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19:47 05/18/2017

When Presidents Get Desperate & Need A Distraction

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Cigol Zelev
Tim Anderson
キー 愛とは
Michael King
We all need a distraction. The best days for all Americans are the days when Trump plays golf.
Amin Amru
I wish there were two President of the United States who share the same foreign policy. 1. JFK 2. Ron Paul.
Eliska Reilman Adema
Interesting that the Lunatic in Chief has already dropped a couple of bombs for distraction and you had to dig back to Clinton to get an example.
Jordan Trae
I used to like Ron Paul... he "literally" stumbled through this clip... To win in anything, you have to prove you are better, he has never proven it. He deserves a vote and a comfortable chair to sit down in.

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We are planning a return to Washington, DC this summer to begin the next chapter in our Peace and Prosperity Movement! We are looking forward to seeing many of you at the event, but we first need to form a Host Committee for the conference. Please click the link for more on how you can be a part of this exciting event. Together we can make it happen!

Taking Peace And Prosperity to Washington, DC!
Taking Peace And Prosperity to Washington, DC!

RPI's Washington "Peace and Prosperity 2016" Conference Last year we "brought the show on the road" to Washington, D.C., with our " Peace and...

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Kenneth Steere END THE FED :)
Praise Jesus SHALOM Islam Israel War(Psa83), Russia Iran NATO Israel War(Ezk38), 3rdTemple 144000 Israelis(Rev7), 5000 Nukes, World TrillionDebts, Quantum RFID666, FEMA, Bunkers, VaticanPope Babylon(Rev17), USABabylon City(Rev18), Mystery Freemason, Babylon ...
Kelli Dees Loved it last year...want to come back...
Helga Olafsson 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Frank H. Stanley Toghter HA! THEVENUSPROJECT.COM, THETRASITION.ORG, STANDINGROCK! Good luck to USA'LL THE WORLD AROUND, peace love and HOPE for the future and for our grandchildren.

The Siren Song of "National Security"

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Ray Colcombe
Dan Souther Fernando Sanchez
Evaneva Naing Golan Halooooo Papa Ron
Mark Marc Donald tusk president eu
Nick Barr It's the same song and dance.

The NSA admitted last October that its monitoring of Americans was far more widespread than believed. Even the normally compliant FISA Court was shocked. Will "reform" do the job? Or should the authority to spy on us without a warrant be totally removed? Join us in today's Liberty Report:

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Doug Wilson My familys problems come from the Mossad. 📚
John Lithargoel Both.
Mary Celeste Quinn I love ❤️ me some Ron
Cynthia Hansen Illegal and criminal
Jonathan Nielsen Abolish the NSA.

The latest terrorist attack in England, which has killed or injured dozens of teenagers, raises questions for every British, French, and American parents: Is continued interventionism in the Middle East and Afghanistan worth it? Is interventionism worth the deaths of children who are killed as a result of terrorist retaliation? These retaliatory attacks are evil, cowardly and inexcusable. But they are preventable. These blowback attacks began after the U.S. national-security establishment lost its old official enemy, communism. Instead of adopting a foreign policy of strictly defending the U.S. homeland, America began military interventions in the Middle East, creating a new official enemy. A serious discussion on American foreign policy is necessary. More below:

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Ricardo Williams Mr. Paul, while I, as a Conservative, agree with you on non-interventionist foreign policies, these recent terrorist attacks perpetrated by muslims have nothing to do with interventionism. They would be atacking us regardless of The presence of US or UK ...
Colin Singleton Last March, under Obama, the US military bombed a building in Mosul intending to kill two ISIS snipers. ISIS had coerced several dozen civilians and explosives into the building. When the military bombed the building, they inadvertently killed 105 ...
Jim Shifflett If this was about US intervention and the blowback from it, then why do these terrorists attack other places around the world on a continuous basis? Places that often have nothing or little to do with American interventionism.
Séamus Millar You really have to ask yourself... With all the things we've done in the Middle East that's lead to hundreds of thousands if not millions of dead innocents (Women, Children, Elderly). You'd think they would eventually go after ours too. Tit for Tat. It ...
Wakaranai Yew If we pulled out of the middle east completely are you saying everything would just be just dandy Ron Paul? We do need to stop the madness, the proxy wars that just dig us deeper... totally agree with you there... but you, like the globalists, democrats ...

