Tyler Perry
22:24 01/12/2017

Last Tuesday you made The Haves and the Have Nots cable's #1 show, on OWN. Then, the next day you made Too Close to Home cable's #1 show, on TLC. All I can say is this... thank you! Keep watching, both of these shows are about to be off the rails!!! Tonight at 9/8c on OWN and tomorrow at 10/9c on TLC.

7.0k reactions 596 comments
Shenise Wright #GlowGang television show watch through my page! Tonight at 9PM! Every week 3 ladies give their take on what's really real! #GirlsTalkConversations
Arlethia Crosby It's getting harder for me to watch this show it's getting too weird.I skipped through it because Hanna is the only one I care to see.Everyone is getting to be too much too bad. I used to really love this show but I just can't watch it anymore. I love ...
Shine Lewis I'm in tune with all ur TV shoes rite now u r d best at Wat u do so u keep bring d drama and u jus keep putting smiles on our faces cuz dats his who u r...#1ofthebestinthebusiness#
Naomi Nedervelt In 2017 Create a new character for Retired (30 veteran marine )Maurice B Hutchinson He is an actor living in Hawaii now He is also an artist and speaks other language
Stephanie Ann I want to see the Have and Have Nots...no luck on demand...maybe one day they will show a marathon so I can start watching it!
Tyler Perry
09:36 01/10/2017

My snowman skills!!!! Hope your New Year is off to a great start. Thank you so much for watching The Haves last Tuesday and Too Close on TLC last Wednesday. I've got the most amazing audience. Thanks my folks! The Haves tomorrow on OWN at 9/8c!

8.8k reactions 799 comments
Anna Paidoussi In court today -spiritual warrior to protect my children from an abusive dad and the family court that can't see it.... with Yolanda Adams "the battle is not yours" and your "father can you hear me" ringing in my ears and keeping me strong. Thank you my ...
Meandher Herandme Hello 2017!!! an old East Point, Ga girl here. Enjoying all the productions that you and company put out. Especially one of Madea advising a young man about seasonal people. That was and still is a wonderful scene. Thank you.
Tara L. Passmore Tyler we need to talk about a Tyler Ap that don't require a cable provider. I like all your shows and movies but I don't want to pay for the high price of cable television.
Millicent Scott Pretty cool snowman.. Loving the fool out of HAHN.. Thanks for giving us good evening shows to watch. Loyal watcher.Keep up the awesome work.
Robert A. Diaz I like your creativity and originality, but I refuse to turn my TV to TLC. Sorry, but I won't do it. Anyplace else, I'm there.
Tyler Perry
08:00 01/05/2017

New temptations. New secrets. Get ready for the new season of Too Close To Home TONIGHT at 10/9c on TLC.

2.1k reactions 205 comments
Mary R Thurman great show,,, tonight tyler .no one in the family got killed as l thought they maybe killed when all of the shotin happened .only the man in the van died ..all of the family were ok .
Noah's Ark Deuteronomy 6:4-15King James Version (KJV) 4 Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord: 5 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. 6 And these words, which I command thee this day, ...
Kelly Perry Would love to have cable for Have and have nots , this looks like a netflix deal as well . Really like everything you do Mr. Perry , brother from nother mother . hahahaha. netflix Sir.
Zena Cook-Dedreu To the talented Tyler perry it looks like another winner. You have a part for a mute know all see all but can't talk write me in. No acting skills, but a great taught. All I have to do is act up know I can do that lol. Gods blessings on your new hit.
Anthony Lawson This show is interesting,very supriseing scenes,I thought it would be another version of the other shows,but it is original, very good work
Tyler Perry
08:00 01/05/2017

WELL HERE WE GO!! Happy New Year my people! Tomorrow, Tuesday January 3rd at 9/8c The Haves and the Have Nots returns to OWN!! Y'all ready!!

15.5k reactions 1717 comments
Carol Hernandez Don't have to tell me twice! I have my popcorn for tomorrow ready. A two night event that is making 2017 a great start already, besides my immediate family being in good health. Thank you Mr. Perry for The Have and Have Nots plus Too Close To Home.
Darlinda Comeau READY ... have loved and enjoyed everything of urs that I've seen thus far ...U know how many lives U have blessed with ur movies and all the lessons Ur viewers have taken away from said movies ...U have given courage and hope to many God Bless U with ...
Zama Shongwe Tyler it takes a while longer for your DVD's to hit our shelves in South Africa,is there somewhere I can go online and watch your movies cause I'm madly in love with grandma Madea,grandpa Joe and uncle Brian Simmons
Wambui Kimemia I finally started watching The Haves and the Have Nots. On season 2 now. I tell you folks, you do not want to go to bed. I slept at 3.10 am today. ...I was expected to be in the office at 8am . It's an awesome work of the mind. Art at its finest! ...
Denise Madison Hi Mr Tyler. Happy New Year!!! I sincerely thank you and Oprah Winfrey for your life long commitment , contribution and legacy to the world. I'm so very proud of you both. Not many to look up to. You and her are an(a few) exception. God bless you both ...
Tyler Perry
17:36 12/28/2016

