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17:04 09/12/2017


Meet The Remarkable Woman Who Successfully Performed A Cesarean Section (On Herself)

Meet The Remarkable Woman Who Successfully Performed A Cesarean Section (On Herself)

It was a feat that was believed to be impossible, but when the need arose, one woman took matters into her own hands.

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Stephen Falkowski
Human strong
Diamond Amari Isom
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Monique Bovell-Phillips
Lilly Love
Jasmine Duarte
Evangeline Sacred-horsesghost
Musa Biggy
Hello snoop Dogg
Aerin Dejah Thoris Gossett
Dear god
Stephen Falkowski
Strong beautiful women
Djean Dancer
what a miracle !
Tamica Hudson-Celada
talk about a warrior..
Ndombi Cynthia
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dis how yall get down? 😂

One family has a very special relationship with the DMV (16 Photos)
One family has a very special relationship with the DMV (16 Photos)

Jono Zalay is a standup comedian that recently moved back to California. Throughout the years his family has made a tradition of being "characters" in their driver license photos. Naturally, Zalay wanted to live up to the family name when going to get his new California license.

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Josh Stafford Prodi-G became prodi-gay
Nizam Faizal Slaves
Cynthia Smith Lol
Deiby Araya Azofeifa 👀

crazy chit

6 Utterly Terrifying Unsolved Mysteries No One Can Explain
6 Utterly Terrifying Unsolved Mysteries No One Can Explain

The world is full of bizarre, gruesome crimes so baffling and creepy that the only one-liner the investigators would muster up is

185 reactions 18 comments
Roxanne Friesen Wow some of these stories are crazy 😳
Dañielle Bennett Paris Bennett
Marie-Josee Guy Annie Tate Beaudry
Jenna Kuehl Natallica Kuehl
Deiby Araya Azofeifa 👀


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Chris Eddings ??? EAT MY PUSSY BITCH ! !
Walter Funbiker
Troy Laux Paul Kennerly
MaKayla Holland Sergio Gallardo
Ja'afar Naseer Eunice MB

crazy chit

413 reactions 60 comments
Curtis Soo Look Wish I had an bro like that
Rolin Maracle No I in team but an eye n pie ...
Sunil Nair How many people u kill so far Snoop?
Sally Castillo That's beyond crazy. That's some nuts
Giumme VL WTH is "chit" 😂😂😂

Something to get y’all Motivated! New music video #Motivation now on WestFestTV 🎥

1.0k reactions 40 comments
PIRO Nice :D
Kasi D S Newman Deport protest and boycott darky niggro racist thug rapper trash!!
Coby Joseph Shout out to ghana
Coby Joseph Rapcha Crane
Milan Bordas 😂


Expectation vs. Reality (24 GIFS)
Expectation vs. Reality (24 GIFS)

Bartenders and restaurant managers, with football season winding to a close, we have a solution to fill that entertainment void and instantly bring the vibe back to your bar, CHIVE TV. CHIVE TV has answered the question, ‘What are you watching at bars when you’re not watching sports?’ and alon...

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De'Asha Amari Fisher
Kimberly Darlene
Evelyn Santos Ludimila Alves
Bastian Trabhardt Annalena Gellert 😂😂😂😂
Tressa Perrone I enjoy it very much! 😘 💜

crazy chit

23 Ex-Cons Share The Craziest Things They
23 Ex-Cons Share The Craziest Things They've Witnessed in Jail

Jail is a harrowing experience, to say the least. These 23 ex-cons share the most unbelievable things they've witnessed while incarcerated.

276 reactions 39 comments
Bri Mussaw The craziest thing I've seen... BETTY WHITE, JESSICA CLEVELAND, MY BLOOD RELATIVES ANS RAINBOW WITCH MERCENARIES MURDERING PEOPLE AT THE FLYING J TRUCK STOP IN ALBUQUERQUE... Tried to murder me 9 times... Other A-listers involved, Barack Obama, ...
De'Asha Amari Fisher
Rose Seggie Matt
Kimberly Darlene
Amanda DuPont Melissa 😳


156 reactions 11 comments
Ayman Khalil Daniel Fitzgerald Jim Baresko
Jeanfranco Andres Ajalcriña Jorge Pinkman man xD
Tiego Makgalo Hi
Israel Silva Carvalho satanas e vc satanaz ? kkkk

the host wit the most is comin back for season 2 👊🏿 stay tuned for more Joker's Wild 🏆

435 reactions 43 comments
Jaz Lanauze-King Thornton Lanauze-King why have i not heard of this
Oskar Górniak LBC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Coby Joseph One love
Jason Pederson YES!! 😎 RIGHT ON Snoop Dogg 😍
Kitty Marie Momamo 🔥🎯


145 reactions 15 comments
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best friend in the world with Snoop Dogg
Joao Lucas xuxa
Alberto Usai X
Oskar Górniak DPGC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carl Hasz another sad ass event

crazy chit

15 Historical Photos That Are Guaranteed To Creep You Out
15 Historical Photos That Are Guaranteed To Creep You Out

Even when you acknowledge that these were different times…these pics will make your skin crawl.

