10:00 12/06/2017

Arrived with the titles.
Left with the titles.
We are The Bar.
Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose are below par... what?

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Arrived with the titles.
Left with the titles.
We are The Bar.
Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose are below par... what?

1.4k reactions 38 comments


Romina Garcia
Como seguir sin un motivo como fingir q sobrevivo
Ammar Ali
yeah loosers
Andy Mankelow
The bar suck
Nony Thunder Boy Friday
Robin Larson
Joseph Torres
We areeee the barrrrr
Lengs Keikura Lengor
Nasur Allah
Very good team the baaarrrrrr
Aditya Mallick Adi
Vega Jacc Hammer
They are The Bar!!
Brandon Paul Prager
Yesssss my favorite wwe wrestler sheamus is still the tag team champ
Jack Clarke
Cameron Chalmers I'm gonna have this on my grave
Christine Buracker
I know this is all scripted but hate cheaters
John Bakemans
Come to Uganda please am your biggest fan
Bobby Bhullar
The bar is greatest tag team in wwe today

Other newsfeed from Sheamus

641 reactions 16 comments
Krystal Winchester Natasha Blackman
Morgan Fredenburg Thomas Weifenbach 😂😂
Cristian Uva Michael Rodriguez Christian Chiarello amicizia celtica.
Emma Elvira Martinez Torres jajajajajajaja
Bbr Shubham Thakur Celtic

Celtic Warrior Workouts: Apollo Crews Coming Soon Trailer...

1.3k reactions 29 comments
Howard Wilsey fags
Simon Block Stephanie Higson Block
Sören Beese Tanja Be
Jesper Larsen Shawn Frost
Uzair Javed Aly Laghari

Celtic Warrior Workouts: Ep.5 Battle Ropes Trailer...

813 reactions 6 comments
Pritam Sahoo <3
Jennifer Farrar Hi sheamus ❤️
Sheila M Stance *swoon*
Farhan Khan I miss you shehmaz
Romina Garcia Salvame me estoy hundiendo frente a ti sacame no puedo respirar te estoy diciendo ayudame se la unica persona q falta en mi rompecabezas

WWE RAW: Seth Rollins vs. Sheamus

1.1k reactions 13 comments
Rick Joe Looks stupid
Francisco Wwe Gabriel Loser sheamus
Sukhwinder Singh Loser
Venadita Felina adivina adivinador que es:tiene ojos y no ve tiene corona y no es rey tiene escamas y no es pez que es
Venadita Felina

WWE RAW: Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe Brawl

2.3k reactions 10 comments
Ricardo Mauricio Leyton Michel Ese gordo de samoa Joe es un marica
Nikhil Kandikatla Rada Rada boys
Francisco Wwe Gabriel Loser the bar
Romina Garcia T quiero como te diria el mas valiente me muero como t diria el mas cobarde😣
Estudio DE Música Adoradores EN Espirito Tienen q luchar solo a solo no con trampa

‪Iain's #MakeAWish was to have an awesome mohawk & join #TheBar... granted! Our wish was also granted... Iain's inspiring us to go out on #Raw tonight & destroy The Shield. Cheers fella.. now can we have the titles back? ‬

2.3k reactions 25 comments
Waqar Shah Your big loser
Rakib Romel
Joseph Jack Fusion lol 😂
Joe Denzen Cheaters
Susan Tipton Dragon Ball Z fella

Ready to #SETTHEBAR even higher in the semifinals against Noam Dar! EA SPORTS FIFA #FIFA18 #ad

247 reactions 14 comments
Russell Bivens Eire
Ben Rjab Ben Rjab GOOD
Patrick Sukitsch Manuel Rabl 😂 7:49 kommt mir bekannt vor 😂 💪🏻
Luciano Agosta Hhahahaha Sheamus is very #FUNNY 😆😅😄
Fay Harris Hi Guy's..

