Roman Reigns
16:00 09/12/2017

The power of The Big Dog is unmatched.

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Prince Raja
kama dhanda kichhi nahi dita khaidei thop mad pit karribau chali aauchu
Vane Ayala
Roman😉 Buen luchador, me gusta John Cena es buen luchador también pero en este caso le voy al perro grande
Kishor Poudel
one day you will be hall of fame of wwe.. You are very powerful and good guy.
RadhaKrishan Swami
This is the power of reigns Reigns is the unik player in the whole wwe He beats every player
Angela Kapoor
The whole Twitter Universe verbally abused Roman Reigns so bad after Raw. It's crazy
Michael Corrado
That's a lie strowman matched what you call power and beat you..
Claudia Liliana Meza Lujan
Digan lo que digan Román Reings es el mejor, es un super hombre con mucho talento!!
Vicky Young
The Big Dog is in the house
Sai Maung Lenn
Hello Roman reigns,You're exactly awesome and I like you.
Rajat Panchal
Wow that amazing power house the Roman Reigns I big big fan Roman Reigns my favourite wrestlers I am the Guy
Hazel Zofia
Roman reigns is the best in the world
Estrada Yhoung
the big dog is the man roman reinge... but trililing s crazy dog stage 3 hahaha
Akanmu Omotayo
Roman is always the best ❤️u so much respect ✊
Stella Bayor
Hahahaaa Rawlins OMG RR u r the best superman
Wajeha Ali
my big DOG❤ there isnt anyone on the earth who can match u muahh💋

Other newsfeed from Roman Reigns

Thank you, New Zealand and Australia!

60.5k reactions 868 comments
Justin Howard Y'all just need to stop with all of this hate and boos wat have they done to y'all... I mean seriously guys!
Kricket Lassiter Your Awesome King RoRo!!! Thank you for all you do!!!! You make everyone smile and feel loved everywhere you go!!!!
Theresa Brightenfield You're my breathtaking, phenomenal champion,perfection at it's finest, the best of the best love you forever and always
Кръстьо Кръстилов roman, u r not a bad wrestler, but u suck aht the microphone... see, we boo u because u get too many opportunities.... u cant do a promo... and remember, u r not the guy.... many talent like samoa joe, drew mcintyre, miz, bobby roode.... they dont get ...
Raj Bhargaw When i see roman reigns on off script shows...he looks much more charismatic...come on vince just let him be himself

Good to be here, WWE Australia!

61.8k reactions 770 comments
Yashasvi Singh I am your biggest fan Roman Reign and I love you so much I have to meet you that's why I will join raw I love you and I am your biggest fan and I am small kid of just 12 years I love you roman
Νικος Τασουλοπουλος Please Roman this Monday beat the hell out of Cena just to become heel I cannot anymore booing you like a piece of trash
Karyn Love Shearer U were awesome in Brisbane last night. My son and I love u no matter what I the haters say. Best night ever.
Maifala Eugenia I also love Roman and I wish him the best luck and I wish that he teacher John cena a lesson that hi will never forget
Aluma Werrason Noah on de other hand Roman Reign has faced toughest challengers than Cena that makes him last man standing thx.

#FBF to the rise of The Big Dog.

6.8k reactions 1359 comments
Rita Amaka love you a million times the big dog, this is your yard, and they can believe that! may your reingn be long my king
Eric Ule Grandkartel much of the best wrestlers..he always play smart..never play dirt games like most of the wrestlers..☺☺wondering if my arms will once be such muscular..💪💪💪
France Kevin Mahlangu Just imagine roman reigns team up with seth rollins and dean ambrose vs john cena with hardy boys after no mercy.
Nattie Maselino roman u are the best , anyone who is against u is against me , your enemies are my enemies , u never back out , u never give up , u stand up for whats yours without fear thats why u are my hero, u are one in a milion thats why i will always be your fan ...
Christina Stine Keep laughing up your smark tears Christian !!! Just because Roman is more of a man than you are !!!! 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

Much respect for Jason Jordan.

