Newt Gingrich
6 hours ago

Advocates for Opioid Recovery needs your help. We’re flooding social media with messages urging President Trump to take action to end the #opioid crisis. Join the movement—sign up on Thunderclap now and use #LetsTrumpAddiction to support the effort.

3.3k reactions 174 comments
Karen Williams Freeman Mr. Gingwich will you please meet privately with OurPresident and tell him again Congressional Establishment are not pushing his work through for us the American people ?? I think Mr Trump can do a whole lot more if he could trust people who are suppose ...
Breia Ballone There is a huge difference between adiction and dependency. If your dependent. Opioids can be stopped when the pain stops just like antidepressants, nerve medications, anxiety medications, cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol and so on. You have to slowly ...
Tai Chi Master Eastern medical practices - such as acupuncture & Tai-chi exercises (as done & taught by good practioners) - can help people overcome drug addiction! Very few people know about this benefit of Eastern Medicine!
Kim Widmeyer Sonner When you are in debilitating pain....a person might swallow dynamite if they thought they could get relief...
Brenda Justice Maccarone Addiction is a very big problem just ask the many many parents or family members of people who have died . Horrible situation for so many families
George W. Bush
8 hours ago

Chris Self is an incredible patriot...and one hell of a mountain bike rider. Learn more about him in #PortraitsofCourage - All profits are being donated to the George W. Bush Presidential Center and our work to help post-9/11 veterans.

5.8k reactions 101 comments
Jeremiah Jernigan Thank you President Bush for recognizing those who've fought for our freedoms! Thank you Sergeant Major Self for your service!
Gerard Eisenman Thank you Chris for your service and your sacrifices for our country, and thank you Mr. President for all you have done for our country and our veterans.
Deborah Stevenson Forget about politics -- focus on celebrating these heroes. I love this -- and President Bush's paintings are really good too.
Carol Wilson Stepanis Love President George W. Bush. His talent is amazing. The good old days 🤗
Jill Walter 2 very special men President George W Bush and Sgt Major Christopher Self thank both of you for all you've done for our country!
Herman Cain
7 hours ago

As if we couldn't have figured this out.

2.8k reactions 359 comments
Steve Gomez I've lost all respect for the liberals and their media, socialism doesn't work and the people have voted for change, it's time for them to join or get out!
Susan Hoover It's getting to the point that nobody wastes their time on supporting propaganda media at all anymore. Get more news from watching an infomercial, without the "Stupid" thrown in.
Myrna Burch-Boulware People are wising up and not watching the liberal news channels that tell lies and refuse to report the truth. They soon will feel the effects of their fake news reporting.
Vicki Moeckly Let's talk about "Making up Facts." These liberals are ridiculous. They have been called out on their lies and are insensed that ANYONE would call their news FAKE‼. Just callin it what it is ‼‼FAKE‼
Jenny Staffanell Lol! Yes the media always want to control the narrative and manipulate peoples minds. Trump is not stupid and knows this, this is why he keeps giving them the finger.😎
Martha Stewart
01:00 02/26/2017

Our first reaction was "Wow!"

Let These Dreamy "Musical" Balloons Inspire Your Next Party Idea
Let These Dreamy "Musical" Balloons Inspire Your Next Party Idea

Artist Federico Picci's new series showcases bubbles spilling out of a grand piano, a gramophone, and more.

197 reactions 12 comments
Hafsa Khanam Ayesha Khanam
Rachel McDonald Anna McDonald
Genaro Hernández Chávez Tanya Brandenstein
Leslie Russell Yost Crystal Routon
Karel Ruffin Wow
Martha Stewart
01:00 02/26/2017

Tackle that pile of sheets today!

Organized Bed Linens
Organized Bed Linens

There's something incredibly satisfying about opening up the linen closet to see not unholy chaos but color-coded bundles neatly tied in a bow.

