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00:28 08/12/2017

The areas of specialty of former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort's new lawyer might give us a sense of what Manafort is facing from Special Counsel Mueller:

-Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
-Tax fraud
-Bank Secrecy Act violations
-mortgage fraud
-tax shelters
-illegal crossborder banking
-Congressional investigations

Oh, and he's a CPA.


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Constantine Cony Konstin
Racketeer mobster gangster traitor fascist racist sociopath pure evil. America wake up. Stay focus. Soon Mr. Mueller our modern day Elliot Ness will hunt down these racketeer treasonous scoundrels and send them away for a long long time. All that El Trumpo has is deversions deflections distractions...We USONIANS must steadfast. Our Nation, our Republic, our Union is in jeopardy. Witch Hunt. U betcha. History repeats itself. Didn't they hang all the witches in Salem? Where there is smoke there is fire. You can run but you can't hide. The flames are getting hotter. The noose is getting tighter. Mueller is going to hunt down everyone who is a part of the El Trumpo crime syndicate/Cartel... karma is a Bitch. Trump is the dumbass who tried to convince the world that president Obama wasn't born in the USA. He is just Satan's lackey in a 3 piece suit. Trumps diversions are not working any more.. Follow the money. Remember Bush with Halliburton. Trump is a Neo confederate treasonous traitor of the nth degree. May he burn in hell with Putin. Here are the facts why Trump wants to lift the sanctions on Russia and Opposes the Iran Nuclear Deal to Benefit Putin, The Russian Military and Himself: 1) Trump owes Blackstone/ Bayrock group $560 million dollars (one of his largest debtors and the primary reason he won't reveal his tax returns) 2) Blackstone is owned wholly by Russian billionaires, who owe their position to Putin and have made billions from their work with the Russian government. 3) Other companies that have borrowed from Blackstone have claimed that owing money to them is like owing to the Russian mob and while you owe them, they own you for many favors. 4) The Russian economy is badly faltering under the weight of its over-dependence on raw materials which as you know have plummeted in the last 2 years leaving the Russian economy scrambling to pay its debts. 5) Russia has an impetus to influence our election to ensure the per barrel oil prices are above $65 ( they are currently hovering around $50) 6) Russia can't affordably get at 80% of its oil reserves and reduce its per barrel cost to compete with America at $45 or Saudi Arabia at $39. With Iranian sanctions being lifted Russia will find another inexpensive competitor increasing production and pushing Russia further down the list of suppliers. As for Iranian sanctions, the 6 countries lifting them allowing Iran to collect on the billions it is owed for pumping oil but not being paid for it. These billions Iran can only get if the Iranian nuclear deal is signed. Trump spoke of ending the deals which would cause oil sales sanctions to be reimposed, which would make Russian oil more competitive. 7) Rex Tillerson (Trump's pick for Secretary of State) is the head of ExxonMobil, which is in possession of patented technology that could help Putin extract 45% more oil at a significant cost savings to Russia, helping Putin put money in the Russian coffers to help reconstitute its military and finally afford to mass produce the new and improved systems that it had invented before the Russian economy had slowed so much. glasses emoticon8) Putin cannot get access to these new cost saving technologies OR outside oil field development money, due to US sanctions on Russia, because of its involvement in Ukrainian civil war. 9) Look for Trump to end sanctions on Russia and to back out of the Iranian nuclear deal, to help Russia rebuild its economy, strengthen Putin and make Tillerson and Trump even richer, thus allowing Trump to satisfy his creditors at Blackstone. 10) With Trump's fabricated hatred of NATO and the U.N., the Russian military reconstituted, the threat to the Baltic states is real. Russia retaking their access to the Baltic Sea from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and threatening the shipping of millions of cubic feet of natural gas to lower Europe from Scandinavia, allowing Russia to make a good case for its oil and gas being piped into eastern Europe. Sources: Time Magazine, NY Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian UK. Check these sources and see for yourself. Feel free to share! Credit to Bob Beam
Steve Fernald
Absolutely completely corrupt. Period. As is the remaining Trump clan... Yet 50% of Àméricans believe this is a competent Commander in Chief. You fucking witless Goobers.
Lynn Roe
BillOrtis, I want to know too. How many times CAN You change your Security Clearance Application? I think it's supposed to be only the first time. I don't believe, " I couldn't remember ", " I don't recall", lies ,and more lies. There's a lot of faulty memories in the high position of the Whitehouse.
Bifuko Baharanyi
Rachel Maddow had just given a small but useful lesson on the history of money laundering in New York area when explaining how the hotel Commodore went bankrupt and bought by the young millionaire Donald Trump through a very strange contract with the New York city officials in the 1980s.
David Hunt
FYI From the IRS. Bank Secrecy Act Congress passed the Bank Secrecy Act in 1970 as the first laws to fight money laundering in the United States. The BSA requires businesses to keep records and file reports that are determined to have a high degree of usefulness in criminal, tax, and regulatory matters. The documents filed by businesses under the BSA requirements are heavily used by law enforcement agencies, both domestic and international to identify, detect and deter money laundering whether it is in furtherance of a criminal enterprise, terrorism, tax evasion or other unlawful activity.
Bill Ortis
Good.. Lets see the truth. These people (most of the WH team) lied on their security clearences... SEVERAL TIMES.... ! only when they were found out, in layers, did they constantly change their clearance data. NOT RIGHT.... They should have been jailed under normal circumstances. I want to know why these injustices are going on????
Cheryl Sheppard
Well, his business partner Firtash is up on racketeering charges in Chicago but he hasn't been extradited yet because he is being held in Austria who was about to send him to the US but Spain has first dibs where he's up on organized crime charges. These are just some of Trump's friends.
Robert Ramos
Oh shit! We all saw this coming,i'm thinking more than a few people are going to jail after it's all said and done
Simmy Taub
Sergeant Schultz would be proud of how brilliantly trumpists have mastered the art of looking the other way. They see nothing.
Tim Bryson
Mow he throws out the idea of military intervention in Venezuela. Must be something big he's trying to hide...or maybe just a distraction from North Korea.
Esther Colando
If u have so much baggage.....Why would u work for the Highest Office. This goes for all of them. Dumbest people Ever
Susan Cuyugan Lavarra
Trump's been laundering money along with the mega wealthy Russians for a very long time. Ask yourself why a Russian would pay millions over the asking price of a house in Florida? Why would he build the Hotel to nowhere and put out a fake ad about it? Something tells me this MF is starting this lock and loaded scenario to deflect, yet again. Trumps whole world along with his family's is blowing up in front of his face and he wants us to all go down with him. This is the real Nuclear War.
Gail Conerly Jenkins
Thank you Rachel, welcome back. DT is ramping up rhetoric towards N. Korea to change the "Russia" narrative. He could care less about the loss of life war brings as long as his family is safe.
Kelly Parr Cury
They're going to find something that ties those two together! I want to see 45's face when he knows he's busted. Nothing would make me happier right now! He is the biggest con I've ever seen. And sometimes I don't think he is as rich as people say he is. I think he's loving his position because we pay for everything he does. One way or another...he has to GO!!
Jay French
Tax returns for tRump.....Would Love it 😎.... Simply follow the money. Russia one reason he won't disclose. Also, hidden money & he is not as wealthy as he brags. You know, that Ego thing.... Like he used in his campaign... Lock Him Up

