Shaun White
18:10 11/13/2017

See you there!

Air + Style Los Angeles 2018

Air + Style Los Angeles 2018

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Today went from the worst, to one of the best days of my life. I fell on my first two runs for finals, and ended up landing my 3rd and final run! Not only did I win the competition, I ended up getting a perfect 100 and securing my spot on the US Olympic Team! Thank you to everyone who has supported me and stood by my side. We’re going to Korea💪🏼 #Olympics #Victory #Thankful 📸: Ryan Wachendorfer

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Amy Sisson Brown You’ve worked so hard and deserve every minute of your success! We’ve been watching you as a family over the years and are so proud to have you represent team USA!! Congratulations and good luck!!!
Melanie Smolak Please remember this your whole life Shaun White, that just by being yourself, you inspire millions of children worldwide to participate in sports. Go Shaun Go!!! Congratulations to You and Your Entire Family.
Debra Wolf You are the only snowboarder i watch and root for ,love to see how high u can go and the spins wow cant wait til the olympics and going for gold ! Congratulations!
Tracy Buck Congratulations Shaun!!! So proud of you and can’t wait to watch you represent the USA in the Olympics!!! You have been my snowboarding idol since forever!!! Go get ‘em!!! ❤️🏂👍🏻💙🇺🇸
Melissa Ramsey-Smalley Congratulations we love you and support you in all you do... Go USA can't wait to watch make USA deserve it..I have watched you been a fan from the first time I saw you... I seen you struggles and how you handled it all. We are proud of ...

On cloud 9 🤯!! More to come... see you at the Olympics!

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Christina C Brown Half pipe of 2018 Winter Olympics have never looked so good... Go get that Gold you're always pushing yourself to get 😎😎😎
Leonardo Locatelli Daniele Boffelli Matteo Barbierato Marco Colna va alle olimpiadi con bastone e dentiera e magari si porta a casa pure un podio
Patrick Stephens Awesome!! I was there when you got a 100 at xgames!!!! Are you competing in xgames this year or passing it for olympics?
Justin Kosko You’re a savage man. Over 15 years and you’re still out there hustling to be the best. Can’t imagine how hard you’ve worked. You deserve it. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Kimberly Anne So good I have to watch it over and over lol that was prime. Seriously that was an amazing run. It deserved 100. You want it,I can tell. Good luck!

Overwhelmed by the amount of support from last week's episode of #SnowPack about my fall in October 💙 Episode 2 is up on Yahoo Sports

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Eric Takman Hope your face heals!
Christopher Parsons GREAT JOB SHAUN
Jamie Westermeyer Joy Dixon Westermeyer this is what I was talking about
Tim Nagle Gold, sure, but any medal is a lasting thrill. Flyin High Again...
Sherry Hernandez You are an amazing snowboarder 🏂. I hope u are doing better. Stay safe!

Qualified in 1st place yesterday at Snowmass Grand Prix 💪! Stoked for finals on Saturday.

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Frankie Jay McGraw Congrats Red
Sandra Regan YESSSSSSSSSSSS WhiteGOLD2018!
Danyel Mitchell Congratulations!!!🎉🎉🙌🏾🙌🏾
Kimmia Skaife Congratulations!
Maddy Mae That's radical dude!! You could do it.

We're 1 month away!!!! NBC Olympics

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Fredy Flores Remberto Perlera-Vasquez SHAUN WHITE
Robert Takata zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Yawn
Gabriela Chiapetti Schmitz Thiara Hipólito olha vc aliiiiiii 😂❤️❤️
James Burton Awesome
Sharon DeBlasi Best of luck ! 🙃

Had a blast at the Air + Style Qualifier yesterday up at Bear Mountain. Thank you to everyone that made it possible and huge congrats to Nate Haust and Drayden Gardner - see you guys in March! 📸: Cameron Strand

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Melyssa Sobczyk Holly McDonald Gardnerr so cool!!
Darci Bergman So hut
Kim McGee Clift 3 bad asses!!
Jason Walence Congrats Drayden Gardner.... Holly McDonald Gardner
James Burton Awesome

