Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 08:30

Sophie Turner got a peach-colored tattoo that mostly just looks like freckles. #ConanCon #GameofThrones

881 reactions 33 comments
Nadav Litvak Dan Antonov
Christen Tummillo Karen :)
Gary Ayers Bwhaha! Garrett Rogers
Grauls Tom When are you coming to Belgium ?
Macky Lanto Marnelli
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 08:30

Conan hit the streets of San Diego in his custom superhero vehicle but forgot to fill the gas tank. #ConanCon

3.7k reactions 141 comments
Grant Marvin Marsh I stood right there. With. The Peruvian.
Jacob Rhea That was hilarious!
Gisela Silva You look soooo cool Conan
Myra Gavino Mendoza Ed this one was funny! 🤣🤣
Bryan L'Ecuyer Lol, he loves that outfit
The Wendy Williams Show
10 hours ago

Miss Hot Topics? We've got you covered with our Hot Topics Rundown. O.J. Simpson has been moved to protective custody after being granted parole.

Wendy Williams | HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: July 24
Wendy Williams | HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: July 24

O.J. Simpson was granted parole, Hilary Duff was robbed, RHOA drama, and more!

463 reactions 89 comments
Mia Phillips Yayyyyyy😊 Welcome Home
Annette Juarez As they should! He will be lucky If he makes it out alive.
Richard Savedra Can Florida be put into protective custody once OJ moves there?
Veronica Harris F.Y.I. America! The court system has been corrupt since day !!! Check out cases involving African Americans!!! A 14 year-old African American boy was electrocuted, and without a fair or just trial. He was the youngest person executed under the American ...
Zhenia Kargina Both look the same age, even tho Kenya is 26 years older...
The Rachel Maddow Show
10 hours ago

Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) thinks it's "repugnant" that "some female senators from the Northeast" aren't voting to take Americans' health care away. Let's start with his idea that Alaska is in "the Northeast."

House Republican has unfortunate words for
House Republican has unfortunate words for 'some female senators'

Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) thinks it's "repugnant" that "some female senators from the Northeast" aren't voting to take Americans' health care away.

17.1k reactions 5623 comments
Karen Mirando Except one was from West Virginia, one from Alaska, and one from Maine. And at least three MEN opposed the bill. That man needs a Geography class -and maybe a Biology class. 😉
Charles Friedline So, we continue to inexplicably judge women politicians based upon their appearance. That has to stop, clearly. In the meantime, can we judge men the same way? (Speaking of repugnant.)
Mayr Malool Who elected this asshole!?? And wouldn't you love to smack the shit right outta them all!? Including -and especially -this Neanderthal ! I'll bet if you did challenge him to a duel he'd wet himself in fear! Fuckin Idiot!
AK Lynne Ha, if he was ever stupid enough to challenge Lisa Murkowski of (Southeastern) Alaska to a dual with guns, he might as well give up and run away with his fat tail between his legs.
Harrison Fowlkes He might want to rethink his views on the ACA considering unless he does something about his own personal health he's going to need it. The man obviously has high blood pressure, is overweight, could be a borderline diabetic, and needs to eat healthier.
Yesterday 07:54

We're clearing the air with a real Breatharian. ALL NEW Tosh TOMORROW night at 10/9c on Comedy Central.

471 reactions 170 comments
Maria Jolina Igor Inga you in 20 years? 😂
Mayte Rosebush Greg Sosa do you wanna be a breatharian with me ?
Janson Diaz Michele Casias is that your mom's ex? Hopefully he still has my dog.
Scott Hurd Yes I do! Deserve this, but can't breathe your own food like he can!
Jake Logan Ranberger Deven Marshall this guy looks like a homeless Casey nastat
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 08:30

Get a front row seat to the unveiling of Conan's custom superhero vehicle thx 2 AT&T.

806 reactions 31 comments
Theodore Teddy B Bentley Jas Joynae
Nico Scavone Bonnie Manevy Hartwig
Erin Heintz Jackson Murphy
Michael Johannsen Audrey Erwin
Cameron Kahill Jordan Leigh Kahill
The Wendy Williams Show
10 hours ago

Wendy’s hairstylist Robyn Michele has all of the answers from wigs to natural hair.

