Sarah Palin
01:30 08/12/2017

A golden oldie...

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Don Barrie
Gary Larson
Put Iran on Obamos too
Deidre Clifton Payne
JV all da way, Baby!
Mary Wilson-Meyer
Yes it does
Kim N Joe
TRUMP SUPPORTERS NEEDED to Hold Fake News Accountable ! We all need 150 signatures before 9/7/17 to be available on the White House website for all to view/sign my petition to M.A.G.A. against Fake News !!! My Fellow Patriots, If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by September 9, 2017, the White House will review it and respond! Share this with everyone you know! You can view and sign the petition here: Petition Title: _____________ STRENGTHEN THE PRESIDENT'S SUCCESS to M.A.G.A. by supporting "THE WHITE HOUSE NEWS SHOW"! Description: ____________ Americans desire improved communication with their president, beyond social media and the internet. Directly from the White House - a basic cable t.v. show allows this connection where Americans can watch, learn and receive updates 24/7. The WH can effectively communicate messaging, policy, history, live events and more to the American people. This is not a news network but an informative show, similar in a sense like CSPAN & The WH no longer needs to rely solely on news stations to appropriately convey their message. This offers greater clarity and focus on all communication, by reducing confusion among the people, by which avoiding bias messaging from news stations thus holding them accountable for misreporting. Consider this option based on not party but American values. Thank you for your support! R/ Navy Veteran Joe Letizia Boynton Beach, FL.
Linda Toome
Bryan L Jay
I think so as well
Barry Roy Stephens
So true .. the Muslim scum!!
Rich Osmer
Sad, but true.
Stanley Radzewicz
The true leegacy of the Obama administration is the huge increase in National Debt, exceeding the GDP for the first time:
Rayanna Ferguson
Bush sucked as bad as Obama they are on the same team don't kid yourselves the are both for NWO Bushes, Clinton's , Obama agenda 21 and 30 it would be Like Germany in a higher scale. lol people are so brainwashed they can't even think for themselves anymore. Critical thinking is lost
Docharley Day
You know, this is really the truth. At Last !!!
Roy Watson
How silly some people can be!!
Rick Lunsford
Mickey Pawlik
So true. And it keeps getting worse The more we learn

Other newsfeed from Sarah Palin

Annnnnnd there you have it. It has begun. Not surprised that it’s happening now, it was only a matter of time.

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Jovan Palma Jamal's obamanation is socialism and it won't work in a free country like America.
Steve Milum Kamala Harris could only be elected in California or from a black district. Generally speaking, she's not very smart and practices classic divisive Democrat politics. We would all be better off without her, just like Schumer, McCain, Pelosi, McConnell, ...
Daniel Smith Oh, by all means democrats, please do run Kamala Harris. She is a nice looking gal, but batty as Maxine Waters. She would be a wonderful candidate to match up against President Trump. She will very well represent the best the democrats have to offer.
Phillip Cook I live in Suckifornia, giant drug addiction plague, giant homeless drug addict crime spree in progress, crumbling infrastructure, failing dams and water ways, destroyed roads, highest tax on gasoline and diesel at .66 cents per gallon, highest tax rate ...
Vera Jayne Fricks Marsh What a nut case liberal!

Things just got a lot worse. Every time you think the story is over there’s just one more thing. Truly messed up. What do you all think should be done?

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Dan Davis This Man Is And Always Will Be A Pedophile And They Should Band Him Like A bull till they fall off. Then lock him up for ever!
Evelyn Lawson Lambert This kind of thing has been going on that I know of since the 70s
Giuseppe Filpi I think he should be arrested then hammer him with everything possible then offer him a deal to turn states evidence on everyone he knows
Manuel Aguillon (.... killary..... ---and-ovana's.... ---buddy-buddies.... by-the-way.... ---didn't-ovana-sent-his-daughter.... ---what's-her-face...?.... ---the-MARIHUANA-smoking-gal... ---malia ---to-make-an-'internship'.... ---for-him....? ---aware-of-this!.... ...
Mary Helen Morris Hughes No surprise! Hollywood is full of corruption! I'm disappointed in the ones who knew and kept quite! That makes them accomplice!

This is a big deal. Help us spread the word about this. Not enough people know.

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Liz Cory “The comical conservative” wrote this article?
Scott Geer Drone the fat boy.
Bruce Davis Balderdash!
Mark Jennings If you didn't know already... we can't teach you now. Ask Hillary what happened.
John Godfrey Just kill the fat boy and be done with it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh MSNBC. What are you thinking these days? If we don’t call these networks on this stuff no one else will.

