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MONDAY: Nicole Lapin is here with a new edition of Trendy @ Wendy! Then,

entertainment journalist Josh McBride gives us the inside scoop on the latest news from Hollywood.

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Umutoni Elyse Nadia
Canro Etiando Colorado
Cherif Rezali
Lance Manon
U look great in Dress 2/20
Michael Friend Kowch
Oh, enough already.
Alex Brown
I love you
Watesha White
GM ready, and love that dress :)
Phyllis Odi
Love your new shoes and clothes
Cherif Rezali
Bisous ❤🕊⚘🌞🌟☄☄☄⚘🕊
Phyllis Odi
Wendy. Wonder Woman Is Coming. I know you like her😂😂😂😂😂
Andrew J. Plummer
Best pickme up of the day
Lance Manon
I luv spending Monday with you I looking forward to it Happy Spring......I luv Ur Curves xoxo
Yvonne Graham
Wendy Tara didn't adopt her baby. it was her egg and his sperm and used a surrogate
Lance Manon
Can't wait for you to come on Make it Sexy I need extra today it Mon lol xoxo thanks caoyt
Lance Manon
55 mins it up ....counting on you like 10 OK turn to Fox ha....21'days in a row will become habits start today! Like if U c this Ms Wendy xoooo

Other newsfeed from The Wendy Williams Show

Start your Memorial Day with Wendy! Wendy's LIVE with an hour of Hot Topics, the inside scoop and this summer's must-haves.

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Ramonda Sue Brady Happy Memorial Day, Wendy. Love your show.
Katrina Johnson Hello Mrs wendy
Elizabeth Nazario Love ya How u doing
Rodney Knuckles How you doin Wendy

HOT TOPICS: Barry White's Son is Suing His Widow! Keep watching 👉🏽

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Marie Hernandez Smh
Tehrah Creasey Barry son suing what omg how you doin😀!!!!
Vincent Hale get it in writing
Sheila Graham More to this story will be reveal 🤔
Nina Hi Doll The Michael Jackson guy is uncanny and a bit scary

Navi (The World's #1 Michael Jackson Tribute) dishes about Lifetime's #MichaelJacksonMovie! Keep Watching 👉🏽

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Dana Sockin Colonna . Wendy check out ET the interview on the Michael Jackson movie when they interview this guy that you interviewed you asked him if he had any plastic surgery done he told you that his nose was broken his 15 and then he went on from there to portray ...
Gloria Barnett Brookins What is she on? Her facial changes, dilated pupils, rapid mood swing, blank stares and rapid talking. Rude as Hell to that guy! I couldn't watch it. Totally ignorant and uncalled for. Give her urine test.
Linda Andrews These people will never ever stop let the dead rest no one knows really about that man's life not even his real family they know certain parts about Michael ,Michael kept a lot of things to yourself, I wouldn't believe this man because he was not there ...
Michael Gartner Although he is making a living impersonating Michael Jackson it is freakish to me that his look is what contributed to his early death. Mental distortion of his face and being. Several Jacksons have had their beautiful and natural African/American ...
Marc Stock She has been rude to guest before but this made me cringe n I see why very few real stars come on her show. She gets maybe 3 per week n usually they're ppl never heard of or from trash shows like housewives n love hip-hop that idk a single person who ...

How you doin’?! What do you think so far of my new Wendy Digital​ app? Loving these WenMojis! Download now at #sponsored

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Ronald Olszewski As phony in animation as in life. Great fill in for the show though (Sat. cartoon hour).😬
Christina Robinson I'm having a lot of problems with the app. It just keep loading and reloading and loading, over and over with that green Circle. I hope it gets fixed soon!
Shari Moore Dixon I uninstalled because wenmojies were not free. Please make them free!!
Sharon Mousie Rivaldo I don't like you at all. You make me sick can't stand your voice it sounds like a man trying to be a women you also try to be so dainty Oh and you look like a man!!!!! in fact I do think you are a man.
Gwendolyn King I like them! I'm trying to send you a message, absent of everyone's viewing. If it does not work, I will return. How U doin?

The sun is out so the fun is out at Wendy! ☀️

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Gabrielle La Porta Gina Waldron Robinson Kathleen Robinson notice anyone on the bottom left at 10 seconds?
Sheena Amiri 💜💙💙💚❤️
Beth Bumnere too many kmonos
Onnika Pheety Ralla It's cold here in south africa
Linda Burrell #Fun for everyone.

FRIDAY: Navi (The World's #1 Michael Jackson Tribute) tells us about Lifetime's #MichaelJacksonMovie!

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Monique Ohsobklyn Williams Bella Lindsay look at him
Kevin James Nic
Susanna Moss Dude looks like Bruno Mars w/o makeup.
Susan Cano Gonzalez Watching!!!

