Reba McEntire
23:59 03/19/2017

Joining my pal Garth Brooks #weshallbefree

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Melody Joyce
Amen! Galatians 5:13-14, 22-23; "You my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature. Rather, serve one another in love. The entire law is summed up in a single command: Love your neighbors as yourself. (22-23) "The Fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control."
Laura Ehrler
So very true if more people would be kind this world would be so much happier. And if people would not be fake be kind to one another it does come back on you!! And you will be blessed!! It's what God wants us to be is kind and loving And as Reba said and I totally agree with kindness comes joy peace and contentment.
Linda Ouimet
Hi Reba , god bless all you do if people would only realize life is to short and it's much easier being kind. Thank you for the kind words i pray someday I'll be able to see ya❤ your songs have been a big part of my life and i thank you. Your an amazing performer and always❤ stunning as usual!
Shona Hudnall
I needed to hear this today. Was reminded today of a tragedy that happened to me many years ago. I forgave but the reminder came back and slapped me hard today. I've let go completely and am going to again forgive but this time I won't allow the hurt back. These words just brought me back to the peace I needed today thank you! Wish the world had more hearts like yours, full of Gods love!
Linda Brown
Love you reba...i love when my mom comes to visit on the weekends love watching her laugh her butt off to every episode of reba..even tho we saw it a 1000x ❤ you reba
Sharyl Wenger
Reba has been my favorite female artist since she started. I had the chance to go see her many years back thanks to a friend. Would love to see her again, but hopefully closer than up in the nosebleed section. Her new Songs of Faith is amazing. Maybe someday, she and Garth will do a duet, think that would be great, just like the duets done by her and Trisha Yearwood.
Miranda Paredes
So true! Love this so much Reba! Just another reason why I want to meet you! So proud to be able to look up to you! Hope I can be like you one day! There is hope. Maybe what we need is to really look at ourselves. Maybe what we need is to be honest with ourselves. If we were born to fly...if we are meant to fly far above our dreams and reach distances beyond them...if we are meant to soar above our expectations of happiness, fulfillment, spirit, and joy, shouldn't we first find the definition of our "wings" that will carry us there? What do they look like? Where do we find them? This I know for sure: we must search our hearts, and listen to their tiniest voices as they whisper to us, telling us where our truth lies. Who are we? What do we really want? What do we really need? Are we happy? Can we define happiness? Are we able to put that happiness into practice to make others happy? Can we really fly now? Or do we have to listen a little more intently to our hearts? To our souls? I believe we are here to live the ultimate experience, almost infinite in its ability to help us grow as people and women. Stella Parton Kristin Chenoweth Reba McEntire I believe we are here to find happiness and joy in the simple and the complex, in the earthly and the Divine, in the childlike and the mature... Marla Maples Katy Colloton but I also know that sometimes we are creatures of habit, of fear...that we would rather stay safely within our cocoon, because maybe it gives us a sense of security...that we would rather stay safely on the ground than spread our wings, and soar! But we should! We must! We must have the courage to listen to our own hearts, our own desires, and our own inner strength as they tell us what we need, for there are few wiser. Cher Caitlin Barlow Kathryn Renée Thomas Mariposa, find your wings! Find that which will set you in flight and help you soar in it education? A vocation? A lifestyle? A spiritual path? Is it love? Whatever it is, whatever resonates in you as the truth behind your joy, find it. Use it. And fly! Dolly Parton 🦋💕💜Ⓜ️🅿️
Lynn Avery
Your kindness shines Reba. What a special person you are to so many. Thanks for being the kind of person we can look up to and follow your lead. You're the best ❤️
Andrea Sanders
You are such a special person in this world. I know God has even bigger plans for you. May your days be blessed and your nights be peaceful. I love your new album Softly and Tenderly. I think it's the only thing on in my car anymore. You are more than welcome to come and join us at Grace Baptist Church in West Memphis if you are ever out this way. God Bless you Reba
Thomas Irwin
I might agree with you Reba, but when she leaves you 2 months into the new relationship and, is 6weeks and 5 days pregnant, pops an unprescribed Zoloft, and then hooks up with a registered pedophile, it's reeeeaaaally hard to be kind to that person. Just sayin. Mind you I don't have a criminal record and still have yet to get an answer as to why I was left. Like we just moved into a new place together.
Kelly Emler
I have a cat named after Reba Would love to know her middle name so I could officially give kitty Reba a middle name Please helpppppppp
Debbie Fietzer
I agree Reba whole heartedly. We need to show more love in public because it will turn into something that will better the world.
Joe Dawson
You are so special. Kindness is so important. Love, Peace, Contentment. That says it all. ...God Bless. Take care of You. You need that.
Sami Marie
Hi Reba! Amen to what you said! That's very true! I think I'm a very kind person! I have a heart for everyone! Even animals! My dad left us, I was always kind to him, did stuff for him but I guess it wasn't good enough because he still left us. But I'm still trying to be a good person!
Eugene Joseph Richard
Amen to that, same like a smile if you enter a room with a lot of poeple with a smile you,ll get a smile ,just like the song,When your smiling ...when your smiling .......the hole world smiles... with youuuuuuuuu

