Joel Osteen Ministries
22:30 02/24/2017

Catch us LIVE at 11:00am CST to experience a Lakewood Service! Joel and Victoria Osteen will be delivering inspirational messages along with powerful uplifting music with our Lakewood worship team! You can also watch here: Let us know where you are tuning in from!

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Oreales Knight Amen
Nicole Elisa G Amen 🙏🏼
Shamuvel Balwant Lokhande Write now I am in Oklahoma!!! Praise God!!!
Ray Etheridge Amen yes
Norma Mendoza Por la salud de mi familia en especial la de mi hija amen🙏🏻
Joel Osteen Ministries
22:30 02/24/2017

God meets you at the level of your expectations. God wants to be good to you, but He’s waiting for you to start expecting His favor, looking for His goodness. Start expecting this year to be better than last year—that’s when blessings will chase you down.

96.2k reactions 6090 comments
Joselyn JoyfulAbundance Provost Yes I believe God's plans for me this year is better than last year, this year I will accomplished everything I need to do, and I will succeed to higher level, I will see my children succeed too and happy, and fruitful, In Jesus Name. Amen Praise God
Daniela Girod Last year was very difficult for my family, but I trust in Gods goodness and I know that he's already working our lives in great ways... amen 🙏
Helen Blanza Perez But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31.)
Ed Cozby This is so true. The cup is always half full not half empty. GOD wants us to look at life this way. His blessings are there for you to reach out and grab.
Irene Sito Yes true of all the storm that happened t me got sick last year,found that your husband had an affair this year of all this I know i deserve to be happy to be loved and to be healthy. With your help lord
Joel Osteen Ministries
22:30 02/24/2017

This is the real test of faith: Will you keep a good attitude when you’re doing the right thing but the wrong thing is happening? Will you be your best when you’re not getting the credit? If you’ll stay passionate about life, God will weave it all together; and in the end, you’ll come out fulfilling your purpose.

125.6k reactions 4734 comments
Laura Segovia Wright Amen!! It hasn't been easy lately. I failed a college class and I am responding to God to leave my present job. Adversity around me. Faith in trusting God, no matter how it looks. Pray for me please
Diana Houston Barnes I would like to thank you Mr Osteen. Listening to your ministry every Sunday. I just released my very first book. God is good all the time. At one point I was about to let my dreams go up in smoke. Listening to you, and your sermons really encouraged ...
David Steinbring Dear Joel. I ask for your Prayers for my sister Gini, she is having a rough time, as a family we have been through a lot in the past years, and Gini is in so much pain mentally and physically. I'm so concerned for her. So please if you have a extra ...
Melissa Scott I know every day is a blessing from God when I get up every day and I see that my mom is still here with stage four cancer I praise him she's my best friend we laugh and pray together every morning .it's hard to imagine life without her .but I know in ...
Tara MsOverjoyed-Barwick Thank you so much! I needed to read this. I've been going through a little something and it's had me really down and out! This message was right on time!
Joel Osteen Ministries
22:30 02/24/2017

What God has in store is going to boggle your mind. The places He’s going to take you, the people you’re going to influence, the dreams you’re going to accomplish…they’re going to be bigger than you’ve ever imagined! Learn to stand on God’s promises with Joel’s inspiring 3-message resource, “Unlock Your Promise”:

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Michelle Boyd Yes and Amen. Thank you Pastor Joel for your wonderful encouragement and inspiration. You have helped me and continue to help me in a million ways. My relationship with God is Rock Solid!!!!!! Bless you.
Elizabeth Ferraro my common law husband of 14 years is giving up on me. the depression and endless loss of self worth is taking a toll. he used to be strong and able to pull a long hard day of work.. now he stares out the window everyday wising to be who he used to be. ...
Sara Acosta Amen...Each and every time I see and read a post like this, I can't help but know down deep within my soul that they are God's way of confirming my trust, belief that they have not been in vain...What He has allowed and put in my heart and mind they've ...
Orba Barrera Ammmmeeeennnnn, ammmmeeeennnnn y ammmmeeeennnnn. You always make me feel closest to God, and don't let me give up, in my try. Thanks a lot . Besitos. Love you
Larissa Seda Carlos Collazo Thanks for this encouraging message. I have felt God's blessings and power in the darkest times and when I felt less confident.
Joel Osteen Ministries
22:30 02/24/2017

First Peter 4:12 says, “Don’t think it strange when you face fiery trials.” Don’t get bent out of shape because life threw you a curve or you had an unexpected difficulty. Sometimes you face challenges not because you’re doing something wrong, but because you’re doing something right.

