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05:00 04/24/2017

You may have been doing the right thing for a long time and feel like you’re falling behind; you’re being left out. But God sees you, no wall is too high, no obstacle too big, no enemy too powerful. One touch of His favor will catapult you to a new level. The Psalmist said in Psalm 18:29, “With Your help I can run through a troop or leap over a wall.” God will get you to where you’re supposed to be. Click here to watch Pastor Joel’s message, "Faithful in the Routine":

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Shirley Tatum Amen God is great and he answers prayers.God has taken care of me and my husband he has been out of work for a year now and we made it hard times and we are still here.Amen
Ricky Mathews Praise the Lord Pastor. When ever I listen to your sermon they are an inspiration for me . Each example you quote or an anecdote you preach It seems God has especially put words in your mouth to inspire me . I often feel it's me you are talking with ...
Debbie Evans Pastor Joel, so many of us are out here doing what we think is the right thing, what God wants us to do, but we see horrible people getting ahead doing some very sinful things & it makes it hard to stay the course. Thank you for your words of ...
Alicia Haney That's exactly what i needed to hear..I'm going thru this right now and God is turning things around for me.. I TRUST HIM NO MATTER I FACE GLORY TO GOD!
Anu Sharath Happy for the Indian pastor who made it to be the president of a Bible school. Rightly said, Pastor Joel, there is no success without being faithful and honest.
Joel Osteen Ministries
05:00 04/24/2017

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Cindy Wilson Prayers that I can get what I need to survive in my home and in life so that it will be safe, healthy, happy and full. AMEN
Bunny Crimp Joel, wonderful, as always. Every message is for me!! Praying for you and family, God continue to use you as the wonderful blessing that you all are.Praise God, He makes us strong.
Denise Tee 💥💥💥"the price has been paid! God can't use you when you live guilty. You're not a good witness and you don't pursue dreams when you're guilty!" 💥💥💥#confidence #blameless #joelOsteen #lakewood
Gloria Phillips Hello Joel and Victoria I am watching your Sermon at Lakewood every Sunday, I am very happy with the idea of seeing you on Facebook. Please pray for me and my family well-being. Thank you
Crystal Holland Please pray for my grandson tomorrow when he get his tooth pull he is only 5 yrs old thank u god for everything u do for us pray for my family and the financial that we need we love god so much amen
Joel Osteen Ministries
05:00 04/24/2017

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Diana Rodriguez Thank you Lord for this beautiful Sunday morning and your blessings Lord AMEN l love is song AMEN🙏🙏😭😭❤❤😘😘
Todd Haugen I love listening to you joel you minister everything of todays world thank you joel God bless you and your family sincerely Freight Train
Doris Nieves-Garcia Pray for my son Daniel, turning his back on God and his purpose for his life, hanging out with ungodly people. 22 years old.
Cassandra Antonio Praise God! Praying that it be God's Will for new doors to open up for me, both my sons and my husband, Lord! Thank you Lord for everything! 😍😊🙏🏾
Elaine Ng Yes, Lord are all I need. Thank you for your love and faithfulness. I'm in the palm of your hands and my best years are ahead and the many 'Yes' in year 2017.
Joel Osteen Ministries
05:00 04/24/2017

Lakewood Live Catch us LIVE at 7:00pm CST to experience a Lakewood Service! Joel and Victoria Osteen will be delivering inspirational messages along with powerful uplifting music with our Lakewood worship team! You can also watch here: Let us know where you are tuning in from! Prayer We would love to pray with you. Please send your prayer request to [email protected] or call 1-888-567-5635. You can also post your prayer and praise reports here: Get connected Make a difference and partner with us today The Author of our Salvation

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Marsha McKinney Davis Rachael pray for the lord to save you! You believe he died on the cross and rose from the grave!! Ask for forgiveness!! Your his child🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌
Earline Pate Lakewood Church live, born TO Save SOULS! Blessings Pastor's Joel and Victoria Osteen 💖
Marie Fabienne Zaletta pray for my daughter to be heal completely with her health condition. Thank you Jesus i believe in Jesus i believe you take out sickness on the cross. Thank you Jesus i believe healing is taking place. bless be the NAME OF THE LORD.
Suman Nair Iam forgiven...I know.. Because i received the righteousness of God in Christ
Dennis Heckman I remember when I was lost. And God lifted me from the pit. We all were there and our God lifted us up. PRAISE GOD every breath you take. With out His grace we are lost
Joel Osteen Ministries
05:00 04/24/2017

Jesus said in John 5:41 that people’s approval or disapproval meant nothing to Him. That’s a powerful way to live. He was saying, “I know who I am, and nothing you do or don’t do is going to change it. You can celebrate Me or you can crucify Me, but I’m keeping My crown.”

