Sarah Palin
19:29 11/13/2017

What an incredible man.

If only our elected officials were as honorable as James Mattis.

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Darrell Glenn Brandt
I’d go to war with this guy any day of the year. What a leader.
Bob Castilo
Be nice if he stop this transgender crap.
Ray Welch
semper fi, a marine's marine.
Angela Lawson Burns
Thank You General Mattis!
Joe Crispen
Maybe a 2024 run? After Trump's 2 terms. 😎
Ed Taylor
God Bless General Mattis!
Albert Terbio
Real warriors and great leaders never forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice... yes, and without fanfare
Wayne Maddox
Vicki Mortensen O'Hearn
He’s truly awesome
Perry Carpenter
Love the General
Judy Sherrod Bancroft
God bless him for caring so much!
George Bintner Sr
What a great man
Jim Atkinson
True American..... nuff said
Carol Rice
a few good men and a great American.
Nelson Beadel
We love our service vets I just hope they feel the same way about them selves

Other newsfeed from Sarah Palin

This is blowing our minds. The painting previously sold for $10,000... yesterday the same painting (with restoration) sold for over $450 million.. Wow....!

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Karen Sullivan Penselin My thoughts about how Jesus will look.
Samuel Miller UMMM, This is not a picture of Jesus. First of all, the Creator was against divination, so loose the crystal ball. Secondly, First Century Jews did not look like this.
Dustin Dubree People believe such lies and are so misled in these generations. How could God go against his own word? You must study to show thyself approved, but yet, we only believe the "grape vine" of man? 1 Corinthians 11:14 King James Bible Doth not even ...
MrScotty Smith Jesus actually looked no different that a Roman soldier and had very short hair and probably was darker. This is not Jesus.
Bill Koch Was it autographed??

Ratings have suffered and people are definitely watching less football. As if that wasn’t bad enough. The NFL just got some even more bad news.

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Kimberly Gould I don’t care what they do to make things “right”...... can’t Unring that bell
Roger Lindsey NO MORE NFL. ....
Roger Lindsey Don't care done with the NFL. ..
Andrew Darcangelo All self inflicted.
Susan Emry I live in a small community that used to gather at our local VFW for everything football. Guess what. The Vets didn't care for the disrespectful behavior displayed by these overpaid babies. We still gather, but NFL anything is nowhere to be found.

Last month, Hollywood actor and producer Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual harassment by fellow actor Anthony Rapp. Nearly 20 other reports of inappropriate behavior have been offered up against the Hollywood star.

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Jan Read What happened to innocent until proven guilty?
Cosmo Benton flirting feeling touching oh and having sex and relationships, is going to be a thing of the past, so many are jumping on this band wagon its becoming a joke, Oh excuse me i cant touch you but id really like to ball the hell out of you can i have your ...
Phil Reed Very ' fashionable ' now to be groped - I'm sure I must have been at sometime,,,,,,, Load of BS.
Jason Hunt He's been busy, I guess.
Liza Cabillan Pervert !

Have you seen this? Didn't call the gesture what it is, but instead called it a "mock-groping": What do you think?

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Jack Woodburn Liberals...sheesh....
Lawrence Melton Just looking at that guy makes me want to puke.
Mark Llamas BS
Darlene Rowe Howard So how come he's not resigning, how come the media is not calling for his blood?
Nancy Mechler Drain the swamp!

A judge announced earlier today the corruption trial for Democrat Senator Bob Menendez has ended in a mistrial. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell responded to the judge's decision...

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Robert E Stockton Need a change of venue
John Infantolino Retry him in west Virginia. ..
Albert M Castillo Ethics committee is worthless why bother
Chris Sawtelle Just another day in Washington and another criminal politician gets away with it.

And so it begins...

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James Jones This must be the new thing since Weinstein’s case ,everyone is being accused ! This stuff is getting out of hand!!
Glenn Poole And what has any Congressional investigation got us?
Walter Yeomans resign now
Donald Lancaster Guess now we’ll have to keep scorecard:Democrats on one side Republicans o n the other. Maybe one for Socialists Bernie.
George Shell This is getting crazy...let's talk about ALL Male Politicians....let's talk about their days at Frat Parties......let's talk about when they took their Spring Breaks.....all fueled with alcohol...drugs and illicet fornication....there is non righteous ...

