Tyler Perry
03:24 04/14/2017

This Easter weekend, discover the story that’s inspired millions. See #TheShack in theaters with your family! Buy 2 Tickets on the Atom App or atomtickets.com and get 2 FREE when you use code SHACKFAMILY at checkout: http://atm.tk/theshack

3.9k reactions 262 comments
Heather Freeman I saw The Shack the day it came into theaters March 3, 2017
Diane DiUbaldo Szewczyk Richard Hood someday you & Barbra have a few extra hours go see this... Barbara would like it!! Enjoy 😊
Pam Robertson It is idolotry. God is not like this. This is fantasy at its worst. Making God the way you want Him to be not the way he is. It is a sin
Mary Nelsen Saw it the last time you talked about it went with family cried and smiled wonderful movie
Debby Sullivan Really a great story and a whole new understanding of religion and how it works in everyday life!
Tyler Perry
01:42 04/09/2017

This was so funny to us!! Madea driving the streets at 3am.

12.9k reactions 827 comments
Misty DuVall You all are way to funny. Love watching everything yall do. Having me laughing while everyones asleep. Thank u for all the entertainment I share with us. I love all your movies.
Linda Carter Denman My first time on set of A Madea Christmas I bumped into you coming out of the bathroom. Had to take a second look before I realized it was you!
Kathryn Hoover I love this man in all he does,Tyler don't ever stop what you best of all,every one of your movies you watch with your heart, a good movie will make you laugh or make you cry,,but a great movie will make you do both,and I'll tell you that's a night with ...
Patience Muswaka That's incredible keep up the good work.. you don't know how many hearts u have captured globally.. please we are waiting for more episodes on if loving you is wrong u left us hanged
Sheila Cobb-Pratt Where can I find all your old movies an plays I have been looking everywhere for them I moved an someone stole the box I have been trying to replace them what store nobody has them please help thank you
Tyler Perry
12:54 04/06/2017

Nothing worse than loaning your car to a friend and that car breaks down, especially if that friend is Oprah.

15.5k reactions 1572 comments
Portia LadyLuck Radebe Yes they both have money nd they are friends, a while ago Perry bought Oprah a mini cooper so why do u find it hard to believe that she would borrow his car?
Jeannine Carman Hulse Oh no!! In Atlanta with the weather last night? I would have LOVED to come to her rescue, you never know who you offer a helping hand to when you see someone in need. ❤️😇 Hmmmm... isn't there a verse about that somewhere?
Michele Tellinghuisen Oh man !! So sorry !! I borrowed a friends truck was ran off the road by a drunk driver who was in my lane and I rolled his truck and totalled it so yes things can happen !! I luckily only messed up my back for life!!!
Sylvia Camille Pierce Oh my TP, I know you were a little embarrassed but Mama O didn't panic. The next time just get a limousine to take her where ever she wants to go. Unless, she didn't want to draw attention to herself. Things happen- cheer up! #1FanAtl/Douglasville 💜
Jill Allen That's when you both say to hell with deadlines, walk the back roads to wherever feels most important, and just BE. 'Simple' belongs to us all.
Tyler Perry
08:06 03/22/2017

9.2k reactions 1036 comments
Latonya Marshall Yes have and have nots had me like oh my at the end it is such a good show. I will be ready waiting tonite for if loving you is wrong. Love all your shows. Thank you.
Carla Michelle Kenion Lord I'm glad it's gonna get resolved we've only waited a whole season.... But I still love you Tyler Perry! Now let's rock out! #iflovingyouiswrong!
Sheryl Glover It was unforgettable! Need more reality from you Tyler. That's the greatest thing about you....your wisdom!!! Keep sharing it and acknowledging TRUE REAL life experiences. Its what ppl can relate to. Have a great day!😎👌
Stacey Johnson Thank you Tyler Perry for showing the world would we go through my hat's off to you again thank you and thank you for the great laugh and all your Great accomplishments love Stacy Johnson
Theresa Duncan The Season Premier started off with answers about everything! One of the best shows ever & I thoroughly enjoyed it Mr. Tyler Perry.
Tyler Perry
19:18 03/19/2017

Don’t forget! Brand new episodes of Love Thy Neighbor air every Saturday night at 9/8c on OWN.

