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19:47 05/18/2017

When Presidents Get Desperate & Need A Distraction

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Cigol Zelev
Tim Anderson
キー 愛とは
Michael King
We all need a distraction. The best days for all Americans are the days when Trump plays golf.
Amin Amru
I wish there were two President of the United States who share the same foreign policy. 1. JFK 2. Ron Paul.
Eliska Reilman Adema
Interesting that the Lunatic in Chief has already dropped a couple of bombs for distraction and you had to dig back to Clinton to get an example.
Jordan Trae
I used to like Ron Paul... he "literally" stumbled through this clip... To win in anything, you have to prove you are better, he has never proven it. He deserves a vote and a comfortable chair to sit down in.

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Really looking forward to seeing all of you there! For more information about the conference, go to:

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Christopher Galvez You guys need to YouTube it.
Jack Markiewicz You Rock Ron Paul!
Stan Koson Can you send Jew Rockwell back to trumptardlamd?
Claudia Perez Lew Rockwell is a very good man!
Jayme LeBeau Cheri, would love to go to this!!!

For eight years, we had to hear how Republicans were 'obstructing' President Obama's blueprint for turning America into the Garden of Eden. If only those heartless Republicans would stop standing in the way, President Obama would have been able to shower his voters with a deluge of other people's money. Needless to say, President Obama did plenty of damage despite the supposed 'obstruction' from the Republicans. Now President Trump has his error-filled blueprint to "Make America Great Again," but the Democrats have become the 'obstructionists'. The president has said so himself: "...the Democrats are obstructionists, no ideas or votes, only obstruction.” We've come full circle. More below:

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Maciek Gutkowski That's how the 1% that control system want it; the Republicans and Democrats only come together and agree on something when the 1% want it. To give examples; bail-outs of the '''too big to fail'' banks (puppet Bush was for it and then puppet Obama was ...
Austin Brown Difference being that the Republicans have maintained control of Congress for the large part of that time still (Obama and Trump)...the Dems can't obstruct right now. They are outnumbered. The healthcare bill was so unpopular that they couldn't get full ...
Roscoe Edney You can't scream OBSTRUCTION when you hold the executive, both houses of the legislative and a majority in the judicial!!! The Republican Party is proving its complete inability to govern.
Tom Fairlie No, we haven't f-ing come full circle! Ron Paul must be the biggest moron on the planet to equate Republican obstructionism with anything even remotely possible by Democrats. It is unbelievable how far these stupid politicians will go to make a point.
Don Gettys When you want to control a people, make sure they distrust their friends and neighbors elected to represent them. This process was perfected by Goebbels in the 1930s.

The Anti-Russia Interests That President Trump Is Up Against

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Andres Betancur
Kevin Ploug Mazzotti Jonas Bækgaard Andersen
Roberts Kyle Help me sign this petition. We need internet freedom, so please share
James Satterlee McCarthyism...
Don Demauro Ron Small

Scott Ritter, Former Marine Intelligence Officer and former UN Chief Weapons Inspector for Iraq, on automatically dismissing Putin.

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Irfan Khan
Scent Savers Bring em home! Thank you Dr. Paul for continuing to fight the good fight. If you are a Ron Paul fan, win his Autographed Cookbook here:
Michael J. Bernabe Gary Bernabe
Talib Kamel Got them all now
Cruz Machete WHO??? Putin? He's going to put it to you where do you want it 🙄??

It's never a good sign when government doesn't allow you to move your own body from once place to another. To whom does that body belong to? It doesn't matter if the place you are traveling to is populated by people who believe in sun gods or socialism. What if you happen to believe in sun gods and socialism? Shouldn't you be free to go where others share your interests? It may be wise, or unwise to travel to these places, but that decision should be yours alone. Should you fall into trouble, you assume the risk. That's what it means to be free. You're free to take your own risks. Surely if Americans were free, we wouldn't need permission to travel anywhere. The only permission that we'd need is from the property owner to whom we are traveling to. As long as we're not trespassing, we should be free to go wherever we please. More on these ideas below:

4.2k reactions 1435 comments
Jason Smith Are you F'n sh@&$ing me!!! There are reasonable limits to all things and this is one of them, no different than saying you can't drive with a BAC above .08 it's not just about you but the people you endanger when your dumb a$$ gets snatched up by a ...
DK Hipkins Nobody should be banned from traveling to another country by legal means, but our government can say if you go to North Korea you're on your own. If you go there and the US government has to bail you out, perhaps you should receive a bill for the ...
Chad Parker Why would a US citizen want to go to North Korea anyway?
Hank Walch Dr Paul - you are a great man whom I respect very much..... But f@&k North Korea.
Clyde Opi O'Reilly considering the last guy we heard about going to north korea came home severely malnourished and in a coma and died a week later... i'm gonna say that ban is a matter of pure safety. you are not safe in North Korea if you are an American. you do not ...

