasons. They have been having conversations with the ...
01:00 05/28/2017

CAPTION CHALLENGE WINNER: Next move is white appendage, brown circle. We picked the caption above from a comment left by Daniel Horchak Thanks to everyone who submitted! Come back next Monday at 1pm for another edition.

205 reactions 41 comments
Zachary Paez Sex matt
Darien Leber Right hand on peach
Bryce Brancheau Right in the ice hole.
James Lendennie when you convince your friends to do some questionable shit and watch from afar...
Justin Justin Oh Donald.... what have you done now?
The Rachel Maddow Show
06:00 05/28/2017

A key point in the question of whether Donald Trump tried to obstruct the investigation into his campaign's ties to Russia is whether former FBI Director James Comey had asked for more resources for the investigation before being fired. Multiple media reports say he did. The Department of Justice says he did not. Rachel Maddow thinks she may have figured out this discrepancy. Watch:

2.5k reactions 242 comments
Bud Esper Obstructing justice is one thing, and an important thing. But the most important thing, the most worrisome thing, the thing that burns like a brush fire out of control, is Trump's collusion and traitorous behaviors, and his efforts to turn the country ...
LuAnn Wood Impeach is to call the validity or integrity of something into question. Clinton's was a farce. Nixon's would have resulted in him being found guilty. He knew that and resigned to avoid it.
Sandra Marv Treason does not stop at the White House. It extends to every Republican who is aiding and abetting the cover-up by ignoring calls for impeachment and blocking a full investigation. They are traitors to our Republic and need to be called such. Mitch ...
Ed Unsworth We, the 98%, are the only remaining hope for this country! We need to restore stability to our government and lives by voting. Trump and Congress are decimating programs important to working folks, the poor, children, the elderly, veterans, students and ...
Mary Doris I'm right along with you on this train of thought, Rachel. Thanks for sticking with it long enough to figure it out a way to explain it that makes sense. You never let me down there, and just one if many reasons I never miss your show. (P.S. Feel ...
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
01:36 05/28/2017

I’m proud to wear my support of our service men and women. #BeTheForce behind the forces with The USO by supporting their services and programs with your own limited edition USO T-shirt. Learn more at

1.6k reactions 42 comments
Caro Perez BELLO!
Anstapa Solivagus Nox USO supports Trump
윤승렬 Jaewon Choi 저 뒤에 기타는 얼마나 할까?
Justin Pannulla You're touching your nipple aren't you?
Chris Gibson Bedhead look = NAILED IT
The Rachel Maddow Show
06:00 05/28/2017

"When people in power invent their own facts, and attack those who question them, it can mark the beginning of the end of a free society." Hillary Clinton has some thoughts on politics in the Trump era.

Hillary Clinton reflects on the
Hillary Clinton reflects on the 'assault on truth and reason'

"When people in power invent their own facts, and attack those who question them, it can mark the beginning of the end of a free society."

12.8k reactions 593 comments
Linda Lynn This speech was unbelievably awesome to watch!! Positive, encouraging and real. I like that she spoke about the state of our country in a straight forward fashion. Someone had to call out DT and I'm glad Hillary took it upon herself to speak the truth!
Karen Burdick Thank you Hillary for standing up! Again and again. Thank you. This is the Year of the will be a woman or women that put Trump in jail.
Gary Borgnis The New Norm Is Not Normal... Since Donald Trump entered the political arena he has removed the road blocks and opened the flood gates for coarseness, belligerence, bigotry, hate, anger, misogyny, vindictiveness, violence, deception, ignorance and ...
Mark Plummer Besides... No one can INVENT FACTS. Facts exist independently of anyone's opinion. One must recognize and accept facts or deny and fail to recognize facts - and endure the consequences. The troubling thing about facts: they are true whether you believe ...
Donna Gutierrez Hillary was cheated but this strong intelligent women lives on America 🇺🇸bringing some Peace and sensibility in this crucial time of corrupt Presidency. Thank you Madam Hillary
01:00 05/28/2017

That’s not a salad until one of those guys blows a load of ranch on him.

