Tyler Perry
23:06 07/21/2017

Thanks to my Atlanta neighbors, COKE!! This is pretty cool. Thanks Christi!

11.8k reactions 315 comments
Thomas J. Crump Jr. Congratulations Tyler! You deserve this lable and recognition !
Robin W Josef Ohhh how cute!!!!! QUESTION... did u cast Wyatt to look more like Luke Duke, than Bo???on purpose???
Laurie Hamrick Dover Awesome! By the way when does "Too Close To Home" come back on . Anxiously waiting! Love it!
Lupe Borden Mr. Perry how about making a movie from the skit from Neighbor from Hell just saying.
Shelia Sherman Lord Mr. Tyler Perry you have been a inspiration to me though out the years with your play's and movies the stories that are chosen to be told have touched me in so many ways in my life. I was married 28 years until death done us apart from 1983 to 2014 ...
Tyler Perry
23:06 07/21/2017

Hallelujer! #Boo2! A Madea Halloween teaser trailer is here - watch it now & see the film in theaters 10/20!

24.2k reactions 4300 comments
Cece Brown Tyler you are a excellent movie producer and I love all you movie, been trying to contact you with a laughable movie ideal I will share with you.
Tammie Rainey Smith Nikki never did see the first one, maybe we can take the girls and see this one!!
Jackie Williams Angela loves Tyler Perry, tell her about the new movie, she sat and pissed herself laughing one nightโ€ฆ.Cant wait to see the foolishness...
LaTonya Anderson-Weimer Molly Chavez Hernandez we need too watch this when it comes out.
Nicole McCall Wasn't a fan of the first one, too stupid, so this one is mostly likely going to be the same results. Issa no. JaMyria, Venesia, Ruby, Kristen
Tyler Perry
10:18 07/19/2017

Ok! It's temptation Tuesday. The Haves is on tonight. Here's where it turns!! Only on OWN.

18.3k reactions 1203 comments
Judy Stowe Good morning Mr Perry I love you and your shows please don't wait until the season finale before Candace find out her son is dead I will be watching tonight.God Bless
Marie Riou I'm sure Candice will blame her mom Hanna for her son's death, as she does for all her mistakes and irrresponsibilities. Powerful storyline! Catherine is my girl, loving the way she's standing for Hanna. Veronica, nuttier than a fruit cake, but she ...
Tawanda Walker Beautiful place reminds me of the place I wanted to live after retirement the Island of Capri, still have yet to get there....
Stella Price Tyler Perry, I have a question for you. I don't have the OWN channel, so I can't watch " For Better Or Worse " & I love that show. Are you going to release it on DVD?
Bertha Scott I live in Windsor Ontario right across from Detroit. I get Own and we watched it one season and not anymore for the last 2 years. WHY can you tell me That? It is so good, I want to watch it.
Tyler Perry
19:54 07/11/2017

Don't forget The Haves and the Have Nots is back on tonight!!

9.6k reactions 1048 comments
Rena Winston So funny. These people talk to you like they know you. To funny. He doesn't read. He scans. He looks for bullet words. So he can keep riding on his boat. Live in his mansions while you sit there and watch crap. Smdh
Sandra Wilson This is where. My head is. I finally watched Pastor's John Gray's sermon"the number 8".and when he said God hides you(me). Plain sight because HE wanted THEM to treat me that way because he wanted you (Me). to see who they Really were and are Because ...
April Bell This show sucks now...loving loving Greenleaf and Queen Sugar. It's time for you to take notes from those writers. The acting on the Have and Have nots is horrible. Except,for Crystal Fox she's awesome. Just saying I've lost interest. Come up with a new ...
Janet Edwards never forget...it is okay to not be okay. to be wounded and gutted. to be lost and broken. to be angry and afraid. you have complete permission to totally lose your sh%t and have that ugly melt down. this is what they call being human and the remedy for ...
CJ Schultz I'm looking forward to reading your book cuz I think that we are on the same page my friend. My book is "Memoirs of a Midnight Flower". I'm confident that you will enjoy reading it if you chose to do so. Life is a vast Drama...the world a stage. God ...
Tyler Perry
03:54 06/29/2017

Happy Tuesday!! The Haves and the Have Nots Day! To the millions of you who keep watching! WE THANK YOU SO MUCH!! And your tweets and GIFs are hysterical.

