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MONDAY: Nicole Lapin is here with a new edition of Trendy @ Wendy! Then,

entertainment journalist Josh McBride gives us the inside scoop on the latest news from Hollywood.

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Umutoni Elyse Nadia
Canro Etiando Colorado
Cherif Rezali
Lance Manon
U look great in Dress 2/20
Michael Friend Kowch
Oh, enough already.
Alex Brown
I love you
Watesha White
GM ready, and love that dress :)
Phyllis Odi
Love your new shoes and clothes
Cherif Rezali
Bisous ❤🕊⚘🌞🌟☄☄☄⚘🕊
Phyllis Odi
Wendy. Wonder Woman Is Coming. I know you like her😂😂😂😂😂
Andrew J. Plummer
Best pickme up of the day
Lance Manon
I luv spending Monday with you I looking forward to it Happy Spring......I luv Ur Curves xoxo
Yvonne Graham
Wendy Tara didn't adopt her baby. it was her egg and his sperm and used a surrogate
Lance Manon
Can't wait for you to come on Make it Sexy I need extra today it Mon lol xoxo thanks caoyt
Lance Manon
55 mins it up ....counting on you like 10 OK turn to Fox ha....21'days in a row will become habits start today! Like if U c this Ms Wendy xoooo

Other newsfeed from The Wendy Williams Show

HOT TOPICS: Joseline lashed out at Cardi B! Keep watching at

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Jonathon Anderson Cardi B is better ❤❤❤❤
Georgann Taliaferro Love CardiB.......
Donna James-Hughes Joseline's 15 minutes are over!
Ronda Allen about as low class as i've ever seen Wendy behave. and just to make a point about lipstick on the teeth. not to mention the desperation of the old lady thigh. trashy Wendy. TGIF i guess.
Lisa Bullock Maybe gasoline should get wit whom evs signed CARLI B... IT WOULD B BETA RESULTS 4 HER... CAREER....

Gary Owen shares some advice with Tyrese. Keep watching at

551 reactions 16 comments
Patricia Esqueda He’s adorable!
Erica Jackson Yes!
Melissa Aguayo I was smiling throughout the interview. Ms. Wendy likes him!
Donna James-Hughes I think he looks way better than People's sexist man alive...
Ronica Rae He posted some funny videos. One was him "crying" and "saying I miss my baby." Over and over until one of his kids asked what he was doing.

See if Wendy can correctly guess Jay Pharoah's celebrity impressions! Keep watching at

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Lee Kalunga Mwamba Lukwesa
Jaya Gass @ [ Vanii =>WATCH THE 2017 MOVIE
Wamala Derrick Stanly Nalumansi Renah Elsah
Tasha Scott Ifee Dalese
Jennifer Reed Kenneth Marks

After a 10 year engagement, Jennifer Hudson split from her fiancé David Otunga. 💔 Read More:

993 reactions 214 comments
Kgaitsewe Mofolo Why why why why why why why 😡😡 You have the ability to make it work. You choose the easy way instead of working it out. Tltlt
Jen Wade He was on that reality show on VH1 with called I Love New York (I think that was the name of the show). It was a follow up reality show to the Flavor Flav reality show. So when I heard that I thought they were an odd match.
Rhonda Steiner to bad -to sad, sad for the child... BUT if its just meant to be? shes a smart enough gal ...and they all will be ok
Lulu Edward Umm wait I thought they were already married. Engaged for 10 years... Who does that, we can talk about marriage for ten years yeah but I ain't staying engaged for ten years like really. Moving on
Kelia Howard Ten years!?!?!....Jennifer wasn't the one he truly wanted. It doesn't take a man that long to figure where his heart is.

Gary Owen explains why Kevin Hart will not be receiving a baby gift! 😂 Keep watching at

941 reactions 34 comments
Laurnette Thomas Lol
Jerry Griffin 😎
Sandra Collins Love Gary Owens
Rain Nancy Pay up Kevin
Calisha Reid Wow he is serious

It's the weekend, and Thanksgiving is less than a week away!

