Rey Mysterio
00:55 01/12/2018

@suplexwrestling Mysterio hoodie! You can still Cop it!#SPLX🇲🇽 #6️⃣1️⃣9️⃣

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

@suplexwrestling Mysterio hoodie! You can still Cop it!#SPLX🇲🇽 #6️⃣1️⃣9️⃣

1.1k reactions 26 comments


Renate Praxmrer
Cool shirt
Martha N Jose Lugo
Omg yo quiero una
Mendez Jorge
🤙🏿 cool 😎
Selimovic Velimir Biserka
Bamban Ricalde
Denny Sanchez
Ay ala venta la sudaderas rey
Kasmani Saclan Kazz
Hi bro reymysterio😀😊😊😍😍👍👍👍👍👋👋👋👋👐👐
Ulysses Newell
Entrant Number 27
Israel Mendiola Velazqez
Saludos reymisterio
Kendrick Fernandez Brian
Vuelve a WWE please
Olivia Arnold
Loving the Merchandise
Beto Perez
feliz a`no amigo suerte
Hairul Ardi
Zkha k anna aaaa 👷‍♂️🇮🇩😀👍
Alaa Abo Uday Veto
So cute
Luiggi Enrique Quea Ticona
Bendiceme rey misterio 👏

Other newsfeed from Rey Mysterio

Thank you Albuquerque for the Love! 🙏🏼 Off to 🇲🇽City! #SwagOnPoint #Andre #8thWonderOfThe🌎 @rootsoffight @chriscavallini Love these shades homie!

1.5k reactions 40 comments
Christopher Hawley Is this face
Olivia Arnold Have a safe trip
Eda Değirmenci çok tipsizsin
Agustin Morales Here’s el #1 Rey 🤴
Israel Mendiola Velazqez Saludos rey misterio

Aquí aquí con mi compa #Machete @officialdannytrejo Always a pleasure being around Mr. Trejo #Respect #Comic-Con #AlbuquerqueNM

14.0k reactions 119 comments
Gabriel Leal Orales los meros meros jejejeje rey y machete uffff q nota
Edwin Santana Grandes
Kiko Del Monte orgullo latino carnales jeejej
Gerry Watts Coolest tag team ever!!
Paul Lewis Jr. Legends

Let’s Go! Ready for today’s @abqcomcon #ComicCon #AndreTheGiant @rootsoffight T #Gucci-J

3.0k reactions 68 comments
Brea Weston You are so very handsome!
Aung Mrat Froo 619 is the best of WWE
Zeyad Ahmed Rey Mysterio's Face Hossam Hassan
Mauli Rivera 👍✌️✌️👋👋

@suplexwrestling Mysterio hoodie! You can still Cop it!#SPLX🇲🇽 #6️⃣1️⃣9️⃣

1.1k reactions 26 comments
Renate Praxmrer Cool shirt
Martha N Jose Lugo Omg yo quiero una
Mendez Jorge 🤙🏿 cool 😎
Selimovic Velimir Biserka Bvk
Bamban Ricalde 619

#tbt Rey Mysterio -aKa- Super Niño #1993 #SuperLuchas

1.3k reactions 33 comments
بحبك - B7bk هل تؤمن بالحب من علي #الفيس بوك ؟✋😍 ♥ اتمنى ان تدخلوا صفحتي وتشوفوا #آالبوستات الي بكتبها 💚 ♥ لو عجبتك اعمل (#لايـــك) #للصفحه✌️ (Y) لم علينا عبيدگ يارب 😂😂
Rey Kratos 👍👍👍👍👍
Luis T. Carreño Viva Rey Mysterio! Puro #619
Cesar Luna #BOOYAKA
Marissa Garza Verdad!!💋💞💘💌

Stop by this Saturday to say “What’s Up” at the #albuquerquecomiccon Gonna be signing from the A:M to the P:M courtesy of @primetimeappearances #Booyaka619

1.8k reactions 25 comments
Marissa Chee Alex
Rakel Romero WWE
Rahul Ram 619 ...
JxtKhallmi SirQuarmeh Owoahene Atoapomah WE NEED U BACK AT WWE
Kong Keo Ear Kimang ដូចជាជ្រុកពេកហើយទេដឹងអី

