Russell Brand
21:09 05/18/2017

Fascism Or Democracy - Is This Our Last Chance To Choose? (with George Monbiot)

<a href="" title="011 celeb posts" class="hash">#011</a> Fascism Or Democracy - Is This Our Last Chance To Choose? (with George Monbiot)

#011 Fascism Or Democracy - Is This Our Last Chance To Choose? (with George Monbiot)

George Monbiot and I discuss the dark money capturing our politics for the billionaires and corporations; the terrifying power of Big Data; and the opportunity for a new democracy.

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Sara Pinto
Sara Pinto
please enjoy... as a good lovely alien... I ask to enjoy this one until the end... :)
Sara Pinto
and sorry... but I love Violin...
Roy Scott
Please don‘t let Theresa May back in. Please register to vote, and vote anyone other than Tory!
Camille Leon
I AM !!!!!!!!!!!!
Libby Coleman
Libby Coleman Russell you have got to show the general a-political non-thinking public that the people they admire vote Labour: Hold a funky fundraising event for the homeless which is televised on ITV with Martin Freeman, Steve Coogan, Irvine Welsh, Emma Thompson, Russell Howard, JME, Eddie Izzard, Steve Coogan, Ed Balls, Maxine Peake, Julia Hesmondhaigh, UB40, Bill Bailey, Jo Brand and any other A list Labour celebs you know + premiership footballers.... all wearing Labour tee shirts. YOU CAN DO THIS TO SAVE US ALL AND MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. WE NEED YOU RUSSELL BRAND!! Libby
Camille Leon
For a moment./ Lets B rounded here...
Camille Leon
Camille Leon
Camille Leon
it sucks to be Edited.
Eben du Plessis
Camille Leon
Kerrie Andrews
Geni ass!
Camille Leon
I am AWhattt/ ???fantastic
Camille Leon

Other newsfeed from Russell Brand

Beyond Conspiracy - The Terrifying Truth Of Corporate Power Check out the latest episode of #UnderTheSkin with investigative journalist Jacques Peretti. Listen on iTunes / Stitcher or there's a link in the comments.

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Barro Kessler Christian Overklift Vaupel Kleijn must listen
Croix Frick Tristen Henning Peter Rich touching on yestidoo
Andre Johnson Russell Brand should have Peter Joseph on the program
Brandi Lee I want u
Tzet Ting good

Special skill: "Long distance c*mmer".

561 reactions 77 comments
Agata Vath Ew. I love Russ, but NO.
Pam Norton "Kalphesh!!!!"😵🤧🤨
Jane Hassan Mathias just na
Raphael Nunley Nice back loved it

Matt Morgan's review of my live show....

219 reactions 12 comments
Dennis Burns Taylor Leftie
Livia Giammaria you really should see this it represent everything you say on image:
Rhonda Mansfield Russell plus honesty
Bobby Eckert Beware the #MedPharmComplex
Alex Sims Jonno Zilber you’re foaming at the gams

Beyond Conspiracy - The Terrifying Truth Of Corporate Power Having spent years investigating some of the wealthiest people on the planet, journalist and broadcaster Jacques Peretti joins me to discuss the secret billion dollar deals that we never hear about but which are changing our world and revolutionising everything we do. Listen iTunes / Stitcher or here - let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

#036 Beyond Conspiracy - The Terrifying Truth Of Corporate Power (with Jacques Peretti)
#036 Beyond Conspiracy - The Terrifying Truth Of Corporate Power (with Jacques Peretti)

Having spent years investigating some of the wealthiest people on the planet, journalist and broadcaster Jacques Peretti joins me to discuss the secret billion dollar deals that we never hear about but which are changing our world and revolutionising everything we do.

373 reactions 40 comments
Colette Thompson Looking forward to listening!
Andre Johnson Should have Peter Joseph on your program
Aisling McCaughey Shauna O'Neill sounds like something you would enjoy
Ashley Thomson If corporations are dangerous, why haven't we treated them the same as lions or tigers or any beast that threatens us? Greed and political kickbacks make them a runaway locomotive.
Bronwyn Saffin Neo-liberalism creates consumers, not citizens.

Patriarchy and consciousness. Can we be free from the tyrant i...