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Eric Drane I am going through that right now where what someone else thinks is hurting the love i feel for someone all i can do is pray the god changes this
Candace Lacey I LOVE that last sentence! This whole post is awesome, but that last sentence...WOW! Praise God! Thank you for sharing the truth as you do! Bless you all!
Dena Field Thank you, father God for all you have done and all the sacrifice you made so that I may be forgiven for my sins. I know that I have to come to you and repent and ask for your forgiveness and I do! I try to follow the path that I believe you have for ...
Monica Molinari-Godley Please pray with and for me that the Lord grant my prayer requests and hearts desire for family soon I know my miracle is on its way any day now because my God is able!! Amen
George McNeal Amen, when your in Christ, the world's view decreases as your faith increases, your view on judgement changes because when someone gives you a complement it's not gonna elevate you to new heights because your mind doesn't work as good up there but an ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
05:00 04/24/2017

Too many people start off good, they have big dreams, they’re excited about their future, but along the way they hit some setbacks. When you’re tempted to give up, dig your heels in and say, “I wasn’t created to give up; I wasn’t created to quit, I was created to finish.”

117.8k reactions 4635 comments
Jeanette Montoya There have been moments I felt like giving up. But then I would tell myself that if I give up then I'm giving up on God!! I just can't do that. He didn't bring me this far to leave me!! I tell myself "His time His way" 💚💚
Brian Grogan Thank you Joel Osteen for this post. The exact message I needed for today. I was fired the day after Easter after working for a company for over 11 years. Hopefully a new and better chapter that I cannot foresee awaits. Major setback on achieving my ...
Mylene T Bunagan I was created by God for a reason and this is to spread the word of God, follow his goodness, and to receive his blessings and promises. I can only do this by having a strong faith, trust, hope, belief and expectations and love for God. In Jesus name I ...
Karen Barland Dig those heels in Red and finish strong. You're destined for greatness!! Elle Woods says"Snaps for Cici! She's been through hell but she came out on top, stronger than ever with a SMILE bright as the Sun" Snaps!! 🙌👏🙌❤😍😘
Terry Ann This is my mentality & im a daughter of past & current circumstances do not define me. For I Believe that where I'm heading will b more prosperous, fulfilling & Positive then where I have ever imagined myself being❤️ Gods Plan is Better than ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
05:00 04/24/2017

Light a fire on the inside. Your dream is still alive. You may have tried a year ago, five years ago, forty years ago and it didn’t work out. Nobody helped you, nobody encouraged you. But God is saying to you, “Go back and try again. This is your time. This is your moment. Your destiny is calling out to you.”

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Ammie Sims-Gonzales Amen! Please pray for my sister who recently was diagnosed with breast cancer. She received wonderful news yesterday and I know she will win the fight. #PowerInPrayer Thank you!
Clara Eigner I don't know how his message reaches me .. I think about certain things and, there he is..using Joel to send the message of hope and faith!
Laura Segovia Wright Thank you Joel Olsteen, please pray for me as I am going through change, and uncertainty, I can't let my fears and doubts get in the way of God's plan for my life. I'm so scared of the what it's, but holding on to God tighter, until I overcome it.
Louise Butler Ok - I'll keep trying, through tears even shed tonight, struggle, sadness that no one cares about & too significant to share with anyone since no one really wants to hear it, I guess I have no choice but to stay the course. I am so weak & barely able ...
Sasha Covington Amen!!!! I pray that I will have the courage and confidence in myself to go back to school and fulfill my dreams for myself..
Joel Osteen Ministries
16:12 04/21/2017

You won't become all you were created to be without difficulties. You don't grow in the good times; you grow in the tough times. Trouble prepares you for the next level.

