Rascal Flatts
00:12 03/20/2017

My buddy @charles_esten taking care of my daughter, Maddie, while I was onstage at the Grand Ole Opry last week!! Thanks Chip!! I love ya buddy...

#deaconthebabysitter #flattsattheopry #Instagram -> @JayDeMarcusOfficial

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

My buddy @charles_esten taking care of my daughter, Maddie, while I was onstage at the Grand Ole Opry last week!! Thanks Chip!! I love ya buddy... #deaconthebabysitter #flattsattheopry #Instagram -> @JayDeMarcusOfficial

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Murray J Vale
Luv those precipous Smiles <, ,,,,, Stay safe <,
Tina Kasal
Shawna Cushatt
So cute
Imelda Villegas
Beautifully pretty girl you have 👼
Melissa Earp
Beautiful pic
Amanda Elaine Dunford
Omg what a lucky lil gal :p
LoriandRyan Cluts
Love you Jay! Love you Deacon!!
Dana Albo Davis
Lucky girl!
Mary Tedder
Whoa, lucky daughter!
Lillian Weissenberger
Very nice picture
Arlene Lopez
Dorothy Growse
Nice to see country artists are friends with each other. 💜
Mica Davis
Jen Ragsdill. At a quick glance I thought it was Emerson
Kim Derksen Gorham
So cool! Love watching deacon on Nashville
Kayla Phillips
Deacon!! Such a great show!

Other newsfeed from Rascal Flatts

So glad Miss Adele is going to make it out to her first proper American rodeo to see us at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo!

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Leanne Spratt Lesley-ann Dowds 💝
Cait Ryder Awwww.
Paul Benedict Hello everyone!
Lesley-ann Dowds Saw this. Xx
Aubrey Olsen That’s awesome 👍🏻

We can’t describe how much we are looking forward to the Back To Us Tour this summer! We’re hitting the road with our friends Dan + Shay, who are some of the best guys around, as well as Carly Pearce, who had an amazing year last year. It’s going to be an awesome time for us and hopefully you guys! Sign up on RascalFlatts.com to be the first to receive tour updates!

4.2k reactions 627 comments
Cheryl Carlson Cant wait to go see 2 of my favorites! Going to love Dan Smyers + Shay Mooney & Rascal Flatts!!
Candice Perez We need some Rascal Flatts love in Albuquerque !!!💛💛💛
Carole Beisley Lamken Dan and Shay sound just like you guys ! Hope you can come to Colorado
Chele Bridel Roseberry U guys coming today Little Rock? We have seen Rascal Flatts in the past and it was awesome!!!!
Lynnette Westcott Come to uk please!! Saw Dan + Shay in December, great guys!

Rascal Flatts's cover photo

3.4k reactions 319 comments
Mary Bloomfield Tedder Now this is your heaven!!
Linz Hunt Are you coming back to Australia this year? Please do!
Margaret Riley Boston, Massachusetts Needs Its Flatts Fix...!!!! ❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤
Danielle Hood Is this real life?!?!?!?!?!?!
Valorie Smith I can't find the tour dates all I see is 3 dates in February and March

1.5k reactions 51 comments
Denise Stevenson Omg I wish I was going
Patti Stover Allen Wow
Maria Vitale Who hoo. Can’t wait
Carla Long Love you guys
Pamela Dorion Cam Dorion!!! It’s our 2 favorite things!

This song's already a year old?! #YoursIfYouWantIT

890 reactions 21 comments
Nicholas Stacey https://www.gofundme.com/SAMUEL-M-STACEY-JR-MEDICAL-EXPENSES
Andrea Wise No way!!!
Penny Bayou Casbon ❤️ LOVE HIS VOICE!!!!!
Duncan Weston How long till your next album/cd
David Turmel Top Notch Gentlemen!