97 reactions 11 comments
Dimpho Mokoena Oh wendy u always makes me smile n forget my problems thanks alot
Oscar Hills IV Isn't Donald Trump in that movie as a clown!
Chad Costello I can't wait to see it again. #1 for The weekend. Justice League.
Teacy Shelly For some...looks like it's going to take a miracle to " QUICK ....think of a plan" ! Lol. I won't be celebrating this year! JOBLESS 💯💿
Marie Archer U had the nerve to say terry crew is not brave for coming forward about his sexual abuse but yet your man out here with his side chick

Walmart is making it easier than ever to shop Black Friday with their new color coded in-store map. Black Friday starts on Thanksgiving at 6PM in-stores. What’s on the top of your list? #sponsored

377 reactions 113 comments
Susan Ballard Keep doing Walmart commercials during your show and I will fast forward through it. Sorry, but you have enough commercials already.
D Elle Kay Hi Wendy! EVERY TIME I attempt to get tix to ur show, I can’t! I hv been trying for 5 years. Pls correct any issues with ur website.
Marian Haskins Commercial for Walmart while you are doing your show why? You must be getting paid well because they don’t pay or treat their employees well. Nonunion and are not welcome in New York City.
Michelle Brooks-shaw Hello wendy
Lynn Nelson Markley Hey! From TN

FRIDAY: Gary Owen weighs in on the latest Hot Topics and tells us about HBO's “All Def Comedy”.

107 reactions 32 comments
Toya LQ Briana Smith
Juliet Ssali Reeser
ƱDebra A. Hinkle Ok, Now How do I enter for the Barbados Trip!!!!?
Debra Braswell Wendy be nice
Evelyn Oliver McMillian Gary Owen is cute

HOT TOPICS: Nicki Minaj's Paper magazine cover continues to break the internet. Keep watching at

757 reactions 183 comments
Audrey Yates I think Wendy is stretching it... Nickki can really hold her on. All of them have their own sense of style. It’s enough for us all. Let the love shine and the hate whither.💕
Eric Cade man she ain't breaking anything lol I've seen the pics and it's no diff from what she wears everytime you ever see her anywhere :/ get naked Nicky then I'll get excited lol go all the way.
Aruna Preetam Pysadee Sorry Wendy, i use to enjoy watching your show but ever since you started picking sides with Remy and always bashing Nicki .... it's not nice . We as women should lift others up... a little gossip amonst girls is ok but lately its all rude comments with ...
Lauren Silas Wendy stfu how is Nicki desperate when she got more hits then Aretha Franklin and the Beatles you can't cut the radio on with out hearing her on some song you no this stop trying to knock people down you don't have to like her but the truth is the truth ...
Chantale Chantale Remember when was school how the big ugly man looking girl use to pick on cutie little girl well that's Wendy N Remyma

Jason Biggs dishes on all things fatherhood! Keep watching at

277 reactions 20 comments
Stacie Lowman Tara Bishop look, Keith Barrett was on TV!!
Belinda Gritter meh
Doug Smith Impeach Franken
Hope Morningstar he seems so sweet
Patricia Williamson That pie seen tho lol

Wendy takes a look back at some of her favorite #AskWendy moments and see why this couple looks familiar. ❤️

194 reactions 14 comments
Arry Williams that lady asking about her girlfriend dating a gay man resembles a butch lesbian doesn't mean she is so is she jealous or something !!!!!!!1
Json Reid Dave Campbell
Allen Glenn I hope he in good health
Maria Thomas awww, too sweet
Diana Rahimi Hahaha Shadi suavemente 1:40-1:44

If you're gonna get a mani-pedi, you need to be aware of what's going on in nail salons. 💅🏽

193 reactions 34 comments
Hamda Yousuf Rennie Yousuf
Gretchen Goins Sferra Elisa DeAugustine Stoner. Jen Tomak Jefferson
Snk Johnson Erykah Kapke Taja Kapke
Katherine Boyd Great information!
Annabelle Vigil Make sure they don't. Have a cheese grater on your. Feet cause for infection

HOT QUESTION: What did you think of Nicki Minaj's Paper magazine cover? Is it too racy?