124.8k reactions 4410 comments
Alfred Lopez III In these fiery trials your character is being tested so that you may be considered to receive more by God...for God's purpose and will for you.
Tray Whit God bless you for sharing this with us. You've made a very huge change in my life and am going to hold on to it for the rest of my life. Glory be to the most high God.
Anne Providence When I read this morning, I felt hopeful and inspired. I am currently in the midst of relocating my elderly mother from a skilled nursing home to an assisted living facility and she still has a house filled with tons of stuff. I am doing 99% of taking ...
Steven Smith Prayers for me and wife gets US a car and thank God for my job and work picking up I prayed hard and God answer that prayer and I know he will bless us with a car thankful for God's blessings Amen praise the Lord
Truly Blessed Marshie Channer Thank you Lord for your words. Please grant me the wisdom and understanding to know your will. Continue to bless me with the spirit of perseverance. Amen
Joel Osteen Ministries
22:30 02/24/2017

You need to get ready; the heavens are about to open up. God is about to do something that you’ve never seen. It’s going to be an abundant year, a bountiful year, a prosperous year. Believe it and receive it!

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Gerry Hill Joel I was in Houston at M D Anderson just prior to Christmas with my dad as my care giver. We had the opportunity to attend your church for Christmas Eve and enjoyed listening to your mother and your brother as well as the others that evening. I had a ...
Reina Roberts Amazing ! I wakeup one morning singing , it goes like this , hallelujah, hallelujah the heavens are open the glory of God is coming, hallelujah , hallelujah glory glory salvation is coming ! It was so beautiful the sound ! because I don't a good ...
Wasa Mulite i receive all the blessngz God hs install for me,my family, career ,church, community .. may the heavens open and we shall receive hz glory .....amen man of God
Lyn Lyn Yes Joel I hear believe and receive. Every morning I listen to one of your sermons. I go to church on Sunday's. I pray all throughout the day. Recently split from the man I thought I'd marry and the whole relationship I kept asking for God if he had ...
Dorothy Doan-Kempf pastor Joel i need Gods word to lift me up . so much going around me . no one is ready to pray .please pray for me & my family . I need my prayer .so much to do with God all things can be done I LOVE JESUS
Joel Osteen Ministries
22:30 02/24/2017

Galatians 6:10 says, “Don’t miss an opportunity to be good to people.” When you’re good to people, you’re sowing a seed for God to be good to you.

178.6k reactions 5297 comments
Linda Cummins Sergi It's in my genies my mother always told was to be kind to others no matter what. At times it can be very challenging but God will get you through it you are sincere and it truly comes from the heart ❤️.
Tabitha Halloway-Wilson Terminal cancer here for me... I have a 6 year old daughter. Please pray for me and my family but especially for my daughter. Her name is Amelia.
Mercy Okoro Hallelujah. Amen! For God is not unrighteous to forget my work and labour of love, which I have shown towards his name ( Hebrew 6:10)
Dally Hunter I have always said this. Every job I've had, I am known to be the annoying cheery person. It takes nothing to give someone a reason to smile, and you never know if that may be the ONLY good thing to have happened for them the entire day.
The Law of Attraction - What we think we become. A new beginning is on your horizon but you must have the courage to push through. Declare your struggles over. Declare your enemies defeated. Declare yourself victorious. Do this with passion. Your own self-talk is a very powerful tool in cultivating ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
09:42 02/22/2017

There are blessings God has ordained to track you down, and people that will use their influence, knowledge and experience to push you forward. They will help you go where you could not go on your own. You have some unexpected blessings on the way.

