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19:47 05/18/2017

When Presidents Get Desperate & Need A Distraction

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Cigol Zelev
Tim Anderson
キー 愛とは
Michael King
We all need a distraction. The best days for all Americans are the days when Trump plays golf.
Amin Amru
I wish there were two President of the United States who share the same foreign policy. 1. JFK 2. Ron Paul.
Eliska Reilman Adema
Interesting that the Lunatic in Chief has already dropped a couple of bombs for distraction and you had to dig back to Clinton to get an example.
Jordan Trae
I used to like Ron Paul... he "literally" stumbled through this clip... To win in anything, you have to prove you are better, he has never proven it. He deserves a vote and a comfortable chair to sit down in.

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Ronald Reagan was a great campaigner. He articulated how "government is not the answer, it is the problem." Donald Trump was a great campaigner as well. He hit the right notes in order to get those votes. The American people still have a strong under-current for the ideas of freedom. Even though a lot of freedom has been snuffed away, the desire is still there. America still has a strain that doesn't want perpetual war and welfare. That's why politicians tap into this under-current when they're campaigning. They appeal to the good nature of Americans. In the case of both Reagan and Trump, however, the moment they stepped into office, they turned on a dime. Reagan would grow government like a noxious weed, and Trump is obviously doing the same. More below:

How The Swamp Got To Reagan & Trump
How The Swamp Got To Reagan & Trump

Ron Paul Liberty Report

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Richard Rossner You talk as if it would be any different with any other politician in office. It wouldn't and that's obvious by now I would hope. 2 heads to the same snake.
Kate Kyle sorry but the man hadn't even gotten into office and the eltist were trying to tare him down; stand along side us American's who voted for this change
Dominick Roselli Keep it up Dr. Ron Paul calling out tyranny from the left and right. Make no mistake Trump will prove to be the worst of them all.
Amy Buitenkant please fix the ACA don't let the heartless senators take away the protections if gives. I am a 4 times non Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor who now works full time and I don't mind paying extra in taxes for good health care for all people.
Myrna Isip Kato Every body wants freedom but only the Truth will set everyone free. We must seek the real truth. Truth only comes from the almighty Creator of life.

Is America's Drone Program Multiplying Terrorists?

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Orlando Velez Me to 👍🦉🇺🇸🇺🇸
John Williams Not if it kills enough of them. 😏
Ellen T Zuback No. The koran is.
Anthony Kulis Yep by a number less than 1. #mathhumor
Alan Shields Ethnic cleansing program.

North Korea is a socialist basket case. Socialism produces basket cases on a regular basis. It's nothing new. There's no reason to like Kim Jong-un or any other dictator in the world. Most countries don't meddle with North Korea. They mind their own business. About a century ago, the American federal government took a different path. Everything is its business. Before supporting an American war over in Korea, how about taking a quiz. No cheating. - Does North Korea tax you? - Does North Korea censor you? - Does North Korea spy on your every communication? - Does North Korea force you into one of its buildings to be "schooled"? Finish the quiz below:

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Cynthia Lee Did Obama pay North Korea to leave us alone? Should we stop paying the thugs or continue to pay mafia thugs like this? Did Clinton furnish them with Nuclear materials and pay them? Yeah..l time to stop this BS and handle this like a man.... thanks ...
Kelsey Arnold I usually totally agree with noninterventionist policies like this, but there is a lot more to it than this. Hasn't NK been threatening us for years? Isn't it tip toeing with attacking some of our major allies like Japan, with whom we made an agreement ...
Sean Hamilton Ron Paul, if the US did not interfere with North Korean attacks on the South, you would have an entire countinent of brutal communism...At the same time as NK was attacking its own neighbors, the Khemer Rouge and others were putting their brutal ...
Patrick Fulton I think it's funny how people are thinking that all of this war propaganda is based on what the government tells them and shows them but they really don't know that in fact that North Korea, Iran and Syria have not joined over to the social banking ...
Mike Dewse Just imagine you are the leader of a small country and saw that the US invaded Libya, Iraq and killed their leaders and was invading Syria trying to take out its leader... these countries had no weapons to threaten the US with. Now Kim Jong-un thinks ...

