Mike Huckabee
17:54 07/23/2017

Breaking: House And Senate Reach A Deal

Breaking: House And Senate Reach A Deal
Breaking: House And Senate Reach A Deal

Limit the Trump administration's ability to...

36 reactions 92 comments
Syndi Helgerson Gates Go ahead. Just remember what goes around comes around. Once done you WILL not do it for the DEMONcrats if they ever get back in control.
Richard Boone So treasonous trash will stand up against trump and therefore against the people. But you gutless lying spineless would not stand up to Obama. GET THE HELL OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maryanne Hand I think this is what Trump wanted. He got them working together, finally. Stil..I think they are all.idiots and never been so disapointed in my life in the piased, self absorbed , and arrogant Republican representives. They are no better than the ...
Don Bolyard Don't the uranium that Hillary sold to Russia and the deals that padded the Clinton Foundation. What about all those unscheduled meetings with Russia that Obama had with Russia.
Eric Ewalt Who says trump is able to deal with Russia? He got a Syria ceasefire at G20 and Isis coordinating attacks with them. Better than anything Obama did.
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017


176 reactions 343 comments
Tom Tiffany Ok a better deal, now give me specifics how you intend to do it and when, slogans accomplish nothing
Larry Goodman SSDD from Democrats ..
Kevin Abbate His promise of a 'Better Deal' is lip service....the dims policies are 180 degrees counter to what they are promising.
Cres Dodd Everybody knew that but her
Clara Murzynski WRONG! You, the Hildebeast and your ilk thought you had this election IN THE BAG. She rarely campaigned compared to Trump. He PACKED the venues wherever he went. Oh, yes your party had a message and that was to continue Obama's policies.
Goodluck Jonathan
17:48 07/23/2017

North East: Nigerian military liberated over 25 towns during Jonathan, new book reveals - Vanguard News

North East: Nigerian military liberated over 25 towns during Jonathan, new book reveals - Vanguard News

The newly-released book “Boko Haram Media War: An Encounter with the Spymaster”, has listed over twenty-five major towns and cities recaptured by the Nigerian military during the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan before the final handover to President Mohammed Buhari.

318 reactions 115 comments
Donald Eazy-kell Ajilambard Where was the fg when Boko Haram were busy capturing these 25 communities as mentioned? In fact that very government should be charged with genucide for not fighting those Boko Haram guys from the beginning the way they later fought them, which made it ...
Mbah Patrick Posterity will always be thankful for your good judgements and love for every Nigerian. You are a role model. Hero of democracy i doff my hat for you
Ifeanyi Okpe No matter how long lies have traveled, when the time for the truth arrives, it will overtake it. It is just the beginning, a lot more will come to the open.
Abdulrahman Yunusa Ibrahim This is a lie, the report is pallacy. Where were you when Boko Haram group was attacking villages and held people captive?
Isa Bala stealing is a corruption. More towns should have been liberated if the money for the procurement of ammunition to fight terrorism were not stolen
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017

Horrible. Just in...

BREAKING: 8 Bodies Found In Walmart Parking Lot
BREAKING: 8 Bodies Found In Walmart Parking Lot

8 bodies were discovered inside a tractor-trailer parked in a San Antonio Walmart parking lot that was packed with 38 people in what authorities are calling a “horrific” human trafficking case, according to Fox News. The trailer was sweltering in the heat and it’s believed the 8 deaths were likely h...

559 reactions 136 comments
Laurie Haidler Yes it's horrible but we count on you for news - we can get these reports from CNN and USA Today.
Patricia Ann Tooke Vogt One reason why we need the wall.
Billy Burke Ouch they must've eaten the food there.
Jay Harshman Sad to say but this happens to much many times on the other side of the boarder just trying to cross the dessert , Yes we need a WALL , not to mention the child sex trade going on we need to control our US boarders NOW
Jody Rietsma An absolutely horrific "business" that needs to be stopped!
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017

Nailed it!

915 reactions 74 comments
Sandra Peshek Why not.. Better than Al Frankenstein
John Granath all jerks
Melanie Philip KId Rock gets my vote...his interview with Dan Rather confirmed my opinion of him.
William Masi This guy is CRAZY. Like a fox.
Ladale L Swaim Okay,great,but you'd better clean your act out about your looks,but keep the attitude,that's great!
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017

1.6k reactions 94 comments
Frances Miller What a wonderful world it would be 💕💕🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Joanne Mayo Amen! I've learned more about prayer to the one true God of the Bible in the last 8 years than in my whole life.
Celine Telgarsky Amen
Rich Louthan True that :)
Ken Ives sure don't seem that way
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017

Today, celebrate the things that make this the greatest nation in the world!


