Ron Paul
14:22 04/20/2017

I'm very happy to see that the people of Texas don't think very much of the border wall.

I've always argued that walls would hinder the American people as much as anybody else.

The idea of a wall (that will no doubt cost us a fortune) is detrimental to the concept of liberty and just won't work. It can only end up being a failed way to treat a symptom of our problems, instead of the cause.

I discuss this in detail with Maria Bartiromo below:

61% of Texans Oppose The Border Wall ... They

61% of Texans Oppose The Border Wall ... They're Right!

By Ron Paul I'm very happy to see that the people of Texas don't think very much of the border wall. I've always argued that walls would hinder the American people as much as anybody else. The idea...

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Wakaranai Yew
40% drop of illegal immigration since trump took office. The wall will drop that even further. The cartels are suffering financially because we now uphold laws already in place. I agree with a lot that you say Ron Paul especially concerning the continuation of dropping bombs but your reluctance to aggressively control our border is why I cannot rally behind you as a politician. It will pay for itself with the trillions we save when the wall stems the flow in addition to the other root problems.
Rick Thomas
Build that Wall build that wall lmfao . Can't waint a great number of people that voted for trump that live on the border will be cut off from the river and in a lot of cases be fenced in on the mexico side . BUILD THAT WALL !!!! Theirs goverm folks sucreing the land as we speak. Most trumpsters I talked with before the election were saying trump dosent really meen build a wall now look lmao
Nickolas Story
First, they take the dinglebop, and they smooth it out with a bunch of schleem. The schleem is then repurposed for later batches. They take the dinglebop, and they push it through the grumbo, where the fleeb is rubbed against it. It's important that the fleeb is rubbed because the fleeb has all of the fleeb juice. Then a schlami shows up, and he rubs it and spits on it. They cut the fleeb. There's several hizards in the way. The blamfs rub against the chumbles. And the ploobis and grumbo are shaved away. That leaves you with a regular, old plumbus.
Adam Ludlam
Open borders are a great idea when there isn't a threat of domestic terrorism...I would love for us to have open borders but we just can't do it right now, there are too many threats. But I do agree that a wall is would cost billions of dollars a year to maintain and man. How about hire more ICE agents and have them do the job that they were doing before the bush and Obama worked fine for 200 why is it a problem now? Plus we should make it less expensive and easier to get here but nevertheless we have more important issues at hand than this
Mike Scir
It's all smoke and mirrors. If business owners were fined or imprisoned for hiring illegals the problem would go away virtually overnight. The fact that there is NO such enforcement, there has NEVER been such enforcement, and there is NO plan to implement such enforcement, shows how important gov't and the business community find illegal labor. The US economy is still downsizing, the middle class is under more pressure than ever, illegals who work for lower wages lower the costs of all kinds of goods and services. This is actually helping the middle class a great deal. The REAL problem is that gov't can't be bothered to keep out the bad actors. IDK WTF they are thinking but letting criminals stay here or re-enter is a crime against the American people. But hey, these are the same idiots who keep wasting money on the totally ineffective "war" on drugs that creates a tremendous amount of crime and homelessness, by making people with medical conditions into criminals, by breaking up homes, by depriving youth from in school and after school programs that would help reduce the motivation to form drug and alcohol abuse habits or join violent gangs. Gov't is failing us very badly, and they're rather keep their fat paychecks and fat retirement accounts and do a crappy job and point the finger at the people they are enabling than clean up their act and do a good job. GOV'T is the problem.
Sean Montemurro
Honesty I always thought of the proposed wall as a campaign gimmick Trump never intended to make good on. There are already tunnels under the border that drug cartels and human traffickers use anyway.
Richard Lucas
I say save the billions it would cost to build a Wall. Spend it on C-130 gunships, apaches, and Drones. Put our military on our border and let it be known we won't tolerate illegal entry for any reason. If you try to cross, no matter what the reason. You will be fired upon. Problem solved once and for all.
Erick Radline
Just turn off every freebie and they'll stop coming here. No more welfare, free education, free healthcare, crack down on employers hiring illegals, cut all federal funding to any sanctuary city, and deport
Guy Edward Dso
Not true. Except for aircrafts, it would keep invading armies from the south, of any nation in cahoots with our southern neighbors, from getting vehicles such as tanks and other assault vehicles and other supplies from entering easily. And any penetration of a wall could be treated as an act of war.
Luis Alberto Fernandez Carbonell
This is where Libertarians are like crazy or something. About everywhere else they're right, except on this issue. You don't set up a wall and you will have immigration in large numbers. Immigration that brings with them people who vote a certain way, a way that will turn this country into their country. Prime example, look at California!
Levi Raber
I don't want a wall, I want current laws enforced better. We DO have an illegal immigrant problem and those who say otherwise are burying their heads in the sand or drinking the liberal kool-aid. Do it legally and make a better life for yourself and your family. Do it illegally and get deported (repeat offenders should get harsher punishments for each time they enter illegally). It's not fair or right to those who wait years to come who do it the legal way.
Travis Thompson
That is a shocking poll. I agree with Ron Paul in theory about borders, but realistically, I don't believe we will EVER solve the real problem (ending welfare and minimum wage), so I'm okay with the wall as a way to treat the symptoms. If the democratic party would not sell entitlements to buy votes and just focus on actual policies and sell them on their merits of why they're good for America, maybe things could change.
Roger Price
Mr. Paul, you seem to be oblivious to the enormous costs illegals already place on our healthcare, education and social welfare systems. This doesn't include our prison costs, courts and the criminal element involved in gangs and drugs. We could possibly build numerous walls with that cost, which we pay out yearly with no end in sight. They come here, refuse to learn our language or assimilate. If they can't weed out the employers that hire them and pay them under the table, what is the deterrent to stop them from sneaking across our borders. Sometimes walls DO serve a purpose. Maybe it will take someone close to you being their next victim to open your eyes.
Randall Roberson
Only way a wall would work is if it was 100 feet tall and buried atleast 50 feet down. Even then drug lords and other criminals will find a way. Just need to enforce deportation and incarceration for people here illegally. Not just let them leech of the tax payers. But just to point out these wars the past few presidents have created do more harm to the US then trying to secure our borders. Being that we are one of the most lenient country when it comes to people crossing the border illegally. You'd think all the immigrants that came here legally would stand up against the ones that came here criminally.
Frank Noble
Great points! I'm kinda neutral on the wall myself but we definitely need to make it far less attractive for people to come here illegally and just live off the system.

