Snoop Dogg
21:04 05/18/2017

what he thinkin?

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Curtis Brenneman
If he was doing it as a test it would be funny
John Olivero
Mokwakwaila Simone Mmako
He asked "wanna go to jail or u wanna go home"
Lolita Jean Brinson
Daniel Veerasammy
lmaooo omg
Kieron Reed
Probly Thinkn' he was Above the Law
Jacob Hancock Huerta
My favorite movie!!
Jonnathan Tinoco
Happens all the time
Jorge Lizarraga
"Just make a decision, make a decision"
Patrick Felten-Herer
Wich scene? xD
Kiril Kostadinov
Kosta Lembanov ovakvi tipci ni falat vo policija
Diamond Amari Isom
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Daniel Figueroa
Dorian Grey
Would be jokes if he got his partner to smoke pcp
Magus Sorchia
i get all of my latest news and current events from snoop doggs facebook

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who knew dis ?

Secret Symbols You Never Noticed in Famous Logos
Secret Symbols You Never Noticed in Famous Logos

Can you spot all of these messages hidden in logos?

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Christi Johnston Carissa Johnston
Julian Erdmann Lucie Schmidt Tagliabue Marie Zaiß Mirjam Schmid :O Tobelerone
Ovie David Cdose To Snopp Dog
Aurélie Ma Jss gâtée
Aurélie Ma Mmm du Toblerone

yall know dis ?

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Scott Edwards It says its a dot on the floor not the cube,so the dot stays on the floor
Larry Smith I already smoked to much to think about it
Garret Mackey Started from the bottom and now we here... still on the bottom...
Lee Lira I read this as being on the bottom of the cube & not on the cube.
Luc Marchand You end up standing on the dot..

crazy chit

Talk Sh*t Get Hit: Racist Lady Gets DESTROYED by Entire Neighborhood
Talk Sh*t Get Hit: Racist Lady Gets DESTROYED by Entire Neighborhood

When one woman began making racist comments at biracial children, the entire block turned up to set things right.

703 reactions 207 comments
Encarnita Martinez Lola sois un a gran actric, yo diría que de lo mejor que tenemos en España, también diría que mal reconocido injustamente su talento, pero tengo que discrepar en estas palabras que ha escrito Españano
Jordan Stiffler Just a friendly reminder that the first amendment doesn't come with 'White pivelege' but somehow is allotted to every other ethnicity.
Daric Stegall Trash, and I'm talking about all of them. How stupid do you have to be to commit assault and battery on film. I smell prison time
Cambria Valadez Hey, if you are going to run your mouth and say whatever you want then be ready to deal with the consequences. She got what she deserved. Hopefully she learns to shut her mouth.
Brittany Kools Well, I wouldn't teach my kid to just sit back while they're being slandered for the color of their skin, beat the bitches ass 😂 Maybe she shouldn't have been running her mouth to all of those people, HER parents are despicable.

dis how yall get down? 😂

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Anthony Stempak Yo truks
Grant Sutherland Ursula Ní Duibhir
Tommy Smith Ashley Priestley
Chams Throatman Mouzda M'Baraka Present Day
Jay Beattie Jean Butler Ward

what he preppin for? 😂😂

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Mike Grajales Smart, teach her more.
Herbert Holter Much better!
Matias Ezequiel Maldonado Mendez Esté es el face de snoop o q mierda
Kim Whitlow Shhh me too..stay ready
Mike Summers Michaelsummers

yall knew dis ?

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Devonte Dwave Scott ? Robbi Robinson
Teresa Rochelle What. Up. Ti
Aurélie Ma Crak pour les husky
Robin Sneed You should sit with keith richards.
Rebecca Genie I dont know what that is


Ratchet Chick Gets Fully Serviced in Wild Gas Station Brawl
Ratchet Chick Gets Fully Serviced in Wild Gas Station Brawl

It took a whole gang of women to win this gas station fight for their friend, but they got it done. Check out the video of this insane full-service brawl,

854 reactions 30 comments
Jarrod Teoh The blacks acting up again a ={
Wisdom Efimue Crazy Americans shits gas station fights trends stupid fucks shame
Jeanette Wilkins And I thought we had evolved from fighting like wild animals-disgraceful
Matt Meyer Christina

crazy chit

43 Facts About People Who Died Young
43 Facts About People Who Died Young

“It’s better to burn out than to fade away” —Neil Young Whether or not you agree with Young’s words, it’s hard to deny that a lot of famous people seem to die young. However short their life spans, these actors, writers, musicians, and leaders all managed to make their mark on history in a big way.…

493 reactions 38 comments
Aurélie Ma Jtm
Aurélie Ma 💋
Aurélie Ma Guin Maerten
Aurélie Ma Co va
Aurélie Ma Hein.

he showed him wassup 👀

Punk gets satisfying lesson in old-man strength (Video)
Punk gets satisfying lesson in old-man strength (Video)

See the full gallery on

1.2k reactions 81 comments
Arnatuinnak Jaiku He gone. 😜😝😂😭🗣
Sean Taylor He got Oldboyed 😂
Fabian Saucedo Hahahaha😂 Romie
Terri Conte Punk
Raphael Gutierrez Lights out bit&@

hell naw

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Claudine O'Toole I saw you at the House of Blues a few years ago! Fantastic show! Thanks for a great evening!
Dominik Laurent He swam near a fish corpse I'm sure and maggots ganked him because it looked better to eat
Brendon Matthews
Shane Ian Newell Just another thing on the list that can kill ya when ya come here
Robin Sneed The ocean is wild. I grew up near the ocean. It is truly wild. Coming up, Calypso.

yall got these ?

