2 hours ago

Ummmm I'm SO creeped out by this!!

Who Is The Fairest Of Them All? Check Out Your Favorite Disney Villains Without Makeup
Who Is The Fairest Of Them All? Check Out Your Favorite Disney Villains Without Makeup

We all know that our favorite Disney villains live for beat faces, with contour, highlights, and a killer lash. But how do they fair without all of the glitz and glam?

117 reactions 4 comments
Destinie Thompson Kelsey Sanderson lol
Kristin Byers Why did they change the eye/eyelid & eyebrow shape on several of them? When you remove makeup, your eyelid crease doesn't suddenly get closer to your eyelashes.. When you remove makeup, your eyebrows don't end up in a different spot on your forehead & ...
Cody Braun Kelli Braun
Allison Kaufman Allison Prizzia 😂
2 hours ago

All of these pics are so cute!!

North West Gives Baby Bro The Kanye Stare In This Hilarious Family Photo
North West Gives Baby Bro The Kanye Stare In This Hilarious Family Photo

This hilarious photo of Kim and Kanye's kids in Santa's lap has gone viral. We're quite certain there will be memes floating around for some time with this one. Nori swagged out in Gucci is givin...

1.0k reactions 10 comments
Mariana Valadez The kanye stare and the Kim Kardashian cry lol
Maria Catano Lmao, it's the Kanye stare n the Kim crying face
Frida Salas Saint cries like Kim
Narciso Vela Carla Vela
Tom Mcgowan He was just told who his parents are.
Herman Cain
Yesterday 06:18

Now we need 49 other states, and then Congress, to do the same thing.

8.1k reactions 761 comments
Neil Osborn A nanny state, or sugar daddy complex, degenerate liberal trash looking for someone to bail them out. It's a shame so many women would murder the only person that would ever love these miserable women unconditionally. And having taxpayer dollars footing ...
Bruce Dilley I think we should have a choice as to whether to fund their poor choice of getting pregnant, or not. Why are these people allowed to make the choices for us while screaming foul over a poor choice they made?
Dorothy White The sign held in the picture states free abortions on demand. Is this a movie channel? Seriously take precautions protect yourself so it never has to get to this!
Jeff Webb Im not a fan of abortion as a means resolving stupidity. However, there are times that it's acceptable. There are times it's necessary. The broad brush approach is harsh. I'm a conservative that doesn't like PP. But don't take it out on young scared ...
Rosemary Duke That is great. But I wonder what is going to happen when these innocent women go to back street rooms to have an abortion...you know like in the olden days? And they die ! That's why they have the clinics....
Arnold Schwarzenegger
9 hours ago

No, I'm not kidding. The New Celebrity Apprentice is about to start on NBC. Tune in and tell me what you think in the comments!

5.8k reactions 330 comments
Bates Wells They really do have you coming on at a bad time. Switching channel want make a difference. I'm loving the show. I didn't even watch it when Mr. Trump was hosting.
Maddom Crocodyle I never watched past seasons with Trump but I am really enjoying the show... I just wish I were considering the show because I could kill it in those competitions! Lol
DEdace Ezzon You have nothing to worried because I believe that mostly people in your society are still your ally and always behind you, even though I'm not a part of your country I know some are depraving you but that is normally happened when it comes to political ...
Sally White Marsh Trump having his kids be by his side made me a tad squeamish.....just something weird there....you and your team are fantastic!
Jordan G. Cimino Donald Trump got better ratings than you Arnold. Doesn't that just make you so angry? Is there anyone you like to punch?
Herman Cain
Yesterday 06:18

I think he saw it as the opposite, but I think he's wrong.

2.0k reactions 175 comments
Chandler White He had 8 years to do this and waits till 6 days before he leaves to do it. Whatever. It will be overturned like every other thing he has done.
Donna L Berdeau Cain So why doesn't he turn the Muslims away like this too?
Francis Motta The right needs to go easy on this guy. He's the very reason why they will hold power in Washington for the foreseeable future...
Lorri Thomas Obama stopped Cuban refugees because they are almost 100% conservatives. He stopped the inflow. He lets the Mexicans come over the southern border because they are mostly Democrats
Nancy Uhrich That is so true...the Cubans are very respectful people and hard working and they are so appreciative to live here and be free. Illegals are a different story...criminal behavior...violent...thieves... rapist...entitled.
2 hours ago

OMG nostalgia overload!!!!

