Sarah Palin
19:29 11/13/2017

What an incredible man.

If only our elected officials were as honorable as James Mattis.

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Darrell Glenn Brandt
I’d go to war with this guy any day of the year. What a leader.
Bob Castilo
Be nice if he stop this transgender crap.
Ray Welch
semper fi, a marine's marine.
Angela Lawson Burns
Thank You General Mattis!
Joe Crispen
Maybe a 2024 run? After Trump's 2 terms. 😎
Ed Taylor
God Bless General Mattis!
Albert Terbio
Real warriors and great leaders never forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice... yes, and without fanfare
Wayne Maddox
Vicki Mortensen O'Hearn
He’s truly awesome
Perry Carpenter
Love the General
Judy Sherrod Bancroft
God bless him for caring so much!
George Bintner Sr
What a great man
Jim Atkinson
True American..... nuff said
Carol Rice
a few good men and a great American.
Nelson Beadel
We love our service vets I just hope they feel the same way about them selves

Other newsfeed from Sarah Palin

Interesting facts.

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Charlene Lane Wow
Celia Ray Interesting facts!
Tracy Lynn Randall Illegal means illegal, no one gets in illegally any longer
Larry Troy Big businesses and major chain businesses (hotels, restaurants, etc.) need open borders for cheap, easily exploitable labor.
David Clark These new stats only confirm what we already knew about illegals and crime. NOW GET THEM OUT

No words.

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Harry Hayes Place empty Bozo the Clown dummies into their empty chairs.
Linda Sample Who cares if you are there
Connie Cizmadia Brown JMO, I'm glad her and the other 3 aren't going! That way, not being there, how can they tear Pres. Trumps speech apart? ;)
Chris Holmgren Good
James McQuown Worthless.


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Marian Marchilena Sloss #TRUMP2020
Mike Walker Hmmm the pundits did so well in 2016. NOT! They were bought off and are still on the take. Who cares about those losers? Only losers that’s who. Yawn....
Brian Carpenter The Dems should pay attention? Why would we want them to pay attention? If they don't pay attention, Republicans win and the Democrats are made even more irrelivant.
Robert Weatherby The polls are so scewerd because us on the right refuse to talk to these people because of the way they twist the results. So when you're only talking to people on the left polls are worthless.
Tony Thomas You people want more crime in USA the democrates take over again no more freedom at all more people will die and there will be a war the last one for USA


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Mike Jake Pupillo please deport him back to canada
Danielle Zimmerman Shut up.
Jeff Hizz He is a real left camel nut!
Bubba Smith Aallllrrriiiggghhhhtttyyy thheennn
Yára Barads I understand why Hollywood is melting. They finally have to pay appropriate taxes on their millions.

Now there’s an idea!

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Debra Mellor-Muniz What a great idea. Too bad they can’t just stay in those seats until the next election!
Emily Baldo Antonucci Best idea yet!
Steve Hunter Outstanding!
Jimmy Geras Let's make sure these Corrupt Filth, will never attend another State of the Union speech again.
Maria Smith You won't be missed, by. By

And the credit goes to....

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Darien Ballard Obama sucked but it really doesn't matter because the dollar will collapse soon no mater who's in Office.
Richard Steffan Not Obutthead
Toni Danielle Duh democrats are stupid
Juanita Tolle Trump

Whoa. Thoughts?

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Cindy Huckabay Kortis The people that continue to try to cram lies down everyone’s throat need to sit back and watch themselves and will see how stupid they really are!!
Donald Willoughby Reid did not mention all the money that the Clinton's stole from the Haitians.
Ed Williams The Dems are seriously pissing me off. I was not an activist but now I am going to do all I can to defeat ALL the Dems. Every single one of the anti-America leftist turds.
Robert M Forgues Joy Reid is not a journalist. She’s a far left wing liberal hack trying to make herself famous so she can become as rich as Oprah
Joseph Verde Where the hell is the FCC on CNN and MSLSD for cursing on air? And if that word can be said on live TV then what is so bad about the Prez saying it? In a closed private meeting?

Seriously out of control.

