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Street food tastes a little bit better when someone uses their mutant powers to make it.

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Raymond Cortez
I've seen the chef that taught me reach in and grab the chicken from the fryer like goddamn dude
Brandon Carey
julio, the unburnt, millionth of his name, breaker-outer of tacos
Chad Ernst
Dips his hand in cold water, with the short amount of time his hands are in contact with the hot grease it won't burn him, but still cool to watch
Evan Planas
Finally found flavor town...tastes like Pakistani knuckle hair.
Lauren Reany
You see his face when he looked at the camera "yeah, bitch, I just did that"
Terrance M Singh
I just love fried chicken coated in germs, human skin and newspaper ink.
Jonathone Wesley Goddin
O My, baseball glove for hands, rub the lotion on the skin.. haha
JP Guinard
1- those are air bubbles to make him look like a bad ass. 2- he's at 15000 feet altitude where shit boils at luke warm temperatures 3- shut up and take my money whatever the hell that is...
Rob Mcnicol
I think I would be more worried about all that ink from serving it on news paper that is gonna leach into your food...
Sergio Diaz
The way he looks at the camera makes me feel like I'm not a man. Sarah
Sphinx Chambers
I dont even care about why he did that way. I'm feeling some type of way cause I can't even put fries in pan without jumping away.
Jesse Andersen
That boiling water should have sanitized his hands enough for me.
Jesse Brown
Mmm delicious human skin served with finger nail fries is he cooking it in 10w30 as well served over todays newspaper perfect for toilet paper for the aftermath.
Andrew Barron
Alex Devin I wonder if buffalo should start doing this when they serve the food lol
Brandon T Firetag
Salt bae the great and his knife with sea salt (inside a freshly open cut).. Vs Iron handed grease not giving a mother fucker, in which his fingers cut just as smoothly as Salt bae the greats knife.. Who wins in a a fight to death? CELEBRITY DEATH MATCH RULES!!!!

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Lacey D. Anthony Sara Keller
Dustin Michael Kevin Danny Jess
Anthoney Cordeiro Thiago Fernandes Evan Becker Ibrahim Nino Tim Hennessy Daryoush Zolfaghari
John Smith Anything beats puke!
Chris Jones Con Santa Toamaka-Makaea buff is back!!!

Dress for the vacation you want. [via Izismile Network]

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Seysosa LeDon FUCKEN tosh
Dennis McCurdy Getting smokes at Walmart lmfao
Allan Cumming Global fuckin warming!!!
Rick Johnson Ski Urbana!
Troy Powley Ha! Stupid fucking poor people.

CAPTION CHALLENGE: Fashion! Write a caption for this still from last week’s episode - and help us choose our favorite by liking the captions you think are best. We'll pick a winner and share your glory on Facebook.

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Alicia Lawrence Man Lady Ga Ga has really gotten out of hand with these outfits ...
Kody Nicholson TMZ got an exclusive photo of Lady Gaga wearing no pants.
JR Nessly This image taken live from the broadway adaptation of The Incredibles shows Edna Mode threatening to beat Mr. Incredible with her 3 foot clit for telling the world about her relationship with Fronzone.
Kathrine Gullett "Here, we have Daniella Toshe' modeling this springs latest and hottest breathable wear collection, influenced by Albino homoerotica and the intestinal linings of sheep."
Ryan Edwards And here we have the son of Milton Burrell and Sia showing his favorite collection of stolen rescue animals that he uses to routinely scrub his testicles clean.

Tosh.0's cover photo

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Toni Ramoz Pizza party. Anyone 👅👅
Mary Still That body in the trunk ain't gonna bury itself
Julie Quackers You're my biker bitch now.
Jim Sharp lol
Justin Fendley Tosh is fckn clown shoes 😄

The airport is a great place to pick up chicks who like to travel. [via Uberhumor]

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Conor McNeice Ryan Ritchie
Mike Summers Steve Shinn
Kevin Van de Ven Tim Van de Water Bas Loerakker
Buse Ceren Şengül Toygan 😎
Keith Richards Clint Wayne Bronson. Lol

Friends don’t let friends get a $250 cleanup fee. [via Izismile Network]

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Michael Penwon Heath Smith Damien Beasley sometimes they dont get the chance to stop you...
Kandece Embrey Stevie Adkins if only I had opened the plastic bag! 🙄
Jeff Lollar This is how all women end up after dating Tom Anderson.
Jessica Addante Vanessa Andersen kinda reminds me of puking out your window but I was sick 😂😂
David Jimenez Erick Mateos this is part of why we were late that night lol

Just in case your buddies didn’t believe that this happened to you, here’s your proof. You’re welcome. [via Radass]

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Shawn Anderson How dare you assume his gender you bigot piece of shit...
Suezanna Landers I like the blonde girl with sunglasses. She's like, "Oh look tits" 😂
Sonny Campanelli Is that a young lena doneham
Brian Jack So that means I can whip out my penis n bust a hot one on the pavement Rt next to her? Free speech.
Jarica Leigh I'm guessing all the men in this picture are with their wives because none of them are looking 😂

