Sarah Palin
14:32 04/20/2017

Are the democrats in shambles? This is telling!

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Steve Nordstrom
Run, Bernie, Run.
Martin Mueller
Well the DNC did trash Mr Sanders and his peeps.
Cousin Johnny Aliotti
why are they nuts
Peter Balsamo
Ed Bennett
both are nuts
Lisa Shields DeRuvo
Andi Baltes
Health care is NOT a right! Free college is NOT a right! Taxpayers in America can not PAY for all of this stuff! Look at Venezuela folks-perfect example! Busted from socialism, riots every day, CHAOS!
Gail Dyess
Both of them are communist, socialist, and elitist.
Cynthia R. Hays Pearson
I haven't memorized it, but I do not recall the Constitution guaranteeing health care for all. Quite frankly, I resent being forced to pay for those who wont work to even help themselves.
Veronica Elling
Bernie is a sell out. He let Clinton line his pockets and step down. Yelp he was paid off. Sell out. And the other one is just off his rocker.
Donna Redmon
yep .. think the dems are in sad shape .... they did it to themselves
Kevin Johnson
Demo's are a laugh factory!!
George F Vaughn
Two words: "Worker's paradise."
William Miller
Get rid of him
Cora Carino
I still believe we have Republicans and Democrats who can work together but don't have a voice because of the big establishment. Let the President empty the swamp totally so we can all work together and pledge our allegiance to one flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. If you think it's impossible, maybe it's workable if we all love your country and proud to be an American. We can make our country, not only great again, but also safe again for our future generations.

Other newsfeed from Sarah Palin


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Carol Marek Awesome
Carol Marek Awes
Jerry Kampo When I see people actually be marched to "The Big House", I'll believe it,
Wes Keizer Unless there is OTHER supporting documents,, this will be blown off as false or fake or fabricated documents and itvwont go anywhere... But this is a start to get to the other side of the document chain to prove authenticity
Eric Cress With all the problems why aren't there arrests , corruption I assume

Does this shirt scream of our current political mess? 🐟🐟🐟 Get yours here >>> <<<

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Dan Coressel Looked like fun!!
ThomasSuely Blaisdell Wow! Supper time! Suely
Robert Wyatt Martin Nice trout.
Tonya Friel Nolan Collette Craig Occhionero We Need!!🤘🏼
Debayan Deb It's hurts when you wrong place . Please here ❤

Just in from Barcelona...

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Mike Watson They only understand hate and violence. They need to be dealt with the same, in a very uncivilized way
Derek Forstrom Van plows through crowd. CNN "Trump supporter and nazi white nationalists run down anti-racists in Spain, probably".
Herbert Stottlemire Just why do we care if a van plows through a crowd of people in Spain
Richard Harper It was a WHITE van
Honestly Younan I bet this makes democrats and George Soros happy

Not okay.

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Michael Di Cera Who cares what that black pig says.
Kent Homsher Correction he's not a star, he's a liberal FOOL
Lyle Kobus Fake humans!
Cynthia Kelly Can't listen to hate any more! The statues aren't causing riots! I don't see people saluting or bowing down to them. History is simply the act of living good or bad that shapes how we govern today!!!
Carol C. Delahoyde Isn't he the one who put down Pence at the opening of their production.


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Alan E Lourie Lindsey Graham said the following "Because of the way you handled the Charlottesville tragedy you are now receiving praise from some of the most racist and hate filled individuals and groups in our country, please fix this" My response to this comment ...
Laura Field PEOPLE are stupid
Martin Mueller Those people are not destroying their history, they are attacking United States history. None of these radicals were born in slave shacks, none were slaves or owned slaves...this history they are attacking isn't their history. They are animals.
La Gray my thoughts..."They", those people who continue to flock to the US from around the world, appear to me to be wanting to be here. Those who were ripped from their homes and brought here against their will are long dead, and the atrocities committed ...
Norma Elmore These people are destroying America. They need to be stopped by the military.


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Mac McLaughlin He's exiting the commission because he knows it is a Witch Hunt
Jan Lackey Hope it's the special counselor.
Greg Knight None of these people have an credibility at all. Violating laws and rules of conduct and ethics. No confidence in our federal government any longer except our president and those that stand by his attempt to clean it up.
Laurence Orchard Just like when he was a little boy and looked up under Barbie skirts. Nothing there.
Eli Curly Niño Um Ya this ain't news anymore. Now it's Racism! Racism! Racism!


