Thirty Seconds to Mars
16:00 09/12/2017

Last week, MARS stopped by BBC Radio 1 for #R1LiveLoungeMonth! Watch performances of WALK ON WATER, KINGS + QUEENS,

and a Tribute to the Greats medley, right here:

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Helen Crisp
Sonia Onorio
Cantata così è più bella
Kathryn Bartlett
This was a FANTASTIC performance; & I am also so, so happy & grateful to have said hello to you, outside, after!! 😀 #thankyou #thankyou #thankyou - A brilliant day!! 😘 xx
Gosia Rzepska
Thank you. <3
Elodie Cezard Williams
Cara McGregor
Stunning tribute
Julien Rivet
Your "Tribute to the Greats medley" should be on the new album (as a bonus may be?Or just a single?) A great moment! 👌🎵🎶🎤
Valentina Armone
Eunice Guevara Leto Milicevic
it's really amazing :D
Anna Leto
It was a good moment in live #live
Daniela Emiliano
My love 😍
Alison Spitzer
Saw this the other day very nice.
Lisa Mauk Pless
It was an awesome #R1LiveLoungeMonth show.
Michelle Rogers
Truly beautiful but where was Shannon? 😢
Birgit Mülders
thank you

Other newsfeed from Thirty Seconds to Mars

Can you even see what you’re fighting for?

3.7k reactions 105 comments
Tia Krohn Im not fighting. I am water, i sweep shit out of my way :D
Diana Mello #NewAlbumNow 😝😬🙏
Luigia Carbone Combatto contro il bullismo e la violenza cercando di insegnare ai bambini fin dalla prima infanzia dei valori che in questa società sono in crisi, cercando di formare una generazione migliore
Monica Marchesini For my freedom

Nonstop nights for the new album. Anyone following along with Jared Leto's snaps?

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Caio Theodor Ta moscando e leto
Inma Morales 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦
Josh Carter Amanda Carterr
Malena Stenico #NewAlbumNow
Lucas Araujo Tá moscando leto

Our #TributeSong to the Greats is nominated for #BestCover at the iHeartRadio Music Awards! Share + be sure to VOTE: Watch the full performance:

2.7k reactions 72 comments
Malena Stenico #NewAlbumNow
Tanya Marie Langston Best tribute I've heard amazing xx
Danka Pawłowska 💖❤💖❤💖😘😘
Weronika Andrzejewska I wish I could vote but I live in Poland so... :( ;(
Magali Soto Ramirez I can not vote in Peru, because! 😣😥

Counting down ‘til we hit the road again for a new era of MARS. Where else should we stop on tour?

4.6k reactions 766 comments
Kristine Kreiness New York/Connecticut
Sibil Ängee Got a ticket, Cologne. Looking forward
Ryaan Sandham Seeing you guys in March at the 02 Arena, you guys were the first band I listened to who got me into rock music, & was the first band I saw live back in 2013 I think at the 02 in London :)
Jennifer Donau New album land
Marianna Castro PALMAS ,TOCANTINS -BRAZIL. #NewAlbumNow

#OnThisDay in 2010, HURRICANE made its debut as a #ThisIsWar Single! Do you have it added to your favorite Spotify playlist?

8.3k reactions 199 comments
Joana Ferreira Tatiana Paulo <3
Louis Gaudreau Roxanne Fournier Élise Gaudreau
Sarah-Jane Sawtelle Although the video (regardless of level of censorship) is much darker and disturbing than I envisioned for it myself, this song is still one of my faves. Oddly enough, when listening to the song initially, I had originally thought of a torrid love ...
Ruth Sheppard wees du nach waat dain Grond war mier dei CD ze kaafen?^^ Rose Sheppard
Daniel Macklin Such an uplifting and inspiring album. "Hurricane" and "Night of the Hunter" are my favourites.

