Sarah Palin
14:32 04/20/2017

Are the democrats in shambles? This is telling!

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Steve Nordstrom
Run, Bernie, Run.
Martin Mueller
Well the DNC did trash Mr Sanders and his peeps.
Cousin Johnny Aliotti
why are they nuts
Peter Balsamo
Ed Bennett
both are nuts
Lisa Shields DeRuvo
Andi Baltes
Health care is NOT a right! Free college is NOT a right! Taxpayers in America can not PAY for all of this stuff! Look at Venezuela folks-perfect example! Busted from socialism, riots every day, CHAOS!
Gail Dyess
Both of them are communist, socialist, and elitist.
Cynthia R. Hays Pearson
I haven't memorized it, but I do not recall the Constitution guaranteeing health care for all. Quite frankly, I resent being forced to pay for those who wont work to even help themselves.
Veronica Elling
Bernie is a sell out. He let Clinton line his pockets and step down. Yelp he was paid off. Sell out. And the other one is just off his rocker.
Donna Redmon
yep .. think the dems are in sad shape .... they did it to themselves
Kevin Johnson
Demo's are a laugh factory!!
George F Vaughn
Two words: "Worker's paradise."
William Miller
Get rid of him
Cora Carino
I still believe we have Republicans and Democrats who can work together but don't have a voice because of the big establishment. Let the President empty the swamp totally so we can all work together and pledge our allegiance to one flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. If you think it's impossible, maybe it's workable if we all love your country and proud to be an American. We can make our country, not only great again, but also safe again for our future generations.

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Sean Maury Maybe the professor should spend some time warning people that they are stupid for going to North Korea instead of what he did.
Bobby Robinson can her or let her feel what the parents are feeling
Robert Joseph Koliner If the university's feelings are with Otto Warmbier's family...WHY HAVE THEY NOT, AT THE LEAST, DISCIPLINED THE PROFESSOR...OR AT BEST FIRED HER!!
Jeffrey Wayne That statement will come back to the professor 10 fold.
Al Ingram Should he have traveled there, probable not! BUT the is a good chance that North Korea arrested him to use as a pawn against sanctions being considered at the time by the US government! If they don’t fire this twit then everyone show boycott them until ...


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Timothy Krajewski Biting women is bad? Oops... she really never complained.
Barbara Drust Great!
Heather Maxon Good
Holly Robinson Phillips Sounds like she got a just punishment.
John Cooper Obama's "Religion of peace".


ALL EYES ON Melania Trump During White House Interview
ALL EYES ON Melania Trump During White House Interview

"A poised and polished Melania Trump shared just how much..."

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Steven Wilcoff Love her...
Leon K. Taylor Beautiful, poised, well mannered, distinguished, presidential, professional delightful. Such a pleasure to actually have a female 1st lady.
Al Rose Right !! :)
Johndavid Ruloph To save the world and universe please read my whole time line.
Vylna Rosado Mathis God Bless our First Lady and give strength !!!

Too funny!

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Nolan Thomas Geez, driving on the green, two soops of ice cream.....what's next?
Randy Van Obama was on the golf course 369 days in 8 years as our President. Maybe he should have bought himself a golf course. Instead of spending $190,000,000.00 on vacations for him and his family.
Ken Halleck When you OWN the yard, you can do WHATEVER you want to with it!!!
Elle Laurent Golf is an elite sport. Very few liberals on a golf course
Bridget N Brent Reese How i Love our President!!!!! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

How convenient.

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Lisa Bassett Wow, so out of character for the Clintons...LOL
Bryan Carter Crooks!!!!!?
Daniel Duncan still lying
Thomas L Hiegel Jail Hillary
Dana R Brackins No intent no crime lol

Did you see this?

Explained: Protestors Wearing Red Outside VP Mike Pence
Explained: Protestors Wearing Red Outside VP Mike Pence's Colorado Speech

"Vice President Pence was greeted by protestors cloaked in red robes outside..."

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Dick Wallon very sick people out there!!!
Nita Spearman They all need a "Special Kind of Stupid" sign for sure!
Janette Brungardt You people are all stupid. I have to compare you to ISIS. Because of them so many people think all Muslims are bad. Because of you most people think Democrats are stupid.
Deborah Rhoades Paint ball gun with frozen paint pellets should clear them out quick, fast, and in a hurry.
Ginger Falconbury How ignorant of them.

