Martha Stewart
Yesterday 14:42

No party is complete with a creamy dip.

Spinach, Bacon, and Onion Dip
Spinach, Bacon, and Onion Dip

Spinach, bacon, and onion make a flavorful match in this cheesy dip. Serve with crostini or pita chips and pair with a seasonal cocktail or two. This festive combination, great for company, might become a new holiday tradition.

250 reactions 18 comments
Jennifer Fortier Cologna Anna Moreno
Cassie Watt Linda Sturdivant 😍
Ann-Marie Clark Aimee Smithson Lonsdale
Dane Fogderude Kelli
Christian Kadishan Yolanda Calandra Alese Chandra Scott what do you think about this
Heidi Klum
Yesterday 11:42

I loved playing Chess with my dad growing up .... now he plays with my son 😊

1.1k reactions 49 comments
Darlene Trapani Szygiel You're a smart cookie...
Cecilia N John Sessions Sweet
Darren Saunders Did you ever win?
Juliano Felicio Zimbres I dare you for a match Heidi 😊
Chu Kar Yan Stephanie Sweet. <3
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 14:42

Thanksgiving is just a few days away -- check these off your to-do list for a stress-free dinner!

206 reactions 7 comments
Shauna Vanderschaaf Thomas Devereux
Adrienne Blanco Nicole Hazel Ripke
Diana Hasenbuhler Kira Dodson Waller more tips
Teresa Xayavong Raena Rodgers my life this week
Tressie Cotterman I need to get busy!
Carrie Ann Inaba
Yesterday 15:42

Mid-show selfie with my dance fam! Great to have my sister judge Julianne Hough back on the panel tonight! 👯👯

1.6k reactions 95 comments
Honey S Hamilton Hello everyone... Love and missing you guys..😍😍😍😍
Judy Brasch Lerstang Meza Not watching now that Drew is gone
Jackie Mason P.S. Not to mention that Drew Scott of Property Brothers is Not a Pro dancer and he has worked his butt off and danced his heart out, not just for himself, his family and his Fans,but for you judges. A previous reply before mine said it perfect, we the ...
Maureen Carroll Tonights show was so boring. Lindsey and Marks last dance was the only dance I liked.
Lynn Traband Carey I miss Julianne. I hope you guys bring her back next season.
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 14:42

Use them to add crunch and color to salads, stir-fries, pastas, casseroles, and so much more.

91 reactions 1 comments
Sylvie Trudel I make them the Hungarian way for my hubby... 2 lb fresh green beans 2 Tbsp butter, 2 Tbsp flour, 1/2 c diced onion, 1/4 c apple cider vinegar, 1 c water, 2 tsp sugar, 1 Tbsp fresh chopped dill. It's basically made into a ''bechamel'' but instead of ...
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 14:42

Look up!

Do You Have Tech Neck? Here Are the 5 Best Stretches to Relieve Neck Pain
Do You Have Tech Neck? Here Are the 5 Best Stretches to Relieve Neck Pain

Whether it's from slouching over at your desk or having your eyes glued to your laptop all day, chances are that you're not unfamiliar with the...

64 reactions 8 comments
Lauren Wolk Calig Ethan Calig
Mazozeh F Hussein Shikha Bhasin
Joanna Veleno Get off the
Mary Paul Do you think this is what Ry gets tonya krueger
Veronica Crowell I tried them all and they seem to work really well except for the last one.
Carrie Ann Inaba
Yesterday 15:42

Let's welcome Terrell Owens back to the Dancing with the Stars ballroom! What do you think of the FINALS so far?? Best dance? 💃🏻🕺🏻

700 reactions 81 comments
Linda Smith Best dancer, Jordan. But Frankie has the most heart.
Gulli Allegra Perhaps you two will date!
Shannon Kemp Awesome I’ll be watching tomorrow when Nick Lachey is on
Reva Stern Chasin It's really fabulous! They're all awesome!
Sabrina Abenheim Terrell ALWAYS looks so good!
Yesterday 15:12

Bom descanso, galera! 💖 Vai rolar stories daqui de Aruba, então me segue no pra não perder nadinha! 😘✨

273 reactions 19 comments
Johnny Rodrigues Ricosti Mah <3
Ivo Kohls Boa noite Mari💞 Bom descanso💤 Durma com os Anjos e tenha lindos sonhos.🙏🙏
Gilberto Pereira :0) show ...
Fernando Rodrigo Pilger Linda.
Bill Maher
Yesterday 10:18

