Ron Paul
19:47 05/18/2017

When Presidents Get Desperate & Need A Distraction

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Cigol Zelev
Tim Anderson
キー 愛とは
Michael King
We all need a distraction. The best days for all Americans are the days when Trump plays golf.
Amin Amru
I wish there were two President of the United States who share the same foreign policy. 1. JFK 2. Ron Paul.
Eliska Reilman Adema
Interesting that the Lunatic in Chief has already dropped a couple of bombs for distraction and you had to dig back to Clinton to get an example.
Jordan Trae
I used to like Ron Paul... he "literally" stumbled through this clip... To win in anything, you have to prove you are better, he has never proven it. He deserves a vote and a comfortable chair to sit down in.

Other newsfeed from Ron Paul

Ron Paul in 2008: "If you subsidize illegal immigration, you get more of it." Watch below:

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Mike Peine If you bomb countries into shitholes you'll get more too .
Zachary Taylor Jasmine Mabe
Ricardo Cook I can agree with some of it, but I’m much more lenient on immigration in general. I think there should be easier pathways to legal status. I only listened to it to hear points made from the other side without the speaker sounding like an idiot racist ...
Kyle Nowakowski Agree
David Juan Maclennan Huerta Sure sounds right , but thats when you own the land from the start .What I once read about the treaty sign by the USA and Mexico think after 1848 , after Texas was taken away and the rest of the states in the South from Mexico , it said about " ...

President Trump's new Nuclear Posture Review is expected to call for new "low-yield" nuclear weapons and an expansion of the scenarios in which the US may use a nuclear "first strike." Is this a good idea? We discuss in today's Liberty Report...

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Eddie Wright Yep. First strike. Being second strike is a little too late.
Brent Lee Van Eaton That'll be the day...the last one...
John Fales We should definitely have the ability.
Henry E Smith why not they release nano device to go after the leader only? Problem solved
Chris Fowler Stop and ask your self,"who will protect the world From America?

How did the American people ever reach the point where they believe that fighting unconstitutional wars is required to protect our freedoms and our Constitution? Why do we allow the NSA, CIA, FBI, TSA, etc. to destroy our liberty at home, as part of the Global War on Terror, with a pretext that they are preserving our liberty? Why do the American people suffer in silence and not scream “Enough is enough!”? We’ve had enough of the “humanitarian do-gooders” and the proponents of “American exceptionalism” who give us nothing but war, economic suffering, and less freedom. This can and must be stopped.

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Chris Mac No. You know the scene in the first star wars movie when Luke and Obi Wan walk into the cantina filled with all sorts of strange, oblivious wierdos? THAT'S how the rest of the world sees America.
Ian Murray OP is dreaming. Lol. It is capaitalism run amok. The wealthy are okay with the masses staying distracted while they get fleeced. Wars are a pretty good distraction where it creates an analogous condition where the victim gleefully gives the perp his ...
Steve Bokmiller Although Dr Paul has corrected much of my understanding about liberty, economics and the Constitution, I could not be in more disagreement with this ad hominem attack on the character of our nation. I frequently meet people from third world nations ...
Ray Thomas Because the rich oligarchs in America give us no other choices in monopolized political races, and because when an outsider runs and wins, they threaten impeachment and pay the media to publish voluminous negative and largely fake news.
Daniel Katie Graham The answer to your first question (notwithstanding the unconstitutional part): Pearl Harbor, the Cold War, and 9/11. Isolationist attitude is what brought the fights to our shores in every case. Not saying you’re necessarily wrong Ron Paul, I’m just ...

Weekly Update -- Earmarks Are Not The Problem

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Dan Munson Thanks Ron. Good explanation.
Charles Aldridge One subject per bill in plain English.
Thomas Jeffery The problems seems to be that the people are no longer politically organized and ORGANIZED CRIMINALS are wielding the influence of government while the people are the partial but temporary beneficiaries. There you have a nutshell.
Daniel McCoy Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should be a personal choice, and not regulated by any Govt. Official.
Daniel McCoy Police Chief's and Sheriff's should refuse to enforce laws that burden their constituents with the enforcement of Federal regulations contrary to the wishes of their community. It is that simple, the public rules. We chose the D.A.'s, we chose the ...