***** "In America, we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example for everyone to watch." ***** Those were actual words spoken by President Trump today at the UN. If only it were possible to see the thoughts swirling through the minds of everyone listening. The words "yeah right" most likely dominated at that moment. If only the president's words were true. Instead, the U.S. government has been at constant war (both overt and covert) for an entire century. The globe is bursting with American military bases that are stationed around every corner. The president had more fibs laced into his speech. See them below:

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Dianna Delgado Help him do what he promised. He has more opposition than any president I have ever seen or read about. Also, I understand he isn't responsible for the last 100 years, only the last 8 months.
Erik Yaple True, but that line about socialism being faithfully executed in Venezuela... that was pretty good. I just wish Rand Paul was the one up there saying it.
Gwenn Morgan Some other crazy person (Dick Gregory) said there are two Trumps. The one in the blue tie is the real one and the one in the red is an impostor. Seeing that I have a hard time believing anything I see or read these days, I wouldn't be surprised if that ...
Nathan Fell What's with all the Trump supporters bashing Paul? Guess they weren't as freedom loving as they thought. If it wasn't for "Vanilla Ice" Romney, Paul would be on his second term already and we'd be doing much better. Trump's only enabling the swamp, not ...
Douglas Arbo Jr. Yep, and he says he's gonna destroy NK. I'm sure he'd try that with another country but that won't fly. And they try to make something sinister about Russia having military exercises with Belarus, like no other country can conduct military exercises ...

President Trump is reportedly about to remove constraints on the CIA's use of drones overseas and loosen the rules of engagement. He is giving the CIA more leeway to determine when and where its drones will strike. Accountability will thus decrease while civilians killed overseas will increase. Is this a prescription for victory and peace? Or for perpetual war? Tune in to today's Liberty Report...

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Stan McClain Is this what the CIA was even designed for? Their private secret wars and espionage campaigns are unconstitutional. The CIA is responsible for much of the international turmoil.
Mikey Evans Drones are illegal assassination devices. They destroy our reputation in the world and are the tools of war criminals.
Timothy Rudd Wants to close up the internet... Has no problem spying on and killing innocent ppl with drones... Yet ppl like him. Smh
Joe De Diego Does anyone here think the CIA actually plays by rules? F8ck no they don't, thats why they murdered one of our presidents.
Louis Holger I will see too it that Trump is held liable for his choice of actions in committing war crimes and other heinous criminal acts.

Investigative Reporter Dilyana Gaytandzhieva uncovers U.S. arms smuggling to Syria. Watch the whole show here:

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Brenden A. Myers She is not the only person to expose this. A few American government officers also discovered this scandal, they were framed for things they never did and fired. Not just the US, the French & British government also involved in supplying arms to ...
Raniel Damos Charlie November
Judy Lee
David Arch Jordan Linscheid Gerald Francis Redlinger Imagine my shock
John Morley Fake news

The US has been shipping billions of dollars worth of Soviet-style weapons to rebels in Syria and elsewhere. One Bulgarian investigative reporter discovered how her own country is participating in this underground weapons smuggling operation. We have her and her story on today's Liberty Report...

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Mark Masker the MILATARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX/the largest branch of our government
Chris Tew Maybe we are just trying to provide jobs for the weapons producers?
Hansruedi Pfister God bless her. I hope she gets a new job. Because all serious journalists lose their jobs.
Patrick Scott One hand washes the other hand, it's always been that way!.. Next?
Dottie Stein yet we can not feed our homeless, vets and struggling children.. pfffft

Will Rand Paul's vote on repealing war authority wake up the Senate? My column at the link: Rand Paul's Senate Vote Rolls Back the Warfare State

Rand Paul
Rand Paul's Senate Vote Rolls Back the Warfare State

Last week, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) reminded Congress that in matters of war, they have the authority and the responsibility to speak for the...

