Tyler Perry
18:30 09/20/2017

Y'all ready!! Return of If Loving You is Wrong tonight at 9/8c! Gonna be on fire!

5.9k reactions 781 comments
Marilyn Gordon Jeffries Where is too close to home, haven't been​ back on has the show been cancelled? And please don't leave us hanging over a cliff wondering what's​ gonna happen to candid
Carla Bradley Dear Tyler not sure if you get time to read these but I will give it a shot.So first off thanks for being a good person and caring we need more in this world.I live in north Florida and as you know areas were affected by Irma I have some things I want ...
Zizi McQueen sometimes the dialogs r too long nd ey end up boring.nd that last scene was a total disaster cz from wat I saw the lady selling guns left nd she didn't leave any gun
Sandra Wilson Good Tyler.. How's tricks. Ahah..lesbian cyberspace stalker alert.. Ahaha..Gps on phones. SMH. Changing this number soon. Amfamuky coming in April.. so changes will be made Godly changes. Y know me by hurries it no worries. Finished 1 business ...
Cynthia Houseal Did they take refresher courses in acting? I hope you don't let this go another season....give me a spoiler....how many more seasons it's painful to watch. I DVR and watch when nothing else is on
Tyler Perry
16:54 09/15/2017

Birthday Sunset SoulCycle ride. Thank you Angela Davis Motivational Coach and all my soul brothers and sisters who rode last night. Thank you Soulcycle! God bless you all. It was incredible.

1.5k reactions 324 comments
Carolina Villa Happy birthday to you Tyler, may this year be a fantastic successful year with family, love and hope!
Katie Nash Happy birthday!You share a birthday with my daughter. The both of you are awesome, intelligent, talented and gifted.
Gh Honeyboy Happy birthday. My Lord. Through you I got my filmmaking talents....May God keep blessing you to teach me more....#HoneyBoy From Ghana
Santia Duncan I wish I was with y'all, I would cooked you some jerk chicken & beans ,rice , Mac&cheese with homemade garlic bread. I'm a chef,writer,lover,menter,lol jack of all trades. πŸ’™πŸ’šβ€οΈ
Sharon Simmons Teachers aide in Tennessee .....if u ever feel led to help someone ,,please consider me🌼...house needs repairs
Tyler Perry
16:54 09/15/2017

36.1k reactions 2890 comments
Marcus Lindsey Hey Tyler Perry can't wait.and thank you for remember Florida we need that.I praying that I can get a part of a movie with you
CJ Schultz Madea, your starting to scare me now. Plus I'm not one of those "Runner Type people" unless some is chasing me or if I just run out of time.
Lavine Mccook Part one is the worst movie he's made.... It's just stupid... Watched it hoping it would eventually get better but was just a big waste of time... Kmt...sorry I watched it that's how disappointed I was
Tracy Boles Tyler love your Madea but did you realize that GEO Storm comes out the same day. Hope you the best on ticket sales!!! I will still see the movie just a real hard toss up to decide who's first.
Frances Kinard I repeat: I'm I annoing? Lol... Sorry please don't have Medea call me. LolπŸ˜€πŸ˜œπŸ’‹πŸ’• Corazon de melon, please come to my home and bring a copy of the dvd. I want to go to the theater when the movie starts but Caribean Cinnemas won't bring your movies ...
Tyler Perry
16:54 09/15/2017

You still can give. Houston, Florida and the islands all need us!

2.1k reactions 171 comments
CJ Schultz Well, don't count on FEMA for help a few years back our town was declared a flood disaster 2 years in a row & FEMA gave us the run around & in the end were still suffering from the damage. And, sadly in the end there was no help from any where.
Debbie Putney What about Montana which has been on fire foe months now. All those people need help also. They are being ignored :(
Linda Johnson The unity of star power showed up and united for ordinary people. I salute you guys! Thanks for not being selfish, but loaded with compassion, empathy, and major support. Remember the impact on the insurance companies that insure homes, cars, etc. ...
Sally Robinson-LaPradd I was glad to read that Hand in Hand donations are not going to the Red Cross, they are known for only pennies on the dollar actually going to people in need. I hope someone is smart enough to give this money to local communities/charities. Thank you.
Mary Blount-Carr Hi Tyler Perry, I have been donated at the local stores. Although I don't have a lot. You have to give in order to receive. Although I have been dignoised with Duct Carcinoma Breast cancer, had a lumpectomy in July and will going back on next Friday ...
Tyler Perry
16:54 09/15/2017

You should have seen my face when I heard this on my phone!! Chills and tears!!

