Reba McEntire
23:59 03/19/2017

Joining my pal Garth Brooks #weshallbefree

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Melody Joyce
Amen! Galatians 5:13-14, 22-23; "You my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature. Rather, serve one another in love. The entire law is summed up in a single command: Love your neighbors as yourself. (22-23) "The Fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control."
Laura Ehrler
So very true if more people would be kind this world would be so much happier. And if people would not be fake be kind to one another it does come back on you!! And you will be blessed!! It's what God wants us to be is kind and loving And as Reba said and I totally agree with kindness comes joy peace and contentment.
Linda Ouimet
Hi Reba , god bless all you do if people would only realize life is to short and it's much easier being kind. Thank you for the kind words i pray someday I'll be able to see ya❤ your songs have been a big part of my life and i thank you. Your an amazing performer and always❤ stunning as usual!
Shona Hudnall
I needed to hear this today. Was reminded today of a tragedy that happened to me many years ago. I forgave but the reminder came back and slapped me hard today. I've let go completely and am going to again forgive but this time I won't allow the hurt back. These words just brought me back to the peace I needed today thank you! Wish the world had more hearts like yours, full of Gods love!
Linda Brown
Love you reba...i love when my mom comes to visit on the weekends love watching her laugh her butt off to every episode of reba..even tho we saw it a 1000x ❤ you reba
Sharyl Wenger
Reba has been my favorite female artist since she started. I had the chance to go see her many years back thanks to a friend. Would love to see her again, but hopefully closer than up in the nosebleed section. Her new Songs of Faith is amazing. Maybe someday, she and Garth will do a duet, think that would be great, just like the duets done by her and Trisha Yearwood.
Miranda Paredes
So true! Love this so much Reba! Just another reason why I want to meet you! So proud to be able to look up to you! Hope I can be like you one day! There is hope. Maybe what we need is to really look at ourselves. Maybe what we need is to be honest with ourselves. If we were born to fly...if we are meant to fly far above our dreams and reach distances beyond them...if we are meant to soar above our expectations of happiness, fulfillment, spirit, and joy, shouldn't we first find the definition of our "wings" that will carry us there? What do they look like? Where do we find them? This I know for sure: we must search our hearts, and listen to their tiniest voices as they whisper to us, telling us where our truth lies. Who are we? What do we really want? What do we really need? Are we happy? Can we define happiness? Are we able to put that happiness into practice to make others happy? Can we really fly now? Or do we have to listen a little more intently to our hearts? To our souls? I believe we are here to live the ultimate experience, almost infinite in its ability to help us grow as people and women. Stella Parton Kristin Chenoweth Reba McEntire I believe we are here to find happiness and joy in the simple and the complex, in the earthly and the Divine, in the childlike and the mature... Marla Maples Katy Colloton but I also know that sometimes we are creatures of habit, of fear...that we would rather stay safely within our cocoon, because maybe it gives us a sense of security...that we would rather stay safely on the ground than spread our wings, and soar! But we should! We must! We must have the courage to listen to our own hearts, our own desires, and our own inner strength as they tell us what we need, for there are few wiser. Cher Caitlin Barlow Kathryn Renée Thomas Mariposa, find your wings! Find that which will set you in flight and help you soar in it education? A vocation? A lifestyle? A spiritual path? Is it love? Whatever it is, whatever resonates in you as the truth behind your joy, find it. Use it. And fly! Dolly Parton 🦋💕💜Ⓜ️🅿️
Lynn Avery
Your kindness shines Reba. What a special person you are to so many. Thanks for being the kind of person we can look up to and follow your lead. You're the best ❤️
Andrea Sanders
You are such a special person in this world. I know God has even bigger plans for you. May your days be blessed and your nights be peaceful. I love your new album Softly and Tenderly. I think it's the only thing on in my car anymore. You are more than welcome to come and join us at Grace Baptist Church in West Memphis if you are ever out this way. God Bless you Reba
Thomas Irwin
I might agree with you Reba, but when she leaves you 2 months into the new relationship and, is 6weeks and 5 days pregnant, pops an unprescribed Zoloft, and then hooks up with a registered pedophile, it's reeeeaaaally hard to be kind to that person. Just sayin. Mind you I don't have a criminal record and still have yet to get an answer as to why I was left. Like we just moved into a new place together.
Kelly Emler
I have a cat named after Reba Would love to know her middle name so I could officially give kitty Reba a middle name Please helpppppppp
Debbie Fietzer
I agree Reba whole heartedly. We need to show more love in public because it will turn into something that will better the world.
Joe Dawson
You are so special. Kindness is so important. Love, Peace, Contentment. That says it all. ...God Bless. Take care of You. You need that.
Sami Marie
Hi Reba! Amen to what you said! That's very true! I think I'm a very kind person! I have a heart for everyone! Even animals! My dad left us, I was always kind to him, did stuff for him but I guess it wasn't good enough because he still left us. But I'm still trying to be a good person!
Eugene Joseph Richard
Amen to that, same like a smile if you enter a room with a lot of poeple with a smile you,ll get a smile ,just like the song,When your smiling ...when your smiling .......the hole world smiles... with youuuuuuuuu

