Sarah Palin
14:32 04/20/2017

Are the democrats in shambles? This is telling!

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Steve Nordstrom
Run, Bernie, Run.
Martin Mueller
Well the DNC did trash Mr Sanders and his peeps.
Cousin Johnny Aliotti
why are they nuts
Peter Balsamo
Ed Bennett
both are nuts
Lisa Shields DeRuvo
Andi Baltes
Health care is NOT a right! Free college is NOT a right! Taxpayers in America can not PAY for all of this stuff! Look at Venezuela folks-perfect example! Busted from socialism, riots every day, CHAOS!
Gail Dyess
Both of them are communist, socialist, and elitist.
Cynthia R. Hays Pearson
I haven't memorized it, but I do not recall the Constitution guaranteeing health care for all. Quite frankly, I resent being forced to pay for those who wont work to even help themselves.
Veronica Elling
Bernie is a sell out. He let Clinton line his pockets and step down. Yelp he was paid off. Sell out. And the other one is just off his rocker.
Donna Redmon
yep .. think the dems are in sad shape .... they did it to themselves
Kevin Johnson
Demo's are a laugh factory!!
George F Vaughn
Two words: "Worker's paradise."
William Miller
Get rid of him
Cora Carino
I still believe we have Republicans and Democrats who can work together but don't have a voice because of the big establishment. Let the President empty the swamp totally so we can all work together and pledge our allegiance to one flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. If you think it's impossible, maybe it's workable if we all love your country and proud to be an American. We can make our country, not only great again, but also safe again for our future generations.

Other newsfeed from Sarah Palin

This is too good. The liberal mainstream media loves to make everyone think that Obama was superior to Trump in every way possible. Once again, we find out this is totally false. Of course.

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Leonard Anderson Obama was and is a weasel....he hid and was afraid...TRUMP is aggressive and will answer any question and slam them with an upper cut if they attempt to attack him verbally......I prefer TRUMP....
JB Barker I want Trump to release Obama's college thesis paper
Jim Sadilek How true. CNN reporter didn’t even know McConnell is a polio survivor as I am and that I resent her for not knowing.
Carol Wilson What did Obama do For America?
Steven Janusch I have a great idea. Line up the Liberals on one side, then line up the conservatives on the other. When you hear a bell, do all of us Americans a favor that are not politically affiliated and please kill each other. Many thanks..the peace and silence ...

Sen. Cotton hit the nail on the head here! Every day, we see more proof that President Trump is making waves and doing good things in Washington. Anyone sick of winning yet? 😆

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Rafael Melendez If you enjoy what you do? It will never be work!
Harvey Alley The guys in trouble!
Janice Smith Agree
Gary Oyler Trump 2020
Angela Zingarelli-Migliaccio Love love love it

Isn't it convenient how the mainstream media always seems to "miss" these moments in his presidency? Trump is doing good things for America. This is great news.

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Francis Lynx TO THINNK... Marc LeVin is pathetic the way he worships his fearless leader as some kind of moral genius ... gzussss cries..... A mere human with checkered history, an ordinary man gets elected to USA presidency and it is assumed he gains ...
Janie Smith Sarah, you missed trumps news conference yesterday when he was asked why he hadn’t contacted the families of the 4 slain American Green Berets in Niger. His response was, out of respect for the families he thought it wasn’t a good time to talk to them, ...
David Scheetz It's not a case of missing it, it's a case of not being able to criticize something good for the American people.
Perry Gower They don’t ignore it, they blatantly refuse to report it.

Kim Jong Un will stop at nothing to threaten the United States and its allies. This situation went from bad to worse a long time ago. We need to get this guy under control. Read more below.

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Patrick O'Rorke The writing's on the wall! We need Salvation! Give your lives to Jesus. There is no other name in whom we can Trust. Pray, seek His face, and pray for your country and see what He alone will do.
Mark Schlichting Just get the word to the Clintons that Kim has some incriminating dirt on Hillary that he's going to tell Trump. He'll end up dead real quick.
Perry Gower Take him out.
Troy M. Heffernan Bbq time
William H. Pohl Great drama but how long has this been going on. Did anyone think the worthless UN would really do anything about this ruthless brutal regime? The UN has the audacity to try and tell the US to get it together and toe the line. Really?

What? California has now become the first state in the nation to allow residents to select a third gender option on official documents. What do you think about this?