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Gary Conder Strange how Dr. King's niece & nephew have been with President Trump this past week...guess this infintile thinks they are racist...
Kristi Gonzales MAY THE LORD ALMIGHTY GOD TAKE THE HOLY SPIRIT AWAY FROM MAXINE WATERS! AMEN! This Heathen Satanist, That Uses Voodoo Will Have Demons Visit Her For The Next Few Nights! AMEN! PSALM 35! AMEN!
Billy R. Wilson Mad Muddy Waters is at it again
Michael Durbin Time to put Maxine Waters in the Looney bin already
BrookandChris Roberts Maxine needs to take the wig off and light up a joint while sitting in congressional debate, then she might be taken seriously!


486 reactions 87 comments
Catholyn Gallman Lying CNN ..... Who,watches that crap?
Alan Østergaard I don't get offended. I'm just disgusted that CNN has the audacity to call itself news. Professional news reporters get the names and the story straight before they report it. Cuomo just comes off as ignorant. CNN is nothing but tabloid drivel that's ...
Harry Shardlow Too many rhoids
Awilda Paquin These people are like kittens, easily distracted. Lol. Just wiggle a hanging feather toy or a laser in front of them and is mayhem... lol
Robin L. Fisher Their first name should be apologizing CNN

LOVE this! And congratulations!!

2.4k reactions 63 comments
Ken Pax The American Flag is One Nation Under God... stand for it and put your hand over your heart. I am still boycotting NFL, I don't know which teams are doing what, nor do I care at this time.
Kory Taylor Too bad I don't watch NFL anymore. Oh well...
Ruth Titus My heart filled with joy.
Christine Winans Go Vikings!!
Ron Allen Outstanding!!

The latest...

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Rachael Rawson Durbin is a known liar and told that big lie about what was said in the meeting to discredit the President and cause more trouble for him in order to give the dems a plausible reason to not attend the State of the Union! Durbin is a pathological liar ...
Larry Salmons As if I'm going to believe ANYTHING durbin says and yes I intentionally did not capitalize his name because he is a small minded small man.
Linda N Jimmy Glover Democrats don't want a deal. They could not care less about these people, just want an issue to spin and use for the next election cycle. Really sad that some people think these people actually care about them, but only during or for election purposes ...
Troy Tessneer Durbin is a lying jerk
Rosanne Westrom Dump Durbin man of no integrity or an honest bone in his body!

Uh oh!

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Kyme Saucier Tammy Lemley Hoekstra
Flash River Sarah Sanders needs security training. Why is she owning and operating a spy device in her house?
Bryan Moloney Unplug it put in the cupboard problem solved 👍🏻🤔🇦🇺
Natalie Mcrobie Won't have it in my home
Scott Manke No thanks. Don't want any of those kinds of devices in my home.

Are You Kidding? CNN's Take On MLK Jr. Is Probably The Worst Ever

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Yvette Chumley Grisham Just one more thing the Clinton News Network is getting wrong! “Ruining one legacy at a time!”
Sue Bishop
Tom Jones Cnn...Communist News Network
Jo Anne Sobiek I started reading this and it is so far out I just quit. Nothing is sacred or respected anymore.
Martin Mueller "his legacy has to be updated to remain relevant"??? What are you drinking? He was not a socialist, he wanted equal access for all people.

This is a big story and not enough people know about it. The record has now been set straight!

4.6k reactions 443 comments
Christine Trotta Mais What is incredible is that the word of tricky dicky Durbin is being taken as truth while multiple people have come forward, including two senators, who were also present, and this story has yet to be ended with at least an assumption that perhaps tricky ...
Donna Graves-Roll Why do these hosts act like they are stupid? Any “normal” person can understand why you would accept one set of people from another. This is a TEMPORARY ban also, in order to get our vetting system in place. I wish common sense would make a comeback in ...
Debbie Hutching Doesn't matter..they are shitholes
Jim Calloway I DONT RECALL was fine answer when Hillary used it a thousand times.
Sandi Vance Heddlesten Media diverting us from Clintons mess

Aaaand another one.