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Dave Simms I knew you wouldn't answer, I'm sure God did to... He moved the neighbors heart, and her daughter. They brought me a bunch of cans. The dogs will have something to eat... Have a wonderful day....
Neelu Paul No Matter What No matter what we face God is there at his pace He see us through trying times He’s the savior of mankind Praise God and we will see Blessings after blessings come to be Follow his example everyday No matter what comes our way God knows ...
Sharon Kayula Amen! I was asking myself why me, but I believe we all pass through that road of troubles, it is not easy stand with me and my family for strength
Morrison M Chibwe the problem with this page is you only upload short videos, the moment you pay more attention start enjoying, the video finishes. upload at least 20 to 30 minutes. God bless yu
Lupita Ibanez Amen, God knows I need prayer, peace in my life and patience. I'm​ losing myself in obstacles that are closing all my door's. I can't seem​ to see light.
Joel Osteen Ministries
16:12 04/21/2017

When somebody tries to make you feel small and says something derogatory, instead of getting upset, just reach up and straighten your crown. They can’t change who you are unless you allow them to. They don’t control your destiny. They don’t determine your value. They didn’t breathe life into you, God did. He calls you a masterpiece. He says you’re a king, a queen, you’re supposed to reign in life.

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Nancy Rodriguez Let me be strong take care of my job and my health I need all the prayers to my husband get that they call them for me these big jobs please if anybody does so they could call him from the big job save anybody does mean things to us like jealousy or ...
Angel Manlapaz Our great God, who measured the water in the hallow of His hand, has singled out each person on this planet as supreme- ly important, for we are made in His image. The God who created the universe is the God who loves you.
Laura Saiki Amen! Thank you God for being my armor of shield for protection when someone is trying to dim my light and devaluing the gifts that you have designed me to be in serving you. Here's to gratitude and forgiveness to these people of greed, pride, ego and ...
Cheryl Chea Wow 🙏🏼 amen!totally in agreement with u sometimes when u share your deepest darkest moment to someone close to you they might put u down our degraded us... get it right bck n don't let their negativity bring us down! What a great encouragement! This ...
Randy Ellison I'm praying that God will direct my steps. I'm always having people say or think I can't achieve my goals because of a learning disability that I had ever since I was younger. I feel that my family doesent believe in me. I want to be a pastor/minister. ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
16:12 04/21/2017

It doesn’t matter how big the obstacle or how great the challenge… —the favor of God brings divine increase —the favor of God provides supernatural wisdom —the favor of God carries you to new levels of success Tap into God’s divine favor on your life with Joel’s new 2-message resource, “Favor of God”:

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Renee Gray Nacole Wright and Mr. Haywood. You'll be victorious! Just do what you do, see the blessings of the change and keep the faith.
Shari Meyer Amen! I need a lot of wisdom and faith to overcome a left leg and foot problem from an artery being connected to a vein, to get my feeling and to get my up and down movement back into my left leg and foot.
Philips John Please pray for me for God's favour, to help me be able to set up my business. It has not been easy,problems every where and every day.
Adewunmi Olawunmi Pray for me that my jeep car functions perfectly well now and from now on with all its parts functioning perfectly well and that accidents is not its portion never never. in Jesus name. amen.
Sheri Henshaw Joel I live in south Carolina and my daughter in west Virginia,she told me last night she was sorry she hadnt message me she was in a lot of pain,she had slipped disks in her back.I want so much to help so I put together a prayer chain and tonight we ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
16:12 04/21/2017

When you face unexpected challenges, something big, don’t let it become the focus of your life. Don’t let it consume you. Keep living life. Don’t let a temporary event become a permanent label.

101.4k reactions 3425 comments
Laura Sanchez Thank you for this message. I sooo needed it today. Been stressed for the last 2 weeks trying to do too many things. And my deadline keeps getting shorter.
Terence Gibbons Sometimes you have to make it the main event! How should I cope with the death of my wife of 16 years and all the financial mess that follows. Philosophy is fine but should be confined to a book that few would be interested in reading.
The Law of Attraction A new beginning is on your horizon but you must have the courage to push through. Declare your struggles over. Declare your enemies defeated. Declare yourself victorious. Do this with passion. Your own self-talk is a very powerful tool in cultivating ...
Lori Van Valen- Piotrkowski I really needed this today! Dealing with finances to help my children so they can succeed has consumed me! I pray it's in gods hands and I believe I will and can work through this.
Laura Karina Pereyra Gloria a Dios!!! Qué la tormenta pase y nuestra mente mantenga limpia con el espíritu de nuestro Santo Padre. Gracias por la fortaleza u paz !! :-)
Joel Osteen Ministries
16:12 04/21/2017

It’s easy to be negative, doubtful, and let the circumstances convince you it’s never going to happen. That doesn’t take any faith. But when it seems impossible, that’s when you have to dig your heels in and say, “The odds may be against me, but God, I know You are for me. I believe it’s my high time. I believe things are about to change in my favor.”