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Leonard Alejandro Cifuentes hello from Colombia
Dilara Dibooglu Timothy Louis Ja😳
Christ Ine .
Michelle Worrall you had me at hello!
Veralouise Behan Breastfeeding

Tomorrow's guest on Under The Skin is investigative journalist Jacques Peretti. Check out his TEDtalk "Consumerism VS Makers"

261 reactions 25 comments
Michelle Van Blerk Dillan Van Blerk
Carly Adam Karl Kemetmuller
Kalli Boag Ros Stone
Terri Kaylene Joshua Michael
Melanie Beynon Beau Fahnle

Check out what Matt's little boy asked him when they were in Wagamamas. Is 30 really the right the answer?!

160 reactions 9 comments
Henry Shaw Scarlett Susan Jinno
Eleanor Marechal Oh my god 😂 Charlie Murray
Tom Cripps 21+
Gail Hengle Fill Right
Erica Dwight Why is it OK to call a female “Love” but not a male? Eh? Eh?

Missed the Radio X show on Sunday? You can listen to all the previous radio show episodes here and they include extra content just for the podcast listeners, check it out

DOWNLOAD: The Russell Brand On Radio X Podcast
DOWNLOAD: The Russell Brand On Radio X Podcast

Catch all the best bits of Russell Radio X show every week.

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Steven Lafleche
Tess Watson Russell should look at the groundbreaking work on the human condition by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith.
Yvette Gallant Eleanor Gallant
Sara Pinto
Ruby Jah Buddha Russell Brand is a GURU

What do you think? Share or comment below your thoughts. You can watch the full discussion on YouTube, the link is in the comments.

1.1k reactions 107 comments
Lisa Rasbuary Loved every second of this conversation, just brilliant.
Vicky Chamberlayne Russell, I think youre genius, but a bit more listening would be good ...
Shelton Starnes Kayla Boyd, remembering our conversation from the other day.
Nadia Dedman Kerry Dedman👏👏👏 Someone shoved a crystal up my ass 😂😂😂 well done Ruby and Russell 👏👏👏x
Megan Lin Your higher self knows all :) love it. STOP thinking! Start feeling <3

Me and Brad Evans banging on about philosophy and addiction check it out

Recovering from an Addicted Life: A Conversation with Russell Brand - Los Angeles Review of Books
Recovering from an Addicted Life: A Conversation with Russell Brand - Los Angeles Review of Books

Brad Evans speaks with comedian, activist, and author Russell Brand about his latest book, “Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions.”

461 reactions 36 comments
Rich Lafferty Evelina Lafferty
Oskar Górniak COME TO GGN SMOKERS STUDIO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AKA NEMO HOES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lee Tonks do dmt you pussy... 🤘🏼😆
Ann Haynes Awesome Q&A 🙏😉
John Arrezo you snuff cocaine and you talk with us fuckkkkkk you

Amma is in the U.K. Don't miss the opportunity to meet this great soul. I wrote this about my time with her:

75 reactions 23 comments
Matty Emanuele Young Dawn Bloxham
Lisa Poetzschke Angela Tomlinson
Hannah Pittman Elsa Wadsworth
Donna Wilkinson Sarah Wilkinson
Sarah Lynne Ward Ashella

Does Kindness Make Us Feel Better?

4.2k reactions 505 comments
Neil Squires Love you man , I read a little book I feel is not as popular as it should be , fortune to go to a great church where kindness flows not just internally but externally to the community, great things are happening with ROC Redeeming communities , keep ...
Paul Rodgers All that shite he goes thru every day when he gets up it’s a fuckin shame he don’t have to go out n graft for his dollar there’s not enough hours in the day Paul Astley innit
Zain Khan About kindness you know enough, and certainly "giving" is okay. Just that the overwhelming emotion/feeling, yet has to be absorbed inside us, to dissolve it with oneness Parul 🍃
Shana Wyatt Kindness reflects back at us through other living things. That, for me, is the best way to reap the rewards. ESPECIALLY in plants and animals. They will eventually give you a raw charge of THEIR gratitude that can fill us up with such satisfying ...
David Ellis Unfortunately under capitalism other people and society are never more than a means to an end rather than an end in themselves. We are alienated from each other but worse than that we are alienated from ourselves because we to are only a means to an ...

Amy Winehouse: Death & Addiction

1.8k reactions 94 comments
Adam Nemo Bauckham like how they spell "Amy" as "Amie"
Crystal Reed She is not of this world! ♥️ And She is Genius!!!
Melissa Erskine Rosie Kinton this is what i was telling you about X
Lee Moro Dear Precious Rusty...🤗😇🔆✨💞🎉 This is so beautiful. I cry, every time.😢😥
Hannah Turner Lana Pearse if you haven't watched this... it's brilliant... and sad

Out TODAY on YouTube - you can watch the latest episode of Under The Skin with @RubyWax - discussing depression, neuroscience and meditation! Comment below what you think and share it if you think someone you know might like it.

