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20:53 05/18/2017

NPR Music Premiere The Beatles' First Take Of 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’, from the Anniversary Edition of Sgt Pepper.

“What you hear on this first attempt is a version lacking the vocals from that famous chorus; John is singing lead and Paul McCartney is at a Lowrey organ, combining numerous presets, including harpsichord, vibraharp and music box, to make that infamous opening sound.”
“You hear, in the bits of backgrounded conversation, a true collaboration, a bit of magic unfolding. It's thrilling to hear.”

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The Beatles

The Beatles' First Take Of 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds'

On the cusp of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band's 50th birthday, hear the first take The Beatles recorded of a legendary song.

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Sutton David
I like the Beatles music--but i don't buy the line that Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds is not about LSD --and I resent that they are pinning it on Julian Lennon and his drawing. Let's get real.
Aileen Frazer
Grew up with Paul McCartneyOn Western Ave,Speke,LiverpoolLove all thier music.
Les Field
You were named after this. Lucy Field
Abe Nemuras
im thinking of buying some of my favorite cds on cassette again. my cds are remastered and sound way wrong. sgt pepper and abbey road for sure. plus, my jimi hendrix "are you experienced". on some of the songs the music is up but the vocals are practicaly inaudible. plus, all those cool little background noises are gone. and on jimi his guitar playing is watered down and less intense.
Matt Gelfand
If Pepper had Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane on it like it should have, it would be the best Beatle album.
Jon Ashley
It's one of the first three CDs I ever bought- back in the day when they were invented. It's still my favorite Beatles album.
John Boyer
This and Come Together are my least favorite Beatles creation. Probably because of the drug references that are arguably the causation for the fall of this great foursome.
Andy Mellor
This early take of LITSWD has some vocal elements that are more advanced than the Anthology take. Did George Martin play the electric piano on this track ? I know he used his keyboard skills on previous albums , but John may have played this himself. Very impressive if that was the case.
Linda Harrielle Wies
Don't you remember listening to the radio back then 🤗 every week it seemed there was another great song released... Im not sure if there was another time when music was so exciting... maybe it still happens ? Someday when Im sick of listening to 60s and early 70 songs ... I'll check it out and let you know 🤔 😎 definitely magical
Becky Vitelli
It's kinda weird that the 2 remaining Beatles have cigarettes dangling out of their mouths. Curse Sir Walter Raleigh, it was such a stupid get...
Paul Holmes
Giles Martin is spot on. I made a choice when I got the last remasters on 2009... Stereo over Mono because the boxset had everything in it but the mono one didn't... Yet the mono mixes are the 'real' versions. However much they have dated, it's not as much as the stereo mixes. Meanwhile Yellow Submarine Songtrack, Love and more recently 1+ have shown that new stereo mixes can breathe fresh life into the songs. If Giles wants to remix the whole catalogue I'm game to buy them again. How's about vinyl reissues that have the original mono mix on one disc and a new stereo mix on another? Gotta be worth a fortune right?
Neil Charles Morgan
Here we go again, Universal clawing the money back after the take over of EMI Cant wait until two years time when they reissue it again only this time its played backwards. Its like taking a painting by picasso, cutting it up and putting it on a museum wall.I already own 10 copies of Sgt Pepper alone. As much as i love The Beatles i will not be buying it. Remix? for Pete's sake leave it alone.
Adrian Elton
Extraordinary that the song was that complete, both lyrically and in terms of the constituent parts of the arrangement and yet the most hooky of choruses was still missing despite the chords already being in place. I would have thought the chorus would have been an integral part of the song as first written. That said, as they were writing so prolifically, it was quite possibly a work in flux even as they recorded it.
Malcolm David Murray
Listening to this take offers - for me, insight into the Beatles' songwriting process, which by that time was so richly creative that they could produce hits without even having to go on tour to promote them. Although Herman's Hermits were a great band and also produced hits, the "crowd wisdom" over time puts the Beatles in a whole different league. And although I was a young teen when this song was getting lots of airplay, it never inspired me to start taking acid even though one of my 13-year old classmates at the time was dealing in it. Music for me offered something else to think about doing than drugs. 😊
Will Ivy
i'm glad Giles Martin is putting out the mono version of Sergeant Pepper. that's what I had when I was a kid in fact I had all the Beatles in mono up to including magical mystery tour.