It's well known that the United Kingdom is the number one surveillance state in the West. Virtually everything is monitored in the U.K. Yet, despite this extraordinary surveillance: 1) The UK police and intelligence services both knew about the suicide bomber. 2) Family members in the UK warned officials that he was dangerous. 3) He traveled to both Libya and Syria. These trips had to have been known to intelligence services. 4) The suicide bomber flew a terrorist flag from the roof of his house. All individuals in the UK gave up their liberty for security, and as Ben Franklin warned, they ended up with neither. More below:

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John John Monga Correct it's called the five eye's spying network all countries involved are all interconnected with each other spying system to give them a global surveillance of operation
Joshua Allan Brown Terrorist are going to attack non Muslims regardless of intervention until they establish their world caliphate. The elite however are using them to bring in their new world order by opening up the borders and importing them in creating an pretext for ...
William Kesler We don't know that. Allowing this to happen simply because the British government says it's helping is a very dangerous idea. The same people who are doing this are the ones who can't provide any evidence other than their say so that it works. This is ...
Steven Loucks And they gave up their guns in the 60s. Now they are helpless. The British government is treasonous to their people. Germany tried twice and now Islam is destroying the British for good.
Sam Norton I guess no one here has heard of the G.M. police doing a "controlled" detonation the night of the concert. No damage to the building, nor any victims having injuries from an explosion.

The West Ignored Gaddafi's Warnings

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Robert Bennet 9/11 catalyst for waking up . . . TAKE TWO (defiance): Most all world Media, especially the disingenuous American Media, CNN, etc., persists in brain-washing the ‘official version’ of 9/11 and the BinLaden death. What if all you knew, was a lie?...
Daniel Nunes Michael Bass sheeittt. Fundamentalists back at it again with the white bombs.
Bec Hew They didn't ignore him, this is to bring in the new world order, this is intentional to take free societies down
Myrna Isip Kato So sad for what is happening or being to the whole world.
Devin P. Adams It was very obvious at this point that this was the case. I wish we'd have learned from our mistakes.

The Manchester bomber greatly benefitted from the chaos and Islamist extremism that resulted from the US/UK "liberation" of Libya and destabilization of Syria using proxy Islamist forces. He travelled to both countries and reportedly even trained in Syria. Blowback?

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Spencer Fourhire Thanks Bush and Obama your legacies are still killing us.
Josiah Main If so, then yes... Got that hand caught in the cookie jar... Pissed off quite a few people.
Brian Woodhouse Isnt it ODD that the UK knew about him...and his travels and more than likely about his training...and the intel wasnt enough to prevent the attack.
Bjorn Asbrandsson Did the US government provide him with Training at a moderate ISIS Training facility?
Fariba Safari What is Chemtrials ? Why they are spraying us? Any one has any idea?

Yesterday, President Trump held a telephone conversation with the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte’s government has been gunning down drug suspects in the streets, by the thousands. No arrests. No trials. ​ While affairs in the Philippines are not the business of the U.S. federal government, it is nevertheless very degrading to us Americans to find out that our President actually heaps praise on such ruthless brutality. More below:

Trump Heaps Praise on Ruthless Duterte
Trump Heaps Praise on Ruthless Duterte

Ron Paul Liberty Report

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Mike Benton Ron , since you couldn't get seem to get more than 0.5% of the vote for years, kindly do not presume to speak for the American people. I'm an American living in the Philippines and your narrative is simply wrong . In your marijuana , saturated fat ...
Gail Cobile Sorry Mr. Paul. President Duterte is out to protect the citizens of his country after drugs and drug dealers have been allowed, by previous administrations, to run rampant. He has threatened to declare Martial Law, if he must, over the entire country ...
David Detrick This article shows that government officials can't be trusted. This guy Ron Paul appears to be on the side of the citizens but he's what they call "controlled opposition". This article is filled with lies. The killings in the Phillipines are drug ...
Mark McMurry Duterte is the President of a country with many different regions that unfortunately are largely run at local levels by corrupt officials and the gangsters and drug dealers that bribe them and pull their strings and he is doing a dirty job trying to ...
Elizabeth Pelegrin Does this have anything to do with the Philippine president's remarks about George Soros and the Queen? They're going to make him out to be the bad guy now, I take it...

