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00:28 08/12/2017

The areas of specialty of former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort's new lawyer might give us a sense of what Manafort is facing from Special Counsel Mueller:

-Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
-Tax fraud
-Bank Secrecy Act violations
-mortgage fraud
-tax shelters
-illegal crossborder banking
-Congressional investigations

Oh, and he's a CPA.


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Constantine Cony Konstin
Racketeer mobster gangster traitor fascist racist sociopath pure evil. America wake up. Stay focus. Soon Mr. Mueller our modern day Elliot Ness will hunt down these racketeer treasonous scoundrels and send them away for a long long time. All that El Trumpo has is deversions deflections distractions...We USONIANS must steadfast. Our Nation, our Republic, our Union is in jeopardy. Witch Hunt. U betcha. History repeats itself. Didn't they hang all the witches in Salem? Where there is smoke there is fire. You can run but you can't hide. The flames are getting hotter. The noose is getting tighter. Mueller is going to hunt down everyone who is a part of the El Trumpo crime syndicate/Cartel... karma is a Bitch. Trump is the dumbass who tried to convince the world that president Obama wasn't born in the USA. He is just Satan's lackey in a 3 piece suit. Trumps diversions are not working any more.. Follow the money. Remember Bush with Halliburton. Trump is a Neo confederate treasonous traitor of the nth degree. May he burn in hell with Putin. Here are the facts why Trump wants to lift the sanctions on Russia and Opposes the Iran Nuclear Deal to Benefit Putin, The Russian Military and Himself: 1) Trump owes Blackstone/ Bayrock group $560 million dollars (one of his largest debtors and the primary reason he won't reveal his tax returns) 2) Blackstone is owned wholly by Russian billionaires, who owe their position to Putin and have made billions from their work with the Russian government. 3) Other companies that have borrowed from Blackstone have claimed that owing money to them is like owing to the Russian mob and while you owe them, they own you for many favors. 4) The Russian economy is badly faltering under the weight of its over-dependence on raw materials which as you know have plummeted in the last 2 years leaving the Russian economy scrambling to pay its debts. 5) Russia has an impetus to influence our election to ensure the per barrel oil prices are above $65 ( they are currently hovering around $50) 6) Russia can't affordably get at 80% of its oil reserves and reduce its per barrel cost to compete with America at $45 or Saudi Arabia at $39. With Iranian sanctions being lifted Russia will find another inexpensive competitor increasing production and pushing Russia further down the list of suppliers. As for Iranian sanctions, the 6 countries lifting them allowing Iran to collect on the billions it is owed for pumping oil but not being paid for it. These billions Iran can only get if the Iranian nuclear deal is signed. Trump spoke of ending the deals which would cause oil sales sanctions to be reimposed, which would make Russian oil more competitive. 7) Rex Tillerson (Trump's pick for Secretary of State) is the head of ExxonMobil, which is in possession of patented technology that could help Putin extract 45% more oil at a significant cost savings to Russia, helping Putin put money in the Russian coffers to help reconstitute its military and finally afford to mass produce the new and improved systems that it had invented before the Russian economy had slowed so much. glasses emoticon8) Putin cannot get access to these new cost saving technologies OR outside oil field development money, due to US sanctions on Russia, because of its involvement in Ukrainian civil war. 9) Look for Trump to end sanctions on Russia and to back out of the Iranian nuclear deal, to help Russia rebuild its economy, strengthen Putin and make Tillerson and Trump even richer, thus allowing Trump to satisfy his creditors at Blackstone. 10) With Trump's fabricated hatred of NATO and the U.N., the Russian military reconstituted, the threat to the Baltic states is real. Russia retaking their access to the Baltic Sea from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and threatening the shipping of millions of cubic feet of natural gas to lower Europe from Scandinavia, allowing Russia to make a good case for its oil and gas being piped into eastern Europe. Sources: Time Magazine, NY Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian UK. Check these sources and see for yourself. Feel free to share! Credit to Bob Beam
Steve Fernald
Absolutely completely corrupt. Period. As is the remaining Trump clan... Yet 50% of Àméricans believe this is a competent Commander in Chief. You fucking witless Goobers.
Lynn Roe
BillOrtis, I want to know too. How many times CAN You change your Security Clearance Application? I think it's supposed to be only the first time. I don't believe, " I couldn't remember ", " I don't recall", lies ,and more lies. There's a lot of faulty memories in the high position of the Whitehouse.
Bifuko Baharanyi
Rachel Maddow had just given a small but useful lesson on the history of money laundering in New York area when explaining how the hotel Commodore went bankrupt and bought by the young millionaire Donald Trump through a very strange contract with the New York city officials in the 1980s.
David Hunt
FYI From the IRS. Bank Secrecy Act Congress passed the Bank Secrecy Act in 1970 as the first laws to fight money laundering in the United States. The BSA requires businesses to keep records and file reports that are determined to have a high degree of usefulness in criminal, tax, and regulatory matters. The documents filed by businesses under the BSA requirements are heavily used by law enforcement agencies, both domestic and international to identify, detect and deter money laundering whether it is in furtherance of a criminal enterprise, terrorism, tax evasion or other unlawful activity.
Bill Ortis
Good.. Lets see the truth. These people (most of the WH team) lied on their security clearences... SEVERAL TIMES.... ! only when they were found out, in layers, did they constantly change their clearance data. NOT RIGHT.... They should have been jailed under normal circumstances. I want to know why these injustices are going on????
Cheryl Sheppard
Well, his business partner Firtash is up on racketeering charges in Chicago but he hasn't been extradited yet because he is being held in Austria who was about to send him to the US but Spain has first dibs where he's up on organized crime charges. These are just some of Trump's friends.
Robert Ramos
Oh shit! We all saw this coming,i'm thinking more than a few people are going to jail after it's all said and done
Simmy Taub
Sergeant Schultz would be proud of how brilliantly trumpists have mastered the art of looking the other way. They see nothing.
Tim Bryson
Mow he throws out the idea of military intervention in Venezuela. Must be something big he's trying to hide...or maybe just a distraction from North Korea.
Esther Colando
If u have so much baggage.....Why would u work for the Highest Office. This goes for all of them. Dumbest people Ever
Susan Cuyugan Lavarra
Trump's been laundering money along with the mega wealthy Russians for a very long time. Ask yourself why a Russian would pay millions over the asking price of a house in Florida? Why would he build the Hotel to nowhere and put out a fake ad about it? Something tells me this MF is starting this lock and loaded scenario to deflect, yet again. Trumps whole world along with his family's is blowing up in front of his face and he wants us to all go down with him. This is the real Nuclear War.
Gail Conerly Jenkins
Thank you Rachel, welcome back. DT is ramping up rhetoric towards N. Korea to change the "Russia" narrative. He could care less about the loss of life war brings as long as his family is safe.
Kelly Parr Cury
They're going to find something that ties those two together! I want to see 45's face when he knows he's busted. Nothing would make me happier right now! He is the biggest con I've ever seen. And sometimes I don't think he is as rich as people say he is. I think he's loving his position because we pay for everything he does. One way or another...he has to GO!!
Jay French
Tax returns for tRump.....Would Love it 😎.... Simply follow the money. Russia one reason he won't disclose. Also, hidden money & he is not as wealthy as he brags. You know, that Ego thing.... Like he used in his campaign... Lock Him Up

