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00:28 08/12/2017

The areas of specialty of former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort's new lawyer might give us a sense of what Manafort is facing from Special Counsel Mueller:

-Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
-Tax fraud
-Bank Secrecy Act violations
-mortgage fraud
-tax shelters
-illegal crossborder banking
-Congressional investigations

Oh, and he's a CPA.


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Constantine Cony Konstin
Racketeer mobster gangster traitor fascist racist sociopath pure evil. America wake up. Stay focus. Soon Mr. Mueller our modern day Elliot Ness will hunt down these racketeer treasonous scoundrels and send them away for a long long time. All that El Trumpo has is deversions deflections distractions...We USONIANS must steadfast. Our Nation, our Republic, our Union is in jeopardy. Witch Hunt. U betcha. History repeats itself. Didn't they hang all the witches in Salem? Where there is smoke there is fire. You can run but you can't hide. The flames are getting hotter. The noose is getting tighter. Mueller is going to hunt down everyone who is a part of the El Trumpo crime syndicate/Cartel... karma is a Bitch. Trump is the dumbass who tried to convince the world that president Obama wasn't born in the USA. He is just Satan's lackey in a 3 piece suit. Trumps diversions are not working any more.. Follow the money. Remember Bush with Halliburton. Trump is a Neo confederate treasonous traitor of the nth degree. May he burn in hell with Putin. Here are the facts why Trump wants to lift the sanctions on Russia and Opposes the Iran Nuclear Deal to Benefit Putin, The Russian Military and Himself: 1) Trump owes Blackstone/ Bayrock group $560 million dollars (one of his largest debtors and the primary reason he won't reveal his tax returns) 2) Blackstone is owned wholly by Russian billionaires, who owe their position to Putin and have made billions from their work with the Russian government. 3) Other companies that have borrowed from Blackstone have claimed that owing money to them is like owing to the Russian mob and while you owe them, they own you for many favors. 4) The Russian economy is badly faltering under the weight of its over-dependence on raw materials which as you know have plummeted in the last 2 years leaving the Russian economy scrambling to pay its debts. 5) Russia has an impetus to influence our election to ensure the per barrel oil prices are above $65 ( they are currently hovering around $50) 6) Russia can't affordably get at 80% of its oil reserves and reduce its per barrel cost to compete with America at $45 or Saudi Arabia at $39. With Iranian sanctions being lifted Russia will find another inexpensive competitor increasing production and pushing Russia further down the list of suppliers. As for Iranian sanctions, the 6 countries lifting them allowing Iran to collect on the billions it is owed for pumping oil but not being paid for it. These billions Iran can only get if the Iranian nuclear deal is signed. Trump spoke of ending the deals which would cause oil sales sanctions to be reimposed, which would make Russian oil more competitive. 7) Rex Tillerson (Trump's pick for Secretary of State) is the head of ExxonMobil, which is in possession of patented technology that could help Putin extract 45% more oil at a significant cost savings to Russia, helping Putin put money in the Russian coffers to help reconstitute its military and finally afford to mass produce the new and improved systems that it had invented before the Russian economy had slowed so much. glasses emoticon8) Putin cannot get access to these new cost saving technologies OR outside oil field development money, due to US sanctions on Russia, because of its involvement in Ukrainian civil war. 9) Look for Trump to end sanctions on Russia and to back out of the Iranian nuclear deal, to help Russia rebuild its economy, strengthen Putin and make Tillerson and Trump even richer, thus allowing Trump to satisfy his creditors at Blackstone. 10) With Trump's fabricated hatred of NATO and the U.N., the Russian military reconstituted, the threat to the Baltic states is real. Russia retaking their access to the Baltic Sea from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and threatening the shipping of millions of cubic feet of natural gas to lower Europe from Scandinavia, allowing Russia to make a good case for its oil and gas being piped into eastern Europe. Sources: Time Magazine, NY Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian UK. Check these sources and see for yourself. Feel free to share! Credit to Bob Beam
Steve Fernald
Absolutely completely corrupt. Period. As is the remaining Trump clan... Yet 50% of Àméricans believe this is a competent Commander in Chief. You fucking witless Goobers.
Lynn Roe
BillOrtis, I want to know too. How many times CAN You change your Security Clearance Application? I think it's supposed to be only the first time. I don't believe, " I couldn't remember ", " I don't recall", lies ,and more lies. There's a lot of faulty memories in the high position of the Whitehouse.
Bifuko Baharanyi
Rachel Maddow had just given a small but useful lesson on the history of money laundering in New York area when explaining how the hotel Commodore went bankrupt and bought by the young millionaire Donald Trump through a very strange contract with the New York city officials in the 1980s.
David Hunt
FYI From the IRS. Bank Secrecy Act Congress passed the Bank Secrecy Act in 1970 as the first laws to fight money laundering in the United States. The BSA requires businesses to keep records and file reports that are determined to have a high degree of usefulness in criminal, tax, and regulatory matters. The documents filed by businesses under the BSA requirements are heavily used by law enforcement agencies, both domestic and international to identify, detect and deter money laundering whether it is in furtherance of a criminal enterprise, terrorism, tax evasion or other unlawful activity.
Bill Ortis
Good.. Lets see the truth. These people (most of the WH team) lied on their security clearences... SEVERAL TIMES.... ! only when they were found out, in layers, did they constantly change their clearance data. NOT RIGHT.... They should have been jailed under normal circumstances. I want to know why these injustices are going on????
Cheryl Sheppard
Well, his business partner Firtash is up on racketeering charges in Chicago but he hasn't been extradited yet because he is being held in Austria who was about to send him to the US but Spain has first dibs where he's up on organized crime charges. These are just some of Trump's friends.
Robert Ramos
Oh shit! We all saw this coming,i'm thinking more than a few people are going to jail after it's all said and done
Simmy Taub
Sergeant Schultz would be proud of how brilliantly trumpists have mastered the art of looking the other way. They see nothing.
Tim Bryson
Mow he throws out the idea of military intervention in Venezuela. Must be something big he's trying to hide...or maybe just a distraction from North Korea.
Esther Colando
If u have so much baggage.....Why would u work for the Highest Office. This goes for all of them. Dumbest people Ever
Susan Cuyugan Lavarra
Trump's been laundering money along with the mega wealthy Russians for a very long time. Ask yourself why a Russian would pay millions over the asking price of a house in Florida? Why would he build the Hotel to nowhere and put out a fake ad about it? Something tells me this MF is starting this lock and loaded scenario to deflect, yet again. Trumps whole world along with his family's is blowing up in front of his face and he wants us to all go down with him. This is the real Nuclear War.
Gail Conerly Jenkins
Thank you Rachel, welcome back. DT is ramping up rhetoric towards N. Korea to change the "Russia" narrative. He could care less about the loss of life war brings as long as his family is safe.
Kelly Parr Cury
They're going to find something that ties those two together! I want to see 45's face when he knows he's busted. Nothing would make me happier right now! He is the biggest con I've ever seen. And sometimes I don't think he is as rich as people say he is. I think he's loving his position because we pay for everything he does. One way or another...he has to GO!!
Jay French
Tax returns for tRump.....Would Love it 😎.... Simply follow the money. Russia one reason he won't disclose. Also, hidden money & he is not as wealthy as he brags. You know, that Ego thing.... Like he used in his campaign... Lock Him Up

