Sarah Palin
19:05 10/11/2017

Not good.

"Out-Of-Control Disasters": Death Toll Rises From California Wildfires

"Out-Of-Control Disasters": Death Toll Rises From California Wildfires

"Small fires on Sunday quickly grew to out-of-control disasters..."

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Stan Howard
I wonder if California is now going to demand federal assistance for this tragedy?? especially after refusing to cooperate with illegal immigrants entering California!
Richard White
Dont give them a penny of federal funds. Let the illegal fight the fires
Charles Morris
what did the libs say about texas,now cal is burning and its a lib state,
Tamara Seitz Bosley
Adam Boz
David Kaplan
If the Hurricanes Are Punishment For Electing Trump. I wonder if the Wild Fires in California are a punishment for California becoming a sanctuary sate?
Phil Kmak
Where is that idiot professor that said Texas deserved the hurricane and that the hurricane was karma for Texas being a red state?
Dan Bridi
Looks like the Hell that California has become....
Chet Bud
Give all the illegals a bucket and send them in will be out in 5 minutes .. but suppose that wouldn't work it's not free loading ..
Chuck Freeze
Maybe the firefighters should take a knee and let the NFL handle it.
Marilou Sabiano
Can you imagine those beautiful houses that being burned out?so sad.
Dave Davis
Fire destroys lives. Ban matches, Zippo lighters, bics, sticks and flint, and anyone carrying a torch for Hillary.
Dan Zulli
Bet Jerry Brown will be asking Trump for some money.
Elvis Brendans Kilroy
June Moody
IMO - It won't be long. Praising God; He has more patience than me.
LR Dyke
Notice. Same thing happens every year to California. First the drought. Then the fires. Then the rains. Then the mudslides. Same thing every year because they will build no new reservoirs for holding water. Or cleanup fire zones in the forest. They say everything has to be natural. Which causes fires to run wild. It’s like politicians and environmentalist want California forest to burn and homes destroyed

Other newsfeed from Sarah Palin

Bad news bears for Mueller. He won't be too happy about this one.

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Susan Luycx While I want the truth, we don’t need a never ending special prosecutor. Come on, we’re not stupid, nothing will come of Hillary’s illegal acts. However, Mueller’s reputation is tarnished for his bias’s. Yes, he caught a couple fish and of which had ...
Mike Hornik Time to investigate the investigators!
Denise Plyler He's going to need a safe space!
Sam Lowell-Machwart About time! He's been allowed to waste our taxes for far too long on his witch hunt distraction.
Sharon Adkisson McCubbin Lord please stop this gossip and accusations. Stop the evil people.

Absolutely amazing story. God bless her and her family.

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Robert Mallow Thank you for your Husbands Service and Sacrifice and May God Bless You.
Mendenhall Bruce Tammy That is so wonderful. May God bless and comfort you.
Pete Spring Wow !

Just ridiculous. Can you believe this?

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Harry Gunderson -->
Kieran Rohan Sadly, many Americans do think that people control the weather.
Ronnie Ray Its possible lol
Brian Jacobson He must be related to Obama and Gore, the delusion is strong with this one.
Curt Plander Look at the size of the runt. He is his own weather front, so when one moves in the other has to leave. 🤢

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about the attack and whether or not immigration reform would have prevented it. Check out her answer:

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Lynn Morgan Another Obummer screw up!
Norma Ingram Myers Tump is trying to protect America with a Wall and Immigration policy but there are those who are fighting it WHY........FrankG
James Patrick Smith The radicals in the world will never give up. That being said, we can control who we let into our country.
Rebekah Ann I agree with Sarah Sanders 100% PUT TRUMPS IMMIGRATION POLICY IN PLACE my goodness! What could be more better? Really...or do these certain leaders like the last dead eight years?
Leonard Anderson People would be alive except for being killed by estimated 21,900 Americans have been killed by illegal aliens since September 2001. ....SICK>>>>

According to the report, a number of people took the headline as the Pentagon refusing to comply with President Donald Trump and the White House:

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John Sciolino Transgenders are mentally unfit check what the AMA says. You will be surprised. These people are going to cause more problems then their worth as soldiers
Alexis A Williams Thank you for the clarification!
Margaret Johnston Massingill Really confused how these judges can keep appealing all the presidents rulings
Ann Hancock The only news I depend on is the tweets by our President Trump.

During a press conference today...