3.3k reactions 606 comments
Michael Antonio Davis Happy birthday Tyler aka black Hollywood u are amazing and wonderful person even tho I haven't met u yet u are a genuine guy that cares have many more hope to meet u one day. Tyler Perry
Diane Johnson Happy birthday to you Tyler Perry may God continue onto blessing you with his goodness and his Mercy the guy you on your way to well he's willing to take you and hire before he's willing to take you enjoy your birthday happy birthday
Elaura Elolo Patrick Happy Birthday. Thank you for your inspirational work it keeps me and my kids laughing on days we want to cry. God is good all the time. Keep up the wonderful work. Now she cant wait til Boo 2! A Madea Halloween
Sandra Perry-Lane Thank you Tyler Perry for the joy of watching your Medea come to life of stage. The joy for hearing the wisdom you give to us all and the happy your movies play. I want to wish you a very happy birthday and pray for many more to come. Be blessed
D Pepper Massey That's so beautiful Tyler! When you work so hard and it is acknowledged with love and support from your peers, it is a beautiful thing and helps you persevere in the dark times. Happy birthday Tyler!
Tyler Perry
16:54 09/15/2017


14.1k reactions 778 comments
Valencia Nelson Cool. Congratulations! After 21 years of marriage, I can tell you the marriage starts the day after the honeymoon. Have a blessed journey together. #mountupwithwings #lovenomatterwhat
Kelli Garst I want to go there! Tyler I am certified wedding planner/coordinator of you need one for your new Island! I would love to help all those wonderful couples get engaged or married.
Calvin Whitmire That was so beautiful and heartfelt! I hope God blesses me to have a loving experience like that. - Anita
Layla Crow Really could do without crying when something like this happens but my eyes & heart have other ideas!!! Lol. Beautiful, amazing, and wishing you a lifetime of happiness!!! God Bless.
Vicki NewLife Flood This ain't helping people of color at all. Who cares that some stars with money could fly somewhere and do this proposal. Is there not more important things happening in the world today. Sheesh fed up with stars and their need for attention.
Tyler Perry
16:54 09/15/2017

11.9k reactions 3993 comments
Dora Butler-Wilson Wow I couldn't believe you actually showed Q in the coffin that was heartbreaking. I hate the way Candice is treating her mother, she's got to be brought down for that. Veronica also has to be brought down a peg or two. I love David plz let things go ...
Maryann Dorang The Haves and the Have Nots. First of all, the scene between Hannah and Candice was emotional. Although I don't like the way Candice treats Hannah, it was good to see that she has feelings. Geoffrey should not have been arrested and any mother that ...
Betty Moss Richardson Happy birthday Tyler Perry πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸ’ƒπŸŒΉHAHN can't wait Candace blame every one for her son death she is the cause of her own son death ,talking to her mom like that but her mom told her off ,don't know if she realize she is, and. Veronica got what was coming to ...
Marie Kuntu Happy bday i love it yes Candace can be a.lot more respectful to her mom. I hope Candace gets Jim I feel for her Its as if nobody has her back I just don't want her to turn on her brother she loves him unconditional and he's torn between mom and ...
Cira Lacalamita Calabrese Oh My God, I loved it. I really wish that Vivian dies but I know she will survive because she is one of the major characters on the show. How in Heavens name did Candace's mom not sucker punch her and remind her of what a rotten mom she was. Poor ...
Tyler Perry
16:54 09/15/2017