Other newsfeed from Ron Paul

Politicians love to call for "unity." It's always time to "unite" behind what they want. But the search for political unity is equivalent to the search for a unicorn. You're never going to find it. Politicians seek to use force. Force requires victims. No one wants or likes being the victim. Hence, no unity. It doesn't have to be this way. We don't have to live in a society of political muggers and their victims, with the exhausting battle that occurs every 4 years to decide who gets to be the mugger. In fact, America was explicitly formed on the idea of breaking away from this nonsense. "Live and Let Live" would be the guiding principle. You keep your hands off me and my stuff, and I'll keep my hands off you and your stuff. A real "unity" was formed...and it revolved around refusing to use force against others. Government was not created to be a hitman. Naturally, the vicious powers outside of America had a problem with this. Governments of hitmen and muggers were the name of the game. Tyranny was mankind's lot for as far back as the history books would go. If the ideas of America were to succeed, their jig would be up. This "live and let live" society had to be conquered somehow. But the way to conquer America would not be on the battlefield. No one would try to come over here to militarily subjugate us. A free people would fight much too hard to keep their liberty. Instead, America would be conquered by ideas. Slowly, it would become and morph into being just like the vicious powers on the outside. Read the rest:

How America Was Conquered
How America Was Conquered

Ron Paul Liberty Report

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Stephen Cogswell Roger John Cogswell FEAR took over in 1917
Mason Putney .
Casa De Seay Wow!
Krystyna Parsonage Spot on!! Thank you, Ron Paul!
Chad Solomon By the NWO... 😉🤣

An extensive, fast-paced interview with my Institute director, Daniel McAdams...

RPI's Daniel McAdams: 'The American Public Has Been Weaponized by Propaganda Since 9/11'

President Trump's "de-certification" of Iranian compliance with the nuclear deal. CIA torture sites in Afghanistan. PATRIOT Act. FISA Amendments....

