Ron Paul
14:22 04/20/2017

I'm very happy to see that the people of Texas don't think very much of the border wall.

I've always argued that walls would hinder the American people as much as anybody else.

The idea of a wall (that will no doubt cost us a fortune) is detrimental to the concept of liberty and just won't work. It can only end up being a failed way to treat a symptom of our problems, instead of the cause.

I discuss this in detail with Maria Bartiromo below:

61% of Texans Oppose The Border Wall ... They

61% of Texans Oppose The Border Wall ... They're Right!

By Ron Paul I'm very happy to see that the people of Texas don't think very much of the border wall. I've always argued that walls would hinder the American people as much as anybody else. The idea...

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Wakaranai Yew
40% drop of illegal immigration since trump took office. The wall will drop that even further. The cartels are suffering financially because we now uphold laws already in place. I agree with a lot that you say Ron Paul especially concerning the continuation of dropping bombs but your reluctance to aggressively control our border is why I cannot rally behind you as a politician. It will pay for itself with the trillions we save when the wall stems the flow in addition to the other root problems.
Rick Thomas
Build that Wall build that wall lmfao . Can't waint a great number of people that voted for trump that live on the border will be cut off from the river and in a lot of cases be fenced in on the mexico side . BUILD THAT WALL !!!! Theirs goverm folks sucreing the land as we speak. Most trumpsters I talked with before the election were saying trump dosent really meen build a wall now look lmao
Nickolas Story
First, they take the dinglebop, and they smooth it out with a bunch of schleem. The schleem is then repurposed for later batches. They take the dinglebop, and they push it through the grumbo, where the fleeb is rubbed against it. It's important that the fleeb is rubbed because the fleeb has all of the fleeb juice. Then a schlami shows up, and he rubs it and spits on it. They cut the fleeb. There's several hizards in the way. The blamfs rub against the chumbles. And the ploobis and grumbo are shaved away. That leaves you with a regular, old plumbus.
Adam Ludlam
Open borders are a great idea when there isn't a threat of domestic terrorism...I would love for us to have open borders but we just can't do it right now, there are too many threats. But I do agree that a wall is would cost billions of dollars a year to maintain and man. How about hire more ICE agents and have them do the job that they were doing before the bush and Obama worked fine for 200 why is it a problem now? Plus we should make it less expensive and easier to get here but nevertheless we have more important issues at hand than this
Mike Scir
It's all smoke and mirrors. If business owners were fined or imprisoned for hiring illegals the problem would go away virtually overnight. The fact that there is NO such enforcement, there has NEVER been such enforcement, and there is NO plan to implement such enforcement, shows how important gov't and the business community find illegal labor. The US economy is still downsizing, the middle class is under more pressure than ever, illegals who work for lower wages lower the costs of all kinds of goods and services. This is actually helping the middle class a great deal. The REAL problem is that gov't can't be bothered to keep out the bad actors. IDK WTF they are thinking but letting criminals stay here or re-enter is a crime against the American people. But hey, these are the same idiots who keep wasting money on the totally ineffective "war" on drugs that creates a tremendous amount of crime and homelessness, by making people with medical conditions into criminals, by breaking up homes, by depriving youth from in school and after school programs that would help reduce the motivation to form drug and alcohol abuse habits or join violent gangs. Gov't is failing us very badly, and they're rather keep their fat paychecks and fat retirement accounts and do a crappy job and point the finger at the people they are enabling than clean up their act and do a good job. GOV'T is the problem.
Sean Montemurro
Honesty I always thought of the proposed wall as a campaign gimmick Trump never intended to make good on. There are already tunnels under the border that drug cartels and human traffickers use anyway.
Richard Lucas
I say save the billions it would cost to build a Wall. Spend it on C-130 gunships, apaches, and Drones. Put our military on our border and let it be known we won't tolerate illegal entry for any reason. If you try to cross, no matter what the reason. You will be fired upon. Problem solved once and for all.
Erick Radline
Just turn off every freebie and they'll stop coming here. No more welfare, free education, free healthcare, crack down on employers hiring illegals, cut all federal funding to any sanctuary city, and deport
Guy Edward Dso
Not true. Except for aircrafts, it would keep invading armies from the south, of any nation in cahoots with our southern neighbors, from getting vehicles such as tanks and other assault vehicles and other supplies from entering easily. And any penetration of a wall could be treated as an act of war.
Luis Alberto Fernandez Carbonell
This is where Libertarians are like crazy or something. About everywhere else they're right, except on this issue. You don't set up a wall and you will have immigration in large numbers. Immigration that brings with them people who vote a certain way, a way that will turn this country into their country. Prime example, look at California!
Levi Raber
I don't want a wall, I want current laws enforced better. We DO have an illegal immigrant problem and those who say otherwise are burying their heads in the sand or drinking the liberal kool-aid. Do it legally and make a better life for yourself and your family. Do it illegally and get deported (repeat offenders should get harsher punishments for each time they enter illegally). It's not fair or right to those who wait years to come who do it the legal way.
Travis Thompson
That is a shocking poll. I agree with Ron Paul in theory about borders, but realistically, I don't believe we will EVER solve the real problem (ending welfare and minimum wage), so I'm okay with the wall as a way to treat the symptoms. If the democratic party would not sell entitlements to buy votes and just focus on actual policies and sell them on their merits of why they're good for America, maybe things could change.
Roger Price
Mr. Paul, you seem to be oblivious to the enormous costs illegals already place on our healthcare, education and social welfare systems. This doesn't include our prison costs, courts and the criminal element involved in gangs and drugs. We could possibly build numerous walls with that cost, which we pay out yearly with no end in sight. They come here, refuse to learn our language or assimilate. If they can't weed out the employers that hire them and pay them under the table, what is the deterrent to stop them from sneaking across our borders. Sometimes walls DO serve a purpose. Maybe it will take someone close to you being their next victim to open your eyes.
Randall Roberson
Only way a wall would work is if it was 100 feet tall and buried atleast 50 feet down. Even then drug lords and other criminals will find a way. Just need to enforce deportation and incarceration for people here illegally. Not just let them leech of the tax payers. But just to point out these wars the past few presidents have created do more harm to the US then trying to secure our borders. Being that we are one of the most lenient country when it comes to people crossing the border illegally. You'd think all the immigrants that came here legally would stand up against the ones that came here criminally.
Frank Noble
Great points! I'm kinda neutral on the wall myself but we definitely need to make it far less attractive for people to come here illegally and just live off the system.