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj's Paper Magazine Cover

Nicki Minaj is breaking the internet with her photo shoot for Paper magazine.

429 reactions 313 comments
Rick Doe Try to LEARN SOMETHING about the Meek Mill case instead of saying he brought this on himself. Don't you supposedly have some craack team of investigators????? Get your 2 employees to hit GOOGLE and do the research instead of making a damn fool out of ...
Tom Sirico It’s fine, Wendy you’ve always hated on Nic, your team Remy obviously. But you know Nic and Cardi is good, so you know. She’s doing her, it’s a cover of a racy magazine, you made it sound as if she’s committing a crime. And if she said she would ...
Carolyn F Williams First of all the parents should be the role model. It's not anyone else's responsibility. First the parents should stop doing drugs and partying w their kids! The parents screwed and pushed for them and also any other time they say I'm the MF-in mom or ...
Kiva Roihson Her name speaks for itself. People are mad at her for being who she always has been. Do what you do when you see porn magazines....don’t look? She never signed up to be anyone’s role model.
Cms Photog I don’t think it’s too Racy FOR Paper Magazine. It’s the “Break The Internet” edition. We know how this goes. She’s not a role model and never claimed the responsibility. So stop forcing that on her. Raise your own children.

THURSDAY: Jason Biggs tells us about his new Christmas movie, “Angry Angel” on Freeform.

58 reactions 22 comments
Valerie MotownMama Jackson Too funny 😂! I Loved the show today.
Anna Waterman Don't like Jason Biggs,😝
Penny Halford Why Jason Biggs? He's not "her people"!
Jeanie Schmid-Murray WW eye role to the negative comments....stay upbeat.. we all have up and downs in life..

Terry Crews says he was sexually assaulted. Keep watching at

315 reactions 149 comments
Jennifer Tessier If I had been in the audience I might have shouted “Stop changing the subject!!!!!!” It’s always important to talk race and I appreciate that you do! However, this is about a man thinking he has the right to grab someone by the junk. This is not cool ...
Char Bridel yaaaaas it will affect his career IN A POSITIVE WAY. This isn't a black or white issue. All abuse is wrong Inappropriate touching will not be tolerated. Rise UP! I love you more Terry Crews
Shell Richardson It will affect his career if u like or not, you guys are taking a blind eye and refuse to accept it he even knows that it will. Smh. If u dont like the things that she says then unlike her and move on about your business.
Noclaf Yaner I dont care he always going fo be funny af!!! GOOD FOR HIM SPEAKING UP!!! Good for everyone coming forward in Hollywood and Good for the women government officials coming forward as well. SHAME ON ON THE PERVERTS NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.
Donna Robinson I really admire Terry Crews for coming out about his experience. It can be as hard for men as it is for women to say something. Sexual assault happens to both men and women.

I am so excited to be on #MarthaAndSnoop TONIGHT at 10/9c on VH1 with Post Malone, and of course Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart!

487 reactions 36 comments
Michele Williams Brenda Neala
Tamara Adams Shaye Thomas
Elizabeth Rambo Ivana Silva
Jordan Begay Nuta Bravo lol
Stefanie Wech Haley Ward!! 😍

Cyndi Lauper dishes about the backstory of her iconic song, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." Keep watching at

