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19:14 11/13/2017

Donald Trump thought it'd be a good idea to scrap a trade partnership negotiated by Barack Obama, vowing to replace it with something "beautiful.


Trump's efforts are backfiring in ways he never expected.


Trump's trade policies backfire, leave U.S. more isolated

Nearly a year later, Donald Trump's handling of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) appears to be doing more harm than good to U.S. interests.

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John Mcc
weather it is good for our country or not!(mostly good) if Obama did it, he will destroy it! it has nothing to do with being good for AMERICA! can't get rid of this POS fast enough!
Paula Politzki
Boy, has he f___ed up everything! I can only imagine what Japan thought of Cheeto Head? Right now I hope I live long enough to watch him and his ship of greedy fools implode.
Debara Browning
Something beautiful under TPP Japanese import tax on Australian beef is 27%, since the US pulled out of the TPP our negotiated percentage on American beef import tax to Japan is 50%. So what country will suffer economically Australian beef producers at 27 % or or American beef producers will pay an import tax of 50% ? Do you think the Midwestern beef producers may suffer?
Tracy Ashworth
on the TTP and Paris Climate Accord, the US is now out, and ostracized, aligned with with other failed nation states, and countries led by murderous thugs. Trump has demonstrated a concernted effort to align with despots in Indonesia and Russia, and spent time ass kissing this weekend to prove it. The US, like Russian and Indonesia is led by ignorant, arrogant, conmen.
Donna Neal
Captain Chaos did this because he hates Obama, ... not for U.S. Trade interests. So much for the great negotiator. Also the successful businessman, ... as H.W. Bush said, "Trump is a 'blowhard'.
Ann Bechtel
Just ONE of the dangers of trying to eliminate EVERYTHING that Barack Obama did in 8 years. Maybe this is part of what happens when someone with no soul (it was sold years ago) who is consumed with hatred and greed is elevated to a position of leadership that still is influenced by hatred and the promise of more
George Mitchell
He had no idea what he was doing (other than dissing Obama) or what the impact would be on US businesses and farms. Pure childishness followed by zero new agreements.
Roger Yuan
Trump is a fucking embarrassment and had absolutely no clue how to govern or to play chess. A moron who loves his ego stroked. Easy to manipulate and dangerously stupid.
Sandy Crothers Bitner
When will he and his followers realize and admit in today's global economy we can't stand alone? His base thinks so, but then we know how wise they are.
John Neville
Trump might not have expected his actions would isolate the US internationally, but everybody else did. I never thought I would live to see a President who was not also a patriot, but I have.
Frannie Schafer
Trump canceled our NAFTA deal with Mexico. So our neighbors just signed a deal with Argentina and now it's the Texas cattle ranchers who are crying. He alone could be so stupid.
Mary Ryan-Smith
Of course “he never expected” the results. He doesn’t think deeply, has no tolerance for complexity, doesn’t analyze or think through the consequences of anything.
Chris Dawson
The rest of the world has been moving away from the US. Forming, and strengthening, new, and stronger trading partnerships. The Trump government is just accelerating this.
Diego Ramirez
He isn't a deal maker. Orange fuhrer bullshits around and tries to intimidate others to do as he says. When that doesnt work or he gets his ego stroked, he easily folds, gives in to what others wants, and spins it as victory for himself. Or just takes credit for someone else's work.
Gwendolyn Sonier
He went abroad and accomplished nothing , except to allow Melania to model some of her expensive yet ugly dresses.

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Donald Trump is attempting a scam in which he creates a problem, rejects solutions to that problem, and then blames everyone else when the problem goes unresolved. When it comes to DACA and Dreamers, this isn't likely to work.

Trump says DACA is
Trump says DACA is 'probably dead,' scrambles to avoid blame

Trump is attempting a scam in which he creates a problem, rejects solutions to that problem, and then blames everyone else when the problem goes unresolved.

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Teresa Desonie Goldberg He is putting on a performance sure to strengthen and renew the base, who was starting to falter a bit. And it worked from the comments I have read this morning. The man may be dumb, but he is cunning.
Dorian DeHaan Exactly Rachel! “Donald Trump is attempting a scam in which he creates a problem, rejects solutions to that problem, and then blames everyone else when the problem goes unresolved.” His MO!
Charles Spence He will never do so , but he needs to resign, especially after last week. There is NO reason that anyone in Congress (or even in America, for that matter) should support his agenda.
Brian Domenick Such garbage. Work out a deal on DACA alone. Don't use the dreamers as a bargaining chip and say the Dems won't agree. Since the beginning under your term you have made the funding of a crazy wall the issue, which has nothing to do with the dreamers. ...
David Zuckman It's the same model the Republicans used with their sabotage of Obamacare, starting with Cruz's block of the risk corridor funding. It worked for them then, why not for this now... Unfortunately.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and raise the possibility that this statement released by the White House was not actually written by Dr. Jackson, the White House physician. ...unless Dr. Jackson forgot how to spell his own name. Watch the full video:

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Barbara Paul I called bullshit on this when announced. Too many drumpf words ... besides the misspelling. #Resist #IMPEACH
Mendy Johnson Rachel, this was the funniest shit I've seen in a minute... and your reading of it? 😂😂😂 On tha flo.
Kathy Smith-Williams Isn't it amazing how quickly the "doctor" was able to get the results of Drumpfs tests. It's almost as if he was pronounced in great health even before the results were even.......done.
Robert Padgett Maybe he hired his NY Proctologist to 'Ghostwrite' his 15-minute physical, performed while Donnie waited in the car...
Corey Crawford President Donald J. Trump, AKA Stable Mable is too busy for comment right now... it's off hours, The Rachel Maddow Show.. how dare you demand answers from the highest office while he's golfing.