Other newsfeed from The Beatles

#OTD 1963, Monday - The band were in Weston-Super-Mare, beginning their English tour with Gerry and the Pacemakers and Tommy Quickly. They had fun around town during the day, with photographer Dezo Hoffman taking pictures and some 8mm film. Photos © Apple Corps Ltd

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Jean Bishton Remember seeing them there!!
Alison McIver I have a photo of the 4 of them on the beach at Weston as I lived there.
Jorge Ure There is a nice videoclip from that joyful time in B's Anthology VHS or DVD
David Badanes I've seen hundreds of Beatles pictures, but I've never seen these. Great pics
Penny Robinson Plenty of photos and memorabilia in WSM if you know where to look

Enjoy the full length video of the band performing Hey Bulldog at Abbey Road Studios, February 1968.

25.5k reactions 703 comments
Randy Harris Allen Pretty petty trivia but this was one of the few post Pepper appearances where they are all clean shaven they even have moptop hair styles. Wonder if that was done on purpose. Oh well I'm just one of those Beatle freaks that picks up useless trivia. Fun ...
Rick Rothwell Thank you for sharing. Abbey Road Studios, London ~ ~ ~ February 1968 The Beatles doing what they excelled at ! [SAT22JUL17/0708hrsBST], on a damp and showery overcast morning.
Doug Stoiber One of my favorite Lennon times. Fascinating to see how many guitars used in that recording. George on both the Gibson SG and his Gretsch Country Gentleman, and John picking the lead line on his Epiphone Casino.
Peter Burns It's funny how years later Beatles songs pop up from being an album track or a B side recording and can get such great accolade. Another one, like bulldog that for me fits the bill is within you without you. One of George's finest.
Paul Harrison For the Beatles this was one of their throwaway songs just shows how great they were and still are. The greatest band of all time never be another no matter how others try.

Timeline Photos

8.2k reactions 64 comments
Brian Roth Young bucks still back in Liverpool
Steve Bennett John was passed that he was not mentioned in George's book.
Romeo Tomas Delarosa They are the best.
Robin Boatright Keri who does the boy on the left look like?
Peti Becze Ők tudtak zenélni

Did The Beatles discover one of the first ever secret cinemas?

1.2k reactions 13 comments
Stephanie Marie TetraHydro Club
Jorge Luis Carballosa Calzadilla Canciones de no epoca
Zuzanna Donatowicz Dunno.
George Nichols No. But they did discover a bad finger.
Sunni Clark I think they are related to Mr Weasley.

#OTD 1963 - The Beatles are in the studio for their first `With The Beatles' session. Have you listened to it?

10.2k reactions 452 comments
James Anderson Merritt My first Beatles album (actually, the American "Meet the Beates"), in Stereo (unlike the one pictured here). I loved how you could turn down the Beatles voices for most tracks, and sing karaoke, decades before that was a "thing." I still rate this as ...
Mary Heath Was always my favourite. My first Beatles LP, have it in vinyl and a CD. They used to play it a lot at The Cabin in The Kings Head at Shepperton. Very low ceiling and everyone standing elbow to elbow. On Friday and Saturday nights they played all ...
Robert Melsom My favourite album of all time! So fresh and exciting then, and still gives me goosebumps today! The Aussie album cover is different from the UK version, and in my opinion, one of their best covers!
David Austin Yes, got this - both the mono and stereo LP versions. Prefer the mono overall, but 'Money' sounds good in stereo. It's a very energetic and densely packed album (if that makes sense).
Tom Schalipp "With The Beatles" features some of George Harrisons greatest solo guitar work in best Chet Atkins manner. Then Paul bought himself an Epiphone Casino and things started to change.

