Sachin Tendulkar
14:55 04/20/2017

Sharing a few of my insights on today’s #IPL match, only on my app #100MB. Want to hear your take, too. See you there! #SachInnings />

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विश्वनाथ शर्मा
स्कोरबोर्ड पर 112 रन जिसमे 98 सचिन ने बनाये थे वो कौन सा मैच था और किस टीम के खिलाफ
Avik Roy Chowdhury
Anand Nta
Love u Sachin❤
Avinash Bangera
The app is all about making more money
Sipra Mitra
Happy winning# IPL matches#...cant get d link....
Sahil Nolia
ႩաҽՏօʍҽ ႽႮԹҽɾɮ
Sandeep Khalsa
AB de Villiers - The Sensation
Hit like if u think Sachin is the best player in the world.....
Max Guru Max
#_Super_ #_HERO_WALA_l00k #Sharif‬ #Pagli‬, ‎ #Branded‬ #Like #comment 🔙 Max Guru Max ....#W͎o͎w͎? ...... #gjb_____? ....#beautiful ? ......#suPeR ...#Awesome #_Max_Guru_Max
Archie Solomon
You were 15 and I am 42. Still turn the ball more than warne. Is there any chance for me?
Sheikh Zulkernine Akash
Going to install it tonight...Only for Sachins Respect 👌
Yasar Hotak
Great Post :* Sachin Tendulkar :* Baby ko bot pachand he :* Sachin Tendulkar ♥ Robot automatic by :* Yasar Hotak <3 <3 Hitlerbd.Tk <3 <3
Userd Userd
The Only person who i have not directly criticized is GOD him.
Ankush Kamboj
💘 चलो🙌 आज😭 फिर😋 थोडा💗 मुस्कुराया🐻 जाये,बिना😻 माचिस🍃 के😽 कुछ🍃 लोगो😣 कोB-) जलाया📞 जाये <<<<<<<<< rajhelpcenter.blogspot,com >>>>>>>>> Bot site myrobot,usa,cc
Kuntal Modak
Today Mi just rocks... 199 chess down in just 15. 3..& buttler & rana just fabulous...

Other newsfeed from Sachin Tendulkar

This day will forever be etched in my memory.. Meeting the iconic Sir Donald George "Don" Bradman on his 90th birthday at his home in Adelaide was a huge honour. #Nostalgia

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Rahul Singh good Players....better players.... best players...... then these two come......greatest ever
Amrit Chhetri This is one of the iconic picture. I'm always glad to see them together. #GOAT
Avinash LS God meets the legend.!! The legends wish was fullfilled !!
Michael Dilworth The two best of their respective generations
Srinjoy Mukherjee It's seriously a rare photo !! Love to see our bradman with Bradman

digibank turns 1

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Ashik R Add
Ashik R Adf
Ashik R Add
Sahil Nolia ႽႮԹҽɾɮ ԹօՏԵ
Saurabh Jain Mine too :p

Timeline Photos

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Vijaykumar Reddy Kavva Super.... Sachin
Dinesh Sundaresan Hey man u dont have common sense r wat
Uday Puranik Kya hua out😃
Sheikh Mainuddin Monster of batting
Nizar Aymen Aymen Salute HERO

Wonderful experience celebrating my birthday with fans yesterday. Was great chatting with many of you on #100MB too. Thanks for all the love :)

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Gopal Surya wow sachin bhai you are really great we learn more from you what a great personality you are Love you Master Blaster Happy Birthday again & again..
Lavanya AR Belated wishes to Sachin give anything to god fulfill for u sir.& this year successful ur film enjoy the moment for ur family, friends &fans...once again congrats.
G Mohnish Sachin sir.. i also shocked after seeing ur age in google u were 44 now but ur face is like 30 aged cricketer can u plz reply me once I would be so happy... #GODofcricket #sachintendulkar 10 😊
IamBhanu Prakash When people really love you for what you have done overall years you become more younger.Many more happy returns of the day god SRT forever
Singh Gurdeep Kash m b aapke sath hota,,, anyway Happy happy birthday,, many many happy returns of the day🎉🎉 you are always my favourite and my best player,, love you,, again happy birthday 🎉

Thank you for all your lovely wishes!! See you on #100MB in a few minutes.

