The Wendy Williams Show
07:24 04/25/2017

TUESDAY: Dulé Hill tells us about his new film Sleight!

115 reactions 34 comments
Estefany Guzman Puchy M. Soto Gladys Cruz this guy
Joanne Tucker Love your show,👀💕
Dan Sangwa Blondies, cuties are all around
Crystal Anderson Where do you sign up for the give a way that starts Thursday
Coretta Sears Hi there Wendy
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
03:12 04/25/2017

#CONAN Highlight: Kumail Nanjiani shared a cross-country flight with a man who hates jeans and loves showing off his gams.

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Pauline Vaissié Passenger Shaming!!!
Milan Sperka Jarun Tann!
Andrew Guisler Lindsey what would you do if this happened
Selina Lugo Max this guy lol
The Wendy Williams Show
07:24 04/25/2017

HOT TOPICS: Mel B's former nanny files a defamation lawsuit. Keep Watching:

217 reactions 27 comments
Shannon Marie Ariell Tyniesha Sims
Ilona Reyes I would like to know why it was not dissused about the abuse. If this abuse Is true it should be discussed instead of Talking about the other unnecessary Info about her because this is tough for Anyone to deal with.
Jerry Griffin 😎
Adelia Sukhan Randy Marks they cut you out
Mary Gonzales Arispe Hell yeah!
The Rachel Maddow Show
07:36 04/25/2017

An interesting follow-up to a story we covered a couple of weeks ago: Remember when the Department of Homeland Security was so bothered by a parody/commentary Twitter account that they tried to force Twitter to reveal the account holder's identity? And then they quickly withdrew the demand when Twitter and the ACLU counter-sued? (See below.) It turns out that wasn't the end of the story. Now the DHS inspector general has decided to start his own investigation into whether the Department has abused its authority. (Via WaPo:

1.4k reactions 122 comments
Gina Kim This gets more and more farcical. LOL is this the spinoff show from the Apprentice?
Scott Neuman Let's Change it. Lawsuit being filed Friday. Wish you'd do a story on it. How to Fix Congress, w; the ratified Congressional Apportionment Amendment. Stops Gerrymandering, allows candidates to run without spending millions of your dollars and offers ...
Pam Hercules What about not telling the public that Trump is a Traitor who is working with Russia to take over our Country? Comey thought that Hillary's emails were more dangerous than Treason? Comey did wrong and swayed the election, seems like he was working with ...
Mike Pignatello More lies and deception. I can't believe these dopes that I actually believe you Rachel. You would've thought they would've learned with your Trump income tax debacle but no, they are actually that dumb!
Tony Lucas United and Pepsi think they've got brand problems. I'm telling you, the Democrats have a much greater branding problem right now than even United Airlines. Because at least United is still flying. And Pepsi is still pouring.
The Rachel Maddow Show
07:36 04/25/2017

What if a United States president, forbidden from taking money from a foreign government, happened to have tens of millions of dollars in real estate up for sale that a foreign government could buy? New investigative journalism from USA Today gave us a better look at the potential for conflict with Donald Trump's real estate stake. Watch:

4.8k reactions 424 comments
Sarah Julia Herrmann Well, currently, that depends if said President is Republican or Democrat. Republicans will not hold one of their own to task; it's party before country for them. Besides, if the foreign government pays millions or tens of millions above market value ...
Richard Vlasaty It appears that Americans are oblivious to what is happening to their country. The idiots that voted for him are only concerned with their Second Amendment rights and are quite happy to return to the first century instead of being concerned with making ...
Lynn Hall Tuck Thank you for investigative journalism. These reports are important. Keep them coming. Soon enough there will be a straw to break the camel's back. the closer we get to 2018 to more worried the republicans will get and then they will have to do ...
Debra Benyshek I any other Country, this rampant, in our face, Unconstitutional, blatent violation after violation of ethics, conflict of interest, security risk, taxpayer abuse, collusion with Adversaries, Logan Act, Nepotism, bribery, would not be tolerated. South ...
Pat Hall Makes my stomach churn hearing him say out loud that an email account investigation is more important for the public to know about when deciding on the next president than a potential president colluding with Russians. Especially when just DAYS before ...
The Wendy Williams Show
07:24 04/25/2017

The cast of Australia's Thunder From Down Under help Wendy make a special announcement. Watch Now!

