Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 23:48

Whistleblower Lights up Obama Admin With Damning Accusation

Whistleblower Lights up Obama Admin With Damning Accusation
Whistleblower Lights up Obama Admin With Damning Accusation

One Obama-era mistake just got revealed in a huge way.

252 reactions 33 comments
Kathy Carpenter He needs to be arrested
Betty Gregory For turther reading.
Dianne-Everett Evison This is an evil man. Look at his eyes!
Werner Meier This AH.
Mary Davis True
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18


698 reactions 132 comments
Thomas Williams Et tu, Comey, and just another rip off right?
Joan Almeida Think he's covering his own BUTT. Don't trust him.McCain. and Paul Ryan..and a few others.
Paul Wright Old red white and blue eyes got something right. I'll drink to that. Hic
Kelly Vaughn Calame Did no one catch that he never told us the email was fake which leads me to think he told them of the email and yet the judiciary committee thinking it's true never acted or investigated.
Donald Dutkowski What is eht English translation for this CRAP ?
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 23:48

CNN Analyst Just Threatened the Wrong Person... Prepare for a Showdown

691 reactions 202 comments
Celia Ann Godfrey We have had enough. The liberal media is insulting us. We are not stupid. They encourage .. Hate . Division. Slander. Killing, yes, yes they do. Lying. I suggest the haters get in counseling.
Lynne Ann Pemberton Brennan was dodging the questions just to keep this issue alive with nothing but useless intelligence and speculations. They have no evidence or they would have given it months ago. They keep hoping that they will and that is why they will not answer ...
David A. Gorton Gold's looking for evidence. The Left's looking for wedge issues, ways to split hairs and play word games to back-up their facts. "It's all facts in search of evidence." Kelly Ann Conway
Patricia Slyter Phillip Mudd your name will really be mud soon! Of course CNN will continue to push this story as they are probably being paid by Soros to do so! Distract, distract, distract! But the truth will eventually come out! Obama weaponized the Intel ...
Robert Ernest Liberals cannot accept the fact after a year no evidence is present. Guess liberals cannot accept the truth using lies to cover their own crimes. If that doesn't work then threaten violence. The bigoted racists no nothing but lies violence and murder.
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18

Always the same with the MSM.

722 reactions 83 comments
Kathy Richardson Are some Americans so stupid they believe reporters?
Brian Smyth Trudeau the little boy in the room with nothing but ummm
Larry Messamer Not just fake news, but deliberately made-up news with no attempt to confirm before going with it. And they wonder why Trump doesn't trust them? This is why. Ridiculous.
Lisa Hall Smith Let's get all the liberal trash off of tv.
Jean Shamon Fake News!MSM!
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 23:48

Trump Is Fed up... Orders the Hunt to Begin

Trump Is Fed up... Orders the Hunt to Begin
Trump Is Fed up... Orders the Hunt to Begin

Donald Trump just made a massive move...

2.9k reactions 247 comments
Angela Wilson FINALLY... This is a long time coming. Drain that swamp. Start with Paul Ryan aka the one man swamp! His loyalties have NEVER been with President Trump and never will be!!! #draintheswamp
Regina Wilson It's about time he does something we've all been disgusted about all the leaks. I hope he's just as fed up is what we are!!!!!
Joy Jesus Yes the leakers should be found and fired recently the leaks has caused problems with the UK 🇬🇧 investigation and could cost lives in the future (These anonymous leaks must stop) and be held accountable 🙏🇺🇸🙏
Jason JamesMichael O'Beirne He is screwing everything up... burning bridges with Europe... letting Senator Bob Dole' s (aka Mr Viagera) antiquated pro pharmaceutical and insurance company profits that Obama tweaked to be untweaked back to what Bob Dole had. Deregulated things so ...
Kathy Zapolski I hope and pray that they find and prosecute every last one of them and the shadow government that is trying to get him! Thank you Mr. Huckabee for your Faith. The people that are trying to impeach Our President Trump...why wasn't Hillary prosecuted? ...
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18

Love it.

501 reactions 25 comments
Coy Brown We do not need to pay other countries to enable us to use our electricity and gasoline, that's ludicrous......
Dean Sheski Jobs need to come 1st.
Alex Garcia Lord be with him
Deborah Sewell jobs & taxes
Shaawani Taiger با هي انضم مع عمك حقتر
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18

Here we go...

