Tyler Perry
01:00 11/18/2017

Hey, take your kids to go see The Star Movie! They will love it. I do!! And I ain’t just saying that cause I’m in it. Well sort of. http://variety.com/2017/film/reviews/the-star-review-1202616378/

Film Review: ‘The Star’
Film Review: ‘The Star’

Though it probably could have gone without saying, “The Star” ends with a politely worded note to the effect that, while having fun and taking artist license, its creators strived to maintain the s…

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Natasha Brown My grandkids is absolutely looking forward to Nana time! We all are going. Thank you for a truly family movie. Love you Sir Tyler. Please help my brother! This should not happen to Vets. A part of America's dark past, especially in Oklahoma, is family ...
Leona Gabriel I enjoy these kinds of movies more than the kids.
Kanika Starr Reynolds Loved your prayer on the Joel Osteen XM Radio! (I receive it! In my Joel Osteen voice 😂🙏🏽😀)
Linda Ontheside Clayton Looking forward to seeing this one too!
Tyler Perry
12:12 11/15/2017

Link to purchase: http://bit.ly/higheriswaiting

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Naomi Lopez I need to get your book !!! Congrats to you !!! God bless you and keep doing what your doing Tyler !!! We Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Filla Sack I hope to buy the book by us very soon ....I am not really interested in other peoples personal lives because we all to have that personal grow in life..... But it seems and sound more like a book that is giving thanks to God ......but hey let me go ...
Joseph Robin Lol, how 'bout I got my arm caught in the wringer to the washer too... Lol up to my elbows. I gotta call my granny to laugh about that... It's a nice read~
Teasea Hill Can't wait to read this book written by my future boss.( I'm speaking those things that be Not as thou they were). AMEN....
Alfred Edwards Thanks so very much for come back and taking pictures wit me n my Girlfriend that was so very kind of u wit that attitude u will always be on top
Tyler Perry
12:12 11/15/2017

Tyler Perry's cover photo

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Joanne Williams Hi ✋ Tyler,how r u??? I really enjoyed begin in the ATL on yesterday... 3&1/2hour drive cleared my mine on "ALOT" of things I am battling in my life. Yes I laughed & I got see a little more of the town.I enjoyed you speech,very inspiring.. My head hit ...
Louise Kennedy She was a precious person. Knew her only for a short time but she will never be forgotten. RIP my friend and fellow parishioner.
Sis Cynthia King Perry! Proud of you man of God keep doing what God has called you to do and that is to produce great work with the hands he has blessed you with amen
Oluyinka Mabel Makinde Hi Tyler, Good to see you at ATL. You gave an awesome speech. Keep it up! I love ATL is quite and peaceful. I didn't get to see you, that's my regret, I'm hoping to see you next time. I will be looking out for your next event. I will be glad if you can ...
Jeffery Hamilton Tyler Perry's If Loving You Is Wrong Is the worst series he's ever produced bad acting , overly dramatic terrible dialogue !
Tyler Perry
23:24 11/12/2017

For Tickets: http://venue.thegramercytheatre.com/EventDetail?tmeventid=0000536624A47665&offerid=62380

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Maria Carpenter Wright I just read that you like me found out you had another dad out in the world.My mom hurt me with her lies but I try to forgive even though she makes it very hard.I am writing a book about the whole mess and you have given me the courage to do it.God ...
Shanna Duhon Tyler..... Come to Louisiana!! We can afford to buy your books, plays, movie, I think you should come do a book signing in Louisiana Babby. Get away from all those stuck up ATL folks, come to the country. Your ROOTS!😜😜😜😜💖💖💖
Kimberly Duncan Hi Mr Perry I'm writing to you to ask you to please pray for me and my family on July 3rd 2017 my son James Hammond passed away he was 31 years old he was at 63rd street beach on his boat with my grandson and granddaughter and one of there friends my ...
Patrina Spellman Mr. Tyler Perry I would love to come to that book signing/seminar. Unfortunately I’m a few hours away and can’t make it. I will definitely place this on my wish list to buy for me or my son. #HappyFriy-aay
Nicole Smith Hey! Terry perry it’s great seeing and watching you’re plays and movies 🎥 actually my mother introduce me to madea I’ve been a #1 fan!!!!!! ❤️🙌🏻💋 hopefully sir meet you one day #bucketlist
Tyler Perry
10:36 11/10/2017