9.6k reactions 774 comments
Peter Stricker I’ve worked alongside French engineers in France and I wouldn’t say their work environment lacked stress. It was just like here. But they did get their month off in August. As for the meals, the liver steak in the cafeteria was about 16 ounces, took me ...
Martha Broad Yah, most americans wouldn't do it. Haven't we all seen people litter frequently here in the USA? Forget the latest digital app. We need some smart little gen Z kid to invent a plastic that self-destructs in a short period of time. I wonder if the ...
Latercha McKnight First of all I have been in France and all their portions sizes are not that small. They can eat. They walk everywhere
Judi Spiro Weislo My son works 8-10 hr days, and then sometimes has to bring work home to do more all weekend/during the week. For no extra pay. I don't think that is right, that's taking advantage. Problem is, his boss is an old friend, so it makes it more awkward.
Jim Yeary I'm an ex-pat living in Germany. I'm happy here, many would not be. I think there are always places that do some things better and it should possible that governments learn from one another and initiate changes that would benefit the lives of their ...
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 14:42

Try something different with your bird this year.

Turkey with Brown-Sugar Glaze
Turkey with Brown-Sugar Glaze

This flavorful glaze is made with orange juice, brown sugar, and vinegar.

99 reactions 6 comments
Flëur DęMontti Gabriella Gutierrez A
Brianna Mann Michael Mann
Dede Delaney Whitney Delaney
Donna Lavoie I think I like this!!
Jesse Valdez How about different Thanksgiving like a vegetarian Thanksgiving Martha.
Heidi Montag
Yesterday 14:18

35 days until Christmas!!!!🤶🏻🎅❄️☃️🎄🎁

89 reactions 6 comments
Corey Alexander Amaral Matthew James
John Micheal Caheny Whoop Whoop 😁
Alicia M Holland ❤️🎀👦🏼👵🏻🎅🏻
NJ Whale And 25 days to my birthday woot woot Double present tym 💏😬
Melissa Philp And the 1st christmas with ur son .how exciting
Mike "The Situation"
Yesterday 14:12

Was she happy when she found out?

71 reactions 5 comments
Linda Stramaglia Yeah right
Ruth Louzon Mike your killing me with this junk
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 14:42

Christmas has come early for Martha fans! Don't miss out on your chance to win a month's worth of amazing Martha prizes -- enter now:

62 reactions 2 comments
Jeanne Hageman Cool :)
Lauralee Hensley Martha Stewart has such great taste and always puts such lovely prizes out there for her fan's to have a chance at winning. Look at the beautiful pies in this picture, such quality. I'm going to share this.
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 14:42

This citrusy, streusel-topped bar cookie makes an unexpected yet spectacular Thanksgiving dessert. Cut into pie-like wedges for the purists at the table. Get the recipe in bio! @louisehagger

78 reactions 2 comments
Lynn Celmer Where is the recipe? In the bio?
Patty Tilton Found the recipe here...
Tyra Banks
Yesterday 11:24

The boss is BACK. Don’t miss #ANTM’s return to the runway in 2018 on VH1 💋

14.5k reactions 1766 comments
Julie Tron Tyra is fab!!! She shows that being a real woman with curves will always be hot!!! 🔥🔥....girl power to her!!
Alysha Lynne I just hope that tyra stays and rita goes. I love having Ashley Graham reppin all the plus size hotties out there!
Isabel Loontiens Ain’t nobody missed her with that highlight. Who did her make up? Someone did her dirtyyy. Looking ashy af. Kayla Michele
Carla Xavier Santos Can people from other countrys try to participate? Maybe not 😐 i dont know. Im from Portugal so i think its should be impossible.
Ariã Reynolds Wait say what I finished 22 cycles I'm ready for another one . Nobody can replace you when it comes to the original ANTM .
Carrie Ann Inaba
Yesterday 15:42

This team. ❤️🙌🏻🙏🏻💃🏻😘 Love then to the moon and back. And it’s #TheFinals #dwts25 Let’s Go!!! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻@makeupjojo @stevegberg @rhondaspiesstylist @mikeystyles

358 reactions 17 comments
Denise Miclo Jordan and Lindsey has my top vote.
Frank Mora Right
Shannon Kemp Cool
Jena Paventi Carone Gorgeous
Joanna Baczek So beautiful!!
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 14:42

A great Thanksgiving dressing always starts with cornbread and a skillet.