Timeline Photos

70.6k reactions 9774 comments
Julia Strickland Happy..happy. Happiest of the happiest. You make laugh. You give me faith. As you show your love. I send your way a wish for. Always keep people smiling. Show them no need for color issues. We are one. Gods children. That there will no bullying and that ...
Crissy Woodrow Happiest of Birthdays!! Your amazing and your true heart and soul poor fourth in every thing you do Tyler Perry! This world needs more of you good sir.. you've a heart of gold and it shows. Thanks for always keeping it real good Sir. May your special ...
Norma Taylor Happy Birthday, I prayed for you for years, I see now it worked. I am 74 young, but I knew that God had a calling in my life, I did not understand it then but now I see why. Love you.
Steevi Luciano There are people who come into your life and they improve on your life, we will meet mate through my work, but I can only hope you get my heart felt gratification you now have a new army of urrrr herulo team. God bless you and yours Happy Birthday to ...
SonYa Yve Heller Mr. Perry Happy Birtday to you πŸ˜‚ In a Madea voice, May God Bless you today and always, may all your gifts be filled with Love, Joy and the Best of Health and may all of your wishes come true! You deserve the best and more we love and admire the ...
Tyler Perry
04:06 09/13/2017

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Kim Williams Tyler, is there anyway y'all can partner with Home depot or Lowes to help people restore roofs, replace sheetrocks,repair their floors along with other items that FEMA doesn't cover. I am not against people needing food or personal items. The burden ...
Gracia Gorre I pray in this day and other days The Father and Our Lord Jezus Christ and The Holy Spirit Keep you safe may you grow more in Him come out of Mystic Babylon ( I pray that for everyone ) you are free to do the work of The Father and that you continue and ...
Lavonia Mosley Tyler Perry thank you for your kindiness throughout the storm. And thank to all who lend out a hands in helping all the victims of all the hurricanes that came through every state. We all need to be our brothers and sisters keeper in all time of needed ...
Bernadine Castillo I would like to see reruns of Love Thy Neighbor and For Better or Worse they are Cliffhangers and I don't know what happened I love those two shows. Thank you so very much for all your talents and shows and plays. Lasley happy birthday. May God bless ...
Sandy Marie Veronica is insane! I love the part where Melissa was laughing when they were getting rammed. I just knew she was gonna grab the steering wheel so they could wreck. I hope she & the baby will be ok. Was it necessary to kill lil Q off? I just want it to ...
Tyler Perry
04:06 09/13/2017

1.7k reactions 67 comments
Darlene Gay was that CHER and Barbara Streisand?
Darlene Gay I'm very impressed at the show of these influential artists for this cause!
Debra K. West Do it or don't do it But shove your NEGATIVITY
Terri Susan Liming I think it's great. Sorry I can't help right now. God bless
Maria Contreras Love seeing others coming together as one supporting their fellow brother and sisters
Tyler Perry
15:18 09/10/2017

I'm praying for everyone affected by Irma. Stay strong, be smart, be safe. We'll be here to help after it passes.

14.5k reactions 901 comments
Denise Torres Thank you myself, my mom and in-laws live Clermont, fl, lake county, and Davenport, fl Polk county same warning flood watch, hurricane warnings, heavy precipitation, tornado warning.
AkingdomCome King Love the fact that you're so concerned with others, but get yourself to safety Tyler. Please don't make me worry about you too. Irma is heading your way.
Judy Adams Like you help in Texas!!! Naw Florida needs direct help like we Texans do NOW & STILL. Do not send your help through a selfish uncaring 3rd Party. Floridans won't see a dime of your "financial" help like us Texans did not! If you truly want to help go ...
Phyllis Brooks Amen; I am praying for areas and people affected by the storms and fires too. They say that one is headed to the Atlanta Metroplex as well. You and yours are also in my prayers man of God - for you are anointed to pray and are blessed to be a blessing ...
Angeline M Smith Thank you Tyler for your words of concern. I am in the Panhandle of Florida. My son's unit is in Miami and mu daughters unit is in Jacksonville. I am doubly worried about them as well as for my self and my family members here in Northwest Florida. ...
Tyler Perry
13:36 09/05/2017

Remember to watch Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall, tonight at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