Air + Style Qualifiers are TODAY at Bear Mountain! Come hang! Registration 10am / Qualis 12pm / Travis Barker 2:30pm #AirandStyle #BearMountain

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Diane Throckmorton Hopefully you see my son, Michael. Can't wait to see the footage. Please post !!!
Kimberly Anne Come pick me up in Upstate NY! Lol I'm chilling to Elton John & hanging with my dogs. Stop by!! Lol :p
Carolina Pasos Michelle... mmmhmmm... lol 💗

First time I’ve attempted this trick since it put me in the hospital in New Zealand. Words can’t describe how good it feels to finally get the courage to try it again! Overcoming your fears isn’t easy, but don’t let the fear of your past keep you from moving forward!

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Veronica Chinn Love you Shaun. Wishing you a safe and successful Olympics!!!
Billy Dwyer Great work and well said.
Eileen Lahtuk Harmon Great to see you back to yourself! You are an inspiration!
Mokele Mbembe Big resepect Shaun, you are an inspiration.
Ethan D. Gilkey I don't want to sound ignorant, but why are there no U-ramps for snowboarding like there are for skateboarding?

In October 2017 I took a bad fall. It was tough, but it brought me into the new year feeling strong, focused, and determined. Bring it on 2018! 💪 I'd also like to send a very special thank you to the doctors, nurses, and staff at Southern District Health Board for taking care of me! See the full episode of #SnowPack on Yahoo Sports:

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Carol David Be well and be strong Shaun!
Darci Bergman I saw That babes. Love you so much handsome
Kimberly Ann My daughter is a fellow TOF survivor and I always tell her, “if Shaun White can do it, so can you!”
Pha Allen God speed for your recovery. You're awesome 👍 Good luck Shaun!
Shelby Jean Gootee This broke my heart to watch!! Thank God you’re better now!! Please stay safe!!

Had a great time doing the Dew! Wish we had some better weather on quals day but still had a blast. 📷: Mark Clavin

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Martin Lampson Sick bro
Terry Reynolds Shaunee Red Eagle
Kris Anderson LOOKING GOOD
Cheryl Higginbotham Just keep going big and high!
Tanya Diane Blast a cap in it boyfriend 🎄🦔🤶☃️

Getting ready for another Dew Tour 🙌

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Michael Hald Jan Schips Simon Kircher zur motivation
Damien Debressy Théo Cheugo regarde en 2015 il avait la même planche que moi 😜
David Monraia 💪💪💪
Rosen Rodriguez Wrap!!!
David Taylor Go Shaun Go!

First contest of the year went great! Full video 👉🏻

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Zizi Lok Genio Shaun ❤
Terry Reynolds Yes it did
Bob Fields SICK !!!
Lohan Delaval Emma il est chaud ton père quand même 🤙
Linda Green Panter He is awesome!!

First Olympic qualifier going down now! Tune in on 💪🏼

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Cyndi Standing Bear Good luck !love u dude 🏂🏂❄️❄️
Rupesh Patel Make an awesome comeback!!!!!!!
Judy Elmborg Good luck, Shaun!
Sandra Nunez Root’n for him! 🇺🇸
Scott Eckard Crush it 😎👊🏾

Getting goin over here for the Copper Grand Prix!

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Kira Kleinman Hall Kevin Copper!
Paula Casey Armenta Need more snow
Orlando Santiago Nice snowboarding
Jennifer Bowers King Mitchell King check this out!! #goals
Pedro Barraza I think I might

We're bringing both snowboarding AND skateboarding competitions to Air + Style LA this year! 🙌🙌

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Cali Yang LOVE U SHAUN!!!! cant wait to see you at Air & Style and the Olympics!~~!~!

Had so much fun doing this shoot and interview with Robb Report

Shaun White Spills His Sartorial Secrets
Shaun White Spills His Sartorial Secrets

As he prepares for his fourth Olympic Games, the pro-snowboarder is hitting his stride as an arbiter of city style.

