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Why does Donald Trump keep lying about the United States having "the highest taxes in the world"? Because he needs the lie to be true. http://on.

The lies Donald Trump likes a little too much

The lies Donald Trump likes a little too much

The reason Donald Trump keeps lying about the United States being "the highest taxed nation in the world" is that he needs it to be true.

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Dave Thorell
He has no idea what the difference is between fact and fiction. His thinking is so warped to classify him a moron.
Christine Brandies
Because in his mind that seemingly is in a mental distress it is the only way he can justify his lie. He takes a piece of the truth and makes a blanket around all of it. He wants to lower the corporate rate which we are the highest in and make the little people believe that they will also benefit when they pass a tax bill that is only for the wealthy and corporations and a small bone thrown at the upper middle class.
Michael Millar
You have to look at the effective rate dumb-ass, which is around 15% for business. Now if you had a flat busniess rate of 15% and got rid of loop holes that leave mega comapnies paying 0% you would probaly raise revenue. And since they have offered no tax rate cut offs for individuals this is all a bunch of crap right now.
Debbie Eversley
Why....because it woukd self serving for him, especially when he has a base that is clueless about most things.
Paula Doublin
A number of Americans find it disgusting that elected leaders of political parties across the world and including here in the USA are allowed to say and write whatever they wish to say or write without regard to facts or truth.
Jim Lacey
SPIT IN THE FACE Show me an NFL contract that requires a player on any football team to believe in God, to believe in Capitalism, to believe in Religion, to worship the Stars and Stripes, to honor the National Anthem or to do anything more than to behave non-criminally and non-violently on the field and in the community, to stay in great physical shape and to show up to work. Show me this contract and I will show you a contract which spits in the face of The Constitution of the United States.
Lexie McDougle
#45 has cried, wolf to many times. Most of the constituents of this country don't t believe him. Unfortunately his base still believes him. Which is sad because they show their ignorance. As does the president. He is childish. If his base really wanted to know true facts. They could research..
Deborah Suskey
he has said if you tell someone the same lie three times they will start to believe it, even if they know it is a lie. He truly believes repetition is a good strategy. So what it boils down to is this...He thinks we are all as limited in our intellect as he is, so he plays to that.
Ron Byrum
Donald Trump has studied the dictators handbook - tell lots of lies, tell big lies, tell them often and absolutely never admit that they are lies, no matter what the facts say.
Cherie Smith
Lied from day one and has not stopped, he is sick! His base are believing a major CON! Rethuglicans believe him too and will do zero about it, that is disgusting!
Patty Wilson
In my opinion, Trump does so, as to justify additional tax breaks he wants to give to corporate America and his buds. It is certainly not because he cares about the rest of the country!
Samantha Burge
France pays the highest taxes. They have been voted best country to live in, 5 years in a row. Facts have no place in Trumps world or in his supporters world.
Susan Ramie
“We are the highest taxed nation in the world,” President Donald Trump has repeated over and over again. Then when asked about this lie, sarah huckabee sanders said he meant highest corporate taxes. Oh, Sarah, a lie on top of another lie.....Give it up girl and get rid of that snarky attitude. It's most unbecoming.
Whitney Baker
Actually the average person, not including rich tax evaders, pays almost 60% of every dollar made in some type of tax, which is one of the highest. The huge difference is what we get for it, which is very little, an extremely wealthy military industrial complex, and no health care or much of anything else really.
Susan Davis
Because, this man lives in his own reality. I actually believe this man cannot tell the difference between a lie and the truth. To him, whatever he says is the truth....... mentally unstable.

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In Alabama, Steve Bannon lost a major battle in his larger political "war." The question is what happens to his crusade now.

After Alabama, Republicans pin blame on Steve Bannon
After Alabama, Republicans pin blame on Steve Bannon

In Alabama, Steve Bannon lost a major battle in his larger political "war," leaving many to question his competency as a field general.

5.3k reactions 1468 comments
John S. Beres From what I have read today, it certainly appears that the black men and women of Alabama were highly motivated and organized. Whether or not we want to talk about it, it looks to be the main reason Jones won. I doubt Bannon or many in the GOP ever saw ...
Jackie Jose Morales Let the finger pointing , blame game and gnashing of teeth begin ! You know the repubs are gonna be looking for a scapegoat . They will never admit they supported the wrong old white guy !!
Editha Dolan Oh please. There are plenty of morally bankrupt republicans. Bannon alone did not cause this loss for republicans (and gain for America). Sickness permeates republican party..
Bill Walch Bannon really isn't the problem, although he was a big contributer to it. The Republican Party, led by Ryan, McConnell, and Trump at the helm, have guided the party to such a low point in moral guidance, self-righteousness, support of the ultra elite, ...
Colin Smith "Bannon looks like a disheveled drunk who just walked in off the street" —Congressman King (Republican, NY).

A member of Donald Trump's administration conceded Roy Moore's loss in Alabama “is a big black eye for the president.” Whether Trump realizes this or not, he's suddenly weaker now than he was 24 hours ago.

After backing two failed candidates in one race, Trump is at a loss
After backing two failed candidates in one race, Trump is at a loss

The results out of Alabama suggest Donald Trump is suddenly weaker now than he was 24 hours ago.