1.8k reactions 271 comments
Benjamin E Wertz Go Cougs!
Sam Asencios Damnit why does macaroni salad count 😂😂
Maddie Smith Geoffrey Smith how I feel about your weekly salad preps
Crystal Gomez Macaroni salad shaming 😂😂😂
Caleb T Goodman Ashley Reynolds you've salad shamed me so many times.
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
01:36 05/28/2017

ICYMI: #Conan is no match for #WonderWoman Gal Gadot.

6.1k reactions 128 comments
Devin Strickland Don't mess with Wonder Woman!
John Bilbrey A kiss from the fist of Wonder Woman.
Mario Buonocore Alessia Melchiade Le mie maratone su di lui sono più che giustificate
David So "You are superior in only one aspect" "What is that?" "YOU ARE SUPERIOR AT DYING!"
Juan Carlos Hidalgo Molina I love the crest thing falling off at the end. Makes it authentic-looking.
The Rachel Maddow Show
06:00 05/28/2017

Donald Trump gave Carrier employees an Indiana a "100 percent" guarantee about saving their jobs. Then reality got in the way of promises the president couldn't keep -- and shouldn't have made.

Trump's boasts about jobs saved at Carrier start to evaporate

I don't blame Trump for Carrier's business decision; I blame Trump for deceiving those workers, looking them in the eye and making promises he couldn't keep.

10.1k reactions 1059 comments
Jim Fisher No Kim Floyd not all of indiana voted for trump....hillary just threw indiana aside and gave up so dems didnt come out to vote.....pls dont group me and others into those who were stupid enough to vote for drump
Barbara Comeaux Has anybody gone and talked to these people to see if they still support Trump or do they feel now he was talking out of his ASS and they were duped. He was so easy to read, but he was giving hope to people who lost hope. Hillary told the truth about ...
Jackie Dove His supporters will insist that those jobs were saved and that stories like this are fake news designed to hurt trump and blame the failing, corrupt media and Obama. That's how they deal with truth. They proclaim it to be a lie and then lie more on top ...
Henry Ahlers I think a couple questions to VP Pence are in order. It would be fun to watch him squirm around answering about this - something he does so well.
Cody Stigler I would bet that the faux news followers who voted for the liar and chief have absolutely no idea - they all still believe that Rump saved all those jobs in Indiana - just like they still believe there was something redeeming in electing a narcissistic ...
01:00 05/28/2017

If you don't charge him all the way he starts running really slowly. [via acidcow]

3.3k reactions 231 comments
David Lovell His eyes turn blue at full battery.
Bangone Nadone Omg this look like my cat lol
Mark Wolfgram His name is 420...because he stays "Lit" all the time.
Douglas Wollenburg At least take the Wireless Vibrator out when charging
Cole Bradley Look Summer he has pretty eyes too 😉
The Wendy Williams Show
05:48 05/28/2017

Navi (The World's #1 Michael Jackson Tribute) dishes about Lifetime's #MichaelJacksonMovie! Keep Watching 👉🏽

3.2k reactions 363 comments
Dana Sockin Colonna . Wendy check out ET the interview on the Michael Jackson movie when they interview this guy that you interviewed you asked him if he had any plastic surgery done he told you that his nose was broken his 15 and then he went on from there to portray ...
Gloria Barnett Brookins What is she on? Her facial changes, dilated pupils, rapid mood swing, blank stares and rapid talking. Rude as Hell to that guy! I couldn't watch it. Totally ignorant and uncalled for. Give her urine test.
Linda Andrews These people will never ever stop let the dead rest no one knows really about that man's life not even his real family they know certain parts about Michael ,Michael kept a lot of things to yourself, I wouldn't believe this man because he was not there ...
Michael Gartner Although he is making a living impersonating Michael Jackson it is freakish to me that his look is what contributed to his early death. Mental distortion of his face and being. Several Jacksons have had their beautiful and natural African/American ...
Marc Stock She has been rude to guest before but this made me cringe n I see why very few real stars come on her show. She gets maybe 3 per week n usually they're ppl never heard of or from trash shows like housewives n love hip-hop that idk a single person who ...
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
01:36 05/28/2017