Other newsfeed from The Rachel Maddow Show

The idea of taxpayers giving Erik Prince, the Blackwater guy, $10 billion a year to fight the war in Afghanistan with a private, for-profit military force seems too crazy to be possible. But then again, when has that ever stopped Donald Trump? Watch the full video: New developments to be reported on this tonight!

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Patty A Shutt Rachel, if you would, please cover how from 1979 - 89 russia spent billions of dollars, lost many personnel as well as equipment in a futile attempt to "win" a war in Afghanistan. If people understood the history, perhaps they would say, let's just ...
Cynthia Rogers By creating a system of private contractors (a private military) and building up numbers in agencies such as ICE and border security. A large militarized group is created with alliances to specific organizations and individuals. Traditional military ...
Andrew Jones I remember when the Right Wingnuts accused President Obama of having a Private Military Force... this is the type of shit that Dictators do in Foreign Countries... WTF
Wayne Stirling Has no one at the White House or in the Department of Defense looked at the history of the Afghan people and the wars that were fought there. British could not tame them, the Russians could not tame them. America's been fighting for how many years. Just ...
Jennie Campos He has ZERO clue of the on-the-ground reality in Afghanistan. He needs to travel there and serve one week with on-the-ground troops so he knows what he's talking about and to make smart decisions.

Donald Trump's most important -- only? -- accomplishment is putting Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. And now that high court justice headlining an event that will put money in the president’s pocket.

Neil Gorsuch to headline an event at Trump-owned hotel
Neil Gorsuch to headline an event at Trump-owned hotel

We're dealing with a dynamic in which a president appointed a high court justice, who's now headlining an event that will put money in that president's pocket.

11.6k reactions 1612 comments
Heidi-lyn Depper Um.. ethics?
Owen Jones Oh - no way is a conflict of interest. A Supreme Court Justice would know a "Quid-Pro-Quo" corruption, when he saw it... So obvious...
Janice Cruz This is so wrong. Guess justice won't be blind for long.
Carol Ekvall Johnson ????? Gorsuch should then recuse himself from all Trump related rulings. Perhaps that is what Gorsuch has planned...... I would, given what is about to transpire....
Thomas Levine If collusion is proved, I think everything Trump did should be nullified and returned back to where it was if possible. All the thrown out EPA rules, drilling rights, Neil Gorsuch and all the judges he's put on the bench. Trump has perforated our ...

Was this the worst week of Donald Trump's presidency? Almost certainly yes. But it's important to understand why this keeps happening: it's what makes Trump's presidency so unique.

The worst week of Trump
The worst week of Trump's presidency keeps happening

Is this the worst week of Donald Trump's presidency? Sure. But it's not the first time he's earned that assessment.

5.0k reactions 734 comments
Barb Sinclair On top of all the rest of the things that have gone wrong this week for trump, several events that were booked at his beloved Mar-a-Largo have been canceled and more are pulling out which means he is now losing money!!!! One of the worst things that ...
John Hatch Week after week it gets worse and as the firing after firing occurs, only one constant remains. And we know what that is. He needs to resign!!
Barry Mims Every week just gets worse. Last week was this worse ever and the week before that was the worst week just how much worse can thing get? Oh never mind, trump just keeps getting worse and worse.
Deborah Plumb He is in over his head. It's been obvious since the campaigns. At times it is infuriating; other times painful to watch him fail so spectacularly. But I am not surprised. I predicted it before he was even elected. I remember that little gnawing of ...
Rose Hammerstedt If you think now that Bannon is gone, Trump will think different WRONG. Trump has always been a racist, a bigot and a liar. Congress do your job and take a stand against this idiot of President. Because your silence let us know you believe what he ...

Steve Bannon had an adverse effect on Donald Trump's ego, which meant his departure from the White House was inevitable. Today's big news, however, won't end the drama.

Steve Bannon, Trump
Steve Bannon, Trump's chief strategist, exits stage right

Steve Bannon had an adverse effect on Donald Trump's ego, which meant his departure was inevitable.

