The Beatles
20:53 05/18/2017

NPR Music Premiere The Beatles' First Take Of 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’, from the Anniversary Edition of Sgt Pepper.

“What you hear on this first attempt is a version lacking the vocals from that famous chorus; John is singing lead and Paul McCartney is at a Lowrey organ, combining numerous presets, including harpsichord, vibraharp and music box, to make that infamous opening sound.”
“You hear, in the bits of backgrounded conversation, a true collaboration, a bit of magic unfolding. It's thrilling to hear.”

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The Beatles

The Beatles' First Take Of 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds'

On the cusp of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band's 50th birthday, hear the first take The Beatles recorded of a legendary song.

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Sutton David
I like the Beatles music--but i don't buy the line that Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds is not about LSD --and I resent that they are pinning it on Julian Lennon and his drawing. Let's get real.
Aileen Frazer
Grew up with Paul McCartneyOn Western Ave,Speke,LiverpoolLove all thier music.
Les Field
You were named after this. Lucy Field
Abe Nemuras
im thinking of buying some of my favorite cds on cassette again. my cds are remastered and sound way wrong. sgt pepper and abbey road for sure. plus, my jimi hendrix "are you experienced". on some of the songs the music is up but the vocals are practicaly inaudible. plus, all those cool little background noises are gone. and on jimi his guitar playing is watered down and less intense.
Matt Gelfand
If Pepper had Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane on it like it should have, it would be the best Beatle album.
Jon Ashley
It's one of the first three CDs I ever bought- back in the day when they were invented. It's still my favorite Beatles album.
John Boyer
This and Come Together are my least favorite Beatles creation. Probably because of the drug references that are arguably the causation for the fall of this great foursome.
Andy Mellor
This early take of LITSWD has some vocal elements that are more advanced than the Anthology take. Did George Martin play the electric piano on this track ? I know he used his keyboard skills on previous albums , but John may have played this himself. Very impressive if that was the case.
Linda Harrielle Wies
Don't you remember listening to the radio back then 🤗 every week it seemed there was another great song released... Im not sure if there was another time when music was so exciting... maybe it still happens ? Someday when Im sick of listening to 60s and early 70 songs ... I'll check it out and let you know 🤔 😎 definitely magical
Becky Vitelli
It's kinda weird that the 2 remaining Beatles have cigarettes dangling out of their mouths. Curse Sir Walter Raleigh, it was such a stupid get...
Paul Holmes
Giles Martin is spot on. I made a choice when I got the last remasters on 2009... Stereo over Mono because the boxset had everything in it but the mono one didn't... Yet the mono mixes are the 'real' versions. However much they have dated, it's not as much as the stereo mixes. Meanwhile Yellow Submarine Songtrack, Love and more recently 1+ have shown that new stereo mixes can breathe fresh life into the songs. If Giles wants to remix the whole catalogue I'm game to buy them again. How's about vinyl reissues that have the original mono mix on one disc and a new stereo mix on another? Gotta be worth a fortune right?
Neil Charles Morgan
Here we go again, Universal clawing the money back after the take over of EMI Cant wait until two years time when they reissue it again only this time its played backwards. Its like taking a painting by picasso, cutting it up and putting it on a museum wall.I already own 10 copies of Sgt Pepper alone. As much as i love The Beatles i will not be buying it. Remix? for Pete's sake leave it alone.
Adrian Elton
Extraordinary that the song was that complete, both lyrically and in terms of the constituent parts of the arrangement and yet the most hooky of choruses was still missing despite the chords already being in place. I would have thought the chorus would have been an integral part of the song as first written. That said, as they were writing so prolifically, it was quite possibly a work in flux even as they recorded it.
Malcolm David Murray
Listening to this take offers - for me, insight into the Beatles' songwriting process, which by that time was so richly creative that they could produce hits without even having to go on tour to promote them. Although Herman's Hermits were a great band and also produced hits, the "crowd wisdom" over time puts the Beatles in a whole different league. And although I was a young teen when this song was getting lots of airplay, it never inspired me to start taking acid even though one of my 13-year old classmates at the time was dealing in it. Music for me offered something else to think about doing than drugs. 😊
Will Ivy
i'm glad Giles Martin is putting out the mono version of Sergeant Pepper. that's what I had when I was a kid in fact I had all the Beatles in mono up to including magical mystery tour.

