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Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 23:48

Whistleblower Lights up Obama Admin With Damning Accusation

Whistleblower Lights up Obama Admin With Damning Accusation
Whistleblower Lights up Obama Admin With Damning Accusation

One Obama-era mistake just got revealed in a huge way.

252 reactions 33 comments
Kathy Carpenter He needs to be arrested
Betty Gregory For turther reading.
Dianne-Everett Evison This is an evil man. Look at his eyes!
Werner Meier This AH.
Mary Davis True
Martin Lawrence
2 hours ago


4.5k reactions 178 comments
Saintil Daniel Silence , silence!.
Robin Johnson Hello Jerome
Ersin Dersin Jerome! Loves Pam 😍
Ashley Smith Awesomeness
Bates Wells Lmbo. Them knees, Jerome was sharp.
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18


698 reactions 132 comments
Thomas Williams Et tu, Comey, and just another rip off right?
Joan Almeida Think he's covering his own BUTT. Don't trust him.McCain. and Paul Ryan..and a few others.
Paul Wright Old red white and blue eyes got something right. I'll drink to that. Hic
Kelly Vaughn Calame Did no one catch that he never told us the email was fake which leads me to think he told them of the email and yet the judiciary committee thinking it's true never acted or investigated.
Donald Dutkowski What is eht English translation for this CRAP ?
John Lennon
4 hours ago

"Peace in your mind, peace on earth, peace at work, peace at home, peace in the world"

40.5k reactions 501 comments
Craig Brewster I think he had been reading utopia by Thomas More at the time :-)
Keith Jolly Whatever Lennon did, the world took notice, he was light years ahead of his time !
JJ Mickey Ryder Instant Karma will get the world for what happened to John. He didn't deserve to die that way.
Cor van Nispen thank you john, if you only still have lived today you would be crying over what has become of this world
Ed de Lang Indeed, we still miss him every day! His music and his look at the world!!
Khloé Kardashian
6 hours ago


Cole Sprouse Took These Incredible Photos Of Kendall Jenner
Cole Sprouse Took These Incredible Photos Of Kendall Jenner

Cole Sprouse is not just an actor, he is also an incredible photographer. He took stunning photos of model Kendall Jenner for the most recent issue of The Sunday Times, and you will be in awe of ho...

4.9k reactions 44 comments
Maisy James Chelsea Jill Ophus Brooke Feenstra
Nikita Nikhil Srivastava Anubhavi Yadav Pragya Sharma what is all this ? : D
Zanthe Pauley Madeleine Hulm 😍 cant even
Anissia Lupşa Liana Ilinca Robert Andrei proud of My baby
Brenna Hogg Two loves combined Sarah McCaffrey
Leo Messi
Yesterday 02:48

FC Barcelona vs Deportivo Alavés

6.6k reactions 201 comments
Pangapanga Junior Hit Like if u think Lionel Messi is Going to Collect is 6th Ballon D Or this Season. He is Derseves it, Right?
Fethi Bloblo لقد رفعت راس فريقنا الدي نحبه نحن نشكرك لبوطولتك التي احيتها الينا شكراا لك رونالدو*‎
Amarildo Marques Leo Messi depois do Ronaldinho Gaúcho você é o melhor jogador que vi jogando. Deus abençoe.
Anas King لقد رفعت راس فريقنا الدي نحبه نحن نشكرك لبوطولتك التي احيتها الينا شكرااا لك‎:*‎
Alassane Shaggy Ag Intarga The best player in the world
45 minutes ago

11.2k reactions 185 comments
Joey Lopez Beautiful
Mori Mawete Multitasking
AmAl C Ýêz i love innaa
Rikden Ghicng i <3 u so mouch
AmAl C Ýêz love you inna sis
Ronaldinho Gaúcho
12 hours ago

Carinho, carinho e mais carinho. 🙏🙏 Scholas Occurrentes #FinalDeLeyenda

19.0k reactions 111 comments
Pedro Felipe O mito vai jogar 🏆🏆🏆 Todo mundo tem que tá ligado no que ele vai fazer👀
Aerolino Dantas Mito, monstro de todos os tempos.. ....👏👏👏
Nilda Carvalho Adoro ele.
Maria Ferreiralima VC MERECE
Karol Cornejo Saavedra Buena buen
18:54 05/28/2017

