Sarah Palin
7 hours ago

NOT GOOD! Look What Was Just Discovered on North Korea's Nuclear Site...

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Charles Buckett It is constant: I can't get ANY of these sites. I have asked before, now I'll ask again CAN YOU AT LEAST GIVE A PROPER URL? It's beyond annoying now...
Fomede Desmond North Korea threaten to sink US ships with just one strike...HHHhaaaha i m beginin to enjoy this
Charles J Notturno Chicorrea
Mike Marino Drop 5 MOABS right on that spot!!!!
David Palmaro N Korea needs a major earth quake, that should disrupt, his Nuclear sites.
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago

Out of control...

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Courtney Winters Well..let's see....Oakland = Negros. Wow..what a shock. It's what they do. And people wonder WHY ...they moved the RAIDERS...OUT OF OAKLAND. Also. .dead give away that the "group of teenagers " were NEGROS. ...because the "article "....never once said ...
Thomas Patzke Moonbeam brown children at their finest!
Wendell Davis It's OK, they are just future Democrat voters out for a good time. After all, California has made the laws almost worthless. Why bother having any laws when the left picks and chooses which ones it will or won't enforce. Maybe it's time to stop the ...
Randy Barnett Oakland has to be bad if even the Raiders are leaving.
Sandy Spencer Low life crooks. How can they even look at themselves in the mirror? Taking from someone else? They are low life scum with zero class and zero morals. A goat pooping has better manners than them.
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago


20.9k reactions 205 comments
Imelda Bertrand Great Job!
Claire Pool Blackburn Wonderful!
Sonny Gutierrez And Liberals go insane!
John Muriel Goebel Patriotic
Quang DO It represents obama's food stamp America.
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago

Didn't see this coming!

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Deniece Roy Hand Creepy crazy out of touch with reality reporters!! Watch her at briefings she is racist 100%
Richard A Reedy This women is a card carrying Communist Racist.
James Patrick Smith It's good to see Trump get some credit for doing a good job.
Daniel Lee Alderman Some of them are beginning to see the light.
Ginger Williams I'm stunned by this positive coverage of Donald J. Trump on CNN. No denying that Donald J. Trump is handling business.
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago

ALL EYES ON TRUMP! In Meeting With Security Council Ambassadors, Trump Announces Plan For North Korea.

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David Palmaro Why is the news media there, so much for scurity.
Thomas Perkins Question can Trump shifts funds around with executive order within a department from border patrol and technology detection devices ,excess funds things that can be easily remove by next President like national guard to a more permanent hindrance to ...
Thomas Perkins The possible reasons for China to slow down North Korea to go nuclear ? If North Korea become nuclear that will cause South Korea,Japan,Australia and others to become nuclear ! That would thwart China expansion plans of their country in the southern ...
Thomas Perkins To many the blocking of building the wall by not voting for funding it to be built ! It clearly shows where Democrats stands ,not for our nation security,sovereignty,our country to remain the nation ,as we know it,most of all our citizens safety .But to ...
El Cornett Russia will likely sabotage the plan. Can't be trusted
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago


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Donna Casas Years ago I met two lovely people who survived Auschwitz. They were friends of my in laws. I remember being shocked that they had numbers on their arms. That brought what I had learned in school to the real world. Never Again!
Hailey Jennings I've been to Auschwitz and NOTHING has ever moved me the way that did - the horror of it all. At one point during the tour, I completely lost it and broke down in tears, just sobbing! I was so overcome by what these innocent people went through. I ...
Greg George (Y)
Pattinoel Thacker Amen Sam Cole
El Cornett I cringe when someone uses the term "inclusive". God's word says evil communication corrupts good manners! Teaching kids to be inclusive is wrong
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago

This is great!

922 reactions 21 comments
Joan Winkles Orat for oy
Donna James And this wonderful lady was born in Iowa - - graduated from the small Iowa high school in Mount Ayr!!! So nice to see big things from very small beginnings!!!
Larry Johnson Amazing feat accompIished by this woman !
Deo Ospina Playing golf again?
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago

He should be ashamed!

