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We lost Chuck Berry yesterday. Without Chuck Berry, there’s no Rolling Stones, there's no Beatles, there's no me.

He was an incredibly influential musician and amazing lyricist.

Though I'd never sung this song before, I wanted to find a way to pay tribute to him because we owe him so much.

Video by @Sallykfischer @sallyfischerpr Insta

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Manuel Fernandez Menor
Big Chuck Berry among the big ones. Thank you for your beautiful compositions
Martin Krapohl
We did the same on our rehearsel yesterday. The godfather of rock n roll is gone🎸🎸🎸
Nichole D'Angelo
I love when sting sings...what a blessed voice! Chuck berry must be cheering him on singing his song!
Андрей Устинов
Stones, Beatles, me. Modesty is definitely your thing, man.
Margaret Thibodeaux Bellanger
RIP Chuck Berry and thank you for all your great music and the great musicians you have inspired.
Walter Everett
Well spoken but we must depart one day. It is now up to the muso's to make sure rock and roll never dies.
Charlie Materise
A fine tribute for one great from another. Sting you did him proud
LaRee Saline Price
He was an original rock and roller. God bless his family and keep him for us.
Helena Azucena Marcela De la Cruz
Dear Sting, please your pray for Perú please, thanks a lot!!!!
Sam Riseley
Dont worry mate, I got your message in the bottle , thanks for putting your life on the line for us 👍 I hope the cunts break their leg walking on the moon also 😉
Susan Jude
This move is sincere loyalty ,appreciation and deep sorrow for the loss of a good colleague and a friend.
Sally Fischer
Sting's intro: We lost Chuck Berry today. Without Chuck Berry there’s no Rolling Stones,there's no Beatles, there's no me. He was an incredibly influential musician also an amazing lyricist. I just want to use this opportunity to pay tribute to him, because we owe him so much. I am going to sing a song called Johnny B. Goode, which I have never sung in my life..which is written down in front of me,
Igor Vasilenko
He looks from heaven, and maybe he is standing by and he listens to you how you play the music he loved cat. And as usual he looks smiling with screwed up eyes. There was so much peace and love in his look that would be enough for everyone, but people do not need this chance -what a pity how sorry.
Paul Pashley
Awesome tribute to Chuck from another legend! I hope you like my tribute to your work that inspired me to perform. We have had nearly 26000 hits on our version of 'Englishman..' hope you get to look :)
Doreen Thorne
Roxanne ,what a nice song ! I was just watching at your interview on T.V.A PROGRAM ,and was very sympa ..You know what make a diffrence with a song ,or any song ..It is your voice .You have the talent and the creativity to make it better with great emotions and charisma...It is like tasting a champagne for the first time ,it has a bubbly and sparkling taste with the fragrance of your heart ...A fan ,Sarah Doreen Thorne

Other newsfeed from Sting


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JT Thomas Stop teasing me
Taryn Thompson-Davis Why did that turn me on? LOL! OMG I 😍 Him!
Pam Levitt Alreet......get into the groove. Can’t wait. 🙂
Margarita Lucrecia Atlaco Macedo Perfect son 👍✌👏👏🎸🎸🙏❤🌹
Mark Kendrick Nice bass.....

Studio time with Dominic Miller

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Roger Thomas Love these two.
Alicia De Dios Fernandez I love you Sting!!!
Kevin Bennett Jr. Legends!
John Raymond Mayo My inner-demons say to say this stinks... holding my finger horizontal under my nose.
Becky Leskovec Two 'Greats' at work!

1.1k reactions 34 comments
Caterina Rivanor Ehi, gli italiani do it better 😀
Marianna Lastella cin <3!
Miriam Arias Real nice picture....!🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️
Emily Vagni Zanzani Congratulations Trudie🌹 and Sting
Anne Ruotsala Some bottle sold In finland Helsinki 😊

#Repost Martin

1.3k reactions 29 comments
Shari Anne In my mind
Brooke Overmier Have a good safe night
Cristina Figueiredo de Goes Se e I play
Cida Meira Sting, quando virá ao Brasil?
Robert Lindblad Nice bass man!

Studio vibrations

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John Conklin What’s being recorded?
Patricia Cardoso Amazing musician! Congrats!
Andreas Kuhnert Great
Griffin Milberger Learn auto tune..
Kristin Weithas Furth Ok Martin. Fess up. What’s going on here?


