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We lost Chuck Berry yesterday. Without Chuck Berry, there’s no Rolling Stones, there's no Beatles, there's no me.

He was an incredibly influential musician and amazing lyricist.

Though I'd never sung this song before, I wanted to find a way to pay tribute to him because we owe him so much.

Video by @Sallykfischer @sallyfischerpr Insta

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Manuel Fernandez Menor
Big Chuck Berry among the big ones. Thank you for your beautiful compositions
Martin Krapohl
We did the same on our rehearsel yesterday. The godfather of rock n roll is gone🎸🎸🎸
Nichole D'Angelo
I love when sting sings...what a blessed voice! Chuck berry must be cheering him on singing his song!
Андрей Устинов
Stones, Beatles, me. Modesty is definitely your thing, man.
Margaret Thibodeaux Bellanger
RIP Chuck Berry and thank you for all your great music and the great musicians you have inspired.
Walter Everett
Well spoken but we must depart one day. It is now up to the muso's to make sure rock and roll never dies.
Charlie Materise
A fine tribute for one great from another. Sting you did him proud
LaRee Saline Price
He was an original rock and roller. God bless his family and keep him for us.
Helena Azucena Marcela De la Cruz
Dear Sting, please your pray for Perú please, thanks a lot!!!!
Sam Riseley
Dont worry mate, I got your message in the bottle , thanks for putting your life on the line for us 👍 I hope the cunts break their leg walking on the moon also 😉
Susan Jude
This move is sincere loyalty ,appreciation and deep sorrow for the loss of a good colleague and a friend.
Sally Fischer
Sting's intro: We lost Chuck Berry today. Without Chuck Berry there’s no Rolling Stones,there's no Beatles, there's no me. He was an incredibly influential musician also an amazing lyricist. I just want to use this opportunity to pay tribute to him, because we owe him so much. I am going to sing a song called Johnny B. Goode, which I have never sung in my life..which is written down in front of me,
Igor Vasilenko
He looks from heaven, and maybe he is standing by and he listens to you how you play the music he loved cat. And as usual he looks smiling with screwed up eyes. There was so much peace and love in his look that would be enough for everyone, but people do not need this chance -what a pity how sorry.
Paul Pashley
Awesome tribute to Chuck from another legend! I hope you like my tribute to your work that inspired me to perform. We have had nearly 26000 hits on our version of 'Englishman..' hope you get to look :)
Doreen Thorne
Roxanne ,what a nice song ! I was just watching at your interview on T.V.A PROGRAM ,and was very sympa ..You know what make a diffrence with a song ,or any song ..It is your voice .You have the talent and the creativity to make it better with great emotions and charisma...It is like tasting a champagne for the first time ,it has a bubbly and sparkling taste with the fragrance of your heart ...A fan ,Sarah Doreen Thorne

Other newsfeed from Sting

Talking "Songs From The Labyrinth” from the forthcoming release of "Sting: The Complete Studio Collection."

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Gold Ari :)
Tatiana Overduin Easy to respect your musicianship 🌿
Loriann Morris oh yeah!~
Vinicius Rosa Perfect
Sergio Gigliotti Quiero esto en mi pendrive!! Fabiana Semino!!!!!!!!!!!!

#Monterrey! Thank you for a great show last night. The set was one big sing-along. Special thanks to Raulito Navaira for joining us on stage for "Desert Rose." See you tonight Guadalajara! #57thAnd9thWorldTour #Mexico

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Scott Lister Jim Ross from WWE?
Marie-Francine Longval GLAD to hear YOU one seconde less one minute so AWAY ! It's sur-narural ! I put a little ANGEL's Kiss pinky on your left cheek! BAIL LIGHT from my HEARTH!
Morten Christensen Anders Thy Christensen I kan lige nå at tage bussen til Gua!!
Griselda Alonso jajja es unico ese Raulito Navaira... que rico bailaba al son de su hermano
Egma Rola Mota I couldn't go to the concert... My son was sick :( .... Anyway... You always be my platonic love.