HOT TOPICS: Playboy centerfold Dani Mathers faces punishment after body shaming a naked 70 year old woman. Keep watching:

1.3k reactions 165 comments
Frances De La Rosa Reyna I's that all she received for being evil to a lady. Oh I got it, she is above everyone, she is a Playboy centerfold.
Sherry Greubel Wendy was right . I don't think I would have energy at all when I am 70 . Bravo to those who live a healthy lives up to 70 or more .
Cathy Campbell Maybe she will think twice before running that mouth but i seriously doubt it with her personality she will not get it. She will say she did nothing wrong
Casey Dawson I'm a 39 year old and I don't want to go to the gym for this reason, but my husband has got me there a few times but people like this makes me not want to want to go i'm self-conscious enough without people trying to help me out ☹️
Keri Long The victim was so embarrassed that she didn't even want to talk cops when it happened

Wendy addresses the RompHIM fashion trend on a new edition of "Wendy, What's Good?" Watch more 👉🏽

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Alesha Maxime I love that dress!
Shellea Smith Why is this show still on the air 😳boring
Jacqué Dé Monque NO...NO...and NO!!!!
Cece Maintain TBT:Hey 🌟⭐️#Starpower's please read my 7 life Lessons I have learned On this Hottest blog CLiberiaclearly ❤️🦁👉🏾
Lloyd David Milkey Okay Wendy you have to submit to Nature Wendy your beautifu you have to submit to Nature Wendy You're Beautiful on the inside and out

Wendy’s tea recipe is no longer a secret! Find out what gets Wendy through Hot Topics every day!

Wendy’s Morning Tea Recipe | The Wendy Williams Show
Wendy’s Morning Tea Recipe | The Wendy Williams Show

Wendy’s morning tea recipe is revealed, plus other beneficial teas to drink.

1.5k reactions 67 comments
Jasmine Duncan Hope you enjoy the tv Wendy. I should try Hollywood
Catrena Martin The other day when Wendy ate that whole burger on air with the hot sauce,she devoured it like a man
Stephen Smith-Knowles knew there was a reason she referenced her tea in live shows...
Jessicca Miles Is it always a cough drop?? I thought she put a peppermint candy in it!!🍭
Tasha Hc She forgot to add in her ingredients the two shots of whiskey! Lol😂😂

Wendy and her Hot Talk panel, Joe Levy, Lisa Evers and Judge Faith weigh in on the biggest headlines of the week!

First Lady Melania Trump Snubs the President | The Wendy Williams Show
First Lady Melania Trump Snubs the President | The Wendy Williams Show

Wendy Williams, Billboard’s Joe Levy, FOX 5’s Lisa Evers and Judge Faith weigh in on the biggest Hot Talk headlines of the week.

447 reactions 60 comments
Claudia Anderson Bill always held Hillary's hand...look where it got her !!!
Penny Fox Quit wendy long ago...racist and biased!!
Skylar E Carreker I don't think it has anything to do with culture the woman doesn't love the man
Anthony Perez Today's panel kinda fell flat. You've had better, Ms. Wendy.
Jagrbabe Nammygirl Strange how ppl think Wendy is "bashing" Melania..yet she treated Michelle Obama harsher (accused her at one time having "hood" hair).And for someone who'll" follow the black girl",she has never fallen all over the Obamas (& she has called Trump a ...

🎉Today’s the day! 🎉Check out the App Store and Google Play and download now for never before seen Suddenly Wendy moments, e-trivia, a look at my outfits of the day, and so much more! Check it out and let me know what you think! #sponsored Download here 👉🏽

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Kay Joy I've been following your career for years. Congrats for all you have accomplished
Cotina TMa Phillips I GOT THE APP!!!! I'm so excited! I love you, Wendy! I would love to win a trip to see you... HOW YOU DOIN'?
Felicia Alana Hessler Wendy Wendy Wendy, I cannot find this app and you said if we sign up today we are enter to win trip...
Ivy Green Where did you get the app idea is-from your enemy Kim Kardashian great idea
Jeff Corvin Tristan does this mean it's only available on your side of the pond? (us)

THURSDAY: Rolling Stone's Joe Levy, FOX 5 /'s Lisa Evers and Judge Faith join Wendy to debate the biggest headlines of the week during Hot Talk.

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Tye Merricks Out of control!.
Lisa Morgan 👏💙👏☕😘
Beth Bumnere whats with all the kimonos ?
Lisa Tisei Really Wendy !!!!!????????