What a great guest! Former Marine intelligence officer and chief UN weapons inspector for Iraq, Scott Ritter, joins today's Liberty Report to explain why the "17 intelligence agencies agree on Russian election hacking" story is completely bogus and why the UN "investigation" of the April "chemical attack" in Syria is a joke. Scott's vast intelligence and WMD experience shines through in today's Liberty Report...

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Jason Erik Badour
Daniel Neshanian Here's British MP George Galloway regarding Syria, letting an amnesty international, globalist shill have it!
Tom Gosselin Phillip Robertson - I think you'll find this intriguing.
Victor Petrenko I agree
Gerard O Gorman Sharing

My Institute for Peace and Prosperity is returning to Washington, DC, to show the strength of our movement. I'll be there and I hope to see as many of you there as possible! Click the link for more information on getting your tickets and a great deal on a hotel room for the event!

RPI's Peace and Prosperity 2017 Conference: 'Where We're Going and How We'll Get There!'

We are witnessing a fascinating phenomenon that may signal that the neoconservative movement is nearing its "sell-by" date. As Glenn Greenwald...

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Scent Savers Win a Ron Paul Autographed Cookbook.
Brandon Snozy Hellams Frank Rambro Dave Tenhoff
Mateusz Wysocki Nice phallus in the background mr mason
Wayne Davis Where we're going (hell) and how we will get there (fast) . All you need to know!
Gogo Craig Is this where they held Bilderberg? Asking for a friend..,.

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Will Storm DC Again This September!

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Scent Savers Win a Ron Paul signed Family Cookbook:
David Suavo (Y)
Moritz Knüppel *forward slash
Kelli Dees Yes...
Kelli Dees Which weekend? Want to go...

According to intelligence reports, as many as 40,000 civilians may have been killed in Mosul. One way or the other, the weapons in the majority came from the US. There are no winners. There is nothing to go back to. Tune in to today's Liberty Report...

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Joanne Antigone Thank McCain
Dan Krumwiede But Chester just killed himself.
James Dennis Koch-Shaw Morell Thanks McCain!
Joe Davidson But it helped our economy generate GNP (sarcasm)
Christine Estep Dear LORD have mercy upon US!!!!!!

We all know why The Fed is against being audited. The last thing that the secretive counterfeiters want is for the American public to know what goes on in the shadows. President Trump initially showed support for auditing the Fed, but he backed off, as he has done with many other important things. Congressman Bill Posey seems to understand quite well that the money manipulators are hiding important information from public view. Watch the heroic Congressman grill Fed Chair Janet Yellen and catch her totally off guard when she's asked about being audited:

2.5k reactions 169 comments
Duane Jones How about this for a concise and complete analysis as to why they don't want transparency..."Give me control of a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws". If the people knew and could conceive and believe what this entity is doing, it ...
Dustin Pridgen Or they do not want morons like you son playing politics with our money supply. Idiot Republicans already hurt the American people in 2011 and 2013 with the debt ceiling debate. Why allow them to do more harm?
Mark Graham McNulty You know her point about an audit turning into a huge political boondoggle with all sorts of conspiracy know-nothings "opining" on it is a fairly valid concern.
Danny Tait How can someone audit the fed without getting suicided in the process? THAT is the issue here. i dont think anyone wants to try because they KNOW whos really running the show here. dark corporations and dark money.
Kenneth Steere Of course they do. Their existence depends on it. If people really knew what they did, they would end it tomorrow. Ending the Fed is right up there with the most important task we face to restoring some kind of national sovereignty and the Republic we ...