After two wonderful shows at the Auditorio Nacional, I got the chance to walk around Mexico City, take in the lovely ambience and enjoy some delicious tacos al pastor. See you tonight at the Auditorio Citibanamex in Monterrey! Ticket information at

2.3k reactions 213 comments
Karenina Yáñez Vázquez Your concert was great, I really loved it! By the way, I hope you have enjoyed eating those tacos 😋
Carlos Rangel Velasco Come back soon. You always bring to us great music. Thank you Mr Sting
Lilia Rodriguez Elena... invitemoslo a unos tacos para que este feliz!! 🤗🌮
Qui Gon Varst I wish you an excellent future concert and a wonderful tour in your image. Always as formidable and innate in inspiration. Good cotinuation to make us wander through your sublime music and your voice.🙂🎆
Cat Griffith Thank you for sharing. Your gifted in many ways, not only is your music inspiring, but your videos are also, some are awe inspiring, Desert Rose is an example.....Stay safe.

Great movie. Very proud.

IFC Films Picks Up Trudie Styler’s Feature Directing Debut ‘Freak Show’
IFC Films Picks Up Trudie Styler’s Feature Directing Debut ‘Freak Show’

Freak Show, Trudie Styler’s feature directorial debut, has been acquired by IFC Films for U.S. distribution. The film, based on the James St. James novel of the same name about a cross-dressi…

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Misty Ysasi Wauneeta Perez
Ana Canal que viejita se la ve voy a ver esa pelicula
Vinicius Rosa Sting🌹
Fiorenza Fioregiallo Bellissima !! 😎
Grace Farr Very cool

In a world drowning in the ugly noise and clamour of lies, Chris was a beautiful man, with a beautiful voice singing his truth. Black Hole Sun indeed.

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Araceli Alvarez For long tv..mexican..idols from pri..told and. Tell.them.i am stin..jajaja..the homoxesual...and lesbians...jaja..oh sorry..but..laughing..for long rears ago....but the important...don't making.nothing..becourse is something like this......
Fay Maclachlan Gone too soon. Left an amazing legacy of music and philanthropy.
Joseph Conciatori RIP - Chris Cornell was a true talent with more than a few good years left, if he hadn't taken his own life. He will be dearly missed.
Mir Fareid Hussainy Please Sting and Brad stay strong. Please support one another on a personal level my dear Hollywood Stars and Rockstars. This event was so sudden. Please reach out to one another, we the people love and need you all. God bless,
Loriann Morris awwww!~ i remember whe you first posted this,,truly sorry for the loss,,prayers of strength,,health and wellness to him and his family,,friends,,fellow band mates and musicians,,truly,,lot's of love me,,,x

Stopped by Spotify's studios with the #57thAnd9th band to record special live versions of "I Can't Stop Thinking About You" and "Englishman in New York (Reggae Version)" for #SpotifySingles. You can stream them now. Photo by Gregg Greenwood.

Spotify Singles, only on Spotify.
Spotify Singles, only on Spotify.

A collection of new music, recorded at Spotify Studios. Stream Now.

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Angela Langley ❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️❤️
Heidi Cannon Nice! Love! Amore! Libe!
Kimberly Arnold Awesome! Lovin the new grove on Englishmen.
James Plant James Plant Rock on spotify too..
Uriel Emmanuel Rodriguez Vendo 2 boletos para mañana sting luneta 2000 por los 2 si.les interesan les rebajo.un poco.el precio manden inbox

Working out a part with Dominic Miller and Rufus Miller. See you tomorrow Mexico City! #57thAnd9thWorldTour

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Enrico Cifiello Music... real music is the best magical thing in our life! Thank you Sting!!👍🎼
Dorothy Maher Sounds like Every little thing she does it Magic from the times of "The Police", still miss them.
Fety Fransiska I really love u Sting...n The Police too... Lovely songs...
Claudia T Pérez 😍
Derek Thrasher Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, Magic, Magic... :D

My comprehensive vinyl box set, Sting: The Complete Studio Collection, is coming out June 9th. You can watch this video for further information.