Watch out when government says that it's coming to "help," or that it's going to make something "more affordable" and "more accessible." Whenever those words leave a politician's lips, a major tragedy is on its way. Foreign policy "help" and domestic policy "help" are two sides of the same false-promise coin. It can't happen, and it won't happen. Abroad, when the U.S. government says it's going to bring "freedom" to another nation, it ends up destroying the nation, killing untold numbers of people and producing chaos. At home, when the U.S. government says it'll "help" make a college education "more affordable," and "more accessible," it ends up burying kids with enormous debt, and sending the price of a college education upward into the stratosphere! More below:

Student Loan Default Crisis Looms
Student Loan Default Crisis Looms

Ron Paul Liberty Report

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Marilyn K. Wilkie They’re turning out educated idiots who take the jobs that poor people need. Oh, you have a degree? You’re hired to wait tables. And then they all whine about the cost of THEIR education. Learn a skilled trade.
Shevia Cornett Education these days is so bad im not sure I want my kids going to collage. They dont need to learn to lick boots and wear pussy hats while protesting in the freeway.
Alex Weise You either go to college and get massive debt, or you waste your life as some manual labor factory worker, construction worker, etc...neither is a good option, but I will risk a life of debt to have a chance at dignity and a worthwhile life.
Timothy Mahon What will happen when sofi and navient (Sallie Mae) start seeing massive default rates...? Will Trump bail them out.
Brooke Thomas Everyone who is eligible should switch their federal student loans to an income driven repayment plan. Depending on the type of plan, you have an extremely manageable loan payment (usually no more than 15% of your income, and your spouse's loans are ...

Left & Right work together for war and welfare. Martin Luther King Jr. refused to sellout.

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Anthony August And he was taken out. Sad!
Chris Fontenot Never compromise against the U.S. Constitution.
Zannon Muhammad I am interested in collaborating on my various plans to resolve international issues that I have sent to my Messenger. As an appropriate solution to prevent the flood of migration and other international crises, such as the crisis in North Korea and the ...
Ramzi Edward Dabbagh Dear Mr. Paul. I've admired you for a long time. And I was even a registered Libertarian. But your son scares me at the moment. Please talk to him. Tell him not to go to the dark side. For the sake of the country. He could be a force for good now, but ...
Patrick Scheel When you know the truth you get eliminated, CIA 101. Tupac, Kennedy, MLK jr, Seth Rich RIP heroes.

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Heroic Antiwar Stand

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Nelson Graber So TERRIBLE
Nuno Zargo David Verissimo
Rudolf Wagner Marxist Lucifer King Jr was a communist, reprobate, poltroon, fraud, liar, blasphemous, fake preacher and fake doctor, who was addicted to male and female prostitutes with every town he went in. George Lincoln Rockwell and Malcolm X were right.
Zannon Muhammad I am interested in collaborating on my various plans to resolve international issues that I have sent to my Messenger. As an appropriate solution to prevent the flood of migration and other international crises, such as the crisis in North Korea and the ...
James Miller His death ripped part of my heart out and made our country poorer; and yes, though I'm a southern born lover of our regional flag, tradition, and ancestral statuary, I revere Dr. King, hate those who would divide our people, can't abide racism, and ...

Was MLK, Jr. killed for opposing the Vietnam war? The liberal establishment was furious with him. More in today's Liberty Report:

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Mark Swanger We know Kennedy was!
Jason Scott His wife for cheating on her 😂 JP
Sam Winchester This is why I love you Dr. Paul!
Shawn Eastland The left...
Tom D. Porter Everyone knows the Mob/Mafia/Organized Crime votes left, actually documented quite well

Many in Washington want us to believe that earmarks were responsible for out-of-control spending. Nothing could be further from the truth. My latest column in defense of earmarks at the link:

Earmarks Are Not the Problem
Earmarks Are Not the Problem

Last week President Trump urged Congress to reassert its constitutional authority to direct how federal agencies spend taxpayer dollars. Ironically,...

180 reactions 18 comments
Edwin Aagtjes Feddy Vos
Sead Ramovic No shadow,s!
Nicole Bilous P
Christophe Cash No earmarks. This is bribing people to vote a certain way, which is corrupt at its core.
Tom Yeseta I agree with Ron - It is wise to know where you’re spending your money.