994 reactions 46 comments
Martin Taylor Wonderful
Robert Isoard Put on the red light ! ;-)
Hannah Newhouse Kennedy Exciting!
Ray LaBay Can I come and watch?
Thomas C. Pilz Stimmt, Meggy! 😁✌😁✌😁✌

Sudio time. Photo by Martin Kierszenbaum.

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Kathleen Martin Thanks for sharing this!
Davide Tagliabue I hope a new your album with Mark Knopfler on the guitars. It would be wonderful!
Agata Wiśniewska I need You in Poland one more time ,I realy need You..I need Your voice...🎶🎵🎹🎤🎻🎺😃
Jorge Hache Thanks for the music 🎶👍😄 🎸🎤🎹
Jan Hebel Sudio? I thought that was Phil Collins!

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Jan Shoop Yes l love him!!!
Maria Maillo Cárdenes The greatest! 😊💖
Cathy Foucaut Quelle classe et quelle voix Sting !!😍😍😍
Robinson Bizza Marca Registrada The Best!!
Andreas Kuhnert Great

Here's an excerpt of Petrol Head in advance of the Live At The Olympia Paris DVD coming on Friday! You can see a preview of the full track here: #StingParis

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Nacho Larrosa lo quierooooo!!!!
Maria A. Chaparro Sting ❤️
カイル リース You sound tired.
Craciunescu Gabriela ....good...
Rosa Ninfa Vargas Gonzalez AMAIZING 👏💞👐STING!!!

Listening back in the studio with Robert Orton

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Junia Alessandra Fernandes Mounsey I need a job
Reiner Brosh Cool! Is it for your new album!
Jennifer Gonzalez Gordon Te amo #Sting 💋💌💖💎
Pete Kilburn Its a new play all about his milk-round...can't wait
Gerard Marks Awesome that he is back in the studio! Montreal Gazette Leonard Cohen

Concert review: Stars shine in fast-paced, touching Leonard Cohen tribute
Concert review: Stars shine in fast-paced, touching Leonard Cohen tribute

Tower of Song: A Memorial Tribute to Leonard Cohen, our city’s international star-studded tribute to the revered poet and musician, began in grand fashion, Monday night at the Bell Centre.

6.3k reactions 81 comments
Julie Helton Wish I'd seen that!
Moira Tollan Loved to of been there 🎶❤
Christiane Petit J'aime tellement Léonard Cohen ❤️
Suzanne Laurence Malo I was at the concert. It was sublime.
Pina Cocca Wonderful performance Sting ❤️ Very emotional evening xxx

Less than a week to go until Live At The Olympia Paris goes out into the world! Here’s the extended trailer

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Sandra Campagna
Clot Coiffeuse Lindo!!!
Muriel Drivet J adore 😘
Andrea Polowicz Gracias Sting !
Andreas Kuhnert Great

#TheLastShip in the Lancashire Telegraph

3.1k reactions 60 comments
Jean-marie Boner Hope it comes to Edinburgh.
Andreas Kuhnert Congratulations
Stefania Cutuli E come faccio a non taggarti Francesca???
Francesca Francilberga Such an eclectic star!!! 🥇🔝🔝🔝
Maria-Luisa Achille YES! YES! YES1 CAN'T WAIT!!! =) =)

#Repost Martin #StrangerThings peeps, welcome (back) to one of the best songs ever written. StrangerThings Spotify #Synchronicity #StrangerThings

1.3k reactions 37 comments
Maria Oquendo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nicolás Sarser Great !
Andy Garratt Wasn't as good as first series. Disappointed.
Marcin Jeż Wolny kawałek sklejajacy złamane serca bohaterów. W sedno. Super.
Denise Lee 🎼I'll be watching you 🎼😍😍 #LiveAtTheOlympiaParis Cherrytree Music Company UPROXX

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Rupa Saha
Sam Mossink David Bouter
Simone Coccia Colaiuta Sting
Ebraheem Mahmood Alghazaal صباح،،مسا،،الخير،،~..~
Tania Martinez what a great musician

I was honoured to appear in an episode for the ‘Rock and Roll’ series on Sky along with Gene Simmons and Bob Geldof. You can watch it at the link below or tune in on November 3rd.

Rock and Roll
Rock and Roll

Epic documentary series telling the definitive story of rock and roll, from the concert films and fly-on-the-wall tour chronicles to artist portraits and archive interviews.

932 reactions 9 comments
Heather Bybee Freeborne Jay Freeborne
Heather Bybee Freeborne Eric Hanson
Heather Bybee Freeborne Maria Esztergalyos
Georgina Corral Escalona Oh, that's great!
Samina Jam You rock Stingie!