‪8 shows in 7 days including RAW, Tribute to The Troops, Abu Dhabi & India... add steel cage history to that & #TheBar STILL tag team champs. Next stop, Cleveland... no one works harder than WWE superstars... tag a fighter that needs to UP their game.‬

4.8k reactions 64 comments
Mary Merchant Ooh such a hottie
Don P Grant I would to a WWE Superstar
Midhu Sarath I love Sheamus old haircut
Giuseppe Carmen Matigotti Sheamus con questi ritmi mica ti devi ritirare vero?FELLLAAAA
John Browne How do I tag Conor mcgregor lol

A huge victory in Abu Dhabi is just the BEGINNING of what The Bar has planned for Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose!

720 reactions 20 comments
Constance Henderson Hi
आँसु लिम्बु C
Nony Thunder Boy Friday #TheBar 👍
Albert Schweitzer Tricheurs
Luis Herrera sheamus retorns face

It's go time! #WWEAbuDhabi

2.0k reactions 40 comments
Lamagyamjo Gyamjo u not good
Denise Sunderer Have fun, fella! :)
Romina Garcia Vivo enamorada de el apasionada me robo el corazon a mano a armada
Yathun Kr #Are_You_Ok_Sheamus💘💘💘...?
Albert Schweitzer Tricheurs

Sheamus Shorts: 6 Minute Chest Pump!

335 reactions 5 comments
Jennifer Farrar Hi sheamus
Romina Garcia Ahora yo tengo el mando ya me canse de seguirte llorando
Kamil Rosa Please name this song

And STILL...

1.8k reactions 25 comments
Lucil Williame Nul
Shubham Midha Nycc
Soumya Mallick ✅ 🕵️‍♀️
Nony Thunder Boy Friday #TheBar 👍
Sherri Blackburn awesome

It's go-time… About to set #thebar in this #FIFA18 tournament! EA SPORTS FIFA #ad

1.4k reactions 24 comments
Sudeep Kumar Great white stupid look but better than shield
Venadita Felina you win 🏆quien sera el campeon de estos dos chicos
Jennifer Farrar Hi sheamus
سيد الظلام قاتم Hi hi
Shubham Midha Nycc

Sheamus Shorts: Neck Hammock Rehab...

471 reactions 9 comments
Morgan Schmitting-Strauss Done!
Bidarshi Barua Does he not see his face at mirror ?
Romina Garcia Gracias por hacer mil pedazos de mi asi puedo verme mejor porq nadie sabe q somos asta q duele en el exterior
Mark Cameron Welch Rest up fella! Too early for you to end it.
Susan Tipton My son is a chef and stands for 10 to 12 hours a day, he is a chef. Would this be good for decompression ?

8 years ago today... sorry not sorry, Mark Cuban.

7.0k reactions 42 comments
Aymen Pachichi lol
Antonio Paredes Camacho Eso le pasa x pasado de lanza
Marvis Enobakhare Great
Nony Thunder Boy Friday The Great White 👍
Edward Pulidindi Amrita your favorite shark!

Arrived with the titles. Left with the titles. We are The Bar. Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose are below par... what?

1.4k reactions 38 comments
Romina Garcia Como seguir sin un motivo como fingir q sobrevivo
Ammar Ali yeah loosers
Andy Mankelow The bar suck
Nony Thunder Boy Friday #TheBar👍
Robin Larson Yes!!!!

Celtic Warrior Workouts Brave Change

1.5k reactions 13 comments
Abraham Medina you suks
Jennifer Farrar Sheamus you are so cute and hot
Kossi Canet hello
Roger López Martínez Que guapo mijito me saludas a tu mami :v
Dean Kelly Cabra lad

The Lads at WWE Tribute to the Troops! #Troops15 U.S. Navy U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)

2.4k reactions 31 comments
Ahmad Saeed PLZ SUB ME
Abourou Drame Cc
Abourou Drame Cc
Harendra Bohara xxx
Soumya Mallick ✅ 🕵️‍♀️

WWE RAW: Tag Team Championship Match

696 reactions 10 comments
Abraham Medina you suck
Shane Introne Who won
Thakur Raftaar Sheamus
Wael Mohamed Nice
Darshan Patil WWE is 50% real and 50% fake

521 reactions 15 comments
Mick Conlon Eoin Scollay
Astro Wallaby Pete Boeve
Jeremy Barboza Júlia Gusmão kkk
Ankit Shahi Jatinder Singh ajjj
Hassan ElSawaf Marco Wagdy Ahmed Nagy Wesam Khaled

