Thirty Seconds to Mars
16:00 09/12/2017

Last week, MARS stopped by BBC Radio 1 for #R1LiveLoungeMonth! Watch performances of WALK ON WATER, KINGS + QUEENS,

and a Tribute to the Greats medley, right here:

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Helen Crisp
Sonia Onorio
Cantata così è più bella
Kathryn Bartlett
This was a FANTASTIC performance; & I am also so, so happy & grateful to have said hello to you, outside, after!! 😀 #thankyou #thankyou #thankyou - A brilliant day!! 😘 xx
Gosia Rzepska
Thank you. <3
Elodie Cezard Williams
Cara McGregor
Stunning tribute
Julien Rivet
Your "Tribute to the Greats medley" should be on the new album (as a bonus may be?Or just a single?) A great moment! 👌🎵🎶🎤
Valentina Armone
Eunice Guevara Leto Milicevic
it's really amazing :D
Anna Leto
It was a good moment in live #live
Daniela Emiliano
My love 😍
Alison Spitzer
Saw this the other day very nice.
Lisa Mauk Pless
It was an awesome #R1LiveLoungeMonth show.
Michelle Rogers
Truly beautiful but where was Shannon? 😢
Birgit Mülders
thank you

Other newsfeed from Thirty Seconds to Mars

You were beautiful, MOUNTAIN VIEW!! Anyone joining us tomorrow in MORRISON, CO?

2.7k reactions 57 comments
Kelli Bear Oh man, I want to so bad, but sadly I missed out this time. Looking forward to new album and tour. 💜
Alisha Diaz Jared kept calling us San Francisco lol!
Angela M. Patecek It looked like a great concert. Wish I was there. Love you Jared. XOXOXOXO
Jenna Hughes I'll be at Red Rocks!! First time there and first time seeing you guys live. I'm so excited!!! Hope you play "Capricorn!"
Raffina Wolosz Mt View was amazing. Great concert. We even got to go on stage.

We're just 1 WEEK away from iHeartRadio Music Festival! Take it back to 2014 + this cover of Rihanna's "Stay".

2.0k reactions 119 comments
Lena Standera 😍 True Rockstar 🎤🎵🎸🎶💋🤗!
Simone Wonderland Oh ya 😍 I love it !!! ❤❤❤ Have fun at the Shoreline tonight guys!!! You will rock the house 🎉🎉🎉 Liz Van Valkenburg it's your day 🎶🎤🥁🎸🎶 Enjoy ❤
Talha Rizwan Farheen Mujahid
Sofia Kesisidou Sotos Gourtsianni
Sabine Hendriksen 😍😍

Motivation. Spirit. Teamwork. What drives you? Show us your team colors! College Football returns this Saturday on ESPN. 🏈

2.2k reactions 73 comments
KJ Joseph Pitt and Cincy are my teams! Let's go Pitt Let's go Bearcats!
Endless Song Right now nothing 💀
Antonella Astorri All of them! And dreams, love, art, family ❤
Jeremy Durham 🐸😈!!!!!!

Just 9 DAYS 'til MARS meets #iHeartFestival 2017! Who's joining us SEPT 22? ❤️ iHeartRadio

1.6k reactions 25 comments
Anais Perez :P
Sonia Onorio Sono lontanissima io
Yahaira Gomez
Quinton Johansen I keep trying to win a free trip to the festival, but so far it is not happening. Only 2 more days to re-enter. Love you and so pleased you will be there! Love to you always, Jared, Shannon and Tomo!♡♡♡♡xoxo
Penny RS Sparks 😠 4 days to the Denver show and I cant go thanks to the OUTRAGEOUSLY priced tickets. This is crap they screw us real fan of 30 seconds to mars out of being able to see them live at an amazing venue. Im so bummed :(

Last week, MARS stopped by BBC Radio 1 for #R1LiveLoungeMonth! Watch performances of WALK ON WATER, KINGS + QUEENS, and a Tribute to the Greats medley, right here:

2.5k reactions 46 comments
Helen Crisp 💜💛💚❤💙
Sonia Onorio Cantata così è più bella
Kathryn Bartlett This was a FANTASTIC performance; & I am also so, so happy & grateful to have said hello to you, outside, after!! 😀 #thankyou #thankyou #thankyou - A brilliant day!! 😘 xx
Gosia Rzepska Thank you. <3