#Conan presents Tony Hale with a montage of Gary Walsh's best "bitchy mime" reactions. #Veep

956 reactions 61 comments
Kiia Brantley Elizabeth Bricker
Wendy Lopez Phoenix Zorola
Evelyn Kashani Samuel Kashani
Jennifer Amador lmao Diana Vargas Trent
Cate Daczyk Bridget Joan
The Rachel Maddow Show
06:00 05/28/2017

Donald Trump is deliberately creating uncertainty in health care markets -- which will force some to pay more for coverage. It's time to start debating the impact of a "Trump Tax" on health care costs.

Some U.S. health care consumers confront a
Some U.S. health care consumers confront a 'Trump Tax'

Donald Trump is deliberately creating uncertainty in health care markets -- and that's forcing some Americans to pay more for coverage.

4.4k reactions 365 comments
Sandy Palombo The republican sheep have told us all that the ACA is in a downward spiral. If so it's because of the them spineless republican sheep are choking it to death! trump and his republican sheep will do and say whatever it takes to get trumpcare/the death ...
Evelyn Brewer I swear this is their plan instead of gassing numbers of people they will just let them die because they don't have insurance. Nice way to cleanse the country in a back door kind of way. Think of the mind that operates so cruelly and attends church and ...
Agnes Coffey The Republicans couldn't repeal the law as it's impossible under reconciliation so they're resorting to destructive methods to insure if becomes too costly and dysfunctional just to cover their butts cause they failed to repeal. They're avoiding the ...
Maryallyn Dennison This man will stop at nothing to denigrate the lives of ordinary Americans in order to enrich wealthy ones. He is actively killing the ACA by refusing to make the payments required by law, so that he can fund egregious tax cuts for the wealthiest 400 ...
Cody Stigler Instead of taking a flawed system and trying to make it better for the good of all, this pos took a flawed system and found a way to make it a horror show that benefits only the insurance industry and their lobby. Nice job Rump supporters. Hope faux ...
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
01:36 05/28/2017

#Conan talks Trump draining the swamp and other things @

3.6k reactions 52 comments
Rus Hel He is the swamp.
Michael Herring sad but true.
Matthew Blake Lackey You gotta have water to have a pool, California!
Juan Carlos Somarriba He would pee in the pool.
Chris Weber It's sad the number is as high as 25%
01:00 05/28/2017

At least he can't hear all the haters. [via Izismile Network]

5.6k reactions 2558 comments
Greg Stell Let me guess now he won't be able to get a job so therefore will either blame someone else or live off welfare for the rest of his life..
James Michael Gray Don't let this distract you from the fact that long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him ...
Jacob Thomas He'll save so much on head phones, how is he going to hear his phone ring, no more worrying about which earring to get, I guess If you talk to this guy his response will be "I can't hear you speak up". Going deaf is no longer an option. I guess he can ...
Ronald Avey Don't let this guy distract you from the fact that 47 years ago, the man they called Al “Touchdown” Bundy, cemented his place in Chicago High School Football history with 4 Touchdown’s in a single game for Polk High.
Samuel Diaz Complains he can't get a job, blames capitalism.
The Wendy Williams Show
05:48 05/28/2017

How you doin’?! What do you think so far of my new Wendy Digital​ app? Loving these WenMojis! Download now at #sponsored

3.0k reactions 371 comments
Ronald Olszewski As phony in animation as in life. Great fill in for the show though (Sat. cartoon hour).😬
Christina Robinson I'm having a lot of problems with the app. It just keep loading and reloading and loading, over and over with that green Circle. I hope it gets fixed soon!
Shari Moore Dixon I uninstalled because wenmojies were not free. Please make them free!!
Sharon Mousie Rivaldo I don't like you at all. You make me sick can't stand your voice it sounds like a man trying to be a women you also try to be so dainty Oh and you look like a man!!!!! in fact I do think you are a man.
Gwendolyn King I like them! I'm trying to send you a message, absent of everyone's viewing. If it does not work, I will return. How U doin?
The Rachel Maddow Show
06:00 05/28/2017

Donald Trump had an opportunity in Europe reassure our partners about our commitments. He chose to do the opposite. Why does he find it easier to get along with authoritarian leaders than democratically elected allies?