‪We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year’s! Praying for health and happiness and peace and joy for all of you in 2018! We can’t wait to see you on tour! Lesss gooooo!!!!‬ - Gary LeVox

2.4k reactions 87 comments
Christine Josephina-Hansen Briones Awesome can’t wait to see you in Cali!
Heather L. O'Donnell Thank you and same to you and your family
Shelley Solomon I hope the Holidays were good for you and all of your family’s!
Bill Ralston Happy new year to the boys of rascal flatts
Tracy Main Happy New Year to my favorite guys! Please come to Columbus!

What a year. YOU have all made 2017 an incredible one. Have a blessed and happy new year!

2.1k reactions 118 comments
Sylvia Catherine Hansen We love you in Indy!!! JD CANNON 97.1 EMMIS
Lesia Horton Happy New year! Love y'all as much as I did 15 years ago!💖
Linda Hartman Sagerty Happy New Year to you and all the Rascal Flatts families!
Cathy Nerwinski Loved seeing you in Reno! Have a healthy and happy 2018!!
Amanda Aller I got to see you finally this year @ the Ohio State fair 💖💖💖

We had no fun making this video at all. 😂 Definitely a highlight of the year!

2.0k reactions 52 comments
Yvonne Parker I love this song and video
Charmain Acton Love this song, thank you 👍🤗
Renee Baxter Hughes James Hughes, watch this one. ❤️
Keri Funk I like it
Patrick Bryant Love it !!!!

Merry Christmas from us, to you!

1.6k reactions 104 comments
Judy Mehling Merry Christmas
Andrew Silva Merry Christmas!
Terry Landry I like bob that sled (head) 😀
Lillian Weissenberger Merry Christmas to you all
Cori Gil Merry Christmas to you and yours🎅🌲

How we're feeling about that long weekend...

553 reactions 8 comments
Renata Ferreira 🎅🎄🎁
Sally Thibodeaux Merry Christmas! Love you guys❤️
Hope Merchant Gregory Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy the time with your families. 💙
Jp Powers Merry Christmas Guys!! Merry Christmas.... To thanks for all the Great Tunes!! ✌️🎼
Renee Butler Merry Christmas to you guys and your Families! ❤️ listening to you all!

End of the year savings start now, y'all! Get 25% off your entire purchase when you use code: NEWYEAR17 Shop now: http://bit.ly/2ii6idH

95 reactions 2 comments
Apple Thongkumsang How do I like it?
Sharon Reuder A suggestion - can you make the RF logo only for a car decal?

Throwing it back to CMA Country Music Association Country Christmas from 2010. Man, some things have changed, but some things sure haven't. Can't wait for Christmas!

90 reactions 9 comments
Sharon Reuder love it...thank you
Jasmine Steers Will you guys ever come and play in England? ????
Nan Callahan I love these guys
Penny Page Love Rascal Flatts❤️❤️
Jp Powers Man..... What a Band! Merry Christmas to Y'all and your Families!! Thanks for All The Great Tunes! ✌️🎼

Played our last show of the year this past weekend! We thought we would sing one of our holiday favorites, but quickly realized it’s been EIGHT years since we released it. Good thing we have one more week to practice before Christmas!

1.3k reactions 244 comments
Lori Skosich Love your harmonies :-)...Love you guys :-)...Merry Christmas from Michigan :-)...
Jennifer Leigh Hirsch Merry Christmas 🎄 Rascalflatts and happy new year
Maria Alvarez Thanks for the Merry Christmas and same to you and your families Merry Christmas Happy Holidays and a HAPPY New Year!!🤗❤❤❤
Emily Davis-Carey Could listen to y'all doing all day long. Love your music. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you, and your families.
Stacey Smith Merry Christmas and happy New Years stay safe

Wrapping up (get it?) those last minute gifts? Last call for orders to arrive from the Rascal Flatts online store! Shop now using code: HOLIDAY

93 reactions 5 comments
Carrie White Bolk Zack Dolman
Marie Farneault living in france so can't buy it 😥
Kayla Frank This is the popsocket I want Tyler Zane Frank
Laura Nohrenberg Please come to/tour Australia one day ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
Karlene M. Brown I would love a shirt but can't afford it right now :(

Talk about a holiday throwback!!