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Musa Biggy SALAAM WALEIKUM BROTHER SNOOP DOGG. we the Muslim committee are still hoping to hear from you on our project please and please give us your helping hand and may almighty God reward you handsomely Amin.
Aurélie Ma Rrr
Aurélie Ma 🍫😺
Musa Biggy No amount is small OK
Aurélie Ma Pas toi désolé

crazy chit

43 Fast Facts about Time
43 Fast Facts about Time

“Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.” —Nathaniel Hawthorne Time is the component quantity used to measure the duration of events, intervals between them, and their sequence. Time has long been a subject of study in science, religion, and philosophy, and it is incorporated into each asp...

351 reactions 23 comments
Deven Wilkinson Shannon Dunn Bailey Dunn
Celina Minto Sean
Mitchel Perry v
Billie Thomas
Emmanuel Ogagavworia cool

for real? 🤔

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Libby Buford Rivera Only in america can u choose the sex and nationality u "identifie" with. wtf next? I think today ill identify myself as a skinny blonde japanese porn slut.....smh as i look in the mirror and see reality.....
Don Sackett ROFL, get a grip folks, you can't change races! And honestly acting like another race makes ya look bad.
Sean Eckman More fake news this picture of the lady was used for a story saying she was white and lied saying she's black to get position with black lives matter
Gareth James Buckingham Wait a minute I'm white so does that mean I can finally say "iz it coz I iz black?" without offending anyone? Complete nonsense
Emma Louise Manning WTF is going on in this world man it's geting stupid now soon y'all have people identifying as animals and tollets next FFS


Outrageous Confessions From Real-Life Wedding Crashers
Outrageous Confessions From Real-Life Wedding Crashers

Shoot! Maybe I need to be crashing some weddings!

251 reactions 15 comments
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain. - Maya Angelou
Damian Zurita 🤘😎😸
Damian Zurita 🤘😎🤘 lol
Kete Valga Verga Robie the cook
PetOxy What a turn up


278 reactions 21 comments
Fabian Saucedo Dumb ass
Shaun Thompson Paul Averill
Mitchell Bain Hamish Lo Faro
Iásón Mac a'Bhiadhtaigh Kevin
Neo Illy Stupid as all fuk but life tho .....

about that time 🙌🏿

107 reactions 11 comments
Sanaj Samarakoon Evan Joss
Oki Bee u b doon
Zachary Thurman Make me watch?
Aurélie Ma 🤣😞
Aurélie Ma 💋

crazy chit

Christian Bale Has a Certified ‘Dadbod’ For This New Movie Role
Christian Bale Has a Certified ‘Dadbod’ For This New Movie Role

Christian Bale doesn’t look like this anymore…

138 reactions 9 comments
Umer Jillani Ahmad Jillani
Osseni Sikirou Eliassou Good
Mantys Wonoffour He looks good to me. Thickalicious!! 😉
Eric Jackson-McCree Yeah Snoop you just made it to DATELINE the big screen Primetime
Jacob Goodyear In one pic he has hair and the next its a buzz cut. The point is women like hair.


35 Of The Funniest Snapchats That Will Live On Forever
35 Of The Funniest Snapchats That Will Live On Forever

Never give up on finding the perfect Snapchat story because yours could soon be etched into hilarious internet eternity.

344 reactions 10 comments
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you Mistakes are proof that you are trying. We need to learn from the past, live in the present and plan for the future.
Haga Ginting S wkwkwk
Erica Rayann Fagan I've got u at nmbr 9
Deiby Araya Azofeifa Por el momento
Dusty Roper FOH dude 🙄


724 reactions 32 comments
Silvan Uruci
Nostra Ahmed
Katie Marshall Scott Rall
Yoann Calvar Marine Monnot ptdr tro toa ca
Erica Rayann Fagan Snoop I have a fundraiser


366 reactions 27 comments
Darren Tks You suck snoopy
Dani Thais wtf
Katy Burza easy money
Milan Kechapoo Crazzyy hellou tvv 😂

yall catch Joker's Wild last night ?

6.7k reactions 268 comments
Christian Mex I thought you where rasta now
Tidiane Sall Is this watchable outside the us like in Netflix ? It is hilarious 😆
Jaryl Jay this shO is bunk as hell...
Robyn Harris Natasha Coolen snoop dogg has a gameshow and no one told me
Erin Lowe That's really looks like fun cool

dis yall? 😂

54 reactions 6 comments
Micah Johnson A teraz wyłącz patefon i pomysl o tym czego nie wiesz.
Erica Rayann Fagan Snoop u used mine ok that's fine
Erica Rayann Fagan Many clouds many clouds of smoke

what yall think?