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Linda Cancienne Barberot What in the world is in the water in cali.
Erica Artzer Sodom and Gomorrah 😔
Timothy Dysinger Even after a change, your still one or the other. There is no third??
Philippe Dufrasne Debility at the high level!!Poor California your dream became a nightmare! how to destroy a stade in one lesson !
Esteban Roman Ramirez [] Male [] Female [] Fruitcake

Mandalay Bay hotel security guard Jesus Campos was on the 32nd floor and was shot during the horrific incident in Las Vegas. He was supposed to clear up disputed timelines concerning the incident, but mysteriously went missing. Four days later, he is still missing.

Security Worker Shot In Vegas Horror Still Missing
Security Worker Shot In Vegas Horror Still Missing

Here's what they are saying now...

1.9k reactions 882 comments
Brett Locke What in gods name is going on?
David Turley How can someone that was shot just vanish.
Tyler James Silva Johann what are you saying now?
Jeff Sortomme Shouldn’t he re-appear on the third day?
Debra Rottman Maybe he was actually the other shooter. Just a thought.

Since news of his sexual scandal first broke, Harvey Weinstein has been fired from his own company, his wife has left him, and he was expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Today, things got a little worse for him.

Harvey Weinstein Gets The Boot - AGAIN
Harvey Weinstein Gets The Boot - AGAIN

"In its statement, the Guild called sexual harassment 'a systemic and pervasive problem requiring immediate industry-wide action.' "

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Nelson Beadel Please not pedophile Harvey
Paula Metz-Kent Cool
Keith Peterson Where's your liberal Union now
Robert W. Nunn What’s amazing is how so many of these wonderful members our society called actors knew this was going on and they did nothing!!! Of course it’s okay cause they are better than other and Libs of course !!!!
Prudencio Meno Liberals must bear some responsibility in allowing the sexual abuse to go unnoticed

You’re going to want to look at this one folks. Not even surprised this happened. Are you? Tell us below your thoughts.

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David Anthony A strong, beautiful, confident, intelligent, conservative woman that is packing heat is their biggest fear!
Patrick Rovira The left brought out the psychotic to do their bidding. Heavenly Father please keep your hand of protection over Dana Loesch and her family from all evil. Send your Angels down to protect her, while those who make these threats are brought to justice. ...
Clinton Glass Keep your guns close, you're probably going to need them!
Bronwyn Hawke Then tell the body guard to shoot first and ask questions later! Or, do it herself if she can really handle a gun!
Jane Dennis Grantham The people need to be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

This changes everything! "In documents it released on Monday, the FBI confirmed that former FBI Director James Comey drafted a statement about the conclusion of the Hillary Clinton email investigation months before interviewing Clinton."

CONFIRMED: FBI Says Former Director James Comey Ended Clinton Investigation MONTHS EARLIER
CONFIRMED: FBI Says Former Director James Comey Ended Clinton Investigation MONTHS EARLIER

"In documents it released on Monday, the FBI confirmed that former FBI Director James Comey..."

1.5k reactions 149 comments
Carl Bacon Wow, we can't even trust the FBI !
Jack Crow Liberals will claim this is a Communist conspiracy funded by Russia and backed by President Trump. Real Americans always knew the FBI and DOJ was owned by the Democratic party and that's why Hillary and half of Obama's administration isn't doing 25 to ...
Cindi Lockwood Idiot
Skip Wilds I'd love to see James Comey, that would be all she wrote for a lot of people.

Wow...she just can't stop. And to go as far as call this a "Cyber 9/11"?? What do you think?

UNREAL: Look What Hillary Just Called A "Cyber 9/11"
UNREAL: Look What Hillary Just Called A "Cyber 9/11"

"I think there a lot more connections that have yet to come to light."

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Janet Cooley I think she's going even farther off the deep end if that's possible..
Thomas Schulz Sr. We used to put crazy old people like her in insane asylums.....just saying
Jana Ingram Isn't that what Clinton, Obama, and Soros wanted to do. Destroy the United States and create a world order
Bonnie Jess-Beeker maybe next time she will carry a pot of coffee and break her neck instead of her toe. Then maybe she will shut up already.
Thelma George When is Hillary going to self destruct? Poof, gone.

Wow...backfire doesn't even begin to cover this one. Hold onto your hats folks! Things are about to get crazier than you ever thought possible. Enjoy.

