Sarah Palin
05:30 01/17/2017

Islamic jihad on the march - how about government finally prioritizes to stop IT before it stops US.

227 reactions 184 comments
Michael Riley No doubt, Hussein Obama will end up in custody, when they round them all up!
Paramanan Joseph Harrideo Lock her up....
Shari Hermens 🙏 All in the family!! Trump was right again!! When will we learn? January 20, 2017 can't come soon enough!!!
Glenn Dino Dean Sanctuary City angle is what he's betting on
Barbara Baum What I'd heard before is that she drove him ot get a gun or to the Pulse nightclub to scope it out, so she is an accessory before the fact. Also, he TOLD her what he planned on doing, but she never called authorities. That's being complicit. Perhaps ...
Sarah Palin
05:30 01/17/2017

Supreme Court picks were biggest concern for many.

1.6k reactions 82 comments
Edward Bentley trying to see the site..... shows very little of anything..... ideas?
Stephen Huffman The judge has already shown to be a maker-upper of law, not a person to stick to Constitutional law. Which he swore to protect, of course...
Lynne Re Has Ginsberg retired yet like she said she would? No, I didn't think she would.
Curtis States Thank God hes not on his death bed like Ginsberg...
Mark Greene I'm the only real choice
Sarah Palin
05:30 01/17/2017

Thoughts on particular political challengers?

9.4k reactions 1125 comments
Jim Skiff Yes!
Bob Harris Run Laura run.
Joan Sundquist Way to go Laura!! Go for it!!
Bonnie Karinen I love Laura Ingraham! ❤️
Phil Smolowitz Ralph Fasano
Sarah Palin
05:30 01/17/2017

Herd mentality on the Left = status quo.

2.1k reactions 866 comments
Kim Fazzone Oshana It's quite obvious Obama doesn't give a dam about our country. He only cares about agenda. He is by far the most childish President in history! And people are worried about Trump???
Regina Dowling Could you imagine if everything that has been done and said to undermine Trump's election ...would have occurred when Obama was elected... the outrage.?! We would all be racist ( although they still say we are if we speak out against what he has done ...
Cindy Burmeister If anybody is a illegitimate president, it is Obama. He had hundreds of thousands of illegals and dead people who voted for him
Billy Sisemore I wonder what shellac he will apply to put a shine upon the turd that is, The Barack Hussein Obama Administration
Michael Bennett It's only "legitimate" when they win - despite all the attendant voter fraud.
Sarah Palin
05:30 01/17/2017

Martin Luther King, Jr's proud lineage.

14.0k reactions 307 comments
Rick Marchand I heard her on the Herman Cain show this morning. Loved what she said.
Linda Rowe Class, for sure
Susan Dawn Fisher Adkins Praise the Lord!
Don Marin like work together.
Richard Hord She is a doll!!!
Sarah Palin
05:30 01/17/2017

No more pussy-footing around. Here's to trusting they'll drop a hammer when needed from now on.

24.2k reactions 1168 comments
Linda Gilkison So grateful to have Mr. Gowdy in such a roll. He is the most honest politician I have seen in years. I definitely think of him as a hero!!!
Ann Marie Betsch-Pushkal I'm so excited!
Lynn Gelz Oh I bet they are messing their pants right about now!
Mark Bender Yes!
Mary Soderholm YAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!Can't think of a better man!!!!
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 06:00