Did you know that the Manchester bomber was a Libyan who returned after Gaddafi was overthrown by the US and UK to train for the attack?? Or that he went to Syria to fight jihad against the Assad government? In other words, he was on "our" side in both interventions. More proof that interventionism kills.

Manchester Bomber Was Product of West
Manchester Bomber Was Product of West's Libya/Syria Intervention

Here's what the media and politicians don't want you to know about the Manchester, UK, suicide attack: Salman Abedi, the 22 year old who killed...

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Eric Reither No one is or was on "our" side if at some time and place they commit an act like this. McVeigh had issues with the government, and blew up a federal building in Oklahoma City. The government leaves most of the American people disgusted (just like ...
Gregory Teves Faith in the islamic doctrines of martyrdom and jihad, as prescribed copiously throughout the Quran and the Hadith, lead this pious Muslim to commit suicide by murdering infidels in the name and defense of Islam. If geopolitical grievances had been the ...
Robby Castillo Gaddafi and Saddam were awful men, but overthrowing them was a bad idea. Their countries are now in ruins and fighting internally.
Todd Topolski Ron Paul pushing left wing yellow journalism, it seems. Sorry but the animal who did this was born a boy and raised by a culture which made him prone to the choices he ultimately made. In no reality is a nice innocent male, tending sheep or otherwise ...
Ben Carrillo "Our" side in the obama/hillary "arab spring" debacle, if you mean the side of the American citizens, was watching from the sidelines. There were no good guys, no shared interests, with the American people in libya, and the closest thing in syria are ...

Great news for homeschoolers from my Ron Paul Curriculum!

Cut 500 Hours a Year Off Your Teaching Load
Cut 500 Hours a Year Off Your Teaching Load

You’re working way too hard. Stop it, beginning today. (Tomorrow, at the latest.) Your children will get a better education if you will just stop working so hard. Why? Because ...

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Jonathan Martinez Kristin
Johnny Paycheck Ben Geyer
Jason Douglas Amanda Douglas
Nick Kania Samantha Kania Jb Kania
Jonathan Bunnel Heather Cauwels Bunnel

IT'S THE LAW! Undermining the Federal Reserve received a major boost yesterday! Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed into law a bill that eliminates capital gains taxes on gold and silver, thus allowing Arizona residents to use precious metals as currency instead of Federal Reserve notes. Currency competition against the monopolist Fed is starting to unfold! Let's hope that other states follow in Arizona's heroic footsteps. There's no reason to wait for another severe financial crisis to act. More below:

5.3k reactions 404 comments
Dennis McCagg I believe capitalism and a free market are 2 different entities. One is truly free which is the free market while capitalism uses lawyers in Washington to further kill small business and to further the advancement and total control of industry by ...
Eldon Cook I'm not sure when the above actually happened, but I'm in an excellent place to report on its reaction since I live in AZ. Well, so far, this is the very first I have heard of it. More later......
John Zube All other freely chosen exchange media, clearing options and value standards should also be legal rather than prohibited. No single or double rare metal currency is good enough to facilitate all wanted or needed exchanges of the ever growing volume of ...
Anndrea Quaill Just think of it like the good ole days . When you could go into a store and pay in gold or silver and even stamps were currency . Hot dam the States are finally doing there jobs . Standing up to the Federal Overreach !! Happy day !!
Meghan Cullum Bitcoin, zcash, litecoin, ethereum, dash, crypto is basically gold 2.0. Time to get my state to not tax my crypto gains as well.

Saudi Wahhabism ---> Al Qaeda ---> ISIS

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Edward Skelly Saudi Arabia is and always has been the problem. They nurture extremism around the world.
Luis Feher Is like to open a buchery in the middle of a vegetarian community. non sense !
Will Linden Hamas is Shia... Iran is Shia...Waiting for explanation of how Wahabis are responsible.
Maurice Clemens The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend. We make the same mistakes over and over again because it benefits the oil companies and the military war profiteers.
Wayne Long Poor Ron, he still believes that America is to blame for Islamic terrorism.