Things got really weird in section 106 that night. [via theCHIVE]

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Rajneel Prasad Alex them. Hockey players, smh
Matthew D Montalvo Den Dey Eat Da poo poo
Maria Varnum 😃😂😂
Steve Hutson little hockey humor Mike Thym
Tom Florino 😂 Wild players Abby

The twin on the left needs to take it easy on the breast milk. [via Izismile Network]

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Belinda Everette Yea
Andrew Patterson Looks like they both need to be changed
Chrissy Crouse Creepy
Heather Dawn Is that Shaq?
Stacy Ann Casner Way time

I’ve seen enough Sharknados to know that you shouldn’t test a shark’s vertical leaping abilities. [via theCHIVE]

3.7k reactions 134 comments
Mark Sutton Mmmm, meat on a stick.
Jerry N Justine Williams Guy lost his grip & died
Matthew Sparks Ema Nikolic. This guy should make you feel better about your day😂
Brennan O'Dea Arent we all gonna be surprised when its nothing more than a dolphin.
Elaine Michaels Caitlin remember when we were watching Sharknado @ your house lol

Who's your leather daddy? Watch the full clip here:

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Daniel Galindo U fukn crazy bro oh my
Daniel Galindo Cant wait to see in Phoenix on the caly of the sun😃😂
Brandon Felice Something tells me he already had that suit
Errol Ziolkowski Is that Hans solo?
Justin Fendley Tosh is fckn clown shoes 😄

Occasionally we like to post something that doesn’t result in a trip to the ER. #nicecatch [via Radass]

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McNamara White He was off balance when he caught her so her momentum kept him moving, he just went with it. Good spatial awareness.
Joey Brady iv seen this that coach saved her from a possible injury cause she slipped off the beam
Matt Smith Sunshine Trevor Juergens oh look it's you catching me after attempting my first back flip. Lol
Matthew Glotz Ah, yes, the great Sitting Fist dismount. I thought it was just a legend!
Josh Mihlfeld Jessica Morgan this was my plan if you didn't stick the landing on the backflip off the swing

CAPTION CHALLENGE WINNER: Andre 3000 is always so fashion forward. We picked the caption above from a comment left by Ron Asian Thanks to everyone who submitted! Come back next Monday at 1pm for another edition.

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Ateyla Edwards Nikki May
Keith Hanson booooo
Daniel Ceja Robledo Booooo
Dylan Kliss Bogus
Drew James That sucks more dick than he does

Look at this little prick. [via Ebaum's World]

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Judy Russell Monk Megan Todd you guys should each get one for your balcony/decks
Walter Kane I can't see his shoes but I'll guess they don't match his purse.
Audrey Johns Kara and Kate I love that this reminded me of you 😂😂😂
Jason Geren What you get when you feed your cactus Viagra! A mutant called Erecto coccti viagris
Silver Gil Sharan Hillier Gilbert garage sale time is upon us! Time to get creative 😂

We're about to shove some truth down your throat. Watch the full clip here:

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Chase Cannon Jeff Younger...ha
Brad Horn that is pretty pretentious
Mike Freerking hipster confit, Please please take my money
Justin Fendley Tosh is fckn clown shoes 😄
Sergio Ramirez Sammy Roger put this on your diet 😂

Your entire day after a Chipotle lunch. #WTFriday

2.8k reactions 1459 comments
Eddie Reyes That image will haunt me for the rest of my life. It's seared into my brain.
Steve Aparicio Denise Marie hey Ben Garcia is that what's going on back there?
Jena Kaye Bailey Justin Johnson you the other day at work
Pedro A. Seda Vargas Luis Enrique Ruperto Ocasio hahahahaha lo que se espera en el wiken despues de ir a chipotle hahaha
Katie Alatorre Melissa Paulsen I am laughing too hard at this. I am delirious

Tosh.0's cover photo

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Justin Ingham What the guy was TRYING to do
Gianii Loayza Vladimir Putin
Nicole Eve David Isaac😂
JJ Krauss Big Lou Pearlman productions
Justin Fendley Tosh is fckn clown shoes 😄

"Fine, I'll stop peeing in the shower." [via TCmag]

1.6k reactions 341 comments
Robert Beck "I'm not sure if this will work for athlete's foot."
Matt Cauble Because someone was shitting in the sink.....
Heather Lynn Dan Gilden boys are weird
Mike Hoffman Cure that athletes foot
Chris Suggs New toe fungus killer

Get you a girl that's a hippo in the sheets. [via Izismile Network]

2.5k reactions 328 comments
David Welliver How do you know it's boy-girl?
Amanda Rose Isn't gluttony a sin?
Scott Johnson The hungry hippo game gets real
Jason Owens Hippo centipede movie in the works?
Ismael Orrostieta "Eating ass" literally...