359 reactions 140 comments
Lorrie Fenwick Excuse me sir, if you feel that way about the President of the United States, why haven't you left!!! You ofend me so I want you gone.
Stephen Tilley And grow up and get rid of that stupid pony tail.
Steven Thoms Shame on Fox for caving into false narrative over Bill O'Reily and the truth will now be buried
Donna Graves-Roll Ron Kuby, never heard of you (thank God) you are only brainwashed, spewing out Hillary's exact words. Her only campaign strategy, bash Trump. She had nothing to offer. You people need to place blame where it should go; Hillary Clinton. She lost because ...
Daryl Lazer "That person should be ashamed of saying something that could be seen as stupid ." - Sarah Palin If this isnt the quote of the year...
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Tucker Stuns Colleagues After Revealing His First Guest in O'Reilly's Old Time Slot

527 reactions 318 comments
Mike Anderson For the first time in many years i turned off Fox news, that's it for me, Fox made a huge mistake in firing BO, you watch the viewership will drop dramatically
Sam Solhjem You all act as though Tucker has stooped low to have Jenner on as a guest. Stop being such uppity conservatives. Maybe you should watch and learn something new. Trans are still people. Disillusioned and mentally ill but still people. Maybe you could ...
Ron Cobb I think this was an easy get. His bookers didn't have to break a sweat on this one. Jenner is promoting a book and seeks any forum or platform to remain relevant in the public's eye.
Mike Chaplin I watched Tucker when he started at 9 pm for a few times. Did not like his format, found that DDD and Velocity was way much better. Fox is sliding down hill, Lou Dobbs and Stewart Varney are much,much easier to watch.
Brenda Washington Myree doesn't matter how much or what kind of surgery Bruce Jenner had.. his DNA is still male and it will always be male... he was born a male and will die a male... can't change your DNA
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago

Can there be a pro-life democrat?

199 reactions 47 comments
Aaron Mullins Everyone knows that pro life is not welcome on the left. THey were not welcome at that march for women with those pink hats. They are not welcome in the democratic party. When the democrats say that pro-lifers are welcome to be democrats... they don't ...
Pam Donnelly Duerkes So much for free thinking.
Phillip Appleby Sr. Senile Nazi piglosi.
Skipper Lawson So what? They lie at the drop of the 'hat' to deceive!
Kevin Phillips You mean pro-birth of course. Were you pro-life, you wouldn't support taking away food, health care and safety from children.
Gavin Newsom
5 hours ago

Appearing at his first public event since leaving office, Obama fired off a punishing fusillade of grammatically correct sentences, the likes of which the American people have not heard from the White House since he departed.

Obama’s Barrage of Complete Sentences Seen as Brutal Attack on Trump
Obama’s Barrage of Complete Sentences Seen as Brutal Attack on Trump

Appearing at his first public event since leaving office, the former President fired off a punishing fusillade of grammatically correct statements.

22.2k reactions 723 comments
Kevin Stiles I will agree, every one of his lies were grammatically correct, well except when the teleprompter broke, then he just stuttered and stammered. Google it, they are easy to find and very entertaining.
Gloria Villarreal What is expected from an educated, intelligent, erudite president unlike what we have now. We are the laughing stock of the world! VERY EMBARRASSED!
Jane Roe I can understand young people worshiping this guy, but anyone over 40 has no excuse. And anyone over 50 knows what this country stands for, what it represents, and what this POS attempted to do to this great nation.
Barb Morisette I watched this and it was very refreshing to listen to real Americans make sense and being honest and helpful ideas to the table. Boy I miss President Obama
Mary G. Steffes Hewson I was just thinking that when I heard Obama on the radio on the way home from work. He speaks so eloquently. And then there's Donnie......
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Erased: Trump Moves on Obama Legacy, Americans Cheer as What He's Reversing

1.8k reactions 71 comments
Charles Seamans The only legacy obama has is being the worse president in America history, a administration of shame and treason.
Wade Novin Let the drilling begin in Yosemite and every other national park. SAD
Mac Mitch A big f u to Obama. Thanks for that correspondence dinner. Lol. Bye Felicia
Joy Frazey Way to go President Trump!!!
Barbara Boxer
4 hours ago

100 days of Trump = 100 days of chaos. Still waiting for Mexico's check.

As first 100 days dwindle, Trump has tough week ahead
As first 100 days dwindle, Trump has tough week ahead

The President is up against a budget deadline even as he tries to push forward policy successes before the symbolic 100-day mark of his administration.

225 reactions 29 comments
Robert Berrios
Sondra Hall yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Micki Hagen Aaaaamen
I love my dogs Always love anything about
Perry John Marshall Yep. Trump is for trickle-down bullshit, part deux.
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago

What do you make of this?