2.4k reactions 114 comments
Lisa Brogdon This is ridiculous. Move on.
SteveSmith S Eddie Doesn't matter anymore, the democrats said it, so it happened.
Lori King Eckert they don't care they just come up with one sensational lie after another - typically when criminal dirt on the Clinton's start coming to light - distractions distractions distractions
Eileen Sheets Too late, the Fake News has done its damage worldwide.
Tracy Lynn Randall Always more to the story when it comes out,so glad to see people defending Trump on this crap😀

Democrats will be silent when they see this.

1.8k reactions 67 comments
Craig Andrews No they won't be silenced. There not smart enough.
James Patrick Smith I agree with Trump on this one. They are yelling racism so they don't have to negotiate on imigration.
Shelly Bolander The left does not want to hear this and will continue to ignore everything Trump has done that is good. Including getting one of our own out of a Mexican jail. Obama wouldn't do it. Trump did! On his own dime.
Susan Brown Kitchin Nah, they won't be silenced, because their intent is to smear him, no matter what.
Karen Wynn Can't something be done about our lying media ? I know I am ignorant but I am serious, freedom of speech is being terribly abused !

Wow. This is horrifying.

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Kim Hanley What a pathetic little fat boy
Cheryl Cornish Who in their right mind would go there? Well if you are going load up on Tide Laundry detergent pods and do the pod challenge.
Lorraine Grant Smith They must be extremely, ignorant liberals, errrr people.
Gary Crandall This pisses me off to no end cuz of no common sense, everyone knows that there is a server hatred between rocket man n trump so y the hell do people want to chance even going over there for it’s pretty dam stupid!!
Gary Holden Anyone who goes there should plan on staying not returning, why go to a place that wants to kill you unless you support his regime!

Awesome. A great way to honor Dr. King.

1.3k reactions 24 comments
Patricia Lott Thank you President Trump! God bless you.
Keith Walker what will win black vote is historically low unemployment in black community! Best in decades and they don't want more illegals who take jobs from their youth!
Kristopher R Yizar 1 he didn't write that. 2 nothing he could say would even win the black vote.
Rosanne Westrom Bravo!
Al Jones Last week they were screaming trumps a racist again now they’re talking about some type of trumps Bank deal that he did 20 years ago Trump is not going anywhere for the next three years

The media will never shut up about this.

1.8k reactions 1690 comments
Tommy Allison Trump should fill their empty seats with his supporters!!!
Janie Espinosa Massay They can boycott, scream, pull their out, etc., but he is still their President.
Wesley Eaton Traitors.
Tommy Allison WHO CARES??? That’s it Dems keep sinking your party!!!!
Gail Porter I could care less, I ignore them anyway.

Time will tell.

106 reactions 74 comments
Tim Phares The reason he did not get elected is because He ran as liberal on a Republican ticket,, who in there right mind would have vote for that,
Ralph Kukla I wonder if mitt, will decide to move to Utah before or after the election
Andy Muller Romney... you do not even live there.... no go away
Vicheli Rogers America is in the process of taking THEIR country back, please tell Mitt to retire.
Karan Grosch Kunz Is Romney a nationalist or a globalist ? The President is surrounded by too many globalist . Send Jared back to New York .

Just incredible. God bless this family.

2.0k reactions 56 comments
Edite Lynch While no doubt there was great angst and fear with this false admonition , it is a good thing it did happen. I am guessing it was a definite drill to gauge reactions of the populace , learn what needs doing to keep them as safe as possible should a real ...
Carl Morris I certainly don't know... but, I'm also thinking there is more to the story than an "accidental button push". This whole thing also makes me wonder, "Why do so many of us refuse to take somebody seriously when someone like Kim Wong Dong, or whatever ...
Rachael Rawson Thank you and God Bless! Lived in nha1 many moons ago, right outside the main gate at Pearl!
Cathy Masciovecchio I’m sure many people learned a few things from this 1) the process needs to be fixed, and 2) do people really know where the closest fallout shelter is and 3) if today were your last day, have you told the people you love that you love them? I’m sure ...
Joanne Mayo Amazing .