4.7k reactions 746 comments
Kylee Sadler He also just called trumps base a bunch of clowns so...
Lauren Drew "It ain't over 'till it's over," as Yogi Berra used to say. There's still Gorka, Miller and best of all, Drumpf, Pence and the entire admin.
Patty Simpkins Of course Bannon's departure won't end the drama. Because the likes of you will never settle down and let legit government work be done. Be encouraged by President Trump's efforts to be a more mainstream president and chill the heck out.
Andy Paugh That'll piss off the alt-right. I think Trump is looking for a way out and once he can resign in such a way that it looks to him and his mindless minions like a victory, he'll do it.
Rose Hammerstedt If you think now that Bannon is gone, Trump will think different WRONG. Trump has always been a racist, a bigot and a liar. Congress do your job and take a stand against this idiot of President. Because your silence let us know you believe what he ...

The chair of the Republican National Committee thought this would be a good week to do outreach to African-American voters. Her timing could've been much better.

The awkward timing of the RNC
The awkward timing of the RNC's African-American outreach efforts

The chair of the RNC thought this would be a good week to do outreach to African-American voters. Her timing could've been better.

2.4k reactions 242 comments
Carolynn Wilson One in 100 Americans are in prisons, more than any other nation on earth. The majority of them are minorities. The RNC will have to start visiting prisons to recruit good Republicans for their future endeavors. But many of them really cannot give much ...
Terri Boerwinkle The RNC is killing me, can't stop laughing at their embracing Alt-Right AND wants to have "African-American bring into the group event"?
John Grant There NEVER will be a good time for Donnie's Black Conservative KKK and Nazi Sympathizers to do outreach towards the Black Community! Unlike most GOP/Trumpsters.., there is no AMBIGUITY about RACISM and NAZI-ISM, within the Majority Black ...
Mandy Goetz Bellm Seriously true fans... STOP responding to the trolls!!! I am so sick of the comments being filled with all these hacks!! Bump, like, comment the GOOD posts and these conservative alt-right morons trolling RM's page will fade away. As all bullies ...
Lydia Balderas I really hope all goes wonderful for all of the and are able to get things accomplish but they should be getting papers to impeach this All White Supremacists President.... We want a President for All All American People.... "All walks of life".... We ...

America's Businessman in Chief has discovered he's a little too toxic for many of the nation's leading business leaders.

Short on friends, Trump
Short on friends, Trump's White House councils start to unravel

America's Businessman in Chief has discovered he's a little too toxic for other business leaders.

3.2k reactions 190 comments
Marilyn Lemons Too toxic for other business leaders? I think not or they wouldn't have gotten into bed with him in the first place. They just don't want to lose business because of this evil man's toxic mouth or worse get boycotted. Like Republican they were with ...
Judith Barr If nothing else, OLD, orangeface/hair, whats'is name??? has NO real friends. He has hangers on. No one in his right mind would trust that one, for a millisecond. He will stab you in the back, with one hand, while shaking your hand with the other. Those ...
Miller Roy don't be too fast Rachel...I love you, but the "right" still is blowing smoke up the sick narcissist's ass...and I'm not sure they'll care whether he is mentally ill, morally corrupt, incompetent, greedy, a liar, assaulter of women , name ...
Sarah Rizer “..... Trump has failed the presidential test of moral leadership,” . “No moral president would ever shy away from outright condemning hate, intolerance and bigotry. " Rep Steve Cohen .........".....Trump’s short time in office, he has not shown the ...
Karen Jonson Pence called back from international trip to attend today's meeting with generals in Camp David bunker. My guess — they're reading The Dump the riot act and perhaps drafting a succession plan from The Dump to The Christian Zealot — saying something like ...

It wasn't long ago that Bob Corker was in the running to be Donald Trump's vice president or secretary of state. Now he's publicly questioning Trump's stability and competence.

GOP senator questions Donald Trump
GOP senator questions Donald Trump's stability, competence

Bob Corker was in the running to be Donald Trump's vice president or secretary of state. Now he's publicly questioning Trump's stability and competence.

6.2k reactions 484 comments
Randal Wright In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king. I respect him for telling the truth in the face of political expediency. It's rarely seen in Washington.
Steve Kellums Bob Corker is no friend of Americans. He flips and flops!! Next week he will be back in Trumps Nazi squad praising the juvenile leader. Traitor Corker will be on his knees begging Trump for forgiveness by this time next week.
Lu EG Until congressional Republicans who have all the power in our government right now stand up to racism, white supremacy, Ku Klux Klan, terrorists and neo- nazis with clear action instead of offering their usual empty carefully crafted words that doesn't ...
Lovey Jones There is no need to question his stability; everyone in the entire world who is using their brains knows he is totally deranged, out of control and a clear and present danger to America and the world. Stop talking and DO SOMETHING about it. You on the ...
Gloria Graves Gregory Bob Corker was NEVER interested in being Trump's VP candidate. This is a very intelligent, caring man. Watch your step, The Rachel Maddow Show - I like Maddow a lot, but you FB writers on TRMS staff had best stick with the facts. Corker is sharp. There ...