Other newsfeed from Ron Paul

We are being lied to about the US-backed Saudi war on Yemen. Thousands dead, a country destroyed, unimaginable suffering. We go after the truth with special guest Vanessa Beeley...

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Alex Martinez Abdulhak Raja
Scott Hull when does Donald get his Nobel Peace Prize?
Yacine Ouchar thank you dr paul for what you're doing ,
Judy Leduc Of course they will keep lying
Sholeh Winters We have been lied to about everything.

Rather than being thought of as "the new gold," cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, are speculative assets. There's an old saying that "gold has no smell," making it virtually impossible for government to track. And as we all know, government wants to track every single thing about us. Bitcoin is extremely trackable by the government. While no one knows what the future will bring, gold remains the only gold....End The Fed. More below:

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Nathen Tackett I think is where his age and lack of technical knowledge have shown. Bitcoin can be transferred anonymously if done correctly but I do agree for most that is not a reality yet but will be when confidential transactions are introduced.
Valery Fedorenko Know why paper money exists? Because tally sticks suck, and can be burnt, lost, decayed, counterfeited and just about every other bad thing you can think of about a "currency" or system of accounting assets. Oh, and banks exist first because people want ...
Charles Harris Kinda... The individual transactions are visible to everyone, and you can get an idea where a transaction was made by seeing which server picks it up first. There is nothing linking it to your identity, however, and you can carry as much money as you ...
Daniel Sandoval sorry Ron Paul pretty sure your wrong about this one. this currency isn't controlled by a central bank so it's a way you never thought of that can combat the federal reserve. the future is now
Spencer Neph There are more advanced cryptocurrencies developed since bitcoin that make privacy a central feature of the protocol. No one can track Monero or Zcash payments, for example, and the same tech is coming to Ethereum in an update in a couple months.