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Josh-Shelley Cagle They are only on her because she makes them look like the fools they are. Keep up the great work....
Doris Hart Why does she have to put up with this GARBAGE attacking her everyday? just ban them from the meetings
Dixie Gray To this I say... Where are you going with this? Do you have any consideration for privacy of other. Do you think we need to re-open wounds or cut and bleed to be compassionate of others? How dare you go so low..!!!!
Rob Young post a marine with a Billy bat
Michael Mc Cullough Normal People: The fake news couldn’t possibly get any lower. CNN: Hold my beer.

He tweeted, "Big announcement tonight @FoxNews @seanhannity Tune in."...

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Stephen Spaulding He's gonna announce that he's gay
Roselyn Tower Palmer Great 👍
Teresa Veal Love Sean.
Janet Chesnutt Saunders Looking forward to his book
Betty Imme The comments here are a very good example of what is wrong with this country and why it was so hard for him to do his job. Amazing people!

Following the attempted terror attack in New York City today, President Donald Trump called on Congress... Check it out:

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Steve Walker “Today’s terror suspect entered our country through extended-family chain migration, which is incompatible with national security. My Executive action to restrict the entry of certain nationals from eight countries, which the Supreme Court recently ...
Gregory Carroll End chain migration and end anchor babies. You can only get in on your own merits, and one parent must be a citizen to make you a citizen.
Robin Clark Our safety Trumps people's hurt feelings
Ralph Kukla After President Trump 2017-2025 Asked congress to join him on making America safer the Despicable democrats said "we will never help to make America safer " All Americans must vote Out all Despicable democrats In all elections and the ...
Tom Predaina If it was a white guy with a gun liberals would be screaming for action. A dark skin terrorist attacker and they scream at the sky.

A recent video of 11-year-old Keaton Jones has made its way seemingly everywhere online and for good reason. Did you see this?

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Mark Pilat I guess the Counterfeit News Network enjoys poor ratings. This network is totally dead.
Patrick Macone The collective age of these “make it up as they go newscasters” has gotta be about 3 or 4 yrs. old...they are that immature! To take a moment that was all about kids who are being bullied and they have to make it about them...bunch of snowflakes!🙄
Jim Trevorrah Yes, I feel bad for this kid, but his mom just made his life, worse...
Betty Resh Trump is bullied ever day. I feel so bad for kids as it takes a bully to make a bully.
Konnie Gipe You know, I am 75 years old and I remember bullying when I was in grade school! It is nothing new! Unfortunately!

Whoa, that turned ugly really fast.

4.4k reactions 890 comments
John George Jr I thought she was a classy woman until I saw this now I’m questioning that thought, even with both co-hosts giving her the hold up signal to calm her down she went deep. I will say there are far worse things to be so passionate about than racism. I ...
Susanne Bohnenkamp Carpenter Ebony was rude
Wanda Schultz Smith Outstanding Sheriff !!
Karen Kent This girl was disrespectful to him. She had No right to put her opinion in. This is what is wrong with these people they can't except someone else's opinion. She is not there to give her opinion. She should be fired
Kathy Huggins She was a witch with a capital B

According to a new report from Fox News, Ohr's connections to the research firm go much further than anyone could have imagined...

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Bobby Hall It’s not unbelievable. What unbelievable is the doj is still doing nothing
Jerry Marsh This is collusion
Walter Keck There's a freakin' surprise, huh?
Cherl Ward Sounds to me Clinton’s backed by Democrats are now the worst organized crime family in American History. Al Capone and John Gotti look like junior leaguers up against Clintons
Ken S Murdoch Anybody arrested and charged or indicted yet!!

Have you seen this? According to the report, Vice President Mike Pence played a major role in the order's authorship. Check it out:

2.1k reactions 42 comments
Sharon Gorrin Maybe the Dems can move their and have their own planet especially California
Carol Miller I can think of several people I would like to send there!!!!
Amy Arthur It’s about time! Thank you Mr. President and Mr. VP!
Stan Brewer The space program was the leader in innovation of computers, miniaturization, and many of what we have as household items today. And besides, with global warming destroying the earth, we may need transport to another planet for eventual survival.
Anne Tieber I guess I just don't really see the value in this besides the jobs to NASA. Alot of money.

It's just incredible. What do you think?

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Paul Belluardo Get his whole chain out of this country
Catherine Lee So were we bombing Bangladesh?
Ray Mcmullen Another success story for the Democrat party.
Chris Patterson Stop the immigration.
Steve Muller How do you "accidentally" detonate a bomb? Placed as his was? Seems to be intentional to me. If it went off before he wanted it to, then it would be a "premature" detonation. More immigrant scum holes brought here and loved by the Demo-Craps!!!!