111 reactions 15 comments
Sagar Rajan Shayal Singh real life ghost friends
Sangeeta Oedit 🌏
Tanya Taylor Woof
William Thunderhawk Rowe Forshizzle
Sierra Arias ey snoop humidad que ay empezaste

what yall buyin? 😂

Walmart’s most popular item in every State… things get strange (51 Photos)
Walmart’s most popular item in every State… things get strange (51 Photos)

Walmart recently released data from their website on the top sellers across the country in 2017, and it's kinda weird. You can go through the list and find out each State's favourite item. It might make you question a few things, or just confirm what you knew all along.

141 reactions 20 comments
Sangeeta Oedit 🌏
Velvet J. Estrada Cordero-Valladares 🙋‍♀️ I call 🐂💩
Ryan Tvedt Lol this is complete bullshit.
Janet Liston New Hampshire, WTF?
Charla Williams More Nemo

gotta take a listen to this new Black Eyed Peas single !

2.7k reactions 110 comments
Lisa Williams What's up up with the eye's! I know there's a message in it . Tell us what it means!#Ms.Lisa.
Frederic Lee Arline Take over 2018, I deserve it Miss Mýa super sexy
Veronica David Henson Snoop do you even read these comments from someone who would love the opportunity to shake your hand we went to the same school
Michael Anthony Dias Not so black eyed now, are they?
Hannah Stevens Whoww! No! Some things that are deep here with this in not some good ways.

homegirl Martha Stewart is raisin 💵 💵 for Global Crop Diversity Trust ! Donate on Prizeo n y’all could win a trip to Norway to check out the 👇🏿Svalbard Global Seed Vault👇🏿

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Alejo Dorado en el artic
PetOxy Nice :/
Marianna Roseannadanna That is awesome!!!
Debra K. West Uhmmm..ok.

my go to Dr 🙏🏿tune in !

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Chelsea Szegidewicz¬if_t=video_comment¬if_id=1515533456383084
Adaam Shidqi Hariri Kibo Mitsubachi
Ra Luca Cristiana Negroiu
Remo Eggenberger yeah peace snoop;)
Elise Kumm what u up to snoop dogg

what he thinkin 😂

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Alberto Usai mi fa saltare il testaroolalamachinail pc e sul taviolo
Alberto Usai mi fa paghare lsa strada con la chiusara deòlòle èpagine ammaza litaliano klinus
Alberto Usai aaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiia
Sangeeta Oedit 🌏
Alberto Usai mi bricia a ca col fiato


970 reactions 55 comments
David Montelongo My son bought me my dream bus pass.
Harlan Kendrick Where mine though dawg ? I'm your daddy boy
Jason Wallis Nice!!! Good son.
Terrill Sykes Love too do that for my pop
ChristinaVincent Quinones BLESS HIM

what yall doin?

107 reactions 37 comments
Kyle Miller Taylor Riches
Pavla Puh Dora....
Mariela Atanasova Sabai Di Angelo Ysart el industriaaaaallllll...
Joshua Estes Lol
Sangeeta Oedit 🌎


12 reasons why younger men prefer older women
12 reasons why younger men prefer older women

There's a reason so many younger men like having relationship with older women

760 reactions 86 comments
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.
Jin Kim Lucy Liebergreen any sugar mamis out there?
Vanessa Hudak Interesting...
Sly Obioma Ibeanu I wish to have a good woman older than I
Francis Ndubuisi Older women's body are more tighter, and more sweet

stakeout wit a lil bakeout 💨 #ProudMaryMovie Taraji P. Henson

3.2k reactions 203 comments
Luma Osirus My man whatsup
Kristen Kruuse Cookie 😉
Amity Grant :D heh.heh
Chelle Msred Parker Hilarious 😂😂
Lala Green Aka Rodney and Evette.

get it while it lasts 🔥 🔥 !