Moments before the United Nations Security Council held a critical vote regarding Syria, President Trump pleaded all countries should come together. Here's how Russia responded...

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Linda N Demchak Keep your enemies close!
Pam Beck In my opinion we can't trust Russia
Larry Ramey The only way you can beat Russia is do what Reagan did, Break them miltary.
Henry Voth The still don't know? Don't waste more money and time, kids play like that, the is a lot the do here at home, stop looking over the fans!
Randy Daniel Yep it i

YES!!! She just hit back....HARD.

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Lynn Marie 👍🏻👍🏻
Sondra Drees U do a great job Sarah, keep up the good work...Maxine might have taken the lead in the race of who can make the biggest FOOL of themselves. .those filing impeachment claims r in the running and never leave Nancy out...the demo r full of them
Juanita Burri You Go Girl
Linda Street Sarah keep up the great job
Wrench Glasgow those idiots probably going to destroy thier careers

This is just terrible. Our veterans deserve so much better than this.

1.7k reactions 285 comments
Lee Moore Sad
Shirley Mix They let him die and and laughed. They should be charged with murder.
Chero Ann They will pay before the judgment of Christ if they do not repent
James Shipley Unfortunately abuse at Nursing Homes is common and everyone looks away. A problem no one wants to deal with!
Cheryl Steele Matyas When will they clean house and get the VA fixed.

This D.C. breeze isn’t the only thing crazy and out of control in Nation’s Capitol today - SP

2.4k reactions 104 comments
Kirk Downing I see you're dressed for deer season. Hope you get a trophy !
Kristy Standard Smith Love the jacket!!!!
Pete Spring Go Sarah ! You are a wonderful soul !
Bob Lacroix Jr. Always admired you Sarah for your polictical views, strengths, wit and i think you loss alot of supporters as you take sides with Donald Trump who is certainly not a class act and is it that important to yield your own values to stay politically ...
Kurt Kohanowich Way to go, Sarah Palin.. Keep running toward the sound of the guns. So very grateful for your service, your passion, and the example you set to woman all over this country.

The woman accusing Sen. Al Franken of sexual assault has spoken out following news of her allegations. Check it out...

1.1k reactions 430 comments
Victor Christian It's hard to take any of the feigned outrage by the Hollyweird left seriously when virtually the entire audience at the 2003 Academy Awards stood up and gave Roman Polanski a STANDING OVATION:
Bobette Giorgi The women on The Talk defended Franken, laughed it off, said it was a funny joke because he was a comedian.
Wes Spiker Really, Al Franken.
Rocky Bucci Whack his PP!!!, you get him girl, Franken is a Turd

The President Trump tweeted moments ago... Check it out!

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Freda Payan Welcome President Trump Love USA.
Clare Beck If what we are hearing is true, that millions of middle class citizens will pay more, I urge the president to veto!
Paul D Bailey John McCain and his buddies will kill this tax bill when it gets to the senate. Mark my word.
Linda Street Great News
Chero Ann Rand Paul, ted Cruz and John McCain will turn it down

Enjoyed my Capitol visit with Sen. Rand Paul today. Hoping he heals up soon as we need him to keep fighting for liberties. - SP Follow on Instagram - @SarahPalin97

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Tim Takacs Looking great Ms Palin
Tara Santiago Surprised he isnt in bed he is strong and i am glad to see you both are not giving up God bless u.
Steve Cooper He needs to stop the elog mandate that is going to ruin the trucking industry unless you are a mega carrier, small companies and owner operator's are going to suffer and this mandate was written and paid for by the a.t.a. AND THE mega carrier's to ...
Joni Stuart He’s the man to do it!
Robert Amos She's such a hottie!!

HUGE news out of Congress... This just in.

