The Wendy Williams Show
00:54 02/26/2017

In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth, we honor Shirley Chisholm who became America's first Black woman elected to Congress.

266 reactions 18 comments
Saggi Jones Unbossed! The woman was fearless!
Beverly Ford 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Margie Earnest Change it to March
Kenneth Gauthier Thanks for sharing this
20:06 02/25/2017

Fine art stinks. Watch the full episode here:

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Jose Morales Hernanadez Daniel Grajeda Andres Cortes
Nate Knull Kurtis Knull Robby Saranzak Lane Larson Dan Kraemer Jacob Gerken😂
Gabrielle Buchheit Tell me u like pussy boss
Trey Johnson Ryan
Michael Fox I love this guy. Can't wait to go to the show here.
The Wendy Williams Show
00:54 02/26/2017


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Jamilah Romadah Who her hollywood bestie bet she dont have one
Venus Jones Beautiful 💋💋💋💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Demiere Boyd Viola Davis + Meryl Streep = ULTIMATE BEST FRIEND GOALS 😍👏😌😳
Johnee Normandin Ashleigh Marie Davenport thafuq where are we on this list lol
Sohail Jafar I was just looking through and I saw your face and thought "Wendy's all alone" 🤣
20:06 02/25/2017

Me moving my stuff when I heard there were new habitable planets found. [via Gfycat]

912 reactions 91 comments
Mike Cooney Its all fake pony boy
Justin Fendley Tosh is fckn clown shoes 😄
Da'Marquis Chapel Holy crap
Sonia Hart Sansonetti Love it!!
Cody Cowdrey Fire your writers
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
20:42 02/25/2017

#Conan attends a quinceañera, plays fùtbol with Oficial Giovani Dos Santos and more on #ConanMexico, airing March 1st on TBS Network. Art by: Lady Love

1.8k reactions 38 comments
Lucy Castillo Sina Garcia
Fausto Dario César Varela Andres Aquino
Gustavo Márquez Alex Pérez Mira, ve
EvadelCarmen Palacios Martha Palacios jajajja ♥️♥️♥️
Claudia Tatiana Chavez Castro We love u 😍 #teamcoco #conanmexico
The Wendy Williams Show
00:54 02/26/2017

In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth, we honor the iconic singer, dancer & actor Sammy Davis Jr who was part of the legendary Rat Pack of the 60s.

344 reactions 12 comments
Luis Cabrera The greatest entertainer of all time
Margie Earnest MAke it next month
Elizabeth Dooley I saw him in concert . A true performer ❤
Shannon Jordan And it's almost over!
Alicia Caballero Somoza Forget me NOT. HOW ARE U.
The Wendy Williams Show
00:54 02/26/2017

Judge Judy got a BIG pay raise and Kanye West is launching a new business venture. How well do you know your Hot Topics? Take our quiz and find out!

Hot Topics Quiz | The Wendy Williams Show
Hot Topics Quiz | The Wendy Williams Show

Take our quiz to test your Hot Topics IQ!

60 reactions 9 comments
Tuncay Tuncay Kakık Add me ladies lonely don't have a girlfriend,lonely I don't have a girlfriend
Tuncay Tuncay Kakık Add me ladies lonely don't have a girlfriend,lonely I don't have a girlfriend
Indar Rahmawan ↖( ❤😃-☔-🐸✋ )↗ Fifty Shades Darker full movie (20017) PLAY:
Princess Ayesha (Y) Oh, my God.... TOOK ME HOURS TO FIND, FINALLY GOT THE LINK, Fifty Shades Darker
Yazie Christina Are you going to talk about Nikki and Remy make beef
The Wendy Williams Show
00:54 02/26/2017

HOT TOPICS: Kanye West is launching a makeup line. Should Kylie Jenner be worried? Click to Watch:

520 reactions 84 comments
Harjit Rita Singh I don't think she is worried, Wendy... you just are being petty.
Kaneilia West She shouldn't be worried, competition wise. But damn Kanye at least team up w Kylie on the makeup
Corinna Tyrrell No, his shits going to look cheaply made & over priced anyways! 😂
Molly Jones I guess he looking at it like why not...She went and paid to look just like Kim...took some of her shine...why not take some of her's...
Gabriel Dumont Sorry Wendy But You forget Max Factor (a men) who create the makeup top of the class for movies and tv for decades
The Rachel Maddow Show
01:06 02/26/2017

As the Trump administration bumbles through mistake after mistake, it can be difficult to discern if they're deliberately flouting the standards of American governance or if they're just incompetent.