Swaging my @rootsoffight #34 Walter Payton & Grubbing on my @nutritionsolutions meal! Let’s Go 2018! #ImReady

3.4k reactions 67 comments
Darius Buford What is it looks good.
Lesley Drurey I like that hat, suits ya =)
Chris A Lea how many calories a day do you intake?
Daniel Travis Michaels da champ is coming! i hope
Teo Mateo Rey you cant return on Royalrumble 🙌🙌🙌

Had high expectations for this match & as always both @kennyomegamanx & @chrisjerichofozzy Did Not Disappoint! The match was DopE and the crowd was Lit🔥! #GreatFinale

856 reactions 37 comments
Clarence Stately Link?
Maddi Art What's up
Maddi Art I like you 619
Kasmani Saclan Kazz Hi bro reymysterio😍😍😀😊👋👋👋👋
Hairul Ardi Nv ke ee 🕌👷‍♂️🇮🇩👍 2018

This is happening tonight straight from the Tokyo Dome in Japan.... And we’re only hours away from @njpw1972 Wrestle Kingdom 1️⃣2️⃣ @chrisjerichofozzy -vs- @kennyomegamanx For the IWGP U.S Tittle..... I highly recommend you to see it! #ItsGonnaBeLit🔥 #ImWatchingIt

611 reactions 20 comments
Abdul Rafay Ahmed Alvi what will be our time?
Nawabzada Waheed Khan .
Hairul Ardi Bzka g aak rr 🤔🇮🇩👷‍♂️🌧🌦👍
Camilo Malpartida Donde lo veo?
Adaeze Mbamalu Danger

New Year...... New Tank #Dominate by @nutritionsolutions #PrepMeals #ThankYou

4.6k reactions 63 comments
Lesley Drurey I want that top! Lol
Jůsticē Krømø 😍😍😍 😍😍😍
Christian Johnson Love the new tank and that belt!
EneldaFelipe Ortega Orale Carnal
Eddie Lugo No mask bro??

Was Truly Blessed this past year 2017 first & foremost for having the most amazing, supportive & lovable partner that I have as wife...... Angie @619reyna Later through out the year was on the roster of @luchaunderground & was picked up by @netflix....... I became the face -aka- Latin ambassador of the best casino in the 619 @sycuan_casino and had a huge mask as a billboard put up off the I-5 as soon as you crossed the San Isidro international border ......... Had my handprints inducted into Plaza Las Estrellas in Mexico City....... Became part of the @nutritionsolutions Family & started to train with my good homie @chriscavallini & became more aware of my nutrition and started some intense workouts ........ Also became a sponsored athlete by one of the Dopest wrestling clothing lines out there right now @suplexwrestling ..... Last but not least to close the year I became 🌎 Heavyweight Champion for @thecrashluchas In Tijuana Defeating none other than 3 of the best Mexican wrestlers right now, @lamascaraalva @rush_ingobernable & @penta_zero_miedo A Tittle that means more than what you may think, this Tittle was inspired & designed to pay two of the greatest wrestlers, friends & brothers, Eddie Guerrero ➕ Hijo Del Perro➕ There was no other way out in the match for me than a W! Thank you lord 🙏🏼 for always keeping me on my toes, for granting me my health and the ability too perform 🌎 wide the way I do for all my fans! A very Big Thank you to all my fans for your loyalty & unconditional support..... I wish you all the best & Blessings for this upcoming year! #MuchLoveToAll #HappyNewYear #TheBestIn2018ForAll

3.9k reactions 93 comments
Kasmani Saclan Kazz Happy new year bro reymysterio(lucha) thank you legend😀😀😊😊😍😍😍👐👐👐👋👋👋
Alan Walker Feliz año rey mysterio dtb y te deseo el mejor, éxito en este nuevo año saludos desde cd victoria Tamaulipas México 👍
Mery Villegas Feliz año y mucho éxito en el 2018. Muchas bendiciones
Ezequiel Montoya anyone else notice he doesnt have a mask in one of the pix or is it just me ?
Trezaun Harris You are the greatest wrestler of all time with the biggest will and heart than any other competitors