In the U.S. military it's not just terrible to be a Nazi scumbag. In the US military it is illegal to be a Nazi scumbag. And they freaking police it! Watch the full video:

18.7k reactions 627 comments
Craig Grant Military personal give up Rights when they join. In the civilian world the US Constitution says you have a Right to the political party of your choice and can openly speak out. Every soldier swears an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution and ...
John Hatch Trump's bullying tactics to get his way as our *cough* POTUS will not work. This position actually requires work on your part, sir? You can't just golf and watch TV and think everyone else is going to do your bidding. You are not a CEO!!! or as we see ...
Roberto Macdonald If it's illegal to have a nazi scumbag in the military and the CIC is a nazi scumbag, what then?
Bryan Eggers Love the show but MSNBC is going way overboard on the commercials. The only way I can watch it now is from DVR so I can fast-forward through the 2-3 minutes of commercials every few minutes.
Minerva García Ortega Don't forget the vast majority of the service people in armed forces are people of color, well you think morale will be high if they are serving a Nazi sympathizer? Don't think so 😒

This is not a situation that can be resolved with platitudes. You know, Heather Heyer is dead. She was killed. People were injured. Our children, members of this country, have seen swastikas on flags and Nazi flags. We've heard homophobic slurs. We've heard racial slurs. We`ve heard anti-Semitic slurs in Charlottesville, Virginia. And if they think we're going to move past this, as though this is just a political moment... this is an American moment. And if people really care about this democracy, and if leaders have been elected to lead this country, then we have the right to expect of them that they will use the powers that they have. I understand that their powers are limited, but they do have power, and they must use that power in this moment to get America back on track. From Rachel Maddow's powerful interview with Sherrilyn Ifill, president of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, last night. Watch Part 1: Watch Part 2:

7.4k reactions 467 comments
Kapeli Pohiva We need a 1 day of national prayer...ask the good lord to help calm our nation and make us live in peace!!!
Allison Hagood This country is over, thanks to bigoted white supremacists, and to the lazy privileged white people who don't think they're white supremacists but don't put in the effort to condemn white supremacy.
Dennis Scott Trump is always defiant. Remember Judge Curiel, the Mexican from Indiana, born in Indiana. This is what he learned from Roy Cohn. Never apologize, always attack, don't consider the facts. "birther" bullshit, wiretapping, mass voter fraud, Obama was this ...
Gina Burnham Murphy I was watching Rachel and I found myself wishing she could stay on longer. She was a wonderful guest. Thank you.
Lowell Rogers Trump just killed the Republican Party. It is now the American Nazi Party. m.a.

It was just last week when the United States faced a burgeoning nuclear crisis with North Korea. Why did the story quietly fade? In turns out, the more Donald Trump was distracted, the more the crisis cooled.

Why the North Korean crisis has suddenly cooled
Why the North Korean crisis has suddenly cooled

It was literally last week when the United States appeared to be confronting a nuclear crisis with North Korea. What happened?

5.6k reactions 716 comments
Chris Howell I think the Korean leader realized he has met his match in "unstable, irrational president" and might end up dead if he keeps poking the stupid bear with nukes with a stick.
Phyllis Crosby Balestena If I remember right, President Obama's WH dinner for the press was happening, and he was there, but thoughts were on the capture of Bin Laden. From there he went to the situation room, with his team and made decision on going in. He joined in with the ...
Craig Mckenzie N Korea doesn't have to do anything. Trump and his Christian Cabinet will do more damage and Kim knows this. I can see a false flag coming soon as Trump needs a lift in the polls.
Jacy Lincicum This President and his administration are absolutely exhausting, we have a new self made crisis to face daily. If indeed a natural disaster were to strike there is NO way that this administration would be able to respond quickly, this President is ...
Shakela Mills-Strawberry So you mean if he had just ignored him it would have not escalated? Seem like someone craves attention just as much as he does. Don't worry, they are only pausing to laugh at what seems o be the brink of a Civil War here. No need to destroy us if we are ...

Donald Trump has a story from history that he believes shows how to combat terrorism. There are just two problems: (1) the story's made-up; and (2), the president doesn't care that it's fiction.

Trump points to ahistorical nonsense following deadly terrorism
Trump points to ahistorical nonsense following deadly terrorism

Because Donald Trump long ago gave up on caring about the difference between fact and fiction, he has a myth he believes can help address terrorism.

9.7k reactions 1125 comments
Neil Coffman-Grey If this shitbag traitor wants to put his tiny savings where his piehole is, GO ON CAMERA AND RIP UP A KORAN. Then pee on it, you shitstained Russky, like your prostitutes did on that bed!
Diego Ramirez His most devout cultists will never check his stories or simply find a way to justify the lies because reality is too hard for them.
Christopher Calkins The stricture concerning Muslims and Orthodox Jews touching pig-tissue is only in the area of VOLUNTARY action. If you throw pig-tissue on a Muslim, that Muslim committed NO CRIME in the eyes of his religion. Trump is insane.
Craig Duckett The man is delusional. Pathological. Psychologically and emotionally ill. Hence, wholly unfit for office or to have his fingers anywhere near the lever.
Armando Nantanapibul I love how Adolf Trump never checks his facts. Then Tuesday lied saying that he does. And Thursday continues to spew his lies to serve his own stupid agenda

Americans aren't the only ones who recoiled in response to seeing Donald Trump defend racist activists. The damage he's done to his -- and our -- international standing matters.

The world takes note of Trump
The world takes note of Trump's 'failure of character'

Much of the American mainstream has recoiled in response to seeing a president defend racist activists, but we're not the only ones who've noticed.

6.4k reactions 566 comments
Sherri Cihlar Someone I know just came back from Rome. She travels a lot. Every place that she has travelled to knows what is going on here in the US.
Mary Ann Slough This man is criminally responsible for the horrific acts of violence around the world because he has done "Nothing" but use his position as a world leader to incite and incentivize. He must be removed and our VP must also be removed as he has condoned ...
Bill Kelly Treason Sedition White Racist Domestic Terrorism On August 12, 2017, a American citizen was assassinated in the street in broad daylight by neo-Nazis using the terror tactics of ISIS. So this is where we are America. The "so-called" president of the ...
Debbie Barry Wonder if our Fake President will make a statement saying the Barcelona Terror Attack was also the fault of the innocent pedestrians killed and injured
Elizabeth H. Jenkins I think at this point I am living in a country which has NO president and, it would seem, Congress is not there in any meaningful capacity either.

