Herman Cain
Yesterday 04:48

Yeah, this would change your perspective real fast.

1.8k reactions 266 comments
Randall Rhodes Just by writing this, she may have just sentenced her state to never getting another NBA All-Star game or Bruce Springsteen concert.
Linda Knopp There is no question that this policy is a danger to women and their children, male or female. Our country has lost more boundaries than just geographic!
Lori Miller Tweedell I have been saying it set females up to be sexual assaulted and the person get away with it. Also gives pedifiles a open door to their prey. If no gender nutral with private si gle do got to the one that goes with you parts god gave you only makes ...
Dianna Martin Johnson This will come to an end when businesses no longer have public restrooms. Think it won't happen in Todays sue happy society?
Vicky Walker What did they expect, thanks to all tbe liberals now they have to deal with it. If they don't want to deal with what they started, there needs to be bathrooms just for transgender people.
Newt Gingrich
Yesterday 05:24

More jobs, better construction, lower costs -- these are just a few of the things we can expect from President Donald J. Trump's infrastructure plan, which is why getting this bill approved by Congress should be the President's next main focus. http://bit.ly/2ngrH85

1.5k reactions 79 comments
Sam Bliss And huge tax breaks/kickbacks to crooked construction firms that donated to der Fuhrer Trump's campaign
Mary Lou Langrell Please, Congress (including republicans), show your love for America by letting Trump do his job!
Denise M Smith None of the Obama Administration's 17 intelligence agencies were allowed to perform any, and I stress ANY FORENSIC ANALYSIS whatsoever of the DNC computer's or John Podesta's computer. The DNC refused access. This was confirmed by FBI Director James ...
Gj Matthew Check this out: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/03/obamas-former-asst-defense-secretary-admits-obama-admin-collected-intel-trump-video/
Robert V. Strauss Its easy to spend taxpayers money and go further into debt. I love you Newt- but you are abandoning your conservative principals on this one. Big mistake. #integrity-virtue-liberty
Nicki Minaj
10 hours ago

SURPRISE! The #MakeLove video drops tomorrow morning on VEVO 🔥🔥🔥🔥 listen to the song now 🎧 GUCCI MANE FT. NICKI MINAJ 🦄

34.1k reactions 1108 comments
Eric Partida I'm just here to see the gay ass dudes who hating on Nikki's body..."oh she's plastic oh she's fake"......Get y'all gay asses on somewhere lmao
Ieisha Sheeley I love your taste with all them shades but stop covering that beautiful ass face team Minaj😘
Katie Flood Pues parace que Nicki Minaj tiene guapicornio y tu no jajaja Marta .... #lifesnotfair
Fresh: Hip-Hop & R&B Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj just dropped the brand new video for their single "Make Love". Watch the full video on our page!
Yessenia Duran Barbie I love u Nicki Minaj.
Ron Paul
Yesterday 04:42

President Trump took to his Twitter account this morning to point fingers for the failure of Trumpcare. Much like Hillary Clinton after the election, Trump didn't take responsibility for the legislative loss himself. He instead chose to point fingers, so that left two options: 1) Blame those who want BIG and more intrusive government, or 2) Blame those who want more freedom. Guess which one he chose to attack?

Trump Doesn
Trump Doesn't Seem To Like People Who Don't Like Obamacare

By Chris Rossini ​President Trump took to his Twitter account this morning to rip into The House Freedom Caucus. What's the Freedom Caucus? Robert Wenzel describes them as such: The House...