For Tickets: https://foxtheatre.org/events/higher-waiting-conversation-tyler-perry/

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Dorothea Tucker-Taylor I will meet up with you one day Mr. Perry!!... can’t make ATL... but maybe New York... that’s my hometown... God Bless You!🙏🏽, you’re simply the best!
Steven Peskin Mr. Perry, will you be in South Florida Soon, you have Mega Fans here! You are one of most talented Writers, Performers, and An all around Great Guy!
Katalin Takacs Tyler perry I absolutely love u!!!! I saw nearly all ur movies❤️❤️I can watch them over and over and never get tired of them.big love to u guys
Betty Asher We would love to have you in Middlesboro,KY. and you would be just a mile from where three states connect.KY.,VA.,and TN.Beautiful mountains and much more.Come check us out Mr.Perry.
Terri Taylor Mr Perry can you take the Good with the bad. I love your work.All off it. But you look funny to me in that hat.It looks to big.But you are still cute. God Bless.
Tyler Perry
10:36 11/10/2017

I’m in the car pulling up to the CMAs. I’m presenting tonight and YES, I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC! Lol. Who’s watching?

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Sylvia Cook Daymon I like some country music too. The origin of the music is deep rooted in the African American heritage. I was rather disappointed last year when the CMA's erased Beyonce's performance of Daddy Lessons with the Dixie Chicks from their website.
Roxy Bergeron Mr. Perry why wouldn't they not be waiting you is a better question! It's a blessing to see you in movies, one can only image how truly creative, talented and inspiring you truly are to everyone who connects with you. Have fun tonight! Look imaging. 😇
SwagStar Johnson They say if u ask God and believe you shall receive. Ion want no momey just a chance. Please check out my latest internet story #YNLABBW When i say it got SOOOOOO much potential...it got it Tyler Perry
Sandra Carraway I love your plays movies etc,but to say country music,nay!!! I pass but on others hands,pls keep doing madea.!!!!!lols.in life itself you give people inspiration,you impress me.my talent is singing,im still striving to see how I can advance at this age ...
Laura L Stanley I love Tyler Perry as for the politics it's all around us. Sometimes you just have to sit back laugh.i love country music to be honest country fans are the most dedicated loyal fans there are.
Tyler Perry
10:36 11/10/2017

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Gutchie Spencer Tyler Perry! Sir...you're gonna drive Steve Harvey crazy trying to keep up with you. Stay Blessed!!❤💯🇬🇧
Geralynn Colomb Please come to Houston, TX my son is a HUGE fan an I want to have him meet you soooo bad he knows EVERY SONG, EVERY WORD, EVERY ACT TO EVERY PLAY AND MOVIE YOU EVER WROTE!!! When I say he is a huge fan he is inspired to become an upcoming you. We love ...
Melrose Allen Mr Perry can you please visit Florida would love to meet you that’s my heart desire my dreams either TAMPA or Lakeland FL
Dorothy Maluta Congrats on your new book wish i can see you in person but cant wish you the best Tyler but you will always be Madea to me
Nolubabalo Binase Oh wow!My mentor my fellow brother love your work and everything you do turns to gold one day I would finally meet you one day is one day
Tyler Perry
21:48 11/07/2017