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Michael Corral But he was right about Moore, he said so. How the potus could support two candidates that both lost and still say he was right is a sign of his lack of hold on reality and his aversion to the truth.
Maurine Qualley Cofer In order to turn this country from a "do nothing" congress to one who is working for the interest of the citizens of this country VOTE in the midterm election in 2018. REPLACE the crooked republican congress by voting for democratic representatives and ...
Melissima Bell November 2018, we must continue the path to removing as many of these obstructionist Republicans as possible. Especially those like Ryan, Nunes, Gowdy, King and the like. We have had enough of these men not representing their constituents. Thank you ...
George Wilhelm Fowler Perhaps The Rachel Maddow Show. But the Trumpeteer is not weak in the way we continue to wish. Worse, the Democratic Party is blind to their weaknesses and the changing times so even if/when they ascend, it will be as the Party they were and not the ...
Lorraine Littlefield He will become weaker by the day if he continues his self-destructive path of thinking his 30% can carry him and tearing down everyone and everything else that the majority in this country hold dear.

There will be some who dismiss Doug Jones' defeat of Roy Moore as a weird political fluke, with no larger lessons for the nation. Those people are mistaken.

Alabama delivers a wake-up call to Trump
Alabama delivers a wake-up call to Trump's Republican Party

There will be many who dismiss Doug Jones' defeat of Roy Moore as a weird political fluke, with no larger lessons for the nation. Those people are mistaken.

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Mark Nelson Step one. The realization of the conservative policies on our country is aligning the Democrats to over-throw all Republicans in government. The steps to destroy health care and the middle class through tax policies that favor the rich and corporations ...
Bill Smith "In the midst of untruth, truth persists". The fundamental goodness of the people of Alabama rose to the occasion and they did their country proud. I must say that Republican Senator Shelby demonstrated "uncommon valor" and "high principle" when he ...
Danny Hassell Yes a wake-up call for trump and gop con-gang to "graciously" repeal and replace themselves and let the USA "return to it's glory again" as the nation among nations and indeed "land of the free and home of the brave"
Cathy Cooper of course they will do a "Trump" and blame everyone for their failure...fake news, liars etc. No the people have had enough and have seen your actions and have decided to take our country back and make it great again. Man up and look in the mirror, ...
Mary Louise Markle And right down the middle ... young voter and African-American turnout coupled with moderate Republicans who have had enough. This is how we win and extremism will be isolated to the fringe. Maybe then, our leadership will learn to put country first. ...

Doug Jones is the apparent winner the hotly contested battle to become Alabama's newest U.S. Senator. He says his campaign was about dignity and restoring common courtesy and decency. Read more:

17.3k reactions 661 comments
Kathryn Ruese Wautlet Congratulations to Alabama voters!
Natalie Kimball So glad, so relieved. First bit of good news in ever so long. Dems need to win two more seats in the senate to tip the majority in their favor. 🤞
Laurie Oknowsky Very proud of our country tonight and very proud of the Democratic Party today! Congrats to Alabama and congrats to senator Jones!
Marie Logston These losers cant take the truth..The recount may show he lost by even more votes..I figured if perverts keep winning the voting has to be crooked..
Vern Vartdal I can't believe we came this close to sending a child molester to the senate. The GOP is a terrible institution completely destroying ethics and morality in our society.

Caught in a lie: The Republican National Committee says they renewed their support for Roy Moore because "the entire Alabama delegation in the House and Senate" want them to help fund Moore. Senator Richard Shelby has made clear he does not support Roy Moore. So what's the real reason?

2.4k reactions 268 comments
Blinda Rawlings They are full of crap. They are going to back anyone they think will win no matter who and what they are. The republicans what to keep their power. Hopefully we are seeing it slip away.
Hugh Dismuke The Washington Post, 2 minutes ago, is saying Doug Jones has beat'n Roy Moore! The New York Times is declaring the same thing! It appears that the write-in votes killed Moore's chances. Holy shit! Did the impossible just happen?!
Andrew Carlson Remember. All republican spending is being directed by their donor class. We are one-step closer now to cutting off their theft of taxpayer funds...
Melody Jean Dines I love it. This is a gift that will keep on giving. The RNC is on record as supporting a pedophilic, racist scumball. Backpedaling won't erase it.
Neva Watson The GOP are scared. They have control. They like control. Trouble is, they don't know what to do with it once they have it. So they set about tearing everything down.

When did Donald Trump know that Mike Flynn lied to the FBI? The answer is hugely consequential to the criminal culpability of Donald Trump, but the White House doesn't want to give an answer. They're going to have to come up with *some* answer. It's find-outable. Have they asked him? Watch:

2.1k reactions 311 comments
Micah Oliver Oh give it up. You are fabricating fake scandals while ignoring proven corruption at the deepest levels of govt. Its disgusting how insane you really are and I'm glad I stopped supporting you. You don't deserve support for being nearly 100% propaganda ...
David L. Todd Maybe it's a good first question for Mueller to ask the Orange Anus when he gets him on the stand. A good follow-up question could then be "do you realize you just committed perjury?" Because Traitor Trump can't speak two sequential sentences without ...
Ken Lew Just keeps digging himself a deeper hole . . . . but it will be the Republicans in Congress that must make the final decisions about his culpability, to which the voters will hold them responsible (except perhaps AL)
Gene Wilson The rightwing can defend this shit and see where it gets them in 2018 ! Suck on Donald 's dick (if you can find it ) just don't grab his pussy ! All who voted for this ass , will get what is coming to them , nothing ! Nothing, because the right wing ...
Kathy LeCain Kudla He's so stupid he probably doesn't get much. He understands nothing except the need to cover up his ignorance so no one else finds out what a dumbell he is. He uses blur politics to deflect attention from his glaring mistakes and start other stupid ...