Very, very scary stuff. It's a sad world we live in that we need to be constantly aware of our surroundings, especially in busy public places.

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Allen Smith Boot the ragheads OUT!
Lynn Marie It is a sad world we live in when we can't have the choice to cc for our own protection. They take away our rights, which is against our Constitutional rights!
Robert Combs Hook him up to the back of the train
Phillip Marritt this makes me sad. i saw this video with no context and thought i was watching his death throes. now i find out he apparently lived. sad panda.
Rick Stenson NOT NOR EVER HAVE BEEN NOR EVER WILL BE AFRAID OF TERRORIST ( THUGS). Am however extremely weary of cops in airports, public buildings etc with guns supposedly for my protection. HAD IT BEEN MY DECISION AFTER 911 THE, ATTACK WOULD HAVE GOTTEN A COUPLE ...

All this sexual “double standard” stuff would be hilariously ironic... if not so sickeningly obvious. - Sarah Palin

Isn’t It Time the Left Deals Honestly with Lena Dunham’s Sexual Experimentation with her Own Sister?
Isn’t It Time the Left Deals Honestly with Lena Dunham’s Sexual Experimentation with her Own Sister?

The Democrats are cleaning house. Good. Maybe it's time to look at Lena again.

2.1k reactions 308 comments
Doug Yo What a mass
Stephanie Hogue She's irrelevant - if no one posted anything about her she would fade away completely
Chuck Riley These actresses can get undressed on the big screen and TV, and, dress seductively and not expect any attention? All any woman has to do today to ruin a mans reputation, is to say “he sexually harassed me”, and it’s a done deal. No proof needed. It’s ...
Doug Yo Interesting one nut two nuts soon there won't be any left well. Mighty Mouse to save the day
Jeff LaMarco Just sickening

International opinions on this move are trending in a bad direction. What do you think this means?

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James Patrick Smith Palestinians haven't negotiated in good faith at any time in the past.
Greg Hoskins Can anyone give a really good reason, why they have an issue with this? A legitimate reason..
Peter Garcia Who asked you ?
Jason MacDonald Trump is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers like usual lol Trump is sick of being called a Nazi so he said you guys want to see real Nazis have a look at Palestine and the Muslims PURE HATRED for the Jews. Now that liberals are siding ...
Samuel Dell If he hates it, we should do it.

This is awesome. God bless this little boy.

2.3k reactions 39 comments
Dianna Wilhite I couldn't watch that poor child. I hope someone gets to the bullies and stops this.
David Harbaugh What an amazing young man!
Sheila Sternisha This just made me cry
Skip Alderman Sad 😔 Thank you Sarah for all you do, always have and always will think you are an awesome lady
Samuel Miller "It's hard, but It'l probably get better one day."

We're only going to see more of this type of stuff as time goes on. What do you make of it?

774 reactions 156 comments
Thomas W Mccormack Fire the whole educational system and start over!
Leonard Anderson PARENTS....choose the institution of education for your child carefully....
Rhelda Harris They should lose any government funding they get
Pirko Vaughn Insanity
Mark Rosenzweig I am sick of hearing about gender. Maybe 1% of population. I have no problem with people living their lives.

Earlier this morning the three women accusing Trump of 'sexual misconduct' help a press conference and demanded an investigation by Congress. But then we discover who's behind them, and it reveals everything.

5.1k reactions 1471 comments
Jo Bedwell So tired of this 💩‼️
Shirley Whitehead Lamb Soros puppets!!!
Craig Williams yawn
Thomas Chopelas They sure know how to market their proeessional services.
Rebecca Krishingner Bartlett these women are i am normally in support of women however they have NOTHING..NOTHING NOTHING..AND I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THESE well as which women in society have never had a man be flirty with them...

So scary. Did you see this yet?

379 reactions 39 comments
Kathleen N Brad Eslinger More Islamic filth. Brad n Kalifornia.
Mickey Kaylor Send us more stupid fools like this one. Terrorists are Satanists.
Sandra Nobel Thought....what if the whole family of any active and arrested or killed terrorist was imprisoned for a minimum of ten years, there is nothing in place to deter them but may cause one to think if the consequences were known and severe enough--
Ed Jones Send all muslims home.
Raymond Smith Send the bombers family home

Just unreal. They'll never learn.