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Annie Mae Coleman Father in Heaven, first thank you. Please give us the understanding that we need to know what is actually going on in the world. Bless us and our children abundantly Help us Lord to help our fellow man. Lead us and guide us Lord, the way you want us to ...
Babette Murray Lord, thank you for being our refuge and strong tower, God bless the families who are in mourning due to the loss of their loved ones bless them with strength comfort and healing. God bless the church and the community restore their peace and my there ...
Misty Ford Lord let's get prayer back in our schools ,letshealthebrokenness,feed the hungry,clothe the homeless,give to the needy,spread the gospel,Lord lets get America back on the right course.I pray in your precious name father God for this violence,hatred,...
Karen Taylor Tyler Perry thank you so much for this prayer the America needed it the world needs it I need it do you evenif know how much I admire you and love you yes Tyler I love you!! Go may the lord bless and keep you may he make his face to shine on you and be ...
Terrie T. Greene Absolutely! Praying!! Father god , I lift up my heart in prayer , that we know you are sovereign, you are almighty god. I pray that people will search and find Love and forgiveness . We need you more than ever. I pray for those that are lost and don’t ...
Tyler Perry
21:48 11/07/2017

ATLANTA! Higher is Waiting! Thank you!!

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Lois Simpson Have you ever thought of an idea like this one. I've asked a few and they said... that would be the movie of the decade... Here's a message for Tyler Perry and Eddie Murphy... imagine a movie that included the Nutty Professor's family meets Madia's ...
Bobbye Marks Dear Mr. Perry I luv your plays n movies. They are all heart touching. N I'm so glad your reaching out to the younger n older groups n telling us to keep our faith, n to never give up on our dreams no matter wat we be facing keep on our path no matter ...
Tonnette B Boyd Dear mr perry I am writing you this and asking for help I don't know if you will receive this message or if you will respond I'm 55 year old female I lost everything I ever work for I have been trying to find a job but no one call I had to move back to ...
Bonnie Hawk Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. I saw Boo2this afternoon, and as with all movies you have written and played in I enjoyed it, love that you always throw in a strong moral lesson, sure going to get and read this book too. again Thank ...
Debra L Parker Lee Ah Tyler we do love you! What you give us is the escape we need at times. I'm gonna read the book to. 🤗 love to hear things are going so well for you,you certainly deserve it. I'm your fan for life , God bless you and your son and your Lady. 🤗❤
Tyler Perry
20:12 11/02/2017

Happy Hellerween, y’all! Get a FREE BOX OF CANDY when you buy 2 tix today to see Boo 2! A Madea Halloween w/ Atom Tickets! atm.tk/boo2

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Sandra Wilson It is 11/1 and as of 2 yesterday I became an official resident if California.good bye Georgia tags and driver's license and hello California tags and driver's license. 🤓🤗😇😎and they are going to wish like hell that they were nicer to ME in that State of ...
Ruthie Uadilifu Tyler Perry I loved it so funny! You keep up with a message on some movies and mainstream stuff to appeal to all audiences it’s smart business. There’s always going to be haters ! Seriously have several seats and leave this man alone he does so much ...
Danielle Finch Hi. My name is Danielle Finch. My son was born with a devastating disease called neurofibromatosis or Nf for short. This disease causes tumors to form anywhere there are nerves including the brain and spinach cord. My son precisely has over 20 tumors ...
Courtland S. Hampton My wife and I love your work. Having said that, we were very disapointed at the content of the movie that was a radical departure from the past movies. The language was horrid and the ganging up on Brian was unnecessary, not to mention Deborah's ...
Melissa Greer I grew up in Illinois and jason and lake's were a few down the road. We would play # lil bloody murder and i ran fram that it. Jason is chasing you out of the lake. No
Tyler Perry
07:24 10/31/2017

There’s so much more to John Schneider than Jim Cryer. Love this guy. I’m so proud of him! Check out his new movie! This dude is twisted! https://www.johnschneiderstudios.com/4toGO/