This X-Mas present is 🔥🔥 Thank you @liltunechi & @djdrama #Dedication6

149 reactions 11 comments
Shaun Andreas Rizk Tunechi tunechi tunechi
Damien Rami Jámes Rami
Sal Withasword Santo Valery Jean
W'f Ønyemå Wize 🐘😚 B-) G HMM
Lesley Drurey I do like this =)

Merry Christmas!! 🎄🎁

11.1k reactions 259 comments
Israel Mendiola Velazqez Merry christma tedeseo mucho exito 2018 muchas bendiciones para ti tu famila
Bety Cortes Feliz navidad para ti y tu familia que dios te bendiga
Alex Sebastian Dear Santa I wish that Rey could return to WWE to make this show great again
Rishi Thakur Please come back in wwe at royal rumble
Linquist Oliver Dear Santa what i want for Christmas is a hole of Ray Misterio costume

2.2k reactions 839 comments
Manuel Coronel Is this rey mestrio phone?
Antonio Casillas Arriva Rey Misterio para siempre! Booyaka booyaka 619! God bless always!
Chris Zoellner Sr. Rey is to old and out of shape for the wwe, just give it up.
Jonathan Miller Rey is awesome best cruiserweight ever
Halfred Derfal cena is there we just can't see him

@thecrashluchas mañana en la Plaza De Toros La Paga en Tapachula Chiapas! @penta_zero_miedo @bestia666tj @lamascaraalva @dagathewrestler @jackevans03 @garzaajr @reyfenixmx

616 reactions 27 comments
Stacy Bush Gibram Herrera
Ignacio Escobar Janethe Jimenez Mora
Jose De Jesus Faustinos Y cuando ala wwe
Efe Yumlu Yes yeeeeeeees

Cara a Cara con uno de los pioneros y revolucionario de la WWF como Essa Ríos Face 2 Face with one of the first to ever be part of the WWF as Essa Rios -aka- Mr. Aguila! Face Paint= GMOAT! #Pionero #Respect

2.3k reactions 30 comments
Arlex Hernández May Ortiz Juan Manuel Harnandez Ramirez
Gabino Hernandez Saludos Rey misterio
Alex Imonitie My ninc man
Johnny Suarez Excelente rey buen personaje muy recordado.
Lawrence C Welcome III He got swole... lol

#BloodLine @dominik_35 & @619iamlucha Like Father Like Son!

1.9k reactions 22 comments
Sonia Tarannum Anjum Md Zuhayer
Jarius Gloyne Jimmie Gloyne check out dom slim
Elia Rivera Vallejo Rey********
Wisa Geni Rey you is my idol
Marius Gaspar 619

Thanx @martyelias67 & @dominik_35 thank you son for the connect! Big Thx for the new T’s to my Homie Future from @futurelegendapparel #DopE #12 #LV

913 reactions 57 comments
Lupita Ortega Ay por favor por que le esceiben en ingkes si sabe español. 😂
Julio Cesar Fernandez Hola rey misterio, porfavor regresa a luchar en la wee
Roger Diaz Do a lucha event in Reno
Sandy Skeet Happy birthday rey
Allen Max yeah should he go back to the wwe ?

Thank you @rootsoffight for the new gear! I’m always ready to sport my #RootsGear #Family #619

559 reactions 25 comments
Trevor Davis Happy Birthday
Angel Espinoza Chino Dios te bendiga rey, ati y a tu familia.
Faith Danielle Pelino Wow
Sharon Rahman Happy birthday rey we love u
Hemanth Kumar Happy birthday 619

So I just arrived in the 619 from last nights @arolucha event in Nashville & my beautiful wife Angie is waiting for me at baggage claim! Very shady cuz she never does that unless I’m gone for a very long time but this time I thought “okay its my B-Day and how cool of her to receive me with a Big Hug & Lots of Love” I was right but i left out the fact that on our way to the parking lot she starts recording me on her phone & I happen to ask her a rhetorical question, are you recording me? Not knowing that I was just a couple steps away from my present! #WTF A Big ass red bow on top of the hood of a 2018 F-150 Ford Raptor Luxury Package! I should be the one putting red bows on top of presents to give to my wife & have in the past, but this Sh** right here blew me away!! I Love U so much my Love & I am a truly blessed man to have U as my Wife, to have such a wonderful Family and to receive the unconditional Love & Support from them, that for me is on a whole different level! #ImStillInAwe #ILoveYouSoMuch#OneOfAKind #CantWaitForMyNxtB-Day #LMFAO