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Yahya Valayil Many many Happy returns of the day...Happy Birthday , the living legend...Sachin Tendulkar sir.. I wish you to live on this earth till the end of universe ...Love u....Infinite respect for you right from the innermost core of my heart...I wanna meet u ...
Sumantra Sen Wish you a very Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar Sir ! Thank you so much for giving us so many wonderful and unforgettable memories to cherish made your lives special by your cricketing genius...All The Best and May God bless you always !
Sunny Verma Sachin Tendulkar I can't miss this opportunity to chat with you live so work and family comes later, huge fan from USA.
Nithin John The man who spent his life between 22 yards ,& inspire millions., made a lot of children's childhood awesome... "The god of cricket " wish you a happy b'day... i miss you padded on the field #srt...!
Babloo Gupta On This Day in 1973, 44 years ago at 1.00 pm, Sachin Tendulkar was born at Nirmal Nursing Home at Ranade Road, Shivaji Park, Mumbai. He weighed 2.85 kgs!👶 And Rest is ''History'' :D Happy Birthday Sachin🎂💟

Hey guys, so much love flowing in from every direction. To say thank you to you all, I’ll be coming on #100MB at around 3pm today. See you all! Google Play

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Raj Permandlla Dear Sachinji , wishing you a 'Very Happy and Blessed Birthday '. Have a great year ahead. You continue to inspire millions the world over in varied ways. Keep up the great work you are doing. God bless you and your family too.
Ganesh Belwalkar Many many happy returns of the day to the bestest cricket on the planet. Remember to great lines on this day 1. He can play leg glance with a walking stick - Waqqar 2. Tuzhe pata hai tune kiska catch chhoda hai - Wasim Akram
Nishant John If pressure at work becomes too much, remember this guy who shouldered the hopes of a billion people with a smile for 24 years. Great Cricketer, Greater Human🙏 Forever in our hearts ❤ #HappyBirthdaySachin #Happy44th
Amit Sasane #HappyBirthday #SachinSir #SRT_Forever You are the reason behind my playing n watching cricket.I grown with watching your batting style on 22 yards with great sportsmanship n humanity _/\ you Sachinnnnnnn 😘 Waiting for your movie and friendly ...
Shivam Tripathi I don't think, that my wishes for u will make differnce ! There are millions of people who wished u or pray for u ,, & i m one of them! U jst changed the cricket in to religion nd u became the god of that religion, inspiring, adorable,admirable are so ...

Sharing a few of my insights on today’s #IPL match, only on my app #100MB. Want to hear your take, too. See you there! #SachInnings

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विश्वनाथ शर्मा स्कोरबोर्ड पर 112 रन जिसमे 98 सचिन ने बनाये थे वो कौन सा मैच था और किस टीम के खिलाफ
Avik Roy Chowdhury GOOD///\\\
Anand Nta Love u Sachin❤
Avinash Bangera The app is all about making more money
Sipra Mitra Happy winning# IPL matches#...cant get d link....

Recently, we spent a magical evening with good friends. The night was filled with music that spanned decades and crossed the boundaries of language, remembering lyrical classics in Hindi, Marathi, Bengali and more. Thanks for a night to remember, Shreya Ghoshal Shantanu Moitra Official Swanand Kirkire, Saiyami Kher and Vikram Sathaye. This was exclusively posted on my app #100MB first.

59.2k reactions 273 comments
Shivananda Reddy Good.But why are you not spending the same good time in Parliament too.?
Rohan RD Love and respect from North America To you sir #sachin ❤
Sukh Sammy Gf ne bola cricket chod do ya mujhe chod do.. Now i am single 24 april God ka bday
Md Muddasir Uddin Siddiqui Make sure the music is not loud please...Sonu Nigam must be sleeping lol
Rattan Preet जिंदगी मे कुछ करना है तो देश सेवा से जुड़े... दुसरो को रोजगार देने मे अपना hath bataye..... Free. Free. Free. भारत में पहली बार घर बैठे कमाये 15000 -50000 हर महीने बिना किसी खर्च के | मोदी जी द्वारा चलाए गए Digital india से जुड़े ओर कमाए हर महीने 50000 ...