Christmas snow angels!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

38.7k reactions 1728 comments
Sara Lawrence I hope Santa was great to you! Wishing you a great new year.. Thanks for being you!! You my friend are a great inspiration to keep pushing through everything to rise on top...much love!
Berthude Pamphile Happy Holidays Mr Perry!!! May the blessings of our Lord be upon you & your family always!!! Make precious memories to last a lifetime. Enjoy!!
Ana Luisa Saucedo Feliz Navidad to you too! May 2017 be filled with love & blessings...you deserve the world!!! Thank you being such an inspiration to so many...
Janice Askew Merry Christmas an happy. Newyear to you as well in this. Big bad world you do something lot. Of people. Cant do make people laugh what a blessin to have that trait. My fla line is DNA. You know dana
Thabisile Masondo In your countries its always snowing but here in South Africa we don't get that. Wow I would love to visit your country one day.. Have blessed festive season. God Bless you...
Tyler Perry
16:00 12/23/2016

I can't wait for January 3rd and 4th. Tuesday, it's The Haves and the Have Nots premiere on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network and on Wednesday, it's the Tyler Perry's Too Close To Home premiere on TLC. And just so you know, all of Season 1 of Too Close To Home is available for FREE on the TLC GO app! It is our Christmas gift to you. Check them out so you'll be ready.

5.4k reactions 379 comments
Yolanda Jamison I can't wait either and it better be good you hear me Mr. Tyler Perry and I thank you! By the way Merry Christmas to you and your family.
John Bezares Mr. Perry, I still see nothing about calming down the country, less on faith. Not sure, but checking my calendar, since meeting with oprah, you almost act like you drank the koolaid, so...
Janice Mattson love both shows. You have such a special talent Tyler. I hope you relax for the holidays. would love to meet you. Can't wait for the shows.
Marjorie Merrill Is there anywhere to see the reruns of the have and the have nots any more. I was seeing them on you tube after I told you about the many who do not have cable, often because they cannot afford it or cannot make it a priority. I was seeing it on you ...
Phyllis Brooks You know I got you boo - I got everyone that I know watching including my 84 year old aunt (hooked) - keep us posted. Praying for you forever and a day - continue to make it do what it do boo!!! <3 :) <3
Tyler Perry
14:24 12/18/2016

The Haves and the Have Nots returns January 3rd.

10.4k reactions 895 comments
Sherol Sthill can't wait it's going to be hotttt
Judy Couch Segars I can not wait. Love these characters and their stories. This is some amazing work, Mr. Tyler Perry. Thank you.
Ronda Bybee Moses BRING. IT. ON!!!!! The wait has been too long!! We are ready to have it back!!! Counting down now!!
Nicole Nicky Nic I haven't watched in a whole season and it look like it's still where I left off. This show moves way too slow
Seth Smith I'm on the edge of my seat wait for the new episode to come out!
Tyler Perry
14:24 12/18/2016

Tyler Perry's cover photo

3.0k reactions 201 comments
Carol Rolle Can't wait! The best one ever.
Stephanie Munn Love this show!!!!!
Summer Curry Can't wait
Rebecca Pritc Can't wait. Bring it on
Gale Ballard Can't wait
Tyler Perry
01:36 12/16/2016