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Karla Quiros ❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Shirley Winston Willis Love you and your music! Come to VA
Ilir Ikson Pajaziti LAKU NOĆ STING!
Fatlo Fu It's great 👍
Cathie Shooter good on you, genre-straddler

Played "I Was Brought to My Senses" from "Mercury Falling" and "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" from "Ghost in the Machine" at sound check yesterday. We ended up including the latter into last night's set list. Thank you to the audience in Punta Cana, República Dominicana for singing along. #57thAnd9thWorldTour Click the link below to listen to Mercury Falling: Click the link below to listen to Ghost In The Machine: Click the link below to listen to 57TH & 9TH (Deluxe):

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Fiorenza Fioregiallo Sting ! That's a good look for you! finally you wear white , not only always black ...👍
Marisa Moro Splendido e geniale come sempre! Sei il mio compagno di vita Sting, grazie di esistere!
Tammy Delaney-Plugowsky Mercury Falling has to be one of my fave albums. Thanks for being you!
AJ Busch And thank you for singing Fragile at all the concerts I have attended over the years.
Susan Hardester I was brought to my sense is one of my favorite songs...Thank you Sting for all the beautiful lyrics and music🍀❤️

Thank you Puerto Rico for a lovely visit. Great concert in San Juan. The air conditioning was working a little too well in the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, José Miguel Agrelot but the fantastic audience heated things up quickly. A little stroll through the Old Town district and off to the Dominican Republic for the show at the Altos de Chavon Amphitheater tonight. #57thAnd9thTour

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Chiara Ramos Mírate esto Darlene Espinosa..
Chad Shymko Hello Sting from Edmonton :)
Andreas Kuhnert Beautiful Pictures ☺
Cave Moh Man Looks like wallsend..
Maryline Izoard Faire danser les âmes ? Elles dansent déjà Les appeler ? Elles sont occupées Les faire entendre ? Peut être

Out for a walk in Costa Rica. Thank you to a wonderful San José audience last night for bringing so much energy in the rain. See you tomorrow, Puerto Rico! #57thAnd9thWorldTour

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Ivis A. Figueroa Sánchez ❤️
Pete Still Photography Wonderful photos of the Police's last ever UK performance in Hyde Park in 2008! Limited qty of sets of prints available!....
Sil Leiton Picado What a wonderful night 😍😍😍😍😍 you are amazing ❤
Karla Quiros Jobeth ❤️como hubiera deseado verlo caminando por SanJose 😉
Elise Evigan Whiting You just are LIVING Life like ONLY YOU Can!!! Stay Safe&. Well- Rock On!!!

Thank you to the city of Buenos Aires for this great honour and thank you, again, to the lively audiences in Santiago, B.A. and São Paolo this last week for making our South American shows so memorable. Looking forward to tomorrow evening in San José, Costa Rica. #57thAnd9thWorldTour

11.3k reactions 251 comments
Christian Chavarria Sooo ready for my second Sting concert. Welcome to Costa Rica! 🇨🇷
Vivi Sunrise It was a dream come true see you no stage at Movistar arena in Santiago
Gabriela Carrizo Thanks for share your músic and great talent with us! I love you!
Carin Marie Lundgren Soon 30 years ago I saw that light In your blue eyes And I wonder why you and I never mer again And I understand Neighter of us are happy. Night rules in my life And it seems without end It was not my meening to hurt you but you scared me though we ...
Mariela Sting Sosa Contreras Argentina te ama regresa pronto tenes muchos fans.... Gracias por tanto talento y por tú calidad de ser humano. ♥ STING ♥

Found an old friend in Chile.

17.1k reactions 255 comments
Kevin Zuccaro I hated those headless basses....until i saw Sting playing one...hehe.
John Wilmer For the moment (and the moment in the past) - 'Volver a los diecisiete.'
Carlos Rossi Ahhh que bueno, volve a tocar todos los bajos que tenes!! 👍
Gail Ashton I remember meeting that young man in 1979 when I was 21
David W. Reynolds Wait, is this a recent photo? Cause I'm sure that's Andy's Tele sitting there...

Finished soundcheck. It's almost time to start the show at the Hipódromo de Palermo in #BuenosAires #Argentina #57thAnd9thTour Photo by @mkcherryboom Insta

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Silvana Mantello AMAZING SHOW last night in Buenos Aires! You're so, so, so great!! We had a blast!
Gabriela Satragno Every new job surprises me, every new song moves me. I will never stop listening to you
Pela Firpo Por favor la próxima vengan con vinnie colaiuta!!!! Gordon sos lo más grande!!!!
Patricia Lujan Markusek Thank ypu so much for all !!! ...forma your Músic ...for your letters...for tour Love to Argentina. My sweet kiss for You Fantastic Man !!! Patsy
Fercita Castro I have loved you, I love you, and I will always love you. Thanks for the night