1.1k reactions 69 comments
Desiree Marie I need this in my life.. Asap..
Jurek Pyka Otwusz sklep w pl bo styl to ja mam USA luźno i wygodnie
Janitha Maduranga Price ?
George Chotia Definitely need one of those
Eazilee Johnson Buyin one now


184 reactions 8 comments
Ross Horrocks I am the Illuminati
Remo Eggenberger ;)
Carl Hasz my senses tell me this can't b good
Manigault Stoller Actually leaves me with this hollow experience, just may not grasp it totally. 😛
Ben Holmes I made you dude, I'm calling out all the CIA plants in Hollywood who are secretly working for Donald to pull down the Illuminati, the reason everyone hates Trump, including that liar Eminem, I believed his story too long, no doubt Eminem lets Donald win ...

she still got some serious beats 😂😂

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Raeanne Horn Ann Boske can you do this??? I want to watch you try. haha
Tina Cagdas Em Mo
Ana Cristina Alex Vîlsan
Benjamin Sprenger Inge Sprenger David Sprenger Erik van der Peet
Andrea McCrady Lilly McCrady

we all rememberin chit wrong

12 Common Things That Your Big Dumb Brain Remembers Wrong
12 Common Things That Your Big Dumb Brain Remembers Wrong

The good news is, you can now correct other people about this stuff.

603 reactions 44 comments
Oskar Górniak GGN AKA NEMO HOES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fabricio Silva 14k
Richard Curtis Mandela Effect
Bozena Schöntag I like this
Angelique Sannier AminaKhalil

we r all dreamers ✊🏿 call Congress n demand they pass #DreamAct !!

10.1k reactions 425 comments
Luka Winnicki Siema, ja będę pisał po polsku bo ja piszę głupoty po angielsku , ja zrosumiałem, moje marzenia się czasami spełniają :) tam pisze "gdzie są twoje marzenia" właśnie one są i są realne.
Manigault Stoller Continue the good work and you could actually get me shelling out attention in the near future as well. 😍
Jeffery Lee Your dreams definitely came n still coming through!! Can't wait to get my munchie meal!!420 4 life LBC4LIFE.Do that thing Snoop.
Matthew Fusco I really wish Snoop would reply. But sadly this is all click bait. See, I even clicked on it. Sucker me.
Ilesanmi Samuel Everything is by good atittude i dont think anything is hard to do if our characters permit every responsible people have good things to offer.

some cold chit 😂

235 reactions 32 comments
Devin McGuinness White guy had to drop the hard r smfh
Ciecierski Tristan Mickael Garcia
Chaka D'Alo
Kelly Speakes Drop it like it’s hot
Aditya Venukrishnan Oooooh Im sorry its GANGSTAS paradise


Woman brilliantly pranks guy who asked for nudes (7 Photos)
Woman brilliantly pranks guy who asked for nudes (7 Photos)

With hacks like the 'The Fappening' becoming more and more common, you'd think people would be more reluctant about sending nudes. One woman came up with her own solution to get around sending nudes. Twitter user @saucynatt shared a conversation she had with a guy requesting nudes and instead of sen...

220 reactions 10 comments
Triggerhands Gunman hahaha,stupid motherfucker
Clamant Nawi Namaku Alexander Kembali
Velma Garcia Good morning Snoop
Chloe Francis Ive done that before
Christopher Haro what do you expect?

yall think like dis? 😂

494 reactions 77 comments
Rob Layne And maybe some really old dude who took Viagra
Barabbis Bernard It also has the chance to end up in some REALLLL good snuff film.
Brandy Kinney So what is a good way to get in contact with you Snoop for a very interesting business idea. ;)
Stephen Smith Jacqui Smith Maybe an idea for a new digital marketing campaign?! 🤣🤣
Jeannette M Courtney LAUGH THERAPY, while you, DONATE,,😂😂


15 Poorly Translated T-Shirts Spotted in Shanghai
15 Poorly Translated T-Shirts Spotted in Shanghai

We’re not entirely sure that little boy knows that his shirt says “Who the f*ck is Jesus?”

336 reactions 31 comments
Clamant Nawi Namaku Alexander Kembali
Kelley Anderson Carrie Bertolozzi
Dawar Aziz Anneke Sears-Stryker
Dave Joseph Tara Coffey
Sharon Louise Pamela Pryce Gillian Simpson


9.0k reactions 640 comments
Al Matthews Funny thing is people still don't know how to direct their eyes when taking a mirror selfie, but they can somehow pull this off
Rita Morales Calderon So is the challenge act like hoe to get likes or can you cover your tits and va ja ja with one finger??????
Ariela Tenorio Most blatant excuse for posting just out right nudes ever. Girls that post pics like this are the kinda girls that look at other woman wearing short skirts and low tops and call them "sluts".
Callie Carey I wouldn't mind posing naked if I had a good tan and no stretch marks. I finally got the courage to look at myself
Casper Norriss Can we get the Graduate High School challenge. Or College. Or bought a house challenge. Instead we have Kim Kardashian made it with a sex tape and plenty of nude photos. Sad
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