Other newsfeed from Reba McEntire

If you didn’t get the limited release of MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS last year, we’re putting it out again this year with a new cover plus three additional songs featuring my friends Vince Gill and Amy Grant, Darius Rucker and Lauren Daigle! It will be in stores everywhere October 13. Stay tuned for more information about special pre-order bundles coming soon on! #MerryChristmas #ChristmasInJuly

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Shawn Collegian I shared! Love Christmas music!. Just a few more months to go!. 😀❤️!.
Phillip Derrell George Strait Momma hit me ASAP 7133982114
Roger Clarke Where are they on sell at
Melinda Kemph I'm setting a reminder on my calendar.!!!
Gaetan Landry Wow, that's so cool. I didn't realize you we're friends with Lauren Daigle she's also a great singer, I love her stuff too.😍✌️👍

I’m so excited to announce a return performance at the Grand Ole Opry on September 22, 2017! It’s been 40 years since the first time I stepped into that famous circle and I can’t wait to be back! Purchase your tickets now and get a copy of my latest album SING IT NOW: SONGS OF FAITH & HOPE.

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Cynthia Zwiebel Reba I was a broke single girl with an baby and only one cassette tape and no tv going to college, you saved my life many a nights listening to your tape, Love can't wait to see you
Rhonda Miller oh Reba McEntire - I WISH! I say my prayers that I can make rent every month! But knock em dead girl! Apparently you and I have a '6 degrees of separation' in a Southern sort way thing going. (now follow along, ha ha ) My sister-in-law's Sister is (or ...
Sharon Dyson-Demers OMG! I can't believe how lucky we are!!!! My three sisters and I are going to Nashville for the first time to celebrate - let's just say "momentous" - birthdays for the oldest and second from youngest. Just by the luck of the draw we got tickets for the ...
Duncan McPherson So so cool. Have fun that night you were my first Country concert in San Jose you had had your fall but you came out in a swivel chair and sang I moved to Nashville to work at Opryland Hotel for two years and saw you and Brooks and Dunn at the new ...
Dell Sha ,thats awesome girl. I still hav a birthday card w an Nat. AM GIRL IN A FRINGED BROWN DRESS w her long hair blowin in th wind. U sent it to mecin th mid to late80s. Guess what i have over 80 songs i have wrote since i was 7.. i am yr age. I sang n ...

Summer is heating up and so are the sales at Dillard's! There are so many great markdowns on Reba items like the Western Spirit Embroidered Knit Tunic for 65% off! Check them out here:

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Craig Kavanaugh A picture of you brings EVERYTHING to the boiling point !
Belle Ann U r so beautiful Reba. I always wanted to go to ur concerts but no money to do so. But I love ur voice.
Becky Comer Bobby and Chris and I say very nice picture and we are your biggest fans in Adrian mo
Patricia Richardson If only I knew if it would "look" that good on me!! Lol
Nancy Burton Dearest Reba..Recently I had Some contact Me on Messenger...That Claimed they Were You..The Profile pic was One of Your Older ones...It had Said You Wanted People to Send $ To You to Help Others With Your Foundation...My Phone Got aa Virus ...