Other newsfeed from The Rachel Maddow Show

As far as Donald Trump is concerned, "everyone" now agrees that there was "no collusion" between his campaign and Russia, and that this "has been proven." By most sensible standards, that's completely bonkers.

On Russia and campaign
On Russia and campaign 'collusion,' Trump picks the wrong fight

Trump said that everyone now agrees that there was "no collusion" and that this "has been proven." And by most sensible standards, that's hopelessly bonkers.

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Kathy Kirkland WHAT'S WRONG WITH CONGRESS? Why are they so afraid of this lying con man? Aren't his negative polls enough for them? SOMEbody stand up for the American before party (and esp. before halfwit crazy autocratic presidents).
Mary G. Mann Filling the court benches with crazy conservatives, banning words, and demonizing media --- when will it stop? RESIST with Strength and Heart!
Roger Perry As I understand it, tRump's lawyers are meeting with Mueller next week. Could Mueller be laying out all the evidence Mueller has on tRump giving tRump the option to resign or face indictment on felony charges?
Amilcar Alfaro Trump is an imbecile so whatever he believes is probably wrong or a figment of his imagination. The real tragedy is not what this knuckle dragger believes, but that 60 million Americans religiously defend his insanity. These people would gladly eat a ...
Theresa Brown Trump is a puppet sent in by Putin his puppet master! The investigations aren't over! Trump and traitor Republicans are panicking. Spewing bullshit for the propaganda machine to put out doubt in the public! It won't work! Trump, his family and ...

It might be said that the Donald Trump administration has a bit of a retention problem... Watch Rachel Maddow run through the list:

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Carmela Rodriguez How about talking about the woman who witnessed and testified under OATH that Trump knowingly raped, physically abused and threatened the life of a 13 year old child so she wouldn't talk!! Drumpf must not get away with anything after this!! Much Less ...
Tom Cummings The white houses retention problem will be passed on to the conservative congress starting November of next year. Most American's have become wise to the disarray in the white house and the conservative party leader, the big bully within.
Mary Ann Tierno-Langelle The Rachel Maddow Show - in the large scheme of things, this information is superfluous. The Oligarchy, domestic and globally, is making a power grab. If successful, here in the United States, only lip service will be paid to the Constitution, the ...
Annette Jensen I have a question about the president and pardonings of himself and others and maybe I watch too much TV but... If someone is personally involved with an investigation must they recuse themselves? Is this a matter of law or just what is done in ...
Barbara Lindsey Just wish they would all just leave, so we can fumigate the place and start fresh,. BTW, they can take their trashy gold decor with them!

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) made a public commitment on the Republican tax plan and vowed to keep his word. And then, for no practical reason, he threw his principles away.

GOP senator abandons his principles, flips to
GOP senator abandons his principles, flips to 'yes' on tax plan

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) made a public commitment on his party's tax plan. Then he threw it away -- for no practical reason.

10.9k reactions 4353 comments
Diego Ramirez I'm surprised that people are surprised. The gop owners are demanding these tax cuts under threat of stopping the bribes. The momentary lapse of judgment was nothing more that theatrics to score political points with the common folk.
Brian Morris WTF?!! Come on man! I guess I should stop being surprised about these flip-flopping Republicans. I have to wonder if someone "made him an offer he couldn't refuse?"
James Marchand The GOP Congress does not have principles. They are opportunists. Find out what McConnell offered Bob to flip and how much he will personally benefit financially from the GOP Tax Scam, and you will have your answer.
Emily Abreu-Petti The principals and ethics of these guys (maybe lack thereof is more appropriate) are absolutely overwhelming. The closer they stand by the ignorant in chief, the shorter their political career will be. I predict that next election is going to be an eye ...
Howard Bennett Proving, once again that even a relatively "moderate" Republican is still a Republican. The likes of Corker, Flake, McCain, Collins, Murkowski will all end up on the dogpile of history along with the rest of the GOP Senate. Every single damn one of ...

A former FBI special agent recently said, Donald Trump "will say nary a negative word about the Russians, but will insult us every chance he gets." And yet, the president escalated the feud even more today.

Trump escalates his FBI feud, laments the bureau
Trump escalates his FBI feud, laments the bureau's 'sad' state

As a former FBI special agent recently put it, Donald Trump "will say nary a negative word about the Russians, but will insult us every chance he gets."

