Ron Paul
19:47 05/18/2017

When Presidents Get Desperate & Need A Distraction

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Cigol Zelev
Tim Anderson
キー 愛とは
Michael King
We all need a distraction. The best days for all Americans are the days when Trump plays golf.
Amin Amru
I wish there were two President of the United States who share the same foreign policy. 1. JFK 2. Ron Paul.
Eliska Reilman Adema
Interesting that the Lunatic in Chief has already dropped a couple of bombs for distraction and you had to dig back to Clinton to get an example.
Jordan Trae
I used to like Ron Paul... he "literally" stumbled through this clip... To win in anything, you have to prove you are better, he has never proven it. He deserves a vote and a comfortable chair to sit down in.

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If you really want to scare the pants off mega-corporations and government bureaucrats, call for an end to government "regulations" and a free market. No more special favors or privileges for anyone. Government's role would only be to prosecute fraud and aggression if either is committed. Boy, would there be pushback. Mega-corporations LOVE government "regulations". It's so much easier than competing fair and square. At the same time, Politicians LOVE being courted and doling out privileges to the highest bidder. "Public Service" is a very lucrative gig. Demand a free market. They would all have a collective heart attack!

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Eddie Cruise I demand freedom from monetary debt $lavery everyday cause I despise money and love Jesus. Those who love money and despise Jesus forced me in jail against my rights with rule of law tyranny. Demand and fight for freedom from God. Don't $tand for ...
Joshua Soltroff Mike Dugent is this what you were talking about?
Tammy Burns I’m so glad y’all are covering this! Also when the government sanctions corporations, this is not free market.
Todd Topolski here is a scare, end regulation on labor, world wide. notice how any regulation on labor domestically takes freedom from the person and outs it in the hands of government. you can't just work, employees, and employers are restricted in ways to ...
Michael Killpack Free markets are the antithesis of corporations. Corporations derive their powers from the government in exchange for favors. The two are inseparable. Bring down authoritarianism and you will inevitably and simultaneously bring down corporatism.

So-called “government regulations” are not what most people think that they are. They don’t curb “greedy corporations,” but entrench them. They don’t harm “rapacious companies” but strengthen them. They don’t “protect” consumers, but hobble them. Government should only be there to prosecute against fraud or aggression. Once government starts “regulating,” the worst of the worst rise to the top of both government and big business. Ron Paul discusses below:

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Ben Maddison Because lobbyists. That's why. Should be outlawed!
Peter M. Gruhn Don’t worry. In another generation there won’t be anybody alive who remembers how it could be.
Jason Triplett Correct and logical. Let's see how long it takes for the commenters below to keep up vvv
David Wmusser Cuz they get to write them ,they get to put their employees in charge and it sqelches their up and coming competiyion
David Wmusser U better believe Exxons happy that their guy is the head of our state dept

More Laws = More Criminals America is bursting with laws....and prisons. Think Liberty.

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Ryan Luko And a moral compass to delineate liberty from anarchy.
Will Johnson says LAWS do not set you "FREE" the "TRUTH" does. And "TRUTH" is treason in the "EMPIRE" of lies.
Hg Bassman seems like the thing that has enslaved man was-is WRITINGS, we are the only creatures that use writing, rather it be for laws,currency,etc. rest of the creators creatures use no writing & are truley free unless pets etc..peace
Joseph Ehlers “It is not infrequent to hear men declaim loudly upon liberty, who, if we may judge by the whole tenor of their actions, mean nothing else by it than their own liberty, —to oppress without control or the restraint of laws all those who are poorer or ...
John Mankey Privatized prisons sums it all up.

Democrats tell you that they're going to raise your taxes...and then they raise your taxes. Republicans tell you that they're for "limited government"...and then they raise your taxes. Maybe someday when Republicans control all three branches, we'll get that "limited government," right? Oh wait...

Senate Republican Tax Plan Would on Average *Raise* Taxes on All Income Groups Earning Less Than $75K
Senate Republican Tax Plan Would on Average *Raise* Taxes on All Income Groups Earning Less Than $75K

New estimates: Senate Republican tax plan would on average *raise* taxes on all income groups earning less than $75K by 2027, according to nonpartisan official estimators JCT. 1/2...