1.4k reactions 152 comments
Shawn Payer Love Cyndi....but ummm she seemed confused or on drugs to be honest! She's always a lot more outgoing and bubbly during interviews, it's actually kind of sad to see....
Rosie Osborne Bowman The interview was strange. But Wendy was rude to everybody yesterday. Even to the people in the audience. I kind of felt bad for the lady at home. Maybe that is just her personality not to scream and shout. Also I feel this marriage deal is pulling on ...
Nicole Cesiro I don’t think Wendy treated Cindy badly. I think she was searching for topics. But I wasn’t sure why Cindy was there at first I thought it was for her clothing line. But Wendy didn’t seem to know she was going to plug that. Then at the end I thought it ...
Rachel Carty Smart If Wendy cut out the game segments, she could interview her guests for 5 or 6 more minutes. Then they could actually speak about what they're to promote. Is rather see that than that face mash game.
Vicki Campbell Wendy you were aggressive that day. You were rude to the lady on the phone for vacation because she didn’t sound overly excited. Maybe she was in a situation where she couldn’t do that. Be nice please.

Michael Yo gives us in the inside scoop on Chrisette Michele's Black Lives Matter backlash. Keep watching at

311 reactions 78 comments
Angel Garcia Owell hes are PRESIDENT get over it, like it or leave america
Kt Paraschos Who the hell are these bigots in the audience... Leftover's from The View???? STOP BASHING OUR PREZ, WENDY AND WORK ON YOUR "MARRIAGE"... You just lost ANOTHER fan... Oh well... Guess what, girl... LMAOWINNING!! 😎
Karen Bloom It is NOT OK to tear down a young woman - period! Grow up people. Remember.....tolerance.
Cathy Ballard Dennis She should have sung this for Trump

Don't fall victim to these awful leggings mistakes! 🙅🏽

Wendy Williams | Leggings Season is Upon Us: What You Should Know
Wendy Williams | Leggings Season is Upon Us: What You Should Know

Leggings season is upon us, and a lot of you are wearing them all wrong.

293 reactions 14 comments
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Paul Fiszman Sage advice.
Brandon Paul Pope Don't fall period Wendy 😂
Owam'umusa Ngwenya first to comment I would like to thank all my ancestors😊 and halla at Kevin Hunter 😒
Corinne VanHorne Cyndi Lauper needs some anti-depressants...boring interview! That girl didn't wanna have fun!

What do you think about People magazine naming Blake Shelton their "Sexiest Man Alive"?

People's Sexiest Man Alive

Blake Shelton was named People magazines sexiest man! It was announced last night on “The Voice”.

651 reactions 327 comments

Terry Crews says he was assaulted by a top Hollywood agent.

Terry Crews Allegedly Assaulted
Terry Crews Allegedly Assaulted

Terry was at a party with his wife when the agent allegedly groped him.

651 reactions 327 comments
Shambry J Clark wendy you are completely wrong. it’s incredibly brave of terry to do this. how could you say hes “just talking”. he’s sacrificing his career and livelihood by saying someone abused a position of power!
Danielle Monique So many things wrong with today's hot topics first, Black is an umbrella term for people who were apart of the African diaspora, so that would include more than just the Africans who were brought to America Aka (African-Americans) the other terms that ...
Brigitte Vicenty You are mouthin' off about Terry Crews in the worst way...OMF'inG!!!! While listening to you speak in the background, I HAD TO STOP AND PRESS PAUSE ON MY DAY!! Most times I appreciate you, but sometimes your MOUF gets ahead of your brain. How in the ...
Rick Doe Wendy was out of line about her comments on Terry Crews and out of line on her criticism of his using the term African American. Who the hell does she think she is that everyone has to use "black" because SHE does??? She doesn't speak for everyone.
Courtney Paige Anderson Did you just say NOPE to feeling Terry is brave??? Wooooow!!! I just lost respect on you on that point of view

The Wendy Williams Show's cover photo

289 reactions 53 comments
Trisha Willhoite wendy i watch you everyday and when you really scared me hope you are better now much love
Art Crawford Lovely good morning to you Gorgeous Wendy. I have a very interesting topic "exposing the pineal system" with some regard to a book and a television series name #RokkIsland now shooting its first pilot please contact Art at 9177443638. [email protected]
Lisa Johnson-Cole I want this shirt you have on so bad.
Angel Richam This Pink Monae/ Mo-Nee'here Y'all. We all know Cardi B Bodak Yellow Writers Copy from My Diss joint/Song "iggy, yah igging me now?" I was the first one to start my joint/Song Saying... "Bit*hes Fu#kin with me" No Way Cardi B Bodak yellow starting ...
Evangelist Angela Badgett Welcome back show was gone too long.