5.5k reactions 982 comments
Jacque Pipe POTUS’s words are meant to threaten and intimidate. FBI won’t cower; they are trained to spot, deflect and document intimidation. Our POTUS is out of his league.
Bob Retelle I've never seen ANYONE act so GUILTY. If he would just shut his face and let the investigation proceed, if he's soooooo innocent, then he should have nothing to fear. Donald Trump sounds afraid..... very afraid.
Susan Bell Radke Apparently Trump lives in his own little bubble where everything he believes is "obviously" believed by everyone else, unless of course they are his "enemies". This is seriously delusional behavior and I see the 25th Amendment being applied generously ...
Libby Carrier Hall Trumps collusion was proved. Hillary was found innocent of wrong doing. Tramp is trying to undermine Mueller and it isn't working. Mueller fired the guy who said bad things about democrats as well as tramp. Tramp is bad mouthing the FBI and that is ...
Peggy Underhill You really have to wonder whose side he’s on. Loves the Russians, Wikileaks, Bannon, and almost everyone else who hates our country. Yet his supporters think he is patriotic. Baffling.

The Republican effort to repeal the "Johnson Amendment," to allow churches to engage in partisan politicking, has been pulled from the GOP tax plan, But that doesn't mean the fight is over.

Church politicking provision stripped from GOP tax plan
Church politicking provision stripped from GOP tax plan

The Republican effort to repeal the "Johnson Amendment" has been pulled from the GOP tax plan, but that doesn't mean the idea is dead.

3.0k reactions 375 comments
Annis Hopkins This is not about separation of church and state. That separation simply says we cannot make a particular religion into the state religion. It doesn’t say that religious people cannot have and act upon political positions based on their beliefs. We ...
Marilyn Lemons We have a long hard fight on everything. Just today 2 Republicans Senators who say they wouldn't vote for tax cuts now will. Didn't take much I am sure.
Elaine Hembroff The Dems should sacrifice member(s) if need be if there is a chance the tax bill doesn’t pass and let the republicans fall on a bill most of the US hates. The top republicans want this bill passed at all cost and they know Trump is a determent to them ...
Fernando Ramos Because its not related to tax.. I was watching cspan.. That makes sense.. But if they do that.. Thats huge for the republican party if they end that Just like its huge for the democrat party to allow fellons and inmates to vote. You know that how ...
Fred John Lozen Perhaps the Alabama election was a wake-up call to the GOP leadership that although they want to manipulate the so-called "Christian Right" they really don't want the true believers among their ranks.

This hasn't been a great week for Donald Trump's judicial nominees. Just ask Matthew Petersen, who was embarrassed yesterday by a Republican senator.

Republican senator publicly embarrasses Trump judicial nominee
Republican senator publicly embarrasses Trump judicial nominee

This hasn't been a great week for Donald Trump's judicial nominees. Just ask Matthew Petersen, who was embarrassed yesterday by a Republican senator.

3.9k reactions 372 comments
Michele Calabrese But this nominee is standard Trump - unqualified, inexperienced, unfit for the position Trump wants him to have. This is how Trump is destroying our government. Putin must be so pleased.
Linda Lombardozzi Cruz This IS a joke, maybe reality TV. Please let the Senators not let these unqualified judicial nominees be allowed to become judges. Trump has no regard for real democratic procedure. He wants yes men. For those of us who read these stories how ...
Joni Crowley These idiots that the GOP are nominating are not intelligent enough to feel embarrassment, look at Dumpy! Anyone who would take an appointment from this criminal surely lacks a moral compass and integrity so embarrassment is not part of their emotional ...
V Anne Edenfield Why has the press taken so long to focus constantly on this appalling and lifetime legacy Trump, with the help of Senator McConnell by holding up hundreds of Obama’s nominations until he was out of office, will leave us for decades with unqualified ...
Doris Bucher You need to speak out on whether Trump has been brain washed or programmed by Russian and Putin. He is constantly praising Putin and lying about those who protect us from Putin. Putin was part of the KGB for many years. I know that the way Trump is ...

A year after an adversary launched the most important attack on the United States since 9/11, Americans have a fragile president who doesn't want to respond. It's important to understand why Donald Trump is triggered by information about Russia.

Trump's 'personal insecurities' impair US response to a security threat

a year after an adversary launched the most important attack on the United States since 9/11, we have a fragile president who not only doesn't want to respond.

3.3k reactions 483 comments
Sherry Wood Did he again say all that in the same breath? Loving up on Putin and bashing our FBI and not skipping a beat. Our proof is slapping us in the face, there is more to come but 45 tells us everyday that Russia and Putin are far more meaningful to him ...
Shirley Smith Trump feels no guilt, no empathy, just a series of "highs" he obtains from harming others... which empower his otherwise base insecurities. Very pathological.
Linda Spano Taylor His incompetence and unstable personality endanger us every minute of every day. The GOP thinks they can reign him in after tax vote-may be impossible and too late😡
Cindy Strauss There is no one simple answer to this mess. It's layer after layer after layer, person after person after person. It's ties to Russia, cutting regulations, exploiting everything, graft, blackmail, greed, envy, mental issues, dark money, ego, bigotry, ...
Gord A Rebelato When the US own intelligence is saying the Russians interfered in the election process yet the orange buffoon does not accept what his own intelligence agency says, you have to ask why?

It was widely assumed that the Republican tax plan was poised to pass Congress easily. Thanks in large part to Marco Rubio, those assumptions are suddenly in doubt.

With Rubio balking, future of Republican tax plan is in doubt
With Rubio balking, future of Republican tax plan is in doubt

It was widely assumed that the GOP tax plan was poised to pass Congress easily. All of a sudden, thanks in part to Marco Rubio, those assumptions are in doubt.