1.5k reactions 178 comments
Gracia Gorre But I don't like the title of this show I pressed like because i like the fact that he is reaching out and speaking out that people should value life and remind us that souls matter
Sandra Polidura-Johannes Always loved this man, his talent and his ability to teach us with his movies, he always has a leason. But he's even more special for what he's doing here.
Cecelia Colon Please check out my gofundme for the Colon family. We are in desperate need of help . Even though we have jobs. The electric bill was too high. Not enough money left for food. Godless you
Gracia Gorre I pray that the woman get the answers that she needs so she can move on ,insecurity can be devastating ,I hope she finds compfort and strength in Jezus and that evil will stop
Wanda Lindner Lord help us to do the right thing. I believe that the Lord will show her the answer. I'm praying for the mother and the children. God bless them and keep them safe.
Tyler Perry
00:48 09/03/2017

Every time I drive out of my studio I see this! Enough said!! I'm doing it. Are you?

22.1k reactions 1241 comments
Sharon Simmons Yes I am,I pray that God sends me a way to do the repairs on my little home.Theres mold all over the basement ,its making me sick.Ive worked as an aide for 28 years now, survived thyroid cancer,and a stroke . I can't afford to do the repairs,and it's ...
Ruth Weeks Lang the Salvation Army actually helps people and the CEO of that organization makes $13,000 a year....what a slap in the face to the people of Texas...giving that man $250,000...how much will actually go to the people. Its a good thing that all the people ...
Tanya Walker So disappointed in your decision to give part of your donation moneys to Osteen and that Church. your heart is in the right place, but Osteen plucked your pocked. The Church is only taking people in when the city and county facilities are full. AND ...
Susan Glassford Amen! Every day. Every moment. Every opportunity I get. Pray! That the Lord will use you as a vessel of His love, that His light would shine from within you, that you will walk with a confident Holy boldness in truth and love!!! BE an instrument of His ...
Gale Jackson I'm trying to continue trusting God, I continue to pray on a daily basis but some people make it hard for me to love them with their petty drama and negativity. After a while you just say enough and move on with life because life's too short.
Tyler Perry
00:48 09/03/2017

Tamron Hall's show DEADLINE: CRIME will air on September 3rd on Investigation Discovery (ID). Check it out.

2.0k reactions 137 comments
Chioma Onwudiwe More power to you and all your endeavors.πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈπŸ˜‡
Ebonne Isabell Toyea Dixon We was just talking about this case yesterday.
Obaaeku Sika Tyler Perry, God bless you, you are one of a kind, continue to do your good work to help people like us....
Tyler Perry
00:48 09/03/2017

Joel Osteen, Beyonce, Hurricane Harvey and Giving

47.7k reactions 5476 comments
Martha Gonzales It's your money so of course you can do what you want, but I'm a native Houstonian, and the "immediate" response that you are speaking of, did NOT come from Lakewood. It came from smaller churches, some of whom didn't have enough space, but took ...
Ruth Gonzalez Don't give to Red Cross. Only 10 cents of every dollar is used for the crisis. Boots on the ground? Everyone is ignoring Galveston county. Dickison, TX lost everything and those people where taken to Salvation Army in Galveston. I know this place ...
Antwon Butler Sr Don't believe this bs he is putting out. If Joel and all the other big name pastors in houston was so giving why is there so many homeless people there? I'm talking about before the flood. Ask yourself that. These people don't care about nothing but ...
Unquinec Killings Tyler Perry give a portion to the man that's been putting in work since it hit Gallery Furniture aka Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale. He's been giving. We are blessed to have him.
Emily Nelson Hogan Thank you Tyler!!! And I'm just asking but where is BeyoncΓ©??
Tyler Perry
12:00 08/31/2017

The horror in Charlottesville is not who we are as a nation, the compassion in Houston is. All of us standing together to help each other as one! God bless America.

