Russell Brand
00:05 03/20/2017

Trump Care - Your Cancer, Your Problem
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Sarah Nichole Ledford
NEW IDEA: Far right republicans are considered mental and as a vulnerable class they can just opt out and if they get sick with a preventable disease, they can ask the free market what to do. Everyone else gets single payer: moderate republicans are becoming more open to the idea with the anticipated failure of Trump somehow making healthcare even worse for them.
Opeti Ika Vakaliuatua Hikule'o
I would rather my money go to someone that's in need of it than someone who is a billionaire and is eating up our money on vacations and his families vacations. What a bunch of cunts
Gigi Schaumburg
The truth that American politicians do not want us to know, is that , with one keystroke on a computer we can have Medicare for All tomorrow! That is the way federal finances work. That is why on a whim they can order a 1.2 trillion dollar jet that does not work. It is about priorities. These bastids are not doing the People's business.
Pietro Gallenkamp
in case 1000 people took an insurance on their car, nobody is complaining when their are only 4 of them who were paid for any reason. that's what insurance is all about. you pay all some money and spread the risc. what a dummies
Melissa Rogers
The Democrats will remain silent about the World's Greatest Healthcare plan not being up to what the rest of the civilized world has because they hope everyone will settle for less, and everyone is
Esther Floyd
You claim to care about the NHS. In which case why didn't you take part in the EU referendum. Why didn't you vote. The damage to the NHS is happening right now even though the UK hasn't left the EU yet. You could have helped prevent it, but your idiotic not voting stance allowed it to happen
Payton Jett
with any luck 36 out of 40 republicans trying to push this bulshit will get cancer and then and only then will they have ANY compassion for another human being.
Ifkica Ivana Vancouver
Cancer deserve better food choices and question your lifestyle and belief system in order to heal and than drastically change and shift your lifestyle! NOT EXPENSIVE CHEMOTHERAPY THAT doesn't work 90% of a time!!!!!!
Kim Markey
Somehow the supporters of our for-profit health care think, only "those other people", get sick or disabled. It seems they are never aware they can become a patient or disabled tomorrow. It defies any rationality that we are not ALL part of a community who need the same care and coverage, and that a system only needs to make as much profit to function correctly. It does not need to service stockholders at all.
Chris Phoenix
You know what I did? The moment he stated he was running I did research on him. I did the same with the other candidates. EDUCATED, I voted Sanders. Americans' excuses are poor. Most of us have Google at our fingertips and a library, particularly the people who leave their homes to vote. The problem is less with the administration and more with the obsession this country has with bickering like children with their neighbors over senseless pride, just taking reality as entertainment and not much more. END OF STORY. That's the problem.
Misha Knierim
I'm always surprised, (granted, my lack of knowledge of Sen Ryan's accomplishments) how he's earned the mantle of Reb majority leader. From an outsider looking in, he could be the worst (sell out) majority representative in my life time. I was wrong about Mitch Mc Connell. I did not realize how much he attempted to work across the isle until he left.
Joshua Faulkner
Or the fact that you completely missed the point he was making. I'd correct you, but I have a feeling you're aiming for misdirection. So, carry on...
Benjamin Guglielmi
Can you imagine? Our own senators unabashedly saying to his citizens, you wanna roll the dice? Knock yourself out! Little or no health insurance - go for it. In other countries, government demonstrates an actual desire for citizens to be fully covered, healthy and taken care of. Paul Ryan is so despicable
Summer Khan
Trump & Co don't give a damn about anyone. The poor Victims of white supremacy Muslims Brown veterans Mexicans Ugly women Vulnerable elderly who need meals on wheels Premenstrual women Dissenters The media
RIchard Livingston Jr
Russell...if you would like to see one of the absolute strangest true stories in Music/Hollywood/Politics...? me...only 2 pages or so...but you will fkn love it...lmao

Other newsfeed from Russell Brand

City or United? Oasis or The Smiths? Tickets: …

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Michael McKelvey smiths banner all day
Mark Kevlin smiths <3
Anthony James Lavagna The Smiths...of course
Juan Sebastian Montoya United and The Smiths.
Joseph Shorrock-Davey Just The Smiths.

Why Russell Brand won't control his dog

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Hannah Smith Melita Edwards
Caroline Sarah Brilliant
Adetoro Adetoro Come on put your dog on a leash
Angela Bartlett Hilarious
Jacob Henry Fagg please come to nz!!