146.0k reactions 8970 comments
Edith Knox Amen I receive this message things just seems like they are going in a different direction not the way we hoped for but we are thankful our faith is strong we know that our God didn't bring us this far to leave us thank you for you daily post they ...
Joyce Wamuyu Amen. You've taught me to have a positive mind set and to speak the word out pastor Joel. Victoria has taught me to speak those things that are not as if they are. My faith has gone to another level and am experiencing lots of blessings. God bless you.
Tammy Williams Thuney I had cancer not even 2 years ago. Had a radical hysterectomy to get it all. Just a week ago found out it's back but now in my spine and some other areas. I keep praying but I'm so scared
Susie Kruse I use to watch your father John Osteen on television. He was always one of my favorites. Joel...he would be so proud of you serving and loving the Lord the way you do. God Bless and Thankyou and Victoria and family. We love you!
Sharla Harris So true. Thank you for the constant reminders in our human struggles to pay our debts and be able to pay our insurance and health bills. Amen
Joel Osteen Ministries
16:12 04/21/2017

"You don’t have to seek the blessing. Seek God and blessings will find you." [email protected] Follow Joel on Instagram for more inspiration!

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Siyabonga Siyabu Gumbi Joel teaches us to be positive, being positive means anything you need to do is possible.
Venice Lewis Amen and Hallelujah!!! God bless you for this word of wisdom! Thank You Jesus!!! Praise God for His Faithfulness and Goodness on my life!!!
Edmund Okoe Just love what you said and it is a paradox people catch the shadow and lose the substance.
Barbara Mendez I love good and your church's is amazing, pray for all the people with cancer
Harold Wheeler Your words and Sermons are a Blessing and a God Send. Thankyou for all you do. May God Bless you ans your Family.
Joel Osteen Ministries
16:12 04/21/2017

Paul said in 2 Corinthians 5:19, “God restored the world to Himself, no longer counting sins against you. He has blotted them out.” Too many people live condemned because of past mistakes, but the first time you asked, God forgave you.

74.6k reactions 2964 comments
Teresita Wills Amen! God dealt and wiped out our transgressions and impurities for He bear and took our sins to the cross. When we receive Christ with our whole heart ❤️ and clear mind.
Audrey Abane Not only did He forgave us of past sins. He has forgiven us of all our sin ( past, present and future) already by the death of Christ at the cross. This is the beauty of the new covenant.
Luzviminda Ferrer "Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits--who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases" (Psalm 103:2-3).
Jennifer Chukwuka Ibiam Amen. Thank you father....the God who forgiveth all thy sins and healeth all thy diseases is still in the business of doing good... Thanks for saving me, thanks for loving grateful.
Lori Carr I read this morning that after the first miracle peter and John did in Jesus name in acts 3 they preached and made sure that even the people guilty of putting Jesus / their prophesied messiah to death on the cross and crucifying him - He himself prayed ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
03:24 04/19/2017

People can call you many different things, but you are not what people call you. You are what you answer to. They can call you slow, lazy, too old, all washed up. That’s all right. Just don’t answer to it. Answer to “victorious.” Answer to “talented.” Answer to “history maker.”

37.4k reactions 4166 comments
Jayden Perkins Amen amen and amen! Need prayers please! At the end of rope! Had heart attack lost job and cannot did a job! Anywhere ppl are descriminatimg against me! I worked for over 20 yrs. Please pray for me! Irma Jeffers. God is great hoping something comes thru ...
Jen M K Chow And yes, these girls in my workplace sees me slow, not efficient enough. But I see them work so fast and makes mistakes, so what's the point of working fast where they don't even spot a mistake and does it means we slow poke can be bullied?
Caroline Spahn What if the bully I'm dealing with,is my boss,and I don't have any choice in the matter. I'm 67. I have to work. I have over $750,000 in medical bills and $75,000 in other bills. I have to take what he gives out.
Denise Sedgwick I do believe all of this message Joel, but am finding it hard at the moment, as too many things are going wrong. However I believe that God will exchange these ashes for something beautiful!!
Baldemar Olmeda Amen...thank u BROTHER can u please pray for me .I can not keep the food sickness wants to come back u guys .GOD BLESS U..
Joel Osteen Ministries
03:24 04/19/2017