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Carol Davies Maples We will be doomed to repeat it
Cathy Schooley Amen
Robbie Ropella Exactly
Linda J Rogers amen
Laura A Kalb-Remus Then it is not history!

"You never know when a kind word or encouraging action will disarm an opponent."


But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Matthew 5:44 Round-the-clock news coverage, nonstop social media, and a hyper-partisan press can make it feel like we’re constantly battling an enemy. Demonizing opponents, spewing aggression, and manufacturing outrage and outri...

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Pat Adams Aug 17, 2017 6:01pm Today, 8/17/2017, at 2:36 pm, Rush Limbaugh said, of the speech Rick Scott found so appalling, that he was cheering listening to President Donald J. Trump. That's right, folks, Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network, who is a known real ...
Marina Kerns The Answer for the Left Wing Bias Silencing ALL opposition voices: Inside The Media Matters Playbook "Democracy Matters " Source- Treason by Left & ANTIFA to overthrow government. CREW, ShareBlue, Media Matters, and ...
Allan Brem Oh, yes, indeed. See it happening on FBN, MSNBC, CNN and FNC innumerable times a day.
Michael Anthony Fernald Amen Sister ♡
Laurel Grace Woodruff I love you Sarah. Your the Real deal. 🙏


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Carol Ann Gressman Nelson 🙄👎🏻😡
Marvin Ramos I have four: GO BACK TO EUROPE.
Lonnie Horsey This guy is a complete and total liberal tool.
Mark Makinson Who's jimmy kimmel?
Clara Murzynski I got sick of EVERY monologue of his is nothing but a 10k Trump stomp EVERY night. I quit adding to his ratings long ago.

She's had this coming...

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Agnelo Gomes LOCK HER UP
Allan Brem Lawmakers and Ads. I'm encouraged.
Jerry Anderson There just isn't enough makeup.
Linda Gaskins when you dance with the devil you get the horns
Ed Jones When you dance you have to pay the piper..Jail time..

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John Cohn Yes He was always on the spot, as long as the spot was on the golf course or Hawaii. 🤑
Kerry Williams Nothing Funnier then Hillary in handcuffs
Beth Moscato Ew
Alaska Pap Should be in prison for HIGH TREASON! !!
Jill Stockford When was he NOT on the golf course? How about when he took an entire 3 months to respond to the major oil spill????? Obama supporters have such short memories.


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Davidjesse Moore Trump will STOMP him into the mud!
John Junior Hilarious!!
Christi Rhom Dixon LOL
Josh Rounsville Somebody still got sand in the vajayjay
John Weinbrenner He won't even win his state this time around

"As this video shows, these people desiring even more violence are sick and wrong. Palling around with these haters is a slap in the face of our veterans who have given all to stand for a more peaceful world by working AGAINST this kind of hate." - SP

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Norma Elmore We can't depend on these people to defend America. They must be getting paid to cause this chaos.
Sabrina Searcy Obviously, they didn't get the spankings they needed.
Terri Stevens Chaulklin These torch carrying protesters were paid by Soros, hired by Crowds On Demand! The permitted marchers on Saturday, we're marching to try to stop the tearing down of our monuments! The police herded them into the BLM, Antifa, Black Panthers, at the ...
Ray Hadfield All these people who are having their statues torn up are VETERANS also....
Stuart Edwards there is Jewish backing.


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Nancy Boardman Randall Of course, they have common sense!
Todd Schoenrogge Hannity is excellent tonight pointing out all the racists in the democrat party to include Hillary's mentor Robert Byrd and Al Gore's father.
Jon Lockhart Bill Lockhart
Jason Young Thank President Bush for rehashing what President Trump stated. It's nice to still see that there are some in our party still left who want to condemn all of them.
Coline Goodrich and the ironic thing is they both NEVER SAID WORD ONE when scumbutt BHO embraced evey intolerant lefty idea to devide this country and now we reap what that idiot sowed they blame the one man the people elected to do the job the failed to do, 41 lied ...

New tweets from today...

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Denise Dotson Johnson Now do something about the mentally ill people tearing down our statues. Hit them in the pocketbook. Works everytime...STOP IT, YOU CAN.....thanks....
Hugh Hartsell "North Korea’s dictator backed off recent bellicose rhetoric that he would fire nuclear-armed missiles at Guam." Hmm?? Did he say that, or did he say that he would fire 4 missiles that would fall into the sea close to Guam?
Gen Litynski ❤️ President Trump's response. So smart!
Linda Dunn Thank you Mr President for protecting our country.