Check out the latest Radio X podcast below and tune in tomorrow 11am - 1pm for a "Best Of" special.

EP 16: Gareth and Bekki sitting in a tree...
EP 16: Gareth and Bekki sitting in a tree...

Operation help a mate get a date is in full swing this week as Producer Gareth and Bekki Priestley finally give it a go on air. We're also in the presence of the UK's number 1 Luxury Wedding and Event Planner Mark Niemierko to help us plan the best #MMAS soirée. Get outside and tell the world about…

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Sara Pinto
Magdalena Krajda Russell I have depression because it's raning! ;)
Magdalena Krajda sitting in a tree, finally someone normal here :D
Magdalena Krajda Hallo Russell <3
Lee Moro It's cominggggg....😜😂😂😂😂🎉🙏😇👍💃🏼👉📄📄📄

Listen to #UnderTheSkin here:

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Scott Bendixen Why is Beyonce 5 shades whiter than she was 10 years ago?
Jez McEntee Not a those prices I won't
Curtis Brumfield You think little of me Russell brand
Paul McLauchlin "Feminine goddess energy"? 😂😂😂
Donovan Shackle Answer: be your own hero/ superstar

Backstage in Cambridge...

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Robert Young Fhunnygotoi u ?I really.🤘👂👊👎👅👏💋
Bronwyn Jones ❤️🙆🏼🤷‍♀️
Bronwyn Jones 🚺💖❤️💋🤷‍♀️💄🚺
Patricia Wallin very interesting indeed ;) lol
Melaya Najarian Looking good! As always 😍

Russell Brand's Stand Up Live!!!

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Lee Moro Just saw 777 viewers! 🏆🎰 7️⃣7️⃣7️⃣
Lee Moro I hear the laughter and screams 😜😂😂😂🙌😂😂😂😜😜😜😂😂
Lee Moro Earthing!! 😂😂✨🎉👍🙌🤗😇🙏💕 At work! 🤗🎉🙌😇🙏💕👶🏼👼 Yayyyyy!!! 🌎🌍🌏
Sharon White Where is this?
Debbie Lefort Ooooh Russell Brand

Selfie-Obsession: Can Narcissism Ever Make Us Happy? Listen on iTunes or Android podcast apps. #UnderTheSkin

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Carree Acton I'll answer this one for you
Holly Go Lighyly Precisely !!!
Kevin Picton seems to make you happy
Joe Robertson Rebecca Axrud i listen to these - you should too!
Claudia Anita The end of a selfish era coming soon!!!

Selfie-Obsession: Can Narcissism Ever Make Us Happy? New #UnderTheSkin podcast! (iTunes & Android)

#020 Selfie-Obsession: Can Narcissism Ever Make Us Happy? (with Will Storr)
#020 Selfie-Obsession: Can Narcissism Ever Make Us Happy? (with Will Storr)

Author of “Selfie” Will Storr and I discuss where the ideal of the perfect self came from, why it is so powerful and whether there is any way to break its dangerous spell.

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Lee Moro Shared: 😇🎉👍🙌💕🎉💖
Suzanne Thwing Please report on 5G
Mark Shirley Not on castbox yet
Loriene Piper They're too self indulged to even notice..
Jayne Batham-Carmont Really interesting.

Under The Skin with Naomi Klein - Why We Must Kill Our Inner Trump

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Ruth Tarr Worth a listen Glenn Hall Annabel Bird Pamela Escalona ❤️
Rodney Eastall 👌👌👌👌
Alicia Garcia 💖
Tara Travers Wow such a great interview. Love both these humans
Laveen Nijjar Listening now 😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍

Thank you Cambridge! On with the tour...

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Alicia Garcia 😂😎💖💫
Regina Melo Kkkkk
Emma Khangaroot Good show very funny! 💜
Siobhan Harlow It's a GingerBrand Man.
Melinda Tate That's funny on many levels

#UnderTheSkin has Will Storr author of "Selfie" on the podcast this week. A brilliant guest! Discussing our egos and self obsessed nature...and some history lessons in between! You can listen to it tomorrow!

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Sarah Doyle Kai White
Victoria Royal Spooky...
Maggie Yamartino lol!!!!!!
Sanaa Abusamra Feryal, this is a MUST! haha
Lizzie Down Reading this book right now and its amazing!!!!

