Joel Osteen Ministries
19:18 03/24/2017

Jesus said, "In life, you will have difficulties." He acknowledged that we’re going to have challenges; everything is not going to be perfect. He went on to say, I have the answer, "but be of good cheer." He didn’t say be discouraged, be upset, be sad, be offended. In the tough times, you need your joy. Joy is what gives you strength.

57.8k reactions 3166 comments
Sarva Mangala Beautifully said, Welcome back Joel. God bless !!! & thank you for such lovely words. I trust in our Father. Lord God Lamb of God is truly merciful. :)
Marie Montana-Ciardullo I love that it says in "life" you will have challenges and things will not be easy. Praise God that our eternity in heaven will be so different from life.
Rodgers Phiri Always so inspiring just being in the presence of J.O.Ministries...thank you and blessings always!!!
Bibi Momagnet Please pray for me as I lack understanding, common sense, and self love. I am having a hard time focusing and a hard time finding peace from within. I must be a strong woman for my children. Life is only getting harder everyday to reach those goals.
Jeannette Franklin I have a so much difficult times, i really would like you to pray for me please. I live i St. Lucia, i listen to you every morning,on television. Thank you in advance.
Joel Osteen Ministries
19:18 03/24/2017

The scripture says in Deuteronomy 33:25, “As your days are, so shall your strength be.” This means your strength will always be equivalent to what you need. If something goes wrong, you’re going to have the strength to deal with it. There is grace for every stage of life.

108.1k reactions 4378 comments
Melina Jimenez AMEN! I pray for all in need. I pray for those who are in well position, to do good for others, lead with passion and be kind. Let us walk next to the Lord and lets live for him. Amen
Jeanne Behringer Kohler I love the quote"If you feel like your drowning in life don't worry, your lifeguard walks on water ". Many times my life has been put to the test and my faith in God gave me the strength that was needed ..
Richie Dee I never mean to mess up or start the type of problems that I do God has a different plan for me and for you I hope that this is not the end because I know I have a lot of growing up to do in a lot of maturing to do but I know if I keep reading the ...
Angel Manlapaz But by God's grace we can overcome those imperfections by embracing His strength which is made perfect in weakness. It's to good to learn of our weakness if it drives us to lean on God's strength.
Denis Keys The Lord has spoken about you again ,I saw my colours and you were in the midst of so many flags, that is elevation, this is your month and year ,encounter that Will shock you are yours for a possession. My names are Young Apostle. I love .
Joel Osteen Ministries
19:18 03/24/2017

When you understand how much God loves you and that He has a great plan for your life, there is no outside circumstance that can change your inner confidence. You can stand through any storm when you’re standing with God! Experience God’s very best for your life with Joel’s inspiring 3-message resource, “Victory in the Storm”:

50.2k reactions 1850 comments
Albaa Kccec Amen, Amen, Hallelujah, PRAISED GOD ABOVE ALL, thank you LORD for the love, the understanding, to have confidence for everything, LORD GOD YOUR WORTHY to be PRAISED.
Janice Smith A men I feel so blessed because God have been here for me in my life I have saying different things come of me I thank him I love the Lord and I will keep praising the Lord in Jesus name amen
Sandee Hughes You're the anchor of my soul, my Jesus my Jesus!!! Thank you Jesus!! I'm counting on your promises Lord I trust you!!! God bless everybody reads this!!🤗👍🙏😘💜
Jean Ann Elsen Anchor too our soul so very important.... God is the anchor of my soul!!!! Thanks Joel Blessings to u n urs. Some day God is going to use us in a wonderful way to ur ministry. I believe it Amen!
Tana Odik Milli Pls pray for my family better future strength strong portecion from enemies harm disease tamption over come in Jesus name Amen Pls answer my prayers amen
Joel Osteen Ministries
19:18 03/24/2017

God wouldn’t have given you a promise if He didn’t know how to bring it to pass. Shake off the doubt and get your fire back. It’s time to start believing again. God is calling you into new levels. He’s calling you into abundance, freedom and victory. Get in agreement with Him, and you will see that promise fulfilled.