Other newsfeed from The Rachel Maddow Show

What this is in Puerto Rico is an organizational failure. This is not "the storm was too big." This is not "there's no resources." The resources are there. The trained staff are there. This is not a matter of trying to summon resources. This is just organizing it. This is leading the effort. This is just trying to connect what's available with what is needed. This storm is no longer killing Americans. The federal government's response to this storm is now killing Americans. Watch: Doctor quits Puerto Rico medical relief team over 'spa day': See also, our latest check-in with Mayor Cruz of San Juan:

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Concepcion Glez I have tried to call the numbers listed on the poster of the USS Comfort in order to post to a Facebook page that I'm a member of and that could disceminate the information. The main number goes to a mailbox which is full. The second number is for the ...
Brandon J. Hughes Puerto Rico has a distribution problem. Maybe they elected the wrong polititians.
Steven F Gain There is an estimated 3.4 million citizens in PR. There are 78 municipalities in PR. If I said FEMA had 50k workers I might be exaggerating. Thousands of FEMA workers are still assisting Texas and Florida disaster zones. FEMA is there to coordinate, not ...
Rachelle Roberts-Bethel Trump made an obvious difference between the Hurricanes that effected people in the Texas areas and Puerto Rico. It is as though he doesn’t recognize that the citizens of Puerto Rico are Americans too. If there is doubt that this man is a 100% Alt ...
Luna Hoops We are all going to be sick and dying. The millions of aging baby boomers, poor children and families dependent on SNAP... Puerto Rico is a microcosm of what this administration is doing to us all.

It is entirely possible (and utterly terrifying) that Donald Trump is not taking the North Korea threat seriously because thinks missile defense systems are an efficient and accurate solution. Watch:

3.6k reactions 371 comments
Glenda Rider This unhinged man child terrifies me more than anything else. I am afraid for my friends and family on the West Coast and what his war against women is doing to this country.
Joyce 'Brown' Coulter No sane person can ever hope to figure out what and how dumpy thinks. A normal person's mind cannot travel through the twisted loops and turns in dumpy's head as we aren't wired to think that way!
Penny Nordstrom-Saylor I'm not sure about anyone elses math skills but if you tried something 18 times and were successful 10, does that = 97% of the time? That is the figure Trump cited about the missile defense system success ratio.
Eric Stauss So let me get this straight NSNBC knows so much more about our missle defense system and our situation with the North Koreans than Trump the Defense Department and our whole military.. Same assclowns crying when crooked Hillary was beaten
Raul Silguero Actually trump doesn't care one way or the other. If there is a nuclear war then the Russian investigation and his many crimes fall by the wayside. That's his plan

Private jet trips to give a speech to a donor's hockey team, a snorkeling tour, a trip to a ski resort and an Alaskan steakhouse... Watch: Secretary Zinke having an awesome time with taxpayer money

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Nancy Calhoun Vye Apparently Price was a sucker to resign over a little travel scandal. Every last one of them is just as bad but don't have the decency to resign when caught red handed.
Yd Williams But we have to pull aide from Puerto Rico, we don't have money to pay for children's healthcare. All these folks need to be tossed out on their arse
Jean Bryant Please cut funding for heat for seniors and the disabled so this shameless bottom feeding scum sucker can take chartered flights so he and his cohorts won't be inconvenienced in waiting on regular air travel. Poor things just can't figure out travel ...
Pat Dresler Those trips are NOT free for you. You pay your own for going snorkeling, ski resort, and Alaskan steakhouse. We taxpayers do not need to pay for your vacation trips. How disgusting. Maybe I should bill you for my 8 week vacation trip! Pay it back to the ...
Petra Gibbs What is wrong with these guys? He also has his own flag raised by employees when he is in his office! Long live the king!

It's become something of a habit for Donald Trump: he shows up at White House events, says a few words ... ... and then forgets to sign the documents he's supposed to sign.

Why Trump needs to be reminded to sign his executive orders
Why Trump needs to be reminded to sign his executive orders

It's become something of a habit for Trump to show up at White House events, say a few words, and then forgetting to sign the documents he's supposed to sign.

3.5k reactions 1070 comments
Linda Carroll But he'll tell you how great it is. He'll tell you how great he is at every opportunity. I never once heard the legitimately great Obama pat himself on the back and tell you how great he is. Or Trudeau, or Merkel....And when he say's..." believe me.".......
Mark Borok Dementia. I have no doubt he has aides instructing him on what to do, he just forgets where he is and what he's doing. Same with all the other times he seems lost and confused, e.g. when he was supposed to shake Merkel's hands for the cameras and ...
Julia Dillard Clearly, very clearly, he is a very, very sick man. He is, at the very least, a malignant narcisscist who may also be suffering from dementia. It is more than obvious. Yet, there he is, signing yet another executive order. while a bunch of jack donkeys ...
Carla Magenheimer Maybe they shouldn't remind him. Just let him think he's signed them. Much safer for the country/world that way.
Richard Oden So the people we have to blame for all these ridiculously callous and idiotic executive orders are Trump's babysitters; thanks, I for one will remember.