Thank you for the letter, Karan Gandhi! I'm sure your childhood tuition teacher mustn't have been too happy when ODI matches were on. :)

70.0k reactions 434 comments
Shiv Singh Kudos Sachin Sir...!!Your something beyond the Grt Athlete.. Showed great character in respecting a hardcore fan and acknowledged him..!! & Congrats Karan Gandhi..
Siriki Raveendra Match you made us to qualify for Finals in Sharjah vs Australia. We watched it standing on the road on our way back from study hours to hostel around 10:30 pm.
Ganesh Ram The first time I met you in 1999 at chepauk, I started drawing inspiration not only in cricket field also in my personal & professional life. Your all together in a different class/league my Cricket God!!
Uday Sachinji It has circ ulating in whatsapp that you are taking lakhs of rupees as salary as a mp without attending to the parliament .As your fan i am not happy with this news. Please clarify.
Manasi Upasani Same here , me and my family is biggg fan of you sir , even my grand mother also want to meet you . We always used to see your batting. Thank you for making our childhood special .

Happy Vishu to all, especially to the Kerala Blasters and all the team's supporters! May today be the first of many golden opportunities.

72.3k reactions 724 comments
Ranjith Ravindran Thank you so much Sachin Tendulkar. Wishing you also a wonderful year ahead!!
Gibu K George ഹാപ്പി വിഷു... പുതിയ സിനിമക്ക് ആയിരം ആയിരം ആശംസകൾ... എന്നും മലയാളിക്കൊപ്പം നിൽക്കുന്ന "സച്ചിൻ എന്ന ദൈവം"
Sundar A With this much money you started to take care of a village for developments its very nice to hear continue God we are behind you........
Imran Manihar मेरा 😡Attitude 👑 ही MeRi पहचान 😎 (👑 Panvel री Model 👑 ) ( Dazzling Doulat😎 ) Add krO... fatafat Full Support millega apne Gang ka 😎
Vinesh Madathil Thanks a lot sir for ur wishes..Wish u and ur family a very happy new year..Kerala loves u lots. ...

The stage is set and we are ready to begin... #SachinTrailer is out now. Here it is!!

195.7k reactions 6367 comments
Dipeeshh Nagda I hope there are snippets of that innings in Sharjah. Watching that match at that time he instilled faith and hope that anything is possible you just gotta to believe in yourself. Am glad the makers didn't create this movie like a typical Bollywood ...
Kartik Pareek Shubham Gupta Looks like a documentary which is straight from the heart Feelings that you will get from this trailer which cannot be defined through words 😍
Sreehari Lal I still remember the day you took that last walk back to the pavilion... The day billions cried along with you...You have always been an inspiration... Miss You Tendulkar....
Riyaz Mulla This real one ok! That Fateful Night of Sharjah ! My dad was listening to Radio and they were broadcasting on it. We didn't had cable TV only doordashan. So I asked my dad what is happening? What's the score? He said, It's not looking very good". We ...
Srivatsa Yaragani Hello Sachin Tendulkar sir, I am very huge fan of yours. From the time your movie trailer is released I am watching it all the time(replay). The trailer is awesome. All the very best for your movie.... :) :) :) :)

Come experience my journey on and off the 22 yards. #SachinTrailer releases tomorrow at 7 PM.

289.7k reactions 1720 comments
Bhisham Bajaj Since you know it already mr legend, so you can go to Rajat Sabha please #nooffence but it is offensive so we don't expect it from such a legend like you...
Shashank Pathak You have always inspired me to lead a stable and consistent life i am sure now your movie will do it all over again. #sachintendulkar #godofcricket 😊😊
Praveen Krishna Tell me why ur attendance in Raja Sabha is only 22 out of 300 odd days. Is it Ur right to waste tax payers money? Expected a lot from u
Jitendra Kumar Yadav Sir ...i must say one thing that .. When i watching cricket then i missed only one thing or only one tune which is fully worthfull ..that is " sachin sachin ....sachin sachin ...sachin sachin .............till infinity" U r the great legend in the ...
Aridaman Joshiya I'm sorry to say that your comment "Come experience my journey on and off the 22 yards." is not true Sirji. As I think it's not possible to limit your that journey in a movie, book or anything else... You're great Sirji and I have no words to say ...