You will be fascinated by the historic gathering of whistleblowers at our September 9th Peace and Prosperity Conference in Washington, DC. Join us. Thank a whistleblower.

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Andrzej Wolny Ron Paul Did you hear ABOUT THIS ?!?
Douglas Scheidt The world can't wait
Love Quotes and Sayings One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go. Whether it’s guilt, anger, love, loss or betrayal. Change is never easy. We fight to hold and we fight to let go. — Unknown
Ted Kaminski Get Ben Swann to speak at the conference too.

We're so pleased to announce that the Ron Paul Institute Conference 2017 will be opened by one of the finest speakers in the libertarian movement! Jacob Hornberger of The Future of Freedom Foundation will be opening our historic event! Get your tickets today:

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Lisa R. Roach Remarkable
Michell McCaleb Fabulous post
Anthony William Dang it's the same day as the Philly Block Party
Bui Dai I learn a lot from this man, and analyze his speech to understand on my time. Breaking it down takes time. 👍 since 2008

We have an "injustice" system now where the rich and political connected can easily get away with lots of felonies. Central Banking plays a starring role in making this possible. Ron Paul discusses this and much more below:

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John Best We have to remove the lawyers from our government.
Craig Phelps Read
Will Johnson
Tony Margol Shameful!
Christy Ashby Excellent post

"Hate Speech" is a Marxist creation to shut down the free speech of one's opponents. "Hate Speech" is subjective. The whole reason for the 1st Amendment was to ensure that everyone was free to say controversial things, and things that the establishment may not approve of. The 1st Amendment is not there so that we're only free to talk about things like the weather. Tyranny seeks to shutdown the freedom to speak. America's Founders wanted to ensure that the mental prisons that Cultural Marxists are trying to erect with so-called "political correctness," never take root in this country.

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Thomas Bennett did you know, if you don't pay attention to them, they can be invisible. So they had a rally, i didn't attend, i wouldn't have even batted an eye, because "it's their thing" I am an American with tolerance and acceptance for those that are different, ...
Christopher Robertson Rights ought to transcend any temporary political situation. By allowing more and more government oversight of free speech, you place more power into the hands of politicians with subjective values at a single point in history.
Bill Adams Freedom of speech has to be for everyone. Regardless of whether we like what is said is irrelevant. If you support censoring someone else's speech then what is to stop someone else from censoring your free speech? It's a door you don't want to open. ...
Sean Taylor Just FYI the last time we let Nazis have a political platform 60 million people died. We fought a World War that should have ended this debate. This sort of "speech" is beyond hate or reason. I say to those who think this sort of non-sense should be ...
Josephine Thomas Just to clarify, ramming your car into a group of people who disagree with you is the result of Marxist leftists trying to eliminate free speech? You're an idiot. And as an idiot you have every right in America to open your mouth and prove what an idiot ...

After Charlottesville, the big question is where do we draw the line between free speech and hate speech? Between crime and hate crime? What is the libertarian position? Tune in to today's Liberty Report:

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Dave Zeman Free speech is free speech. A person may not like what another is saying, but that person who is offended has the right to walk away and not listen. There is no "hate speech" only free speech.
Timothy Western The Supreme Court long ago ruled that speech comes with certain responsibilities. You can't yell Fire Fire!! in a crowded theater (especially if there are none there.) So speech which incites or causes violence to happen, could perhaps be against the ...
Dana En Sounds good, so it must be an awesome decision right? But who decides what is "Hate Speech"? It actually turns out that Hate Speech is decided by those in power, if you pass a Constitutional Amendment that overrides Freedom of Speech to ban "Hate ...
Jack Vero the concept of "hate speech" cannot be clearly defined and does not make sense. it is like calling someone a "terrorist." merely propaganda terms. they are not designed to make sense they are designed to suppress logic
Brian Biernat "Hate speech" is a contrivance of Bolshevism. It does not exist. Controversial speech, distasteful speech, offensive speech are all protected by our First Amendment - precisely to prevent the type of demagoguery and intimidation the Bolshevik left is ...