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Ally Cat Bach Hahaha!
Ally Cat Bach Awww 😊 ❤
Ally Cat Bach Hahaha! 😂
Ally Cat Bach Hehehe! 😁
Ally Cat Bach Teeheehee! 😊

Re:Birth is coming to Salford - 2nd August! Ticket link in the comments below.

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Kevin Malone Mandy Malone
Adam Rawk Come back to Australia
吳宸妡 ...
Mandy Malone Can't wait kevin malone xxx
Simon Clarke-Ward I need to be stroked.

Watch Russell Brand LIVE from London!!

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Tina Sandra Sportel-Doyle Russell Brand for prime minister!!
Ben Gray Oi oi!
Lisa Patch He is so fun 😋. Thank you 😋Jenny! That's a beautiful theater. 😯
Ben Gray I challenge Russel to a sass contest
Sophie Mackrill 😍

Watch the show live from London on Facebook tonight around 8.30pm (BST) !!

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Wesley Smith or listen to this and help weak13 get into the charts and make them interesting again! ;) available on iTunes amazon Spotify and deezer!
Conor Connolly Sophia Connolly
Christopher Kates Keithera Davis
Julie Mellor Keith Richard Roberts
Lorella Picconi ma quanto sei bello

The latest Radio X podcast is here!

EP 16: Gareth and Bekki sitting in a tree...
EP 16: Gareth and Bekki sitting in a tree...

Operation help a mate get a date is in full swing this week as Producer Gareth and Bekki Priestley finally give it a go on air. We're also in the presence of the UK's number 1 Luxury Wedding and Event Planner Mark Niemierko to help us plan the best #MMAS soirée. Get outside and tell the world about…

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Holly Preston bean heads...
Alex Dixon Was hoping to find Bekki in the comments...
Nadia Ryzhkova Gareth has good vibes about him. :) he'll be alright
Kat Rooney Kilgannon Good luck x
Courtney Goodson Good luck! 🍀🕊

Charlie Gard, The President, The Pope & The NHS - Who Is Right?

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Jayne Lewis Where does the human rights act stand on This? Right to life, home, family? Such sadness and my heart goes out to Charlie and his family. As a parent I could not give up on ANY possibility for my children either, but would I be right? So painful and so ...
Dan Warren In my opinion the hospital's approach is most anti-science when there are both the resources and the consent of the parents for the experimental procedure, why not follow through for the benefit of future children? Even if it doesn't help Charlie in the ...
Patricia Wallin Heart-wrenching no matter what happens. There is freedom only in knowledge of God- without that you have nothing. You've made very valid and excellent points Russell- thank you. As a parent, we want to do every single thing possible to save a loved ...
Craig Rock Sayers For all the reasons you have spoke of I personally have chosen not to have children. I would see my child as mine when in reality they would not be. Just look at the problems parents have keeping their children off school for family holidays and such.
Lorraine Jay Harmsworth <3 Perhaps fate should decide. Quality of life is a huge factor, and how does everybody really know how the baby is feeling in all of this. We all don't really know. Is he suffering or not suffering, is he happy or unhappy. Does he have emotions. It's a ...

Listen to the podcast iTunes, Android apps or there's a link in the comments.

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Seb Goostrey
Lisa Parslow Darryl Warren x
Cormac McCloskey Mairead Irvine
Sara Pinto Indeed
Cathy Hood This seems to be a global epidemic.

Matt doing the banana challenge today on Radio X...

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Joel Questle Frank Joe Austin
Freddie Fraser Ben Heath
Isobel Robb Joseph Howard
Kirsty McDonald Lisa O'Brien
Kay Hughes Gaz Gill

Listen to Radio X this morning 11am - 1pm!

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Swetha Ganesh ur fukin insane..ur brilliant!
Björn Herchenröther I want to hear you say your catch frase: WATCH ME ON FACEBOOK LIVE!!!!!!!!!!
Ro Lewis No video feed this week again?
Liam Doherty Yes dear
Parnaelle Le Parne Russel brand for world President

#UnderTheSkin podcast with Frankie Boyle is now on YouTube!

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Sarah Mitcheson Chris Mitcheson
Jake Follett Steven Johnson this is nice
Ally Cat Bach ❤❤❤
Karen Scaife Mark Grieve
Tru Man pharma skin issue and iatrogenesis

Back on @RadioX tomorrow 11am -1pm! This is the podcast from last week's show...