“Success is a process... During that journey, sometimes there are stones thrown at you, and you convert them into milestones.” #DreamsComeTrue Image Courtesy: Miten Lapsiya

302.9k reactions 1127 comments
Lalit Kumar right sachin sir.i 100% agree with your words.dr apj abdul kalam said dreams is not what you see in sleep, is the thing which doesn't let you sleep.
Hem Sarkar People Will Always Throw Stones In Your Path. What Will Happen Depends On What You Make Out Of It – A Wall Or A Bridge! So Cheer Up And Move On.
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Subodh Nemlekar Stones are d precious experiences we get which we treasure for life. The real Master has an ability of turning stones into moments.
Joginder Balra Dr Mashor Gulati v/s Kapil Sharma Jokes Boy - Jaanu tum bahot badal gayi ho ab . Girl - kyu?? Tumhe aisa kyu lagta hai?? . Boy - kyunki pehle Jab tum kisskarti thi tab tum apni aankhe band kar leti thi. Abnahi karti aisa . Girl - Haramkhor.. Jab Pichli ...

Timeline Photos

86.0k reactions 711 comments
Tanmay Datta Desperately waiting for the trailer n first day first show movie
Siddhant Batra Ankur Jain look what turned up today on my timeline exactly a year after the teaser
Sáç Híñ It's gonna break all the records of world cinema. #Sachin #RecordBreaker
वैभव देवकर It should display in wankhede stadium before today's match
Sulabh Giri Subigya are u ready for this ? movie is releasing on 26th of may! traiior tom.

Bumped into old friends, Kevin Pietersen and Brett Lee. Brett reminisces about the time I gave him my bat. Check out what he has to say… Watch the video on #100MB

252.4k reactions 600 comments
Vishnu Dhaked Three Legend in one pic..respect for All from my Heart
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Lily Mallick Shreya Tobias sachin, Brett and a bit of KP thrown in
Pawan Raju Gawali we all know who is heighted when it comes to cricket..!
Lakshmi Krishnan Oh no! What happened to KP? He is totally unrecognizable😋

Helmet Dalo!! Road safety should be the highest priority for everyone. Please don't ride without a helmet.

561.1k reactions 7164 comments
Cma Atul Chapate Luckiest and stupidest guy ever... How can he be disrespecting sachin .. Sachin is talking to him and he is chutiya salaa..
Chet Chauhan You too Promise us for making our India " Corruption Free" Sir, your one of the most respected person so now your time be Make India Corruption Free.
Santosh Katarla We respect you sir... But please promise to attend Rajya Sabha... Do something for country otherwise sit in home... We Salute your talent... Please don't take it negatively... Love you...
Joseph Alex Good message👍 Hope two wheeler riders understand that their lives matter and shouldn't be put to reckless risks this way, riding with no helmets on our dangerous roads. P.S: Though it isn't compulsory by law as far as rear seat passengers are ...
Jatin Babbar So this is what you called a gem of person, driving through Benz but still so caring for the nation and interacting with them so attached.. Respect and bravo

Watch my & Sonu Nigam's #CricketWaliBeat song, a special tribute to all my fellow #WorldCup cricketers! #100MB

234.2k reactions 3839 comments
Manoj Sarpal Free ASTROLOGY WORKSHOP. Introductory sessions ke liye neeche likhe number par what's up or call karen jo JOIN karna chahta ho. Delhi Rohini main ki jayegi.. Manoj Sarpal - 9212260122
Birender Pundir Vikas Singh Manish Kapruwan Narender Pundir It is nothing better then to see master smiling .. the song too ..
Yash Raja Admit it you love and listen this song just because of Sachin. Sachin.. Sachin.. #cricketwalibeat
Babita Satti Omg....I NVR thought of him singing so brilliantly....well done u
Govindaraj Will you give me a chance to meet you sir once in My life time

So much to thank my fellow cricketers for, so many memories. 24 years.. 6 World Cups.. #DreamsComeTrue

31.6k reactions 138 comments
Shreshth Bhatia Love you too sir very much
Mariamma Samuel Nicely presented
Dinesh Sundaresan U dont have sence sachin y u need parliament member post....
Abinaya Babu Love you too Sachin
Venkat CH Hai sir.