Other newsfeed from The Beatles

Ringo Starr Spreads the Love at New York City’s Beacon Theater—With a Little Help from Radiohead’s Phil Selway

Ringo Starr Spreads the Love at New York City’s Beacon Theater—With a Little Help from Radiohead’s Phil Selway
Ringo Starr Spreads the Love at New York City’s Beacon Theater—With a Little Help from Radiohead’s Phil Selway

Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band brought peace and love to New York City—with a little help from his friend Phil Selway of Radiohead

9.9k reactions 151 comments
Shari Collyer Minter It’s amazing how all these star drummers want to play with Ringo!
Jeff Boyle Spreading the love Ringo gotta love him one of the all time greats
Mitzi Fishman I hope I am that healthy and vibrant at 77! ✌️ and ❤️
Deborah Fake Ringo is awesome. Best show ever in Reading, PA. Peace and Love Ringo.
Shari Collyer Minter He sings better now than when he did the original

#OTD #1967, The Beatles work on ‘I Am The Walrus’ at Abbey Road. (This is the last of the `Magical Mystery Tour' sessions). "Expert texpert choking smokers, Don't you think the joker laughs at you? See how they smile, Like pigs in a sty, see how they snied. I'm crying. Semolina pilchards Climbing up the Eiffel Tower. Element'ry penguin singing Hare Krishna, Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe." Listen:

6.2k reactions 162 comments
Robert Tyler Lennon Once Said He Wrote the Song Over the Course of Several Trips on LSD... Not Sure if That is True but Sounds Like It to Me!
Patrickman Orquia I hope they release a remastered version of MMT. I am the Walrus on LOVE sounds much better than the original version and solves the false stereo issue near the end of the song.
Robert Styles Beatles are the ORIGINAL SUPER GROUP!!!!!
Mike Carbone Meg Griffin at Sirius xm radio is the 1st lesbian to vote at The rock and Roll Hall of Fame . Sirius made the announcement.
Danny Meyers I always thought he was singing “extra texture” and that that was where George got the idea for his album title.

THE PAUL McCARTNEY ARCHIVE COLLECTION EIGHT TITLES IN-STORES NOW FEATURING LIMITED EDITION 180g COLOR VINYL PRESSINGS The first eight Archive Collection titles are now available in stores released as single CD digipack, 180gram black vinyl, and limited edition 180gram colour vinyl. All vinyl LPs in the Archive Collection will feature a download card and fully restored artwork. Every release in the ongoing Paul McCartney Archive Collection is supervised by Paul himself, who oversees all aspects of each and every title from remastering to the curation of lost tracks, outtakes, artwork, photographs and video from his personal vaults, and much more. The result is one of the most ambitious and personal undertakings of its kind, one that encompasses more than 40 years of cherished, classic material from the most successful songwriter and recording artist in music history.

The Archive Collection: Eight Titles In Stores Today!
The Archive Collection: Eight Titles In Stores Today!

The first eight Archive Collection titles are now available in stores released as single CD digipack, 180gram black vinyl single LP, and limited edition 180gram colour vinyl. All vinyl LPs in the Archive Collection will feature a download card and fully restored artwork...

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Gary Biro No Red Rose Speedway?
Neno Brazil Tenho todos estes em vinyl...
Don Feeney Suitable for burning.
Diane Christenson Dennis Latuszek..... "Venus and Mars are alright tonight"... :)
Dave McFarland Get all the Voodoo boot releases, far better then any of these legal ones 😏

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Angel Belmont Murdoc is that you?
Arthur Lagarde Raphaëlle Bth on attend toujours ce fameux blind test beatles :o
László Csejka " ... Love me while you can Before I'm a dead old man ... "
Alexis Tregenza George Harrison, Beatle of distinction certainly was 'Way Out'.
Javier Valentin Con el sigarillo por eso se murio el visio lo mato no hagan lo mismo fumando de los 13 anos

Brilliant halftime show by The Ohio State University Marching Band celebrating the 50th anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and more...