George Washington said that "Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force." Basic questions: What types of people do you think are attracted to such an institution? Those who believe in "live and let live"? Or those who have a lust to dominate others? It's pretty self-evident. More below:

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James Salisbury "if ever there was a holy war, it was that which saved our liberties and gave us independence" - Thomas Jefferson
Bjorn Asbrandsson Giving the State a nebulous mandate is always it's undoing. #TheFateOfEmpires
David Wmusser Not just term limits. But all govt employees should be limited to 10 years pension ...
David Bernier Off all the people ever met. Can't say political party had anything to do with morals. on either side.
Chadwick William Burkhart "What types of people are attracted to such an institution?" Well for one you. And the reasons are self evident.

We should be angry after the horrible attack on young people at a pop concert in Manchester. Angry at those who perpetrated such an act...and angry at US and UK government policies that almost guarantee that more will follow. Tune in to today's Liberty Report: Manchester Tragedy: Understanding The Big Picture

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Wade Parker As long as there's liberals with an average 91 IQ being preyed upon by people with a 150 IQ, bad things like this are gonna keep happening and only get worse.
Justin Edwards Another hoax for all the nondiscerning sheep to fall for. Wash, rinse, repeat. Just in time for the elections, how convenient.
Anthony Davis I think I will be angry with the ones that actually did it. muslims. You can blame America. You can blame whoever. muslims did it because that is what muslims do. They have been doing it for centuries and until they are wiped out they will continue ...
Wakaranai Yew Ron Paul makes a good point. If we keep feeding the monster it will continue to grow but bringing foreigners into the western world is also not a foreign policy
James Cook Understanding The Big Picture

Trump of Arabia

903 reactions 90 comments
Roger Labrecque America = $$$$$$ only no feeling about what going in this world these days
Erik James Franklin England Still don't get it.. how can you not see the strategy behind this?
Gerard Nicol Just for my own curiosity, why not "Donald of Arabia"?
James Ludwig IV Diplomatic relations vs owing them a return on investment.
Adam Couture InB4 Trump supporters cheer on arming a country that practices Sharia law.

President Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia over the weekend was essentially a declaration of war on Iran, Syria...and possibly Russia. He promised peace, but his actions will deliver war. Tune in to today's Liberty Report: Trump In Saudi Arabia - 'Peace In Our Time?'

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William Friello DiStefano I disagree strongly and think you should give him a chance. As a libertarian that didn't support Trump, I am pleased with him so far.
Kenny Mann The only way we will ever achieve peace with an adversary who's openly stated goal is too dominate the earth, is too cut their numbers down to almost zero.
David Burgess Trump sold the Saudis Air defense weapons....They are for defending against incoming Bombs.....100% legit and if Trump didn't sell them these weapons they would have bought them from China
Vinny Tesla a declaration of war on Iran and Russia?..... is that really what Trump declared?.....I watched the whole speech, but I apparently missed that declaration.... . Ron, you're great, but you've gotta calm down with the extremism and exaggerations ... all ...
Michael Fagan No it isnt. It appears to me that he is going to use Saudi Arabia, Israel, and other allies to help continue to sanction the hell out of them.

Jeff Sessions says he wants to ramp up the drug war. Again. Why won't it work? Read my weekly column: Will the Trump Administration Overdose on Authoritarianism?

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TF Peace Both Democrats and Republicans support a drug policy which causes more crime,murder,incarcerations and enrichment of criminals while millions of people continue to use illegal drugs anyway. The current U.S. policy does not work and never will(if you ...
Stephen Hal Sessions is a delusional A$$clown stuck in the 1980s. You could show him a computer and he'd probably ask what's wrong with that television box?
Morgan Barsi It won't work because it's never worked. This only benefits owners of private prisons, which is why the Keebler elf is all for it
James Lee Jeff Sessions stance on marijuana is like someone who just walked out of the 1950's or something.
Joshua Oakley I'm only sure about one thing when it comes to the drug war. They don't focus enough on the dangerous drugs. Like pain killers, heroin, drugs like that.

