Sarah Palin
18:44 11/13/2017

This is just too good.

Don't you love it when the deplorables come out to play?

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Chuck Brooks
Told my kids I wanted one for Christmas. Guess they will have to find something else now. Don't want one!
April Clifton Hoover
Leslie Ferro
Cool! Liberals have been boycotting them for years due to environmental concerns. Thanks for joining the cause!
Diane Arguin
Never buy that brand again!
Cathleen Lechowicz
You know where he could stick his pod!!! LOL
Gary Ei
In reality a Keurig is nothing more than an outrageously overpriced appliance to heat water in order to make a tepid cup of mediocre coffee that is not as good as instant.
Joe Williams
Business shouldn’t make there political believes know. Stupid move! Would of been better to cut back on the ads a little until they removed them. Nobody ever said business people where very smart. An old Marine
Mark Vogl
Looks like Louie Gohmert on the left side of the picture.
Clay Story
No more Keurig for this kid. I like Sean Hannity's Show.
Lila Waldrop
I understand the CEO has come out to apologize to his customers. I think it might just be too late.
Patricia Barton
Maybe not buying their products this Christmas season will send a clear message to them. Conservatives have been silent for too long and that is now changing.
Sharrell Jones
Steve Michel shut the hell up dumb dumb
Dana Ingram Heffner
Screw you, Keurig!
Barbara Rygielski Nolan
Love your show and you Sean
Catherine Barrett
Cancelled my auto delivery of K-cups ... directly from Keurig ..will load my own coffee into reusable from another company

Other newsfeed from Sarah Palin

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Karen Tardiff Americans should be ashamed of their behavior....I’m embarrassed for them!
Charles Merrill Above and beyond the call. Gotta like all that.
Debbie Knobel Beyers An amazing man! HUGE respect for him! And hey, I"m from Africa!
Steven Shelton He didn't give it up.
Carl Nowack He doesn't need this job. That's why he's great!

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Diana S. Giannoutsos is this one of those neutral gender people?
Eddie Cowper Any questions?
Gail Petersen BS IDIOTS
Joe Atkinson Everything good happening right now, stock market, large corporations coming back and low unemployment rate is all stuff Obama did, but anything going bad or wrong right now is trumps fault.... liberal thought process, such as aaron
Debbie Pickering I love that people think this is a dude!

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Ira Newman Shithole works
Tom Nowakowski Good point!
Jerry Surridge Exactly
Tim Evans Shithole dad? That’s right Audrey. Shutup Russ.
Pattie Hibbs Wilson I love Dinesh! Lol

This one hit HARD!! Seriously...

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Patrick Flannery Go James!!!
April Clifton Hoover TY MR. WOODS.
Scot Billiter Don-key, it's nice to see ya again.'s Shrek been treat'n ya these days?
John Avery Chelsea wedding was paid by Haiti earthquake funds


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Julie O'Brian Her days are numbered!
Joanne Maki Is this true?
Jimmy Guerrero LOL!"BREAKING NEWS" GODZILLA IS DESTROYING NORTH KOREA and people are running for there life's. It's a "Shithole" oh no there go's "Godzilla"By Blue Ostyer Cult...😄😄😄👍👍👍👊👊🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸
Mary Deaver Get with and stop talking about it already !!!!!!!!
Donna Cornwell Arrest her Arrest her

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Arnold Graf Funny and true
Shannan K Warnick-Fisher Oprah would be Obama's puppet in office! My thoughts.
Penny Peeples Exactly... Obama was proud that 43 million people were on food stamps.. That was his greatest accomplishment.smh 2 million are off food stamps since Trump was elected.. Welfare is one of the worse things to ever happen to the American people.. 🇺🇸MAKE ...
Kelly A. Stockton If we believe everything about him, women have slept with him to get to the top...who's provided more opportunity? Her or him? He's still winning!!!
Steven Peplinski If she were President she'll give the whole country away like it was a gameshow.

Well there you have it...

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Wendy Baumann Krzyzanowski Why should he go over there to open an embassy? Is that the job of a President?
Chris Cubre Good Trump
Jayma Valentine Love your twittering, Mr. President. Keep it up.
Jimmy Henderson Probably because they have a Muslim mayor who is a security threat
Danita Drost Burks Yay! Love this guy!!

The latest...

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Steven Howard Who but Trump would sit on top of the world set that a side to take a job that leads a bunch folks that are out for them selfs.
Jan Keiser Next time the Democraps put up a candidate for 2020 Presidential election save th attack until he or she is nominated.
Marlene Broullard Good news! But she could change her mind :(
Danny Méndez Of course, it will be Trump again!
Meg Clarke She's too much of a racist to win.

There you have it...