Today is the Rev. Martin Luther King’s birthday holiday, and President-elect Donald Trump issued a statement marking it. Here is a brief excerpt: “Our Declaration declares that ‘all men are created equal,’ and Dr. King challenged our nation to live out that sacred truth: to banish the evils of bigotry, segregation and oppression from the institutions of society and the hearts of men…But his work is not done: all around us today we see communities and schools falling behind and not sharing in the prosperity of American life. Each of us has a solemn obligation to ensure that no American is left behind — and that all Americans are fully included in the American Dream…” Please click the link for the entire statement. It is a must-read, particularly for those who continue to gin up political rancor that will divide the entire nation and harm the American people. Dr. King left us many inspiring ideals to live up to, but one that isn’t discussed very often is his disdain for partisan politics. Both parties sometimes try to claim him, but the truth is that he was a registered independent. He made it clear that he felt both parties had their strengths and faults, and he was concerned with much larger issues than petty political squabbles. His example lives on today through his niece, Alveda C. King, an evangelist and pro-life leader whom I am very happy to call my friend. Matt C. Abbott of asked her to comment on the current dust-up between Trump and Rep. John Lewis, who called Trump's election “illegitimate” and is boycotting the Inaugural. I think her uncle would have been proud of her response: “I pray that all polar opposites learn to Agape Love, live and work together as brothers and sisters—or perish as fools. While I voted for Mr. Trump, my confidence remains in God, for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Prayers for President-elect Trump, Congressman Lewis, and everyone including leaders.” That’s the legacy of love and inclusiveness that the Rev. King left us, and that we should all be celebrating today.

1.3k reactions 51 comments
Maria Dobbs Give Mr Trump a chance America
Mary Jane Strom Amen to that.
Joseph Stoffa pity drumpf has not demonstrated he believes in equality
Bernadette Stinson So how is Trump a racist?Anyone?
Pat Guga Fake news
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 06:00

BREAKING: Top Trump Administration Member Just Quit

BREAKING: Top Trump Administration Member Just Quit
BREAKING: Top Trump Administration Member Just Quit

"After much reflection I have decided to ..."

427 reactions 90 comments
Valarie Houk I'm glad she withdrew. We don't need any extra drama! Seriously!
Nancy Harvey Milner She could be a thorn in Trump's side........ she did the right thing....
Rick Utgaard CNN is the last organization to complain about the ethics of anyone. I can only hope they are held to the same standards.
Pamela Ann I seem to remember Biden's bid for president being derailed by plagiarism....
Anita Lewis Time to call Laura Ingram
Sarah Palin
05:30 01/17/2017

And what a year it's been...

The Backstory of Gov. Palin
The Backstory of Gov. Palin's Support for Donald Trump

Hard to believe a year has gone by...

8.1k reactions 152 comments
John Miller I hope you enjoy the single payer system that Trump is going to force on us.
Donna Ristenbatt Thank you, Sarah, for supporting him. You took a lot of heat from Republicans, no less, but I thought you were awesome. I have been for Trump almost from Day 1.
Arnie Salanga Love Sarah always for Trump. Aida
Richard Navas You need to join his team Mrs. P
Carmen Medina Dorrell Go Sarah, go! You can be a great ambassador!
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 06:00

Having blamed Hillary Clinton’s loss on everything from sexism to “fake news” to James Comey to a Russian conspiracy, Democrats have hit on a new culprit: she was done in by supermarket tabloids! People standing in line at the checkout stands saw negative stories about the Clintons on tabloid covers, and that soured them on her (the Weekly World News no longer has a print edition, so Democrats can’t blame her loss on their space alien endorsing Trump). Personally, I suspect that if anything in the supermarket soured people on voting for Hillary, it was trying to cover their groceries with a paycheck that wasn’t even keeping up with inflation.

2.4k reactions 576 comments
Margaret Berthelot West Blaming anybody/anything for her loss..... all she has to do is look at image that is staring back at her......... but let me make it plain for even her to understand............ hillary you lost because of haillary......... she wasn't a good candidate ...
Bill Lyman So as I understand the Trump supporters -- the Trump/Republican administration devoted to eliminating health care, defunding Planned Parenthood, an organization devoted to women's health and safety, ignoring the science of human enhanced global warming ...
Becky Cowling It wouldn't be because we "the commoners" actually are intelligent and think for ourselves, seeing through the democratic BS, knowing another 4 years of the last 8 years will be our countries demise... No, its gotta be media, movies, and tabloids...smh. ...
Helen Shaffer Love Gov. Huckabee..could she have lost because she stole the White House china when she and Bill moved out?? I can see people out there "Googling "..
Jim Byrne Why can't Republicans let their defeat of Hillary go? They won - good for you! The Clintons are gone - why constantly re-hash it? I didn't see OBama constant bash Romney. Didn't see Bush constantly bash Gore, etc.
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 06:00