1.2k reactions 56 comments
Angela Crabtree Doesn't seem like musical material to me.
Chantal Autal-rey Sûrement un beau spectacle qui se prépare !! "Bon vent" à cette comédie !!
Evy Blom Kalstø Sofie.... Edinburgh!?
Ira Aleksandrovna Osobskaya Очаровательно
Lydia Di Corato my heart is full of joy :)

Day 6

249 reactions 33 comments
Jessy Garcés Donna Garcés La camisa!
Jenneylee Burke I wanna sing with Sting
M Antonio Zampi Bravo artistA
Francine Brindel Encore !!
Igor Kam Крутяк

Day 5

1.7k reactions 35 comments
Jolanta Wielgosz 😄...
Patricia Barrientos Queremos video !!!!
Paula Ramirez Mestizo Gracias por compartir tu gira artística, Sting!
Ester Murua Ensayo como el primer dia!!! Eso es un genio.
Salvatore Vito E anche Sting cede al fascino della rossa 😜

Get the weekend started with “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You" from the Live At The Olympia Paris DVD out November 10. Pre-order your copy at #57thAnd9th

I Can
I Can't Stop Thinking About You (Live At The Olympia Paris) - Sting

Watch I Can't Stop Thinking About You (Live At The Olympia Paris) by Sting online at Discover the latest music videos by Sting on Vevo.

7.4k reactions 50 comments
Sirpa Peltoniemi All the best for you😚😎
Annarita Vincenti Greetings from Assisi italy
Jennifer Gonzalez Gordon Me neither #Sting 💕💘💌💋🎺🎼🎧🎵🎶🎹🎸
カイル リース Your son has no talent.
Krzysztof Słabicki Ohhhh! I love the sound of that bass!!!

Day 4 The Last Ship work shop

1.2k reactions 45 comments
Tony Ciliberto Maddaloni the boss
Chantal Autal-rey Je deviens curieuse !! Projet qui se met en place ?
Phillip Wacker-Hoeflin Is this a workshop from the past, or is this a new production being mounted somewhere?
Jon Are Dahl I'm desperate to see it. Hopefully I can find out where and when to go :D
Lyne Carrier Les plus belles compositions de Sting. Les chansons sont magnifiques.


4.8k reactions 84 comments
문정희 Your melodies and lylics inspire me!!! Thanks^^
Mike Monty Benny was born within sight of a shipyard.......
Sharon Jerkovic Just be amazing to b e back to your roots...👍😃
Maria Maillo Cárdenes Beautiful picture! Sooo elegant! Thanx for sharing!😊❤️
Terri Woodliff Ahh, perfect picture- I'm listening to Soul Cages this morning. <3

3.0k reactions 86 comments
Eve Javier I love this song and the entire Soul Cages!
Nichole Carlson Such an amazing song and healing album. Thank you.
Arlene Prinsloo Was listening to this tonight.
Alan Page Would love to hear the songs from The soul cages..
Carmencita Silvana Bring The Last ship to Argentina , Sting !

Day 1 of The Last Ship work shop with the incomparable Jimmy Nail.

3.8k reactions 98 comments
Jim Hendrix I'm a simple man. I see a nord stage 2, I click like.
Nivi Yavin I`m working on my " Rocxan "& " Massage ..For the last... 30 Years - Love you my master . Huge huge One2
Rick Clegg This also involved a 'get together' at the footy on Saturday! (spotted on the telly) 🎸⚽
Mardi VanEgdom Still gets that hair that sticks up all over sometimes.
Chantal Autal-rey Je me réfère aux commentaires ci-dessous !!! Préparation de comédie ?? Ne reste plus qu'à souhaiter bon vent et bon amarrage sur scène !!

To celebrate the critically-acclaimed 57th & 9th World Tour, here’s a clip of Message In A Bottle from the forthcoming concert film ‘Live At The Olympia Paris’. The film will be released on November 10 on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Video. Pre-order here:

17.2k reactions 323 comments
Anna Sobol After all these years... he still has it! ❤️
Lora Mustoe Signed your petition. Had to claim I was Samoan American, and figured out the language.
Adriana Correa Fernández I wish I could go to one of your concerts! Love u Sting!
Cathi Baker Burnham Was at show in Dallas last February! Fantastic!
Nadezhda Nebolsina Как всегда великолепно! Надеюсь Стинг будет радовать своим творчеством ещё долго и долго!!!