HOT TOPICS: Kim and Kanye celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary! Keep Watching:

1.1k reactions 74 comments
Mattie Gorden Wendy Williams I love your show I followed her from her radio 📻 days to her show ❤️
Rahma Ahmed Why Wendy cares or hating on them? Worry about your marriage and family.
Sophonie Luxe You're just a hater you don't want to see people happy.
Marcia Brown Talk about your husband Wendy you are such a hater you should still be eating crow smh
Kim Schmidt-Hall Dont give them any more attention than what they deserve== NONE.

Whip of these recipes from Nikki Dinki this Memorial Day weekend!

CHEF NIKKI DINKI RECIPES | The Wendy Williams Show
CHEF NIKKI DINKI RECIPES | The Wendy Williams Show

Try these recipes from Nikki Dinki this Memorial Day weekend!

179 reactions 33 comments
Lisa Hogwood La Rue Brenda Hogwood Thomas
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Tina Turner Smh
Yessica Tapia Wendy I love you so much
Omari Wilson Gross

Moisturizing is EVERYTHING! Dr. Whitney Bowe explains why!

The Importance of Moisturization | The Wendy Williams Show
The Importance of Moisturization | The Wendy Williams Show

Dr. Whitney Bowe tells us why moisturizing is everything!

242 reactions 12 comments
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Caitlin McIntosh Kari White
Jeremy DePew Ben Brinegar
Ashton Moore Moisturizing is LIFE!!! Raleigh Fisher
Nolubabalo Gadu The moisturization of it all!

Wendy and her staffers share their "big break" stories!

My Big Break: Staff Edition | The Wendy Williams Show
My Big Break: Staff Edition | The Wendy Williams Show

Some of the Wendy staff had bizarre stories about breaking into the industry. From Snowy NYC gigs in cowboy boots to sending a tweet, everyone found their own way.

147 reactions 4 comments
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AnnMarie Joachim Love you're show !😀💖😎
Angela House Dwyer Can you tell me where Wendy's dress was from today please!!!!

Justin Bieber's fans are begging him to cancel tour dates after the Manchester bombing. Stars like Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Lourde refuse to pull out of their upcoming concerts.

217 reactions 260 comments
Sherri Jones It's all a matter of belief. And if you have iron will in your blood or not. A warrior artist will say no terrorist I'm going to defile you by truly living and enjoying life w my fans. The concert series goes on. If intel warnings are such that you're ...
Francine Davis No. More security, bomb sniffing dogs,actual pat downs, metal detectors and no bags inside events and people will be safe...
Maurice Peake No, people work hard for their money and pay for these tickets in advance to see a show by their favorite artist... what happened in Manchester is unfortunate but that's like saying....we shouldn't visit NYC anymore because of 9/11. There's evil in ...
Nancy Bello Ironic since these are the same people who believe in open borders and allowing extremists into our own country. No, if you cancel life as we know it, they win.
SarahJane Ramshaw The uk is on critical alert, meaning attack is imminent, I live in Newcastle uk and am not going anywhere there is big crowds with my kids anytime soon, maybe cowering and letting them monsters win but the threat is real n until there is a sure plan im ...

And the winner of Dancing with the Stars is...

DWTS RECAP: The Votes Are In!
DWTS RECAP: The Votes Are In!

The final three stars had their final dance tonight, and the winner of the mirror ball was announced.

221 reactions 27 comments
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Hope Boikanyo I DON'T watch this garbage show.
Donald Bensinger Jr. David was robbed
Jasmine Duncan Wow what great dancers 💃
Bebe Peery Time to replace this show!

HOT TOPICS: Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o have teamed up for a movie and it all started because of a tweet! Keep Watching:

2.5k reactions 112 comments
Shayra Lee All that penis shaming is corny
Linda Andrews Gossip gossip gossip you are not supposed to gossip in God's eyes, a gossipy person will carry a bone, and will definitely bring it back.
Taurai Tinzwe I'm going to start commenting on them stars walls. You never know!
Sheila Hollman Can't wait to see it when it comes out, look's like it's gonna be good
Sara Adelmeyer That girl better be seeing some type of a payday!!!

Catch up on our Dancing with the Stars recap from last night's episode before tonights BIG finale!

DWTS RECAP: The End is Near! | The Wendy Williams Show
DWTS RECAP: The End is Near! | The Wendy Williams Show

The final three stars dance their last dance in the two part season finale.

225 reactions 11 comments
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Tye Merricks Roll the dice when police on us!.
Tonja Bond I haven't watched this show in years
Donna Schuster I am beginning to wonder,what's in your tea?My friend 🤔🤔🤔
Toria Williams no ty not a fan thats for all those bored white ppl

Priyanka Chopra dishes about the Baywatch Movie, her love life and bestie, Meghan Markle!