That was a big win for Omari Akhmedov

10 reactions 1 comments
Dean Thomas It was awesum,great fight
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 23:48

CNN Analyst Just Threatened the Wrong Person... Prepare for a Showdown

691 reactions 202 comments
Celia Ann Godfrey We have had enough. The liberal media is insulting us. We are not stupid. They encourage .. Hate . Division. Slander. Killing, yes, yes they do. Lying. I suggest the haters get in counseling.
Lynne Ann Pemberton Brennan was dodging the questions just to keep this issue alive with nothing but useless intelligence and speculations. They have no evidence or they would have given it months ago. They keep hoping that they will and that is why they will not answer ...
David A. Gorton Gold's looking for evidence. The Left's looking for wedge issues, ways to split hairs and play word games to back-up their facts. "It's all facts in search of evidence." Kelly Ann Conway
Patricia Slyter Phillip Mudd your name will really be mud soon! Of course CNN will continue to push this story as they are probably being paid by Soros to do so! Distract, distract, distract! But the truth will eventually come out! Obama weaponized the Intel ...
Robert Ernest Liberals cannot accept the fact after a year no evidence is present. Guess liberals cannot accept the truth using lies to cover their own crimes. If that doesn't work then threaten violence. The bigoted racists no nothing but lies violence and murder.
Herman Cain
Yesterday 00:06

You can't expect the man to remember all the times he contradicted himself. No one has that much memory.

921 reactions 135 comments
Clifton Crawley Obama isn't the president. That Punk for your president does all the damage on his own.
Diane Altman Make him sit down and shut up. Either that or go ahead and arrest him for treason.
Fasitupe Faapito Obama just like his friend Hillary Clinton needs God in his life YES he does they both need to seek Jesus Christ that's their best choice for healing their cruel hatred Hearts, begin with praying the sinner's prayer just follow this and say it out loud, ...
Mary Ann Weaver Talk about looking for scraps, if you don't understand the difference in the walls mentioned you must have been a conned trump voter
Jared Dowland ...And when he vowed to secure our borders and crack down on illegal immigration.
Khloé Kardashian
6 hours ago

My respect for firefighters is on a whole other level! Thank you for ALL that you do for us on a daily! So selfless, so courageous, so brave!! ❤️🚒❤️

18.1k reactions 111 comments
Kristen Hultstrom Ali Philbrook Kourt: "wait are these fireproof?" 😂💟
Jessica Feirman 🙏👏💕 good morning khloe enjoy the weekend?
Kingstone Stone Fire of love in the heart of fire extinguishers Kardashian...
Cathrine Papadopoulos Firefighters are true heroes
Tinamarie Merolli My dad ❤️ firefighter 👩‍🚒 love ❤️
50 Cent
Yesterday 07:06

What you gettin into? 👀

5 Sex Enhancements That Are Either Insane Or Brilliant
5 Sex Enhancements That Are Either Insane Or Brilliant

These people are refusing to rest their laurels. Their sticky, sticky laurels.

286 reactions 13 comments
Samuel Bridi
Albino Monster Panda Clever I'm
Art Castro Gomez Stability . 🎺🎻🔌
Tye Merricks 3 h*es in 3 different house's!.
Snoop Dogg
12 hours ago

boss chit

They Look Like A Normal Couple, But Here
They Look Like A Normal Couple, But Here's Why Their Family Is Astonishing

The Clark family is special, and they've opened up their hearts in an unbelievable way.

193 reactions 14 comments
Spencer Lancastle
Timotheo Maina Gikonyo Gikonyo Hey Gee
Timotheo Maina Gikonyo Gikonyo We are cool double G SDouble oo
Evangeline Sacred-horsesghost 💕
Tye Merricks Ballin out the gym!.
Ashton Kutcher
6 hours ago

You deserve this honor, Judy.

Mom, Who Helped Her Quadriplegic Son Graduate, Receives Honorary Degree
Mom, Who Helped Her Quadriplegic Son Graduate, Receives Honorary Degree

"It is impossible to not notice that kind of effort and dedication that she was showing in helping me prepare."