5.3k reactions 291 comments
Adamu Muhammed Happy birthday booyaka, booyaka Rey misterio 619
Marion Taylor happy many returns..hope,you have a good time with family
Jeff A Brewer 619...that is how many parts you will put on the piece of junk lol.
Brandi Frost Happy Birthday Rey. Much love from the 330. Nice ride.
Teresa Pineda Te mereces eso y mas eres un gran ser humano. Buen hijo, buen esposo, buen padre ect. Dios Bendiga siempre tus pasos . Los quiero 🙏😍😘👏

#SycuanCasino #December22 #Booyaka619

Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio's Lucha Wonderland

December 22 at Sycuan Casino | Tickets on sale now!

1.0k reactions 36 comments
Oscar A Rosa Vizcarrondo Happy birthday Rey
Olusegun Samuel 619 love you mysterio
Israel Mendiola Velazqez Booyaca 619
Vick Amanzi Happy birthday Rey❤

#LuchaLibre This is going down tonight 8:PM! Memphis TN #WhereYouAt

1.7k reactions 31 comments
Rodrigo Magalhães Mota Alguém do Brasil?
Alexandre Aires Leo Aires Machado Alysson Real fim de carreira ehusbsisbs
Miguel Miguel Cuanto la entrada para los niños
Miguel Miguel Cuanto la entrada para los niños
Rishaan Dwarka you are not coming back to wwe again?

We in Memphis getting ready for tonight’s show! #MealedUp @nutritionsolutions #Heather’sEggrollBowl#GearedUp @rootsoffight #Ali #MaskedUp #619

3.0k reactions 50 comments
Perico Tigres Monterrey vs tigres mañana domingo gran final 🐯🐅
Xianette Erine Alegre Besin One of my best WWE superstar... 619
Abdalrahman Ahmed We went back to WWE
Corry TD Mclaren Miss you Ray......
Mohamed Bouchniba boyaka boyaka ❤❤i miss u in the wwe

Dope Art work from @oscarshockgarcia #CustomChucks #Booyaka619

2.3k reactions 49 comments
Peter Siyovelwa Adam i need one
Catia Ferreira Quanto custa cada os tênis pretos e brancos
Pemburu Spana I want this
Martha N Jose Lugo Omg kiero unos me encantan
Michael Zielsdorf I want a pair how can get a pair? Rey

@cristiano wins his 5th Bal⚽️n De Oro in style! #Sporf #WM22 #Ronaldo/Mysterio #Messi/Angle #Neymar/Orton #619/WestCoastPop

7.8k reactions 3989 comments
Aman Ranjit Haha lwal while messi already had 5 ballandors 😂😂
Narciso Hualle Em gole choro Jonatan Silva qual eh desculpa desse vez 5 bola de ouro tbm não vem chora não garoto
Melisa Hutchinson Travis, didn't notice much else about the video except the blonde ref! 😂😂
Christos Montana Hey Rey, messi is the Best 😉 The littlest Player is the Best The biggest little men YOU is the Best😉
Irfan Eva Fadhi Muhammed official page of rey mysterio! 🤣

Custom Camo Rey/Bomber Chucks!By: @oscarshockgarcia #All⭐️’s

811 reactions 22 comments
Heidi Quade
Heidi Quade
Heidi Quade
Brandon Gty Gr Sé vé chingon
Faith Danielle Pelino Wow

W/ @randyorton & @snoopdogg This was you 24/7 Chill! Will always miss you Uce! I know Life would be much different if U were still around! #RIPUce #1LoveAlways

5.6k reactions 65 comments
JhHavo Hernandez Orale 😱
Aurelia Bescu De ce,si cum a murit UMAGA????
Chris Sdakas You are the best my friend
Chris Anders Man I miss Umaga! RKO is the best! Snoop is trash.
Sandy Skeet Miss him
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