Have you ever noticed how many experts there are on "American values"? These characters are everywhere. They're always telling us about their laundry list of "American values." One value that never happens to make the list is the unique American idea that set this country apart from all others --- Liberty. Instead it's gimme...gimme...gimme because it's an "American value" to do so. More below:

The Gimme...Gimme...Gimme Mentality
The Gimme...Gimme...Gimme Mentality

Ron Paul Liberty Report

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Diane W. Reed Very good information
Martin Willis stfu paul
Kent LaDuke Yes I know and you're at the top of list!
Nigel Pope How is liberty a value that sets the US apart from other countries? Even if the US suddenly embraced liberty in anything other than the abstract, that would not make it unique or even rare.
Tim Cooper Yes, the "American Values" documented in the Constitution don't make the list of our "core values" -whatever they are.

Trump's military threats against Venezuela show us precisely why countries like North Korea want nukes.

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Dennis Boyle Miller Do not be fooled !!!! Trump is a Zionist puppet.... He was put into office by the Talmudic Ideologists ( who own 98% of the ungodly souls in congress and the federal reserve) and his scripts are all written by ex-bankers and Talmudic Zionist. He is not ...
Annunaki Nephalim Nibiruplanetx topologically proven mathematically - would reduce prices across the board from 7 -11 percent because of the nearness of teh natural resources, ie next dorr, as opposed to the middle east - the exact opposit side of the world
Paul Kunkel Gauleiter Paul... Where do you stand??? With "very fine people" who exterminate people not like them??? Or with America, who spilled blood fighting Nazism??? THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND ANY LONGER!!! Silence is consent!!!
Tony Uragallo good, more People need to stand up against this crazy war machine we spend all our money on. but.... go listen while you can, I'm sure the contract is out on him and he will die of an unexpect stroke right soon :-(
Pete Bouloukos North Korea is a pawn, it's just real estate and a potential show of force to secure our printing press and petrodollar. $20 trillion in debt and the debt notes are only backed by 800 military bases in 70 countries. Venezuela at least has oil so it ...

Trump wants to tear up the Iran deal. What will the Europeans do? What will the UN do? What will Iran do? Today's Liberty report... End Of Iran Nuke Deal? What Comes Next...

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Sean Ronald Smith What's his proposed replacement?
Jim Beach Sr who cares they are not our country it is AMERICA FIRST no other places
Nona Donald They will suck it up and deal. European nations have screwed over Iran for a couple of centuries. They ought to be scared shitless.
Gary Eve Trump wants to blow something up, it doesn't matter to him who.
Zaben Hashish Aipac needs to stop tellimg congress what to do. We the people are the ones who elected them

ANNOUNCING: A Whistleblowers Roundtable at Ron Paul Institute Conference 2017! Get tickets to this historic event at

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Susan W. Hunter Nice article
Brian Galassini Where all the coaches at tho?
Angel Xavier Please be careful.
Allison Rich Will this roundtable be filmed?
Bob Zwirn at Dulles? How ironic

There's a lot of "left-wing" vs. "right-wing" allegations being thrown around, especially after the latest violence in Charlottesville. We're told that "leftist" Communist groups are pitted against "far-right" Nazi groups. That may well be the case, but it's important to realize that they're all Socialists! The whole left/right stuff can be dropped. They're just different brands of Socialism. It must be remembered that the U.S.S.R. stood for Union of Soviet *Socialist* Republics. Meanwhile, NAZI stood for National *Socialism.* So when you look at the ridiculous "political spectrum" that people often use, both "left-wing" and "right-wing" equal Socialism. Here's a good question: Where does that leave Liberty? Ahhh....look how that happened! More below:

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Timothy Maxwell Jumping the shark a little bit here Ronnie. Stick to something you are good at like questioning corrupt capitalism. Fascism doesn't require socialism, capitalists are perfectly capable of it too. Today's "Nazis" and alt-right are all capitalists anyway. ...
C.g. David The failure of Congress to not enact laws in the last decades has eroded society.
Jozef Stzef Gwizdala And the DPRK stands for democratic people's Republic of Korea. Doesn't mean it's democratic
Bert Dodson At your age you should actually remember Facism is a conservative extreme. Nazis were rabidly anti communism, Judaism, very ridged gender roles, Kirk Kinder kutchen ring any bells. Reproductive rights belonged to the state all very current Republican ...
Chris LeRoux To determine someone's economic ideology is very simple. There are only three economic systems to choose from: capitalism, communism/socialism, and fascism- though of course each have synonyms, are misrepresented by large groups of people, are ...