154 reactions 9 comments
Richard Hess Try since WWI...
Manny Raneri A LOT longer than that.
Robert Bennet 9/11 catalyst for waking up . . . TAKE TWO (defiance): Most all world Media, especially the disingenuous American Media, CNN, etc., persist in brain-washing the ‘official version’ of 9/11 and the BinLaden death. What if all you knew, was a lie? • No ...
Barry Atkins They know now that your just another Media Propagandist Ronnie...
Scott Airhart the CIA and Pentagon: working together to create thought weapons?

Weekly Update --- President Trump Beats War Drums For Iran

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Christopher Harbour Ron Paul showed his true colors when he hid Obama's usurpation of the presidency
Walid Fraiha as if we need more wars in the middle east !
Jay Reynolds yaaaaaa.... more killing and dying for Israel.
Mark Hare Cant listen to any more of your international affairs BS Ron....bye bye
Stephen McGlew Dont ya just love it when a plan comes together 🤤

Here we go again: The President lies about a foreign country. The media doesn't question a thing. Both parties pound the war drums...all for a foreign policy that the American people vote against in every election.

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Larry Cassel Shut up already,I once voted for you but,you didnt come close to winning.write a book, what ?
Brian Cathey EMP is not a threat, move on!
Matthew Stephens Rand who's at war?? We are not talking about erasing N. Korea like they are threatning us!
Wes McKean if America votes against it, then why are the same politicians still here?
Daniel Hess Waiting for the Kansas/Missouri part of the program...

They who destroyed Iraq, now want to destroy Iran...

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Matthew Mertz They is ur friends and partners in crime when the mics and cameras are turned off!! 😉
Michael Hudson This isn't just attacking Iran.. this is finishing the prophecy.
Michael Ficarra Isn't Iran the No.1 exporter of terrorism?
Pitcher Gia Monsters and murderers.....
Wade McFarland It's always been the plan.

Who is whispering in President Trump's ears all the lies that got us into the 2003 Iraq war? John Bolton and his neocon buddies. Where is this all headed? Tune in to today's Liberty Report:

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John Oravec Jonathan Mariande start doing push-ups. Mariande Monologues Iran.
Ronnie Bshaw It doesn't matter who is President, they are ALL puppets and continue the warmongering.
John Adams Could be his senior adviser son in law?
Stephen McGlew They have been planning this for over 200 years
Raphael Gigi Blasini They have romanced him, and won his heart!

President Trump goes full neocon on Iran. Will war follow? My latest column: President Trump Beats War Drums For Iran

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Jonathan Toop I see some trolls have been sent here which is a worrying sign. Whenever things are leading to war, trolls show up to push the warmongering and spread doubt. People need to educate themselves more and be more vigilant. The US government has been made ...
Josephus Flavius Executing KEN PICARD of Seven Days newspaper in Vermont (he lives in Vergennes but works in Burlington) is Justiable Homicide if he is in the act of Rape and Murder. He is in the acts of rape and murder now by defrauding child rape victims of their ...
John Lithargoel Iran hasn't REALLY done anything but try to stay out of everyone's business. FAKE isra-el is the Real threat. That also goes for the WEAK SHADOW "guvment". Clowns.🤡🤡🤡😂😂😂
Eric Poynter Oh Mr. Obama gave them the best drone in the world all the care she needed and back door Channels with North Korea. When you create a monster I thought you had to deal with it
David Allen He hasn't got a hope of tearing down that mult-lateral agreement after the EU and other countries refuted Trump's position. The only option he has is winding up US sanctions and going it alone in a war with Iran. Like all his other hair-brained ideas, ...

There shouldn't be a Federal Reserve, but it exists, and it's constantly creating a world of economic pain.​ Each Federal Reserve bubble must turn into a bust. It's unavoidable. According to the central planners, the "solution" for the bust is more creation of new money and credit. That's the only way they can keep their "system" alive. When the Fed's stock market bubble burst in 2000, it responded by creating new money and credit. Lo and behold, this led directly to the next bubble that was even bigger. When the housing bubble burst in 2008, Wall Street was bailed out by taxpayers, and TRILLIONS of new dollars were created as the "solution." And now, almost 10 years later, we have an even bigger bubble than 2008. The central planners at The Fed have done it again. How much longer will we allow this "system" to last? How much economic pain will it take to return to sound money again? Ron Paul discusses the latest bubble below:

The Fed
The Fed's Massive Bubble Is Leading To Massive Economic Pain

Ron Paul's 'bubble' warning from CNBC .