Ron Paul joins Alex Jones to discuss globalism, the failure of government intervention in healthcare, and the heavy influence that neocons still have on the federal government:

1.3k reactions 372 comments
William Blair Many think Alex Jones is a nutjob, but he was right about the gay frogs. I aint crazy about the man, but he's right sometimes. If Ron Paul can reach millions of people with the message he's trying to deliver - Why wouldn't he go on the show for some ...
Brent Kingi Many people here are so dumb. Just because Ron Paul appears on Infowars DOES NOT mean that he advocates everything Infowars has said or will ever say. There was nothing disagreeable about anything Ron Paul actually said in this interview (from 9 mins). ...
Brendan Linzi "Info Wars?" Seriously?
Coleen Faith It's so funny watching how butthurt libertarians get whenever one goes a little offscript. You are all too smart for everyone else. That is why I have distanced myself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this interview.
Anthony DelRose What's the big deal he did an interview on info wars. He still stuck to his principles, and probably Gaines a bunch of new followers because that show is popular. He goes on CNN and Fox a lot to get his point across he's reaching out to big audiences ...

You can be sure that more lies are coming to drag us into more wars. Don't listen to the war propagandists!

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Talib Kamel The real criminals are in suits
Talib Kamel Seems like the liers wanna make more money off the Americans lmao
Talib Kamel A war to make money off the Americans right ron
Rick Purcell Ron Paul ? Who the hell runs this page anymore?? Unlike
Peter Heffner Does it matter what we think?

According to a new survey, more than three-quarters of Americans are worried about getting dragged into a major war overseas. Their biggest fear? North Korea. They should be worried about the neocons and interventionists! How does the media play up threats to push the propaganda? Tune in to today's Liberty Report:

356 reactions 81 comments
Bob Slone Now if we could just get those 3/4 of Americans to stop voting the same yahoos in that are creating this abomination
Daniel Lavoie I aint scared of no North Korea!
Moe Howard N. Korea must have something the banks and corporations want.
Cruz Machete I don't worry about the USA starting any Ugly War But what about that stupid PITBUL. In charge of North Korea . He thinks his nukes are toys. Somebody should tap it in the head and wake him up
Korey Gillard North Korea is a distraction, look to the Middle East that's the main concern. What polls? Fake a$$ polls 🙄

Bad economic ideas always seem to sell well. For example, when President Trump says that he's going to protect "Made In America" products, it's virtually guaranteed to be received well by the American public. You'd have to be anti-American to be against it, right? But what if you took this idea (that has impoverished countless numbers of people throughout the ages) to the next step? What if the Governor of Florida declared that Floridians only buy their goods from within the state? To do otherwise would make that person an anti-Floridian. Why stop there? What if the Mayor of Miami declared that residents should only buy goods from within the city of Miami? To do otherwise would make that person a traitor to their city. Let's keep going....

1.1k reactions 265 comments
Shandi Dawn Treat The solution isn't to stop buying from other countries altogether it's to balance it. Support your local farmers for the things they can grow and support foreign farmers for growing what we cant. It's not really that complicated. In the case of ...
Michael Harris Donald Trump is the world's biggest hypocrite on this issue. Did he insist his hotels and casinos be build with American steel and lumber? Didn't he sell multiple products produced in foreign countries? Isn't his daughter's clothing and fashion ...
Jeff Lockhart I'm with Trump on this Mr. Paul. I personally try my best to purchase American Made products. It's not always easy to do nowadays. Especially in clothing and electronics. We will always trade services and products internationally however we must be ...
Jason Hautala I normally love Ron Paul, but this is just stupid. We should be encouraged to buy as locally as possible. If your neighbor has bees, get your honey from him. If you have a local farmers' market, get mist of your food there. I think most states should do ...
Jerod Kasunic He is talking about making it easier for companies to make things here through trade deals etc... right now we have given so much away in the trade negotiations from the past... we can't compete with companies in China that have things like suicide nets ...

"War on Terror" Leads To More Terror ... "War on Drugs" Leads To More Drug Problems

992 reactions 70 comments
Jason Overton An economy based on debt has to be at war with everything all the time.
Paul Occhialini The war on terror is a lie, 9/11 was an inside job..
Kevin Farrage Eradicate the Muslims from all non-Muslim countries and Make drugs legal, the problem will fix itself, and decrease the idiot population.
Jeremy Doubrava Wow no way declaring war on something makes more war happen oh jeez who woulda thought
Edward Perkins Finally.... the war on drugs must end. #BlackLivedMatter

You won't believe what US Attorney General Jeff Sessions told the National District Attorneys Association yesterday! Tune in to today's Liberty Report for more on his declaration of war on the Constitution...