3.1k reactions 170 comments
Vicki Vrabec Hutchinson Tyler is there anything you can do to help this family? They lost both parents?
Charlotte Pinkney Hi my friend I received a message from some one saying that you want to be apart of your new TV pilot please reply back to let me know is this from your team or a scam before I give my information Tyler thank you so much love all you do
Charlotte Pinkney Thank you for the likes hope to work with you for real one day love you also I prayed for your father I know god has his hand on him
Stacie Miller My friend read an article said this is the last season for love thy neighbor and for better or worse
Zizipho Zizie Ntame Are u the writer of it? Coz if u are not you better start your own so that I can watch it.😋
Tyler Perry
06:30 03/17/2017

The Haves and the Have Nots finale: For the millions of you that saw it, I just want to say, this is happening every day. Kids being caught in the crossfire of ridiculous rivalries. I hope this moment shows us how our adult decisions are killing kids!! STOP THE VIOLENCE! STOP KILLING EACH OTHER!

14.0k reactions 1404 comments
Shelley Roberts-Campbell Life lessons indeed! For those who love to hurt especially woman and children watch and see how people are hurting in the real world. Thank you Mr. Perry God continous blessings upon you and your family 👍❤
Yaytee Koiki Tyler Perry it was so heartbreaking to watch. Who will tell Candace? I knew it was a bad idea for Hanna to visit War. How would Candace react? And then there is the drama at Ms Harrington's house with that girl covered in blood.. So sad. She was young ...
Shandra Reed Caught me by surprise , had me up out of my seat, Hannah fought so hard to get her grandson only for him to get caught up in the cross fire, sad that kids end up paying for the adults mistakes....love you Tyler
Jenkins Ann Last night show was a good one.... Didn't see that coming about Candice friend that goes to show you you can't trust everyone .....seeing Hannah and Q that broke my heart hope no one dies off I'm not ready for that...can't wait for next season...many ...
Kali Lapsley You made me cry 😢 the worst part was after Hannah and lil q come out you ended the show 😢😢 Not, I am impatiently waiting on the next season 😒 Your shows are by far the best but, lawddd Jesus last night's episode really got me! Your talent is just so ...
Tyler Perry
06:30 03/17/2017

Exodus 20:12 The house that my family lost in Louisiana was my Mother’s dream home. One of my greatest blessings is that she got to live in it for almost 3 years before she died in 2009. One of her final requests was that I take care of my daddy (her words) after she died. So in her honor, and in the spirit of her kindness and her faith as well as my own, I have been doing and will continue to do just that. The house was a total loss, but he got out alive. I'm grateful that my sister, who has had a tremendous amount of heartbreak over the past few months, was not there with him at the time. All of that to say, no amount of fire can burn away the memories I shared with my Mom there. God bless, and thank you for all the well wishes and prayers. We're all fine.

25.8k reactions 2807 comments
Faith Batjedi Motimele Thanx be to Jehova to save your family members.And God has a purpose for everything that happens in our lives and he is the giver and he will repay what hasbbroken down.B strong and stay blessed.
Nikki Hill Sorry for your loss I'm glad he's okay your mom would be so proud of you honoring her request your an awesome person my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family god bless love always 😙
Catherine Jackson Tyler, thank you for being the awesome, loving and caring person that you are. So sorry for the loss of the home but so grateful everyone is safe. God bless and continue to watch over you and your family.
Rose Angel Mr Perry I am glad your father was able to get out of the house and he is okay, but I am sorry that your​ mother's​ house was lost in the fire , but you will always have your memories . May God continue watching over you and your family
Lenora Smallwood Mr Tyler I understand loss due to a flood in Windsor N.C.but through it all God is still Good. I learned that material things can be replaced. Sorry for your loss. Glad to know your family is ok. May God continue to Bless and keep You all.
Tyler Perry
04:54 03/12/2017

In case you didn’t hear, Love Thy Neighbor is BACK on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. Saturday nights at 9/8c. This is one of the funniest casts I’ve ever worked with!

