Sarah Palin
02:30 08/12/2017

Exactly what conservatives want to see.

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Gregory Allen
Jeff Blunck
Many more to go!
Brenda Koontz-Gula
Yeah baby!!! Keep making America great again!!! We love you!!! Thank you for being a real leader and not a weak puppet like Obummer!!
Barbara Berube Lefevers
Stupid trolls. These liberal judges are an enemy of the people. They are making laws and need to be removed from the bench.
Donna Smieja
Let's get to work and get these vetted, qualified, and highly recommended judges confirmed by the Senate. Get their confirmations done.
Samuel Dell
Muhahahahahahaha!!! Suck it libs & progs. Reversal of fortune incoming for the left.
Frederic Foss
Philip Anthony Normandin
The next vacancy means another conservative strict constructionist on the Supreme Court...unless Schumer tries to interfere...which of course he will.
Leonard Anderson
We who elected TRUMP must vote ONLY for TRUMP supporters in 2018 and 2020....
Melanie Philip
Glad to see he is focused on the important things while Democrats are busy looking for new ways to spend taxpayer's dollars on investigations based on nothing... Expecially since they have a career of ignoring the real crimes committed by previous government.
Ryan Thomas
The man knows how to get things done. The importance of this cannot be unstated.
Micah Micky
Our judicial system is critical in dealing with on coming threat of Sharia law confronting the US Constitution in it's alleged supremacy issues.
Charles Forward
What conservatives want to see, Thank You White Nationalist President Trump!
Joyce Hansen
John Emert
gettin' it done!!

Other newsfeed from Sarah Palin

Wow. First Matt Lauer, and now another one. These reports never seem to end.

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B.j. Cordes Mr Tingly Leg
Cliff Worden I'm honestly surprised about Chris Mathews. If anything I was sure that if He was accused of sexual assault and misconduct, it would be against a Man.
Mike Bichard Time for Matthews to get fired. Typical hypocrite. Bye bye
Butch Ored Awwwwwww. Breaks my heart. (NOT)
Stephen Hammel Come on you feminazis make this turd disappear

This has to be a joke right? Did they seriously pull this product...

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Scott Nichols Eating Sushi is racist? Maybe it's just bad sushi.
Phil Hofland Warning: Up next..... No more crucifix sales. Even though I don't wear one I'm sure the true meaning ( way beyond the current trend of using them as a decor item) is that one who does is proclaiming that he or she has subjugated themself to the ...
Douglas L. Nabors Make every one that is going to get bent out of shape, wear one
Sheryl Beehler what bothers me the most is that businesses are caving in to the Liberal B.S. and pulling products and allowing men in the ladies room. STOP
Lynda West Sick of the Liberal BS. What a bunch of nuts!

We'll just leave this here for you to look at. Comment and tell us what you think.

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Paul Pfeil The first person killed and that will be changed
Melvin John Ehrmentrout Must have been a liberal idea!
Ken Pax I cannot believe this bs passed! Just one rep felt uncomfortable asking for a power aid behind plexiglass, and there ya go.
Ronney Harris Too much stupidity when Dems are in control.
Rudy Widman What idiots!


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Charles Kemp Charge him. What’s the hold up.
Deborah Zrostlik He’s a Schiff now
Nina Palou slime ball
Lorrie Morlan I for one am glad the leakers are getting caught
Don Irish That is totally unacceptable behavior coming from those corrupted politicians in Washington... Drain that swamp asap!

What in the world has happened to this country...

1.0k reactions 306 comments
Scott Corey What has happened is they are trying to take away the ground roots and make us not be able to protect ourselves
Mike Sallet Absolutely correct. The intolerant left wing race liberals are trying to ruin this country.
Tom Childers cesspool mayor....cesspool city
Stan Everidge This is why we need the 2A and Concealed or open carry laws. Which shouldn’t even be laws at all under the 2A. It should be natural
Michael John Um, I'm a supporter, but didn't y'all allow this crap to happen?!?


4.2k reactions 2862 comments
David Lane Holder like a rapist that can't get it up.
Ed Turney Screw Holder!!!
Jo Kilpatrick Shut up, Eric criminal!
Mike Kiewel Why does he think he has a say in anything?
Dave Parson By who, a bigot?

Hold onto your hats.

5.7k reactions 282 comments
Duncan Monroe A real class act! Too bad we still have “GAG”...God Awful Goddell!
Josh Brend I stopped watching all NFL games, refuse to purchase anything licensed by them, all of it. But this? I can completely support this guy. This is a role model quality guy, right here. I sincerely hope to hear of more like this.
Geno Leighton Man of the year
Cynthia Lundquist This is who should have been Man of the Year!!!!!!!
Delores Vickers May God continue to bless this young man abundantly for his kind and sharing heart

The deep end doesn’t even cover it this time. Does he not realize the effect his words will have on people? Guess we can watch what happens...