109.6k reactions 14132 comments
Ruben LaFontaine Can you say "in Jesus Name"? ....Jesus The Christ is speaking....John 14. 11 Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me: or else believe me for the very works' sake. 12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works ...
Fritzlande Denis Well recently I felt that my dream was being crush.... That every time I was trying to accomplish something something else will block it. It would get mad and so disappointed that I would stop praying...but it amazing when you have a great support ...
Mandie B Curtis Lord knows i could use some blessings. Me and my fiancé have both been having some health problems but I believe he is doing his best to lighten my load. Everything is starting to come together and I feel like this message was left especially for me to ...
Chyna Bell I know those exact feelings especially lately. Life seem to difficult to move forward at times, crying , being angry, hurt and disappointed yet these are the times. Jesus is carrying us through. I've made it this far by faith and you can and will keep ...
Nathalie Ambroise-Belfield I know this is true. My recent job loss and me own medical procedures still healing. And now my faithful optimistic daughter will have a major procedure within a month. Still I am greatfull daily. Joel my baby turns 10 on March 11th and I will surprise ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
09:42 02/22/2017

Joel and Victoria are coming to Miami, FL on March 3! Make plans now to attend this inspirational night of hope, worship and encouragement. #NightofHope

7.0k reactions 233 comments
Amalik Avakian What a amazing family love you guys! I'm reading some of your saying everyday,Paster Joel.
Nankya Betty I enjoy your sermons pr.Joel and Victoria Osteen, they really inspire me.
Michelle Costigan Will you be coming to VA? I would love to attend #Nightofhope!
Jane Nasa Good, l would have love to be there. Fortunately l am in Nigeria Africa
Joyce Kuuzie Oww! How I wish to also attend ? It is my prayer that you also come to Ghana some day by the grace of God Almighty .
Joel Osteen Ministries
09:42 02/22/2017

God is getting you prepared right now for something bigger than you ever imagined, something more rewarding than you ever dreamed. If you’ll keep honoring Him, being a person of excellence and prophesying victory, you’re going to see it all come together.

201.3k reactions 12963 comments
Alexandria Garcia Thank you- needed to hear this today!!! I've been freelancing as a television host/reporter and I've been looking for a stable job in a network. Aside from finding work, I've been told that I have several nodules in my thyriod area and they may need to ...
Joyce Tankosic Amazing to read your post at this time as going through things now with discouragement an some depression lack of confidence an fear. I am Senior still working as HomeHealth Aide an recently my client passed away an have shorter hours an reduced ...
Dale Candace Amen. Thank you Lord for all u have done in my life. Please watch over all who have come into my life good or bad, i know lessons had to be learned. I thank you for those lessons. Please continue to bless, watch over, protect & heal all the people who ...
Pam Acuña I just had a meeting with a new client, that was totally driven by the hand of God! There is no doubt in my mind that this was a divine meeting orchestrated by God!! I will continue to proclaim and prophesy all that God has stored up for me and for ...
Smith Marcia Amen I really need these encouraging words I'm going through a storm right now but I'm gonna keep on riding it out thanks for these words Joel Osteen Ministries.
Joel Osteen Ministries
09:42 02/22/2017

When God says He’s going to open the windows of heaven in your life, that doesn’t mean He’s going to do a minor thing, He is going to send a flood of His goodness. He’s going to do something major to where you step back and say, “Wow, I never saw that coming.” All you can say is that it was the goodness of God.