989 reactions 1150 comments
Liz McCurdy Sanders A zombie!
Ken Taylor Jr already seen what the Dem's want to do no thanks
Bob Pleasant liar, wouldn't do it if they got in
Bob Stover The plastic witch. One of the biggest crooks in the history of the House. She made sure the last increase did not go to American Samoa. It would have cut into her families profit margins.
Glen Storie Vial human being
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18

This is what we elected him for!

2.2k reactions 67 comments
James Halbrooks well done sir
Pavol Crystal Bravo Mr.President!
Josie Ekstrand what was he suppose to come back with, the French President's balls in his hands, ?
Southwell Clarinda Show appreciation for You Our president Trump , keep battling the fantastic battle . Democrats is able to do anything they will often to erode you moreover our Terrain . Legitimate Citizens discover which you are usually attempting to work up grow for ...
Peter Parker ITS PERFECT
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 23:48


The Handshake Heard
The Handshake Heard 'Round France: Macron Struggles to Hurt Trump

Macron's handshake definitely got some attention...

886 reactions 300 comments
Brenda Webb Is there always a mountain out of a mole hill on every little thing? It was just for the cameras to get a pic!!! The left needs to get a grip on themselves!!!!
Shane Williams III Y'all are snowflakes worrying about a handshake so much. Thank you for posting such an important news piece Mike.
Pam England Great way to start with someone he WILL have to work. Might have felt good in the moment but did he really have France's best interest in mind?
Patricia Singleton Pruitt I think everyone should be sick and tired and ashamed of the childish actions of all involved in politics. Why not just eliminate the handshake!!!
Charlene Klepic Patton A strong hand is necessary to hurt someone. I don't think there's a man in France with that ability. Their mostly fobs with mannies/peddies.
Gary Johnson
Yesterday 23:54

Wishing all a great Memorial Day weekend...and hoping we all can take a moment to remember, and honor, those who have given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy.

5.1k reactions 121 comments
Michael Lester Thank you sir. If you decide to run again, I will be all in.
Steve Sanders Great surprise to see you on my newsfeed again today! Hope to see more posts from you. Missed seeing your posts and great videos.
Andrew Page Which freedoms were they protecting Gary? To me it looks like they gave their lives for ... for.. ?
Sharon Burckardt We miss your voice, even if you never run again, please give your inspirational beliefs. They are sorely needed. We miss you!
Joshua Arenales Happy Memorial Day to you too governor thank you for being a true patriot to our country glad I voted for you
Paul Ryan
Yesterday 23:12

🎣Great day bass fishing! 🎣

4.0k reactions 463 comments
Frank E. Marquez Speaker Ryan, that's a great looking fish! I would like to personally invite you and your son to come fish the Texas bay (Houston) with my son and I. I'll put you both on a Texas Slam which consists of redfish, trout and flounder with some GNR in the ...
Donna Lipman And, in the meantime, Angela Merkel says Germany can no longer rely on the U.S under so-called prez. I guess you're happy about that - so happy that you could go fishing! If you weren't happy, you'd grow a spine and do something about this nightmare. ...
Tom Reynolds It`s all done for publicity and votes. People see these pics and say what a great guy. He fishes with his boy. He doesn`t give a S#&T who loses their healthcare . He has become Trump`s little puppet. Trump probably bribed him or threatened him. That`s ...
Wayne Charles Lusk Glad he is with his son. But since it is Memorial Day, he might have taken him to Arlington Cemetery, any Veteran's day event, worked to help a soldier's family, etc, etc. For a powerful politician this day is not just about he importance of family, ...
John Powers Hmmm..... Out playing before all your work is done. How politician-like of you. Used to really like you and have faith in you, now just hugely disappointed and disillusioned. Should have had all this big legislation worked out and ready to sign BEFORE ...
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 23:48

After Manchester, ISIS Pinpoints Vacation Hotspot... Stay Away

After Manchester, ISIS Pinpoints Vacation Hotspot... Stay Away
After Manchester, ISIS Pinpoints Vacation Hotspot... Stay Away

Anyone with summer travel plans needs to know about this...