38.6k reactions 519 comments
Navjot Singh Please turn heel like usos... They were boring but now they are the best tag team .. N have some mic skills bro..
Chipasha Musonda Thats good sportsmanship. Regardless, appreciation of effort is a plus as it borders on maturity. Team Roman Reigns.
Anju Sagar A respected person respect to others.u r true wwe wrestler thats why all wwe wrestlers respect u roman.u deserve respect and thats the others do.
Elizabeth Grace Molapisane That was a man thing to do BIG UP the Big Dog Roman REIGNS and Jason Jordan that was a GREAT match you outdone yourself. Well done JJ😍😍😍
Robin Gordon That's what you suppose to do that's called respect that a true champion Roman Reigns you big dog love you believe that

The Big Dog is always ready.

116.4k reactions 1477 comments
Imran Abbas Dkl Koyi fariyaad tere Dil mein dabi ho jaise Koyi fariyaad tere Dil mein dabi ho jaise Tune aankhon se koyi Baat kahi ho jaise Jaagte jaagte ek umr kati ho jaise Jaagte jaagte ek umr kati ho jaise Jaan baaki baaki hai Magar saas ruki ho jaise Jaanta hoon ...
Debbie Brown I'm his fan love him to the moon and back can't see no one think they can beat him for he is thee man thee guy stay out of his yard
Dzah Kenneth Roman empire am in your back no one can beat you either John cena or strowman the big dog and his fans are ready for them noooo shaking 👊👊👊👈
Erick Kalter If Roman just get back with Dean and Seth I may like him again. Other then that he's like Batista, someone who you can forget and not miss.
Łîł Qĕx DA Wave Your not the big dog stop if the old heads come back you be a rat running around I can't wait till I'm in the wwe I'm show you who the big dog is hope your still around

Met some awesome kids ahead of #WWEChristchurch, and it's all thanks to Make-A-Wish America.

94.1k reactions 1040 comments
Roxanne Hill Roman you have such a kind and caring heart love what you do in the ring as well as out of the ring for your fans
Rita Amaka you drive me crazy Roman, all the best dude, you're my super hero! if I were to met you, honestly, I will be over the moon
Danson Tugume Roman Reigns now ur a big dog n ur own yard, so help the needy n poor, mostly in Africa, Roman Reigns Foundation in Uganda
Shavonni Smith Always showing love to the next generation is awesome😁😁😁😁😁😁i love it so kind heart you are amazing. Keep spreading the love.
Anju Sagar We are truely blessed for being r the perfect role model for children and for us.the pure gold hearted man on this earth is roman reigns.Thank u for being so kind roman.

Bring the big fight to pediatric cancer with Connor's Cure.

5.9k reactions 71 comments
Rajesh Freking Ferozz Your follower is increasing day by day #biggdog
Moreen Miracle Go my Roman Go
Humaira Ahmed Roman you rock done a fabulous job
Mansa Musa God bless u dia
Jassi Jas Kaur Gud bless u

Respect is EARNED.

7.0k reactions 447 comments
Norma Crespi That's right You get ,got it , got it get it right!
Betül Kücükduman ja. würden sie bitte endlich eine ehe absolvieren sehr geehrter herr tramway merlen. und noch schnöner wäre wenn sie das öffentlich dann tun.
Navigator Equator General Nna rra ke mo botswana kea gorata melaiti,O dira tiro ya gago ka bokgabane ,bonokopila o setswerere mo go tsa mabole fa e le thompho yo ke gorolela hutshi monna wa modimo Ke le seno NAVIGATOR EQUATOR GENERAL
Rose Mashala True respect is earns u just hev 2 ignore negative things n focus on de positive things ul always be respected REIGNS
Kenndy Dingah Go Roman u are my best wrestler in wwe and I wish u the best. Dont care if the wwe universe boo u,u are my man lots love from Cameroon

The power of The Big Dog is unmatched.

25.7k reactions 337 comments
Prince Raja kama dhanda kichhi nahi dita khaidei thop mad pit karribau chali aauchu
Vane Ayala Roman😉 Buen luchador, me gusta John Cena es buen luchador también pero en este caso le voy al perro grande
Kishor Poudel one day you will be hall of fame of wwe.. You are very powerful and good guy.
RadhaKrishan Swami This is the power of reigns Reigns is the unik player in the whole wwe He beats every player
Angela Kapoor The whole Twitter Universe verbally abused Roman Reigns so bad after Raw. It's crazy

Keep running your mouth, John Cena.

