Sarah Palin
00:30 08/12/2017

Not cool.

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KayDiane Phillips
I've tried to be Christian about people speaking bad about ... our President ... and let's face it ... all who love peace and civility. But this is not funny. I just want to wipe that smile right off her face.
John Gaustad
Watch out....CGI is coming!!
Lois Steele
Has been's trying to be relevant...not!
Ronald Bosarge
Bird brain !
Michael Furl
Jail time !
Kelly Halek
Why do they still walk amoung us?
Nathan Shufelt
Put her in a room and then water board her for hours!
Michael Peterson
Would this not be a call to insurrection? A seditious act punishable by law? Oh, please excuse me, laws only apply to law abiding citizens, the elite left hollywood "personages" don't need no stinkin' laws.
Frank Eeckhoudt
Why do we even give these wack jobs any attention??
Steven Renzulli
Who cares what a degenerate whisky sop has to say.
James Redd
Someone is about to get a visit from the FBI and Secret Service. Another wannabe celeb that belongs to the Hollywood Diahrea Mouth Brigade.
Linda C. Jones
Is there a FB post for CRAZY? I'm thinking we might just need one!
Lida Griffith
Now she thinks she can command generals? Dumber than we thought!
David Nelson
She should be in jail
Teresa Cannon Edminsten
No celebrity just a Has been!

Other newsfeed from Sarah Palin

How many do YOU think just go with the flow? Get it here! --->

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Kevin Stratton Where do I get a tees hit like that
Kathy Ward Wilkerson Alot!!!! Drives me crazy!
Kelly Jane White Toooooo many !
Joshua Gonzalez She is awesome
Paula Strickland Lawson Wendi Christian, now for you‼️😎😂

Any taxpayer dollars going towards this?

UNREAL! Student Who Toppled Confederate Statue Gets Great News
UNREAL! Student Who Toppled Confederate Statue Gets Great News

"The student charged with pushing down the Confederate statue in Durham..."

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John Fitzgerald People that takes them down should pay for it, not the taxpayers
Sheldon Kaminsky Maybe she can take online classes from her jail cell.
Norene Shephard That's just beyond......beyond......any reason whatever!!!! Infuriating!!!
Randel Blankenship Alumni should contact the university and withdraw financial support. Nothing speaks like money.
Patricia Scherrah Has anyone else noticed that the folks taking down the "offensive" statues are usually wearing Tshirts and masks made of COTTON?

Our thoughts and prayers go out these officers and their families - and to all who wear the uniform. We have to stop this!

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Glenn Wright o my lord! what is going on? yes prayers for all of our cops, im sick to my stomach.
Louis Williams The liberal media keeps pushing the hate and violence on their propaganda shows it makes great headlines and brings in money from advertisers gives their brain dead propaganda pusher something to screech about.
Brad Reel Don't forget about the two firefighters
Marilyn Mcclish so stupid!!!! Wait til one of these "crazy" people need a policeman!!!! I love the fact someone will be there for me if I need help...rather it be for an accident, mugging, or whatever...they are fantastic people!
Joanne Mayo Amen.

Just in from the White House.

JUST IN: Trump, Melania Will Not Attend
JUST IN: Trump, Melania Will Not Attend

"The White House announced on Saturday morning that Donald Trump and wife Melania..."

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Katherine Harris The President and Our First Lady are classy people...better he spend time with his family. Hollywood is now nothing but a bunch of wannabes...none of them worth watching anyway!
Dave Andrews Let the "stars" stay home. Would rather see the President attend.
Melanie Chase Bryant Great move for the president!
Marika Olah Let the dirty bleb to celebrate anybody who goes there it's a shame because all these stars are immoral druggist nothing else
Mimi Williams Who's the bigger person here. Let them flaunt their ill-gotten awards, he does not need the disrespect of this bunch. Lets let TV sponsors where televised, that you wont buy their products. We need to be proactieve in peaceful ways!

Just in.