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Kelly Bartman-Drover According to Mike McCarthy, he was never an option. Watching his press statement
Anita Phillips Mullis Final nail in the NFL. #BoycottNFL
Nick Grandinetti He is not going to Green Bay! Not now not ever!
Bret Turner poor baby no body wants you. Feel proud you POS you are taking the idiot nfl down. Your mom should be so proud of you
Donna N Gerard No Way!!! NoRespectNoPaycheck 🙃🏈 ColonKaperdick is a LOSER, even his ProtestingLosing 49ers don't want him back😂😂take 2 knees or Stand on your head, nobody wants you!!!💩😂😂😂😂 OverpaidUngratfulFool😂Go Stand in Cuba😂😂#EasilyReplacable😂😂

Governor Rick Scott is preparing his state to avoid the violence which broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia a couple months ago. He says, "we have zero tolerance for violence and public safety is always our number one priority."

Florida Governor Just Declared State Of Emergency
Florida Governor Just Declared State Of Emergency

"I find that the threat of a potential emergency is imminent."

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Laurie Giertz So is this guy speaking rioting??? The anti speech guys are and they shoot at cop's and beat other's who aren't with them. I don't like what this guy spews but he has same freedoms to speak as the rest of us.
Kendell Smith Violence didn't "break out" in Charlottesville, It was well orchestrated!..... Just ask our liberal Governor.
Roger Brant Don't forget!! We are a stand your ground state!! We are not going to tolerate what has been going on in other states... I promise that
Randal Osgood Norman Cool! So now he can just order all opposed to the speech to stay off the streets.
Lou Livingston What is an antifa? Will a double barrell 12 guage kill them? If so.... Lets get us some

The Trump Train is rolling! President Trump just announced the next item on the agenda under his administration. "It's going to be a very big topic under this administration," he said. "It's started already, and we have a lot of recommendations that we're going to be making and you'll be hearing about them very shortly."

JUST IN: Trump Announces Next Focus Of His Administration
JUST IN: Trump Announces Next Focus Of His Administration

"It's going to be a very big topic under this administration."

753 reactions 38 comments
Francis Lynx TO THINNK... A mere human with checkered history, an ordinary man gets elected to USA presidency and it is assumed he gains supernatural, God Almighty powers (and legal rights) as the God Almighty one with powers of mind to decide he can drop the A ...
Eric Bryan We need term limits on welfare... Welfare reception shouldn’t be a career move.
Jean-Marc Slatter So Someone that has been here legally and pays taxes every year should not get benefits? But someone that pays little to no taxes but a citizen should? Asking for a friend. Lol
Maggie Tomlinson Oldenburg Take all illegals off welfare plus no non American on welfare We are supporting the world but not our own
Kevin Kissel What is the next thing he won’t accomplish because of the RINOS. Or should I say, the late RINOS.

A North Korean government official said the rogue regime is dedicated to developing a missile capable of striking "all the way to the East coast of the mainland US." He says only two more steps are necessary, take a look:

A MUST READ: North Korean Govt Official Shares SCARY Update
A MUST READ: North Korean Govt Official Shares SCARY Update

"Before we can engage in diplomacy with the Trump administration, we want to send a clear message..."

318 reactions 96 comments
Criss Bertling Kill these idiots
Jimmy B Hauk We need to blow them off the map before it happens!!!
Michael Jacoby This would be a horrific thing if he chose to do this. Trump would turn the north to glass!
Tony Moffett 🖕
Tom Jackson Fat boy all talk he will not do nothing as the world will destroy North Korea

If you read one thing today...let this be it. 🙂 Sometimes we all need a little humor in our lives. Enjoy!

3.4k reactions 93 comments
Joe Kwiatkowski "Boycott On" my fellow American Patriots...
Eric Nora Skeldon NFL is dead !
Michael Baillif I Loved watching the NFL before all the protest crap started. Now, I don't watch any NFL, instead, enjoying NCAA Football. Too bad for all the young players transitioning into the NFL, because, at the rate of tv viewing dropping, they won't be instant ...
Carol Marek Good one
Toni Williamson That is not humor ... it's despicable!

This article is a MUST read. Everyone needs to know the truth behind Planned Parenthood's origin, its mission, and what President Trump is doing to stop it. Find out below.