7.0k reactions 1652 comments
Terri McAtee Thank you for thinking about the people that voted you into office. I applaud that you choose to serve the people and not the Republican party or corporations. Stick to your guns on this one. A bill that only has support from half of the country’s ...
Susan Dexter This tax plan is a disaster. It does not do what was promised, which was to close corporate loop holes. And the debt and interest we will pay to China, will increase their infrastructure but plunge our economy into recession since Trump will break yet ...
Conni Ohler Eckstein Maybe they are trying to save mid term elections and actually act like they are listening to their constituents? Too late for that
Lisa Bailey Rubio is just grandstanding. He doesn’t care any more about children and the real Americans than any of the other greedy Republicans. McCain did the same thing with the healthcare. When we needed him most with the repeal of the mandates in this greedy, ...
Bobby Barnes Rubio doesn’t have much of a spine like Ohio’s Senator Portman!Rubio will cave.Maybe Senator Susan Collins will save the day again! I left her a message,maybe some others would like to also.Her D.C # is 202-224-2523

If Tuesday's election in Alabama had been for members of Congress, Democrats would have won only one seat, and Republicans six. How is that possible? Watch:

3.6k reactions 425 comments
Mark Alcorn The only way Republicans can keep control of the House of Representatives is Gerrymandering, until it gets fixed we do not have a true Democracy. If Republicans can't win honestly they will continue to do whatever it takes, Sad, It's time the majority ...
Miriam Stone The electoral college and gerrymandering are massive structural flaws in how votes are tallied in the United States. Even when the Democrats win -as in 2000 and 2016 - by large numbers, the structural set up allows the Republicans to take power at ...
Richard Hiestand In the last election Democrats won the majority of votes in Congress. And the minority party. The Elector College is the ultimate gerrymander.
Lynne Allison Call me crazy, but am I the only one who thinks Steve Bannen has 2020 Presidential aspirations? OK, bare with me here. I think he's playing it like a strategic chess game. He's already positioned his 1st piece...Trump. He won the ear & the trust of the ...
Will Swigart Districting should not be controlled by the parties! The GOP and Dems controlling districting is like having the fox guarding the hen house, not a good deal for anyone.

For Friday night’s show, we are bringing in some heavy legal firepower to help us understand the kind of potential legal jeopardy the White House might be worried about right now after the Michael Flynn guilty plea. Are there matters of law or legal procedure that you have questions about when it comes to the special counsel and the White House? Are there things that have happened thus far in the special counsel’s investigation that seem to make sense only to people who have gone to law school, and you would like to understand them, too? Here’s your chance to join us in accessing some of the best legal minds in the country on this subject without incurring any billable hours for doing so. Email your questions to us at [email protected]

TRMS is going to law school
TRMS is going to law school

Here’s your chance to join us in accessing some of the best legal minds in the country on Trump Russia scandal without incurring any billable hours for doing so.

3.2k reactions 305 comments
Kathy Gibb It sticks in my craw that Trump via Flynn approached Putin to interfere with decisions made by a SITTING PRESIDENT regarding sanctions. Not illegal? No consequences? We need some new laws. Especially regarding tax info on Presidential candidates.
Lorraine Littlefield Go Rachel. It’s fun to see you getting under the thin-skin of the Russian trolls.
Bert Ornelas Russia is our enemy. What can be done to congressional members that fail to defend our nation from foreign and or "domestic enemies"? The congressional members are attacking our governments intelligence agencies! What would happen to them if they ...
Frank Hipchen How is it there are no safeguards against incompetence in the white house? There are tax laws favoring only a small percentage of the elite without so much as a public hearing. Is this taxation without representation?
Cara Johnson What recourse do we, The People, have to block federal agency and Congressional actions that the majority of us do not want. Is there some way to have a national referendum, for example, to estop implementation of the reversal of net neutrality or the ...

Donald Trump thought it'd be a good idea to put a fierce critic of chemical safety regulations in charge of chemical safety at the EPA. It didn't turn out well.

Trump's bizarre choice to oversee chemical safety laws withdraws

If we held a contest to find the most offensive Donald Trump nominee for any position in the executive branch, Michael Dourson would be a very strong contender.

3.8k reactions 222 comments
Russell Kirk Imoto This nomination followed the same disgusting pattern as all the others. Yet I’m delighted to see that a few recent unqualified nominations have failed. As Trump’s approval rating declines, future nominees will receive a bit more scrutiny as we head ...
Sheila K. Bailey That's basically been his pattern in appointing his administration...Education, EPA, Treasury, Energy...need I go on?😕
Alexander Gregory Morano Here I'll keep the explanation simple, Rachel: This Administration is a bunch of assholes and crooks who give no fucks what we think. News at 11
Andy Hernandez Did you know that I could make a sentence with Michael Dourson, Michael Honeycutt, Texas, and ozone deniers in it and it would still make sense to Donald Trump?
Virginia Wiese I too wonder how many GOP supporters there would have been for this nominee. I just hope that those members are finally understanding what McConnell’s and Ryan’s pledge asking them to support the GOP agenda really meant for America.

Problem: The Treasury Department's report on the Republican tax plan is a joke. Bigger problem: House Speaker Paul Ryan is taking that joke seriously.

Paul Ryan embraces ridiculous Treasury
Paul Ryan embraces ridiculous Treasury 'analysis' of GOP tax plan

It's a problem that the Treasury Department prepared a ridiculous report on the Republican tax plan. It's a bigger problem that Paul Ryan believes it.

4.2k reactions 706 comments
Anne Haley Machetto Total jerk... because no one has the nerve to stop this crap...they all just get by with saying anything they feel like saying...the worse the lie the better. Ugh.
Ajayi Ekue It is immoral to raise my taxes and middle class workers to 37% , corporate tax to 21%. Here is another consequence of election! They refused to increase minimum wage to 25 dollars, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell priorities are clear.
Smar D. Pands Far too much credit has been given to the fantasy of Paul Ryan being a wunderkind. The boy wonder has always been given credit for things we cannot measure. I think the press has been enthralled with him but I cannot find anything to his credit that ...
Ruth Vaughn-Phillips what a comforting thing that our elected officials are playing games with our taxes to feed their egos and/ or party. Makes me sooo proud of our present government. They all should resign. Go home and enjoy the money you got from your lobbyists.
Patsy Schultz I would be afraid for him to run any business,He is one of the most dangerous and evil person. Being in power has done something to his brain ,he thinks somebody died and made him God. Resign please do us a favor go home and torment your family and ...