In his name the nations will put their hope. Matthew 12:21 Our exceptional nation, so vibrant with ideas and passionate debate, is a light to the rest of the world. Some people believe the phrase “American exceptionalism” sounds boastful, but it’s not about being better than other nations. It is abo...

425 reactions 14 comments
Tom Craig I do that every day.
Deborah Young I agree with Melissa Caton and Sam Cole! The decision, however, to follow Jesus and live with Him and our awesome God rests with each person! It should be easy: to live with & worship Jesus & God for eternity; or to live in agony without them or their ...
Luis E. Atehortua Jr. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH, Sarah Palin!
Luis E. Atehortua Jr. Sarah Palin for President in 2020, Kellyanne Conway for Vice President in 2020. I want Sarah and Kellyanne to be our next POTUS and VOTUS in 2020.
Derek Charles David Allair BAN SHARIA LAW.
Mike Huckabee
17:54 07/23/2017

Yes please: "The Republican Senators must step up to the plate and, after 7 years, vote to Repeal and Replace. Next, Tax Reform and Infrastructure. WIN!" - Donald Trump

1.3k reactions 123 comments
Jacqueline Adler Repeal, with NO replacement! We don't need a government-run healthcare insurance system. The government can't even efficiently run the Postal Department; who really thinks we should allow them to handle the health insurance needs of millions of private ...
Lenora Scott Tripp If they would quit getting taking money from insurance companies...their votes were already bought and paid for. Repeal and Replace Congress!!
Richard Sessions The American people want Obamacare REPEALED and NOT REPLACED! Let insurance go back to the free market! Get govt. out of the healthcare business!
Candy Riddle Yes, but a true REPEAL with no bailout $ to the ins carriers included. And effective immediately... bull on the 2 yr crap. We need help now!
Curtis Wollam No, they need to step up and repeal and remove...and trash. Get the government's hand out of health care......and out of our personal lives. Healthcare needs to be placed back on the free market.
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017

There's a Witness Video! Bombshell News On Justine Damond's Killing Could Change Everything

639 reactions 266 comments
Timothy Cheek They are going to slow boat this on purpose to help him! Thanks Minnesota
Sam Cole FACEBOOK AND GEORGE SOROS PEOPLE REPORT THIS AS A SPAM TO BLOCK IT? NOW, everyone in the entire world shall have equal opportunity to know Jesus very soon. It does not mean that they all will accept. The majority of the people always have tendency and ...
Terry Raley Since the chief stepped down this should show you all that one he's guilty as sin .. and needs yo be removed from the streets and put away for life...
Tony Bishop Major is Muslim too So by paying this murdering cop while he has a chance to flee only makes sense He has his gun out while in the squad car She is conversing with his partner in PJs on his partners side of the car He shot thru his partners side of ...
Donna Graves-Roll Ambien is not a tranquilizer. It's a very weak sleep aid. Go ahead, blame the victim. It happens to us white people. Muslims who kill white women are protected by our judicial system these days.
Mike Huckabee
17:54 07/23/2017

Until you can tell me who actually told you that Jeff Sessions or anyone else talked about anything with the Russian ambassador that officials in any other Administration wouldn’t have, or until you can offer proof of your “Trump’s discussing pardons” story (which Trump’s lawyer already dismissed as “nonsense”), I’m going to ignore that, too. Life is too short to spend it analyzing fake news. It’s like being asked to dissect a unicorn.

1.9k reactions 118 comments
Anne Ray I agree, Mike Huckabee! Too many people out here that like to sensationalize and melodramatize everything! We call them the boring people with boring lives!😂
Sandy Hatfield the LEFT really keeps us ENTERTAINED.....look how they have MOVED around the board TRYING to get CHECK MATE....😂......DJT is a TRUE AMERICAN LEADER 🇺🇸
Teresa Veal This is Russian ghost left by Obama as booby traps for the Trump Administration. The Honorable Attorney General Jeff Sessions is one who is not distracted by this. He is making real change and stopping real criminals. God bless America
Frank Bailey This is all a distraction from the real investigations that should be taking place. Ask yourself who was in charge when Russia was "so called" hacking the elections?
John Boyd One has said it so I will The U.S. tries to influence election, even our own. We are not going to do anything because we do it too. It's part of the political game they all play.
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017

Al Gore Confronted to His FACE Over Failed Doomsday Predictions, Watch How He Responds

1.6k reactions 589 comments
Danny Partin Al Gore, has made Millions on his fake scare BS. ...Kim.
Sharon Polasek Muston Hollwood's favorite nut !!!
Stephen Nickel Gore is an absolute nut case . . .
Roger Kaplan Give him hell. DingDanged phony!
John R Wills In his wisdom is the earth still flat?
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017


