Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

Love this!! She hit the nail on the head—moms never get enough credit!

37 reactions 8 comments
Katherine Whittingham Igarta Stunning
Bebe Quisto-Berry Smart and beautiful! Wow! 💃
Jeanne Rock Good for her: rare these days to express this truthful statement
Himangshu Sharma Proud of her. She's from my country.
Judith Bender So proud of her!
Mike Huckabee
19:48 11/19/2017

Sad news about the 67-year-old former 'Partridge Family' star has just been released.

David Cassidy Rushed to Hospital in Critical Condition:
David Cassidy Rushed to Hospital in Critical Condition: 'It's Looking Grim'

I’m not going to vanish or disappear forever.

383 reactions 90 comments
Patricia Allen Kostyo I pray for him and his family.
Melanie Sellers Mary Carl
Diana Goetsch prayers for peace and comfort for David and his entire family.
Shirley Pere His marriage to drinking has made him pay the price. Too Bad.
Paula Gervais Very sad..
Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

The president tweeted MOMENTS ago... What do you think about this?

1.9k reactions 2058 comments
John Busby He should have left them in jail
Michelle O'Donnell Should have left all three in jail. They broke the law no matter what country they were in
Edith Schallert Maybe he should send the father back with the kid...
Connie Jean Fulford Carter Go President Trump
Christine Vitale White Well the father has shame and guilt....very evident....
Mike Huckabee
19:48 11/19/2017

In case you missed my appearance this week:

US tax code needs to be eliminated, Mike Huckabee says
US tax code needs to be eliminated, Mike Huckabee says

US tax code needs to be eliminated, Mike Huckabee says November 13, 2017 Permalink: Top Stories Bill Clinton says rural folks more gullible Judge Roy Moore's response Reconsidering the Clintons

344 reactions 64 comments
Wayne Schoenhut Flat tax on exceptions
Kathy Darrow Constant True!
Pam Stellrecht-ong There is a tax issue that is hardly mentioned in the tax reform bill. It affects millions of us. The House has taken away the MEDICAL DEDUCTIONS. This is NOT okay and will hurt a lot of us. My husband and I are senior citizens. We have insurance through ...
Shirley Murray I agree!
Ruby M Wood Yes u could
Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

"Never underestimate the wisdom of the people." A message for GOP politicians controlling Congress and the White House from the desk of Gov. Sarah Palin...

Republicans Raising Taxes?
Republicans Raising Taxes?

A note from the desk of Gov. Sarah Palin.

252 reactions 54 comments
Richard Joins Your out of here,tell them Lady.
Edward Fultz All Americans should pay the same percentage on income tax. . The first $20,000 for single people;$30,000 for maried couple ,and $5,000 for each kid under 18. No deductions after that and taxed at 5% or less. Wealthy people could do a " Carnegie ". ...
Robert Cohen Is America owed more than the amount of the national debt?
James Jones I’m for a flat tax , but regardless any reform to simplify the tax code means eliminating deductions , rebates, tax credits etc. that complicate the filing process!! Many of these codes have very complex requirements to qualify for!! For that reason I ...
Michelle Brown Korb Sarah Palin is 💯 % correct! Don't be fooled. There were too many other hands in this bill. It's NOT a "HISTORIC TAX CUT" at all. It's just a swap from what I can see. They're DECEIVING US WITH ILLUSIONS!!! The current major deductions for such expenses ...
Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

Awesome!!! This is just too good!

1.0k reactions 59 comments
Melissa Spencer Feehan I love this! Right up there with lee greenwood's song. I'm not really a country music fan, but I enjoyed this. I will be buying it!
Dyette Kettering Love this song. Thank Neal
Donna Corvino Love this guy!! He always got a great voice! Thank you for the beautiful song
Michelle Brown Korb Did they take the clip down? I didn't see anything.
Diane VonDell Garso Are you listening Country stars??? GREAT SONG.. The,rest of you..we fans can tear your career down as fast as,we helped to make you big stars so if you dont agree with this song, you'd be wise to keep your mouths quiet about it at least i
Mike Huckabee
19:48 11/19/2017

So, tell me again about how Obamacare is helping low-income and middle-class Americans?