51 reactions 6 comments
Adam Scott Gillins Meg Halvorson Gillins
Diana Habbib William Terrence ...Goddess.
Virginia Joines Sorry. Just looks like laundry piles to me. I like everything folded and neatly stacked in my linen closets.
Patti Davis-Perkins I place the pillowcases and bottom/fitted sheet in a neat pile and fold up all together as a package within the top sheet ... easy peasy.
Ellie McNiece I used to have dozens of sets of sheets crammed into my linen closet. I decluttered my life a few years ago and only have two sets for each family member. It's fabulous to fit everything in the closet neatly, each set inside a pillow case - who needs ...
Martha Stewart
01:00 02/26/2017

Even the grumpiest night owl will become a morning bird for these adorable pancakes! Find out how we made them with Macys:

129 reactions 4 comments
Melissa Latchman Amir Ali
Jane Havelka Laura Lape
Jennifer Keefe Awesome again
Tania Martinez I like breakfast for dinner , what is wrong with that .
01:30 02/26/2017

Quer ouvir k-pop no carnaval? hahah então vem conhecer o grupo KARD, que com certeza vai animar mtt a sua farra <3

93 reactions 21 comments
Alex Wirawan ↖( ❤😃-☔-🐸✋ )↗ Get Out Full movie (2017) PLAY:
Tatiane Caroline Santos Sara Fabiane
Pedro Augusto Taissa Vieira
Giovana Souza Jasmin Gameiro
Katharine Alves Daniel Ramos socorro
Tila Tequila
22:24 02/25/2017

This is horrible!

Girl Turning Into A
Girl Turning Into A 'Snake' Due To A Horrifying Disease Is Losing Her Life.

Can we all make a contribution to help her out?

32 reactions 21 comments
Kristijonas Julius Slapikas KYS
Lupe Mesa Amen
Bruno Valerius Que
Austin Hearvey Sad
Dyanne Martinez Wtf
Martha Stewart
01:00 02/26/2017

Perfectly-popped popcorn — make a big bowlful for tomorrow's Oscars broadcast:

192 reactions 28 comments
Crystal Wiberg Rachel
Sheryl Miller Sitek Chris Miller
Aleandro Di Nuzzo Jess Catalano
Anita Aita Kelly Boisbouvier
Juan Antonio Gamboa Ramírez Cecy Ramirez Navarro
Herman Cain
7 hours ago

Apparently a change in leadership means a change in results as well.

3.2k reactions 60 comments
Dan Thompson To be fair illegal immigration has been declining for over a decade.
Sharon Conyers Also need E-Verify and fines and possible imprisonment for all employers who employed Illegal Alien Invaders and faux refugees
Evan Williams Does anybody else think maybe people don't want to be here as bad now that Trump is President?
Cheryl Lassiter Law enforcement by whim of whomever is in office. Thank God for Donald Trump.
Mary Ryan We all know it is directly related to PRESIDENT TRUMP and his new policies
Herman Cain
7 hours ago

Get ready. They're going to keep up with this nonsense for the next four years.

BREAKING: Look What Just Happened To Trump
BREAKING: Look What Just Happened To Trump's New EPA Chief Days After He Was Confirmed

"... reveal a close and friendly relationship between ..."

826 reactions 169 comments
Christopher Johnson Yeah yeah yeah...only liberals are perfect. They can lie..cheat ...steal...who cares as long as they have a D behind their name. How quickly the left forgets about Geitner....the head of the Treasury that had to pay his back taxes before he became ...
Eugene A Marchese Jr. Working with all stake holders that the EPA regulates is a good thing. Shouldn't he have a positive working relationship with wind turbine and solar panel makers? This is a non issue...
Melanie Philip Things done in a previous life has no bearing on what will happen during Pruitt's new job description, the Democrats just keep acting like petulant children. The irony here is how many under Obama were properly vetted for their activities in a prior ...
Bruce Baker And? Come on.. everybody works for somebody or with somebody, and the question is... will he work For the people of the USA and Not for the special interests? Pretty simple... WATCH WHAT HE DOES.. Sometimes I wonder about these hit pieces that are ...
Frank Bearfan Everything is a headline with this administration. Wonder how much was buried under Obama that we never seen because of MSM love affair. I see no issue here but if snowflakes are crying it's probably good for the country.
Martha Stewart
01:00 02/26/2017

Follow these five steps to pancake success!