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Katie Karalla Cheryl Karalla
Rebecca Darroch Nikki Marten
Callan Slater Natalie Stewart
Laura Ann Love Benson Awesome
Benjamin Torre Awesome !


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Jessica Lester Molly Lester
Anna Ridley Cherie Eleanor Wilcock
Paul Rushton Jordan Django Gray
Neil Hammersley Adam Riley
Bethan Orkisz Iain Orkisz

Thanks Leicester and the Hare Krsnas. AND KALPESH💦what a night! #ReBirth

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Lara Devika Kossover Dang Russell Brand, you are fuckin' tall!
Carl Whittingham Y u not coming stoke 2morrow
Gopa Kisora- Karl Sadowski Hare Krishna.
Karen Vaughan-Williams Love love love Hare Krisna food
Emma Dawson Brilliant night 🙂

You can watch the latest episode of #UnderTheSkin with Ruby Wax tomorrow on YouTube In the mean time you can listen to it on iTunes / Stitcher or the link in the comments.

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Jacqui Henderson Lisa Beaumont
Andrea Smeaton Scott Rowbotham ❤
Hikmah Muhammad Saleha Begum
Basty Fischer Chris Fischer😮🤗
Gabriel Botet Loved it

Madness & Meditation - check out the latest episode of Under The Skin out NOW on iTunes / Stitcher. (link is in the comments below) Or you can watch it tomorrow on YouTube.

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Katie Simm Jennifer Simm McCulloch 🙏🏻
Rachael Burns Leza Brady 😍😍😍
Anj Leonard F
Jessica Haines The guilty feminist
Jen Fern Jo Bilby her new book looks good .

Russell Brand Live: Oral Disaster - "That Better Be Chocolate!!" [NSFW]

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Jennifer Mcewan That was funny 😂😁
Victoria Joss You’re better than this.
Eileen Sanders Mark check dit 😂
Elise Campanario Come to Amsterdam...please😊
Rosalind Nairn you are an elephant rosi xxx..

Tune into Radio X this morning 11am - 1pm for some radio madness! You can catch up with the podcast afterwards on iTunes.

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Sara Pinto
Kat Kilgannon I've got a sob story for you Russell! X 😉
Kay Elkins thank you 🙏🏽
Krille Vahterinmäki Don't tell me what to do!
Lee Moro Niiiiine mins.???!😳😱

The brilliant Ruby Wax joins me to discuss her transition from the world of showbiz to becoming known as a campaigner on mental-health issues and a champion of mindfulness. Listen on iTunes / Stitcher or here:

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Ami Louise Bonshor Caleb Roberts
Sue Rayment Emma Hamer
Paul Cheesley In addition to my original post:
Amanda Jones Jan Crudgington Lesley Flatman Was Williams
Kerry Manning Stephanie Price

Russell Brand catches up with Tom Morgan

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Sara Pinto Everyone creates realities based on their own personal beliefs. These beliefs are so powerful that they can create [expansive or entrapping] realities over and over.
Ned Cluff Chase Cluff
Luke Tabone Leah Bergman it's the man from UP
Samantha Stiles Brill. ✌
Colette St.Jean Loving that leg stance, man ✌🏽

The brilliant Ruby Wax joins me to discuss her transition from the world of showbiz to becoming known as a campaigner on mental-health issues and a champion of mindfulness. We discuss her own inner battles with self-esteem and her life-changing methods for getting mindfulness into a hectic everyday life. Share if you think someone would appreciate this or comment below what you think.

Ep.35 Madness & Meditation. Can We Heal Ourselves? (with Ruby Wax) | Russell Brand | Official Site
Ep.35 Madness & Meditation. Can We Heal Ourselves? (with Ruby Wax) | Russell Brand | Official Site

My new podcast 'Under The Skin’ asks: what’s beneath the surface – of people we admire, of the ideas that define our time, of the history we are told.