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Judy Ponder Trump is setting the stage....get ready American this Trump Train is about to pick up speed!!!!!
Joe Carioscia He submitted resignation weeks ago, doesn't suggest he was fired
Joy Daggett Stop with the fake news!! He did NOT get fired. He resigned bcs he had only ever planned to work six months after the election
Kevin Pender Your newsfeed is the worst to navigate!!!
Howard L Garris Sr The POTUS plan is coming together and it's just the beginning.

Mike Huckabee: If They Tear Down Memorials They Find Offensive, Can We Tear Down...

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John Henry The pop ups on the links make too hard to read.
Joyce Hansen Yes we can
Huss Evony it will never end. it is just amazing how stupid this is.
Sherry Turner Hinds And Mosque?
Linda Legnante AMEN Valid Point


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Darrel Lee I want to see Martin Kings and Malcolm X statues start coming down, they offend me
Ted R. Endicott Jr.
Dee Darrow The soldiers of the Confederate Army are veterans of the USA just as the soldiers of the Union Army. Both deserve respect and honor. Fighting for what you believe is very important when starting a country (and today). Statues should remain with ...
RoseRoy Ellsworth Nothing will change.
Tereisa C. Duff It really won't matter one way or another what I think , but leave them alone . No one even cared until someone told them to .

Dave Roever's story is powerful and purposeful - you don't want to miss this! Thanks to all our brave vets who have served or are serving.

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Kristin LeFeuvre I've seen him twice at Rock Springs Church in GA & he is awesome
John Crone Looks like Letterman..of he could find a razor...
Floyd Lo He has teeth like David Letterman, or Madonna.
Ann Weaver Barr We love Dave Roever.
Vanessa Cairns He is awesome!

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Alex Garcia Pray for our American President
Wayne Murphy Everyone involved should have their entire familys deported to their country of origin.
Stanley Burrell With all respect to Sarah, I believe I will pray for USA
Michael Dell That'll help 😡
Valerie Sanchez Amén

Remember that your real life jacket is your faith.


Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions. Luke 12:15   One of the worst nautical disasters in British history was the 1859 wreck of the Royal Charter steam clipper. Hammered by hurricane winds and thrown upon the rocks, an estimated...

320 reactions 8 comments
Allen Liberacki I love you, Firefox.
Reid Tara Amen!
Ron Odom Faith on GOD is the Cornerstone of Liberty. Are you aware of our 'Monument To The Forefathers' that stands hidden behind trees in Plymouth MA? Watch "The Pilgrims Formula To Save America! Kirk Cameron in Monumental" on YouTube https://youtu....
Ron Odom Faith In God! To many have Faith in Satan.
Kemi Layinka-Awe Thanks for this inspirational piece.

BREAKING: It's Officially No More! Trump Admin Just OVERTURNED...

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Carlee Line What does it say?
JD Gruen The shortened headline is badly worded
Annie Cavanagh Jim Cavanagh
Doug Prisbrey Jason Prisbrey Chris Michel
Glynda Ward Keep up the good work sir. Thank you

LOL! Dem Senator Who Called for Trump's Assassination Gets LAST News She Wanted to Hear

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Joan M Pickel People can still vote. Hopefully they will.
Ronald Batchelder remove here , NOW , and strip her of any and all benefits - Charge her with the crime she has committed on our President !
Ronald Batchelder remove here , NOW , and strip her of any and all benefits - Charge her with the crime she has committed on our President !
Leonard Anderson Get rid of the HATE GROUPS on the left and the right....
Scott Field I want her to run for president !

ALERT: Resolution Put Forth to CENSURE Trump

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Mary Beth Lazarski The crazy is strong on this one
Steve Bagnell This is a newspeak country now trump...
Edward C Schaub Of course you always censure somebody for telling the truth but then on the other hand Pelosi has no idea want the word means
Cyndi Goodrich “There’s trouble ahead when you live only for the approval of others, saying what flatters them, doing what indulges them. Popularity contests are not truth contests—look how many scoundrel preachers were approved by your ancestors! Your task is to be ...
Joseph Swick when will the stupid dems, ditch this ugly , nutty pos

Check it out...

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Angie Grassman How do about 50% not think both sides were violent?
Don Marin people are getting sick of hearing the biag babys crying every day
Angie Galloway MSM strikes again
Dietrich Lanz #MAGA
Dietrich Lanz ANTIFA+BLM=KKK+NAZI. Don't be Hypocrite. For the brainless liberal..HATE=HATE..Ban all groups.Just simple.