YOUR HIDDEN GIFT Sorry I haven’t written one of these in a while. Working the hours that I do and trying to be the best father that I can, I had to pull back on some things. I hope you understand. Anyway, onto the reason that I’m writing. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m very difficult to shop for. It’s not because I’m choosey, it’s just that I’ve been very fortunate in my life and I usually have all the cool stuff already. So I tell all my friends and family that my gifts of choice are handwritten, from the heart, letters. I love getting them and no one handwrites anything anymore. Anyway, someone gave me a gift about two years ago, and it wasn’t a letter. I thanked them for it and I put it in the trunk of my car with every intention of opening it when I got home. Well, I got home and got busy. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I forgot about this gift for quite some time. Part of the reason why was because it had fallen into a small bin area in my trunk, practically tucked in a corner, totally hidden. One day I was looking for something else and I found that gift, this gift that I didn’t even know I had. I opened it and called the person that gave it to me to thank them for such a great gift and to apologize for not calling sooner. She said “you that damn busy?” We had a good laugh. Once I opened it, I realized it was not only something that I didn’t have, but something that I could and would use a great deal. I was super excited. I could tell you what the gift is, but that’s not as important as what I thought about when I found it. This gift that has become so valuable in my life and had been with me all that time, tucked away and hidden. Everywhere I went I had it with me and didn’t even know it, even when there were days that I really could have used it. Days where it would have made my life better, I didn’t know it was there. With all these thoughts in my head, I couldn’t help but to think about all of us who have gifts inside of us that are tucked away and hidden. Gifts that we have never used, gifts that have been given by God, gifts that are special, gifts that can not only change your life but the world. Yet we leave them hidden, tucked away in the corners of our souls. As you leave 2016 and enter into 2017, why not commit to searching your soul for all of your gifts, even the hidden ones, and begin to use them, no matter what people say, no matter who judges you for it and no matter what people think? Use the gifts that God has given you to help spread some hope and love and joy to this world. Boy, do we need it. Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Thank you for an amazing 2016.

2.6k reactions 2781 comments
Qwilda Mechelle Bradley Ty Tyler! You are absolutely right,we all have been blessed with gifts that aren't used. I myself have to admit to not pulling mine out. Mine have been tucked away many many years,cob Webb's I guess are so thick on them I couldn't recognize them! But I ...
Claudia Nance-Peters Very beautifully said. I really needed to hear that Tyler. I really feel like u were speaking directly to me, bc I truely blv that thr is more to me than I am bringing about. This year has been a rough one for me causing me to lose hope on so many ...
Laura Farias I can't get enough of your writing! Always thinking outside the box and keeping an open heart. Reminds me of you Tiara Welch! Always looking to make a difference in the world. I believe we will be just fine in 2017. We have each other :-)
Angelica R. Hammons This is just amazing, I just completed a gift ministry at church and found out what my true God given gifts are and going forward in life...my career, my church activities and within the community I know where I can plug in and help
Lesia Nichols Tyler that was beautiful, I give my gift to people every day and that is love. I have so many love for other people that I don't take time to love myself because if someone needs me I'm there for them but on the other hand no one is there for me. I'm ...
Tyler Perry
03:12 11/13/2016

If you haven’t seen #MadeaHalloween yet or you wanna see it again, now’s the time because I’m hooking up my fans with a FREE CANDY of your choice! Just buy 2 tickets for this weekend on atomtickets.com or download the Atom app: atm.tk/madea

21.5k reactions 1063 comments
Milisa Love If the movie was just with the old ladies..omg it's the funniest movie everrrr...but was disappointed with the other cast...just blah blahhhh..the old ladies and Madea made me lmao..
Taneka Hardy I really enjoyed this movie, even through the part I halfway like with all the talking in that room is was drawn out but still I laughed. Next time just shorten the lesson. I love the lessons in his movies and plays but this time it was a little too ...
Crystal Comeau I would buy tickets if I could afford them Madea is great makes me laugh when most things don't now a days ty for making the world laugh keep it up laughter truly is the best medicine
Elizabeth Ann Williams My son and I went and saw it for his 19th birthday, he'd never seen Madea movie before. Needless to say, I think he really enjoyed it! Thank you!
Tina L. Seabrook Milligan Madea you are of the chain I need at my daycare were I work so you can set it of ok and Tyler I getting bold I want to work for you if you don't ask not you get not so I am asking with boldness I want to work for you and I am not a crazy fan I know what ...
Tyler Perry
03:12 11/13/2016

There is a saying, "all dogs go to Heaven." That's comforting. 9 years of truly unconditional love. So sad we have to say goodbye. You were family, Aldo. I love you and will miss you greatly.