Netflix Is Re-Booting
Netflix Is Re-Booting 'The Magic Schoolbus' & We're Feeling Nostalgic AF!

Another '90s classic will soon be making a comeback. The streaming service Netflix has announced a reboot of the classic PBS cartoon The Magic Schoolbus catering to nostalgic millennials no doubt....

5.0k reactions 146 comments
Hillarie Croyle Carly Stiles
Adriana Ortega Marsela Ortega A
Cassy Young I wish I had Netflix
Cristina Sardinas Wtf
Allison Nicole Ashley McBride
Ron Paul
Yesterday 06:12

I think the thing that I admire the most about Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. is that he preached non-violent civil disobedience. Most people will not talk about Rev. King's anti-war views, and it may have been one of the reasons that he was assassinated. In honor of Rev. King's birthday, I'd like to share some heroic quotes of his against the American military empire:

6.5k reactions 118 comments
Rose Magdziak Absolutely right, then & now. Rest well, Dr, King. You did your best.
Matt Hommel And sadly...this is as true today as it ever was.
Mikey Evans that quote is as true today as it was when Dr King spoke it.
Douglas Ives The FBI killed him because he was a Commie. Johnson was afraid he would become America's Ho Chi Min. Listen up folks, since 1913 ALL Presidents BAD!!!
Kellen William Seer Defense corporations hate hate hate peaceful protestors. Let's send them love! And remind them schools need school supplies not bombed, whatever county they are in.
Herman Cain
Yesterday 06:18

This is what's called a good start. Now pass it and send it to the president. OK. Not now. After Friday at noon. :)

10.3k reactions 655 comments
Melanie Young Russell How about stop paying the UN permanently? We pay more than the 22% of money. The USA pays for most of all military actions that group demands. Then the UN tries to force Americans to do what they say, even though that is illegal in the US. They are ...
Edward Tushar Are we not behind on payments anyways to the tune of over 2 billion?? I think the UN has a place in our world but they sometimes (like any government) overstep their bounds.
Natalie Guthrie Yeah I mean the 2 world wars were really great for our country. We need to kill off more of our men and have some harbors bombed, down with unity!!!!
Rose Dilauro Walsh It's about time ! Now they can move to another Country. They were a do nothing anyway, I never heard them do a thing about all the termoil and the terriostskillings and the beheading of our Americans , they are useless , good riddance !
Marsha Fandl About time Cruz woke up and changed his attitude and jump in to help. Now - he has our attention...and possibly bit of renewed respect for him from America.
Khloé Kardashian
10 hours ago

Hero! I can’t even handle the cuteness!

This 4-Year-Old Has Already Read Over 1,000 Books
This 4-Year-Old Has Already Read Over 1,000 Books

If your New Year’s resolution was to “read more,” it’s a good thing because you’ve got some catching up to do. As Bustle points out, 4-year-old Daliyah Marie Arana has read over 1,000 books, and that’s a number that would put a lot of adults to shame. According to The

4.8k reactions 70 comments
Sékou Koné La future
Adelino C. Dos Santos . • Arrogante
Jess Eklund Hi Khloe, I hope you dont mind me posting this but my little man needs surgery and I desperately need help from family, friends and loving caring strangers 😁 http://www.gofundme.com/a4-masons-surgery
Jake Dunne Why not?
Viviane Kabore jolie
Ellen DeGeneres
Yesterday 16:12

My producer Tracy got to ask Chris Harrison all of her #Bachelor questions on this episode of “You’re Supposed to Be Working on My Show."