156.2k reactions 8359 comments
Lizzett Rice I'm disappointed in myself for holding religious leaders accountable for their support of treacherous politicians. God forgive me for thinking any huMan can be trusted.
Ricks Masinde Very well said& put Pastor Joel even though I feel like giving up...but the encouragement from you gives me hope to keep on believing , trusting & waiting patiently....!!!
Tanya Hinton-Thomas Amen....My husband and I will follow our destiny together with the help of the awesome God... Please keep All of my family and I in your prayers Pastor Osteen... Thank You in advance
Judith Ngwana Amen, this massage is directed to me. I have doubts in my life and sometimes i just loose hope. I have a calling that i have to answer to, it is time now that i agree and let his will be done in my life.
Beatrice Escobar Prayers for help selling my home. I have such a heavy burden and I am drowning in debt we've run across in the process. I believe in my father I'm asking for prayer for strength and wisdom and guidance to what I should do. The blessing thank you for ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
19:18 03/24/2017

When you’re not moved by your circumstances, that takes the power away from the enemy. If you don’t have to have your way, he can’t control you. You’re showing that your life is in God’s hands.

100.1k reactions 3379 comments
Kim Butler He doesn't stand for that. You follow His law. Follow the Torah and the Torah in flesh, the son. Please stop listening to motivational speakers and open your Bibles! We are UNDER LAW! This man doesn't teach that. If you are getting rewarded and not ...
Maxine Traphagen Thank you Lord that the enemy cannot control me or my family. I am so abundantly blessed. I am hidden in God's LOVE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GRACIOUS HANDS UPON ME AND MY FAMILY.
Blessed De Anto When the Philistine saw that their hero Goliath was dead they turned and ran away(1 SAMUEL 17:51)>>>In spiritual warfare we don't fight everything, we only target their hero, the spiritual demonic mastermind, the principalities& rulers of darkness. When ...
Deanna Wages Amen. If I ever get where I think it has to be my way all the time, heaven help me. That says I have left God out and my flesh has control. Holy Spirit please, don't Ever let me drift that far. I need you every hour, every day.
Minnie Wauqua The more I pray, the more I feel stronger. Even my pains go away, when I ask the Lord to take the pain away from me. I am learning what my mountain is. Just to talk to him is awesome. I love my Lord, my rock will guide me. I ask this in God's name. ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
19:18 03/24/2017

Every day, 5-year-old Cheru in Kenya walks more than 6 kilometers fetching water that makes her family sick. They have no choice. On May 6, when you walk or run World Vision USA’s Global #6KforWater, every step you take is one step a child like Cheru doesn’t have to! Sign up:

2017 Global 6K for Water
2017 Global 6K for Water

Event landing page for 2017 Global 6K for Water

5.7k reactions 130 comments
Omarr Phillips King James Version (KJV) Psalm 19:1 The Heavens declare the glory of God; And The firmament sheweth his Handywork. 1 John 1:5 God is Light Genesis 1:5 God called the Light Day Psalm 19:2 Day unto Day Uttereth speech, And Night unto Night ...
Kevin Ochieng Great thanks to Joel Osteen Ministries. May God be glorified through your works. God bless!
Ken A. Kechuri We love Kenya More than half of the counties are facing drought and anger but i believe God is with us
Shadrack Rony Joel Osteen is a real man of God.I wish we get more pastors around the world who value humanity.Be blessed pastor Osteen.
Fuego Fredo Promotor Blessings to all that walk..
Joel Osteen Ministries
19:18 03/24/2017

Joel and Victoria are coming to the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, CA on April 7! Make plans now to attend this inspirational night of hope, worship and encouragement. #NightofHope

6.1k reactions 156 comments
Nyakwezi Prossy wish you could make visitation to uganda especially these 77dogs(days of glory) at miracle centre cathedral
Kirsta Fort You guys are great. I really enjoyed the night of hope last Summer in Detroit.
Silvana Luque God bless you, my brother went by his page to greet you blessings for you and your family.
Reginald Simmons We wish we could attend this going to be wonderful service of Nigh of hope worship...we hope to watch form God TV or from website praying to you and your family God bless you amen... Jacksonville Florida
Lex Peter i love you... joel... you are a God sent... to me... your teaching change my life.... am so happy and blessed.... thank you and God bless you....
Joel Osteen Ministries
19:18 03/24/2017

Proverbs says, “The path of the righteous gets brighter and brighter.” God has new mountains for you to climb. He’s going to open new doors, give you greater influence, bring gifts and talents out in new ways. This is where you are, God is saying you can become something greater.