100.9k reactions 6823 comments
Sheila A Cooper I know how you feel. I have had to do it several times. Haven't been able to get a doggie since 2012 because of that. They have unconditional love
Theresa Gonzales So sorry for your loss of your furbaby 😥🐶 Its never easy to lose a pet we love an has been so loyal an gives us the love back. I've lost so many of our fur babies an our last pet passed in front of us😥 It wasn't easy for me an my kids an cried an ...
Linda Fitzpatrick Hanson I'm so very sorry for the loss of your sweet and handsome Aldo Mr. Tyler Perry and family! Sincere condolences! May your precious Aldo Rest In Peace at the Rainbow Bridge! :'(
Karen Anne Heiden I was devastated when I had to have my dog put down. I got her when she was just a year old, and when she was 13 yrs old she developed tumors. I felt like I had lost a child. My heart goes out to you in your sadness. God uses dogs to teach us ...
Kara M Brown So very sorry for your loss. Fur babies bring us such joy, love, and comfort. It's a truly sad day when we have to let them go. Prayers to you during this difficult time!!!
Tyler Perry
14:24 11/10/2016

In the spirit of Madea, all I want to say is GET OUT AND VORTE!!!!!

56.1k reactions 1404 comments
Gina La May Tyler Perry, please ignore the haters! NO ONE can tell us if we are "christian" because our views are different. I am with HER every day over a sexual predator like TRUMP!!
Lisa Miller Mr. Perry I know you love dogs so I'm praying you will help me get Chewie back. Hi, I am hoping you will help me get Chewie back. Chewie is a precious little dog I wanted to adopt from San Bernardino City Shelter on 9/9. But he'd been labeled rescue ...
Sarili Kompiyansa They got into the electronic systems and messed up the election..problems everywhere.....FBI messed up the voting machines! He's a true cracker talking about election is rigged, had people looking at Hillary while his people are in the back ground ...
Jena Rebel It probably doesn't matter who won the election. Either way, we know the score. Both are owned by the Rothchilds and they don't care who won because in the end, every second of mainstream media drama is designed for financial terrorism. Buy high to ...
Dixie Watt Henley I have a dream, to own a restaurant, a soup kitchen, a small motel and a homeless shelter! Oh yeah, a house and land one day!! To start out, I decided to sell Pampered Chef to get my down payment to get the properties needed and all that goes with these ...
Tyler Perry
14:24 11/10/2016

I love Jennifer, and all I have to say is I'M WITH HER! https://youtu.be/qtTZ2M8FBwg

17.9k reactions 659 comments
Frank Leggett Black America has never been worse off, blood is flowing in the streets of Democrat ran inner cities...and still you line up at your Democrat Massa's voting lines? Wake the hell up!!!
Shayla Sorrells I'm so baffled by how many Christians support a man who promotes nothing but hate, fear, racism and division. How you can say he's an anointed man of God when his actions prove otherwise is beyond me. 🤔🤔
Jacob Zupin If you believe in white power you're for the Oompa Loompa cotton candy hair bigot. Hilary may be crazy but she's definitely NOT trying to make America white again
Chrissy Confer Just curious as to when Madea became a democrat ? No democrat would drive their car through a building because they didn't a biscuit or beat their four year old kids until they are on life support (Medea- Boo). 😂😂😂😂😂😂 There ain't no way she's a ...
Marisela Coll After 50 years of African Americans voting for the Democrats were has it gotten you the first black president yet black unemployment at all time high I am a Hispanic American I voted Trump I had nothing to lose. Hillary Clinton sells our country to make ...
Tyler Perry
23:50 10/31/2016

Madea Halloween is #1 two weekends in a row!! What are y'all trying to do!!!!! Thank you so much. God bless. I thank you, Madea thanks you and all of us at TPS thank you.

21.9k reactions 3323 comments
Tasheka Travers Today, one of the children I work with said, "Ms. T, why don't these children know who Madea is?" He went on to proclaim how he loves Madea. He was not satisfied until I told him I know who Madea is and I love her too. Keep up the great work.
Marc A. Brite Tyler Perry im probably not going to be able to see it in theaters how long till its on video I love madea movies.....thank you for the laughs....witness protection is my favorite so far
Catherine Schulz I was SO Scared you would NEVER do another Madea movie!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! I LOVE HER!!! I'm same age as you and I know that as we get older some things get harder to recover from! So HAPPY you did this character again for us!
Adrian-Joana Moore Im disappointed that it has clowns bc i have a major phobia and i LOVE madea, seen every movie but bc of my anxiety of clowns i cant see it :( Maybe one day if i get over it il be able to enjoy it Sounds like its great
Hibaq Doobi I have seen it for the second time , coz the first time you are laughing sooo hard trying to keep up with crazzzzy madea that you will miss some parts of the movie so you have to go back n see it again ,till it comes out on DVD n you own it right !...
Tyler Perry
23:20 10/29/2016

As a Halloween treat, I’m hooking you up with FREE candy! Buy 2 tickets to see Boo! A Madea Halloween using Atom Tickets this weekend and get a free candy of your choice! Download the Atom app: atm.tk/madea