Testing out each other's musical skills 😜 Always special to meet my batting hero.

151.9k reactions 398 comments
Ghufran Haroon U can't get a heaviest pic when u talk about batting ..Two of the greatest batsman of all time
Tej Singh Two great legends. Sir Vivian Richards is also my favourite cricketer God bless both of you.
Karthik Chowdary Sachin Tendulkar sir bring johnson and malinga left southee mcglacian and also bring bhaji plz sir
Gaurav Shah Two cricket legend's together....speechless for both of ull :-o
Veena Bhat two legends, one is god of cricket and another one is master class batsman, both are nice human being

Gaana toh maine gaa liya, ab aap ki madat chahiye. Celebrate our song’s 4 Million video views. Send in your Hook Step using #NachoCricketWaliBeatPe Sonu Nigam

35.9k reactions 172 comments
Roshan Raj very nice song nacho nacho cricket wali Beat pe!
Bazza Smith SIR CLENN MIXWELL > tenbulka!
Sayantan Sarkar Basil Sylvester Pinto Er Neha Gupta Lata Sharma Naveen LovestoSmile Ezhil Vendhan Vishal Prasad Sandip Pawar Bro Guys any 1 Hv Idea What to Do & How to Do it ?
Mohan Joshi Ofcuse sir anything for you
Atul Rai 🙏INCREDIBLE TIPPER IN THE WORD ✅ ✅➖➖➖➖➖➖➖we will provide 100% right tips in IPL ( never loss) 💯💯💯contact on what's app 9454736020 (ATUL RAI)✔

All the very best Mumbai Indians for the 10th edition of IPL - Indian Premier League #CricketMeriJaan

21.4k reactions 88 comments
Vinay Sunil Rane Ata pakka jinknar mumbai Swapnil
Nilesh Desai nice one 6 + 4 = ten dulkar
Dinesh Sundaresan Idiot nonsense sachin....
Hrushi Sodha Tu thaneee laga Ankit
Gian Chand I support mi

Contribute in your own little way. Read A Story to a child. Here’s how:

14.1k reactions 75 comments
Vivek Rajak Great job sir ji
Rachana Loke Sachin Tendulkar Good Job... Being Human. ...
Mehul Navdiya Good job sachin
Sarita Agrawal Good
Narahari Reddy Super Sachin sir great work! ,keep doing good works...

Thank you for all the love guys! #CricketWaliBeat got 1 Million views in less than 24 hrs. Keep it coming. Sonu Nigam

35.4k reactions 170 comments
Surya Mahesh God ji expressions 😍😘😘😘
Hiren Vora Sachinji great.
Ketan Godbole Superrrbbb.. My 2 idol Sachin and sonu..😊🙌lovely..yar
Ayush Sharma i love u both😘😘😂
Siju Abraham i know u r still a kid sachin 10..!

Back in the dressing room.. Still feels the same. This was exclusively posted on my app #100MB first, for more such exclusive pieces, download the app now.

71.1k reactions 583 comments
Atish Litu the one boss in india ...sachin tendulkar my hero my legend...god sai ram blessing on u sir...i like uuu sir
Irshad Ibrahim Cricket Meri Jaan Sachin Tendulkar Maa Fvrt Every time miss you Sachin I love you All mumbai team nd All Sapports 😍😍😍
Jatin Kalra passion for cricket is gone after you retired sir #missyoussachinsir
Ravi Teja Sir u r really.. So simple person. I love u sir. We r refresh with u r live videos
Ankit Sharma Missing you so much Sachin.... Best of Mumbai Indians..... For IPL 2017

Really excited to see the start of the IPL season. I'll be sharing my insights on some upcoming IPL matches. See these videos exclusively on #100MB. #SachInnings

72.3k reactions 218 comments
Raj Kumar Thala ur my favorite always🙏🙏🙏
Shiva Hadpad Sachin
Sudhansu Sekhar Sachin sir you are great
Gilbert Michaelpilla When I can say one Thanks To My " One Man Army Legend " from my bottom of the heart
Kumar Asish earn 10000 to 150000 per a month through a android mobile please call me i will tell you about that 7735382260

What do you think we were saying?