1.0k reactions 107 comments
Jim Welch Choose Life Your Mother DID 💕
Joseph Caballero Is that how old Margaret Sanger would be, ?just to imagine how many babies have these people killed in all these years.
Brenda Orndorff Celebrating 101 years of murdering babies.
Hendrik van der Merwe Still the biggest "let down" from pres Trump - the continued funding of this "Government sponsored Baby abattoir"! This should be priority no1. ,THEN the border wall! God is NOT impressed with how well the Dow, S&P and Wall-street are doing, the ...
Gail Dyess The origin of Planned Parenthood was, and still is, very racist. The person who began PP was evil.

This is going to ruffle an absolute TON of feathers. Got ready for chaos on all corners folks. In 3.....2.....1.....

13.1k reactions 483 comments
Richard G. White maybe she wants to cash in but cool lol
Randi Reyes Dryden I have never been a Clinton fan. I did not vote for Bill or Hillary, so it mortifies me to even APPEAR to be defending him, but sexual assault did not happen to Monica Lewinsky. Sometimes things HAPPEN to people, but Lewinsky was a willing participant. ...
Chuck Harris Monica always had her knee pads in the ORAL OFFICE....!!!!
Joe Fox Rape is OK if the rapist is pro choice I'm learning.
Joey Esparza Weinstein and Bill are exactly the same. 😐

This is getting out of hand. All we ask is that you respect the anthem. Period.

990 reactions 618 comments
Donald Pousson Tired of seeing this pos
Lorisa Hankins Chandler Exactly! It's totally past out of hand ... and the respecting the anthem.💯! 🇺🇸💙❤️
Andy Wood
Brian Smyth He should be charged for loses to the NFL
Michael McReary Could it be that the teams just have the same sorry opinion of Colin, and his playing skills?

Good for Whataburger for responding to this disrespect of our police in a swift and classy manner. Enough is enough. We need to show some respect to the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday for our safety.

2.4k reactions 171 comments
Dan Marcia Bridgeman Pukes
Richard W Othen Whataburger just lost a customer. Me. Employee's and managers talk amongst themselves making this server think that she was justified in what she did. Apparently it was ok with the store manager but was over written and taken care if by corporate. As ...
Deborah Rosato Who gave these little animals the green light to be so disrespectful to police? The person who said “the Boston police acted stupidly”. Time for these little punk animals to grow up and show respect to authority 😡
Pamela O'Neal The manager should have been fired too for not handling an out of control employee. The reason didn’t matter.
Norman Woelk Why wasn't the manager fired or disciplined as that was a big part of the problem.

We've been waiting for this one. The liberal media's narrative that Donald Jr. colluded with that Russian lawyer smelled fishy from the very beginning... Now we know the truth.

528 reactions 22 comments
Francis Lynx TO THINNK... A mere human with checkered history, an ordinary man gets elected to USA presidency and it is assumed he gains supernatural, God Almighty powers (and legal rights) as the God Almighty one with powers of mind to decide he can drop the A ...
Larry Salmons Libs are always going to jump from one thing to another because they just can't get over the fact THEY LOST!!!!!!!
Sandi Christensen Reynolds The collusion between Russia and Trump are old diversions.... now it’s who’s he sexually harassed, or touched.
Penni Moore who's gonna believe anything from the liberal media. All they do is lle.
Kat Nelson Bilski Just a waste. Taxpayer money, time, and energy wasted. Wasted.

This is too good! Can you imagine the look on her face when she saw this tweet? Yikes!

1.6k reactions 94 comments
Jimmy Dorsey WHY is she not IN PRISON ???????????????
Marisol Nava Now, that he has experience in the white house, he will creamate her. Love to see this one but not.
Karla Carpenter Lol
Greg Whitaker Stick a fork in her she is done... it is being reported now that she is canceling the rest of her book tour due to “medical issues”. Passed out and fainted again.
Carol Pitts Fakhari That woman is the total and conclusive definition of “denial” and “self-delusional”.

Liberals have found their next anti-Trump campaign tactic. This isn't the last we'll hear of this.

499 reactions 208 comments
Ali Forna Dear Liberals , you spew your hatred and anger your people so much they realize that Liberals are guilty for the things you are trying to pin on the right. They are so filled with blind rage that they are taking down even their own (justly). Karma......
Gary Perring Scared they get caught
Gary Clifton Dozens of women accused Trump of inappropriate behavior? Really?
Chris Bonin I will vote for Trump again 2020
Rebecca Young They won't be happy until they get him impeached.

These ladies always know what's up. Thanks for speaking the truth Diamond And Silk.