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MyKen Cruz So who cares if Londoners hate Trump! We don’t care about them either! Have fun with your mayor! We are doing great with our President! I know in my heart America is the envy of the world!
Sheila Picou Owens People should read the truth as to why he cancelled. He refused to cut the ribbon at the new embassy Obama built for personal gains.
Steve Miner I was in England and Ireland for almost three weeks late August to about mid-September. Not shy, so I struck up conversations with lots, and lots who heard my American accent also struck up conversations with me. 100% were extremely friendly, helpful, ...
David Franks Obama managing the decline of America...
James Hatcher I guess in November when you get humiliated in the mid terms you'll be screaming it's rigged. It will be great watching trump get same treatment you guys gave Obama for eight years. Remember turn about is fair play.


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Ed Lundstrom Hillary had coughing fits , collapsed getting into a van, but that was no big deal.
George Sparling The Energizer Bunny has nothing on him.
Dolores Campbell GREAT !!!!!
Shelia Hatcher Thank God.
L.d. Morales GOD BLESS you.

What in the heck?!

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Bruce Tobias Shithole
Elliot Clancy looks like peyton manning probably throws like chelsea clinton ,has the brains of a deflated football and is a proud memeber of the american commusist party-er lib-same thing
Rick Mac Lol,,,, now all the Hillery supporters have another hero. What a pig.
Joe Corbo didn't stun me
Gary Rosenlieb Who?


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Gary Clifton Surprise. The guy's a pig.
Joseph Jeffries Smart move, a**wipe! Firing is no longer enough!
Kent Robinson HE LOVES OBAMA SO MUCH HE GETS A THRILL UP HIS LEG EVERY TIME HE SEES OBAMA...I wonder if he has a full size poster of OBAMA over his bed on the ceiling
Richard Henry I'm thinking he wished Bill Cosby used it on him.


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Dan Hadley All that brain power will surely be missed!
Mike Gillette That is okay. They are making it real easy to know who has to go. 2018 is here and 2020 is right around the corner. Our job of draining the swamp,has more to do!!!
Michael Eckhardt Whaaaaaaaaaaa
Attila Halmagyi Like she really matters!
Elizabeth Fisher She’s crazy – who cares?

Well doggone...😂

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Penni Moore OMG! Trump doesn't have a dog??? And remember he fed the Koi fish too much?? He's definitely discriminating. He's racist! He likes fish better than dogs!!! But we still love him. LOL
Colin McAdorey Remember the big deal when Obama didn’t have a dog?
Downhour Ulysses finally they have something on him worth hearing.🐕🐕
Pm Miller C noth nothing

Turning the tables?

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Lee Winegar Putin!
Steve Dowzycky Is that the “finger”...???
Pat Westerfield Laughing
Thom Knox Is that an f you I see lol
Stan Brewer Do you think Russia really cares? Their elections do not follow our secret fraud system - theirs is open.


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Mel Smith real news, fake alert. trouble is , it took them about 45 minutes to tell us that it was a mistake of human error. I hope that human gets his sorry ass fired.
Julie Johns Did the alert system get hacked?
Eric Becky Harmon Hopefully someone is held accountable
Cliff Lindstrom LOL
Marjorie Kinsel Not true.......false . there looking in to this...

On notice.

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Renaldo Lucchetti Let stop sending them our money
Donna Powers Respect, honor, and integrity has returned to the White House!
Don Starr Good for President Trump
Nada Khattar Pull the plug Mr President
Sharrie Robertson Paoli To bad, we have a President that isn’t selling us down the river!

*courtesy M. Decker

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Anthony Infortunio They only want votes. People like Pelosi never come in contact with these people.
Robert Lee Nutty Nancy
Linda Street This crazy witch needs to be in a crazy hospital behind bars
Lorna Kane Hypocrite, live in a gated and has all the security system at her house!
Robert Gerstner She means for everyone else, not her you idiots!

Well what did she expect?

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Bill Nay You are going to get yours Hillary
Donna Cade True narcissist she is. So entitled that she believes she can commit any crime and people will forget. And the braindead zombies still support her. #lockherup
William H. White Poor Hillary her criminal past is catching up with her
Sam Foster She made a few million off the Haitian people.

Here we go...

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Kathy Daniels Ellison Arrest everyone involved, starting with Hillary.
Rosanne Westrom Lets quit talking about and do something its been 6 months
Jim Barnett Then why isn't she, and everyone involved, facing federal charges?????
Mary Bir Good Lord! those bags under her eyes MUST be holding $$$$$$$$$$!
Gary Kragh where the media and judice dept

The latest:

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Joe Maxon the regressives don't want trump involved in being part of this decades old problem. they need it to run against him. If trump is there being the great president he is... and then they vote for him to sign something? they don't want that. The GOP ...
Lisa A Foster Dems are deflecting.. It’s what they do... 🙄
Jim Janis Good
Thomas Cloyes That is exactly how the Democrats funtion. All talk and no action. Make them sit on the sidelines until they decide to do something right for the country.
Kathleen McCrory YES!! NO AMNESTY!

The move has been made.