Members of Donald Trump's evangelical advisory council have been steadfast in their support for this president. Would his "shithole countries" comments change that? Evidently not.

This Week in God, 1.13.18
This Week in God, 1.13.18

Members of Donald Trump's evangelical advisory council has stood by him through an enormous number of controversies. Would this week be any different?

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Karen Hodgens This country does Not Need (and shouldn't want) an evangelical advisory council in the White House. Yet another thing to be fearful about living in the USA in the times of Trump.
Pam Dundon I had a conversation with a friend last night about this. We agreed these people will be very surprised when they face their maker and he gives them a big thumbs down. Kind of like the 9/11 pilots when they found out there weren't going to be any ...
Elaine Veerkamp Times like these show us who people really are and what they really care about. It is at the harvest when the weeds get taken out from the crop. Now we can see the weeds.
Yosef Correa Wiener It won’t change their support. In fact they believe in it. I used to be an evangelical and I know their mentality. They might not call this countries as “sh——le” countries, but they do believe that these countries are as they are because of their ...
Val Gellow I really believe that his insane remarks are purely to stimulate his base..the more racist and evil gives him more security with those that voted for him..they believe he is proving again and again what they want to hear and he's doing a great job as ...

"He has made remarks that make it very clear where he stands and all of his remarks become evidence for the record. And so, Donald Trump's remarks, at least in a court of law, tend to hurt his cause and I'm glad they do because now we're finding out exactly what his cause really is." -Xavier Becerra, California attorney general Watch:

3.8k reactions 173 comments
Nancy Ewart Took you this long to figure it out? You obviously weren't paying attention. His agenda has been clear from the beginning- it's trump, all for trump, all the time.
Sinna Brown We all know by now who DT represents, so the things that he says is no surprise. However people still gets bent out of shape by what he says, just like everything else DT says it will soon fade away, then he'll say something else that people will be ...
Hampton Charley Interesting dems call for transparency except when it involves the DNC, clintons and past administration. Self righteous hypocrisy. I believe the anchors have Alzheimer's, they repeat themselves daily, tell the same tired stories, and their stories are ...
Tony Ciantar How do we them all out? I mean we get one out another one will take his place. It's like Isis... Kill one ya got another oneat least. Reb or dem... Doesn't matter! Just sick of the whole thing. Peace! .
Val Stetler Sr. Yes,it is both worrisome from a National Security stand point and a relief from a social standpoint, that his mouth is always ahead of his brain.

It's been a surprisingly busy week for controversies related to Donald Trump. Today, however, a new one emerged about a payment from a Trump lawyer to a former adult-film star.

Payment from Trump lawyer to adult-film star raises questions
Payment from Trump lawyer to adult-film star raises questions

It's been a busy week for controversies related to Donald Trump. Today a new one emerged about a payment from a Trump lawyer to a former adult-film star.

5.3k reactions 649 comments
Wendy Pond IMAGINE if this had been Obama. The GOP would be on the white house lawn with pitchforks and their tiki torches. What's it going to take to get rid of this Embarrassment-in-Chief?
Rebekah Alpisa People, Trump is NOT the problem. It's the treasonous Republicans who refuse to hold him accountable for anything he says it does!
Sherri Cihlar Only way to get to GOP/trump is to decode the speech they used to cover their tracks. Reminds me of cat poop.
Dianne Scoffield I don't know whether this is true or not. I just know that when I look at what I KNOW is true, this administration is unbearable. It has to stop.
Steve Davis That jack wagon is never going to live down the whole “Says who?” interview. No one in the recent history of television news interviews has made a bigger ass of himself on live tv, though I will grant that there are a lot of contenders for the title.

From last night's A block ( I mean, sure, the American presidency may never be viewed quite the same way again, the whole "esteem for the office" thing will hopefully get sorted out by some later generation. We will always have to own the fact that ours is the generation that lost it. But on a day to day basis as these things happen from this president, from this White House, we have adapted to a new normal of embarrassing incompetence, and ignorance, and dishonesty, and I don't say that stuff lightly. It's just been a year now and this is it. This is true. There is no reason to soft pedal it, right? It happens every day. And at the end of every day where it's happened again, it's like, well, OK, still standing. So I'm uncomfortable with the peace that I have arrived at as a person who talks about the news for a living on that stuff. I don't necessarily cover the president's tweets. I don't cover stuff said from the podium at the White House briefing room. I don't cover misstatements and lies from senior administration officials and the president himself and vice president. I have mostly tried to stay away from it. I have a very uneasy peace, even with myself, about that day-to-day granular, embarrassing, wrong, exploitative stuff. But there is stuff that happens on another level, even if we are inured to the day-to-day debasement of the office and the debasement of the institution of the White House. There is another level to his behavior, to which I think none of us are inured. I don't know how many more times he has to show up before we start to get inured to it. I do not look forward to that day.