On the bus in Buenos Aires. ¡Nos vemos mañana en el Hipódromo de Palermo! Tickets: 🚭📵🚫📷

29.5k reactions 723 comments
Andrea Polowicz Gracias Sting.. ! Es un placer y un orgullo tenerte en mi País ..Argentina. .nuevamente ! Feliz estadía '<3' :-) Abrazo !
Luis Saavedra Gordon Matew Summer alias Sting podrias por favor llamar a Stewart y Andy y repetir lo de River 2007?...gracias
Ines Maria Calvo me quedare con ganas de ir a verte, una vez mas, glorioso Sting
Stella Nimia Ese bus tiene el volante a la derecha!!!! nos tomen el pelo...por fa....
Cecilia PBentiv Last time I went to see you in a concert here in Bs As was in 1997. Good to see you are visiting us again!! All the best for the concert!!!

What a fantastic audience in #Chile tonight. Thank you Santiago! Prophets of Rage - pictured here with Joe Sumner, Rufus Miller and The Last Bandoleros - stopped by to catch the show. Photos by Martin Kierszenbaum

4.4k reactions 110 comments
Carmen Gloria Torres Fue un magnífico show!!!! Viví momentos inolvidables!!!
Lorena Galleguillos Higuera Gracias por tan magnífico recital lo disfruté al máximo
Noella Muñoz Oh my god... just ONE day to see you performing in Argentina!! 💙🎉
Carolina Hurtado Thank's Mr. Sting! Amazing show! Amazing night, amazing birthday for me! 😍
Jimenita Mejias Garcia Fue maravilloso !!! Gracias por ser tremendo artista,eres seco sting ✊✊✊✊

Thank you to the Museo de la Memoria y Derechos Humanos for reminding us how important the truth is. #Santiago #Chile

4.5k reactions 119 comments
Laura Fabiola Carrillo Retamal 👍🏻❤️️👏🏼👏🏼
Julio Leonel Grado Canales Thanks for ever !
Eduardo Ruiz Hello My Friend : Welcome back to Chile 🇨🇱... please don't forget that every story has 2 sides...
Carolina Pombett Shape of mi heartt is my favorite song!!
Motan Motanescu Grande desde "they dance alone"

I had a chance to talk with Music Connection Magazine. Read the interview here: You can also order the current issue here: #57thAnd9th

4.3k reactions 114 comments
Ike Zak Lyons That's a really good magazine cover!
Delph Ine Il me fait rêver cet homme 💕💋
Silvia Emiliani I ❤️ this guy
Steffy Caffrey Sting looks amazing, the picture of good health ❤
Tiziano Capponi Andrea Carattino andrew cazzo sei uguale

I'm on my way to South America to resume the 57th & 9th World Tour starting with our show tomorrow night in Santiago. ¡Nos vemos pronto Chile! Photo: @mkcherryboom instagram

9.5k reactions 388 comments
Elaine V Hare This "world" tour you speak of ... still haven't heard a peep about Australian dates ... :'(
Anja Suontausta We are waiting for you in Finland.Last time in Kaisaniemi too long ago.We were discussing this matter in Newcastle,remember? 😉
Paulina Andrea Zenteno Miranda Quiero llorar, que ganas de verte mañana junto a mi hija acá en Chile, solo que no pudimos comprar las entradas, vuelvan pronto para ir a verlos!
Vanessa Schverdfinger Enjoy with my familly in Argentina and come back to Dublin!
Isela Rendon Pineda Ya tengo mi boleto para el 20 de mayo en Monterrey México allá nos vemos sting mi primera vez en ver tu concierto estoy súper emocionada saludos.

50,000 ('17) Spotify: Apple Music: Amazon Music:

1.7k reactions 27 comments
Bo Cooper
David Kettlewell
Robson Montanholi Valeria Lewin Montanholi
Sandra Luz Devine nice
Nicola El I been here it's in London hamersmith apollo

1.4k reactions 21 comments
Kau Shiatsu Te espero dia 06 no BRASIL!
Viktor Molnar our sting for us a king !!!!!
Gold Ari :)
Annie Manevy Merci à notre immense Sting de FRANCE !!!
Muriel Caron Un grand regret 😔😔

Trudie Styler: Society Must Accept Every Person
Trudie Styler: Society Must Accept Every Person's Gender Reality