140.3k reactions 8441 comments
Fia Veaila Amen!im not give up to climb till i reach to the top of the mountain.i know there is a door that close but one window is open and wait for me.I do believe God is waiting for me and he want me to keep climb without fear.God is my trust.
Atnapaz P Zirene God, thank You for going with me and leading me into victory day by day. Thank You that this victory can start today as I constantly rely on You in Jesus’ name. Amen.☝
Monika Stefanini Amen. I am climbing new mountains and I know it is the hand of God guiding me every step of the way. He is opening doors that no one can shut. He is giving me talents and skills I did not know i even had. God is getting me ready for His abundance ...
Anu Sharath Without challenges how would the talents come out ? That is so true Pastor. And the righteous shall be blessed,not just by a sweep of a magic wand but by climbing mountains? The deal ? You will have the courage and the strength to overcome it and in the ...
Mylene T Bunagan God thank you for everything that you've given us and are still giving to us. Thank you for blessing us all the time. Thank you for providing us with the things that we need. Thank you for the guidance, increase and the victories you are showering us ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
06:30 03/22/2017

Nothing can stand against our God! The Psalmist said, “Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.” When you make God bigger in your life, when you let Him arise, focusing on His greatness, knowing that He is in control—your enemies will be scattered.

62.2k reactions 4736 comments
Haggerty Ruby In Jesus Christ Name and in the Holy Spirit thank You God for working behind the scenes of my life Emanuel Ozell lives Christian friends other Saints lives and I be careful to give You Heavenly Father all the praises and glory and Blesses Your Holy Son ...
Lourdes Garcia Joel ain't that the truth!? It is. We forget Gods plan is unthinkable compared to our plans. He is bigger and older than we are. He speaks to us in many ways, we sometimes ignore. Through Christ our Lord , amen.
Sheila Wosik In God I trust and I trust and I hope people will come together to build a better world. So we all can treasure the moments of our lives instead of worry about our lives. Blessings for all who care for others before themselves and find time to serve ...
Cindy Miley Dear God. I been married 30 years. And it rocky,,,I'm stressed. Want to be by myself. To open my head. I contact my ex. And have fun talking to him. Only at work,my stress leaves will I'm there.." What to do. ". Plus he has money. My husband ...
Patricia Smith Even at my church I have these enemies, they stop me from helping when I have been asked to. That's ok God can c all these things, he see's those hearts. And yes they r about to b scattered. As well as the none christian outside of Church I now serve ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
06:30 03/22/2017

Get daily encouragement straight to your iPod, PC, or MP3 player. Listen to Joel’s FREE podcast today, and be inspired as you recieve the wonderful promises that God has for you!

4.3k reactions 104 comments
Bill Madrid Amen
Sheila Stovall Love! Your Podcasts.... Thank You so much!
Shirley Davila Can you please pray for me I couldn't begin to tell you my situation I feel like just ending my life
Basavraihallammanavar Basavarajhallammanavar AMEN PRAISE THE LORD GLORY TO GOD HALLELUJAH
Lourdes Garcia Joel your quotes are like continued and practiced therapy. Thanks soo much.
Joel Osteen Ministries
06:30 03/22/2017

You don’t have to preach to people. You don’t have to try to straighten them out. Just be happy, be friendly, be a person of excellence. That’s how you let your light shine, with your actions, not just with your words.

