Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
07:48 01/16/2017

ICYMI: Donald J. Trump is back on the horn with Barack Obama. #CONAN

1.4k reactions 112 comments
Shelly Chute Trump's gonna put you on his "whitelist", Conan.
Matt Spatto That shit is funny. I don't care who you are.
Ryan Rokicki These are the best.
Andreas Kuhnert Great.
Morbidd Sightt Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco i was wondering if you wanna visit algeria i got tons of hilarious ideas
07:12 01/16/2017

She was on the last episode of Westworld and decisions had to be made. [via Imgur]

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Liam Harding I'm really concerned. Why would you have to take the legs off a couch? Makes no sense.
Brandon Webb That couch looks familiar.
Patrick Sauls Brooke Hubbard were right, no used couches we will go to miskelly's this week.....
Shawn Berman Here's a salad
Brad Giles At least the couch pulls out.
07:12 01/16/2017

My party guests know it's time to leave when I break out the chicken fart candle. [via Bits & Pieces]

1.8k reactions 280 comments
Danielle Condon This is in my hometown lol 😂
Paul Wise Jr. The Atomic Chicken Fart is deadly!!!!
Ted Mangen My hometown made tosh.o!
Princess Dimitri Singleton You can get half a chicken fart candel free for a role of tissue paper.
Samantha Runner I actually love these candles and try to buy them every year, although the shop moved across town lol
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
07:48 01/16/2017

"Guys that play four and a half hours...those are the guys that don’t want to go home.” - Mark Wahlberg on golf #CONAN

735 reactions 45 comments
Tyler Kenjic Alex Batistatos 1:40
Bryan Womack Lincoln Sea Peter Chong is it tru
Dakota Swite Levi Bradley Swite Alishya M Swite Autumn Swite Treeces Pieces watch from 2:36 lol
Sheryl Ang-Tan Seann Tan
Sital Abundis Fernando awww
07:12 01/16/2017

I think this should qualify you for the carpool lane. [via theCHIVE]

3.4k reactions 565 comments
Kellie Wilson Rachelle Quinto reminds me of Palm Springs lol.... hope you're doing well!
Joe Mcmichael Brandon Germer someone took a picture of you on the highway
Milly Cunningham Porshia Grant this what your car gonna look like when you pack and move lol
Johnny Blade He was also heard saying, "Stop looking at my dick". It was FENTASTIC. Believe me
Brett Middaugh Hey Mike Paton, how many times have we been behind some big dick in traffic in NJ...right?
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
07:48 01/16/2017

On This Day in #CONAN History: Kevin Hart taught a student driver how to give the finger and honk with rhythm.

1.3k reactions 29 comments
Dino Degregorio Morgan DeGregorio
Ammouri Gaming
Dean London Hamada Mostafa
Anton Engström Linus Andersson
Jessica Braun Andy Braun
07:12 01/16/2017

It’s tough being an 80’s teen movie bully in 2017. [via Bits & Pieces]

5.1k reactions 177 comments
Cheyenne Tasovac My fox Tampa bay, watch it or get a wedgie.
Clayton Timothy Dana This happen in 2013 in Florida. of course it's Florida it breeds [email protected]
Jesse Hunter Chris Royer this is so fucking lame
Courtney Macleod Glynis Mensink better warn Isla hahaha
Daryen Jade Crumpton The way I'd end up in jail Brianna Madore
07:12 01/16/2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson is totally going to run this person off the road. [via Radass]

3.2k reactions 670 comments
Chaney Eilene Greenwood This guy lives on my street hahaha he's famous here in Denton
Skylar Tatem The fact that "sailing around the world" is something you can do completely disproves this.
Christopher Ament I think its funny that a person who doesent even believe the Earth is flat is getting so many people upset over a joke.
KennySean Gibson What the hell happened to his car? Like am I the only that wants to know if he should be allowed to drive?
Serenity Hansford It blew my mind when I learned that there are literally people who believe that the earth is flat. YouTube it, shits insane. It's just one more piece of evidence that no matter what you believe... There is a group for you.
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
07:48 01/16/2017

ICYMI: Watch Jimmy Eat World frontman Jim Adkins’ stripped-down solo performance of “Integrity Blues."