We are the #KingsAndQueens of Promise. Watch the full #R1LiveLoungeMonth performance now:

5.5k reactions 87 comments
Alison Spitzer I love when Jared sings acoustic versions of his song. It always showcases his voice. Walk on Water love here in particular. Not so much the chorus but I love hearing the slowed down lyrics done by Jared.
Raffina Wolosz See you Friday night.
Giovanna Mendoza Luis Picon
Lucecita Solano I love so much jared
Ceri Hulme Goosebumps...... thank you 30 Seconds to Mars, thank you Jared Leto

Now, more than ever, is a time for community, togetherness + teamwork. What are some things that inspire + motivate you to take part?

2.8k reactions 59 comments
Sarah Newhouse We were here just over a month the ago Toby Newhouse! Time of our lives!!! #lifetimememories #soon
Setenia Mary Dark Lleva tus campo mars a España Jared también, exacto tiempo para paz interior muy importante y encontrarse ,a uno mismo
Jamie Nixon Animals and Catholic outreach that feeds poor ppl. Every Thursday and Salvation army
Roxanne Bertrand Holland This family of ours motivates me. When we are at camp, I feel so much love. I would like to bring that love to my own community. If we could all do that, I think our world would be a happier place.
Isabel Salord

MARS drops in on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Month with WALK ON WATER and more. Watch the performance:

6.9k reactions 129 comments
Mashu Suarez Borges Amazing! Beautiful and so perfect version of walk on water <3
Beimar Flores Lynette Isabella
Allison Bowman This was so good
Victoria Liang I love it😍😍😍😍
Daniela Emiliano My Love

Missed MARS on BBC Radio 1? Watch WALK ON WATER, KINGS + QUEENS, and A TRIBUTE TO THE GREATS Medley now:

4.2k reactions 178 comments
Sophie Louise Hamber Shelly McClellan Helen Hamber
Melissa Sigman Thank you so much!!! You all are such incredible people, musicians/ artists, and what an amazing tribute!! Thanks for sharing so much inspiration with your fans! ❤️❤️❤️✌🏻
Belinda Medlock Loved this, it was beautiful ❤️💜
Kelsey Jones Alexandra Davies
La Cri Amazing 💙💙

Excited to attend the launch of #Destiny2 Tuesday night!! Watch the trailer at Destiny here on FB.

4.8k reactions 142 comments
Anitreia Carroll Where is Shannon?
Andrés Angulo Carlos Uriel Rojas Cilia que onda con estos indigentes
Mario Alberto Barbosa Rodríguez Best crossover ever :v
Angela M. Patecek Ok honey sounds great! Love you. XOXOXOXO
Ivana Schaeks Falk Pinckaers dit bedoelde ik

Discover, or revisit, MARS favorites. Subscribe to the RETURN OF MARS Playlist on Spotify now!

1.4k reactions 17 comments
Rosalina Pitra 😍😍😍😍😍
Michelle Yanez Newcomb Shuffle all day, so glad to listen to a daily dose of Happiness
アシュリー トゥッキー Omg I love this ❤️ thanks guys!
Ivana Schaeks Moira Testa
Emma O'Hare Already do!!

New WALK ON WATER filter on Snapchat! Try it out, share your best Snap sync + you just may get a call from Jared..

3.3k reactions 159 comments
Trevor Smith Maddy Smith
Jennifer Bowman Allison Hodge
Kelsey Wunder Cassandra Land girl you better get snapping
Geloey Galadrielle More facebook!!! Superplease! I can't. get this other app to work......💝🎵😘😍💝🎵
Angelina Angel 😍😍😍😍

Tune in to our 360° HD live stream SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2: 12PM LA / 2PM MEX / 3PM NYC / 4PM RIO / 8PM LDN / 9PM BER / 5AM SYD

2.4k reactions 90 comments
Sarita Goulart And Mexicooo??? 😭😭😭
Tracey Wheeler TX for exact times - it helps
BetTien AA Martijn
Asia EchelonKowalska ZebraLeto SEE YOU TOMORROW IN BERLIN 😍
Ree Giney Thank you! Have a great Time in Berlin 🎵🌈🌠🎧🎼🎸🎶🎹🥁🎶😍

Relive WALK ON WATER at the 2017 MTV VMAs with special guest Travis Scott.