3.9k reactions 668 comments
Peggy Williams Once again ' negative Nancys as i read the comments! The city of Houston is coming together as one! This is what matters . God told us to love one another. WE haven't done that. It's sad that floods, etc has to bring us together.
Patrizia Perez I lived there for 15 years, I always seen brother helping brother regardless of race or Creed etc. I also was helped by mattress Mac in 1999 when my home was arsoned he refurnished everything free of charge, I'll never forget him! Houston has wonderful ...
Sully Vento-Boston I live in Houston and we will overcome this just stronger...we help one another in our city and surrounding areas...We stand beside each other.
Charmain Mendes Oh and don't forget about mattress Mack and the gallery furniture stores he has been outstanding at providing immediate help
Neaux Cue Exactly! All those that have so much free time to protest everything under the sun, should be in Houston learning what REAL adults do.
Tyler Perry
12:00 08/31/2017

Sitting here heartbroken for this mother of two!! I'm trying to figure out how to help, but I've given millions of dollars to charities in the past that never got to the people it was meant for. I know lots of people want to give and help but be careful. You really need to know how much of your donations actually get to the people before you choose an organization to give to. I'm vetting one now and I'll let you know where I'm going to give. And you can join me if you like.

29.8k reactions 5310 comments
Heather Locke Green Thanks for casting doubt on all charities. You've now created enough justification for people to not give at all.
Mina Sinanovic Why are you people judging and bashing this woman!?? Omg put urself in her shoes. Days without food and shelter cold! With ur children there. She's going through a horrible time in her life and half of u talk like this everyday for absolutely no reason! ...
Yvonne Ellison I always give to the Salvation Army Non profit. A lot of "charities" are for profit. Red Cross 😳😳 Ijs https://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=content....
Angela Matney-Cooper Mr. Perry, go to local pharmacies and make sure people in the Houston and surrounding areas are able to get their medications. Actually purchase things like: bars of soap, shampoo/conditioners, lotion, sanitary products, combs, toothpaste, and tooth ...
Rochelle Jackson Tyler Perry,please pick out a few families,and personal give your $$ to them...That way you have a piece of mind,who your $$ is going too...God bless you..for your huge heart...I Love you & your hard work...God bless you...
Tyler Perry
12:00 08/31/2017

My heart breaks and my knees are bent in prayer for Texas. Stay strong. You're not alone!

24.0k reactions 824 comments
Robyn O'Daniel Bennatt Tyler Perry!!! If you are looking for a legit organization to donate money for HARVEY FLOOD VICTIMS please check out JJ WATT fundraiser on Youcaring....I know you are a football fan so I know you know JJ Watt of the Houston Texans!!! He has promised ...
Dee El My God, I'm also in deep prayers for Texas I understand their pain and fill their lost Lord please have Mercy and give everyone one strength and peace through the storm. With the understanding that even with the material possessions being lost Thanking ...
Amy Parsons We as a nation need to embrace everyone impacted by this tragedy. My heart goes out to all! Please keep us posted on what way you deem worthy to donate to. Until then, I'll drop off non perishables to my local church to send to Texas. Much love and ...
Rita M. Leal I know my home was it flooded but it was almost there the bad thing is when you have it worked since May and your husband had to take off of work because of the storm no income but he is $8 an hour my rent hasn't even been paid for August I'm so ...
Arlena Temple Thanks for the prayers, #siennaplantationstrong. The sun has peeked out, and God is still in the saving business. What a mighty God we serve!!!!! Hopefully the show tonight takes mind off the flood for me.
Tyler Perry
23:12 08/28/2017

What a fight!!!

9.0k reactions 439 comments
Kimberly Harrington It appears you were are in and present. Great fighter so I expected nothing less from my homeboy from the great state of Michigan. Thank you for sharing your experience. I truly appreciate you to the moon and back. God Bless! Kiss the babyboy (toddler) ...
Linda Guy Phillips I was watching my New Orleans Saints I guess and forgot about it. I think he must have done pretty good to make it 10 rounds from reading the comments. 😩
Irma Alicia Sotello My Dallas Cowboys game was way better than this entertainment "fight". Of course Mayweather would win its a boxing match just like if it was a UFC one Conor would win. I only watched it to see if my number round would hit n it did! Thanks referee! ☺
Eddie Mattison What did you like about it?
Nancy Lewis Hockstra How many rounds did it go? And of course I'm sure Mayweather won.
Tyler Perry
21:36 08/23/2017