9.4k reactions 852 comments
Alison Quinion Nope, I won't ever become accustomed to this and no real American can or will, because as Americans we share those values, values that run as deep as our souls.
Bob LeBarron I've resorted to binge watching "The West Wing" to remind myself of the way the White House is supposed to function.
Anna Longobardi Neither do I Rachel. But please continue your good work and keep us informed on everything every night. Never miss your show.
Lillian Rivera Where are our activists we must get together and put the biggest march in history bigger than the day after the inauguration of that man. Please we must all stand together we cannot just sit home and watch cable.
Adriana Vazquez This is never going to be normal so long as this administration is in the WH. I am inspired by the amount of people speaking up about racism. Do not let this monster define who we are as Americans. Let our resistance to it be what does.

Donald Trump boasted this week that Norway has purchased "F-52" jets from the United States. That would be more impressive if F-52 jets actually existed.

Trump boasts about Norway buying fighter jets that don
Trump boasts about Norway buying fighter jets that don't exist

Donald Trump boasted this week that Norway has purchased "F-52" jets from the United States. There's just one problem.

9.0k reactions 928 comments
Cindy Strauss He's making the US the laughable $hithole in everything he touches or says. This all falls back on the GOP, they have enabled this grifter.
Del Johnson The F-52 is Dolt 45’s personal Warcraft. It’s operated remotely by a joystick that’s mounted transversely on the same box as the “Bigger” nuclear button on his desk-
Jeannette Terrell That survey put out recently about the intelligence of the U.S. Presidents must be right. In the survey Trump was at the intelligence level of a 4th grader. I have heard of a game show "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" I think Trump would not do ...
Heather Lee Ok. Not necessarily news. Everyone makes mistakes. I constantly confuse things. However, I also don’t brag about being the smartest person in the world.
Russ Abraham Yes! And he only agreed to sell them to Norway because it isn’t a $#*thole country and they have only quality people. 😆

As a rule, presidents should be cautious about casually throwing around accusations of treason, especially against FBI officials. Donald Trump, however, apparently can't help himself.

What Donald Trump considers
What Donald Trump considers 'a treasonous act'

As a rule, presidents should be cautious about casually throwing around accusations of treason, In this case, Trump's recklessness is especially tough to defend

3.0k reactions 594 comments
Lori Phan He's projecting, as narcissists often do. He knows he's being investigated for and/or is guilty of treason... so he blames others for this. He always does this... blames others for what he is doing.
Em Bee Let’s get the facts straight...the emails between those 2 agents were numerous. Trump World selected ONLY the ones mentioning trump. Many criticized or made fun of Cruz, Clinton and a host of others. So this blowhard is only trying to justify his ...
Rich Leatham True, Trump redefines all words as his family and campaign violate new rules, laws, and ethics. He still forgets that the FBI warned him about Russian spies trying to contact them, with specific instructions to call the FBI with a direct number they ...
Racquel Hagen He is under the delusion that he is the dictator of the US and that he can lock people up at will... having our President throwing around accusations of treason is horrifying.
Rachelle Roberts-Bethel Trump doesn’t know what Treason or Impeachment means. If he did, he would not be tripping over his own shoestrings of guilt.

When it comes to immigration, Donald Trump doesn't seem to have any idea what he's talking about. And increasingly, his confusion is a real problem.

Trump's confusion and contradictions undermine progress on immigration

On a practical level, how does one gain approval for an immigration compromise from a president who doesn't appear to have any idea what he's talking about?

3.0k reactions 495 comments
Em Bee During his “televised” meeting with congressional members, the conservative media said how “in control” or “on topic” he was. In reality, he contradicted most of his policy on immigration more or less making himself sound like the imbecile he is. You ...
Debbie Oliveira He was saying what he thought would be best received by the general public during this meeting for the cameras. Contrast that with what he thinks is a closed door session and you can really see what a racist he really is. Then he denies he said these ...
Joan Seaton His lack of knowledge about what is going on in the world is scary. -- the man has ADS and can't remember anything a second later in order to look like he knows what is taking place he agrees with the last speaker and has no clue as to what was said.
Mike Dingus Just more delusional ravings from a madman. I hope that there will be enough of America left to salvage when he’s done “making it great again”.
Francis X Pfeiffer unless he is reading from a script, he is confused...and then he really doesn't read well from the script!! so sad..cp

After canceling a London trip, Donald Trump scrambled to find a face-saving excuse. He decided to blame Barack Obama -- in a way that didn't make any sense.

Trump falsely blames Obama for his London fiasco
Trump falsely blames Obama for his London fiasco

Canceling his London trip, Donald Trump scrambled to find a face-saving excuse. He decided to blame Barack Obama -- in a way that didn't make any sense.

13.9k reactions 2330 comments
Karen Floch This is a repost from an actual citizen of London Mr. Dadds First of all delighted he has cancelled. But actually quite disappointed. It has deprive me for the first time in my 60 years to go on a demonstration. He also lied. The Obama administration ...
Roberts Brenda Most of what he says doesn't make any sense. (I wish I were exaggerating, but I'm not)
Mary Lou Upchurch I’m sure he didn’t come up with the excuse himself but probably wake up this morning and when he turned over he said “Stephen Miller I don’t want to go to England find a way out for me”. And Stephen jumped out of bed and said yes Mein leader!
Kevin Zellner I'm so embarrassed of Crazy Donald! It is like he can't help himself!! However, the Reuters news agency points out that the embassy website "showed that the decision to move the location was taken months before Barack Obama took office in January 2009. ...
Deb Crane Benedetti He's afraid to go because no one wanted in England. Own up to it, you are being hated throughout the world. Oh sorry England wouldn't stage a feel good rally for you.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders recently said Americans shouldn't see Donald Trump's White House as "racially charged." So much for that idea.