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Tony Prokes It will get us nuked.
Rennaq Vargas Lemos This group was made to unite all the anarcho-capitalists of the world, with the intention of uniting projects and spreading the culture of freedom.
Love Relationship Therapy - Love is what you do “Do what makes you happy, be with who makes you smile,laugh as much as you breathe, and love as long as you live.” - Rachel Ann Nunes
Joe Eldred I wish, but seems unlikely.
Manny Raneri No is won't.

Sanctions are an act of war. They are a form of blockade. They hurt the innocent civilians of the targeted country, and leave the leaders unscathed. Often, sanctions strengthen the leaders, since they can point at the blockade as the reason for the people's misery. What do you think American politicians would do if another nation blockaded us? Do you think they would blame themselves for our misery? Cuba should've taught America a lesson...Sanctions hurt innocents! Sadly, that lesson was not learned. North Korea is quite possibly the most impoverished nation on Earth. Isn't it bad enough that North Koreans must suffer under a brutal Socialist system? Must America now kick these innocent people while they're down? The American government's answer to that question is "Yes," and the American President even brags about it on Twitter. More below:

America Kicks Innocent North Koreans While They
America Kicks Innocent North Koreans While They're Down

I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night. Asked him how Rocket Man is doing. Long gas lines forming in North Korea. Too bad!

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Christopher M. Jensen I felt sorry for folks in North Korea. Still do. But was surprised recently when I saw quite a few NK men and women being interviewed online regarding how they feel about us, and the possibility of war with the US. I do realize they are constantly fed ...
Jeff Fowler I'm sorry Ron Paul but I'm going to have to leave you now. If Japan were bombing Pear Harbor you would be making excuses for us being on their island. The world is a mess because good men don't stand up to evil ones. Sooner or later you have to put your ...
Greg Noah If America wanted to end the the DPRK, it could be done quickly with trade and open borders. The North Korean government would not be able to maintain control of the people for very long.
Joan Bright You are kidding, right? What would you suggest? You don't like war. So how would you prevent the insane leaders of North Korea from firing missiles?
Bill MacDonald Ron you seem to be on the wrong side of reality. The monies that go into North Korea do not feed teh hungry, house the children or cloths the poor. No the money is diverted to the Government and military. Lower ranking Soldiers have to steal food and ...

We're witnessing a battle between authoritarian groups in America. The "Alt-Right" and Cultural Marxists are fighting to control a government that is bankrupt, doesn't follow the Constitution, and controls a foreign empire that is running on fumes. Liberty is not even a consideration. But picking which flavor of poison will finally do us in doesn't have to be our fate. Ron Paul describes our dilemma below:

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Floyd Nichols He would have made a great President. But too many Americans want Santa Claus, and not to be adults. Most want their bread and circus.
G Travis Stone We don't get to pick, we fall into our own pitfalls and are caught in our own snares. It has always been that way and the law is immutable.
Douglas Arbo Jr. Yes sir. Not even most of the folks that comment or follow you on here can comprehend what liberty is and where it actually resides.
Eric Lindal Ron, we need to take back our country. Most people don't realize our Government has been silently overthrown after 911. Congress shirked their responsibility to declare war (why did they do that?), gave them the Patriot Act , HR 5122, and etc. We live ...
William Warfle This country started as a republic id like to see it return to that where everyone had a right to live life truely free and we had a small central goverment that adhered to the constitution

One should *never* find comfort in hearing that generals have imposed discipline on an elected head of state. James Madison warned that "No nation can preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare." What has become of America since 9/11 proves that Madison was correct. To a hammer, all the world looks like a nail ... both around the world, and here at home. More below:

America’s slow-motion military coup
America’s slow-motion military coup

Ron Paul Liberty Report

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Tom Cxyz This is tunnel vision.... America's REAL Military coup took place back when Eisenhower was president and the Dulles brothers were in full effect as head of the CIA and State department..... The Rockefeller's & company trained Eisenhower to be ...
Solomon Specter Hailu It is a soft coup by neocons. These are the general’s wages war around the world without winning or exit strategies. What will be next? The answer will be more war, destruction and debt; after that another election and another talking point.
Michael Abler WELL, I do really not trust any of those men, & I think that they are either evil, or, the stupid pawns of Satan, & their behind the scenes behavior is proving that to be completely TRUE!!!)))))))))))))
Tony Shidler To be fair, Trump needs that firm hand. He's never been in an elected position. He's not a lawyer. So he doesn't even know what he's able to do or not do.
Michael Philipak a time where the people are seeing both parties as hopeless and corrupt, they trust apolitical self-made men of proven competence and worth?