4.6k reactions 602 comments
Gwen Sykes About little Quincy dying...it hurt me too, but you have to know GOD! That child was conceived from an evil person and probably would have given Hanna more problems than she could imagine! God knows what is best even when we don't so don't question ...
Cynthia Small I know u are working this script out of real life and I see that in some of your scenes, but I see how Candice is keeping her business close to the vest with her so called girl, that wants her blood too!!! Working with WARREN!!! I'm waiting on the ...
Latricia Ralls I take my hat off to you, you bring so much emotions, real life situations to the screen...You bring out the best acting from your actor all of them and the first episode of THAHN Hanna OMG she really had to go to a deep place to bring out that much of ...
Maxine Smith People that have bad things to say about The Hav and Have Nots......If you don't ont like it don't look at it....Tyler the show is awesome in my book do your thing and keep it up...Some people will always hate on people that does great things............
Cynthia Small Ok Tyler, if you did anything right tonight it was Hannah, I cried my eyes out for her lost and of course the baby, I knew that was coming! I mean really you got 5 guys bust into a rm fist fight then they draw their guns and they miss their targets ...
Tyler Perry
02:18 06/24/2017

I WROTE A NEW BOOK!! #HigherIsWaiting Check it out: bit.ly/higheriswaiting

6.4k reactions 513 comments
Karen Kelley How wonderful to hear and can't wait to read! I don't know how you do it but you just keep entertaining and inspiring all of us! Thanks for all you do
Katrina Broome-Pratt Blessings to you T. P. Awesomeness! Every time I wonder what are you up too, you never disappoint. Can't wait to read Higher is waiting! I need that
Wilma Jean Burns I will be sure to buy that book. Mr. Tyler Perry you are so full of wisdon. I love youe movies, love your down to earth talkes with your fans. My God forever bless you.
Patricia Merritt Bowling Looking forward to your book..I know it will help millions of people..you were heaven sent Tyler.. God Bless You..take care & thank you for always being there โค ๐Ÿ™ โค
Sherone Mattox Tyler when do you rest? I would not be surprised if you started your own network. I BELIEVE it's coming. You are our black Walt Disney. Disney always had something coming out. You just keep hammering them out.
Tyler Perry
13:30 06/21/2017

New The Haves and the Have Nots! Tonight at 9/8c!

2.8k reactions 410 comments
Robin Brown-Aaron Wow, haven't seen it yet but not little Quincy they killed him off the show. I don't want that from this show I had much rather seen him grow until she learn how to be responsible or Hannah to have raised him living with Mrs.Harrington but forgot she ...
Brenda Dollarhide I am watching OWN now!!!!! I don't want to miss a minute of the new season.I have watched every episode from the beginning. # MY FAVORITE SHOW!!!!
Franschelle Brown Ok, Mr Perry killing the baby was hard to deal with! I'm going to need you to let Candace whip Erica's behind. That is one dirty dirty tramp!
Claudia Weier Did you catch the National Geographic series about Albert Einstein called Genius? It brought me to tears. I think Ron Howard directed it.
Carmel Super-mom Vil doing my daughter's hair and I only have 30 more minutes left and I am nervous...LOL but cannot wait for the show....hahaha....
Tyler Perry
13:30 06/21/2017

Happy Birthday TIKA!!!