103 reactions 6 comments
Sandra Regan LOVE.
James Gonda Jr. cool.
Etta Wielandt hottie
Carole Hughes Levinger Check out comment in RobbReport
Shelly Battaglia I so miss your long hair

A peak inside our weekend in Beijing - congrats again to Anna Gasser Mark McMorris Torgeir Bergrem Tiarn Collins Miyabi Onitsuka Enni Rukajärvi and everyone who made the 2017 Air + Style Beijing event a success!

381 reactions 6 comments
Karen DiCerchio Stiles Shannon Stiles
Becky Coyle McMorris!!
Kim McGee Clift So cool !!
James Burton Awesome
Steven Shattuck *peek

Been getting in some great days on the mountain. 📷 JJ Thomas

826 reactions 20 comments
Karen DiCerchio Stiles Shannon Stiles
Rita Ellis Frazier Look Courtney Frazier Wagoner
Krissy Tafoya 😍😍😍😍
NB Gilles Ou ?
NB Gilles Tu es où sur cette photo?

Thank you to all the athletes for competing and thank you to the city of Beijing for hosting another Air + Style !!

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Chrissy Allsmiles You may not get this and that's okay if you don't. If you do, I just want to say thank you for being you. I seen on TV Jimmy Kimmel talking about his newborn son heart condition tetralogy of fallot and that you had the same thing. I recently found out ...

#tbt What.a.view. 📸 Gabe L'Heureux

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Mechelle Vaughn Awesome view
Gabe Arnold Where is this?
Emmzie Van Kirk Love the view
Cathy Reed Yes it is.
Terry Reynolds Love it

Gliding thru the week.. 📸 Gabe L'Heureux

511 reactions 11 comments
Emma Sejer Ingstrup Knudsen Christoffer Lindhard Holm
Karen DiCerchio Stiles Shannon Stiles
Suzi Sagas ❤️
Deb Hill Gutsy!
Tanya Diane Hope you're healing well! ♥

See you there!

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#MAMMOTHSOPEN Mammoth Mountain 📸 Cameron Strand

425 reactions 7 comments
Lia Barskey Maddie Farmer
Joey Arnoni Kayla Brennan
Brandy Mallick Yield bitches
Selina Herrera Dan Nița fyi this is about to be me
Hristina Hristova More 😁

#TBT Burton Snowboards US Open 📷 Gabe L'Heureux

621 reactions 17 comments
Frank MacUmber Air It Out
Robert Takata Yep...
Shawn Seward sick
Justin Smith Air white!!
Brandy Mallick Love it bra

Just your local neighborhood watch ...

457 reactions 28 comments
Elizabeth Payne Erika Flores the puppy lol
Brandy Mallick Lol
David Taylor Dr. White.
Ciara Marie Eckert Aw. Sarah’s dog. 💜💜
Jessica Dian Sparbanie Feel better soon

Our final episode of Turning Point is live on go90 and it's all about Air + Style 💙

634 reactions 6 comments
James Burton Awesome
Allan Carstens Doesn’t work outside the US..
Eileen Lahtuk Harmon Unbelievable snowboarding!
Ignacio Dominguez go for Shaun #RIDE
Rhonda Jones I just love you. You are one of the reasons I love my life! Forever fan right here ❣️

Thank you for all the love and support. Bummed I missed 100 Days Out at Today Show but I'm feeling good and excited to get back at it! 🏂

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Troy Halliday Melanie Halliday
Leonardo Antonoff 成相佑輔 did you see?
Tim Nagle Well Wishes... Flyin High Soon!
Jill Swan Get better soon
Nico Kruger Get well soon, good luck

Happy Friday!! Tickets just went on sale for Air + Style LA! 😍🕺

48 reactions 2 comments
Ammar Rahim You lost me at fees
Cathy Reed Those prices are nutty high

We're bringing Air + Style back to Los Angeles March 3 + 4 at Exposition Park! Can't wait to host the 4th annual event in my home city 😍

75 reactions 5 comments
Gaby Tolkan Lewis Jake Nathan Evan Jessica
Kathy Michael What your injured! No no no
Kris Anderson Wait..I read Phoenix and got all excited. When are you coming to Phoenix for an expo?
Diana Galvez Very cool
Burnelle Ward Lauricella Need to mentor sponsor upcoming. Getting older. Aren't we all. Support the youth.
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