757 reactions 27 comments
Julie Gargano Melissa Gargano
Carolyn Koch Julien Koch
Pame St Juanito Colli
Amber Luna Mig
Vaness Macdonald Jodie Young
Martha Stewart
01:00 02/26/2017

The culprit is gooey and green.

Uh-Oh! There
Uh-Oh! There's a Sudden Shortage of Elmer's Glue

But a company representative has an exciting new update for something in-the-works!

115 reactions 79 comments
James Ashley Gonzales young kids are using Elmer glue getting high.....
Desiree' Dee Davis As a teacher this is just fine. Glue sticks are better.
Lisa Villafane I looked in homedepot lowes and Walmart upstate ( elmers
Melanie Chiera So ... it's gak.
Jessica Lynn Tiana Williams it's not just Target!
01:30 02/26/2017

Um app incrível pra te ajudar a bombar o instastories e o snap! Vem conhecer o SNOW \o/ <3

130 reactions 5 comments
Alex Wirawan Get Out Full movie (2017) PLAY:
Juan Carlos oi princesa
Iasmim MI Como vc se chama no snow MariMoon?
Jessika Maya Ontem vi o vídeo e já baixei no meu cel 😍😍😍 simplesmente amando ♡
Julie Ordon
22:54 02/25/2017

2 reactions 0 comments
Irina Shayk
21:36 02/25/2017

When ur stuffing ur face and Pluto comes by 🙄😂

9.4k reactions 221 comments
Rasal Mooppen No Ronaldo No Pluto
Mosab Al Jabri No ronaldo , no smile 😂
Johnny Jazz All retards love to show their level of perversion in their comments -who else reminds openly of an ex to a girl, pathetic losers only does that
Rishabh Rawat No ronaldo no pluto no Disney character 😂😂✌️
Santanu Dutt u are happy with childres , i want to see it, God bless you and you sister live long.
Martha Stewart
01:00 02/26/2017

Bold and vibrant wallpaper is the decorating spark we've been looking for.

175 reactions 9 comments
Jennifer Kitchens Street Christine Miller Johnson in small doses.
Aaron Christensen Tear it up Martha!
Anni Sumarni Beautiful
Belle Cose Always!
Mary Allen Beautiful decor!!
Anne V
23:06 02/25/2017

#iwokeuplikethis 🥐

634 reactions 40 comments
Jean Burcombe I.m glad you did !
Rony Briony Beautiful
晥日 この写真はオシャレ魅力的である
Aidan Walsh :)'s beautiful x x :)'s Nice :)'s
Giovanni Fadda Dolce eleganza.
Jamie Oliver
00:42 02/26/2017

A nice night out with my girls on Saturday night take away. Hope your watching guys x x x

34.3k reactions 832 comments
Sharon Flood Yes it is a lovely pic butttt people are going to pic up his spellings because that's what people do it's human nature n he should be setting an example which is so important to him as he turned school meals upside down for example
Lin Johns Lovely to see you all, your wife and girls are beautiful, seems like yesterday when you put on your Christmas cooking episodes and the girls were little, i have now 4 grown-ups and 12 Grandchildren x
Judy Frenette wow Jamie, it's hard to imagine you with children this age, you just always seem the same, hardly aged at all, what a lovely solid family man you are, you and your wife have created a lovely family, blessings to you all ♥♥
Jolene Beth Morgan Beautiful Jools and your beautiful daughters! You are not too bad to look at either, haha! Have been a devoted fan of yours for nearly 17 years. I am most likely older than your mum, and I would loved to have had children, especially a son, would want ...
Gina Hughes Oh Jamie ... I still remember the early days when you first hit the "screens" as a fresh faced young man ... now look at you as a dad and husband with your beautiful girls xo
Kendra Wilkinson
22:12 02/25/2017


Grandma Falls And Can’t Get Up, Then She Whispers In Dog’s Ear To Get Help
Grandma Falls And Can’t Get Up, Then She Whispers In Dog’s Ear To Get Help