6.1k reactions 847 comments
Robbie Newton Blessed to see you Mr. Perry, please go to New York Train Station and pick up that brother who is homeless, but has talent. I'll keep bugging you until I see him with you. You're always looking for good talent. Please don't let this man slip though your ...
Debbie Datchuk Wojtkowski Love the HAHN's but your Oprah's Masterclass is blowing me away. Tyler you are so blessed. I love your movies because I always find a message in them. You have a gift from God and I'm so glad you are sharing them with us. ❀️❀️❀️
Donna Jones Dear Tyler I wanted you to know that I loved your shows and plays I can say something of your plays is me in them I have a son who has CP he loves Madeas he laughs at her people say that he's doesn't have a clear understanding but they are wrong he ...
Charles Usher Hi Mr Perry I am a 35 yrs old Belizean suffering from Severe Spinal condition from an accident I recieve in 2001 where I fell off an Telephone pole and land 30ft to ground in an standing position, my legs give way and I landed on my butt hitting my ...
Justin Pugh Can't wait to see what the season FINALE going to be like... I love this show, been a fan since it aired in 2013! You've been my idol every since was 12 now I'm 21, still looking up to you.. talented, amazing, blessed, gifted , man of God you are!! ...
Tyler Perry
21:36 08/23/2017

HEY! Go get this incredible book by Trevor Noah so we can read it together!

18.3k reactions 755 comments
Brenda Akers Tyler Perry. I love your shows. For better or worse and love thy neighbor. But your endings suck!!! You need a finale part two for both. There are some Unfinished things going on here.
Michele Wright The best book I've read so far this year. Absolutely loved it and found myself literally laughing out loud at certain parts. Trevor's story is compelling. Great read.
Pamela Major Trevor Noah is smart, articulate, thought provoking AND funny. He always says something that makes me go 'Hmmm..' I have this book on audio. Listening to him tell his stories is so worth the price.
Lorraine Morland And by the way I have been asking you writing you and you going to return of my requests and I want to know why you're not Untouchable God got you why you can't answer my letters I have been asking you for one of your auditions to go on one of your ...
Phyllis Brooks I like Trevor Noah myself boo and he has a sort of Richard Pryor / Chris Rock raw truth type f humor. Thanks for letting me know about his book - cooperative economics 101 I will be purchasing his book and I love his sarcastic style. Good looking ...
Tyler Perry
20:00 08/18/2017

This Halloween, an unspeakable terror will take your breath away. 😱 Watch the hilarious NEW trailer for Tyler Perry’s #Boo2! A Madea Halloween starring FouseyTUBE, Diamond White, Brock O'Hurn, Lexy Panterra, & more - In theaters October 20! πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘»

60.1k reactions 11172 comments
Komal Naran Mari Sol Graciela the only scary movie we're watching this halloween πŸŽƒπŸ‘»
Sarah Frye Dominisac Ok this one does look funnier. But the trailer gave me a panic attack!!! Crystal Batchelor Hurlbut
Carolina Garcia Leslie Francohave you seen the first movie? It's really funny!πŸ˜‚
Vickie Rhinehart Smith Freeman Can't wait until October 20th for this is going to be so good. Thank you for the preview. Don't ever stop making movies about Madea for I love them.
Ebony Nicole Pleas PJ Jenkins III what does the first part remind you of???? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Tyler Perry
20:00 08/18/2017

Laugh Out Loud Hosts Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween Ca...

1.4k reactions 67 comments
Evie Maria Luv all the movies!!!
Elizabeth Baur Love Tyler Perry!!!
Randy Harper Tyler Perry is a great actor I bet his is a great person
Rick Sutliff IV Love To See Your Next Series Of Work, GOD BLESS YOU..
Joan Marcelle u are soooooooooooo talented
Tyler Perry
20:00 08/18/2017

I'm so proud of you. You were so strong. You made it through all kinds of heartache. You stayed alive for me. I love you so much. I hope the man I am today makes you proud every day. You gave me my life. Me talking to my 5 year old self. What would you say to your younger self?