267 reactions 268 comments
Wayne Elkins he's a joke.....just not funny.
Diana Goetsch he's screwy!
John Hendrickson What a waste of skin!
Levi Smith Why did he hug all the girls but shake the guy's hand?
Aquila Branham Stop giving these people FB time!!
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Janet Huckabee on Twitter

Janet Huckabee on Twitter
Janet Huckabee on Twitter

“National Holocaust Memorial Day at Oskar Schindler's grave on Mount Zion with @GovMikeHuckabee”

505 reactions 10 comments
Damon Smith Wayne Dumond
Rose Zinani Martinez Amen
Pamela Girardot Amen brother
Kathleen Koors A very good man honoring another very good man.
Nancy Nida Yom Hashoah, Sha'alu Shalom Yerushalayim.
Gavin Newsom
5 hours ago

California is a state that believes in truth. We are a state that believes in justice. We are a state that believes that embracing people from other places, especially those fleeing institutional persecution or senseless violence, doesn’t make you weak – it makes you strong. Being a superpower isn’t measured by your dollars or your weapons – it’s measured by your moral strength and the capacity to shine that beacon-light around the world.

2.3k reactions 184 comments
Mark D Uniat That's a lie... TELL Californians about 500 BILLION $$$ UNFUNDED PENSION LIABILITY... for starters. Then about all the pending tax increases....
Bruce Warner Oregon roads are not perfect--this past winter has wreaked havoc on the roads that weren't in the best of shape to begin with. Miles of unpaved roads in Portland alone.
Silva Rehm Thank you so much for educating the crowd about Armenian Genocide and actually using the word Genocide.I so wish to see you one day as my President.
Efrain Gonzales What a bunch of horse dung. You have the worst economy in the nation. You tax your people to no end. Your infrastructure is terrible including the power grid. You sell water rights to huge corporations while small farmers can hardly feed their families. ...
Bill Cooper You are, as the governor said, "Decliners"; you who can't stand to see success and progress and constantly preach decline and doom. Move to Kentucky....the latest haven for those who have done well in California but don't want to see others do so.
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

The tension is clearly ratcheting up.

Alert: Trump
Alert: Trump's NK Red Line Revealed by UN Amb... Kim Is Going Down

Will this be the final straw that compels Trump to take action?

550 reactions 38 comments
Susie Marie Stephens I miss bill c
Todd Mcgarvey If Kim goes down we all do.
Joe Rybarczyk Fat Kim needs to go!!!
David Wallace Nikki Haley often speaks just for Nikki Haley. ]
Marty Baker What about Americans held in N K right now ???
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago

Breaking this afternoon...

491 reactions 25 comments
Tony Burzio During a declared war, the President takes up the red cape and eagle of Caesar. SPQR!
Tony Burzio Appeasement always has a cost. The President is about to explain to the Senate what their fawning over Obama has caused.
Kevin Phillips Lol. Great smoke and mirrors from our Liar-in-Chief. It's like Russia's collusion in his election never happened!!!
Duane Krones Like him or not, Trump will go down in history as the greatest president this country ever NEEDED...
Yvonne Bennett Trust Pres Trump you will never live to regret it - He's trying hard to make a future for our children and grandchildren - We must take care of this mess with Countries that want to nuke us , We can not and must not leave this mess up to our children - ...
Gavin Newsom
5 hours ago

Today I'm marching in solidarity and remembrance. Now, more than ever, we must understand the terrible price paid for bigotry, denial and indifference. #armeniangenocide

3.5k reactions 113 comments
Shoghig Maganoonian Thank you thank you thank you for your support Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom! Great speech. God bless
Joe Lovell Remember - it was muslims who did the killing. You know, the same kind of people you want to bring in without vetting.
Roy A Prior I'm surprised to see an American flag there because we all know you do not represent it! Crook
Hermine Mnatsakanian 👏 bravo. Thank you for marching with Armenians and showing great support. You are a true leader.
Michael Lodge Gavin does not march in solidarity - he marches only because he is a failed politician running for Gov.
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago

Don't mess with "The Wildman"

657 reactions 172 comments
Michael T. Varnado Low energy hippie
David Underwood
Shaun Hawk Who's David Crosby? Wait! Didn't he get busted as a mall Santa for weed possession? 🤔
Mel Norvak Ted, the draft dodger,
Bill Brown Nuge nailed it, case closed.
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

This is ridiculous.