Congressional Republicans effectively had to choose which was a higher priority: funding the Children’s Health Insurance Program or tax breaks for the wealthy. The GOP's decision is not without controversy.

GOP lawmakers prioritize tax cuts over children
GOP lawmakers prioritize tax cuts over children's health program

Tax breaks for the wealthy are on Congress' front-burner; the Children's Health Insurance Program has been pushed to the back.

5.7k reactions 441 comments
Linda Ludwig So much for being PRO-LIFE! They are only pro fetus, until it’s born and don’t even care that much because they cut Pre-natal programs in the budget.
Billye M. Stevens The extremely wealthy do not need more tax breaks. "The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School has released an analysis of the Republican tax plan that concludes that even under favorable economic conditions the plan will add more than $1 trillion ...
Connie Murray This tax bill is gonna COST the REPUBLICANS -- 2018 is right around the corner and if Alabama can do it -- the rest of American can too -- vote Democratic and on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 get the racist, sleazy, greedy Republicans OUT OF CONGRESS!!!!!!
Jonathan G. Garven OH, but the children they cut funding to are not wealthy and their parents likely vote democrat, so no worries. Plus the tax cuts to the 1% and corporations will trickle down to the poor in some form! (The thinking of the GOP lawmakers)
Alya Ross The GOP are flat out unrepentant scum, liars,allergic to doing the right thing which according to the job description is stewards of the public trust and welfare. They are pandering to the donors at the expense of the entirety of the general public, the ...

The Justice Department has already appointed a special counsel to investigate Donald Trump's Russia scandal. Trump's legal team, however, wants *another* special counsel -- and some congressional Republicans agree.

Trump's legal team wants appointment of another special counsel

As ridiculous as this may sound, members of Donald Trump's legal team want "an additional special counsel named to investigate the investigators."

3.8k reactions 989 comments
Leigh Matich Another waste of taxpayer money investigating things that were already investigated and a partisan attempt to distract from the real problem. They seem to forget that Mueller is a Republican. If he was biased, he’d be showing results that benefit ...
Maritta Goodman They have to keep the sham they are putting out on Fox all day going or his poll numbers will dip even lower. There are people out there that actually believe that 45 is the best and the “Clinton administration “ is colluding with Russia.
Konnie Surmann Republicans have a propensity of wasting literally millions of tax payer dollars on repeated investigations that come up empty every single time. And they are also all on the verge of Alzheimer's. Hillary is NOT president.
Cynthia Destino They can want all they want. He ain't above the law, unless we go ass over teakettle into USSA-dom in a matter of weeks.
Dorothy Campbell Mueller is getting a little too close, huh Trump? Of course you wouldn't have any idea of what good lawyers are, considering those you hired! Russia investigation will be finished by the end of the year, per Cobb. Don't you wish!

As Donald Trump's approval rating goes down, Obamacare's approval rating goes up. In fact, the Affordable Care Act is considerably more popular than the president who wants to repeal it.

Public support for
Public support for 'Obamacare' reaches new heights

The fact that Obamacare's approval rating is 23 points higher than Donald Trump's approval rating probably isn't welcome news at the White House.

4.7k reactions 155 comments
Don K Johnson I feel like I am watching the death of a nation on TV. Reporters sitting in groups of experts talking about how outrageous tRump's last Executive Order was, how he has just broken this or that law, how he has just cut the balls of the FBI, how he just ...
Jeremy Sander The ACA is done for. This batch of criminals will kill it and he millions of people who depend on it.
Allen Charles Collins In the midst of much hand-wringing and anguished sighs, the Huffington Post has announced to its readers that after his first year in office “Trump Is Winning.” “This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write and admit,” begins Earl Ofari ...
Marge Scerbo Unfortunately the republicans don't care what their constituents want or need. They only care about their donors
Jane Huber It's only common sense--keep the workers healthy!!Trump is squeezing the living daylights out of the normal working population,draining them dry!!

Three Senate Democrats, all men, suggested Donald Trump should resign over sexual misconduct allegations. He said nothing. Then a Senate Democratic woman said the same thing. Trump responded ... differently.

After calling for Trump
After calling for Trump's resignation, Gillibrand becomes a target

When three Senate Democratic men suggested Trump should resign, he said nothing. When a Senate Democratic woman said the same thing, Trump attacked.

12.8k reactions 1248 comments
Kyri Freeman Well, the orange one has a giant issue with strong women. We already knew that. What does worry me is that resignations are being called for over allegations. I do think that the orange one has -- by his own admission -- acted as a sexual predator. But ...
Pam Barker He considers women to be weak and there for vulnerable to his attacks. Being the bully that he is he always goes after someone he thinks is weak to make himself look like the strong one.
Amanda Clark If Trump had nothing to hide why not allow himself to be investigated? Oh wait he openly admitted to doing these things in a tape Billy Bush lost his job over... SMH
Lolly St John [email protected] #ENOUGH You are a slimy molesting scrum bag! We The Women Of The United States will no longer be silenced!
Mary Nellie Beck I am sure Gillibrand expected the Dotard to repsond in his typical hateful attitude, but, his tweet this morning was totally disgusting and an embarrassment to the office he is "lucky" to hold! However, his luck is running out! He did not win because ...