19.1k reactions 2582 comments
Carolyn Purcell Mr Perry! They have had your movie Madeas Big Happy Family on . I watch it all the time when it is on! You make my day with all your great movies! You are Awesome! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Virginia Hayes Don't like the killing the child. IN THE HEAD, REALLY!!! Not happy with that! An Tika come on when are you going to hear about your son. ANSWER YOUR PHONE NOW!!!! I still love you!!!
Brenda Lawrence So glad I guys are back love that show Tyler Perry should make it into a mini series.on tape that would be great.then I can watch it when ever I want to God bless the Cast
Yaytee Koiki Tyler Perry i am just as excited as she is and i am jumping ...waited too long to have questions answered......and i just can't wait to get answers. Happy Birthday Tika Sumpter!๐ŸŽ‚
Alimamy Conteh Happy B-day, Tika. This is going to be great having your birthday on the same day that the show comes back. Look at God. He is so great.
Tyler Perry
13:30 06/21/2017

Guess where I am?

5.4k reactions 1033 comments
Edna Webb Very Elegant how's aboutv Get to know America's have n have nots for a Guess whose coming to Dinner five course meal with a nice Bottle of Boones Farm Wine. Just how many did you drink back in the day.
Sharon Woody I can hardly wait for tonight! Are we ever going to find out what really happened to Amanda and what about Benny's father?
Jeanne Lane Happy Birthday. I told my husband don't bother me between 8 and 9 Haves and Have Nots on tonight. If ts a emergency call 911.
Chioma Onwudiwe This looks impeccably real. Thanks for confirming that it was not. Thought we were about to witness 'the marriage feast of the Lamb.'
Cathy Bayles Oh, baby-baby......THANKS, for the reminder. OH, SNAP......I remember, I have my DVR set to record all NEW episodes. Wasn't about to miss this. CAN'T WAIT, CAN'T WAIT. :-D
Tyler Perry
13:30 06/21/2017

TONIGHT IS IT!! The Haves and the Have Nots returns tonight on OWN at 9/8c. I can't wait!

5.8k reactions 554 comments
LaTonya Austin I enjoyed the hell outta the show. I was crying when the grandbaby died. I was pissed bcause Kandice is somewhere being her & not answering the phone, she's going to be crazy when she finally find out. I am so angry at War for killing the baby. That ...
Santia Duncan I'll be watching,Thanks for sharing & making America laugh again. Lol Have a fantastic day! I have a lot of story ideas, love all you work.
Tatnes Jackson Yes it is time for everyone to see how brilliant Tyler perry really is keep up the good job is going to be on tonight everybody get ready
Phyllis Brooks You know it boo - I got you - I left my bible in one of the ladies in my Sunday School class vehicle last Sunday and she brought it to me last week ( I know that she looked through it ) she had a strange look on her face when she brought it to me and ...
Barbara Patterson Okay way did you made Katherine mean don't like what you did to the little boy and what you did to the ๐Ÿ‘ฎ don't like it but you're doing a great job keep up the good work
Tyler Perry
23:06 06/13/2017

To our millions of The Haves and the Have Nots fans out there, we couldnโ€™t do it without you. I promise this season will not disappoint. Are you ready for Tuesday June 20th??

5.6k reactions 1124 comments
Elder Melvina Carpenter I love and admire your work. I am an author. My prayer is to one day meet you and receive tips on converting my work into something that my readers can view. Blessings to you Sir.
Sabrina Coleman Hannah is the one that I can relate with but sometime Hannah get out of order especially when it come to Kandi she has to pray hard for her because of her past but congratulations we love have and the Have Nots
Terri Gullygirl Lane-Thigpen Hello Mr. P, you have no idea of how much i need to be in your entertaining world. I am an author with a book that is near and dear to my jeart. I live in Washington, Ga. You had May Sally's diner towed to your studio and you are an affiliate of a ...
Terryann TheWriter Ambersley Hello Mr. Perry, My name is Terryann TheWriter Ambersley, and I am a writer. I have written several scripts, but I have written a special script for Madea. I would love to talk to you and your team about the scripts. Please contact me at ...
Yvette Walker Tyler Perry we already know that your coming back harder and better than last season. Can't freaking wait. Next time don't make us wait too long.
Tyler Perry
10:18 06/11/2017

She sounds so much like Whitney it scared me! I got chills. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdgWArANuvA

7.6k reactions 939 comments
Trulee Lanell Wow!! I'm a singer so I'm not going to just go along with somebody saying that anyone even came close to the great Whitney Houston. The only other person even somewhere in the neighborhood for me was Christina Aguilera. But this young lady's talent is ...
Elaine Rossi Beautiful voice. ..maybe this was a tribute to Withney. ....but she should really step out and do her own songs or she will forever be in Withney's shadow. ...she is beautiful, sang beautifully too with great vocals and I'm expecting that she will do ...
Sherry Covey A very beautiful voice, but it is hard to duplicate Whitney. Celine Dion to me, is without a doubt, the best female vocalist on earth now that Whitney is gone.
George Figueroa Nice voice, great lip sync, but Whitney had a creamy velvety tone in this song, and others. Glenn is Grace, your other videos are awesome, as well. You have pipes. To be honest it's a shame they're comparing you, but I can def see who inspired your ...
Jaakje van der Pol Ofcourse there is only one Whitney that no one can replace. Like none of us can be replaced!! We all are unique! There is also just one Glennis Grace in her very own kind of way and she has the gift of God that gave her a voice simular to the one of ...
Tyler Perry
08:12 06/06/2017

GRAND CANYON!! A wonder of God!

24.7k reactions 848 comments
Frank Leggett Careful Tyler...your career might be over if Hollywood hears you say God, bro! Oh that's right, they can't touch you because we the people love your work! Oh snap!
Julianne White I wondered your where abouts TP... miss you and the laughs you bring. Hope you and family members doing well. God bless
Maggie Edwards How I wish you would do made a goes to Mardi gras. Featuring the Indians... But also outliningbthe struggles of young blacks in society. Only you have the understanding of this material. Madea would smile from heaven. Oh how I wish u would.
Troy Sanders I was riding in the car with my son this morning. I was joking with him and I said, "I am going to become an uber driver." He was stunned and thought I was serious. I told him that I should suggest that your next Madea movie should be her driving for ...
Donna Montoya God Is good please pray for my daughter. She has been blessed with a live donor and doctor said she is a perfect match. God willing all will go great with Jesus in control. Thank you Mr. PERRY.
Tyler Perry
19:24 06/03/2017

Tyler Perry's cover photo

2.1k reactions 229 comments
Kourtney Johnson I'm so far behind on this show it's not worth me even trying to watch it
Dashan Alision Wellington I rathar the have and the have not i am not like in if loving you is wrong
Patrice Lane Hey there do u happen to work with William Reynold modeling agency I really hope u reply the owner of that company told me that u guys are really good friends but then I'm hearing that it's all a scam
Catrina Lynn Great job, Tyler! You have to put it in your viewers face early. They'll be thinking about it all the way up to the premiere. Tyler, I think we should watch this season together. What do you think? :-) Three days later, we can celebrate King's birthday. ...
Shirlaรฌ Marie Cannot wait renee lawless on the real I'm proud of you how muck you inspired Alot of people helped throughout the years. Best director, producer, writer, actor and COMEDIAN @tylerperry ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’•โœจ
Tyler Perry
06:36 06/01/2017

Breaks over! Time to go back to work.

7.2k reactions 526 comments
Melody Johnson I have story for you, madam, mob and mayhem. Underground brothel gambling with all the shots needed to make a great movie. True
Rene Tyree I hope you and your family enjoyed a peaceful,grand vacation! I am sure they are far and few between. Hope your vacation was feeled with the love of God and a beautiful time! GOD BLESS!
Juanae Green I'm glad that u and ur family had a nice vacation but if u can can u please think about putting ur TV shows on ๐Ÿ“€I'm a very big fan so please Mr. Tyler Perry can u think about it.And have a great day at work.
Alexander Lion Mr. Perry this is Jay Alexander one of your Detectives on one of your shows. I'm glad the vacation went well and now let's get back to work Sir. Teamwork makes the Dream work! Live Well
Lois Caster Between the sand and the seas, God's hands holds us when we can't and don't expect the outcomes we are looking for, even on vacations. Thanks be to Him, the beholder!!
Tyler Perry
16:12 05/24/2017

"For only love can conquer hate." My feeling today as I pray for everyone in Manchester England!