16 years ago today we kicked off the #GirlsNightOut tour in #LasVegas! So many great memories like this one when Martina McBride, Sara Evans, Jamie O'Neal and Carolyn Dawn Johnson came out on stage and surprised me wearing red wigs! #toomuchfun #tbt #throwbackthursday #wigs

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Matthew Givens I saw this tour at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The talent between the five of you was off the charts!
Anthony Portalez God bless you all family and friends be safe
Lynn Avery Love this! Sure wish you would do another 🙌💕 Girls Night Out Part Two💜
Tina Mongelli I attended that concert at Jones Beach Theatre on Long Island. Amazing show.
Mary Mitchell awsome you are one of my favorite country singers I love you reba

A big thank you to all our forefathers, men and women of today who have fought to make and keep our country free! God bless us all! God Bless America! #happy4thofjuly #backtoGod

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Tracy Barbion Happy 4th of July to a very classy lady Reba you have a wonderful day
Rhonda Gipson Happy 4th of July reba . ♡ your song get back to God .
Susan Shaw Miller Happy 4th of July Miss Reba !! ENJOY what this day has given us.
Roger Bolte Happy 4th of July to a wonderful lady, American & entertainer ! ! Love ya Reba !
Stacy LeBlanc As an Airman currently serving in Afghanistan 🇦🇫 that means a lot to me. Happy Fourth of July!

Too much fun!

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Kenny Vining That is one beautiful picture of Donny and Marie and Reba McEntire together
Cathy S. Jackson Handsome Donnie, beautiful Marie, Reba, and Susie! So much talent in this amazing group photo.
David Scheffer I wish so bad I can come and see you Marie and your brother Danny maybe my name is Donna love you both
Kay Andrews Great pic!! Loved to watch the Donny and Marie show back then.
Judy Fiber I would love to be invited sometime. love you people. Let us know where you are for a show close to WV or Georgia.

You guys are a blast! We loved the show! Sure enjoyed visiting with you guys too. Come see us when you can over Caesars Palace

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Joel Youngs Two very lovely ladies! And they still look as beautiful as ever!
Elizabeth Hargon-Hardy Such gifted women. It's awesome to see & hear decent entertainment. Thanks ladies.
Marilyn Burns Reba no offense to Marie but you Reba have got what I call natural beauty.
Lana Shively-Higdon Those 2 r my Icons they r the most beautiful women in the world love them
Kay Rollins Kirkbride Wow Reba you look 15 years younger than marie,keep up the good work natural is your music

‪Reba joins Lee Ann Womack & Brandy Clark for a special evening benefitting Alzheimer's Foundation of America July 12th at City Winery Nashville! BUY TICKETS HERE:‬

2.2k reactions 84 comments
Anita Spilman Thank you, we pray you'll raise so much money for the search for this disease.
Lynn Avery Not sure I can make it yet but I will definitely donate! So awesome for y'all to do this!
Ruth Bradford My parent's had this awful disease..thank you'll for doing this..wish i could be there
Linda Ouimet This sounds like a great night. Wish I could be there.
Tammy Crider Corkern Everyone says I look like Reba McEntire... I don't see it... but I get told all the time... haha!!

@Shanetarleton this one's for you! #bighairdontcare

98.5k reactions 5776 comments
Bob Meek A knock out always! Just beautiful and talented woman. Thanks for the entertainment that you have shared with our world. It is a better place because of your contributions.
JoAnn Carroll Omg I love that dress!!! Would only wish to own something like that!!! Gorgeous!!! Always loved you and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet you backstage for Annie Get Your Gun!!
Harold Coombs III Obviously, it is designer and way out of our budget, but can you tell us who made the dress it is stunning! I would love to find similar style for my wife.
Christia Helder I used to have a friend who thought being told she looked like Reba wasn't a good thing. I always knew she was crazy 😜 I should have told her she could only look like that in her dreams...WOW a hottie👍
Cathy Fisher Citro Saw Reba in Morgantown WV, in 1992. ( birthday present to myself).. special grandfather wasn't well, she said the song 'man who Iived down the hall'...really hit a special place in my heart, I still remember that feeling <3. LOVE YA REBA, ...