Donald Trump apparently has a plan to improve race relations in the United States: lower unemployment. He apparently doesn't understand just how little sense this makes.

The fatal flaw in Trump
The fatal flaw in Trump's vision on improving race relations

Donald Trump thinks low unemployment will help resolve racial tensions. That's ridiculous.

2.0k reactions 282 comments
Marilyn Lemons Jobs do not cure hate, nor do they stop people from doing drugs. Ever work with anyone stoned? It is easier to teach hate over and over again and let it fester in a person system; it is harder to undo those lessons many taught at the knees of ones ...
Lezette Webster If you want to see how 45 creates jobs, look at the two giant CLOSED casinos in a near bankrupt Atlantic City, where people lost their jobs and received no benefits after getting the boot. Of course he says he didn't own them at the time, but since he ...
Linda Miller Donny you are fired ! You are dumber than a box or rocks, insane in the membrain and there is no hope for you have proven that we can't teach an old,old dog new tricks. You will never understand race, religion or the pursuit of happiness.
Jeannette Terrell Thank you for all your reporting Rachel. In today's news they were saying Trump was trying to set up a call to the mother of Heather Heyer today. 5 days later. Did anybody notice what Trump said at the end of his rant when he showed his support of White ...
Dan Gersten Getting really sick of these bullshit come-on headlines. I mean really now! "The fatal flaw in Trump's vision on improving race relations"? Huh? As if Trump wants to 1) improve race relations to begin with and 2) is capable of vision! The "fatal ...

How isolated is Donald Trump in the wake of his public defense of bigoted activists? Even military leaders are speaking out on Charlottesville in ways far different from their Commander in Chief.

Trump, Joint Chiefs have very different responses to Charlottesville
Trump, Joint Chiefs have very different responses to Charlottesville

How isolated is Donald Trump? Even U.S. military leaders are making clear their reactions to violence in Charlottesville are not in line with the president's.

3.3k reactions 205 comments
Mike Dingus The fewer friends he has in high places, the better. The man is a loser! It should be obvious by this point that he has absolutely no idea how to make America great again, or even adequate! The sooner he goes, the better. Two thirds of his first year ...
Pat SC BREAKING NEWS - van runs into pedestrians in Spain killing one and injured many and they call it a terrorist attack possibly inspired by ISIS. Meanwhile, here in the U.S. a car rams into peaceful protesters killing one and injuring many inspired by ...
Matthew Reeves A person that is supposed to be the leader of a free people. In Nation of immigrants, a fool can not be put in charge and can not lead that Nation like this and expect respect from that Nation's People or any people that deal with that Nation! How deep ...
Evelyn Bolster Weatherholt Could be that soldiers can't afford to be racists. The generals know from experience that during battle no one knows where the bullets come from...better if they don't come from the people who are suppose to be on your side. I don't believe bullets ...
John LaNasa Heard about General Pershing? The smart guy used it. HOW TO STOP ISLAMIC TERRORISTS...... it worked once in our History... Once in U.S. history an episode of Islamic terrorism was very quickly stopped. It happened in the Philippines about 1911, when ...

In response to Donald Trump's defense of bigots, vague tweets from congressional Republicans fall short. A congressional censure resolution is the least they can do.

Trump censure resolution challenges the GOP to do more than talk
Trump censure resolution challenges the GOP to do more than talk

Aside from vague tweets, a congressional censure resolution is the least congressional Republicans can do in response to Donald Trump's defense of bigots.

4.1k reactions 450 comments
David Crumbaker I'm no fan of Distractor Donald | Traitor Trump, but congressional censure talk is pure rubbish. The full Congress has four implements in its constitutional tool bag that it can utilize to express its disapproval of the president: it can pass a law ...
Jane Kirk A 140-character tweet disavowing white supremacists won't cut it in 2017. trump must be called out by name. the bar is about the lowest setting possible. Surely repubs in congress can muster enough courage to act appropriately.
Eileen Fuller Angilletta Yes, the only Republican that I see even making responses is Senator U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham. They need to all speak out and loudly!
James A. Ellis Yesterday I wrote: The Democratic U.S. Senators and Representatives should introduce a Joint Resolution of Congress openly and clearly condemning the KKK and Fascist Movements and force each and every REPUBLICAN in Washington into revealing HERE AND ...
Mike Kr If you're not part of the solution, you ARE the problem. Decide if you want to move America forward or take us back to the late 1800's. It IS that simple.

Even if you don't consume right-wing news, you've probably heard of the Clinton Ukraine collusion story, maybe from nagging online trolls or your crazy Fox News-watching uncle. Where do you suppose that story came from? Watch Rachel Maddow lay it out:

1.9k reactions 605 comments
Jane Nguyen The crazy uncle slander is quite commonly used. As well as labeling anyone who speaks against leftist talking points as just "trolls". Even when people are caught on camera, the left just go "edited video, out of context". They accuse everyone of that ...
Lydia Balderas I have no idea Rachel I'm a msnbc... I don't change channels... I know for a fact Fox New is Fake... The Reporter in fox look like they have a 2x4 up there behind and they have a hard time say the words they get stuck or they forget what they are ...
Mike Jones the clinton collusion is terrible. every day i be waking up thankful she lost
Danny Mcfleeganski Oh no.... not more collusion..... oh no..... not more leftist BS...... oh no more dyke news !!!!!
Jack Timar So the Trump Administration wants to investigate ties between Ukrainian government and the Hillary Clinton campaign? Someone needs to tell them the election is over, they should move on and get over it.