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Rosalind Nairn sorry sweetheart but trying to boot me is awaste of time cos it really doesnt bother me.but if it makes you feel better then boot used to it.i will kiss my wee rash better.and pray for roz xxx
Issa Colin Mckay she’s hardly brilliant Russell.
Michaela O'Keefe Katya Slivinskaya cant wait to listen to this one in the morning!
Samantha Marriott This was brilliant, had me crying , laughing and nodding - sometimes all three at once! 😊😭🤣
Anna Canavan It is a wonderful way to retune our thinking 👌🏼

Amy Winehouse: Death & Addiction

962 reactions 70 comments
Ivor Krgo Fantastic man! <3
Agatheblues Buetod Wo. 😱🙏❤❤❤❤
Holly Smallz R.I.P Amy! :(
Stephaney Provenzano Nichols Very moving ❤✊
Marianne Donadio Thank you so much Russell ✨💕

Ruby Wax will be the next guest on Under The Skin out this Saturday! Check out her TEDtalk on mental illness...

1.1k reactions 76 comments
Jamie Bonfour Love love Love!
Neil Bruce Who's ruby wax?
Kris Huebner Fitzgerald I love love love ruby wax
Tristan Jenkins-Roe errrr russell thats Sharon Osborne....
Colin Davis Russell Brand please stop #hatiekopkins speech :)

So Russell Brand believes he’s responsible for the popularity ...

116 reactions 6 comments
Sarah Fanwarer Bev Mercer
Will Morris Jessie D the funniest two minutes of my day this far
Esther De Bie Russell, do you know The Legends of Andor? It's a cooperative fantasy board game. It's so cool.
Jamie Bonfour Thank you for inventing the 12 steps! Namaste!
Jennifer Schulting Board games are the bomb! I have a ridiculous obsession with vintage games! #truestory ❤😂

Is all consciousness connected? What do you think? There's a link to the full discussion in the comments.

3.1k reactions 544 comments
Stuart Gauntlett Or....teaching methods have become more refined plus since the 80's things have changed massively with regards how people access information. We are all reading all the time now! The simple process if reading has been shown to increase the likelihood of ...
Aileen Caitlyn Clarke Carmine Clarke Bernadette Clarke see mum this is similar to what I was talking about the other day before even seeing this. It explains why we are always all thinking on the same wave length before we even talk about something together haha our minds ...
Jasmin Moriko What a great podcast subject! 👍🏽 I see and believe that there is only one consciousness and it's channeled through us in every unique way possible. It's like the ancient old trick question: how many "brains" are there in the universe in total? - ...
Justin DeGroat What's going on with IQ tests can probably be explain with the simple idea that people, if asked to report their IQs, will probably be more than likely to report their average IQ score among many tests or their highest score. I believe this 'cosmic ...
Rosaria Francesca I do believe that consciousness is connected, however another explanation for the collective rise in IQ could be attributed to the growing complexity of every day life along with the fact that IQ tests are problem solving tests. Information that we ...

I'm probably acting too cool in this picture. But Coventry will do that to ya. #ReBirth

623 reactions 34 comments
Rosalind Nairn rus im supposed to be a nun.i love hopless at relationships.ive never been able to satisfy a man.ive never felt satisfied with anyone.thats the truth im a nun but i dont like the christian establishment .or should i say i was a nun .to be ...
Grace Turton Respect ❣
Kate Eccleston Jennings Your a good human Russel.
Ebony Seals Exclusion. Nevermind.
Ebony Seals What's coventry???

Amy Winehouse: dealing with the death of an addict

9.0k reactions 569 comments
Jemma Giles This book is written so beautifully and Russell, you read from it so well..I love how each word is so pronounced. Best book on addiction I have read by far!! ❤️💕❤️
Dale Mcmahon Mate, i can relate to this in so many ways, ive lost so many family and friends to addiction and worst of all myself, Australia is experiencing an ice epidemic with worse drugs such as flaka and gravel now becoming aggressively popular. I think society ...
Christopher DePew Dearest Rusty Rockets, Your ever evolving skill as a writer is refreshing, empowering and, most importantly, enlightening. It's great to see that after years of experience you have discovered the higher use of your platform! Good on ye and thank you!...
Mariah Lorraine Cain Sierra Williams watched this and thought of you, I'm so proud to know you. I'm so proud to see where you are in life. I can see you doing something like this. You have a beautiful way of reaching people and i truly think you can change people's lives ❤️😘
Jamie Bonfour There is no hierarchy of is dangerous to suggest this...addicts look for ways to disqualify themselves. For some, our drug of choice has changed over the years...glamorizing one particular drug used one particular way is ridiculous...

Tunbridge Wells In front of the great Morgan clan. This was a night to APPRECIATE #ReBirth

147 reactions 31 comments
Nina G. Nava <3
Andy Downes A great show tonight!
Jesa Love u
Jill Archer Brillant show
Angus Lawrie it was brilliant!
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