Her hatted friend is Shane Tarleton! Watch all the gang on Family Feud tonight on ABC 8 PM.

1.0k reactions 42 comments
Cynthia Carter Wagner Shane Tarleton = Señor Hatted Friend. 😂
Dolores Galletta Can't watch Amy Shummer or ABC.
Peggy Haines ❤️❤️🍀🍀
Amy Storm Doyle Um, it's 8:14 in TX and I have Steve Harvey on ABC??
Michelle Rose Asif no1 knows him he is awesome!!

Susie, Carolyn and I had a great time at the CMT awards! You can tell by the pictures! :-) Susie McEntire Carolyn Snell. 2017 CMT Awards

9.6k reactions 155 comments
Amanda Gild I love reba she is my favorite music actress one in a million she beautiful
Beth Shipp Beautiful, classy and sexy! These younger ones could learn from you Reba! #queenofcountry #stillthebest
Keith Detwiler I meet your brother and sister in cheyane a few years ago at cowboy church nice people and man oh man what voices.
Lucy Cruickshank You look fabulous Reebs❤️ three beautiful ladies ❤️ looks like you had a great time 💋💋

Thanks Bruce Hinton for asking me to sing the National Anthem at the City of Hope softball game this year. What a great cause and I had a great time. #cityofhope #cityofhopesoftballgame

10.3k reactions 86 comments
Madeline Simmons Bosarge You rock Reba!
Jennie Sobolewski Video??
Lisa Rensi Barker She's The Queen!
Anthony Kamahele Beautiful as always and you're still belting out those beautiful notes! Blessings my friend!
Tom Robertson Wooooo Hooooo Reba, I'm headed to Nashville tomorrow. Hope to see ya. :)

So good to see @saraevansmusic with her two beautiful daughters Olivia and Audrey!! I remember when you two girls were born! Y'all are so beautiful! Just like your mama :-) #cityofhopesoftballgame

9.1k reactions 76 comments
Klint Coe Reba you are so beautiful
Coleen Kness fun times
Pam Blake 2 great singers
Annie Thompson Audrey looks just like Sara 😁
Kathy Abbott Awe it's great to see old friends, great photo of you all!!

And Reba Reba wins!!!!! #cityofhopesoftballgame

5.3k reactions 70 comments
Jenny Welker Beautiful Reba McEntire
Stacy Fuhrman Congratulations Reba, U r the best
Jenny O'Neill Adorable!!! 😂😂😂
Linda French Love you reba
John Symmes You are always a winner, no matter what.

Thanks Brett Freedman Beauty for my #CMTAwards look last night! Always love getting to wear my #RebaBeauty Glow & Glo Blush. If you like it, you can check it out here:

8.8k reactions 385 comments
Susu Ratliff Therrell Reba, you are so adorable! I bought two of you lipsticks and love them!
Sharyl Wenger You look gorgeous all the time Reba McEntire, the glow just made your eyes shine brighter.
Vicki L Washburn Reba!! You are so beautiful!! I first saw you at the eastern states !! The big e!!! Loved you then love you now!!
Cher Babcock Reba, you're such a beautiful lady. Your completion is phenomenal.
James Burroughs Reba you are the most beautiful and perfect woman in the world and you always will be

Too much fun!!!