94.8k reactions 2151 comments
Oyetunde Oyekemi Abigail I love u soo much Roman..i just don't like seeing u and cena running mouth to each other cos u guys are my fav....right now I go with whoever win the match u guys
Ronald Terry Mensah Super man punch,spear,and's going to work on cena...believe that....but both are my guys and I love them soo much...reigns will win
Benatyap Didam Mus'sarh If there was a belt involved, I'd say Roman will win cause Cena ain't seeing belt anytime soon. But now that it's for spotlight, forget it people. Your winner at No Mercy is....... John Cena!
Tatianah Castillo Eversince we like John Cena but when Rpman came in wwe,we like them both.They are both honest and cool, they never give up.They are both best of the best, yes John 16x WHC bcoz he is already 2o years in wwe whereas Roman is only 6years.But at this time ...
Itoro Okon The John Cena of nowadays is no match for Roman Reigns...take a look at his match with Braun Strawman this week on raw and compare it to Reigns matches with Braun and u can see that Cena just wants to embarrass him self and his fans. Although am a fan ...

WWE RAW: Roman Reigns vs. Jason Jordan

40.0k reactions 372 comments
Margaret Conrad Williamson Roman u r the greatest someday I will marry u I love u ur the man
Wanza J. Cross Roman Reigns, I've always said that you are awesome. :)
Marlene Elmonis Roman Rings I pray God for you because I want you beat jhon Cena
Diana Asberry-Whitt I just lost ALL respect for you, dude. While watching wrestling on Monday, they showed you watching the Cena-Strowman match. You had your hair in the very UNmasculine MAN BUN style! Are you a real man or a little old lady? I suggest people bring snoods ...
SCOODA Is Roman really sharing this video!?

The Pensacola Superman will meet you on the gridiron.

18.8k reactions 326 comments
Ąfaq Şałêėm I love you so much Roman reigns
Mahesh Gunawat Roman I am biggest fan of u across all over world.i see wwe only for you
Doaa Bk Roman is the greatest superstar of this generation you best man
Judy Micari WWE is where you belong not a football field love ya always you make my days
Farrukh Nasir Roman is the best Wrestler and champion in WWE <3

WWE Raw: John Cena Doesn't Respect Roman Reigns

12.4k reactions 360 comments
Cathy Hansmann It was a joke when the commentator said that Cena is the greatest of all time...I'm sorry but Cena is far from being greater than Hulk Hogan the man that made this business what it about a man who is trying to fill big shoes that he could ...
Dawn Randle Cena STFU......lost all respect for you when you used the mania stage to propose to Nikki....going back on all your principals of saying you would never marry again !! Roman hit the nail on the head when he said you are losing it in the ring....but then ...
Abdul Salam Massoud Roman Renz is the best wrestler in the world. Roman Rains is the supernatural power around the world and I say it with all courage
Stella Bayor Infact Cena talks too much real men like my Roman don't talk, they give u action, RR doesn't like talking plenty.
Nicole Cano He should respect roman reigns he fight his way to the top while cena was out roman reigns was going to the top every night..

Good to see the Roman Empire at WWE Wichita.

28.0k reactions 1037 comments
Helen K Owen You are the man don't let John Cena Play with your confidence.I know you need the promo that's what they say it doesn't matter to me I think the fight is better than the mouth.
Abhishek Kumar Roman I am big fan of yours Your no mercy match is very important Respect vs empire Plz don't break my heart You are the won the match
Luthando Tsana Good Morning guys yesterday I didn't watch Smackdown can any1 can help me what channel now they play and what time please guys?
Kgaugelo Elna M so sad coz now i won't watch Www anymore,coz etv won't televised it anymore.Since i don't have dstv m not gonna watch it anymore. M so sad.M gonna miss u watching u Roman.
Derek Arrington I don't like Roman Reigns no more ugh 😑!! He changed ugh a lot!! He brags bout retiring The Undertaker not good at all ugh 😑!!

Pre-order Call of Duty: WWII today and get into the Private Multiplayer Beta this weekend to try the all-new War Mode, the narrative-driven, team-based Multiplayer experience that immerses players into iconic World War II locations. Whether you’re Allied forces storming forward, or Axis forces bracing for the attack, the battles are intense and unforgiving, so make sure you’re ready!