Joel and Victoria are coming to the Norfolk Scope in Norfolk, VA on May 5! Make plans now to attend this inspirational night of hope, worship and encouragement. #NightofHope

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Laurinda De Goede You are a great blessing to me and my family - South Africa (Cape Town) wish I could come join the Nigh of Hope
Merry Jondal Ellestad I would love to go to this but cheap seats start at $64 and regular sets run to as much as $250... Way out of my budget.
Elvis Klin I will like to be there to see the worship and encouragement in the name of Jesus Christ
Iola Cato God bless you and your family door will keep open to all way
Raju Dass Pastor God Bless Your Family Abundently with Heavenly Showers of Blessing Amen Glory to God Amen
Joel Osteen Ministries
03:24 04/19/2017

Where do you go and who do you turn to when you feel forgotten and overlooked? When it feels like no one is watching out for you, God is! If God can take David—the invisible eighth son of a forgotten family—and turn him into a king, just imagine what magnificent plans He has for redeeming your life. Check out this new book from Pastor John Gray, “I Am Number 8” Overlooked and Undervalued, but Not Forgotten by God

15.3k reactions 779 comments
Cordelia Bay Absolutely...I am not overlooked and I am valuable to God, therefore, I am not forgotten and He is faithful to fulfill His word...He will rebuke the devourer in Jesus name.
Stephanie Escobedo Cadena I know god is leading me to better favorite number that always had and now i can do what i set my mind with god help.i felt alone down i lost everything and it seem not to be any better but everything will be ok cause i have faith it had to ...
Mercy Pontejon Rollan Yes and amen! The Lord remembers me and make my impossible life and things to possible Hallelujah!!!!thank you Father God !thank you my Savior and Lord Jesus!thank you HolyGost!!!
Kelley J. Neel I was listening to Joel Osteen on Sirius one Sunday and Pastor Gray was filling in for Joel. I immediately became a fan. I'm looking forward to his show on OWN.
Justina Ngakto l trust God I believed in him my density is in hands of God. Thanks Joel Osteen may God increase u ,I know God will remember me like the way him remember David.
Joel Osteen Ministries
03:24 04/19/2017

After all Christ has done, after the incredible price He paid on the cross, it doesn’t bring Him any honor for us to go around feeling unworthy and condemned. Let’s do our part and believe that we’re forgiven, redeemed and have an everlasting release from our sins.

71.8k reactions 3139 comments
Maria Luisa Dicen Lleva ... Hallelujah, Amen! We belong with Jesus, upheld by His love and surrounded in His peace. It's really nice to wake up in the morning realizing that God has given me another day to live... God said: Nothing you confess ... can make Me love you less....
Aaron Brown How did Jesus die on the Cross. Did he bleed to death? Did his heart stop? What was the actual thing historically and scientifically.
Napoleon Dann T. Morales AMEN!😇 Pastor pls. help me pray for my success in acquiring my license in teaching. Thank you so much!
Frances Coolidge Amen,Thank u Jesus !!! Please pray for my Grandkids ,that they will finish school n after that go with their dream but Let them put Jesus first n their lives .Amen .
Lyhne Lyn Lord thank you for your blood that redeem my life my family my children my husband brothers and sisters nephews and nieces and grandchildren. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.
Joel Osteen Ministries
03:24 04/19/2017

Jesus went in and not only defeated the enemy, but He took away the keys of death and hell. The scripture says he rendered him powerless. One version says he brought him to naught; naught is zero. You may have some obstacles in your path, but the good news is the blood is still speaking for you. The blood says you’re an overcomer, the blood says you’re more than a conqueror, the blood says you can do all things through Christ, the blood says greater is He that’s in you than He that is against you

45.5k reactions 3237 comments
Betty Becker Prayers today for Steve ;Colby ;Gloria: Sharon ;Joyce ;Steven ; Roy ;John just a few on my prayer list today join me in lifting all these up and all the unspoken who need prayer today thank you Lord Jesus
Chayo Lumbreras Please pray for my family , heathy , wisdom , peace happiness , courage , and a special prayer to my niece Leeann c, has been feeing very ill , help her get better quickly it's her senior year . Thank you for everything!
Lloyd Borges Please request you to pray for my Financial situation which is gone bad to worse ..But I believe , that through blood of Jesus my situation will be changed forever . Praise God forever.Thank you
Tanya Muckle Thanking you in advance Lord for what you are going to do in my life and thanking you for what you are doing in my life. Lord God I know you have been hearing my prayers and I have faith that you are going to shift some things around and open some ...
Maria Lara Sanchez I have been fighting for reconciliation, communication and please in my husband to find peace in himself, to realize god joined us to be one and one we shall be, don't let the enemy take over, that is what he did, I just ask for prayer for both of us,in ...
Joel Osteen Ministries
03:24 04/19/2017

