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Marcelo Tas
10 hours ago

Não deixando minha vida passar em branco e curtindo o fim de semana com a família e amigos em NY. Viva e compartilhe seus momentos com a #momentosquemarcam no Instagram e abrace esse movimento! #publicidade

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Henrique Cuiabano Roberta Martins
Vania Amorim Baeta De Assis Ô vidão em
Eduardo Mantovani Muito estranha essa semelhança dele com o dr Tibúrcio, estranho demais..
Rodrigo Attenezi Marcelo TAS, um orgulho da nação!
Leandro Gomes Legenda de quem são...
On Air with Ryan Seacrest
10 hours ago

Miss Mimi approved ✅

Details on the New Mariah Carey TV Drama
Details on the New Mariah Carey TV Drama

We’ve got info on the new show loosely based on Mariah’s life.

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Meagan Tanner Marisa Sedlak
The Rachel Maddow Show
10 hours ago

There's never been a situation quite like this one: Senate Republicans are poised to start voting tomorrow on a far-right health care gambit. But even now, no one knows for sure what they'll be voting on.

GOP senators still unsure which health care bill they hope to pass
GOP senators still unsure which health care bill they hope to pass

This isn't how legislating in the United States is supposed to work on any issue, but it's especially indefensible when dealing with life-or-death policymaking.

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Mark Nelson According to Gandi, Western Civilization lacks spirituality and our awareness of interconnectedness with one another. It has given priority to economic and technological development over human and community development. (Pg 88 Grace Boggs - The Next ...
Susan Madden Goodell Trump brings "victims" of Obamacare to the WH today. If any of the Republican plans are passed, get ready for the trumpcare victims in the next year or so. All because you gotta get that W. Shame on you all.
Tobie Rosen Vote No on Ryan/McConnell/Trumpcare.. If they do vote to push it thru, & they take away medicaid, cut medicare,do not cover maternity benefits, do not cover pre-existing conditions, then we, the people should insist that Congress be forced to use the ...
Barbara Rhodes Addison Not knowing which bill? The vote SHOULD go down resoundingly for who in their right mind would vote for such an important bill representing 1/6 of our economy without knowing what is in it??!!!!!!! I want to see a list of Senators who vote yes after ...
Beverly Diem Fasig They own the results totally on anything they would pass. That means they will own the ire of the people once it is discovered how far worse if they will be!
The Wendy Williams Show
10 hours ago

It's a birthday week celebration for one of our favorites couples. See how they celebrated on our Hot Topics Rundown!

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Michelle Bornhoft-Farber She's better than that dress. That dress looks like a street walker. Cute couple. Wish she'd leave a lil to imagination-with as beautiful as she is
Margaret Ann James Buffington Sorry. I don't like it. It reveals too much. Yes, I am old.
Jan Ellis Big deal. Has she ever been alone for a minute. This is not news.
Les Melamed Nit Shane!A Bissel NafkaDik
Audrean Guthrie Doesn't mean if your getting older you must dress old you look super hot jen
Yesterday 08:18

Créditos: Diego Dreyfus Síguelo en Facebook.

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Al Berto Lizette Espinoza
Jaime Garcia Muy interesante y cierto
Moises Garcia Primero por falta de iniciativa Segundo conformista Tercero por huevón
Jean Rojas Neto Gon checa we
Ma Elena Navarro Es verdad ¡Felicidades!
Kendra Wilkinson
Yesterday 10:00

Such an amazing surprise!

Mom Sells Stillborn’s Crib At Yard Sale. 1 Week Later, The Buyer Returns It Looking So Different
Mom Sells Stillborn’s Crib At Yard Sale. 1 Week Later, The Buyer Returns It Looking So Different

Valerie Watts was devastated when she gave birth to a stillborn boy. It’s something no expecting mother should have to go through. As time passed, the Cokato, Minnesota, woman eventually decided…

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Panic! At The Disco
Yesterday 04:42

Talking all things Panic & Kinky Boots on Broadway with Cyndi Lauper tonight at 12:35am e/t on Nightline! 👠✨

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Molly Claire Jess Pendlebury
Victoria Ranieri Alexander
Casie Merrill Lauren Edwards
Shalimar Oliveira Olha isso Fernanda Baldoni
Teresa Gonzalez Cassie Maria Kennedy FREAKING YES
Gucci Mane
Yesterday 02:48

Oh No, 2nd Woman Confirms She's Now Herpes Positive & Suing Usher For Ton Of $

Oh No, 2nd Woman Confirms She
Oh No, 2nd Woman Confirms She's Now Herpes Positive & Suing Usher For Ton Of $$$

Usher is in a very serious predicament right now. As most of us have heard, there are reports that Usher contracted the incurable herpes simplex 2 virus between 2009 and 2010. The allegations emerged after RadarOnline released legal documents showing that Usher reportedly paid a woman $1.1 million f

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Noe Navarrette Jr. He just wanted to make love in the club yo, damn usher u let this one burn!
Dee Melton Hoes will put up a add for someone with herp just to get in on that usher money
Greg Stanley Usher also gave me herpies when he fucked he in the ass at a club, I'm suing him for a couple million, my lawyer contacted his
Durrell Taylor And the sad thing is some of these hoes would still let him smash
Lori Samuel Have these women heard of dentel dam and condoms? Sounds like they wanted to go half on a baby! That didn't work so now they happy to cash in on HSV!! Gold diggers! Smh
Yesterday 08:18

Un poco de lo que tenía.