1.8k reactions 9 comments
Sheridan Audrey Smith Samantha Asarch
Jt Seibert and then...
Jorge Jose absolutely great absolutely awesome
Gabriella Mangano Lo meriti alla grande 👍👍👍
Elaine Sipos Always inspiring posts Ashton, thank you!
Bob Marley
Yesterday 03:24

"We try fi mek really bring peace, knowing that we really can't solve a problem with a war." #bobmarleyquotes (Toronto, 1978)

6.7k reactions 64 comments
Gustavo Echeverria Rasta man...
Ricardo Belliot EveryOne wants to be loved. Love Always wins. ✌🏽
Rwamugyema Paul True dat
Andreas Kuhnert Great ☺
Mark Leslie McMahon Miss ya Bob
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18

Always the same with the MSM.

722 reactions 83 comments
Kathy Richardson Are some Americans so stupid they believe reporters?
Brian Smyth Trudeau the little boy in the room with nothing but ummm
Larry Messamer Not just fake news, but deliberately made-up news with no attempt to confirm before going with it. And they wonder why Trump doesn't trust them? This is why. Ridiculous.
Lisa Hall Smith Let's get all the liberal trash off of tv.
Jean Shamon Fake News!MSM!
Rey Mysterio
3 hours ago

Nunca te rindas 😉

563 reactions 11 comments
Percy Alexander Rey soy seguidor tuyo de tiempo saludos !!
Hairul Ardi Pertamina Jahbtaa
Jonnis Aden 619>316
Wajid Ali Khan Great
Syed Khairul Anuar Anuar Nunca
18:54 05/28/2017

Nordine Taleb hands Oliver Enkamp his first career loss.

UFC Stockholm Results: Nordine Taleb defeats Oliver Enkamp (Highlights) |
UFC Stockholm Results: Nordine Taleb defeats Oliver Enkamp (Highlights) |

UFC Stockholm Results: Oliver Enkamp vs. Nordine Taleb A welterweight scrap between Oliver Enkamp and Nordine Taleb took place on today’s UFC Fight Night 109 main card in Stockholm, Sweden. Round one begins and Teleb starts things off with a hard low kick. He presses forward and lands another. Enkam...

28 reactions 2 comments
Robert Vanrossum This kid has a lot of room for improvement. He took on a tough fighter and more than held his own.
Tommy Sihavong LoL no comments... Boring fight.. Doesn't engage enough.. The kid that lost reminds me of wonderboy.. Taleb needs more aggression and learn some bjj... He had side control and didn't go for the mount.. He had a chance to get the back but didn't go for ...
John Cena
Yesterday 06:12

#2Weeks until the American Grit Season 2 premiere. #ShowYourGrit

23.2k reactions 401 comments
Sharad Kurre hi sir . this is Jvala Singh kurre I am from chhatisaghra and Rajnandgaon . I am big fan sir
Abhijeetsingh Bais Myself to You because You have a comfortable Weather and feelings to feel weather for Yourself.
Abhijeetsingh Bais it looks good When your face hardness is depend upon / compare to your body.
Adith Prathap He ia a sucker I hate John cena his moves are fake he won't do is moves properly
Rohit Ravindra Shinde John cena is best always always always no. 1supermaster wrestler.
50 Cent
Yesterday 07:06

I had a good time last night in Portsmouth. They showed me a lot of love. G-unit !!!

1.3k reactions 60 comments
Patrick Rea Miles still all white
SeniorRita Rasheedah YOU GOTTA LOVE IT😍🤑😎💡U GOT MJ size CROWD!! #UR THE MF MAN signed 13m10m
Jessica LeVear hi 50
Janice Turner Do you ever rest 🔥👍🏽💯💋🤗
Jo Sillence Omg it was amazing to see you :) x
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 23:48

Trump Is Fed up... Orders the Hunt to Begin

Trump Is Fed up... Orders the Hunt to Begin
Trump Is Fed up... Orders the Hunt to Begin

Donald Trump just made a massive move...