322 reactions 17 comments
Romina Garcia Perfect
La Chicka Looks relaxing 😕😉
Gilberto Lazaro Do you like to draw?
Leonardo Da Silva Gualberto fella
Farhan Khan Love you sheamuz

977 reactions 10 comments
Venadita Felina
Yareli Sanchez I Love you sheamus
Kadhim Kareem Good
Liza Vicky Wells U doing a good job keep it up
Romina Garcia Se q la torre ifell no es tan grnde y tan fuerte como el miedo a verte y perderte en paris

Celtic Warrior Workouts: Ep.004 HIIT Yard Workout & Supplements Advice at 1st Phorm...

196 reactions 15 comments
John Almaguer The new us title sheamus.
Sue Hrisoulas Another super workout! Amazing. Thank you for sharing these. 💯💪

Sheamus Shorts: 6 Minutes Chest Pump...

261 reactions 4 comments
Thakur Raftaar You are not sheamus. You are not celtic warrior . The real sheamus real celtic warrior is in 2010 . He fight big pank. Shield. Ziglet. John cana . Sheamus return 2014 i am not looking wwe. Your bigest fan in india
Soumya Mallick ✅ 🕵️‍♀️
Susan Tipton Yo go fella!
Sue Hrisoulas Wow! That was impressive. Your workouts are the best! 👍👊💯

Sheamus Shorts: Rehabbing Injury With Neck Hammock...

274 reactions 8 comments
Soumya Mallick ✅ 🕵️‍♀️
Sasha Ramirez Oh wow, I hope you get better 😊
Patti Howard get well quick Sheamus and come visit Denver I will take you to lunch ...
Cindy Burkes Grier Thank you for being an inspiration to my workouts as well as my rehab. You are my favorite and you are amazing!!
Daniel Declan Just hand the tittles over!. Seth and uncle Deano will be needing It. #TheShield4Life

The bar is set. NO ONE can touch me and Cesaro in #FIFA18! #WeAreTheBar EA SPORTS FIFA #ad

441 reactions 15 comments
Mehrab Khan Muhtashim Billah Rifat dakho Sheamus fifa khele
Soumya Mallick ✅ 🕵️‍♀️
Jennifer Farrar Sheamus 😍
Kathleen Jacobson 😁
Mustapha Magaji Sheamus💗

SheaMemes: Vol.001 Best Ever Workout Memes...

99 reactions 4 comments
Soumya Mallick ✅ 🕵️‍♀️
Norma Ambriz Hahaha wait, what?! Really? 😅
Kyle Buway SheaMemes. I like the sound of that Sheamus! Look out John Cena meme, you have a opponent, and it's for the WWE Meme Champion!!!

#WeAreTheBar no matter where we go, even if it’s the pitches of #FIFA18 #ElTornado #sponsored

279 reactions 10 comments
Suleman Mansoor 🌷 Sheamus (●*∩_∩*●) Like 😸 Comment 🐩 Back 😝 Just 🐎 Now ╭•▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬•╮ #щздязтнзвдя иø мдттзя щнзяз щз бø, зvзи if iт’s тнз рiтÇнзs øf #fifд18 #зlтøяидδø нттрs //щщщ.чøцтцвз.Çøм/щдтÇн?v=0вvjÇ9xδjдщ ...
Shaun S George I love you sheamus
Kamvelihle Mbangi Cool
Çhå KÈr هه
Sajal Joardar Bebod

606 reactions 13 comments
Marcus Thomas John Hernandez
Vicki Lamb O'Connor Damien Shelly sometimes
Fabrice Baniounga Le guerrier celte, très très fort!
Romina Garcia Donde quedaron los sueños y todos los planes
Rasmus Jørgensen Charlotte Pedersen sådan et skæg kunne være feeeed

955 reactions 19 comments
Gaurav Srivastava Abhinav Singh
Brandon Gillman Lauren Potak meme this
Romina Garcia 🍀🍀🍀🍀😍
Karrie Dellinger i love you! kisses sweetie xoxo
Seydou Tangara nice
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