28.4k reactions 1610 comments
Tonya Smith Williams I would say to my 5 year old self...Your gut instincts have ALWAYS been right. The people you thought were ugly inside...they really were. Family will disappoint you and turn their backs on you, BUT you fund wonderful friends to fill that void in your ...
Margie Mulrooney Mills I would say..your a great person...you care about yourself..your a great mom and grandmother...you fear noone...you are loved.. You take on a lot in your life..but you can handle it with humor.. Love.. And patience.. Well done
Kathy Watts I would say I'm so grateful that you walked it out . Your answer to the teacher when asked what did you wanna be when you grew up ?And your answer was TO BE ALIVE .And through it all the toughest time a little girl and her twin had to endure. Thank God ...
Vanita Thompson To my five year old self I would say you were the darker one but a light of creativity and intelligence would always surround. You were said to be the mean one but will leave a legacy of selflessness and generosity. You never felt pretty enough but ...
Annamaria AJ Johnson "Be strong because you're going to have to deal with a life threatening illness and a Dr is going to insist that you're a hypochondriac. Fight for yourself and don't let anyone tell you what you do or do not feel. Keep the name Bernie Mac in your memory ...
Tyler Perry
07:12 08/16/2017

11.5k reactions 1189 comments
Latonya Sampson Montgomery Tyler Perry I really love your plays but this thing you have going with the HAHN is dragging out too much. Veronica should have been caught for something by now. Its making the story line boring. This is my opinion and I really wish you would let some ...
Dan Ellsworth Jr. Just seen the trailer it's not bad so far for the trailer there is a bunch of young people in it again probably college kids grinding and dancing on each other go to you tube and you will see it
Lisa Johnson-Pierre Hello, I know this is out of the norm but, I would love it if you took a moment to check out my GoFundMe campaign: Your support would mean a lot to me. Thank you so much! Any amount is appreciated πŸ’– #Share #PleaseShare #Share https://www.gofundme....
Misty Freese Cant wait til this one comes out. Me and my grandma love us some madea. . I showed her the trailer and she just laughed. We love all your movies. Thanks for the laughter you give us.
Shanon Tarkington most of the madea movies have lot of cursing in them....thats what makes her different from the rest. I agree don't let them watch them if u have problem with. If they were mature for their age then they should know right from wrong.....
Tyler Perry
07:12 08/16/2017

My 2 year old tells me about all of his friends at school, who are all different races, but he never described them by their skin color. Children are taught to hate. What are you teaching yours? #charlottesville

18.6k reactions 1173 comments
Lindsey Davis The confederate statues should remain up to teach about past history. No protest should be negative or violent no matter the color of skin. My daughter will be raised to learn about the past and not to repeat it. Fighting against each other is getting ...
Petra Sterns-Lopresti My kids grew up in S Florida so they had friends from everywhere. My house was their hang out place, it looked like the United Nations lol. My kids were taught to judge by character not color.
Valerie Mack Thank you for sharing ECONOMIC JUSTICE FOR ALL AMERICANS, Criminal Justices Reform, Social Justice, we deserve better quality! Protecting America before it's a war. Wake Up Congress and Senators @eggs888
Lorretta Ifeyinwa Okeke Obi What is color anyway? Why can't human love one another,,,,, nobody has golden blood,,, everyone's blood is red, if you doubt it, cut yourself!
Tenita Stewart Mitchell What's happened in Charlottesville, Va is beyond words. But as I look at this photo of this officer, I see a real patriot. One which represents America.Standing in the face of opposition knowing the threat is real, yet still standing! ...
Tyler Perry
04:00 08/06/2017

MADEA FOR CONGRESS 2018 - the Maxine Waters/Madea ticket.