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Leif Gustafson Math, statistics and logic defy politics, or define it. Perspective - or opinion- is everything at this point. Masses versus individuals and individuals versus the masses. Priorities matter in the world of big data. Next.
Sammy Osman well of course they both wear “veils”. seems in order for things to get done, idiots need to be handed the treat first and tricked later. must remember when power isn’t centralized, each and every different factions begin to feel the need to ...
Edmund Snyder The biggest lie out there is the democrats who complain that this is a “giveaway” to the rich as if “give” and “not steal as much” are synonymous.
Jeff Gorup Why not just give us taxpayers making 100k and less a 1000 dollar refund check before the holidays. People tend to spend money in their pockets which would help business and create jobs.
Srikant Kulkarni When everybody is equal in USA, why different rates ? Some 60% don’t pay anything and successful people carry all the burden. One day ‘Golden goose’ will dye . May be consumption tax is appropriate.

You're not supposed to make the connection, but the sprawling military empire is responsible for the economic hardships here at home. Yet another $700,000,000,000 is being shuffled off for militarism, and no one is batting an eye. That's how effective the militarist propaganda is, and why it's so persistently displayed everywhere that we look.

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Granola Bob thats a lot of wealth. where does it end up?
Jack Dunn If only we had representatives in congress like the Middle East countries do.
Sean Hachey That's not even 1 dollar for everyone on earth.
Kenneth Kilbane Doctor Paul telling it like it is. As always.
Jimmy Bassett this guy makes more sense every day.

According to a new Brown University study, the real cost of our 16 year war is some $5.6 trillion. Imagine how much good that money would have done were it spent on productive pursuits. More on how the war industry is bleeding us dry in today's Liberty Report:

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Jeffrey Smith Your district was a major importer of Arab oil, no?
Greg Wilson #wedonotconsent
Franca Courtin Are the "black budgets" included?
Grant Soper Senseless expenditure.
Robert Johnson To Hell with war!

The first (and unbelievably prosperous) half of America's history was one of foreign non-intervention. No regime change operations. No destroying of foreign democratically elected regimes. No partnering with brutal dictatorships. No waging wars of aggression. No American troops on any foreign soil anywhere in the world! *That* was the "land of the free" that we're all so fond of referencing. No military establishment. No CIA. No NSA. The second half of America's history has been the polar opposite. All of the above transgressions paid for by the American taxpayer in wealth, blood, and liberty. The American electorate has been voting for an end to this for decades now, but the government continues (to this day) to ignore the voters. Polls are still indicating that American citizens have had enough...and this is all for the positive. More below:

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Manny Raneri The doctrine of non foreign intervention, Canada, Mexico, the Atlantic, and the Pacific are what made America Great. THEN, we decided to invade Canada (about 20 years from the "doctrine"), then invaded Mexico (about 40 years later), then the ...
Tom Cxyz If ALL US POLICY is dictated by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the UN it technically isn't even really US policy is it? :(
Kenneth Ishmael And then over a thousand people were killed at Pearl Harbor and put an end to that. We tried minding our own business.
Pete Alfonso It has never been about intervention, it has always been about looting. That is what those who bring about war always have in mind.
Markvs Grove I never supported the ruinous foreign policy that is going on. Nobody I vote for ever wins. This is NOT my government, I am NOT represented and never will be. I am not relevant and will never be able to change it. I don't plan to ever vote ...

In the Declaration of Independence, one of the grievances listed against King George III was that "He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance." Well .... King George was a sweetheart compared to what has become of the American federal government over the last century. The "swarms of Officers to harass our people" number in the millions! Millions of bureaucrats. Millions!!

2.5k reactions 73 comments
James MacGregor Or that money goes to people who try to take your freedoms, so worse than a common thief
Lyle Grover The list of grievances in the DOI reads like the way Progressives describe "good government."
Dennis Cravero worse, your OWN money is used against you.
Tom Rankin "Income taxes are responsible for the transformation of the Federal government from one of limited powers into a vast leviathan whose tentacles reach into almost every aspect of American life." Ron Paul
David Woolfrey The government has done or is doing nearly all of what was listed as the reasons for declaring our independence. America needs to wake up or your children/grandchildren will suffer the consequences.