1.3k reactions 77 comments
Raymond Miller I saw the show a few years ago it was great then.
Bill Fletcher I have got to see this someday soon!
Daniele Almeida Tiago Bach...pense! Vegas
Albert Cooke The greatest show (not concert) I've ever seen.
Patrice Harkins This show is one of the most amazing things I have seem!

2.7k reactions 114 comments
Bonnie Belle I saw Paul in Tampa. AWESOME performance!!! He's still got it!!!
Jessica Kunsminskas I'm still hoping to see Sir Paul in Brazil this year... :)
Oguz Ics This is rubbish. Playing the US and the UK for the 10.000 th time? He should visit countries which havent seen a Beatle before and would really appreciate it.
Sherry L. Smith I hope to see Paul in Brooklyn in Sept! He does an amazing 3-hour performance!
Peter Gillan watched paul mc,cartney in glasgow, many years ago, one of the best shows, that i have seen, rock on paul. 😀

Something - Remastered

Something - Remastered
Something - Remastered

Something - Remastered, a song by The Beatles on Spotify

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Steve Foster Why try to make perfection more than it is? It is what it is-PERFECT...
Manuel Pita Esta es, ciertamente, una de mis "top 5" de todos los tiempos.
Moisés R. Milián 'Somewhere in her smile she knows, that I don't need no other lover' 💕 Valentina Botran M&V 💟💞💞💞
Mairelys Reyes That song is a thrill. Lucky the woman who got this dedicated at her 😍
Danny Bradley The most beautiful love song ever written! I sang it to my wife on our wedding day.

Timeline Photos

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Austin Lovelace Reporter: "Do you think Ringo is the nest drummer in the world?" John: "... He's not even the best drummer in The Beatles"
Douglas Gaines I believe Hamburg really made good musicians out of them...Working 12 hours a day really paid off well.
Paul Caliri The lineup then, from left to right: Best, Harrison, Lennon and McCartney. Starkey comes later.
Lisa Bullee George was underage to play in the Hamburg clubs - they lied about his age.
Mark Maranta With Pete Best, no less.

Congratulations to everyone involved in The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - 5 Emmy nominations!

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Allison Baldwin What a homely looking bunch of men ..
Stefano Amadori Confermo: molto bello, Con pochi cenni Ron Howard spiega tante cose a chi non le ha vissute.
Brito Oliveira Gostaria de baixar esse documentário ,mas parece qui não está disponível .
William Allen You pictures are in my family album with the twelve Aposltes
Kevin Hillman It was a letdown after all the hype. Please, DO NOT use colorized clips!! If you buy it, get the 2 DVD set.

Ron Howard guest hosts on The Beatles Channel

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Russell Park Paul and John were as close together as two brothers could ever get in those formative years. Having said that life and relationships evolve.
Taylor Soto Kelly Boland Soto show this to Dad, he's going to be on the Beatles channel
Claire Coughlan I offer this out to a few ATC-ers...go back to where you began
Jerry Rutman It was a wonderful CD and I enjoyed every minute of it ! Great job by Opie. It was a blessing for me.
Carol Friedman Love the talent of Ron Howard!! Even back as Opie Taylor!!!

George Harrison - Living In The Material World | uDiscover

George Harrison - Living In The Material World | uDiscover
George Harrison - Living In The Material World | uDiscover

Renowned writer Richard Havers looks at the George Harrison album Living In The Material World & tells the story behind it, with audio, quotes & soundbites

1.3k reactions 29 comments
Ian Leech Angie Villers
LC Monroe Joseph Castro Tiyonia Marie Echols looks like my Disney stamp hehe
Lorraine Hastings His most spiritual album by far 👍🏻
Stephen Rix Great album got it when it first came out
Robert Goodwin Send a stamped undressed elephant.

5.4k reactions 102 comments
Charlene Crane Yay for u guy! Keep rockin☺
Irma Torres LOVE !!!!
Davidylan Trafilaf Quidel Happy Birthday Ringo be happy man.
Robin Hann Wakefield Peace and love to you on this and everyday!
Ana Martha Villarruel Very good feeling 🌿🌹🌿🌹🌿🌹🌿

Wishing you 24/7 #PeaceandLove, Las Vegas! Follow Ringo Starr to get all the official #PeaceandLove events from around the world.