459 reactions 30 comments
John Rowe Brett Mallinson
Byron Davis Josh Gimp Davis
Scott Hayes Christina Hayes
Bryan Via Christopher Modl
Dylan Martell Rayson Gordon
07:12 01/16/2017

Lucy’s parents didn’t even bother getting her a birthday cake, they just text her an emoji of one. [via Izismile Network]

4.9k reactions 326 comments
Rob Humiston When everything in the world is being controlled by a phone or tablet, my children will not be asking their children to do it for them. No kid will sit day in and day out on a device, it's just not plausible to even think they would. Tention span. The ...
Joel Cruz When I was a kid I always wanted these for my birthday. Shit we always played video games but we would always go to the park or all over the apartments
Michael Navarro Ramos I wasn't raised with the technology we have now and neither will my kids.. yeah they might be mad at me, but they will be some mad kids with morals and character!
Holli Berri Kid's these days will never know good old fashioned fun. It's so sad. I grew up using my imagination! When I was a kid, I would've sold everything to have a bouncy house at my bday party!
Dylan Thomsen It's called evolution, sorry people over 30 don't understand/can't accept it but it's happening whether you like it or not.
The Rachel Maddow Show
12:12 01/16/2017

"I don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president." - Congressman John Lewis Coming from John Lewis, coming from a man who was nearly killed fighting for voting rights in this country, him saying this was not a free and fair election, this is not a legitimate election result, he was not legitimately elected. Coming John Lewis? It resonates even more than it would for anybody else. Watch tonight's full A block:

31.6k reactions 2559 comments
Karen Grubb Trujillo Congressman Lewis, thank you for having the courage to speak out against Trump and an unfair election. I know you will face backlash for doing the right thing. I admire your integrity and commitment to decency and honesty.
Evie Irwin I hope everyone boycotts watching the inauguration. Turn to HGTV or the Cooking Channel. Don't give Rump the ratings he craves! #RichWhiteTrash #NotMyPresident #RumpIsAnAss
JR West People mad at Rep John Lewis can go straight to hell. He learned it from REPUBS! You cannot have it both ways! Trump showed not one ounce of respect to POTUS OBAMA, or his supporters! But now because Trump has managed fool, berate and brainwash his way ...
Kathy Callison Bodary John Lewis said what a majority of Americans are thinking. We aren't stupid. What else explains the Repubs. attempts to gut the ethics rules, the refusal of Trump to show us his taxes,, and the attack on the Govt. Ethics Oversight Office.
Leslie Harris uhhhh ohhhhh Trump isn't going to like this at all .... if you don't praise him/think he's the GREATEST you are the Loser B|
The Rachel Maddow Show
12:12 01/16/2017

Some good news about a story that upset a lot of our viewers: Charlie Brotman, the long-time inauguration announcer fired by Donald Trump and replaced with a Trump supporter, has found a new job announcing the inauguration for the local Washington NBC station. Congratulations, sir! Watch:

64.6k reactions 1940 comments
Annie Bouscal Thanks The Rachel Maddow Show for bringing this to the public's attention. I am sure you played a part in getting him the new gig-thanks for that as well. I still will not be watching or listening - I cannot stand the idea of that man taking the office.
Duane Malcolm Domino I would say let's all tune into the local Washington NBC station to listen to Charlie Brotman for the inauguration but then I'd actually have to listen to the inauguration. Ain't nobody got time for that! I'm sure there's a rerun of Family Feud on that ...
Linda Warner Seriously, what is the point of this firing? Frump has no morals or respect for the role this man has had... it's a smh shame. Lord help us all.
Stephanie Skandros I am happy for this sweet old man. However, I will not be watching anything on TV or otherwise regarding the inauguration of Trump. I am hoping others will follow suit, as I would love to see poor Nielsen Ratings. That is one thing Trump understands: ...
Rina Diamond Kudos to Maddow for putting the story out there. She should get the credit for the happy ending. If DT had any decency he would not just sent a letter but found another job for the man. He only knows how to hire and fire and does so with no ...
07:12 01/16/2017

CAPTION CHALLENGE WINNER: "Be Real Careful about requesting a table dancer with more HARE" We picked the caption above from a comment left by Angela Linville Thanks to everyone who submitted! Come back next Monday at 1pm for another edition.

