The biggest bingo prizes ever won

There are millions and millions of gamblers currently playing bingo in all different shapes and forms in the year 2020, with the game experiencing one of the most popular moments of its whole existence.  In fact, if it were not for the emergence of online bingo we are not sure the game would have seen the dramatic rise in its audience, especially from the younger demographic that aren’t so used to visiting physical bingo halls – click to play no deposit bingo.

Of course, the game of bingo is played so much mainly because it is so fun to do so, especially when you consider the social aspect, however there is also a hell of a lot of money to be made through playing bingo too. This much is even truer in the 21st century, as online bingo sites tend to have far more money available to give away as prizes. Read on for some of the biggest bingo prizes ever won. 

Soraya Lowell 

In 2008 Soraya Lowell was working part time as a house cleaner to help her husband support the family, and would regularly engage in some bingo as a light hobby after work. Well, one day in 2008 Soraya Lowell was engaging in her classic past time, and ended up winning a pretty crazy £1.1 million off of a UK National Bingo Game. 

This amount of money was a huge help for Soraya Lowell and her family, and she was immediately able to quit her cleaning job with the proceeds. The fact that she split the winnings with her long germ bingo partner Agnes O’Neil also speaks volumes about her general character. 

John Orchard 

John Orchard was a relatively normal member of society until the day he won big in the year 2012. He was approaching the end of his career at Lincolnshire factory at the time, also helping out a few days a week at his local job centre. For some reason he decided to have a go at playing bingo one day, putting 30p on a game online. 

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he ended up winning the incredibly princely sum of £5.9 million, the largest bingo prize ever won back at the time of winning. John Orchard could immediately announce his retirement after this, never having to work a single day at the factory again. He also treated his close friends and family to a variety of presents – what a lovely chap! 

Lisa Potter 

We would be willing to bet that at least 50% of the online bingo gambling contingent playing at any one time are doing so more out of boredom than anything else, and you cannot really blame them either because online bingo is a great tool to avert boredom with. The good thing about it is you can win vast sums of money in the process, something that a woman called Lisa Potter knows all about… 

She wagered £5 on a midweek bit of bingo on a whim one day, and ended up winning a jackpot of £1.3 million.