5.4k reactions 323 comments
Sheila Smith "What's going on? My feeling today and everyday, in the world as I pray to the lord for peace and for all the unnecessary killings to cease.
Ulla Rose Williams This man was singing it long before we thought that this type of mess was possible... Keep praying for all of those around the world
Gloria Rose A basic need to make one feel welcome and not a strained and feel important compatible,and understands how can we with out talking?
Frances Kinard My prayers go out to all these families. May the Lord bring them peace in such a terrible time. God bless you corazon de melon. Love ya ! ๐Ÿ˜ข
Patrina Poree-Daniels Listened to this song earlier today...Steve Harvey posted it but it was Marvin live in concert. Awesome song!!!
Tyler Perry
16:12 05/24/2017

My morning worship and exercise! God thank you for this beautiful day!

38.1k reactions 1301 comments
Roshonda Alexander I know you are looking for a book read that you would like to produce into a movie you have been considering it I have written a publish book and the title of our book is "THIS HAPPENS" I like to use the word our book because it was written for ...
Erica Jazzie Singh Iโ€™m learning to forgive and truly live by this scripture. โ€œGalatians 5:22-23, But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.โ€๐Ÿ˜‡ Amen
Linda Love You are amazing mr. Perry. Good for you Everyone need a break. It would be a dream come true if i ever got a chance To audition and be in a Tyler Perry movie. Yes I'm an actress and have skills. I have resume and reel. Thanks mr. Perry
Kimberly Harrington Look at the clear blue water. I am so jealous in a good way. You are blessed beyond measure but you've worked your butt off with the grace from God and have an awesome life. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!
Lisa Armstrong Mr. Perry, thank you for "Being Jesus to me!" Jesse Duplantis always says, "The only Jesus some people may ever see, is the Jesus in you, and the Jesus in me!" You and Madea have literally saved my life. Thank you, Lisa
Tyler Perry
14:36 05/19/2017

I wouldn't be named Producer Of The Year without you!! THANK YOU! We're building dreams together. Read the article if you have time. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/tyler-perry-talks-race-hollywood-bill-cosby-creative-freedom-i-dont-get-notes-1003287

Tyler Perry Talks Race in Hollywood, Bill Cosby and Creative Freedom: "I Don
Tyler Perry Talks Race in Hollywood, Bill Cosby and Creative Freedom: "I Don't Get Notes"

At his new Atlanta studio, THR's TV Producer of the Year opened up about his failure as a onetime used car salesman ("I couldn't dupe people"), the advice he got from Oprah and inclusion in entertainment: "I don't think Hollywood is black or white, I think it's green."

20.1k reactions 1099 comments
Bev Picazo Congratulations on Producer of the year. Enjoyed reading the article as well. Thank you for the movies and the series on OWN and TLC. Awesome shows and the season finale cliffhangers are nail biting.
Deneece Knott Congrats Tyler Perry, we appreciate you and your body of work! Now, come to one of the small towns and bring someone up. That will not get the opportunity otherwise! Thanks you๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ
Victoria G Felder Like you I was 6 hours awake from becoming a principal and was told I had to fire people. I said no I cannot. I did not finish the Practium LORD am I so glad I didn't finish school. Children today no nothing. Matters are out the window.
Amy Hatcher Winfield Congrats. Wonderful news. Your movies and plays have been an inspiration to me for years. You helped me realize that even though God allows the storms in your life, He is always there to guide you through them as long as you have faith in Him. Thru the ...
Amy Lee I love me some Tyler Perry and your movies!!!! I would love to be in one or on my favorite show the Have and Have nots! I am a hairstylist maybe you could have some hair salon scenes with me as the owner or one of the STYLIST!!! Think about it and get ...
Tyler Perry
01:48 05/17/2017

Strong, ageless, beautiful and amazing. Happy Birthday Janet Jackson. Welcome to the best years of your life! Being a parent is amazing.

