Martha Stewart
4 hours ago

Get the day off to an energized start.

No sweat: 6 healthy hot-weather breakfast ideas
No sweat: 6 healthy hot-weather breakfast ideas

Shira Bocar shares her favorite beat-the-heat ways to start the day.

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Heidi Montag
4 hours ago

Can't fit into any bathing suits...😬

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Rosalva Salcido De Robles Hi from Mexico Heidi!
Why Horowitz same
Rosalva Salcido De Robles 💞
Danny Walton Go starkers!
Yvonne Astley So so worth it xx
Yordi Rosado
4 hours ago

¡Seguimos en cabina con #YordiEnExa Exafm 104.9! 😎

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Liliana Velarde Garcia Te Quiero Mucho Mi #Favorito Yordi Rosado😘
Sergio Aranda SALUDINES YORDI.. Desde cuernavaca morelos
Fernando Fabian Montero Palacios Ñoño a más no poder...!!!
Sheyla Fresi Saludos desde Saltillo coahuila ✌✌
Luis Blue Vazquez Saludos yordi desde texcoco
Lauren Conrad
Yesterday 19:00

I love a good at-home mani and pedi, but when I don’t have the time, making my salon pedicure last is a must… Put these seven simple habits to the test to make your pedicure last for three weeks or more:

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Cristina Sanches Earn $400 extra income taking instant paid surveys ➮ #SurveyIncome1
Kelli Lalonde Love the sandals
Jennifer Lammert where can I get there sandals?
Alessandra Ambrosio
7 hours ago

Timeline Photos

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Koenraad Mortele Nicole M. Pearlstein
Julio Adrian Ramirez Ruiz 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔?????????
M.P. Landry True
Jorge Moya lv u
Kiril Kalaijiev ok
Petra Nemcova - Official
5 hours ago

My childhood may be over, but that doesn't mean playtime is. ~Ron Olson

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Mark Daniels Hey Hey...
Dong Ang funny you.
Tdo Gosshi Cute ! (^_^)/♥
Bertrand Belony Wow
Kevin Leto Playful personalities are the BEST! (y)
15:42 07/24/2017

Beautiful & painful -- must read #RIPChester

Linkin Park Releases Heartbreaking Statement Following Death Of Chester Bennington
Linkin Park Releases Heartbreaking Statement Following Death Of Chester Bennington

Hearts have broken wide open following the death of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, but the tribute from his band mates may be the most emotional reaction yet. The short letter was posted t...

42 reactions 20 comments
Karen Alvarez 😭😭 rip Chester
Holly Custer Amber Felkins❤🙏
Frankie Panganiban RIP my boy done
Josha Vang Went to go see his best friend that one that die recently
Karlei David Look him up for more info
Vinny Guadagnino
Yesterday 18:30

That is a lot of money!

Woman makes $1.1 million from Usher
Woman makes $1.1 million from Usher's STD!

Money can't hide everything, can it?

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The Illuminati JOIN THE GREAT ILLUMINATI BROTHER HOOD TODAY AND LIVE A BETTER AND HAPPY LIFE. WELCOME TO THE GREAT TEMPLE OF RICHES AND FAME. Are you a businessman or woman, politician, musical, student,footballer,f­ashion designer,Pastors,Mod­el,upcoming artist,...
Joey Garner Kassy Tucker Mandy Garner Jessie Shambley Alex Shambley Jessie Rouille Penny S Garner Terri Shambley
Seth J. Hatnot But is it true??
Andrew Mark Shaheen What is this world coming to?
Chase Taker She won't get shit but cure. Stay broke bitch
Bill Maher
8 hours ago

Jared Kushner issues 11-page statement insisting he tried to bail on meeting with Don Jr and Russian lawyer

Jared Kushner issues 11-page statement insisting he tried to bail on meeting with Don Jr and Russian lawyer
Jared Kushner issues 11-page statement insisting he tried to bail on meeting with Don Jr and Russian lawyer

Jared Kushner released a lengthy statement Monday morning detailing his contacts with foreign agents and officials during the presidential campaign, hours before he’s scheduled to face Senate…

7.3k reactions 2181 comments
Leona Dodd He is a liar. Supposedly meeting for an adoption agency. Who is crazy. Kushner has involvement with Russia just like the entire Trump family.
Christie Marie Most incriminating is that the email was titled "Russia-Clinton private and confidential" (DUH)... and how he "tried" to get out of the meeting... seriously? You're a grown ass man and you can't decide to just not go to a meeting? That's a 5 year old's ...
Michael Corral Americans have no choice but to put our faith in the house, senate and special counsel investigations that they hold these people accountable and do the right thing by ensuring appropriate prosecution. Not everyone is guilty but there certainly are ...
Julian Gonzales They need to set a precedent so this doesn't happen again. Try them all and if found guilty seize all their assets and place into social security and veteran programs.
Kathy Wall why? Because he knew it was collusion? Drumpf is really taking everyone down....and Kushner is going to be one of them....his family may take some heat too. LOL...Go get 'em!!!
Martha Stewart
4 hours ago

A little Meatless Monday inspiration.