If planned parenthood has this much to spend on politicians why do they need taxpayer money?

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Janet M. Stull They don't!
Harry Schwartz They don't. It's not about helping women, it's always been about the $$$$
Walter Corrigan Gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.
Johnny Rodriguez Guess planned parenthood doesn't need contributions.
Kim McDowell Exactly!!!! no more Federal Funding for this group

Hold onto your hats! ;)

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Dinah Feehery So can we now call off the BS that's going on with Robert Mueller's "investagation" and save the tax PAYERS a crap ton on $$$, please.
Richard Guglielmi Lol what an amateur !
Donnie Adams Lock him up treason
Miriam Bringhurst I hope it's true I don't believe anything any more only when I see it!

All lives matter!

Harvard Law Journal: Abortion Is Unconstitutional
Harvard Law Journal: Abortion Is Unconstitutional

"A Harvard Law journal says one of the most important..."

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Edward Ludan Abortion is the greatest sin !pure evil!
Donald Ballance Sr. Wait,,,What,,, a college is saying this,,, time to protest,,, to say that a child or fetus is a human,,, OMG What are the left going to do.
Daralynn Breiter Abortion violates the human right to life. Life starts at conception, otherwise there would be no need for an abortion.
David Kloman Now them sleezy bassards are wantin to defund Planned Parenthood, the nerve o them Repub devils destroying our livelihood.
Dan Bryan Not to a democrat


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Stephanie Murphy Locke Grassley may be naming names, about who knew Comey said the President was NOT under investigation in the russia debacle, but he's going after Kushner, which just goes to show they are all rats.
Karen Dean Do the only thing they understand, fine them until it hurts and sit them on the bench for a timeout without pay or benefits. Isn't that what we try to teach our children?
Laura Boyd Republicans, Conservatives, Moderate Independents, Constitutionalists should begin hammering the Lying Left who continues to spew anti-American rhetoric with TRUTH and fundamental American principles. The last 8 years have truly harmed our Republic, so ...
Clyde Twopenny Shouldn't some of this warrant charges of sedition?
Paul Neal Chuckie took his cue from Harry Reid. All they know is lies.

🇺🇸 Despite what the media says we are ONE nation - let's Celebrate Together this 4th of July! Show your pride, get your fear here ---> <--- Comment: "USA" if you'll join us! 👍🏻🇺🇸

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Marie Pecht USA
Maggie Alden USA
Sue Palmer That is so right hope adults will grow up and act like they are smarter than a fifth grader. And enjoy the 4th
Franklin Butler only usa
Carol Miner Peirce if this is another American t-shirt made in China, no thanks.

Huge. This was the biggest issue in many voters minds.

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Judy Ovington Here we go
Randy Simonson Retire now
John Doyle Tipping the court into saner rulings
Billy Sullivan Yes!!
Patrick Berry Ugh I thought it would be that pedophile Ruth what's her bucket. Too bad. I guess she'll keep working until she's bedridden with age. Not a great way to spend your time after retirement age, which is anywhere from the current minimum to around 70, is ...


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Deb Ferguson Shameful, so much pressure on this kid and his family its hard for kids to adjust when they are in high school and get recruited. Can't imagine the problem's coming for this boy and his family.
Mauro Goffredo Max mice to Syria
Patrick Berry Ha ha, are they hurting for good players or something? I realize they are future prospects but it certainly is a weird experiment.
Gary Wright That is ridiculous a kid that age should be all about education not college & pro football , guess his parents is looking at all those future millions not his education more than one player,s career ended after 1 or 2 seasons due to injury .
Brent Page It's stupid but not illegal. If you read into it he is only offered a scholarship the university can pull it at anytime if it turns out he is not developing as they project.

Promises made, promises kept.

Compare The Stats: Trump Beats Back Obama
Compare The Stats: Trump Beats Back Obama's Refugee Admittance With DRASTIC Cuts

"The number of refugees admitted to the United States was cut by..."

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Lawana Davis STILL TOO MANY !!
Harry Gunderson MEME Image Link
Betty Squyres NOW, STOP SUPPORTING ALL ILLEGALS................. Then DEPORT THOSE WHO DO NOT LEAVE............
Bart Nelson That is why America voted for him!!