Donald Trump hates the Iran deal, though he seems to have no idea what it is, what it does, or what it entails. Maybe he'd like it more once he got to know it?

Trump loves to hate the Iran deal, despite not knowing what it is
Trump loves to hate the Iran deal, despite not knowing what it is

Maybe Donald Trump would like the international nuclear agreement with Iran if he took some time to get to know it better.

4.7k reactions 1149 comments
Christine Brandies He is incapable of knowing anything of depth, he will make things up rather than to read anything. Obama took stacks of things back to the residence to read nightly, Trump is not willing or able to put that effort into the job he was elected to do
Em Bee And yet everyone sticks a mic in front of his face and lets him spew more misinformation. Look, the guy is NOT a scholar, he was a lousy businessman bankrupting 6 Times, he lives on borrowed money. I for one can’t stand this low life...he’s incompetent. ...
Peter Tirone Apparently everything is a "bad deal" until he makes it even worse. Then he quickly pushes ownership down the road. Completely useless!
Howard Thomson The simple fact of the matter is, Donnie doesn't care about the facts! He 'knows' what he knows; don't distract him with facts! There is apparently no end to the depths of this man's willful ignorance.
Armando Vega The only reason he doesn't like it, is because president Obama was instrumental in getting it done. He trying to reverse all of President Obamas achievements because he's jealous of him.

Asked about North Korea, Donald Trump boasted, "We have missiles that can knock out a missile in the air 97% of the time." There's just one problem: this isn't true.

Why Trump
Why Trump's confusion about missile defense is so dangerous

"We have missiles that can knock out a missile in the air 97% of the time," Trump boasted this week. Reality, however, points in a very different direction.

6.5k reactions 1321 comments
Margi Underwood Each and every freaking day this buffoon says the most outrageous and egregious things and congressional Republicans look the other way. He is suppose to represent the most powerful and respected country in the world. We are still powerful in wealth ...
Bob Retelle If he truly believes this (and WHO exactly TOLD him this??), then we're all in pretty serious trouble. If he thinks we can knock out incoming missiles at that rate, he's a lot more likely to start something that's not going to be pretty.
Arthur Stephenson How about a discussion that centers around gun/weapons control for governments...much of the world, the poorest parts of the world, are being devastated every day by weapons made for the sole purpose of destroying everything...Stop the Madness!
Robert W. Taubman Does he really believe that North America is protected? Too funny. The next war will have implications for the entire world, not just North Korea and Asia.
Michael Farber The lies, the filth, and the obscene that comes from the mouth of Trump every single day is beyond reprehensible but has slipped into the territory of extremely dangerous. Our nation is under siege and the Republicans have their head planted firmly up ...

A month ago, the Beltway media said Donald Trump was an independent, "upending 150 years of two-party rule." A month later, the argument isn't holding up especially well.

The sudden demise of the
The sudden demise of the 'Trump is an independent' meme

A month ago, the Beltway media said Trump was an independent, "upending 150 years of two-party rule." That hasn't help up especially well.

1.8k reactions 293 comments
Bob Goyette HOW HE DID IT; Donald Trump is a man who understands finance and the unholy "marriage" between government and corporate America to it's finest detail. A game he's been playing his entire professional life and has elevated to an art form. Who better than ...
James Polglaze I didn't know lunacy had any particular party affiliation. Believe he becomes whatever he thinks fits the situation from moment to moment, but has no trust in anyone though he doesn't like losers or people who aren't rich or adoring of him.
Dona Sirk Luv the shadow picture but you need to crop the colored section out. I & have heard so many people express their tiredness and disgust of seeing his picture displayed on every and all news feeds! Please give us something more digestible.
Kevin Teichroeb When he moves left, right, to the centre or twists logic inside out, why does the media slavishly follow? Anyone who thought he was an independent and then not an independent has to stop assigning meaning to his whims. He has no ethics, morals, values ...
Fred John Lozen What Trump is selling is exactly the same GOP trickle down economics they've been pushing for years... including a "tax holiday" to return money from overseas... And I understand that the American people seem to have the memories of gold fish, but WE ...

Now we know what it looks like when a president goes to war against his own country's health care system. Donald Trump is taking a step even Republicans agree will hurt Americans.

Trump goes to war against his own country
Trump goes to war against his own country's health care system

Now we know what it looks like when a president goes to war against his own country's health care system.

13.6k reactions 1885 comments
Ann Heckenbach He is tantruming. He hates most of us, I mean really hates us, because we protest, make mockery of him, call him an idiot. He is a bully on steroids, and he is going to make us suffer. The monster isn't being fed. We should all be very afraid. He is not ...
Chris Fields I'd like to thank Mr. Trump for the wonderful Universal Health Care system we're going to enjoy in 2020. And wish him good luck in prison. Don't drop the soap.
TreSa Sanfilippo Absolutely the most disgusting individual...I refuse to call him my president...ever! This is OUR country, not yours! Idiotic, golfing on our dime while people are dying.
Linda Garrison Webster Trump is no longer a joke, this man is mentally deranged and he is destroying America. This nation is in dire need of assistance to get this insane man out of office and out of America as soon as possible. Trump is no longer debatable, he is destroying ...
Debbie Beer Every day Trump brings new horror to our country. My home will be devastated without ACA health insurance subsidies. Explain to me how this Exec order will lower my costs or expand options? It WON'T. The only answer is everyone must VOTE. Vote in big ...