Americans may not have realized the very idea of an open internet was on the ballot last year. It was -- and now net neutrality is dead.

FCC's Republican members kill net neutrality

Americans may not have realized the very idea of an open internet was on the ballot last year. It was -- and now net neutrality is dead.

8.1k reactions 661 comments
Laeequddin Kazi Trump administration is moving step by step, toward authoritarian rule. If he stays in the office for his full term, we should kiss goodbye to American democratic values.
Adrienne Atkins Every Independent and Democrat better be at the polls for the midterms. Drag your family, friends, and acquaintances with you to vote.
Ruth Ann O'Brien The fight is not over. Keep making those calls, and raising your voice. This will be fought in the courts, and people need to continue to make their opinions heard. Learn what this really means to all of us, and build your passion with strength, and ...
Chris Weinhaus Another check on their agenda to benefit big industry, corporations & the super wealthy. Another kick in the teeth to the average US citizen who pays their salaries.
Christine Glenn The Republicans have openly wanted to kill net neutrality for a long time. They now have the power to do this. If you voted for a Republican, this is part of what you voted for. If you did not know that, you are not paying attention. A democracy ...

How does the White House justify denying Alabama's Doug Jones (D) a vote on the Republican tax plan? By telling a brazen falsehood about what happened in 2010.

After Alabama, Trump World struggles to explain a double standard
After Alabama, Trump World struggles to explain a double standard

How does the White House justify denying Doug Jones a vote on the Republican tax plan? By lying about what happened in 2010.

6.1k reactions 484 comments
Lovey Jones The corrupt GOP says one thing when it benefits themselves and totally the opposite when it benefits the Dems.... best part of the article: The trouble, as we discussed yesterday, is that GOP officials are ignoring their own purported standards. Seven ...
Larry Stephanie Marudas Heston We get it. The GOP does not want Doug Jones to vote against the tax scam that no one wants. It's not different than it was in 2010, except that Doug Jones is a Democrat.
Debbie Reed Poland the republican russians, bringing deceit and dishonor to all!!! DJT couldn't win the election on his own, he had to have help from Papa Putin. Now, the party can't govern with their own 'smarts' and the majority, they still have to deceive, finagle, ...
Ada Montessoro We already know that the republicravens have no scruples. It is becoming very clear that just being one of them is now toxic to their careers.
Eric Bell It's easy to explaining Republicans are lying liars who talk out of both sides of their mouth while they line their pockets with donations,spurious real estate deals ,high paying ceo jobs from the royal class they destroy they country with by giving ...

Throughout Donald Trump's first year as president, progressives have looked for ways to derail his most outlandish judicial nominees. This week, it finally happened.

The rare rejection of two outrageous Trump judicial nominees
The rare rejection of two outrageous Trump judicial nominees

Throughout Trump's first year, progressives and their allies have looked for ways to derail his most outlandish judicial nominees. It's finally happened.

6.1k reactions 180 comments
Harleigh Holmes Dolt45 is hardly the mastermind of most of this billshit, it's the repubelieklan party itself. Norquist on taxes but then they heap on 1.5 trillion in debt. Pai installed as FCC by cable and isp's was hardly dolts idea. Net neutrality is way past him.
Amber Lynnii They're finally showing some spine about what they have always known was the orange bully's false bravado, psychopathy, and truly astounding incompetence. I have trouble believing it's about conscience or bravery, more likely taking advantage of the ...
Marilyn Lemons Unfortunately a few radicals have already been confirmed THAT is what we should not forget. These aren't just Trump's nominee's, they may not even be Trump's. Let's not forget we have a bunch of radicals and zealots in the Republican Party and they ...
Rachel Carlyle Edington Watched one of your episodes on who left when and who gets to have what job on the security council. What do you have against Christians and Right wing people being on the security council? Also....Obama had huge turnover too! Maybe compare that. Your ...
Terry Bender Regarding the last point of "vetting." I do believe the WH vets their nominees. They just don't care; hope that the Republicans will push them thru to nomination anyway.

The American mainstream told Congress not to give the wealthy another tax break. In response, Republicans are doing the one thing the public urged them not to do.

Behind closed doors, Republicans add a new tax break for the rich
Behind closed doors, Republicans add a new tax break for the rich

The American mainstream told Congress not to give the wealthy another tax break. In response, Republicans are making their tax plan even more regressive.

6.7k reactions 544 comments
Rose Hammerstedt Trump and the Republican Congress could careless about what its citizens needs or wants. They are there, to fill their pockets with our money and with lobbyists money. Our hope is vote Democrat or Independent never again Republican!
Steve Powell Well of course they are. The people who elect them don't rate as high as the people who fund them. End Citizens United ...
Sally Nista Interesting that the highest individual rate can be 37 but the corporate cannot be more than 21%. How do they figure that individuals can absorb taxes more than large corporations. This plan is abominable. Employment is at a near full employment level, ...
Mikee Gee And the way the GOP did it behind closed doors, without reaching across the isle, disenfranchised the vote of millions of Americans. What a mess Trump and the GOP has turned our democracy into. Sickening!!!
Jonathan G. Garven This set of Republican law makers are VILE! Self-serving and do not care one bit for the American people. They will be voted out of office and the tax bill will be repealed and replaced once the Democrats take over the entire government!

Republicans have a bold -- and unintentionally amusing -- idea for Alabama's Doug Jones: They'd like the Senate's newest Democratic member to vote with the GOP, instead of his own party.

Republicans encourage Alabama
Republicans encourage Alabama's Doug Jones to vote with them

A progressive-minded Democrat just pulled off an improbable victory in one of the nation's reddest states. Republicans hope he'll ignore his own platform.

