Taio Cruz
15:50 09/12/2017

Give it everything you've got

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Give it everything you've got

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Ying Lang Lee
iphone 8 fan meeting?

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Sing your ❤️ out

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Roberto Coelho Tisi Sriskandarasa
Mada Santos 😘😘😘😘😚😚😚😚😚♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Nur Humaira Amni absolutely awesome

Gotta love the #Cru 😎

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Show no mercy

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Oskar Wodzicki Malisz Nice

Yes my slippers are super fluffy

400 reactions 13 comments
Roberto Coelho Tisi Sriskandarasa
Ijeoma Ming Wow
Nkosingiphile V. Sikhakhane Fantastic

Passion 😎

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Always give 110%

94 reactions 1 comments

A good thing to remember this year 😏

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Diamond Pichardo Kim Moya

Nobody is going to help you succeed. They only hop on when the train is moving. You have to make the train move first. 🚂

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Roberto Coelho Tisi Sriskandarasa
Kostadinka Kiechle ma süß liebe

Tag someone who is cold and dreaming of summertime ☀️

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Daphne Abela Kevin Abela
Audrey Hickman Jeanne Glaister Dewberryry
Bardhok Oruqi Bardhok Oruqi
Ignasi Grabolosa Begudan Jesus Benitez
Burton Jasmin Burton Jasmin

What you did in the past is not as important as what you’re doing in the present

249 reactions 8 comments
Nico Freppan Lukas Losansky
Amy Bretton Antoinette Duplay
Roberto Coelho Tisi Sriskandarasa
Thomas Codling Kieran Russell 🙏
Rosa Tours, La Aventura está Aquí 😎😎

What are your goals for 2018?

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Roberto Coelho Tisi Sriskandarasa

An early Christmas present to the entire #Cru. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” feat. Natalia Barulich on vocals and Esther Anaya on violin ❄️

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Felix Klockemeyer Maximilian Ehringer 👀😳😱
Батням Гэрэл Chimde Chimde

You all are pretty dope 😎 #Cru

151 reactions 10 comments
James Humphris Daniel Taylor
Brooke Uebersetzig Lucy Pavelko
Amy Bretton Antoinette Duplay

Be yourself. It’s the one thing nobody can do better.

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Kevin Dutoit Antony Siegenthaler
Izzo Sarraj Ali Brawon شبيهك
Kostadinka Kiechle beste

Thank you Cru for smashing that play button and crossing 4 million streams!

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Yuda Oches @ [Xeroz Trianz Watchfree => Justice League & Thor Ragnarok MOVIE HD
조광진 우리 타이오 크루즈형 게시글 좋아요 개찐따네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

All black as always 😎 What's your go-to color of choice?

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Lina Muzainah Boo 2 Madea Hollowen ➡#JIGSAW_Thor_Boo2_HOLLOWEN❎

Food for thought 😎

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