"Policy of the People"- 80% of Obamacare Mandate Paid by Sub $50K Households
"Policy of the People"- 80% of Obamacare Mandate Paid by Sub $50K Households

Barack Obama ran as a hero for the common American, promising “hope and change” for the nation’s downtrodden. It’s no surprise that his signature legislation, Obamacare, was also marketed as an amazing benefit for the middle class and poor Americans. However, a new report reveals that Obama’s true l...

2.0k reactions 402 comments
LaVon Walker MEDICAID has been available for the POOR for many many years! OBcare was a total scam to destroy the Health Care System and "control the people" with FEAR!
Sondra McNelley he was NEVER for the average people - I don't understand how so many people still think he is so great. he did more to ruin our way of life than anyone in our history.
Mary O'Connell This was just another source of revenue for the government. The SCOTUS even ruled as such, the law was a tax....
Craig Phelps If insured w GREAT INSURANCE that doesn't include sex changes or abortions CBO SAYS YOU ARE UNINSURED Liars - CBO ARE LIARS
Jo Ellen Hammer Carci Designed to fail .. then government run socialized healthcare. Please dump this one now .. Congress!
Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

This is way too suspicious... What do you think is happening here??

793 reactions 235 comments
Sonda Casper Stott She wont get any where in court either. Soros and the progressives own them too.
Brett Shively Yeah smells like government involvement to me, has from th3 beginning. Gun grabbers baiting the weak-minded, and adding to Americas awesome history of murder, murder and more murder.
Stu Rat Something very wrong here!!!!!!
Sally Jo Blodgette Very very fishy stuff going on here!
Joe E. Brown This is why many American citizens have absolutely no confidence in ANY government agency like the ATF, FBI, etc. and for good reason they are corrupt. Don't take my word take the word of the former Head of the New York Office of the FBI James Kallstrom ...
Mike Huckabee
19:48 11/19/2017

In case you missed my newsletter from yesterday, you can read it here:

Today's Newsletter November 18 Edition

Today's Commentary: Al Franken -- Huck's Hero - Special Dad Division -- Informant revealed -- A reason to impeach? -- Trump accusations resurface -- Prayers for Rev. Jesse Jackson -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries

114 reactions 22 comments
Ed Hathaway He Mock groped - and for years he's been a mock senator
Vonnie Speck Drain all the sewage rats! Rev. Jackson I believe in karma!
Betsy Stevens As always, your newsletter is a good read.
Carla French Hayes This guys a pig
Joyce Terry Never liked this Dude !
Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

AWESOME list! Everyone take a look at this!

327 reactions 64 comments
Susan Fields A lot of good names on the list but a lot of good names missing also.
Vincent Frontino Motivation speaker, not to be confused with Christian Evangelical pastor.
Ella Knoll-walker Newsmax don’t have facts!!!!!
Ella Knoll-walker Jimmy Swaggart (the longest airing evangelist) over 60 years says he’s #1 yes THE BEST
Gail Dyess I do not accept Osteen as an Evangelical nor a preacher of the Gospel. He is a "prosperity" motivational speaker who does not preach to convict people of their sins and help bring them to Jesus.
Mike Huckabee
19:48 11/19/2017

This is what negotiation and an iron backbone can get you.

Trump's Middle East: Saudis to Give Billions to Israel, Utterly Crush Hezbollah

When it comes to the Middle East, this is the kind of change President Donald Trump supporters have been waiting for. According to the U.K. Daily Mail, a source close to Saudi Arabia’s royal family said this week that the nation’s king, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, intends to step down next week an...

4.9k reactions 244 comments
Ljr Rosinlyons Lori S. Lyons
Daylinda Lademan I hope this is true! What a changed.
Keith Strong Just gotta love it. Enemies coming together to kill more terrorist groups.
Mike Traynor That Obama instead insulted Israel and embraced Iran speaks volumes about Obama and Trump. Wake up!
Mary Speth So get on top of this story and keep plastering it on social media. For once do not let the kooks on the left grab the narrative when a few terrorists resist this change.
Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

Something for ladies everywhere to think about! Watch the interview here...