Donald Trump now claims he didn't know and/or never met the women who've accused him of sexual misconduct. That's demonstrably ridiculous.

Trump claims he
Trump claims he 'never met' women who accused him of misconduct

Donald Trump now claims he didn't know and/or never met the women who've accused him of sexual misconduct. That's demonstrably ridiculous.

10.3k reactions 2427 comments
Bud Rich It continues to amaze me how this person can face our country as president on a daily basis and spew out a consistent stream of mendacity and thoughtlessness. Admittedly, President Obama set the bar pretty high but this president walks in a trough .
Fred John Lozen Conversation with a conservative: "The media is all fake now" "What specifically is fake?" "All of it, it's all fake!" "Well can you name one specific thing being reported that's not true?" LONG PAUSE "Well, Hillary Clinton should be in jail!"
Margaret Cooke I am so sick of this predator ALWAYS blowing smoke up our asses..Of course HE knew who and when HE grabbed em by the pussy. Trump himself said he wouldnt be seen with an ugly woman so he knows who he many more unacceptable comments he ...
Joe Farro Our national embarrassment continues as Trump lies his ugly wig off and his sycophants in Congress and on Trump TV pretend he’s innocent. We need to elect a new Congress in 2018 to impeach Trump and find a shiny new jail cell for him to live in. Elect ...
Michele Calabrese This excuse is as lame as his claim it wasn't his voice on the Access Hollywood tape. Trying to rewrite the past just isn't going to work with anyone but Trump's loyal minions. That group will apparently believe every lying word Trump says.

New reporting suggests Special Counsel Robert Mueller is interested in whether Donald Trump directed Michael Flynn to lie. The obstruction-of-justice questions just got quite a bit louder.

Did Team Trump direct Michael Flynn to lie?
Did Team Trump direct Michael Flynn to lie?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller appears to be interested in whether Donald Trump directed Michael Flynn to lie.

5.3k reactions 630 comments
Alan Crandall If it turned out that this is found to be true , and a sitting potus told a subordinate to lie to the FBI and then the potus asked the FBI director to “ lay off “ Flynn and not go after Flynn. That would be textbook cover up amd obstructing Justice and ...
Marilyn Lemons If I remember correctly President Obama warned Trump regarding Flynn. And if that is true I am sure it wasn't only verbally and that Trump had access to data backing up what President Obama told him. Maybe Mueller should be talking to President Obama.
Steve Hurst Did he tell him to lie and then offer to pardon him if he got in trouble? Pardons don't work when the pardoner is in on the crime as well. He has other crimes too and is now cooperating. They stopped paying his legal fees so he's gonna sing and possibly ...
Steve Kelly Of course he did .trump is not someone that doesn't have his hand in everything that has to do with the trump "brand"
Bill Gavin He was either specifically directed or he knew from the circumstances he was in that he had to lie. Either way, Trump is more to blame than Hillary was for security at a consulate thousands of miles away.

From the statement of the offense in the Mike Flynn guilty plea, we learned that actually a lot of senior Trump people knew Flynn talked sanctions with Russia, which means they also knew Mike Pence wasn't telling the truth about Flynn. So if Flynn was fired for lying to Pence, what about everyone else? Or maybe the Trump team wants to think up a new story on Flynn? Watch why, for Russia, this is all about sanctions:

9.0k reactions 924 comments
Mary Marini The entire administration knew! They all need to go. The President whom the people really voted in needs to take over and fix the incredible mess that fuckhead Trump has made! She would do a wonderful job as the President she was voted in!!!!!!
Lynette Walther Pence is in this hot mess up to his eyeballs. He has been there every step of the way, is in every photo op, handled the transition, and was hand-picked by Manafort. What more do we need?
Milton Jones Next mike Pence dirty little secrets will come out. We will not have to wait long. He probably likes to get spanked by Donald trump. He is right up Donald trump “ A**” . Mike Pence is a lying scum bag . 😂🤣😂🤣
Gerald Kiyak Trump says there was no collusion... then why are they all coping a plea? Mike Pence was driving that collusion bus as transition leader.
Elaine Fletcher I say GET RID of Trump,ALL the Trump Admin and while we're at it ALL the Tea Party/GOP in Congress and then and only then can we start to fix our nation!!

The Republican tax plan goes after educational benefits in rather dramatic ways. All of a sudden, some GOP lawmakers aren't so sure that's a good idea.

Some Republicans rethink tax plan
Some Republicans rethink tax plan's changes to education

The Republican tax plan includes elements that would push the nation backwards on education. Some GOP lawmakers are starting to rethink those policies.