2.5k reactions 213 comments
John Wilkinson I’m a Wolfpack fan but this band just blew me away with Sgt Pepper!.
Greg Cox I have to admit I like it. Sgt Pepper with a little Yellow Submarine thrown in for fun! 🎶
Betty Caraza Coto What an amazing tribute! Beatles’ fan for life!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Jack Walsh The Beatles were the best band ever. They changed music forever. Good job guys.
Cathy McIntosh Blair Made me cry when they made the yellow submarine.

How Ringo Starr "Invoked The Beatles' Aura" With 'Ringo'

How Ringo Starr "Invoked The Beatles
How Ringo Starr "Invoked The Beatles' Aura" With 'Ringo'

Featuring John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison, Ringo Starr's third album 'Ringo' was hailed as "the first to actually invoke The Beatles' aura."

2.9k reactions 78 comments
Patrick Segriff One of the top 5 Beatles solo albums in my opinion.
Jeff Laskowski It was also good to see Billy Preston back on the piano/keyboard with the Fab Four!
Bob Berry Still one of my "deserted island" picks!
Drew Lawrence One of the better post beatles albums
Graeme Fulton 44 years ... Oh dear ... I remember buying this Lp the same day as Wings:Band on the run ...

#OTD 1966, newspapers report that there will be no more Beatles tours, marking the end of one extraordinary journey and the beginning of another - in the studio. What is your favourite moment from The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years?

4.8k reactions 88 comments
Cathy Sekanic Is this movie ever going to be on HBO or any other premium channel?
Cicci Lindqvist Shea Stadium.The enter show on the big screen.What a feeling🇺🇸🇬🇧👌
Luke McFadden Got to be the introduction of the new member Eric 😂😂😂 " I'm John, it was only a joke"
Ramses Alvarez Esta fue sin duda una de las Canciones que hizó que The Beatles me llegaran a fascinar como banda. Lennon fue un puto génio😔
Małgorzata Waschto The part when The Beatles stand against racial segregation during their US tour - and they win!

Elbow soundtrack this year's John Lewis Christmas campaign with a new cover of The Beatles' 'Golden Slumbers'. Guy Garvey, lead singer of elbow said: "This project was such a pleasure. The director Michel Gondry and The Beatles did all the work for us. We are really proud to be involved." Listen to the track here:

5.3k reactions 227 comments
Sandra Linton I wonder how many young people know this song?🤔
Christine Sales Don’t like this version of a classic song and I don’t like the advert either. Bah Humbug John Lewis !
James Dore Adam Wilbourne actually pains me listening to this awful cover
Daniel Barber Amy Barber this advert by the great elbow 👌
Jay Hall Lovely cover and the child reminds me of a young Lewis Hamilton.

This Friday 10th November, BBC4 is rebroadcasting Sgt. Pepper’s Musical Revolution: With the help of outtakes and studio conversations between the band - never heard before outside of Abbey Road - composer Howard Goodall: "Gets under the bonnet of Sgt Pepper. He takes the music apart and reassembles it, to show us how it works - and makes surprising connections with the music of the last 1,000 years to do so.”

Sgt Pepper
Sgt Pepper's Musical Revolution with Howard Goodall - BBC Two

Exploring why Sgt Pepper is still seen as so innovative, revolutionary and influential.

5.0k reactions 129 comments
Nadine Cini I know what I will e doing tomorrow night Clinton Cini
Dennis Cooper I will look forward to viewing The Beatles programmes Friday evening cool.🎸🎺🐜
Terry Crowdy This was an excellent programme.
Paul Corr This will be worth watching/recording Diann
Mike D. Riley Will this be broadcast in the U.S. at some point?