CIA Director Mike Pompeo amplified President Trump's threats against Venezuela over the weekend, claiming that Russia, Iran, Cuba, and Hezbollah are in the country making it a serious threat to the US. What about the years of US regime change efforts in Venezuela that continue to this day? More bluster from Washington in today's Liberty Report: War Drums Beating For Venezuela?

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Eddie Barker Ron, you never talk about those 3 U.S. driven regime changes when you're bringing up Venezuela to demonize socialism. That's kind of curious.
Dre Konrad socialism is a threat to liberty. he is right to condemn it, but military action is unwarranted.
长宁 Don't let White Supremacy go out of America. That's a threat to the entire world.
Juergen Toft M D What we need is an objective, non-polarized, analysis of the situation in Venezuela. With the fog that is sprayed by supporters and opponents alike we can't see clearly, let alone make an informed decision. Why don't you provide that, Ron, before we ...
Dennis Cravero Venezuela must have dumped their Rothschild Central Bank...

Most people, when they "deposit" their paychecks into a bank, think that they're keeping the money in safe storage. After all, if you stored your money somewhere else, someone could steal it, right? Well, you're actually making a loan to the bank. On the bank's books, they "owe" you the money back. Your money becomes the bank's money, and you become an *unsecured* creditor. Oh you can get "your" money out ... up to a certain point. Ask for too much, and you're automatically flagged as being a possible drug dealer or terrorist. The surveillance state wants to know what you need "your" money for. But what if the bank can't pay you what they "owe" you? We've all heard of a "bailout" ... 2008 was a prime example of that. ​But have you ever heard of a "bail-in"? More below:

When The Bankers Rob The Bank
When The Bankers Rob The Bank

Ron Paul Liberty Report

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Roberto Cicuta Murillo What Dr. Ron Paul says is 100% correct and has nothing to do with being libertarian as many would say. Past history shows that money in the bank is NOT 100% secure in this darn era as the government in a desperate move to acquire more money to give away ...
Ricardo Wiggett Banksters gonna bank. I can withdraw up to 650 USD per day in cash from my credit union (I don't 'do' bankstaz). They have given me a lot more on request, no questions asked bar simple ID check. However, a sudden glut of bank failures and capital ...
Adam Summerford I ran into a problem like this when i ETS-ed from the army and went back to my home state, they kept me there for nearly 4 hours, i was interrogated by about 6 people 2 of them were police officers of some sort. while waiting i convinced 2 new soldiers ...
William S. Brenaman The cardinal sin of the bank is that give most 0.50% interest or worse 0.15% interest on your checking or savings yet credit card companies as plastic bank can charge customers 8.0%-29.99% interest for using their services - something ain't right
Jaymz Lee Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank, but give a man a bank, and he can rob the world.

Is President Trump really considering an attack on Venezuela? White House or war house? My latest column at the link...

Attack Venezuela? Trump Can
Attack Venezuela? Trump Can't be Serious!

There is something unsettling about how President Trump has surrounded himself with generals. From his defense secretary to his national security...

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Neil Giles People should visit John Pilger's web page and look at the video list and watch his documentary A War on democracy for a real history lesson
Adam Brooks Honorable Ron Paul please run for President again,i voted for Trump,but I really want you and your son running this gift of a nation,PLEASE!
Nick Thahdic We did this to them slowly going back to chavez...and now that the opposition says it will not honor the $3 billion in bonds that Goldman and others invested in the State owned oil they want to invade.
Jesse Ball OMG Ron your fellow Republican trump is a liar?!?! How could we have known? I voted for a libertarian maverick with racist tendencies not another Neo-con! Aww shucks!
Viczter Cruz Putin: North Korea Doesn’t Have Nuclear Weapons, It Has Trillions in Minerals Updated on August 12, 2017 By Mexico_b Russian President exposes ...