White House simply can
White House simply can't overcome Trump's racist presidency

Sarah Huckabee Sanders recently said Americans shouldn't see Donald Trump's White House as "racially charged." It's far too late for that.

5.1k reactions 832 comments
Jane Tanner Harris I think the White House would like it if we didn't see anything, just stick our head in the sand like his supporters, and let them do whatever they want. Sorry, this isn't going to happen. We are watching and listening and we will be voting.
John Sudarsky We have a so-called president who already domestically has set us back decades. The damage he has done to America worldwide is impossible to measure but could be even worse than what he has done at home. God Bless the GOP congress. True patriots all.🤮
Laurie Oknowsky It shows you that the ones who voted for him are not only poor and in need and disenfranchised, but they are also as racist as he is and blame anyone brown for their situation. This country isn’t as accepting of others as you may want to believe. A good ...
Jan Coutrier Sarah Huckabee Sanders is going to straight to hell on the same boat with Graham, McCarthy, Ryan, McConnell, hell I can't even name them all. Thankfully there is plenty of room on that boat. I say we start a go-fund me page to get them all there as ...
Paul H. Hughes This headline is incorrect. 'The GOP simply can't overcome racism', is much more accurate. Trump is the leader of the party and it is as corrupt, as bigoted, as racist, and cold as is he.

You've likely already seen our reporting on Deutsche Bank's sketchy past with laundering Russian monday. And you may recall that Deutsche Bank is the largest holder of Donald Trump debt. And that Deutsche Bank is the subects of several subpoenas on Trump-related matters in the Trump Russia investigation. So you may find it alarming that the guy Trump appointed to be the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York previously worked for Deutche Bank. And the guy brought on by that guy to be his next in command is the former general counsel of Deutsche Bank. BUT! That's not to say there is nothing being done. Senators Gillibrand and Schumer may be successful in making sure this doesn't happen. Watch:

6.9k reactions 375 comments
Janet Long My hope is that Dems learn to stand up for what is right and to not roll over all the time. Gotta fight fire with fire.
Laurie Wedin After thoroughly enjoying Rachel’s opening tonight that focused on typos, among other things, I’m begging you to proofread your posts!
Jo Green I’ve been watching Maddow show for the past half hour. Seems to me it takes a lot of anger —-originating from more than the topic being discussed (trump) ,to possess that much hostility toward another person . Maybe Rachel has some unresolved baggage ...
Marilyn Lemons Thank you Senator Gillibrand for your hard work and your willingness to stand up for what is right. You were the only Democrat that voted consistently to stop Trumps terrible nominations and that was appreciated by all Americans.
Michael Siciliano "You've likely already seen our reporting on Deutsche Bank's sketchy past with laundering Russian monday." Money, not monday. "And that Deutsche Bank is the subects of several subpoenas on Trump-related matters in the Trump Russia investigation....

In case you were wondering if a mental health evaluation is part of Donald Trump's physical tomorrow, it is not. At least the doctor looks more legit this time. Watch:

3.4k reactions 724 comments
Joan Lutz I'm sure they won't tell his weight. No way in hell he weighs 236 pounds. Wonder if the meds he takes for hair loss has increased his hair roots into his brainless brain could go on and on but denture drump won't allow his perfect health.
Gail Spang Neil If the doctor is good he may recognize the signs. There is a few “tests” they can do just asking questions. IF he is showing any signs they should pursue it as it is not just mental it is physical too.
Jf Brown Basic assessment of cognition can be included in any general physical, frequently is, and should be if there is any history or evidence of cognitive issues in an older person. If signs indicate, referral for a more comprehensive exam would be typical. I ...
Nancy Line Jacobs Despite what Sarah Sanders said about Trump "putting out a memo last week about FISA702" she's not fooling anyone. He doesn't know what it is. Someone wrote it for him. That's why he screwed up today because those little voices inside that glowing box ...
Tom Guar Trump is baring his goods on television. I think we can figure out for ourselves that he is clueless about what's going on around him, is consumed with what's happening with the Russia investigation daily, perhaps out of guilt. The longer the Republican ...

Donald Trump sparked an important controversy when it gave Florida a special break on coastal oil drilling. Now the administration has to deal with something new: The backlash -- which includes demands from other Republicans.

As Trump gives Florida a special deal, states demand equal treatment
As Trump gives Florida a special deal, states demand equal treatment

Donald Trump is prepared to allow coastal drilling off every state -- except Florida. The push for equal treatment may imperil his entire policy.