8.8k reactions 149 comments
Amr Sabri I respect john cena but if we we talk about Roman Reigns i only can say "put him down Roman"
Kamran Tanha 👉 ɴɪᴄᴇ ᴘᴏsᴛ 🌹 Roman Reigns 🌹 ♪ sιтε ♪ Aqib-hassan .tk ♪ ♥ σωηεя ~> нαssαη αℓι ♥ ♥ ¢яα¢кєяχ 🌹 вσт 🌹 тєαм ♥
Samir Khan Hai big dog you are best fighter of the world
Jean Kiaena Dad and SARS you WWE Raw Monday and I love you come to the 💪
Sajjan SiGar Always Respect uh Roman Reigns and uh can #Believe_THAT

You want a match at WWE No Mercy? You got it.

20.5k reactions 778 comments
Lisa Gladden Roman Reigns has this unless they decide to have Fat Joe or boring strowman in a peer I'm hoping stroehmann is fighting Brock Lesnar so maybe he will be too busy to interfere in Romans match
Rajkumar Bk No doudt...and no more discussion about it okay...because at #No_Mercy THE BIG DOG will beat john cena...No one can beat THE GUY...because WWE is his Yard...annnndddd ...he makes rules around it -BELIEVE THAT
Abrar Husain This match will be very interesting. But John Cena will defeat Roman reigns. You all maybe thinking that Roman will win but it's not possible at all. Bcoz John cena is the real champ in wwe . John had defeated the beast that Roman can't do in dreams. ...
Avinash Magar Roman reigns is a good wrestler in wwe but john cena is real best wrestler in the world.Who defeated brock lesnor twice,defeated the undertaker on smack down live,who finishing every final match on best.Who never give up ,who 16x world champion.He ...
Michael Corrado He wants a victory at no mercy and Jon Cena will get it

THE BIG DOG is coming to Wizard World Comic Con Nashville in the Music City Center from 10 AM - 1 PM on Sunday, Sept 10!


Wizard World Comic Con

4.2k reactions 124 comments
Michael Corrado Who cares....your a joke....
Fatima Ben Abdelkrim Love you Roman💜
Roseanne Starz Roman in Nashville...that sounds lovely!
Malaika Maka Aboy Hm..nakula kwa macho
Abde Lhakim have a nice road

WWE Raw: Cena and Reigns Make Their WWE No Mercy Match Official

40.8k reactions 908 comments
Tanveer Tannu Well I think it's 3 years back wen brock lesnar punished John Cena like hell, in the same way roman is gonna punish john Cena super man punch after super man punch belive that in no mercy... ✌
Aryan Verma Cena u ve done a very big mistake bcoz u don't know who is Roman Reigns exactly .. Nd when Roman is in angry mood then 100 Cena comes like u but Roman will win Nd Mr Cena u can believe that
Maimil Maiti Sumita Majhi you VS me now? 😂😂
Angela Lee I don't think Roman Reigns has to prove anything to John Cena. How John figure that Roman Reigns is a fake him. I hope Roman Reigns beat John Cena and make him eat every word he said too him
Ezaz Ahmad I believe you Roman but John says right but you should think about him n his wrestling Career his is the most best in ring performer like he said he never give up he compete the best of best in wwe so you don't take him lightly you should prepare n be ...

The Big Dog never backs down.

106.4k reactions 1329 comments
Donatella Dibello Simone Gatti ❤
Varun Chaturvedi Roman u must go and join with dean and Rollins and make the shield once again and u can destroy Braun strowman and Samoa joe easily ROMAN I BELIEVE IN U
Stephen Yarkwan John cena needs to be reminded that old days are gone and this is a new era.We the big dog's section Hope's for John to be taught a lesson of his life. Roman this is ur Yard
Vamsi Krishna The big dog you are my favourite wrestler ever .. I love you so much .. please destroy Samoa Joe in your yard .. I believe you .. I never miss your fight ..You are favourite .. good luck .God bless you ..Believe that
Jayanta Chakraborty You may never back down but wat u haven't learnt is that when to end a battle.Your focus is not on winning titles. 2016 you were the winner of wwe title...& now I look at you and you're more in a battle to prove that you are 'the guy'.Your focus on ...

The Big Dog has arrived...