231.3k reactions 13569 comments
Cheryl Litchenburg Gungor I believe the Windows of Heaven have opened for us. Praying for my kitty today to receive God's strength and Healing. Thank you for your messages, Pastor Joel. We are Staying in Faith!
Linda Neely Drake I need him right now I am struggling with some my marriage and family issues. I want to be happy again!! I feel beat down from criticism. I just don't know which to turn.
Monique Bruney Amen, I am experiencing this right now. I have been hurt all my life and now I pray for the courage to accept this as a blessing. I am so grateful.
Roseanne Finocchiaro This is not reality you don't know what is going to happen good or bad. Only know that a God loves you. He owes us nothing. Joel is a nice guy but not a true religious minister.
Joyce Efua Bassaw-Addy Lord may I experience your flood of goodness in all areas of my life especially financially before the weekend as a child of the Most High God to the Glory of God in Jesus Mighty Amen n Amen.
Joel Osteen Ministries
09:42 02/22/2017

Timeline Photos

116.3k reactions 3198 comments
Alexandra Hill Cronenbold Joel, Victoria...people of Lakewood please pray for my cousin. PLEASE HELP IN PRAYER! My first cousin is in an induced coma after a craniotomy...he is the father of 3 spectacular children...who miss him. We need a miracle... we need one so bad. Prayers ...
Renata Antoni Morice I want to trust in God and have faith in him, but I don't know how and I am so afraid. I lost my job back in January and all I want is to go back to work so I don't lose my house. Please help me!!
LaTashia Kngsdghtr Watson Thank you the enemy has sent a full out attack on me. I need a miracle of release and flow 911 or I am going to be homeless. I am soliciting prayers from anyone that can pray.
Simi Simi After trusting n believing someone I loved so much and helped him financially he cheated me n broke my trust. He was a conman who not only put me in a very bad financial position but broke my trust. It's going to be very hard to get over what I been ...
Ladyc Gray I'm believing to stay in faith, asking God to intervene and surrendering to you Father to take what's meant for my harm and use it for good. Amen.
Joel Osteen Ministries
09:42 02/22/2017

It’s one thing when we pray, when we stand against the forces of darkness, that’s good, but when you’re under the open windows of heaven the Creator of the universe says, He will rise up and rebuke the devourer for your sake. Click here to watch the full message, "The Open Windows of Heaven" and share with a friend!

47.5k reactions 1518 comments
Brenda Austin Open the windows to heaven , mom said in icu in memphis, tn, one night very late, she told me. When all the doctors said she wouldn't get any better, she later walked out of that hospital. God gave her more time with us. God is always in control.
Brenda Garcia Michelle Mendoza Colindres, thought of you when I heard this. I know that God will give you and your parents the healing you guys need & restore your health . In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
Katelyn Benavides Taylor Ward it's just a matter of time before freedom rains down! I needed to see this ... love me some Joel ❤
Saroya Bryson Dear Pastor Olsteen I watch your service every Sunday and your the reason I got back into church⛪. So many disappointment 😓.Left me not trusting the church anymore. I stop🚏 going for awhile and Sunday 2/12/2017 I was watching your service and you talked ...
David Woodson Praise The Lord ! Guide me and lead me, In the way you would have me to go. In the name of JESUs ! Thank you lord for answering my prayer. Amen
Joel Osteen Ministries
20:54 02/19/2017

Catch us LIVE at 11:00am CST to experience a Lakewood Service! Joel and Victoria Osteen will be delivering inspirational messages along with powerful uplifting music with our Lakewood worship team! You can also watch here: Let us know where you are tuning in from!

8.6k reactions 2406 comments
Vincent Clark I've only converted to Christianity recently, o went church first time on Sunday and thank God because I feel so much better.
VmbyJay Chawatama Night shift- God will shift things in the night in my favour
Adrianna Yazimin Rivera God bless me and forgive me for my sins. Help me fight of the battles I have against my enemies for they wish to see me perish, in Jesus name, AMEN. 😇
Betty Jean Morrow Watching rockport tx prayers for my husband and for me to be strong love u lord
Juliet Babor Manilla I'm declared in the name of Jesus, @ I claim it my abundance blessings is coming from God. This year 2017.@thank you Lord for all the blessings that I received from you in the past years.
Joel Osteen Ministries
20:54 02/19/2017

Catch us LIVE at 8:30am CST to experience a Lakewood Service! Joel and Victoria Osteen will be delivering inspirational messages along with powerful uplifting music with our Lakewood worship team! You can also watch here: Let us know where you are tuning in from!

