Russell Brand
10:15 07/16/2017

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Listen to Radio X this morning 11am - 1pm!

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Swetha Ganesh
ur fukin insane..ur brilliant!
Björn Herchenröther
I want to hear you say your catch frase: WATCH ME ON FACEBOOK LIVE!!!!!!!!!!
Ro Lewis
No video feed this week again?
Liam Doherty
Yes dear
Parnaelle Le Parne
Russel brand for world President
Rachel Pudderfunk
GARETH!!!!!!!! 🤗👍🏼 Oh, and Russell too 😬
Patty Bennie
I love the live feed.
Russell Petit
De Gea with the assist 😂
Stuart Taylor
No! I shall listen to the podcast and that is all. And Under the Skin, of course... but that is all...
Michael Lewis
Ofen wondah if youah lisinen, no typo British accent lol your awesome stay awesome
Katen Blalack
Hey man, I'm watching u on tv right now and u struck home. I was addicted to drugs for a long time and just want u to know what ur saying in this world makes sense. Thank u for the inspiration
Enrico Motta
Who's the guy with him?
Danny Jay Gonnatripya
the first time i saw you talking i was impressed, the fact u still chatting is good, joe rogan is the center of the universe IMO
Frazer Adam Hainsworth
no body likes you ruffle sands
Feelings of life
How to keep a relationship: Communicate. Talk about things, the good and the bad. Be honest. Be faithful. Be there for one another. Make time for each other. Leave the past in the past, especially ex’s. Know that arguments are normal. Know that you always won’t get your way. Don’t expect change. Appreciate the flaws. Appreciate each other. Become best friends. Lastly, love each other unconditionally. Say YES if you agree.

Other newsfeed from Russell Brand


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Melissa Bakker Why attack misery? A human emotion. Why don't you attack torture?
Melissa Bakker Show us a picture of you and your wife!
Melissa Bakker So when your child is crying, you are telling it to stop? #BadParent So when I cry, you tell me I am wrong? #BadParent
Souxie Su Michelle Murray as you mentioned earlier.
Wendy Harmon My eyes are rolling so hard i can see my brain.

Former Facebook Exec Warns of Social Media Dangers

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Lili Agius interesting... concerning.... and yet he too is selling something on Facebook
Dave Maive Álvaro Pgl worth a watch for a different qualified viewpoint
Kraig Oran I’m fucked m8 save ya self Nik Charles lol
Jodie Scott Chris Macleod watch the Circle on Netflix at the moment. Very good.
Oli Knight Shared to us all via Facebook.. Irony. You're really exasperating these days Russell.

Russell Brand's Re:Birth Stand Up Comedy Tour is back in 2018! Starting in STOCKHOLM in Sweden! Get your tickets here -->

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Susanna Andersson Eng Sara Söderström Hedvig Charlotta Lidström Hélèna Osseyran
Michelle Gilman ❤️
Lizzey Gregory Lauren Wood.... touring.. interesting
Tammy Lindsley Your accent is so damn sexy
Karina Sørensen Hey How about Copenhagen??????

Under The Skin with Professor Brian Cox is now up on YouTube so you can watch it - Love, the cosmos and how to change the world... Watch it here:

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Colin Davis the things with meditation that unless you on the path how would you know what the path is like if you are not on it?
ミスター ダンカン Best podcast I’ve listened to since Joe Rogan first spoke with Graham Hancock. First rate.
Amy Bella-Rose Hi Russell. I have some ideas about podcast guests on parenting. It would be great.
Carl Loski Lavey Russ, do have enough money yet?

