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Alicia Fox
7 hours ago

✨🦊✌🏾 #afox leaving #Houston.... #nashville here we come... 🤠🙌🏾

769 reactions 24 comments Get your music played in rotation on songcast radio sell your music online amazon itunes spotify rhapsody Google play and many more online stores start getting paid royalty checks for your music upload your music videos meet other music artists online ...
Chris Allan Very beautiful
Ariele May Gorgeous!!!
Pravin Solanki I love you
Anthony Schuch Hot
Mike Huckabee
4 hours ago

My thoughts.

We need freedom from Freedom From Religion
We need freedom from Freedom From Religion

On November 3, an assistant coach for the Norman (Oklahoma) High School football team was seen praying with about a dozen of his student athletes before the game.

863 reactions 99 comments
Hody Cawkins OORRR, now here me out... freedom from freedom from freedom FROM religion
Mary Biel Investigated for what? It is only a diversion from all the dems and Hollywood elites that is happening here.
Joyce Fletcher I would prefer a coach who prays with my son and his team to one who misuses his authority and is molesting him. They should be grateful for a great coach! It is sad that people have nothing better to do than harass good people!
Janice Tritle Hammond Critical thinking leads to ??? Not much
Janice Tritle Hammond I always thought it said Freedom OF Religion
9 hours ago

ICYMI: Jose Aldo defends Conor McGregor. Surprised?

Jose Aldo defends Conor McGregor after Bellator 187 incident |
Jose Aldo defends Conor McGregor after Bellator 187 incident |

Conor McGregor recently dominated headlines for a bizarre incident at Bellator 187, in which he stormed the cage during his teammate Charlie Ward’s fight, and ultimately shoved referee Marc Goddard, and slapped a commissioner. These actions understandably generated scorn from the vast majority of th...

56 reactions 2 comments
Todd Seeley Aldo lost his mind during the " world tour" he obviously still hasn't found it yet 😂
Eric High ALDO plz stop cuz no matter how nice u are Conor is never guna keep his word & risk fighting u again.
Mike "The Situation"
Yesterday 14:12

'RIP Marilyn Manson' became a top-trending Twitter topic

Internet reacts to Charles Manson
Internet reacts to Charles Manson's mourning 'loss' of Marilyn Manson

Hilarity ensues as the internet thinks Marilyn Manson has passed away

44 reactions 26 comments
Micola M Bouvat People are f*cking idiots
Dominique Ganso Hazelwood Dirt E Oldcoyote
Amy-Lee Tomsic Paula Marie 😂
Sierra Brooke Robertson Cole White
Ashley York Robin Richard loook!!!!
Fabricio Werdum
8 hours ago

Champion only walks with champion! Thank you @akhmat_mma for always believing in my work! @kadyrov_95 @vismuradov_95_ #brabus #FletcherJonesMotorcars @fjmercedes ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Campeão só anda com campeão! Obrigado @akhmat_mma por sempre acreditar no meu trabalho! #heeyy ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ OBS: vídeo by @jean_faillace @jfdesenvolvimento

494 reactions 26 comments
Erik Gb Miguel Angel Gonzalez
Nacho Flórez Fernández Diego Rubio Carlos Fernández García
Andrigo Souza Olha a nave Gabriel Facini Pandolfo Guilherme Saturnino Marcelo Karczeski Pedroso Vinicius Pecetti
Emerson Coelho Reyyyyy
Philipe Carvalho Heey!!!
Agnieszka Radwanska
6 hours ago

Parachute training today 😁 Dzisiaj trening ze spadochronem 😁

4.6k reactions 93 comments
Zygmunt Witold Michniewicz CIEKAWY TRENING...
Romuald Kukuła Tylko nie leć za wysoko dziewczyno :)
Justin Huber Do not let anything keep you from flying. 😉
Piotr Pudzianowski Fajny sposób, ale tylko na otwartym terenie. W lesie się nie da :)
Renato Subirá Queen💛🎾
Yesterday 15:12

Boa terça, #MoonSquad ⭐ 💕 Falta muito pras férias? Pra onde quer viajar? Tô em #Aruba agora! Se liguem no que vão rolar novidades! ⭐

86 reactions 5 comments
Juan Carlos viajar para marte so eu e vc para repovoar o lugar kkk
Gil Silva Boa semana magnífica marimoon
Dinei Neves Dos Santos Linda!
Danilo Napoleão Campos Obrigado amore para você também vô ficar por sampa mesmo aproveita sua viagem
Andy Murray
Yesterday 20:12

#JustLikeUs, elephants have a very close-knit family bond and the bonds we have with our families are incredibly precious and strong. Check out the brilliant new WWF UK Christmas advert for a bit of a reality check...