3.5k reactions 267 comments
Michelle Hill It's sad to see , that people will support reality TV, then a good quality show worth watching. Hate to see it end.
Shirley Barker I love this show watch it every Saturday the best keep playing it I would love to meet Hattie. Tlyer I'm your biggest fan always will be
Bridget Phillips enjoying the last seasons, and missing the crew for better for worse as well. Happy to see the Paynes group back Miss Ella and uncle Curtis at it again, with some new and old faces too. As much as I love the dramas HAHN and If loving you is wrong, they ...
Lesa Robins Yes they are. Patrice, Palmer, and the gang keep us in stitches. You suppose to tickle the funny bone, but this cast will make you crack a rib.
Tina L. Seabrook Milligan I haven't forgotten boo I will be watching my girl be bless and I am still touching agree that you will own your own network real soon love you Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry
14:30 03/04/2017

The incredible new film @TheShackMovie is a touching story that I think everyone should see. To help make that possible, I'm giving 1,000 of my fans a chance to get a FREE movie ticket. Just book with Atom Tickets at atm.tk/tpshack and enter code "TPSHACK" at checkout.

5.9k reactions 579 comments
Maria Figueroa I wanna go and Id pay for my ticket but my car is being so dumb cant trust it! And all the movie theaters are 2 hours away :( werent for that Id be the first in line Mr. Tyler! <3 Cant wait til I get my turn<3
Gabrielle Harrison Snead Thanks Mr. Perry for all you do and continue to do. Unfortunately in Birmingham, Al it says no ticketing available at any of our theatres.
LaKisha DeVoe Riddick Thank you for my FREE tickets! My husband and I saw the movie today and we enjoyed it. They did an excellent job of bringing the book to the big screen!
Molefi Matsitse Ka-Kubheka recently read the book.... really an amazing piece of writing even though it took me a bit out of my comfort zone.... the idea of Papa being a woman just turned things upside down....
Kathy Dakoulas Mathis Thank you so much for this gift. I read this book a year ago and it made me ugly cry. I am now prepared to ugly cry watching this. Sending Blessings your way!
Tyler Perry
14:30 03/04/2017

11.7k reactions 1470 comments
Krystal Reece I am so in love with u, and this is after looking at good deeds more than 3 times. I hope tht this is really the individual u are. Keep up the good work. Gosh, and I'm in Trinidad. No free ticket for me...lol thts OK
VanEssa Lewis Thank you!!! I always reply to people when they create that mess that's it's false. Also when you move in, stop by the middle school next door. I'd love to show my students what hard work and determination look like. Have a blessed day.
Marzetta Bell I've been telling all my friends and family on fb that it wasn't real and to stop sharing that you're giving away houses and cars and that your facebook is Tyler Perry not Tyler-Perry but their desperate azzzzes wants them a car and a house so bad they ...
Emmanuel Quiroz I'm a big geek and never watch any thing if it's not comic related but your shows I seem to get attached to and omg yes I said it omg the haves and haves not got me on the edge of my seat like agents of shield or Luke cage keep em coming
Ayanna Hamilton thank you, I had that happen to my by some one saying they were Tamila Mann and her husband, it was so crazy and so real until they ask me for money..hahahaha. I mean prayed on people when they are spiritually struggling. I wished that i had a way to ...
Tyler Perry
00:06 02/25/2017

I need some laughs these days with all of the craziness in the world. Come get a dose of Madea, Joe and everybody else. Boo! A Madea Halloween and Madea on the Run are out on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download.

18.8k reactions 1444 comments
Barbarac Sims Love the movies, especially the sassy older lady flirting with the young men and her voice. The entire cast the absolutely great. His pictures makes me smile and full of pride, a black male brings strenght, pride, sucess, with leadership!
Andrew Murdock Your creativity and your choice of sctors in your movies and plays has done wonders in these trying times. May Madea reign for 100 years Thank you and may GOD bless you
Cathy Dail Dentzer I sat up watching your plays til 3 am this morning with my daughter. She found them on Amazon and is trying to find all of them. We laughed so hard and also received a blessing too. I still say you are a genius!! Yes i'm white and i love Tyler Perry!
Tamara Lister Noblitt I saw both of them. Madea on the Run was my favorite of the two. My boyfriend, and I laughed until we cried. Thank you Tyler Perry!!! You are awesome!!!
Timothy Scott This was by far the best of your work. It had me laughing from beginning to the end... it was like a Rollercoaster ride that just had turns non stopTyler Perry... well done sir. Keep them coming. Just keeping them rolling. I know you base your movies on ...
Tyler Perry
00:06 02/25/2017

OK, I know y’all are busy but there’s only one episode left! If you’re not caught up with Too Close To Home you can watch on the #TLCgo App, and get ready for tonight’s season finale.