4.6k reactions 420 comments
Jan Mosier there should be no offshore drilling anywhere. As usual the moron in chief just thinking about himself and his properties. STUPID!!!!!!!!
Kathreen LaFavor Trump going to be one rich man when he is done being President. USA = Broke, reputation damaged Trump = Rich, family rich, reputation has political influence, business influence, crazy He might be whatever but at the end of the day the people of the ...
Amy Hertog I live in Florida and I am against offshore drilling for other states for so many reasons. I have had the privilege to visit coastal NC, SC, GA, and VA- all beautiful. After getting through Irma and worrying about Maria, I can't imagine what a powerful ...
Fey Mikles well, let's see. Scott is as crooked as Trump.. follow the money. Trump wants to protect his precious property in FL. and Scott wants to go to DC when he is out as governor.. Scott can buy his way to DC easily with all the money he made in a medicaid ...
Beatrice Meka Easy offshore drilling for many good reasons. None zero zip nada no more destroying the beauty God gave us

Donald Trump believes he received "letters" from television anchors telling him he held "one of the greatest meetings they've ever witnessed." The trouble is, the letters don't appear to be real.

Trump touts
Trump touts 'letters' from 'anchors' that don't appear to exist

There's a reason questions about Donald Trump's stability persist.

19.4k reactions 3668 comments
Kimberly Harvish His staff has to tell him lies about people praising him so he doesn't go ballistic more than 3 times a day. Pathetic.
Ann Telford 45''s keeping the letters in the same place as the phone call from the Boy Scout his own delusional mind.
David Reed Stop feeling bad for him and making it sound like this is all due to some mental defect. Sure he’s an idiot but also narcissistic. It’s all by design and purposeful, he’s not delusional he’s a compulsive liar with a huge ego.
John Butch Schach He has staff members,who's entire job it is ,is to write letters to him to inflate his already inflated ego..He is a narcissist, that requires constant affirmation. He is like a 3 year old that needs applause after going potty like a big boy..He is a ...
Ann Gilbertson Simple. He’s fantasizing about how great the meeting was, and how much admiration he should receive from anyone who saw it. He carries the fantasy further by imagining all the praise, delivered in letters. Problem is, when most of us have success ...

According to Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump may not fully deliver on his promise of a border wall after all. The president has "conferred" with experts and "discovered" some facts the rest of us already knew.

Kellyanne Conway: Trump has
Kellyanne Conway: Trump has 'discovered' border-wall concerns

It took nearly two years, but Donald Trump has now "conferred" with experts and "discovered" problems with his promise of a border wall.

7.1k reactions 1109 comments
Cameron Batchelder I watched that interview, which was more one sided as Cuomo couldn’t hold a conversation with her as she continued to talk over, up, and around any topic or question. I guess that’s one way of avoiding embarrassing questions. Just another talking head.
Roberta Getchell Next wall Canada and the US ! 😄 Oh when will this nonsense end? Who in their right mind would want to come to this country now? 😢
Iggi Gershon There should be a wall! Built around Trump, his evil spawn and spawn-in-law, the criminal organization known as the republican party, and Fox Lies! Then everyone else will feel safe!
Barb Bruns They should work for ALL Americans not just his so called base, which is the minority of Americans. Spend those billions on infrastructure, insurance, homeless, veterans, etc. that is what Americans want.
Edward Pérez It's not a wall, it's a fence. We are not taking into consideration the endless cost of maintenance, repair, etc. If built at least it will provide lots of jobs for Mexican nationals who live along the border. Blond and blue don't work so well in the ...

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens (R) isn't the first governor to be caught up in a sex scandal. But the alleged details of his controversy make this story ... different.

Missouri's GOP governor caught up in ugly sex scandal

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens (R) isn't the first governor to be caught up in a sex scandal. But the details in this case make it ... different.

4.7k reactions 733 comments
Diane Ropp He was never qualified to be a governor. More of this celebrity BS. His claim to fame was he was a retired Navy Seal, who wrote a book and was active in Veteran Affairs.
Gord A Rebelato So if Al Franken had to resign for some indiscretions he did years ago, then what this governor did was a lot worse. Oh I forgot he has an R beside his name so there will be a double standard.
Glenda Rider Oh no! I am sure his family values are rock solid and this is just a setup by the Democrats to make him look bad (said with just a tad bit of sarcasm).
Zach Smith The only thing "different" from his fellow party members who've done the same, is that the person Greitens was cheating with and blackmailing is of legal age and a woman.
Gayle MacDonald Some people think you shouldn’t consider all the candidates on the ballot as if their party is blameless. It is being proven every day that in order to keep these folks in line we need investigative journalism to hold their feet to the fire on both ...

Donald Trump, apparently confused by a Fox News segment, denounced a policy he supports. Then someone told him what his position is supposed to be.

Trump takes aim at surveillance law he
Trump takes aim at surveillance law he's supposed to support

Trump, eager to bolster a conspiracy theory, rejected a policy he's supposed to support, based on a Fox News segment he apparently didn't understand.

8.8k reactions 1174 comments
Ashley Balogh This isn't ignorance, it's strategy. His core base rally around the conspiracy, and, yet, they still move forward with what they want. Say one (or many) things, and do what you want regardless. This constant refrain about his intelligence and fitness ...
Don Davis It's mighty hard these days for the "Benghazi Bozo Republicans to keep "Old Trumpty Dumpty" straight when Putin and "Old Trumpy Dumpty" creditors are breathing down his back at every turn along with his popularity slide.......
Connie Venable Trump needs to start using some of his daily "Executive Time" to meet with Fox News so they can get their stories straight. It might be helpful if they actually include someone from the WH who actually knows what the hell is going on.
Sterling Vaden Let's turn "moron" into a drinking game! "... the president, eager to bolster a ridiculous conspiracy theory, undercut his own team, mindlessly criticizing a policy he’s supposed to support, based on a Fox News segment he apparently didn’t understand. ...
Curt Miller I can't even come up with a comment anymore. He reminds me of a bored cat who begins scratching something he should not. Jiggle your keys and it will distract him and he'll forget about the thing he was doing. One difference, cats are CUTE. The ...