Hilarious video: Liberals are so absolutely OUTRAGED about everything Donald Trump does that a group of them turned out in the freezing cold in Boston, warmed only by their hot heads, to protest Trump’s pick for Labor Secretary. A reporter asked them, who is the unacceptable appointee they were there to protest? “Uhhhhh…” None of them had the slightest clue what his name was. The New York Times tried to save them from embarrassment by justifying the protests as “a proxy for a larger struggle between labor and industry groups to shape public opinion on issues crucial to both.” Well, I’m a member of the public, and congratulations, you’ve shaped my opinion. I now suspect that the loudest leftwing participants in the larger struggle between labor and industry are complete ignoramuses who don’t have the slightest idea what they’re yelling about. If my saying that angers them, they are welcome to send letters of protest to me: Nancy Pelosi, c/o US Congress, Washington, DC.

OOPS: Libs Gather to Protest Trump Nominee, Forget 1 VITAL Detail on Camera
OOPS: Libs Gather to Protest Trump Nominee, Forget 1 VITAL Detail on Camera

This might be the funniest clip from an anti-Trump protest yet...

3.6k reactions 380 comments
Theresa Loring Just show how rude and ignorant there are don't know what there are doing nancy peluso trump has a right to chose who he wants u shouldn't be over riding him it's not your call to stir up trouble we never voted for u
Heather Thompson I'm thinking these might be part of the "paid" protestors. I can't honestly believe every single person who thinks differently than me is completely stupid. It's mathematically impossible. Heck, part of the reason Trump was elected was because people ...
Jane McFadden Go ahead make fun, then give back everything labor unions have gotten for this country such as a minimum wage, erasure of sweat shops, safe working conditions, overtime pay, ending child labor, paid vacations, the list goes on and on and on. Give it ...
Bob Smith Bwahahaha, Pelosi is going to be in her office and then blam, just like Santa Claus, is going to have thousands of letters now because of you Mr. Huckabee....... good one!
Rob Laseter Pardon my language Mr. Huckabee, but these people are complete morons. That rates up there with the guy who protested Trump ' s win and he didn't even go to vote. He said it was the least he could do. Uh, no, Jimmy Kimmel pointed out. The very LEAST you ...
Sarah Palin
05:30 01/17/2017

On the docket: government efficiency. Thank the Lord.

4.2k reactions 110 comments
Fred Bliss Lockheed Martin through very large payoffs got the contract for the F-35, some of those payoffs went to military leaders. The F-35 is substandard to the F-16 in air to air combat and is so fare behind the F-22 that it is not funny. This swamp will be ...
Natalie Mcrobie Hallelujah!!
Talace Hamilton No one is recognizing how great this is! This is how Obama's legacy is getting a smack down with real positive results before Trump is even in office. This is how government should be run. Fortunately, I think Trump will have it easy making an ...
Chris McLean Nationalise the defensive industry where could there be more sense... 🤔
Nick Brizzi Done more in 8 days and not even president yet, than his predessor did in 8 years.
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 06:00

President-elect Trump’s Inauguration is just five days away, and some “progressives” who refuse to accept the results of a free election are trying to organize assaults and violent disruptions. Law enforcement authorities in DC say they’re aware of the threats and are prepared. Let’s hope that includes paying a preemptive visit to the organizers to inform them of the legal ramifications of plotting acts of domestic terrorism against a Presidential Inaugural. Meanwhile, liberal celebrities and bawling Twitter mobs continue to bully anyone who acts like an adult and voices support for getting past the election and coming together (Andrea Bocelli reportedly received death threats just because of a rumor that he might sing at the Inaugural – it takes a really brave Social Justice Warrior to threaten to murder a blind man for singing a song. This wouldn’t be the first time Bocelli’s life was threatened by “progressive” thinkers: his parents refused doctors’ advice to abort him because it was likely he would be born disabled.) You’d think from all this caterwauling that Trump’s Inaugural is doomed, with no popular support compared to the glittering, celebrity-packed lovefests that hailed Obama’s election and reelection. Well, guess again. Despite the lack of big-name celebrities (or maybe because of it), the fund to pay for Trump’s Inaugural has raised $90 million in private, individual donations, almost as much as both of Obama’s Inaugurals combined ($55 million in 2008, $43 million in 2012). Maybe your average Joe would rather kick in a few bucks to see Trump become President than to help Obama rub elbows with Jay-Z and Beyonce. Here’s the kicker: since Trump requested a vastly scaled down celebration (he wants to send the message that he’s getting to work, not partying), any funds left over – and there should be plenty – will go to charity. So just as he’s already creating more jobs than Obama did before he even takes office, he’ll also be doing more for the poor before midnight on Inauguration Day than Obama did in eight years, during which his major contribution to America’s poor was in creating more of them out of people who used to be middle class. More Inaugural details at the link.