'Pepperland Movements 2 & 3 - The March Of The Meanies / Sea O...

1.2k reactions 32 comments
Divad Llorrac
Alex Dávila
Ryan Holquist Paul Gibson
Jessica Kearney Ruth McCarthy David McCarthy
Leanne Firth Vivienne Kelemen 😁

#OTD #1963, #TheBeatles played the Royal Command Performance, where John famously commented: “For our last number I’d like to ask your help. The people in the cheaper seats clap your hands, and the rest of you if you’d just rattle your jewellery.” Later, he remarked: “I was fantastically nervous, but I wanted to say something to rebel a bit, and that was the best I could do.” Photos © Apple Corps Ltd.

6.3k reactions 171 comments
Brad Wood John Lennon was a genius. He alone put the Beatles train in motion
Darkie Hall They re-invented Rock and Roll music along with Little Richard
Brian Flemming There are two kinds of musicians today: those influenced by the Beatles, and liars!
Madi Facer Love John Lennon. The Beatles were so iconic
Maristela Alves How the world misses John Lennon.

Paul McCartney Wants You to Do One Thing for the Planet

Paul McCartney Wants You to Do One Thing for the Planet
Paul McCartney Wants You to Do One Thing for the Planet

Paul McCartney, a global icon and former Beatle who is often known more for his music than his activism, spoke to Susan Goldberg, editor-in-chief of National Geographic magazine.

3.1k reactions 135 comments
Alec Aubrey I hope he's fighting to get chemtrails and geoengineering banned
Anthony DeFonzo Please don’t make a mortal mistake by telling us all how to live. Sing, play and entertain. That’s all we want from you.
John Brown What? No more Hoffner bass guitars made of wood? 😊
Holly Sheldon That'll be a piece of cake! I like cake! Meat not so much.
David Renfrow Paul, Don’t tell me how to live my life. And don’t tell me to give up bacon and burgers because you think it’s wrong. YOU’RE AN ENTERTAINER, THAT’S ALL YOU ARE!!!! NOW SHUT UP AND ENTERTAIN ME!!!!!!

On December 15, the DELUXE ANNIVERSARY EDITION of The Beatles’ 1967 masterwork, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, will debut worldwide in high definition digital audio (96kHz/24bit). On the same date, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’s 2017 stereo mix will be released in two distinct 1-LP vinyl editions: a 180-gram black vinyl LP and a limited, collectible picture disc vinyl LP. See for full information. Preorder Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 180-gram black vinyl LP: Preorder Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band limited edition picture disc vinyl LP: Purchase Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Anniversary Edition:

9.1k reactions 270 comments
Joey Aschwanden I still have a sealed picture disk that Capital did sometime around 1978. I never opened it, but I've heard the sound quality wasn't very good on those? That record has been sitting on the shelf unplayed for about 38 years!
Chris Bartey can't see the point of this....I have it on vinyl and CD and again on the HMV special edition of the mid 1980's....I aint buying it again...oh, and the vinyl copy is by far the best sound to listen to...despite the crackle and hiss...
Rick Wenger I'm still waiting for the release of the 5.1 surround mix CD by itself without having to buy the box set! I already have the original vinyl (purchased the day it was released), Mobile Fidelity vinyl, first CD. Please release it!!!
Simon Emery I've already got an original pic disc vinyl from original release, seems strange that a 50th anniversary was released several months ago why was the pic disc not included then, you get the feeling that someone is trying to rip you off👎
Lesly Illinski I've heard of artificial intelligence, GMO foods, and. now we are doctoring up sounds. I wonder if Ringo and Paul think the original sounds so bad. These have been remastered how many times. What is wrong with we're already listening to. Anything to ...