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Daniel Burrow Oh must truly be exhausting..
Michael K. Walker I used to have nothing but respect for Will. Now it's nothing but contempt.
Terrance Kotongan will who?
Maddie Erickson he needs to go check on his kids that have been on their own for the past 7-8 yrs in hollywood.... im sure they are not as safe as he thinks with the "me2" liberal club.

The liberal fight against the Second Amendment and the right of Americans to privately possess a firearm seems to have no end. Check out this latest claim.

483 reactions 146 comments
Allene Mackey WHAAAAAAT????????
John Gaustad By the Brittish!!
Pat Harris Ha Ha, they flunked history.
Keith Wood Madison coauthored the Second Amendment with George Mason, and Madison's ideas must be viewed with an open mindedness to the inclusion of all the founders ideas. The founders collective thinking and discussions are what gave us the Constitution. Gun ...
Nila Mele Barfield In the words of Forrest Gump "Stupid is as stupid does!"

As the NFL is looking to somehow bounce back from a season of plummeting ratings and a frustrated fan base, their problems seem to be getting worse as a season-ticket holding fan is looking to sue the New Orleans Saints.

857 reactions 172 comments
John Fox All americans should file a class action suit against the nfl because they will lose
Steve Callaway The only way the NFL is going to bounce back is if they announce a new "mandatory anthem clause" policy for every future player contract.
Scott Roberts Another couple years of losing money, and their tune will change
John Bauman I hope it rots in hell they don't deserve to play professional football for the money they make for the way they act
John P. Janssen AND ACT LIKE BRATS !

Liberals are in full meltdown mode after President Donald Trump reportedly instructed the CDC to exclude seven words from their official documents concerning their 2019 budget proposal...

2.2k reactions 375 comments
Janice Smith Pelosi is a danger. Her description of herself is 100 % right.
Julie Sirry But didn't they want political correct terms? They have been banning for 8 years what we say and can do.
Teresa Sage It's a budget plan, perfectly acceptable. Trump is trying to lower government spending.
Vivian Spradley Alexander Not true
Rod Colver It's Pelosi who is straight out of 1984 thought control. Real communist true believer.

This holiday season, many people across the nation are gathering together with their families and friends to joyously celebrate; several others however are mourning the loss of loved ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Remembering Those Who Lost Everything This Holiday Season
Remembering Those Who Lost Everything This Holiday Season

'We will never forget the sacrifices...'

342 reactions 12 comments
Judy Holt Adams Our Fort Jackson, cemetery in Columbia SC didn't receive the number of wreaths it needed. Shorted by 1600. Seems many others also didn't receive large numbers of wreaths that were paid for but not delivered. Heartbreaking to families of our heroes. ...
John J Greene Jr Always on track, Sarah love your Patriotism..... msg. GREENE
Ann Hancock Without our military men and women we could be just like North Korea.
Geneva Hottman May God bring peace to their families. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
Butch Brown I proudly and sadly laid a wreath on my dad's resting place today during the Wreaths Across America ceremony at the National Cemetery in Montevallo, AL. Bless him; bless them all.

Some reports consider the political comments as showing preferential treatment towards Clinton during her email investigation, potentially obstructing the probe. If proven true, that would be a felony. According to a report by the Washington Post, people familiar with the case said the messages were an attempt to cover an extra-marital affair.

575 reactions 98 comments
Allen Crumpton Just how many felonies do you have to commit to be charged in D.C.?
Renaldo Lucchetti How stupid do they think 🤔 we are
Brad Mckee B S !!!!
Nathan Caddell Time for the entire mess in DC to be banished. All involved fired. All stupid laws such as obadman care abolished. Quit drinking and doing drugs and chasing the girls and boys around. Just resign and let's get people on the hill that will help us ...
Jerry Goss Has Strzok's wife filed for divorce yet?

During an interview with Fox News, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino unloaded. The rant first started online on Friday when he responded to Democrat Senator Ron Wyden.

1.8k reactions 60 comments
Nathan Caddell Fire them all and start the agency with all new personal.
Kathie St Amant I love Dan... always brings logic to every situation. Outstanding citizen!
Mary Lou Olson PROTECT him.....
J.Bart Hennefer oh what an under statement
Will Austin Notice one thing about these folks? THEY'RE FRICKIN LAWYERS!