1.6k reactions 180 comments
Tracy Miller Greco This was cool. I did always like this guy
Kizzy Brown Hey Ellen It's Me Again , Kizzy Brown . I Hope You Say My Name On Your Show One Day . Until Then . I Love You.💗 Everyday
Ken Hunter I'm a representative of WorldVentures. Our product is Dreamtrips. We're a Travel Club and Direct Sales/Networking is our business. Our Compensation Plan to our Representatives and employees is generous and unique. Our Ecosystem is design to be ...
Janie Armstrong Okay ... that was the best! <3 :)
Jan Gaudette Is there any wonder this country elected Trump 🙄
Herman Cain
Yesterday 06:18

Oh no, if you abuse your position to go after cops who were simply doing their jobs, you are not immune. Good luck.

7.6k reactions 480 comments
Patricia White These lawsuits are absolutely deserved by her gross misconduct!! She tried to ruin these officers lives to further her greedy self and deserves to be forced to pay for her arrogance and stupirity!!!!!
Jim Murray Stupid is, as stupid does. Affirmative action does not always get the best and brightest...sadly. Watching her speak in public...really sad.
Phillip Minchew All claims against her should be allowed to proceed bc even though she's a DA, she only was able to charge bc of public opinion at the time w little to no evidence. Also she abused her power if a false arrest occurred w no evidence. Furthermore, aside ...
Joe Fox I saw the video of that man begging for mercy that never came. They killed him. I am as conservative as they come but I can see abuse.
Delia Stone-House She thought she was, which is why she was so quick to jump on the HACKtivist band wagon and get her 15 minutes of fame without regard to the responsibility she had to the officers involved.
Marcos Mion
55 minutes ago


2.9k reactions 143 comments
Faziam Maria da Silva Tenho tbem o davizinho de 6 anos com autismo muito fofo esse momento pai e filho aprendendo e ensinando lindos
Gustavo Brayer Eu quero o livro que você escreveu... "A escova de dentes azul" mas, não acho em lugar nenhum no Rio....
Nay Glück Mion Que amor <3 Me faltam palavras pra dizer o quanto admiro você e sua família.
Simone Paiva Ele já e faixa verde. ...e já foi feita uma matéria no recordes
Patricia Pereira da Silva Lindos demais é isso ai mesmo Marcos Mion falou tudo, e que você venha continuar sempre esse pai dedicado e carinhoso com seus filhos #tamojunto é noixx.
Marcos Mion
55 minutes ago


1.4k reactions 26 comments
Marcos José Silva Curtam.. facebook.com/marcosjs4
Zumbis Fda Edson Ribeiro propõe assumir ministério do apostolo Valdomiro santiago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWByXFBYfTQ Apóstolo Valdomiro Santiago recebe proposta do pastor batista Edson Ribeiro Edson Ribeiro conhecido como o Messias, propõe assumir o ...
Janaina Medeiros https://www.vakinha.com.br/vaquinha/ajude-os-gemeos-2
Camila Vieira da Silva Lucas Vieira da Silva
Mah Oliveira ❤❤❤
2 hours ago

Uh oh... the claws are coming out!

Sorry, Not Sorry! Selena Gomez Unapologetic About Dating Bella Hadid
Sorry, Not Sorry! Selena Gomez Unapologetic About Dating Bella Hadid's Ex The Weeknd

It seems Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are officially an item! US Weekly reports the 26-year-old R&B singer and Gomez were photographed making out on Tuesday, January 10, as they left a Santa Monica...

1.0k reactions 62 comments
Kara Butler "Ex"
Jazlyn Altidor Their not officially
Emeii Leiiy Ah ben criss. Tavais raison Meagan Kelly
Crystal Lynn Potts She needs a Lorde like an unwelcomed bitch...frittered 💦
Lucero Salazar Maricela Vidal #TeamSelena 💕🤘🏽
Ellen DeGeneres
Yesterday 16:12

I thought for a second I forgot to put money in one of those umbrellas.