And the best is yet to come. What was your favorite MARS memory of 2017? #WalkOnWater

5.1k reactions 233 comments
Liz Van Valkenburg Seeing you guys live of course!!! 😁🤘🏻🕺🏻❤️
Jessica Henderson-Shore Camp with Jenna. 🦌🦌❤️❤️
Alice Obomsawin When i saw them in Toronto last summer with Muse & we all sang the oh oh parts in WOW & they recorded us ... that night was magical !
Tracey Wheeler COM Malibu + Red Rocks ... grateful🙏🏼
Susan Cury Bring it on guys! Listening to 30 Seconds to Mars radio as we speak.

Switch it up with R3hab. #WalkOnWater

1.6k reactions 31 comments
Mostafa Ahmad Nour Chehabeldeen
Mostafa Ahmad Rami A. Diab
Janie Hunt 👀
Nikki Fitz Hot dammmmn 🔥

Your one + only official source for #MarsMerch: What do you want to see in the MARS Store this year?

565 reactions 55 comments
Trisha Pottsmith I'd like for there to maybe be a limited time to where we could buy any of the old merch and just have it made to order. Also some stuff with the new triad.
Emily Hartwell You should make 30 seconds to mars suit ties!!!
Abi Gardner Army jacket, denim jacket, phone cases, tees with lyrics on, tie up wristbands, Anddd 2018 calendar 😍 x
Sarah Gais More women's top or clothes, like leggings. And a iPhone case.
Daniel Andres Buitrago Vallejos The New Triad!

Does it feel like we’ve never been alive? Does it seem like it’s only just begun?

2.0k reactions 48 comments
Sebby Crysstal New song lyric?
Brandy Miller I have always felt to alive I guess, by that I mean people love to torture the crap out of me for no reason, spent my whole life trying to hide my true self from the rest of the world to protect myself, in public I become the Ice Bitch, only two people ...
Marion Cannizzaro Tooooomooooo. Yeah
Ben Leighty Oh, how I miss the A Beautiful Lie era.
Terri Bey 🌹🙏

A thin line, the whole truth.

2.8k reactions 34 comments
Jennifer Donau That song was a pile of soulless mainstream shite! Really hope its not a reflection of your new album.... ah wait... there is no new album.
Luigia Carbone The best band :-)
Anne Childress Actually leaves me sitting with this hollow experience, just can not grasp it completely. 😛👏
Andrea Congrove Shannon!!! 🥁🤘
Vero Garcia Geniooo

A portrait of America, directed by Jared Leto. Watch the official music video for #WalkOnWater today:

1.9k reactions 22 comments
Weston Webber Why Bernie? Hitler was a socialist for those that don’t know.
Chris Perry Whem are the homos going to quit. Homos with a flag? Get the fuk out.
Chesmo Marques NORTH AMERICA*
Alta Anima The United States seeks to advance the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals through innovation, for example, the development and application of new and existing technologies which address human development needs.
Aline Cassidy Will Cass I cannot wait to watch this with you ❤️

Heading into the weekend like. 🤘😎👊

4.1k reactions 151 comments
Alison MacIntosh Dawn MacIntosh 😂
Elaine Nyx Piscopo Hermes
Elizabeth Bocanegra Joy Cudanes west siiiiiddddeeee
Elizandra Alves de Mello Brazil loves u guys!!! 😙💖❤
Katrin Fakir Schäfer ✌️😎👊✋

#FBF to the great arctic of A BEAUTIFUL LIE. Tag a friend + give them a taste of MARS, circa 2008.

7.6k reactions 576 comments
Dobromir Genov The best song!
Christina Hoßfeld Julia Koßmann das waren noch Zeiten...
Salsyra Vermeulen Patrick van den Boogaard ❤️
Steven Russell 👍❤️
Nicola Base What a song x what a video x what musicians x what a voice x x x fantastic x x x

66 days ‘til the tour, Europe. Tell us where we’ll see you + who you’re bringing.

4.2k reactions 840 comments
Jája Fireblade Praaaagueeee :-)
Judy Bristow On my own. London
Lynne Adams London with my 14 year old daughter who loves Mars as much as I do. We are both so excited.
Leanne Thomas Manchester!!! Jayson Thomas😍
Thomas Boultby Manchester with Cody Edden - an amazing Xmas present 😍

#TBT to Sam Tsui's take on #WalkOnWater. Who's cover of the single is your favorite?