447 reactions 29 comments
Bandile Madinane Setha MaNgwekazi Madinane
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Selene Mayer Tony Britt
Cici Zoe Luctamar Adeline P Luctamar wanna 👀
Susan McCaffrey Michelle Burdett saw it liveeee

Fandango's Chris Witherspoon gives us the inside scoop on this summer's must-see blockbusters! Keep Watching:

429 reactions 16 comments
Laverne Skeens - Chavez Ashleigh Elizabeth Skeens
La Shanna Canterbury Odessa's Heart
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Miranda Mendel Mary Ellen Stephens
Chloe Marks Jameisha Micheaux must see

Ok Wendy Watchers, we are just hours away from the launch of Wendy Digital! One more day – the countdown continues! #sponsored

173 reactions 23 comments
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Kiersten Mary Victoria Rose DiLiberto you ready to download?!
Alan Morris It's not working on google play
Carmen Maria Ortiz Is not working wendy what happened?
Carmen Maria Ortiz I have Samsung galaxy were is App?

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families affected by the Manchester bombing last night at Ariana Grande's concert. 💔

22 people have died after an explosion at Ariana Grande
22 people have died after an explosion at Ariana Grande's concert at the Manchester Arena.

Ariana Grande is “broken” knowing her fans fell victim to this attack.

1.3k reactions 254 comments
Pamela Lane This was an act of terror at a public place....miss grande had nothing to do with it and her name should be removed from all commentaries. I am sure she is sick to death about this, that someone would target a public function where she was appearing, ...
Michael Cozzens Keep in mind what Trump tried to do about these terrorist countries and the vetting process..If it happens here, remember the two 9th district judges and how the media treated this whole thing. 23 people killed including an 8yr old little girl in ...
Joseph Kopp My heart goes out too (fill in the blank), this was a terrible traffic accident ( I mean terrorist bombing),( I mean this is the norm now). Please give out heart felt balloons, cards and a ( I support meme).
Sophie Hoyal Thank you to the Wendy Team for posting this. I really enjoy the show which is fairly new to me. Your show improves my life as I go about my 'business' in London. We are all feeling it right now in the UK so thank you so much. We are all in solidarity ...
Kalola-Rene Oenophile On this terrorist's day of reckoning, he won't' be able to justify killing of innocent kids. He will be sent to hell immediately.

TUESDAY: Priyanka Chopra dishes about Baywatch Movie!

63 reactions 14 comments
Dinesh Vishu chek it
Jenna Whitfield Jello is not vegan
Carson Taylor Next. She's not important.
Bruce Brown can't wait
Akash Raha Excited to see Priyanka 😍

HOT TOPICS: Billy Bush speaks out. Keep Watching:

177 reactions 86 comments
Tracy Thomas Watson That's the type of cleaning you need to do after cohorting with the devil..
Angela Junior Boy bye. Got money just want more. Greedy entitled people while hard working people can't get a break.
Tina Marie Wendy I am SO GLAD you said what you said. I don't think he should have been fired either! #BillyBush
Daniel Alejandro Zelaya Manso Wendy you are an ignorant woman. way to support white male supremacy.
Sheila DeLorimier Spohn I don't care about Billy Bush. He needs to stay home and out of the public

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this terrible tragedy. So upsetting.

Manchester Police Report ‘Serious Incident’ at Ariana Grande Show
Manchester Police Report ‘Serious Incident’ at Ariana Grande Show

Videos posted on social media showed concertgoers running. There were unconfirmed reports of explosions or other loud noises.

1.6k reactions 74 comments
Emme Gee Wow! Prayers up!
Belinda TE Prayers for all involved
Ramatsimela Vincentia Molepo Prayers for those who are affected😰
Pamela Rumley When will it 🛑
Ryan Allen Cruise so sad :( people going to have a good time struck down prayers for everyone affected :'((

Wendy's Style Squad dish about the fashion hits and misses at the Billboard Music Awards. What were your favorite looks?

915 reactions 71 comments
Brecka Daniels She looks like whipped cream
Levi Pacheco That gown is Everything!!
Mariie Lune she look like an elephant :(
Micah Ashley A. Klesel Love you Wendy... but... pull down your dress!
Coreen Connolly UGH That UGLY DRESS....."Made by a CRACK HEAD."....

A Pre Show just for you!

After Show: All the Time in the World
After Show: All the Time in the World

Wendy dishes about her weekend, outfit and new app!

311 reactions 24 comments
Kim Steele Burger <3 LOVE <3
Derek Jobes Queen Wendy Williams
Shawna Cunningham How you doin' Wendy? Love you and your show. I watch everyday.
Freddie Scott "Mush"
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