642 reactions 71 comments
Jacob Engle Ron, come back to Congress. Run for Pres, and your son for Vice Pres. Nominate Peter Schiff for Treasurer. where do I send a check to make this happen.
Eric Stevens Don't anyone let this bot bother you. It's just a fake account spreading misinformation for God knows what organization. Probably a trump bot or Russian whatever same thing. Been popping up on lots of posts.
Jeffrey Pilch No surprise here. Complicity with Sessions agenda will expose many faux libertarians.
Brian Douglas April 19, 1935 - Congressman John Taber of New York: "Never in the history of the world has any measure been brought here so insidiously designed as to prevent business recovery, to enslave workers and to prevent any possibility of the employers ...

Some encouraging developments on the Korean peninsula... South Korea's new president has proposed talks with the North. President Trump, not too long ago, stated that he'd be "honored" to meet with North Korea's Kim Jong-un. Diplomatic progress was made between the two sides prior to them being derailed by the George W. Bush administration. Will peace break out before the U.S. can do anything to derail it again? More below:

158 reactions 61 comments
David Boell The north will not make any serious concessions.
Ken Moore II If they could talk, maybe the north would be better off.
Carl Wade Philbrick "Prediction" Talks will derail and Donald Trump Commander in Chief 2020 will be blamed for it.
Sean Hamilton Wake up Ron Paul...this is just pandering. South Korea would lose the slave labor at Kaesong if NK demilitarized. This is all theater.
Seung Il Hong South Koreas are doomed when peace treaty happens with the North. Will follow the path of South Vietnam.

Wars and Lies... That has been the winning combination for the American military empire. You can go all the way back to the beginning of the empire in 1898 when President McKinley told the Filipinos: "We come not as invaders or conquerors, but as friends, to protect the natives in their homes, in their employments, and in their personal religious rights." Sounds eerily familiar doesn't it? Hundreds of thousands of dead Filipinos hardly felt "liberated." The same pattern would be repeated over and over again....In Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. In 2003, the American empire proclaimed itself as "liberators" in Iraq. The Iraqi death toll in the "liberation" has been calculated to be well over a million. Wars and lies...for 100+ years, and they just keep coming. More below:

A Mainstream Dose of Reality on Iraq
A Mainstream Dose of Reality on Iraq

Ron Paul Liberty Report

1.5k reactions 94 comments
Bob Pugh ...that's exactly why they're not getting my children to serve in the military
David Gutierrez Bushes, Clintons, Trump now, all employees of the same bosses.
Nicholas Sweet Or when the American Empire left troops stationed in the CSA in Ft. Sumter in order to force the CSA to attack them.
Todd Hammers Can't believe I voted for that clown in 2000. Hopefully, people are waking up to this two party scam and the military industrial expansionism.
Neil William Churchill’s mother was a Rothschild. He appointed Professor Frederick Lindemann to be the British government’s Chief Scientific Adviser, and then followed Lindemann's advice on how to kill 25 million. "Many sources say (Lindemann) was J'wish, others do ...

We came ... We saw ... We wrecked Nigeria too

574 reactions 39 comments
Tef London Lol
Nora Dahan Gabales What happen anthing wrong?
Amel Baroudi Killary the Psycho serial killer..
Kathleen Waterhouse She's a nut!
Elena Indracusin Maniacs in power

The UN has identified four countries facing major famines, where millions of lives are under threat. Guess what the four have in common? We'll let you know in today's Liberty Report:

278 reactions 29 comments
Alex Martinez Abdulhak Raja
Carl Wade Philbrick You forgot North Korea .
Jeffrey Pilch Good work here Dr. Paul and Mr. McAdams !
Andy Martinez Joseph Lopez's sister asked why I'm angered
Adolfo Herrera OIL by any chance ??!!

President Trump asked for a big increase in military spending for 2018. Last week the House added even more. My weekly column on the 2018 NDAA...