2.5k reactions 99 comments
Patty Wellen Will be interesting to see the changes in Hollywood....... Which direction will they go? Will they say, as the "Late Night" Comics have recently stated....go away, we don't care?
Kelly Itoney-Reynolds Love these 2!!
Shara Missel I love you two!
Melissa Planas Just to clarify--- that is NOT koolaid in her wine glass...
Grace D'Amore Campanaro I love them - way to go!!!!💖💖

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's plea was announced this morning. This will be an interesting trial and sentencing process.

461 reactions 347 comments
Tom Nicholson Execute this f ing POS Traitor Bergdahl!
Ron Perreault How about the Soldiers that got killed looking for this shitbag?
Georgene Davis Hang the traitor, with the rest of them
Wayne Wilhelm Bergdalh was not kidnapped by the Taliban. Voluntarily leaving your post and walking into Taliban territory with the intent of joining them isn't 'kidnapping'. If the Taliban locked him up when he voluntarily went to them, that was Bergdalh's problem, ...
Kirtan ContentSoul Smith When did your brain and intelligence desert you Sarah?

This seriously blew up in his face. What did he think was going to happen? Ah well, just let them keep imploding like this.

2.1k reactions 408 comments
Donna Graves-Roll His stand up act is just a long stream of nasty words. What’s funny about that? He sounds like a bitter old man Mexican.
Calzone M Cialdini Spack Yes - imploding - great word
Betsy K Williams GET OUT
Helen K Owen He is nasty looking
Michael Trotter Unfair cherry picking of statistics and outright distortion of the truth is a particular problem, leading to absurdities like the "white privilege" thing. Try explaining "white privilege" to broke white people who grew up in the type of poverty ...

Awkward doesn’t even begin to cover this one. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

6.9k reactions 770 comments
Geoff Hill Obtuse.
Adina Cristina Soros peace of crap!
Sean Lambert Hey George, I let you in on a little secret. The people have spoken!!!! Now don't you feel dumb wasting your money on a study we could have given you the answer to.
Jeff Weimer She lost cause she's a lying nut job. We don't need her BS anymore. Just go away!!!!!!
Julie Johns He could have asked us. Stupid to pay for a study, except he will use that info for the next election.

If you thought you knew what the NFL kneeling was were wrong! Apparently it’s about something completely different now. Go figure right?

1.7k reactions 1085 comments
Penni Moore Trying to back peddle now.
Shelia Hatley Wallace It's all a bunch of bs. Attention seekers wanting their 15 seconds of fame.
Jason Bringhurst It's like being in an argument with someone where once they have stated their point and it gets destroyed, they pick a new point or anchor is their argument. Then that gets destroyed and another "real" reason gets mentioned. Doesn't matter to me why ...
Cindie Vaughn Who cares!
Jason Duke Just get rid of the NFL

NFL teammates with Marcus D. Johnson 👍 this is good stuff! Baptized uniquely! In joy.

3.8k reactions 84 comments
Jeff Nagata Not convinced, live by your fruits. Like any of these guys tithe or volunteer there time and just happened to televise them holding hands and being dunked. You are great example of someone who lives by example and sorry McCain tainted you.
David Eddy Why aren't they kneeling now?
Terri Glasscock If this is true Now's the Time to kneel!
Michael Pennington Paul Pennington
Morgan Farmer Now if we could only teach them respect.

This has to be a joke right? She has run one of the worst campaigns in the history of modern politics and now she has the nerve to say this? Where will the madness end...

5.5k reactions 2955 comments
Kathy Bernardy Hey Snookie, go home.....
Mary Biel Why keep giving her media coverage??? We are so sick of it. Keep her off the media and maybe she will go away.
Dianne Sayes Ryland Really believe that Hillary thinks she's still on campaign trail.
Marilyn G Adams Moving on
Donald Wilborn When will she just go away ?

Three attorneys have jumped ship from representing Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein since the news broke of sexual harassment and assault a couple weeks ago.

ABANDON SHIP! Harvey Weinstein
ABANDON SHIP! Harvey Weinstein's Legal Team Is Cutting Ties

"A total of three attorneys have resigned from..."

945 reactions 120 comments
Jennifer Liles Klemple Because he can't be defended.
Jerry Bias The rats, and I literally mean THE RATS, are leaving the sinking ship
Leen Van de Rydt One of Hillary friends
Barb Hackney-Prim omg lawyers with a conscious ? 👍
Rob Estoker He will be fine......... Hillary is probably redecorating the office next to Blowjob Billy's at the Clinton Foundation for him !!!
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