19.1k reactions 3160 comments
Pamela Zanini Clueless and nefarious... He just wants to be King of the World. US presidency is his jumping off place. BANNON ON THE OTHER HAND IS NEFARIOUS AND BRILLIANT at this game and even more dangerous than Trump
Sandi Vetter Great reporting Rachel! Thank you for highlighting little known, but very important facts and events throughout the last several administrations, and discussing why they are important and relevant to what is going on right now.
Rosalie Costilow Rachel, maybe I'm just super paranoid, but I've thought for a long time, way before the election, that James Comey was bought off or somehow compromised to tip the scales in favor of DT to ensure his victory. Trump's people got to him or the ...
Sandi Snyder They know what they are doing. Donald the con. Did you see all the red hats and them laughing. Still chanting "Lock Her Up"
William Shepherd There intent is to return us to the days when the people were subservient to the rich and powerful, I.e. oil baron days of the 20th century. That's why they are copying dictators like Putin and others of the 20th century. They also counted on Hitler's ...
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
20:42 02/25/2017

Muchas gracias to my Mexican and American crew. #ConanMexico was possible because of all of you fine people. Airing worldwide March 1st. ¡Viva México! 🇲🇽🇺🇸

13.6k reactions 182 comments
Joshua Quintanilla Si si
Brigitte Mortier Thank you Conan!! Respect and kindness has no boundaries! We all belong to America, One continent not one country!
Francisco Leon I hope you ate some. Tlacoyos, garnachas, and tacos too. They're good.
José L Chávez Thanks for what you're doing Conan,it really means a lot to us Mexicans
Magdalena Perez Thank you Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco it means a lot that you want to share with the world a message of collaboration and Friendship. Proud to be #TEAMCOCO 🇲🇽🇺🇸
20:06 02/25/2017

CAPTION CHALLENGE WINNER: We interrupt this broadcast to bring you more information about the Taliban. Oh, nevermind I'm hearing towel ban. We picked the caption above from a comment left by Chrissy Witt Thanks to everyone who submitted! Come back next Monday at 1pm for another edition.

142 reactions 26 comments
Stephani Kent
Paul Runyan This game is stupid
Christopher Sanchez Lame
Chris McCarthy Tosh sucks cock!!
Jeff Brown What is this north Korean propaganda
The Rachel Maddow Show
01:06 02/26/2017

The NRA's allies control the White House, Congress, and most state governments. So to keep his members frightened, NRA executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre invented a new, laughable boogeyman.

Short on enemies, NRA
Short on enemies, NRA's LaPierre invents a new one

NRA executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre needs conservatives to live in a perpetual state of near-panic, so he's made up a new villain.

13.8k reactions 2811 comments
Fiona Anderson "LaPierre wrapped up by attacking the media and insinuating violence against the “violent left” if it brings “terror” to communities." Surely, something can be done about these comments that really are intended to incite violence..... when will the ...
Paul Michel The NRA ought to be labeled a terrorist organization. The stand your ground laws they promote are used to shield people from murder charges.
Jeanne Lorenz Surprised Head Cheeto didn't put him in an important position. His comments are exactly the kind of hate and racist comments that Cheeto and his base believe and love. Scary.
Mikael Haggard That commercial insinuating you are going to die at home from gun violence if you vote for Hillary was the dumbest Azz thing I've seen in my life. Who believes this garbage? Republicans in control of everything , wake up America.
Elliott Goldberg A lying despicable piece of crap.30.000+ die each year because the obstructionism of these bums. I am a gun lover and have been for 40years and I believe that sensible rules will not infringe on your own guns. I only draw the line on assault ...
20:06 02/25/2017

That's the same spot I get gas too. [via Radass]

4.1k reactions 129 comments
Dan York Looks like a quart low from here.
Rodolfo Jauregui Jajajajajajajajajaja listen everybody.
Salm Savagemister Delamar You ride this bus, you gonna get pumped in the rump.
Bill Fisher Love it!!!
Patrick Bullock Yea but yours is probably about 24" and black Daniel...
The Wendy Williams Show
00:54 02/26/2017

From Jidenna's latest hit to the Imposters on Bravo - make the most of your weekend with these picks on our Weekend Playlist. Read Now:

Weekend Playlist: Make the Most of It! | The Wendy Williams Show
Weekend Playlist: Make the Most of It! | The Wendy Williams Show

Make the most of this weekend with our Weekend Playlist!