146.1k reactions 3866 comments
Joycelynn Lewis Sometimes we just need to read the message behind the words. Actions always speak louder than words before you can try to share something with anyone else you first have to live it that's the message that I got out of that today.
Krissy Gordon So true. One of my coworkers recently said to me, "And you know that about me but you still love me?" Of course I do! As God extends grace and love to us, we are able to give it away to others.
Bridgitte Backman This is so true. Sometimes the sunshine and light is around you. God provides. Take a moment to treasure those that bring sunshine and light. You are my sunshine Alethea Daniels. You are my light Abigail Daniels
Chuck Leyko Amen ! On time with that , just caught myself doing that . But sometimes I wonder if some one would have told me a few , for instance life story's ! I would be else where or ahead or behind , maybe what your saying is let them find out for them ...
Jeff Wagner I'm sorry Mr Osteen, but I respectfully disagree. People must hear the Gospel which means the Gospel must be preached. Romans 10:13-15. I agree that our actions should match our words, but there must be words for our actions to match. Both are required. ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
06:30 03/22/2017

The dark seasons are a time of testing, a time of proving. Are you going to live discouraged? Or are you going to say, “God, I don’t understand it, it’s not fair, but I trust You. I know You’re not just the God of the day time, but You’re the God of the night seasons.” Click here to watch, “Night Seasons”:

92.5k reactions 3534 comments
Virginia Alvarez Menjares I watched and took written notes of this teaching. It was so helpful and encouraging to understand our last 4 years. I kept this recording because I want to go back and watch it again and share it with a friend who is going through a difficult night ...
Christi Hunter- Macdonald Please pray for my Grandson Lucien he has been diagnosed with Autism and is now having seizures . The epilepsy is located in his optical lobe with only a 3% chance of getting the seizures under control. He's in speech therapy as he is having trouble ...
Delphine Moore Amen..the night seasons produce a faith fullness that only darkness can bring, as you bump, stumble, trip, and lay on the floor are praying, crying, and worshiping. God is seeking my heart, and I am surrendering to his will....with all ...
Richard Martin Your seasons are only as dark as you allow them to be! When you invite God to shine His wisdom and truth upon you and educate you, you will light up and stand out! Hallelujah! God will not give you more than you can handle! Amen! Praying for all of you ...
Ross Kunkler According to I John 1:5-7, and Amos 5:18-27, God is light, and not darkness at all. God's light is a metaphor for the perfection of his triune (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) spiritual, psychological, and physical character, and nature. If his children ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
06:30 03/22/2017

Psalm 138:8 speaks about the Lord working out His plan for your life. God knows how to get you to where you’re supposed to be. You don’t have to live worried and frustrated. If you’ll trust Him, God will open the right doors, He’ll bring the right people, and He’ll turn problems around.

189.6k reactions 11781 comments
Carol Carroll Pastor Joel in need of prayer for my husband who has stage four cancer, We do believe that God is in control. We filed for Social Security Disability praying that it will come through quick, please keep us in your prayers. May God bless you and your ...
Maryhelen Atkins Please pray for my husband Jeremy Atkins who suffers from bipolar depression and anxiety disorder.. God has a plan for him.. I need prayer to be strong for myself and our 2 kids.. to keep our family together and well
Cindyville Heart Pastor, pls pray for me and my sisters to be reunited again. Im at this point where Im not sure what's going on with my career, with my family and my life in general. I pray for my partner Ay Zee Gondal that he will be able to fix his issues so we can ...
Ernie Brantley Please pray for my fiance who is currently incarcerated. Pray that God will open those prison doors and rescue him. Our faith in God is what keeps us going.....this is the year for a turnaround....we need your understanding and your prayers.
Dominic Makin Yes, he's great at filling up kids' cancer wards. All part of his plan. Great at letting parasitic wasps lay their eggs inside living caterpillars that then eat them from the inside. But he'll let an Olympic runner win gold on drugs, who dedicate their ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
06:30 03/22/2017

An amazing Night of Hope in Memphis where so many were inspired to rededicate their lives to Christ.

10.3k reactions 245 comments
Changun Kungkho Pastor pls pray for my sister in law Ngamcha for healing from unconscious state of mind which occurred often. In Jesus name Amen, from India
Barnabas Simwanza Beautiful to see people giving their lives to Christ. You are a blessing to our generation pastor #JoelOsteen.
Kalpana Dalaya thank you so much for lovely video joel i am greatful to you
Monica Furuno I loved your preach Pastor Joel Osteen. It was awesome!
Bueno Mj Guerero Heavenly Father, thank You that you love each of us and want us to experience wholeness and hope in our lives..ur AMAZING GOD
Joel Osteen Ministries
17:42 03/19/2017

Lakewood Live Catch us LIVE at 11:00am CST to experience a Lakewood Service! Joel and Victoria Osteen will be delivering inspirational messages along with powerful uplifting music with our Lakewood worship team! You can also watch here: Let us know where you are tuning in from!