401 reactions 15 comments
John Keuper Jr. If Sarah not packing I’m sure her husband is
Koma Kehuli I'm packing! All the ladies should listen to her. I seen her skills with weapon myself. I can say, she is good. Hubby thinks so as well.
Marlon A Dominguez Had seen her skills , with a weapon ? No wonder nobody mess with her
Lawrence Gorman We love you Honorable Sarah best answer ever!!
Robert Six Packing! All ladies should take note!
Mike Huckabee
19:48 11/19/2017

Bogus legislative doubletalk can lead you here...

Gutting Obamacare
Gutting Obamacare

At the link, a look at the difficulties ahead in getting the Senate to pass a tax reform bill so that both Houses can get together to hammer out a compromise bill.

154 reactions 43 comments
Dorothy Martin The Republicans do not have a majority in the Senate, when there are at least two Democrat's in Republican clothing, Senator Collins from Maine and Senator Johnson from Wisconsin. they haven't voted yes on any of the important bills since Trump took ...
Darrell Hollingsworth This is called what it is a tax the only way the government can take away your income tax money by you not paying your taxes so if you can't afford high cost Obamacare the I R S collects the fine by TAKEN your Refund money the democrats don't want to ...
Nellie Banke Who let Barry back into the White House Oval Office, is this photo being sent around the WORLD see I’m still PRESIDENT? Get him out NOW!
Stewart Hilton It is so hard to implement change no matter how bad the need. People will ride a dead horse forever.
Marie Manella Lose your job, Health Insurance rates triple U get taxed, because you don't qualify for Medicare and can't afford to pay three times more in premiums now than the cost prior to Affordable Care Act of Lies
Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

Way to go, Senator! He really hit the nail on the head here. It's time someone called these democrats to the carpet for this garbage.

871 reactions 79 comments
Connie Pack I never thought otherwise. They are two-faced.
Dewey Mcgill Bout time the Repub leadership shut these dombocrats up! Good job!!
Carolann Anderson-daly So true and they don't stop threatening our President..
Barbara Parnell Quinn Finally the TRUTH...
Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

Holy cow. Can you believe this? See for yourself!

300 reactions 110 comments
Mike Sidman Arkansas only gave Kane Millsaps 9 years for beating that kid with brass knuckles, let's hope that Georgia GETS IT RIGHT on this one, AND SHOWS ARKANSAS HOW IT'S DONE!😠
Davis Lovic typical democrats complaining because they have to pay for something.
Robert Dale Willhite Few years in prison will fix their wagon 😡 enough of these punks and thugs
Denny Harrold Come on Sarah.
Michael Adamson Sarah plain. I'm actually about to unlike your page. These articles you post are not informative in anyways what so ever. I don't like misleading headlines and prefer not to waste my time reading regurgitated garbage.
Mike Huckabee
19:48 11/19/2017

Obama expanded welfare rolls to record levels. Trump's making them work instead.

Developing: Trump Admin Eyes Forcing Medicaid Recipients to Work for Welfare
Developing: Trump Admin Eyes Forcing Medicaid Recipients to Work for Welfare

In yet another effort to roll back the Obama administration’s legacy of increasing Americans’ dependence on the government, the Trump administration is looking toward allowing states to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients. In remarks this week before the National Association of Medicaid…

4.7k reactions 507 comments
Rick Toro Thank you ! Too many use this as a way of life. Others work and pay taxes so they dont have to work ! Enough !
Gregory Zollo Able bodied people should ALWAYS work for needed short term support.
Richard Barbella Reinstate workfore. This is the first thing obozo eliminated in his effort to ruin this country.
Sharon Denney Yea Trump! That's MY president!!!!
Ronda Raley Amen
Kevin Rudd
21:48 11/19/2017

Always great to see the Murdoch Press exercising their customary practice of fair and balanced reporting 🙄 - this time in the Queensland election. The Labor Party facing the usual coalition : the Liberal Party, the National Party and the Murdoch Party. How do these guys manage to keep a straight face?