157.5k reactions 1197 comments
Deepak Kumar Sachin :- bhai tune dekha maine sohaib ke ball pe kitna behtarin six lagaya. Sehwag :- han bhai wo to thik hai per maine pehle mara tha. Sachin :- han bhai tu sahi bol raha hai sorry
Jigar Upadhyay Segwag: ruk ja. Mai Teri complaint coach sir ko karta hu. Sachin: are rehne de na please. Next time nai karunga aisa. :P On a lighter note. :)
Rattan Preet जिंदगी मे कुछ करना है तो देश सेवा से जुड़े... दुसरो को रोजगार देने मे अपना hath bataye..... Free. Free. Free. भारत में पहली बार घर बैठे कमाये 15000 -50000 हर महीने बिना किसी खर्च के | मोदी जी द्वारा चलाए गए Digital india से जुड़े ओर कमाए हर महीने 50000 ...
Deepak Kumar Viru : Hahahaha paaji apne us din world cup wale match me jaan bhujkar akhtar ki ball per six mara tha na..... Sachin Sir : Nahi yaar, wo to me uske sath yuhi mazak kar raha tha....
Alok Chauhan Sachin: Viru plz don't eat chocolates because your theeth become damaged. Virendra sehwag: Plz you give me one chocolate. Hahahahahahahahahahah.

Had an amazing time catching up with Ranveer Singh yesterday. Here's a special shout out from him. Watch and share! #100MB

108.5k reactions 412 comments
Chandresh Mittal Wish u wud hav caught up with parliament also..after all u vil get pension whole of ur life from taxpayers money...
Sudha Pandey Please start going to Parliament too..You are member of Parliament for god's sake
Amit Yadav Boss your parliament attendance track is worst. You get a valuable position to help nation.
Nitin Kumar Pranav this man has reached to the God himself...

Met Gary Kirsten last week! Relived old memories!

286.6k reactions 604 comments
Baliram Patil sachinji kup kamai kelit all ward rekord zhaa desha satinhi nidan maharashtra sati kay kara tyashati nanapatekarancha adrsh ghya jara
Ajay Jha Sir, best of luck for IPL 2017,l will watch the match because you will look me
Zankhana Patel Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar is one of the best cricketer in the world.... Great both of you.....
Gokul Churai They should let women also participate in IPL. Who knows, wiket-keeping would be a nice place to try first?
Pankaj Kumar Sachin ji i miss u pls ipl mai 1 match to khel liya karooooo apne chahne balo ke liye thnx

Watch my & Sonu Nigam's #CricketWaliBeat song, a special tribute to all my fellow #WorldCup cricketers! #100MB

57.4k reactions 638 comments
Sudeept Yogita check this out🎧 (if you haven't already, that is) 🎶🎤
Ben Cushing Luke Germon unreal bars haha #sachmeet
Abhishek Mathur Khelo khelo khelo khelo Next world cup lao jeet ke Nacho nacho nacho nacho Cricket wali beat pe
Anurag Srivastava Either on the Field or off the field.....u always entertain and motivate us....... ⚾ Thank U Sachin Sir 😄
Karthik Manyam Sad part is i did not hear rohiths name in the song.Its amazing though !!!

Getting ready for the World Premiere of Sachin's Cricketwaali Beat ft. Sonu Nigam on Indian Idol #100MB Sonu Nigam #indianidol

136.9k reactions 607 comments
Rakshanda Kushwaha Today I saw u in Indian idol nd it was amazing experience sir...u r real superstar
Shravan Nambiar How many of u waiting for Sachin in indian idol 9
Sachin Astroguru #ONLY_ONE_CALL_CHANGE_YOUR_LIFE एक फ़ोन करते ही आपकी जिंदगी बदल दूंगा यह मेरा वादा है +91(9958353091) get your love back, business specialist, #vashikaran , all problem solve with in 72hour
Zainul Abedin You should never retire... If you are not willing to play,its ok.No need to play sir..your presence in the field is enough for our happiness...
Chiranjit Ghosh Thanx to Indian idol to Invite Sachin.He is my soul of heart.#Love u sachin.I am big Fan of u.Agar Bhagban kare To me mera God of Cricket se jarur mulunga.Apke liye hi me cricket dekhna sikha hoo.or congratulations Revanth.#Say loude Sachin...Sachin.....
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