1.1k reactions 37 comments
Debbie Grantham 😢
Elizabeth Richards 🙁
Dorothy Mailer Powerful!
Margaret Dunleavy Byrne Glad you have spoken !!!!
Sandra Wallace It’s very sad... hate those poachers!😡
Fearne Cotton
Yesterday 15:18

Fearne Cotton added a Shop Now button to their Page.

10 reactions 2 comments
Katy Louise Miller Daniel Miller. Xxxx
Jackie McCann Pre ordered on Amazon can't wait x
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 14:42

They’re healthy, flavorful, and amp up everything from cake to crackers.

17 reactions 3 comments
Ja Be
Stella Baker I like small seeds, but my doctor says they're the enemy of diverticulosis sufferers.
9 hours ago

ICYMI: Uriah Hall didn't appreciate being woken up

Uriah Hall goes off on USADA, "steroid-using d**k heads" in profanity-riddled tirade |
Uriah Hall goes off on USADA, "steroid-using d**k heads" in profanity-riddled tirade |

The United States Anti-Doping Agency, the organization that the UFC has enlisted to help combat MMA’s long standing performance enhancing drug problem, has as long history of aggravating fighters with surprise visits. In an effort to catch potential PED-users unawares, USADA agents will often show u...

42 reactions 6 comments
Karl Doppa Dobson Daniel Morty Morton
Alex Vézina Boo hoo poor me
PrettyboiAaron Stapleton David Stapleton Jason JonesKarole BryantChevy Petro Tucker Uriah Hall vs Vitor Belfort when they come to STL
Todd Seeley Then quit and go work at McDonalds..You will not be missed
Rob Young Yea hurry up and make a steriod division already. Id pay to see that
Holly Willoughby
Yesterday 15:00

Morning Tuesday!... today’s look on @thismorning skirt by @katespadeny knitwear by @hobbslondon shoes by @officeshoes #hwstyle💁✨

3.2k reactions 173 comments
Tanya McIntyre I know......❤️ her!!! Nice choice for a top 😂😉
Lee Beard Can't call her bangers anymore 👀
Paul Brookes I could dress this beauty in rags and she would still be stunning 😘
Frances Kirby Looking so lovely Holly xxxx have a great day xx
Debbie Forse WOW lovely picture off holly keep up with it love your outfit xx 😘
Cristiano Ronaldo
2 hour ago


255.8k reactions 4161 comments
Josh Noni Please cr7 start packing your luggage's because there is no time .. Chelsea football club are ready to welcome you , you know we have your kind already in the person of Eden Hazard , so you won't not have problems settling in.. We have a tactics guru, ...
Musas Jacques Messi is the legend, the wise and God of the ball⚽, he is a fire🔥, M10 is love❤ and his kind to play is the life⚽, the ball⚽ is sugar with the FCB most club in the world, club of the best players than Hala Madrid.
Yasser Sb the emoji refers to the number of goals u scored this season in 720 min in laliga or wut? man focus on the pitch we all can do a no looking pass 😉 keep it on legend ❤️✔️
Paul Don Italia Have doubted for long until this technique!!! Oh mai, u re surely the best player in the world! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mohand Dawod I'm sure you'll be back in the La Liga. It's only a matter of time because you're simply the best. You do not care about the press and the critics. We love and we will continue to support you until the last minute.
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 14:42

The secret ingredient to an even better green bean casserole? Bacon.

Green Bean Casserole
Green Bean Casserole

Frozen French-cut green beans can be used in place of fresh to save time. Make sure to thaw them first, drain well, and pat dry with paper towels.