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Thomas Lindsey Alkire Msnbc,don't talk about something you don't understand. Incompetence!
Archie E Conn What a Dumass. ! ! !
Marilyn Askins Stupid is as stupid does. Just saying.
Jeff Bassett I’m sure she knows exactly what she talking about. She’s just lying like many of them constantly do.

WHAT!?! You have got to be kidding me here.

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Winston Gummels Hollywood getting some payback?
Uriah Wade Unregulated big money is always dirty one way or another
Bill Hebner I find it interesting that you give a pass to the POTUS who is also accused of sexual harassment and bragged about doing so on tape.
Billy Good They all know what each other taste like, gross
Ernest Flip Eulenfeld Flood gates are opened now. Get ready for the deluge.

Drop everything you're doing and read this right now. You're not going to want to miss what happened now. Also, make sure to comment below and tell us what you're thinking.

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Susan Sykes Jones Clinton. No need to say more.
Mark Canipe Trump runs the FBI. Why hasnt he made them turn them over?
Troy Kilburn I say it has taken too long, and I do not believe justice will ever be served. I will believe it when I see it happen.
Doug Skidmore As usual nothing will happen, it'll be stalled till 2 generations have passed.
Trace Franks They'll stall long enough for her and slick Willy to die of natural causes

More bad news for Harvey Weinstein was just announced... This situation gets worse by the minute.

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Marj Beard Workman-Grubb He has EARNED Jail Time. You can't tell me he is the 'Only" Pervert these women have been abused by!!!
Melissa Myers Herring When even the morally bankrupt Academy rejects you, things are bad.
Sissy Jordan Why can't we get JUSTICE for all the democrat criminal's that have ruined our country? They need to be arrested..
Greg Johnson just like always, nothing will happen.
Steven Renzulli Apparently the only sin in Hollywood is getting caught. They all knew what was going on and turned a blind eye.

Making statements like this one is downright hypocritical and an utter disservice to the American people. Sen. Harris needs to be honest with herself and her constituents. Enough with the political theatrics.

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Cindy Walker And dangerous 😡
Cindy Walker She’s such a drama queen 😜
Samuel J Federspiel If people were happy with Obamacare they would have kept the Democrats in control in both houses. Case closed.
Charles Cusick This woman is going to be the new Hillary Clinton.
Cam Chesser This woman and mad Maxine make a pair of ignorant California reps. Not a good pair either.

Tucker does an excellent job of calling Chris Cuomo to the carpet, and this video is no exception. Cuomo needs to get it in check. What's he even doing?

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Steve Milum Cuomo reminds me of Mark Ruffalo, both qualify for "dumb blonde" awards.
Janelle Olsen The only things missing from any CNN or PMSNBC "reporter" are floppy shoes and a big red nose!
Jay Dee He should be drug tested
R.J. Fear Took time for Tucker to grow on me but will say not half bad.. not best. .. definitely not the worst like that hack Scarborough
Donna McDonald Good job Tucker

This is awesome!! The liberal media can say what they want... we know the truth about our president!

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Bob Hogan There seems to be a running joke going around that says, “If a Democrat hasn’t committed a crime in your neighborhood yet, wait a minute.” While that may not be technically right, it calls attention to a growing perception in the American public’s eyes ...
Rose Pickard Can't believe anything in print. From socialist rags like vanity 🇺🇸. All lies 👎🏻
Helen J. Naff 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇺🇸
Nancy Plunkett I loved watching him this morning!
Jean Shamon Thank you Bannon! Love Trump! Fake News VanitynFair!

It's amazing that the hype continues here and we've yet to see any evidence of collusion in any shape or form. Now, White House staff are under the microscope. What do you think will come of this?

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Darlene McGonigle how much have these guys been paid for all this grimy work? we don't need to pay them one red cent.
Ted Dover And the American people dont say anything. Guess who is paying all these 6 figure salaries that Ferris Mueller and his entire staff and investigators.......but maybe thats none of my business. I do wish our high profile reps and FOX news people would ...
Eric McLaughlin Nothing will come of this
Dan Hobbs Some poor underling will get nailed and funded and sent to jail just like Scooter Libby was . Because the special counsel which is made up of Democrats and Democratic donors has to find someone guilty of something to justify all the hoopla and BS. The ...
Lynnette Haley Carlson I know.. I’m embarrassed for them.. they look like complete fools..