WEDNESDAY: Cyndi Lauper tells us about the latest Broadway musical that she’s working on.

183 reactions 30 comments
Phillip Wynn Susan is so funny
Lauren Hall Banking With Robins Federal Credit Union Or VyStar Credit Union? And Interested In Making $2,500 -$12,500? 24hr Process✅ Contact Me Serious Inquires Only!
Bryon Gallant Ugh luv Cyndi Lauper
Jerry Griffin 😎
Ginger Phipps Oh Lord.

The FBI is reportedly looking into an alleged “extortionate demand” that Meek Mill's judge made. Keep watching at

418 reactions 30 comments
KiKi DHill Chile
Lakeshia Allen Allen Deon
Shaniqua Whittingham Ten Million
Deneika Vance Andrea Benites
Benita L Henry Charnette Carroll

Love beauty products, but hate the prices? Wendy's got you covered!

Wendy Williams | Beauty Must-Haves
Wendy Williams | Beauty Must-Haves

Visit to buy the hottest beauty must-haves at discounted prices.

164 reactions 11 comments
Angel Richam This Pink Monae/ Mo-Nee'here Y'all. We all know Cardi B Bodak Yellow Writers Copy from My Diss joint/Song "iggy, yah igging me now?" I was the first one to start my joint/Song Saying... "Bit*hes Fu#kin with me" No Way Cardi B Bodak yellow starting ...
Gloria Queen Wendy you look sick eat some food
Andrew Shawe Interesting I see here, Ms. Wendy Williams.
Jackie Garcia I love you Wendy, you're funny and hilarious nothing but the truth😉😂😘...
Lois Westbrook How about a free sample Wendy thanks

Jay Pharoah talks about meeting President Obama and going to the White House. Keep watching at

1.8k reactions 32 comments
Mona Saint-Val Henry St Val
Thandiwe Baba I miss him to. And i am not even an American
Kelo Yasha So
Petrina Calbert Love you Wendy
Greg Williams Funny as hell

Look fabulous without breaking the bank! Shop these beauty must-haves all under $40! 💄💅🏾💁🏽💋

85 reactions 8 comments
Annette Scott Awesome!
Idlet Tina Looking Good
MaryAnn Myracle I'm BLACK FAMOUS...will I win
Debbie Walker Ashby Heather Tracy any of these for Bri?
Jerelyn Toath Could not place order, after numerous tries. Would not take my credit card number or information. Very disappointed.

TUESDAY: Jay Pharoah tells us about his new Showtime Networks series, White Famous.

123 reactions 25 comments
Lauren Hall WELLS-FARGO CHASE, USBANK , USAA , CHASE, CREDIT UNIONS ETC...With The Balance Of $0 DM ME Make $6,500 - 12,000 In 24 Hours
Mary Devico Navarrete WOW

Tiffany Haddish made history this weekend and was the first black female comedian to host SNL! Keep watching at

2.3k reactions 83 comments
Jessie Blaylock She did a great job, I thought she was really funny!
Renee Robinson Congrats Wendy on your 1,500 show - keep them coming.
Tammicha Watson The first black woman ,in this day an age, the irony.🤔🤔
Cheri Kirk Wendy need to shape up. She has no curves. She look like a bird.
Ogechi Ohalee Jaiyesimi Wendy showing off ugly legs and too much filter
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