Thunder from Down Under Las Vegas | The Wendy Williams Show
Thunder from Down Under Las Vegas | The Wendy Williams Show

The cast of Thunder from Down Under perform LIVE on The Wendy Williams Show.

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Emm Nelson Kathleen Rose Nelson
Carina Juarez-Garcia Maria Silva-Ramirez Jennifer Lownes Lizbeth Martinez
Michelle Little ❤️❤️❤️
The Wendy Williams Show
07:24 04/25/2017

Nick Cannon is joining Wendy for the full hour this Thursday! Be there!

859 reactions 59 comments
Rachelle LaRose Sciulara Love you Wendy! I will be watching! Shout out from N.Y.!
Harry Cole Well alright gets go
Helen France Is he gonna wear his swamie Mommy turban?
Belinda Davis Can't wait this is going to be awesome
Susan Aprieto Velves Loose the ridiculous turban.
The Rachel Maddow Show
07:36 04/25/2017

To get a job on Team Trump, go on TV. To get a message to Donald Trump personally, go on TV. To influence the direction of the White House, go on TV. This isn't how administrations are supposed to work, and yet...

The pipeline between cable news and the Trump White House
The pipeline between cable news and the Trump White House

To get a job on Team Trump, go on TV. To get a message to the president, go on TV. To influence the direction of the White House, go on TV.

2.6k reactions 230 comments
John LeFrancois Have you noticed that EVERY article on this page is the product of a single person? I heard that the author, Steve Benen, is an embedded news "agent" whose function is to makes sure that only a single point of view is represented by Rachel and MSNBC.
Germaine Cherry Moreover, we have one (01) White House, and that's where "We the People's" business should be directed to/from, etc. The Media, should stop allowing Trump's ego to interchange thoughts of his personal property coherent to the White House. These ...
Jackie Ohlsen WOW! RACHEL - I knew the Democratic Party, MSNBC and you in particular, weren't above much to try to undermine and discredit The President Of The United States Donald Trump, but going so LOW as to actually attack, accuse and try to destroy and silence ...
Mary Pernal It seems so unreal to have a president so out of touch with reality. He seems to have no interest in gathering information from people who could advise him, like those from Intelligence, National Security, and even military agencies. Instead, he is an ...
Peggy Lake Drama money , I did not look at his face for three days now, I slept alot better!!!
The Wendy Williams Show
07:24 04/25/2017

Serena Williams is winning on and off the court! 👶🏾

Serena Williams Writes to Her “Dearest Baby” for the First Time | The Wendy Williams Show
Serena Williams Writes to Her “Dearest Baby” for the First Time | The Wendy Williams Show

Serena Williams has something to say to the baby in her belly.

1.3k reactions 90 comments
Chad Sims So happy for her. She has proved what she can do on and off the court!!!
Jeffrey Owens The look on his face say he done lift more then he can handle maybe the shape and the smile..,
Celeste Garrison He better try saving his back.
Karen Freeman Love is LOVE
Donna Yaws It won't last 😏
02:36 04/25/2017

May I suggest some blackout curtains? [via Uberhumor]

470 reactions 49 comments
Douglas Wollenburg It even comes with a rain gutter half-bath.
Jim Goede Now THAT is how you add square footage!
Matthew Bray When u come home a find......its a sign to move out
Tamara Rivera May I suggest some new writers
The Wendy Williams Show
07:24 04/25/2017

Nancy Grace gives us the inside scoop on the latest legal headlines. Keep Watching:

774 reactions 112 comments
Melinda Ortiz He was murdered
Angel Taylor So are we just gonna continue to ignore that fact that his fiancé should be taking a hiv test with all these homosexual accusations?
Rico Jones You can NOT barricade a prison cell...FOUL PLAY!
Missy Everlith Never believe everything you hear or read a lot of false info being put out there get it together Wendy and nancy
Latoya Phillips I love Nancy Grace
The Wendy Williams Show
07:24 04/25/2017

The warm up is over, and the Real Housewives of Atlanta part 2 reunion starts to get serious.🍑

RHOA RECAP: Tears Have Been Shed | The Wendy Williams Show
RHOA RECAP: Tears Have Been Shed | The Wendy Williams Show

The warm up is over, and the RHOA part 2 reunion starts to get serious.