12.4k reactions 851 comments
Delores Jackson Happy Birthday Janet! And also Happy belated Mother s Day. Love You a Huge Fan..
Stephanie Allen Happy Birthday Legend Ms.Janet Jackson!! Enjoy your day to the fullest!โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜
Carolyn Saez Ok what movie is this from???? Thought I've seen them all...
Shelby Browne I'm 51 and childless. Everyone keeps saying it's not too late, see Janet did it. I am not Janet.
Kandi J Cornell Happy BIRTHDAY Ms. Janet Jackson! ENJOY this day that God has set aside just for you. Here's to many MORE years of Life, Love and Blessings
Tyler Perry
13:00 05/14/2017

My view yesterday! Heaven on earth!

15.1k reactions 805 comments
Pay Day Gorgeous, I recently went to Las Vegas . The mountain seem so close and was miles away . The sight was awesome. It's amazing things to be seen. God Bless
Rosalee Sulak Looks like the elk and view Lily and I had last week when we were on our way back from Kalispell. Herd of elk with the mountains in the background.
Antoinette Archer I am so impressed that you Mr. Perry continue to help those in need throughout the United States. May God continue to bless you and your family.
Mechele Jacobs Tyler Perry it looks like a place of retreat somewhere will you can go and just relax and think about nothing but just relaxing I love the view it is so beautiful
Sheila Smith Hello Tyler, if u could, would u please send for me, I'd like to join u there for some peace and tranquility myself. Would b very grateful. Thanx, will b expecting to hear from u soon.
Tyler Perry
09:48 05/04/2017

When people love their jobs!! Crystal Fox (Hanna) working on my nerves! I'm kidding. I love my folks!

5.5k reactions 360 comments
Kristen Beattie While i was Praying this Morning, i prayed for my Fans all over the World and God asked me to bless 5 of my true fans with $15,000 each, Congratulations my Beloved you are Lucky to be one of them, God bless you.
Deloies Kilgore Tyler Perry you are one of the best caring giving loving concerned brilliant most of all God-fearing man, May the Lord loving and Grace continually to be with you in everything that you does. A loving fan of yours. Madea you taking my name you know LOL.
Reem Banquo Must be a pleasure to be an actor and work with someone like Tyler perry. As a black teenager I wish I had that opportunity
Laurie Davis Thomas She looks like she's having so much fun. I would love to see her have more fun on the show! I cannot wait for the new season!!!
Valerie J Lee-Aikens Tyler when is something good going to ever happen on If loving you is wrong. I am so tired of all of the crying and no joy.
Tyler Perry
21:00 05/01/2017

Happy Birthday to my good buddy Tim McGraw! You've got me looking forward to 50. God bless you and Faith on the #Soul2Soul tour!

2.1k reactions 313 comments
Joyce Weigel Hi Mr McGraw happy birthday! Can you please donate to my GoFundMe page? Thanks in advance
Heather Freeman Happy Birthday Tim McGraw. You are an amazing singer I love every song you sing. You did a great job in the movie The Shack. The whole movie had me in tears.
Scottie Royster-Alexander You didn't wish me a Happy Birthday and I turned 50 too.
Toni Niblack Stewart I love him and Faith... I will have to stop by his page and wish him a Happy Birthday
Jeffrey O Russellsr Happy birthday young man, b bless Tim and have a Happy day you and your family.
Tyler Perry
19:24 04/26/2017

I think this young lady is so funny that I put her in my upcoming film. If you haven't seen her, may I please introduce you to Ms. Shirleen! The Christi Show! Blow up baby girl, BLOW UP!!!