Peace ... Anti-war ... Courage

2.3k reactions 63 comments
John W Gray ....and INTEL Operatives with faked deaths.
Vincenzo Ferretti Generic leftist drivel. It's 2018...time to bury this.
Jevon Falcon ...and so they silenced him.
Gakuru Thigiru We all fight againist capitalism but where will the thread end?
Fred Paul To post his picture with the one that authorized his death is ludicrous.

H.L. Mencken said that the aim of compulsory government schools: "is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality." With competition, people would naturally stay away from government indoctrination centers. Hence, government has to create laws to force children into them. Former Communist leader Vladimir Lenin, responsible for 4 million deaths once said: "Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever." Compulsory "education" is the crown jewel of government control. Fortunately, modern communication technologies are weakening government's "education" grip. If you're interested in opting-out your children, the Ron Paul Curriculum may be the right homeschooling option for you. K-8 students get the basics: reading, writing, arithmetic, science, and history. There is also a year's course on personal finance: saving, investing, and the dangers of debt. Here is a sample history essay written by one of our Seniors on the History of American Literature Please visit The Ron Paul Curriculum website for more information:

566 reactions 41 comments
Anthony Dunford Is it free? Why not? What's really your purpose you capitalistas?
Shane Morgan Rebecca Hobbs we need to do this. I think its a good idea for Isaiah too if we can talk him into it.
Justin Lyons Don't let the government brainwash your kids. Do it yourself
Grant Davis Mencken is the gift that keeps on giving!
Sean Monaghan you people believe we have aliens in Area 51

The Fed has created another massive economic QE bubble. Central planning cannot work, and we're (once again) in for a heavy dose of economic pain. When the bust arrives, the same old playbook will come out. The "free market" and "capitalism" are to blame. Government needs more power. The Fed needs more authority. "Government has to do something!" It won't matter that you have a better chance of finding a "free market" in Communist China than you do in America. Central Planning doesn't work. End The Fed.

2.1k reactions 81 comments
Lance Moore The FED is not the government. It is wholly owned by the BANKS. It is a BANK.
Andy Stuart It will be soulless drones working in the government. Wait. That’s already happening
Timothy Baughman when government controls the printing of money: it's not capitalism.
Bradley Dodson Remember when Peter Schiff, a free market libertarian, predicted the housing bubble collapse when the Dow was at an all-time high, 2 years before it happened? If you haven't, you should check him out. Trump WILL take the fall when Obama's Quantitative ...
Paul Haller Ron Paul, are you an economist or a fear monger?

Tough times ahead. Failed ideas die hard. But Liberty has a fighting chance.

262 reactions 16 comments
Billy Barber GREAT !!!!
Sead Ramovic No Shadows!
Kyle Wagner What’s the alternative? Minarchism or anarcho-capitalism?
Orion Kaplan A real man?
Axel Ras Das Häagen VOTING Ron Paul

Prices Should Tell The Truth -- But With The Fed, Prices Lie

183 reactions 11 comments
Lindell Heupel Good luck wakening the sheeple!
Ken Welch Waiting for the shoe to debt.
Joanne Antigone VK Dr Paul is the best!!!!
Eddie Cruise God paid the price for it all. We have paid enough in our blood and God paid in the blood of his son Jesus Christ. Freedom is the only answer!
Edward Wilson We can do better if we take the reigns and end the fed or fix it

China has been accumulating gold for years, and are now taking steps to tie it to yuan. Meanwhile Americans have been duped into believing that gold is no longer money. China manufactures everything. China is America's largest creditor. China is not bankrupting itself by invading the entire world, (or anyone for that matter). The U.S. Federal Reserve has created a massive QE Bubble and interest rates in the U.S. are rising. The U.S. government is in the hole $20 Trillion. The Chinese are not so eager to keep piling up on U.S. dollars and U.S. Treasury debt. Ron Paul talks about what lies ahead:

2.6k reactions 256 comments
Brent Stewart Nope!! Simply bring back manufacturing to the US (this is already starting to happen) and then default on the loans to China. Simple. What are they going to do, really??
Rob Robbo And the historical bond debt of China is? China can't increase its currency because it has defaulted on its historical bond debt over a years........The I.B.S. doesn't ever disregard that.......
Frunk Elliott Yes China is our biggest creditor. This is because they regularly invest in US Treasury Bonds to create upward pressure on the dollar in order to make their exports our primary imports. Its a symbiotic relationship. Isn't Ron Paul legitimately senile?
Shimura Smith China just saying pay back debt to US, because China itself is difficult with economy. Its not Attack , but normal business consequence. China is not like Japan. Japan is US s dog. Japan has no right to be payed back debt from US. exPM Hashimoto ...
Glenn Smith We own a farm in upcountry Thailand. I have to buy stuff for the farm all the time. The stuff from Japan is outstanding, but much of the stuff from China just isn't worth my time and money.