119 reactions 3 comments
Meggie B Trager He's a great singer... Wish him all the best...
Tina GoalDigger Imposters is so good
The Wendy Williams Show
00:54 02/26/2017

Melissa Rivers opens up about her love life, raising a 16-year-old and reveals if there will be a movie about her mom, Joan Rivers. Click to Watch:

813 reactions 25 comments
Kalouloune Ginocheti Sigue
Alexander E. Poet TAURUS D MIGHTY BULL & The Truth
Mary Martinez <3
Nina Roseman Oh Joan!!! Miss you so much!!!!
Nina Antonoff Joan was one of a kind and Melissa is her own woman
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
20:42 02/25/2017

ICYMI: #Conan asks Mexicans to pay for Donald J. Trump's wall in this preview clip from #ConanMexico.

56.5k reactions 4779 comments
Moralex Karo espero alguien te traduzca que enorme gusto verte rodeado de gente buena ,noble y cariñosa, gracias y en forma de broma te vez gigante entre las personas será? que lo eres por tu corazón nuevamente mil gracias ,un poco de risa hace falta en esta ...
Matthew Serrano As funny as this actually is I've grown tired of same rhetoric from this show. I think Conan is hilarious, but it's time for some new material, you're no longer saying anything that hasn't been said or joked about before.
Saudade Benjamin Thanks for visiting my home city Conan, I can't wait to see the finished show! I'm so excited, it's looking amazing already. ¡¡¡Abrazos!!!
Dustin McDonald This is the issue with the liberal media. They distort "Mexico will pay for the wall" to Mexicans by telling random citizens on the street "Trump said YOU would pay for it" while holding a donation box. Smh.
Irwin Marin Is it odd that I didn't find Conan to be funny? It wasn't until one day that I was mad stoned watching his show that I burst out in laughter! Been watching ever since
The Rachel Maddow Show
01:06 02/26/2017

A prominent House Republican grudgingly acknowledged what is plainly true: Progressive activists aren't just fighting to save "Obamacare" -- they're also winning.

GOP lawmaker:
GOP lawmaker: 'Obamacare' may be saved by progressive activism

"We don't have the votes in Congress to pass a repeal bill, in part because of what these people are doing," a Republican congressman conceded.

12.5k reactions 380 comments
Sandy Moruzzi The Republicans labeled the ACA, Obamacare, to use as a tool to attack the president and rile up their base...problem is, the ACA is working, people know it and that improving some aspects of it would be best for the citizens. The cost and hardship ...
Lynne Danley I suggest everyone stop calling it Obamacare and start calling it the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, which is what it is actually called. Everyone can get behind affordable care, and then we can work on improving it where it needs improvement and keeping ...
Jan Wilkinson Recently someone told me that no one listens to voices of dissent. My answer: Oh, yes they do! They listened (albeit grudgingly) to opposition to the Vietnam War and they are listening now. When we become an unstoppable force they will bend.
Jason Childers We should be saying the Affordable Care Act or ACA as often as possible so those who who have been confused by the use of "Obamacare" will join the activism. Republican voters who have applauded the idea of repealing Obamacare, are just now realizing ...
Cynthia Canevari Rachel Maddow -- tell the whole story of the Affordable Care Act. Please do a piece on the "risk corridor" and how the our government was suppose to reimburse the insurance companies and found a loop hole and didn't pay -- so the insurance companies ...
20:06 02/25/2017

He may look dangerous, but really he only hurts himself. Watch the full clip here:

292 reactions 12 comments
Nate Holmgard
Lyle Janes Retard!!!!!
Scott Farrell Am I the only one who ISN'T surprised he vapes?
Andrew Wallace That cross was hilarious Dude with the cock sock on hahha
Justin Fendley Tosh is fckn clown shoes 😄
The Wendy Williams Show
00:54 02/26/2017

Memsor, Merrell and Robyn dish about 3 of their favorite Wendy looks! Keep Watching:

261 reactions 21 comments
Lo Kumi Long Tall Sally
Frederic Coudrier the left one ❤️❤️❤️ he looks so so sweet french kiss to him
Renee Cope I loved this!
Eternity Mcgill OMG They make her look great
The Rachel Maddow Show
01:06 02/26/2017

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) tried to use Gabby Giffords as an excuse not to hold town-hall forums for his constituents. That wasn't a good idea.

Giffords offers advice to lawmakers afraid of their constituents
Giffords offers advice to lawmakers afraid of their constituents

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) tried to use Gabby Giffords as an excuse not to hold town-hall forums for his constituents. That wasn't a good idea.