2.0k reactions 187 comments
Corrine Hagan Can't wait for tonight love this show Tyler you did great with this show but all your productions are great
Carmel Super-mom Vil-Dorval 😂 busy nope just twirling my fingers in organized chaos ...excited anxious and slightly confused yet abundantly blessed hahaha
Shellah T Changa Hey Tyler......we are so busy......l guess u are too. Great to hear frm u my inspiration.
Keya Kd-Ann From Toronto Canada - Thank you Tyler Perry for Too Close To Home... Continue to walk in you purpose and sharing the vision with us. Muah
Sissy Lynn I need this too come back on ASAP!!! It's already driving me crazy! Wish it was on everyday of the week lol
Tyler Perry
11:18 02/22/2017

I think Hanna said it best... “This is MADNESS!” I’ll be watching OWN tonight at 9/8c. Who’s with me?

5.6k reactions 473 comments
Renee Zachary Greetings Tyler, didn't see last night's episode yet but i will watch on demand! Question will Veronica end up like Mille Jackson in her songs? Lol that Bi... is crazy. She's a boss though twisted but still a boss. Incidentally she and Mille's public ...
Monica Mcguire Now this is a women who has a relationship with God!I love it Tyler,I might be disable,but this take my mind off all my troubles, I wish this came on every night.
Cassandra Rhone This man Tyler Perry is truly a great man! I wonder if Ihe reads these post. If so just know Mr. Perry keep doing your best to always teach people through your movies.
Marjorie Merrill I wish I could. I really miss it and all your shows...cable is just too costly for too many of us! Too many are paying for cable who really can't afford it. I prayed to straighten out my priorities and was led to stop paying all that money for cable ...
DrNikki Grant-Gilbert All I can say is whew!!!! This show is everything!!!! The fight at the end OMG! P. s I'm gonna need Hannah to not smack Benny ever again!
Tyler Perry
09:42 02/17/2017

Get ready, there’s only ONE EPISODE LEFT of Tyler Perry's Too Close To Home before the season finale. You’ve gotta see tonight’s episode to get ready for next week’s finale. Tonight at 10/9c on TLC.

1.6k reactions 146 comments
Kyle Russ Mr Perry Mr Perry please check your emails, check if you won't find any from [email protected], i did email you some of my poems, you see Mr Perry if it cost me to hick airplane to America just to meet you i will, i don't know if that is possible ...
Carolee Franklin I'm getting disappointed with the obscenities of this show
Jacqueline Nsimbize-Voigt Looks exciting and edgy. Definitely on the couch tonight 👌
Malloy Andrea I'm a little late God Bless. You good? Got thru it right? It gets better not so bad for me either this year.
Stacey Stokes I have a great idea for a movie I think wholeheartedly that you would love it tyler perry please inbox me
Tyler Perry
09:42 02/17/2017

The Haves and the Have Nots keeps heating up tonight on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, so get yourself ready and make sure you don’t miss the drama at 9/8c.

3.7k reactions 287 comments
Donnie Richardson Jr. Please keep veronica ruthless and let Candace change a little bit but not alot
Monica Mcguire OMG-Tyler--------Benny that boy was outstanding,I woke up looking at it again,I Loved It,Make sure you tell him,I said outstanding job.
Barbara Guster That is not the checking in what I am discussing. Young man you have to make a doctor's appointment for your annual appointment!!! Do not make me travel down there and drag you to the pcp!!!
Pearlean Todd I love this show but I pray Bennie doesn't get put in jail and Jeffery and his cop friend better be careful cause his mom will have his job.
Deborah Bates Tyler I Love Madea on the run but the mic phone has to Go I Love All that You have Done and Pray that God Allows you to do much more.
Tyler Perry
19:12 02/09/2017

Only two more episodes left until the season finale! Tune in tonight at 10/9c on TLC.