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Laurie Taylor I need to see this again soon!!
Noella Rhone Would LOVE to see this again!!!
Pete Trish Dahmer Been there, done that!
Ana Lúcia Que Show!
Orlando Huamani Fernandez happy bhirday ringo star since PERU

Tune in now to the live broadcast of Ringo Starr's birthday #PeaceAndLove celebration!

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John Wilkes Sorry been doing the "Peace and Love" since 1967. Sorry folks it ain't working !~! Can we try something else please ! This is very corny !~!
Per William Bell Happy Birthday Ringo! Peace and Love all the way! It is all because of you!
M.J. Guitarman good job ritchie! you are the ONE and ONLY "billy shears", i'm soooo glad I can say i SAW A BEATLE IN CONCERT! in my lifetime.when rings came out to blaisdell concert hall here in honolulu on ward and kapiolani! last nov.8th. and it was from a groupon, ...
Louise Marie Zalek Happy Birthday. I'm looking for a drummer to play my original songs and they have to sound like you
Sherry L. Smith Happy Birthday, Ringo!!! We need your positive spirit in this world!

#PeaceandLove, Peru! Follow @RingoStarr to get all the official #PeaceandLove events from around the world.

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Teresa Marin Reyna Feliz cumpleaños Ringo Peace and Love Lima Peru.
Anthony Holliday Sorry Ringo but it'll take more than "peace and love" to save this sinking ship.
Janine St-Jean Happy Birthday Ringo ... love 'the Beatles' THE GOOD OLD DAYS!!!

Now live from Capitol Records! Tune in to Ringo Starr's Facebook for his annual birthday #peaceandlove celebration!

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Jeff Surprenant Michael DeFilippi
Jugal Rishi Happy birthday Ringo!God bless!!
Marion Pels Happy birthday Ringo!
Debra Steinbacher 7-7-17 and he turns 77! 7 must be his number!
Cobra Vivolo Happy Birthday Ringo! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Happy Birthday Ringo! #peaceandlove

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Dani Martin Peace and love to all
Wojtek Gutorski Happy birthday from Poland Ringo!!!!!
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legends!
Gregoria Rodriguez Happy Birthday RINGO! 🎉🎊🎉
Karen Fiore We love you Ringo❤️❤️

To everyone in Lima, Peru - #PeaceandLove! Follow Ringo Starr to get all the official #PeaceandLove events from around the world.

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Jack McAfee Tomas Diaz
Andy Corti Gil Bar-Or Joel Guzman why aren't we there
Maurice X. Serrano Escobar Saludos Peruanos. Long life to Ringo !!
Jacques Chapotot Asombroso 😉!
Melinda Ross From Omaha, Nebraska U.S.A., #Peaceandlove! Happy Birthday, Ringo! Thanks for spreading the love!

#PeaceandLove, Rio de Janeiro! Follow Ringo Starr to get all the official #PeaceandLove events from around the world.

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Renata Henriques Cintia Campos
Márcia Pereira Pellegatti Willian Pellegatti
Jean Munoz un massacre !
Göran Bartholdson Thö Bötles
Diane Bedell Peace and love. Happy birthday ringo

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Willi Benkovics ...Danke Ringo und danke den Beatles, ihr habt mir in meiner schlechtesten Zeit mit Eurer Musik sehr viel geholfen um nicht aufzugeben...
Jaroslav Křížek Ringo byl hlavně ve správný čas a ve správné kapele. Technicky ale i muzikantsky jsou bicí ( ale i další nástroje) dnes úplně někde jinde. To je prostě vývoj. Na začátku 60tých let byl ale Ringo hodně inovativní. Všechno v životě je nutné posuzovat v ...
Abraham Crystal I say, Paul is a bit too close to ye buttocks. But, hey, that's what I call "love without borders". LOL!!Happy Birthday.
Ismael Gonçalves Pereira I would like to be a Beattle to have so many fans as they listen....She Loves You...yeah..yeah...yeah....or Listen do You want to know a Secret......
Eileen Holmes Always loved Ringo.....good solo singer too on at least a couple of great songs.: You're Sixteen and....Everyone Wants to Be My Baby. Happy Birthday lovely guy!🥁🎤🎼💗

Sending you #PeaceandLove, Sao Paulo! Follow Ringo Starr to get all the official #PeaceandLove events from around the world.