Iran has been in neocon crosshairs for a very long time. U.S. Presidential Administrations come and go, Democrat and Republican, but the neocon script has remained the same. President Trump, voted in as an "outsider," has adopted the insider script. Today's speech provided the most recent example. More below:

Neocons Are Still Writing The Script
Neocons Are Still Writing The Script

Ron Paul Liberty Report

2.3k reactions 171 comments
Thomas Maidlow Obviously they are a threat and there need for nuclear weapons is not rational its not like we invaded the countries on either side of them the last 15 years (sarcasm)
Paul Burtwistle It's the same story with both Russia and China - surrounded by a "noose" of US military bases yet our media tells us that they are the aggressors. One point that Ron Paul didn't mention is that the last time Ira attacked another country was 1798, over ...
Tom Boyer The sad reality is that large bodies of water have not protected us since the 1800's. We've learned that the hard way several times over. We still have tons of wreckage in Pearl Harbor to remind us. Isn't it time the Libertarian foreign policy views ...
Richard K. Wendt It's amazing Ron. You know absolutely nothing of what the I.M.F. has in store for us in the next few months. All of what the I.M.F. has planned will make the Neocons plans go away. You really are out of touch since you retired. Get some new sources Ron.
Ryan Fisher can we just GTFO out of hte middle east? i mean no wonder the middle east hates us. we're a police state in their back yard. who would like us for intervening in their disputes with out being asked?

When non-president Donald Trump declared Saudi Arabia "the world's biggest funder of terrorism," and responsible for 9/11, one must presume that he understood thoughts and opinions of the American people. Americans (even the mainstream media) have sympathy for the people of Saudi Arabia, specifically the persecuted women, gays, and Christians. The American people also sympathize with the suffering people of Yemen, who are being slaughtered en masse by the Saudis. Yet the U.S. government itself is practically bragging about arming the Saudis even further to the tune of $350 billion! The U.S. government and President Trump are painfully out of touch, and are hardly acting as representatives of the American people. This, unfortunately, is nothing new. More below:

4.1k reactions 438 comments
Joan Byrne Cassidy Let's get out of the limited political mindset. The world needs a miracle, and Donald Trump as president is a miracle, like him or not. He is in a position to change his mind and theirs. And what is to say that he will not affect the Saudi mentality. ...
Zouhir Zouhir Saudia Arabia may not be the one of the strongest countries in the world but they have two factors that make them appear so. Petroleum and Mekkah ( the most sacred ground of over 1.6 billion muslims.) The thing is we should stop worrying about other ...
Richard Ivans It is unfortunate that the Saudis aren't the perfect ally in our fight against radical Islamic terrorism. Why did we arm Stalin? to defeat a common enemy. It would have been nice if Stalin was a George Washington kind of guy, but he wasn't. We have ...
James Brown You say you don't war with Iran, then you say you don't want to ally with Iran's regional enemy. So which is it, do you want the US to invade Iran or do you want to use Saudi Arabia to combat Iranian hegemony in the region? We'd all like to throw ...
Yaasca Rahelan American presidents are bought. Anyone can be a US president as long as you follow orders and have some rich friends. The US government is owned by the Saudis and Israel. We just gave Billion in arms to the people responsible for 911. Let that simmer.

Long-time Trump confidant Roger Stone had some words on the president's first offshore trip:

Even Roger Stone Can
Even Roger Stone Can't Stomach Trump's Saudi Trip

Candidly this makes me want to puke #JaredsIdea

1.9k reactions 342 comments
Eric Burns Candidate Trump and even pre-candidate Trump did not hesitate to call out Saudi Arabia on their roll in the 911 attacks, which was why I jumped on the Trump train. President Trump unfortunately is not candidate Trump, the deep state wins again.
Chase Heatwole 350 billion dollars could have stayed here in America to rebuild roads, airports, trains, school, police stations, fire stations or better yet could have been donated to the veterans administration. But no we have to appease a bunch of wahabbists that ...
Tim Zuponcic Roger Stone is part of the problem. Anyone who thinks that 9/11 is anything but an inside job has either not looked at the FACTS and EVIDENCE or they have drank the koolade and intentionally want to remain duped.
Adrian Johansson In Sweden and most countries the first foreign trip goes to the country you are closest to. Sweden and Finland visit each other the US used to visit Canada etc ! Is saudi really that close to the US despite most everyone except the elites hate the ...
William Janes Roger Stone claims he is libertarian in his documentary on Netflix. That could be sabotage for libertarians or he could finally be waving his freak flag. Keep an eye on the slime