As American politicians foam at the mouth in anticipation of dragging us into yet another unconstitutional and unnecessary war in Korea, we may want to ponder a few words from General Douglas MacArthur. MacArthur led the first major error of America involving itself in a civil war 6000 miles away from home. The error had nothing whatsoever to do with defending America. It was pure military adventurism. After the fact, MacArthur explained how the government keeps the war racket going. Read his words below:

When Will Americans Stop Being Afraid?
When Will Americans Stop Being Afraid?

Ron Paul Liberty Report

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Jordan Rivera Ron politicians like are you are what's wrong in the government. NK shooting BMI over Japan with the intentions according to NK to hit us. You need to see 10 million Americans get killed at once to open ur eyes.
Zakir Shah No one can stop Ron Paul .he is honest The truth is powerful and worth defending & requires taking a stand when the truth is under attack What a wonderful world our world seemed to be with Rand Paul working building peace .
Thomas Jeffery Why don't we just train the people to resist the temptation of murdering for hire. Sick perverted, evil, adulterous, wicked nation of luciferian-worshiping vermin.
Crane Paxton america is the popes army. we are the image of the beast and is in the cause of a new world order. why else would we involve ourselves. during ww1 wilson had to sell the idea of going to war in europe to the people. during ww2 we had to wait for ...
Christopher Bjorndal There's a reason why you are still insignificant, and you are the biggest reason your son doesn't have all the support he should. Retire in silence Ron.

Speaking Truth Leads To Failure (In Politics) See also: Lying Leads To Success (In Politics)

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Alberto Escobosa Cadena
Leticia Almeida Get $450,00 extra income taking fast surveys paid ➤ #uspaidsurvey
Mike Peine Dr. Judy Wood
David Suavo (Y)
John Morley What ever is your solution? Less education?

Lying Leads To Success (In Politics) See also: Speaking Truth Leads To Failure (In Politics)

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Irfan Khan
John Sherriff Example: Ron Paul
Rick Johnson Mr. Shrimp.
Rick Johnson Nope.
Rick Johnson Ron Paul lied about his shrimp lobbying.

Politicians are known to be avid liars. Why is that? The obvious reason is because there are no ramifications. When a politician campaigns, he's not under oath or contract. There are no binding-agreements. The goal is to say what you need to say to get the votes. You're under no obligation to deliver on anything that you say. Amazingly, even though politicians lie constantly, there's never a shortage of believers! Once government moves beyond the protection of liberty and the Constitution, it becomes a government of, by, and for the greatest liars. Don't miss today's Liberty Report!

Why Politicians Lie
Why Politicians Lie

Ron Paul Liberty Report

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Kellen William Seer Look it's a Draco puppet party photo! The people have awakened to the true influence and intend expel everyone involved from planet earth.
Merry Kusz The American people are waking up ! we have finally had enough ! Hillary lost and the Electoral College did their Job !
Jon Cobb find out where they eat, vacation, dry clean, rent their car, gamble, drink, and deny it. The public can have an effect.
Kyle Sherman Good point, when i bid on a job i provide a contractual agreement to the customer. Why shouldnt politicians be required to do such?
Mujib Ahmed After Trump it is going to become a norm. Say whatever gets you votes to win and then do what the "system" allows you to do.

If the American government really wanted to help Israel, it would get out of the Middle East.