31 reactions 6 comments
Laura Collier Jessi Meshaw
Hope Hobi Nothing can fix this gross dish! ☹️
Reanay Black This is my favorite. Besides dressing and deviled eggs and my potato salad.
Dolly L Williams I do not eat green bean casserole and never will.
Lisa Holbird Just dropped by to check on some holiday dishes , i really miss watching you on TV but my friends and i all agree Snoop Dogg has ruined it for us . Will be happy when you get rid of him so the rest of us can enjoy your show again. Happy Holidays Martha
Mike "The Situation"
Yesterday 14:12

Is this going to be the last nail in the coffin?

Another outbreak expected at Chipotle... and it
Another outbreak expected at Chipotle... and it's scaring diners away

Chipotle has hit some bumps over the last two years

5 reactions 2 comments
Monica Lomeli Landace Bolden
Jeannie Rusek I love chipotle!! If thar garbage mcdonalds xan stay in business so can chipotle! I think I will go asap to show my support
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 14:42

This handy tool makes gift-wrapping a breeze.

Roll-On Patterned Gift-Wrap
Roll-On Patterned Gift-Wrap

Load it up with paint, and roll it onto plain white kraft paper to make festive holiday designs.

14 reactions 0 comments
9 hours ago

ICYMI: Rory wants in!

Rory MacDonald wants in on the Bellator MMA Heavyweight Grand Prix |
Rory MacDonald wants in on the Bellator MMA Heavyweight Grand Prix |

Earlier this month, Bellator MMA announced a plan to fill its vacant heavyweight throne: a star-studded heavyweight grand prix. The competitors in this anticipated tournament are as follows: Frank Mir, Fedor Emelianenko, Roy Nelson, Matt Mitrione, Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal, Ryan Bader, Quinton “Rampa...

168 reactions 34 comments
Joel Anderson Nick Ricci
Dylan Durcan Morgan Walsh
Nick Ladd Ben DeVardo
Ben Maclean Michael MacLean
Brendon Greenland John
Christina Milian
09:12 11/21/2017

Wanted to try something new.. it’s not my first time but I can say that everytime I do get Henna all feel all kinds of good ✋🌿🍂

276 reactions 40 comments
Malik Grande What's that
Dan Maxwell Henny Penny <3
Chagie Steven Its cool
Ganesh Naidu Nice mehadhi
Valentino Aaron Beautiful
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 14:42

Trust us, everyone will be asking for seconds!

15 Supremely Delicious Gluten-Free Desserts
15 Supremely Delicious Gluten-Free Desserts

Whether you’re gluten-free yourself or hosting a gluten-averse guest, we’re here for you with all kinds of delectable desserts, including cakes, cookies, pies, and more.

71 reactions 32 comments
Jill Vande Wiele Lia Gnecco
J Renee Coleman Janise Parker
Marquis Alexa de Romero Bonnie Littlefield
Kelly Hatfield Masner Chelsea Stone Bontrager
Anna Foster Melissa McGlothlin
Carrie Ann Inaba
Yesterday 15:42

It was an incredible night. Proud of everyone tonight,including our incredible team behind the scenes! It’s really wonderful to be a part of a team that works so hard day in and day out to bring the best to you. This show is a special show. And it is truly a family. I feel lucky and blessed to be a part of this family and for those who disagree with my scores, that is okay! That is wonderful that after 12 years and 25 seasons you have such strong and valuable opinions! Please use your voice and vote! That is such an important part of the DWtS experience. Be passionate. Be honest,vote with your heart and vote vote vote!! Love all of our family at home and here in the ballroom.Thank you for watching! And thank you for being a part of our extended family! I can’t believe it’s over tomorrow!😢 But I’m excited to see everyone again. Stay positive and stay passionate! ❤️❤️❤️💃🏻🙌🏻🙏🏻

912 reactions 110 comments
Linda Brown Bruce Love u judges and the professional dancers,but come back next season without Erin Andrew's, please!!!!!!!
Sherri Thomason Im going to miss the show now till next year. I love DWTS. HAPPY Thanksgiving Carrie, to you and you're furbabies.
Beverly Lutz Clark would not miss it for the world. And this season has been wonderful. So much talent and hard work. There are no losers.
Pam Williams Love the show and all those involved. Shouldn't change a thing! Opinions are just that and we all have them. Thank you!!
Lea Ann Kreger My daughter and I love you and also feel like DWTS is an essential part of our family. You are a beautiful part of a great production. We love you all. We all need to vote for who we think should win. We also need not get mad at the judges if our person ...
09:24 11/21/2017