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Instagram Photos

3.2k reactions 57 comments
Lauri Christianson Crowell Shelby has the perfect racing name 😎
Debra Taylor Glad you got to go Reba. Family is everything. 😊
Terry Gordon Now that's a good looking group❤
Irenee Shubert Good luck to him when he races
Paula Heather Love ya

Congratulations Lauren Daigle on your K-LOVE Fan Awards nominations! If you love Lauren as much as I do, go vote for her in this year’s awards here:

880 reactions 33 comments
Judy Thornbury not
Shirlene Liz Davis Davis I love her music!
Glenda J. Lyman Taylor Love this song!
Alecia McCall Love herrrr!!😍😇
Robert Burnett Love her, but will never love her like you Reba

Listening to Bill Cody on WSM AM 650 this morning. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the truck driver that lost his life this morning and also to the folks that were affected in the bombing in Manchester. Sure could use a little good news today.

3.0k reactions 114 comments
Sandra LaRoe Makes me think of the song by Anne Murray "A little good news"
Michael Sexton Reba times are getting scarier by the day! We need to be prayed up for ourselves and the evils that taunt us as well! ❤️
Carolyn Runion Pruitt Just remember no matter what is happening God is still in control.
Donna Clements Coker The Preds are playing for the Cup. Sure would be great if you came to cheer them on with us.
Tara Wesely The good news is that the Preds are playing in the Stanley Cup final!!! #StandWithUs

Your Week Presented by Reba #Monday

57.9k reactions 4703 comments
Marie G Lovy love this lady. she has a beautiful smile, personality, class, sexy and just a beautiful person. love her music and her show, reba. never change. LOVE
Sheila McKay Lol. know me to well. 😁😁😁 I LOVE Reba...if you ever watched her sitcom, you would LAUGH. I'm her/Shea me....Lol
Kristin Silvagni My favorite songs are Friday's, then Thursday, Wednesday and Saturday (tied). Fancy is my favorite but I love a lot of your songs and music! ❤️
Lauren Carlson Nina Sherwood our girl Reba!!!!! Nansi Masihi and Mary Sherwood we have that Saturday vibe every day!!! ;) miss you all!! Happy Tuesday!
Daniel Gulliford I didn't think she could be more annoying BUT, this just took it to another level. She is horrible. Tom Voccola

Congratulations! I love you all!

1.7k reactions 31 comments
Tammy Nielsen Cassidy Nielsen
Engia Wilson save this show
Bill Desmarais wow congrats good luck
Pam Mc Ka awh cool fam
Linda Clark To bad

Happy trails to you, till we meet again❤️❤️❤️

1.9k reactions 63 comments
Linda Marie Ella So sad that this show got cancelled! 😢
Mary Wilt ABC sucks !!!!!!
Rebecca Lehigh Love this family!
Tootie James Chitwood I'm gonna miss this show 😭
Kelly Aitch No! I hate this!

24 years ago today, Reba's "It's Your Call" album topped the Billboard Country albums chart. Do you remember this video? #MusicMonday

6.9k reactions 210 comments
Verna Foley Love the song I play the CD so many times still listen to it thanks for memories Reba
Debbie Johnson Love it. Like everything else you do. Wish I had a DVD of the last ones.
Natalie Myers Miller That was right around the beginning of my love for you. What a collection I have today!
Lori Parry Timeless classics, thank you for giving us years of music that we can all relate to ❤
Christine Barbe Yes I remember that reba is my favorite just love her to pieces

Amen, Sister!!!!!