2.2k reactions 933 comments
Pat Halland who watches such crap...
Stephen J Coetzee Pathetic snowflakes.
Randy Taylor If only they good examine a piece of his fecal matter for examination they could have some real breaking news.
Tina Suttle CNN has lost all credibility.

Wow. Did you see this yet? This is not good.

2.6k reactions 200 comments
Tank Perez Where is my ISIS hunting permit?
David Clementz That could be obama's son
Trish Shupps McCoy It is time we just just hang these people. Sell tickets to the event and use the money to fund border protection.
Freddy Swan Muslim terrorist
Jon Kelly MacDonald Sarah... Obama fabricated all these and future terrorist attacks through the annexation that he implanted upon American Soil. Obama needs to be prosecuted for negotiating with terrorist and tyrannical polices to numerous to mention.

This new info just in. Prayers for everyone involved at this time.

620 reactions 73 comments
Harry Tucker Why would an isis terrorist attack new york??? new york hides them and protects them?????
Larry Leffew Allahu Bombar
Ted Knowles Water board his azz!
Mitch Smith Ok people let's not jump to any conclusions....... and it's a Muslim!

Perfect. She said it just right.

14.1k reactions 621 comments
Yvonne Colon Liberals.always find a way to forget that Obama blamed Bush for the bad economy from day one until his last days and noe he wants to take credit for the good economy under Trump. You can't have it both ways.
Carol Larsen Diano You go girl......
Traci Bridges He’s becoming a troll... so sad
David M Rose-Horseshoeing Trump train.
Terry B. Gaudet Got to love Watters

Yikes. It's been one mistake after the other recently.

1.4k reactions 50 comments
Chris Carlson It’s no accident CNN continues to publish false Trump hate stories. How many Dem supporters will ever read that the original story was false. Few. Having the Democrat official party media(almost all media) doing this on a regular basis is how they’ve ...
Lynn Zmistowski Sarah, this is not a good implies that Sarah has been making one mistake after another recently.
Jeffrey Dwight Hempel Love this smart woman !!!! Keep doing it Sarah !!!!
Becky Desing Bock Go Sarah - u r my heroine
Lee Gee CNN is a cesspool of idiots.

Unreal. You've got to read this.

2.4k reactions 128 comments
Lynn Draves crack the whip on these F88king A88Holes.
Cindy Trostle Typical Demonrat Behavior...Dispicables
Samuel Chodur Hillary screwed a fellow Commie, what do you think her, Slick, and Obuma had planned for President Trump?!
Scott McElroy Crooked, lying hypocryts= democrats
Ron Manzanares Nobody in their right mind would believe anything a Democrat that was under Obama and Hillary all of them are a bunch of lying And unmoral dirty politicians wake up America you wouldn’t except that kind of deceitful crap from your friends or family Why ...

You go, girl. Way to tell it like it is. Check this out - - >

4.2k reactions 172 comments
Linda Powers Lol! Obummer is one big lie!
Deborah Robinson Definitely laughable!
Chad Porter Obama the stalker....
Angela Zingarelli-Migliaccio Love this lady.
Beverly Papke Grant Good for her

Classic. Who's surprised?

767 reactions 66 comments
Howard G Allen Media Matters? Bwahahahaha! Vox? Bronx Raspberries!
Daniel Wood News - Facts regardless of opinion. Media - Entertainment regardless of facts. This is why they call themselves "Main Stream Media"
Morgan Audetat CNN who?
Karl Knapp What are the responsibilities of journalists?
Doug Yo Game is sold not told just kidding Sarah but if they ask charge the ying yang

Unbelievable. Everyone needs to read this.

1.1k reactions 89 comments
Susan Darlene Gilliam BOYCOTT EBay
Jean Geiger Wagoner Lauver A large amount of money has been thrown at candidates who would fight against our liberties. Keep that in mind as you vote.
Susan Luycx Never Trumpers like McCain, Bush family. Clintons, and Soros to name a few
Cheryl B Kippen Billionaires in Silicon Valley???
Beachum II-jr James Curt 👀

Check it out! Judge Jeanine hits the nail on the head here.

884 reactions 44 comments
Eric Dana Nordin Bravo!!!!!!!
Norm Meyers She should be president after Trumps 8 years.....
Trent Caldwell She talks more than her guests. Maybe she should not have any guests on her show. Having said that, she does call things right.
Sonya Grace Lobell Love Judge Jeanine!
Donna Ristenbatt Yes, yes, yes, it is time for those who are corrupt to get booted out!
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