As we approach the end of a human lifetime for the last of the survivors of the people who were in those concentration camps, and the last of the men who stormed the beaches in Normandy to crush Nazi tyranny, what a disgrace. What a disgrace today. Watch Republican adviser Steve Schmidt talking with Rachel Maddow last night:

11.9k reactions 814 comments
Craig Cordary All these young punks that don't have a clue what a war is and what fighting for a free country is , should be drafted white and blacks, and Latinos together . they will have respected for everyone when they get back.
Elliot Ono This is really ironic,they can't go to Germany professing Nazi ideology and carrying SS banner without being arrested! Here you have these idiots embracing the Nazis and it's illegal to do so in Germany! Bunch of uneducated gullible idiots! Dummkopf!
Sammye Armstrong Republican president Trump, aid & comfort for White Supremacists, Racists and White Terrorists on American soil. Republican party can not just tweet disapproval, mumble & quietly shake their heads. No longer should they shield their Racist. #STANDUP ...
Trish Gossett Millions of us marched on day 1 because we could not ignore Trump's past. The biggest problem facing us now is that Paul Ryan will not file the articles of impeachment, though Trump has clearly shown us what he's about, as well as violating every ...
Sally S. Nalbor The locations that Germany has preserved from WWIi are the remains of concentration camps, lest we ever, ever forget the horrors of the Nazi regime. Trump and every American should have to visit a concentration camp as my husband and I did this summer. ...

One Republican senator wants everyone to stop "harping on" Donald Trump's defense of racist activists. The senator is likely to be disappointed.

GOP senator ready to
GOP senator ready to 'move beyond' Trump's racially charged comments

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) hopes we'll stop "harping on" Donald Trump's defense of racist activists.

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Linda Luther NO JERK ! we are NOT GOING TO GLOSS OVER drumpf's racist statements and his pro nazi leanings. It is OBVIOUS too many in the GOP lean that way too.
Thelma Beam Here's the thing. There is no "beyond" with Donald Trump. It is all there for everyone to see. So we have to deal with what is in plain view and all other business must stop in the meantime.
Lori Jo Nope. We literally fought a war to kill Nazis... "harping" on Trump because he refuses to denounce the white nationalists, nazis and KKK, is the very LEAST we can all do.
Christy Compton Wisconsin used to be a good state! Now it has Johnson and Paul Ryan. Disgusting.
Ira Hardin no moving beyond Benghazi when it comes to these mugs, but this acceptance of domestic terrorism, move on past it already, that's the problem, acting like it doesn't exist, ignoring it has always been a problem...go to hell in a basket of deplorables....

Donald Trump used to show off his business ties by creating councils filled with powerhouse CEOs. This week, however, facing a mass exodus and prolonged humiliation, Trump pulled the plug on his CEO forums.

With business leaders fleeing, Trump pulls the plug on CEO councils
With business leaders fleeing, Trump pulls the plug on CEO councils

The White House was facing prolonged humiliation, watching one CEO after another disassociate themselves with a flailing president.

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Donna Neal He is not authoritarian - he is simply a fascist sociopath of the 1930's ilk. He doesn't want or need people in offices because he won't use them anyway. The fewer people he has to actually deal with the better for him and his backers. He DOES order ...
Mary Frank Yeah I guess DT could say that. But in the last few days. The business leaders were leaving in droves. And those left had all come to the conclusion to disband. Because they could not support this man n the WH. DT just beat them to the punch.
Mayr Malool Anyone with a working brain and the slightest bit of sense should get while the getting's good! He's a sinking ship, and he's going down fast! And anyone who doesn't abandon him now deserves to go down with him!
Karen Carlton Blaisdell Once upon a time there was the USA and Russia. They were on the same side during WWII. Fighting against he Nazis. After WWII Russia became a communist country. Communism and Nazis are not the same thing. Come on people. You all should know this!
Irene Lord The real credit goes to the first one out. He showed the backbone to get out. Trump taking his mean tweets public sealed the deal for the rest.

Various White House aides are saying they're uncomfortable with Donald Trump's racist display, but they're not resigning. It's worth considering why.

Why top members of Trump
Why top members of Trump's team still haven't resigned

Everyone from cabinet secretaries to White House aides to interns knew exactly who Donald J. Trump is. They took the job anyway.

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Alan Kaplan If they had a strong moral compass his staff members would have never gone to work for him in the first place unless they, like an abused spouse, hung on the unrealistic hope that they could change him.
Cyndi Lagasse Kelly certainly doesn't look happy. I personally think they should all run. Every single one of them. Leave trump, ivanka and jared there to do everything.
Carlys Quiram To me it is clear that I would resign, except when I think about who would be left to advise Trump or at least try to keep him reigned in. I hope Kelly can stick it out because I think if he were not there, Trump, Bannon, Miller, and Gorka would try a ...
Judy Berman It is shameful, all staffers should resign, this is Not what the US stands for, they will never be able to look at themselves in the mirror, spineless people.
Darren Grubaugh Some smart ppl have to stay to protect us from the evil that is The Donald

Donald Trump says it's "very important” to him to "know the facts" before he speaks. If the president is going to lie as a matter of course, the least he could do is stop insulting our intelligence.

Trump claims with a straight face he needs
Trump claims with a straight face he needs 'facts' before speaking

If Donald Trump is going to lie as a matter of course, the least he could do is stop insulting our intelligence.

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Janet Bass When Obama would speak quickly after an incident, usually when a Black was mis handled by police or killed....but nary a word about a white woman killed by an illegal alien, or police officers killed by Black Lives Matter, he would spout about what the ...
Roxie Howard Fact: Nations around the globe fought to end the Nazi occupation of Germany and some 50 to 70 million people died. Nazism is as deadly as any other form of extremist ideology and to offer support or comfort in any way to Nazism is to say all the ...
Andrew Magallanes Jazmin Gutierrez I live for the headline "with a straight face he needs 'facts"" LOL. Really? This president cares about facts?
Lu EG The Republican Party == the party of racism, white supremacy, Ku Klux Klan, terrorism and neo- nazis who successfully put their leader in the Oval Office who is surrounded by some of the other leaders and founders of the alt-right. Don't get confused ...
Linda Oliver Richards But he thinks he is smarter than everyone else - EVERYONE!!! What a demented , disillusioned, lying criminal. Everything out of that ugly puss is a lie.