20 Ways to Transform Beans, Chickpeas, and Lentils into Light Vegetarian Dinners
20 Ways to Transform Beans, Chickpeas, and Lentils into Light Vegetarian Dinners

While pulses might seem more suited to cold-weather dishes like soups and stews, they're also perfect for light summer suppers. We're talking salads, burgers, pasta, and more.

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Ryan James Randy Seymour
John Caperon Like that!!!
15:42 07/24/2017

Making magic for next year… Australian Gold

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Amanda Johnson Does she have any green tinted lotion that doesn't give off an orange color ??
Melissa Moreno Seriously why everything I've seen only has something to do with Australia! Stacey Laboch 😢
Andria Marie Schulte Devin Jumbeck!!! 😃
Samantha Haik I wanted to buy the sunset kissed lotion soooo bad they stopped selling it before I could and I still regret it
Janna Alove Awesome.
Donald J. Trump
14:36 07/24/2017

ICYMI: A ship is only as good as the people who serve on it, and the American sailor is the BEST anywhere in the world. #USSGeraldRFord

5.7k reactions 1928 comments
Reg Fields 6 months in and I couldn't be any happier to have Donald Trump as OUR President. The military have a great advocate in the White House and he proves it time and time again whether it's picking up a fallen hat of a marine and putting it back on his head ...
Jack Dedrick Our President Donald Trump has been the best President since Regan despite all attacks from the party of hate == Democrats and the crooked corrupt media who pushes their agenda.
Stefan Pipkin As a Sailor I completely agree with this statement. The American Sailor is the BEST anywhere in the world. Thank you President Trump for your high praise and support of all our US service members.
Kelvin Katheka Trump is one mistake Americans ought to have had avoided...
Hermie Canosa A Nation which is founded by faith and built with prayers never be shaken and stay strong for God establishes Honor and glory by His name and be worship forever. God bless America. The Lord be with you as always.
Vinny Guadagnino
Yesterday 18:30

When pranks go wrong! 😝😝

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Raewyn Adams Jo Johnston
Belsy Sanchez-Mons Matt Chippers
ALe AD Carolina Navarro!!! 😂😂😂
Mariepier Corneau Nicolas Dumont. 😂😂
Amanda Mabb Becky Lynn lmfao
Molly Sims
5 hours ago

🐾Happy Birthday Chloe aka our Chlo-Chlo 🐾 17 years strong!🎉#PAWtyOn 🎉

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Ginger Doughty What food do you feed your yorkies
Paweł Niemiec 😄😉
Sparkk Mark Awesomeness!
Tammy Hodges-Burnett Happy Birthday!!!
Vincent Rugani Happy B-Day!
15:42 07/24/2017

And THIS is why you should lock down a Pisces! ❤️

This Is What Type Of Girlfriend You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign
This Is What Type Of Girlfriend You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

12 love signs, 12 different kinds of lovers.  What does when you were born say about what kind of lover you might be? What kinds of people might light your fires or leave you cold? See how your per...

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Melanie Hansen interesting....
Martha Stewart
4 hours ago

Let's raise a glass to National Tequila Day!

22 tried-and-true tequila cocktails
22 tried-and-true tequila cocktails

Whether you're looking for something fruity, boozy, or both, you can't go wrong with one of our favorite tequila cocktail recipes. Is it happy hour yet??!

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Martha Ann Keely Melissa Carrell
Susan H Beach Sheri
Chris Harwell Rory Cullen
Shira Bray Natalie Marie Van Gaver
Antony Kent Katie LittleBear Armstrong
Kendra Wilkinson
7 hours ago

I can't tell if he's excited or scared. LOL.

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Donna Wetterquist-Puga Stink face
Angela Diane Leininger Looks hot
Missy Mcbride Neither. He's acting like a dog.
Jerry Lambert ROTFLMFAO
Julie Bresette Heaven-Lee Bresette lol looks like it's got lock jaw
Lauren Conrad
Yesterday 19:00

As much as I love my neutrals, it’s always fun to add pops of color to my wardrobe. Today on the blog, my team has rounded up our favorite bold red pieces… and you just might want them all!

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Arbab Kasi Waooooooo
Shawn Terrell It is what it is.
Don Davis Who is that Hot girl have U read any Orr my books yet UR MOM is in All xo Don
4 hours ago

Olá, segunda-feira!

228 reactions 6 comments
Bruno Rodrigues Lima Bom dia mari
Tatiane Leo Mari...♥ bom dia, good vibes pra nossa semana ;)
Deis Maria Bom dia. Segunda- Feira de novo. 😄
Dos Santos Alex Que bonitinho amor ...
Eduardo Guineli good morning sunshine
Vinny Guadagnino
Yesterday 18:30


30 Bumper Stickers Worth Ruining Your Car’s Resale Value For
30 Bumper Stickers Worth Ruining Your Car’s Resale Value For

What’s the funniest bumper sticker YOU have ever seen? Share in the comments!

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15:42 07/24/2017

Thinking about getting some ink? These feeds will definitely inspire you.