2.9k reactions 247 comments
Angela Wilson FINALLY... This is a long time coming. Drain that swamp. Start with Paul Ryan aka the one man swamp! His loyalties have NEVER been with President Trump and never will be!!! #draintheswamp
Regina Wilson It's about time he does something we've all been disgusted about all the leaks. I hope he's just as fed up is what we are!!!!!
Joy Jesus Yes the leakers should be found and fired recently the leaks has caused problems with the UK 🇬🇧 investigation and could cost lives in the future (These anonymous leaks must stop) and be held accountable 🙏🇺🇸🙏
Jason JamesMichael O'Beirne He is screwing everything up... burning bridges with Europe... letting Senator Bob Dole' s (aka Mr Viagera) antiquated pro pharmaceutical and insurance company profits that Obama tweaked to be untweaked back to what Bob Dole had. Deregulated things so ...
Kathy Zapolski I hope and pray that they find and prosecute every last one of them and the shadow government that is trying to get him! Thank you Mr. Huckabee for your Faith. The people that are trying to impeach Our President Trump...why wasn't Hillary prosecuted? ...
Kim Kardashian West
10 hours ago

8.2k reactions 110 comments
Emmanuel Chisom nice one .
Adama Ouedraogo Kylie... U look a filing mees..
Erick Scott Jauregui 💋
Phillip Hoyt Pop Up 2 baby
Artak Zarobyan Ma sitre manifayque Biean Veris gut forem princesse protege
Herman Cain
Yesterday 00:06

"That French guy's handshake was so firm it hurt me!" said no one ever.

The Handshake Heard
The Handshake Heard 'Round France: Macron Struggles to Hurt Trump

Macron's handshake definitely got some attention...

1.2k reactions 144 comments
Patricia Ceallacháin The handshake didn't look like anything special. Neither did the look on either of their faces.
Daryl Johnson Really people? Analyze his every minute movement and every utterance making a monstrosity of nothing, I'm amazed!
Jason Evers Only thing missing at this conference was the traditional white flag of France's surrender.
Nancy Bates How does the media know how tight it was. Sinking to new lows media. Is this really newsworthy.....
Matt Kirsh Lib twit. France is so stupid. Willingly giving your country to the caliphate. You are an embarrassment to America and the rest of the world.
11 hours ago


95 reactions 4 comments
Dan Morgan Soldal Steffen Lirhus
Odin Vestad Volden Marcus Olderø
Nick Sexton Justin Hunsuckrr, heres ur black dick.
Kourtney Kardashian
4 hours ago

Tonight #KUWTK

3.9k reactions 56 comments
Yb Cëgräå Stäylärå KïïTäámä Kiss kourtney
Sandy Dianeth Aguilar Jaja the Kardashians 😍💗I love u 👑my bitches 🎊
Adama Ouedraogo Love the Kardashians.
李金城 beautiful
Ronaldinho Gaúcho
12 hours ago

Fazer o bem e ainda estar ao lado de tantos amigos e lendas do futebol é um enorme prazer. Scholas Occurrentes #FinalDeLeyenda 👏👏

14.8k reactions 69 comments
Isortra Traore dinho
Madoui M Oran Mahrez💗💗💗💗
Daunn Kelorr Team Legendary 😘👊
Alexander Gonzalez Mucho combo
Ailton Freitas Silva Da um croque oo Cannija
18:54 05/28/2017

What a win for "The Joker"

UFC Stockholm Results: Jack Hermansson vs. Alex Nicholson |
UFC Stockholm Results: Jack Hermansson vs. Alex Nicholson |

UFC Stockholm Results: Jack Hermansson vs. Alex Nicholson A middleweight bout between Jack Hermansson and Alex Nicholson kicked off today’s UFC Fight Night 109 main card in Stockholm, Sweden. Round one begins and Hermansson begins circling early. Nicholson catches him with a body kick. Hermansson im...

32 reactions 4 comments
Steve Baker SAVAGE
Robert Crouse The Apopka tattoo did him in
Matt Wilson Why did he try an contest that stoppage. Seemed fair
Andres Hernandez Poor spartan. He really seemed amped up and determined to win this one..prob gonna get cut
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