Big Military Spending Boost Threatens Our Economy and Security
Big Military Spending Boost Threatens Our Economy and Security

On Friday the House overwhelmingly approved a massive increase in military spending, passing a $696 billion National Defense Authorization bill for...

599 reactions 76 comments
Michael Abler If we would never have gotten ourselves into 3 different wars, we would have, at least, 5 trillion dollars to build our military, & our entire country, besides!!!)))))))))))))
Steven Loucks Kitty Clover. Check out how many American jobs that military complex represents. You have no idea what trickle down economics means.
James Mahoney Not a subject your great at R.P. On the other hand closing down non essential military bases and, funding to foreign country's is a good idea.
Nancy Foster idiot sick of the sky is falling crap from you guys what have you done? please stop criticizing if you cant do anything to help! WE NEED MILITARY TO PROTECT OUR LIVES!
Wayne Mckune Dr. Ron Paul, i really do believe you mean the best for our country, but it is proven throughout history that being passive is a detriment to any society, I believe in the saying, "Speak softly, but carry a big stick" Building our military and ...

The push to eliminate cash is a sign that the rickety financial system is weakening. Authoritarians squeeze hard when their power is slipping. Ron Paul discusses this and more below:

735 reactions 48 comments
Joanne Antigone It means no privacy
Casey Sheppard I need to buy silver...
Luca Ciprian Rufius Ron Paul is right.
Andrew Walker He's just trying to get support from the lowest common denominator. "Contrarians"
Phillip Mauafua Everyone will suffer according to how well they've prepared. The increase in military intervention abroad will make the military draft bill waiting for a Presidential signature that more financially viable for those espousing more regime change.

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon had some harsh words for the DC Swamp this week. However, Dimon is merely focusing on the symptoms of our problems rather than the cause. Central Banks in general, and The Federal Reserve specifically, have buried us in mountains of credit that they've created out-of-thin-air. No one should ever have the legal power to counterfeit currency. Jamie Dimon has been a long-time participant in this "system," and has profited handsomely from it. We need to get to the root and stop wasting time on the symptoms. Ron Paul discusses on Fox Business:

Banks Have Helped To Bankrupt America
Banks Have Helped To Bankrupt America

Ron Paul Liberty Report

1.2k reactions 122 comments
Paul Barke Hahaha.. Yeah.. ""The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp will seize Washington Mutual and sell its deposits to JPMorgan Chase for an undisclosed sum, CNBC has learned. The deal is expected to be announced during a Thursday night conference call at 9:15 p....
Andrzej Wolny Too bad only 1% of Zombies choose Liberty :( Bible says only few will survive Satan's times.
Tina Jones All I know is that his bank carries the account for the Food Stamp program, charges more than everyone else for interest on credit cards, and never helps anyone with the monthly payments on large emergency purchases if they lose their job through no ...
Christy Grayson Judge Anna von reitz has released us from debts as has the pope... dont believe me? Google it and follow her on Facebook. Our government is a sham. Take back your money they're hiding from you.
Jim Taber If you're embarrassed about being an American, then maybe you should become an "un-American". Plenty of other places, besides America, that may accept you..........

This week, Rick Perry suggested an economic principle, specifically Say's Law on Markets. Was Perry's thinking sound? Did he deserve many of the criticisms that he received? Ron Paul weighs in on today's Myth-Busters:

106 reactions 18 comments
Tanner Weston Rick Perry isn't right about anything.
Jim Turner What Perry hath wrought here in Texas:
Dan Iamsnowman oops
Evaneva Meir Papa . You not sleep yet .
Felix Kippers I'll have your children Ronnie

Tucker Carlson may not be a pure non-interventionist, but he did the world a lot of good this week by bulldozing several neocons on his show. It's impossible to calculate the damage that neoconservatives (i.e., neocons) have done to both America and the world with their foreign policy ideas of Empire. The more that neocons are exposed for their never-ending disasters, the better chance we have at someday adopting a sane foreign policy of peace. ​Watch Tucker take down Ralph Peters and Max Boot below:

3.3k reactions 165 comments
George Botsis I remember Tucker when he was younger...I didn't really like him being a Bush supporter and all. However, I have to say Tucker mopped the floor with him big time and his lack of logic.
Joanie Joles Many conservatives will never admit it , but the crap storm of middle east and corrosion of liberties , illegal wiretaps, rise of Obama happened because of ineptitude and corruption of necon G W Bush presidency and his globalist necon family cartel.
Patrick Moo This was one of the best things to be on TV in awhile. Made complete asshats out of them. Or rather, exposed them for the asshats they truly are.
Agri Verrija Max Boot sounded like a former communist youth trying to defend a failed system by blaming the method of implementation, but not the ideology. And were Romney to win, he would have [perhaps] been his foreign policy adviser! Go figure!
Mark Grigoriev Russia is not our enemy. In order for us to be safe, we need to stop our aggressive non-constitutional foreign policy, and start having trade with them, and then you will see all hostilities will end. So easy.