For months, Donald Trump has privately urged Republicans to protect him from the Russia scandal investigation. Now, the president is taking those pleas in a very public direction.

Trump wants GOP allies to
Trump wants GOP allies to 'take control' of Russia scandal probe

For months, Trump has privately urged Republicans to protect him from the Russia scandal investigation. Now, he's taking those pleas in a public direction.

4.9k reactions 1131 comments
Deb Crane Benedetti No collusion, trust me, I'm a genius. Well finally the money laundering of his families past is coming to the surface for the light of day and all to see. His so called empire built on sweat and tears of hard working people and their families he ...
Marilyn Conley He's right when he says "Russia & the world is laughing at the stupidity they are witnessing"...........but not for the reason he thinks...........
Tolesia Smith-Davis His cult 45 followers still don't believe he had nothing to do with Russia. All the bankruptcies and lawsuits and videos of I just grabbed them by p... They still elected this man as President😥
Danny Hassell OMG and one would think that after a year on the job, trump would at least understand the 'Trias Politica' concept of a Democracy and that the USA is not 'a satellite state' of russia/putin, no matter how much he, trump, admires putin or how much $$ ...
Karen Powers So originally everyone had to 'leave' the room. Now He's openly inviting everyone (GOP) to His 'Stop the Russia Probe Party'...

Donald Trump has identified a new enemy: the nation's libel laws. "You can't say things that are false, knowingly false. and be able to smile as money pours into your bank account," the president said, unaware of the irony.

Trump shows an unsettling interest in overhauling libel laws
Trump shows an unsettling interest in overhauling libel laws

The more Donald Trump talks about changing libel laws -- a subject that comes up with increasing frequency -- the more unsettling it becomes.

7.0k reactions 2247 comments
Doris Bucher Good. Fox would be the first one in a whole kettle of hot water. They use libel only. Defamation is their mode of operation. Go ahead, Trump. People can take them out for sure.
Mark Chosak Perhaps Trump should also complain about presidents who constantly brag about election results, how great their hotels are, using Twitter obsessively, and signing bills that help the super-wealthy. I mean, just go for broke on the hypocrisy, man.
Darlene Ellison-Harvey AHHH!!!! The truth always pours out. Rather it wants it to or not! There's a great expression that it should at least try to comprehend..."people might assume your an idiot, but, once you open your mouth all doubt is removed."🤨🤔😏😎
Wana Klasen This POTU$ only focuses on matters that he believes will benefit him personally and financially. Period. Even bringing up this topic reveals much about him starting with how little he knows and how much he isn't interested in learning!
Joyce Pendergast Thomas And then very wealthy people could sue because they have the resources to do so which would seriously affect freedom of speech, particularly of those with limited financial resources where a lawsuit could ruin them. Another power play to become a ...

The bad news for Republicans: Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is retiring from Congress. The worse news for Republicans: he's not the only one.

As Issa exits the stage, the GOP has reason to worry about 2018
As Issa exits the stage, the GOP has reason to worry about 2018

As Darrell Issa announces his retirement, Republican leaders have new reasons to worry about the 2018 midterms.

4.5k reactions 879 comments
Lee Zeldin Rep Darrell Issa (the wealthiest and largest living gnat in existence)…. invented the “witch hunt” game that R’s still play. If they don’t have cause they invent cause. And repeat and repeat as if it’s said enough times it become true. The only thing ...
Kathleen McCutcheon They get better retirement than most so that sounds better than running and losing, which they will. The Congress, House and Senate, under total republican control, and the dysfunctional Trump administration, have done nothing that benefits the citizens ...
Genevieve Seaman I remember Issa crying after he put up a million dollars to get Grey Davis out and thought the GOP would put him up for Governor of California but they instead put up Arnold Schwartzenegger
Richard Sandoval Kind of,,, "Odd" about or why many of these, "Scumbags" are all, of a sudden, retiring or leaving or inventing some "Trumped" up excuse for not serving again and although I am ecstatic about this worthless piece of shit leaving,, I can't help but ...
Michael Tamte-Horan I hope none of these boys and girls who are fleeing are stupid enough to think they are, thereby, washing there hands of any involvement in this disastrous presidency and administration. It's too late, and they will forever have blood on their hands.

When a federal judge blocked Donald Trump's policy on protections for Dreamers, he used something important and specific: Trump's own rhetoric. It wasn't the first time.

Another judge uses Donald Trump
Another judge uses Donald Trump's rhetoric against him

A federal judge has restored some legal protections for Dreamers, thanks in part to Donald Trump's own rhetoric.

5.7k reactions 236 comments
Jim Borges Elect a clown, expect a circus. He is going to hold the country hostage because he wants funding for his stupid wall. What ever lands on his desk that does not include funding for his wall, he will not sign. I just hope that congress steps up and ...
Michael Fralick “arbitrary, capricious and an abuse of discretion.” is about the best you can say for anything this administration has done or attempted to do.
Edna Whetstone "Arbitrary and capricious". Trump's people are busy trying to get him to understand these big words.
Patrick Leonard Ronnie Reagan at his worst was never this obviously unable to grasp what was going on. This has moved beyond pathetic. And still he has supporters who genuinely believe he’s doing an amazing job. Pathetic was an exit we flew by doing 90mph.
James Washburn When you surround yourself with yes men and fire the guys that tell you that your plan is stupid and will backfire. Not exactly a move made by most stable geniuses.