156.5k reactions 3107 comments
Mugeni Stephen Yaa your just cool ad ever smart in everything ,da big dog is their for big fights though Brock won him but it waz not Brock's time to live WWE so Roman had to Roar to Alert Lessnar dat his Coming ad always rem dat Roman is da face of WWE ad da guy ...
Monica de Villalobos Saludos señor Roman desde una ciudad que se llama Maracaibo en Venezuela WWE tiene muchos seguidores en esta parte de suramerica yo soy una de ellas.
Obiora Enemuo Mr cute , never mind the jealous people that boooe..remember they booed even hulk Hogan,, even cena some say he sucks ,, soon they will boo Lawrence, focus on your game and remain an A player u have always been
Olu Bamisaye The great Roman Reigns. Your roaring is no doubt intimidating but please your contenders have got that unique gimmick of you to strike hard and knows that the end has come. Honestly they will summon courage to strike back just exactly what happened ...
فطومه محمد عشششششقق ♡♡♡

Went to WAR on Sunday...

115.0k reactions 1371 comments
Siddharth Singh Indian's heart roman reigns! Americans call him the big dog But we call him the big lion (sher) An Indian lion (Hindustani sher)! #Believe_that!
Dig Dig Roman reigns he's The only one who can defeat brock lesnar Roman Don't Team up with the sheild again keep focusing on ur dream U will make history challange brock lesnar nd take that Title show The world u can Do it nd Believe That
Vinay Pratap Singh You are biggest looser when you have a chance to prove yourself you lose it.. And I have one suggestion don't shout uuuhhhhhaaaaa before you give spear to anyone.. Sala sb Jan jate h kya krne wala h chutiye
Francis Iheanacho Nzeh Brock's wining is a fluke. Part -time champion is not good for business. We need a fighting champion. Still I believe you are the champ because you are born to reign.
Mercy M Kabinga I like yo spirit Roman..You're my man keep it up..The only thing u shud do is try to avoid booing wen u want to beat yo spear bcos whenever u make tht sound they definetly knw tht u want to beat them spear which gives them the opportunity to knw yo next ...

WWE Raw: John Cena & Roman Reigns Battle The Miz & Samoa Joe

21.9k reactions 232 comments
Luis Jorel Condarco Lanza Why Cena is on raw...??
Edith Vilma Aguilar Valdiviano Que buen golpe Roman dale una paliza a ese par de mequetrefes...Jejejeje 👏👍💪
Deepak Kumar Chawdhary Hey Roman sir u r great wrestler nobody unlike u I m ur big fan😘
Vipul Sadwin roman you are great wrestler in wwe history do not care what crowd say. croud sucks ! joe also sucks !
ಗೌಡ್ರ ಹುಡುಗ ಪೊರ್ಕಿ ಹೇಮು Nam boss du match nodu 💪💪👊👊

WWE Raw: Samoa Joe Initiates a Brawl

29.8k reactions 233 comments
T Miller Birthwright U THE BEST
Emma Begnaud Roman Regins is my champ awesome Job with the miz and his body guards Roman and on Joe too
Abhijit Meshram Romen you go as free agent and claim your yard on #RAW & #SDLive and you should get back your #WWEChampionshp on #SDLive please Romen go as free agent!
James Kumar Tamang Roman reigns is my favorite but why no wenr amezing super poaj ilke roman
Silvana Maldonado queremos que el escudo vuelva a estar unido con para eso hace falta que roman vuelva sería genial

Had some WWE SummerSlam matters to discuss on ESPN's SportsCenter...

Roman Reigns talks SummerSlam on ESPN
Roman Reigns talks SummerSlam on ESPN's SportsCenter

The Big Dog appears on ESPN's SportsCenter to reflect on his Fatal 4-Way Universal Title Match and the thrill of preforming at Brooklyn's Barclays Center at The Biggest Event of the Summer.

41.1k reactions 441 comments
Sue Dorathy Well done Roman,you couldn't win but you gave your best and remember its still your yard now.Please chop kiss💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Lutfol Hasan I like Roman Reigns. But I think he would better follow Goldberg. Because when Roman spears, he roars loudly. Then, the opposition understands his action. As a result, he gets in a trap. On the other hand, Goldberg spears silently from backside. That's ...
Nomalungelo Membry Mathe It doesn't matter if Roman win or lose he is still a champ in my books.Always...So haters Roman is still number one whether you like it or not...
Aayush Chitransh Have to admit that Roman's wrestling skills and audience applause for him are getting better..!😂 This was a good PPV and it was good to see Brrrocckk Lesnar winning the title. WWE should look towards changing their writers as the matches and rivalries ...
Eunice Negra Miray Roman i support u vry vry mch n i had wished dat u win but ma one reason as to why u lost and advise to u z that evrytym u a going to spear somel,u make that celebration/alerting noise or sound wch awakens ur opponent n kips them aware thus getting u in ...