500 reactions 73 comments
Jenni Smith Just to think the democratics are ok with them coming to our country . sad sad world
Anna Brown Sikorski So sick of these idiots. Why are they still breathing our air?
Kathleen Koors We must stop these people NOW. If we don't we will pay the price and it won't be pretty.
Marc Premo I'm not going to let this scum dictate to me where I can or can't vacation
Roger Broadstone Can anyone that has a license carry permit should be in these hotspots
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18


274 reactions 52 comments
Patti Newton Constantly trying to bring down our President, The Evil Doers will Stop at nothing
Sheron Evans At this point it is the FBI and the democrats who should be investigated.
Brenda Koontz-Gula Yes the Trump adm. Has been a target for hackers but nothing was hacked!!! Thank goodness
Ron Pires THE FBI IS THE PROBLEM. because he fired their boss that let them do what they wanted!!
Donna Smieja Really? Sounds convenient as an excuse.
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18

Timeline Photos

19.3k reactions 313 comments
Lisa Dove McClintock Amen !! The celebrities wanting open boarders all live in compounds they have their safe spaces !
Curt M. Mondich And a hypocrite...
Robbie Parks With armed security.
Xena Aldrazi This is too funny.......
Paul Grassmyer Jr. you might be a hypocrite!
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 23:48

Breaking: Theater Just Evacuated, US Actor Pulled Off Stage Mid-Show

193 reactions 32 comments
Jessica Bryant ,Glad was not anything!
Susan Prinz Scary....better to be safe, than sorry
Geralyn Langr-Moulds Better safe than sorry.
Marlowe Kame When it is discovered to be NOTHING...Report NOTHING
Sylvie Abundes I glad everything is ok.
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18

"We’ve been singing sweet freedom declarations ever since this great awakening shook up the out-of-touch establishment! It is powerful!"

205 reactions 11 comments
Shirley Elliott Is that the next statue to come down!
Larry R Dyke Schumer and Democrat politicians are calling for all removal of American flags from military cemeteries. Democrats are afraid it might hurt someone in Muslim religion's feelings
Nelson Kips madam sarah palin
James L Alexander When will the "PC Police" start a movement to remove all statues of anyone who owned slaves??
Steven Reily Amen, for this Sunday morning. God Bless everyone.
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18

Oh boy...

2.0k reactions 373 comments
Vivienne Shore John D. Shore
Molly Brackett Ostupid is the Worst President in History.
Craig Beatty I thought it was between Carter and Bazza, I chose Carter because he was incompetent during the Cold War. To this day I don't know why the Soviets didn't invade in the late 1970s. The US military was obsolete and demoralised.
Rob Walsh My best to worse Reagan, Clinton, Johnson, Nixon, bush 1, carter, bush 2, Kennedy, Obama. Kennedy single handed got us in Vietnam. Johnson was an incredible leader but Vietnam took such a toll on him. He was the biggest driver of the civil rights ...
Larry Sein Carter should be second, not Bush.
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18

This is going to ruffle some feathers.

2.8k reactions 239 comments
Gomez Sue When will the British people wake up and rebel against thier leaders that are endangering thier lives?
Rose Annette Pulice Arnold I didn't even need to read it and I knew...TAX PAYERS $$$$$
Barry R Berlin PM May's government had him, people in the community reported him to officials on numerous occasions, he travels to Terrorist areas and PM May's admin does nothing - So Sad and must be debated throughout the election and throughout the UK
Karen Hoelle So sad!
Roger Morris He does favor obammy... This might really be one of his many low life sons...
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18

Oh my...

3.7k reactions 106 comments
Barbara Rhoades Love the patriotism he is instilling in our nation. This is how it always was before the cowards of the 60's started turning this nation away from its morals and courtesy. Thank you President Trump.
Ginny Kroll Boom!
Joan Almeida God Bless you President Trump.and your family.Thank you for wanting to save our country from harm.
Robert Evans The youth of our country today are becoming the very thing that we fought against in WWI and WW2. Good American soldiers gave their lives for the freedoms that the youth of today are trying to take away. We better wake up as a nation, or we will ...
Dan Zervos My uncle was part of that invasion. Part of a 4.2 inch mortar team, their company was critical in stopping a German counter attack to drive them from the beach.
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18


974 reactions 109 comments
Bart Mormino Who ever is doing it should be tried for treason and you know the penalty.
Vickie Reagan Brown No 'investigation' this needs to be a downright clearing of the masses. Polygraphs if allowed. Prosecute them to the full extent of the law.... Take no hostages....
Karen Gilbert Charge them with treason. And throw away the key.
Mirian Meskhi send them all to prison.
Trent Hays This is criminal and treasonous!
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18


1.3k reactions 179 comments
Mickey Virnig-Tarara Oh, and hey look....it's all men.
Clark Cottrell Szydlo ist eine starke Frau die versucht gegen eine Diktatur anzukommen.
Steven Loeding Great job Poland. Keep them out.
Sean Bowling That's why the EU is garbage and everyone should take a cue from England and leave the EU. It doesn't care about its own citizens. We had that problem with obama Germany has it with merkel. It's terrible
Lyn Bertillo GOOD AND WISE MOVES TO FIGHT AGAINST "TROJAN HORSE TACTICS" OTHERWISE YOUR NATION WILL BECOME "CITY OF TROY" Be united holding hands together tightly stand and defend your nation...
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18