Vecinos entran a la casa del narco “El Ojos” y le roban millones de dólares
Vecinos entran a la casa del narco “El Ojos” y le roban millones de dólares

El narcotraficante Felipe de Jesús Peréz Luna fue asesinado el pasado 20 de julio, junto con otros 7 hombres, presuntos sicarios. “El Ojos”, de 48 años de edad, era el líder del cártel de Tláhuac.

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Susana Gallegos Ladrón que rroba a ladrón ,tiene 100años de perdón... Jajajajaja
Lorenzo Roca Aja, vecinos de la zona, jajaja , durán policias de la zona
Jose Moreno Lodel Agua al agua asi de simple....
Sergio Medina Mejor el pueblo que el gobierno
Sergio Medina Matanga dijo la changa
Yesterday 07:30

#mood 👁 ain't scareddd uuhhhh no Ghost!!!

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Lina Napoli Get $400 more dollars taking instant paid surveys ► #QuickSurveyIncome
Justin R Hipster Everett Scisney
Ethan Latoyakwanda Kyhra Davis
LeTichou Scherrer Maxwell Bedouet Dam's Bedouet
Kouakou Becanty Raissa Nbo
Marcelo Tas
10 hours ago

Quer saber como passei o fim de semana curtindo grandes momentos? Vai minha reflexão sobre o desafio de @OMOBrasil para não deixar minha vida passar em branco. Fica a dica para você também viver momentos que realmente importam e compartilhar com a #momentosquemarcam . Faça parte desse movimento e não deixe sua vida passar em branco! #publicidade

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Venuzia Mota Maravilha Tas
Vera Silvia Gattai Divirta se muito Tás bjos
Bia Nascimento Moreira Lopes Esses momentos são o nosso maior tesouro Marcelo abraço à todos
TÉzin Josiel Té Grande tas Cara sensacional
Matheus Rocha Mentira é o Ibirapuera isso aí kkkkkkk
Yordi Rosado
9 hours ago

En México al menos el 20% de los estudiantes ha sufrido acoso escolar alguna vez.

7 películas o series que hablan de bullying
7 películas o series que hablan de bullying

Existen muchísimas series y películas que nos hablan sobre el bullying. Aquí en Ideas te compartimos 7 películas o series que te hablan de bullying...

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Martha Stewart
10 hours ago

Kick off the week with an eggplant-mozzarella melt.

Making dinner with peak summer produce
Making dinner with peak summer produce

Here are this week's dinner recipes -- just what you need for a delicious meal every night.

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William R Mathieu Eggplant needs added flavour. But so good. Love grilled eggplant with shrimp at dim sum.
Pau Gasol
5 hours ago

Me quedo. 😉

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Pedro Caballero Eres un cachondo, Pau 🏀 😂
Benjamin Castellano Miss seeing you in that Purple and Gold!!
Szmidt Kuba Great news !
Luis Javier Montero Contento? Xdxdxd Kevin Contreras
Coromoto Suarez coromoto suarez: felicidades por su renovación. Nos alegramos un montón y más allá. De verdad, de todo corazón. ¡suerte! y buen día.
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco
Yesterday 08:30

Sophie Turner got a peach-colored tattoo that mostly just looks like freckles. #ConanCon #GameofThrones

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Nadav Litvak Dan Antonov
Christen Tummillo Karen :)
Gary Ayers Bwhaha! Garrett Rogers
Grauls Tom When are you coming to Belgium ?
Macky Lanto Marnelli
Bow Wow
Yesterday 04:36

#securethebag 💰💰💰

After Selling Drugs, Time In Prison, And Being Homeless, "Thug" Is Now Mega Successful
After Selling Drugs, Time In Prison, And Being Homeless, "Thug" Is Now Mega Successful

Darnell Ferguson was once living a life on the streets that got him arrested which eventually led him to being homeless. However, after attending church, he eventually turned his life around. Started From The Bottom, Now We’re Here: Darnell Ferguson didn’t always lead a troubled life. He always had…

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Gaawjuss Marie SuperChefs
Razy Shabzar Boy Brim yoh
Tye Merricks In his place.
Annette Dash Do want needs to be done
Christina Milian
Yesterday 07:18

"You will always be my oh, my oh, my oh, my ohhhhh...My boo 🎶 👯" Karrueche Tran

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Princess Bulos Kittey Marie genau wie wir nur wir singen besser 😂😂😂
Mafabi Shiphra Namono Wacht this twenty f****g times ....Damn Christina so cute of cos wit tan
Kashif H Jackson Hey ladies yall mad cute sweety im single hun holla at me both of mad pretty 😍😙❤😘💘
Kevin Pool Hall Willoughby I just love how down to earth and real you are Christina!
Zac Brown Band
Yesterday 04:30