The U.S. Constitution is not very complex. It was designed to "chain down" government. After all, government is the most violent and vicious institution on the planet. Most people have to keep learning that the hard way. The natural tendency of government is to constantly expand its scope. It wants no limitations on the violence that it inflicts, and it surely doesn't want to be "chained down" by anyone or anything. All politicians in the United States swear to uphold the Constitution. Bibles are used ... big hyperbolic speeches ... marching bands ... the whole nine yards. Yet, immediately after the pomp and circumstance of the "swearing in," the U.S. Constitution is almost completely ignored. A vast majority of everything the federal government does is purely unconstitutional. See a nice visual guide for President Trump below:

A Visual Guide for President Trump
A Visual Guide for President Trump

A reminder to President Trump -- North Korea and Venezuela are not part of "your job."

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Tammy Burns The government does what the big corporations want. The government should not sanction corporations.
Carl Hicks The Steppenwolf song Monster/Suicide/ America tells the story perfectly.
Kathy Dixon Government people violating the mean like in Charlottesville Mayor ordering the police to stand down while people are rioting?
Jeannie Dietsche Why isn't there a test in order to become a representative? You have to believe in the original intent of the Constitution and know it. If you don't then you don't get to serve. If you pass the test but then break your oath then there is an easy out ...
Nikitas Fooskas Probably in some parallel universe where they have a constitution and its being followed everyway that Dr. Paul has preached about liberty and national defense over his consistant political life is a reality. In this world and this country the system is ...

While "fire and fury" has dominated the headlines over the past few weeks, a major story was totally ignored. The Board of Trustees of Social Security sent a formal letter to Congress warning that Social Security is in deep trouble. The US government itself calculates that the long-term Social Security shortfall exceeds $46 TRILLION. That amount is over TWICE the U.S. national debt, and nearly THREE times the size of the entire U.S. economy! The U.S. government has overpromised ... BIG TIME! More below:

2.3k reactions 560 comments
Chris Cooke Snr That's OK - there's 2000 tons (!) of gold reserves in North Korea - and trillions of dollars worth of other minerals. Bit of fire and fury v. the resources? It all starts to make sense!!
Bill-William Churchill So, what happened to the 15.3% they have been collecting from everyone for the last umpteen decades?
Mike Darpino Get rid of the cap!! If you did this you may be able to even cut the middle class a break and reduce their contribution to the fund. Make the rich guys pay their share on all that they make, not just the first $110,000.
Buck Fuller READY FOR THIS??? currently , everyone who makes over 113k/ yr only pays their FICA on the first $113k. After that , nothing. Whereas most of you and I pay our FICA on 100% of our income. The rich do not. If everyone who made more than 113k/ yr ...
Dave Jaynie Carlson How about the government paying back the money it "borrowed" from the trust fund! Problem solved!

When it comes to governments, there's an extremely valuable "lifehack" that is always ignored. We're not limited to only learning from our own experiences. If that were the case, we probably wouldn't survive for very long. Fortunately, we can observe, think about, and learn from the experiences of others. When they mess up, we can avoid making the same mistakes. We can choose the better path, and avoid the pain that they're experiencing. Boy, when it comes to government, this lifehack is thrown away. For centuries, the intoxicating idea of Socialism and getting something for nothing, has ruined countless lives and societies. Learning from it is never an option. Proponents are always just a few "tweaks" away from accomplishing their impossible utopia. They just need more control...always more control. And yet, those who adopt these ideas keep on starving, keep on dying, and keep on rioting. Some lessons from Socialist Venezuela below:

1.1k reactions 80 comments
Мевін Касик I'm pretty sure using their lessons counts as cultural appropriation. Ron Paul is such a typical, small minded, PNOC. Disgusting.
Stephen William Dockendorff The lesson to be learned here? Don't allow dictators to take control. I used to think we were safe from such things in the US, but now...
Jeffrey K Geiger Dr. Paul, if you read these postings, I'm sorry. Where does one find hope? I admire you for continuing your work. -- from an LvMI, Mises/Rothbard fan
Ozcar Inn The lesson is that Bush, Obama and now Trump has failed to make a regime change . Sounds like Cuba 2 for the states.
Gawain Harding This is funny cause the Russians are financing Maduro as well. So maybe you Yankees can learn how rise up.