Doris Jenkins was changing into her nightgown one evening. The 91-year-old briefly took off her medical alert bracelet. She went into the kitchen to take her medication but had an awful reaction. “I…

74 reactions 11 comments
Cyndel Pineda So sweet
Dawn Andersen What's up Kendra
Dasha Ogorodnik 😢
Mary Avalos Awww
Patrick Morris Sending prayers.
Jamie Oliver
00:42 02/26/2017

Yes yes yes this is art so gorgeous the barby blazer cocktail Barbecoa piccadilly have got such a great drinks menu so if youre a cocktail lover or a fan you ought to get down there book here xxjo x x x happy Saturday !! #barbecoapiccadilly

1.0k reactions 46 comments
Nancy Smith Noooooooooooooooo Allison Devereaux DiSimone
Claudia Irene Hohenstein Jan Hohenstein
Nanna Trondhjem Martin Hansen Lasse Trondhjem
Adriana Alicia Andréa Apolonio
Maximilian Knipp Patrick Matthias Julian Knipp Dominik Chmieleck
Holly Madison
22:48 02/25/2017

So glad they got it out!

Couple Hears Strange Crying In Their Home For 3 Days, Then Finally Decide To Tear Open The Walls
Couple Hears Strange Crying In Their Home For 3 Days, Then Finally Decide To Tear Open The Walls

When a couple heard some strange noises at home one day, they thought it was just something outside and brushed it off. Once they listened a bit closer, they realized that it was coming from within…

24 reactions 2 comments
Maya Rosalina Get Out Full movie (2017) PLAY:
Steven Cocountrez <3 "FIFTY SHADES DARKER" FULL Movie Streaming
Mike "The Situation"
00:30 02/26/2017

A little bit of love can make a big difference.

9 reactions 2 comments
Judi DeMatteo That made me cry with joy!
Dineshwar Dindyal Oh that was so nice just saying
Martha Stewart
01:00 02/26/2017

"There's nothing wrong with adding a little bling to your special event!"

The Biggest Floral Trends of 2017 Inspired by the Red Carpet
The Biggest Floral Trends of 2017 Inspired by the Red Carpet

Who better to talk trends with than the man responsible for the floral arrangements at every major awards show in Hollywood?

59 reactions 4 comments
Malena Kruger de Caldera Ll
Kristin Hummel BEAUTIFUL!!
Kristin Hummel Y'all post something ab this! How amazing is this?!?!
Dee Smith Had Marthas classic flowers for my daughters May 5th wedding in 2006 ; floweres were amazing , had them everywhere in hall!!
Tila Tequila
22:24 02/25/2017


936 reactions 250 comments
Chris Crawford I call bullshit on this story. Hows a dead man going to ejaculate?
Abiola Mitchowanou Et après elle tombe encore enceinte quelqu'un qui est mort peut-il éjaculer
Quentin Gray I'm sure more than one person will believe this as well...🙄
Isabella McCarthy You really need to stop sharing ridiculous fake stories. It makes you look retarded and crazy.
Bryan Brunner Looks more like "two dead bodies caught doing the horizontal monster mash" to me....
Martha Stewart
01:00 02/26/2017

This acupressure yoga mat will help you destress in two ways.

67 reactions 10 comments
Lauren Hawkes Ashley Hawkes
Brittany Hutto Hope Brooks
Bridie Gration Nicole Beamish
Karyn Kant Anne Waters
Jeri Banks Denshai Lee
Herman Cain
7 hours ago

He should be grateful he lives in a country where someone won't take a pick-axe to him.

961 reactions 144 comments
Lesia Ansley Pruitt So, you want someone to die because they broke his star? Do you even hear yourself? Wow.
Rick Curlee Didn't know they gave them to narcissistic game show hosts!
Jeffreyand Becki South He got his, "HEY-LOOK-AT-ME-OVER HERE" 15 minutes of "daddy-didn't-love-me" fame and guess what?!? DONNY IS STILL PRESIDENT!!! Thank God!!!
Julie A Seguin There was no jail - just public service and fines and since he's loaded - those fines are nothing to him
Charles Smith He should do something to help his country. This is just a waste of time
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