To our allies
To our allies' dismay, Donald Trump appears lost in Europe

Donald Trump had an opportunity reassure our partners abroad about our commitments. For reasons that deserve more scrutiny, he chose to do the opposite.

13.3k reactions 2214 comments
Stephanie Allen He relates to authoritarian rulers because he's a bully. He NEVER had to use critical thinking and emotional intelligence to guide and obtain cooperation on anything. He is a 70 year old brat who stands in the hallways of justice and democracy waiting ...
Barb Czapski He is a businessman.. most have authoritarian traits, they think they that is how they win friends and influence people. This doesn't work in a democracy. Sad!
Michael Ford Trump loves to embarrass the US. The draft dodger thinks this is all a big game. He thinks of himself as a total loser because everyone rejects him and he thinks his supporters are pure trash.
Nancy Preston Our allies are important and must be treated respectfully. Our despotic enemies must be kept at arm's length and monitored. I only wish our President knew the difference.
Sandi Beck Seems like trump wants America's allies to now be russia, turkey, the phillipines, and saudi arabia instead of the UK and European countries (that have had our backs for decades) where he has trouble starting businesses. He still likes Israel, but only ...
The Wendy Williams Show
05:48 05/28/2017

The sun is out so the fun is out at Wendy! ☀️

194 reactions 14 comments
Gabrielle La Porta Gina Waldron Robinson Kathleen Robinson notice anyone on the bottom left at 10 seconds?
Sheena Amiri 💜💙💙💚❤️
Beth Bumnere too many kmonos
Onnika Pheety Ralla It's cold here in south africa
Linda Burrell #Fun for everyone.
The Rachel Maddow Show
06:00 05/28/2017

We knew the FBI had identified "a current White House official as a significant person of interest" in the Russia investigation. Now we know exactly who that is -- and it's not someone Donald Trump can easily discard.

As Russia investigation moves forward, Kushner draws FBI scrutiny
As Russia investigation moves forward, Kushner draws FBI scrutiny

We knew the FBI had identified "a current White House official as a significant person of interest" in the Russia probe. Now we know exactly who that is.

5.2k reactions 621 comments
Alice Sarandos How can so many in the administration forget meeting with the same Russian guy? Dementia seems to be an issue with lots of people we are aware the president shows signs but it's not a communicable disease. They all came up with the forgot sound like ...
JR Campbell Didnt Chris Christie put Jared's father in jail?? Wasn't the family peddling VISA's to Chinese investors in the family business?? Doesnt Muellers law firm represent the Kushner's?? Think the Russian 'loot' is buying lots of Americans politicians souls??...
De Lockwood Had any other person seeking a clearance had not disclosed every meeting with foreign nationals, especially RS, clearance would not have been granted, and if then said meetings placed that person in an counterintelligence investigation, at the very ...
Dave N Elaine Grisham Donald Trump would sell his mother down the river to save his own being. He wants loyalty but does anyone in their right mind think it goes both ways if the rubber meets the road. Before he goes down he will throw anyone away. He doesn't care that his ...
Tom Ruby It seems Maddow's investigative reporting skills are done entirely at MSNBC studios. She knows Russia is controlling the Trump administration from the comfort of her office. I didn't see Maddow in Russia interviewing people and getting concrete ...
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
01:36 05/28/2017

#CONAN Highlight: The VEEP cast discuss the show’s most hurtful insults, like "Cow Eyes" and "World’s Least F***ed Geisha."