372 reactions 104 comments
Jack Delfs It’s cause it’s a still image Kev, their faces won’t change making a straight one super simple. Hogwarts isn’t real
Cindy Dixon Tim Nichols has a fake smile he has hidden agendas on his mine. Its taken Labor 3yrs to fix the damage him and Newman did last time. Labor for me
Patty Egan They never back the winner so my way of thinking it’s good for Labor , just check out previous editorials
Judy Hodder You are so right Kevin. I shouldn’t be surprised but that front page yesterday was the most bias reporting I’v seen yet. Go Anastasia!!
Douglas Rouse That murdoch consortium (deluded scumbags) also support trump through the fox network. They spread false news all surprise a good dose is applied in australia. DOWN WITH THE LNP !
Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

Take a look and see. Big moves happening.

2.4k reactions 136 comments
Jennifer Pedro To bad they can't manage to get rid of the tax penalty for not having obamacare...
Andrew Goble Good for trump
Jimmy Thomson TRUMP 2020!!!!!!
Andrew Darcangelo President Trump could do a lot more too, if the establishment would work with him instead of against him.
Helen J. Naff 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🏻
Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

This got heated fast... What do you think of what happened?

2.1k reactions 385 comments
Tom Owens Give him a bacon enema!
Ofem Ofem The constitution was drawn for sane people
Michael Pennington Marvin Tuomala
Tim Hallbeck Forced assimilation does not work, example number 629,461,582,482,889.
Noe Becky Mora Bravo!
Mike Huckabee
19:48 11/19/2017


Banning abortions because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome
Banning abortions because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome

Politics Banning abortions because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome By Mike Huckabee November 18, 2017 The Ohio Senate just joined that state’s House in passing a bill that would ban abortions just because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Violations would result in charges against the doc...

605 reactions 37 comments
Sherri Thompson Could never do it
Brenda Gallagher Leviticus 21:17-23,(summary) no one with any deformities or blemish shall be allowed to approach the alter of the Lord or become a priest. If God had such high standards on what was acceptable, who are we humans to allow these abominations to exist. ...
Brenda Gallagher So you can abort a baby because it's unwanted, but not because it's got Down's???
Eileen Dennis I was once told that the Peruvians pray for Down Syndrome babies because their love and compassion are so pure and true that they are considered the closest people to God.
Catherine Cole Wright Camila Wright Zolfaghari
Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

Gotta admit. This was pretty funny. Too soon?

790 reactions 52 comments
Anna McIver Yep.. It was...
Neil Woodall Hilarious!
Diane Jordan Can’t say I blame him this whole thing is a joke yes but shameful for our government to act out the way it’s been doing . Praying for our leaders everyday is our only hope through our Lord Jesus Christ! Make no mistake the truth will come out no matter ...
Candy Bohmert He makes jokes while theres an out of contro trump investigation going on that he can't or won't stop. Not funny!
Mike Huckabee
19:48 11/19/2017

Informant revealed in Uranium One case

Informant revealed in Uranium One case
Informant revealed in Uranium One case

The identity of the informant who will testify to Congress next week about the Uranium One deal has allegedly been revealed.

2.2k reactions 605 comments
Melody Olivares Get that dude in witness protection
Ronda Franks Hall Praying for his safety. Plus his family and friends.
Frank Liesch I Hope he's in a Witness Protection.
Eva Bayles better take good care of him, make sure the right people are around him now:(
Leslie Winter This is the tactic the Clintons have used politically for 20 years, as long as “accidents” happen to the witnesses these evil people will never be brought to justice!!!!!
Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

Not sure where to even start with this one. We will just let this article speak for itself. Take a look.

483 reactions 168 comments
Stanley Owings Wish she would just go away!
Peggy Fillmore well there ya go
Eric DeBord someone please explain how this pig is famous and why does anyone pay any attention to her. Ignore this pig.
Martha Nolt Considering she's a child molester I believe it.
Renee Peña If all women should be beleive then why us she not believing this girl?
Mike Huckabee
19:48 11/19/2017

This should make you go vote Republican!