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Moses Lu A men, I need the message fromGod and this is definitely the right one for me. Im in the night season, but it will not last any minute. All is well
Susana Martinez Rubio Lord thank you for my brothers and sisters my mother my two beautiful children thank you god for blessing them for protect them thank you my lord for all that blessings I receive it from you
Marliln Muriel I'm at work but enjoying service this morning with Lakewood church love my church
Cynthia Jotim Thank you for always inspiring sermons Pastor Osteen and Ms Osteen I lsten every morning on Tbn and I get your sermon on my tablet They give me hope.
Mercy Okoro Like Job I will live to see long blessed life. Thank you Jesus for all is well. You're restoring my health, finances, marital & spiritual life back. Glory hallelujah!
Joel Osteen Ministries
20:54 02/19/2017

Catch us LIVE at 7:00pm CST to experience a Lakewood Service! Joel and Victoria Osteen will be delivering inspirational messages along with powerful uplifting music with our Lakewood worship team! You can also watch here: Let us know where you are tuning in from!

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Maria Colon I need a prayer for God to detract me and that I could bring my fiance home and also protect my family thank you my Lord Amen
Rona Ortiz Thank you Joel you're a big help to our family for by continuously hearing your sermons you've touched our hearts and changed our lives.
Were Tom Thanks for this message about tithe I missed out on that opportunity last month @ my local Church. Thanks for the encouragement.
Maria Anita Gomez Thank you Jesus in agreement with your sister's prayer to heal my daughter's body Amen
Mercy Okoro Father thank you for shifting the prison doors now. I'm in a perfect position for my night shift. Thank you for my light is bursting in
Joel Osteen Ministries
20:54 02/19/2017

We may never understand why bad things happen, but God wouldn’t have allowed it if it wasn’t going to somehow work for your good. Nothing that’s happened to you can keep you from your destiny. The only thing that can stop you is you.

175.2k reactions 5343 comments
George McNeal Amen, get the goods from every aspect of your life, the good and the bad are full of lessons, things that you forgot long ago the Lord will bring back at the proper time, it's like scripture that you didn't think you retained but when it is needed the ...
Nikki Van Niekerk Yeah im asking the same question. Why things bad/sad has to happen all the time. The bad thing is i starting to look at myself. What am i still doing wrong. Why am i not blessed !! All the questions with no answers😢
Julie Daggett-Wright I know why bad things happen. We live in a fallen world. Ultimately God is in charge and will make everything okay in the end, but to say He allows bad things to happen is bad theology. It is abusive. How do you explain not only the every day yuck that ...
Cari Weller Maybe you can explain this to me, why does God allow people and children to be brutally murdered and raped then killed? I believe in God I'm not an anti Christ but this question makes me wonder if God is really in control?
Karen Durrance I struggle so much with this. How could the death of my 27 year old son work for my good. I'm devastated and have been questioning God with why him? I'm trying to find some peace.
Joel Osteen Ministries
20:54 02/19/2017

Are you ready to give up on what you’re believing for because all you’ve heard is no? Well, it’s time to get ready because yes is coming! No matter who has said no or how many times a door has closed, God has already set a date to bring His promises to pass in your life. But there is one thing God needs from you, and that is your yes. Second Corinthians 1 says, “God’s yes and our yes together make a sure thing.”