1.8k reactions 135 comments
Kylie Marie Tassji Krup still obsessed????
Rich DeRose-Jones Hello Brother
Susan Morgan Dwyer Sarah Magid -- is Anna wearing your earrings?? (In pink)
Heather McConnell Tom Woodall thought you'd enjoy this. :)
David J Quental supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
The Rachel Maddow Show
06:00 05/28/2017

In the clip below Rachel Maddow does some important clarifying with Washington Post reporter Matt Zapotosky about the nature of the FBI's interest in Donald Trump senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner. Watch the full video on the NBC News scoop and how it fits in the bigger picture of the Trump-Russia investigation here:

5.1k reactions 408 comments
Debra J Bush This Rachel Maddow is a nut ... these is no, will never be, any evidence of Russia ... ask James Comey ... The evidence he claims never has existed except between his huge ears ...
L Susan Ross Rachel, as a fan i say to you-a day without you at 9 or midnight is disappointing, but you need to stay home and get better so that you live a long informative life! Now, as a doctor, zinc, tea with honey and lemon, echinascea, goldenseal, vitamin c ...
Allan Reid Nissen They are all guilty. It's just a matter of time. The more people the investigation exposes, the percentages increase for a whistle blower to come forward. Trump has shown you already, that he will throw anyone under the bus. Don't think being his close ...
Carol Gronli Despite tonight's news, and poor Rachel being the consummate journalist she is, I do hope more is forthcoming from the FBI investigation. I know I know we shouldn't expect anything from them soon. Get well soon Rachel!
Sara Tamargo You pushed through your fever and came on air last night. And gave us your standard high caliber show. Thank you. Would you please follow up on a remark you told us about: when Andrew McCabe said the FBI investigation into Russia and Trump campaign ...
The Wendy Williams Show
05:48 05/28/2017

FRIDAY: Navi (The World's #1 Michael Jackson Tribute) tells us about Lifetime's #MichaelJacksonMovie!

225 reactions 27 comments
Polly Klapthor Wanna make $7,000.00 RISK free and legit today INBOX ME NoMoneyNeededToStart So no scams All you need is a bank or credit union Account NOT MONEY💰🔌 AMERICA ONLY
Monique Ohsobklyn Williams Bella Lindsay look at him
Kevin James Nic
Susanna Moss Dude looks like Bruno Mars w/o makeup.
Susan Cano Gonzalez Watching!!!
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
01:36 05/28/2017

Gal Gadot attempts to whip #Conan into #WonderWoman shape.

42.3k reactions 2405 comments
Deivide Moreira Man, she's so pretty! 😍 She's not a wonder woman only in the movies, but also in real life.
Chris Staples Sarah here's how to become Wonder Woman. lol I normally don't like Conan but this was kinda funny 😂
Samuel Sarkodieh Who doubted she wasnt a good wonder woman? Bet she would kick half of the asses of the ppl telling she wouldnt make a great ww
Nancy McVay Thanks for the laughs. I need that! Go Wonder woman!
Lindsey Moore Sydney Evans fun trivia: wonder woman served in the Israeli army!
The Wendy Williams Show
05:48 05/28/2017

HOT TOPICS: Playboy centerfold Dani Mathers faces punishment after body shaming a naked 70 year old woman. Keep watching:

1.3k reactions 165 comments
Frances De La Rosa Reyna I's that all she received for being evil to a lady. Oh I got it, she is above everyone, she is a Playboy centerfold.
Sherry Greubel Wendy was right . I don't think I would have energy at all when I am 70 . Bravo to those who live a healthy lives up to 70 or more .
Cathy Campbell Maybe she will think twice before running that mouth but i seriously doubt it with her personality she will not get it. She will say she did nothing wrong
Casey Dawson I'm a 39 year old and I don't want to go to the gym for this reason, but my husband has got me there a few times but people like this makes me not want to want to go i'm self-conscious enough without people trying to help me out ☹️
Keri Long The victim was so embarrassed that she didn't even want to talk cops when it happened
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