2.1k reactions 748 comments
Dunika L. Bryant I'm not stun her I'm here to talk about if loving u is wrong... now if u wanna use her to put some excitement in that show I'm here for it but sir PLEASE put some pep in this shows steps it's gettin a little bit boring and predictable.... I'm sick of ...
Brittany Morton Love this!!! I moved to England & I cant get tyler perry movies anywhere! They were life for me when I was back home in the states. Anyway anyone wants to sell me there collection? ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ or Tyler Perry would u send me some please! England needs Madea. I ...
Marilyn Balogun I was wondering when that would happen Mr Perry!..that was a awesome opportunity!...way to go Ms Shirleen๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ...she's too funny!...Her clothes and nails are always looking good!!
Christine Monty It remind me of the hair cut bobby brown turned into a style. Shirleen , you must stay content and grateful in the simple things in life. HAHN: Landon, Kristian Kordula Fans
Vinson Jones Hello Tyler i really believe u could help me im a new up coming inventor from Richmond,Va im sitting on so many good ideas i could make alot of money if i had your help 1 day i will be a billionaire Tyler me an u can get rich together please believe me
Tyler Perry
19:24 04/26/2017

Timeline Photos

1.1k reactions 85 comments
Evangelist Olufunmilayo Theresa Daniels . Hmmmmm. That is why I like Madea. She makes me laugh a lot
Kadesh Martin I would love to play just one of his shows or movies... I am just like madea only white... ask ANY of my friends only I dolt know how to fire a gun lol
Kim Norris I love to be in one of your playing hope u will look me up i live in Nashville TN i love all of your stuff u do for the world keep up the good job love u
Francois Bossier Mr.Perry ,you do realize Faith Hill is your cousin . Her real name is Faith Perry ,born in Jackson,MS ,right next to Louisiana ,LOL ,small world .
Linda Hamilton Ty i love them i wish when you go to another city to see there concert will you please come and get me
Tyler Perry
19:24 04/26/2017

We're shooting The Haves and the Have Nots. On a break between shots, John Schneider started clowning around. I bet you didn't know he had a new album out, Ruffled Skirts. You can get it at www.johnschneiderofficial.com - I love working with these guys!!

9.5k reactions 589 comments
Zoraia F. Moreira Good Morning handsome!!! Got me a friend request from you the other day and had to laugh... In a Universe that am but a grain of sand at your beach you were going to notice me.... For one second I was so happy.... but I'm not delusional so I just ...
Ayesha Muhammed Hello Tyler Perry, I feel like one of your fans. Just a grain of sand in your eyes! Love to see Madea in the church or tearing up the church in the Name of Love. Lol. Maybe one day my idea will come into reality. Take care.
Bjay Willis Tyler I have been into you since the 90's when I first saw your stage plays at the Fox, and was so proud when you came to TV with the Paynes and the Movies you made.right now I am watching If Loving you Is Wrong and as much as I love the show well. I ...
Tawanna Momon Mays Mr. Tyler Perry I'm not sure if I'm ready for HAHN! I can't take if loving u is wrong JESUS take the wheels!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ ALISON & Eddie the character & I know thats what they are but they both make me SICK๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ’– ONE OF YOUR #1 FAN...P.S. I need a job..
Stacey Johnson Oh god .mr. Perry you're willing to give everyone a chance maybe he can take his act on the road but stick to acting please hahaha love the show love you mr. Perry PS where's my birthday gifts Miss Stacy is 50
Tyler Perry
19:24 04/26/2017

Last night I saw one of the best concerts I've seen in years! Tim & Faith #Soul2Soul tour. I'm trying to find another city to see it again. I love these two!

6.6k reactions 320 comments
Tekesha German Tyler Perry will you pray for me I am in the music business and I really need your help to help me to pray about it. Thanks still one of the pure best.
Marsonna Mason They are awesome. Wish I could have been there. Much love to you and the family. I'm waiting to see what you are doing next. Have a great day.
Trish Whiteside-Crain They are coming to the BOK Center in Tulsa, Ok! I tried to get tickets...BOK is really nice! I bet they think you are pretty awesome as well! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Vinson Jones Tyler i need u to invest in me im a new up coming inventor with so many good ideas if i had your help i could become a billionaire an help u make that billionaire mark i need u to believe in me i hope u read this Tyler Perry an help me im from Richmond,...
Chula Cosme-Frye My son skyler is half Puerto Rican and half black. This boy is all country. For his 8th grade graduation I mimicked a fitted suit that Tim wore for an award show. For his graduation gift I took him to see Tim and this kid knew every song word for word. ...
Tyler Perry
03:24 04/14/2017