878 reactions 43 comments
Cedes Santiago 👌👌🔥🔥😍😍
Anne Childress Yeah, not too stale. Have considered this exact topic honestly. 🙄
Rik Taylor Guy's got talent, but I'll take the original every time.
Zahori Silva I'm sorry, I know that everyone has their style but it sounds ... wrong
Stefan Zyh maybe more music and less digital voice processing? sooooo pure

Over 10,000 people helped us capture a single day. See how in the official video for #WalkOnWater:

2.0k reactions 18 comments
Lisa Johnson ❤️❤️❤️
Christophe Rémy Sorry but I disliike this song... :( ...I hope the next single will be better... even that I love attack, from yesterday, the kill, this is war, city of angels...and I'll see you guys again in paris...can't wait...
Noreen Ann When will US tour dates be released?!?
Tamara Osha 💔 wish I could be there
Anne Childress This really is great, funny stuff gold possibly. Haven’t laughed this hard for decade at least. 😏

A new day, a new age. Will we be seeing you in 2018?

8.0k reactions 498 comments
Francesca Scanni Claudia Cacciapaglia 😍😍
Libby Bowles Yup. I am currently cycling around New Zealand on my homemade bamboo bicycle doing beach cleans and schools talks about single use plastic. Coming to see you in Barcelona the week after I get back home to the UK. Way to beat post trip blues! Hasta ...
Anke Diels Yes, in Cologne
Gosia Toloczko Of Course! Poland is waiting 😃🇵🇱❤️
Stefanie Pesch KÖLN🤘

Can't wait to share a new era of MARS with you all in 2018. Stay tuned.

2.7k reactions 90 comments
Marco Bettin yyyyeeeaaaaahhh!
Martita Nash Yes I'll put your music on after I get out of dialysis it lifts my spirits who gives me hope thank you have a blessed New Year I'll be waiting on new music
Stacy Carmella Green We can't wait! <3
Dottie Oliver Happy New Year guys! Sitting here watching the Rose Bowl parade, why don't you LA guys participate?
Sonia Román Matthew Owen


3.0k reactions 97 comments
Smalto Mascara Happy New year ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lizzari Leto Happy Mew Year!!!!!
Phoebe Grigor Looking forward to what you throw at us 🎉
Alejandra Estrada Feliz Año Nuevo chicos 🎆🎉 Mis mejores deseos para ustedes.. Que Dios los bendiga. Un abrazo 💕
Nathalie Chassereau Ep Bhn Happy news year les Thirty. ..💋

Before we ring in the new year, a big shoutout to some of 2017's most awesome people. 👏👏👏 People Are Awesome

30.6k reactions 1079 comments
Jodee Le Blanc Jaydon Le Blancc
Antonio Hernandez Core Esmeralda 😱😱 miraaaa
Tumushabe Alex Awesome people
Dillon Levi Eisenlauer Emily Smith
Israel P Roman Awesome people are the ones working to solve the world greatest problems and challenges not doing their sport they practice daily...

2018’s right around the corner. Any #NewYearsResolutions?

3.8k reactions 188 comments
Stephanie Carley Keep finding my inner peace with the help of Mars 💖
Julie Leagan ☮💜😃
Beth Wilby To be more positive .. to stand strong through any fear .. to learn to say no
Jessi Eumel Julia Sievers und jetzt darf ich Vanessa Sievers auch endlich verlinken!!!! 😀
Kristen Rebekah Goldsmith To read a book once a month.

Santa miss something on your list? Ring in the New Year with 25% OFF in the @MarsStore, now thru JAN 2:

1.1k reactions 37 comments
Alynn Jackson Notes From The Outernet VOL3? Or perhaps a reissue of Volumes 1 & 2? 🙏
Meggie Haslberger Julia Gramsamer xD
John Calle
Lupita HR Roy Huerta compramelaaaa de cumpleaños🙏
Wendy Lovell Stacey Leader x