2.9k reactions 88 comments
Diane Scoggins Payne Schriner Love It!
Kathy Ann Myers When can we buy a Kid for Senate tshirt? We're ready to fund your campaign Senator Ritchie!!
Clark Cottrell He's smarter than Schumer and Franken.
Nancy Scherzer Go Robert Ritchie aka Kid Rock.
Regie Genobles Go KID ROCK!!!!
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017


627 reactions 16 comments
Brenda Koontz-Gula Keep up the awesome work in making America great again. We are looking forward to winning even bigger!!!
Scott Nowell MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Chris Pullin President Trump's only "crime" was being elected President.
William Pope Problem...facebook and amazon are both ultra liberal and proud funders of the democratic socialist party.
Bernie Hampton Lucas James
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017

Take a look.

1.1k reactions 35 comments
Jeffery Patterson Blessed to have been able to watch the commissioning and yes he did an awesome job on the national anthem!
Patty Perdue Rodriguez 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Richanne Fernandez Trump is for the military.God bless America.
Joseph Prosser Awesome
Bill Stone Probably the hardest song in the world to sing and he nailed it!
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017


320 reactions 125 comments
Maureen Weber Noooooo! McMaster has to stay!!!! President Trump has a dream team! Mr. Bannon seems to want to pull our President from his campaign promises!!!!! Leave president Trump to do what his heart says to do!!!!! Stay away from people to sway you!!!! Tear up ...
Charles Forward The person that should be going as the one firing everybody else that's trying to do a decent job. He's trying to do the right thing.
William Howard If it happens it will put this country on its head
Doug Yo Trumps looking presidential
Dana New Keep draining the swamp! Yep maybe the fancy swimming pool these beurocrats are swimming in too!
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017

Mark Hamill Loses Any Goodwill People Had For Him With Classless Tweet

954 reactions 591 comments
Pete Altobelli Another washed up attention grabber looking to be relevant.
Laurianne Stewart They have a right to their opinions, but I sure don't want to hear them.
Rachael Roessler It's actually a funny tweet... It wasn't a jab at McCain either, this was aimed at trump (referring to his superficiality).
Mel Smith Sarah , we see the same thing with McCain, why can you see this but not McCain? As he picked you for his VP I understand your hanging on but as a past politician and influencial player, you need to wake up. Yes Pray for him to get over this tumor ...
Daryel S Thomas 2 words,corvette summer.
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017

Nothing was able to stop him!

352 reactions 8 comments
Barbara Berube Lefevers God bless Navy Seal Bisher. You are a hero for preserving to fulfill your dreams. I know first hand that Seals are determined. My friend's Navy Seal nephew was on Team Six. He was wounded in Falluh. He spent almost a year in therapy so he could ...
Dallas Dupre Well, he is a USN SEAL, so...
Dita Kreshpani Katsis ❤️❤️🙏🙏
Geoff Hill The power of positive thinking. It turns out that the doctors don't really know everything. Where are the doctors now? Never give up. You may lose, but you may win. BZ.
Miro Kliment http://canadafreepress.com/article/islamic-terrorist-threat-from-canada-higher-than-that-coming-from-mexico?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=islamic_terrorist_threat_from_canada_higher_than_that_coming_from_mexico&utm_term=2017-07-22
Mike Huckabee
17:54 07/23/2017

The Democratic Party has chosen a slogan for the 2018 midterm elections, in an attempt to convince voters that this time, they’ve really learned their lesson about all that arrogance and contempt they showed for working Americans, and seriously, they can be trusted now. The rather redundant slogan is, “A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.” Unfortunately, it took only nanoseconds before it was being razzed all over Twitter for its similarity to Papa John’s Pizza’s slogan: “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” If Democrats are going to claim they can bring you better jobs and wages, they probably don’t want to remind everyone that the last time they were in charge, not that long ago, people were lucky to find jobs delivering pizzas. Personally, I think I have a slogan for them that’s far more accurate, but I doubt they’ll take me up on it: “Fool you once, shame on us. Fool you twice, shame on you.”

