00:51 03/20/2017

We lost Chuck Berry yesterday. Without Chuck Berry, there’s no Rolling Stones, there's no Beatles, there's no me.

He was an incredibly influential musician and amazing lyricist.

Though I'd never sung this song before, I wanted to find a way to pay tribute to him because we owe him so much.

Video by @Sallykfischer @sallyfischerpr Insta

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Manuel Fernandez Menor
Big Chuck Berry among the big ones. Thank you for your beautiful compositions
Martin Krapohl
We did the same on our rehearsel yesterday. The godfather of rock n roll is gone🎸🎸🎸
Nichole D'Angelo
I love when sting sings...what a blessed voice! Chuck berry must be cheering him on singing his song!
Андрей Устинов
Stones, Beatles, me. Modesty is definitely your thing, man.
Margaret Thibodeaux Bellanger
RIP Chuck Berry and thank you for all your great music and the great musicians you have inspired.
Walter Everett
Well spoken but we must depart one day. It is now up to the muso's to make sure rock and roll never dies.
Charlie Materise
A fine tribute for one great from another. Sting you did him proud
LaRee Saline Price
He was an original rock and roller. God bless his family and keep him for us.
Helena Azucena Marcela De la Cruz
Dear Sting, please your pray for Perú please, thanks a lot!!!!
Sam Riseley
Dont worry mate, I got your message in the bottle , thanks for putting your life on the line for us 👍 I hope the cunts break their leg walking on the moon also 😉
Susan Jude
This move is sincere loyalty ,appreciation and deep sorrow for the loss of a good colleague and a friend.
Sally Fischer
Sting's intro: We lost Chuck Berry today. Without Chuck Berry there’s no Rolling Stones,there's no Beatles, there's no me. He was an incredibly influential musician also an amazing lyricist. I just want to use this opportunity to pay tribute to him, because we owe him so much. I am going to sing a song called Johnny B. Goode, which I have never sung in my life..which is written down in front of me,
Igor Vasilenko
He looks from heaven, and maybe he is standing by and he listens to you how you play the music he loved cat. And as usual he looks smiling with screwed up eyes. There was so much peace and love in his look that would be enough for everyone, but people do not need this chance -what a pity how sorry.
Paul Pashley
Awesome tribute to Chuck from another legend! I hope you like my tribute to your work that inspired me to perform. We have had nearly 26000 hits on our version of 'Englishman..' hope you get to look :)
Doreen Thorne
Roxanne ,what a nice song ! I was just watching at your interview on T.V.A PROGRAM ,and was very sympa ..You know what make a diffrence with a song ,or any song ..It is your voice .You have the talent and the creativity to make it better with great emotions and charisma...It is like tasting a champagne for the first time ,it has a bubbly and sparkling taste with the fragrance of your heart ...A fan ,Sarah Doreen Thorne

Other newsfeed from Sting

Just before Antibes Jazz Festival - Jazz à Juan set. Thank you, Juan-les-pins, #France. Photo by @mkcherryboom (@instagram)

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Martine Bourgeton Dorothée Jd Le Cellier/Argelès c'était déjà pas la porte à côté mais la Réunion/Juan les pins oh la la du coup .... 😂😂
All Jen Un super moment hier soir à Juan les Pins 🎶🎸... merci ! Belle complicité père /fils J'aurais aimé écouter " Inshallah" en live .... peut être une autre fois ! 😉
Michael Reid Perry I look forward to your continued variations in your approach to writing your songs. Songwriting must always be risky and revolutionary. We know playing it safe is for cowards. I admire your artistic courage.
Karine Lévy Younes Amazing concert yesterday!Your voice is unique. Great tribute to Bowie, and seeing you sing with your son was very emotional. ❤️
Pierre Legendre Today starts the annuel 2 weeks of summer holidays for all the construction workers in Quebec. Cheer-Up, you're almost there.