5.2k reactions 396 comments
Eric Heil As I read through these comments I've only found one thing that angers me about them. It's the fact that 90% of them include the term(s) liberal, libtard, loonie libs, the left, progressives, and Democratics. This angers me because the problem isn't ...
Mary Kathryn Barris In the words of Martin Luther King Jr., whose birthday we remember today: “To retaliate in kind would do nothing but intensify the existence of hate in the universe. Along the way of life, someone must have sense enough, and morality enough, to cut off ...
Linda Kerner Sick of these people. All they are accomplishing is, making fools of themselves, and making people like myself pissed off! (By the way it takes a lot to do that) I was a lifelong democrat, well NOT EVER again! So glad I voted Trump!
Mary Mendicino What frightens me the most is the fact that so many Americans think that this behavior is ok! I knew our President and his administration was lost, but I never dreamed so many people would act so disrespectfully. It's an embarrassment to the world, ...
Mattie Brown God put your hedge of protection around president Trump and his family , keep him safe in your care ,also save the demons that's trying to destroy our country , convict every mean move these people try . God less America. And Donald trump
Sarah Palin
05:30 01/17/2017

This is perfect! Bikers LIVE freedom.

11.7k reactions 221 comments
Rose McGuire Democrats wonder why they lost seats? They don't represent the people in wash. Why not show up? They are not willing to work together. Next election fewer democrats will be elected.
Allen Stokes Obama needs to disarm this bomb by telling his stupid ass hollyweird buddies to stop fanning the flames. Someone is going to get hurt Inauguration day.
Buck Deets MLK has been spinning in his grave for the last 8 years because of how Obama was trying to destroy America and cause racial division! January 20th will be the day that MLK can RIP again until the next socialist Democrat is elected...MLK will have a ...
Susanna Karbowski Muscle and iron.
Doreen Gingras MAGA!
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 06:00

REPORT: Trump Considers Booting Press Corps Out of White House... His Reason Is PERFECT

2.3k reactions 171 comments
Dorveen Duncan Rowan I believe it was Reagan that moved the press to a building across the street of the White House. I think reporters earn a spot to cover a President so in this case I think Acosta should be replaced with another reporter from CNN. If it continues to ...
Sue Brown YES, boot them out on the first day. Mostly they just report fake news. They just make it up as they go along to suit their own agenda. Look at Dan Rather and Brian Williams. They were as high as you can get and still made up stories and lied routinely. ...
Barb Atch For what its worth and my non-existent influence, I completely agree with this. Let them spend their time over there. They don't need to be in the White house. Donald Trump owes them nothing and I would rather hear everything from the horses mouth ...
Marlys Donnelly methinks, they think they are "exclusive" and above other media members...their esteem is damaged....Shame on you,Mr. Trump!!! I guess you will just have to keep Tweeting...
Donna Watkins Neal I think it's great that Mr Trump has found a way around the media and is speaking directly to the nation. I don't think there is a need for White House Press....most are disrespectful and lack the integrity to do real reporting. Most media has turned ...
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 06:00

After meeting with President-elect Trump, the CEO of Lockheed-Martin announced plans to create 1800 new jobs in America and “significantly” lower the cost of the F-35 fighter jet program. Trump is creating so many US jobs before even taking office that I’m not tired of winning yet, but I’ll bet CNN is really tired of having to report it.