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54.8k reactions 1376 comments
Debra Ferrell Amen and Yes!! 🙌❤️✝️🙏🎶 Keep our minds fixed and trained on the Lord , our prize at end of our race , He is the lifter of our heads and He is with them that lift us up also Psalms 54.
The Law Of Attraction World Dear person reading this I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better. You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work. I know you may feel unimportant or insecure at the moment but ...
Johnny Rivera Please pray for my soul it's lost since my stroke I can't find happiness faith and the will to go forward to many obstacle that just keep setting me back I just want to be able to enjoy life again.
Venise Haunga Please pray for my father he's been in and out from the hospital, under major right knee problem and facility here not equipped for that kind of a surgery. My father is 84 years my son undergoing leg surgery in Sacramento...Thank you
Judy Spinazzola I've been out of work for 7 mos. Now. It was a blessing so I was able to spend my moms last weeks,with her. Now I'm in a panic.I try to keep the faith, but being older its really hard landing a job.😢
Joel Osteen Ministries
03:24 04/19/2017

The price has been paid. You don’t have to live guilty and condemned. Because of the blood we have an everlasting release from our sins. Receive that forgiveness. Keep the blood over your life, over your family, over your finances. Click here to watch the full message, “The Power of the Blood”: Share with a friend today!

55.3k reactions 2161 comments
Jeremiah Khai Blood of Jesus washed our sins away... but continuing in sin disrespect His Holiness ! Be warned ! God is Holy ! you are the Temple of Holy Spirit!!!
Martina Langa Amen. I AM covered by the precious and sinless blood of Jesus Christ. Every area of my life is covered with His blood; so none of ungodliness can penetrate this fortress. Amen
Robin Budris-Stevens Please pray fro myself & 2 sons; we have been through so much pain & loss...we are heartbroken & homesick. We need to get home to family & friends, so lost & empty; Thank-you I believe in the power of prayer, Amen!!
Yvette Angie White-Wiggins Thank God for the blood of Jesus which covers and protects me and my family in all areas of our lives!!
Denice Sandoval Please pray for deliverance from delusions of jealousy for my 80 yr old father and peace and forgiveness toward each other for my parents... who are looking at separation of their marriage after 60+ yrs...make a way where there seems to be no way.
Joel Osteen Ministries
14:36 04/16/2017

Lakewood Live Celebrate Jesus’ resurrection with us right here on Facebook Live at 11:00am. Let us know where you are tuning in from! If you need prayer, please send your prayer request to [email protected] You can also post your prayer and praise reports here: Get connected Make a difference and partner with us today The Author of our Salvation

7.0k reactions 3661 comments
Khumchanbeni Lotha Loves redeeming work is done .fought the fight,the battle won,death in vain for- bids Him rise. Christ has opened paradise. Amen
Gina Castillo Happy Easter To All ,just check in San Leandro California ....God Is Great ,Praised The Lord
Sonja Burch Brown Pray for my mother to be release of her chronic pain and her dementia diagnosis! Thanks in advance of all your prayers. Amen!!
Chibunna Emmanuel Tuning from portharcourt Nigeria Let God's unfailing love fight my battles and give me victory in all aspects of my life. I believe in God's resurrection power
Martha Aldaco Fuentes Joel please keep my family and my children especially my son robby and his two small children that he gets custody of his children that has much love children
Joel Osteen Ministries
14:36 04/16/2017

Jesus was God’s lamb. He died on the cross and shed His blood, and rose again so we can live with the confidence that all of our sins, past, present and future have not just been covered, not just been atoned for, but they have been washed away. We have an everlasting release. That’s the power of the blood.