As in every case when Socialism is fully implemented, North Korea is a total basket case. The state owns just about everything, and everyone's life depends on the state. The "equality" that America's Snapchat socialists yearn for can be found in North Korea. There is an equality of suffering and starvation. As if the victims of terrible ideas in North Korea don't have it hard enough, in comes the United States with economic sanctions. Instead of setting a good example for the world, the U.S. government decides to kick the poor North Koreans while they're down. In Iraq, economic sanctions led to the death of 500,000 Iraqi children, a number that then-Secretary of State Madeline Albright said was "worth it." These policies, which always fail in their *stated objective* of weakening a country's leader, are the banality of evil. More below:

The Banality of U.S. Evil
The Banality of U.S. Evil

Ron Paul Liberty Report

990 reactions 152 comments
Daniel Neshanian “The state owns just about everything, and everyone’s life depends on the state”. well isn’t that what the radical liberals want anyway for the U.S., marxist socialism?
Victor Sforza Socialism isn't the problem, dictatorship and being a vassel state of Beijing is..also being a pawn in big power gamesmanship too..
Justin Mullins I think Mr. Paul is railing against totalitarianism and not socialism. He seems to be conflating terms for a political purpose.
Jared Mundahl Socialism doesn't require a dominant government arching over the people. Quit conflating government tyranny and economic social structures.
Kao Yang Sanctions are bad. The fat kid will continue to stuff his face while the people starve. War is not the answer but what do you do when there is no regard for human life. Is the fat kid going to just give up his power and play ball? Or do you give him ...

Bring the troops home. Defend America only.

1.2k reactions 81 comments
Charles Aldridge Military Industrial Complex (Too Big To Fail)
Keith Venrooy imagine that if it was to happen like that, we probably wouldn't have much of any war, if even.
Michael Mullins The Federal Reserve, funding illegal wars since 1913.
Ron Craig But what would the bankers and arms makers do?
Garett Cates Israel needs to sink or swim on its own.

What Our American Ancestors Thought of Mass Surveillance

78 reactions 3 comments
Viviana Celeste Trouchot There are enough proves about the authorship of the 911 attack to know that was an inside job, proves that were not result of the surveillance state, which did nothing to prevent it or stop it, prove result of the confession of David Rockefeller´s 1967 ...
Charles Aldridge Only a psychopath would want to spy on their fellow citizens for a living.

This is how liberty step at a time...

238 reactions 21 comments
Reza Malek But ur stupid son supports it! Ho we is he ur son? Are u sure he is?
Kat LeMieux
Kirby Humphrey Gradualism
Raphael Gigi Blasini they don't know whether coming or going...doc

Today the House passed an extension of the notorious Sec. 702 of the FISA Amendments Act of 2008. That means the Feds can keep spying on you without warrant and maintain your personal communications in a database for "future use." Can the Senate stop this attack on the Constitution? Yes, but it won't be easy. More in today's Liberty Report:

519 reactions 46 comments
Pat West Not true
Rick Smith #GetAWarrant!
Alan C. Warren I hope the Senate stops them.
Shawn Irwin So much for Republicans wanting "less government".
Lovers of Liberty, thanks to The Pauls Be prepared for your son's filibuster, Dr. Paul. In Liberty!

The electronic prison that we see being erected around us is not a new phenomenon. The surveillance state is a long-time work in progress. Ron Paul was disgusted with it back in 1984. Watch below:

2.4k reactions 81 comments
Dave Flegel And how it could be used as a political weapon, like Obama did spying on trump tower
Peter Kurylko Immediately walk outdoors & your on CAMERA so wave & say Hi!
Sander Groenendijk Marcel van Stokhem. Deze man moet je volgen. Politicus uit Amerika. Zal je morgen ff een tof filmpje van hem laten zien
Brad Harvey Well that's kinda ironic...or Orwellian...
Rick Beyer The last true statesman.