4.8k reactions 103 comments
Anita White Bolduc The price will drop as more orders are received. That's how it works. Same with jobs.
Walter Reinhardt cnn won't report it if they can't spin it
Rick N Krista Haydel Amazon said they are bringing back to the USA thousands of JOBS ~
Rene Jimenez POTUS creating is a lot better than POTUS Playing Golf after someone just got beheaded.
Howard Melching The difference between a businessman and a political hack or a college professor.
Gavin Newsom
Yesterday 07:24

The freedom and opportunities we enjoy are built on those that came before us. On this day, we remember those that stood up to power in the name of what was right and true. We must continue to push toward justice & equality for all.

1.3k reactions 25 comments
Richard Midson I'll just leave this here, it needs to be watched by everyone. Talk about keeping it 100.
Michael Weaver
Michael Weaver MLK was a known plagiarist,womanizer,and Communist. His FBI record is sealed by court order until 2027.
Sarah Palin
05:30 01/17/2017

Pay-to-play doesn't pay

5.1k reactions 385 comments
Dan Tam Hunley Bad for Hillary good for the world...
Mary Lou Lincoln Hastings She's not in s position of power anymore so she can't hand out favors. So the donations have dropped off . Also they need space to destroy evidence since it's under investigation. Wonder what Chelsea will do now that her cushy job is gone !
Dan Trout Sounds like the Saudi money is drying up.
Eric Kuhn Why is no one investigating this?
Brian Maxwell The "payroll" is running out 😂
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 06:00

The group Human Rights Watch has launched an attack on Donald Trump for all the terrible human rights abuses they’re sure he’ll be responsible for after he becomes President. One of the quoted Twitter commenters hit the nail on the head with this observation: “Trump gets on the list before doing anything as POTUS. Obama gets a Nobel before doing anything as POTUS. I sense a pattern.”

Breaking: Something Startling Just Happened To Trump Week Before Inauguration
Breaking: Something Startling Just Happened To Trump Week Before Inauguration

"... policies that would cause tremendous harm ..."

885 reactions 115 comments
Rhonda Garman Gregory So.much.crap. I hope he is a great President, but I'll settle for okay. But people need to cool their jets & give the man a chance!
Marcia Zuercher He's already trying to shut down the press. Oh but wait, the second amendment is really the only one that matters. My bad.
Bob Davies I predict: In 2019 a black man will be shot in Chicago by another black man when a drug deal goes south, and the Democrats will blame Trump. CNN will cite an unidentified source in Moscow that claims Trump ordered the shooting, and that Hillary ...
Marilyn V. Young Harris Go TRUMP! You don't need nothing from this Potus who is an Enemy and Evil plague on our United States of America in which his Wife was so ashamed to belong too!! I wouldn't trust anything from them!! Drain the Swamp and start anew! We the People ...
Wade Novin The goal here is to have it firmly on the record that America was warned about the destructive potential of the popular vote loser tweeter in chief.....
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 06:00

Rep. John Lewis sparked President-elect Trump’s Twitter ire by announcing he wouldn’t attend the Inauguration because Trump is not a “legitimate” President since Russia helped him get elected and destroyed Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. He’s not the only top Democrat trying to sow suspicion of Trump’s victory. (NOTE: The government has yet to show any actual evidence that Russia gave WikiLeaks the emails; WikiLeaks adamantly denies they came from Russia; and wherever they came from, there is no disputing that they accurately revealed the dishonesty of the DNC-Clinton campaign-media collusion. So even if Russia were responsible, it was only for letting voters know the truth about a candidate that our so-called “news media” tried to keep hidden.) My question: If Rep. Lewis and these other Democrats respect Hillary Clinton so much, then why are they acting in a way that must be upsetting her a great deal? After all, it was she who said, during the final debate in Las Vegas, that questioning the legitimacy of the election and refusing to accept the results was “horrifying,” that it was denigrating our democracy, and that she was “appalled” by it. She said, “That’s not the way our democracy works. We’ve been around 240 years. We’ve had free and fair elections, and we’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them, and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election.” Really, Rep. Lewis…hasn’t Hillary suffered enough?