139 reactions 29 comments
David Klucznik Cassy Boehm
Ted Ken tosh this chick has no ass check it out
Michael Shupp With teeth like that be glad he's on the table rather than under
Sears A Ronnie Mine was way better
Kevin Lenling Get that jack off my desk
The Rachel Maddow Show
12:12 01/16/2017

The president-elect, the incoming president, is lying to us outright -in a way that we can check! He's saying the intelligence community has made this claim when they actually have made a claim that totally contradicts what he says. Watch the full segment:

18.3k reactions 2115 comments
Jim Brainard So Trump lied throughout the campaign, he demeaned honorable people, he demonstrated no knowledge of issues and yet we elected him. I don't understand the USA anymore. Thankful to be in Mexico where people are gracious, thoughtful, caring and genuine.
Donna Even-Kesef The beginning of a dictatorship - you make the press dysfunctional, you have the people question whether the press can be trusted, you quiet the voices of youth, you create fear among those least able to defend themselves. Unfortunately, Trump has ...
Denise Rond I'm sick of Trump and his cronies! They are all a disgrace! Anyone defending Trump's abominable behavior should be seriously counseled. Why isn't Donald J. Trump being held to higher standards?? He is President elect, the position of the highest power ...
Glenn Szymanski In the end trump will turn out to be the patsy, the fall guy for much smarter and more dangerous people. When he does go down, the ones who come out unscathed from his group will be the people behind this coup.
Christy Hurt Lies, lies, and more lies. Hopefully very soon the lies will catch up with him. Not even president yet and look at the scandals that are surrounding him. Hope that some republican in Congress begin to see what is happening!!
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
07:48 01/16/2017

An all-new #CONAN Podcast just dropped. Rest your eyes and consume CONAN in audio form @

437 reactions 10 comments
Shana Justine Janssen Bryce Wilson
Alex T. Luu Alicia Lam yes
Anna May Bobby May
David Jordan Kara
Omar Bin Hamid Hey that's pretty good.
The Rachel Maddow Show
12:12 01/16/2017

It's easy to think of those who'd suffer from "Obamacare" repeal: low-income families, seniors, young adults, people with pre-existing conditions, etc. The very real impact on small businesses is often overlooked.

Putting small businesses at the center of the health care debate
Putting small businesses at the center of the health care debate

There's no reason "Don't hurt small-business owners and entrepreneurs" couldn't be the progressive equivalent to "Don't hurt farmers" in the estate-tax debate.

4.7k reactions 342 comments
Shae Lee I've been self-employed for 13 years, owned and operated my very small but successful business for 9 years now. I am beyond angry that my right to buy health insurance is in jeopardy. The GOP had years to create a better solution and produced nothing. ...
Rina Diamond Just as Obama care has increased the work force so will repealing it reduce the work force. Its a no brainer to everyone in health care.
Vicki Sharp The other night the GOP lead Seanate voted for the following items in an attempt to repeal Obamacare: 1. Protect people with pre-existing conditions 2. Let young adults stay on their parents’ plan 3. Maintain access to contraceptive coverage 4. Ensure ...
Saundra Sisson Gustus You don't really think they care, do you? All they are thinking is their hate for Obama and undoing ANYTHING he's accomplished. In my opinion they are a pile of garbage and that's putting it nicely!
Carol L Green What's it going to take to make these clowns realize how devastating this repeal is going to be to millions? And, it won't work if they decrease benefits and raise premiums, as their suggestions so far seem to indicate will happen.
07:12 01/16/2017

This flower delivery is sweet, yet salty. Just like her butthole. [via TCmag]

2.5k reactions 462 comments
Corbi Lyn Crowther Yleek Selene.... It's from saybrook hahahahhaha did you receive these??
Nick Waite Mari Fay did you ever get one like this when you worked there?
Nicholas Pinillos Lauren Fronk looks like baby daddy got something more than just flowers hahahaha
Sarah Michaud Wait, has no one realized this place is called You Flowers? Just had to point that out. You Flowers. You allllll Flowers.
Melanie Korenvaes Jessica Gnagey Chet Gridley, the first thing I saw is "from you flowers" and 34.99 lmao
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
07:48 01/16/2017

If you thought the Trump report was bad, wait until you hear the dirt Russia has on The Supreme Court. #CONAN

711 reactions 29 comments
Slaven Vukčević In USA you call it Metadata :3
Ryan Champagne Bailey Curran
Russell Vahrenkamp Zach Helms
Mia Shaikh Sharif Elmenchawy
Chris Garcia Kason Pifer Ty Huntwork
The Rachel Maddow Show
23:24 01/13/2017

A week ahead of Inauguration Day, Donald Trump isn't just struggling to win over most of the American public. The president-elect hasn't quite persuaded his own cabinet nominees to agree with his platform, either.