Wendy Williams | Ask Robyn
Wendy Williams | Ask Robyn

Related Posts:Get Beach Wave Hair!Fight Summer FrizzAfter Show: Robyn’s DateSiggy Flicker and Robyn MorenoAfter Show: Hair Mask

167 reactions 4 comments
Tuncay Tuncay Kakık Add me ladies lonely don't have a girlfriend,lonely I
Polly Klapthor CHASE BANK, PENFED CU, BANK OF AMERICA, USAA, all ACTIVE CREDIT UNION OR BANK ACCT YOU WANNA MAKE $6600-$16,000 today! inbox ME💲💸 Other banks too
Love Carletta Cook Yes how do keep a synthetic wig from tangling so much
Tammy Tennile How do u keep a synthetic wig from tangling so much?
The Rachel Maddow Show
10 hours ago

With the Russia scandal intensifying, it was unsettling to hear Donald Trump boast he has "the complete power to pardon.” When members of Trump's team contradicted each other on this, it made matters even worse.

Donald Trump boasts he
Donald Trump boasts he 'has the complete power to pardon'

As the Russia scandal intensifies, Donald Trump seems a little too eager to remind everyone he believes he "has the complete power to pardon."

3.7k reactions 879 comments
Sheila Pointer Richardson God help us! This man-child is out of control and need to be sent to time-our!
Matthew Botts This fake Russian Scandal is just about over hate to bust your bubble
Lauren Sturtevant He always tweets something he needs researched. He flippantly tweets and then everyone and their cousin does all his research for him. He's the laziest person alive and is never responsible for or takes ownership of anything.
Robert Purdy The rooms getting smaller. The donald knows there is something or things out there. Just waiting to be found and used. As fast and loose his behavior is now, you know details have been overlooked. Mueller is a details guy. Donald, they will find what ...
Pam McNamara Foland Donald just doesn't understand that he works for the people and no he cannot pardon himself
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 08:30

#ConanCon was invaded by hordes of pre-CGI apes. #WarForThePlanet

1.3k reactions 39 comments
Garrett Frey Richard P Metzger
John Midgley Rob Liefeld
Mike Tran Saul Mancera, Mathias
Kevin Laitala Josh Spearow
Arron Capone-Langan Michael.
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 08:30

#Spoilers: This season on Game of Thrones, R2-D2 joins the Night’s Watch. #ConanCon

1.5k reactions 46 comments
Cindy Garza Laura M. Torres
Michelle Lee Jinny Park
Adrian Morales 😆 Natalie Buenrostro Albert Buenrostro
Lauri Marjamaa Pauli Marjamaa :D
Doug Olson Justin Bode
Yesterday 07:54

CAPTION CHALLENGE: Doll Face Write a caption for this still - and help us choose our favorite by liking the captions you think are best. We'll pick a winner and share your glory on Facebook.

316 reactions 945 comments
Zarek Kayne My cock senses are tingling, someone needs their dick sucked immediately.
David Thompson The VA finally covered my sex change, now I know why they all called me pussy face
Mike Hensley I got my Kardashian BJ lip job this weekend. Who's first?
Tina Anglin If im lucky, the guys will think im a blow up doll. And put it in my mouth
Michael Worster I did not collude with Russia, Fake News. Russian women hot. True.
The Rachel Maddow Show
10 hours ago

Presidents are not supposed to encourage the Justice Department to go after their political rivals. And yet, there's Donald Trump today calling for an investigation into Hillary Clinton -- among other Trump foes he doesn't like.

Trump still wants a federal investigation into Hillary Clinton
Trump still wants a federal investigation into Hillary Clinton

Presidents are not supposed to encourage the Justice Department to go after their political rivals. Trump's authoritarian instincts do not serve him well.

8.4k reactions 3208 comments
Lorne Roman Donald having his little hissy fit "Why are they investigating me and not her, whaaaa! " Bill Maher said it. Trump is a whiny little bitch
Eric Richiger Its funny you want them to investigate her but anyone that investigates you gets fired. P.s. they've investigated her for 20 years already wasting hundreds of millions of dollars and have come up with NOTHING!!!
Nancy Dehn Johnsen To say nothing of the fact that she is no longer his political rival. I swear, he will keep reliving that election campaign until the day he dies. I always knew he didn't really want to do the work of being president, he just wanted to win the race. ...
Robin Lakatos Well, she's not president. So there's that. Perhaps it is more important to make sure the person actually running the country isn't compromised.
Penny Gadbois Trump get over Hilary Clinton! Is the Russian interference/ collusion investigation getting a little too close to the truth that you need a distraction for your base?
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 08:30

Conan pays tribute to Adam West.