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Santia Duncan I will check it out, I love a lot of action/ comedy. Thanks for sharing. 🤡😊
Francisca Griego He has been involved in things since dukes of hazard.
Tonya Hellard I have always loved John Schneider! So Happy for him! Thanks for sharing
Tekesha German https://scontent-mia3-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/12112031_1494813394179981_8523024606444614378_n.jpg?oh=ada07a889a4918fa5db532a93130da23&oe=5AA794EF
Senzo S Smosh Sibuyi perry i loved yr movies bro daddy' little girl movies is my one favourite u do amazing movies man
Tyler Perry
18:36 10/28/2017

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Mary Allen Disappointing, way too much foul speech. I understand you use some in your plays/films, but this went too far. Even my teenagers were disappointed. I agree this is the worse!!
Joan Millon I guess so. I went last w/e. Wasn't as funny as the first. Glad I went to the matinee ($5). And Joe had some pretty risque lines. Tyler pushing the limits now!
CJ Schultz The newspaper said that Your number one at the Box office & your number one with the world as well. Life is a vast drama...the world a stage. God writes the play...& chooses the actors. And, He chose you.
James V. Hixson Talk to the amc branded theatres in Montana and we would have went last weekend buy one,get one or full price.we have to drive to Spokane,Washington to see it since no theatres in Montana showing it
Nyoka Thomas I love your works sir, but how, as a CHRISTIAN, can you support the party that does everything they can to get rid of the CHRISTIAN belief??
Tyler Perry
05:48 10/26/2017

Anytime someone uses their platforms to help others, I'M WITH THEM! I’m giving to Kevin’s charity. Who’s with me? Go Kev! You know I’m going to be making sure you run the whole thing and not get in a car along the way. https://www.youcaring.com/helpfromthehartcharity-979866

Click here to support My NY Marathon Run for Scholarships!
Click here to support My NY Marathon Run for Scholarships!

Hello Family! You know how much I love bringing entertainment to the world whether it is through comedy, acting, writing and or producing shows. I have been very blessed to have such an incredible career and platform to not only make you laugh, but to support charities and programs that are near...

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Senzo S Smosh Sibuyi that's great Tyler perry there's a rewards for doing that.
Christiana Domi Awesome 👏🏾 ! Let’s run 🏃🏾 for a great 👍🏾 cause!
Rahdell Scott I need help getting to Israel. I had a calling since 2012. I really can use your help. I'm Baptist.
Marilyn Laviage Tobol Very sad that Madea is anti-trump. You would think that a pistol packing mama would like him!!!!
Tyler Perry
05:48 10/26/2017

I'll be discussing my new book in Atlanta & NYC next month. Here's the links if you want to attend! #HigherIsWaiting Atlanta - https://foxtheatre.org/events/higher-waiting-conversation-tyler-perry/ New York City - http://thetownhall.org/event/tyler-perry

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Oluyinka Mabel Makinde Hello Tyler, good to see you! I will be making plans towards this. I will probably be coming to the one in ATL. Hope to see you! We pray that GOD keep us.Lest I forget. I want to report Madea. She's been advertising Halloween up and down the whole ...
Irene Jones Dear Tyler Perry Will you be doing another Why Did I Get Married? Why did I get Married Again? 🤔 thank you for keeping us entertained😙
Bernadette Wallick What a bummer I'm gonna miss meeting you in person. I won't be in New York until November 21. Please come to LA!!! You're so inspirational!!!
Oluyinka Mabel Makinde Hi Tyler, the website for ATL is showing problem with security certificate. I'm trying to get me a ticket. Is there a way you can fix this.
Terese Ratcliff Hello Tyler Perry I think your new movie was awesome 2Boo Halloween but at first I was scary until end part! Let us connect about casting I would love to work with you 😊
Tyler Perry
04:06 10/21/2017