A magical night at Marenostrum Music Castle Park in Fuengirola, Málaga. Such a pleasure to play in front of the Castillo Sohail, originally built in the year 956. Next up on the 57th & 9th Tour: Locarno, Switzerland , July 19th Juan les Pins, France, July 20th Regensburg, GermanyGermany, July 22nd See you there! Tickets:

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Elise Evigan Whiting 👍🎼❤️💕😊☮🙏
Jacqueline Nanni I want to be a fly on the wall 😄
Annarita Vincenti Greetings from assisi italy
Deep King Sting come back
Julie Blanchard Awesome 🙏

Visiting with the talented staff at Restaurante Casa de Cha da Boa Nova in Porto, Portugal. Playing Meo Marés Vivas at Praia do Cabedelo with the 57th & 9th band tonight. See you there!

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Nuno Nascimento Great concert....Thanks
Walter Giuntoli The best and my favorite singer
Masami Ishida Have a nice day 😊from Japanese fans 🇯🇵
Annarita Vincenti Greetings from Assisi italy
Eva Fernández Baro See you tomorrow in Fuengirola!

#Repost Martin

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Simon Dunkerley You can't beat a bit of Sue Lawley!
Peter Skaarup Christian Birch Nielsen Den gamle kan sgu stadig
Mato Ferreira Por dios... gracias por poder vivir ese momento en palermo, argentina, muchas vibras ... un grande sting
Pete Kilburn Whatever happened to sue Lawley anyway...not mad on so lonely tbh...
Orlin Gergov What happened to your Sound in Madrid, maestro..?

Please watch my video about Zazakely Sambatra and help to support the children of Madagascar.

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Andreas Kuhnert All the best.
Zazakely Sambatra Thank you so much Sting for your help 💕💪🏻
Kirsten Becker Holm Erik fyi, nu du er der 😉...
Jacqueline Nanni Beautiful man
Ivonne Yanynne Guerra Rivera Te amo y Te admiro Sting💋😇😍

Amnesty's Director has been arrested with 10 others. Join me in demanding their immediate release here:

Free Amnesty Director Idil Eser
Free Amnesty Director Idil Eser

Idil Eser, Director of Amnesty International Turkey, together with 10 others, has been detained by authorities in a grotesque abuse of power. They must be freed immediately.

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Håvard Svarholt Done.
Trisha Mills Signed
Kathy Hayevsky Signed and shared!
Celeste Ileana Rivas Godoy HOW ABSURD!!
Mariana León Vieites Firmado : )

Back in Spain with the 57th & 9th band. Madrid tonight, Barcelona tomorrow and Avila on July 8th. See you there!

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John Kernaghan What about Ireland North and South. The most passionate fans in the world
Katia Hunt Yesterday I only missed one thing. Would have loved to listen 'All for love'.
Zel Zdunic All wrigh Sting man! Come over to Croatia ....and party on. Till 10pm at least...
John Hill your getting near home now , any gigs in the uk , for free tickets , pretty please
Stephen Purvey Don't forget your Dennis the menace top if your in the basque country :D

On the road recording ...

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Yvonne Estelle van Kempen I so remember our special times at Sun City. You are a legend.
Pinke Nadine Amazing concert in Dresden. And your son is very great too. Thank u for These amazing moments😘
Kazimiera Scibiorska Dzień dobry .bardzo lubie pana muzyke . Pozdrawiam i życze miłego dnia .
Edith Morton Love me some Sting, my PEACE SONG, is Fragil when I want to meditate go within that is my song, and 1000 Years, to me is one of his grestest songs. Very talented Man.
Jack Reda Sting music has been the soundtrack of my life. I'm only 48, so keep on recording, please.