672 reactions 186 comments
Bill Royer I suspect that this megalomaniac is loving all the attention he's getting -- right up until a missile comes down his chimney.
Curtis Clark Senate has been called to the White House. Looks bad for North Korea. Fat boy best run to Iran now.
Joni Curry I have a feeling the people in and around that region wish he would shut the hell up!
Sonia Lugo This idiot can't imagine what ours Navy will do if he dares to come close! 🤔
James Barrett What, they're gonna lob missles randomly into the ocean if we don't go away?
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago


1.1k reactions 55 comments
Marie Campo No surprise here.
Debbie Heidrich Tragic loss of our brave Americans....
Carol Douglas I have always thought someone snitched to our enemy about all these soldiers being on one transport together.
Anna Villa By the looks of it...Obama Admin is making US military forces weak...for some agenda.
Donna J. Seeger Obummer needs to be held accountable...but he would blame someone else...he only takes responsibility if it is something good!
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago

Just in on the French election…

1.0k reactions 184 comments
John De Angelo Definitely need a NEW headline writer.
Tommy Funk Sarah Palin Page Hacked by Liberals degenerates!
William Thomas Brumley Why would she step down
Linda Toome Oh, I almost had a heart attack! Good news. #MarineForTheWin
Ryan Scot Edmund I would read the article if your website wasn't such a cluster**** of ads and malware.
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago

The dems' disarray continues...

YIKES!! DNC Chair Just Delivered BAD News For Pro-Life Democrats...
YIKES!! DNC Chair Just Delivered BAD News For Pro-Life Democrats...

Well this was a pretty stupid thing to do.

323 reactions 106 comments
David Courtright The far left is in control of the party and doing their best to destroy it. What can we do to help?
A.j. Dailey Where are the 'NEVER TRUMP', ever CLINTON/OBUMA, ANTI-BABY KILLERS going to do?
James Mcclure Perez is just a front for Ellison.
Sherry Slape This guy is psycho.
Gerald Kezmarsky Can't fix stupid.
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Angry Atheists Disrupt "Jesus Lunches" At School... Then The Moms Show Up

Angry Atheists Disrupt "Jesus Lunches" At School... Then The Moms Show Up
Angry Atheists Disrupt "Jesus Lunches" At School... Then The Moms Show Up

They showed them how to fight the left's agenda.

4.2k reactions 495 comments
Phyllis Privett So the kids are being ridiculed. As Christian's that seems to be the order of the day. Unlike the people on college campuses who need counseling if someone writes something on the sidewalk, these young people have got so much strength and backbone.
Jerry Oglesbee Remember the scripture when the walls of Jericho came tumbling down? God's people didn't go in for milk and cookies. It was somewhat more brutal than that. A similar principle could be applied here. The Christian folks could 'distribute' a loving ...
Diane Irwin I didnt see any one tied up and with a gun to their head. its been over 2000 years and Jesus Name is still a threat. I think its great. stand your ground Christians its not going to get any easier ;). good job Moms :).
Marcella Clark Pray tell me, what are the protesters afraid of. If they don't like it. Leave. Go start their own organization or shut the hell up. God is everywhere and no one can change that. Truth with win out and the protesters will have to find someplace else ...
Rachele McKinney These Moms are taking time to provide a nice meal. Putting their time and effort into helping others. Don't see the ones protesting doing a single thing to help anyone. Couldn't ask for a better topic to discuss- Probably one of the protesters ...
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

For the baseball fans among us:

Watch: A Triple Play So Rare It Shouldn
Watch: A Triple Play So Rare It Shouldn't Be Possible

This has happened only once in MLB history.

2.2k reactions 87 comments
Judy Hattaway Stewart Andy Bonifay just in case you haven't seen this.
Brandy Vaughn Ben, look at this!
Carl Pfister He was safe at 2nd
Bill Eggenburger Sweet
Larry Shipman Great!
Sarah Palin
7 hours ago

This is puzzling...

139 reactions 21 comments
Andrew Sears typical nazi take over
Pat Floyd someone in the organization doesn't have a clue.. that person needs to be replaced
Laurie Dee Gee, why don't they pretend Anne Frank and her family's struggle never existed. SMH. Let's just erase history.
Lucy MacNaughton Ok, I'm confused. Isn't it all one and the same thing? And by the way, it is NOT working because this muslims killing people for not being muslim is akin to killing them because they are Jews which is what Hitler was doing. So to me, it sounds like a ...
Jeffrey Shumac Hopefully, the many, Jews who support this organization will immediately stop doing so!
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Another dog story worth reading:

5.4k reactions 112 comments
Marjorie Thompson What a smart dog!
Betty Jane Finch Jones GREAT DOG INSTINCTS 🏠
Ellen Robertson Dogs are so smart ! Love this story!
Jackie Cooper Always wise to listen to our dogs as they can sense things way before us.
Joanne Fox Wright Amen
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