8.4k reactions 2223 comments
Suarez Anna Yes! I'm expecting open new door. Good way is better than my way. Amen.🙏🙏🙏
Yolanda Brooks It's such a shame all the garbage that they show on Sunday morning they can show this in the morning instead of 11:30 at night when I'm about to go to bed cuz I enjoy this show
Anita Dye-Brisebois We watch you every Sunday morning in Ontario, Canada. God bless you all!
EK RN Thank you, Joel Osteen Ministries for livestreaming your service!
Laura Santiago Praying for past life to be left behind..Prayer for a healing heart .19 year old mind..Didn't know the Lord.. North ridge CA hospital..Since 01/06/17
Joel Osteen Ministries
17:42 03/19/2017

Lakewood Live Catch us LIVE at 8:30am CST to experience a Lakewood Service! Joel and Victoria Osteen will be delivering inspirational messages along with powerful uplifting music with our Lakewood worship team! You can also watch here: Let us know where you are tuning in from!

9.1k reactions 3196 comments
Erick Berrios Be a believer, not a doubter. Sounds like give the winner price to ignorance. You
Kristena Estela Thanks you lord for everything n for today please keep my familys safe n well n my boyfriend familys thank you for the beautiful sun n thank you for Joel Osteen he the best to weak up n hear n watch
Blanca Coyne Thanks you for always encouraging us Pastor Joel Osteen
Blanca Coyne 🙏🏼Thank🙏🏼Pastor Joel Osteen 🙏🏼Great message, I'll get a double 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻blessing 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻by attending live the next service
Jean Voges Your favor Lord on my husband children their spouses and grandchildren bless Joel to spread thy word truthfully in the name God,s Son Jesus Christ Amen.
Joel Osteen Ministries
17:42 03/19/2017

Lakewood Live Catch us LIVE at 7:00pm CST to experience a Lakewood Service! Joel and Victoria Osteen will be delivering inspirational messages along with powerful uplifting music with our Lakewood worship team! You can also watch here: Let us know where you are tuning in from!

6.7k reactions 3100 comments
Debra Taylor Praying for work in the Tyler TX area, anyone watching and praying please contact me through FB,,,believing God has an answer for me
Cathe Grove Please pray for me that to get out of this financial bind. And that my man of my life makes it here safely. Please dear God bring Erik here safely. Thank you for hearing my prayers.
Enedina Rivera Fernandez Thank you .. God im not ashamed , and declare that you are my lawyer and trust completly in you ... You save mefro. All your enemies .
Canary Jones Thank you Lord for your holy awesomeness, you are our Lord and Savior. We adore and worship you because you first loved us. Praise your holy name. Amen!!!!!!
Ingrid Padilla I love the way I feel after I listen to what you have to say, for some reason I feel so connect it with what you are talking , I can't explain it but thank you for what you do.
Joel Osteen Ministries
17:42 03/19/2017

What an amazing city and an amazing Night of Hope in Memphis! So many stood up and rededicated or gave their lives to Christ. Thank you to Breath of Life Christian Center, Church of the Harvest, and The Life Church and to everyone for coming out and making it an incredible evening at FedExForum!

11.2k reactions 198 comments
Elise Schleisner For me to live is Christ and to die is gain. The greatest calling of all♡♡♡
Valarie Harris Really enjoyed you all last night!!
Steffy Richmond I hope that your visit will bring a positive change to Memphis.
Steve Cholette I am doing it today with JESUS Christ and I can't wait to be reborn again in JESUS name amen.
Marsha Edwards Amen, praise God! I wish I could have been there! Love to hear Joel Osteen talk about God! Amen amen!
Joel Osteen Ministries
17:42 03/19/2017

Sometimes we get so caught up in having it our way that we’re out of balance. A mature attitude says, “God, even if it doesn’t happen my way, even if my plans don’t work out, I’m still going to enjoy my life knowing that You’re in complete control.”