Imagine if you and your family, American citizens, your town is landlocked, you are penned in, no way out, three weeks without assistance, three weeks without electricity, three weeks without water. You can't live without water. And so, you -- for you and your kids and your family, you're choosing between death because of a lack of water or drinking from a creek or trying to drink from the sealed, locked well at the EPA superfund site. Which would you pick? Watch the full video:

9.2k reactions 820 comments
Constantine Angel Heiser Am so been crying all day I have not hear from all my family in days from Puerto Rico yet. I don't know if they are one of them 48 dead. I hate trump and his disgusting deplorable administration I wish them death.
Karen Timmerman Tonight what Rachel reported is that only 8 people have been treated by that huge hospital ship. And that staff are sitting around getting manicures and pedicures on the American taxpayer dime while people are starving and drinking foul water.
Dottie Self But if you listen to Trump everything is going great in Puerto Rico. I would there some action taken for the lack of real concern for the residents of this island. They may as well be living on the moon when you hear about all of the people still in ...
Allan Clark Thank you, Rachael. This is a blasphemy on this country that island citizens are treated so appallingly differently from mainland residents.
Sandra L Fisher-Grainger Listeriosis is just the beginning...a public health crisis of massive proportions will come if they don't act quickly. Please call your members if Congress, give what you can...

Steve Bannon reportedly told Donald Trump that the risk to his presidency wasn't impeachment, but the 25th Amendment. The president's response doesn't inspire confidence.

Told about the 25th Amendment, Trump reportedly asked,
Told about the 25th Amendment, Trump reportedly asked, 'What's that?'

Steve Bannon reportedly told Donald Trump that the risk to his presidency wasn't impeachment, but the 25th Amendment.

10.1k reactions 1194 comments
Nathan Morris “What! There’s more than two amendments? The 2nd one is about guns, and since it’s called the 2nd I assumed there is a 1st, though I’m not sure what it’s about. But you’re saying there are more than that?!”
Mike Davenport Given that he has no understanding of the Constitution (much less never read it) he obviously has no idea how many amendments it has or what they cover.
Sheless Davis-Gudmunson When I apply for a job, there are certain requirements that must be met for me to get the job. Can we place job requirements above and beyond winning the electoral college in order to actually get to be POTUS? I’m thinking requirements like ...
Don Comer Recall how a few days ago *Trump required all those sitting around his cabinet table to sing his praises? Very weird ego trip, no doubt, but maybe *Trump was trying to demonstrate that those around him aren't disloyal, that they like him, and that all ...
Patricia Falino Misuraca Rachel, I am an an advid watcher of your show. I would like to let you know my feelings about General Kelly, defending Trump. If he believes what Trump is feeding us, I have no respect for him. Quit your job and stand up for what you really believe, ...

Donald Trump is trying to create a problem that the Affordable Care Act was designed to avoid. It's practically the definition of "sabotage."

Trump signs new executive order to sabotage the ACA
Trump signs new executive order to sabotage the ACA

This is Trump's most significant move to date to sabotage the ACA -- for reasons he hasn't explained and almost certainly doesn't understand.

12.7k reactions 1537 comments
Curtis Gibson That's all he knows what to do, destroy. I wonder if he thinks he can File Bankruptcy when he destroys Obamacare, lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
James Bachmann Regardless of if he does it or not, the reality is, the Republican party owns this. And when it all crashes and burns, and people find themselves worse off than they were before the ACA....and you will, you will can thank the Republican Party.
Mary Weller Always thought hate was a terrible word to say. Looked up it's exact meaning; "intensely or passionately disliking something". It seems appropriate to say how much I "hate" our current president's words and actions with this act of sabotage of the ACA.
Lani Hostetler This is all pomp and circumstance. It will take awhile before it all really has a chance of happening. He knows it...the dumb asses standing behind him know it. He just needed to show he was doing something because of all the negative press lately. And ...
Kara Uherka He wants to make Obamacare "implode", as he predicted it would. He doesn't seem to give a shit about all the Americans he is going to hurt in the process

Donald Trump took an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend” the Constitution, which includes the First Amendment. As Trump attacks news organizations, one Republican senator is publicly questioning whether he's keeping his promise.

GOP senator asks whether Trump is
GOP senator asks whether Trump is 'recanting' his oath of office

Donald Trump swore to "preserve, protect, and defend" the Constitution, which includes the First Amendment. It's not clear if he meant it.

4.8k reactions 690 comments
Em Bee If anything needs to be revoked, it’s this clown’s title as president. He’d like nothing more than to control the Putin does with gov owned news agencies. trump is delusional and drunk with power...he needs to be stopped as he’s a threat to ...
Marcia Alexander Questioning it? There is no question to it. Don't you have a brain and can figure it out yourself that he isn't defending or protecting the constitution? ok, will tell you trump isn't protecting or defending the constitution and he took an oath to, ...
Roger Moss It's just public relations bullshit and the Senator knows it. The Orange Degenerate has waved his flabby backside at the constitution since he started his campaign. Dont act all surprised and indignant now, Senator. You were happy to let this happen ...
Dana Proske He has no honor, compassion, or mind. Vote November 2018 we need more dems and independents to throw out the trash. Republicans are now the party of racism and hate for poor. Vote
Kay Rellz " The 25th Amendment, What's that? "- Donald Trump aka PRESIDENT OF THE UNTIED STATES. He thinks PR is not apart of United States, because he had to travel over water, remember how his mind works.

Yesterday, Mike Pence said the Trump administration "stands with" the people of Puerto Rico, and will be there for locals "every single day." Today, Donald Trump seemed to vehemently disagree.

Trump's posture towards Puerto Rico takes a more callous turn

Yesterday, Mike Pence said the Trump administration "stands with" the people of Puerto Rico. Today, Donald Trump seemed to disagree.