Recovery ---->

1.9k reactions 104 comments
Anna A. Skarbek I'm reading this right now :)
Jody Godwin No likely,,but we'll try..booze,,drugs for them the know the deal
Fluff Oakes I tend to do the opposite when I'm alone
Tracey Dawson We need 12 steps recovery in my town. Nothing around here. I'll stay fucked then!
Shelly Giggey Yep, ;) It starts with you yourself. #mindset #redirecting #focus

The one we’ve been waiting for – the brilliant Professor Brian Cox discusses the possibility of intelligent life other than our own; the danger of dogma within science; and Elon Musk’s space travel plans. As well as the small matters of God, the Universe and Meaning. Strap in for this one! Listen on iTunes, your preferred podcast app or below - give it a like if you like it or share it if you think someone might enjoy it!

1.7k reactions 151 comments
Debbie Beirne Russell i absolutely love how articulate and eloquently you speak.
Ness Bird Brian Cox can’t see passed his on self serving opinions - big twat
Harry Gitley Brand is an idiot. He uses big words but apart from that his ideas are ridiculous.
Jess Cate If you had been waiting to talk to Brian Cox then let him get a word in.
Thien Titan Nguyen Russel Brand is a master of linguistics, but he failed to understand the difference between a scientific theory and the everyday use of the word theory.

Interesting how much common ground there is between 'atheism' & 'faith' when both parties believe in love. #UnderTheSkin with Prof Brian Cox Listen on iTunes, your preferred podcast app or here:

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Samuel Foston Getting the big names now lad. Try and get the Dali Lama on and ask if he ever has a bad day?
Alexander Ross Carl Fredrik Lystad I haven’t listened yet, but once my thesis is done I am absolutely going to!
Amanda Dellow I would love to be in the room 👍
Mark Asmus Theists want Athiests to have faith as so they dont feel so alone.
Anna Canavan The act of doing science is a natural response to understanding the universe 👊

Are We Addicted to Social Media?

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Peter Kimber Sam Kimber Maddi?
Damo Freeth Jordy Amber-Rose
Janita Friend Olympia Karagiannis
Jessi Mcphee Roxanne Mary Cattunar
Albana Abazi Yes.

Step 2 Well? Could you? Recovery --->

391 reactions 70 comments
Gina Marie Damiano Tryin!!!!!!! 😊
Sheree Barber I love the title.
Chris Phoenix Pretty please.
Kt Welsh Literally or figuratively? Bit vague for me
Vinny Lacerda Aint that the truth...I AM TIRED, TIRED OF BEING FUCKED...

Me and Brian Cox - God, The Universe and meaning... Out tomorrow Saturday 13th Jan!

1.3k reactions 182 comments
Samuel T. Lowen Sweet mother ham I'm looking forward to this.
Kev Sewell Been waiting for this one 🔥🔥
Patty Mcgreevy They actually listen to each other love the dialogue
Julia C Odonnell Can't wait to listen to the two of the most amazing people on earth 🌏
Lucas Marlow Brian Cox obviously read previous posts lol! "Make up your own mind"

Recovery --->

5.2k reactions 393 comments
Tammy Purves I Ashman so grateful to you Russell Brand for helping make our world better. Thank you!💜 I feel you are one of the few earth angels and please never stop!
Brandee Cahill I think it’s a matter of taking a break at times. I regularly unplug. I take social media vacations. I don’t post my food. I don’t post my family vacations. I make a conscious effort to experience my life in the moment not through a screen. If you are a ...
Sara Pinto how freaking interesting! Exactly they controling us by social media evildoers, at the same time they cannot stop us to tell the true and providing tools to people wake up, ALSO! Respect
Tenélle Burke this is what trying to shut the gate after the horse has bolted looks like. this man is only trying to alleviate some guilt in his involvement. how are we ever NOT going to have social media now?
Colin Davis what about the system like welfare, killing more people than hiroshima, but forcing us to use these tools more and more and yet they know less than the individual they forcing but sanction and bully them. everyone needs a holiday. work does not work....