1.6k reactions 40 comments
Andrew Darcangelo If ever there was a time to invoke the teachinngs of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., it is now.
Patricia Warner He was one of the greatest men ever.
Richard Watrous A known womanizer.............
Krafthund Canine A true American
Rob Kaye One of the only things I disagree with him on.

You'll want to see this.

3.8k reactions 85 comments
Ray Welch bring back last man standing
Derek Amanda Stratford Please bring back Last Man Standing!!!!!!!
Pauline Kobleur Surprised she is a Trumper. I will watch the show.
Kyle Steele Bring back Last Man Standing!
Jeannette Hensley Wolfe It would be great to get the show back! I'm still watching the reruns now.


5.8k reactions 1512 comments
Dennis Almanza Not good for business!!
Joe Salinas How about American born children ?
Robert Weldon Amazon has that kind of money left over it must of came from over charging the customers ! I am thru with them .
Shane Arthur Why would I or should I as a conservative be against some one other than taxpayers pay for their schooling. Unless conservatives are now thinking that it’s wrong for someone to do a good thing for someone. I don’t think so.
James A Wishart Back to eBay and Walmart


2.2k reactions 999 comments
N.j. DeBortoli Jr. If this is what she is about, why is she allowed in the press pool? She obviously is not a journalist
Laura Dees Unfortunately countries don't have a race or gender. Clown.
Tammy Craft Such a clown!!
Patricia Stockfleth And this April is one of the dumbest of the dumbest.
Ben Taylor she's not worth the effort to type anything!


2.3k reactions 722 comments
Faye Bynum He needs to fall into a hole somewhere!
Gilbert Craven Ya know, I just wish he would do like all of his predecessors did & go away. Shut up & go away. But he's too narcissistic for that.
Nathan Joel Andrews 3 ugly dudes. Dang.
Les W Brooks Two has beens. Who cares what either one of those clowns has to say.
Brenda Moody Combs Sad

Best thing you'll see ALL DAY. ;)

Watch Dick Durbin Get Exposed After Calling Trump Racist
Watch Dick Durbin Get Exposed After Calling Trump Racist

'The DREAM Act would not lead to...'

3.8k reactions 467 comments
Dennis Santelli His 1st name reflects the type of person that he is!
Louise G. Tincher Lowlife
Barb Zimmerman He was sobbing while apologizing for calling soldiers Nazis and Pol Pot after starting the Gitmo torturing story, too. Would be interesting side by side video.
Johnnie Abbott Friddle Durban=💩
Vincent Di Betta Fake news from bad guy

Annnnnnd DONE!

2.8k reactions 123 comments
Ricky Brown Love this lady!!
Susan Quinlan Sarah, your Daddy done good raising you! God bless!
Mel Smith this is the biggest LOL of the new year. Hawaii is 99.9% left wing liberal democrat party and rule with an iron fist and yet, somehow, this is Trumps fault?? Man are you people stupid OR at least they think we are.
Keith Haralson GO MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stacy Jane Palmer Not only did Sarah put them in their place, this mix up was brought to us by dem controlled state and it also debunked the democrats cry that Trump would be trigger happy .... sorry my friends on the left ... looking weak and incompetent all the way ...


5.6k reactions 349 comments
Kay Dawn Vaughn It's never going to stop. I am proud of our President!!! I do pray before I die that our country can love one another again
Rafael Hernandez Cnn need to say shithole fir 24 hours,so they ..colluded...with durbin to figure out a lie....
Shelia Hatcher Tom and David you should have come forward sooner... Shame on you!!!!!!
Larry Webster Pol Pot regrime.
Larry Webster Durbin also compared our soldiers to Nazis and the pl

This is definitely not a good thing.

155 reactions 16 comments
Larry Salmons China supports the norks and always has so what is the surprise here again?
Katherine Holt Barnes His own people are being nuked.
June Marie Woodburn Was China invited?
Chris Kellam Why is this guy being allowed to live? His people are starving and he threatens millions of lives. Why?
Doug Yo 🚶🏃🚶🏃🚶🏃🚶🏃🚶
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