1.1k reactions 133 comments
Pay Day I understand you do the shows in segments. You need a brain relaxing too.
Simonia MeChelle "Tyler you be cutting up with your creations, love it!" :)
Cathy Heckathorn Mcneill Love this show, Tyler Perry he knows how to keep us on the edge!!!
Shellah T Changa Some if us we are missing out Tyler. I live in Uk......where can l watch pls?
Mary Blount-Carr Can't wait to see what Shelby going to do tonight. She is a mess. I love this.
Tyler Perry
19:12 02/09/2017

“There’s a hurricane coming, and her name is Veronica” - Don’t miss tonight’s episode at 9/8c on OWN.

4.2k reactions 311 comments
CirocBoi Drinkn Young man Yu liked to gave me a heart defishantsee With this episode ❤️ Yu done did it againt!!! 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿💯
Marco Newbold We are outraged. We here in The Bahamas no longer get the OWN channel. How can I watch...? Someone who has been following all the programs on this network.
Sharon Webb Veronica had me laughing so loud til I almost fell off my couch. TylerP. You keep me on the edge all the time and I love it.
Toomuchforu Shelleyshell Tyler you did that....your characters played their part....keep the drama coming....looooovvvveeee it. That Veronica deserves an Academy. She is real...
Elaine Donaway Booker Love Hannah...she has come a long way since The heat of the night...she is a actress. Sad today you have to know someone and doors are open to performer kids.
Tyler Perry
06:24 02/07/2017

In case you haven’t seen it, check out the latest news from Tyler Perry Studios right here: http://tylerperry.com/news/tyler/

OWN picks up Tyler Perry’s House of Payne spin-off and renews others
OWN picks up Tyler Perry’s House of Payne spin-off and renews others

The Oprah Winfrey Network has added yet another Tyler Perry show to their celebrated schedule, which includes renewals of two other series. This week, OWN announced the renewal of The Haves and the Have Nots and If Loving You is Wrong, both of which are written, directed, and executive produced by T...

8.5k reactions 391 comments
Jennifer Singleton Willis I don't see how I can message you but I wanted to let you know about this page that's going around as you. Is it official. It won't allow me to post a pic of the acct. Look up Tyler-Perry.
Patricia Graham Ok Tyler exactly what date will you be giving this car away? Don't want to miss it, Lost my car in hurricane Matthew in nc! House everything. Liveing at the Hilton until we can work this out. Keep me informed. I could use a car I have faith, ...
Angela Dyer Hughes Sad to learn that Love Thy Neighbor and For Better or Worse are in their final run. My 15 year old son watches Love Thy Neighbor with me & we just love Hattie May.
Theresa Scorcia Mr.Tyler Perry I love all your shows and everything u do for people your a Great Man ...Who know's maybe in 4 year's u could be our New President of the United States 🇺🇸 love one of your fan's Theresa Scorcia
Debbie K. Rucker Beyer How wonderful love all you do don't have much money but you are still #1 on my bucket list of the person who saved my life over and over. No details just know how my soul had guidance from you
Tyler Perry
17:36 02/04/2017

BOO and Madea on the Run are out on DVD!! I'M ON SET. And by the way YOU ASKED FOR IT!! The Paynes are coming to OWN.

32.3k reactions 1675 comments
Alena Fisher Have not watch yet but I have them both, also I saw that , For better or worse & Love thy neighbor will not be returning after this season.......March & July...... I am sooooooo !!!! Upset what will I do.
Antonio E. Sánchez So... I have trouble understanding??? Did you actually sell out???? I didn't believe the language, it was pretty disgusting! What happened to you???
Pat Adams Sorry Boo wasn't funny. I was very disappointed. On the nasty side. You don't need to do that. And yes I have all your plays and movies. Won't be buying this one.
Cecelia Colon I'm just asking for your help to pray for me and my kids so that one day we can be able to have our own brand new house and extra money in the bank. I have worked most of my kids lives. From when they were little trying to find a way to make it ...
Gina Irving Yesss I can't wait I love the Payne's and I watched Madea on the run and my stomach was hurting from laughing 😂 and I'm getting ready to watch Boo
Tyler Perry
04:48 02/02/2017

You won't want to miss what happens to Elm and Regina tonight on #TooClosetoHome. Check it out tonight at 10/9c on TLC.