281 reactions 47 comments
Nugroho Amrih Widodo #Emput_zdFullMovieF8
Kiesha Davis Phaedra looks beautiful
Margaret A Clark All these tricks fake n acting for the Camara.
Clara Morgan They need to take Kenya off she is a bulley
Sherry Edwards Team Porsha!
The Rachel Maddow Show
07:36 04/25/2017

We've uncovered the key to understanding the Trump administration's foreign policy: Don't listen to what Donald Trump says. Take the new developments in Australia, for example.

The 'Never-Mind-What-Trump-Said' foreign policy endures

There's a key to understanding the Trump administration's foreign policy: don't listen to Donald Trump.

3.6k reactions 358 comments
Dora DiBartolomeo Vickery Trump takes many side on one topic , sometimes all on the same day .... he really doesn't care about anything other than bragging about himself !!!! He insults others and brags about how smart and wonderful he is ...
Franco A. Venture Donald Trump is such an idiot, he calls & congratulates the President Of Turkey, the planet's newest Dictator who has violated every Democratic norm that we stand for leaving our Democratic allies/Nato scraching their heads asking wtf just happened? ...
Charles L. Antill Jr. If I your foreign policy does not mirror what the President says, then it just reinforces what many of us already suspect: He's a complete fraud. Pence has become the foreign policy janitor. Flying from one country to the next, with the presidential ...
Jeff Jackson Slightly off topic- I recently saw where in Ivanka's book, she said "perception is better than the truth". It cuts right to the point of what has been widely reported, you know, that Ivanka and hubby are opposites of Bannon, and left of center. I think ...
Jeff Hendrix This was my reply to Benjamin who deleted his thread after he was unable to post any links to support his claim. He did mention the DAPL, the Yemen raid, and Iran sanctions. Here is my reply. I welcome factual responses with appropriate links and ...
The Wendy Williams Show
07:24 04/25/2017

AFTER SHOW: Wendy answers your Ask Wendy viewer questions!

After Show: Ask Wendy | The Wendy Williams Show
After Show: Ask Wendy | The Wendy Williams Show

Wendy answers your Ask Wendy questions!

301 reactions 38 comments
Sadie Raines wjxx jacksonville florida how do you stay fit
Bernadette Kochan Cardell You get more beautiful every day. So pretty.
Luisa Clemente Today your makeup look flawless
Verna Richardson So no God but Budda Wendy, I see you...
Eric Jackson she looks good in this pic
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
03:12 04/25/2017

Conan on President Trump's first 100 days and more @

7.2k reactions 129 comments
Garrett D. Walker Only feels like an eternity because of how much media exposure he is getting.
Clare Elliott This administration is a reality nightmare, I'm scared and terrified for mother earth.
Ryan Hossain I'm pretty impressed that he made it to 100. Actually, I'm afraid. Dudes gonna get so many people killed.
Mason Scott So not bringing back an Egyptian American and her husband from being illegally held by Egypt in prison then?
Julia Garin So many triggered trump lovers 😂😂 does it ever get tiring to hate watch constantly?
The Wendy Williams Show
07:24 04/25/2017

Enter for your chance to win a trip to Las Vegas, brought to you by Vegas Girls Night Out!

141 reactions 74 comments
Janee Drudabloody Curtis O I hope and pray my luck changes!! I need a getaway, never had a chance to do so. I'm always working
Beverlyn Jordan I love your show. We golden girls love to travel before we get too old to stroll lol😖😔😪😪😫.
Jessie Davenport It's hard as hell to enter this contest. Shame on Wendy Williams.
Shelley Strode I have trouble every time I try to enter any of your contest because it wont let me upload my pic
Athena Brown I am 60 yrs old and have never been to Vegas. I would love to go paint the town red. Lol
The Rachel Maddow Show
07:36 04/25/2017

This isn't the proper order: Donald Trump is asked a question, then he answers it, then he learns something about the subject matter. He has a habit of admitting this, suggesting it's an ignorance that’s compounded by a lack of self-awareness.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump's ignorance keeps getting in the way

We're talking about presidential ignorance that's compounded by a lack of self-awareness, which by any fair measure, is a rather brutal combination.