7 Films We're Excited to See at This Year's NewFest, New York's LGBT Film Festival

7 Films We
7 Films We're Excited to See at This Year's NewFest, New York's LGBT Film Festival

NewFest 2017, New York's LGBT film festival, will be celebrating its 29th annual year from October 19 to 24 featuring over 100 films, panels and parties.

256 reactions 5 comments
Luciano Barros de Freitas viadagem de novo?
Andreas Kuhnert Great
Carolina Mayworm 😒
Clotilde Ferry It's amazing film!! I loved it!! Congrats to your wife Trudie Styler, for making it happen.

2017 on course to be deadliest on record for land defenders

2017 on course to be deadliest on record for land defenders
2017 on course to be deadliest on record for land defenders

Deaths of environmental activists locked in conflict with mining, logging and agricultural companies across three continents has passed 150

286 reactions 8 comments
Fernando Febres You are the BEST singer
André Wens They are murderers......if they can easily destroy the environment and the jungle / rainforest, they can also kill people without problems........THE EARTH IS DESTROYED BY THEM
Linda Brady There are so many bad eggs among us, it is OK to fight and defend ourselves and the planet it is OK to be not nice or understanding!!! though you try, in the face of pure greed and badness. There is far more good in the world, far more of us than the ...
James Hill Incredible! We know the effects of deforestation and the displacement of native tribes, and yet we still tolerate it. Killers should be found, fined, and imprisoned. When are the nations of the world going to realize the damage is irreversible (to ...
Hannah O'Byrne-Millard Corruption at its worst!! Stand behind the indigenous people/tribes of this world who should be protected and left to live their luves as they have done for hundreds of years!! They are not be forced out of their lifestyle...worst kind if crime against ...

We just finished the last of 120 shows on the 57th & 9th World Tour. We played to over 800,000 people and didn't cancel one show. Thanks for supporting us, especially the people that came more than once. You know who you are. As always, I'm happy and grateful. See you all next time out. Love, Sting #57thAnd9thWorldTour

7.8k reactions 311 comments
Robert Meade Stepro Your tour stop in SF at the Masonic was fabulous. I love your dedication to music and the meaning you instill with your lyrics in helping us all "think" about making this world a better place. Thank you with peace and love.
Matea Hadić I saw you in Pula on 26th of July. It was my first big concert and the best night of my life ❤. Thank you for that. Waiting to see you again soon, and who knows, maybe I'll meet you too, one (fine) day...
Larisa Roiberg Thank you so much for an amazing tour. I am one of these who had seen it a few times 😍😍. Hopefully after a good rest you will come back to Canada 🇨🇦
Carola Wolfy Thanks for Philly and Atlantic City. In addition to the other 20 times I've enjoyed your performances throughout the US and Europe over the last 28 years. You are always a beam of love, light, intellect and spirit -- your music and your PoV are ...
Nicole De Carlo Such a long tour for you and your team. And for us "when is he coming back again?"... so desperate we are and love your music. Can't wait to have you back in Switzerland 😍. I saw you for the 8th time so why shouldn't that continue...

We just finished the last of 120 shows on the 57th & 9th World Tour. We played to over 800,000 people and didn't cancel one show. Thanks for supporting us, especially the people that came more than once. You know who you are. As always, I'm happy and grateful. See you all next time out. Love, Sting #57thAnd9thWorldTour

2.9k reactions 89 comments
Santella De Frenza PLEASE come back to Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC!! I love you❤️❤️❤️
Sheena Tunstall Please don't forget to come to Scotland next time. I missed all the fun 😂
Donna Campbell Miss u Sting! Please come back to scotland soon xx😘
Pam Levitt London was brilliant, congratulations on a fantastic tour.
Al Thompson Time to put your feet up now . Great tour Sting and the guys 🙂

The 57th & 9th World Tour is winding down. Thank you Hungary. Two shows left in Macedonia and Romania. See you there!

2.4k reactions 68 comments
Chris Maxwell No Australian leg? Not very nice ☹️
Aleksandra Dimitrovska We are looking forward for tonight 😍😍😍😍
Violeta Vasile Cluj, here I come! See you Tuesday evening!
Goran Petrovski Шо напраи бе чоек, ќе пееш или да си идеме? Скапав од чекање
Adrienn Nagy It was a fantastic concert. You are so amazing! One of my dream come true. Come back soon!!! Thank you all! ❤️
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