Supreme Court picks revealed
Supreme Court picks revealed

Congress and liberal courts may be blocking much of the agenda President Trump ran on, but Republicans can’t fault him for the judges he’s been appointing, from Neil Gorsuch on down.

2.9k reactions 61 comments
Don Bruha God bless President Trump
John Grant The democrats have Ginsberg on life support
Rick Atkins Make me vote "republican"? I'm still not gett'in labotamized! So no thanks.
Carol Drummond Thank God Donald Trump is our president!!!!! He really cares about the people and try's his best to improve the country!!!! ❤️🇺🇸
Karen Shannon I noticed there is no one from the 9th Circuit Court on the list. Strange. LOL
Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

Shots fired! Sarah Sanders is on fire when dealing with reporters like these. See for yourself.

4.1k reactions 187 comments
Cindy Fisher Palmer U rock it girl Sarah!
Elaine Simmons Well said.
Gary Robertson Go girl
Kathy Kerr U rock sarah
Awilda Paquin Some of these so called reporters have absolutely no class. And to top it all, they seem to like being publicly humiliated by Sarah on a regular basis. Some people like pain.... lol
Kevin Rudd
21:48 11/19/2017

This week's climate talks in Bonn showed the world is more committed to the #ParisAgreement than ever before. But it's still not enough to turn the tide. Our window is quickly closing. Here's my joint op-ed with President Heine of the Marshall Islands. #COP23

Capitalizing on Climate Unity by Hilda Heine & Kevin Rudd - Project Syndicate
Capitalizing on Climate Unity by Hilda Heine & Kevin Rudd - Project Syndicate

President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States – the world’s largest historical carbon dioxide emitter – from the Paris agreement dealt the accord a major blow. But it is hard not to take heart from the resolve Trump’s decision has unleashed, both globally and within the US itself.

65 reactions 6 comments
Damien Kresinger James
Len Clark Keep your nose out,you had your chance
John Boom You're beating the wrong drum if you wnat to make any difference Kev.
Kay Ross Australia's lack of representation at COP 23 shows how serious about climate change . Zero. For Australia to participate we need to have a change of government. Trump will not do so because to him coal is king.
Dave Kearney Yeah....our crack dwellers...fed gov....are too busy for to represent Australia, in stemming severe global pollution, by residing in a place where the sun don't shine, fossil fools portal!
Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

Wow... The reports just keep getting worse and worse.

605 reactions 79 comments
Mary Helen Morris Hughes Scumbags!
Hugh Hartsell If you put all the numbers together of women that say they have been raped and assaulted in Hollywood, every actress out there has been involved in some way or another. It must be a pleasant place for women to work.
SueZan Stutts Cha-ching
Wade Glisson It's called a "casting couch" for a reason.
Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

Oh boy... This didn't go as planned!

405 reactions 28 comments
Jack Seigle CNN is the clinton news network, so slick willy could "controll" the news.
Patrick Donavant Goes to show you than any brain dead frog can be come a Senator or a CNN employee
Margy Triplett How does the match with the other reports that (outside of the sexual harrassment claims) he is a major jerk to his staff in general? Does he have favorites?
Elaine Maher He is just a jerk. Bottom line. Karma is a b
Dee D'Albora Glines CNN SUCKS~~~SHUT DOWN CNN NOW!!!!!
Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

Yikes... This is NOT good news.

1.0k reactions 16 comments
Tyrone Derish Did Killary Rotten and Sanders sexually assault their people too??
Tony Beatrici Waste your time.
Vasily Tsys Told you, the more she asks: "what happened?", the more really creepy stuff comes out of what happened.
Jay Sims HeHe! Vetted people.
Marika Olah Two innocent people , they just cover everything
Sarah Palin
19:18 11/19/2017

Oh my... Take a look and judge for yourself!

3.5k reactions 185 comments
Jessica Williams Lol. He says what the rest of us (1/2 of the country) are saying. I really am sick of her face.
Wanda C. Lindsey She is a evil witch
Lisa Rubar Proulx better yet just make her go away
Milton H. Miller Yes she should get out of the way.
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