Cox & Brand - Consciousness Jam Full episode of Under The Skin available this Saturday 13th January

4.3k reactions 616 comments
Matthieu Perry My favourite Brand moment of last year was when he was interviewing the flat-earther and spontaneously started doing his ‘Ahhhhhh Majesty’ Churchill impression. The guy he was interviewing just didn’t know what to make of it!
Neal Drummond Both geniuses. Love everything about these 2. And ricky gervais. Would love to get the three of them in a room with the dude that owns Tesla aswell
Benjamin Dodd as Alan Watts puts it, we are what the whole universe is doing here and now and each of us is the universe experiencing anf feeling itself from a certain perspective.
Anthony Peake And with regards to the role of the "observer" and the collapse of the wave function I would have him give his interpretation of the "Quantum Zeno Effect". Presenting new-age waffle as an argument will never convince the general public, let alone a ...
Emma Hannam Ah Russell, I'm so glad you're talking about conciousness, I feel that so few people are. And what else is there really to talk about? I see that many people think you're talking rubbish. I think that's a shame, I totally agree with your definition of ...

Are you? #Recovery …

2.1k reactions 188 comments
Lisa E Ebarb yes....I am accepting it and moving on
Litz Butcher Aren’t we all to a greater or lesser extent 🤔
Gabrielle Marshall most are, many are not in enough pain to be willing to do the hard work to change.
Natty B Burgess Much less fucked thanks to meditation friends and great books like yours. Many thanks for helping me get unfucked bit by bit
Dennis Scully Why does the sage never reply personally, too fucked?

Share or comment below what you actually think about social media addiction? Does it effect you or any of your friends?

681 reactions 118 comments
Grace Dalton Absolutely. We're designed for interaction with other humans, and social media gives us only partial encounters; but it's rapid and endlessly wide ranging, so we crave it.
Holden Mutevera An addiction to * anything * is a * symptom * of a problem ie emotional torment . The ' thing ' is not the problem . we resort to *whatever* to the extent it is potentially damaging and self-destructive to seek cold comfort escapism or misguided ...
Karen Jantzen Marine Very addictive. I feel like it's my only connection to people. Why would I bother going out when I can find out everything that's going on on Facebook. It's really sad actually.
James Stewart It’s effects many individually and is contributing to a individual/group polarization of peoples’s confirmation bias/ego.
Bea J Chesney For sure it’s addictive, and like everything just takes a little self discipline .... simple and as difficult as that !

ReBirth is BACK in 2018 and kicking it off with the Swedes in Stockholm! Comment below if you're coming and please do SHARE to let the people of Sweden know about this night of madness!

103 reactions 18 comments
Sara Pinto
Kath Redmond Sarah Redmond xx
Katie Heath Coming to Oz Russell??
Siafanos Söder <3
Rebecca Gutierrez But can u come to austin, tx

Atheism Vs God with Russell Brand and Brian Cox Full episode available Jan 13 UNDER THE SKIN

10.9k reactions 922 comments
Daniel Jameson I'm with Professor Brian Cox, Science and the big bang theory does preclude the existence of God. Science answers the 'how' but not the 'why'. Personally I believe in Being and beings - it doesn't necessarily make me an atheist as it's a simplistic ...
Cal Ly Our belief in religion is no different in our belief in other systems that keep order. You can say the same about money or economical systems. They/they're values dont really exists, its made up but they keep order in a world where without these things ...
David Upton Strictly speaking, Brian Cox is defining the position of an agnostic. We don't know what caused the creation of the universe or whether something existed before that creation. Logically, conditions that caused the creation must have pre - existed, but ...
Daniel Mckerr Atheism is becoming a religion that's how these things start. You will end up as bad as the religious fanatics. Can't we all just believe what we want and let others believe there own version off life. The truth is none off us will ever truly know who ...
Heather Braun I love the Unknown. Much preferable than clinging to a belief system which automatically screens out any facts that disagree and limits our vision to a micro-dot in the Infinite expanse of BEING. The mind is a practical tool and when functioning in ...