48.7k reactions 915 comments
Diane Hundermark Oh Reba you hit the nail squarely on the head with this one. Love it.
Sarah E Beckman I went from being skinny when I was young to not so skinny as I got older. O well, I rather be healthy.
Fran Grubb A whole lot of truth in this statement. Just be yourselves!!
Cliff Hartner Cool I have made Dutch oven roast, tators and corn on the cob anyone hungry carrots were in with the roast beef
Maria Vitani Mazursky My dream is to have a magic wand that will appear food when I want it. Cake! *zap!* Tacos! *bling!* Pizza! *bloop!*

Congratulations to Lukas Graham and Maren Morris on your Breakthrough Artist Award at yesterday’s Music Biz Awards Luncheon! And thank you to the Music Business Association for giving me the 2017 Chairman’s Award for Sustained Creative Achievement! It sure was sweet! Thanks so much for all you do for our wonderful industry.

2.0k reactions 58 comments
Michael Stone Greatness come to those who seek it.
Ruth Bennett-Van Zile Is it just me or is that guy shirts scary
Sue Stratton Congrats!
Katelynn MacInnis I love you Reba and I am so happy for you
Alan Lewis Great job young people's​.

Thanks Bette Midler for the super hospitality!! You're the best!!!!! Hello, Dolly on Broadway

8.9k reactions 143 comments
Tammy C Kramer I go next week to see it. Can't wait. Still need to buy my train tickets.
Jodie Gibson The two most adored women ever. I'd love to be in a room with them both. The conversation would be awesome. Xxx
Dave Thorneycroft Bounce house looks like fun will join after DC trip to see the Good Book wall
Garry Stewart Hew Reba I see you forgot me here why is that?? But love all you do out there keep it up. Here a big hug
Kathy Abbott 4 amazing ppl in one picture, your faces say it all!!! Glad u had a great time!! Have a great day Reba ❤❤

What a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! Going to Shelby's race in Indianapolis and seeing Bette Midler in Hello, Dolly on Broadway in New York City! Thanks Carolyn Snell Shane Tarleton for being my travel mates!!! Shelby Blackstock Bette Midler #toomuchfun

10.2k reactions 160 comments
Adaline Collins-Muns One good looking son you have there. No surprise. He has a good looking mom.
Rebecca Holt George Love these pictures! Looks like it was a great day for you!
Jayne Harper Outstanding Mother's Day weekend for you Reba! So glad for you! Great pictures! :)
Lori Parry Glad you had a wonderful weekend, you certainly deserve it. ❤
Sharon Stoddard Herold Reba, looks like you had a great Mothers Day :)

I took Mama shopping at Dillard's for Mother’s Day! Doesn’t she make a good REBA model? I sure think so! You can see all our latest styles at #HappyMothersDay

46.2k reactions 1293 comments
Steve Wallo You tell me you don't have money to pay me and my brother back back you have money to take. Mom shopping. I would like to see my money back that I was trying to help you now I need the money back so I can build my burned home back that was my social ...
Jonathan Fellows Happy Mothers day to your mother Reba and to you also may both of you have plenty of love from your family and even more from all of us fans that truly love and appreciate all you have done to brighten our live💐💐💐💐
Janet Rhynard Lynes You are so lucky to still have your Mom with you !!! I miss mine so much, but I know she will be waiting for me in Heaven when the good Lord calls me home !!!! Happy Mother's Day !!!!!!
Kathryn Nana Smith And Luke Bryan gets a letter from the FTC over a tweet about s fishing pole....... But anyway, Happy Mother's Day to you Reba and your sweet mama....... She looks gorgeous!!!!!!!!! 👑💐
Susan Rosenow Great photo! We all love our Mom's!! Everything they do for us-they make each day special! No other human can love us so much!!

Have you cast your vote for Reba's #BackToGod in the 2017 CMT Music Awards? VOTE NOW HERE:

3.5k reactions 146 comments
Reudink Chris I'm watching the Reba show now..seen them all alot.. love them...
Mayden Blue Wish I could vote for Reba... but I'm in Australia now and it won't let me. 🙁 🇺🇸🇦🇺 Vote for her and get her the win.
Karen Kawecki Wayne and I definitely put our vote in for you Reba!!!!
April Michele Monroe Happy Mother's Day!!! Reba I voted for you . Our world need to get back God.
Cindy Packard would of loved to hear this but No volume hun !