5.7k reactions 123 comments
Calvin Nelson that was good
Sandi Skeen I loved this tribute to Mr. West
Jonathan Hughes Turned down Julie newmar for marriage? Totally gay for robin...
Mika Antero One and only Batman.
Thomas Joesph Pryor God bless Conan for doing this !
Yesterday 07:54

And everyone says football is the dangerous sport. [via Radass]

853 reactions 226 comments
Nathaniel Jamieson I wish toshy loved me as much as the snake loves checkered shirts and cargo shorts
Daniel Rose Rather deal with that harmless snake than a bunch of golfing A-holes...
Scott Lewis Somebody at the office had a hangover. I nominate the poster "worst employee of the month".
Jack Proulx it's not like he has 12 or so metal sticks in a bag that would dispatch this thing fairly quickly
Cory Joseph Avenali Nobody says football is the dangerous sport. Hockey is though.
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 08:30

It's a Hodor-Bran reunion as Kristian Nairn surprises Isaac Hempstead Wright at #ConanCon. #GameofThrones

3.8k reactions 284 comments
André Costa Rayne D'Ávila
Fion Ly Jonathan Diep
Pearce Katen Duvalle Bridgette thought you might appreciate this
Patricia Ann Dansdill Brought a tear to my eye too.
Nano Uno Tiffany Jones
The Rachel Maddow Show
10 hours ago

The new White House communications director said he had a secret source, with insights on the Russia scandal. His secret source turned out to be Donald Trump -- making this story really weird.

Trump's communications director has a secret source: Trump

Anthony Scaramucci, Trump's new communications director, had a secret source, peddling Putin's talking point. It turns out, the source is Trump himself.

7.0k reactions 734 comments
Phyllis Toney OMG this WH. . What next. Trump is his source. . . Kushner says that he isn't smart enough to collude w/ Russians. . Sekulow has the look of a sneaky liar. . Now this Scaramucci. . a Clinton Obama supporter kissing a** w/ t-rump. Deleting tweets, ...
Chris Ellis Can the intelligence community ignore little donald trump's obvious affection for Russia and continue to do their job re: stopping another cyber attack from Russia without little donald's approval? Is that something they're allowed to do? Or do they ...
Robert Balogh-Robinson Nope. He doesn't not believe them, he knows it is true. But he knows it is his benefit, and cares about nothing else. As long as he continues to appease and even aid Russia, they will continue to keep him in power in America. He is dirty, he knows he is ...
Sherri Cihlar If alt-right Christians believe that Putin shares save values. If alt-right in general are white supremest. If fox news, Breitbart ect are propaganda wings. If Bannon wants deconstruction. Then there's Trump and team who follow it. Many triangulations ...
Brittney Meow It's not that Trump doesn't believe Russia did it. He doesn't care because it benefited him. He knows and most of us know that.... He mistakenly thinks he's smart and doesn't understand what he's doing. He thinks he can beat Putin but he just doesn'[t ...
The Rachel Maddow Show
10 hours ago

Presidents aren't supposed to recruit U.S. troops into lobbying campaigns in support of the White House's priorities. And yet, Donald Trump has been caught doing exactly that.

Trump presses troops for political help in lobbying Congress
Trump presses troops for political help in lobbying Congress

We're not accustomed to American leaders trying to recruit servicemen and women into lobbying campaigns in support of the White House's priorities.