63.7k reactions 4883 comments
Eunice Wahkinney Thank you. Today I offer a prayer of blessing to all those who need healing..Empowerment..And just good old prayers to God and he will give you strength and guidance . He does listen. Sometimes it all comes in a different way. Just pray and know he is ...
Felix Ocampo Yes Lord, I faithfully trust you to bring me to the promises on my life, I know Lord you're always with me wherever I go... forgive and carry me when i go astray....
Shane Sawh Can you prayer for me.... all the doors I have knocked have been shut in my face.i need help to keep my business afloat please as God to help as I have begged him but I believe he has for about me
Karen Edwards Can you please pray for me I'm trying to help raise two of my grand daughters I pray every day and morning for God to get me thought this he has so far if I didn't have him in my life I don't no what I would do he has bless me in so many ways I have ...
Yvonne Kogei I watched this sermon two weeks ago and it brought me to tears and I said Yes. God did a turn around in my life. I give Him all the glory n honour. God bless your ministry
Joel Osteen Ministries
20:54 02/19/2017

If you’re going to stay encouraged, if you’re going to enjoy your life, you can't allow the negative to get into your spirit. You only have so much emotional energy each day—use it on things that matter.

138.0k reactions 3881 comments
Maria Luisa Dicen Lleva Let's give glory & honor to God. Problems can transform your spaghetti spine into steel. They can make you a lean, mean, fighting machine. They can turn mama's little biscuit eater into a soldier for the cross. Problems can move a defeated mindset to a ...
Nia Cache Man I needed that. God sent this message right on time and I live through the perfect example and see how this applies! Yyyeesss!
Jane Carroll So true. Thank you Pastor Joel. It's as if that message was meant for me to see and to forward it on to someone special. Bless you for that.
Jon Malinao ...Amen!!! As if you are watching me,thank you for the encouragement & power of faith.i'm sorry for the message i have sent to this page about your wife to not to provoke.I AM SO SORRY!,The reason now for why i'am still in faith is because of my wife ...
Rosemary Feeney Help me Jesus,to do that,& I thank you Lord for Joel Osteen, who has been a constant source of encouragement. Thank you Most High God for Blessing him, his ministry & family. Love, Rosemary Feeney.🌹
Joel Osteen Ministries
08:06 02/17/2017

We all face situations that look like they’ll never work out. Every voice says it’s not going to happen. But just because you don’t see anything happening doesn’t mean God is not working. Behind the scenes, He’s arranging things in your favor. If you’ll stay in faith, at the right time, it will all come together.

110.2k reactions 9799 comments
Corey Rhodes Adcox I needed to read this. It is so true. Right now there is so much going on medically with me and in my life that it all seems to be easier just to give up. Yet I still continue to pray and keep going. I am dying, I have a special needs daughter that ...
Melissa Meyer Yes and amen. I trust You Abba. You are so faithful and You love me so much. I decree and declare and expect that You are answering my prayers of restoration in 2 important relationships and joining me to my godly husband in Your perfect timing in Jesus ...
Umoja Cole Amen just be patient God will be right on time God loves us so much I can witness that it all will work out in time I'm going through that with a job I'm not worried about anything God has blessed me with eight weeks of severance pay and three weeks of ...
Jeff Lieberman I am trying to Reach Joel Osteen I'm getting the runaround trying to also reach Phil Munsey i'm working on a music project that I would like them to get involved with thank you I hope they will give me a response I am working with a very establish ...
Joanna Riley We've been trying for 7 years now to give our daughter a bro or sis. We have 4 angels in heaven. Sometimes I just don't understand why. I know I shouldn't lose faith but my heart is heavy and I feel like I should just give up. We have setbacks after ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
08:06 02/17/2017

What God has in store for you is going to boggle your mind. The places He’s going to take you, the people you’re going to influence, the dreams you’re going to accomplish…they’re going to be bigger than you’ve ever imagined! Learn to stand on God’s promises with Joel’s inspiring 3-message resource, “Unlock Your Promise”:

68.8k reactions 4293 comments
Delphine Moore AMEN!! God is blessing me now in my finances, marriage, my new career, and these Blessings are only the beginning.....Thank You Joel Osteen Ministries.
Jan Costedio Connors Have no idea what my destiny is! Want to know so badly! I am 60 now so not sure how much time I have left! Through my experiences it seams that healing is involved!
Anita Garrison He's brought me this far I won't stop believing he has a home for me here as well as in heaven ! My finances don't see it but my God sees it! I believe it will come from him! 🙏🏽
Angela Mukirae Amen! praying for all those that are going through loss; despair; a sense of hopelessness ... God works in mysterious ways. He is the unseen watcher at every meal and the silent listener to every conversation. I have seen "boulders" moved when least ...
Iris Craig Thank you, Lord, for all that you've done for me and my family and for the wonderful blessings you have in store for us. In Jesus name I pray. Thank you for Joel Osteen, amen.
Joel Osteen Ministries
08:06 02/17/2017