EP15: He’s got the horn, the French horn.
EP15: He’s got the horn, the French horn.

Russell and Matt help a mate get a date (that’s Producer Gareth) aided by the most swiped right’d man on Tinder in the UK, Stefan-Pierre Tomlin. We also encounter the world from an animal’s vantage point with Dog Psychologist Karen Wild. Spread the word, tell a friend and reap the karma of bringing…

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Lee Moro Nannas!! 😜😂😂✨👍🙌👶🏼😋🍌🍌🍌🍌
Lee Moro It's NOW!! 😂👍🎉✨😇🤗🙌🙏😜😍
Lee Moro YAYYY!! I'm on the CHURCH part!! 😂🎉👍✨🎉🙌😇🙏✨👍👍👍👍🎉
Lee Moro DaddyO voice... 😜😂😂🙌✨👍👼
Lee Moro Matty did a banana and a half 😜😂✨✨👼😇🙏

The Curse of Strictly!!

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Danni Blaire Deibe Izzie Deibe you will LOVE this
Sara Slaven Darren Clark xxx
Michelle Hunter What a great night. Kevin was a good sport!
Glenn Marland Brilliant night!! 😂🤣
Emma Crowle Hazel Watkins 😍😍

Bear is in some more trouble...

151 reactions 21 comments
Hanneke Lefering Hanne Mortazavi
Vikki Holden Carly Rich
Gabriel Hoy thank you Russell Brand
Kerrie Andrews ❤️ well said Russell x
Renea Stanchfield HONEY IZ MADE

Russell Brand helps teach his mate to flirt

257 reactions 10 comments
Polly Heenan He's a weirdo.
Claudia Bailey Ha, he really does know a Mozart horn concerto!
Ali Birnie Russel man you have such an imagination. I don't know how ppl can even keep up we you as your mind works a 100mph. Totally brilliant.
Nicola Jane Such a shame... I'm into classical music, I'm not rating the chat up lines... Would he like some lessons??? ;)
Rania Deeb I have no idea what I just witnessed! But that Gareth has a great radio voice!

Frankie Boyle - Is It Possible To Live A Moral Life? New podcast out today...listen here:

#019 Frankie Boyle - Is It Possible To Live A Moral Life?
#019 Frankie Boyle - Is It Possible To Live A Moral Life?

Frankie Boyle and I discuss media censorship, the virtues of nihilism, and the effects of fatherhood on life as a comedian.

213 reactions 24 comments
Sean Brixey Tom Brown
Harriet Brown Liam Perrett
Rana Jahan Zabe M SAmuel Paul Jenkins
Craig Baldwin Tammie Devlin
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you "I know I'm not perfect, and I don't claim to be. But, before you go pointing fingers, make sure you own hands are clean." - Bob Marley.

Frankie Boyle is on Under The Skin this week - a brilliant guest! Out tomorrow!

994 reactions 80 comments
Tabrez Ali Janjua Keep an eye on Frankie's belly when he laughs 😂
Luke Malpas Stuart Kennedy
Paul Erskine I see Frankie is now sponsored by KFC.
Llion Carbis Been waiting too long for this ❤
Rayne Freitag Absolutely love this man. Brilliantly offensive 👌

Getting tips from the most right-swiped man on Tinder!

415 reactions 33 comments
Pamela Anne Michael Pollock
Nidhi Rao-Gummuluru Arunima Chatterjee
Sunera Bandara Vishwa Jith
Jesse Helmut Hansen-Bartel James Greenhalgh
Brett Morgan Mitchell Dow Jonathan Dimitrovski

This week on Under The Skin is the fantastic Frankie Boyle. Out Thursday. Link in comments.

296 reactions 50 comments
James Taylor Sehnsucht.
Andrei Chalov Namaste brother!
Gary Elt vanity of vanity--all is vanity -------king solomon
Selim Anwar Lighten up on the man.
ShangriLa Sheenagh Stay out of Nanny's purse!

The tour is coming back to Cambridge AGAIN next week - Tues 18th! Here is what happened last time...

302 reactions 48 comments
Luz Alvarado :3!!!
Paola Juárez Omg u are the best😍
Ann Masters Just loved this clip 👌
Emma Louise Loved seeing you at Chatham. King of Chatham x x
Randal Graves Ginger bread Brands? Or ginger Brand men?
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