1.1k reactions 58 comments
Jim Bob YOU ARE RIGHT ONCE AGAIN. ♥ Dr. Paul you will always be my president. :D
Michael Pecot the fed is a criminal mafia bankster cartel.
Shawn Thomas Miller Next time they can just lower rates again to spur recovery. Wait...uh oh.
Keith Iversen Why don't we change money as we know it and how it is used and distributed.
Doc Mistura U.s. is 21trilion in debt & growing , nothing can be done by anyone to abviviate it . We are doomed to be a third world country .

BEWARE "Convenience" will be used as an excuse to abolish cash. Government will conveniently take away our liberty and economic privacy.

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Ty Gramlich The con of bitcoin. Eventually they'll start to regulate and track
Joseph Ehlers Capitalism is also fueling automation. Fiat cash is just the carrot on a stick. Productive capital is currency to get behind.
John Overman I had a co-worker who argued it was only used for criminal activity. Ironically the conversation was 15 ft from a table full of snacks that are sold for cash on the honor system. As for convenience, at Quick Trip (a nice gas/convenience store), their ...
Hayden Carter Cryptocurrency like ethereum and bitcoin will replace the central banking system altogether. Replace cash with silver and gold coins and we have all the privacy we want
Justin Allen Mccracken Net neutrality is slowly deteriorating. Trump wants to monitor terrorist organizations that organize online. Pretty much take away freedom of speech online , that would cripple activist . But based on title 2 of communications act it prevents this so ...

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Ron Paul
Ron Paul's New Book 'The Revolution at Ten Years': Get Your Personalized Copy!

Early in his new book, The Revolution at Ten Years , Ron Paul writes this synopsis of our current situation: Though the 'Revolution' of 2007 is...

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Cassandra Coleman Mennone NOPE too poor to give away my money!
Bill Greene Already bought it ;-)
Jonathan Koerth Will buy the book, Dr. Paul!
Rockbluesmetal Quelo Cura desde Uruguay!! gracias por hacernos creer que todavia existe gente de bien y gente con ganas de cambiar algo!!!
Christopher Murray Excuse me for a second please...but what revolution exactly? You said some good did left.

When it comes to drumming up support for war...the mainstream media falls in line with the government's agenda. No lie is too big to tell.

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Deigh Steud Min Aegis 6 gorillion
Dar Scott 🤔
Melissa Hansbarger 9/11 is a prime example
Michelle Tapley They can be prosecuted for it and shall be
Asoka Ishaya Totally! They depend on each other to do so!

The Mutating Russia-gate Allegations

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Paul Medrzycki
Franklin Ford its a joke. its a fake blow-up-doll boogie-man
David Howard RussiaGate Is an Orchestrated Distraction from Trump's Involvement in Pedophilia.
Patrick Scheel Now they are blaming Pokemon go as a way to divide America, apparently Russia did it according to CNN
Amanda Stahl He is correct in refocusing the attention to the plot and away from the scheme.

As each "Russiagate" allegation is unproven, newer and more wild ones take their place. Now the Russians are subverting us with "Adorable Puppies" Facebook pages? Today's Liberty Report is joined by award-winning investigative journalist Robert Parry to try and make sense of what's happening...

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Josephus Flavius Donald Trump doesn't even get along with Putin.
Bobby Cecere They always need a bogeyman
Matt Schwimmer Get your head out of the sand Ron.
Jeremiah Roiko Yes they are Ronnie! Unproven ? Mueller investigation is not over yet. Sooooooo saying it’s unproven is ridiculous
Josh Stoker Yup. I was right, Ron suffered a head injury once his kid sold out.