If you will make somebody else’s day, God will always make your day. If you’ll bring a smile to someone else’s face, God will bring a smile to your face. The most rewarding way to live is not asking, “What can you do for me?” but asking,“What can I do for you?”

137.5k reactions 3515 comments
Kenneth Battle Good afternoon mr. Joe I would like if you would pray for me to get my screen back on my right side I had a stroke my name is Kenneth battle I watch your show every Sunday and I love it
Heidi Lorraine Shawn Schoellkopf this is what I'm talking about. Your kind heart will always be rewarded not because you're seeking a reward because you truly want to help those who need you.
Janice Walls McCaslin This is so true. I work for a cancer center and do this everyday for the patients. It's such a wonderful feeling to make someone smile.
James 'n' Larissa Taylor Amen I know that's why my cup overflows and even in the hardest times my joy is ever present ❤ be a servant heart, give without expecting return, love because you can
Nancy Rodriguez I want you to bless my family and to take care of her my dad has been my daughter my nieces and nephews my sister my brother and my uncle Gabriel and my hope and my mom might Grandma Julie keep them safe and healthy and take care of her and many more ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
08:06 02/17/2017

As long as you have breath, your story is still being written. You may be in a difficult scene right now, something you don’t understand, a setback, but you have to remind yourself, that’s not how your story ends. You have an expected end. The Creator of the universe, the Most High God has already planned it for good and not harm.

186.0k reactions 8529 comments
Ambur Collins Im trying to make my mom and aunts a little memory book of my grandpa who has recently passed away. I'm asking anyone with a kind heart to write this message down take a quick pic and please send it to me.. Pete Smith's love for his daughter's was so ...
Jeanette Lopez Amen, I needed this my mom is very sick right now. We have know idea how to help her. Doctors upon doctors and we still have no answers. Lord knows my mom does not deserve this. My mom was so strong, healthy and happy at one time. My mom Is also a ...
Joan Fenzau Amen..had a few setback need encouragement..reading Bible sending prayers out..this to shall pass is my motto..had house sold to neighbor, had price mixed up hundred thousand lower..had already lowered so she could buy..not want for her is what I ...
Trisha Turner Thank you Kim, I been here so many times in the last 3 years , one thing I can say is , no matter if I loose it all today , I still have faith in God to pull me from the pits , this is just a learning I'm going through. All materials don't really ...
Jesse Michael Davis I so needed to read this this morning. I'm struggling with my ex with the well being of our almost 4 yr old son. She's using him a weapon to hurt me n she doesn't even care that she's hurting him. My heart is so broke right now n so is his!!!! Please I ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
08:06 02/17/2017

The scripture says, “Call the things that are not as if they already were.” If you will change what you’re saying, you will change what you’re seeing.

114.5k reactions 3303 comments
Nikki Cole Trying to instill that mindset... I'm so stressed right now, but I continually pray about it... GOD knows my situation and he will turn it around! AMEN
Michael Koretzka In the middle of the storm it so extream, it's so blurry, it's like pain but not external, its what you want but the words just can't exit because of the confusion running in my mind and through till even numbness, over coming verbiage. I try to stop ...
Deborah Harper That is actually a serious misquote. The scripture where this is taken from is referencing Abraham, who is considered the father of faith, because he believed God "who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were." ...
Festus Agbenyezi Amen Pastor your words lifts me up each morning before I live for the office. I am a visually impaired person and trusting God for my sight restoration Kindly remind me in your prayers.
Cindi Franklin Hutchison Amen! I believe in the dream that the Lord placed in my heart! He will bring it to pass in His time, not mine! Thank you, Lord!
Joel Osteen Ministries
08:06 02/17/2017

You haven’t laughed your best laugh. You haven’t dreamed your best dream. You haven’t danced your best dance. You haven’t sung your best song.