4.3k reactions 395 comments
Dianne Hicks The elite Republicans are attempting to make sure that they are the supreme people while dumbing down the rest while taking away our access to education, medicine, income, travel, our environment, prejudices and civil rights. It is now a fact that they ...
James L Turner Jr So.....over 6,000 lobbyists scribbling amendments in the margins as the bill goes to the floor wouldn't create any issues? Whoda thunk?
Scott Hunt Tax tuition assistance from employers. Yea that’s smart! That even hurts the company. What do you expect from a bunch of old white guys their best years behind them passing laws written by corporations! They call most of these dumbasses part of the ...
Lori Banks These Morons voted party and oligarchy over people and NOW they are surprised at what’s in their own bill?! They should resign or be removed.
Michal Malouf There are a lot of things in that bill that, had they (been able to) read the bill beforehand might have garnered some questions by folks on both sides of the aisle. But no, it was pushed through without careful consideration. Now that they have ...

Not too long ago, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) was poised to be a thorn in the White House's side. Donald Trump didn't change, Lindsey Graham did.

Lindsey Graham makes the transition to Trump cheerleader
Lindsey Graham makes the transition to Trump cheerleader

Lindsey Graham was positioned to be a prominent GOP detractor for Trump. Trump didn't change, but Graham did.

7.6k reactions 2417 comments
Libi Lauder Smith He's gone completely 180 degrees! Makes you wonder why. ? trumpy has something on him ? he wants something only trumpy can deliver
Judie O'Connor Sadly, the politicians of South Carolina are all blindly Republican. Have not found one who cares anything about their constituents at all. I was glad to get rid of Nikki Haley, but she has gone on to wreak more havoc at the UN.
Robert La Boheme It's called being a sellout, and a traitor to his country, and a breaker of the oath he took to serve the people, not himself.
Blair Judith Buh bye Lindsey might want to start job hunting soon! The field is going to be crowded. Sad!
Em Bee Just another GOP kiss ass who’s seen the writing on the wall. Diversion...deflection....denial. As the doodoo gets deeper for them, they’ll align with this unfit, unqualified moron in hopes that Americans are dumb enough or gullible enough to buy this. ...

Donald Trump's Treasury Department released a long-awaited "analysis" of the Republican tax plan. It can charitably be described as a bad joke.

Trump's Treasury Dept embarrasses itself with one-page 'analysis'

What the Trump administration released this morning isn't an analysis of tax legislation; it's a joke.

5.9k reactions 1009 comments
Christine Martin The Secretary of the Treasury is far too busy wallpapering his house with sheets of money to bother analyzing anything. He and his wife are a pair of sleaze bags.
Bob Matthews Wow, they have really drained the swamp to get to this. How many dozens of analysts were working long hours on this report?
Carmen Veguilla Manly It's a forgone conclusion: GOP and Mnuchin will ram this tax cut bill through, drain the Fort Knox, and then blame the country's debt on the Safety Net Programs. Remember Gov. Sam Brownback who steered Kansas into fiscal failure?
Dale Hausmann Most CEO Business types like working from short, single page documents known as executive summaries. It is up to their underlings to work out the action details. Legislation doesn’t work this way.
Megan Colleen Or, they're tacitly acknowledging what we all already know. It doesn't matter to the GOP what's in the tax bill, who it hurts, or what it does to the economy. As long as they get their tax cuts, they're happy.

If Donald Trump tries to fire Robert Mueller -- a distinct possibility -- we need to know now what congressional Republicans would do in response. Waiting to see if it happens is too late.

Unanswered question hangs over the GOP
Unanswered question hangs over the GOP's anti-Mueller offensive

If Donald Trump tries to fire Robert Mueller, we need to know now what congressional Republicans would do in response.

2.1k reactions 593 comments
Faye Bircheat Firing Mueller won't stop the investigations. The FBI isn't just one guy. The documents and subpoenas are in place. The process is in motion. All firing Mueller will do is make that ball roll faster.
Jane Betts Republicans won't be bothered if Trump fires Mueller because the Republican Party wants to get rid of Social Security and Medicaid and Medicare and they know Trump will help
Ab Rodriguez Sr. It is not only what Repubs are going to do but what are the people going to do. I believe the people just about had enough of this BS. Very close to being AmeriRussia. Enough! Protest, take it to the streets, D. C.
Anthony Buttilgero What Republicans will do: absolutely nothing. Conservatives have been plotting the overthrow of the American government for decades, and they're almost there.
Carlys Quiram We as a nation must protect Mr. Mueller and the Russian Investigation. I do feel that the Congress MUST go on record NOW that they will not allow Mr. Trump to fire Mr. Mueller or stop the Special Council investigation. I, for one, do not want to live in ...

It's hard not to wonder if there's anything Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) could say or do that would force Republican leaders to take action.

House Republican declares,
House Republican declares, 'Diversity is not our strength'

Is there anything Steve King could say or do that would lead House Republicans to act against him? If not, why not?

3.2k reactions 767 comments
Ralph Clements Hate has power, but it can only get you so far. True strength is in the light; being part of a positive future that offers hope to anyone. It’s not too late for you to come over to the good side.
Jim Howard No. There’s not. I thought they couldn’t get lower, but now they’re not only the party of pussy grabbers, but child molesters. And admirers of dictators, especially Russian dictators. Traitors. Is there lower? I keep thinking there can’t be lower, ...
Agnes Coffey Having "idiots" like Steve King in congress who cites hatred with his racist views, isn't adding to the reputation of this country but making us look like we're just as ignorant and hateful as him. He needs to be retired from congress by the voters ...
Kay Dennison I can proudly brag that I have never voted for King or Grassley but I am only one person with one vote! I am embarrassed to be from Iowa, but I didn't contribute to the problem as I voted but not for these Idiots!
Mike Fitzpatrick I'll bet even the Kochs, who have King in their wallets, are embarrassed by his 'Bunkerisms'. There isn't anyone in the Congress who has said more Stupid and Uninformed remarks than King !!!! Sad thing is, WHY are Voterss in his district returning him ...