This Easter weekend, discover the story thatโ€™s inspired millions. See #TheShack in theaters with your family! Buy 2 Tickets on the Atom App or atomtickets.com and get 2 FREE when you use code SHACKFAMILY at checkout: http://atm.tk/theshack

3.9k reactions 262 comments
Heather Freeman I saw The Shack the day it came into theaters March 3, 2017
Diane DiUbaldo Szewczyk Richard Hood someday you & Barbra have a few extra hours go see this... Barbara would like it!! Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š
Pam Robertson It is idolotry. God is not like this. This is fantasy at its worst. Making God the way you want Him to be not the way he is. It is a sin
Mary Nelsen Saw it the last time you talked about it went with family cried and smiled wonderful movie
Debby Sullivan Really a great story and a whole new understanding of religion and how it works in everyday life!
Tyler Perry
01:42 04/09/2017

This was so funny to us!! Madea driving the streets at 3am.

12.9k reactions 827 comments
Misty DuVall You all are way to funny. Love watching everything yall do. Having me laughing while everyones asleep. Thank u for all the entertainment I share with us. I love all your movies.
Linda Carter Denman My first time on set of A Madea Christmas I bumped into you coming out of the bathroom. Had to take a second look before I realized it was you!
Kathryn Hoover I love this man in all he does,Tyler don't ever stop what you best of all,every one of your movies you watch with your heart, a good movie will make you laugh or make you cry,,but a great movie will make you do both,and I'll tell you that's a night with ...
Patience Muswaka That's incredible keep up the good work.. you don't know how many hearts u have captured globally.. please we are waiting for more episodes on if loving you is wrong u left us hanged
Sheila Cobb-Pratt Where can I find all your old movies an plays I have been looking everywhere for them I moved an someone stole the box I have been trying to replace them what store nobody has them please help thank you
Tyler Perry
12:54 04/06/2017

Nothing worse than loaning your car to a friend and that car breaks down, especially if that friend is Oprah.

15.5k reactions 1572 comments
Portia LadyLuck Radebe Yes they both have money nd they are friends, a while ago Perry bought Oprah a mini cooper so why do u find it hard to believe that she would borrow his car?
Jeannine Carman Hulse Oh no!! In Atlanta with the weather last night? I would have LOVED to come to her rescue, you never know who you offer a helping hand to when you see someone in need. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‡ Hmmmm... isn't there a verse about that somewhere?
Michele Tellinghuisen Oh man !! So sorry !! I borrowed a friends truck was ran off the road by a drunk driver who was in my lane and I rolled his truck and totalled it so yes things can happen !! I luckily only messed up my back for life!!!
Sylvia Camille Pierce Oh my TP, I know you were a little embarrassed but Mama O didn't panic. The next time just get a limousine to take her where ever she wants to go. Unless, she didn't want to draw attention to herself. Things happen- cheer up! #1FanAtl/Douglasville ๐Ÿ’œ
Jill Allen That's when you both say to hell with deadlines, walk the back roads to wherever feels most important, and just BE. 'Simple' belongs to us all.
Tyler Perry
08:06 03/22/2017

9.2k reactions 1036 comments
Latonya Marshall Yes have and have nots had me like oh my at the end it is such a good show. I will be ready waiting tonite for if loving you is wrong. Love all your shows. Thank you.
Carla Michelle Kenion Lord I'm glad it's gonna get resolved we've only waited a whole season.... But I still love you Tyler Perry! Now let's rock out! #iflovingyouiswrong!
Sheryl Glover It was unforgettable! Need more reality from you Tyler. That's the greatest thing about you....your wisdom!!! Keep sharing it and acknowledging TRUE REAL life experiences. Its what ppl can relate to. Have a great day!๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘Œ
Stacey Johnson Thank you Tyler Perry for showing the world would we go through my hat's off to you again thank you and thank you for the great laugh and all your Great accomplishments love Stacy Johnson
Theresa Duncan The Season Premier started off with answers about everything! One of the best shows ever & I thoroughly enjoyed it Mr. Tyler Perry.
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