The man, the myth, the legend John Driskell Hopkins #MCM Photo By Andy Sapp | Southern Reel

788 reactions 12 comments
Lenira Mello Get $400 extra money taking instant paid surveys ► #SurveyIncome1
Wanda McNally ❤❤❤
Discounted Clothing 👍
Arlene Marek-Zaremba 💚💚💚
Laurie Sullivan 👍
Marcelo Tas
10 hours ago

Você também pode participar do movimento, troque sua foto de perfil com este tema e viva momentos que marcam. É só buscar por 'momentosquemarcam' em MomentosQueMarcam

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Lala Xavier Eu não consegui.
Ale Xandra Não abre, dá erro!!!!
Renata Nascimento Não consegui Marcelo!
Vania Amorim Baeta De Assis Ta difícil
Larry King
9 hours ago

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Nizikov Valeriy Russian YouTube is working for Putin - Investigation. Please pay attention!
Martha Stewart
10 hours ago

Which colors would you swirl together?

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Rebecca Munish Karen Goldman Hirshfeld how cool
June Desiree Shelia Richardson This looks like fun....😍!!!
Rebecca Friedberg purple and pink
Ryan Sheckler
4 hours ago

‪Solid Monday shred crew! 👍🏻👌🏻👊🏻 Sheckler Foundation

1.0k reactions 11 comments
Matthew FloHawke Hawkins Thanks for having the Adaptive Skate Kollective crew!!!
Rafael Caique Só gente boa
Yanina Martina Fantini Hermoso equipo y familia!!! Love
Colly Newfield Ryan The crew
Gucci Mane
Yesterday 02:48

(Video) Arrest Made In The Shooting Death Of A 21-Year-Old Aspiring Model

(Video) Arrest Made In The Shooting Death Of A 21-Year-Old Aspiring Model
(Video) Arrest Made In The Shooting Death Of A 21-Year-Old Aspiring Model

Aspiring model, Aaliyah Alder, was found with a gunshot wound to her head in the stairwell of an apartment in the Bronx. Alder was found about 10:40 p.m. Monday , March 27th according to ABC NY news. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Sadly, news reports shared that no one was with her and there…

109 reactions 7 comments
Tyler Thatcher Shane Widmann
Faye Spencer Sadd
Tye Merricks Count on both hand's.
Tanika Beard 😢😢🙏🙏🙏
Dedra Foster Pray. For. Family
Mike Vick
2 hour ago

Still one my favorite commercials I ever been a part of Nike Football Nike

94 reactions 10 comments
Jamal Anderson Devonish #7 this one was my favorite. I guess because it had not just you but a bunch of guys I liked.
Nuccio Tae Thomas !
Mike Rocchio Nick Rocchio remember this one? Vick to TO
Russell Russell Let's Play A Round Of Golf B4 Summer Out. Bring Your + 1.
Nicholas Stanley Mike Vick = Play Maker
Plan B
Yesterday 01:18

295 reactions 47 comments
Ben Rose Plan b is back
Raudelina Sthefany Fernandez Hola como esta
Wayeet Salcedo A qué hora sale chencho?
Denise Newbould Epic gig !!
Donna Murphy Amazing tonight well come back
Marco Luque
Yesterday 08:12

Please, juvenas! Conheçam os filmes de minha vida... #SilasSimplesmente

Altas Horas | Silas Simplesmente faz o resumo do programa | Globo Play
Altas Horas | Silas Simplesmente faz o resumo do programa | Globo Play

Ele comenta declaração de Selton Mello e faz sua lista de filmes favoritos

542 reactions 27 comments
Hernane Pereira Mila Maria Emília Regina
Tatiane Nascimento Cifarelli Andre Paulim Cifarelli Cifarelli
Laine Leo Lima Modas
Alex Thomson Louise Monteiro
Catarina Caldas Ivenes Caldas
Depeche Mode
Yesterday 03:42

Pick Your Top 3: As a designer the thing I love the most of Depeche Mode (besides the music) are their album covers. It moves me very much, the colors, how they play with their logo, and how different and wonderful is every one of them. In my case my top 3 are Sounds of the Universe, Black Celebration and Songs of Faith and Devotion. Once you look at the art, the album title and listen to the song, you find out it all comes together as one. For me Depeche Mode is that, a band who delivers a fine and well thought product, it's quite a dream band isn't it? posted by: Paula Justiniano Mucarcel - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

521 reactions 100 comments
Robert Slater Black celebration, masses and exciter x
Fekete Tamás 3. Construction Time Again, 2. Music For The Masses. But the winner is a single: Policy Of Truth in any format :)
Pam Flory Burkholder For covers - "Violator", "Some Great Reward" and "A Broken Frame"
Frank Heinrichs Violator,Musik for the masses aber die ganz klare Nr 1 ist black celebration
Hilda Tovar I'm a graphic designer as well and yes I completely agree with you. Such great album covers and how they keep their logo "fresh" and current...making it easy to incorporate as a tattoo.
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