Ron Paul joins World Alternative Media to discuss the latest news in domestic and foreign policy of the United States:

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Brian Littell Please just go away leftist
Richard Mason Obama should have stopped N. Keora right away, At least President is doing something.
Jason Triplett Thank you sir for being the only one capable of explaining this truth. <3
World Alternative Media Thanks again for speaking with us! Always an honor. :) ~ Josh
Carla Struble Cmt are behind the times ....get on the cryptocurrency/Ai wagon....

It's hard to accept the role of U.S. foreign policy in the creation of both Al Qaeda and ISIS, but reality is reality.

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Frank Cahill what are you talking about
Jason Triplett absolutely ;)
Nicolò Zupcich dime ciaro cosa significa ? la fine credo sia buso de merda ,
Andy Martinez thank a Vet
Mike Peine he's never answered a single question

Why did the US participate in a secret deal that allowed thousands of ISIS fighters and their families to leave Raqqa with their weapons, as the BBC reported over the weekend? What's going on here? Tune in to today's Liberty Report:

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Conor McLeod I thought the CIA created ISIS...
Frances Chow Oh Ron, you’re on an important mission.👍🏻
Kevin Lawlor maybe you should have ran for president in 2016?
Blake Smith Hry an dObama are guilty, Trump is innocentilla
Christine Estep Dear LORD, US Strikes Deal with ISIS??? Wht is going on??

War is NOT what the propaganda makes it out to be. War is NOT noble. War is NOT honorable. War does NOT "protect our freedom". Wars are used to strip us of our freedom, privacy, wealth, and human dignity. America has been waging wars for an entire century ... and look what it has done.

3.7k reactions 118 comments
James Brown Sometimes it protects freedoms. The US Revolution, for instance, protected the freedom of the signers of DoI not to be hanged. But regarding US wars currently in progress yes this is true.
Eddie Cruise Forced to live by money that is the one world religion and government of $atan'$ forced will. It will never be freedom or liberty or righteous from God. It i$ root of evil and you love your $ervitude to $atan.
Shane Glaze and every one of you would be under a foreign powers control without war. that is not hyperbole that is a fact.
Charles Kerr Ron Paul should smoke a pipe. It gives a wise man time to think and a fool something to stick in his mouth.(RAH)
Brad Bowman What's the mental damage, in the conceal it with force. Same thing. But it's really happening, on the left side. They make a job.

Non-interventionism is not Pacifism...It's also not Isolationism. Non-interventionism simply means defending against aggression, and not initiating it. It means peace, trade, commerce and travel. Today we suffer from being *the* primary aggressor militarily, along with trade and travel restrictions, barriers, embargoes and tariffs. Non-intervention is far superior to this.

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Gia Turner Tell us more about the war we are being drug into with the Israeli and Saudis in Lebanon.
Shawn T Cuff You're confusing the sheeple
Christopher Allie Dumping toxic waste. Destroying natural resources. Overconsumption. Greed. Envy, lust, pride, anger, sloth, gluttony. Hate, deviance, simplicity, uneducated, overpopulated ignorance. Mass breeding in privation. Greed for anothers possessions. ...
Christine Marie Aubrie
Steven Bradford Ron Paul For President

According to recent media reports, the Koch Foundation is planning to spend a great deal of money promoting foreign policy "realism" at major US universities. While anything challenging the current neocon stranglehold on our foreign policy should be welcomed, is "realism" just another form of interventionism? We discuss in today's Liberty Report:

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Dom Akaveli Look at these people they are disgusting There they are waisting money printing all that paper. Stop waisting my time King Dom of Great Britain and the United States of America
Mabel Ann They are the scum of the earth. Bullies, sociopaths.
Becky Sue Satterwhite Haynie More nazis. Why is their opinion the right one? And why shove it down people's throats? I hate crap like this.
Dom Akaveli I dont need my time waisted King Dom of Great Britain and the United States of America
Li LianJie the Ashkenazi "elite" run the US

Far too many people erroneously believe that there is a battle between (free market) "Big Business" and (anti-free market) Politicians. The truth is quite the opposite. "Big Business" is often as anti-free market as the Politicians...just for different reasons. Politicians like to believe that they can control others with force. "Big Business" likes to use political force to defeat, or even totally eliminate, competition and consumer choice. So the reality is that both team up against the free market. Politicians like "government regulations" and so does "Big Business." They both benefit at the expense of everyone else. Even so-called "free market agreements" like NAFTA and the others have nothing whatsoever to do with the free market. They are concoctions of Big Business and Politicians. The free market has no lobbyists, and is universally scorned. When things go south in the economy, the first to get the blame is free markets, even though they don't exist. But the propaganda is so thick, that it doesn't matter that free markets don't exist. Government schools, college professors, and the media all scream in unison against the non-existent free markets, and that's sufficient enough. The solution is always to pile more "regulations" that give ever increasing controls to both "Big Business" and Politicians.