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Remaketse Rampou I don't even know where to begin, everything that could possibly go wrong has gone wrong. I'm defeated and I'm at a point where I wonder if anything will ever be normal again, I wonder if God hears me cos I fail to see the light at the end of this dark ...
Nsufor Mimi Thank you Lord for the reassurance. I strongly believe better days are coming to me and my family. May Gods Grace n Mercy continue to us ( me and my sister in law) through our pregnancies n delivery. 🙏🏿🙏🏿
Joanna Lynn Hanna-DeFoe God is in control at all times, He always has a reason for your tears, laughter, or any other emotion you might be having. He will use this emotion for His purpose, like healing someone else that might be close to you. You, as a Christen will shine no ...
Odwong Betty This is very true, I have been hate internally, physically and emotionally drained up, I can't cry, talked, dance, laugh but God is good I walked out of it, I need your prayers for me and my children and to support my children's education and any of ...
Wayne Cowart Jacki Homer Cowart better days are just ahead, You and Cody Cowart Keep Praising the Lord in the Midst of the storm, Clear sailing is just about to appear.
Joel Osteen Ministries
19:18 02/14/2017

Joel and Victoria are coming to the Miami, FL area on March 3! Make plans now to attend this inspirational night of hope, worship and encouragement. #NightofHope

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Erick Mutuma A happy family makes a happy God. Since it means desire all our faith is in HIM.
Ritchard Jakes Giri Sir,,we so oooo loved to have you and victi mam in India,,m so egure to waiting of you,god may bless you sir..have gud day
Lee Keene I'm live in Tampa I would love to attend, and I AM going toake a way, Amen.
Tanya Truehart Give hope get off your pedastal and live like the the rest of us humble people
Yonatan Tewelde Very exciting I need u reach the hole continent bless you joel
Joel Osteen Ministries
19:18 02/14/2017

God puts people in our path so we can brighten their day. Pray today, “God, help me to have compassion for others. Help me to not be so busy, so preoccupied with my own affairs that I can’t help somebody else.”

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Lori Stambaugh I pray each morning that I can be a blessing to someone - God brings them to me from time to time. I'm the one that feels blessed when it happens. God is great!
Melissa Nossem My grandmother is in the hospital She had a stroke. I'm trying to keep it together but its hard. My grandmother could use lots of prayers an for me as well.
Cayla Johnson Elrod I prayed this today before work and didn't do the best job of being mindful of others and focused too much on myself. I'm going to try again tomorrow!
Helen Ho Amen ! Thank you Lord Jesus for hearing me n seeing me thru daily walk with U ... I believe Lord, U will blessed the work of my hands n all that I am doing Amen !
Angel Manlapaz Knowing God what comfort there, drawn by His eternal care; Love from God, what joy we share, drawn into His mercies rare. God's whisper of comfort quiets the noise of our trials.
Joel Osteen Ministries
19:18 02/14/2017

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Shanthi Medepalli I focus on the JESUS , who make all things possible in my life. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. GOD will provide solutions to all my problems in this year. AMEN!!
Joseph Conte I will build Churches, Highways, Hospitals, Rehabs, homeless Shelters! I will feed Billions of hungry people and clothe Billions of naked people in the Name of Jesus!!!
Wong Bit Li Possibilities are opportunities. And opportunities are miracles . Positive people always see the beauty in other . Even the day is very hard for them , they be able to reach out , especially to those who in need .
Martha Faulkner Thank you Father for your goodness. Sometimes, I get a little overwhelmed, but You always send your peace to let me know that You are still in charge and that all I have to do is be still.
Tonya Sweeting Yess yesss yessssssss. Positive thinkers. 😊💯🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Dnt waste ur time and life on should off, could off, would off. Enjoy it for what it is. Nothing is before its time. For GOD is always on TIME !!!!!🙏
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