Have you seen my "One Fine Day " video illustrated and directed by James Larese? #OptimistsSay #57thAnd9th

One Fine Day
One Fine Day

Song by Sting

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Hilda Irene Ruiz Hermoso! 😘
Ivonne Yanynne Guerra Rivera Beautiful and magic song
Ivonne Yanynne Guerra Rivera Hugs for you friend Sting💋😇🎶🌈💘
Ivonne Yanynne Guerra Rivera Te amo sting💘🌈😇
Carmencita Silvana Magic ilustrations, be taken from a Dream

Fjord life #57thAnd9thWorldTour #Norway Photo by Martin

9.5k reactions 144 comments
Roger Olsson Happy midsummer from Sweden!
Fedela Guerrini COOL pic 👍
Retno Sitoresmi Big & warm hug.... for my Sting
Louise Pardi Sheridan Marianne you left too soon! lol! <3
Charlie Douglas Love your style of 🎶 music😊

Thank you #Norway. #CzechRepublic here we come! "57th & 9th World Tour" ticket info at Photo by Martin

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Rosa Ninfa Vargas Gonzalez 👏❤👌
Maria Valorzi Grande Sting
Steffi Ripka Hübsches Foto <3 !
Sidsel Fuglestad Ratcliff Thank you, Sting - loved your concert in Bergen! 🎸
Holly Woods Looking forward for Uelzen on 1st August 🤗

Our extended, 3-city visit of #Norway has been wonderful. Thank you, Bodø and Ålesund, for two memorable shows. See you tonight Bergen! Here are some snapshots from our sound check yesterday at Color Line Stadion. Photos by Martin.

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Joseph D Kuti that explains the climate
Petra Bloem Heb je er niet over gehoord Okke?
Céline Girard Hâte de vous voir et entendre à Musilac ❤️
Sabine Pause C'est Trop Beau <3
Sydney Milan Capitano Hey Look! There's Rufus!!! Bravo Rufus!!!

#Repost CherryCherryBoomBoom

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Can Canım Selam.siting.size iskenderundan ulaşıyoruz.sizin nekadar yardım. ve iğlik sever olduğunuzu ve bu konuda nekadar cömert delikanlı olduğunuzu burada yaklaşık olarak binden fazla aileye yetişmeye çalışıyoruz.küçükte olsa bize ulaşırsanız bizi ...
Eileen Smith-Harter <3
Clot Coiffeuse Lindo!!!
Andreas Kuhnert Great ☺
Neil Garvey Is logic pro your using?

We arrived in the Arctic Circle a day before our next show on the #57thAnd9th World Tour in Bodø, #Norway. The band and crew were equipped with all of the necessary gear and we went to visit #Saltstraumen, a small strait with the strongest tidal currents in the world. It was an extraordinary experience thanks to our wonderful hosts and captain. Thank you, Norway, for your warm hospitality and magnificent landscapes. We'll see you tonight at Nordlandshallen!

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Bjørn-Kristian Moe See you there!
Oddbjørn Lund Hansen Fantastisk bra konsert i Bodø👍👍👍🇳🇴🇳🇴. Håper dette blir gjentatt
Mls Upholstery Could be ur new stage look !!! Hope the show goes good... As it always does ....
Paula Molewijk WoW, we were there last year at the same time, onze of the most beautiful nature spots in Europe
Sylvie Catho-Terrisse I went in the Arctic Circule in the North of Iceland... And I walked in the sea ....but Barefoot ! :)

I spoke about making my latest album "57th & 9th" and more with Talia Schlanger of World Cafe back in April. If you missed the original broadcast, it will be on air again today. Check your local listings for times. You can also watch the interview here:

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Lorena Lecchini Francia El Hombre Más Lindo de este Mundo y de todos los demás!
鉢嶺明美 翻訳、クソジジイ?
Akihiro Takayama nice face lady with nice face
Denise Garcia Yo moriría por una foto así.
Ann Bibbee Harrison *heavy sigh* Time well spent 😊

It was a great honour to be awarded the Polar Music Prize this evening. #Repost Stereogum

Watch Sting Receive The Polar Music Prize
Watch Sting Receive The Polar Music Prize

Sting and Wayne Shorter both received the 2017 Polar Music Prize, an award that was founded by ABBA's manager Stig Anderson. The Swedish prize celebrates "the power and importance of music" and according to Reuters, winners receive 1 million Swedish crowns. Watch Sting give his acceptance speech bel...