53.2k reactions 2622 comments
Audrey Abane Indeed we are justified by the blood of Jesus. All sins have been washed away. Live with this assurance and enjoy the abundance Jesus came to give.
Mary Shaan In our Faith God woun't forgive you until Victoms or people who you hurt, forgives you. If you ask with all your Heart from God and Jesus and people who ypu hurt for forgiveness then God will forgive you. In our Faith God is most Loving and most ...
Hazel McGee Thank you Joel Osteen. Pray for my great granddaughter.Kailynn Kells. She had her 1st open heart surgery right after she was born. Online weighed 3 lbs at birth. On May 5th she is having her 3rd open heart. We are asking for powerful prayers for ...
Linda Dominguez Praise you Jesus, Amen Amen. Please have Mercy on my family we need your help for our safety, health and prosperity. Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayers and pleas
Susan Naborne Thank you Jesus. Your love is immeasurable. I love you for saving me and walking and guiding me to be the best me ever. You are my Lord and Saviour forever. Amen and Hallelujah.
Joel Osteen Ministries
14:36 04/16/2017

Lakewood Live Celebrate Jesus’ resurrection with us right here on Facebook Live tonight 7:00pm. Let us know where you are tuning in from! If you need prayer, please send your prayer request to [email protected] You can also post your prayer and praise reports here: Get connected Make a difference and partner with us today The Author of our Salvation

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Kim Betz please look over me and my family during our difficult time. My husband in critical condition in hospital and can use some light of hope to shin on him.
Constancia Laganse Lord I need you healing touch thank you for dying for us and thank you for the unending love you have given us I worship you and glorify your name amen.
Bibinia G. Natividad Please pray for the healing of my cousin Moracio he is in the hospital right now suffering so much and he is comatose please Lord we are asking your mercy heal my cousin by your mighty hand Lord we ask this Amen
Sofia Donis Thank you for everything you always give me, please pray for my family and me to never lose the faith and pacience to wait on you lord!
Geneva Smith Amen pray for spiritual growth PEACE and for a Godly husband and for god to give me the decerment to know who is thanks amen
Joel Osteen Ministries
14:36 04/16/2017

Psalm 107:2 says, “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.” In other words, let your words and actions show that you are a child of the Most High God. You were bought with a price and He has empowered you to live in victory! When you declare God’s Word, you are depositing seeds of truth, faith, hope and life! Beyond declaring His Word, we have to live it. Do your actions declare, “I am redeemed?” Do your actions say, “I am a follower of His, filled with love, joy, and peace?” You are here for God’s purposes and you will fulfill the destiny He has for you. Walk in His strength and victory. Celebrate Jesus’ resurrection with us right here on Facebook Live. Tonight 7:00pm and Sunday 8:30 and 11:00am CST

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Francisca Palmones thank you Pastor Joel,pls pray for me and my family,also pray that d so called d Big One will not land on our beloved Phillipines
Yolanda Guerrero Solis Thanks Joel! God bless you so that you continue teaching us the word and encourage us to learn more about the word of God!! Amen!!
Sara Parker Yes let the redeemed say so hope everyone has a wonderful Resection day of the Lord and realize what's it's all about. !!!!!!
Ayobami Adedokun Happy Easter The day of great exchange- He gave His life for our sins, sicknesses,lacks, needs and eternal damnation. Thank You Jesus
Emily Ysais Thank you Pastor Joel for inspiring me to believe in God's power to help me believe the best I can be, to help me stay positive in my life as I go through this journey of my illness, which I know I will conquer. God bless you... 😆
Joel Osteen Ministries
14:36 04/16/2017

The price has been paid. You don’t have to live guilty and condemned. Because of the blood we have an everlasting release from our sins. Receive that forgiveness. Keep the blood over your life, over your family, over your finances. If you’ll do this God promises He will protect you, sickness will pass over you, defeat will pass over you.

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Cindy Bahmer Amen and say thank you Jesus for giving me my life to be here and pray for my two daughters that's been in hospital as you no why they were and help them with there pain bring us joy peace love jobs good jobs and take aways the stressing we love you so ...
Latoya Jackson Thank You Lord,for the protection over my life.Lord I thank you for my tough nights and long days,but blessed to see another day.Lord I thank you for the loving protection over my children and keeping them away from harm,Lord thank you for my finance to ...
Kay Whisenant Was reading some of the comments and a person commented he hoped this was true he had been praying and nothing was happening! He kept losing people in his life and even the love of his life left him for another. I learned by experienced sometimes the ...
Ika Bain Amen. Dear Joel, wish you and your family a Happy and Blessed Easter. Thank you for touching our lives with GOD's word in Jesus' name. Christ has risen💖
Juliet Pacana Gareau Thank you Pastor Joel Osteen for the encouraging words I pray and thank God for the victory of my family that he forgive us through the blood of jesus that shed on the cross.
Joel Osteen Ministries
14:36 04/16/2017