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Charles Gluck Hello, it is the Silicon Valley. No more liberal place in the USA.
Karen Murfin But they are here illegally! This is just one more liberal reality coverup! Like they call unborn babies "products of pregnancy"! We should not fall for this progressive garbage! We need to speak the truth clearly so people will live in reality!
Yvonne Gonzales More censorship !!!!!!😡
Paul-Wesley Bowen Christians, please pray. This is just flat out rebellion against anybody who doesn't think like they do. Twitter has become a medium of censured speech.

1.6k reactions 34 comments
Mouena Fiatala Aula'i amen
Sally Dahlke You tell em Winston
Jack Rackham Anastasia Mess Magee
Gayle Fleming Yes!
Ron Carlton You might get out before the even knows your there.

Where are you watching the Solar Eclipse from? Regardless you'll want to read this first! Please share with friends. 🌞🕶

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Nydia Olvera These states across the United States will experience more than two minutes of darkness. Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. It's only during ...
Michael Fairfax Watch it on tv it's safer for your eyes.
David Takacs !*!*!*!*!*!*!
Currer Bell I hope that Pelosi, Obama, Warren, the mayors of Baltimore, Charlottesville, Chicago, New Orleans, the governors of Maryland and Virginia watch it directly...they are used to blindness, so let them be blind.
Debi Doyle Gulotta On tv.

This could have been even worse.

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Loman Ray Carroll to bad they all did not blow up only good terrorist is a dead one.round em up and shot all of them.
Jacquelyn Moore Thank God.
Allan Martin Rindal Sure? Lets just give them more idea's.. This didn't need to be posted IMO.
Diana M Green & we're fighting over concrete statues! Aren't we embarrassed, if not we should be!
Bill Klone Help keep our focus on national security. Call Congress tell them to sign onto the Congressman Brian Babin (TX) letter to force Mueller to testify before Congress. One of the best ways to preserve our security, our freedom and to keep the 2016 election ...

Beautiful story as we head back to school. Hope everyone had a great first week (moms and dads too!)

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Debi Galle Joy OMG I wish someone LOVED me that much!!!!! How absolutely sweet!
Cathie Morgan Getting OFF a bus. Don't you have spell/grammar check
Reid Tara Awwww! Luv it! So sweet!
Laurie Bassett Kid in my left outside his daycare...ALONE. The mother made a great point. She said "I can't go down the street and leave him alone for 5 minutes;he's only five. so why can the bus driver drop him off outside of building and just drive away ...
Bill Klone Help support the cause of life and the rights of all people. Call your Congressman, tell them to sign onto the Congressman Brian Babin (TX) letter to force Mueller to testify before Congress. One of the best ways to preserve our rights, support the ...

Interesting take from Newt!

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Patrick Power Newt you what you're caving in...the left is controlling the talking points here and what trump said at the Trump Towers news conference there is enough blame to go around...Soros' mercenaries BLM goon squads, MSM is forcing you to accept their narrative
Sherry Morris Another back seat driver. People BACK our President and STOP telling him what to do. All this sideline "advice" aired on every news channel dies nothing to help and EVERYTHING to hurt. Show confidence in our President. I have more confidence in Trump ...
Rod Amlow I get the feeling Newt is hawking his book or out of touch after listening to too much liberal rhetoric. I used to like Newt.
Jim Murphy Im sick of newt!!
Paul Smith No, drive forward. Don't follow the wind. Keep on the track you are on and ignore the idiocy. Press forward.

Just in.

1.1k reactions 90 comments
Holly Stilwell Martinson WHAT? WTH is going on?
Catherine An Ray LOL ...NOW HIRE 20 MORE JUST LIKE HIM !
Charles Garnett That is a little misleading
Margaret Peggy Meisner Gee, do you think this was all planned?
Judy Hale Watch out! Bannon is going after Trump's opponents :-) I guess he was quite limited in what he could do while he was in the White House. But, his hands are untied now....

What was she thinking?