7.5k reactions 224 comments
John Symmes She is absolutely gorgeous.
Randy Light So beautiful
Rose D'Onofrio Beautiful
Nicole Givens Wish i can be so beautiful like u reba your my idol and always will be
Kathryn Elliss Reba you are beautiful just the way you are.....please don't ever change! !!! 😉😊😎😇

Look who I ran into backstage!!!!! @jadapinkettsmiith @cmt

14.0k reactions 287 comments
Sara Abbott great picture, Reba you are looking wonderful as always
Mechele Lee PS my father in law had the biggest crush on you. lol It was so cute. lol
Salinas Salinas Salinas Okay great pic with Gotham's gal. Fish moony. She is a great actress like the woman next to her Ms. Reba.
Dennis Shoemaker Well looky there!! How fortunate she is to be sharin' space with you ! Sing like ya don't need the money, girl....thanks again for your "go after it" attitude. ..
Samantha Qualls Reba mcentire u always stay classy and r try to ur self..keep doing u😉

We're ready for the big CMT Awards show!! @_susiemcentire_ @snellycat

5.4k reactions 139 comments
Paula Tippery Beautiful picture, Snellers...😊💞😊
Justin Thomas Here's your one chance fancy don't let me down.
Brenda Emmons My fingers are crossed and my prayers are swinging your way.
Toni Wagner Couldn't look any better " wishing the best " bless you "
Jann Scott Oh yes you lady's look great and good luck you Reba God bless y'all

Instagram Photos

3.7k reactions 112 comments
Kim Lambert pretty
Ruth Bradford Is this is Nashville?
Don Koon I LOVE IT...
Randy Tepovich Reba I would reall like to meet you!!!
Lori Parry Breathtaking ❤

Voting ends at midnight tonight for the 2017 CMT Music Awards! Have you cast your vote Reba's "Back To God" as Female Video of the Year? VOTE HERE:

5.7k reactions 220 comments
Teresa Parker Yes I hope you win, I love your singing and your acting to. Your a great person.You song ready touch's my heart. Thank you so much .
Stephanie Edwards Magnotti Voted! 😀 love country music,I hope and pray we can give this world back to God. You have great music and very powerful.
Nadine C Churchman She's always been my favorite. The greatest female singer of all time. God Bless
Gail Bachman You've got this! Don't worry be happy. Your number ' one 'already!
Debikay Hanson Johnson Can we vote to bring country back and send pop and hip hop down the road??? For that reason sadly I will Not be watching😔

Susie, I think we're hanging with some pretty good company :-). Love yours and John's song!

1.7k reactions 70 comments
Eddie Murphy Reba the rest of the list should be happy to be on the list you are on. Reba and George Jones are the best singers in country all time.
Toni Wagner It's your time" got your back' & don't forget that" Congratulations " hows it feel' for real" ya know
Toni Wagner Way to go" zTop the charts' climbing higher " you've earnd it" God bless
Patricia Marie Witherspoon I bet there having a party in Nashville Tenn. I miss it there love that town well as I said love you both now let's party
Sandra Patrick Simmons Congrats Susie & Reba! You have always been the best in my life! Love you both!

Headed to Nashville for CMA Music Festival? Don't miss Reba singing the National Anthem for the 2017 City of Hope Celebrity Softball Game on Saturday, June 10! BUY TICKETS HERE:

3.5k reactions 98 comments
Maudry Cormier Granger I love your music.happy birthday REBA
Bobby Evett I sure would like for you to come and watch my daughter play softball. She would love it.
Toni Wagner Oh believe me Im coming" to a show " I will let you know " cause would 💘 love to meet you. Hope to see you soon .Toni
John Henry Steinmetz III be safe always and take care as well to ok from me john ok
Elizabeth Baharloo Is it going to air on tv

My little buddy, Freddy squirrel, trying to eat all of my Finches' birdseed. He's trying really hard! #toodangfunny #trythat!

2.0k reactions 253 comments
Juanita Wellman We had one that kept coming to our house to get the bird seed, Short Tail. It only had half a tail, raised a lot of babies over the years though.
Linda Ryan The bird feeders are nice. I don't have one. But İran see them all the time. By way İran Love songs. And I am a big fan of yours.
Roger Clarke There no squirrel proof bird feeder the little followers will in you put corn stick somewhere Easter for them get and bird seed for birds
Toni Wagner They do want them seeds & will do all the moves to get them"0 entertainer's right out your window" they are very funny to 👀 I have this one that's wanting all feed for himself" call him squuirrelly" merley "" ha he ha
Leslie Grimm I used to hang my feeders on a clothesline about 15 feet from a tree the squirrels would still climb to get the birdseed! lol

Only 5 days left to cast your vote for "Back To God" as Female Video of the Year in the 2017 CMT Music Awards!