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Teresa Goebel Thanks Tyler Perry for talking with the fans. My family loves Madea and we love to laugh. I have small grandchildren who loves to watch Madea but i do agree with others that Joe needs to be taken back without the cursing and sexual details. I myself ...
Sandra Lubinski Vernon Mr. Perry, My husband and myself went to see it this evening and omg I laughed so much my stomach was hurting. Please keep them coming, it feels good to laugh. God bless
Ora Richman Ummm yeah another thing...if you don't want your child to see Boo 2, have a willing Adult go to see My Little Pony in another area of the theater...it's still showing. I took my one month old grandson and he only CRIED one time when he was hungry and ...
Jackie Munoz-Irizarry Yes I will. Thank you with helping at the telethon Saturday for the hurricane relief. I have family in Puerto Rico they all are OK. I need a good laugh. Love me some Madea..lol
Mary Roberts Tyler Perry get some much needed rest after that let us fans know about season 3 of TCTH PLEASE....We love you getting ready to go see the movie here in Texas....💋 💤 well God bless you....
Tyler Perry
04:06 10/21/2017

M-A-DEA is backkkkkk in Boo 2! A Madea Halloween! Buy 1 ticket, get 1 free at Atom Tickets, but it won’t last long: atm.tk/boo2 #Boo2

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Sharon Kay love your movies tyler perry good to laught to much sadness in this world keep make great movies god be with you love god jesus amen
Charlene Tate Hey TP.. Just I want to say Hi, have a great blessed prosperous day. I love your work, your commitment and your creativity. You make me smile all the time. THANK YOU!!!
Cynthia Elkins Ty so much!!! On a budget. That really helped save to buy tickets so my children and I can see! We love your movies!!! Excited to watch ton!
Rosalind Carswell Tyler perry you are amazing. I would love to be invited to one of your parties and have something very nice on also be able to come. I was just reminded of why I like you so much. On The Real Show you were watching the news said it was an old lady who ...
Mesac Jules Acting was really bad, these youtubers can’t act at all but I guess it’s the low budget for Tyler Perry, hiring good actor would cost him too much
Tyler Perry
04:06 10/21/2017

Y'ALL GOT TO SEE THIS!! Too cute!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igDhGpXqCEg

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Betty Moss Richardson I can not wait to see this movie I need a good laugh thank u Tyler for all the wonderful movies love all your movies
Dora Douse Where's Wal-Mart?i am gonna go get mines,lol I know the DVD is not out yet,may God bless you Tyler Perry.
Mary Pender I love the earlier Madea movies but this flick was just going through he motions not really funny at all
Liz Adams ❤️🎃Saw it tonight!! My 21st wedding anniversary and spent it w my husband and Madea! Loved it! Keep making us laugh Tyler! Love you! ❤️😃
Brenda Johnson I cant wait see movie when it come out November 20, but it be good as first one.Thank you for all your plays, movies and shows .Love you Mr Perry
Tyler Perry
02:30 10/16/2017

I'm live ready to answer your questions! #Boo2 tickets are on sale now! Get yours here: http://lions.gt/boo2tickets

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Mary King Gil Bentonville, AR Big fan of Madea. My son is 28 and we have seen every Madea movie together! They are great! He lives in NYC now, but we are going to see it together! Love me some Madea.
Leah MeMa Morris I would love for you to come to state college!!! I love your plays !! You talk about real life you don’t sugar coat it. That’s what makes it real and now with Hatee, oh Lordy ;) god bless you !!!
Jacqueline Edwards You are such a awesome man of God Bless you and keep on giving us laughs it bring laughter to so many of us who have appreciated but boring lives
Justine Cadena Thanks for coming out to San Antonio, wish I could have met you!!! My husband and I's favorite Madea movie is Madea's Big Happy Family! We quote it all the time! What is your favorite Madea movie?
Aj Nelson Hey Tyler, I'm on the fence about coming to work down there with you because of the right to work , I'm SAG AFTRA actor 20 yrs , what would be best benefit of working out there?
Tyler Perry
02:30 10/16/2017