Trump's cabinet nominees have a plan: disagree with Trump

A week ahead of Inauguration Day, Donald Trump hasn't quite persuaded his own cabinet nominees to agree with key elements of his platform.

1.4k reactions 599 comments
Richard Hunt He does not need to win over the public. He does whatever he pleases, and if anyone objects he just obliterates them with a mean-tweet. He will get away with it as long as people allow themselves to be bullied 140 characters at a time.
Sandy Mackie Once again, I just heard about trump being unprecedented in his maybe way of dealing with China. He is not unprecedented. He is a spoiled brat, baby, bully who is used to getting his own way. He cares nothing for ethics and norms. It was assumed that ...
Ab Rodriguez Sr. These cabinet fellas are not saying what Lord Cheeto da tweeter is saying. Is this just to get their feet in the door or do these characters really have a set?
Richard H. Davis They just say what Republicans consider reasonable until they get confirmed - then they'll do every crazy thing Trump wants - or he'll replace them with someone who will...
Sue Belanger Mix I just Hope that donald did not advise them to disagree with him during the hearing in ordr to be confirme...once confirmed they can say president makes final call. It would be a good plan to get his chosen in..It is strange that. they are all chosing ...
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
07:48 01/16/2017

“I met the Holy Father and he had no idea who I was” - Mark Wahlberg hosted an event for Pope Francis. #CONAN

1.4k reactions 37 comments
Ryan Berman Andrew Fontanille
Cole Fynn Justin Henry
Dianne Bee Teddy
David Williams Rebecca Williams
Gabrielle Mck Steve McCourt
The Rachel Maddow Show
23:24 01/13/2017

Donald Trump asked this week, "Are we living in Nazi Germany?" It's a tough thing for his Republican allies to defend -- but they're trying.

Republicans try to defend Trump
Republicans try to defend Trump's 'Nazi Germany' rhetoric

Donald Trump asked this week, "Are we living in Nazi Germany?" It's a tough thing for his Republican allies to defend -- but they're trying.

3.7k reactions 1850 comments
Charles Gamm Trump won against all odds. The table was set for Hillary by Obama, the media, the DNC, Soros, the NEA etc....He pulled off the greatest upset in US history. You all were talking before the election as if the election was a just formality. Did you ...
Grace Cantu-Griffis This is directed to Trump, I don't think he reads comments made on Facebook, but I don't Tweet,No this is not Nazi Germany, but your rehortic views will be just like crazy maniac Hitler, including the idiots you have appointed.
Kim Lyons The CIA and FBI would never have presented the information to both President Obama and trump had it not been credible...Buzzfeed released it without having viewed the salacious tape..but I'll bet it will surface in time...referencing Nazi Germany is his ...
Kenneth Dobrowolski No Trump we are not living in Nazi Germany - that happens on 1-20-2016. So much for fake responses from you. Truth about you and your bathing habits in Moscow hurt your ego? Paul Ryan told us you would get better - Paul Ryan, just like you, is an ...
Kristin Hoskins Davis Donald Trump is a complete moron. We can not and should not believe a word he says. Our job is to fight to keep things together until he and his joke of a vp is voted out. In 2 years, we need to vote out the repubs and bring in a fresh new congress that ...
07:12 01/16/2017

Is there anything funnier than giving your friend pneumonia.

983 reactions 69 comments
Sean Mclellan thats claptons lol
Randy Wegrzyn Joey Karnes remember that long cold walk home lol?
Jose Luis Arres Rosendo Alvarado Jr. Luis Nevarez Jose RLuis NevarezJose Ramos
Austin Hedman Best show on comedy Central
Trippe Erwin Matt Panzo "perfect teenage body" 😂😂😂
The Wendy Williams Show
23:12 01/13/2017

Rickey Smiley Official FanPage weighs in on Chris Brown & Souja boy's boxing match. Keep Watching:

461 reactions 88 comments
K Lashaell Knox Shame on the IGNORANCE of all of this. Please stop giving this any of our attention!!!!!!!
Misty Jackson Id rather them fight like this in a ring, gloves on, where its controlled versus being in the street and shooting.. js..
Tushanda Burton I'm disappointed and Wendy not respecting he's opinion
Kai Heavenlee Yeah like Wendy is ever concerned about what black people feel. Nope stop faking.
Edith Ramofhi Chris brown is a problem child, who needs guidence and prayer
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
07:48 01/16/2017

Judah & the Lion give a roaring performance of "Take It All Back 2.0" on #CONAN.