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Crystal McGregor We need to get this crap under control!!! Focus on important stuff! I bet the majority of these people do not even know what they are fighting for...but if you try to erase history, you will be doomed to repeat it! All that stuff they are trying to ...
William Kolp next it will be the Lincoln Memorial the why not the white house it was built by slaves ,where does it stop
Colette Kanyo How is this going to change history? If you don't learn from the past you will repeat your mistakes.
Lisa Best Pure hate
Tim Harrison Is this a bad dream? Or the Planet Of The Apes movie?


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Douglas Walters There is a Twilight Zone show that opens with nervous parents taking their young boy for apitude tests. At the end of the show, a tester/doctor comes out to let the parents know the boy failed his tests and wanted to know where to send the body to.
Paul Reah Only 1% of Down's Syndrome cases are caused by an inherited defective gene. The other 99% occur during early cell division. You can NOT eradicate Down's Syndrome by murdering those who have it, because it WILL pop up in the next generation.
Ray R. Heimsness Sarah, thank you for speaking up on Fox News about this abomination! God Bless you and your family. We love you and your family. We have been blessed with 5 Children, 17 Grandchildren and 33 Great with one in the oven due in November.
Cindy Almos Raugust Every human life is valuable. I am a nurse and took care of an 8th month old baby boy with Down Syndrome. He was an is such a special child. To think that a society would think these children are not valuable is devastating.
Isadore Boni Any mention to her memory who was killed by a white terrorist? Trump couldn't attend her service. Hate on this far right continues. And I'm Apache Indian.


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Lynn Grabill Lock 'em up.
Jay Ockman Must be why all the racial issues have bubbled up? Russia, Russia, Russia is dead, Hillary is being implicated in the Trump Dossier and their Russia connection and the Clinton - Lynch meeting is getting wings.
Jack L. Stickney We all know this stuff goes on in a corrupt government who believes they are above the law. The evidence begins to mount. Now, will the new guard have the guts to prosecute?
David Blokland Sounds like there's an honest FBI Director in charge
Jeannette Schuenemann did you see the Clinton juices all over her skirt?

"Good dude, surprised to see him retiring. Deadliest Catch was the start of the Alaska TV shows. Thirty seven years of truly living on the edge. Congratulations to Captain Johnathan Hillstrand, one bad ass fisherman!!" - Todd Palin

611 reactions 37 comments
Diane Kemper Bixler Love Capt. Jonathan.
Ray R. Heimsness One hell of a fisherman, God Bless him in his retirement!
Greg Jesse George Good luck in retirement brother!
Betty C Mcreynolds Met Jonathan several years ago while visiting Homer, Alaska. Very nice guy.
Tricia Winarski My favorite after Phil died. He will be missed.

But we still have them.

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Charley Morgan Bernie, go sit on the porch of the lake house that the Clintons bought you.
Winnie Louise Nothing like an old fool.
Chuck Parham Who's Bernie!???????
Mary Hill Frey Evil man
Jacob Atwell What a tool....

Love this!

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Jeff Whitman I love her dolly is a fantastic lady
DG Mitch Say what you will but Dolly is a class act!
George Vernon Another boob job
Alethea Auge Loree That she is finally coming out of the closet. Be brave Dolly and tell the truth that you have been living with your women manager for years and your marriage is a front.
Laurel Grace Woodruff Love your heart ❤️ Your a blessing!

This is troubling.

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Deb Berry Drayer 9/11 needs to be a national day of prayer for the USA.
Jane Kreivenas Hermanas No surprise.
Jan Greenhawk We have bigger problems. Statues of people we disagree with!
Cynthia Kelly With all the internal uproar and racial,tension this would be so easy. Vigilance will drop when people are occupied with the racial hate issues.
Phil Leblanc what faith does AlQuieda practice.what book does AlQuieda reads. what goverment does AlQuieda follows.answe.1.Islam.anwer2.Koran.answer 3 . the third Reich. hamas.taliban.hezbolla.. therefor Islam cannot live in a normal civilized society like Canada....

Rosie Goes After "Adolf Trump" And Calls His Supporters Something TERRIBLE

1.3k reactions 1263 comments
Burly Bergeron pig
Christine Trotta Mais Why do you keep giving thus whacko woman time and publicity...
Linda Harris The only way for her to keep her name out there is to spread hate and discontent because she has no other claim to fame!
Charles Philips send her to north korea with rodman
Neil Hobbs Grumpy hog! She must not have had her 27 Big Macs and diet coke yet this morning...