8.5k reactions 781 comments
Sally Harding I'm all for getting new ideas and fresh blood into politics, but this country seriously needs a new set of laws about the presidency and cabinet positions, one of which is that having money and an opinion, does not qualify you for the job. If you have ...
Chris Hayes "I was asked if I thought I was ignorant during a very fair interview with Fox and friends. I said absolutely not. Well, I didn't kow what the word meant at the time. I know a lot about that word now. I would say I'm very good at being ignorant, the ...
Margaret Sutton "We’re talking about an ignorance that’s compounded by a lack of self-awareness, which by any fair measure, is a rather brutal combination." The MaddowBlog and Donald Trump
Nuna Bosler I must be missing the part where he "learns something about it"...
Michael Davis One of the best ways I've heard it stated: "Ignorance is just the first stage of Trump’s fairly advanced problem. He is not only ignorant but clearly unaware of his level of ignorance. This is compounded by a seeming inability to understand that ...
02:36 04/25/2017

She is the drone I've been looking for.

CeWEBrity Profile - Jedi Realist-Tosh.0 - Video Clip | Comedy Central
CeWEBrity Profile - Jedi Realist-Tosh.0 - Video Clip | Comedy Central

A man who treats Jedi teachings as a religion turns his lightsaber on Daniel.

80 reactions 2 comments
Justin Fendley Tosh is fckn clown shoes 😄
Cody Kordell Graham *DROID* NOT DRONE MORON.....
02:36 04/25/2017

CAPTION CHALLENGE: Family Dinner Write a caption for this still - and help us choose our favorite by liking the captions you think are best. We'll pick a winner and share your glory on Facebook.

94 reactions 668 comments
Jonathan Rapp Train to live in "outer space" while you eat on earth! With this advanced NASA inversion chair. Use to be $10,000 now on sale for $5,000, buy today and receive one extra free joke from Tosh to tell your friends and family. If your Space chair breaks or ...
Justin King Daniel must have got fired. This is exactly how they hid the fact that weirdo Crispen Glover was shit-canned from Back to the Future II.... Hang his replacement upside down and tell everyone that his back is out.... Nobody even noticed...
Shawn Christopher Body So, the new revolution has arrived! Reverse the years of aging and gravity! Just 49.99 plus shipping and handling and you too can help tighten and firm up your scrotum! Just 7 hours a day is all you need to get that youthful scrotum back fellas.
Christina Skawinski Dad: "Linda he's doing that thing again." Mom: "Steve, we locked all of the doors and windows, how did he get back in?" Daughter: "I'm pregnant."
Zachry Skidmore Hoping that your girlfriend wears a miniskirt to dinner just to find out that its your grandmother who is Instead
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
03:12 04/25/2017

"Conan A" By Kevin Frank

350 reactions 13 comments
Emily Saadi Bethania Michael
Alejandro Villarroel Fernando Villarroel mira, lo hizo para ti. Jaja.
Michael Muzichuk They should have used your superhero!
김환희 Hello CON'I'N
Adam Michael Carr CONMAN!!!!!!
The Rachel Maddow Show
07:36 04/25/2017

The Republican in charge of the Senate Intelligence Committee vowed to help lead a credible investigation into the Trump/Russia scandal. It's really not going well.

Senate investigation into Russia scandal faces GOP resistance
Senate investigation into Russia scandal faces GOP resistance

To think that a Richard Burr-led investigation into the Russia scandal would be a dogged pursuit of unvarnished truth was probably not realistic.

11.5k reactions 1821 comments
Jeff Sherman Anybody playing partisan politics by hindering an investigation into the possibility of a corrupt presidential administration is complicit in the corruption and should be charged with treason. That includes Pence, McConnell and Ryan too.
Audrey Klein I guess these dummies don't think they are going to lose BIGLY in the 2018 elections. The public is sick & tired of these guys who, by their lack of action, condone treasonous actions!
Glenn Kakely The Dems tried to play nicely. Maybe it's time they roll up their sleeves and get dirty and public about it! This "potential issue" impacts the democracy and security of the United States and should be important enough to warrant bipartisan support by ...
Dawn Ross I'm not confident that Trump will ever fall or others involved in this Russia scandal.....this is not your normal millions....this involves we cannot wrap our brains around.....Putin is the most powerful man in the world & everybody ...
Warren Allen Jeffers That's because we are finding out the there are a lot more GOP leaders and office holders than tRump that are involved with Russia and being blackmailed by Russia to protect tRump. GOP corruption from the top down......seems that Russia controls most ...
02:36 04/25/2017