Unintentionally, President Trump has shown everyone what government-"licensed" mainstream media is all about. Trump attacks their dishonesty. But dishonesty is baked in. It's pretty much a requirement. Mainstream media has bamboozled Americans to support a century of devastating wars. It was all dishonest and propped up with lies. But those lies were OK. They were "licensed" lies. Honesty is not a criteria for keeping your government license. Just the thought of government licenses for networks should send chills down everyone's spines. It's Orwellian to the core. Here's a good question: Trump doesn't approve of the "reporting" now. But what's going to happen when he tries to trump up another war? As with all wars, the propaganda will have to be built on a mountain of lies. Will Trump threaten the networks as they help him to peddle? Will he threaten to take away their "licenses"? Of course not. More below:

1.2k reactions 127 comments
Tim Dooley The media reports what they want, how they want. Of course, what they want usually coincides with what the government and ownership wants. It’s a money making propaganda machine.
Ben Hickerson Its easy to point out a problem, I mean it's blatantly clear that the media is corrupt to its very core. Now what is the solution because social media is no better people lie pretty much constantly on here to reinforce their own positions
David Gullickson He's a moron, but he's also right about the media's dishonesty. It's often been used to prop up support for a coming war, but it's also turned completely partisan in the current day and age. About the only thing I care for when it comes to Trump is ...
Ben Swan 100% correct. It was the MSM that sold us the Iraq war, Libya, Syria and so on. Whether Trump decides to bypass congress or not for a declaration of war. And he can, Libya is a prime example. he'll still need the medias help.
David Buskirk Over all the senators like yourself need to reel him in. He acts like a fool as a leader. Fix america for all and not just for your arrogant ignorance stand point that will not go back in time. Shame on you and your agenda for more monopolies and super ...

The U.S. government, which has used nukes and has thousands more, freaks out when North Korea lobs a junky missile into the ocean somewhere...

561 reactions 72 comments
Stephen Brown-Wooster Jr. Spencer Kuzmitch stop worrying about North Korea lol
Gina O'Doherty I can see a lot of commentors on here just dont get it. Keep on speaking the truth Dr. Paul.
Dennis Cravero North Korea needs a Rothschild Central Bank and have all if its resources taken away....
Jessie James Fink North Korea is rich in resources and not controlled by the Central Banks as is Syria and Iran which are also targets
Jason Rameka NK's "junky" missile can easily hit South Korea, Japan, Okinawa or Guam before an adequate response can happen or even potentailly before it can be neutralised. NK's threat needs to be contained. You can't just let them continuously expand their nuclear ...

The media colludes against Trump. He's right. But it's besides the point...

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Thomas C. Horn Holt Hambright
Debra Haugen beside
Rachel Lyles He deserves it
Anthony Valencia Ron Paul 2020 and 2024
Danjurous Dan On that subject it's called a Thorium Reactor, look it up. Currently though today this is more important.

Big Brother authoritarians have been salivating at the prospect of a cashless society for awhile now. Things are certainly moving in that direction. Imagine the possibilities if they ever achieve their goal: - Government would be able to observe every single transaction that is made and the parties making them. It's the ultimate economic invasion of privacy. - Let's say government wants to bailout one of its corporate friends. Will you login to your bank account to find that they gave you a "haircut" in order to save their "too big to fail" cronies? - What if you want to donate to XYZ, but the regime in power doesn't like XYZ? Will they turn off your ability to donate? - What if government doesn't like your health habits, and blocks your payments to certain food vendors? The possibilities for authoritarian control are endless in a government-monopolized digital currency society. That's why the pom-poms have been out cheering it on. Even the most recent Nobel-prize winner in "economics" is a fan of no cash. Recently, in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria knocked out the power. Those without cash were in dire straits. What happens to digital money when there's no power.... More below on that story:

3.9k reactions 306 comments
Tommy S. McNabb So, who or what would determine one's "worth" or "earnings". As it stands now we rely on a worthless piece of paper and a promise or a piece of plastic to enable us to live a lifestyle we hope for.We give away our privacy the moment we sign up for ...
Brent DuBois I actually had the power go out while standing in line at a grocery store several years ago, out of all the other people in line, I was the only one with cash, so I was the only one that got to leave with my food, a light bulb went off in my head and ...
Lukas Wiemers Why should the government provide cash in the first place? Let the free market come up with its own solution for an entirely privatized form of cash. People were able to trade with each other before the internet and before government. They choose to ...
Ruben Leal In a cashless society, if the power goes down, since it would only be temporary, it'll temporarily return to the barter/IOU/pawn system. Crypto currency is here to stay. Today's youth understand the language of technology, and crypto is part of the new ...
Dona Burns Excellent points, I keep saying with all this technology what if the power goes off...most look at me funny. At least I know there are others like minded....I see so many comments here that are spot on. If the govt wouldn't benefit from it, they ...