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Cui Bono America...!!! where they cry Capitalism is the only way and then taxpayers pay out the Bankers Trillions who screwed them.
Alexander Hayward Bryan Denney
Kevin Lam whats ur take on this? Ryan Mcr Chan Alexander Clevewood
See N Parker Truth!!!
Ron Lessman So true

Weekly Update --- Education Scholarship Tax Credits Help Children and Advance Liberty

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Paul Eggs Jessica Navarra Corbett
Steven van Staden Action!
Christine Liberty Cummings I read that your son got assaulted
Jason Trew Oh, if only we were hearing this as you as President Dr. Paul. What a great time that would be.
Jonathan Koerth Right on point again, Doctor!

The media is having a field day criticizing President Trump's performance on his Asia trip. There is plenty to criticize in Trump's foreign policy, but are they barking up the wrong tree? Our look back at Trump's Asia trip today on the Liberty Report:

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Ty Gramlich Better than Obama bowing to everyone and the idiotic look of Bush on their travels
Robert Cardwell It doesn't matter what he does or if he hit a trifecta....... the amen chorus of Trump haters will bray and shriek irregardless, they even have a cow because the Asians seemed to really like Melania Trump's fashion consciousness and they went apoplectic ...
Austin Gabbard Only on his Asia trip?
Talib Kamel of course ^_^
James Furman Fake news, fake politicians

How can we improve America's school system? Return education dollars to the community and encourage tax credits to fund better educational choices. My column at the link...

Education Scholarship Tax Credits Help Children and Advance Liberty
Education Scholarship Tax Credits Help Children and Advance Liberty

Shutting down the Department of Education and returning control of the education dollar to the American people is the key to improving education....

404 reactions 37 comments
Jason Triplett Awesome ;)
Dom Akaveli Treaty of Paris 1783. Stop violating my rights and forcing me to deal with brainwashed prisoners of war King Dom
Ben Kucenski Opposition to school choice is simply bigotry and racism. Property taxes for education should go to the state to be spent per student. Not locked into exclusive neighborhoods that build private schools with public dollars while locking out people not ...
Andy Hart How can we afford to pay $753,000.00 if we get into a car accident... doctor?
Craig Mckenzie How about sending smart kids to University rather than those who can afford it.

Republicans and Democrats ... Left and Right ... Alt-Left and Alt-Right ... Liberals and Conservatives ... They must be different, right? They're always bickering and fighting with one another. Surely, these are all opponents. To a certain degree, yes, but the differences are really not that significant. What they're primarily fighting over is who government's guns should be pointed at. Who will be the victim of government violence ... that's it! There are some people on one end of the spectrum that believe the guns should be pointed at people who live in different countries (i.e. the warfare statists). On the other end of the spectrum, there are people that believe government's guns should be pointed inwards (the welfare statists). Then there are people who believe themselves to be clever. They're not 'extremists' on one end of the spectrum or the other. They're equal opportunity violence advocates. These individuals favor government guns being used overseas here, here, and here. But they also favor government guns pointed inwards here, here, and here. It's like they're building a Subway sandwich of violence. More below:

865 reactions 47 comments
Vincent Vega Not true, a M1-Abrams uses a smoothbore cannon 🤣
Eddie Cruise Forced will of $atan govern$ all.
Scott Dowell Scott Importing foreigners is the democrats only hope. Welfare is the magnet.
Andrzej Wolny DEMOCRACY (gang rule) ! Listen to us ! Janusz Korwin-Mikke ! Milton Friedman once visited him here in POLAND !
Joe Bright Left or right, collectivism is collectivism and is 100% mutually exclusive with liberty, always.

Are you missing out on free and exclusive content from my Institute for Peace and Prosperity? Sign up for free updates - come on board!