12.7k reactions 958 comments
Lorraine Day Paradis Loved this movie saw it Sunday with my Mom and 2 daughters. Hysterical we all laughed through the movie. I can't wait to buy it to add to my collection. I might even go see it in the theatre again ☺
Brenda Chambers Let me tell u that "Tyler Perry's Boo! A Madea Halloween" had ME literally crying😂😂😂‼️I LOVE seeing ppl scared & this was so hilarious‼️ It was the hardest I've EVER laughed❣️😂
Gaylord D. Duval I saw the movie last night with 2 friends, two of us were some what disappointed, we expected more laughing & hooping ,which was lacking, but it is an ok movie, however for the seriousness of the message of the movie, was good along with teaching young ...
Sheree Redd-Jones It had it's funny moments, but as with all of Madea's movies, there was a lot of preaching. I guess it would have been funnier if there were not long periods of that. I guess I was looking for it to be hilarious based on the previews, but it was just ...
Nigel Strozier Thanks but we already bought our tickets to see it on what? Halloween of course! That way we don't have to open the door for trick-or-treaters. LOL!👀🎃
Tyler Perry
18:00 10/25/2016

Catch me on T.D. Jakes Show TODAY at 6PM EST on OWN! I’ll be talking about how passion trumps pain. #TDJakesShow

1.8k reactions 362 comments
Leonard Tinsley "Lord God, strengthen, settle and establish the Holy City and the Jewish people today. This sacred place is at the center of Your plans for our world. I come to Your throne today asking for Your mighty hand to work to defend Israel from those who would ...
Frank Leggett Hopefully Pastor Jakes gave him a lesson on supporting Pro-life, and ending radical Hillary Clinton's planned partial birth-abortion ban repeal!
Linette Sherrod Awesome! Brother Tyler Perry. I am still awaiting an interview with you. To work at your new Studio. That is a dream I have had much in my life. Since I love to laugh more than crying ever in my life.
La Elliott I'm looking at it now in GA. You do an amazing job and I know God has more to offer for you. Praying for bigger and more opportunity in your life. May God continue to Bless you. Your Success Is The Best. "When Your Dreams Start To Believe For You" well ...
Sandra Gutierrez I watched the interview and was glad I did I truly enjoyed seeing you on there because you have done so many things for others God has blessed you with un conditional love from your son and to learn how it can change your life being a parent changes ...
Tyler Perry
18:00 10/25/2016

#1 Movie in America!! Thank you so much. You have no idea what this means to me and my team!! My prayer for you is that everything you've done for me, my family and my business comes back to you one hundred times over. God Bless and thank you so much!!

32.5k reactions 3427 comments
Sylvia Reyna I didn't get the chance to watch it last weekend but I'm going this weekend. It will be #1 two weeks in a row! I did watch some Madea plays and I have to say you pack some good life lessons in them. I would like some wall decals of Madea wisdom please ...
Lucy Rodriguez You are most welcome Mr. Perry, And again thank you for all the laughs my family and I really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you for sharing your talent and gifts with all of us. Love you my Brother. Continued blessings🙏💞👼
Gloria Tamez-Carrasco Took the hubby to watch it Friday night. It was a pack place. We loved it. We love all your work and what you produced or written. We dont normally go to the movies. But, this one was decided last minute and random. We went to the late evening one ...
Mindy Purcell My husband's mother had cancer and had been sick for a while she died in May and that is the most I heard my husband laugh in like for ever so thank you so much it's nice to see that God is good at and he has blessed is through you so many times and ...
Michelle Haring Vincent The best movie!!! In this crazy world of hatred and political craziness, it was so nice to relax, and laugh with everyone no matter their color or beliefs. We were all one united in uncontrollable laughter! ❤️😂
Tyler Perry
11:10 10/21/2016


28.6k reactions 2959 comments
Ora Richman This is the most biggest and special weekend of all. I will be spending time with my son Derrick Richman who will be going on a mission for the Lord for two years. He is going to Los Angeles to serve his mission. This Saturday we plan to go see Boo! A ...
Peimla Hull Tyler...u are "Brilliant Perfection" (i think i made that up) in entertaining....I have seen every piece of work you have ever done..from plays to movies to tv and nothing is less than spectacular or side splitting i cant breathe get me some oxygen ...
Maria Dolores Dominguez-Torres Your movies are my all time favorite and for sure going to see this Halloween movie , so excited about . Yes we need the laughter because it is a sad world we live in . I live segregation law in the 1960 and believe that was very sad and instead of ...
JJ Thurman Carney I absolutely don't watch movies that may be scary or have zombies and hauntings, but I will make an exception for Madea. Only for you, Tyler Perry!
Angela Davis Get it TP...... Baby I love you. With your funny butt <3 I own every last one of your plays/movies. My kids use to get on my nerves they watched your stuff over and over and over. Almost drove me crazy.
Tyler Perry
05:50 10/17/2016

This has been making the rounds on Facebook. It is from about 14 years ago, but the advice is SOUND! Share it with someone.