132 reactions 32 comments
Mike Peine Dr. Judy Wood
Stephanie Green Israel is a Terrorist Nation.
Talib Kamel Lmao
Brian Ferguson True, True
Terry Easterling Outstanding

The Biggest Failures of Iraq Are Advising The President?

93 reactions 12 comments
David Howard
Mike Peine Dr. Judy Wood
Mabel Ann Who got us into iraq by lying??
Zakir Shah m informed
Trey Copeland You're still talking?

Washington is a very poor representation of the American people. Americans are against the carousel of perpetual wars. Every election goes to the candidate that promises to end the senseless militarism. Of course, it never happens. Ron Paul discusses Senator Rand Paul's fight against the forever wars:

905 reactions 48 comments
Kevin Johnson Take the power away from the banks, and get rid of all the banks puppets. END THE FED
Irfan Khan Flawed elections, or selections should stop.
Donna Marie It isn't just Washington, however I do find your first statement here to be true.
Richard Gravel Washington is doing a fantastic job of representing Big Banks and Big Business.
Harry Velez The Congress has voted to Abdicate the Constitutional procedure for declaration of War; The Resolution For War Continues - So they can continue to Suckle on the TeaTs of Bribery from the Industrial Corporate War Machine - and they can also Suckle on the ...

Why does anyone still listen to the neocons? They are wrong every single time. Now they have Iran in their sights and they are surrounding the president. Will he pull the US out of the Iran deal? Can he? Our take in today's Liberty Report...

236 reactions 31 comments
Julie Larsen Incredible
Rosa Chalinilla Sanchez ❤️🤝🙏
Rosa Chalinilla Sanchez 🦋🤝✌🏻
Ross Kemp Rojas ron paul is a good man
Rosa Chalinilla Sanchez ⭐️🇺🇸✌🏻

Much attention is being paid to Hillary Clinton's excuses for losing the election last year. We've all seen the headlines. She's blaming everyone but herself. But instead of bashing Hillary Clinton the person, it would be much wiser to look at her underlying philosophy and find the errors there. You see, it makes perfect sense for Hillary to reject personal responsibility for losing. Accepting responsibility would effectively nullify her entire political career. Clinton's claim to fame is victimhood. Millions of Americans have latched onto the belief that they are perpetual victims, and that Hillary will fight for them and get them free things. Hillary will force others to act in certain ways, and force others to think in certain ways. If Hillary Clinton, all of a sudden, said "I am responsible," it would shatter the whole edifice that she has built over all these years. Are you caught in the victimhood matrix? There's a way out. More below:

Escaping The Victim Mindset
Escaping The Victim Mindset

Ron Paul Liberty Report

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Danielle DeAngelis Explaining is not blaming. This is called history. Agree or disagree, debate, but don't use words like "complain" and "blame". Ron Paul supporters don't "complain" or "Blame" the US government for every single thing wrong with the world. They debate. ...
Danielle DeAngelis Luckily, more people in this country are "die hard Clinton supporters"-because more people voted for her than anyone else. Sanders told the biggest lies, the biggest fantasies-you guys want a pony-I'll get you one-yippee. Most people who love Sanders ...
Thomas Skernivitz Ron Paul, thank you. Tremendous post. Huge problem coast to coast. As for Clinton, what irony. The Scut Farkas of politics finally got a dose of her own medicine.
Matt Spicer Wasn't her political career. Appointed by husband as health czar- failed. And appointed by Obama as sec of state because her turn was next bengazi and fake snipers. failed and appointed by dnc as candidate - failed? Did I miss something? I believe ...
Denis Materna Maybe it's time to get rid of the nanny state and compensation culture and all notions of entitlement to the fruits of other people's labour. The ideas of equality can be squashed very easily once those who are responsible for themselves decide that ...