#Boo2 tickets on sale now! - http://lions.gt/boo2tickets

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Audra Thompson Nicole, I want to see this and IT
Breona M Eddie Megan Olexa Harvey Aviles can we please make this a best friend date 😍❤️ I’ll get first one this weekend and watch
Linda French Smith I cannot wait to see the movies boo two I just love Miss Hattie
Norvela Fluddrice hey. my. VIRGO boRn fRiend! ........ run MADEA save yo sellf l💋l. loveyou boo!
Sandra Copley What about the live plays? I would really Love to see one! ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Tyler Perry
13:42 10/13/2017

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Swan Dinh I am a lab tech for a chemical company. I love science and very interested in business management. I want to help children back in my hometown in Vietnam once I'm successful. I have been working on a project and it will be 10 years until I can start to ...
Steven Peskin Keep up the brilliance of your creativity, would love to ask questions, thank you for your Humanitarian efforts, Boo 2 will be a hit, as it has your efforts behind it. Blessings and Prayers to You and Your Staff!!!!!
Marilyn Porter My question to you Mr.Perry is in reference to becoming a serious writer. I am halfway through earning my Master's. This is my second chance opportunity in life. Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Thank you!
Emefa Gadze Dear Tyler Perry, Would you be willing to partner with a Single Parents Support Network, an organization in Ghana to provide scholarships for children going to high school and college and also for the single parents who themselves want to go back to ...
Brenda Person Hello Mr. Perry. I would love for u to mentor me so I can act in one of your movies or tv show. Will u consider hiring your fans for your shows? I hope so. Also, I have a cousin, he's name is Marquis Arnold. He's intelligent, god fearing young man who ...
Tyler Perry
00:54 10/11/2017

To ELLE Magazine (US)!!! THANK YOU FOR RECOGNIZING THE GENIUS AND CONTRIBUTION OF THIS AMAZING WOMAN!! Whatever you do, buy this cover!! We are witnessing history!!! I’m blown away.

8.6k reactions 395 comments
Bruce A Lawson Simply a national treasure and epitome of the term ICON. God bless this Pioneer of Film and Life continually.
Sharma Ann Logan She's an amazing actress and I love the fact she's in your madea movie. She adds to the cast regardless of the movie.
Joseph Robin Love Cecily... Still dying off of MaDea, "If u like the Color Purple, Schindler's List, Moonlight... Then this is nothing like that... " (Hollering) ~ This is real deep~
Kimberley Appleton Ms Tyson looks marvelous. I am in awe at her beauty. She has aged graciously. So deserving of this recognition.
Montrae Davis I love this! They got it right and she looks amazing. Has a real career, not some reality show crap.
Tyler Perry
00:54 10/11/2017

Hey! I had so much fun doing Carpool Karaoke with this guy. Check it out tomorrow on Apple Music, right here: http://apple.co/_CK

6.3k reactions 242 comments
Charlotte M Reyes Tyler Perry..your just wonderful!!! I love me some Madea!!!!
Teresa Beltran Barrientos I will def check it out still waiting to play in one of your movies lol wishful thinking 😘
Betty Jean 😄Thats awesomeness!!! 🤗I love happy and Fun!!!
Shataya Jefferson LOL Y'all jamming in that car I love it
Henry Apple Wow you don't care who you hang with ...thought you were a Christian man...
Tyler Perry
12:06 10/08/2017

Hellur everybody, Madea's here. I'm about to tell y'all my Halloween party tips, so listen up! #Boo2 October 20th

184.1k reactions 72430 comments
Beatriz MacBrien Omg I missed it. I been begging for this for a long time
Gisela Robles Love You Madea Haleluyar!!!
Martha Montanez Tyler I love you. I have all your movies. I laugh so hard at Boo #1 and my girlfriend said shut the hell up there going to throw us out. 😄😄😄😄😄😄 . I can't wait to see your Boo 2
Mary Roland Gofundme, the hell up outta my house. Can't stop laughing. Please come to my house and pass out 🍬 on Halloween, Made. #TylerPerry.
David Laude Im more afraid of madea than anything else lol
Tyler Perry
23:18 10/05/2017