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Revolution Fã-Clube Thanks, it was a great moment in my life.

Good afternoon, Chascomos, Argentina! Wishing you #PeaceandLove! Follow Ringo Starr to get all the official #PeaceandLove events from around the world.

630 reactions 8 comments
Rocío Tiveron Lucía Tiveron
Dc Mariel Excelencia .Aguante Argentina.
Melody Curtis Happy Birthday Ringo Starr
Ines Emilia Corro Hermoso!!!!
Bruno Charpiot The Magical Mystery Bus !!

Timeline Photos

60.8k reactions 973 comments
Marijke Snel What a marvellous picture of those two handsome guys! Shame John's life was cut short..... Glad for Ringo he's still alive and kicking: Happy Birthday, RIngo!! 😘
Julie Birch Lovely photo. loved everyone of the Beatles Great Band Great Fims always one film on on Boxing Day happy memories 🖒 Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY RINGO STAR XXX 💖💖
Christy Risner-Worley Jessica Skaggs-Risner who does this look like to you lol?
Ken Henderson Ringo was the top rock and roll drummer in Liverpool, and all the local groups wanted him. But the Beatles couldn't offer him more that what he was getting with his then-band until they got a record deal. No other Liverpool band had that.
Robert Hopkins At the risk of being accused of raining on Ringo's birthday parade....When I see all these accolades about him being a great drummer it reminds me that when Howlin' Wolf was in England recording with all the greats he kicked Ringo out of the studio in ...

Peace & Love Ringo - from the Vedders and the Harrisons

6.7k reactions 73 comments
Timothy Pierson I thunk that was Friar Park hehehehe
Carol Rebennack Lane THATS SO COOL,!
John Brown At age 77....IT DOES COME EASY! Happy birthday Ringo! 😊
Sílvia Porto Govoni Que lindo!!!!!
Fernanda Mia Muñz Feliz cumpleaños!!! Ringo!!! I LOVE you!!!

London! Come together with Abbey Road Studios and Ringo Starr and join us in a moment of #PeaceandLove. Follow Ringo to get all the official #PeaceandLove events from around the world.

1.9k reactions 41 comments
Isabel Varela González ✌️ #pazyamor
Claude Boivin Hi Ringo
Sophie Gibson #FanMail #PeaceandLove
Travis McLaurin PETE BEST!
Karan Japps #PeaceandLove

#PeaceandLove to you, always, Liverpool! Follow Ringo Starr to get all the official #PeaceandLove events from around the world.

2.5k reactions 39 comments
Sheryl Marquardt Peace and Love
Phil De Soto Happy Birthday Ringo✌️
Pam Reiter Happy Birthday Ringo!
Sandy Dower Happy Birthday mate!
Retno Sitoresmi Happy Birthday... Ringo...!!

PEACE & LOVE FROM MADRID! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RINGO!!! Follow Ringo Starr for all the official #peaceandlove events from around the world!

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Zoey Millar Mathew Mikhaiel
Carlos Delendati Feliz cumple RINGO, paz y amor.
Graham Wilkinson Peace And Love and Happy Birthday Ringo.
Cristian Preda 😎
Ram Gill Mira you not portoreican?😑

Hello Germany! #PeaceandLove. Follow Ringo Starr to get all the official #PeaceandLove events from around the world.

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Mariottini Gian Franco GREAT HALLE
Robert Reidy PEACE AND LOVE.
Lorraine Watkins Peace and love to everyone
Cindy MacDonald Collum Happy Birthday, Ringo. Peace & love ❤️!☮️✌🏻
Shary Borges Happy Birthday Ringo💝🙅😘💙
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