When future generations look back, they'll surely ask the question: "What were the American people doing while their government bankrupted itself? Did they care about anything? Did they oppose anything?" They'll look back and see that of course there was plenty of bickering and fighting between different groups of power-seekers, but overall, the politicians and their media mastered the art of keeping everyone occupied on the immaterial. Americans were fed a steady diet of "the news of the day" with the guarantee that all eyes were kept off the real mischief. Let's look at a few headlines: ***Readers sound off on Mike Pence's Stunt*** ***Ivana Trump says she is the 'First Lady'*** ***Trump Challenges Tillerson to an IQ Test After “Moron”-Gate*** Trump can do this for four years. Heck, anyone can, and they all do. Then Americans wake up when it's time to vote, realize that everything is still spiraling further into the abyss, and fall for the next campaigner-in-chief. More below:

The Art of The Deflection
The Art of The Deflection

Ron Paul Liberty Report

1.7k reactions 186 comments
Rodney Hayes Ron, how about you start helping to drain the swamp by identifying people you know are corrupt. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem!
Bob Sinno America will never go bankrupt. It just won't ever happen. The methods are in place to maintain this direction permanently. No economic factor, no opposing nation, no catastrophe, will thwart the nation. America is permanently and entirely safe from ...
Thomas Jeffery These ignoramuses don't even know what a national debt is. Is it something you party with? Maybe it is a video game. Everyone is vested in the New World (satanic) Order. What could possibly go wrong?
Ty Gramlich Stop letting in illegal people and giving them government benefits. Stop giving massive amounts of money to other countries. Stop killing business in America. Foster, care, and use every resource we have from fossil fuel to green energy to caring for ...
Terry Murphy Paul makes many good points. Whether or not Trump is practicing a meticulously planned deception plot or not isn't the best place for his efforts. He could, however, concentrate his effort on the Senate. No, I'm afraid the American People will have to ...

The CIA torture program in Afghanistan was designed by two psychologists, who were paid $81 million for their "service." We are only learning about this because of a lawsuit from the survivors of the US Afghanistan torture camp. Have we really stopped torturing people? Tune in to today's Liberty Report:

1.1k reactions 79 comments
Nick Matsikis Alex Garcia, if you know psychology you learn alot ....
Robert Kalani Foxworthy If they Are not us citizens I dont care if they get torture or not.
Avery Morrow There's no bill to stop torture, but we can stop the famine in Yemen. Please call your representative and ask them to support a resolution currently being floated to revoke Trump's arms deals to the Saudis https://www.facebook....
Shelby Redburn Phycologists is not the right word. High powered pychopaths teaching other how to torture is more like it.
G Travis Stone What could possibly wake people from their red, white, and blue dreams? It is through deceit that they do not know truth.

The Welfare State Warps Immigration

137 reactions 6 comments
Bill David
Scott Strange Started to get out of hand 53 years ago !
Delma Murray-Macgregor C'mon now Ron, America is a welfare state, not for the citizens though but for your corporations!!
Kevin Cosner The right conditions is when Mental Heath in this country identifies all leftists as Sociopath/Psychopath parasites and eradicates then before we are all slaves to corporate welfare, social welfare!
Rene X Kuauhtli What welfare benefits do undocumented people receive? In fact the irs takes money from their paychecks for social security, disability, unemployment and other. Benefits they will never be able to use. Do not qualify for food stamps. So what are you ...

Immigration would be much simpler and just in a free society

143 reactions 20 comments
Kristopher Jacob Watson 531
Chris Dorner Stop immigration into government. Drain the swamp.
Craig Phelps Or deport every illegal Lower rents Lower traffic & taxes Raise wages END WELFARE Yyyaaaaayyyyy
Rahul Jain ya. if you dont have a big welfare state
Nicolas Grant I run restaurants. If u can find Americans who want to work please send about 20 grown men for 75 hours a week at 800$ . I am going to close and switch business because the retards, mental patients, drug addicts and alcoholics I am forced to choose from ...