8.4k reactions 314 comments
Daniele Gois mano do céu
Patrick Mielke Christopher Mielke😀😀
Maë-chan Olympian On entends souvent Jared chanter/crier sur le refrain, ça passe déjà un peu mieux ^^ Clymène Meery
Magali Jean Mathieu Senghor Absolutely amazing 😍
Emma Binnersley Nikita Holloway

WALK ON WATER is on top of the charts worldwide, thanks to YOU. 🙏💪

6.8k reactions 229 comments
Genevieve Steele That's fn cool 😎congratulations to u guys👍
Frédéric Dubé Love you guys ✌🏼
Júlia Joia Congrats!!!!!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Catarine Martins BRASILLLLLL
Zosia Wierzbicka Congratulations guys! 👏

Thx again to Travis Scott for helping us light up the 2017 VMAs stage + trying out new tech!! 📷: Kevin Mazur Photography and Getty Images Entertainment

5.8k reactions 81 comments
Ale H. Golightly Guys you rocked the stage!! 😎😎😎
Jennifer Lopez So many of you are so butt hurt omg like grow the fuck up the world doesn't revolve around your alternative rock preferences. The performance was still great and so was Travis. Stop crying about *wah wah evil scary rap music ewwww*
Magali Soto Ramirez AMAZING GUYS XOXO
Ana Villarejo Fue increíble
Charlie Pearman Christ knows why the rapper was even in the song to begin with! Was a brilliant performance until then he completely ruined it!!

Relive MARS' performance of WALK ON WATER with Travis Scott from last night's 2017 Video Music Awards. What was your favorite part?

5.9k reactions 284 comments
Paola Lorusso Nothing..... Can't watch in italy
Toño Pedron Yeaaaaaaahz!!!
Giorgio Facheris Not available in my country?! C'mon, I'm not from fuckin Middle-Earth!
Emma Johnson Reminds me of radioactive by imagine dragons
Alex Machete Gastelum Kristen Beck

Wander back to the wilderness weekend + relive the summer magic of #CampMars Festival 2017, powered by AT&T.

3.9k reactions 63 comments
Christine Petrask-stalter I don't get why they wouldn't continue it . everyone enjoys it ,respects who shows up & the guys when they interact with everyone. its only two days they should continue it.
Claudia Grimm Julia Alida Simone Wonderland Evee Créme Jeanine Bartoli Kari Gonzalez ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mikki Leila So sad there won't be a camp next year :(
Lyssa Slattery Amazing best weekend and Camp Mars ever!
Sarah Kay Haynie Can we rewatch it? Or download it?! Put it on vyrt!

You won't want to miss this. Catch MARS on the 2017 Video Music Awards live TOMORROW, Sunday AUG 27 8|7c • 7PM MEX, 9PM RIO, 1 AM LDN, 2AM BER, 10AM SYD. MTV

5.4k reactions 117 comments
Isabel Morais Patrícia Morais
Ellen Wilkinson Manning Omg I'll have to record 🙀xx
Kyle Manning Ellen Wilkinson Manning xxx
Susanne Marino Sandy DK Ch Nur kurz, aber huuiiii 😜 Beide 😁😘
Rossana Testa Adriana Echeløn Di Martino


12.1k reactions 503 comments
Susan Mattox love this new single!!!!
KJ Joseph Let's kick TSwift off her throne! Get this shit to number one!
Gonçalo Sousa Lourenço Tiago Saraiva
Taryn Stilwell Evan OneLinthemiddle

THANK YOU for your support on the first day of release! #WalkOnWater is charting all around the world thanks to you - keep spreading the word!!