Judah & The Lion "Take It All Back 2.0" 01/12/17
Judah & The Lion "Take It All Back 2.0" 01/12/17

Judah & The Lion perform a single off their latest album Folk Hop n' Roll.

305 reactions 24 comments
Danny Pariah McDaniel Endiya Cheeks
Kyle Hausmann David Hagendorn
Drea Wieder Cindy Devroy
Cody DeHart Jerry Grannan your song.
Greg Whitus Lori Whitus & Lindsey Whitus - Y'all will like this
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
19:00 01/13/2017

Elle Fanning convinced an Uber driver that she was a professional volleyball player. #CONAN

88 reactions 35 comments
Rebecca Tremain Liar Liar Nobody who knows Nothing!
Islam Shahin She's the cutest person in the world.
Chris Kirk Who??
Dan Henk convincing a stranger something... not that difficult...
赫瑋任 Wowwa weewa
The Rachel Maddow Show
23:24 01/13/2017

House Republicans aren't interested in investigating Donald Trump's conflicts of interest. They are interested in investigating the head of the Office of Government Ethics -- who's complained about Trump's conflicts of interest.

House Republicans target Government Ethics chair
House Republicans target Government Ethics chair

The director of the Office of Government Ethics criticized Trump's conflict-of-interest solution. Now he's facing "retaliation" from congressional Republicans.

10.4k reactions 1714 comments
Steve Martinez IMO folks are too focused on the harm trump represents and it's distracting some of us from the serious harm the GOP represents as his co-conspirators.
Eva Shiels "I listened as they called my President a Muslim. I listened as they called him and his family a pack of monkeys. I listened as they said he wasn't born here. I watched as they blocked every single path to progress that they could. I saw the pictures of ...
Marla Vardell Do what you were elected to do, represent the citizens of America, or get out of politics & get out of the way! All you have to do with this issue is hold the President Elect to the same standards that all of his predecessors have been. Anything less is ...
Sharon Forsyth You have to be kind of Street Savvy to see what's going on. It's strong armed robbery without the gun. Basically if you don't turn your back on what we're doing,"Ethics"than we will do an Benghazi on you.
Nancy Tice And this is how it will be for the next 4yrs! If there really are pictures or video of this creep, release them now. Before the inauguration so we don't have to deal with pence or any other of trumps ridiculous nominations.
The Wendy Williams Show
23:12 01/13/2017

Wendy debuts her Janet Jackson poncho!

Janet Jackson Poncho! | The Wendy Williams Show
Janet Jackson Poncho! | The Wendy Williams Show

Wendy debuts her Janet Jackson poncho!

494 reactions 115 comments
Ashley McGuire Your skinny legs reminds me of Cruella Devill in her big white coat with her little legs lol
Linda Burrell Wendy you look like little Black Riding Hood with a Wendy Williams smile, you look good.
Slowmotion Slowjuice Washington Expensive poncho yep that's what it look like and for the booshy ppl a bootleg burka poncho Lmao I know im petty
Judy Holland Looks better on Wendy, but I just don't care for that camping tent at all....
Loma Lansdowne It's horrible. .. just about the ugliest thing I've seen in
18:24 01/13/2017

Second Base just became terrifying. #wtf #wtfriday

11 reactions 15 comments
Hannah Cooper Ela Bela
John Lane Aaron Penna
Jason Lieberman Jessica Cortrite Marquis
Brian Kasper Katelynn Christina Russ
Cami Eymer Sativa Lilli Earl ok
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
19:00 01/13/2017

#Conan talks Los Angeles Chargers, La La Land, & more @

264 reactions 24 comments
Nicole Woolliscroft Nicole Gall
Magnus Mathiesen Endre Hansen
Ruben Lopez Susie Argumedo
Nate O'Neil Adam Goodell
Berk Erdem Beril Şimşek
18:24 01/13/2017

Even with time to plan, it would be hard to come up with a more destructive place to take a poop. [via Imgur]

2.1k reactions 1279 comments
Eric Scott Mattevi It acts like a fan, everytime the door revolves, circulating the smell inside.
Austin Young Not another damn sequel to The Ring... God, this looks shitty.
Alvaro Ortiz I guess shit really does go around full circle. Miguel Ortiz Steve Reher
Charlie Reed I think the dog turd in a roomba path is more destructive.
Evan Rees Finn Bloxsom would good solid odds this is in China
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