Hillary Clinton stealing someone else's line once again...

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Dustin Malone I'm assuming she was describing her own party? Hell she can't even make it up a flight of stairs on her own hahahah
Jeffrey Jacobson Hillary had Seth Rich Iced!!!!!!
Linda Simms This woman has been a real instigator from the time bill started his pres run. Always had to be in the limelight
Don Newburn Speaking of deaths related to political personalities, what is the count now? Last I recall, it was 41...Dunno if that includes the Benghazi folks or not..
Dennis Carey Well I was proud to kill your vote at a time ! MAGA!

Timeline Photos

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Chris Ramos Great advise for Dems.
Rebekah Ann Amen 🙏🏻
Chuck Laughlin Jr. Awesome. So true.
John Lowney yuppers
Gene Fruend I have told that to some of our young employees at our plant

It remains a sign that after every storm and flood in our own lives, there is a rainbow, there is salvation waiting for us in God's mercy.


And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come: I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. Whenever I bring …

1.5k reactions 35 comments
Cathy Cook Thank you Lord!
Stacy Carson Always God's Promise
Lauree Coleman Amen and Amen!
Raul F Sauzameda Amen
RW Miller I guess all those homosexuals believe in Jesus..

Yes! 🇺🇸

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Pete Corona We will see, I am a Vet, two daughter serving and a grand child...he will be fire, inpeached if he fails....
Catholyn Gallman Great President!!!
Vanessa Ridings THANK YOU President Trump!!!!!
Beth Huss-Taylor So glad to see this happening. It's been long overdue.
Carol Marek Awesome

Oh my...

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Kenny Cox Master legislator somehow sounds like something else to me
Elizabeth Ann Loy Keep her it will help republicans alot in the mid term election
Virginia Lee Ole Prozac pelosi at it again..
John Saenz This witch will never get off of her throne just like John McCain. They don't care about our country or its people. There the ones bringing this country to a end can't wait till they're both outta office. But it looks like there going to live to be 100 ...
Pete Spring She said I did this and I did that like 30 times.


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Bill Anthony remember this one - Planned Parenthood exec, fetal body parts subject of controversial video
Faye Hoelscher They donated $750k to a political cause?!! I don't want anymore of my tax dollars going to them!!!
Susan Quinlan Why should America pay for your abortion? Especially when you offer no other prenatal care for women!
Gordon Nilsen EVIL SCUM...whose parenthood are you helping to plan???
Nydia Olvera Her salary is almost 1 million. Of course she doesn't want the AHCA to pass.

Check out his exact words.

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Mark Hull Rodman will do or say anything to make the world think he's still relevant...
Maureen Weber Huh.....well Rex tillerson wasn't needed then.....NOT!!! Dennis is a narcissistic nut and seems to only get his fix in N. Korea!!!! Good God...the Family of Otto has suffered enough!!! Shut up Dennis!!!!
April Czeiner The self importance of these athletes and entertainers is just astounding.
Charlene Martin Sellers Can you say "narcissist?" 😂😂😂😂
Kelly Ives-Borgogelli Dead ? Where are the others ???

Timeline Photos

5.3k reactions 205 comments
Jerry Alan Kimbro Nuke Mexico!
Ronald Killgo Every congressman and woman, every political figure, every celebrity all have one thing in common. They have walls around their homes with armed security around them when they leave their homes. This hasn't always been necessary.
Brenden Couchman Hillary's wall!! She voted for it as a senator
Tony U. Wilson Build the WALL !!!
Joe Smith I keep hearing build a wall but when?

What an opportunity!

Melania Trump Picks Familiar Face As New White House Usher
Melania Trump Picks Familiar Face As New White House Usher

"First Lady Melania Trump announced Friday that..."

3.5k reactions 77 comments
Ama Trish McCloskey Jacques What an incredible opportunity!
Tracy Hogan Awesome
Helen Peterson Yaaaay, class all the way
Noreen Hansen Great choice
Nessa Bailey Haha thats awesome. Never know when the guy you work for may become president!

Love this!

1.6k reactions 17 comments
Carol Drummond I love our President and our First Family!!!!!!! They are a breath of fresh air after what we have gone through for the last administration!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Brian Kener Finally a REAL President
Mary Keeshan Time and again nothing but CLASS!
Bud Petersen PLEASE MR PRESIDENT - B U I L D T H E W A L L !!!!!!!!!!!
Holly Robinson Phillips He is a great man, what my father would call a diamond in the rough. So glad he is our president! God bless you Mr. President!