140.8k reactions 4866 comments
Melody Townsend Bassett Need prayers. I have to go to court Tuesday regarding divorce my husband filed. Need it dismissed. I need prayers and God's grace, favor and mercy,
Audrey Siamachenche knowing that there is no condition that is permanent no solution He can not solve and no burden He can not bear. i bank my hope in Him always for He can not abandon the works of His hand. i am uplifted by your words every day pastor
Tracy Lea I'm sorry Lord for getting impatient and mad. I will continue to pray and wait for when the time has come for you to answer my prayers. Amen
Elise Ertell Trust. He wants us to have the desires of our heart ❤️;it has to be a virtuous purpose and for His Glory as well. Some things take so long to find the right fit, I know, yes I do....
Minia Krueger Amen! My prayer is not good enough so,I need help to pray for me my stroke blood clot behind my head chest pain and back pain I always in the name of Jesus father god in heaven and holy spirit.
Joel Osteen Ministries
17:42 03/19/2017

A great day Friday visiting Life Church in Memphis. If you're looking for a church home in the Memphis area this a good one.

11.3k reactions 171 comments
Molly Masinga you bless me everyday i dont mind repeating your preachings the whole day. God bless you
Niko Ford Joel still looks so young. My kids and I love listening to you every morning :-)
Muhoho Muhoho You are divine man of God sent by God to bless and build my life ,many are the times ask God to bless you with more release to my life ,I will never die without you placing your hands on my head ,I love you man of God
Marian Daivd Joel I request u plez pray for me as I am joining d New international schl frm Monday 20th a teacher I should prpaper in my job..also I want you to pray for my mother nd my younger brother..thank u for ur prays.
Chuck Homa Would never take his advice on a church to attend. Anyone who knows the Bible would understand why.
Joel Osteen Ministries
17:42 03/19/2017

If you rely on people, you’ll be disappointed. What they do or don’t do doesn’t determine your worth. What they give you or don’t give you cannot stop your purpose.

85.3k reactions 2682 comments
Wilson Mutuku Please pray for me I have a got a very big problem towards my parents and whole of my family.I have been very strong in Christianity but for now I thinking negative to all.....
Shanthi Medepalli If we rely on people , we will be disappointed. But when we rely on the creator of universe , HE will never disappoint us. Our future is in GOD'S hands. People does not determine our destiny. When we depend on GOD for everything , HE turn things upside ...
Carol Hurley Our Lord has never ever left my side .... I believe through life's journey God has given me one Blessing after another right there beside the devastating hurt...Remember to look for it and Thank God for it ...
Samuel Antwi-kusi When you are worried, it's probably because you are trying to do everything by yourself, thinking God is delaying. But the truth is, it's not our time it's God's time. His time is the best. And the Lord is not slow concerning His promises. Sometimes we ...
Shelli Warnock Annalise Warnock, don't let a person/situation bother you. People change, you will grow from every friendship you have. Rise above, be strong be happy for you, be happy for others, be happy for your support system, for those that believe in and love ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
04:54 03/17/2017

God made you as you are on purpose. He gave you your looks, your height, your skin color, your personality. Nothing about you is by accident. You didn’t get overlooked. You didn’t get left out. God calls you His masterpiece.

75.4k reactions 5312 comments
Kim Thompson Broschard Thank you God...I think you did a good job with me with the help of my parents...Now my parents are gone and I need just a little help with getting back to the person I was before they passed away...Thank you...Amen
Esmeralda Gonzales Pastor Osteen , I have always prayed that God would help with being a. compulsive cleaner, I am exhausted trying to keep my home clean and when I go in to work the people that work u set me are always saying how OCD I am , pray for me and my family that ...
Margaret Mosley Thank you for the kind words sitting here alone because I refuse to let people take me to an early grave because I let them stay in my home cause they homeless and I know them a life time my niece is 42 my nephew will be 40 and a friend I know for 40 ...
Cassandra Tolle Thanks. I need prayers because people in my life don't appreciate me or understand my depression and so they just want to "fix" me so they don't have to deal with me and they'd rather I be emotionless and keep things to myself so they don't have to help ...
Daxy Suarez Amén estoy agradecida de Dios tal cual me ha diseñado, tengo 57 años, Dios me ha regalado buena salud e hijos exitosos. Estoy conforme con todo mi físico, usted habla con sabiduría Pastor Joel. Todos los seres humanos somos una Obra Maestra de Dios, ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
04:54 03/17/2017