The official White House line has long been that the women who accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct are liars whose claims should be ignored. A prominent member of Trump's cabinet apparently feels differently.

Top cabinet official says Trump
Top cabinet official says Trump's accusers deserve to be heard

The official White House line has long been that the women who accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct are liars. A top cabinet official has a different line.

7.5k reactions 627 comments
Frank B. Chavez III Nikki Haley occasionally expresses reasonable thoughts. That shows how shitty the Trump administration is -- a cabinet member occasionally saying something that sounds like a reasonable adult makes the headiness.
Kecia Lee But then she said “dealt with”. #NikkiHaley was the only bright light in the entire Administration. I just hope that was a poor choice of vocabulary and she continues to be an independent voice of reason in this bleak Administration.
Dick Lubbers Congress has a fund to help members cover up and/or pay restitution, there should be an equal fund to help women employees to pay their legal fees who have been violated by members of Congress and brought to trial. No more "under investigation" that ...
Barbara Brooks Nikki Haley wants to know if anyone is hiring because she will be out of a job soon. I know other reliable news agencies will report what she had to say but unless Fox Entertainment reports it, it will take 45 a few days to find out what she said and ...
Miles Pilgrim Am I the only one who has problem with the way she said, "They should be heard, and they should be dealt with?" I'm sure the Trumpworld spin machine has already gone over this statement and is ready to "clarify" it by saying Haley meant these women's ...

Why would Donald Trump place a dangerous bet on a new foreign policy? The religious right's theological vision had something to do with it.

This Week in God, 12.9.17
This Week in God, 12.9.17

Why would Donald Trump place a dangerous bet on a new foreign policy towards Israel? The religious right's theological vision had something to do with it.

3.8k reactions 1014 comments
Darrell Teichmer First of all, Jesus himself said, no one knows when he will return. Second he said beware of those who seek to deceive you by saying, "There he is over there.". Instead he said to be prepared at all times, seeking peace, harmony, and love for each ...
Matt Gewickey Of course it would be Christians who bring about Christian prophecies. Sky ghosts don't just invent themselves; it takes work.
Jose L Morales I am hoping once trump is out all these documents with the terrible signature get burnt. I know, they may be required for historical purposes, but they can be hidden in storage and wish the key is misplaced or lost.
Carmen Fernandez I am so upset with the Christian religion don't they read scriptures as well when they said that they will be coming sheeps in wolves clothing did they forget that Donald Trump is the biggest liar the biggest bigot he's not a good person
Eduardo Jiménez Didn't read the article but I'm guessing it has something to do with that final battle evangelicals predict will take place in Israel, end of the world bs

"The Democrats are very frustrated first of all that they cannot manage to get a subpoena to many of these witnesses, and they've actually decided to come in for voluntary interviews. Well, voluntary interviews are actually not a good thing for the committee because it means that the subjects can just kind of get up and leave whenever he or she wants to. Jared Kushner, for example, left after two or three hours, really at the beginning of when the Democrats were just starting to question, and he just decided that he wanted to leave." -Natasha Bertrand Watch the full interview:

820 reactions 313 comments
Nicole Sprague I think it already is. I think GOP congress members have gone out of their way to obstruct justice. The Dems have their hands tied. At this point, the only investigation I trust is Mueller's.
Alan Fish "The Democrats are very frustrated first of all that they cannot manage to get a subpoena to many of these witnesses...", Frankly I do Not Believe this.... The Democrats first need to prove a within reasonable doubt the all the G.O.P. are in Collusion ...
Jim Souther The Republican Party is colluding with Russia and Trump to hide the facts of how Russia put Trump into the Oval Office. By doing this the Republican Party and all of its members are guilty of Treason, plain and simple.
Susan Raines the House investigation ... even the Senate ... though better ... are going nowhere ... headed up by Republicans more interested in anything other than Trump or Republican involvement in coordination or collusion.
Irene Lord Devin Nunes and Trey Gordy should not be allowed anywhere near these hearings. They haven't gotten over not being able to find any wrong doing by Hillary Clinton. Nunes was on the Trump transition team.

If Donald Trump is going to the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) said he'd skip the event. The White House responded to Lewis' decision, but not in a way that made a lot of sense.

White House shows how not to respond to John Lewis

Trump World's statement yesterday suggested it's "unfortunate" John Lewis isn't joining Donald Trump in honoring John Lewis' sacrifices.

2.2k reactions 381 comments
Sandra Lawton Sad he doesn't show up for such events but sow up for boyscouts rally,and kkk speeches yet not for veterans or on civil issues glad McDonald's is 24hrs some locations he won't miss that Happy meal moment
Marlene Moulthrop Not relevant to above, but there is a tape of Trump talking to Howard Stern where Trump actually called his own daughter" a piece of ass. "
Teri Grayson-Wollenburg Trump knows he isn't wanted there. His reasons for going are solely to rally his ego in the news. They should ask Obama to speak.
Cynthia Stanley sadly he (and the others) may not know what time period this was....or that people are actually still living....not descendants....
Valerie Rogge-Zehl Trump wouldn't know sacrifice, honor, or integrity if it smacked him in the face. He doesn't deserve to be in the same room as John Lewis.