WWE SummerSlam Kickoff 2017

8.6k reactions 160 comments
Luca Brasi Miguel Vasquez guess we dnt need The WWE Network for 9.99! 😂
Amanl Lpt jindar mahal win the wwe champion ship
Cotina Lynn Pickrell Good luck ROMAN!!!!!
Fatima Ben Abdelkrim I was expecting your loss ( No offense), Love you Roman
Charlotte Rexius Go Roman

The Roman Empire is making its presence felt in Brooklyn for WWE SummerSlam!

141.3k reactions 1339 comments
F'do Ruki You are my exclusive hero ever.. Love yaaa.. Congratz for your grand victory. If you lost, its never mind bcoz u already won our hearts with your everything... God bless you.
Desiree Samoa Samantha Tanuvasa kou aigae lea ku au ga i sis hahh
Suzet Subedi I will pray for lord that you may win the title.... Plz I want you to become a new WWE UNIVERSAL CHAMPION and shows up every night on raw... I am your Biggest fan from Nepal. I believe in you.. Believe that
Eliot Kodjo Kpohonsito Roman , s'il te plait .. Faut bien te contrôler et soit éveiller. Je suis fier de toi , tu es un super star que Jaime beaucoup. Use your brawn , and be shap.
Noah David ROMAN ........... I think its time,don't disappoint me,I beg of you I need you to work out of there the NEW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION.

WWE SummerSlam will be The Big Dog's Yard.

11.8k reactions 439 comments
Adelala Samuel Roman Empire respect would work out as a new universal championship
Sangeeta Sachan Its true that roman will win universal championship but what about sheild will it be re united
Asmaa Asmaa Show noooo mercy, its your uuuuuu we all love you believe you my hero😘❤❤❤
Salami Misan Adeola Roman Reigns would come out of summer slam with the title
Ruhhi Sharma Roman bby you are really best of bests you do what you want to do you are really deserve this tittle. Love you so much😘😘😘😘 #BeLieVe ThaT

It's always fun doing business in Brooklyn...

8.1k reactions 451 comments
Norma Byrd Lol. Thank you Roman Joseph Reings for holding the mic so he could hear his rights lol.
Gabriel Nelson Alexander Vazquez Adam Ghekiere why the big dog had the best title Reign haha!
Michellee Medina #RomanEmpire
Amy Hepworth I love how Roman just sneaks the mic under the cops nose!! Xx
Georgina Caine We were there for this!! Andrew Caine Frank Marinelli omg!! That was 2 years ago!!!

The Big Dog's yard is BROOKLYN!

63.0k reactions 633 comments
Tabrez Tisekar Not only Brooklyn, but whole universe is your yard. Just claim it at Summerslam to become the 5th Universal champion
Ebony Whitfield Does anyone knows which hotel they staying at
Silvana Maldonado el lunes veremos al nuevo campeón universal en Brooklyn todos tus fans cremos en ti Román Reig y después por favor Únete al escudo
Saif Ali Khan 👉 вσт ρσωєяє∂ ву 🌹 Saif Ali Khan 🌹 :* GOOD MORNING 📶 :* Roman Reigns :* ♪----» HABIB-KHAAN .CF «----♪ ♥ c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r ♥
Kricket Lassiter Show everyone in Brooklyn the real reason why you are King of the yard!!!! And the New Universal Champion!!!! Yessir

Fatal 4 Way matches are right in The Big Dog's wheelhouse!

83.8k reactions 778 comments
Nana Yaw Ofosu Evans Win my match for me even though it will not be easy still I believe in you, Roman.
Rana Awais You are best wresler Roman I hope you are winner on this sunday and you beat Broun strowmn Brock lesnar And Samoo no.... Best of luck????
Faraz Khan Muhammad Muneeb 😍😍
Lìyakath ALîvé Roman Reigns 1Supermanpuch 1Spear u will be new universal championship At summerslam ALL BEST 3Evil GUYS Are u the guy 👊👊👊
Guriya Khan Dashing R0man reigns n0 0ne can st0p the reigns . . Empire believe that💌💌💌
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