When times get tough and the storms of life come your way, anchor yourself to the goodness of God and the promises of His Word, and you will experience His very best for your life! Discover the victorious life God has for you with Joel’s inspiring 3-message resource, “Victory in the Storm”:

61.8k reactions 3157 comments
Robert J. Dudash Sr. "Basking in the Sun." 🌞 Beautiful picture. My daughter is so glad she brought the lovely couple together. The king reeled in his big fish without getting any scars lol. I wish them much happiness! She's a great match maker! My daughter never even ...
Cipri Chavez And the Angel said; You have Nothing to Fear, and always Trust in Gods Goodness; AMEN!! For he is all that's Good,he has done soo much for me and my family; I Wish to Love Him Perfectly!! I talk to him he ans. me,I talk to him he listens, always!! I ...
Jabu Maseko As long as my God is with me I declare that no weapon formed against me or my family shall prosper in Jesus Mighty name Amen
Sal Val Osidiana True. I can attest. The Lord is my strength,my ever present help in times of trouble and therefore if God is for me who can be against against me. Through it all one promise I rest on is no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper. I bless his Name now ...
Laly Bubin Amen, praise the lord. Thank you jesus Amen, yes our Lord is a prayer answering GOD, yes I belive he will do miracles in my life. because I believe in jesus Christ.
Joel Osteen Ministries
04:54 03/17/2017

Your dream may look impossible, but God said His blessings will chase you down, that you’re surrounded by favor, that goodness and mercy are following you, that He wants to give you the desires of your heart. Don’t be afraid to ask big. Take the limits off of God.

137.7k reactions 7410 comments
Rodney Caldwell Ok ok ok I see all the good news you putting out but what happens when crazy lady has a baby and she's been eating your life away slowly for 9 years and been running and moving from place two place for years and you have not seen him and she put child ...
Maria Reyes Reyes Pray for the closing on moms house n the person that is lft will take papers to lawyer to complete all paperwork n send to bank to begin closin n the couple will be able to move in cause rgt now they r not very happy waiting to long . Praying they ...
Delia Guerrero Hi Joel,I'm asking for prayer because I have no work.I haven't been able to sleep these past days.I go to sleep crying and thinking till 4 a.m.I useto pray a lot but not anymore and I know I should. Please pray for me and my entire family. Thank you ...
Bob Votruba On March 23rd I begin a nine-month bicycle ride/kindness bus drive around the perimeter of the United States, beginning and ending in Naples, Florida. This ride will raise awareness and offer kindness and compassion for those with special needs. Please ...
Kim Page Been waiting on a job, had the interview and my nerves are on edge, I know that I trust God for everything in my life minute by minute may I get an offer soon if this is where you want me lord,open the door you want me to walk through or close that ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
04:54 03/17/2017

When you go out each day, represent God in a great way. Be a witness. Be a positive influence in people’s lives. If you’ll put this simple principle into action, you’ll not only make a difference in other people’s lives, but it’ll make a difference in your own life.

105.9k reactions 2988 comments
Paulette Royal I love people but sometimes you have to let them go I am doing just fine I am into church read my Bible pastor I appreciate you reminding me thank you that's what I need in my life someone that speaks the truth amen
Robert De Jesus When I go out each day, I'll represent God in a great way. I"ll be a witness and a positive influence in people’s lives. In Jesus name, Amen!
Josie Villalva Amen .. so glad to spent quality time with my elderly brother.. reminiscing on our dad & childhood memories .. god is great
Jason Kyler AMEN!! It sure has in mine! I have had some real challenges as of late..that... I had been drinking almost every day and all day, because I didn't know how to handle the storms, and I with the lords blessing as able to detox at home... thinking the ...
Trey Los God can restore to you in one day what has been stolen over the decades. If you need to start anew in your life and regain what the enemy has taken, tell God about it. He is more than able to slay the giants that stand in your way before the sun sets ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
04:54 03/17/2017