8.1k reactions 1087 comments
Beverly Hensel Glen This totally unacceptable, mr president. These are American citizens in trouble THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN! They did not create the hurricane that devastated them. "Businessmen" like YOU created their financial situation. HELP THEM!!!!
Donice Villanova Can Congress pass a law to provide aid to Puerto Rico? We as Americans have to do something. We cannot leave them stranded without power, clean water and food. That is just too cruel!!
Patricia Maria Airlift this buffoon into the remotest area of the island. He can drink creek water, wander in the dark, and go without tweeting. We’ll stand with him there “every single day” and drop paper towels on him at least once.
Maggie Sherrill It's always been clear that Trump and his administration don't do you Puerto Rico as America, nor do they view the citizens as Americans. I can't help but wonder if Trump doesn't think this is a business opportunity for his friends. Imagine if they ...
Albert Waldron Honorary NJ State Trooper Trump doesnt care about Americans in crisis? Wow! It's almost like NJ State Police Superintendent Rick Fuentes ignored pending treason, money laundering and obstruction of justice investigations just to get a job as DEA ...

Donald Trump believes he's already reducing the national debt "in a sense." It's no wonder he had so many bankruptcies: he has no idea how Financing 101 works. His new claims on the subject were gibberish.

In embarrassing display, Trump flubs test on how money works
In embarrassing display, Trump flubs test on how money works

No wonder Donald Trump had so many bankruptcies: he has no idea how Financing 101 works.

24.0k reactions 1989 comments
KarenTerry Foley Let's fire the bunch and stop the endless public expense account. Now there's Zinke. These people are so entitled. They think our pubic coffers are theirs to exploit. These are the same people that would cut welfare off to the poor, but think welfare ...
Tatyana Mereshensky The president is dumb as a rock. And his dumb followers buy everything he says. He needs to brush up on not only Government Finance 101 but the Constitution 101, History 101, Geography 101 etc etc etc.
Spencer Shusterman The thing is his "base" hears that and thinks Wow what a genius. He'll have the debt down to zero in no time.
Dave Pruden Well if that’s the way he thinks it works then how much debt was reduced by Obama’s almost tripling the stock market during his years in office. Funny thing Donnie, you didn’t mention that. Edit: someone should tell him it doesn’t actually work that ...
Jim Graham How anybody could honestly think this moron is a great businessman is unbelievable to me. Just because someone says they are a deal maker and claims to be rich doesn’t mean it’s true. A person needs to do a little research before blindly following ...

If your response is so poorly run that even three weeks into it you can't get those containers out of the port. You can't get dying patients onto the hospital ship that is ready to serve them -that is there. Then the problem is not a shortage of resources. The problem is not people's willingness to help. The problem is not first responders, right? The problem is not even the size of the crisis. The problem is: Who's in charge? The problem is, who is running this ongoing catastrophe that is the failed response that followed the natural disaster? Watch the full video:

12.4k reactions 692 comments
Ben Weldon He may see himself as the president whose job is to cancel out every achievement of Obama, but the president he is really competing with is George W Bush (Cheney). For every black mark on the Bush/Cheney record, tRump is leaving a far bigger blacker ...
Jacqueline Kupu I have never seen a reporter as furious as Rachel Maddow was when she presented this report last night! Unfortunately, the content of her report deserved every second of her anger, and that anger should infest everyone who sees it!
Ron Byrum Terrible, terrible leadership starting at the top with the clown in the presidency who's tweeting about going after the free press and violating the 1st amendment instead of concerning himself with the disaster in Puerto Rico and the ongoing deadly ...
Cindy Strauss I'm sure FEMA can offer us some forms to fill out in answer to the questions. I still tend to believe PR has been purposely sabotaged by the POtuS so he and his cronies can swoop in at some point and completely take over and rebuilt the island into ...
Kathleen Lambert How many are going to be charged with manslaughter, or 2nd degree murder, because of their inaction and slow w response? I hope Puerto Rico's. DA's are preparing now to file! Some have commented on the lack of military response. The military is so ...

As a general rule (and today is a good example) paying attention to what Donald Trump says does no good for anyone who wants a better understanding of what is going on in the world. We make a practice of treating his antics like a silent movie. The tricky part is recognizing when it is important to break that rule. Watch Rachel Maddow on why Trump's spat with Sen. Corker caught our attention:

1.7k reactions 202 comments
Armando Garcia If Trump is being forced by Putin to create chaos and division in America, then he is doing it very well!! If not he's truly a bad hombre! Wake up people! Either way our country is being sabotaged a good chunk at a time! Great job Rachel! ...
Rich Cerelli You know, if you take out the name Donald Trump and replace it with Rachel Madcow, it would fit. Libtards cannot get over the fact that this woman here, got the election sooo wrong and that her failed candidate had the election rigged in her favor and ...
Tammy Berry Can you get VP Pence flight plan for the day he able to take in the pre game anthem, then the shock and horror of it. I but had clearance to leave with in the hour, someone on msnbc reported that the press pool was instructed , to stay near the van.
Leah Rodolakis Thank you Rachel for always keeping us informed with that touch of humor we so desperately need with this Orange Person in Office... too bad the three stooges wasn’t silent because that’s him , Pensy and Ryan... The silence I truly want to hear is after ...
Charles A. Kimball While trump makes the threat of war with North Korea seem imminent, his bluster reveals that he can't even competently pick a fight. He framed his "calm before the storm" remark like an Apprentice promo. You could point out the past indiscretions of ...

When it comes to the First Amendment's press freedoms, Donald Trump doesn't make much of an effort to suppress his authoritarian instincts. Today, for example, the president explained what "disgusts" him.

Trump: It
Trump: It's 'disgusting' press can 'write whatever it wants'

Donald Trump think it's "frankly disgusting the press is able to write whatever it wants to write." His record on the First Amendment just got a little worse.