Donald Trump today tried to start a conversation of sorts about his approval rating. That was a spectacularly bad idea.

As his support drops to a new low, Trump makes history
As his support drops to a new low, Trump makes history

The president wanted to make history, and he has, though probably not in the way he had in mind.

5.5k reactions 611 comments
Cheri Vaughn I just want to ask Trump supporters to stop and think for one minute. He spews a lot of vile about "fake news " to cover his fanny on all sorts of issues from sexual assault to Russian collusion. And you all follow blindly. He says he's gonna move the ...
Lorna Schiralli The GOP must start preparing for their own eventual remake.....into a Trumpian Party and another group of baffled disgruntled former republicans. Trump has proven that anybody can co-opt a party and thus the rules of the game have been changed forever. ...
Betty Acree In spite of the ratings, Trump is attending the rally for Roy Moore. Apparently Trump is confident that his agenda will prevail. Putin, Bannon, and Jared pushing right along.
Derek Sotheby "It’s also what makes Trump’s woeful public support so striking: the nation has low unemployment and healthy economic growth, but the American mainstream is rejecting the president in surprisingly strong numbers anyway." Wages aren't growing and THAT'S ...
Crystal Alcairo Give it until around June or July next year, when his numbers go down into the 20's; the republicans will be stepping all over each other to impeach IL Douche.

The good news is, the White House has a new line on Donald Trump's secret tax returns. The bad news is, the new line makes about as much sense as the old one.

Trump World has a new line on tax returns (which still doesn
Trump World has a new line on tax returns (which still doesn't work)

The White House now has proof that Donald Trump really is under audit. That still doesn't explain the secrecy on the president's tax returns.

2.3k reactions 350 comments
Donald Schobert Yes but Sarah you are being misleading. The taxes that are needed at this time would be at least 3 years ago until tax year 2016. As you well know, he wasnt president in those years and as you well know he has promised to release them. When????????
Alan Kirke But, but, but, Sarah! Your boss said he would NEVER do ANYTHING that would hurt the working people of the country! He said he would NEVER touch SSI, Medicare and Medicaid either. Mr. Ryan has already said that in able to offset the deficits created by ...
Tom Schmidt Jr It is insanity to keep expecting the president to do the right thing when he has yet to do so. They will be made public over every objection and roadblock he can muster. Such adamant behavior is not the usual for someone w/o a great many skeletons to ...
Barbara Brooks He will never release his tax returns. It makes me so mad that there isn't some kind of movement that will stay on top of this and not let him just slide. As long as he is not constantly called to show his tax returns, he will just hide them like he ...
Ed Withers It doesn't matter. The first thing the FBI does at the beginning of an investigation is to get copies of tax returns for every person to be investigated. Mueller has had them for months.

After Donald Trump slurred his words during a national address this week, the White House faced questions about the president's health. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said those questions are "ridiculous." They're really not.

White House faces questions about Trump
White House faces questions about Trump's health after slurred words

The White House thinks questions about Donald Trump's health are "ridiculous." They're really not.

3.7k reactions 1418 comments
Debbie LaCasse Odachowski I don't like the man or what he stands for but he is showing symptoms of a stroke. I would not wish that on my worst enemy. My husband had one a few months ago and it has been hell. The people who are around him should do something. For the good of the ...
Janice Zamb Lot of "doctors" on this post, I see. But, yes, this surely indicates there is something wrong - like the time he disembarked from Air Force One and walked past the limo waiting for him with the door open and had to be escorted back to the vehicle. Very ...
Joanne Wickham Why ridiculous, you putz? He is the so called president of the United States and he talks like a drunken sailor. Booze, drugs, stroke, dentures? What??
LeeAnn Miller It sounded like “cotton mouth”. A lot of performers get it when they’re nervous, or it could be caused by a medication. The man’s still an idiot, but I don’t think his speech was really slurred
Daniel Blair Barnes What really is ridiculous is the fact that decent Americans are standing by watching our once great nation being destroyed and doing absolutely nothing about it.

Hillary Clinton recently said of her conservative critics, "It appears they don't know I'm not president." As we were reminded yesterday, it's funny because it's true.

GOP rep wants scrutiny of non-existent
GOP rep wants scrutiny of non-existent 'Clinton administration'

Hillary Clinton recently said of her conservative critics, "It appears they don't know I'm not president." It's funny because it's true.

8.5k reactions 741 comments
Mary Waters These repubs are the dumbest things ever !!...she is a private citizen now and has no administration......who says these things??????
Sue Roberts Has anyone told them there hasn’t been a Clinton “Administration” in 17 years ? Or is it that they are acknowledging that she won the popular vote even with Russian rigging ? They certainly do reflect the IQ of their supporters, below average at best.
Cristina Olofson Only conservative snowflakes, who can't deal with their buyers remorse, even mention her. They talk about another retiree, Obama, a lot too. I bet the ones who will buy her book the most will be the Republicans. The Democrats would like to forget about ...
Madelyn Jones If you needed any further proof of the total incompetence and idiocy of the Republican party, here it is.
Zeba Gomez Clinton is a private citizen and harassment by GOP is criminal. It’s turned into an ugly obsession!!! She needs to get a restraining order and sue them for defamation

Roy Moore's Senate candidacy in Alabama is scandalous for reasons that extend well beyond his alleged mistreatment of women and girls. Take his thoughts on America under slavery, for example.