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Sergio Barros The reason is Power. It must feel very powerful to tell a majority what they can or cannot say. Or how they can wear their hair, what clothes they are allowed to wear, what food are they allowed to cook. Power. Nothing more. And people who label ...
Scott Cohen Only Marxist's break down society with labels and class warfare. We are Americans. We are humans. So sick of the race baiting and the attempt to keep us separate but equal.
Linn Andersson My ex-boyfriend who is mixed black and white tried to give me "the pass" for the n-word towards him, probably to make us get closer, but I refused to use it. I told him it would be really bad if I all of a sudden had gotten comfortbale saying it around ...
Alain Barsom If someone dont mean any harm using the n word then it shouldn't be a probleme. And the people that get offended either way, that people should stop being such winning bitches and grow up.
Kevan Cronk We've all been taught words hurt, but theyre only as heavy as the weight you give them. If everyone wasn't so sensitive and defensive maybe we could focus on real issues. Call me whatever u want because in the end it literally means nothing, its ...

who watchin Joker's Wild tonight ?

104 reactions 19 comments
Yerevan Mood
Jorge Robles o
Hope Sweetie Slater Allways
Aurélie Ma hey mon cahier
Aurélie Ma jte derrange pas ??

ladies yall tryin dis ?

Talking with the SuicideGirls About Their New "Diet" Weed Brand - Culture | MERRY JANE
Talking with the SuicideGirls About Their New "Diet" Weed Brand - Culture | MERRY JANE

I like to be able to smoke without waking up the next morning in a bed full of Taco Bell wrappers reminding me of last night’s bad decisions.

2.4k reactions 59 comments
Dnanx Pie Black bikini are katty perry? 😂
Richard Rodriguez Hook me up Snoop!!!
Chris Bobier Just eat weed. Dumb bitches.
Kathy Goodwin Lol ! They've got away for everything
Vinicius Santos So cool girl on the right side,i love girls with black hair

who tryin dis ? 😂

5 Ways to Enjoy Post-Coitus Cannabis - Culture | MERRY JANE
5 Ways to Enjoy Post-Coitus Cannabis - Culture | MERRY JANE

Some tips on how to keep the good times coming after you have an orgasm by indulging in some sexy cannabis consumption practices.

2.6k reactions 143 comments
Kristi Rogers Home made canna-lube! Works great :)
Gregorio Stoleson damm snoop know how to have funnnn!!!!!!!!!
Dawn Tates Galler Wow
Carl Bolland Maria Michela - Did you write this?
Polite Ness Not me 🙅


27 Dirty Kids
27 Dirty Kids' Drawings That Definitely Raised Some Eyebrows

This must have been tough to explain at parent-teacher conferences

523 reactions 59 comments
Amanda J Herrera Lmfao..... Heather Harris
Marta Elizabeth LeVan Rooff 😂 Elizabeth Bordeaux
Sushil Shakya Johny Raaz Shakya Anand Rajachandran Javer Uddin
Carol-Ann Labrie Pierre-Olivier Ménard Noémie Joyal Baribeau Marie-Julie Laurin Martin Fournier 😂😂😂
Paul Sevenitz Unsere youporn-Generation Szymon Zieliński Christos Pelekanos Julian Sevenitz Agnieszka Sevenitz

what yall doin?

This Model Who Tried to Get an Eyeball Tattoo Made a Big Mistake
This Model Who Tried to Get an Eyeball Tattoo Made a Big Mistake

This model tried to get an eye tattoo, but it went horribly, horribly wrong.

427 reactions 264 comments
Marius Roman Some blind people would be happy just to see.
Walter Knight Wondering where the real Snoop is 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Brian Howell Why should we feel sorry for something so obviously stupid to begin with
Amanda Fellows I guess to each their own...
Emily Denson Stupid attention craving twit. All i have to say is..blahahahahaaa!😅🤣

yall know dis ?

The Do
The Do's and Don'ts of Using Weed at Work - Culture | MERRY JANE

Our guide to using cannabis on the clock, responsibly.

441 reactions 20 comments
Gary Werden Snoop ... you are just a fucking disgrace. ...
Ken Vera Christy Goldrup
Jon Goodman My Tribe... My People.. We are one step closer to a achieving Coexistence among those that Judge others.
Alberto Usai FERMO
Alberto Usai ATTANA

what yall see?

The First Thing You See In These Images Can Determine What Type of Person You Are
The First Thing You See In These Images Can Determine What Type of Person You Are

Who knew the way we see things could reveal so much?

251 reactions 58 comments
Brusa Gavitel No it doesnt
Anthony Spiess Girl type guy? in one
Karsten Aleksander Sønsteby gold digger and a girl ;)
Henry Fundi its two picture...
Erick Watson 2faces
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