Trump warned any and all who heard his speech, "if we have to fight, oh, boy, it's not going to be pretty."

4.0k reactions 83 comments
Carol Drummond President Trump has done more for our country in one year than Obama did in eight years!!! And President Trump did it without any help from congress!!!!! ❤️🇺🇸
Mark Jensen Demantre Lewis
Russ Msrti In less than a year, #45 gets it done ✅ what OdumbNUT couldn't do if u gave "little knob ears" 100 years to accomplish as #44 -- very slow❗️
Joe Belmonte That’s how a Leader acts
Jan Morris Reading this makes me so proud to be an American and have a President like Trump.

Former FBI Director James Comey is back at the center of controversy...

1.8k reactions 101 comments
Michael Weary The Hatch Act? If this is true, then the entire FBI, and DOJ are Guilty of Violating this act. We need to get rid of these Swamp Rats, they are all corrupt to the very top levels.
Keith Krzemien He is addicted to the attention.
Anthony Jenkins Well where will the accountability come from and who will lead it.
Jane Harrison My gosh, how corrupt is our FBI?! This is so sickening! Please prosecute these people and rid the FBI of any and all who want Our President gone. We cannot survive this as a country unless we purge ourselves of all the corruption in our government. Now ...
Joanna Gencie Lock them up

NFL superstar J.J. Watt came up big a couple months ago when he helped those affected by Hurricane Harvey. His initiative raised more than $37 million for disaster relief organizations! Check out Watt's most recent initiative. Amazing!

508 reactions 20 comments
Sandy Wilburn Nunley This guy is amazing
Läuri Lent Wow
Deborah Rhoades Should have been Man of the Year.
Marajo Ackley What a great guy
Michael Weary The rest of the NFL needs to get off their knee's, and follow this man's lead.

Wow - Roseanne’s got to share her secret! She looks great; time’s moving in reverse in her world as her classic show “Roseanne” is re-booted with a springtime premiere. Congratulations Roseanne (nicest, happiest lady in person☺️!) and keep drinking from that foundation of youth! - SP

1.3k reactions 58 comments
Abbey Van Gorden-White Foundation of youth?
Kimberly Smith Lots of plastic surgery to look youthful
Benny Miller It’s called plastic surgery. But yes, she is great. 🙂
Mr.L The ratings for this will be yuge.
Eleanor Manzione Franklin why is it hollywood cnanaot come up with anything new-

Wait... CNN can use the term “crosshairs” ????????

388 reactions 58 comments
Rob Eastwood Don't be silly Sarah, don't you know Democrats/libearls can do/say anything they want with no consequences??
Wendy Rawal Personally, I think it’s hilarious that CNN thinks anyone takes them seriously anymore...
Wendy Rawal I’d be scared if I ever watched them...haha!
Kimberly Petrich I thínk it's a dog whistle to the far left.
Mark Jensen Well, they are talking about a Republican "gunning" for a Democrat, so...

Nice to see light shine. Doesn’t it make you wonder about other accusations (absolutely false, in Todd’s and my case) that are reported as truth? Total lies that escape real journalists’ “who/what/where/when/why” ethical reporting practices. - SP

1.2k reactions 160 comments
Bryan D. Locke Did Helen Keller, Ray Charles, and Stevie Wonder witness this infidelity too?
Lucena Overbaugh Some people will do anything....Including selling their soul to Satan. God Bless the Palin family. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a wonderous and prosperous New Year.
Taylor LeBlanc Love you Sarah and Todd
John Remley Hunt Praise the lord Goviner palin thank you so much for helping to expose that Fake news Praise you and thank you we are so proud of you and president Trump finally TRUTH is coming through.
Armond Si Simmons I luv Sarah ! 🤠

This is going to put Pyongyang into red alert, no doubt. If Kim Jong Un thought he had us under his thumb—he was mistaken. Read more about what TIllerson said below.

2.1k reactions 15 comments
Pete Garland For once we have someone with a backbone and a brain.
Matthew Dunn 🇺🇸
Joe Nunez All N.Korea wants is nuclear deterrent so what happened to Libya, Syria, Iraq, all the other countries won't happen to them.What's all the fuss not focused on Israel who has nuclear weapons ILLEGALLY ?
Cindy Ramsey Love Rex!
Roselyn Tower Palmer Thank You! Mr Tillerson!’

Yes, folks. This is real. Gloria Allred's daughter, Lisa Bloom (who represented Kathy Griffin in her recent blunder), was just caught red-handed. This is huge news.