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Fahad Ashfaque But but... President says that media is the enemy of American people

As a candidate, Donald Trump used uncommonly harsh language to criticize Saudi Arabia. He called the Saudi regime the world’s biggest funder of terrorism. He said the Saudis use “our petro dollars—our very own money—to fund the terrorists that seek to destroy our people, while the Saudis rely on us to protect them!” Trump even said, “Who blew up the World Trade Center? It wasn’t the Iraqis, it was Saudi [Arabia].” But, after he took office, Trump did a complete 180. He stopped criticizing the Saudis. In fact, he’s now singing their praises! More below:

1.5k reactions 318 comments
Peter Sarosiek If his change in rhetoric since the election isn't all the evidence one needs of some kind of secretive ruling cabal or 'deep state' I don't know what is.
Geoffrey Davis Why is there this worry over Saudi Arabia Ron Paul when you know the biggest coziness is with Israel?
Ken Parks there is a deep religious state in the Saud regime also, the new guard does not condone wabbinism, the old does, now they are being arrested, and I suppose its possible its a dog and pony show, but we are allies, and if they work with us not against us ...
Alec Nissel It’s called diplomacy Ron. I can’t believe I used to consider myself one of your supporters, because it’s now become clear you don’t understand the very first thing about geopolitics
Gina Todd DiNovo Burnett While his son in law was visiting Saudi Arabia 3 times??? I would say they were planning the coup... With orders from Trump

America's Founders warned against entangling alliances. Until the early 1900's, American governments avoided them. Now look at the mess. Are the Saudi's going haywire?

317 reactions 25 comments
Paul Peterson The Saudis are not our friends.
Charles Held There's no apostrophe in "Saudis".
Edward Wilson The saudis are waiting to knife our backs
Raj Vaidya Yes.

America's longest war is *still* wasting lives and money.

5.5k reactions 222 comments
Sam Sticka We need more liberty-minded people in Congress, not self-serving fear-mongering fascists who cloak themselves in good deeds.
Richie Mancuso This Trump clown changes like the wind, no real ideas, no real policies, just a great divider.
Douglas Ives Oh no! we simply must stay in Afganistan. We have a fabricated cancer epidemic in full swing and we need all the Opium they can grow. )8
Brian Richards But now that Trump is in charge, his peanut brain and massive ego have convinced him that he can do it right where nobody else could.
Lene Danielsen Costing us our rights too. On 11/8.2017, Justin Amash put on his page: "Today, the so-called USA LIBERTY Act passed the House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 27-8. The bill allows the government to search our private data without a warrant—in ...

Is Saudi Arabia about to attack Lebanon while escalating against Yemen? And why is it holding the former Yemen president and former Lebanese prime minister under house arrest? War drums beating and we try and sort it out in today's Liberty Report...

214 reactions 29 comments
Keith A Colonna Sr. Shia & Sunni Muslims hate each other almost as much as they hate America. There. All sorted out
Talib Kamel USA behind it ron
Aric Sanders Time for "nonbelievers" to stay waaaaaay the hell out of sunni vs shia conflicts. Let em sort out on their own which brothers followers are apostate. Infidels stick their noses into it and they will quickly forget what they were fighting each other ...
Edward Wilson The 911 terrorist nation the saudis are joining there United States buddies in take out the sovereign for there NWO Masonic agenda don’t be fooled
Talib Kamel isreal helping too Saudis on iran and Lebanon wonders what they were trying to Qatar too seems like they at trying to control and overtake other governments huh

"Society" is not responsible. Government does not bestow "rights". You are a free individual the moment you take your first breath. Shortly after taking that breath though, a massive deluge of interests get to work on convincing you of the exact opposite. You're still free though, and can recognize it, if you're courageous enough to cut through the brainwashing.

342 reactions 49 comments
Michael Hudson I believe in those who have love for other life and those who do not have love for other life.. those who do not have love for others are a-holes... animals that we police to protect us from. Torah law Leviticus 19:34 The stranger who dwells among you ...
Mike Kennedy should government be used to protect society or individual rights only?
Gwendolyn Allen Well, now it makes sense. I've been wondering why Ron Paul is so smart but sometimes he's just unrealistic. He may have been a doctor, but he is greatly misinformed about self will. Still a fan, though. https://phys....
Dan Commonly Keep educating Ron 👍 we're nearly out of time..
Denise Baykal Repeal the Human Acts Rights Act.
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