Protectionism and the erecting of tariffs are equivalent to "cutting off the nose to spite the face." When President Trump imposes tariffs on another country, it's another way of saying that he's raising taxes on Americans! After all, it's the American consumer that pays for the tariff, not the foreign country. The U.S. government has no taxing power over foreign nations. We Americans, on the other hand, are not as fortunate. We are the ones who must suffer with a further reduction in our standard of living. ​Ron Paul discusses with Kennedy below:

725 reactions 139 comments
Aron Wilburn But most of the country is so uninformed that they don't know what a tariff is or what pocket it's coming from. So the sheep applaud when he says Tariff instead of Tax even though it's the same thing.
Miguël Daoust I am always like ; RON Paul and Bernie Sanders are the future ..... L And Then I realise they come from a country talking about themselves, wanting to be themselves alllllll around the World. Good hearts with AIDS.
Kevin Branigan Tariffs were what funded the govt for most of its existence. Free trade is not equal unless there is free movement of labor and that does away with nations.
Brent Jindra But Dr. Paul, our founding fathers were for funding the Federal Government through Tariffs, not income Taxes. So our original Constitution and Founding Fathers were wrong? I thought you were a Libertarian, strict Constructionist and wanting to be more ...
Anthony White Tariffs should only be imposed on countries that use slave labor. Take 120% of the basic cost of living then whatever percentage the country is lower then that is their effective tax on all imported goods. Wages go up taxes go down. Human rights issue ...

The job of the U.S. government is to eradicate terrorism off the face of the earth?

284 reactions 73 comments
Unclean ßrands do you remember when gw bush declared war on terror in a church right after 9/11?
Michael Royal Just get rid of HAARP Ron, 75% of the problem will be over.
Brandt Mcwhorter The government s job is to protect and serve the best interest of its citizens...
Joshua Michael Conci If that is the job of government then it should start with itself...
Guillermo Colon A- it's not our job B- if we want to eradicate terror start with the biggest one: the US government

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson retuned from the Middle East empty-handed after attempting to diffuse the ongoing Saudi/Qatari crisis. How much did Trump's shared animosity toward Iran play into the Saudi "get tough" move against Qatar last month?

82 reactions 11 comments
James Hollenbaugh Old Rex can sell oil to Russia though.🤔😉
Jay Hagenow Alot of than anything you have done ronnie
Talib Kamel Trump the snake in the grass
Matt Hommel I'm shocked. Said no rational, sane person ever.
Daryl Mildon Rex your fired sessions your fired no arrest of clinton obombya 7 mths.

Well, Republicans have deceived and hoaxed their voters once again. It's become quite a tradition. The Senate Obamacare bill does not repeal Obamacare. Not even close. Senator Rand Paul is standing against the decievers. His thoughts below:

2.9k reactions 210 comments
Brad Seale What else will it take to convince people that our heavily corrupted and dysfunctional, so called two party system needs to be replaced w alternative parties?
Jose Rubalcava I would be happy with a clean repeal. No reason to replace it. A big shame the majority of the Senate doesn't see that.
Mark Glunts Repeal and replace with nothing. Capitalism, composition and free market is the only solution that will ever work........... Anyone who thinks the government should take care of them is a fruit loop
Aaron Franklin The establishment are wolves who hide and disguise themselves as sheep. Time and time again they promise things to their costituents they cannot achieve. Lies, and lies on top of lies. It is time for ending the two party system and taking back our ...
Grant Davis This is the frustration that libertarians who run as Republicans must face. Republicans, you see, are not really for smaller government. To the contrary, they are for expanding their control over the political means. Still, I'd rather have Rand Paul in ...
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