Thank you POTUS! 👍🏻

4.3k reactions 49 comments
Ray Mcmullen How many years have we been pouring money into this problem with no positive results? And President Trump is making headway almost weekly. It's the way things happen under good conservative leadership.
Brent Johnson Thank you Sarah for staying the course and keeping your morals and values. God Bless.
Sharon Lauts Drew when will you get to use your own doctor? Insteadof 2 hrs to a v.a. hospital.Oh yes they have buses you can ride, but you"ll have to sit there all day til the bus comes home in the afternoon, Travel time is 4hrs and then the rest of the day is sitting ...
Judy Rhoades Good
A.j. Dailey They run the VA for their own pleasure. The pleasure to get free medical care, healthy pay check, and master over veterans.

Of course!

3.0k reactions 544 comments
Blaine Clark Buh bye mayor
Doug Jack It could be he understands the consequences for speaking against Islam. He may just want to keep his head attached to his neck.
Marilyn Farrell The Queen should throw him in the Tower of London where torture and executions took place long ago. How do you think Queen Mary got the name "Bloody Mary". An alcoholic beverage was named after this queen.
Kerry West When are people going to realise that if you are Muslim, you must comply with Islamic law or face the consequences. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. All Muslims, no matter how peaceful and friendly they seem, will obey the Koran and Sharia ...
Jennifer Dupree Oh well. The people over there voted for him.. now they better deal with him like we had to deal with o bummer


1.1k reactions 98 comments
Christopher James Hardy aw the poor thing. all should pray if early onset Alzheimer's hits that we are not in the public eye. its an age thing. I apply it to Sen. McCain as well. same old guy but going soft in the head.
Joel Thomas What is the female term for buffoon?
Gary Plicinski Shes a loon. Her looks faded a long time ago and all she has left now is, well, nothing.
George Taylor Endorsed by the GOP along with Chuckie and Maxie. Please stay on through 2018.
Rick Hillstead Nancy and Maxine, best thing ever happened for republicans lately. Need I say more?

You expect us to believe that?

1.8k reactions 1121 comments
Brent Smith He said it himself, he lies for a living. What's wrong with these liberal fruitcakes?!!! How can they be against Donald Trump, who is Reviving AMERICA from the obamanation era?!!
Joseph Lee I think the Federal Government should cut off any funding going to the performing arts.
Eleanor Manzione Franklin there is nothing amusing about johnny depp he is an OK actor with an unhinged personality- in otherrr words a first class twit
Denise Devaney Miller So sincere
Tom Link The only 'joke' is "Johnny Depp". A totally talentless loser. Whine on, weasel.

Going going GONE...

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John Tanner Finally Thousands of vets with no benefits, millions homeless, USA in verge of War and all we here is Trump and Russia
Greg Knight The probe by mueller is not credible. If he was honorable as claimed, he would have refused to be part of it due to his relationship not only with Comey but the FBI. Both are in need of independent investigation for their actions regarding Clinton, ...
Paul Smith I really don't care much for polls; They were wrong for the last presidential election, and in other recent elections. The Russian thing with Trump was made up, give it up already, if it was meant as a distraction, it effected the wrong people. I am ...
Phil Leblanc glad that Trump is the president
Noreen Mc I guess the Dems are now going after Loretta Lynch, also Nancy Pelosi ....trashing her everywhere ...and now Debbie Wasserman is bashing ex- DHS....and calling him a liar and Comey too....well ...There is a part in the Bible where this Army came after ...

No words.

4.5k reactions 490 comments
Jim Sherwood Hard to tell exactly whose pants are on
Doug Larson It's awfully funny how the vile creatures turn on each other as their precious swamp gets drained!
Michael Di Cera Oh, is she republican now? Lucky us.
Trish Wirth Now it's getting good! The lying pieces is s... are throwing each other under the bus!
Noreen Mc I guess the Dems are now going after Nancy Pelosi ....trashing her everywhere ...and now Debbie Wasserman is bashing ex- DHS....and calling him a liar and Comey too....well ...There is a part in the Bible where this Army came after one of God's ...
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