If you Google Reverse Image Search this photo, the first search results are "Drake" - that is all. [via Imgur]

2.0k reactions 1704 comments
Josh Merritt Ryan Campbell when did you start smoking weed bud? Luisa Simmons and Patrick Yohn did he tell you guys? 😂
Jose Botello hey Jabe Love tell Gerardo Fierro I found that thing he was looking for
Rick Leon Lorenzo Leon Marco Leon, I finally I found a bong you'll love!! 😆😆😆😆
Oscar Frank Quintero David Ramos my dad thought you would want a bong like this.
Rohan Davison Cone peice empty and doesn't even look like it's sealed in the grommet. So maybe it's a fake as fuck photo amd that's why drake is a suspect. Dam google you quick
02:36 04/25/2017

I guess we're ordering pizza. [via TCmag]

1.1k reactions 180 comments
Kevin Roberts Odds are there are cutters in the house or a hacksaw :P
Laura Rocco Frank Manno seems like something that would have happened in Midrise cc: Kim Numann
Jeff Mellen Just turn the microwave upside down and put it on top of the freezer. ;)
Zak Zasoba Aiden Trinkner what you need to do for me at night.
Jeremiah Swift They'd come home to an open fridge and a hanging microwave. ..
The Wendy Williams Show
07:24 04/25/2017

Enter for your chance to win a trip to Las Vegas, brought to you by Vegas Girls Night Out!

Wendy’s Big Las Vegas Giveaway
Wendy’s Big Las Vegas Giveaway

Enter Wendy’s Big Las Vegas Giveaway Sweepstakes! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends 5/14/17. 48 contiguous U.S./DC, 21+ only. Subject to Official Rules available at

266 reactions 47 comments
Belinda Reed I watch everyday!
Sheila Ann Wylie How u doing?
Roslyn Evans Lord this is a trip i can use...need to relax
Fawn April Entered
Debbie Russell Hey Wendy! How you doing .I love to win the giveaway
The Wendy Williams Show
07:24 04/25/2017

Visit to shop these Trendy @ Wendy Deals. Sale ends 5/2/17 at 10:00 a.m. EST (taxes and shipping not included).

Rue La La — Boutiques
Rue La La — Boutiques

At Rue La La, shop today's must-have brands for her, him, home, and more - all up to 70% off. New sales launch daily. And it's always free to join.

63 reactions 4 comments
Mella Charmelia #Fate_FuriousMovie_Bg
Camila Zanelli Olah estou vendendo alguns perfil para lojas ou divulgar sua pagina ou no instgram acima de 7mil seguidores, os precos estao otimos, e uma ótima oportunidade para alavancar suas vendas! Seguidores reais e brasileiros, Tenho de 7mil 14mil 15mil E 52mil ...
Rita Hayworth Pipkin LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you Wendy I definitely watch your show I l👀k for U to come on everyday.🔥🔥🔥❤️🔥🔥
Ramras Montgomery This show is so cheap! Wendy has these trends and doesn't give the audience even the cheapest one. Other shows that are budget-challenged at least give the audience the cheapest item featured. CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!!!
The Wendy Williams Show
07:24 04/25/2017

HOT QUESTION: Do you want Nick and Mariah to get back together?

Nick Cannon Says He Sees Mariah Carey Everyday For One Obvious Reason (VIDEO)
Nick Cannon Says He Sees Mariah Carey Everyday For One Obvious Reason (VIDEO)

Nick Cannon's been seeing Mimi a lot lately, but he says that's no surprise.