Every government official *swears* to uphold The U.S. Constitution, or the "law of the land." Unfortunately, the swearing-in ends up being the first official lie of just about every politician. Here's Ron Paul (who actually took his oath seriously) on the House floor in Mar. 1999: “The Constitution is clear: Our presidents, from Washington to Roosevelt, all knew that initiating war was clearly the prerogative of the Congress, but our memories are flawed and our reading of the law is careless. The president should not be telling us what he plans to do; he should be giving us information and asking our advice. We are responsible for the safety of our troops, how taxpayers’ dollars are spent, the security of our nation, and especially the process whereby our nation commits itself to war.” Today, president's don't ask the advice of Congress to wage war. Congress hasn't declared war since World War II. Today, Congress doesn't even know where the troops are, They recently found out about troops in Niger, and all over Africa! Today, how can Congress possibly be responsible for the safety of the troops when they are sprawled out across the entire planet? And taxpayer dollars? ... Well, we all know about the $20,000,000,000,000 in debt that the Empire has racked up. America's Founders stood for Liberty ... Not Empire. Must America wait (like the Soviets) until complete bankruptcy in order to change?

916 reactions 40 comments
Franck Chiron Give the power back to the Congress and to the people.
Tim Hiser It should be considered treason
Mike Beltran congress has abrogated their sworn duty to the people 😡
Albert Saxén True in spirit; however the Iraq War was authorized ..
Leslie Kristensen “Swearing” is bad, weren’t we taught that? Lol

“It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.” - Ron Paul

593 reactions 20 comments
Mike Peine your vote is WORTHLESS !
Andrew Linder Corey Penny, distortion, gimmick
Betty Gaynor AMEN!!!!!!!
Jason Fultz Would be funny to watch them try to eat that gimmick.
Connie Sportiello We could've had you for president. Sigh.

The Military-Industrial-Complex Goes Into Overdrive

190 reactions 10 comments
Gabriel Paul Beeson-McArdle Great!!!👎🏽
Mike Peine remember when Ron Paul got screwed in the primaries ? Ron doesn't !
Vic Marriott Term Limits, when will we start hearing your view on that?
Casey Eastmond It’s been running in the Red for decades at this point.
Michael DeLucia Michael Lytwynec This is what we missed when BOTH parties did to Ron Paul what the DNC did to Bernie. Ron may not be running but you should look at what he says and, has said consistently throughout his life, from a biblical stance. It's never mentioned ...

President Trump is expected to issue a new National Security Decision Directive that will push US embassy personnel to become salesmen for the big defense contractors. Is it really the job of publicly-funded US diplomats to aid mega-corporations while on our payroll? And with revelations that so much US weaponry exported overseas ends up in the hands of terrorists, is it wise to spread even more weapons across the globe? Tune in to today's Liberty Report for our take...

284 reactions 31 comments
Guy Reece Pouring fuel on a fire
Robert Freund No War...NO WEAPONS !
Craig Brown More than anybody, he listens to you. Talk to him
Matthew Harker Public servants of US Citizens are not paid to do anything else, that cost the tax payer and puts political burden on the citizens.
Yassel Barrios I knew the US government was functioning as a Corp. since I read the following: Title 28 usc sec. 3002(15)(a)

Ron Paul while campaigning in 2012: “I don't want to run your life, I don't know how to run your life, I don't have the authority to run your life, and the Constitution doesn't permit me to run your life.” This message ran contrary to the electoral hamster wheel that Americans have been duped into believing in. Politicians can't help you...but they can surely hurt you. Liberty builds civilizations. Using government violence to enrich yourself, or to get "free" stuff, or to "remake" him, or her, or them ... destroys civilizations. Hands off other people and their stuff.

3.4k reactions 47 comments
Brandon King good stuff Ron Paul
David Gk Me! And I am going to see to it, that it happened for all of us... GLOB_US_1
Jerry Barnish Ron..... you will never defeat the Rooseveltian democrats and their trained generations.
Rolando Chacon We do....people are waking up a government glacial pace....
Mary A. Silkwood sort of the psychology Trump used yesterday

Are you missing out on free, exclusive content and updates from my Institute for Peace and Prosperity? What are you waiting for! Sign up and we will keep you updated with real news and hard-hitting analysis. It's free and we'll always respect your privacy! Go here:

The Banality of Evil - RPI 9th January Update
The Banality of Evil - RPI 9th January Update

Dear Friends of the Ron Paul Institute: Dr. Paul and I were pretty happy to be able to do a good news story for our Liberty Report on Tuesday. The North and South Koreans met near the DMZ for some 12 hours and agreed on four very important points: First, the North would send a team to South Korea to...