2.9k reactions 132 comments
Anita Vines Cagle It really would have been bad if she missed the last one. Since she got all but one..
Valerie Saragosa I wish this game on my Friend Colleen Trigg Brown, she would make us laugh so very hard. She such a winner in life
Kathi Towles Meehan Abe Lincoln.? Lol
Sue Mauksch This is such a simple game, but I love it so much, always makes me laugh out loud!!
Hal Hiatt Ellen has the best games. When are we going get to see you, Ellen play make it rain?????
Donald J. Trump
3 hours ago

#Repost Donald Trump Jr. via Instagram: 'Me and my dad. A few miles beneath our feet since then but still a great pic. #maga #fatherson'

176.4k reactions 7485 comments
Jennifer Nathan Wages Precious!! And I appreciate how you are reaching out to people like Steve Harvey and willing to work with those who have vehemently opposed you and your movement, to make this country a much better place! I knew you would! Just one of the MANY reasons I ...
Doris Blommer Dost 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸President Donald Trump your father and Brother are very proud of you. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 (Thank You) for sharing this beautiful picture of your father❤️ Big hugs from DC
Tom Beattie Beautiful picture. Reminds me of holding my son who now has his own family with 3 beautiful daughters. I am so thrilled you won. I haven't been this hopeful for our country and the real opportunity to bring it back under the Constitution since 1980 when ...
Jasmine Wilson I am so sick of Obama and his schizophrenia fans! I am ready for my New President! Let's go back to reality! What you see is what you get. Obama Care kills people! 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
Paul Murphy Good luck Donald , i was hoping you would be elected and now wish you and your administration well..the world needs a strong and deciseful US president . In Australia we are paying the price for weak leadership but we are slowly waking up. Cheers from ...
Herman Cain
Yesterday 06:18

But really, malcontents . . . just don't.

2.2k reactions 172 comments
Linda Elia Koch I just hope and pray that these malcontents don't take their lunacy to a violent level!!! He's our president get over it malcontents...we did with Obama!
John Thomas I would expect some idiots to throw something at the motorcade as it heads down Pennsylvania ave. But I also expect Security mixing in with crowd. So they may be able to Stop acts of violence before it gets out of hand.
Geminis Rules What is meant for evil will turn around for good. This will be the best inaguaration ever.
Brigid Smith What the F is wrong with people, in my life I never thought I'd see such ridiculousness...
Ramona Danni MacDougal This is just unreal! I hate democrats with everything I own- most violent Nazi fascists on the 🌎 planet...I'm embarrassed 😩 to say I was ever a liberal...UGH!
Ron Paul
Yesterday 06:12

A Tale of Two Peace Prize Winners Watch the whole show here: https://youtu.be/8rsQ2rVr6Fw

582 reactions 18 comments
Dennis Rich http://www.nytimes.com/1991/10/11/us/boston-u-panel-finds-plagiarism-by-dr-king.html
Talib Kamel Americaaaaa is to blame the govt
Terry Martin MLK wasn't bought and paid for....
Talib Kamel Ron why they kill em oh wait the white men didn't want peace
Katherine Grace Manger Thank you.
2 hours ago

Curious about America's porn habits? Thought so... 😈

America Loves Lesbian Porn, Plus Other Things We Learned From Pornhub
America Loves Lesbian Porn, Plus Other Things We Learned From Pornhub's Annual Review

Based on Pornhub's latest Year in Review, it looks like the world coped with the horrors of 2016 by watching a boatload of porn. The site that hosts the largest collection of XXX-rated videos on t...

242 reactions 10 comments
Ajit Khan Sabbir Ahmed just look at these data. Huge platform for Advertising 😂
Deven Jon Kinkead At the bottom..big black dick 😂😂😂
Susan Louise not so much lesbian, but gangbang is nice
JuJu Vigil Alejandra Reyes
Tish Garcia JuJu Vigil this is important 😂😂
Ellen DeGeneres
Yesterday 16:12

ED by Ellen mugs: Perfect for holding tiny bunnies. ellen.tv/2jYaOkx

33.9k reactions 1757 comments
Rose Louise I want to give you a present like this one day Chad Hodges
Catherine Knight Justin this is a lot better than the mug you just broke!
Emma Brick Devon Levy I gift you this during this stressful tech week
Catrien de Jong Mark Luyten ITS A BUNNY, IN A CUP. BUT THE CUP IS SO TINY😭😭😭
Emily Alazhar Elouise you should've worked at PC when I had an over abundance of these.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
9 hours ago

Martin Luther King, Jr. taught all of us that we each hold tremendous power. He showed us that Washington and our capitals don't have a monopoly on change. Today, as we celebrate his legacy, instead of watching TV and complaining, ask yourself: what can I do?