497 reactions 11 comments
Siobhán Mollaghan Ciara Mollaghan 😍😍
Brenda Mangan Kitty Katkat😍🌲🎅
Mary Schanning I love these guy's too
Lorna Cochran-Nickerson Rock in the White House! Merry Christmas!
Laura Sharier Such a wonderful time of the year!!!!!!......

In need of some holiday cheer? Listen to 'The Greatest Gift of All' on Spotify now.

775 reactions 12 comments
Josette Martin Or on CD! ;) love my album <3
Kay Hunt Great music
Leza Marcis I love Rascall Flatts! The best ever! God based
Lisa Hibbert I Love O Holy Night! Man can yall sing!
Daira Moore Such a wonderful treat! Thank you!

Incredible job, Luke Combs. Y’all join in and donate at stjude.org/bobbybones to support our friends at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. #ThisShirtSavesLives

St. Jude Radiothon: Luke Combs Covers Rascal Flatts
St. Jude Radiothon: Luke Combs Covers Rascal Flatts 'Stand' | Bobby Bones

If you want to help in our St. Jude Radiothon today... text BOBBY to 785-833! #ThisShirtSavesLives

778 reactions 23 comments
Aimee Gasche Jerod Gasche
Erin Swanson Meghan Mannix
Jesse McNeil Justin Shaver
Brooke O'Grady Toby O'Grady
Robin Maki-Heimann Does Rascall Flatts still spark closely with Mental Health Awareness? https://www.gofundme.com/thanx4helping

#ThisShirtSavesLives. So can you. We’re proud to be a part of the movement to help St. Jude Children's Research Hospital kids. Give monthly. Get This Shirt: thisshirtsaveslives.org

930 reactions 3 comments
Pamela Bayler Great Cause RF💙

We got work to do. - Joe Don Rooney

610 reactions 17 comments
Karina Romero So cute...greetings from Argentina
Dixie Arial Too cute :-)
Diana Bagford Loves her Dad.
Shari Orr-Westfall She looks so much like Momma !!
Lori Church Hilarious such a fun Dad!! Merry Christmas 🎄

Only three weeks left to go!

978 reactions 22 comments
Glaucia Izenadnav Amo vocês!!!#Brasil Rascal Flatts❤
Lotte Johnsen 💞
Karina Romero Love it.💖
Lydia Tindle Yessss😍😍😍😍😘😘😘💙👌💜
Brenda Watson-Pagel So true.

15 years?!? Still feels like yesterday. Thanks for helping to put this one at #1!

4.6k reactions 166 comments
Melissa Brown just listened to that in the car on the way home 😀
Cheri Watts Myers Loved you then and still love you guys..btw nice hair Gary .
Cissy Allen You guys were awesome when you 1st came out and still are! Wishing you guys the best!
Kelly Louise Smith One of my absolute favourite songs ever! Love you guys! Please come to the UK again soon! ❤️💜❤️
Trisha Lewellen Wish you guys could sing happy birthday to my girls on the 9th and make their days

What. A. Year. New music, amazing fans and a great time on the road. Big thanks for Rare Country for nominating us for Vocal Group of the Year! Vote here: rarecountryawards.com

Country Music News, Artists, Songs, and Videos | Rare Country
Country Music News, Artists, Songs, and Videos | Rare Country

Your vote decides who wins AND gets you a chance to win a trip to the Rare Country Awards on Dec. 14. Cast your vote today at rarecountryawards.com. Register to win by Nov. 30.

280 reactions 7 comments
Lascha Qedelly https://www.facebook.com/Qedelly/videos/1986448491680812/#
Joy Barthman Voted!
Mandy van den Heever Please come do a concert in South Africa
Kiana Kidder Voted!
Cait Ryder Rascal Flatts when will you release new tour dates!?

Y'all... it has finally reached that point in the year when listening to Christmas music is publicly accepted by the masses.