4.5k reactions 1943 comments
Dave Johnson You know what gets me? How he gets people to lie for him! He gets egor out on the floor & has her tell us "the president believes in the first amendment", says nothing about Trump asking congress to set up a committee to "investigate the dishonest ...
Beverly Hensel Glen He has never seen the First Amendment! It's not important! Y'all don't's all about him and ONLY him.
Cheryl Slennes Its disgusting Donald trump does whatever he wants. He can't keep anything real. At least eminen has been keeping it real for ever.he let the whole world last night no what he feels. Eminem for president. We wouldn't be in this mess.
Kim Franke Wright Hmmm..... so they record and/or write his own words - PROOF - and he accuses them of lying, of being "disgusting"........... Does he have any clue that he's living in a time when pretty much everything he says actually IS recorded and read by millions? ...
Fiona Vandale He’s whining about this WHILE he’s with our Prime Minister who is there to try to salvage what might be left of NAFTA once the Orange Infant gets done with it? I would say it was unbelievable if it weren’t Trump. Get ready to lose your good deals on our ...

Why does Donald Trump keep lying about the United States having "the highest taxes in the world"? Because he needs the lie to be true.

The lies Donald Trump likes a little too much
The lies Donald Trump likes a little too much

The reason Donald Trump keeps lying about the United States being "the highest taxed nation in the world" is that he needs it to be true.

3.8k reactions 708 comments
Dave Thorell He has no idea what the difference is between fact and fiction. His thinking is so warped to classify him a moron.
Christine Brandies Because in his mind that seemingly is in a mental distress it is the only way he can justify his lie. He takes a piece of the truth and makes a blanket around all of it. He wants to lower the corporate rate which we are the highest in and make the ...
Michael Millar You have to look at the effective rate dumb-ass, which is around 15% for business. Now if you had a flat busniess rate of 15% and got rid of loop holes that leave mega comapnies paying 0% you would probaly raise revenue. And since they have offered no ...
Debbie Eversley Why....because it woukd self serving for him, especially when he has a base that is clueless about most things.
Paula Doublin A number of Americans find it disgusting that elected leaders of political parties across the world and including here in the USA are allowed to say and write whatever they wish to say or write without regard to facts or truth.

Donald Trump's pattern of reckless incompetence on nuclear issues has been ongoing for quite a while. At a recent Pentagon meeting, it got much worse.

Trump wanted vast increase to U.S. nuclear arsenal
Trump wanted vast increase to U.S. nuclear arsenal

Donald Trump's pattern of reckless incompetence on nuclear issues has been ongoing for quite a while. At a recent Pentagon meeting, it got much worse.

2.9k reactions 507 comments
Ferne Gunter Van Deusen Now trumpey boy is LYING about what he wanted to do and accusing the media of lying when they are the ones being truthful! He doesn't know shit from Shinola, so, when he finds out what he wanted to do isn't possible, he just lies about it!
Kaye Richardson What frightens me even more is that there is NO ONE who could/would/is able to countermand an order to 'push the button' once it's given-short of outright refusal which is doubtful
Christine Brandies So do any of you Trump supporters understand why 67% of us say he is dangerous to this country? His decisions aren’t based in reality, they are based on bigger and more power.
Kerowyn Canny I wrote this on a similar post, same subject; "Only reason one would want more weapons is to use them, scare people with them or compensation of a lack of mental, emotional, or physical manhood. The more powerful weapons one has makes one think they ...
Kathy Toomey Why should we be at all surprised that a man who was elected purely as the pawn of someone who wants to blow it all up (Steve Bannon) thinks he should have more firepower. The only thing that more nuclear firepower will do is increase the downward ...

Eleven months after the presidential election, one thing seems obvious about Donald Trump and his team: They just can't stop thinking about Hillary Clinton -- who's clearly taken up residence in their heads.

Trump World isn
Trump World isn't done running against Hillary Clinton

A year after the 2016 election, Trump World can't shake its obsession with the candidate they defeated.

4.3k reactions 762 comments
Lois Daniels Trump must continue his verbal assaults on Hillary Clinton because she Won the popular vote. His mindset is such that he is unable to stop his diatribe until he feels satisfied that he has “won”.
Janis Noviello He is obviously obsessed with both Hillary and Obama. He just can't get them out of his head. If he does, who the hell would he blame for all of his own mistakes and shortcomings? He's a joke, to America as well as the rest of the world.
Yoly Perez Handy it's called karma, Mr. Jethro Moron Trump !!! Mr. Mueller For the Love of God, please hurry up with your investigation, priority: his tax returns. after all he had put us through, i not only wish for him to be impeached, but also go to jail. he is evil ...
Kathy Ryan Smith They will never be done. Trump has only negative accomplishments to show since his inauguration, but the shiny objects of Clinton hatred is supposed to distract from his status as a huge failure. Or should I say Uuuuuge.
Paula Royce Clearly HRC was/is a formidable opponent who the president* can't defeat. She's so formidable it will take Trump's lifetime and he STILL won't defeat her.

On Aug. 10, Donald Trump declared "a national emergency" on opioids. By Oct. 10, he's still done nothing. Even Chris Christie, the chair of Trump's commission, concedes it's "not good."

Two months later, Trump
Two months later, Trump's inaction on opioids is 'not good'

On Aug. 10, Trump declared "a national emergency" on opioids. By Oct. 10, he's still done nothing. Even Chris Christie concedes it's "not good."

2.6k reactions 569 comments
Sue Muinch He hasn’t done shit for anyone or anything in this country-except himself and his cronies! What a moron!
Virginia Wiese How many more Americans have been exposed to and addicted to opioids since August 10? How many more Americans have died since August 10 from opioid overdoses? How many more parents and children are mourning the loss of their loved ones since the ...
Sam Mattingly FAKE leader = FAKE leadership. Why is anyone surprised that the clown in chief can't get anything done, except divide the country further. GOP WAKE UP!!! Get this rotten bastard out before it is too late!!!!
Kathy O'Neil By now everyone should know that Trump's not about DOING good, he's about the appearance of getting stuff done. Remember Infrastructure Week??? Yeah that's come a long way...
Lizzie Reid Well, frankly, I don't know many 70+ year olds that stay up all day, all hours of the night weekdays, weekends, tweeting and the like without some major drug "assistance." Doubt we will see any action if it doesn't further HIS own agenda, period.