See those people over there? They're very "exceptional" people. They've racked up $20 Trillion in debt, and want to ratchet it up even more. You should really loan them your hard-earned money. After all, their debt is considered "the world's safest financial asset." Sound like a good deal? Ron Paul on the world's biggest deadbeat below:

1.1k reactions 54 comments
Steve Smith It is time to flush the DC toilet. Sorry Chesepeake Bay, your the only place the Potomac can deposit the toxic waste.
Jakob August Huff Who benefits from this?!?! The Federal Reserve that's who!
Wolfgang Somary It is a sorry state of affairs when in order to remain creditworthy you need to enlarge your military capacities in perpetuity.
William Christopher Jr please address the fact we're a fiat currency and that a gov deficit means a civilian surplus.
James Wilson Bush signed 100's of 10 year Military Contracts from 2006 to 2008 tying the USA to Wars until 2018 even Trump has to pay for Bush's BS -- BUT BLAME OBAMA

Lew Rockwell will be one of our distinguished speakers at The Ron Paul Institute Conference 2017 next month! Join us! ... Tickets at

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Guy Reece
Stephen M Pevarnik I registered for the event yesterday!
Natasha Gosteva Planning to attend 🙋🏻

We're drilled, propagandized, and indoctrinated into fearing every boogeyman outside our shores. But what if the real threat to our liberty is located within?

1.1k reactions 73 comments
Keith A Colonna Sr. It's still ALWAYS AMERICA'S FAULT. Your blame-America-First rants are truly tiresome.
Janna Meyer Defend the constitution from enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC
Ed Camplese You done nothing but whine Ron and when you were involved you were too busy attempting to preach your cause instead of tending to the government business you were elected to deal with which is why we have the problems which must be addressed today. I ...
Darby Walters It's not TRUMP, it's our Congress that's dangerous!
Jason Morse Sorry, but I just think this is very humanistic and cowardly..

The rest of the world is starting to see the U.S. Empire for what it really is.

1.2k reactions 134 comments
Shannon Colleen Dunigan Everyone except the majority of Americans :/
Lee Malone The world is well aware that the US is run by Israel.
Thomas Whitelock And why would any country who is a peaceful country be fearful of the USA it is only countries like all Muslim countries and any country who wants a war with them .
Beverly Meyer Hartsfield Our country is the greatest threat to the world for sure, bullies who do not care for lives and soldiers who blindly follow.
Claire Cox Please speak out on the Bundy trial. What happened to Eric Parker yesterday is OUTRAGEOUS, we need you and your son's voice in this. PLEASE!

What a great treat to have my old friend Lew Rockwell join today's Liberty Report! We take a look at a new worldwide poll concluding that the US is the greatest threat to world peace. Did they get it right? Why? Also lots of new information about our great upcoming conference! You won't want to miss it! Watch the show then click:

240 reactions 22 comments
John Hiller
Gareth Hemingway Mark Hammon
Alan Shields So true. Get the Ashkenazi Jews out of the Whitehouse.
David Howard Focus on #KatieGate
Eric Johnson World peace is a dream anyways

Over 3,000 millionaires have fled Chicago in recent months. This is the largest outflow of wealthy people from any US city right now. But it’s not just millionaires… Every five minutes *someone* leaves Illinois. Wealthy people are often the first to leave a bad situation. They have the means to simply get up and go. And when they do, they take their money and their businesses with them. Leftist statism is taking down this U.S. state. More below:

4.6k reactions 443 comments
Stephanie Guthrie Yes, come after the side trying to feed people and give them a roof over their heads, but don't say anything about the other side that increases military budget and corporate tax breaks constantly. I'm sure they're not doing any harm.
Colin Łacina I live in IL and any time I take a highway I see advertisements along the lines of "Tired of corrupt politicians in Illinois? Come to Indiana!" When other states are buying up billboards to try and get you to move out.... and its working, you know thing ...
Tom Tesoro Americans are fleeing POVERTY, created by the right wing nut jobs, and fraudsters, created by neo-liberalism. USA is NOW failed sovereign state, technically bankrupt and ONLY kept alive by the FED. You want to know WHO 'devastated' the USA.. look no ...
Alan Light I was in Illinois for college (1988-1992) and knew a number of locals in the Illinois National Guard. Some of them worked city or state jobs, and they explained to me how they had worked things out, so by working for two different government ...
Chantelle Harrison I lived in Illinois during high school- my school was combined with another from 30 minutes away because they did not have funding to keep it running. Then, after my junior year, they combined 3 schools from the area due to funding cuts again. There are ...

How Government & Media Manipulate Americans To Desire War

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Rob Lee Wilder Brandi Nicole Wilder
Bryan Winton Sandy Stone
Ilona Toth That is right
Steven Bradford True
Helí Pedraza US 🦅

NBC's Brian Williams: "Our job is to scare people to death" over North Korea

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Mike Grauer Jr I say it is a reuse of the playbook we saw with Iraq.
Mike Fontana brian williams is still on tv? lol
Stu Sasser Brian Williams is a lying #%$$#.
Carolyn Zimmerman thats just wrong Brian Williams.....

Governments have been the biggest murderers in mankind's history. No private gang, club, organization, mafia, or cabal can possibly come close. A major reason for this is the fact that government legally steals its revenues. So there really is no choice for taxpayers in financing government's wars. You may not like government invading Iraq, or Syria, or Libya, but you're paying for it nevertheless. We can't say: "I'm not paying my taxes because I don't want it used to destroy innocent people". What we want, like, or think has no bearing...We're paying. Private institutions have no legal power to steal (unless they join up with the government, which many do). But on their own, private organizations can only get our money if we voluntarily give it to them. If a private institution heads in a direction that you disapprove of, you have the power to withhold your money. You're not forced to finance them against your will. ​What you want, like, and think *does* matter. Read the rest below:

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Mike Hillen ya but "private gang, club, organization, mafia, or cabal" actually run, invest and manipulate governments and corporations. aka individual scumbags running things from behind the scenes or in the open rubbing your face in it.
Juergen Toft M D An ideal societal model doesn't exist but socialism is definitely one to avoid at all cost. The model has been tried many times, without success. The latest example is China which moved forward only after it threw the Marxist economic model over board. ...
John Brooke The Hypocrisy of the Socialist Oligarchy(the 1%) desperately wants us to believe that the 99% of us wanting living wages is more dangerous than a few wealthy people rigging the economy to suit their own anti-American needs. Socialism for the rich they ...
Mark Phillips Al Gore, Climate change, the Paris Agreement and the ability to tax people for living and breathing is arguably the biggest political scam in human history. Habitat are changing? Really? They found camel and Mastodon bones in Death Valley! But never let ...
Donald Devon Unless the private institutions bribe the third party arbitrators that are supposed to ensure the integrity of our contracts to prevent us from being in the state if nature. You really think its not private defense contractors, big banks, big oil (all ...

Guess who's happy about all this North Korea war talk? The people who make the THAAD missiles and other weapons of war. Profits are way up. How far will they go? Tune in to today's Liberty Report...

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Eric Hallforde Gary Withrow John Newman
Brandy Navarro " **** *** "
Micah Carter Has nk made a strike? No.? Okayyy
Pnar Bradford You and your son Rand supported Trump So be happy
Cory Parker Dr. Paul speaks for me 👍

I am looking forward to having Lew Rockwell join us in September. Will you be there too?

Lew Rockwell at the Ron Paul Institute's "Peace and Prosperity" 2017 Conference

The Ron Paul Institute hosts its annual conference in the Washington, DC beltway on September 9th, and our founder Lew Rockwell will be there!

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Eric Poynter Great job DR PAULS
Chria Sherry Well I thought I was going to mises or not be a scapegoat or a pawn or a rookie or a uncredited founder inventor entrepreneur lyricist story crafter with empty handed promises and dreams are for sleepers
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