85.7k reactions 4615 comments
Bev Riley Abney Tyler Perry, I think you forgot.. You're not allow to post anything funny or not. Someone may get mad and make it about the current Presidency. No, you can't have a sense if humor... geesh.. Ease up folks!!! It's Friday, it's hot and the work week is ...
Asha Brown Love it love it Maxine Waters is the essence of a educated and strong woman love it every one has the wright to their opinion respect that just saying
Tanya Lofty Y'all know Madea is a fictional character...right? Have we reduced ourselves to the debate of Madea vs Trump? I pray that we all can remain calm and know the difference between truth and reality tv and have a sound mind.
Linda Vanner Hardy Yes that will be a πŸ’―ticket for me Maxine Waters/ Madea tickets and its would be a hell of tickets with fire πŸ”₯ I love Ms Maxine/ and Tyler Perry Mother name was Maxine/ look out u on to something there I love this For Congress 2018 power ticket πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
Mikki Foday There was a 20 year time span when I feared for my life. I was the only survivor of a household shared with a serial killer. After I got word he died. I had my first night or carefree sleep. Later, I wrote the president and every member of Congress to ...
Tyler Perry
15:12 08/03/2017

Sitting here waiting for the mid-season finale of Queen Sugar. On tonight!! Only on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. Go Ava DuVernay!!!

4.8k reactions 440 comments
Clark Melvin True put me in a movie πŸŽ₯ but until then goldskullcap.com shop now Tyler an friends yung black man trying to make it an take care of his family dope boy sauce
Judi Proctor My 8 year ole grandson is a hugh fan and Considering all of Tyler Perry fans he would probably have major arthritis problem signing autographs. I suggest to attend one of the plays he brings to the area and request a pic and autograph.
Cherry Velez I have to get caught up! I've been compared to her in my writing Tyler! I've never watched! But it's so much good tv! Mercy I have to sit and have a marathon to get caught up! Seriously
Adrienne Sutter Tyler Perry,Why can't I watch The Have and The Have nots,on u tube,like I was doing? I don't have cable and I have bout all your movies and plays on dvds's. Also have all the DVDs,that you have out,of your House of Pain Series. I just wanna see THe Have ...
Milagros Rivera Braelfort Hello Mr.Perry My friends call me Millie, I am unemployed and ready to work any part given. No part is to small so inbox me and I will come running! Thank you and God bless us all!
Tyler Perry
15:12 08/03/2017

Thank you Mariah Carey!! Your show was amazing last night!!! Love you my friend!!

6.5k reactions 219 comments
Armelle Ze Assien Bjr Tyler je suis contente car hier g regardΓ© (je me suis encore mariΓ© avec Janet Jackson ) trop bien
Pamela King Love me some Tyler Perry and all his movies. I absolutely love Medea movies
Princess Renay Base on too close to home , Im just asking if they be another seriesπŸ’™β€β€or it stop..
Peggy Shaw Whitfield All he is saying that he had a great time with his friend leave him alone with everything else lol
LaNita Jo Fox She is cousin. Relative to the williams . Looking great .
Tyler Perry
15:12 08/03/2017

Me watching the clock until I see Veronica, David and Erica in that elevator tonight. #HAHN

18.6k reactions 1584 comments
Lisa Holtzclaw You looking cute and all in this pic but I wanna lay hands on you!πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š why are you drawing these story lines out so long? I certainly hope we don't have to wait til next season b4 any of them are solved. Come on nih! You bout to lose me. Jk
Luisa Clemente Those women had a fight, the weaves stay intact. Veronica is a little too old, and classy for this, even if she's crazy.
Shirley Brannon That woman is a nut ready to crack.. Can't wait for someone to get the one up on her.. Sooooon I hope...She may have met her match in Davids girlfriend. LOL Hopefully she has to pay something for all she has done. She has murdered. Let the law do its ...
Zewebe Bryant Handsome πŸ’– I hope Veronica get got soon!! Seriously.. She's mean, vindictive, evil... And the list goes on... But ummm when is Candace going to hear about her son? The last episode suga???
Tracey Johnson Candace's baby has been dead 10 years and she still hasn't found out. You play too much Tyler! Stop dragging out these storylines. And when is Jeffrey going to change his clothes? That elevator scene was corny!
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