25.9k reactions 511 comments
Rhys Lawson As John F. Kennedy said, to summarise the intentions of the video as I understand them (probably erroneously), Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.
Божидар Дзиков Your speech reminded me of what one of your presidents once said. Kennedy i believe. "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." Those are the words that i live by. A very progressive way of thinking. If the ...
Souciva Moussa-Aprea loads of people don't bother to go to the polling station and vote just like what happened here in the UK thinking oh my vote will not affect the results but unfortunately it does because again here the brits thought oh no we are british we are not ...
F Agulas Aguilas El poder aglutina todo... Y el poder corrompe.. El problema no es la corrupción.. El problema es la cualidad humana.. Esa es la raíz de todo.. Nos dejamos tentar por las tentaciones.. Hemos fracasado siempre... Pero hay gente honesta.. Todavía... Que ...
Colin Mcinerney We have power to an extent. The Gold Reserve Act of 1934 forced all U.S. citizens to turn in all gold coin, bullion and gold certificates or face ten years in prison. The Constitution says only gold or silver can be used for money. Do you think ...
Kim Kardashian West
Yesterday 15:06


98.0k reactions 445 comments
Charline Younan Ziadeh So beautiful. Enjoy it
Caroline Rodrigues que mar lindo (#)
Caroline Aurélio Me dá onda
Pamela Doyle Thanks for the pic of the beach. So hot in aus now it makes me feel cooler. Luv to you all.
Lisa Horne That's Right you Don't have to Blabb Every Place to the World. Stay Blessed !
Herman Cain
Yesterday 06:18

Did you hear this? Obama says Rush Limbaugh and Fox News created an environment that discouraged Republicans from working with him. (Not his own stubbornness or bad ideas, you understand . . . Rush and Fox News.) I'll be joining Neil Cavuto at 4:15 p.m. Eastern to discuss this on Fox Business. Tune in!

2.6k reactions 418 comments
Betsy Leonard Palmer I bet GOP Congressmen & Senators had better things to do with their time than listen to a 3 hr. daily Rush show or hang out at home watching FOX News. I don't even have time for that & I'm far less important.
Connie Chumley Stringer Right the opposite...Obama got everything he wanted. Republicans were afraid to go against him. Here's the truth: Obama wanted to be King of the United States and throw away the Constitution. As Rush Limbaugh would say, "Don't doubt me."
Tim Pearce Obama and other liberals have blamed Georgia W Bush for Obamas failures 8 years after he has left office. Liberals are such cry babies and will never take responsibility for their own actions
Michele Crain-Toney Republicans can think for themselves, lol it was not Rush or Fox News. WE DON'T agree with his policies, plain and simple.
Dakota N Sandy Perkins Huummm...i quess BUSH..doesn't work any more...OTRAITOR..has to blame someone...after all,didn't he say..in 8yrs..he has had no..major issues....PATHETIC
Herman Cain
Yesterday 06:18

There were rumors of this evidence last summer, so why wait 7 months? VIDEO

1.5k reactions 177 comments
Garry McCarty Likely waited till it didn't have enough time to be swept under the rug for once.
Paula Schneider Hopefully Obama will be gone before he can issue them pardons.
James Rozman Seems the Obama WH Administration moves slow on important items and fast on faux reports, dossiers, and news.
Marlene Dawson Davison Hmmm....and his dad was front and center at a "vetted" Hillary rally...
Mark Peterson It's called Obama the traitor is leaving and can't do anything to stop it
Ellen DeGeneres
Yesterday 16:12

Nick Cannon is a good guy. He told me about dinner with Mariah Carey after New Year's Eve.