As a candidate, Donald Trump was desperate to "drain the swamp" and reject "politics as usual." As a president, Trump wants Congress to bring back earmarks.

Trump gives Congress a hard sell on the benefits of earmarks
Trump gives Congress a hard sell on the benefits of earmarks

As a candidate, Donald Trump was desperate to "drain the swamp" and reject "politics as usual." As a president, he now wants Congress to bring back earmarks.

1.8k reactions 266 comments
Yvonne Owen Oh my, open corruption when it suits the administration. So that’s the way Trump got his reputation as a master at deal-making?
Brandy Moynahan What happened to Trump's draining the swamp, it went down in flames like every other thing, when he found out how much money he could make off the government!
Brad Bakken Sucks to admit that we should probably move forward on doubt it got out of hand..but at our current rate we are going to have a grand big ole military (in other countries), a grossly robust pharmaceutical market and big oil with nearly free ...
James W. Wiggin Nobody liked pork, but that is how all the trading used to get done in the House of Representatives. Reps are supposed to balance the interest of the country as a whole against the self-interest of the people in their Congressional district. Once they ...
Alya Ross Oh he has so many obligations tied to , hem-future deposits, which he has to get on legal paper, he needs a way to mash a bunch into every bill that he can. Bill on dog walking requiring poo bags, 1 sentence. Earmarks attached 277 pages.

Why is Donald Trump giving Florida a special deal on oil drilling? It appears a not-so-subtle campaign scheme is playing out before our eyes, with the Trump administration possibly abusing the levers of federal power.

Why Trump gave Florida a special deal on oil drilling
Why Trump gave Florida a special deal on oil drilling

The most likely explanation is that Donald Trump and his team are orchestrating a not-so-subtle campaign scheme.

7.8k reactions 1111 comments
Phyllis Crosby Balestena Rick Scott gave us green slime, added pollution to Lake O, is backed by Big Sugar and doesn’t give a crap for our delicate and beautiful Everglades or our Coral Reefs. He’s singing a new tune, but not for us. He does freak out when tourism is ...
Darren Monaghan So he can get corrupt, term-limited Governor Voldemort to run for the Senate with his endorsement? You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Pay for play. Watch out Florida, and don't let him anywhere near the Capitol, because he will be another Trump ...
Janet Brickey Loucks This reads like the fact that the “Winter White House” doesn’t factor in at all. Trump hasn’t shown any ability to “get” the nuances of politics. This is about him and his, pure and simple.
Dorothy Landi It's because of Maro Lago... remember he fought wind turbines in Scotland unsightly for his golf courses. Has nothing to do with fl per se. It is as always about Trump and money
Lynne Belcher Michael Moore has been planning to do some fracking off the Florida coast next to Mar-a-Lago, part of the reason Florida is being exempted from the opening up of off-shore drilling.

During high-level negotiations on immigration policy, Donald Trump briefly stumbled into rejecting his own administration's goals. Then he made it worse by showing why he's so bad at making deals.

Trump stumbles in important ways during immigration negotiations
Trump stumbles in important ways during immigration negotiations

During high-level negotiations on immigration policy, Donald Trump briefly stumbled into rejecting his own administration's goals. Then it got worse.

4.0k reactions 526 comments
Clairlyn Blankenship I really don’t think 45 has a clue what the term “clean bill” means. It is too bad that someone couldn’t straight out ask him what it means without appearing rude. That is why so many have missed opportunities to give the obvious followup questions to ...
Fred John Lozen Although the GOP leadership seemed taken aback with Trump wandering down new roads (as he often does), the real comment that mattered was his statement that he would sign whatever Congress sends him.... As always, Trump has nothing to do with the ...
Diego Ramirez No one can be more useful to the gop than a brainless idiot that will sign everything put in front of him and take all the credit. That way when things start to fall apart, they have someone to take the fall.
Lani Hostetler I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry at the incompetence Trump displayed. It certainly was cringe worthy as he agreed with the democrats, agreed with the GOP and sat their trying to defend his position when others of his party tried to explain what ...
Dave Thorell He hasn't played a role in anything. He has no input into the turd of a tax bill the republicans came up with noe will he have any role in this. He is a total moron and farce.

It was the release of K.T. McFarland's e-mails that exposed the Trump administration's lie about why it fired Mike Flynn, so there seemed to be pretty universal agreement that it was not a good idea to make her ambassador to Singapore. And yet the Trump administration has now renominated her. Watch:

3.3k reactions 397 comments
Kevin Wayne Barker Wow! You know, almost all those brought in from Fox entertainment have been a part of some kind of scam, or copying someone else’s work. I think this says a lot about the President, and also a lot about who works at Fox entertainment.
Lisa Blomgren There must be some other horrible person that he knows...unless he's already gone through his "worst human beings" rolodex.
Jonathan Stern I think it's time to go back to Paul Ryan and McCarthy's discussion about Trump and Rohrbacher being bought by Putin that was recorded. Kind of shows that there was some "common knowledge" on the Republican side that there were people on their side that ...
Mary Teter With quality, career people fleeing the white house like its on fire it's no great surprise he's trying to get whoever he can.
Pamela Smith Are there no better people to nominate? I'll do it, give me a call. This woman should follow Flynn to jail, not Singapore.