WE ARE RINGING IN THE HOLIDAYS WITH ‘THE CHRISTMAS RECORDS’ LIMITED EDITION SEVEN-INCH VINYL BOX SET, AND NEW SGT. PEPPER DIGITAL AND VINYL EDITIONS The Beatles’ Festive Fan Club Holiday Recordings will be presented together on 7 coloured vinyl singles with original artwork on December 15th. Debuting on the same day: Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in HD Digital Audio, Picture Disc and Single Vinyl Editions. Read the full story at Pre-order your copy:

2.8k reactions 200 comments
John Ozed This would be wonderful. If I had a record player.
Paul Conn Are you releasing the Christmas records in CD format too?
Jimmie Rudolfsson Where is the Magical Mystery Tour 50th aniversary remix deluxe CD?
Chuck Williams Must.....have.......everything........Beatles!!!!
Nick Bradburn Get your credit cards out Beatle fans..gonna be a great but expensive Christmas

8 Songs A Week: Vote for the best Beatles songs sung by Paul McCartney (Poll Ends 11/03/2017)

8 Songs A Week: Vote for the best Beatles songs sung by Paul McCartney (Poll Ends 11/03/2017)
8 Songs A Week: Vote for the best Beatles songs sung by Paul McCartney (Poll Ends 11/03/2017)

Tune in Fridays at 4 pm ET on The Beatles Channel (Ch. 18) to hear 8 Songs A Week.

4.8k reactions 1481 comments
Louie Torres My Beatles Paul McCartney all time favourite classic song is, " Yesterday, " I love these because of it's lyrics, melody, tune & the beautiful voice & the acoustic playing of Paul & lots of singers recorded this song, but the original is the best.🎤🎧🎸🎻🎼🎹
Robin Snyder Oh Darling for sure! I’ve heard he smoked heavily before recording so his voice was rougher. It paid off! He is amazing on that song. My favorite Paul song!
Pablo Martinez long tall sally because of how hard he rocks, the four of them were like a stampede of bulldozers when they played rock, paul's voice on that one is amazing and they did it on just one take!!!
Marilyn Teixeira I’m down, yesterday,Eleanor Rigby,she cried for no one..and I love her along with till there was you .. and that my friend is all my favorites of the real Paul Mccartney .. now if we r talking about billy it would have to b the long and winding road..
Terry Conner So many. The climax singing in the fade out of "Hey Jude" still sends chills down my back. Love the versatility of "Oh Darling." Love the purity of "I Will." Paul is my favorite singer of all time. Followed closely by John. "Too Many People" is great. ...

4.5k reactions 47 comments
Karen Brown Happy Halloween!
Aline Esculier Thank you -Paul! You too !!
Tony Watkins Happy Halloween.
Rodolfo Bergamini López II GOOD PAUL!!!!!
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legends!

127 reactions 57 comments
Estela Mary Gerat Show Beatte. !!!!
Cesare Palmieri Ma il serpente ?
Frank Lowry Happy Halloween, Alice!
Marilyn O'Neil Great Show Mr. Cooper!
Andreas Kuhnert Great

12.2k reactions 139 comments
Jeffrey W Hamilton Many moons ago but I still listen to their music today
Janice Sagan Look at those baby faces...soooo cute.
Gilbert Pesina Jr. Already i wish i couldve been around when barriers were being broken.
Eileen Treadway I was lucky enough to see the Beatles and Little Richard in concert in my early years 🎼
Cliff Ross Man, 'Little' Richard had a huge head !

9.1k reactions 78 comments
Denny Sumner They buried him on Blueberry Hill!
George Kaiser Rickenbackers all around....
John Shea Ain't that a shame!
Paul Jones A timeless legend, still listen to Fats he always lifts my spirits.
清水 充 この前、曲を聴いた時に、beatlesよりもfats dominoの方が良いという外国の方の意見を多く見ました。やはり「文化の違い」ですね、、。

#OTD #1965, #TheBeatles receive MBEs at Buckingham Palace: “To start with, we wanted to laugh. But when it happens to you, when you are being decorated, you don’t laugh any more. (…) We had nothing to say. The Queen was planted on a big thing. She said something like ‘ooh, ah, blah, blah’ we didn’t quite understand. She’s much nicer than she is in the photos.” - John. Photo © Apple Corps Ltd.