943 reactions 562 comments
Jay Ockman Maxine for President 2020! Trump needs an easy win.
David Thoreson Is she proud of her own stupidity and complete lack of context?
Joanne Mayo So sorry, America.😢
Patricia Keith Evil !
Gene Hilliard Is there anyone she hasn't call a Name? Does anyone care what she says?

Do you catch and release? Or let them flow downstream? 🐟🐟🐟 Get it here --> <--

375 reactions 29 comments
Katie Jenkins I love you Sarah! I wish a could have a beer with you one day and take about Jesus! You are my kind of woman!!!!
Lisa Vespia Catch and release ! Large mouth bass here in Rhode Island! 🐟🐟🐟
Georgyne La Lone Why catxh and release? That has to be so painful to the fish. It is cruel
Bradley Amburgey Always
Dave Tanis "Catch and release"

We've got to stop this...

456 reactions 110 comments
Floyd Lo Keep on vandalizing, liberal snowflakes. The world see's you, and you don't look good. You look like spoiled brat punks. Just thought you flakes would like to know not everyone thinks your pranks are cute.
Rubea Ross Almost time to rise up.....
Sissy Jordan You have to stand up to bullies and the GOP is in denial and most likely on "their" side.... THAT is why nothing is being done about this "coup".
Alex Garcia may the Lord come down on every single hater in this country!
Claire Shepard So many lost souls.

Much needed!

763 reactions 12 comments
Greg Gebhardt Better start with the electric grid. They will shut it down and we are helpless.
Doug McKenzie MAGA
Michelle Pasternack Maybe stopping his twitters would help airway clutter
Charlotte Smith Yott EVERYDAY we see something this administration is doing in the way of helping AMERICANS, praise GOD, this is so refreshing ...............

Just in!

4.9k reactions 176 comments
Roger Benghazi Henry And with little or no help from that rotten, good for nothing, stinkhole of a Congress!
Kathy Satterfield Yay--Awesome---Proud of you President Trump !!!
Chris Ogle President Trump has such a vast amount of Obama's criminal schemes to defund, deactivate, and reverse. President Trump is doing an absolutely amazing job fixing America, especially considering the incredible amount of resistance from the corrupt ...
Larry J. Duncan Thanks, God Bless !


2.0k reactions 1175 comments
Kevin Sims One day
Sandra Romero FOX does not want to be #1, they want to be liberal.
Pat McCombs What did you expect, they turned it over to librial weiners!
Gary O'Flynn Numbers, numbers, numbers. Articles like this are meaningless without the numbers to back them. Did it ever occur to you that maybe MSNBC is ahead (which I don't believe) because so many people have turned off Fox News as they swing further and ...
Donald Farmer Sr. Sorry to hear this but knew it was coming.


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Mr.L Not good. He's now surrounded by Democrats. Total chaos.
EMuñoz Irma I guess viewers would rather listen to made up stories than the truth. 2 Timothy 4:3-4 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they ...
James Patrick Smith I expected this a long time ago.
Nicolas Ostapchuk The White House istself is the Trojan Horse of America. They have foreings orders to open the Amerian Gates from inside to let invade pur Country easily, just: "Come in walking, the gate is open for everyone, no mater who you are or werw from you are. ...


1.3k reactions 420 comments
Alyce Weber Shame we can rebuild Monuments.
Melanie Parker It's Americans fault that other countries hate us. Please wake up it just takes one day at a time.
Elle Laurent So... the left is now ok defacing Art?
Steve Drakis F you whoever did this
Fabian Dressler Shocker.....Chicago. Another cesspool democrat governed city


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Barb Lowman Smigels Of course she did! She hates this country!
Sheron Evans I realize this is not about terrorism, but I just wanted to share it anyway. It is the inconvenient truth about the democratic party.
Paul Tater She deserted the troops in Ben Ghazi what credibility does she have
Jon Batchelder LIBERALS: YOU SAID NOTHING…. 1. You said nothing when Obama used drone strikes to execute people abroad. 2. You said nothing about Russia for 50 years until Trump was inaugurated. 3. You said nothing about Hillary’s campaign manager’s brother being paid ...
Frank Squires What does she mean "our"? She speaks only for herself!
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