Why now? Because these allegations go back more than 20 years, why were women willing to talk to you about these allegations of sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein when they hadn't previously done so? Rachel Maddow's interview with Ronan Farrow starts here: (The opening segment introduction you're looking for is here:

1.5k reactions 228 comments
Carol Madsen It's 10:45 am on Wednesday. CNN just reported that the woman in the sleezy audio sting worked directly with the NYPD, no involvement by the prosecutor's office. Where did Ronan F. get the tape? Rudy G? CNN also reported that the woman involved ...
Lars E King Because they were afraid if they, "talked", they'd be labeled as, "troublemakers", and never work again. People like Weinstein had the clout to make that happen. People like Weinstein still do, for now.
Audrey Ward This is exactly the principle actively protecting child abuse as well: silence. Even by 'good' people who are "afraid to cause trouble." And so, a young one--sometimes times many young ones--are sacrificed; their lives destroyed
Phyllis Crosby Balestena I was born in early 50s, husbands physically abused their wives, rape was a woman’s fault and police ignored the problems. 60s were pretty much the same, woman were made to feel they were at fault. Women’s Awareness started turning things around and ...
Wendy Thomson These allegations coming out now are nothing new. I'd be willing to bet if every woman who has experienced sexual abuse either in the home or the work place raised their arms the sun would be blotted out. After all, 58% of college educated women voted ...

If we want to prevent future Russian manipulations of the American democratic process, we have to know what they did. So it is frustrating that the American tech companies Russia used as part of their strategy are not being more forthcoming about how Russia used their platforms. Everything we know so far is from what journalists have been able to figure out. Watch Rachel Maddow run through the growing list of what we've learned so far:

5.1k reactions 436 comments
Jason McNab Hahaha Russia did nothing. The single mother in Ohio decided to vote for a republican, any republican, years before Trump. Russians did nothing. Since 2010, democrats have lost over 1200 elected seats nationwide; federal state county and local. ...
Catherine Shea Jerry Ralph, Harvey is in the movie business and is being dealt with. Like trump, power exacerbates, some immoral humans. Unlike Bill Gates, Keanu Reeves and President Obama, who have moral compasses, from being raised correctly and having true empathy, ...
Bettijane Christopher Burger Because social media was so inept on the Russian infiltration, I'm wondering if Russia actually has plants or spies working there!!!!
Raymond Julian There is so much stuff that is happening to manipulate our elections Russia , gerrymandering, voter surpression, citizens united we really can't have a legitment election anymore. As long the current disastorous government is place it wont change all ...
Leonard Enrique Tech companies are running scared... big scared. They Could get charged/fined big time by fed, prison by Mueller or both. Seating bullets, eh guys??

Donald Trump's allies are starting to question dissent "in a time of war." We heard eerily similar talk 10 years ago.

In defense of dissent
In defense of dissent 'in a time of war'

Donald Trump's allies are starting to question dissent "in a time of war." We heard eerily similar talk 10 years ago.

2.5k reactions 299 comments
Karen Thomas More GOP hypocrisy: And wouldn’t you know it, the pendulum is apparently swinging once more. Donald Trump never hesitated to try to tear down Obama’s presidency in a time of war, but to hear Trump’s allies tell it, Bob Corker and his cohorts should ...
Susan Shonk I never thought I would live through such a time in the USA and absolutely abhor what Trump has unleashed. People saying we must respect the POTUS make my blood boil - I respect the Office of the Presidency and the Constitution but have nothing but ...
Lexie McDougle #45 is a backward thinker. He is truly going to ruin our country, our world. Wake up GOP If you allow this individual to continue to make these horrible mistake. We are all going to suffer great tragedy.
Bill Mac Bean Straw Boss trump doesn't like dissent. No dictator does. We let this fiasco go far too long and are putting ourselves in peril, folks. I know it's a pain in the ass, but SOMEBODY'S GOT TO TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE. That's US, folks.
Marie Senior-Giampaglia Why on Earth is he doing this? This mentally ill moron is destroying our country on a daily basis. There are no boundaries to his dangerous and evil actions.

According to Donald Trump, quarterly economic growth "never hit" 3.1% during Barack Obama's presidency, It's one of those claims that demands some fact-checking -- and a chart.

Trump struggles to overcome his economic illiteracy
Trump struggles to overcome his economic illiteracy

According to Donald Trump, quarterly economic growth "never hit" 3.1% in the Obama era. That's the exact opposite of the truth.

8.5k reactions 997 comments
Robert Purdy He’s not concerned with the truth. As long as it sounds good while he’s saying it, people will believe him. His favorite thing is to be in front of an adoring crowd. He will say anything to make him sound good. Grand sweeping statements to please the ...
Emily Gift 45 has to hope his supporters are as uninformed as he is on economics. So sick of the sheer stupidity of this WH. And then there are his daily lies. Start impeachment now!
Catherine Davis Robison T just spits out daily lies hoping something will stick or cause a needed distraction to his stupidity. If nothing sticks or causes controversy, there is always tomorrow and a whole new set of lies to spit out. 🤥🤔🤢
Michele Finn A high level of economic growth doesn't count if a black man was responsible. Have we learned nothing from this joke of an administration?
Florine Fefe Thompson Sorry we were all here when it did hit 3.1. Trump only goes on Fox or Huckabee because they don't push back on his lies, that's his problem no one ever corrected him. That why he thinks he has a good brain.

Nine months into Donald Trump's presidency, the most important fight in GOP politics is the one Republicans are fighting with themselves. It's why Steve Bannon's "war" with the party establishment matters.

Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon's 'war' plans for 2018 come into focus

Nine months into the Trump era, the most important fight in GOP politics appears to be the one Republicans are fighting with themselves.