6.1k reactions 292 comments
Johnny Paice You guys can do better than this crap, way better.
Manon Dionne Merci pour ce chef d'œuvre 👌 merci pour Malibu ,merci pour votre folie 😂et je vous aime d'Amour 😍😍😍❤
Steffany KJ Congratulations!! amazing work. I still listen to this song and I do not get tired, the power it 👊 is powerful.💪 We are in third place, keep moving!🙌
Myleah Ford Hmmmm didn't love it but didn't hate it either honestly. I'll wait for the next single.
Sandra Angel I love jared

The wait is over. "WALK ON WATER" - available everywhere. Watch the Lyric Video NOW:

24.4k reactions 2310 comments
Craig Colwill Matthew Jones Dafydd Jones Lewis Suggitt Ryan Jones
Tanner Bessinger Kalani Larsen
Charlotte Redding Yay can't wait to listen to it
Ilaria Ronca Sara Alunni Esposto ;) <3
Vasia Karagianni Katerina Giata 😮😮😮


4.6k reactions 141 comments
สุนทรียา ประไพทรัพย์ Look forward to🤘
Tiffany Marie Ame C. 🤗
Diana Carolina Bye soon😂
Richard Ortiz Yay!
Jordy Dwyer Liam Walshe


13.5k reactions 138 comments
Wesley Zaneratto Bruna Person 💛
Laura Bonacci Do I hint a homage to Warhol 👀
Hayleigh Elizabeth Borton KINGS
Trudy Angliss Soon to be two in England! 🙌🏻 Very #Warhol 🎨


7.2k reactions 570 comments
Nathaly Locastro Rayssa Cruz o q estavamos falando mesmo?! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk É vai ser como temíamos
Mathilde Marie Jennifer Bertet j'en peux plus d'attendre c'est comme un épisode de GOT 😂
Julia Mudrecka Michał Arkit to będzie chujowe
Anita Copp Victorien Fch je serais en train de bosser 😔
Nicole Gibson Chris Kelly get those ohh woows ready

Only 5 DAYS until WALK ON WATER / AUG 22. #WalkOnWater

13.1k reactions 241 comments
Stacy Carmella Green 5 days! Woooooohooooooooooo! I keep hearing it on ESPN! It's so exciting! <3 I'm so grateful it's almost time!
Mylène Cl Estelle Genaudeau !!
Grzegorz Szczepański ;)Your brother every single day looks more like gangstar than like artist. Regards guys ;)
Middi Mars I just thought I'd go back to the camp and die while I heard #WalkOnWater , I'd be so happy with it.
Eneida Tirado I CANNOT deal with the hotness of Shan in this photo ay ay ay! Plus I'm freaking the fuck out about this ahhh

We played our new song WALK ON WATER for a select group of people. It has never been heard before. This is what happened.

16.0k reactions 1379 comments
Cá Macedo Só para morreres um bocadinho mais Inês Cóias
Jenny Devoll Kimberlee Navarro omg if they play near us we are going!!!!!
Daniela Lehmann Antonia Preil jetzt werd ich aber langsam hibbelig 🙈❤️😊😍
Carlo Cesar Karina Meza Díaz sus caras!!!! iucbwqicbeiwbqhfbewiqbfiebwf!!!
Roxana Zarzecka Zuzanna, Magdalena no i jak tu cierpliwie czekać ??!! No jak, ja się pytam !! 😂

WALK ON WATER, the new single from THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS will be available worldwide starting 5AM LA, 7AM MEX, 8AM NYC, 9AM RIO, 1PM LDN, 2PM BER, and 10PM SYD on Tuesday, August 22!

3.3k reactions 114 comments
Madi Murphy Sammi Mitcherson 10pm
Lea Kra Laura Schmitz da müssen wir wohl lange aufbleiben 😱
Dominique Côté Patricia Côté
Loll Gaynor Joy Maggie
Tricia Hayes Perez Nick Perez about time

Tune in to the MTV Video Music Awards AUG 27 8|7c.

1.1k reactions 40 comments
Hollie Davies Caitlin Webster!!!!!!!
Daniel Gläsing Guck mal Steffi Nickel
Samantha Curtis Valerie Perry Yessss
Shayany Bernardino Bruna Cubbins como está o coração?
Olivia Whittle Karin Whittle Finally


38.3k reactions 4420 comments
Heather Vick Ahhhhh Mandi!!!!! I may die!!
Roxana Zarzecka Zuzanna, Magdalena jeden dźwięk a ja już mam gęsią skórę 😎😅
Jesse Zeledón Juan Guevara, ¿te acordás de ellos? Ahorita vuelven.😂
Keri Brunner Juliann Dowdy I cant freaking wait!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah-Jane Sawtelle Sharon Fielding Hill I don't know whether to laugh or call their manager a jerk. 🤦‍♀️😂
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