Our distant ancestors had to face the harsh realities of Church & State operating as one. That bond was finally broken in America. Churches could no longer use government violence to their advantage. They had to persuade and peacefully gain their followers. As a result, America is filled with every conceivable religion, and there hasn't been a single religious war in its history. What a success story! Unfortunately, as the bond of Church & State was broken, a new bond was formed between Corporation & State. That is the yoke that we live under today...Government doing the bidding of corporations and corporations doing the bidding of government. It's almost impossible to tell where one begins and the other ends. This bond must also be broken someday. Without the ability to use government force to their advantage, businesses would have to persuade and peacefully gain their customers. They would have to compete in an actual free market, and not the current imaginary one. Ron Paul's latest op-ed discusses the latest scheme of Corporation & State in space exploration:

1.8k reactions 171 comments
Douglas Bland I notice Rand Paul has begun to stray from his original path as of late. More and more it appears, to me, that his fight for the American people sometimes includes certain companies and businesses...perhaps he is looking for bigger political ...
Ryan Borger So wait.. SpaceX worked within the capitalist system, and it's growth and progressive ideas allowed them to secure a government contract.. The pinnacle of success, and you have a problem with it? The capitalist model you protect, allowed SpaceX to ...
Salem Chaleby Only flaw is Corporations would become the new government and set laws themselves. At least that's my take on it. There's no solution... the strong have always taken advantage of the weak and always will.
Sean McCormack "As a result, America is filled with every conceivable religion, and there hasn't been a single religious war in its history." With all due respect, I believe the Mormons/Latter-Day Saints might disagree with you concerning this statement.
Kevin Duggan Government is a business. It's the business all other businesses and producers must pay and abide by. The only way to fix the world is to return to primitive times, knock down all the buildings and replant the earth and have every one be homesteaders

The Empire wants no limits...

445 reactions 21 comments
David Howard
Lee Golden
Eric Lindal Dr. Paul I have been targeted and destroyed by the DOD despite serving honorably for over twenty years. Please view my story. The Federal Court already ruled this was illegal and it makes no difference to ...
Cory Parker
Amir Razeghi Michael Manglicmot

The media is trying to convince us that "Medicare for All" is popular. They keep repeating it as if popularity is some kind of criteria for truth. First of all, if something is really popular, there's no reason to incessantly tell us about it. We would know. It would be obvious. The "climate change" crowd uses the same exact tactic. They try to ram their statism into our consciousness 24/7, and they're always telling us about "majorities" and "most Americans". Since when is a "majority" something sacred? If "most Americans" think that concentration camps and gulags are OK, are we simply supposed to get on board because "the majority" is for them? Truth is the truth, even if there's only 1 person out of 7 billion that adheres to it. The idea that healthcare is a "right" is simply not true. More below:

5.1k reactions 690 comments
Israel Ripley Actually, to be very technical "We the people" create what rights our government is legally bound to protect via our constitution. So if enough American decided that Medicare/Health Services in America was a "right" of the citizens. It would become one.
Sean Mooney It doesn't have to argued as a right Argue affordable and accessible healthcare as compensation in the extortion of taxes already collected Let the people have money appropriated from the taxes already collected End the perpetual war budget - and ...
Jamie Tucker Medicare for all sounds awesome on a piece of paper but in's a literal HORRID nightmare! Just look at other countries single-payer disasters especially Great Britain. No single payer model is good for the US! Let's get healthcare and ...
Bronwyn Cox Wow, I used to look up to you. It's true, libertarianism is just conservatism on steroids. ✌🏼I remember seeing you in like 2010 at my university talking about getting rid of welfare. I was an idiot who actually bought that people will take care of one ...
Carl Crickenberger Ok My Medicare (that was supposed to be Free) costs me $250 a month and my suppliment that covers what Medicare doesn't cost me around $160.00 then I need another card for percriptions. Not sure how much that is. I can see nothing but skyrocketing ...

The Senate is voting to table (kill) Rand Paul's amendment to repeal the authorization of the 2001 Afghan war and the 2002 Iraq war. Why are they afraid to debate the wars...even 16 years later? Tune in to today's Liberty Report and we'll tell you why...