Donald Trump ran on a platform of improving relations with Russia. However, after months of leaks coming from the intelligence agencies, who bitterly oppose the new policy, the Deep State has the last word. Trump’s goal of “getting along with Russia” will surely not be implemented now that the regime of the special counsel has trumped him. No matter what you think of Trump, this is an ominous development for all those who care about the future of our republic. The warning to our politicians could not be clearer: You want to effect a fundamental change in US foreign policy? You dare to question the permanence of NATO? Let this be a lesson to you. More below:

1.1k reactions 131 comments
Steven Scott So let me get this straight, If he gets along with them there is an I investigation and if he doesn't then he is starting problems! If he cured cancer people would complain of the job losses on pharmaceutical companies!
Fred Soto Crazy that Ron Paul of all people would play the witch hunt card. Detach yourself from this clown, Ron Paul. There are no redeeming qualities in the man currently inhabiting the White House.
Brad Seale Einstein once said "the world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of those who don't do anything about it". Ultimately, the future of our Republic is in our hands. What will we leave behind for future ...
Wayne Davis The "republic" is lost. get over it, it's gone never to be seen again because you're to lazy to uphold your obligation to the constitution. That's right it's lost and it's lost because nobody understands the constitution and all it stood for demands ...
Daniel Wood It's disappointing that a man like you who has done so much good in America is blind to what is going on right now. Does Russia have blackmail material on you as well?

There's a lot of chatter comparing President Trump's current headaches to President Nixon's Watergate debacle. The comparisons are pretty weak for sure, but there may be one common thread between the two men that the mainstream media won't dare cover. As we pointed out yesterday, President John F. Kennedy was hysterically branded a traitor who was committing treason for trying to befriend Russia. ​Well, Nixon too eased tensions between the U.S. and Russia (as well as China). This is where the real comparison with Trump comes in. More below:

1.4k reactions 104 comments
K Steele Barrera Why is everybody afraid of Russia? It seems paranoid.
Richard Jefferson Well this seems to answer the question as to who controls the media. Corporations? The State? BOTH! haha
Joel Lawrence The establishment dems and the MSM would rather push a conspiracy theory and restart the cold war than reform their own corruption and rigged primary system. #DNCFraudLawsuit http://www.newsweek....
Seth Buddha Benton The difference is the DNC wasn't sued for $250,000,000 by members of it's own Party after Watergate.
Paul Thibodeau Yes, but not after you found out the Russian's hacked the election.

Taleb: Warmongers Leading Us To Destruction Watch the whole interview here:

202 reactions 13 comments
Teresa Tannahill War is a racket speech:
John Jiao Wang This was a great episode.
Steve Stojanovich The Empire will end sooner than later I pray.
Caleb Arney His name was Seth Rich
Benjamin Ahdoot One of your best interviews yet

In eight years, President Obama signed about $200 billion in arms deals. Obama brokered more weapons sales than any other president since World War II. Well ... President Trump is about to dwarf that with a single sale ... to Saudi Arabia!! America First? Please... More below:

4.3k reactions 578 comments
Alfred Dumont the USA should not be in the business of selling arms to any Islamic States... so long as we are activily fighting radical islamist such as Isis, Isil, and Daesh.....or any other terrorist organizations on our Intellegence hot list.....proven western ...
Cecilia Marie Can we stop flooding people into our country when we were a young country we had immigrants that worked and land and resources. We didn't pay them now we have mass migration we don't know whose coming in in the last two years America has felt dangerous ...
Jonathan Pearl Typical... the only way to guarantee continuous war. But, if we don't sell it to them the Russians will. So it's not like we could stop terrorism by not selling them weapons. That is the nature of the area and people. Their genealogy is programmed ...
Nick Vespa Unless you want to see American troops being used in ww3 then this is how you do it. Notice how that stupid mFer has let up on the Muslim hate? he knows why....they are our allies against russia, China and Iran.
Chris Tyler This is a calling like none we have ever seen before in the history of our country. It is not a calling of democrats, republicans or independents, but of all Americans. A calling for Americans of all backgrounds, ages, and races to rise in defense of ...