Time sure flies when you're having fun :-) thanks to all the wonderful friends I have made along the way. I couldn't have done it without you and on top of that, I wouldn't have wanted to. #toomuchfun

4.0k reactions 150 comments
Lysa Gail Molesworth Absolutely LOVE everything Reba does! Her voice, Amazing! Acting, heart warming!
Sue Eberle Love the classics. Such a great album. Hope your day is as amazing as your are. 💕💕💕
Jackee Gantley When I'm having a bad day i can watch one of your video's over and over and i don't feel as bad.
Larry Ford Strong ..beautiful ... nice voice .. very pretty .. you go girl . Always love your stuff
Veronica Miller Don't you believe him was my favorite song to sing in my room with my hairbrush 😆

Instagram Photos

918 reactions 81 comments
Jackie Obrien Rip bless a great lady.
Jackie Potter RIP Kelley my prayers are with you and your family
Becky Bowermaster Doak Is Doak a first or last name. Not too many of us.?
Virginia Marra RIP God bless you
James Burroughs Prayers going out to family

I love this video. I loved having my mother-in-law, Gloria Blackstock and my grandchildren, Mason, Jadyn and Savannah in it. Also my friends, Harrison and John Schuck and Tracey Bregman. That was a fun day.

5.1k reactions 133 comments
Jeannie Baker Your my favorite singer/actress. I always watch the Reba show. Love u, from Ada
Samantha Wert You're one of my biggest idols it would be a dream come true if I could meet you!
Phyllis Smith I think of Mom and Dad every time I hear this song. Married 52 years when my Dad passed . This song is about true Love thanks Reba.
Ashley Wicklund Love it. Has young and the restless in it sota speak
Carol Laracuente I love this song so much. I keep playing it to my husband. 💖💖💖

Can't wait! Congratulations Brett!

500 reactions 9 comments
Christopher Casto
Andrea Hill Sarah Childers
Scottie Tolbert Who In The Hell Said I Liked-Cha?
Lucy Cruickshank Yayy Brett❤️
Steve Puckett He is so very attractive and handsome man woof

Me too!!!!!

1.9k reactions 46 comments
Linda Duffield Amen! I'm truly blessed.
Kay Andrews Amen
Patti Kennington Amen me too
Patsy Mcleod Amen!!!!
Karin Campbell Amen.

You guys are gonna have so much fun! Can't wait to hear the wonderful music you guys are creating.

432 reactions 8 comments
Phil Porter Zzzzzx
Michelle Dial You're alright, my girl said you were cool.
Jeremy Egger Justin never fails.
Lucy Cruickshank Ohhh yay - this looks good!!
Keith Kuster What is up with the winter hat in California. ?????

Good luck! Drive fast, be safe! Love you very much. Mom

1.6k reactions 41 comments
Helen Norvell Good luck , be safe!!
Margaretta Carrecter Go shelby
Jenny Welker Good luck Shelby
Irenee Shubert Good for him! Hoping he comes back in one piece.
Barbara Cothran Be safe!!

JUST ANNOUNCED: Reba's "Back To God" is nominated for the 2017 CMT Music Awards Female Video of the Year! You can vote once a day between now and June 7. CAST YOUR VOTE HERE:

10.7k reactions 351 comments
Carla Hatfield Congrats on the nomination! I'm voting and I sure hope you win!
Joe Yanusz You Go Reba This Is one of The BEST (Your Friend and SAG member )AKA Joe Michel's05/09/2017
Brenda Myers Forgot to tell you Coralee loves your song Survivor from the Reba show. Praying after 28 days Coralee will be a survivor also.
Sue Eberle Congrats! I'm so proud of you. Absolutely love this video. Already voted for you.
Richard James Congratulations Reba, we voted for you on your #CMTMusicAwards nominee for Female Video of the Year! We love you, we hear you, and we pray with you on giving the world #BackToGod that was a hit of your song, God bless! You put something on this people ...

Congratulations at Marti Fletcher for one semester of college! @lfletch2 @nataliefletch @shanetarleton

2.9k reactions 91 comments
Kevin Page Congratulations!!!!!!!
Otha Dalton AweSomely Special Congratulations...
Kay Andrews Congrats!!!
Mark Davin Reeeeeber!
Rhonda Thompson Congrats!!! :-)

Heavy prayers going up for you Loretta.

Loretta Lynn hospitalized after stroke
Loretta Lynn hospitalized after stroke

Country music legend Loretta Lynn suffered a stroke at her Hurricane Mills home Thursday night and was hospitalized in Nashville, according to a post on her official website.