It's time this organization get it together. Fans have spoken and made it clear they want politics kept out of sports. The league and networks will continue to suffer if something doesn't happen quick.

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Richard Murry Boycott the NFL
Edward Macy Garfield Find out which players want to play and be patriotic in the NATIONAL Football League and the AMERICAN Football League and cut those who don't.
Susan Ayres Cockrell The NFL & players can do whatever they want, the damage is done & no one is watching anymore. They did this to themselves & they got what they deserved.
David Berger Done with the NFL

Kim Jong Un will stop at nothing to intimidate the U.S. and it's allies. This regime needs to be stopped once and for all.

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Robert Schmidt I thought that America doesn't make deals with Terrorists...
Bob Baker All mouth no action.
Sergio Iniguez You guys need a quick history refresher, remember the Korean War in the 1950's? It never ended, there is an armistice agreement.
Cade Haddon Isn't he the stupidest lookin guy you ever saw? Wonder when he's going to start wearing the rose colored glasses like his dad!! Lol!
Kendall Lomon He is just frustrated that he can't see his pee pee anymore. Poor little fella.

"Freebies For Me But Not For Thee!" -Congress 'Bout time we let politicians know they're busted: their perks privily protected from on high won't be merely gossiped about by us peasants anymore, they will be stopped. Look at your pay stub. See the before and after government taps it? Then research what you're subsidizing solely for the benefit of our "leaders" who didn't learn to lead by example. ("Pay your fair share?" My foot.) Join me in telling Congress it's the ol' goose and gander thing. From politicians being above the laws they enact on the rest of us, to sneaking in fiscal exemptions to pad their own pockets, to catering to the tens of thousands of D.C. lobbyists in this shockingly broken system, we're not going to take it anymore. Unless it's fine with you. Change hinges on your activism, and EVERYONE can do SOMETHING to help here. We can do this! D.C.'s freebies on the backs of the people are nonsense and illustrative of political elites' double standards. Obamacare exemptions are tip of the iceberg. Tell politicians they're not too big to fail; we'll not support any who raid our paychecks for their own bailouts. - Sarah Palin

Now Cut Off Congress
Now Cut Off Congress

After insurers, it’s time to address the other recipients of illegal subsidies.

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Nempa Madaca such unblemish recconciliatory explanation. lots of love for you Ma'am Sarah Palin.
Sue Larsen Serving your country as elected official was never suppose to be a career with unlimited perks. We need to hold them accountable for every penny they spend. Never forget that they work for us!
Jacques Croizet Being a politician is a “privilege” that has been ABUSED for a VERY long time. We can no longer afford free rides...
Tom Childers vote them out ,get in all new ones
A-James Freelon Put those jackasses on Obama care like the rest of the contry!!!

We all could've predicted this was coming. She'll fit in well where she's going.

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Joe McBarron Just goes to show the lack of value for a degree at these liberal institutions if HRC and her daughter can become professors while lacking academic teaching credentials.
Joseph Dutra Teaching her hate and bitterness to our kids since the voters did listen. Makes perfect sense.
Carol Miller Jail I hope
Patrick Hargadon She'll teach how to cheat, steal and lie....then how to cover it all up
Randy C Chapman I hear she is going to teach Remedial Campaigning.

One of if not THE funniest segments I’ve seen all week. Enjoy friends! Hope y’all like it.

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Bonnie Beaston she will see the light...keep communicating in love and with your smile🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Ruth Rightmire His mom reminds me of mine during the O.J. Simpson trial... for murder of Nicole. My mom, a strict conservative, just could not believe O J could murder Nicole!! "Not OJ" she would say, "I just don't believe it!" And all throughout the trial she ...
Catie Burkett There is nothing more horrifying to a liberal parent than finding out your child is a conservative.
Kerry Gray Does she not understand what she votes for?
Cindy Myers Hall Love Jesse and I can see where he gets his sense of humor.

This is going to blow everyone away. Prepare yourselves folks. This is BIG.

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Terry F Guethle Jail 😎
Todd Kettell They lied under oath about said meeting.
Andrea Gilio Notes on a Scandal lmao!
Randall Doty oust them asll
Doug Prisbrey Imagine that. I’m betting they’ll be so redacted that the only thing we can read is “tarmac”.

Are you serious? This is disturbing EVEN for democrats. But I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised...