Will building the wall, adding 1,000 more border patrol officers, and mandating e-Verify solve the illegal immigration problem? Or are both sides missing the real point. Join today's Liberty Report for my take...

Trump's 70-Point Immigration Reform - Here's A Better Way

The White House has rolled out the President's 70 point plan to reform the immigration system. Will building a wall, hiring more officers and prosecutors, ma...

172 reactions 39 comments
Kao Yang Stop incentives as you stated in the past.
James AR Hadley "Illegal Immigration" isn't a thing. Quit being statists.
Beau Cook How about you put infrared drones up and scrap the wall and personnel. Problem solved
Matt Sansone Remove any and All incentive to come here illegally. You wouldn't need a wall.
Alec Jeffrey Of course mandatory eVerify will work

Will the Trump/Republican tax reform be good for Liberty? Not unless they also cut spending! My latest column...

Will Tax Reform Increase or Limit Liberty?
Will Tax Reform Increase or Limit Liberty?

President Trump and the congressional Republican leadership recently unveiled a tax reform “framework.” The framework has a number of provisions...

253 reactions 18 comments
Joseph Obrochta
Richard Perriera what liberty ???
Gregory Hoffman The only kind of reform we'll see is the kind that puts even more money into that billionaire filled administration's collective pockets
Love Quotes and Sayings You must have goals! "People with goals succeed because they know where they're going." - Earl Nightingale
Jay Kay It wont make a difference as long as we have Usury!!!

H.L. Mencken observed very astutely: "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." Boy...was he right on the money. More below:

It's Deja Vu All Over Again

Ron Paul Liberty Report

1.4k reactions 38 comments
Lamont Cranston 'odd' how MacArthur said exactly the same ...
Chase Hunt Hegelian Theory
G Travis Stone no joke!
Michael Orlando Two shitheads !!!!
Melinda Kay HL Menchin was a very smart man.

Our outside world is a reflection of the dominant ideas that people hold. It's a mirror image of the beliefs that dominate at the time. When we gaze out of our eyes and see government dominating virtually all aspects of society, it's no surprise to see multitudes of people who believe that this is the way it should be. The outside is a mirror image of the inside. Since we don't live in a static world, but one of constant change, the ideas that dominate are always changing as well. The ideas of Liberty once dominated in America. That gradually changed to a fervent faith in government power. When the ideas of Liberty dominated in America, those who sought limitless power were in the minority. They struggled and were distraught. Prior to the formation of the American military empire, one of its architects, Theodore Roosevelt, lamented that Americans were so attached to the ideas of peace with foreign nations, that he feared his empire and wars would never come. Today, we are at the opposite end of the spectrum. Many Americans fear that the perpetual wars will never end! In the same exact America, we have seen polar opposite ideas come to dominate. For the time being, it is Liberty that is in the minority position. But unlike Teddy Roosevelt, we need not despair. More below:

The Ideas of Liberty: Measuring Success
The Ideas of Liberty: Measuring Success

Ron Paul Liberty Report

331 reactions 19 comments
Julianne Marken Plant the seeds of libertarianism.
Kenrol Rivers
Magnetic M Rose 🌺
Mike Scir Ron Paul for President.
Kim Armstrong Excellent. ❤

The Exciting Future For The Ideas of Liberty Order Ron's New Book Here:

109 reactions 4 comments
Jeremy Lewis Just commentating to see if it shows up.
Michael Snyder For Congress I look forward to reading your new book!!
Dan Van I REFUSE to waste more of my money on amazon. They receive enough of my subsidies. Where else can I buy this book?

The Revolution is 10 years old, and Ron Paul has a powerful new book to discuss it! Watch the whole show here: Order the new book on Amazon here:

263 reactions 19 comments
Nguyen Alvin I will buy if if I get a signed copy 🙂
Aaron West My hero. The father to this movement
Lindsay Sartain ❤️love you Dr. Paul. I wish you were President!!!
Deborah Robinet Our Founding Father.
Shirley Wilson Beautiful and thank you for sharing
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