Roy Moore points to slavery era as a time when America was
Roy Moore points to slavery era as a time when America was 'great'

Roy Moore's Senate candidacy in Alabama is scandalous for reasons that extend well beyond his alleged mistreatment of women and girls.

9.9k reactions 1432 comments
Roger Moss Let's be honest here. This has been the not-so-subtle dog whistle of MAGA all along. Actually it has always been the unspoken cornerstone of republicanism. I guess we shouldn't be surprised they feel so emboldened to come right out and say it now. There ...
Judy Ellis Randall I don’t understand why anyone would support this man. His spoken views are just plain hateful. Regardless of the alleged actions of pedophilia, he just does not represent the Christian values I hold dear. Let him go people of Alabama.
Alan Blythe The best thing for Alabama, economically, would be to vote for Doug Jones. I wonder if, for once, they can vote for their best interests. If they vote Moore, how many corporations, or people will boycott the state? It will be interesting to see.
Phil Watson This election is not about Roy Moore. It is about the moral values of the people of Alabama and the Republican Party.
Darrel Mills My big complaint about elections is that people tend to focus on one narrow issue and disregard the candidate's position on the important issues that really matter.

One of Congress' fiercest far-right culture warriors, and a close Donald Trump ally, has resigned under a cloud of controversy. The details of Trent Franks' (R-Ariz.) resignation, however, are odd -- even by 2017 standards.

Republican social conservative latest to resign from Congress
Republican social conservative latest to resign from Congress

One of Congress' fiercest far-right culture warriors, and a close Donald Trump ally, has resigned under a cloud of controversy.

3.7k reactions 431 comments
Loretta Farris Sorry people. Surrogacy is a very common thing in today’s world and a simple discussion of his family’s need for those services would not even come close to being considered sexual harassment or assault. There is something far more sinister going on ...
Orlando Bernal These Republican perverts are dropping like flies. However, how is is it that the chief pervert and adulterer is still in the White House? Looking forward to the 19 women to come out soon.
Dan Gersten Some rumors coming out of Washington DC say Trent Franks was forced to resign because he was deemed "inappropriate" to represent the Master Race. (Warning: Comment may contain sarcasm)
Darrel Petrie Pelosi and the democratic party need to get behind a candidate for that seat. Just because it was a strong republican seat doesn`t mean we want it to stay that way. We should be able to beat any shit stain republican they dig up.
Lola Briagiolana Notice how Rush Limbaugh and all those fucking assholes on the extreme right are only talking about the Democrats in Congress and making it sound like and brainwashing their side to believe only Democrats are doing this this has nothing to do with ...

So Donald Trump Junior invents the excuse that because of attorney client privilege he can't tell Congress what he and his father talked about with regard to his June meeting with Russians at Trump Tower. Is a ploy like that seriously going to work? It is if Republicans in Congress let it. Watch:

2.6k reactions 448 comments
Jay Hunter Well, Sessions made up a brand new (and awfully convenient) definition of Executive Privilege. Can't see why Uday (or is it Qusay?) couldn't pretend he's a lawyer and start inventing stuff, too...
Teresa Reising Sappenfield This is wrong on so many levels! With this Republican Senate and House, it wouldn’t surprise me if they let this slip by as well. 🤬
Barbara Poff After this entire last year, the repubs will do nothing. If they get rid of Mueller, they are as guilty as the trumps and the sleazy administration.
Tobie Rosen The entire Trump family & most of the administration have ties to Russia & should be thrown out of office. Republicans in Congress ignoring the truth so they can cut taxes for themselves, & then take away our Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security. ...
Barbara Suttar The GOP are trying to string this out as long as possible. They know Mueller has really incriminating stuff of the whole Trump gang but they need to keep him in the W/House for their own cutting Medicare and social security. Americans......

At this point we've got a pretty good idea what Russian hope to get out of friendly relationship with the Trump administration... Watch Rachel Maddow outline all the ways Russia is trying to get sanctions lifted:

3.9k reactions 319 comments
Jeffery Jones Well you can’t blame them (the Russians) for trying right? I mean, their tactics were spot on, were they not? What’s sickening in all of this is the level of disregard the Trump team held with respect to years of history and distrust with this ...
Mary Crivello Milburn When this is over we will find out way more than we thought. Mueller is allowed a long leash to investigate " wherever the investigation leads" RICO racketeering and money laundering. Check out trump business partner Felix Sater
Melissa Merritt Morgan Why is it that all these hearings happen behind close doors with these guys and for supposedly 8 hrs. I can hardly believe there was not a long lunch break and I think we are being BS'ed that the Republicans are even trying to get to the truth.
Dorothy Montgomery Trumps teeth fell out last night,noose getting tight, next will crap in his pants, Alabama has 4 million 777 thousand people half are voters rest kids, small like other mini electoral states,slurred his words ,rigged electoral, even gop have left many, ...
Mike Fesik It has ALWAYS been about the Russian sanctions! Russia NEEDS the sanctions lifted if they ever hope to become relevant again on the world scene! The only thing they have to offer is huge supplies of oil, gas, and coal! They wanted tRump elected to ...
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