Lakewood Live Celebrate Jesus’ resurrection with us right here on Facebook Live at 11:00am. Let us know where you are tuning in from! If you need prayer, please send your prayer request to [email protected] You can also post your prayer and praise reports here: Get connected Make a difference and partner with us today The Author of our Salvation

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Nwokolo Ezekiel Man of god u are a teacher ,i love the way u teach,i will watching it amen
Judie Mwanza I Am In Zambia. Internet not too good. Am connected in spirit. Pray for me too many challenge s. I need strength to go on.
Rebecca Stephen I so much enjoy ur teaches sir....there's always a transformation after listening to ur teachings
Ethel Winston Amen
Theresa Lorena Prayer request for full healing lumps above my 4th ribs both sides. Please....
Joel Osteen Ministries
14:36 04/16/2017

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Cheron Tan AMEN, AMEN & AMEN! I ❤️️🌈you Jesus! Thank you for your love for us all!
Joann Castro I believe in God the most highest god of all no matter what happens in life god is good all the time for I am a child of God Lord I am asking you for a favor God please answer my prayer hear my prayer I want to help the children in need all over the ...
Emmanuel Ukuejunor Amen & Amen! Father let your word living in us release us, Through The Mighty Name Of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ
Imelda Gahol Cueto amen,thank u for my whole life...for loving me unconditionaly,i feel you..ipraise u lord....i wont forget this day..good friday...ilove you...
Sara Marlowe This is the first time I have seen Christ used on your site. I am so happy!
Joel Osteen Ministries
14:36 04/16/2017

Christ took your sins. He paid the price for every mistake, every wrong. His blood covered it once and for all. Join us for a special Good Friday service tonight at Lakewood 7:00pm Or, join us Live online via any of these options! - - - - The Lakewood Church app available in the app store - SiriusXM Radio ch 128

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Prashansha Bharti By his atoning death on the cross christ has made salvation possible fir allmen everywher. But in order to recieve alvation each person must first hear the word of god n the testmony of christ. God's plan is that every person who is saved should be ...
Bennie Fisher Thank you Jesus for washing me white as snow and maken me a new. Thank you lord for joel and Victoria and there amazing abilitys in the church. Truely is a blessing to us all! God bless you
Suzeth Francisco I also dream of visitng the Lakewood church someday! 😊, thanks for the encouragment Joel n team! B greatly blessed as always! Indeed Jesus took our sins n today we r FREE! Amen!
Joann Castro I have to be a my church at 630 yesterday we had the washing of the feet and today is good Friday we're Jesus died on the cross for us sinner I am happy to be a child of God Lord please take all my sin away in Jesus might name Amen thank you Joel for ...
Pamela Looney Would love to share the Resurrection Easter Table I have as an Exemplum in my Townhouse. I believe you would find it remarkable in a simple fashion Psalmsc19:7 simple The Matthew 22 Commentary and 1 John:2'4. Ibis Awesome Nahum!!
Joel Osteen Ministries
01:48 04/14/2017

You may have been fighting addictions, illnesses, depression your whole life. Don’t believe that’s your destiny. Don’t be complacent and learn to live with it. Get around people that have what you want. Not where being addicted is normal, but where being free is normal.

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Blessings Maunde Phiri I'm enjoying your powerful messages, help me with your prayers to use these touching messages to follow the Lord and admit that I really need him.
Stephanie Forbes-Rubio So is this saying I shouldn't go to a meeting where addicts meat up and talk about how their attics and the life that they live to be for their recovering now from it.
Mia Lawanag Please pray for me I've gotten fired from every job and I'm really loosing faith in humans. 7 years too long. No matter how long or short it still always happens to me. I'm always at fault for everything and nobody ever has my back. I'm still ...
MetasMotivation Your past pain was never meant to be portable so why give it a second chance to hurt you again? Be careful of what baggage you bring with you from old seasons into new interactions or you'll end up taking a trip down memory lane covered in pain. Don't ...
Mellie Mora Amen yes I no i,am struggle with all i,am going thould it hard for I prayer all the time in my own ways and I no God hear me he's here for I fell hem all the time God i,am so sorry for the thing I did wrong in life but I no u forgave me i,am strong with ...
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