675 reactions 156 comments
Frank Masi Ron - sounds like you're fighting him every step of the way - like the LEFT!!! Sometimes you gotta start with baby-steps - and I'm beginning to think YOU'RE part of the PROBLEM in DC. We need to go with the flow...you have a GREAT agenda, but it's NOT ...
Cindy Wright Pitsios How do you know for sure Hillary didn't take responsibility? Did you speak to her yourself? No? Maybe she didn't publicly, but I am sure as hell privately. All who voted for the Commander in Cheat have only themselves to blame when their welfare checks ...
Halli Hansen He is just playing the game of deception..... just like obama..... like good little puppets...... to cover the tracks and traces of theyr owners ..... the so called deep state..... where state meets private.... and private meets state in the ultimate ...
Austin Battaglia Trump doesn't want his health care to pass until Obama care starts failing. Once The current legislature starts to fall apart congress will be desperate to work with him so they don't look bad.
Josef Tufan Its funny how you Americans still argue about healthcare and how to do it. You could just look at Europe. We have several countries würde it works just fine. But no... that would be communism
Ellen DeGeneres
6 hours ago

If you take a great graduation photo, print it up at Shutterfly. If you get a terrible one, send it to me. #4Ellen ellen.tv/grad

3.3k reactions 256 comments
Doris Walters I'm sure optometrists wanted people who had to wear glasses look like geeks back in the day...
Sherry Hilliard I love Allen show where else can you get good laugh and fun love Saturday night live to
Chea Lane The day I graduated, I missed it so my husband put blanket and hate to take photos.
Kathy Sage Harrison Great dimples, clear skin, nice smile...but those scuba diver glasses...that's funny! That's just funny!!!
Julie Taylor you could make another pair of glasses with those lenses..
Kim Kardashian West
7 hours ago


26.3k reactions 159 comments
Eva Maria Grater useless crap for useless people~!
Karl Zitterkopf Nice.
Tim Harris Sound cloud.mike DaDon.lonely.new artist.🔥
Nosiphiwo Robiyana Soci Mrs Pablo❤😍😘🙌
'Ryan Coffey Check out gamestreaks.com The Newest way to Play Fantasy Sports! Registration opens SOON!!!
Khloé Kardashian
3 hours ago

After working my butt off theres nothing that tastes better than a Slender Blend shake! Take the Protein World 30 Day Challenge and get fit for summer! #proteinworld #PW30daychallenge #PWCollab

57.8k reactions 608 comments
Wes Wolfe U da baddest, don't let em tell u any defferent👊🏼🥊💪🏼! Shake off dem Hatters😂
Kiki Long I KNEW there was a reason she started carrying that bottle!
Donna Sweatt Ummm no honey it is still there believe you me 😉.... You truly look OUTSTANDING.
Keeley Scott Nicola 'Patch' Scott soon I hope to look like this! She looks amazing x
Melissa Castillo Natalie Camacho Martinez look at her stomach ... I can't wait to be able to go to the gym! 3 more weeks 🙄
Khloé Kardashian
3 hours ago

You guys!!! This is so sweet!!! 😍

15.3k reactions 156 comments
Prettyberry Ghandi Loveherfamilysomuch Am glad u happy again, u guys look cute together😙😘😘😘 #TEAMKLOE
Gilles Musaki Ntanu Boulbi, Aulnay-sous, Charo comme l'Essonne'Gelles;l'Essonne'Gelles;B2O est de la banlieue ouest;la banlieue ouest,Gato da Batorrrr, zorrr out deja fout' konin,J'lâcherai pas le steak, encore moins la chicken wings ,la chicken wings Le matin devant le ...
Eunice Mwasingo You deserve all the love in the world khloe
Mafalda Rodrigues Cocô podias andar um de raça branca! So gostas de chocolatinhos!?😊😉
Kjohanna Kbs Ella merecía alguien así y volver a ser feliz después d tantas tristezas el k obra con el corazón y da un amor puro algún día Dios lo premia con amores grandes e indescriptibles
Herman Cain
Yesterday 04:48

We can use some good news like this.