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Bob Jack Con men never return the money. It's part of their code.
John Moore It will be like Cosby and swept under the rug. 😡
Kim Leonard Of course they are
Jan Hedlund I guess he figues half the women Weinstein molested aren't important?
Allen Bossard I’m so ashamed to be a resident of New York.

Things just got even crazier with the Las Vegas shooting story. What do you make of all this? Let us know in the comments below and tell us your thoughts.

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Pat Thomas Just give us unedited 5 days worth of video...That's all we need. Anything else is smoke and mirrors ;)
Ron Couche This whole thing stinks. We may never know what really happened here, especially if the FBI is covering something up.
Jim Murphy A little incompetence it would seem. Ehhhh?
Donna Ristenbatt I personally believe that Stephen Paddock was part of ISIS. ISIS is saying that they have video of him taking the oath of allegiance to ISIS.
Becky Williams Bailey He had no interpreter. Or one that could be trusted. Or he is the real shooter. Or he shot himself. So many storylines.

If you’ve been following the NFL insanity you’re going to read this one. What do you all think of this development?

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Ruth Santino Fix Or Repair Daily.
Brian Buchanan Wow! So Ford says they believe in the Constitution, and the knee jerk reaction is to boycott them? We are surely going down the tubes. 😕
CJ Irish 👍👍👍👍👍
Greg Phillips Could a Ford sale man walk into the Ford dealership, give a Nazi salute and still keep his job? Free speech, right Ford?

Yes!! This is exactly the right message. It's the reason President Trump is in office, and it's the mindset we need to get Congress back on track. Love it.

1.5k reactions 26 comments
Eva Simmons Robinson Yes!
Patty Hubbard Removed from office twice for ethical violations, questionable financial dealing with his own foundation ( about 1 Million dollars), collecting 400,000 more than his agreed on salary for a board position. Yeah he is really a good moral leader - I am ...
Donald McComas if uve morals,patriotism etc,,yes
Larry Clay how about non chritians
Gene Mckenzie Roy Moore has been removed as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court TWICE. Once because he secretly installed a Ten Commandments monument into the court building in the middle of the night. The second time for defying the an order of the Supreme ...

WOW. How do you think Obama is feeling about this one? Finally a president who won't cave under the pressure!

2.2k reactions 86 comments
John Pilla He wants to make America great again
Bo Warren Given oboma actions regarding Iran , he is probably sick over it. He was in bed with them and was planning a takeover of the US and anywhere else they could get into. Muslim thru and thru. This is one of the best things that potus could have done. Next ...
Winnie Louise God bless our spectacular president.
David Courson Great 👍!
Rachel Ehmpke I’m sure his frilly little panties are all in a bunch

How cool is this?! What an inspiration these two are! Harry and Thomas Derricott, twins born with Down syndrome, have both fulfilled their dream career by the young age of 15.

Twin Down Syndrome Brothers Are Country
Twin Down Syndrome Brothers Are Country's First To Become...

"We call them our own little Ant and Dec."

4.2k reactions 68 comments
Christy Cobb Wtg! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Ajay Gambhir That is very encouraging! Thanks for sharing Sarah Palin!
Michele Black Alcala Awesome great job
Ada Peña Socorro Garcia
Elizabeth Kahan Flyer Emily Flyer

The money will be given to an undisclosed women's charity and was handed over by Weinstein during the 2000 Senate primary race, the 2006 Senate primary, the 2007 presidential primary and the 2015 and 2016 presidential primary and election. What do you think about this?

1.0k reactions 816 comments
Vernna Esser liar
Mary Biel Why not name the charity? Because it is Planned Parenthood. They gave a bog donation to her campaign.
Debra Bailey code word for planned parenthood
Dylan Dulaney What would be new about that.
Ron Craig We trust you to do the right thing!

Explaining the accurate definition of true "feminism" is for another day. Until then, it's comeuppance time for men faking it in Hollywood. Power to the women who finally said "enough is enough" of the valueless cocoon they've felt forced to live in, in order to practice their craft. -SP

Comeuppance For Men Faking Feminism
Comeuppance For Men Faking Feminism

It's time to face the music, Hollywood.