210 reactions 36 comments
Robert Pavlock More Klinton BS
Joseph Stoffa take a good look at putin's puppet
Samantha Mottet Oh please..."The American People " wanted President Trump. When will they ever figure this out. A bunch of pansies living in their "Special Bubble"
Pamela A. Gherke Weaver Well said sir.
Sandra Perdue Apparently..Dems think that if a DEM is not voted Presidrnt..they are NOT Ligit!!
Sarah Palin
05:30 01/17/2017

"Tolerance" = absent from their dictionary.

1.2k reactions 299 comments
David Palmaro They are part of the Trump swamp cleaning, and they all need, a good cleaning.
Michael Zelekovic When they have nothing, they call racism, Nazi, KKK whatever. What I like about President elect Trump, is what Lincoln said about Grant, he fights.
Roy Scott LOSER!
Eric Lindell They are lashing out like vipers.
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 06:00

Add several more experts to the growing list of people who dismiss that alleged leaked “dossier” of Donald Trump’s ties to Russia as a laughably bogus fabrication. Because of their extensive intelligence backgrounds, these critics offer some reasons for skepticism you might not have heard before.

783 reactions 33 comments
Danny Partin THATS SIMPLY NOT TRUE,EVEN THE MOSSAD is saying now that Russia has something on Trump,,as does a respected British MI 6 agent who has fed us intelligence for years that was always accurate ,,,even the Russians were heard celebratig getting 'their ...
Siony DeVries They to find a real honorable job.
Rick Gattone Relocate the White House Press Corp off prem!
Greeneyes Suarez Prove beyond preponderence of evidence or reasonable doubt.
Janice Barlow Find the scum mole. Bring back public hangings
Mike Huckabee
Yesterday 06:00

Farewell, Clinton Global Initiative, we hardly knew ye. Or we wouldn't have, if it weren't for email leaks.

BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Crumbles
BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Crumbles

Bad news for the Clinton Foundation...

9.8k reactions 583 comments
Jennie Fiedler It's too bad 22 people are losing their jobs despite the positive side of this ending. Maybe you can offer them jobs MMike Huckabee!
Dolores Jojola I understand you Democrats being so angry and confused about Trump winning the election I felt the same way when Barack Obama won!!! The threat of Hillary taking Obamas place scared the daylights out of millions of people! Donald J Trump is the 45th ...
Eric W Jones If it was a real foundation.. they would still have it. They got caught. Busted, exposed, what ever you want to call it' I prefer down right corrupt. Worthless pukes..
Martha Wiseman The arrogance of the Whitehouse the last 8 years is why we now have a new President.... who is there for us.... the everyday common patriotic American.
Lin Carvell I would love to see the "Clinton Foundaton" (aka Soros money laundring service) crumble, but it will be somewhere else named something else doing the same things to undermine our country
Sarah Palin
05:30 01/17/2017

Please sign this petition!

474 reactions 21 comments
Chris Russell Berryman Thank you for posting! I am a double Blue Star Mother and fellow Army Momma to Patrice Wise. The protocol needs to change when soldiers go missing. We personally looked in the Houston & Galveston, TX. area for Dakota when he first was reported missing. ...
Ken Kellogg 1. Open lines of communication and Free Flow of Information with Next of Kin/Point of Contact. This should have been the first thing that should have happened once he was determined to be Missing. 2. No time limit or restriction of Jurisdiction to ...
Brianna Stephens THANK YOU Sarah Palin for helping us spread the word ❤️ it's greatly appreciated.
Ken Kellogg This does not surprise me at all. I worked at Fort Hood as a Civilian Police Officer for many years until I retired in 2015 and as the military reduced the highly trained and certified civilian officers replacing them with untrained and unmotivated ...
Pamela Wagner This is just sad fort hood has too many loss of lives
Mitt Romney
3 hours ago

MLK inspired my mom: "We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline."