11.1k reactions 1265 comments
Teresa L. Champion can you cover the #ADAPTandResist group out in front of the Dirksen building in DC on corner of 1st and Constitution? They are trying to protect Medicaid and have been out there in the rain all night. thank you
Kim Colvert "The President is not supposed to do that " headline is losing its cachet. Apparently it doesn't make any difference...some accept without question and the outrage doesn't seem to produce any action. A crack is appearing though and perhaps the focus ...
Jim Gardy November 6th 2018. Remember this date. 33 senate seats and all 435 seats in the House of Representatives will be up for reelection. You can change this administration (with a Democratic House or Senate force him to release his tax returns too) and get ...
Lisa Sorrentino Impeach this unqualified man/child already . I'm disgusted with both Republicans and Democrats ! Too much time is being waisted , on this Drama Queen . Get this entire administration out !!!!!! Impeach 45 a fool a disgraceful criminal . Release your ...
Cynthia Rogers "The sooner Trump learns how a president is suppose to behave with U.S. troops, the better." Let's stop pretending he is ever going to "learn to behave". He has shown what type of animal he is and what type of zoo he would like to rule. It is not a ...
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 08:30

Wherein John Bradley compares Kit Harington to the Mona Lisa. #ConanCon #GameOfThrones

3.7k reactions 207 comments
Nick M Robertson Someone send me a pop lol!
Tea Selin Samuli voiks lataa conanist tän jakson 😍
Steven Pettis he is a fine looking man!
Catherine Morin John Bradley is just my fav 😁
Knate Rowan Unsullied wearing Spiderman 😁😁
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 08:30

Pre-game for tonight's #ConanCon finale featuring the Game of Thrones cast with the CONAN360° LIVE Pre-Show. Thx 2 AT&T

941 reactions 323 comments
Mason Segers I can't see anything
Rick Sauter What's Game of Thrones?
Barbara Guest More than sick of u poppin up on my feed. U frendz w/ leno now? Still a puppet to greed?
Lincoln Williams Have a great one and good things always happens to you guys in that is a great two thumbs up as amazing
James Wilder Meh Judy berg city's fur fyi bff cry sci he be do bet he 4th un 22nd hebff bfn
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 08:30

In honor of tonight's Game of Thrones cast show, T.J. Miller welded himself inside an Iron Throne. Watch #ConanCon tonight @ 11/10c on TBS Network.

1.5k reactions 58 comments
Vincent Trey Griffin Andrew Hatch ahahah
Taylor O D Murrin Josh David amazing.
Wy-Ann Taburno Michele Pizzo Pizzini hahaha! Another classic stint!
Andy Bayly Ash
Derek Wayne Heath Rodney Carico
The Wendy Williams Show
10 hours ago

MONDAY: Wanda Durant stops by to dish about her son Kevin’s big NBA title win!

224 reactions 24 comments
Robert John Kinnison all gays should be thrown off a fucking building
Melody Henderson AWESOME
Tye Merricks Goodnight kiss.
Corliss Brown Can't. Not twice.....
Damaris Isales Wanda you made my day today. Blessings
Yesterday 07:54

Pro tip: Select the corn dog that the rat is sitting on because it will be the warmest. [via Imgur]

8.8k reactions 949 comments
Juarez Humberto Salma De Alba and Karla De Alba - Thats why I don't like corndogs anymore
Myles Pearl I thought u posted this when I 1st saw the pic Ricky Haines
Ruth Ann Ferg Bruce Moore Michael Pyle- corndogs, rats, birds? Idk but I think there's a joke in here somewhere.
Mike Roch Just paying his respects to his family that are now kolaches
Dale Rice It's only practicing for the lumberjack log rolling competition. 😜
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 08:30

T.J. Miller and the cast of Game of Thrones close out our week of shows in San Diego @ 11/10c on TBS Network. #ConanCon

1.4k reactions 30 comments
Diana Cruz Diego Cuevas
Jeffrey Hale Brittany Bigelow
Kristy Bautista Go Thomas Go
Phillip Doran Carlye Doran
Elizabeth Bakie Melissa L. Lyons
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 08:30

Hop onstage at Spreckels Theater and watch Conan's first entrance from every angle. Thx 2 AT&T

1.6k reactions 30 comments
Chris Anderson Nate Anderson
Carlos Kane
Alyssa Moore John Locker
Michelle Harris Enders Derek Mitchell
Eva Rovillos Blanca Flores Pepe Lupe
The Rachel Maddow Show
10 hours ago