In case you missed it - the latest #UnderTheSkin is out NOW discussing The 5 Senses Myth with Prof Barry Smith Listen here or on your respective podcast app: …

212 reactions 17 comments
Sara Pinto
Garry Lydon Eoin Crean
Kayla-Rose Nelson Kurt Jensen
Matt Ramadam Disingenuous
Oskar Górniak Hell yeah !!!!!!!!!!

Shakespeare And Power! #UnderTheSkin with Professor Tony Howard is now on YouTube! Watch it here:

Shakespeare And Power! | #41 Under The Skin with Russell Brand & Tony Howard - YouTube
Shakespeare And Power! | #41 Under The Skin with Russell Brand & Tony Howard - YouTube

Is Shakespeare still at the heart of British culture? Tony Howard discusses Shakespeare’s continued relevance in reflecting the shifts in British society; th...

103 reactions 6 comments
Sara Pinto
Fiona Dunwoodie Awesome, Shakespeare as Shaman, can't wait to watch this in its entirety <3
Gina Marie Damiano My favorite Brand is.... Russell! Hehe! 😊😊😊😊
Sara Pinto Your lights are on, but you're not home Your mind is not your own Your heart sweats, your body shakes Another kiss is what it takes You can't sleep, you can't eat There's no doubt, you're in deep Your throat is tight, you can't breathe Another kiss is ...

"I pretended to be disabled to get near Justin Timberlake!" #ReBirth

415 reactions 83 comments
Stephanie Illingsworth Ha ha ha bloody brilliant!! 😂
Sita Rajasooriya Gibt's da nicht nen Film mit Till Schweiger?
Sonny Lockwood does this clown think hes funny? why do idiots congregate around idiots?
Hanganu Gabriela I LOVE you MAN!!!
Lindsay Ann Buffalo!

NEW PODCAST Senses & Consciousness - Beyond The 5 Senses Myth (with Prof Barry Smith) Listen on your phone or here

81 reactions 8 comments
Michael Berry Tony Berry
Paul Reíd Enjoyed that one, interesting stuff.
Simon Daultrey Don't suppose we can get a transcript to read, can we? 😊
Lee Beale Smell being the primary attractor eh..Maybe the loons that buy nickers on the Internet ain't so daft..could be the basis of a new type of Internet dating! Thanks Rus
Holly Paquette Loved this...listened to it during breakfast. Glad to say I had my meaningful dishes in use ❣️ A wonderful podcast on our perceived and unperceived senses, falling in love at first smell, humanity, humility, wine, and why it’s important to use our good ...

New Under The Skin podcast is out! Professor Barry Smith discusses collaborative research between philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists and their discoveries, including how we have many more than the commonly perceived 5 senses. Listen on iTunes, Android or here:

#042 Senses & Consciousness - Beyond The 5 Senses Myth (with Prof Barry Smith)
#042 Senses & Consciousness - Beyond The 5 Senses Myth (with Prof Barry Smith)

Professor Barry Smith discusses collaborative research between philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists and their discoveries, including how we have many more than the commonly perceived 5 senses.

215 reactions 22 comments
Sara Pinto
Gloria Flynn Penny Lane
Hikmah Muhammad Saleha Begum
Shane Rynn Michael Breen
Carol Griffith Love this❤️

Recovery - £6 on amazon - make some changes to your life with a simple program.

Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions
Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions

Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions

530 reactions 52 comments
Mafaz Altammam On its way!
Peggy Talbert Great book
Katie Brand I'm coming up on 3 yrs clean. Awesome book
Dee Gillespie I do follow you but am dismayed at how you actually try to reach those most in need...I have a son and a step son who both live in the Northwest both addicts both on the edge of life..They have no support from anyone or any organisation.. one lives in ...
Jennifer DeMarcos It’s an excellent book and I enjoyed the audio version.