8.5k reactions 157 comments
Joanne Saporito Thank you for your music, a songbook for many of the highs and the lows of my life. A well deserved honor and gracious speech. Congratulations!
Adriana Craig Congratulations!!! Very well deserved and very humble and nice speech!
Tina Goldman Congratulations- loved the acceptance speech- thank you Sting ❤️
Benit Mirna You are my idol. Your songs have been my partners during all my entire life. My deep admiration for your labor as musician and composer. You deserve this prime! Enjoy it! Regards of a huge fan from Asuncion (Paraguay).
Magdalena Thorin We look forward to see and hear you tonight at Dalhalla. Thousand congratulations 🌺🍀🌟

"Guadalajara!" The Last Bandoleros

455 reactions 19 comments
Sandra Luz Devine well ...well ...well
Andreas Kuhnert Great ☺
Mls Upholstery Quality....
Francine Brindel I think so 😓
Naoko Ohkawa I enjoyed this show in Osaka !🤣🤣🤣

Thank you #Osaka

5.5k reactions 84 comments
Taner Güngör 😀😀
Aj Inglis U ain't coming to Scotland . Why not ? Hmmm
Karl Daly What a time round 🙏
Tetsuya Okano Sting in Osaka. Okini !! Thank you!
Tarik Tarik I wish I saw you in Osaka. Please come back soon!

My complete vinyl Studio Collection is out now. You can get it here: Also available is "The Studio Collection: Volume II," featuring 4 albums plus space to add further LPs:

2.1k reactions 36 comments
Luka Korosec big hug sir! <3! Sting
Carlos Rossi :) 🐝
Mary R Kelly A treasure trove! :) <3
Hannah Newhouse Kennedy 😕
Tatiana Overduin How come none of the abovw comments ever get s reply?

Having a laugh at sound check, #Budokan. Thank you #Tokyo. See you in #Osaka tomorrow. #57thAnd9thWorldTour Photo by Martin Kierszenbaum

8.4k reactions 161 comments
Mohammed H. Alghamdi I guess you didn't vote in another island on the other side of Eurasia.
Thorbjørg Julianne Michelsen Looking so forward to see and hear you in Ålesund, Norway on the 20th of June ☺❤
Richard Plomondon Another jazz rock fusion album like "Nothing like the Sun" would be awesome. Perhaps it could be called "Nothing like the Moon"?
Anna Enomoto good luck tour in Osaka ❣️ bless you ٩( ᐛ )و
Mark Kendrick You are an amazing bassist and singer.....Seen you in concert 3 times , over the years ........God Bless you for all your great work , over the years......

Having a little fun playing "Big Lie, Small World" from my album "Brand New Day" at #Budokan sound check yesterday. Thank you #Tokyo for two fantastic shows so far. See you tonight for night #3. PS - I see you wearing your "57th & 9th" t-shirts out there! The 57th & 9th band: Dominic Miller, guitar Rufus Miller, guitar Josh Freese, drums Joe Sumner, backing vocals The Last Bandoleros, backing vocals #57thAnd9th #57thAnd9thWorldTour #YouNeverKnowWhatSongMightAppearOnTheSetList

6.8k reactions 117 comments
Timothy McCormick I've had this song stuck in my head all day
カイル リース Brand New Day was the last decent album you released.
Krzysztof Słabicki So how about adding this great song to the setlist? :)
Ronnie Waterfield Channel 14 right now!!!! The Last Ship!!!! Brunel story....Thought of you straight away
Thilo Uplawski I did "Big Lie, Small World" during my vocal studies in the Netherlands (Groningen) — U burn! All the Best!!! ツツツ

3 nights at #Budokan! Added "Mad About You" to the set list for show #1 yesterday. Hmm ... let's see what happens tonight #Tokyo! #57thAnd9thTour #Japan Photo by Martin Kierszenbaum.

846 reactions 68 comments
Maki Okuno By the way, did you receive my hand made gift from Udo? Hope you like them. 😊
Good LifeIs What a night! I was moved by your woderful voice...thank-you thank-you thank-you STING
Sridhar Vidyapathy please come to India too....for a u sting...
Loriann Morris thank you for sharing,,lot's of love to you and trudie,,me,,,,x
Jj NC Please tell me you are still touring during 2018....I can finally see you then!