92 reactions 4 comments
Jennifer Barclay Seiler Jessica Barclay Hodges
Luann Ruggeri No cornbread
Mary Paul How about this for thanksgiving tonya kueger
Yordi Rosado
Yesterday 15:06


457 reactions 5 comments
Alejandro Juan Rubio César Y aquí en México ya son mayoría.
Atenas Vipe Amen
Lucy Mejia Asi de simple. Saludos 😃
Stephanie Cegueda La verdad
Alessandra Ambrosio
Yesterday 11:48

Before the Baby2Baby Gala 💛

2.2k reactions 55 comments
Rodrygo Bressanne Linda...! 💋😍
Martinez Abe Love Alessandra😘
حسين الفيلي الفيلي Beautiful
Javier Vergara Rascon We will miss you, Ale! 😭😭😭
Jose Elias Reyes Sanchez Elegante y muy hermosa
Adriana Lima
Yesterday 11:30

That’s a wrap Shanghai! What an incredibly beautiful, interesting, and mysterious adventure. Victoria's Secret #VSFashionShow

54.1k reactions 997 comments
Alice Montemayor hi adriana oh my the queen of queens!
Thomas A Mundy The consament pro, with beauty beyond compare
Iraquitan Cavalcanti Baiana arretada de linda!! Ela é Brasil, ela é nordeste. Vá e arrase querida!!
Lia Rubio How sexy for God you are the best angel of victories secrets, unique and beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍
Lex Luther Beautiful face, but I need hips gurlll lol
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 14:42

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without one.

Green Bean Casserole
Green Bean Casserole

We've made the quintessential Thanksgiving casserole better than ever by combining fresh green beans, homemade mushroom sauce, and savory fried shallots.

64 reactions 9 comments
Hope Hobi Disgusting anyway u make it. 😬
Jacqueline Campbell Ick!
Angela Marie Please no!!
Dolly L Williams Yuck. We do not eat this.
Anne Renee Bodell Love it! Yum
Heidi Montag
Yesterday 14:18

Happy 9 year anniversary! It was love at first sight. I knew my life would never be the same.…

125 reactions 5 comments
Candb Mcfamily Congratulation Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt!!!
Gina Sauro Congrats
Jane Naira Eckert Congratulations
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 14:42

The way to elevate your holiday table? A knotted napkin and name card.

44 reactions 1 comments
Nan Joyzee How handy! a personal towel to wash and dry your own dishes. Love Martha she thinks of everything!
Kendra Wilkinson
Yesterday 11:54

In LOVE with our 2017 holiday card from! They have a ton of cute cards you can personalize. I’ve used them for years now, and the quality and care they take is always amazing. They get them to me fast, and the prices are great. So excited to send these out! #amazingcards #myfave

11.7k reactions 736 comments
Samantha Stinson Theriot Your daughter is your twin. You have a beautiful family.
Lori Britten Almeida What gorgeous babies you have!!! Beautiful family.
Any Lazarte Medina Kendra tienes una hermosa familia Dios los bendiga x siempre y envejezcan juntos tus niños son bellos millones de besos para los 4
Terese Meuse Kendra , your family is beautiful, the kids are growing so fast, wish you and yours all the best in years to come
Diana Hopson I love your card but love that you and your family have clung to each other #love interracial families that make it
Yordi Rosado
Yesterday 15:06

Todos odiamos ver el horrible mensaje: ERROR No hay suficiente espacio de almacenamiento disponible.

Apps para limpiar y liberar espacio
Apps para limpiar y liberar espacio

Las Apps que descargas van generando caché (información temporal, que guarda tus contraseñas. Te compartimos algunas Apps para limpiar y liberar espacio

32 reactions 2 comments
America Y Yaa Antulio
Antonio Cortés Yo tengo una que se llama PSafe Total,se puede optimizar el celular,liberar espacio,ponerle contraseña a las demás aplicaciones,tiene antivirus,puedes ver como esta el WiFi y ponerle como localizador por eso de que te lo roben
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 14:42

Don't forget the ice cream.

Apple Pie
Apple Pie

Baking a pie from scratch takes a little patience, but watching your friends and family enjoy the results makes it all worthwhile.

123 reactions 1 comments
Jacqueline Campbell Yum!
Mike "The Situation"
Yesterday 14:12

Should've swiped left!

3 reactions 2 comments
Michael N Mandy Thornton Jordan Hatanaka
Meesha Jordon Lea Beccie Gregory Daniel Gregory
Martha Stewart
Yesterday 14:42

Make them mini! These tiny spiced custard pies are perfect for nibbling throughout Thanksgiving day. #30DaysofPies

134 reactions 3 comments
J Renee Coleman Janise Parker
Morena Timm Ooh pretty
Goldie Pojar You nibble bite sized things, not pies. Snoop, go home. Martha's stoned again.
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