Sometimes daddy issues are really easy to diagnose. #TattooOfTheWeek

2.7k reactions 730 comments
Nolan Cerami I guess thats one way to keep your daddy around when he walks out on you
Steve Conrad next 1 im getting is Justin Trudeaus face with thw words canada guy under it
Vanessa Bright being creepy is one thing but being shitty too. Damn.
Conrad Endlich Daddy needs two hands for that cheek
Jacob Hassman Daddy spanked her so hard, the black came off of HIS hand, along with some shitty hand writing.

I say anything that hisses doesn't need a forever home. #throwbackthursday #tbt

CeWEBrity Profile - Possum Lady-Tosh.0 - Video Clip | Comedy Central
CeWEBrity Profile - Possum Lady-Tosh.0 - Video Clip | Comedy Central

A woman teaches Daniel the ins and outs of raising opossums.

148 reactions 8 comments
Gage Odell Amanda Michelle Odell
David Stencil Jr. I loved this ceWEBrity Profile.
Murata Koi She was a really good sport👍🏼😂 looked natural!
Emily Elizabeth This lady is amazing. :D
Justin Fendley Tosh is fckn clown shoes 😄

If you look at this and only see a horse, your sex drive is broken. [via Uberhumor]

2.8k reactions 185 comments
Daniel Galindo I see her on the spot
Will Truyens Why the long face?
Damnit Darren Million dollar horse
Benjamin St. Onge Not a fan of her boots
Troy Oelke Asspaloosa? Whoreabian? Pusstang?

That's what you get for hazing Pokey. [via Radass]

805 reactions 35 comments
Kayla Rue Mason
Manuel John Villegas III Stephen Montoya Kevin Wojdanowski Laura Newton Ward
John Wright John Lehner
Evan Kirk Erik Buehler
Jessica Dawn Vance Luis Ugarte in college

When the cab of a truck just isn't fancy enough for you. [via Izismile Network]

433 reactions 50 comments
Johnny Dangerfield Hedonism Bot?
Daniel Hartzell Your Uber has arrived.
Morgan G Dowd How un-settee-ling
Chelsea Kuhn I slept with that guy in that chair and he died in it!
David Morrison Weekend at Bernie's on-the-go

Russians are basically just cartoons at this point. Watch the full episode here:

991 reactions 152 comments
Michael Johnathan Linda - there are no rules
Justin Fendley Tosh is fckn clown shoes 😄
Matthew Romine *****Fake***** Those are flashlights.
Jacob Peno Martin Hunter this is what I was talking about 😂😂😂
Christopher York This made my day.

This week's viewer video was... KITTY DANGER. Surprised?

39 reactions 13 comments
Joshua Miller It's like watching PewDiePie. It sucks.
Corey Bell Why did I watch this....
Jeremy Voelkel First of all...tosh is fkn clown shoes :D
Seth Neice lol I hate it so much
Justin Fendley Tosh is fckn clown shoes 😄

It's impressive how many humans actually make it to adulthood. [via Radass]

6.5k reactions 1214 comments
Jesse Milligan I'm actually impressed at how that gun seemingly phased through her trigger hand
Matthew Blair Is this fake? Is there a string we can't see that pulled it straight back? Every recoil I've experienced caused the barrel to go up.
Justin Mcgrath Nick this is What I was telling you about weeks ago
Steve Krajenke So she can kill someone in front of her and injure someone behind her. Pretty smart!
Louis Daveski Kyle Quigley I don't know what was faster, the 12 gauge slug or the gun

Ralph's bracket had Villanova and Louisville in the championship game. He seems to be taking it well. [via Izismile Network]

7.5k reactions 1159 comments
Derrick Reinelt Sundari. Tim Debbie this reminds me of Abby when she would get mad
Jon Cowen Danika Staples that's like minion pooping on the tree haha
Kristen Holman Skylar Holman why does this seem like something Finn would do?
Taylor Maddex Johnson Owen Bennett Jake Williams this reminds me of your story about Stormys dog pooping on your couch pillow 😂
Stephanie Erjavec Kwanzaa Erjavec dook would do this if he wasnt destroying our ballz :|

You have to keep hand checking anyone with those bedsheets and this much free time. [via TCmag]

996 reactions 200 comments
Dalton Schulik Like those bedsheets thought bakugan
Jesse Milligan "This much free time" sorry have you never been to a movie before? Is time that much of a luxury?
Andrea Kellim Two questions. What is "hand check" and why is there a box on this persons head?
Luke Cain Jessica Booth, I pictured the boys doing something like this
Jason Geren I can see the joke, lol. But seriously this is embodiment of laziness and failure, pathetic.

Tosh.0's cover photo

141 reactions 6 comments
Justin Lee Gamel I fired a rocket once....
Justin Fendley Tosh is fckn clown shoes 😄
Jason Heady You'll still lie about how big it is.
Patrick O'Brien Cmon Tosh we know you'd prefer a fish top man bottom mermaid
Ana Lane Like i said for the caption..a mer in the hand is worth two in the bush
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