21.2k reactions 2189 comments
Betty Logsdon A part of me will go when.we loose this Queen. I've loved her since I could hold a fake Mike and sing with her on my ill record player I was five years old and I saw her in Irvine Ky. Finally, again in 2014 . Praying hard for Loretta.
Cindy Bundy Loretta prayer are being sent to you for a fast recover so you can get back to what you love doing love your music and Coal Miner daughter watching and learning about your life and I one of the fortunate ones who got to see you and Conway perform And ...
Keith Gause Amen Reba McEntire! You and Loretta are my two favorite female singers of all time! My third favorite is Peggy Little,but then I'm bias because I am married to one of her
Marlene Sadler I love Loretta Lynn sending prayers and good thoughts she's always been down to earth I got to meet her a couple of times. May God heal you your a special and beautiful person.
Sandra Robertson-Wolgamott Oh, no! I love this lady!! Grew up on her music. My parents always had one of her albums on the turntable when the records were playing. Get well soon, Loretta! Lots of love and prayers from your fans!!

Aren't we supposed to celebrate Cinco de Mayo all weekend long?

16.3k reactions 534 comments
Emma Stark Courtney Stark currently 4:41 am and I'm laying in bed cracking up about this
Clint Efird Just like birthdays, at least a weekend, but a month perferred
Juanita Cofer We have. Friday was my sons 9th Birthday. He has been having a great time😊
Patricia Chambers Love you Ms lady and love new song it touched my heart thank you .
Ashley Abbott No reba we are supposed to celebrate my birthday all weekend long :) :) :)

You go, guys!!!!

133 reactions 9 comments
Lucretia Sisco Nice
Holly Flanigan I love Faith Hill, Reba.
Connor Marsh Be expecting a lawsuit from me dumbfuck
Penney Donohue Definitely awasome

I was hipster, when #hipster wasn't cool... #throwbackthursday

14.8k reactions 514 comments
James Burroughs Reba, I know that you are the most beautiful and stunningly sexy woman on this world.
Bill Moore Reba McEntire, one of my lovely country singers, love you Reba x x
Martin More All the money you make at less could you buy a pair of new pants.
Ron Aubry Love that picture, deffinatly a Down Home Country Girl..... Love ya...!!
Kathy Abbott Love your throwbacks, this picture is cute!!!! Have a great day ❤❤

It's your LAST CHANCE to join me in Las Vegas!!! I'm inviting YOU backstage to my show with Brooks & Dunn and giving you the best seats in the house. It's all to support a really great cause, ACM - Academy of Country Music Lifting Lives!! ENTER:

3.1k reactions 178 comments
Inge Sindahl Sorry Reba, we will not be in Las Vegas at that time we went to see your show on March 4. Loved it very much, pls give my regards to the boys. WL Inge
Robert Tennant I hope and pray to one-day be able to see you play in Las Vegas or at one of the CT casinos
Chris Lamb Reba please vote for Chelcie Lynn, you're her idol and it would mean the world to her, you're both so majestic!
Johnny Angel Love to wonderful lady. I have allergies to anything Las Vegas resembling anaphylaxis, even Epinephrine can' t help.
Carolyn Mattingly I entered Reba I hope I am the one to finely see you live in concert and get to meet you after 27 years I'm a huge fan love you Reba I hope to meet you in Vegas

Happy May 1st! #Fancy

9.5k reactions 635 comments
Lynn Avery This is absolutely the best post ever 😍 I can hear you singing with that accent on Don't let May down 🎶🎶
Darren Timmons Love your work and all about you. I've had 2 different people tell me that they was you wanting to date and then bam will you buy me a teddy bear send me money thought you might want to now this
Kevin Kelly happy happy beutafull may in joy your month of may be safe out there in this world we live in and god bless the usa. and to all of our troops over seas thank you and come home safe and sound.
Grace Maro L: We hope that you understood the reason for G's happiness because they died off their horrid Irish-ISIS rapist ways. You cannot rape a US Sheriff myself G here while she is at work and force your way into my apartment in-person for the rape just and ...
Caroline Montgomery U seen her in concert the best cincert I have ever seen she was so ececting she change her clothes every song the out fit fit the song I have never seen Antone better than she was that night in Houston Texas and she even sign pictures after the concert ...
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