Joel and Victoria are coming to FedEx Fourm in Memphis, TN on March 17! Make plans now to attend this inspirational night of hope, worship and encouragement. #NightofHope

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Grace James Thanks
Grace James Make a joyful noise unto Lord
Leonard Arthur It will be super size.God bless the day
Jade Molina I wish a could be there
Michael Azzara Are you ever coming to Brooklyn N.Y. ???? Barclay center???
Joel Osteen Ministries
04:54 03/17/2017

Proverbs 20 says, “Since the Lord is directing our steps, why do we try to figure out everything that happens along the way?” Don’t fight your delays. Don’t fight the inconveniences. You may not understand it, but God knows what He is doing. He can see the big picture. Dare to trust Him.

152.5k reactions 6688 comments
Ma Bessem Obale I trust the Lord and I believe in him. God actually took me out of a bondage some years back, Back then I cried and worried all night. Little did I know that he was saving my life. Today I can only praise and glorify his name. His timing is always ...
Yamkela'onakho MaKhumalo I needed to hear this.I live in constant fear/anxiety that I'm gonna sabotage God's plan for my life,by not be good enough,spiritual enough,not in tune with His word over my life.I don't know how to hear Him,I think I sometimes do but I'm not sure.I'm ...
Angie Biondillo Bissell Amen. I trust that the delays in my life are for a bigger purpose. I know the Lord is with me at all times and have faith that my prayers will be answered.
Ginger Rogers Thank you for your message about your father,we are going through something like this with our only child not speaking to us for what we don't even know and keeping us from seeing our 4 grand children she won't take our phone calls or massages,blocked ...
Denise Edwards I trust my Lord yess i may not understand things that happens but yess i no hes does it for a somthing better comes along my going threw some things but i no my father God has my back i believe n that things will work out n things ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
04:54 03/17/2017

What God started in your life He will finish. You may be in a difficult season. Just keep on shining. You’re not going to come out the same. You’re going to come out increased, promoted, better than you were before.

215.8k reactions 12638 comments
Carmen Palomino Schiano Yes, Lord please hear my prayer request for healing! I've struggled with this injury and most recently the infection of my hip replacement for 6 years. Now, I only ask for your healing hand, my Lord. I'm so ready to be well, again, to be strong, again, ...
Trish Scott Just keep on shining? What's the Scripture reference for this insistence of will power? My Bible says it's good to be weak because that is when Christ is strong. Jesus praised one of the 7 churches because they had "a little strength". Having no ...
Elizabeth Teresa Truth!!! We made it through a terrible time and have landed on the other side so blessed and blessing others now...which was obviously God's plan all along!! God will put what you need to do on your heart..we needed to get out of a bad place and it was ...
Andrea Reitan I believe God guided me to start studying to earn a science degree. I've been having serious problems with my online calculus course. I tried contacting my assigned tutor for help as well as the course coordinator, and they both say that I'm not ...
Bunny James I ask for prayers for my family I recently lost two of my daughters at the ages 35. And 38 and left behind 6 kids I'm 70 years old and have to be a mother to the children. My heart is broken and my heart aches and seems so heavy Lord help me get ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
04:54 03/17/2017

"The first place we lose the battle is in our own thinking. Don't let limited thinking cause you to live a limited life." [email protected] Follow Joel on Twitter for daily inspiration!

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Ogbu Ratzinger We really luv ur words of encouragement especially ur books eg, ur best life now, thank u very much, may God continue to strengthen u# Amen#
Candice D. Harms-Lazo So true, it's my way of thinking, that gets me through everyday, actually it was the Lord that changed my way of thinking years ago.
Andaline Nnenna Obi Am just down pls pray for me, i know God's divine open door now I really want to get a store to start my business idea no matter how small but no capital to start or even get d place.
Miranda Budiman Amen..,Hi pastor Joel..I have a problem...I be surroundded by my husband and family can count me out to what i did not do,..please god finish this issue...and god show me that you are on my side
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