Happy birthday to our very own Jared Leto!!! 🕺🕺🕺

25.0k reactions 1153 comments
Anna Jechna Happy Brithday Jared 😘🎂🎁🎉
Karina Carrillo Happy birthday!!!!
Silvana Bartolamasi Tanti al Super Sexy Jared❤
Ronald Green Happy Birthday Jared, have a glorious day.
Marta Olejniczak Marta Szymańska A czy Ty już złożyłas życzenia?😉

Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays to you all! 🎄

3.5k reactions 170 comments
Sam Casellatto Ficou meio bosta hein Jay ?
Louise Creutz Nice snap about the white xmas.... We had some snow.... then came the rain/wind... 😩 Thats more rule than anomaly here in the south part of Sweden... 😜
Randa Issa ⛄️❄️🎄merry Christmas 😊
Racheal Wandsneider Such a cute little tree! Merry Christmas
Kerstin Rolfes Love that Tree. 😍😄 Merry Christmas

Anyone ready for a new song?

13.3k reactions 650 comments
Laurette Chiffe Amélia Zerrouki On parlait justement de dévoiler ENFIN d'autres chansons ^^
Kshitiz Saajan Yeah desperately...
Natibel Rubén Siempre
Diogo Rodrigues Eduardo Esteves are you ready?
Jackie Santiago Yeeeeeeiih!!!

Give the gift of MARS this holiday season, starting with the new R3hab Remix of #WalkOnWater, now available everywhere:

790 reactions 22 comments
Ana Mraović чему изглед одрпанца кад можеш бити савршен...
Preben Hansen Walkonwater is top💲 but we need that new album.... like NOW✔️ merryXmas @Mars
Pablo Mar Soy fan de toda la vida, pero este track no m gustó, sonidos muy básicos. La música de 30 seconds es muchísima mejor!
Heli Pi Ye, ye... ;- Way too much crap on kids anger "management" will spread...People teaching others how to "master" anger in children 😆🔫 I can't afford to fuel innocent children's gratis brainwash on my account. I might as well just shut up....
Louisa Winslow not fan of this remix i prefer the original version that we listen everyday and my baby dances everytime he hears the song on tv

Times are changing. Tune in + turn up the WALK ON WATER R3hab Remix. Tag a friend to share the love.

1.2k reactions 26 comments
Kim Farley Kimbr, Brie, Nadine, Andrea <3
Shirlene Santos ❤⬆
Jordan Lndro HELP PLEASE 😫😫😫 30STM launched a contest and never published the results 😪 It was for the website “Music Meets Video”. I made, as asked, a cover and a video for Walk On Water, in hope to be shared on their official social networks or win a duo with ...
Jonathan Kerr Andi
Juliette Pennacchi Yayyyy

Ready to #RockThis? Watch Jared Leto discuss the process of creating #WalkOnWater with Spotify:

1.2k reactions 26 comments
João Silva Boring song
Jo Bean I love this song! So much. I am a new fan!
Jessie Thomas Rhys Williams
Cabrera Moni Walk on it 😘😍👍🏼❤️
Shirlene Santos ❤⬆

🇲🇽 Missed the news? MARS IS COMING, MEXICO! Join us at Machaca 2018, JUNE 23. Tickets on sale DEC 20, 10AM CST:

2.1k reactions 115 comments
Alexandra Banadinovich Mitch estoy muy triste porque no podré verlos contigo 😢
Izabel Aguilar CDMX por favor :'c
Claudia Limon Caroola de Liira me llevas 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Claudia Limon Jess Cordova 😍😍😍😍
Gabriela Morales Lozano Xochitl YO QUIERO 😍😍😍😍😍 (puede ser se cumpleaños)

🇲🇽 MARS IS COMING, MEXICO! Join us at Machaca Festival 2018, JUNE 23. Tickets on sale DEC 20, 10AM CST:

14.5k reactions 2112 comments
Violeta OR No han sacado el lineup oficial y ya les valió madre JAJAJAJAJA Valeria
Tephy Blanco Abraján Fernando Ontiveros 😋😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁✨✨✨✨✨
Roz Bensusan Nolan this has hyped me up so much
Ana Paula Guevara Sofía Frías
Carolina Goycoechea Katia Gastelum Rodriguez vamooooosssss
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