What's John Dowd, the president's lead lawyer, talking about? If there are Trump business transactions that happened long enough ago that they would fall outside the statute of limitations for prosecution as criminal matters, does that mean those things are out of bounds? Not useful for the special counsel's investigation? The White House appears to be en fuego about this investigation turning toward financial matters and toward to the president's business in particular. Should they be that upset about it? Should those matters be out of bounds particularly if any criminal liability there has expired because of time passed? Rachel Maddow gets the answer. Watch:

3.1k reactions 493 comments
Harlene White He has been involved in so many sketchy business dealings over the years that he doesn't want it to be public knowledge. I think it all should be even if they can't be prosecuted. Show him for the shyster he is.
Dya Nickel Weber Why is there any situation that would fall under the statute of limitations? Just what is he referring to? Obviously there has been illegal activity for him to even make this statement. And do you think this activity just miraculously stopped at some ...
Mary Nellie Beck Off subject. Two questions. 1. Isn't there a carch to the sanction bill in Congress? 2. Rachel, you may have already explained this one, but so much has taken place I can't remember what you told us. What is the most Mueller can do the Trump, his ...
Kathryn Langmead I've just got to say that this Statute of Limitations is a lawless, "fk you to the victim", joke. America the uncivilized, is bending over backward for this turd. I just can't believe that America is taking it and continuing to enable the ongoing ...
Beth Chavez If the relationship with the Russians and the dirt the Russians have on Donny starts back years ago, then it's fair game whether the statute of limitations has run out or not. It's been established by our intelligence experts that it sometimes takes ...
Yesterday 07:54

The Demongorgon haunting my apartment better not make me lose my security deposit. [via Izismile Network]

1.9k reactions 154 comments
Phil Hujdic Ali Christopher basically what I was talking about the other day
Collin Lerner Ohhhh that's a light fixture.... looked like the craziest insect I've ever seen for a min.....
Tabitha Estrada I think this will happen with how frequently my neighbor above stomps everywhere
Donovan Snow The first set of the turn down for what music video. Second set had softer ceilings
John Harper It's at this moment that Todd realized he lived in a giants crotch lol
The Wendy Williams Show
10 hours ago

We'd be kidding ourselves if we didn't go into the week with a little Cardi B wisdom!

Wendy Williams | Cardi B’s Words of Wisdom
Wendy Williams | Cardi B’s Words of Wisdom

Are you chasing a dream and need some motivation?

623 reactions 47 comments
Melody Henderson NOOO
Shana Myer lol
Luyanda Lulu Dlela She is so cute
Jennifer Knight I'm not a fan of Cardi B but I'm glad she was on your show
Diane Onofre U so cute and smart girl😘
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 08:30

All the movie Batmans are banding together to fight all the movie Spider-Mans in the ultimate reboot movie. #ConanCon

3.9k reactions 175 comments
Andrew Staten Spider-Mens
Ryan Arndt What no bat dad lol?
Jorge Enriquez Jajaj
Zaryaab Khan They forgot Danny Phillippou SMFH
Luis Fernando Canarte Lollll¡¡¡
The Rachel Maddow Show
10 hours ago

I have a tree-falls-in-the-forest question for you. If the president issues a pardon, do we have to know about it? Would he have to tell us? Is it possible he's already pardoned somebody? Is it possible the prosecutors or investigators might just find that out when it comes time to file an indictment against that person but it's never been publicly announced? It's an answerable question, but what's the answer? Watch!

3.0k reactions 600 comments
Lester Herbert No I figure they would have to be charged with a crime first???
David Gregory At some point even House GOP must care about moral & ethical swamp of depravity called White House or will they let America fall to Russian fascism???
Barry Ernst There are at least 3 times he has claimed unprecedented power as POTUS. That (1) he can have no conflicts of interest (2) he cannot be prosecuted for any crime and (3) he can pardon anyone. He also recently said he should have direct jurisdiction over ...
Myra Carvell I have two more too. Does the president have to specify what crimes he's pardoning people for? Why don't they have to be found guilty of something before they can be pardoned? I mean what? Everything from treason to a parking ticket yesterday?
Terry Wickwire Comrade Trump called #TrumpRussia a ruse. A big nothing burger. #FakeNews. A Democrat plot because they were sore losers. Let's give Idiot Trump the benefit of a doubt, if for no other reason than to prove how ridiculous his denials are.The ...
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