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Solomon Botchway NEVER QUIT, DON'T GIVE UP In life we fail, sometimes once, sometimes twice, sometimes thrice and sometimes every time. So we decide to quit, because we did our best but it was not good enough. Sometimes too we succeed and then out of no where we make ...
Elaine Mance Thank you BISHOP JAKE'S. The same thing happened to Me But it was Tyler Perry, offering 80,000. and MARVIN Sapp offers ME 35,000. IF I would do the same thing.
Lauri Vincente Everything you do has a message, I'm just "scarrrrrred" about about this one. Something tells me you're gonna kick the 🎃 tar and feather out of this movie!❤
Idah Shanaya I lovee your movies..they always have something to teach n encourage someone... Keep up the good job and God bless you
Marlena Sanchez I was watching but then it just cut off as Madea was singing Halo I hope I can watch it later it was so funny just what I needed for the bad day I was having
Tyler Perry
10:30 10/03/2017

I thought Sandy Hook would have been America’s wake up call. Sadness and prayers for all the victims of this TERRORIST attack in Vegas. When will this end!

18.0k reactions 1502 comments
Jessica Teresa Dunn Thank you Tyler! Call it what it is! A terrorist attack... Our whole city has been shook to its core. Pray for my city...
Thembalethu Brian Mncube The Lord be with you all and we are praying for you. God is faithful to protect and watch over all. Keep the Faith and Christ at the center of it All.
Inda Ferguson Myers Yeah..We all need to give up our guns because then only criminals will have them..SMH..you people that think that stricter gun laws are the answer are just ignorant..Criminals Steal guns..They definatly are going to have them and I sure want to be able ...
Fran Nails I'm with you Tyler. This is so disheartening. You don't know from day to day what you're going to wake up to. There has to be some type of gun control to stop some of this. So sad prayers to the family and friends and to all of that performers that were ...
Shawn MacDonald This is an never ending circle jerk of validation. From people quoting god like they know him personally, only god visits them and tells them what he wants, lol. People sending thoughts and prayers, instead of actually doing something. At least I can ...
Tyler Perry
21:42 09/30/2017

I've heard you Mayor Cruz.... If I had the military and the rest of the United States at my command I would have C130s full of electrical equipment and utility workers from the mainland on the ground restoring power. I would have helicopters dropping food and water in remote areas that are cut off by washed away roads. I would have the troops driving and delivering food and water and opening those 10 thousand containers that are filled with life saving items. I would have generators flown in to run the banks and the drug stores and the gas stations. I would use my voice and influence to call for calm and to comfort the people of Puerto Rico which is a US territory. But I'm not in command. I’m one man but I see and feel your pain. You’re not only in my prayers, you're in my actions. I'm sending relief and as much help as I can. My prayers and heart are with you. Please join me in helping Puerto Rico.

15.1k reactions 3637 comments
Rachel Safford Fake media again trying to get a rise out of people. This was from a few days ago. There are people over there helping and we are sending things to them and having food drives. So stop spreading lies that are not true to get rise out of people. They ...
Brad Sells CNN typical lying newscast, Mayor of Puerto Rico today and stated how thankful he is for the overflowing help they are receiving, Nice try Mr.Perry but this segment is a lie
Diane Riani Whiteley So sick of the crap being said that nothing is being done!!! It is, the Army is there working on the power, those big creates that have stuff going bad, they are working on getting it taken care of. Before you comment, get your facts straight. There is ...
Shannon Tuck 3 devastating hurricanes hit back to back and liberals think that trump is supposed to wave his magic wand and have it all fixed in a short amount of time,easy to say what you would or wouldn't do in a situation if your not actually in the Presidents ...
Monica Thomas Let's pull some things together Tyler Perry! With the help of Celebrities we can make a difference just like we did with Texas and Florida! Get your fella Celebrities to lead and we shall help and follow!
Tyler Perry
21:42 09/30/2017