354 reactions 25 comments
Chasmin Bradford Nathan Tyson
Nancy Murandu True
Paul Awaze Good reasoning
Elvis Timchia Zéro
Ramona Johnson Amen
Mike "The Situation"
Yesterday 14:12

This video clearly shows she was laughing as the 83-year-old veteran was gasping for air

67 reactions 14 comments
Jake Hayes Hang her up, hate crime
Shiloh Meegon Racist
Tina Filet O Fish Racist
Meow Rage Marie 😠😠
Heather Bryan Pure evil!!!!!!!
Mike Huckabee
4 hours ago


Ugly rant from ESPN anchor
Ugly rant from ESPN anchor

An ESPN host went off on a rant against those who are dropping their subscriptions over the politicizing of sports coverage and the NFL.

873 reactions 173 comments
Nancy St Laurent I just can’t figure out what he is saying. It seems like the main thing he’s saying is that he gets his paycheck directly deposited every two weeks and other than that he doesn’t care what happens. He may be in for a big surprise when his show is ...
Jim Lunak Ummm...... If he's ranting about people who have dropped ESPN, how does he think they'll hear him? Ah yes, the genius sportscaster.
Jeffrey Betyou I miss the old ESPN when it was about talking about sports only.
Virginia Cox Sorry ESPN. We dropped cable and stream. Definitely know how to drop ESPN and the NFL. So peaceful after church now. No distractions, just family time and more happiness because we are not putting $ in American haters pockets.
Tim List ESPN, isn't that some foreign language station. Along the sap programing on the tv? J/K
9 hours ago

ICYMI: This fighter was not happy!

PHOTO | Fighter criticizes Bellator for using pieces of cardboard, not mats, in backstage area |
PHOTO | Fighter criticizes Bellator for using pieces of cardboard, not mats, in backstage area |

Bellator MMA fighter Mitchell Chamale has shared photos and complains following a rather pitiful setup at last weekend's fight card.

22 reactions 2 comments
Roman Przybyszewski If you work for bellator.... multimillion viacom owned company... it's like providing a toilet for your natural urges... grass is soft but how can you be sure there is nothing there a steel nail a piece of broken glass and other object possibly harming ...
David Huenecke You're already on grass. Isn't that soft enough to roll? I'd have to problem. Its not like its an actual event. It's at a race track. Ecw never had mats because they wrestled in high school gyms and bingo halls. Don't complain about being on a D list ...
Lyoto Machida
10 hours ago

#machidafamily #machidalifestyle

1.9k reactions 24 comments
Claudio Castro Cardenas Aurelio Eien
Cesar Dantas Oss
Thiago Vitor Da Cruz Oss
Nuno Lopes 💪!!!
Bigboss Sasa Roble Oss
Sarah Palin
5 hours ago

This is big. Did you see this??

South Korean Spy Agency Just Made A SCARY Announcement, Hours After Trump
South Korean Spy Agency Just Made A SCARY Announcement, Hours After Trump's Designation Of NOKO

North KoreaSouth Korean Spy Agency Just Made A SCARY Announcement, Hours After Trump’s Designation Of NOKO By Lawrence Richard - November 20, 2017 ShareTweetSubscribe Email address: Earlier today, President Donald Trump re-designated North Korea as a state sponsor of terror; hours later, a spy agenc...

672 reactions 70 comments
Patrick O'Rorke Blah, blah, blah.
Greg Huberty I'll bet he's standing on a foot stool.
Mark Wesson I see a big parking lot in this guys future
Thomas Cromey South korea is going to help us Win the war agains nutcase kim he has a few screw loose in his head not playing with a full deck few cards short maybe hes mad about that then taking out on other countrys
Tedd Brown Let em...he fires one he gets deleted.....
Mike "The Situation"
Yesterday 14:12

Much ado about the hairdo!

Here are the most iconic hairstyles that defined each decade
Here are the most iconic hairstyles that defined each decade

Years passed and with them changed the hairstyles.

5 reactions 1 comments
Jamie Lauderdale I like the ones from the 1940s best.
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