The director of 'Freak Show' on the need for total acceptance

2.0k reactions 133 comments
Spencer James Love Sting- Gay man here - but we must really be careful pushing the whole Trans thing on young children... boys can play with dolls, they might be straight, Gay, or even Trans...but - lets hold off with the Hormone therapies until they are fully ...
Don LHera If you're queer and want a female body, or vice versa, get it done. After that, shaddup about it. No one wants or needs to know and you're better off that way.
Mark Bryant I'll never understand other people and their preoccupation with another's genitals and what they do with them. Stay in your lane please!
Sandie Holt Thank you #Trudie for your powerful and sincere words. This world SO needs people like you and #Sting who speak up for those who have a voice, but aren't heard. What can I do to help?
Ranjeet Rathore Her view is genuine! There is a message to Sting for a Amazing Song Ingredients but he has only perfection and casting ability. Just based on Transforming reality from unknown to known.

For Record Store Day, A&M / Interscope are issuing a limited-edition vinyl EP with selections from our November 2016 re-opening of the historic Bataclan Theater in Paris. "Live At The Bataclan" is out 4/22. #RSD17

1.3k reactions 35 comments
Dariusz Aleksander Rygulski Super ! ........ Grazzie Sting !
Dariusz Aleksander Rygulski ...........Tsssss. .ok .
DeEp AmAn •------» xXx—PakCyberArt BOt Team—xXx ________________________________________________│★│ BABAR Ali ❤ || Commenter,TK │★│________________________________________________________________│★│
Charles Edgar Chema Guerrero
Daniel Gradwell Romy Medina 😀👍


412 reactions 10 comments
Zizy Maynard 15 days for argentina !!!
DeEp AmAn •------» xXx—PakCyberArt BOt Team—xXx ________________________________________________│★│ BABAR Ali ❤ || Commenter,TK │★│________________________________________________________________│★│
Shady Khattab :) BOT POWERED BY ~> Shady Khattab :) <3 PYTHONS BOT TEAM <3 --> <3
Aleksandar Baja Petrovic Thank you Mr Randaleros for yours Posting Guys
Jp Thomas Gotta lov sting Its a brand new day

Tea in the Sahara with you ... #SetlistSurprises #57thAnd9thTour ticket info: Video by @mkcherryboom Insta

3.0k reactions 86 comments
Fiorenza Fioregiallo Tea in The Sahara !!!!💕
Amy Kilburn Aw I wish he'd have played it when I saw him I love this song
Paula Gamboa One of my favourite songs ever!!
Oscar Ruiz Martínez Hay que comprar la entradas
Tracey Ulrich Dawson I love you Sting, but I love Dominic Miller too!

Visiting RTL. This European leg of the tour has come to a memorable end with two fantastic shows at the Olympia in Paris. Thank you to the wonderful audiences in Barcelona, Warsaw, Hamburg, Manchester and all of the other lovely cities on the tour. Get ready for us South America. Here we come! #57thAnd9thTour Photo by Martin

4.3k reactions 95 comments
Aj Inglis You missed Scotland again .....
Christophe Vurpillot Merci STING Super ce concert mercredi dernier à l'Olympia.
Zeze Pina Nos vemos em São Paulo
Billie Lambrechts When are you coming to South Africa?
Corinne Loolimane Jane Loolimane thanks so much !!!..; to be on earth... all for u body n'soul <3 <3 <3 co.

Last stop on the European leg of the #57thand9thtour is tonight in Paris! #TBT to performing “Petrol Head” at the Palladium in LA. Login as a member to to watch the full video.

4.9k reactions 92 comments
Pascale Fl It was great!
Tracey Afton Woznak That is the BEST song off the new album!!!!!
Tanya Antolos Ryszczak Bring this tour to Australia....please
Christine Hall Gig was amazing at Manchester Apollo!

Paris. Let's do it again tonight!

4.5k reactions 89 comments
Hélène Baudry J'y serai !! Hâte.... 😇😇
Delphine Bougerie tonight tonight... ;-) i will be there :-)
Aude Versavau Ce soir cadeau d'anniversaire de mon mari 😉
Catherine Duran Le Roy Tellement génial comme d'habitude ❤❤❤
De Vincennes Caro Et nous y serons aujourd hui.. un grand merci d être revenu dans cette salle !
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