22.3k reactions 284 comments
Andrew Murphy They obviously couldn’t be bought!! And when they realised what was happening in the world, the medals were returned. Lennon said “Because cold turkey didn’t get to number 1” class 🎻🎸🎺🥁🎧🎼🎹
Ben Nielsen I recall a comment by a famous person about being decorated..You had to pay 30 million British pounds in taxes to be knighted!..I think it was Sir Ozzy...Way to go Paul!!!
Javier Norman I think they forgot to say about the joint they shared in the toilets before the ceremony,"because I was nervous"(John Lennon)
Armando Garcia I was in the. 4th grade when I heard that they were coming to the US. Didn't even know who they were and everyone was excited.
Debbie McCreery Adam Thompson Everyone loved them back then. Wish we could go back to those innocent days when they were first on Ed Sullivan. Will love them always.

Fats Domino - an inspiration to the band and a music legend. Rest In Peace. Photo © Curt Gunther

33.9k reactions 284 comments
Scott Hofer I think I’ll go walking to New Orleans...
Anna Fisher Elizabeth Kramer heres fats domino with the beatles LOL... he's everyyyywwwhhheeerrrreeee
Mary Butterworth Amazing pic so much Talent,RIP Fats Domino. 💞 💞 💞.
Stan Lanzetta Another Legend gone!!!!! RIP Fats Domino!!!!!!
Cheryl Breaud They wanted to meet Fats!!

#OTD #1967 #TheBeatles were at Abbey Road, mono mixing and editing ‘The Fool On The Hill’. “But the fool on the hill Sees the sun going down, And the eyes in his head See the world spinning 'round.” Listen:

3.1k reactions 99 comments
John Beebe Ryan Vaden Paul wrote a song about you
Martin Pickles If the mono mixes are important enough to post about, why can't we have them on iTunes?
Aidan White Paul went to France to film that scene for the movie.
Nikola Markovina Brilliant track, great production, McCartney certainly felt the Brian Wilson influence on this one.
Dave Brookes Got both these on the blue and the red album class pity I can’t bloody play them 📀😂👍

8 Songs A Week: Vote for your favorite Beatles film songs before Oct. 27

8 Songs A Week: Vote for your favorite Beatles film songs before Oct. 27
8 Songs A Week: Vote for your favorite Beatles film songs before Oct. 27

Tune in Fridays at 7 pm ET, starting November 3, on The Beatles Channel (Ch. 19) to hear 8 Songs A Week.

2.4k reactions 338 comments
Helmut Mogg I should have known better, Ticket to Ride, Walrus, Hey Bulldog, Two of us, Eight days a Week (live)
Susan Thomas Since I can only pick 3, will go with the actual film title tracks:Hard Day's Night, Help!, and Let It Be.
Mervyn Dendy Ticket to Ride. Easily the Beatles' best movie song. The only track they ever did that was better was Hey Jude.
Erik Hedberg Can't stop thinking about Magical Mystery Tour and how it, apparently, was written for the screen...
Jim Martin "I should have known better" the time it was amazing...don't look back and judge....think of how it felt at the time and you will say you love me too

Photos from John Lennon's post

2.8k reactions 91 comments
Mick Rose Bought when l was at school...
Shaun Lloyd Baught this when it came out and still got it, love it
Jason Palacios My father had this album on vinyl. Thought I'll never see this cover again.
Kevin Gillespie i have this its like brand new not one scratch on it perfect
Gordon Henderson Bought this on cassette when it came out, great Album.

Photos from Ringo Starr's post

6.8k reactions 78 comments
Ibarra Pablo Mmmm, Paul y Ringo juntos haciendo un tour " solo Beatles" antes que mueran, es lo que pide el mundo.
Susan Gray I saw Ringo a couple of years ago, really enjoyed it!
Carlo Medina I will like to see that Ringo play drums but it look like he does not.why??
Steve Mcminn See you on Tuesday Ringo when the Manchester boys will be in!
George Grayland Is Richard Starkey still touring as a Beatle????
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