Limited-edition classics

3.8k reactions 194 comments
Deanna Marzoni Omg! I need these for my son!
AndrewKatie Faucher Cute! Add them to my concert t's!
Lisa Mansolino Denise Thiel 💕😎totally you mama
Dikla Yoktan Weil Nice... I would prefer them to turn to each other 😛
Alex Grant Alistair Soubra The official sandals of the Holy church

Getting warmed up back stage. Thanks for a great show Singapore. See you in Seoul on Wednesday with my 57th & 9th band - Dominic Miller, Josh Freese and Rufus Miller - and special guests Joe Sumner and The Last Bandoleros. Ticket details at

4.2k reactions 83 comments
Soyeon Ahn Can't wait to see you here in Seoul!!!
Ludvig Pellandra Sting sei veramente un grande ! Vorrei fare una canzone con te, ciao
Olivia Antonia Loyola Campos IDOLO STING INMORTALLLL
Amanda Dolphin Brilliant show in Singapore😀

A message from Trudie Styler for @ChildMindInstitute's #MyYoungerSelf

2.7k reactions 78 comments
Carin Marie Lundgren Why are you not able to give birth to your own children - you stole my eggs you egoistic awful woman.
Gabriela Satragno It is a good idea to celebrate the differences. Pretty message!!!!
Sabine At Moonstone Thank you for speaking your truth....wonderful to hear and inspiring.
Aralia Fresia "Trudie Styler 2:28pm I know he'll be okay because I told him ahead of time to just let me be the one to tell the world, all he has to do is just sit there and smile and everyone knows he is hiding something. So I'm just trying to be honest with myself ...
Patricia Russell Yes no matter what the struggles you have in life, don't waste what God gave you!

Talking "Songs From The Labyrinth” from the forthcoming release of "Sting: The Complete Studio Collection."

1.6k reactions 35 comments
Gold Ari :)
Tatiana Overduin Easy to respect your musicianship 🌿
Loriann Morris oh yeah!~
Vinicius Rosa Perfect
Sergio Gigliotti Quiero esto en mi pendrive!! Fabiana Semino!!!!!!!!!!!!

#Monterrey! Thank you for a great show last night. The set was one big sing-along. Special thanks to Raulito Navaira for joining us on stage for "Desert Rose." See you tonight Guadalajara! #57thAnd9thWorldTour #Mexico

2.8k reactions 120 comments
Scott Lister Jim Ross from WWE?
Marie-Francine Longval GLAD to hear YOU one seconde less one minute so AWAY ! It's sur-narural ! I put a little ANGEL's Kiss pinky on your left cheek! BAIL LIGHT from my HEARTH!
Morten Christensen Anders Thy Christensen I kan lige nå at tage bussen til Gua!!
Griselda Alonso jajja es unico ese Raulito Navaira... que rico bailaba al son de su hermano
Egma Rola Mota I couldn't go to the concert... My son was sick :( .... Anyway... You always be my platonic love.

After two wonderful shows at the Auditorio Nacional, I got the chance to walk around Mexico City, take in the lovely ambience and enjoy some delicious tacos al pastor. See you tonight at the Auditorio Citibanamex in Monterrey! Ticket information at

2.3k reactions 213 comments
Karenina Yáñez Vázquez Your concert was great, I really loved it! By the way, I hope you have enjoyed eating those tacos 😋
Carlos Rangel Velasco Come back soon. You always bring to us great music. Thank you Mr Sting
Lilia Rodriguez Elena... invitemoslo a unos tacos para que este feliz!! 🤗🌮
Qui Gon Varst I wish you an excellent future concert and a wonderful tour in your image. Always as formidable and innate in inspiration. Good cotinuation to make us wander through your sublime music and your voice.🙂🎆
Cat Griffith Thank you for sharing. Your gifted in many ways, not only is your music inspiring, but your videos are also, some are awe inspiring, Desert Rose is an example.....Stay safe.
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