As Socialist Venezuela continues to spiral into the abyss, one must wonder why the comfortable socialist peddlers in America are so quiet... We all remember how Bernie Sanders refused to even discuss how his ideas produce the chaos that we see in Venezuela. He wanted no part of that conversation. And while Catholic Bishops that actually *live* in Venezuela have denounced the utter failure of Socialism, Pope Francis has also remained silent on the mass starvation that the "something for nothing" philosophy has produced. Thus, for many Venezuelans, the question is: "Where is Pope Francis?" More below:

5.9k reactions 620 comments
Jose L Palacios Pope Francis is a fraud, he doesn't believe in God, he is an atheist socialist. George Soros secretly bought the vote of the cardinals. Part of the plan to forward the globalist agenda of the leftist elite.
Brian Moore I'd be happy to talk about how socialism has absolutely nothing to do with Venezuela's current state of affairs (which stem from economic failure of expecting oil to carry them) when nutjobs like you decide to talk about the plethora of successful ...
Eduardo Visconte "Why the Left Refuses...." which "Left"? the US Left ? The South American Left ? The European Left. Every "Left" magazine and news publications are talking about Venezuela as they used to talk about Cuba, Nicaragua... Loads of information available... ...
Tim Eriksson Because its mainly US invervention and economical warfare that has broken the backbone of venezuela and many other American countries, The terrorist in America is the USA, everyone knows this but ofcourse they wont admit to it.
Steven Cook-Stratton So many people on here fail to acknowledge the very real problems that the world deals with thanks to capitalism. Yes, across the Pacific are some of the freeist markets in the world. But at what cost? Terrible working conditions and low pay, among ...

When Benjamin Franklin was asked about the new government that was formed at the Constitutional Convention in 1787, he replied that it was: "a republic, if you can keep it." Well, it hasn't been kept, to say the least. The Constitution is systematically ignored, unless one of the political parties believe they can benefit from bringing it up. Otherwise, a vast majority of what occurs in Washington is unconstitutional. By far, the most important part of the U.S. Constitution is the Bill of Rights. How have they faired? Again, not so good at all. More below:

“If you can keep it…”
“If you can keep it…”

By Simon Black ​ On September 17, 1787 on the final day of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin was approached by a woman as he walked out of Independence Hall. “Well...

3.2k reactions 107 comments
Edward Hula Well we've pretty much lost it, and now we'll have to fight like hell to get it back!
Eddie Barker You sure are active lately, crazy old Uncle Ron!! Did the Koch brothers tell you that you needed to step up?
Steve Molloy So what's the solution? Sit back and watch our country fall apart!
Shiloh John Rockladder The Constitution Is Still Good And Legally Binding In America
Cristina Micsa Not really. The Bill of Rights just restated what's already in the Constitution.

When Presidents Get Desperate & Need A Distraction

55 reactions 7 comments
Cigol Zelev
Tim Anderson
Michael King We all need a distraction. The best days for all Americans are the days when Trump plays golf.
Amin Amru I wish there were two President of the United States who share the same foreign policy. 1. JFK 2. Ron Paul.

Which President had the following accusations cast against him: 1) He has betrayed the Constitution, which he swore to uphold. 2) He has committed treason by befriending Russia and other enemies of America. 3) He has subjugated America’s interests to Moscow. 4) He has been caught in fantastic lies to the American people, including personal ones, like his previous marriage and divorce. President Trump? No, it was President Kennedy. More below:

The Russian Obsession Goes Back Decades
The Russian Obsession Goes Back Decades

By Jacob G. Hornberger Just consider the accusations that have been leveled at the president: He has betrayed the Constitution, which he swore to uphold. He has committed treason by befriending...

1.8k reactions 285 comments
Jay DaLone I called this one. I knew Trump was avoiding meetings with Putin and the Russians because I knew the second he did, the left wing media would be like. "SEE THEY ARE FREINDS!" They are so predictable and stupid. More of this garbage will come when he ...
Keith Radeschi Why do people think the Russians could convince Americans how to vote? Why do they think we are so stupid we need Russia to show us who to vote for? Liberals are the weak minded , not conservatives.
Shotzie Holmes well the ELDERLY in congress have certainly been there long enough to remember when it started and keep it going based on their own agenda
Brian Crawford At least under a Ron Paul presidency we would never have to worry about things like this. Loony old Ron would have had his head buried too far in the sand not willing to admit the rest of the world existed to ever run into any issues with a foreign ...
Andreina Peña Romero I just wonder, the guy fires someone who is investigating him immediately threatens him and then I am supposed to believe he has nothing to hide???? Trumpsters are completely brainwashed and can't even acknowledge evidence in their face....well moving ...
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