Taio Cruz
15:50 09/12/2017

Give it everything you've got

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Timeline Photos

Give it everything you've got

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Ying Lang Lee
iphone 8 fan meeting?

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Backstage at the EMAs. ISSA boyband ting! ISSA Nigerian trench coat ting 😂🇳🇬🇬🇧

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Jimjam Afc Ferris eh eh
Kostadinka Kiechle belive

It’s finally that time, Cru! Check out the lyric video for my new single, Row The Body, feat. French Montana Stream. Listen. Share. Repeat 😎

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Dustin Wystrach Marcel Kita
Maurice Zöllner Er ist zurück 😍 Ciro Rissi
Angelique Melina Melady 👌

The hype is real. My new single featuring French Montana is out at midnight GMT. Make sure the entire #Cru downloads and streams it like crazy 😎

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Charles Ramsey Smith The song is sick!!!
Charles Ramsey Smith Paloma YB Taio Cruz is back with French Montana x

Are you ready for new music? 😊 Download Kewe to be the first to find out when it’s coming your way -- www.kewe.co @ Jacob

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Muhamad Hartanto 💙💙Boo 2 Madea Hollowen💙💙 #HOLLOWEN_BOO2_MADEA_NET
Kostadinka Kiechle beste

You might as well.

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Muhamad Hartanto Boo 2 Madea Hollowen #HOLLOWEN_BOO2_MADEA_NET💙

Smiling because I’ll be sharing some exciting news about my new music soon -- My followers on Kewe already know when 😉 Download Kewe to find out more www.kewe.co @ jacob

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Roberto Coelho Tisi Sriskandarasa
Kostadinka Kiechle ma süß liebe

Why go out when you could just stay in and listen to my new music? 😉😏

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Tyrilia Gouldson Word
Teong William 等有空再听不够睡啊大老很多也做的

😎 #classic

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Gus Auwerda Connor Fitzgerald Tom Forde yesssssssss
John Astler XD
Alper Yavaş Gözlükler şekilmiş başkan 😎😎

Get after it today 😎

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Jimmy Yang Sheyenne Tung

Fear is your worst enemy

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Roberto Coelho Tisi Sriskandarasa
Charity Emmanuel Lovely pic sweet
Obayi Louise Nice


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t o u c h

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Roberto Coelho Tisi Sriskandarasa
Haqeem Akoko Campaign


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Take a chance on yourself today

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Brittany Alisa Hinds Sylvia Faye DeBow
Kai Xian Nope !
Diki Kunsang True that 🤘🏽
Jena Kazmi Jena Kazmi your words keep touching wth my heart for a new day hope.
Jena Kazmi Jena Kazmi u always says best thing.


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Kevin Ross Wallace ,😎💪

Keep moving forward #MondayMotivation

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Roberto Coelho Tisi Sriskandarasa
Gus Auwerda Tom Forde Lb Smith
Assami Ouarme Coool
Kevin Ross Wallace Backwards neeevveerrr🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😼😎
Tyrilia Gouldson Awesome

It's the only way; is it worth it?

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Hanapi Napi Boo Hollowen 2 #BOO_HOLLOWEN_2_FREE💙


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محمد يوسف محمد rrrrrrroam
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