13.8k reactions 236 comments
William Major Amen- I love the part of his dream speech saying judging people on content of character not color of skin...think today there's too much focus on skin no matter the good or bad character...
Kaye Diefendorf to give worthy Black men the priesthood. Even White men have to be found worthy to hold the priesthood and advance in it. If you are not religious and do not understand eternal precepts, then you can believe what you want, but if you have an open mind ...
Neil Shelley to bad his followers , only became self serving racist rather than a leader like MLK. saw him once in Miami Fl, he appeared under control of his emotions and set on his goals.
Jheice Pinheiro Sou do Brasil, mas como toda pessoa que possui um forte desejo de igualdade social e racial no mundo, sou fã desse homem maravilhoso, de um bom coração que foi MLK. A atualidade precisa com urgência de mais pessoas como ele, se tivéssemos o mundo seria ...
Rebecca Holmes Carr At this time in our history we all need to stand strong as Americans. The protests by some politicians on Inauguration Day is shameful. The election is over. There will always be some who are disappointed their candidate didn't win. What needs to stop ...
Paul Ryan
05:24 01/17/2017

Today, let's pause to remember and celebrate the life of a true American hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

2.9k reactions 207 comments
Jamie Laszlo Funny how this week starts off honoring King and then ends with appointing someone who wants to be a king.
Alison Houghton Since you have blocked your telephone lines I am taking to Facebook as a self employed business owner dependent on the ACA for health insurance I want to understand why you are not supporting the small businesses of America. It is not only poor or the ...
Linda Albani Manogue Dr. King said this: “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.” Do you have a conscience, Mr. Ryan? Maybe you should develop one and ...
April Renee wonder how Dr. King would feel about you and your party stripping healthcare away from millions of Americans. and you lying to the American people that no one would suffer from your actions. you, the GOP, and your president elect run afoul of Dr. ...
Ruth Siedlecki Today is a day to honor Dr. King !!! His dream was for us to live together and love each other, not make nasty remarks about people you don't like..
Sarah Palin
05:30 01/17/2017

Lovin' Hollywood's exceptions to the rule. The bold ones are genuinely appreciated.

9.3k reactions 334 comments
Randy Rose She was in Columbiana. Watch that!!!! At least she is not negative, but she barely said anything.
Troy Lakey Hollywood types are not to be trusted! Hollywood has always had Communist ways. Even as far back as 1947 they were investigated for Communism. It's not surprising, do your research.
Beverly Di Mele That's ok 👌🏽 because Hollywood is going on strike. Half are moving to Canada though I haven't seen anyone actually leave. So that will make more opportunities for her to work. She isn't really saying anything positive about President Trump just telling ...
Kathryn Blankenship While I commend her olive branch, it's interesting to me that she refers to all in Hollywood as "we all"...
William Metcalf Very classy, we might not agree, but still respect the others opinion.
Rick Santorum
Yesterday 07:42

Check out my joint op-ed today in USA Today with former Democrat Congressman George Miller on the need to invest in our children.

Invest early in America
Invest early in America's children: George Miller and Rick Santorum

Political opposites aim to bridge the partisan divide on a cause they say is crucial to equal opportunity.

99 reactions 10 comments
Steven Reader I hope you will help Trump on social issues
Francis Coker Parents should definitely invest in their children with what's left over after taxes.
Tiffany Klein People need to invest in their children by not relying on schools to raise their kids. Kids need both parents, they need stable homes. All the gadgets and gizmos in the world for preschoolers aren't going to replace moms and dads. That's what is needed. ...
Mori Chanel Listen Rick Santorum, you disgusting piece of fecal sludge, this is a perfect example of why you are so widely despised. You've lived a life of privilege. You have no standing to criticize a genuine hero like Congressman Lewis.
Val Sommerville I hope that for the parents that do decide to keep their children at home opportunity is given if giving to headstart and daycare funding is in this equation. Why do we have to send our children to a facility when some parents are willing to sacrifice ...
Sarah Palin
05:30 01/17/2017

Love these two!

31.8k reactions 1683 comments
Peg Longstreth Loveeee these two ladies. !!! Can't wait to see them at the inauguration and the parties!! They deserve it😊💖💖💖
Mary Harmon spot on !
Marilyn Miller John Lewis al sharpie and Jessie Jackson are old ..... they need to retire !
Josephine Wells Me too, Sarah!
Alexandria Morrison Roberts These two ladies nailed it!!!
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