7.6k reactions 330 comments
Valinda Stewart Dude is channeling his inner Elizabeth Taylor. I remember pictures of her wearing similar turbans on bad hair days...you can buy them for under $5 at the Family Dollar Stores...add your own diamond/jewels.
Sweetzenia Yahatzee Xuan Nick is a great man. Beautiful spirit and soul. Ellen what happen today you didn't dance for me. I am sick and waiting for that special dance. love you.
Erica Frateschi Hes a doush nozzle. Not about his personal relationship reasons ( thoug he has been acting petty); but becbecause of the white face ststick.
Julia Beckman Rickett I think he looks kinda cute, but isn't that cultural appropriation according to the millinials? He's not from India, right?
Chelsey Dirn I love how he don't have a gf yet he went and knocked up some chick I'm pretty sure, he's not gonna go and marry this one just cause he's about to be a dad again.
2 hours ago

OMG I die laughing just thinking about these!!! 😂😂😂

The Craziest Jersey Shore Moments I
The Craziest Jersey Shore Moments I'll Never Forget

The Jersey Shore was the best of times and the worst of times. But mostly the freaking best of times. Despite all the drama, joining the show was the best decision of my life. Without it I wouldn't...

2.4k reactions 102 comments
Emily Kathleen Johnson When Snooki gets hit in her face by an older guy.
Karinna Kimsey Ugh I miss this show hahaha Pauly D!! Always made me laugh!!
Leida Söderberg Linnéa Sjödin 😍
Stephney Bateman Just rewatched all 6 seasons love it
Cassie Leann Lol you look like your packing fake boobs in a wiener.😂😂😂
2 hours ago

lmao at all of these!!! 😂😍

Hilarious Obama / Biden Memes Are Already Taking Over 2017 & We
Hilarious Obama / Biden Memes Are Already Taking Over 2017 & We're Still Obsessed

Last week, President Barack Obama surprised his vice president and BFF Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In return, we got a whoooole lotta memes.  We've previously seen Obama-Bide...

1.2k reactions 24 comments
Claudia Rivera Dafne Quintana
Hilary Jones Katie
Leonardo Muzo Tjitske de Reus
Liliana Mendez Sanchez Arelli Vanessa Abalos
Astrid van Diest Manon Lette 😂
Donald J. Trump
3 hours ago

Celebrate Martin Luther King Day and all of the many wonderful things that he stood for. Honor him for being the great man that he was!

115.7k reactions 5236 comments
Maggie Holtschlag John Lewis slammed him first....Trump should be able to stand up for himself. Think everyone needs to grow up. Yes, John was a hero...but that doesn't mean his opinion is the chosen one. Trump is our President and it needs to be accepted and all ...
Keith Cimera Jan 20 th the day our country changes for the best for everyone !! God bless !!
Robert David Korhonen ‘I pray that all polar opposites learn to Agape Love, live and work together as brothers and sisters—or perish as fools. While I voted for Mr. Trump, my confidence remains in God, for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Prayers for ...
Amy Arruda I'm sure this great man would have some things to say about you wanting to take healthcare away from 20 million people. Or about how you treat women. Or about how much of a manipulative lying scumbag you truly are. You don't even deserve to speak this ...
Ralph Kukla If Dr King was alive today I believe he may say "john lewis use to believe as I did now he is just a liar and a piss poor one at that" Remember lewis did accuse tea party members of calling him the n word and of spitting on him all a lie and lewis never ...
Ellen DeGeneres
Yesterday 16:12

Rae Sremmurd was sremazing.

2.3k reactions 111 comments
Samantha Trinidad Alexis its your favorite
Claudia Celene Irigoyen Arce Gay
Michelle Coughlan - Fensom I don't think he was even singing the song live 😬
Vicky Taylor What is the name of this band ? The Black Beatles ?
Saray Chantharith ទូលបង្គំ គឺ ប្រធានាធិបតី សារាយ ខ្លឹមចន្ថារឹទ្ធិ អោយ Ellen DeGenerese ខិតខំនាំគ្នាបន្ថែមបង្កើតក្រុមហ៊ុន Smashbox នៅលើពិភពលោក ប្រធានាធិបតី សារាយ ខ្លឹមចន្ថារឹទ្ធិ នៃព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា
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