6.7k reactions 1353 comments
Angie Quinn "c’mon. A progressive-minded Democrat just pulled off an improbable victory in one of the nation’s reddest states. Jones should now ignore his own platform and vote with the opposing party? Remind me, when Massachusetts’ Scott Brown won a Senate special ...
Michael Hopson Cory Gardner, first off, with our help, he just made that seat "Blue ", not "Red", or "Purple "; therefore, his platform, voting with the Democrat party, he is representing the Alabamians whom got him elected. Secondly, our party listens to the other ...
Kate Wanroy Mazurkiewicz I️ think Senator Jones first order of business should be introducing a bill with stronger sentences for pedophiles!
Tina Cutler Wombles Though I'm no fan of lyndsey Graham he's was right the Republican party has gone bat shit crazy. Can they real believe that any dem would vote with them after the stupid stunts they've pulled. If they're on drugs I don't want any they cause delusions.
Sean Russell That sad thing is, this jackass was serious. It's really sad they're so removed from reality that they don't understand anything.

The Republicans' Southern red wall suddenly has some blue cracks for the first time in quite a while.

In the South, some blue cracks emerge in the GOP
In the South, some blue cracks emerge in the GOP's red wall

For the first time in a while, Democrats in the South have a pulse, and the GOP's big red wall in the region has some blue cracks.

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Jim Welsh The Dems shouldn't be so gleeful about a "movement". I think if Moore had molested only 20 children instead of 21 children, or if they were 14 1/2 years old, instead of 14 years old, they probably would have elected HIM. This is still Alabama...
Omar Titoto We need to abolish the republican party. As a Democrat and liberal, we need some sensible competition that can keep us honest. The republicans are no match for decency; therefore, we need a new party. New parties to join, no one likes a reigning tyrant ...
Chuck Rechsteiner I think there are opportunities in GA and OK as well as possibly TX and maybe even TN. All long shots but at least there may be some hope after 30 yrs. The state dem. parties in these states should be prioritizing races and grooming candidates. The ...
Anna Von Rueben We cannot, must not, as a People, back down now! Everyone has heard, seen and will experience, soon, the corruption of those in Congress, in the White House and even up to the Supreme Court. This must change if America is to live.
Ravon Ford I wouldn't say there are crack in the red wall. Moore was a horrible candidate for one; 1.7% wrote in a name that a respectable republican probably would have gotten. Also, they are going to ramp up efforts to keep black folks from voting more than ever ...

Democrats are asking a question today that has some merit: If waiting for a newly elected senator to take office before passing major legislation was the right thing to do in 2010, why is it the wrong thing to do in 2017?

Following Alabama race, Dems push for a delay on the GOP tax plan
Following Alabama race, Dems push for a delay on the GOP tax plan

Senate Republicans created a standard in 2010. If they honor that standard now, they'll delay their mad scramble to pass a regressive and unpopular tax plan.

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Dennis Caristi They should wait, but the Party that refused to give Obama's SCJ nominee a fair hearing will do what they must to ram their Tax Scam through while they have the advantage. You know that they will not work in good faith across the isle, it is not in ...
Donna Florian Mitch McConnell asked the Dems to wait until Scott Brown could be seated when he won and the Dems did so. It appears Mitch does not feel the bill has enough merit to allow this to happen. What a shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jean Lederer It has gotten to the point where they don't even try to hide their hypocrisy any more. They want to push it through, they know that we know they want to push it through and they really don't care that it makes them out as hypocrites. Bipartisanship is ...
Kathryn J Corsiatto ‘Or as Brian Beutler explained last night, Mitch McConnell is “a serial violator of American political norms. His procedural extremism surprises no one. But it’s worth noting … that the norm he’s about to destroy is one he personally fought to uphold ...
Melinda Bryant Good luck with that. The GOP are shysters to the extreme. They rail for fairplay when it aids them and only them. Put the shoe on the other foot and they balk. They cheat, lie and steal to get their way...what makes anyone think they'll suddenly change?

In Alabama, Steve Bannon lost a major battle in his larger political "war." The question is what happens to his crusade now.

After Alabama, Republicans pin blame on Steve Bannon
After Alabama, Republicans pin blame on Steve Bannon

In Alabama, Steve Bannon lost a major battle in his larger political "war," leaving many to question his competency as a field general.

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John S. Beres From what I have read today, it certainly appears that the black men and women of Alabama were highly motivated and organized. Whether or not we want to talk about it, it looks to be the main reason Jones won. I doubt Bannon or many in the GOP ever saw ...
Jackie Jose Morales Let the finger pointing , blame game and gnashing of teeth begin ! You know the repubs are gonna be looking for a scapegoat . They will never admit they supported the wrong old white guy !!
Editha Dolan Oh please. There are plenty of morally bankrupt republicans. Bannon alone did not cause this loss for republicans (and gain for America). Sickness permeates republican party..
Bill Walch Bannon really isn't the problem, although he was a big contributer to it. The Republican Party, led by Ryan, McConnell, and Trump at the helm, have guided the party to such a low point in moral guidance, self-righteousness, support of the ultra elite, ...
Colin Smith "Bannon looks like a disheveled drunk who just walked in off the street" —Congressman King (Republican, NY).

A member of Donald Trump's administration conceded Roy Moore's loss in Alabama “is a big black eye for the president.” Whether Trump realizes this or not, he's suddenly weaker now than he was 24 hours ago.

After backing two failed candidates in one race, Trump is at a loss
After backing two failed candidates in one race, Trump is at a loss

The results out of Alabama suggest Donald Trump is suddenly weaker now than he was 24 hours ago.

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Michael Corral But he was right about Moore, he said so. How the potus could support two candidates that both lost and still say he was right is a sign of his lack of hold on reality and his aversion to the truth.
Maurine Qualley Cofer In order to turn this country from a "do nothing" congress to one who is working for the interest of the citizens of this country VOTE in the midterm election in 2018. REPLACE the crooked republican congress by voting for democratic representatives and ...
Melissima Bell November 2018, we must continue the path to removing as many of these obstructionist Republicans as possible. Especially those like Ryan, Nunes, Gowdy, King and the like. We have had enough of these men not representing their constituents. Thank you ...
George Wilhelm Fowler Perhaps The Rachel Maddow Show. But the Trumpeteer is not weak in the way we continue to wish. Worse, the Democratic Party is blind to their weaknesses and the changing times so even if/when they ascend, it will be as the Party they were and not the ...
Lorraine Littlefield He will become weaker by the day if he continues his self-destructive path of thinking his 30% can carry him and tearing down everyone and everything else that the majority in this country hold dear.