Timeline Photos

11.9k reactions 227 comments
Dee Ann Danel-Oneal She'll do a private concert as soon as some nameless sultan/saudi prince opens his bitcoin account and books her to sing. Sing at his twin daughters genital mutilation ceremonies. Then he'll fly her back to the states in his private jet that touches ...
Tom Jackson These Hollywood liberals get me sick.
Randall Potts Vacuous.
Kim Rolls When words have no meaning - oh the drama - oh the emotion - oh the utter waste of time!
Sarah Sents Cook Is this not the same dimwit who called for a revolution just because her presidential candidate didn't win? What a hypocrite.
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18

Oh, come on...

887 reactions 601 comments
Paul Hurd You lost, baby! That smug look just doesn't cut it, anymore!
Gary Lee Venezuela, what Democrats call Utopia, is facing a severe food crisis following years of socialist mismanagement that has included strict price controls, rationing, and giving the military full control of the nation’s food supply. The average Venezuelan ...
Warren Wilson III Crooked.
Kaye Baker McWilliams She is just sad! Absolutely pathetic
Sondra Drees GAG....GAG...GAG....GAG...everything about her and ovomit is one continual GAG
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18


4.3k reactions 205 comments
Richard Flener usaa says it helps only veterans.. then ask for dd214.. aginst the law..
Garland Geeslin The swamp is draining itself LOL
Scott Carroll Canceled my credit cards and changing my insurance
Robert Joseph Koliner USAA is suffering from Foot-in-Mouth Disease!! They're trying to wiggle out of WHY they pulled their ads from Hannity's show...and only got caught in their lies!! I see their customers (the REAL ones - not the fake ones that started everything) are ...
Kassandra Bossert Ie Sandi Maddcow is one of Stalins Useful Idiots!
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18


854 reactions 305 comments
Jacquelynn Gemza Vertino I won't watch
Jeff Tremmel Sore losers bankrupt this crook his money will feed how many people
Art Powers The Big mouth from Chicago?
Gary Tracy What gets me is Ellison doesn't know what American values are. They certainly wouldn't be socialism like to many congressmen seem to desire, both democrat & republican.
Laura Field Blah blah blah
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18


708 reactions 173 comments
Mike Mcgrath Sounds like fox is turning into every thing else on tv.... they are moving to the left. Time for bill, Sean, levin start a new cable network
Gary O'Flynn Fox News has made a dramatic change from 'fair and balanced' (leaning a bit right) to into bed with the rest of the MSM like CNN, MSNBC, etc...
Trina Lynn Meyering Kimberly Guilfoyle has said he will be back on Tuesday. Sean said he will be back on Tuesday but that these rumors would start spreading because he took the weekend off.
JoAnn Nehs I love you show Hannity please do not leave the Fox network, you are the only one we can count on for the truth.
Julie Johns Hear that?? Its Fox going down the drain...
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18

Listen UP.

3.2k reactions 88 comments
Willie McCann how about the Iran deal
Wendell Schloneger Deport them all before they kill us!
Ellen Bergman Ketcham He must, in some way, be related to Chuck Norris!! 😃Thanks again President Trump. 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Robert Parker Yup, not one of the muslim leaders respect our culture or religious holidays, or condemn the acts of their people. No need for us to celebrate theirs.
David Ward Like all the comments except Juha Mikkola, everyone is wise except you.
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18

He said it!!

578 reactions 34 comments
Joe Craine If NSA has all the capabilities that the media says they have, they should be able to isolate any and every call to find out who transmits these leaks. Get to work, NSA. Stop this.
Nellie L. Sorensen And Obummer hides behind his 15' wall in Washinton, DC. Liar and hypocrite.
Bobby Verdicchio BAM
Frank Fearnley Obama's compund walls have been completed..
James Patrick Smith Democrats and liberals still fighting agar Trump.
Sarah Palin
Yesterday 23:18

Thank you, POTUS!

1.7k reactions 44 comments
Irene Wilks Gray That is as it should be, we apologize to no other country.
Charles Dansreau Good for him, glad he got some rest.
Rick Farrow The Donald certainly has yur back, AMERICA, ..... GOD has his ;)
Jimmy Clawson but he slept through most of it
Dena Tuttle Thank you President Trump!
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