I love Ozzie Areu's entrepreneurial spirit. He has been with me a long time and I'm proud of him & his new app. Please check it out & download Veryfier today! Finally, an app that provides peace of mind for your used online purchases while also creating #jobs. You're going to love it! www.veryfier.com #veryfier

463 reactions 70 comments
Santia Duncan Thanks, I'll try it out. Have a Blessed/Safe day!💜💖💛
Valerie Cooper Thanks for sharing the video and app. Have a nice day.
Latanya China Rhodes When is too close to home coming back tylerrrrrrrrrrrrrr?
Lee Linda Hi I wise I can get the.car of my Dream
Edith Semakula Please Terry let me know when it should be out (Why did I get married 3)coz am eargerly waiting.
Tyler Perry
18:30 09/20/2017

Y'all ready!! Return of If Loving You is Wrong tonight at 9/8c! Gonna be on fire!

5.9k reactions 781 comments
Marilyn Gordon Jeffries Where is too close to home, haven't been​ back on has the show been cancelled? And please don't leave us hanging over a cliff wondering what's​ gonna happen to candid
Carla Bradley Dear Tyler not sure if you get time to read these but I will give it a shot.So first off thanks for being a good person and caring we need more in this world.I live in north Florida and as you know areas were affected by Irma I have some things I want ...
Zizi McQueen sometimes the dialogs r too long nd ey end up boring.nd that last scene was a total disaster cz from wat I saw the lady selling guns left nd she didn't leave any gun
Sandra Wilson Good Tyler.. How's tricks. Ahah..lesbian cyberspace stalker alert.. Ahaha..Gps on phones. SMH. Changing this number soon. Amfamuky coming in April.. so changes will be made Godly changes. Y know me by hurries it no worries. Finished 1 business ...
Cynthia Houseal Did they take refresher courses in acting? I hope you don't let this go another season....give me a spoiler....how many more seasons it's painful to watch. I DVR and watch when nothing else is on
Tyler Perry
16:54 09/15/2017

Birthday Sunset SoulCycle ride. Thank you Angela Davis Motivational Coach and all my soul brothers and sisters who rode last night. Thank you Soulcycle! God bless you all. It was incredible.

1.5k reactions 324 comments
Carolina Villa Happy birthday to you Tyler, may this year be a fantastic successful year with family, love and hope!
Katie Nash Happy birthday!You share a birthday with my daughter. The both of you are awesome, intelligent, talented and gifted.
Gh Honeyboy Happy birthday. My Lord. Through you I got my filmmaking talents....May God keep blessing you to teach me more....#HoneyBoy From Ghana
Santia Duncan I wish I was with y'all, I would cooked you some jerk chicken & beans ,rice , Mac&cheese with homemade garlic bread. I'm a chef,writer,lover,menter,lol jack of all trades. 💙💚❤️
Sharon Simmons Teachers aide in Tennessee .....if u ever feel led to help someone ,,please consider me🌼...house needs repairs
Tyler Perry
16:54 09/15/2017

36.1k reactions 2890 comments
Marcus Lindsey Hey Tyler Perry can't wait.and thank you for remember Florida we need that.I praying that I can get a part of a movie with you
CJ Schultz Madea, your starting to scare me now. Plus I'm not one of those "Runner Type people" unless some is chasing me or if I just run out of time.
Lavine Mccook Part one is the worst movie he's made.... It's just stupid... Watched it hoping it would eventually get better but was just a big waste of time... Kmt...sorry I watched it that's how disappointed I was
Tracy Boles Tyler love your Madea but did you realize that GEO Storm comes out the same day. Hope you the best on ticket sales!!! I will still see the movie just a real hard toss up to decide who's first.
Frances Kinard I repeat: I'm I annoing? Lol... Sorry please don't have Medea call me. Lol😀😜💋💕 Corazon de melon, please come to my home and bring a copy of the dvd. I want to go to the theater when the movie starts but Caribean Cinnemas won't bring your movies ...
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