101 reactions 4 comments
Douglas Tall North and South Korea don't need US intervention to make peace.
Albert Saxén Ya; take the IRI apologists; the Everetts ..
Richard Hess As things continue to slip out of our control, I really wouldn't put it past these people to start some major global conflict hoping they'll be the ones left cleaning up the rubble when all's said and done. They figure, turn the world in to an ash heap ...
Agri Verrija Not only he [JM] got it wrong, or so he was led to believe -which is worse - but why a decorated member of the military holding the office of the SecDef would comment on sports-related events of international character on behalf of another country? ...

Almost twenty years ago, on Mar. 10, 1998, Ron Paul said on the House floor: “Mr. Speaker, last week it was Saddam Hussein and the Iraqis. This week’s Hitler is Slobodon Milosevic and the Serbs. Next week, who knows? Kim Jong il and the North Koreans? Next year, who will it be, the Ayatollah and the Iranians? Every week we must find a foreign infidel to slay, and, of course, keep the military-industrial complex humming.” Twenty-years later...nothing has changed! Oh sure, the faces are different. But the policy of permanent war goes on untouched. Just consider our recent news cycles. Each week, a different bogeyman goes on display, in order to keep Americans in a perpetual state of fear. It's a constant rotation ... North Korea ... Iran ... Russia ... ISIS ... Venezuela ... rinse and repeat. Meanwhile, the military-industrial-complex continues to hum, with trillions, and Trillions, and TRILLIONS of our hard earned dollars funneled into their pockets. No one is coming to save us. Not Obama...Not Trump...And yes, not even Oprah. Only *you* can save *you* changing your adopting the ideas of peace and non-intervention in the affairs of foreign lands. If you've been cheering on this perpetual war "system," now is the time to stop.

5.7k reactions 251 comments
Jason Murrin Dr. Paul are you ready to accept that there's a few industries that the free market should never touch because it gives profit incentive to absolutely horrible things? Military hardware and private "security" firms like blackwater are one. Prisons are ...
Kausar Abbas He's spot on! He deserves to be President of USA because of his knowledge, experience and intelligence. Ron Paul is USA salvation and Trump its doom and gloom. Americans take your pick.
Marshall Neal We invade other countries for the one world bankers system. Think about those left that dont use them.
Rob Desousa The first step to this is for the brave, patriot troops who sign up to serve America think about who they are actually protecting by joining the military. Unfortunately in order to keep our troops and our citizens safe we need our military to stand up ...
Budiman Jaya Saputra Oh and for guys folks which want to get out from the US (with understandable reason) do not move to estonia no matter how high libertarianism in estonia is because there’s a reason all the baltic state are kept their NATO defense spending commitment

Invading the world...breaking signed agreements... The (un)-American idea of military Empire is leading to irrelevance, as countries cut America out of their dealings with one another. America's Founders had it right...Non-intervention in the internal affairs of other nations. Peace. Travel. Trade.

447 reactions 30 comments
Bill Heineman ... Those "working" in the District of Corruption need to re-examine the difference between TREATY and AGREEMENT. The later being an end run around the constitutional requirements for the former's legitimate existance.
Jose M Garcia Told you this would happen, I hope your happy, I'm almost gone anyways, what do I care right, may the 🎆 begin... It will be a beautiful sight...
Eddie Barker
Mike Machlet Trump MUST start talking to Paul. Pray for that.
Sameer Baig Azhar Khan Awais Zafar Ch Mohsin Saifullah

We're happy to bring a good news story today! North and South Korean officials have concluded 12 hours of talks earlier today where in addition to agreeing on North Korean participation in the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea, the two sides agreed to continue speaking in attempt to reduce military tensions on the Korean peninsula. Will the US try to interfere? Join us for today's Liberty Report:

614 reactions 37 comments
Nathaniel Ringdahl Finally, good news!
Eric Bishop Do you think a "false flag" is in order?
Albert Saxén The only way for peace is reunification ..
Tay Kar Hoe Dennis False flag may be on the way😁we never knows🤔
Shane McDonald They already work together in rhee Olympics
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