The Deepwater Horizon catastrophe highlighted for Americans the dire consequences of not requiring adequate safety in offshore drilling. The disastrous clean-up efforts that followed showed Americans what a wildly expensive task that can be and that it's important for oil companies to maintain a large fund for that purpose. know where this is going, don't you? Watch:

3.9k reactions 275 comments
Mary Nash-Pyott the rats are sinking the ship. What a time to be alive. so much of this can be rolled back, but so much carnage already happening. too bad we can't craft an Amendment to protect LIFE itself.
Brian McClelland It shouldnt take the re-election of democrats to get this back under control. Republicans act like irresponsible delinquents. As long as they can fatten their wallets its ok, I guess.
Cheryl Rowe Everyone needs to do what they can. Drive more efficient cars. Why do you need a huge truck or SUV to putter to the grocery store, bank and work? If you want change - BE THAT CHANGE!!!!!
Melissa Maino Hey California - How about boycotting any oil company that drills off our coast ( or any company that buys oil taken from off our coastline) #nooffshoredrilling @JerryBrownGov @SenFeinstein @SenKamalaHarris @RepCarbajal
Dave Levy Cost is untold permanent damage, plus $62Billion so far spent on incomplete clean up after nearly 7 years. But the stable genius (or rather the dotard who should be in a stable) has learned nothing

Donald Trump wants credit for falling unemployment in minority communities. He doesn't seem to appreciate why his pitch doesn't work.

Trump's latest pitch to minority communities falls apart

Donald Trump wants credit for falling unemployment in minority communities. He doesn't seem to appreciate how little sense that makes.

2.0k reactions 217 comments
Alan Gruskoff The economy is cruising along right where Obama left it. T.Rump made no change to that, added no value, just inherited a good economy, for now.
Angela Pintoni From 2018 to 2019 shows what he had done . This is result of president for ever our gorgeous, intelligent , smart , compassionate, kind , golden heart and above average human being president Obama
MaryEllen Taylor My first thought was that I thought none of them worked. They just want everything for free. Collect entitlements, etc. So it actually made me laugh when the WH kept going over this statistic.
John Zanella He's had everyone snowed since day one...trouble is, he's got people convinced with all his fake media rheotric!
Larry Stone If someone would check on the people that was on unemployment before they talley the numbers and check on them now they would find they are still unemployed but they were thrown off or denied payment which makes the numbers look good but just makes more ...

Donald Trump's Department of Energy, led by Rick Perry, came up with a bizarre plan for U.S. consumers to help bail out obsolete energy plants. The plan didn't work out well.

Why Rick Perry
Why Rick Perry's latest failure on energy policy matters

Trump's Department of Energy came up with a bizarre bailout plan for obsolete energy plants. This didn't work out well.

3.7k reactions 549 comments
Prescott Barden We need improved power transmission lines and industrial sized batteries. Lines with modern "circuit breakers" to reduce outages spreading and reduce power drainage then batteries to store power and even out it's distribution, whatever power source we ...
Curtis Riley We need a little reality thinking of where we go in the future, not a crony plan to prop up failures. We need a plan that integrates all sources of electrical power into the grid and into individual homes.
Dean Newton Rick is at an unthinkably lofty pinnacle of the "Peter Principal" and as such, has embarrassed himself, along with the entire country by presenting another goose egg of an idea.
Roger Moss It's blindingly clear now that Potus Bloatus' cabinet, filled with his cronies, is as corrupt and incompetent as he is. The list of vile rats that need to be run out at gunpoint grows every day.
Lisa Richards Sovde Face it, Rick Perry doesn't have an original thought in his head... just someone elses recycled crap.

The Republican National Committee was blocked for over three decades from working on "ballot security" and voter-suppression efforts. Now, those restrictions are suddenly over -- and the consequences are likely to matter.

Why the end of the RNC
Why the end of the RNC's 'ballot security' consent decree matters

The Republican National Committee has been blocked for over three decades from working on voter-suppression campaigns. Now, those restrictions are over.

2.5k reactions 212 comments
Curtis Riley Sounds like the Republicans want to return to 1850s era voter suppression. Back then, they intimidated people and paid others to vote for them. That's Trump's America. He wants the power so he can grab the money. No understanding of the real power ...
Clarence Fern Fernortner That consent decree needs to be continued blocking the RNC from voter suppression campaigns. What on earth would be the rationale for lifting it, since there was ample reason for it's existence in the first place and does anyone really believe the RNC ...
Ron Kahler Holy crap. Not that the consent decree stopped them, but this essentially tells Republicans it's ok to interfere with elections even more! Now it will take even MORE Dems to make sure they can vote and effect the landslides it will take to win over GOP ...
Nancy Dafoe If Republicans cannot win legitimately, they will win by asking Putin's help, by gerrymandering districts, by voter intimidation, and by other forms of blocking potential Democratic votes. They have become the party of totalitarianism.
Jackie Brown "the first time in 35 years be free to begin anew efforts to spur purges of voter rolls"? What are you talking about? They haven't stopped trying to engage in voter suppression. Plenty of lawsuits to prove that. One more tool for Republicans to use for ...
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