18.4k reactions 1066 comments
Gillian Brittan He has 2nd Amendment issues--from Texas with liberal gun laws, his party just supported giving mentally incompetent people access to owning guns, and he's afraid of facing concerned constituents?! He's a cowardly idiot. Who's going to run against him?
Jon Lawson Fulton Gabby Gifford has got more balls than the GOP combined. She needs to return some to these cowards. Their lack of spine, and ass kissing to the gun rights lobby, and the NRA were instrumental in allowing the hell she endured to happen. And these ...
Nancy Warner Dibble The cowardice of piece-of-shit Louie Gohmert is only magnified when held up next to the courage of Gabby Giffords. He is a sad little man.
Abdulwahab Khawam Louie Gohmert is a hypocritical coward and fraud. This is someone who supports lax gun laws and lifting regulations on the mentally unstable in obtaining firearms. To use Gabby Giffords tragic incident as an excuse to skip out on facing his constituents ...
Jean Navarrette They only have themselves to blame if their afraid. Didn't want to do any sort of gun control but expanded to include the mentally unstable. Their scared of gun violence but have no concern for the American people? Idiots
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
20:42 02/25/2017

We're celebrating George Harrison's birthday this weekend by giving away "The Vinyl Collection" box set.

Win "George Harrison: The Vinyl Collection"
Win "George Harrison: The Vinyl Collection"

Enter for a chance to win George Harrison "The Vinyl Collection" box set and a copy of "I Me Mine: The Extended Edition"

678 reactions 44 comments
Aj Zamora Jessica Anid Salinas 😱
Monica Susana Marisa Alvarez
David Friday Dane Barry
Rocio Navarro Pablo Cristo
Jemma Harper McKenna Shearer
20:06 02/25/2017

Now this chick has good taste. #WTFriday

257 reactions 81 comments
Mat Grimme What the hell did I just watch?😳
Cassie Cahill GROOOOOSSSS!!!
Cristina Mathews Ew
Efrain Trinidad Villalobos PanTuflas...
The Rachel Maddow Show
01:06 02/26/2017

A key House Republican conceded yesterday that if Congress guts the Affordable Care Act, fewer Americans will have coverage. But, he added, that would be "a good thing."

Key congressman: It
Key congressman: It's 'a good thing' if more Americans lose coverage

"So if the numbers (of insured people) drop I would say that's a good thing because we restored personal liberty in this country," one congressman said.

29.3k reactions 6412 comments
Deborah Donaldson Moore I say let him give up his insurance first. You know, for personal liberty. And as a show of solidarity with the millions who will lose coverage and can't afford to see a doc.
Susan Chappelle We should provide NO health care coverage for Members of the House or Senate. Nor for the so called president or any member of his administration. Let them take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for their own insurance.
Charles Pitte Why does the government force me to buy home owners and auto insurance? This is a terrible infringement on my liberty. It must be horrible for this member of Congress to have to have free, top shelve, health insurance forced on him.
Guinevere Shaw Smith We are THE only industrialized nation in this planet without guaranteed healthcare for all. And people think we should continue to listen to other ideas these backwards jerks have for this country?
Kimberly Kilpatrick Robson As usual, Paul Ryan must have been living on the moon. Before ACA, the HR department determined which health insurance was offered. No one had the freedom to buy what they needed.
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
20:42 02/25/2017

#ConanMexico Preview: Conan tries to raise money for Donald J. Trump's border wall in Mexico City.

4.7k reactions 180 comments
Claudia Delgado-Matus I love my people .... can't wait to watch!!!!
Jako Rey Saludos Tio Conan!
Jessica Hurado Krysta so good!
Dali Ewing Conan in Mexico City. Pure awesomeness! 😊
Mike Alarcon This makes me smile so much. Thank you Conan!
20:06 02/25/2017

When you try to buy this they should just take your license away and give you a bus pass. [via Izismile Network]

4.2k reactions 675 comments
Kirstie Brosnahan Kim Saunders HAHAHAHA the caption, I'm sorry but you need this 😂❤
Anthony Kinnane Jacqui Cadden. Reckon this will help with ANT left and Jacqui RIGHT????
Colton Mitchell Hannah McNamee that moment when this person leaves their wheel turned when they park and crashes into something.
Matthew Luebke Does Opel even make cars any more?? They probably came like that because they know their market
Jessica Vigil Alena Morales so you don't have to put your hands up to know where's left lol
The Wendy Williams Show
00:54 02/26/2017

Norman reveals his Oscar picks! WATCH NOW:

Norman's Oscar Picks

Norman from the Hot Topics weighs in on who he thinks will win big at the Oscars.