121.3k reactions 7964 comments
Lilieth Barnett Natasha K Boodoo i feel like you already know all this but i support and love you mama and weither im here for a season or a life time this is one thing i want you to remember
James Fountain What he say after the clip is over is....people be rebuking Satan and I be beating the he** out of everything that's up in there lol I've watch that play many times and I always listen to that part everytime I watch it
Stephanie Blythe One of my favorite video clips. I have shared it many, many times for years now. I have even gone and searched for it when I see friends post how they have been disappointed by friends or family. I've started being less concerned with how people feel ...
Margee Baynes Yes I recently watched this and it is some sound advice and I'm glad that it's making its way around Facebook because more people need to listen and maybe the world would be a better place God bless you for all you've been doing and I will see Madea Boo ...
Steven Deleon Arthur Thank you Madia, you don't know how many times I've heard that and it hit so much to home what I've been through in my life. It's hard to let go but you have to do it sometime it's gonna make you a better person and listen to this made me a stronger ...
Tyler Perry
03:10 10/15/2016


12.2k reactions 385 comments
Tori Ann Whats new, I love all your movies and series... I could watch it over and over... I just will like to know what did u leave everybody hanging in Tyler Perry house of Paynes ..lol
Stacy A Livingston Hope to see this soon! I movie idea for you! Tyler Perry's Madeas The 2nd Coming of He Never Left! Considering He was born and oh yea He died and came back I'm not great at math but that adds up to ummm 2 times! Just a thought ! Lmbo these dam ...
Dora Ann Sosa Mr Perry I love your movies and my birthday is Halloween so I can't wait to see it, please put me as an extra in one of your movies... I love your work
Patricia Perry Hey Tyler Madea The Madea Boo Halloween Movie comes out on the same day as MY BIRTHDAY. October 21, I will be seeing thd Madea Boo Movie that weekend when it comes to our city East Coast
Ramonda Sue Brady My granddaughter Brianna Harris loves your films, you make everyone laugh, i know BOO, MADEA HALLOWEEN, will beak the records.
Tyler Perry
21:50 10/10/2016

If you didn't see this last night, you must. LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuL27DzHFP4

68.9k reactions 4127 comments
David Aurilin For those who just realized Tyler Perry was not a Trump supporter, then you just proved to the whole world how retarded you guys are... And for those who decided to unfollow him, it's pretty simple. With the same "Liked" botton, click on, and then you ...
Gayle Curtis Factor Come on Tyler I know Im just one person to millions that watch your shows. I have had alot of respect for you. and I know my credits for watching you mean absolutely nothing to you. especially since I am white. but please dont stoop so low and join in ...
Veronica Pearson Dam Tyler, 20+ years of wonderful work I paid to see, this here broke my heart, you are supporting a woman who calls you a "Super Predator" & want you to "Heel"just because WE made you rich, do you NOT think behind closed doors she don't think & feel ...
Charlon Nutty Gibbs Lol!!! Tyler Perry is not losing a lot of supporters. Majority of his supporters are African-American and we have supported him since he first started, back when he was only doing plays. So if you weren't going to see his plays in 2001, you didn't help ...
Tenna Miller Torres So many idiotic comments here about how Tyler Perry is not a Christian if he supports Clinton!! If that's the case then you must not be a Christian if you support Trump either. He has been accused of rape, cheated on all of his wives, cheated people out ...
Tyler Perry
19:20 10/08/2016

Hellur everybody, Madea here ready to answer your questions!