2.2k reactions 165 comments
Sandra Adamo Jones It is amazing. Needs to win award. We love you Reba. I love all your music
Misty R Robertson Had to vote for one of my favorite red heads.... love ❤️ you Reba
Betty Gambucci If you don't win then something is wrong! Best song ever!!!
Laminda Roberts Reba McEntire you are my favorite singer. I hope and pray you win. H God Bless you
Connie Castillo I love it so much. I has touched me deeply. God Bless u for doing it so it really sends a strong message.

What 90-year-old woman but mama could polish her nails while traveling on I-40 to Nashville? Steady Nellie😜

47.7k reactions 861 comments
Deborah Mawmaw Smith I have. Been told I'm nuts for being able to do things while riding but I have to do something. Riding gets boring sometimes. I crochet or read or write, etc..
Gena Rascoll Lol cute when I was kid my mom could polish her nails while driving I can't even polish mine sitting still at the table LOL
Melissa Ramsey-Smalley My momma would do the same thing and she did before she passed, and her finger nails matched her toe nails.. priceless moments enjoy..
Deirdrah DeanQuinting Racine I painted mine while driving through San Francisco on the way to my own wedding. I was only able to finish the left hand (French manicure is hard enough while driving as it is without having to do it left handed) but that was the photo hand so it was ...
Connie Iverson Your momma reminds me of mine. Don't you just love to look her and think how blessed you are? I do all the time. My momma has dementia and not as strong as before and I can't do with her what we used to but I love her more and more each day. Enjoy momma ...

Great memories of the concert, parade, golf tournament, tennis tournament, fishing tournament and all the other activities that were planned for that weekend. And what made it perfect, was Brooks and Dunn being there with us! Thanks to all the fans and friends that made that weekend a huge success.

4.8k reactions 96 comments
MarLynn Kay McMichael Thank you Reba ! You have a heart ❤️ the size of Texas:). Our family loves you
Johnnie Davis It's hard to believe that was 20 years ago. Thanks for posting!!
Chrissy Franks Dyess I remember going to your concerts here in Denison, Tx!
Brenda Derouen Love you wish you would have a concert in Louisiana .Big fan of your music and your show Reba.
Elizabeth Touchette Wish you were in New Orleans with them last night. Would be great to watch you perform again!

Instagram Photos

3.2k reactions 57 comments
Lauri Christianson Crowell Shelby has the perfect racing name 😎
Debra Taylor Glad you got to go Reba. Family is everything. 😊
Terry Gordon Now that's a good looking group❤
Irenee Shubert Good luck to him when he races
Paula Heather Love ya

Congratulations Lauren Daigle on your K-LOVE Fan Awards nominations! If you love Lauren as much as I do, go vote for her in this year’s awards here:

880 reactions 33 comments
Judy Thornbury not
Shirlene Liz Davis Davis I love her music!
Glenda J. Lyman Taylor Love this song!
Alecia McCall Love herrrr!!😍😇
Robert Burnett Love her, but will never love her like you Reba

Listening to Bill Cody on WSM AM 650 this morning. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the truck driver that lost his life this morning and also to the folks that were affected in the bombing in Manchester. Sure could use a little good news today.

3.0k reactions 114 comments
Sandra LaRoe Makes me think of the song by Anne Murray "A little good news"
Michael Sexton Reba times are getting scarier by the day! We need to be prayed up for ourselves and the evils that taunt us as well! ❤️
Carolyn Runion Pruitt Just remember no matter what is happening God is still in control.
Donna Clements Coker The Preds are playing for the Cup. Sure would be great if you came to cheer them on with us.
Tara Wesely The good news is that the Preds are playing in the Stanley Cup final!!! #StandWithUs
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