1.1k reactions 60 comments
Melanie Philip Obama era internet grab....that pretty much explains why it needed to be vetoed...
Rachel Foley-Luetke Hi ... Clinton doma pedo island podesta Benghazi Russian uranium....
Jason Pletsch I don't want them tracking my usage for ads. It is bad enough that Facebook pushes ads and fills up my feed with garbage.
Vicki Struve Wow, I didn't know they could actually vote. Thought all they did was yack and steal money.
Theodore Wesley Glocker Not a fan of this at all. This was one of the few good things the previous admin had done
Herman Cain
Yesterday 04:48

Playing Russian Roulette with American lives?

Sessions again threatens to defund sanctuary cities - Democrat Rep. says he
Sessions again threatens to defund sanctuary cities - Democrat Rep. says he's 'putting a gun to the head' of Americans

Pressure points. Yesterday, newly minted Attorney General Jeff Sessions re-iterated his threat to yank federal funding from so-called "sanctuary cities." From the AP:

1.2k reactions 388 comments
Shirley J. Good NO, you foolish DIMwit from NY -- Mr. Adriano Espaillat .... actually getting rid of illegal aliens who have committed crimes will safe guard American heads. What a FOOL you are.
Clem Iron Wing Let me remind you,there are good police officers and there are bad ones,now the good ones are the ones who support and help ICE,they are doing their job and protecting the American Citizens,the real American Citizens,now the bad police officers are the ...
Ramon Hidalgo-Acosta Do not be surprise at the dumb things that Representative Adriano Espaillat can come up with. He went on a talk show in DR to say that the US Constitution do not allow for the ownership of an AR-15. I just scratched my head when I herd him make that ...
George Malfatti So, Rep. Adriano Espaillat, let me get this straight, I want to be sure I understand you. You say that by forcing the cities to actually follow the law, what a Republic is suppose to do, today we are creating danger. And I would have to agree, but the ...
John Schiffermuller The Obama administration sued Arizona? arguing successfully​ that only the federal government had authority over immigration. Invoke that precedent and demand an immediate injunction. If the leadership of the various sanctuary locations​ persist, have ...
Ellen DeGeneres
6 hours ago

My #Bachelor recap show got to grill Nick and Vanessa on just how engaged they really are.

2.3k reactions 242 comments
Morgan Lynne Coslow Brooklyn Schumacher this actually made me like them a little more
Sharmin Misty Ellen you are just wonderful person & you have excellent mentality. Love you Ellen
Jorden Fanson Taylor Brooks nick looks so bored
Marilyn Balogun I'm happy that their relationship is working out and that their Happy!❤️🌹....keep smiling guys!!
Maria Corral Megan Leigh he's happily in love... sorry but not that sorry
President Bill Clinton
Yesterday 04:12

Excited to get to work expanding the Clinton Foundation's Health Matters Initiative efforts to San Diego, together with our terrific partners there.

Clinton Foundation joins San Diego plan to help low-income youths
Clinton Foundation joins San Diego plan to help low-income youths

The Clinton Foundation on Thursday announced a project aimed at improving the well-being of low-income youths in San Diego County.

1.6k reactions 64 comments
Matt Tucci Time to get the agenda back in order.
Kenny Williams Do they all get wedding dresses?
Angie Hoiland Keep up the great work!
Chukwuemeka Obiajunwa Please partner with Africa We Care to help them deliver medical equipment and supplies that will save millions of lives in Africa.
Richie Comeau Just like they helped Haiti
Bill Gates
4 hours ago

I always enjoy receiving book recommendations, so when our foundation’s CEO left a book on my desk from this author, I couldn’t wait to pick it up.

You Should Appreciate Germs
You Should Appreciate Germs

"I Contain Multitudes" helped me see microorganisms in a whole new light.