921 reactions 119 comments
Cee Davis I'm loving it love any show that you make no matter what I say it right in front of that TV
Marlisha Polk Hello my name is Marlisha Applewhite , I am 20 years old and I live in Memphis Tn. I'm not sure if you will ever see this or reply but here is my faith. All my life I always been a big fan of Oprah Winfrey and touched by everything she ever did ...
Cynthia Pritchett Hey Mr. Perry I have a good one fo ya, your next sit com .n box and I'll say it to you..the title is off the chain.. one love
Cynthia Pritchett That's not it I'm just saying peace out with love..lol
Tyler Perry
04:48 02/02/2017

Guess what came out yesterday!! My new play Madea on the Run and Boo! A Madea Halloween are on sale now!! Get your laugh on!!

19.0k reactions 1900 comments
Talia Dakota I downloaded Boo! on iTunes the other night and laughed so hard I cried. Was the best birthday gift. Thank you Tyler for always making me laugh! 💜
Amy Pri N Ce Bummed... went to my local Target to surprise my family with a fantastic movie night. Not one copy. Not one empty spot with a tag for Boo. Guess I'm heading to walmart tomorrow. We love a Tyler Perry movie/show
Paul Hansford I wanted to see that play when you where in the bay area. By the time I knew it was happening around here, it was sold out.😔 Saw Boo in the movie theater and yesterday my best friend picked it up for his birthday. #haveagoodtime
Gary Beers I never buy DVD's, but loved this movie so much when I seen it in theaters! I had to buy this! I was in Walmart last night walking past electronics and had to do a double take because I couldn't believe it!!! You bet I purchased it!!!
Stephanie Horsley I watched Boo! A Madea Halloween yesterday and loved it! I think it might one of my favorite Madea movies. I loved it so much that when it ended, I went right back to the beginning and started again. Great work!
Tyler Perry
04:48 02/02/2017

You’ll be on the edge of your seat tonight during The Haves and the Have Nots. I promise! Here’s a sneak peek at tonight’s new episode. Tune in at 9/8c on OWN.

4.0k reactions 392 comments
Jason Fifth Welp, i said if you keep Veronica on without any consequences, i was done. Now i need to find a new show. This show has just become too ridiculous!!!!!
Alice Young There is a Tyler-Perry page having your fans buy tshirts to get in your movies and offering card if fans like the page... is that your page
Leah Mc Nair Tyler be refreshed today. How? Jesus promise at (Matthew 11:29) "Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am mild-tempered and lowly in heart, and you will find refreshment for yourselves." Jesus is not harsh or oppressive but kind, and those ...
Shirley Myers Love this show, just when you think you know where it is going, takes a wide U-turn. Love it! You are a great writer, but also a wonderful human being! Keep up the great work!
Sticks Drummer Don't want to see a preview you just delivered......lol.....Still waiting 4 that call....Lol. Be Forever Blessed
Tyler Perry
16:00 01/30/2017

Just so you know! I figured it out. It turned out pretty good.

37.5k reactions 3123 comments
Vikki Harrison Looks good.. Now you need to ship me that beautiful oven/mini me beautiful oven.....Just know...many beautiful dishes can be made...on that oven suite..!!!!
Geanette Dawley Ba-hahahaha!! Oh!! My God!!! I am laughing!!! So hard! The Comments!!! Are Hilarious!!!! I am keeping a lil one!! Hahaha!! Oh! Lord!! Covering my Mouth!! These are the Best Comments!!!!??? I have ever read??!! Oh!! Why not?! Sooo! Dearest Mr. Perry!! Is ...
Richard Wright Please, please, Tyler Perry, give Madea, a cooking show like Martha Stewart with a Madea Twist, she is the only comic to have me rolling in the floor laughing, even stand up.
Willard Burfict My dad cooked oatmeal and burned it then tried to cover up the taste with plenty sugar and milk, he was laughing the whole time. I couldn't wait until mama came home to tell. I said daddy cooked oatmeal for us, it was okay but burned. My mama ...
Teresa Gonzales That's awesome you figured it out. If you ever want to come cook with me you are always wecome. And of course eat everything we cook!! Lol
Tyler Perry
16:00 01/30/2017

Ok, here’s some more behind the scenes footage of The Haves and the Have Nots. I love this cast and crew! https://youtu.be/3_P4W_2kLmg