Recovery. ---->

9.5k reactions 426 comments
Michelle Longo Anyone who has overcome any type of addiction and can use that experience to help others is worth listening to.
Erin Webb Around the time of the year before the last election it got to be so much i deleted everything (at least the things that were truly upsetting) and replaced that time spent with meditating..changed my life for vibes..lots of ...
Christopher Zappone Beckie Chisholm turn it off for a week? On our cruise, no phone for 13 days except 20mins on one day in Fiji. How free did we feel.!
Mudi Zaki Ilknur Illy just want to be liked by my family, close friends I can count on a hand, and future wife+Kids which r family too
Gemma Isaia It is hard for the young! It’s not easy watching your children addicted to technology, I feel like it has taken a huge part of my worth !

Me and Brian Cox - God, The Universe and meaning... Listen to this Under The Skin - 13th Jan

2.6k reactions 193 comments
Lorna Coleman You too together.will be such a good show !
Carol Khan Now you have me... swoonable pair... I like big lobes and I cannot lie.
Vicky Barton I love <3 <3 <3 Brian! What a great voice! *kudos* to you Russell Brand.
Talishia Cowderoy One spiritual and one cosmic both great men xx
Elonor Rigby has it got gracie fields in it? he looks like a nice young man. has he been on the television?

Under The Skin is BACK on Saturday with the sensational Professor Barry Smith discussing the neuroscience of the senses and how we perceive reality.

241 reactions 25 comments
Chris Nieuwenhof Alanda Thompson
Sara Pinto
Adela Savu Jojo Nina Yasmina x
Stephen Cullen Conor Mallon
John Flynn OUR!

A chapter from Recovery...

1.1k reactions 65 comments
Khrissyl Joy James good clip
Michele Constantinidou He's 100 percent right as usual......
Dee Harden Sounds familiar!!
Leah Greene Matt Lumpkins this made me think of you ❤️
Maria Garcia-Siñeriz I thought that I could learn to lie being the survival ability by far. I wont make it. That's me. 😃

Me and Dr M conduct complex post combat surgery - check this Dr Sandra Lee aka drpimplepopper

1.4k reactions 270 comments
Julia Vinogradova You'll be fine, Russell! Happy New Year!
Catherine Bounds McElroy It like my two favorite people coming together!! Francy Miller look! Russell Brand and Dr. Pimple Popper!!
Richard Kudra Shmear some Cannaoil on that eh. Fix ya rightup. Hippy New Ear Matey.
Katie Hannah Marc not going to lie slightly disappointed it wasn't more gruesome
Erika Baron Saum Too much talking on the phone

5.4k reactions 119 comments
Marc Bundy Becky Elvidge Keaton Ager laying on the sofa, eating crap and watching films together.
Marco Bisewski Dont forget the african child
Jennifer Macdonald Beautiful. Not to be glib but a memorable moment of happiness for me was listening to Russell on this Graham Norton show - from 10 mins 39 seconds in, to 11 mins 36 seconds in, it's pure poetry.
Terri Kim Bowyer Thank you Russell Brand. That's where I find happiness too.
Laura Turner Lovely word's Russell Brand Happy New Year to you & all your family & friends ❤😗 xxx

English, Scottish, Welsh and Ireland Stand Up Tour returns in 2018 Check it here

1.8k reactions 71 comments
Amanda Graham Love ❤️
Lisa Troutman Awesome!!
Amy Ellis I just luv u Russell ❤️
Melissa Emry Come to tacoma wa please!
Samantha Shifrin-Jankoff Why not a Us tour?

You can listen to Under The Skin on iTunes / Android and the latest episode "Shakespeare & Power!" was just released too!

666 reactions 218 comments
Ross Campbell 'is the gut more powerful than the brain' - starts off by talking about aboriginal people. i guess that answers that question
Matt Ramadam I think this is more true than anyone else, so I win the most open minded award
Nicole Twynham Vagus nerve- it’s all linked. It’s correct. Kim Meltzer
Benjamin Eckermann Of which Aboriginal peoples does this wisdom come from? Australian or Canadian etc etc?
Dean Os It's awesome that more people are getting aware of this❤
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