18.0k reactions 541 comments
Haroon Rashid We want to growup but this Indian occupational forces herein jammu and Kashmir create lots of obstracticals inbetween(like Palestinian) .. Alas! Means we can't grow up.
Annie Singh Mr gates one of your recommended book When Breath Becomes Air, written by Paul Kalanith. Gives motivation. Love it. Thank you so much for sharing and educating🙏#MamaAnnieOrganics
Kgomotso Molelu Your body is teeming with tens of trillions of microbes. It's an entire world, a colony full of life. In other words, you contain multitudes. These microscopic companions sculpt our organs, protect us from diseases, guide our behavior, and bombard us ...
Ramba Ragupathi Hey Billu you look Awesome, Do you have any Awesome messages for Young people like me? You have the Formula to Save the World? If yes then you might have the Formula which is saving your Life, right? Let us know that sure it will help lots of youths to ...
Marcus Mthethwa The art of reading makes the mind to be sharp and enlightens the mind. Wisdom is sharper than knowledge. A Wiseman once said if you want to hide information, put it in a book.
Kourtney Kardashian
43 minutes ago

Timeline Photos

2.8k reactions 58 comments
Cliff Fredericks Ikr
Eric Nichols Yes
Micheal Walsh I want to see pictures of you Courtney not this stuff
Desmond Castro I have the power !
Ilyas Mirza Nice
Al Gore
Yesterday 06:06

My statement on today's executive order: http://ow.ly/dzbT30al6b3

4.3k reactions 167 comments
Trish Bunch Corporations and complacent people can certainly stop enviromental progress and they have and continue to stop progress. I dont see that changing anytime soon in America. Maybe in other countries on a small scale, but not here. People are too used to ...
Daniel Cuellar Americans don't want globalization, don't want to be leaders of anything, Americans have decided they want to be like 100 years ago, do things and don't care about consequences in the long term. Trump, BREXIT, Front National, kirchnerism is not about ...
Jennie Rosenbloom I think about how different our world would be if they had not Robbed you of your Presidency ! Thank you for fighting the good fight! My Dad said something about you years ago ...that you were a good man and good men don't turn tale and go home just ...
Andrew Brule China and India are making massive investments in renewable energy/technology. China and India have a 200 year plan whereas the US has a next election plan. Any country who does not see the writing on the wall will be left behind. Adapting to a new ...
Mark Morris EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT.....In case you haven't connected the news dots... Putin controls the largest oil company in Russia. He made a 500 Billion dollar deal with the CEO of Exxon Mobil. Obama put sanctions in place which stopped that deal. ...
Herman Cain
Yesterday 04:48

Trump hired whom?

Top Trump Critic Gets Job With Unexpected Role In Trump
Top Trump Critic Gets Job With Unexpected Role In Trump's Administration... Wow

"... a member of the very establishment he campaigned against."

145 reactions 24 comments
Dan Bruce Oil money.
Karl Knapp Hush!
Sylvia Perkins Big mistake.
Terri Johnson Holland Swamp
Kathy Tobin Hope he can be trusted!!!
Ellen DeGeneres
6 hours ago

Happy birthday, Lady Gaga! It’s been 31 years since you emerged from your giant egg, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

54.3k reactions 865 comments
Gene Buckles Happy Birthday Gaga! I'm goo goo for Gaga! Thanks for all you do for gay rights. You and Ellen are my heros.
António Barbosa Happy Birthday Lady Gaga I love your songs you make many people on this world happy and you have strong messages in your songs... :) You are amazing Lady Gaga...
Aluminum Iron just so proud that Lady Gaga's name got it from here...i'm like part of her... just joking..it goes to show that she deserves the best ... more and more birthdays to come! Happy Birthday Lady Gaga! Thank you Ellen DeGeneres for this opportunity to greet ...
Lovely Nez I am avid fan and love watching your show. I hope that one day I'll be on your show... I have a LDR For 6 years and we never met not even once. I really want to know whats really going on. It's doesn't mean that I don't love him or trust him. It's just ...
Kim Perry I love Lady Gaga! I crank up her cd in my red Mustang until the mirrors vibrate! Happy Birthday to her! Hope to see her live some day!
Ron Paul
Yesterday 04:42