3.4k reactions 390 comments
Bonnie Vaught Like mother, like daughter.
Tina McIvor-Jacoby Wasn't sure this was true at first. But... THEY have not spoken one word all day about trumps accusers. It's true.
Rose Elizabeth Leigh What an answer to prayer! I prayed very hard and here it is! God is so good! What vindication president Trump and Bill O'Reilly!
Debra Mayer Gold diggers
Jeff Shank Done....

What a VICTORY! This is incredible news! "Life is winning in America!"

3.3k reactions 105 comments
Barbi Bethany Rouse I would like my tax dollars back that funded this baby killing machine!
Sharon Kent Gates Thank you Macy’s
Becky Flokas Girdler I could, possibly shop at Macy's again
Murvin Curry Yahoooo
Ralene Stine Yeah!!!

The first should've been that he was saying things like this about women. Just shameful. We are all worthy of more respect.

223 reactions 41 comments
Thomas Golembiewski You know there is actually some hope for this guy. As vile as he acts, he still seems to be capable of looking at himself somewhat objectively and repenting. We should actually pray for his repentance.
Hans-Peter Novotny CK? More like sickie.
Michael Williams He's a demure leftist. I'm not surprised.
Michael Rackliffe Another one a has been loser no normal person ever heard of or cares about
Arthur Martin Actually, none of them are worthy of anything, least of all respect.

This is so wonderful to see. Our hearts break for the McCain family, but what a touching moment between Meghan and Vice President Biden. This is beautiful.

436 reactions 188 comments
Mark D Presley Arizona imagration laws are messed up because of McCain .
Gary Beyer Good grief, the guy is trying to sell his new book!
Mark D Presley You mean Ex Vice President .
Les W Brooks "Creepy Joe " would do a thing to "console " a woman.
Kelly Kheel My mama taught me, if I can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Well this was a a massive mistake. What did he think was going to happen? Sigh...

2.1k reactions 518 comments
Glenn D Rogers He's not a "has been" he's a "never was"
John Jones Kid Rock needs to stomp his boney behind
Kelly W Kading Who?
Shakela Khan White boy wanabe class and he is shouting racist ..what a joke he is.
Matt Peterson Who cares he always mocks everyone

It could be argued that President Trump's cornerstone political issue since taking office, and throughout the campaign, is the physical security of the United States, especially when it comes to the issue of immigration. During his speech at the FBI National Academy this morning, Trump referenced the infamous international criminal gang MS-13...

506 reactions 12 comments
James A. Wood Way to go Sir.
Angie Grassman How about DACA and giving us our jobs and country back too?
Mark Stone Love ya Sarah! Speak it
Mr.L MS13 needs to be squashed like the roaches they are on Long Island NY
Cesar Mendez fire all dumbocrat fbi to clean house.

Former FCC Chairman Robert McDowell cleared up a number of talking points during an interview with MSNBC's Ali Velshi.

238 reactions 15 comments
David Maddux I like what Steve Forbes said this morning on TV. Free markets turn scarcity into abundance.
Craig Moore Anything from liberal government that is “free”, “fair”, or “neutral” is guaranteed to be none of that.
Craig Moore They want you to believe that government controlled internet is open internet. Lol
John Connolley Belinda Lowry Connolley
John Collette If the ACLU is against the change,that means normal humanity will feel opposite.

Interesting development. His big tick tock moment has been revealed. This one is a pretty big deal. It looks like he has delivered.

3.9k reactions 177 comments
Pam Beck If everybody knows this, than why on earth isn't someone charged and thrown in jail
Susan Luycx Peoples’ lives are destroyed because of this crap and more importantly, it can diminish real improprieties of sexual harassment
Brad A Claypool Corrupt corrupt corrupt. How can believe any woman out there that would come out against any politician or a person that has money or power this all political motivated.
Kevin R. Wonders Typical
Lorisa Hankins Chandler I'm sick to death of these Leftists!!!!!!!!!!!!

Democrats are brooding over another one of their own who is being forced to drop out of a congressional race due to the revelation of a sexual harassment settlement.

Dem Woman Resigns From Congressional Race Over Sexual Misconduct Settlement
Dem Woman Resigns From Congressional Race Over Sexual Misconduct Settlement

'A Democratic congressional candidate in Kansas dropped out...'

1.3k reactions 73 comments
Angeles Nunez Some news are fake. Others cant be invented. Ha ha ha
Margaret B Sands They are disgusting!!!
Sandy Blevins Thank goodness they’ve finally figured out its not just men!!!!!
Andrew Darcangelo The MSM is now going after Star Wars characters for sexual harrassment:
Jo Johnson Another 'sacrificial lamb'.
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