260 reactions 20 comments
Rachel Sellick please please please check out this new UK country artist https://open.spotify.com/artist/3Y5TQboNx3Zz6uLDQcFXA1
Kayla Marie Brian Hoppe
Laura Nohrenberg Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀💜🎤👢
Maria Bella Ruotolo 🎄🎁

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!

1.1k reactions 107 comments
Nicole Jacquet Happy thanksgiving to u too rascal flatts. God bless u guys. And I'm so thankful for u guys being in country music. Ur music I love listening to and dancing to. Hope u guys have an awesome thanksgiving with ur friends and family's.
Marcos Romero Happy Thanksgiving guys and to your families
Lydia Tindle Have a happy Thanksgiving I love you babes😍😍😍😘😘😘💙💙💙
Patricia Hall Happy Thanksgiving to each of you guys I love your music

Get a jump start on your holiday shopping with Free Shipping on all orders over $25 in our online store! Shop here: http://bit.ly/2A907UE

137 reactions 5 comments
Abby Oesterling Ann!
Lydia Tindle I want the keychain for Christmas omgggg😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kim Gamble Tim, that red shirt looks familiar... 🤔
Nikki Guzman Mark Thiele I think I found you the perfect Christmas present!!!
Jackline Escobar I’m going to get the pop up sticker for sure, and your portable chargers.

With Thanksgiving coming up, it has us thinking about some of our favorite moments of the past year. So thankful we were able to make a pitstop and surprise Sara and Brandon on their big day! And that Rare Country has nominated us for "Fan Moment Of The Year" for it! Vote here: https://www.rarecountryawards.com/

4.4k reactions 157 comments
Angelia Byrd Marlowe Awe how sweet.thats some good old boys right there.
Lillian Weissenberger That was so nice love those guys and their music
C Lou Lou Thank you guys!!! Only those someone knows or money can get a celebrate to come sing.
Boyd Black This so cool congratulations you guys
Cricket Ravenscroft Hatton You guys are awesome thats why i love you and your music

Just think…Thursday… that turkey will be yours… if you want it.

1.4k reactions 36 comments
Pat Nickless 😆
Patt Madden My boys! Love you
Stephanie Fletcher Love you Gary!!!💙💙💙
Joyce Wingo Love it 🦃 🦃 ❤️ 😘 😉
Candy Mills Love you guys

What an incredible loss for the country music world. Mel Tillis will be greatly missed.

3.2k reactions 162 comments
Carol Sanders He was one of a kind. Great sense of humor, amazing voice. What a song writer, too. Loved him.
Shirley Henward Sing with Angels, Mel🙏🏻🙏🏻
Terry Gilner RIP thank you for sharing your talent with us
Teresa Valenti One of the good guys..
Lillian Weissenberger Sure will be missed may God bless his family

It was rigged!! 😉 We had too much fun hitting the stage with Boyz II Men on Drop The Mic last night. Watch our rap battle now and let us know if we need a round two!

8.4k reactions 1412 comments
Christian B McDonald I am dying with tears and laughter. I love these 2 groups so much. I just gotta say its so much more impressive hearing white guys try to throw down, it just makes it funnier. #whiteguyscantryme!
Jerod George The line that they now weigh heavier than they did with 4 members was the best. I did notice that they were all reading teleprompters too takes away from the sponteneous nature of a rap battle, but you guys did a great job.
Courtney Simmons My first time watching the show with two of my favorite groups. However your first guy was surprisingly weak in his delivery. I'd go for a round 2 just because it's nice to see people have fun and enjoy themselves.
Kelly Ross Rascal Flatts definitely won! The entire thing was pretty amazing, but your guys ending was downright awesome! I've been a fan since I was a teenager and your very first album helped me thru alot of hard times. Keep on keepin' on. You 3 have amazing ...
Stacy Richey For Rascal Flatts not being rappers, I think they did amazing and blew Boys II Men out of the water! Whay to go Gary Joe Don and Jay!!!!!
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