11 Rad Tattoo Artists You Need To Be Following On Instagram
11 Rad Tattoo Artists You Need To Be Following On Instagram

Over the past few years, the tattoo world has seen a boom in trends like watercolor tattoos, wispy barely-there ink, and geometric pieces that have taken tattoos from the underground to the mainstr...

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Donald J. Trump
14:36 07/24/2017

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Monday, July 24th: Lunch with Vice President Mike Pence Greets victims of Obamacare Statement on healthcare Travels to West Virginia Remarks at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree Returns to Washington, D.C.

15.2k reactions 3345 comments
Mike Reynolds Why exactly is government involved in healthcare in the first place...
Seshadri Krishnan Donald Trump Dynamic President will win next election also live to complete the term successfully.God bless this beautiful Gentleman.
Tim Lau All you butthurt libturd crybaby snowflakes... Instead of fuming, ranting, lying, slandering, tirades and meltdowns, JUST VOTE POTUS OUT! Or impeach him! Or convince his supporters to vote Democrat next time! If you can, lol!
Patrice Cappy Cavalier Victims of Obamacare? At least he worked with both sides to get something in place. Fix what's broken, do something. Our country is counting on you to be productive...
Dawn Hitsman Always victims but never someone that it works for. #impeachtrump
Martha Stewart
4 hours ago

Its name is Japanese for "moss ball."

How to make kokedama string gardens
How to make kokedama string gardens

Transform ordinary houseplants into adorable self-contained arrangements called Kokedama. These versatile arrangements can be suspended, displayed in a dish, or used in terrariums!

168 reactions 9 comments
Virginia Stayman Connie McKay Lenhart Dusty Graham
Marit Saltrones Annee Ness
Katelin Schneider Sherry DeMars Kim Zywicki i want one!
Melody Henderson OOOH WEEE
Rinna Ramadhayanty Panjaitan Perfect 😊
Vinny Guadagnino
Yesterday 18:30

This is SO me!😋😋

3.1k reactions 2370 comments
Jackie Florian Julio Menjivar I should've taken one of these to school today
Holly Reid Evie BateBen Packer I feel this would come in useful
Ruvalcaba MB Gisselle Ibarra sirve que ya no me usas de almohada jajajaja
Jayme Lynn Kate Pedersen Stacey Woolvett i feel like you two can relate this most lmao
Vanessa Avendano Deborah Ansah Norine Charles-Khokhar Megan Dijong omg we need this asap! Haha and maybe one for Ranajoy 😂😂
Martha Stewart
4 hours ago

"The simple meal feels complete when served with toasted rustic bread and good-quality tuna packed in oil, flaked right from the tin," says Sweet Talk host Lindsay Strand.

Recipe: Sardinian Tomato Salad
Recipe: Sardinian Tomato Salad

We used a selection of green heirloom tomatoes for this salad, but it tastes just as good with other varieties. Be sure not to use unripe green tomatoes, though, which are best for frying or pickling.

45 reactions 4 comments
Ângelo Wang Felicitations, Martha Stewart!
Ângelo Wang Andreia Marisa Pereira
Ângelo Wang Ana Lu Belchior
Ângelo Wang Marilia Canhoto Maria João de Almeida
Dalai Lama
11:06 07/24/2017

So long as we are human we need compassion. Compassion brings inner peace and whatever else is going on, that peace of mind allows us to see the whole picture more clearly. So, in our education we need lessons about developing warmheartedness and finding inner peace. I’m convinced that today’s young people can achieve a more peaceful world if they cultivate that as their vision and begin to work towards it now.

12.4k reactions 677 comments
Bikash Tamang Very well said we can't see our face in boiling water, Thats why peace of mind is very important. Coz our well happiness is conect with peace of mind nd heart.
Dale Anderson Matt Anderson Caitlin Anderson
Jesse Mitchell Whoever this guy is, he's a bloody smart cookie
Jennie Cox David Hook xx
Michael Dargan Connor McAuley
Jamie Oliver
4 hours ago

The very first copy of Jamie's new book 5 Ingredients #QuickAndEasyFood has landed and we're so excited! Every recipe uses just 5 ingredients and Jamie's dedicated it to 5 very special people in his life...❤️ Want to be one of the first to get your hands on a copy? Out in the UK and Australia on August 24th, pre-order yours here:

18.3k reactions 1176 comments
Claire Rosvall Wonderful @jamieoliver can't wait to get a copy. You are the best! Nils RosvallSophie RosvallOlof Rosvall
Sian Southwell Chris Southwell another we will need to add to the collection! Pukka!x
BrookeEddie Tate Looks amazing!! Love the pictures with every recipe 👏🏽
Ute Herrschaft It'll be on my shopping list! Will make my hubby very happy!
Leonarda Caro Tardio I'll be the first one on line when this book comes out. I have a self that has only his books on it.
15:42 07/24/2017

Dead 😂😂😂

10 Old Screen Names That are SO Embarrassing Now!
10 Old Screen Names That are SO Embarrassing Now!

Picking the right screen name used to be a huge deal. You didn't want something lame like just your first name and birthdate, you wanted to tell the world how much you loved 98 Degrees! Looking ba...

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