332.9k reactions 143463 comments
Sherrie Shawnta Hello Madea....cant wait to see the new movie !! Love your work
Kendra Dunn Hey Madea I love you can't wait to see the movie. Laughter is good for the soul
Theresa Duncan You are a genius when it comes to creating these shows, plays & movies with so much laughter & real life issues! I really want to meet you one day too & shake your hand!!!??❤️❤️??????
Eric J Gourley I'ma be there on the 21st, Madea! A gentleman doesn't disappoint a lady!
Ruben Vasquez Jr. Why release the Madea Halloween movie 10 days before Halloween? Wouldn't it make sense to release it at the end of September/beginning of October? (Shrugs shoulders)
Tyler Perry
19:20 10/08/2016

Tyler Perry's cover photo

7.3k reactions 242 comments
Trish Ann I have watched all your movies so many times and each time I lmao. You are one hell of an actor.
Kim Kelley I wish you would make more Medea movies. Love watching them. :)
Adibayor YES (Y) Special for you, The official link Full Movie [HD]-1080p & bluray new streaming suicide-squad http://4cuh-m0v1.blogspot.co.id/2016/10/suicide-squad.html when-bough-breaks full hd http://4cuh-m0v1.blogspot.co.id/2016/10/when-bough-breaks-full-hd....
Yoyok Yeyek I'm Sorry, I commented on the link here, I just want to make you watch movies without going to the cinema, you simply Click the Link and PLAY..... ._._.(y) Snowden http://wedusjowo.diers.site/streaming-film/snowden-302401.html Max Steel http:...
Sandy Rogers First-time author/book need some love-Progress involves risks, you can't steal first base with your foot still on first-The Neighborhood Scandals, Sins in the Sanctuary now on kindle - [email protected]
Tyler Perry
11:10 10/21/2016

Tyler Perry's cover photo

8.9k reactions 383 comments
Lisa Parrott Long So excited to see this movie. I have not had an adult me night in a very long time. Raising my 8 yoa grandson who is ADHD and has autism. Love him to the moon and back. But ready for a grown up night.
William David French Jr Can't wait. Would love to see Madea go head to head with Agnes Brown from the UK comedy hit Mrs Brown's Boys TV Series. Could be a fantastic episode of Family Feud or another type of production.
Peter Magladry I am so excited. I love Madea. I'm 51, white male executive in SanFrancisco probably don't think I'm your target audience, but I grew up in Baltimore and I know Madea and all of here friends. Brilliant.
Lisa Jo Durkee I am so disappointed! My sister and I have been looking forward to seeing the newest Madea movie and discovered today that it's been pulled from the schedule and isn't going to be played anywhere in Maine! That's a big BOO from me!!!
Pati Bublé Good morning Tyler, this morning on the way to work,I saw this ad on Grand st in Downtown L.A., I'm going take a picture and post it for you!!!!!..I'm telling everyone to go see this movie!!!...9 more days....I love all your work, you are a brilliant ...
Tyler Perry
19:20 10/08/2016

I have a hilarious story about this photo. Me and Bernie Sanders. I'll tell it tomorrow on Jimmy Fallon.

20.6k reactions 421 comments
Linda Hamilton Hey Ty you were real good last night on the Jimmy fallon show you were stupid with madea talking to donald trump i laugh so heard enjoy it keep up the good work hear me when i said this to you keep it up young and oh you picking back up your weight
Rosem Massey Tyler,you are wonderful, when I am feeling down really down wanting to kill my self I remember Madea goes 2 jail the play Thank you from the bottom of my heart ,i wish you peace, love& laughter hope 2 meet you someday
Gwen Smith Thanks for all the positives u put out in your movies, been following you from the start till now .God bless!! you are a winner in all aspects.-+ve vibes all the time.
Zac Stepnoutonfaith Flucker Ummm can you first tell us why you did that cliffhanger ending to the HAHNS?...having us wait till next year to find out what happens!!!!!!
Edith Odom I VICED FOR BERNIE. .. CAUSE THE Queen is going too get it anyway.so it was too keep him n the Game yes Game. Um they are playing one big jokes. Only 5people vice for Bernie n Schenectady NY, and I was one of them ... Yes Edith odom. Brooklyn. Bed ...
Tyler Perry
19:20 10/08/2016

Madea is LIVE on Facebook this Friday at 3:30 PM ET. Start sending your questions in now.