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Debra Ray Abatie Oh you are amazing
Kelly Lake If they can march, they can work!
Cathy Zarro Get a job, stop illegal Immigration. MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️..
Linda Sakovich Howe The problem with some people is the lack of knowing the difference between Medicaid and Medicare. IMO Medicare is an entitlement because we paid into it all through our years of employment. Medicaid is not something people are "entitled" to receive as ...
Chris Littlefield Yes they should be made to work and pay for their own insurance .

This is quite the surprise.

Legendary Singer Seal Has Some Unexpected Words for ‘Sanctimonious’ Oprah
Legendary Singer Seal Has Some Unexpected Words for ‘Sanctimonious’ Oprah

Baby! I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey...

1.6k reactions 44 comments
Glenda Derish Oprah isn't fooling every black...just 99% of them who see her as their high priestess of greatness.
Julia Anderson Good for him to call out one of Hollywood’s most hypocritical billionaire.
Julie Tucker Can you all just melt' and go fa da away!
Dee Minch-McCrary Seal is absolutely correct!

Perfection is exactly right.

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Margaret Lilley It tries to defend itself by saying she isn’t a pundit but she inserted herself into the public domain by her criticism, I hope this big mouth is so proud of herself, typical demo rat supporter has to resort to personal insults to try and stay ...
Kelli Crider Barnes People can just be so mean! Why on Earth would anyone want to hurt another person in that way? It’s beyond me!
Kelly Robson Janice, you are a lovely women! Your detractor has to be jealous.
Charles Metz The offending viewer should go back to watching their FAKE NEWS Channels
Barbara Morgan She is beautiful

This needs to be everywhere. I don't hear liberals now!!

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Margaret Patton They closed to change the type of business they will offer and reopen as e-commerce centers. Laid-off employees are encouraged to reapply for employment at reopening. As markets change businesses change. Wal-mart has been going to internet ordering ( ...
Tony Welder Unbelievable! Some of you complain because some are not getting bonuses, while others are. Overall what they are doing is great. For all you whiners, you can always start your own companies and pay $50.00 per hour, give $2000.00 bonuses. Create your own ...
Peter Toth I wonder how the Democrats will spin this as a bad thing. I'm sure intellectuals like Pelosie or Waters will find an inventive way to spin this.
Donna Bourriague As a Sam’s Club employee, I can tell you this...the store I worked at for over a year struggled with its employees showing up for work...they would walk off their registers any time they felt like it, take extended breaks, and still felt like they ...
Betty Garcia But remember they are also closing 153 stores nation wide and 50 to 60 Sams clubs to do it

That one hit pretty hard.

6.2k reactions 272 comments
Robyn Stewart Hansen It's been a long time since California had any real leadership.
Thomas Lillevold Did anyone ask James Woods how he feels about this?
Chrissy Jane He wont run..He has too much sense to do such a demeaning thing...He isnt dishonest enough..he isnt a pervert..Hes not a pedo..He just wont fit in !!
Jeff Tremmel Good luck you got your job cut out for you I wish you the best first off please get rid of all the illegal aliens or immigrants whatever you want to call them
Michael Gambill Omg Cali would hate it


1.9k reactions 683 comments
Todd Jay Then your unfit to serve to time to go
Mark Ferguson 5150
Gary Oyler She needs to go.
Gary Smock RETIRE......................................................................
Loyal Stiverson LMAO!!! Keep electing these clowns. Makes our job easier!

And here it comes...

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Arlene Hamlin Murino No!
Dave Erickson Boycott also the sponsors and advertisers
John Guehlstorff III I won't be watching anyways. #boycottingNFL
Marvin Shearin II Sickening... NBC will learn the hard way..
Kim Leonard #Boycott the Super Bowl

ULTRA backfire... Talk about yikes.

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Michael Ellis The Swamp Donkey has the IQ of spinach. I don’t understand how she can remember to breathe.
Grant Williams You're a shithole Chelsea!
Lynn Morgan Hahaha, stupid little girl thinking she’s entitled.
John McCann Loser
Paula Kelley Hedge She was probably thinking he was referring to her family since they are the biggest ones of all

They literally won't be able to say ANYTHING back to you on this. Believe it.

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Gord Brooks Don't worry Sarah! Sex with me during the summer was fine! You probably said GORD is D.A.R.Y.L. You probably thought being ROBOT seeing if I vibrate! Don't care about it anymore! Talk too you in HEALTH!
Cassandra Bajak Where is the Clinton Global Fund Money for Haiti???
Ralph Vidal Keep in mind that if he gives them a finger they'll grab the whole arm and keep pounding on him till something new comes up so they'll pick on that!
Cookie Shepard Retweeted James Woods (@RealJamesWoods): So if these “dreamers” AREN’T from sh*tholes, they should be thrilled to be going back from whence they came, no? *** Announcing the opening of SHITHOLE AIR -- Free, 1-way travel, back to the country of your ...
Marcie Castle Lauster His vernacular might not be eloquent but the statement is point on!
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