Donald Trump, complaining about the removal of Confederate statues, declared, "You have to ask yourself, where does it stop?” There's something about these statues the president doesn't seem to understand.

What Trump struggles to understand about Confederate statues
What Trump struggles to understand about Confederate statues

Trump draws an equivalence between racists and their opponents, just as he also draws an equivalence between US founders and those who waged war against the US.

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Rob Wealer This entire exercise seems "volkish", the German social movement of the late 19th century that emphasised non-traditional religious approaches, preferred super hero Teutonic folklore over religious discipline, practised organic philosophies, ie. adopted ...
Ceylon Byas How the fuck he compared Confederate soldiers to American Presidents is beyond my comprehension. American Presidents whether slave owners or not were Presidents of America. Confederate Soldiers fought against America. We should honor them why? No ...
Janell Bishop Stewart People that are now saying "should we tear down so and so's statue"... Well, let's have some criteria. 1) Did the person who's statue you are wondering about declare that some group of people were not equal them ? Or even worse, did they declare some ...
Peter Bradley "Trump doesn't seem to understand" is pretty much his personal slogan.
Mark Favret The Confederate Symbols and statues were put up during the Jim Crow era and display white supremacy to everyone. The Confederacy and Civil War was fought by traitors to our country. Confederacy was a bunch of racist white supremacist trying to ruin our ...

Donald J. Trump has already confronted and failed his test of moral leadership. Now it's Republican leaders' turn. "They have to censure him, or they risk sliding into a moral abyss with him."

Trump creates a
Trump creates a 'moral reckoning' for his Republican Party

Donald J. Trump has already confronted and failed his test of moral leadership. Now it's Republican leaders' turn.

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Bernadette Joan Loesch it is long overdue: Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan and Majority Leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell must call out Pres. Trump by name for his constant incendiary statements. Attach his name to the strife and discord. How much more ...
Tracey Vaillancourt I know we would like people to stand against him. Quit their jobs.... However, who will he replace them with? Keep your enemies close!
Suzanne Finkel- Rosen Donald Trump conned and tricked many desperate people....people who have been left behind. He promised better jobs, with better wages, he promised better and affordable healthcare, he promised to lower their taxes, he promised he promised he promised. ...
Mike Page I am absolutely convinced that if liberals peacefully protested every single time, Trump and Company would accuse them of “equal agitation” even as the Alt-Right and the like are actually injuring and killing innocent people. Let’s be real here, the ...
Doug Rieck Every one of us in America who does'nt go out and vote against this party. if your too busy to take 30 minutes out of your life on Mid term election day to make a statement against this party of hate, you deserve every bit of the blame when this country ...

These are the "very fine people" remarks from Donald Trump that have triggered outrage across America tonight. In tonight's opening segment, Rachel Maddow puts those remarks in the context of the political ambitions of white supremacists. Watch:

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J Morgan Lysaght He said "US" at one point today in his rant when he was speaking about the alt right.
Bryan Renaud Just because someone has views that go against your beliefs doesn't make them bad people. I'm sure there are plenty of go od fathers,property owners,businessmen,husbands,wives,mothers,employers that have beliefs you don't agree with it doesn't make ...
David Paul Voltz Look it's crooked Hillary supporters, this is why David will never vote democrat again!! David will only vote Green Party or Labour Party. David would rather slit his own throat then vote democrat!
Dave Rose Rachel, you must be playing dumb on purpose. The 'very fine people' comment from POTUS had to do with regular folks who were protesting about the statue being taken down. There were regular folks there protesting to take it down and others protesting ...
Barbara Moore Isn't it special how so many of the boys got the memo to wear white shirts with khakis....I love groups that dress alike- you know, like we did in Jr. High School....glad to see the boys haven't matured since the good ole Jr. High days.

If Donald Trump follows through on his threat to sabotage the Affordable Care Act, Americans suffer as a consequence. As of today, the president won't be able to say he wasn't warned.

CBO: High costs if Trump follows through on ACA sabotage threats
CBO: High costs if Trump follows through on ACA sabotage threats

If Trump follows through on his ACA threat, and Americans suffer as a consequence, the president won't be able to say he wasn't warned.

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Betty Joan Hayden Bickham Interesting where a couple of remarks how health insurance costs have been going up. Since no one has noticed, insurance not with standing, it has been going up on a yearly basis for at least 50 years that I know of. We came to Fl when hubby went to ...
Mark Nelson Just wanted to throw in my observation. It really appears that Republicans don't represent people. They certainly like their votes, but it is the superPAC money that make them jump.
David Kannel So the very people that voted for him thinking he was going to get rid of Obamacare and lower the cost of insurance now may have their insurance premiums rise because of him. Do you see yet why he wasn't a good choice?
Michael Richard Yablonski hey CONnies how's your healthcare? see how don the con cares about you! he just wants to remove Obamacare for the hatred he has for the last real President yes hatred vindictive, racist hatred. Hatred of the most admired man in the world for the 8th ...
Cindy Strauss Anyone who still supports this regime is culpable of its atrocities. And the GOP in Washington, what say you, with or against? The middle ground has fallen away beneath you.

All Donald Trump had to do was stop talking. Instead, he made his Charlottesville controversy vastly worse with the worst presidential press conference in American history.

Already stuck in a hole, Trump finds a shovel, keeps digging
Already stuck in a hole, Trump finds a shovel, keeps digging

All Donald Trump had to do was stop talking. Instead, he made his Charlottesville controversy vastly worse with the worst presidential press conference ever.