If interfering in other people's elections is an "act of war," as Dick Cheney claimed was the alleged Russian interference in our election, what does it mean that the US has intervened some 81 times in other countries' elections? Mr. Cheney? More in today's Liberty Report: Dick Cheney Surfaces: Claims Interfering In Elections "An Act Of War" https://youtu.be/fj4CQmBbDsk

2.3k reactions 276 comments
David MacCormack 9/11/01 Dick Cheney called the shots of this False Flag act of terrorism by the United States government on it's own populace. So Dick Cheney the ultimate TRAITOR> Investigate, prosecute ( find guilty and execute hopefully )
Ray Slone Halliburton shareholder wants to start another senseless war? Hmmm that's not suspicious at all. Also the dnc committing widespread voter suppression in multiple states, does that count as an act of war or is there no profit in that?
Ray Laliberty If these psychos have their way, we'll be dead or dying from a full fledged thermonuclear war. If Putin were a madman it would have already happened with all the acts of war our government has committed against Russia these past few years. Sanctions, ...
Paul Hannafin It still must be a treasonous act for any US citizens involved to conspire with other countries in order to influence an election??? ( A US election that is)
Steve Dupere [email protected] Between this traitor and scumbags like Rumsfeld, both Bushes, Obama, Reid, Kissinger and the rest of the career criminals who listens to their opinions anymore??? They all belong behind bars.
Khloé Kardashian
3 hours ago

I’m sure we can work something out Kenny!!! 😜

What Kendall Wants to Cop From Me
What Kendall Wants to Cop From Me

Maybe I'll share, Kenny!

9.3k reactions 36 comments
Terry Iloki you are beautiful khloé
Martn Ramirez OK
John Thomas Polek Fantastic post, love your attitude! >:o
Kgomotso Molelu 😊
Khulekani Shwala Sure
Herman Cain
Yesterday 04:48

A big win today for the productive sector of the economy, which means a big win for all of you.

Trump to sign order Tuesday reversing Obama climate policies
Trump to sign order Tuesday reversing Obama climate policies

And the left's judge-shopping has already started.

1.8k reactions 64 comments
Cindi Hoffman he did everything he could to keep people poor=power
LaRae Patriquin America's going back to work!
LaVon Walker and the "climate change idiots" cost the TAX PAYERS $1.1million to haul away their garbage & pollution in Dakota - plus they left 12 dogs to die in their garbage - and the River and the Indians WATER is probably POLLUTED
Cathy Cuni That picture makes me sick as all the while that f k was plotting against President Trump
Dottie Lashley I love it !!!
Newt Gingrich
Yesterday 05:24

Callista Gingrich and I hope your daughter enjoys her new Ellis the Elephant stuffed animal, Ainsley Earhardt! http://bit.ly/2edB58T

978 reactions 33 comments
Tracy Smith https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HDq2jKnHQA
Janice Hicks https://www.facebook.com/stfnews/videos/1346036055473501/ If 60 MINUTES is Right & PIZZAGATE is 'Fake News'... EXPLAIN THIS!
Anna Lee Cowley THANKYOU Newt Gingrich.
Sharon Holden Too cute
Linda Downing Vote for Newt for speaker!
Herman Cain
Yesterday 04:48

Maverick does something no one can make any sense of. Not exactly a stunner?

773 reactions 616 comments
Marlene Jeleniewski Yes, Jarrett was pulling Obama's strings and she still is...living in his house yet! Now that makes you wonder if Muslims had great influence on his decisions...a lot closer than Russia and even more of a threat to our country.
Christopher Klein Such a high [RANK]ing senator; John McCain. I personally would cherish the opportunity just to sit mono-o-mono with the President of the company who employs me...but, to actually talk to President Donald J. Trump should be a thrill...I'm sure Maverick ...
Barbara Latty McCain is not even a fence walker. He is decidedly for the One World Order, or globalist, view point. We Americans said , "NO!" to that when we voted for Trump! Furthermore, my guess is that McCain is riding the gravy train, provided by Soros. He is not ...
Bryan Cox Senator McCain,Sir you are out of touch by your own admission. I did not here any concerns over Valerie Jarrett advising President Obama for 8 years or Hillary's Muslim Brotherhood partner Huma Abedin for all of Hillary's political career! Why don't you ...
Songcha Meyer McCain has lived off his Vietnam card too long and has no honor left in him. He's become bitter, mean spirited, jealous, selfish and useless old curmudgeon. If an old soldier doesn't die, but fades away, please fade away, sen McCain, soon the better. ...
Herman Cain
Yesterday 04:48