1.5k reactions 411 comments
Lynnette Eden They've had their reason of coming into each other's lives. Time to move on and Mariah isn't a high maintenance woman when it comes to a man. She's all about her regardless. She doesn't need another man tugging her arm. Her plate is full and she just ...
Kenneth Wade Wendy Williams you are disgusting for suggesting that you are clearly brainwashed and I can't lie I used to respect you when you were on the radio but I literally watched you change up. Nick and Mariah should show people that Co parenting is beautiful ...
Annie Sutton What is up. With that she left Nick For Some one else He met SomeOne else and has a baby with the New lady soooo.. Do you really think they Need to get back together Noooo!!!! Aj❤
Martha Parnell Brooks Only if the feeling is mutual,because if they both don't want the same things in life meaning (love for one another)!and respect each other then it's not going to work at all.One of the worst things that anyone can do is Waist valuable time.
Joseph Romanoff Regardless of how much two people may love each other, it still doesn't mean they could be right for each other. Some people really are better off as friends than being in a relationship that can go toxic which is probably why those two split up in the ...
The Rachel Maddow Show
07:36 04/25/2017

Donald Trump told young immigrants known as "Dreamers" that they can "rest easy" and not fear deportation. Two days later, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said something very ... different.

Trump administration can
Trump administration can't keep its story straight on 'Dreamers'

The president said Dreamers can "rest easy." The attorney general said something ... different.

6.6k reactions 888 comments
Dave Johnson I wouldn't call someone who was brought here (against their will) as a young child "illegal immigrant". But this guy Sessions ("far right" (not sure what if anything that means)) like other people like this have a hard time justifying their beliefs. ...
Melissa Brown We must strengthen and reinvigorate our Democratic Party. It is unacceptable our society has been reduced to this low standard of person serving as the most powerful Attorney General in the land. He cares nothing for this nation's welfare. The ...
Richard Morgan Beauregard Jefferson Sessions, of the Alabama Sessions, has been, is. and always will be, a disgusting little racist
Fran King As far as i can tell, the trump administration cannot keep their stories straight about a thing! They are truly a story of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing!
Linda Marshall It's becoming clear that his administration understands who they are dealing with - someone who doesn't have any idea what his policies actually are or should be. So they're paying about as much attention to anything he says as you pay to your two year ...
The Wendy Williams Show
07:24 04/25/2017

A BIG announcement

1.5k reactions 619 comments
Rene Farrar I will be watching
Glorietta Owens Came to the show 9 27 2016 one of the worst expierence. Will never go back
Edward Sanchez Suzanne you are so beautiful
Jo Antinozzi Will someone please tell her to straighten the BACK of her hair as well as the front
Toni Stramondo-kaufman love Wendy RIP EDDIE MURPHY you will ne be missed by the whole world 😣
The Rachel Maddow Show
07:36 04/25/2017

This week, without some kind of action, funding for the government will expire and we'll have a government shutdown. In response, Donald Trump has come up with a hostage strategy -- which is doomed to fail.

White House makes an offer Dems can easily refuse
White House makes an offer Dems can easily refuse

Team Trump has come up with a hostage strategy: approve money for a border wall or the health care system gets it.

9.0k reactions 1069 comments
Scott Saunders Republicans are in charge of all 3 divisions of the government, if something happens it is on them. Should be an interesting week. I assume someone is out back greasing up the back pedaling rig.
Pauline Wright Shut it down. Don't let trump or his idiots blackmail u. Shutting down the government is on them not u democrat they love doing shit and blaming it on someone else. Let them pay for there own wall. They are the one who want it. If trump will stop ...
Vince Metzler Imagine being so hated, so full of shit that you can control both the House and Senate, the Oval Office, every lever of power and yet *still* have to resort to playing fucking chicken with people's lives over a bullshit border wall. But hey, leftists ...
Liz Toomey Varno His inexperience and lack of understanding how government really works is shocking. Fifteen months and no one thought to run a few tutorials for him? He's grasping at straws and tossing the macaroni. at the wall to see what sticks. His appointees have ...
Gregg Franklin F*ck Trump. Shut it down. Let's see how his poll numbers are when his supporters can't get doctor appointments or prescription refills without funding for Medicaid and Obamacare benefits.
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
03:12 04/25/2017

ICYMI: Trump told Obama he has regrets about dropping the mother of all bombs. #CONAN

828 reactions 26 comments
Debbie Nagy Sandler Matthew Kernes
Daniel James Braun Tim
Marta Leidi Diego Pineda
Diego Romero Patty Cas lmao
Noelia Sanchez Jossalin Nelly Jose
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