21.8k reactions 2945 comments
Rebecca Johnson Will Madea ever do a movie about local politics? Like where a family member or friend cant full fill their position for some reason Madea steps up, so some lacK luster person can't take advantage of the situation. Then Madea can clean house and get us ...
Francesca Bauer I love madea she brings laughter and joy when we as a country need it the most. I think madea should be the debate moderator on Sunday. God bless you Tyler.....
Rosa Madden So is it true that you Madea and Martin Lawrence he plays big momma are go come out with a movie together in March of next year? If so that would be a great movie for yaw
Margarita Flores-Dimas Madea how come you did not run for president? Donald Trump did I think you are a whole lot more qualified that he is. You would get these out of control teens back into control. Child abuse is one thing but a old fashion butt whopping is what they need ...
Cindy King-Cordova Dear Madea, would you consider doing a movie where you play a substitute teacher in a high school where kids are falsely turning their parents into CYFD but there are real situations where kids need help. Get the teens to stand up to bullies and help ...
Tyler Perry
16:40 10/06/2016

8.3k reactions 688 comments
Leah Peeples-Cotton OMG Mr. Tyler Perry!!!....I was at your premier last night in Detroit and you talk about FUNNY!...I laughed so hard I cried! BOO was HILARIOUS from start to finish (I almost had 2 drips?) Lol!!...I will most definetly be bringing the entire family to ...
Ta-Tanisha Essex Aaaaaawwwwww ~ I missed you :-( I really wanted to see you when you came to Chi-Town :-) You are absolutely awesome Tyler Perry visiting Urban Prep was a great idea. The young men that attend that school are amazing and they are truly setting an awesome ...
Donna Martin Mr Tyler Perry, help us? pease help us to protect our water at Standing Rock in North Dakota. There is so much injustice going on to us native Americans will you stand for us at Standing Rock?
Rivera Veronica Mr. perry Next Madea movie should be Madea falling in love with a Mexican guy in Mexico and the whole struggle to cross the border I'm not Mexican but I would love for u to make something like that with the Latin community ?
Marleena Alkire Was just using that app too. Madea sure was patient when I made a bunch of wrong turns. She must have known my last two weeks have been hell. I just need some kindness and patience right now.
Tyler Perry
16:40 10/06/2016

Last night in Chicago!! They loved BOO!! I'm telling you. This movie is hysterical!!!

5.9k reactions 249 comments
Sireze Rezie Booker Lena WE MADE THe VIDEO!!!
Meri Taiwin Litsa Litty Piliouras sister we gotta lotta watching to do?
Susanna Burton Bridges Love Tyler Perry A real person who knows what it like to struggle and still help people who still do. Thanks for all you do for us
Sabrina Coleman One day we will meet face-to-face know that you are always in my prayers be blessed
Lucy Rodriguez There's nothing better than pure joy and excitement. Continued blessings my brother love and peace.
Tyler Perry
16:40 10/06/2016

I'm praying for all those in the path of hurricane Matthew! May peace be still.

37.3k reactions 1476 comments
Mutsa Mimi Kalawangoma Thats truly sad and all, and im praying for them too etc, etc. But why arw these hurricanes named as though they are babies? Theres Mary, Sandy,Jane,Matthew and Andrew, who determines thier gender?
Victoria Shingleton Ohhh...i keeps me a peice a steel!!!...lol But in all seriousness...thank you Mr. Perry...i live in Wilmington NC...10 min away from wrightsville beach and about 30 from carolina beach...many prayer going out out to all and receiving as many as ...
Paula Wallace I am on the coast of South Carolina. Schools and government offices are closed. They are asking people to leave in the morning(Tues). We just pray that God be with us and keeps us safe. This storm has already affected many people, and we are praying ...
Edward Porter Looks like we are in for a drenching soon, hope everyone takes precaution seriously! You be safe Mr. Perry out there in the road.
Diane Biggers-Clay Thank you Tyler.... We are here in Reidsville GA and a lot of us are under a state of emergency. I pray for all of our safety as this storm passes. God is in control and and makes no mistakes. Trusting in his will. Everyone be smart and stay safe. Lets ...
Tyler Perry
16:40 10/06/2016

Timeline Photos

15.2k reactions 659 comments
Jen Moore My teen daughter and I can't wait for this Madea movie.....love this character so much. It's our little tradition now to have Madea Marathon Movie night's often♡♡♡♡ Thank you Mr. Perry
Jessica Carroll Yeah, the Babies and I were just talking about we can't wait to see this!! Madea is our Family's all time Favorite!! Thank you for bringing us laughter!!
Sherby Black Yes I can't wait to see it u look crazy is hell but it all good Mr Tyler Perry u is so dam funny Peace out brother God bless u and many more come Amen
Ryan Gohs Tyler if you ever need a white media let me know I'm 6' 3 305 lb and I can a impersonate Madea exactly or with the right makeup can be a twin and I do about 70 other different voices
Shantell Shields Hello Mr Perry. So there was a fake flyer going around about a Madea/Big Moma mash up. I just want to say that we would ABSOLUTELY LOVE if you and Martin can make it happen. Fingers crossed ????
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