1.2k reactions 59 comments
Mike Horwath When you have selfish ignorant citizens , your gonna get selfish ignorant leaders no matter what "side" they claim
Nathan Fast Newt Gingrich at one point talked about it only would take 300 million a year to buy off Congress!
Randall A. Naccari Hmmm, nothing on the news about this today.
David Blackburne Henry Kissinger Says: "Military Men Are Dumb, Stupid Animals Meant To Be Used As Cannon Fodder"
Jeffrey Bertch A military coup is coming.

You know things are backwards when the police are stealing more from American citizens than actual burglars. Police shouldn't steal at all, but actually stealing more than thieves? ... Come on! Have you ever wondered what "civil asset forfeiture" looks like when it happens? Well, someone recently caught a police officer on camera taking a hot dog vendor's wallet, and literally grabbing the cash right out of it. The hot dog vendor's crime in the "land of the free"? He didn't have the necessary permit .... which in itself speaks volumes about the bureaucratic Leviathan that currently exists. Watch below:

5.3k reactions 453 comments
Brad Wiltrout I said this yesterday after seeing this on an other page. We the people sat back as Congress sign the bill stating they can seize Assets and vehicles without being proven guilty of a crime. What did people think that meant. We are letting this ...
Jason Caflin Andrew, when the lawmakers start making laws that benefit citizenry rather than corporate, I might buy into it. Right now it's them against us.
Elbert Marks Dan Marks - Dan, aren't there special conditions were civil asset forfeiture can be applied and conditions in which it may not? I didn't think a cop can legally walk up and act as judge and jury on the spot.
Durenda Richardson Chalmers If he didn't have a permit? Health permit? He could close him down till got permit but no way should they be able to take their money!! But this is California! They think they can do anything !
Tressa Nelson It's the laws on the books, that allow this to happen, and those in power that put the laws on the books, that are responsible for this, rather than the police. Be careful, you're painting with a pretty broad brush stroke in putting the onus or ...

Steve Bannon was recently on 60 Minutes waxing nostalgic about the "American System" of Hamilton, Clay, Lincoln and The Roosevelts. Oh boy... *Alexander Hamilton* - Proponent of central banking and endless debt that he said would be a "national blessing". Hamilton merged the politically-connected wealthy with the federal government. *Henry Clay & Abraham Lincoln* - Again, big time supporters of central banking, protectionism, and corporate welfare. *FDR* - The president who married Big Business to the Government on a massive scale. This poorly named "American System" is the problem! It's not the solution!! Ron Paul explains how Bannon and Trump are just more of the same status quo that got us into this mess:

1.5k reactions 105 comments
Matthew Williamson Victor Lawless you do know that FDR knew that Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbor? He needed war to get out of the Great Depression.
Sue Thomas Maybe not correct but someone has to be a leader in steering us away from the Titanic. Paul your great but he gets more press
Joseph Fischer "Remember when Donald Trump was business partners with the Russian government and his company got 53 million from the Russian government investment fund called Rusnano that was started by Vladimir Putin and is referred to as "Putin's Child"? Oh wait, ...
Caterina Lorenzo-Molo Trump initially wasn't. This was obvious at the start. But who can fight that Deep State. JFK died doing it.
Joseph Fischer We spend more in military than the next ten countries combined. We owe trillions-- there is no money to save Americans time or lives. Only money to antagonize some countries our banks want and kill people that won't give us their oil and Isael their ...

If the Pentagon suddenly bombed North Korea, killing thousands of North Korean citizens, that would clearly be considered an act of war. Yet, if the U.S. government targets North Korea with economic sanctions that kill thousands of North Koreans through starvation or illness, that’s bizarrely considered a peaceful diplomatic measure. But people are dead either way — from bombs or sanctions. The U.S. did this to Iraq before the disastrous 2003 invasion. Half a million Iraqi children were killed by economic sanctions. Does it make a difference if you're killed by a bomb or sanctions? Of course not. *Both are acts of war.* More below:

Sanctions Are An Act of War
Sanctions Are An Act of War

Ron Paul Liberty Report

2.4k reactions 500 comments
Malcolm Shepler Let's be clear: it isn't American sanctions that are causing North Koreans to starve to death. North Koreans were starving to death even when fewer sanctions were in place, they were even starving to death when the US and ROK were sending humanitarian ...
Robert Kesselring The North Korean people are starving now, even without the sanctions in place. It has nothing to do with sanctions and everything to do with socialism. The most humane thing we could do for the North Korean people would be a swift, and surgical ...
Prasun Sardar Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Aghanistan, Syria are names of a few countries America has systematically destroyed ... and there will be the justice of God .. the wrath is imminent .. you cannot wash your hands saying " it wasnt ...
Nelson Avery The simple difference is that North Korea or Iraq had it within their power to reverse the sanctions by reversing their respective courses of action. By choosing not to do so, the responsibility for those deaths becomes theirs.
Cary Robert Unreal. I cant even believe im reading this.... How can you give North Korea a pass Ron Paul? If a father is starving his people because he chooses to threaten all his neighbors and board up his house I guess it is the polices fault for trying to ...

So now there's chatter of eliminating the debt ceiling? Granted, the "ceiling" was never a ceiling to begin with, as it's been raised about 100 times. But the debt itself is very real...and the clock is ticking. Apparently, government doesn't want us to even *think* there are limits to their mountains of debt? Let's put this into context: - The Fed is never audited. They can do whatever they want. - The Pentagon is never audited. They can do whatever they want. - The President says he's not telling anyone what military actions are going to be taken. Americans are as in the dark as the rest of the world. - Now the government may get rid of the debt ceiling? We're looking at a continuation in trend of raw and unchecked power. Don't miss today's Liberty Report below:

Repeal The Debt Ceiling? ... Really?
Repeal The Debt Ceiling? ... Really?

Ron Paul Liberty Report

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Matthew Shields I'm of the opinion that we are already over the cliff, the only question is when will we hit the bottom? I once was for cutting spending, but now I think if you're going to go BK, go big.
Jeffrey McNeela Why is it so easy to buy crypto currency on Coinbase (bitcoin), but nearly impossible to buy crypto as a u.s. citizen in other countries? Because the FDIC insures Coinbase out of fear of losing control, so citizens run there to buy crypto, and Coinbase ...
Tj Cubby You are right Ron, they can do whatever they want. Like make up this story that they are keeping track of a debt. Then create some theater around it with their minions arguing over this fictitious number like it was a big deal. Counterfeiters don't keep ...
Kote Nogin I agree with all those points except the military one. How are we supposed to be an effective fighting force if everyone knows our every move? That is a ridiculous plan that has been carried out to much.
Anthony Quintana when your social security number is worth billions and even trillions of dollars (goto fidelity dot com) u kind of wonder like auditing the fed where the debt ceiling was a hoax and balancing the budget and exploding the credit is the ultimate sign of ...

Following the "never let a good crisis go to waste" philosophy, Congress has snuck a debt limit increase into its "emergency funding" hurricane bill. My latest column at the link...

Congress Exploits Hurricane to Raise Debt Ceiling
Congress Exploits Hurricane to Raise Debt Ceiling

Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel famously counseled politicians to never let a crisis go to waste. Sadly, this week President Trump...

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Bob Gunning
游餘國 The 16th anniversary of inside job/9/11 today.
Harry Pierce Lynn Pulse Pierce Mike Pierce
Doug Wilson Donate to the electronic Robin Hood's, commissary here
William Tooke Of course they did

As we prepare for our yearly Peace Conference hosted by The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, please enjoy this flashback speech on America moving from a foreign policy of peace to military empire:

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The Freedom Project The Freedom Project is a grassroots campaign organisation supporting Libertarianism in the UK. We are just starting out, so any support from our friends across the pond would be great!
Claude Mokbel Weeeee
Mike Peine your vote is WORTHLESS !
Richard Perriera Peace conference????? Lol
Stephanie Green All Hell is coming for this Fourth Reich! Congratulations Republican Antichrist Regime. God's wrath is coming to America for selling out to Satan. Barely 8 months in and thus far: the Republican Antichrist Regime; 1. Muslim ban 2. Transgender ...
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