This in:

BREAKING: There's A New Interim White House Comms Director

"President Trump has offered the job to..."

257 reactions 10 comments
Elena McCollum Old news
Melanie Philip Well, good choice.
Ralph Kukla I hope that Hope will be full time
Cyndi Jantomaso She will be great !! Stay focused and on point Hope !!
Harvey Russell The LEFT will have fun at the expense of her name...

This is heartbreaking. Life matters.

270 reactions 52 comments
Doug Nagle What the hell?
Geraldine Zierer My mom always me that you will see your babies when you die.
John Ramsden Thank you Sarah Palin for raising a beautiful child with Down's Syndrone and shame on all who abort (kill) these babies to lessen their own burden. A child is a gift from God and selective murder is totally unacceptable because of a potential genetic ...
Adrianna Holley Yes, Life matters!! ALL Lives matter!!!
Julie Lewis Richardson Eugenics, pure and simple. Appalling.

BREAKING: Army Helicopter Down, Crewmen Missing

902 reactions 51 comments
Hazel Law Prayers for recovery of the crew...prayers for friends and famlies.
Merri Helena Tyler Lord, let them stand out and be found alive. Please. In Jesus name. 💟
David Bailey Sad it could be anybodies sons or daughters i know when you raise your hand anything can happen my son is in Korea and lots of prayers are out there for himand all the troops
Diane Genco 🙏🏻
Her Dia 🙏

Prayers for a speedy recovery.

REPORT: Rudy Giuliani Hospitalized
REPORT: Rudy Giuliani Hospitalized

"Rudy Giuliani was rushed to emergency surgery on Sunday..."

914 reactions 85 comments
Joyce Hansen Prayers for Rudy . Hurry up and get well Rudy we need you.
Patsy Herrington Prayers
Ama Trish McCloskey Jacques Get well soon😢
Connie Andrews-Borozenski Prayer sent.
Frieda DeBerry Godspeed on recovery.

"To try to snuff out a life in the name of building a perfect race hearkens back to Nazi Germany."

7.1k reactions 300 comments
Jennifer Schiess Soter Couldn't agree more. It's disgusting.
Ernstjan Van Doorn First of all: The Icelandic government does not mandate abortions for mothers whose unborn children test positive for Down syndrome, nor do they mandate that a mother is required to take the test in the first place. Claiming it to be a mandated eugenics ...
James Scheirer Expect for all of Clintons and Obama's
Cathy Watterson God forbid we are headed in this direction, for eve life matters, we are all here for a reason! God bless all gods children!
Bridget O'Sullivan Georg Sarah I could only imagine how this made your family feel. Horrible just Horrible!

7.1k reactions 65 comments
David R. Snyder The problem here is people get in a syndrome of"there is nothing wrong until something happens" then only if it concerns them personally. Then hind sight kicks in, which is tooooo late!
James Lancaster On a positive note, Jesus is coming back👍🏻
Robert Rainville Sr. Couldn't have said it better!
Diane Hebert 1) Anitfa & BLM terrorists group 2) Freeze their accounts for being terrorists groups 3) No more $$ no more Antifa or BLM

I also have a quote from Nelson Mandela stuck on my bulletin board: "As a leader, one must sometimes take actions...whose results will not be known for years to come. There are victories whose glory lies only in the fact that they are known to those who win them." Absolutely true.


To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen. Philippians 4:20   This sure is a “me-centric” society. At every turn we’re told to put our wants and needs and own happiness above everything and everybody else.   Jesus on earth was perfect proof that we’re to live knowing there’s much more …

497 reactions 23 comments
Ann Hancock Sarah Palin......are you crazy? : Necklacing is the practice of summary execution and torture carried out by forcing a rubber tire, filled with petrol, around a victim's chest and arms, and setting it on fire. The victim may take up to 20 minutes to ...
Jerry Kampo Here are some Mandela quotes as well: “It’s a tragedy what is happening, what Bush is doing. All Bush wants is Iraqi oil. There is no doubt that the U.S. is behaving badly. Why are they not seeking to confiscate weapons of mass destruction from their ...
Mac McLaughlin Mandela POS
Chris Land Mandela is the type of horrible person who took from those who worked and tried to give to those who did NOTHING just because of their skin color ,,,,
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