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Leslie Brunolli And the Senate..........????
Thomas Gary To many issues with this was garbage from the start.
Josy Nevada yay
Ken S Murdoch Hmmm
Victoria Beliles 🙏🇺🇸👏🙏🇺🇸👏🙏🇺🇸👏🙏🇺🇸👏

Can you believe these reports? This is why we need to DRAIN the swamp! Unreal!

1.7k reactions 108 comments
Ellen Robertson Stay on it Laura!
Jacqueline VanEerden Taxpayer's money ?
Jan Abell The real question is if NBC. ABC. CBS. will give this more then 2 minutes??
Vyacheslav Linev Nice. We all knew about congressman "reverend' Jackson ordeal and NOBODY did NOTHING about it. Just because you know why. And list would be going on with many names.

Are you kidding me? This is just ridiculous...

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Darrel Adkison Ole Killer Joe! Trump ought to file a defamation lawsuit and shut him down.
James August Stop promoting any thing from Scarborough, you do this all the time. I don't care what he does. The only people that do are the people that follow him, so don't advertise for him.
Larry Baumann This nitwit must have sexually assaulted or harassed someone. When will they come "out of the shadows"?
Wendy Baumann Krzyzanowski I remember The First Family album that poked gentle fun at the Kennedys. It was humorous. Today’s so called comedy on the part of the left is mean, cruel. I won’t buy it.
Marilyn Zeman How freakin childish.😩😩

She said it exactly right. Liberals will hate this...

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Frank Squires Should be an effort from their home states to recall the congressmen!
Robbie Thompson Thank God! For Sarah.
Joseph A Spcledtnta This is just democratic payback for the republican attempt at impeaching the corrupt, sex crazed Clinton.
Dan Mayo Sarah is awesome!!
Rachel Simone Ivanac Great job as always, Sarah!🇺🇸

This just in... A victim has come forward with a story about Al Franken. Read below.

3.8k reactions 1310 comments
Chero Ann I don’t believe any of the sexual assault cases going on right now. Bunch of crap. People suing just to get money
Robert Weber Normal for a Liberal!!!
Joseph Harmon Kick that piece of garbage out of office now!!! Drain that swamp!!!!
Steve Warner So, I assume there will be immediate calls from the Democrats for him to resign. Am I correct?
Jack Kerber What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Resign your senate seat predator.

Of course. Isn't this the way it always goes? The media can't seem to focus on the good or important stuff.

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Bonnie Freybler Rice A two handed two sips of water is big damming news? Who are these jokers? Amazing!
Susan Quinlan Thats because the media is controlled byGeorge Soros
Richard Keith Yes,we saw that too ,thats ok we see their hole grow deeper!
Frederic Foss MAGA and forget these idiotic MSM morons. They are never going stop being critical about everything you do.
Cheryl Steele Matyas They will never give him credit for anything!

Oh boy... Can we believe anything that comes out of her mouth?

1.1k reactions 568 comments
Larry Salmons Typical lib dem. Deflect deflect deflect. Plus who do you peons think you are? I'm the queen! Now go away and eat your gruel.
Frank DiPiazza Jr. no
Donnie Torres Did we think she would admit anything? Lie to the end!
John R. Johnson Only saliva!
Katta Ezi No

Take a look at this, the left’s effort to normalize this type of behavior is destroying lives...

1.4k reactions 238 comments
Renea Wilson We should all be happy with how God made us
Mickey Hammer It's a sad sad world
Larry Maisonnade Liberals are such morons.
Stirling Shippey Sick is hardly the word. Children usually have some outside influence the allows them to develop that kind of thinking and our society is so screwed up, it isn't hard to imagine where this comes from. I mean, this is totally weird and so gender ...
Emily Wagner Because feelings change, but the left encourages people to run solely on feelings regardless of fact or logic. This freak out because a little girl may not want to wear dresses or a boy picks up a doll and the parents automatically want them to be ...