564 reactions 91 comments
Patrick LeGault Can i date hin?
Samuel Howard Brown Hey Norman, what's up
Maris Sah Norman needs a cleaning
Alex Armstrong Norman's brow game is strong 💪🏾
Deanna Elrod Anest What happened to Norman's side kick on the show?
The Rachel Maddow Show
01:06 02/26/2017

It's striking just how much more popular "Obamacare" is than the president trying to destroy it. As support for the Affordable Care Act goes up, Donald Trump's backing goes down.

As support for
As support for 'Obamacare' goes up, Trump's backing goes down

It's striking just how much more popular Obamacare is than the people trying to destroy it.

13.6k reactions 450 comments
Patsy Dryden Why give away certainty for uncertainty. Trump and Congress Republicans have nothing to replace the ACA with so everyone must fight to protect what we have. Republicans wasted all those years voting on repeal without thinking about working on plan that ...
Jon Cheffings I think it also shows that in the Presidential election too much time was spent attacking 45 and not enough time talking about what Dems had done including the benefits of ACA and what it's loss would mean to Americans. Dems focused on the wrong ...
Lesley Amidon Sheehy The Affordable Care Act needs tweaking. To repeal it is an injustice to the American people. The problem with Health Insurance is the carriers. If anything close to death panels it's the insurance companies and pharmaceuticals. They deny needed ...
Suzanne Finkel- Rosen someone please inform Mike Pence that the majority of people in this country (men women, people who lean left, people who lean right) support Obama/ACA-- he thinks otherwise. He has said the ones at town hall meeting protesting the repeal of Obamacare ...
John Michel Everywhere! Everytime! We have got to cite The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and then parenthecially mention that the republicans disparagingly named it "obamacare." I believe that there is still a not so small segment of our country that does not know they ...
The Wendy Williams Show
00:54 02/26/2017

HOT QUESTION: Whose makeup would you rather buy? Kanye West or Kylie Jenner's?

Kanye West Is Launching a Makeup Brand
Kanye West Is Launching a Makeup Brand

Kanye filed the necessary paperwork to allow him to set up a cosmetic brand. The brand will be called Donda, as a tribute to his late mother.

1.2k reactions 1229 comments
Terri Thayer Neither they could be cheap stuff packed w there logo,name ? & who knows what in them & I'm kinda tired of all the media time they both get ENOUGH already....
Tamika Sojoyful How about I would support Kanye West any day they're attacking him because he's an educational individual and educated individual rather who speaks his mind and they do not like that the industry do not like that know your history should be aware is to ...
Rmichele NJ Kylies nail polish is at the dollar store lmao. And really Kayne? These $$$ makers need to stop fooling people. I for one am not. A smart person knows..
Jmarie Fields He is a boil on the butt of humanity...the 1 thing I wish he would do is make good on his promise to move out of the country if Trump was elected...why is he still here ??
Eboni Johnson Don't wear makeup enough to buy either. I don't get spending so much money on makeup. In my opinion makeup should be used to enhance your beauty not cover and contour it!
The Rachel Maddow Show
01:06 02/26/2017

Members of Trump's team are facing an FBI investigation, and top White House officials spoke to FBI leaders about the probe. That sound you hear is the volume on Trump's Russia scandal growing much louder.

White House contacts with FBI take Russia scandal in new direction
White House contacts with FBI take Russia scandal in new direction

Members of Donald Trump's team are facing an FBI investigation, and top White House officials spoke to bureau leaders about the probe.

29.7k reactions 2014 comments
Patty Kearns Moore Honestly I cannot understand why every single American would not want to know RUSSIA'S involvement in the operation of our government affairs and their US affiliates. This goes beyond political powers and shakes our country to its very core of ...
Marylin Anderson They are just a group of morons who have no idea of democracy, nor of the Constitution.....Most of their offenses have been related to their ignorance of the Constitution...You need to do a show on this...How uninformed they are about the ...
Dori Stivers Mikszta I wish I had some faith in the FBI but Comey's behavior leading up to the election was at best questionable. And this is NOT over soon people. The Republicans will go down in flames before they admit that their savior Trump is guilty of any of it. They ...
Jennifer Wheatley-Wolf Good. Turn it all the way up. There are way too many people who want this investigation of Russia's involvement to go away. Hmmmmm, I wonder why?
Gavin Chen Again, there is no smoke without fire. If this is true and there is a high probability that it is true, this administration is corrupt and venal and apparently is not concerned with truth and morality but rather with 'not being caught' and with ...
20:06 02/25/2017

Tosh.0's cover photo

271 reactions 17 comments
Gabrielle Buchheit Damn baby
Julian Asher Nip slip!
Luuis Enrique Carrillo Tosh.mowgli
Billy Kriegbaum I dont think she will be back on the show lol
Jay Chase I like turtles
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