39.1k reactions 4235 comments
Chris Gatti Truly a historic day. The republicans will renounce him after today!!
Bud Esper There is NO "alt-left". That's a term the GOP and conservatives coined to deflect from the destructive practices of the alt-right. Second, there is NO blame for the violence on both sides. Trump is a deluded liar who refuses to identify the real ...
Maria Guadalupe Contreras This is the first time he has been this angry AND let it all out! I wonder what triggered it off...certainly scary coming from the President of the United States.
Dan Ethan Martineau This was not a mistake. He knew exactly what he was saying. He also knew exactly why he was saying it. None of these dog whistle Republican comments is ever a mistake. It's time people stop thinking that.
Lori Derrick Blalock Well, "there are 2 sides." And, he still can not choose a side??????????

When Mike Pence used to make denials about the Trump-Russia scandal, he'd rely on phrases such as "of course not." Now that those denials have been proven wrong, the vice president is starting to answer these questions in a very different way.

Pence says he
Pence says he 'never witnessed' campaign collusion with Russia

Mike Pence has stuck his neck out for the White House and it hasn't always turned out well for the vice president. Now the VP is being more cautious about it.

5.1k reactions 1204 comments
Phyllis Crosby Balestena Of course he didn't, wink, wink. If he didn't, then he is the most Stupid Vice President ever! Or, deaf and blind. Why did he lawyer up? Get caught stealing unicorns?
Jerry Smith Oh, Pence was in charge of the Transition Team! His "of course not" was a LIE. He was in charge of vetting Flynn who colluded with the Russians and Turkey! Those two countries are hostile foreign powers. Flynn was getting paid by Russia and Turkey ...
Sharon Edelson-Eubanks Of course he's now slyly and subtly (not very subtly?) distancing himself from the Russia investigation. what dId we expect?
Kryssa Jenkins Fox News had a story on their "propaganda news site" yesterday about "What if Trump is guilty? Who really cares!" These asshole conservatives are now trying to "politely" throw their weight behind the fact that Trump is guilty (didn't mention what he ...
Bill Shay hes a lying sack of shit like his boss. They both belong in federal prison

If Donald Trump wants people to believe his White House remarks yesterday about Charlottesville were sincere, he's not making it easy.

After finally denouncing racists, Trump steps on his message
After finally denouncing racists, Trump steps on his message

When Trump delivered remarks yesterday denouncing racism, many wondered just how genuine his attitudes were. His actions since don't help matters.

5.1k reactions 729 comments
Max Korn Trump needs to denounce the violent leftist terrorists funded by George Soros that fire bomb, destroy property,and injure people with rocks and bottles, and pepper spray!
Dennis Cunningham just more lies. you cannot believe anything that comes out of his mouth.
Richard Oden We've all heard Trump speak, " ....condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display..." is not Trump, but a speechwriter. No doubt the sentence ended after the phrase, "...display of hatred, bigotry, and violence." Then Trump winged it by ...
Julie Semerad Marcellus love how Obama's tweet after Charlottesville had such a large response. That must really make 45 sad. Obama broke a Twitter record with the most liked tweet of all time:
Terry King Quit promoting this, you are as much of the problem as anyone madcow

In the wake of Charlottesville, congressional Democrats want hearings on the security threats posed by white supremacists and their allies. Why would congressional Republicans say no?

Dems demand scrutiny of white supremacists and domestic terrorism
Dems demand scrutiny of white supremacists and domestic terrorism

Dems on the House Homeland Security Committee want hearings on the security threats posed by white supremacists and their allies. That sounds like a good idea.

5.0k reactions 415 comments
Elizabeth Sherry They're afraid if the Alt Right racists/white supremacists are scrutinized the committee will find that the current GOP are members and guilty of advancing their cause!
Melissa Bennett Why would they say no? Because they have no problem giving them the tactical exist. We aren't stupid. We see that.
Gale Scudder Don't feed the trolls!! Responding to their hateful, ridiculous comments is a waste of your time and serves no purpose other than to put their bullshit at the top of the list. Mouse over their profile picture- if they have 0 friends, 0 schooling and 0 ...
Sherry Gardner It's really hard to call them White "Supremacists" when violence, murder, and an alliance with Nazis are required to make their point. Less White Supremacy and more like White Sucking.
Raquel Caines Why haven't the Dems made this public? Where is their voice and who is the leader? If they really think Trump can't win again they haven't really looked at what's going on in America.

In the wake of Charlottesville, a growing number of CEOs have made an important decision: Being associated with Donald Trump just isn't worth it.

CEOs start running away from away from Donald Trump
CEOs start running away from away from Donald Trump

In the wake of Charlottesville, a growing number of CEOs have made an important decision: being associated with Donald Trump just isn't worth it.

13.0k reactions 768 comments
Sheryl Hester The CEO's better not fear tRump's wrath but they better start fearing the consumers wrath. If consumers start coming together against big money they can do much more harm and this is starting to be the trend.
Don Davis Why has it taken them so long to do this ????? It's been obvious for the last decade that Donald Trump is bad news for anyone who deals with him..... Just ask those that has been taken for millions from this piece of "In Humane Trash"....
Em Bee Again, this freak thrives on fear, on bullying....for 40 years this cowardly baby has conducted business like this. Those who have stood against him have seen him back down and slither away. His conduct is beyond disgusting and he has no place in the ...
Jim Thompson Wow, is he the model for that Jeff Dunham dummy, the sassy old guy puppet, or what?
Suzanne Arnold They are REAL CEOs, not fake ones like Trump. They actually have to be conscious of their board members, their shareholders, their customers. Trump has never had to do anything but order other people around and doesn't know how.
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