Uh-oh. My staff is fighting again. Robert Laurie disagrees with Dan's recent healthcare stance, and he's fed up with mealy-mouthed, congressional cowards. He lets them have it with both barrels. Check it out...

Alabama Congressman files two page, one sentence, ObamaCare repeal bill. Pass it, GOP cowards.
Alabama Congressman files two page, one sentence, ObamaCare repeal bill. Pass it, GOP cowards.

Repeal, then replace, and make the complicit insurance companies deal with the fallout.

715 reactions 62 comments
LaVon Walker TORT REFORM ?? Legal profession collects 50% plus all EXPENSES of any Medical Malpractice suit payments and "it is not even discussed" ????
Candy Riddle Exactly what the people who voted for Trump wants & what is needed. Thank you! Hopefully Trump will see it.
Bob Turri Then repeal Paul Ryan and any other Republican who sabotages the President.
James Randolph ... The wizard needs to provide a case of courage for these cowardly liars.. ... lyin's ...
Bob Rafetto The key is to do full repeal niw so the insurance companies have time to develop new policies
Khloé Kardashian
3 hours ago

I’m in tears! This is so heartbreaking and SO sweet!

Bride loses dad to cancer. Then family steps in as "Dad" for father-daughter dance
Bride loses dad to cancer. Then family steps in as "Dad" for father-daughter dance

While Renee Addy celebrated the beautiful day of her wedding, she felt the loss of one man: her father. Renee had lost her dad, Glenn, to cancer a few years prior to the ceremony. As the time came for the father-daughter dance, Renee’s eyes began to fill with tears because she knew he would not …

4.4k reactions 30 comments
Jesse Jetzi Moreno Estefani Moreno
Reneè Madelaine Steen Bjørli Linn-Anette Jakobsen Sørlie
Nikki Marie Koers Tatum Fogarty x
Agnes Kjellberg Matilda Fagerberg 😭😭
John Joon Park love the comments everyone :/
Ron Paul
Yesterday 04:42

NY Times Magazine recently reported a quote by White House strategist Stephen Bannon that showed a glimpse into his perception of the two political parties. It's not very encouraging if you're a lover of freedom. To be fair, Bannon accurately described Democrats as "fundamentally afflicted with the inability to discuss and have an adult conversation about economics and jobs, because they’re too consumed by identity politics." That's pretty much spot on. However, Bannon then went off the rails in describing Republicans as being all about "theoretical Cato Institute, Austrian economics, [and] limited government — which just doesn’t have any depth to it. They’re not living in the real world." That's a very inaccurate read on Republicans for sure. Read a scorching rebuttal below:

Steve Bannon Dismisses Austrian Economics
Steve Bannon Dismisses Austrian Economics

By Jeff Deist​ Writing in The New York Times Magazine about last week’s stillborn RyanCare bill, Robert Draper recalls a conversation he had with White House strategist Stephen Bannon...