1.8k reactions 366 comments
Ron Byrum The thought that the very conservative, right wing republican party could move even further to the right should worry all Americans. We have already seen the bigoted, authoritarian, nationalist, intolerant, white supremacist ideology of Steve Bannon and ...
McRob Robeardo O'Lammaham It sounds like something a comic book super villain would do. Im thinking he isnt as slick as he thinks he is. Anyone/everyone is hot shit when theyre drunk. And this guy is a drinker and probably a pill popper too.
John Thomas If Bannon's plans come to fruition, all moderate Republicans should leave the party and Republican Party will be in effect Libertarian Party, so either name of Republican Party should be changed to Libertarian Party or keep its name and Libertarian ...
Peggy Underhill Fascism on full display and our elected representatives are only concerned about their own re-election prospects. If they don’t soon do something there will be no free elections to worry about.
Kathy Gibb Remember the guy in the early 70s who had the radical playbook memorized and thought he could use it to pick up “chicks”? That’s Steve tryin to relive his glory days. It was antiAmerican then and it is now.

Donald Trump's administration didn't just roll back the clock on women's access to contraception: Trump administration officials also questioned the value of birth control itself.

Trump administration questions birth control
Trump administration questions birth control's health benefits

The Trump administration didn't just roll back the clock on contraception access; it also questioned the value of birth control itself.

11.2k reactions 1616 comments
Jean Bryant So all you women who voted for this "Moron" stop taking those birth control pills because it may lead to promiscuity. It's OK for the [email protected]$$^ grabber but not for you. “The rates of, and reasons for, unintended pregnancy are notoriously difficult to ...
Cindy Ahlberg Thomas Perhaps the pharmeceutical industry will have to come out with a pill for Blue-Balls Syndrome seeing that lack of birth control will vastly affect their own sexual pursuits. Either that or men will be shelling out tons of hard-earned dollars in child ...
Lois Hart I remember back in the 70s when we were fighting for women's rights and we could not believe that equality and rights were even an issue. At that time, I read Susan B. Anthony's and Abigail Adams letters where they were discussing how woman's rights and ...
Melissa McCroskey Ed Gillespie danced all around the issue here in SW Va last night in his debate when dem candidate Northram ask for his stand on this. He is for the pill he says but no other kind of cotriceptive like IUDs. This man speaks out of both sides of his ...
Brianne Llewellyn Keep your bible thumping bs to yourselves! Separation of church and state. Your faith has no business in deciding legislation. Every single bill passed with any kind of religious influence should be over turned. So fucken tired of fake christians ...

A week after we learned Secretary of State Rex Tillerson described Donald Trump as a "moron," the president isn't ready to let this go. His sense of grievance simply won't let him.

Following 'moron' flap, Trump ready to 'compare IQ tests' with Tillerson

It may be an uncomfortable realization, but the president is a man of profound insecurities.

8.7k reactions 3235 comments
Patty Maner We have man-children running our country. People are dying across our country due to so many natural disasters and this man plays tit-for-tat on Twitter and amongst his peers. This Administration is beyond reprehensible.
Barbara Kantor I’m beginning to believe any of our Fed. legislators who have failed to actively pursue Amendment 25 are guilty of treason. 45 is mentally ill AND a clear and present danger domestically and internationally. This is NOT a reality TV show!
Carl Walker Too late, everyone knows you are a moron. There is no need for you to cheat on a test. As soon as you open your mouth the truth was out. Dotard Moron sounds like a character from Star Wars.
Fred John Lozen He has serious mental issues... he can't let anything "go"... we should know that by now ... and unfortunately that includes international relations and the fact that his ego is supported with nuclear weapons.
Jeff Harrington While I am absolutely no fan of the Trump presidency and it's members, Tillerson should resign to get himself away from this mess and salvage his dignity and reputation. Politics aside, this is an accomplished man who is clearly smarter and more ...

To "contain" Donald Trump, his aides rely on a series of delays and distractions. If that makes it sound as if White House aides treat the president like a toddler, there's a good reason for that.

To 'contain' Trump, White House try treating him like a toddler

To "contain" Donald Trump, his aides rely on a series of delays and distractions.

10.6k reactions 1103 comments
Melissa Bennett At this point anyone in government who is not actively working to remove him from office is actually working to undermine the country. I'm pretty sure that is covered in the constitution. They do realise that after he is gone we will be coming for them ...
Tommy Reece First possibility: They aren't doing a very good job and he's out of control. Second: They are doing an excellent job and we don't know a fraction of the shit they've stopped this idiot from unleashing on us.
Paula Donigan Alber I think they need to put a shock collar on this President and shock him everytime he lies or threatens someone. He would probably electrocute himself within hours.
Kathy Silke Connell I keep saying that to compare this ill-tempered maniac to a child does great disservice to actual children and the professionals who have studied child behavior. Children can be taught empathy, kindness, intelligence. They can grow into responsible, ...
Aaron Birch Strip away his feigned political stance, and just listen to the words he says. He babbles nonsense. Oxymorons, grandiose accusations and fluff. Like a sophomore finishing his essay. And they all lived happily ever after, the end, that it's y'all, that's ...

"Are you FEMA?" FEMA says the roads to Aibonito, Puerto Rico are so dangerous the area is inaccessible to recovery aid. But then an NBC News crew was able to drive there easily to shoot this footage. So.... We'll have an update on this story tonight, 9pm ET! Watch the original segment: Catch up on Rachel Maddow show clips at

16.4k reactions 1474 comments
Lisa Swing Wrap your mind around this. A Real Housewife of NY Bethany Frankel, who in all fairness is also a first class business woman, has managed to do more for Puerto Rico than Trump. Go figure.
Jeff Hagelberg That's inexcusable....I live out of town, outside Pensacola, after Ivan FEMA authorities knew who had electricity and who didn't....I went without power for almost 3 weeks...FEMA came to my door every day whether I was there or not and left a case of ...
Pat Montgomery Williams Why can't they use helicopters? They can use all terrain vehicles from the Army to go any where. What's the big deal? Help them!!
John Quinones Can you please check on Yabucoa.. my brother is there and he says they haven’t seen anyone from FEMA , military or anybody. Please I watch you every night. Thank you.
Julie Cain Congress - You best get on taking care of Puerto Rico because it is very clear Trump has already forgotten all about it. He is too busy egging Pence on to boycott NFL games and ignoring yet another Nazi march in South Carolina. Mueller, we implore you.
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