There will be some who dismiss Doug Jones' defeat of Roy Moore as a weird political fluke, with no larger lessons for the nation. Those people are mistaken.

Alabama delivers a wake-up call to Trump
Alabama delivers a wake-up call to Trump's Republican Party

There will be many who dismiss Doug Jones' defeat of Roy Moore as a weird political fluke, with no larger lessons for the nation. Those people are mistaken.

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Mark Nelson Step one. The realization of the conservative policies on our country is aligning the Democrats to over-throw all Republicans in government. The steps to destroy health care and the middle class through tax policies that favor the rich and corporations ...
Bill Smith "In the midst of untruth, truth persists". The fundamental goodness of the people of Alabama rose to the occasion and they did their country proud. I must say that Republican Senator Shelby demonstrated "uncommon valor" and "high principle" when he ...
Danny Hassell Yes a wake-up call for trump and gop con-gang to "graciously" repeal and replace themselves and let the USA "return to it's glory again" as the nation among nations and indeed "land of the free and home of the brave"
Cathy Cooper of course they will do a "Trump" and blame everyone for their failure...fake news, liars etc. No the people have had enough and have seen your actions and have decided to take our country back and make it great again. Man up and look in the mirror, ...
Mary Louise Markle And right down the middle ... young voter and African-American turnout coupled with moderate Republicans who have had enough. This is how we win and extremism will be isolated to the fringe. Maybe then, our leadership will learn to put country first. ...

Doug Jones is the apparent winner the hotly contested battle to become Alabama's newest U.S. Senator. He says his campaign was about dignity and restoring common courtesy and decency. Read more:

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Kathryn Ruese Wautlet Congratulations to Alabama voters!
Natalie Kimball So glad, so relieved. First bit of good news in ever so long. Dems need to win two more seats in the senate to tip the majority in their favor. 🤞
Laurie Oknowsky Very proud of our country tonight and very proud of the Democratic Party today! Congrats to Alabama and congrats to senator Jones!
Marie Logston These losers cant take the truth..The recount may show he lost by even more votes..I figured if perverts keep winning the voting has to be crooked..
Vern Vartdal I can't believe we came this close to sending a child molester to the senate. The GOP is a terrible institution completely destroying ethics and morality in our society.

Caught in a lie: The Republican National Committee says they renewed their support for Roy Moore because "the entire Alabama delegation in the House and Senate" want them to help fund Moore. Senator Richard Shelby has made clear he does not support Roy Moore. So what's the real reason?

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Blinda Rawlings They are full of crap. They are going to back anyone they think will win no matter who and what they are. The republicans what to keep their power. Hopefully we are seeing it slip away.
Hugh Dismuke The Washington Post, 2 minutes ago, is saying Doug Jones has beat'n Roy Moore! The New York Times is declaring the same thing! It appears that the write-in votes killed Moore's chances. Holy shit! Did the impossible just happen?!
Andrew Carlson Remember. All republican spending is being directed by their donor class. We are one-step closer now to cutting off their theft of taxpayer funds...
Melody Jean Dines I love it. This is a gift that will keep on giving. The RNC is on record as supporting a pedophilic, racist scumball. Backpedaling won't erase it.
Neva Watson The GOP are scared. They have control. They like control. Trouble is, they don't know what to do with it once they have it. So they set about tearing everything down.

When did Donald Trump know that Mike Flynn lied to the FBI? The answer is hugely consequential to the criminal culpability of Donald Trump, but the White House doesn't want to give an answer. They're going to have to come up with *some* answer. It's find-outable. Have they asked him? Watch:

2.1k reactions 311 comments
Micah Oliver Oh give it up. You are fabricating fake scandals while ignoring proven corruption at the deepest levels of govt. Its disgusting how insane you really are and I'm glad I stopped supporting you. You don't deserve support for being nearly 100% propaganda ...
David L. Todd Maybe it's a good first question for Mueller to ask the Orange Anus when he gets him on the stand. A good follow-up question could then be "do you realize you just committed perjury?" Because Traitor Trump can't speak two sequential sentences without ...
Ken Lew Just keeps digging himself a deeper hole . . . . but it will be the Republicans in Congress that must make the final decisions about his culpability, to which the voters will hold them responsible (except perhaps AL)
Gene Wilson The rightwing can defend this shit and see where it gets them in 2018 ! Suck on Donald 's dick (if you can find it ) just don't grab his pussy ! All who voted for this ass , will get what is coming to them , nothing ! Nothing, because the right wing ...
Kathy LeCain Kudla He's so stupid he probably doesn't get much. He understands nothing except the need to cover up his ignorance so no one else finds out what a dumbell he is. He uses blur politics to deflect attention from his glaring mistakes and start other stupid ...

Congressional Republicans effectively had to choose which was a higher priority: funding the Children’s Health Insurance Program or tax breaks for the wealthy. The GOP's decision is not without controversy.

GOP lawmakers prioritize tax cuts over children
GOP lawmakers prioritize tax cuts over children's health program

Tax breaks for the wealthy are on Congress' front-burner; the Children's Health Insurance Program has been pushed to the back.