3.0k reactions 193 comments
Oretta Bonton Newton Tyler I need to be a part of this wonderful cast!🖒
Vivian Madison Love the show Mr.Tyler Perry,always interesting from one episode to the next❤
Roslyn Branch You are #brilliant in your thinking and writing.... love love love what you do!!!❤ #HAHN
Karen Kelley Absolutely hooked on this show. Unique diabolical characters too! Onward (a la John Schneider!)
B Anita Heyward Would you consider doing a reality show about immigrants journey in the USA. It could help balance the human understanding.
Tyler Perry
16:00 01/30/2017

I'm trying to do something I haven't done in 25 years. Trying to cook my own dinner, but I can't figure out which one is the darn oven. smh

42.0k reactions 6073 comments
Rhonda Hardaway Wow Tyler,25 years not using a stove because you've been blessed to not have to.Just look at it this way,you had never been a father either, but God chose you to be one and you figured that out!May God bless you with 25 more posts years of blessings and ...
Latrail Smith God bless Tyler it's your oven if you never use it you earned it and bought it.no one else went to work struggled and got it for you so God bless.and to the haters he can always hire someone to teach him to use it.😀 I'm glad to see he didn't sit around ...
Venzina R Hicks-Adams Tyler you have lost touch with reality...I guess that's what money will do for. I have a successful business and most times I don't cook for myself but every now and then I go in my kitchen and find my way around where things are and learn to work new ...
Gwen Ray Left is oven and right is for keeping food warm. This is a stove that every woman like myself needs , we are the ones that cook the old fashion way and when Holidays or special days come around and I'm like I need two ovens, a warmer and a refrigerator ...
Diane Devereaux Tyler, I was the North American Brand Manager for AGA and would be delighted to help you cook on your AGA Legacy. Truly the best in European cooking performance. You have a 3-oven 36"; broiler top left, multi-function convection oven bottom left and a ...
Tyler Perry
16:00 01/30/2017

Check out this old behind the scenes footage from the filming of The Haves and the Have Nots. I wanted to share it with everyone who's been watching since the beginning. It’s got a special guest appearance you’ve gotta see :) I’ve got another one I’ll share with you early next week. https://youtu.be/gpZpgRx20T8

Tyler Perry Surprises Cast and Crew with | Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots | OWN

OWN is a singular destination on cable. Depth with edge. Heart. Star power. Connection. And endless possibilities. Tyler Perry has a big surprise for the cas...

4.5k reactions 370 comments
Denna Edwards Dunning "I am an avid fan of Madea and HAHN, but I hate "Too close to home" and " If loving you d wrong"......A bit overboard, I have watched both shows a couple of times and I find them Disgusting. The HAHN is a little raunchy, could tweek, I know this is how ...
Herman Joyce Hawkins Tyler it is good to know you are creating and producing entertaining programs that showcase talented people of color. . . color inclusive of black to white. It is encouraging to see people who look like me (real world real talk not hating on anyone) ...
CJ Schultz Hey Tyler, how about surprising us by liking our "Guardian Angels Feline Rescue" FB page for abandoned & abused animals. It's tough to make lasting change on your own & we need all the help & support that we can get. Were their Last Hope & Hope awlays ...
Mayanja Eddie Oh My God those that are apart of this are so blessed I love the fact that God is a pillar in your ministry Tyler I am from Africa a refugee living in Canada as a permanent Resident gatt so many wishes but one of them is to meet you and shake your hand ...
Delia Ramsey ❤️❤️❤️Absolutely love the group praying before working❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂 Thank You for that because when people realize that working together is what makes work and life special, they treat each other in a way people should be treated.❤️❤️❤️ When you have ...
Tyler Perry
03:12 01/28/2017

I can't wait to watch #TooCloseToHome tonight at 10/9c on TLC! Don't miss it!