501 reactions 26 comments
Matilda Hester This ain't new and I'm afraid it ain't going away 😢
Don Wilkie Are you listening about your fake feminism Trudeau,,,????
Dee Farmer Ditto Jeanette!
Jeanette Smith So they marched with their pink hats for 'locker room talk' but are completely silent about systematic child rape and sexual assault---got it---hypocrites !
Ellen Kozik I don't understand..they kept their silence about being sexually harassed for years, however continued to collect their million dollar is this empowering?..Believe me, I'm in no way condoning anything that dirty bag did, however keeping ...

YES!! He's BACK! "What does a man do when they try to run him out of town for quoting a Bible verse? I’ll tell you what he does; he goes deep in the woods and he starts a fire." "If you are tired of being told what to think, what to say, if you want to hear someone mean what they say and say what they mean, if you want a healthy dose of truth, if you want to hear the name of Jesus without reservation, well then, I would suggest you come join me in the woods."

The Duck Commander IS BACK With A BANG, Announces NEW Show
The Duck Commander IS BACK With A BANG, Announces NEW Show

"For far too long we have been told to shut up. No more."

14.7k reactions 253 comments
Ralph Barham Love it! All you Ducks (and Sarah!) keep hanging. You’ve got lots of support!
Steve Jester BFD
Susan Risco Amen! And he speaks the truth and quotes the Bible, God will condem what he did not make and if it is not in the Bible then he did not make it or condone it!
Jonathan Church Abigail Church
George Allan Moe Cates I would love to go down there and spend a little bit of time with them!

Hillary claims to not know how much Harvey Weinstein, a huge Democrat donor, contributed to her campaign. Good thing the Federal Election Committee keeps records of these things, so we know EXACTLY how much. Check it out:

3.0k reactions 1223 comments
Sally Smyth She may truly believe she does not know.
Larry Smith Yes , Her Charity
Ken Halen Just another lie out of her mouth
Pat Booton How generous of her! It's laughable.
Frances Lola Lopez Don't u get it no one likes you anymore go back to bed......

Less than two weeks after the shooting in Vegas, Aldean said during his show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, "I want to play the show for you guys that the people in Las Vegas came to see and didn't get a chance to." He continues... #VegasStrong

Country Artist Jason Aldean Performs For First Time Since Vegas Horror, Shares Special Tribute For Victims
Country Artist Jason Aldean Performs For First Time Since Vegas Horror, Shares Special Tribute For Victims

"So many people are hurting. You can be sure that we are going to walk through these tough times together every step of the way."

428 reactions 35 comments
Dan Relinski I heard Nike is his new sponsor, when they saw how fast he ran off that stage in Vegas they just had to have him. I also heard that he won the gold medal in sprinting at the Coward Games.
David A Thompson Could have yelled in the mike at Las Vegas and warned people what was happening, but nope, just ran away. No respect.
Donald McComas he refused a concert for them but went to snl tv instead
Beau Norton R people mad at Aldean over the mass murder?what the hell did he do wrong?dam the tolerant is so intolorant
Dan Barone Sounds Dumb.

Harvey's history of misconduct has been buried for far too long. And...a contract that covered and protected?

751 reactions 112 comments
Thomas Morrissey Mega- Sleaze
Mary Monson When I got out of the military as a combat photographer, I entered the movie industry with a goal to be a cinematographer. After working on one movie, I left the industry over crap like this. The scary part is that Hollywood is filled with creeps ...
Leslie Wolfe-Davis That is insane!
Amber Haden Ever look at the other side? People in powerful positions are accused of wrong doing every day whether it's true or not. This contract protects him from losing a job he has put 30 years of his life into and protects the companies money making assets. ...
Cindy Green Women shouldn’t have signed contracts like that either!

President Donald Trump has repeatedly called on Congress to repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), but their failure to do so has motivated Trump to get involved. With a simple stroke of a pen, Trump crushed a crucial component of the healthcare law. Congress, it's your turn to act #repeal and #replace now!

Trump Did It! Delivers KNOCK OUT Blow To Obamacare
Trump Did It! Delivers KNOCK OUT Blow To Obamacare

"Since day one of our administration, President Trump has made it a top priority to rescue the American people..."

2.5k reactions 171 comments
Tom DeMartino "My favorite color of the alphabet is. . . TURNIP!" Sarah Palin
Gary Susich What the hell do you think social security is?
Raymond Martin Dear America. Stop thumping your chest and proclaiming yourself the greatest nation on Earth. You are so far down the ladder it is not even funny.
Lora Jean Merrill Why doesn't he make Congress have the same health care as us. They would move their butts then.
Paul Werner It's just an EO! We need legislation to fix this.
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