5.7k reactions 441 comments
Linda Ludwig So much for being PRO-LIFE! They are only pro fetus, until it’s born and don’t even care that much because they cut Pre-natal programs in the budget.
Billye M. Stevens The extremely wealthy do not need more tax breaks. "The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School has released an analysis of the Republican tax plan that concludes that even under favorable economic conditions the plan will add more than $1 trillion ...
Connie Murray This tax bill is gonna COST the REPUBLICANS -- 2018 is right around the corner and if Alabama can do it -- the rest of American can too -- vote Democratic and on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 get the racist, sleazy, greedy Republicans OUT OF CONGRESS!!!!!!
Jonathan G. Garven OH, but the children they cut funding to are not wealthy and their parents likely vote democrat, so no worries. Plus the tax cuts to the 1% and corporations will trickle down to the poor in some form! (The thinking of the GOP lawmakers)
Alya Ross The GOP are flat out unrepentant scum, liars,allergic to doing the right thing which according to the job description is stewards of the public trust and welfare. They are pandering to the donors at the expense of the entirety of the general public, the ...

The Justice Department has already appointed a special counsel to investigate Donald Trump's Russia scandal. Trump's legal team, however, wants *another* special counsel -- and some congressional Republicans agree.

Trump's legal team wants appointment of another special counsel

As ridiculous as this may sound, members of Donald Trump's legal team want "an additional special counsel named to investigate the investigators."

3.8k reactions 989 comments
Leigh Matich Another waste of taxpayer money investigating things that were already investigated and a partisan attempt to distract from the real problem. They seem to forget that Mueller is a Republican. If he was biased, he’d be showing results that benefit ...
Maritta Goodman They have to keep the sham they are putting out on Fox all day going or his poll numbers will dip even lower. There are people out there that actually believe that 45 is the best and the “Clinton administration “ is colluding with Russia.
Konnie Surmann Republicans have a propensity of wasting literally millions of tax payer dollars on repeated investigations that come up empty every single time. And they are also all on the verge of Alzheimer's. Hillary is NOT president.
Cynthia Destino They can want all they want. He ain't above the law, unless we go ass over teakettle into USSA-dom in a matter of weeks.
Dorothy Campbell Mueller is getting a little too close, huh Trump? Of course you wouldn't have any idea of what good lawyers are, considering those you hired! Russia investigation will be finished by the end of the year, per Cobb. Don't you wish!

As Donald Trump's approval rating goes down, Obamacare's approval rating goes up. In fact, the Affordable Care Act is considerably more popular than the president who wants to repeal it.

Public support for
Public support for 'Obamacare' reaches new heights

The fact that Obamacare's approval rating is 23 points higher than Donald Trump's approval rating probably isn't welcome news at the White House.

4.7k reactions 155 comments
Don K Johnson I feel like I am watching the death of a nation on TV. Reporters sitting in groups of experts talking about how outrageous tRump's last Executive Order was, how he has just broken this or that law, how he has just cut the balls of the FBI, how he just ...
Jeremy Sander The ACA is done for. This batch of criminals will kill it and he millions of people who depend on it.
Allen Charles Collins In the midst of much hand-wringing and anguished sighs, the Huffington Post has announced to its readers that after his first year in office “Trump Is Winning.” “This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write and admit,” begins Earl Ofari ...
Marge Scerbo Unfortunately the republicans don't care what their constituents want or need. They only care about their donors
Jane Huber It's only common sense--keep the workers healthy!!Trump is squeezing the living daylights out of the normal working population,draining them dry!!

Three Senate Democrats, all men, suggested Donald Trump should resign over sexual misconduct allegations. He said nothing. Then a Senate Democratic woman said the same thing. Trump responded ... differently.

After calling for Trump
After calling for Trump's resignation, Gillibrand becomes a target

When three Senate Democratic men suggested Trump should resign, he said nothing. When a Senate Democratic woman said the same thing, Trump attacked.

12.8k reactions 1248 comments
Kyri Freeman Well, the orange one has a giant issue with strong women. We already knew that. What does worry me is that resignations are being called for over allegations. I do think that the orange one has -- by his own admission -- acted as a sexual predator. But ...
Pam Barker He considers women to be weak and there for vulnerable to his attacks. Being the bully that he is he always goes after someone he thinks is weak to make himself look like the strong one.
Amanda Clark If Trump had nothing to hide why not allow himself to be investigated? Oh wait he openly admitted to doing these things in a tape Billy Bush lost his job over... SMH
Lolly St John [email protected] #ENOUGH You are a slimy molesting scrum bag! We The Women Of The United States will no longer be silenced!
Mary Nellie Beck I am sure Gillibrand expected the Dotard to repsond in his typical hateful attitude, but, his tweet this morning was totally disgusting and an embarrassment to the office he is "lucky" to hold! However, his luck is running out! He did not win because ...

Donald Trump now claims he didn't know and/or never met the women who've accused him of sexual misconduct. That's demonstrably ridiculous.

Trump claims he
Trump claims he 'never met' women who accused him of misconduct

Donald Trump now claims he didn't know and/or never met the women who've accused him of sexual misconduct. That's demonstrably ridiculous.

10.3k reactions 2427 comments
Bud Rich It continues to amaze me how this person can face our country as president on a daily basis and spew out a consistent stream of mendacity and thoughtlessness. Admittedly, President Obama set the bar pretty high but this president walks in a trough .
Fred John Lozen Conversation with a conservative: "The media is all fake now" "What specifically is fake?" "All of it, it's all fake!" "Well can you name one specific thing being reported that's not true?" LONG PAUSE "Well, Hillary Clinton should be in jail!"
Margaret Cooke I am so sick of this predator ALWAYS blowing smoke up our asses..Of course HE knew who and when HE grabbed em by the pussy. Trump himself said he wouldnt be seen with an ugly woman so he knows who he many more unacceptable comments he ...
Joe Farro Our national embarrassment continues as Trump lies his ugly wig off and his sycophants in Congress and on Trump TV pretend he’s innocent. We need to elect a new Congress in 2018 to impeach Trump and find a shiny new jail cell for him to live in. Elect ...
Michele Calabrese This excuse is as lame as his claim it wasn't his voice on the Access Hollywood tape. Trying to rewrite the past just isn't going to work with anyone but Trump's loyal minions. That group will apparently believe every lying word Trump says.
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