Red eye from Alaska last night with my favorite teen “assistant” and a quick tourist walk today to the White House while the “assistant” slept! 😂 But plenty of work tomorrow! Follow on Instagram - @SarahPalin97

4.6k reactions 114 comments
Giovanni Gallo Go Sarah !
John Dahlbacka Hottie
Steve Stanford i have an angle pic i would love for you to have
Beverly Joostens How is your husband doing since his accident?
Shahib Shahib So nice Sarah

Wow. What do you think of this??

672 reactions 239 comments
Doug Yo He surely knows what he's saying
Ron Johnson who cares what the nfl does?
Gary Smith Form a new football league and don't let a liberal come near it! I support Jerry Jones!
Rob Young gave up on NFL football.
Marshall Brinson How does the NFL think they can get rid of Jones when their own game day rules state all players should stand for the Anthem. If anything, Jones could sue them for not following their own established guidelines.

This is awesome! How inspiring! And you've GOT to see the look on the soldier's face... love it!

244 reactions 4 comments
Victor Odims Atleast he is far better than the stupid LeBron James..
Robert Vaughn He just made some liberals real mad. He will be attacked for doing good. Liberals hate good.
Angga @ [ Zovans Movies =>PLAYNOW>> THOR RAGNAROK HD {2017}

These ladies get it. Keep up the good work Diamond And Silk!

1.3k reactions 42 comments
Perrianne Watson Bates The girls are ghetto mad! I AGREE with every single word they said!! Even the bleeped ones -LOL 🤪
Wynonna White These ladies make me laugh but they are speaking the truth.
Joyce Hansen My feelings exactly!
Robert Doubrawa Go girls!!!
Lori Huckaby Austin I like hearing their points but the cussing diminishes it.

Holy cow! You need to see this exchange. Big stuff happening here....

1.3k reactions 57 comments
Bob Hickey We The People are with Trey
Joe Reece Dirty in the swamp
Linda Kuhlman Good for Trey!
Tower Trump Fireworks? We must have watched a different video
Darin Murphy Don’t [email protected]“k with Trey !

The players finally spoke out after Trump's tweet this morning... What do you think about what they had to say?

580 reactions 299 comments
Greg Abney I only heard 1 of the 3 say thank you to President Trump.
Gloria Galindo-Janz Michael Bennett, D-Sen of Colorado is talking about oil drilling right now and how terrible it is. As for these thieving boys, they should get kicked off their team and serve the community for the a couple months for disgracing the US>
Lois Foy SOMEONE WROTE THEM WONDERFUL NOTES TO READ TO THE MEDIA. WE'LL SEE HOW IT GOES. Think they should be expelled from school for the duration, Start over & prove you've learned a lesson.
Eddie Rushing They are lucky they aren't still in jail...
William Bee Low IQ people do thsi kind of thing

What?! This is nuts!! Can you believe this?

782 reactions 177 comments
Donna Schopf I sentence RocketMan to 50 videos of Richard Simmons...wearing a tutu
Jeannie Haag Insanity at the highest degree!
James Thomas that's the funniest shitt I've ever heard in my life what's he going to kill him with his words
Michele Straka Bryant They are more worried about where their next meal is coming from than what the world thinks of the short, fat psychopath with the temperament of a toddler.
Douglas Ward ROFLOL

Wow. This is big news. What do you think about this?

1.7k reactions 63 comments
Stirling Shippey Aside from the article, did anyone notice that the national debt numbers were dropping, not rising?!
David Robinson It's time to pass a law that if you work for the government or a political party in any way you wave your right to fifth amendment protection of all actions related to that work. If you were just following orders then say "I was just following orders" ...
John Powers That fat tub of lard should have been compelled to answer or go to jail until he did. Congress and the American people deserve the truth and the guilty need to be punished. The American hating Democrats always lie and conceal their crimes.
Betty Imme HAH...Pop Goes The Weasel
Hendrik van der Merwe But they had ENOUGH to get a special council to INVESTIGATE Trump - but NOTHING or not nearly enough to investigate the Queen of criminals, Hillary Clinton, Comey, Lynch, Eric Holder, Barack Hussein Obama, Samantha Powers and many more!
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