1.0k reactions 142 comments
Larry Mann Funny, I don't recall Bannon having a degree in economics. Even if he did, he would have been taught Keynesian economics not Austrian economics. Fractional reserve banking steals your wealth!
Victor Lawless both parties are bought and paid for representatives of the filthy rich. The differences are in the will of the two groups, expressed by their bought and paid for lackeys in government. We have the philanthropist , humanist , globalist billionaires and ...
James Fletcher Stupidity and the complete lack of understanding of the US Constitution which they treasonously raised their right hand to God and swore an oath to uphold and defend, is what they are lacking
D Isaac Faddis Both parties (professional politician's that is) are very confused about what freedom is, but of course neither of them really care. It's the same agenda with different names.
Will Johnson says interesting you agreed with him about 'democrats" but disagreed with him about Republicans. "TRUTH" will be "WRONG" to those not defined by a "CONTEXT" of EXTREMES!
Kim Kardashian West
7 hours ago

2017 has been a good year for Kenny! 😛

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner's hottest looks of 2017

Kendall Jenner doesn't just slay on the runway — she's a source of fashion inspiration to her 77 million Instagram followers, and to fans around the world.

19.7k reactions 175 comments
Alejandra Estrada Perfect❤
Carlo Valentin 2016 Kim this year only got started tell Kylie CARLO VALENTIN soundcloud
Cj Blair ❤"Already All Ready"💘 🎤La'Porsha Renae💿 📆Expected March 31, 2017 💳Pre-Order Now!!! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06VWRFMHQ/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awdb_0w8RybWWPQBM4
Kyle Rackliff Thats 5 missing girls now forever are they dead? The kardashians are too cool to care
Kyle Rackliff Someone should skin all of you and tie you together or staple your skin to the wall infront of you and let you worrie about it
Herman Cain
Yesterday 04:48

And we're full speed ahead!

1.0k reactions 135 comments
Duane Cook This is a no brainer. Obamacare is dead in the water eventually,and something will have to be done. When the Insurance industry abandons Obamacare totally, there are no options but to repeal and replace.
Jennifer Gates #PaulRyan needs to step down as speaker because he has failed at that job miserably
John Clapp Repeal yes, replace with another Government run Healthcare..NO! Just repeal...
Don Smith Like Trump, notice that Ryan isn't at all rattled by the failed effort last week. Replace and repeal will be back and it will be back with a vengeance...
Jim May Just because they didn't vote doesn't mean it's over. Why push a vote when you have no chance of winning. That undead is a loss. Fine tune it and run it up the flagpole again see how many salute it. Is sufficient then vote. Everyone knows Obamacare ...
Herman Cain
Yesterday 04:48

Tune in and WATCH NOW! Now streaming LIVE on YouTube.

47 reactions 1 comments
Vickie Smith Wiles ↖️ Click picture to follow me, if you're confused!! I have many statuses that may grasp your attention that You may want to share. Or maybe, my knowledge gives you something to think about.
Herman Cain
Yesterday 04:48

Delusion is hard to maintain forever.

Just In: Major Ruling Rocks Trump With Unexpected News - Dems Didn
Just In: Major Ruling Rocks Trump With Unexpected News - Dems Didn't Want This Happening...

"... during his term in office, the president will not receive ..."

1.6k reactions 62 comments
Joan Giritlian Too bad. There will be other ways. Somehow it will all come together .
Laron Cook The trump effect http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/White-Supremacist-NYC-Sword-Killing-Indicted-Murder-Terrorism-417219563.html?amp=y
Mike Slade In 1997, Trump turned in a video tape to Blockbuster without rewinding it first...
Brenda Gayle Tucker Well folks now that the republican's didn't get their $600 billion extra dollars a yr. because they didn't get the votes for Trumpcare, the R's say next is work on tax reform, OK folks get ready for terms like entitlements, welfare, re-distribute our ...
Daniel Lewis Give me a break will they leave this man alone so he can save America
Herman Cain
Yesterday 04:48

VIDEO: Does he make a compelling case here?

345 reactions 47 comments
John Thomas Ted Poe.......go sit the hell down....what a puss.......
Frank Montalvo Ted Poe just screwed his future....American did not want ObamaCare 2.....
Steve Verdien This guy is just another fraud.
Dara Mills I'm pretty sure the Freedom Caucus saved us from Obamacare 2.0
Rosemarie Collazo The Freedom Caucus scares me, they seem to have too much power..
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