4.4k reactions 282 comments
Diana Benskin The state of the Empire An Original Poem by Diana Benskin The State of the Empire is now dire History is poised to repeat itself again The Separation The stigmatization The deportation The only conclusion Pain That will come from the upheaval and ...
Ora Richman On such a challenging night, I wonder how many Tyler Perry fans are going to be loyal tonight. I also wonder who will watch the New Edition Story repeat like I did and will tonight. I love New Edition, but I love you and your crew more Tyler. You know ...
Daniel Foote I'm all ready to watch it, I just watched last night's episode of "The Have's and Have Nots". I must say, "that I am addicted to the story line of both shows".... Keep up the good work. ♡_♡
Ora Richman I promise you sweetheart, I am not going to miss it. You have my support, just going to have to watch the New Edition Story later after Too Close To Home...gonna catch New Edition Story repeat like I did last night. Also next week I will be ordering ...
Barbara Woodard I was wondering y didn't you ever do a recording for if u only knew where I was going it's a gospel sound if u can't answer my question in the comments when u go live can u mention it and answer my question for my please I love your plays and your ...
Tyler Perry
14:24 01/25/2017

I'm at the studio. Looking forward to getting home tonight to watch The Haves at 9/8c on OWN! It's going to be crazy again tonight! #HAHN

21.9k reactions 1493 comments
Linda French Smith I'll be stuck to my TV and waiting on the have and have Nots dont want anyone to disturb me I just love that show it is going to be a good once again I am getting ready
Hashm Muhmmad Almousi Hi Tyler my name is Noor I'm from Iraq I love all your movies. And I've seen you helping a lot of people I'm wondering if you are interested to help family's here in Iraq there is a lot of family's are starving they don't have any food to eat or close ...
Jo-Ann Lecates Hope I can see it tonight, missed last to Welcome home our soldiers from the war zones, this week they are coming in at midnight so I can watch and get on the road to BWI.
Jera Bradford Tyler Perry you have lost your mind. lol The soap went in a totally different direction than I thought it would . Jim and David are connected at the hip . Pure Catherine just can't win.
Mattie Rogers Hello Mr.Perry God is definitely in control..Continue to bless the world with your talent because the gift in it all is the gift of laughter. Laughter is healing for your soul..Thank you...
Tyler Perry
01:36 01/23/2017

Thanks People's Choice Awards & Enterprise Rent-A-Car for the Favorite Humanitarian Award. Your donation will help The Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF) continue great work! #PCAs

9.2k reactions 779 comments
Ta-Tanisha Essex Congratulations Mr. Tyler Perry :-) Mama Maxine is smiling from heaven super duper proud of you :-) Thank you Tyler Perry for being such an awesome individual ~ Hats off to you :-) #Amanhasanawesomedaddy
Anita Stuart Congratulations Terry. Your heart and love for people is felt throughout the world. I love your movies and how your decency has touched so many lives. Continue your amazing heartfelt shows and movies. I know I will continue to encourage people to see it ...
Daisey Pike I watched you receive this most amazing and we'll deserved award. Love your movies and your messages. Looking forward to every creative project that comes from your genius mind. You have a wonderful heart, and a beautiful soul. Thank you for being such ...
Rita Winterton God Bless you, Tyler Perry! You most certainly are an angel on earth! Fighting tears when I think of all the wonderful things you do! Congratulations on this well deserved honor!
Adalys Robles Congratulations Tyler you're such a humble individual with a great soul keep up your great work and dedication god does see all your hard work stay blessed always a big fan of yours❤️
Tyler Perry
00:00 01/18/2017

7.9k reactions 2552 comments
Michael Palmer Congrats it is well deserved for someone who has made a difference in so many peoples life throughout the World. Your blessings are being multiplied in ways you may never know But God never makes a mistake.
Lorraine Duncan Congratulations on your People's Choice Award (Humanitarian Award). I just love everything that you're a part of. Continue to work hard and put out as always many amazing entertainment (movies). I love what you're doing and I love you Tyler Perry ...
Zina Allen You are beyond Blessed! Keep doing what you do! I still would love to see a movie with Madea driving a School bus..I know it would be hilarious! 😂😂😂Madea interacting with the children as a bus driver, yesssss huntee! 💰💸💰💸💰💸💰💸💰💸💰
Vicki Folgate You're a good guy!! You deserve this honor!! You, your characters (Madea) get thru to people about real issues, concerns. You entertain, you make us think, question, assess how we think, feel and treat each other!!!
Charity Jose Congratulations on the award. It is well deserved for someone who has impacted so many lives through out the world. You are the balm if Giliad. Genius you!!! I love all your projects. Yahweh bless you and increase you more.
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