624 reactions 221 comments
Nora Smith I thought Mr. Schumer seemed a bit off today not his usual confidant self, you know where you believe he believes his lies! He knows they're done for at least the next 8 years!
Kim Brulee They probably chose that slogan because they know the Basket of Deplorables (down in Podunk USA) main food source is pizza. Maybe you will get a free pizza with every vote :D
Andy Williams Thank God people understand the Constitution !! Just sayn this also even thought it's not connected to healthcare When you see the videos of Police Officers making a traffic stop and the people give them a hard time Driving is also not a Right it is a ...
Tico Carreras OH My God, that is so original, shows they can even think collectively intelligently. Enough with these idiots. fire them all. They've already amass fortunes at our expense, why give them more can you use the money instead? Work for it. Life is not ...
Bill Travis nothing but a corrupt bunch of losing liars that could have given 2 craps about the democratic people, now that they lost they are trying to sprew how much they care. BS if you cared you'd still be in office. You lost your way and lost many democratic ...
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017

And there it is...

2.0k reactions 371 comments
Betty Imme That is hard to watch, how much pain they inflicted yet say they are trying to make this a better world.
Cathy Jeff Vagts Lock her up
Jim Fletchall WTF does Antifa stand for?v
Tom Tiffany She is the real Nazi or the real kkk
Paul Eustace Haters are going to hate ... and call others names and accuse without any evidence of wrongdoing.
Mike Huckabee
17:54 07/23/2017

Some school officials in San Francisco have decided that the current government-mandated school lunches aren’t unappetizing enough, so they’re going to do away with the only beverage kids can stand to wash them down with. I’m sure this will end well, even though it’s already been tried in Los Angeles and did not work out well at all.

235 reactions 122 comments
Patricia Ammerman-Hanley They put a ban on chocolate milk for schools but not a ban on alcohol, beer or wine! Oh, I forgot they drink that! They are a disgrace.
Patrick McNally This is an interesting article on chocolate milk vs. white milk, and goes on to say that chocolate milk has no more sugar than the same size apple juice. I think this falls in line with spanking vs. time out chair, etc. People are literally making up ...
Jonathan Roux California is a joke and an embarrassment. I would never step one foot in the God forsaken state for fear of catching stupidity.
Adam Polk When are these idiots going to figure it out? You wouldn't believe the options I had to eat or drink when I was in school. Why am I not fat? Exercise!!!!!!
Sal Mars Slip sliding away. Another free choice slashed by overbearing know-it-alls imposing their ridiculous beliefs on the people. How do they come up with this nonsense? A study? Is that the same as "a poll says"...??? Give me a break!
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017

Faith to move mountains!

939 reactions 41 comments
Brian Walters HEY ,he still gets 23 mil for a year !
Nora Linderman and lord providing that much security to him for continued use of funds for supporting good works wasn't the plan, hen?
Jeffrey Rusiecki he's going to get a lot more next year he's his own agent
Dorothy Waters Carnes Good for him,,,
Lindsay Bliss Fool
Mike Huckabee
17:54 07/23/2017

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to pay an $10 million legal settlement to a former Gitmo detainee who killed a US soldier and blinded another in a grenade attack is going over with Canadians about as well as a broccoli-flavored donut at Tim Horton’s. Here’s how a wounded veteran expressed his outrage.

752 reactions 98 comments
Nanci Fox There are so many Canadians against paying this terrorist..we do not all stand for trudeau
Sandee Day Sue the puke pig, for your injuries ! For all he got and More!
Ann Martin I'm never going to Canada again and Trudeau is a pile of 💩
Christine Sanspariel Since when do we reward terrorist
Jackie Dente This is pathetic and disgusting I won't even read the article
Mike Huckabee
17:54 07/23/2017

Republican Surgeon Drops Bombshell on McCain Diagnosis... Game-Changer

1.1k reactions 386 comments
Vonda Carder Henthorne it is truth. I realized this same thing the moment he announced his illness. This is certainly untimely. It is of no disrespect to the senator, but it is the sad reality. The country and his state are still moving on in the midst of his terrible ...
Teri Garner- Baier Sorry, I agree with her. He should have relinquished his seat a long time ago but with this type of cancer, one has to wonder if it has already affected his decisions and I can speak from experience, this type of cancer will debilitate him and the ...
Anne Sayre My prayers are with the McCain family. This is a horrible diagnosis. However, the doctor is right. Doctors have the unfortunate job of telling people the hard truth with regard to the medical reality at hand. That being said, brain cancer can radically ...
Garcia N. Almed All of McCain's presidential ambitions dashed. And maybe he should now stop criticizing President Trump and concentrate on being well, being healthy and spend more time with his loved ones.
Dana Bareford Allison Can you imagine if any one of us were to be diagnosed with a serious and life threatening illness and within days, someone is calling for our resignation? Not only is there a federal law that protects ones' job for a period of time while allowing time ...
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017


931 reactions 188 comments
Austin Jacob Drabnis Lmao!!! "Veto Proof"? There is no such thing, that isn't Constitutional. The Constitution says the President has the Power of the Veto. I hope he does veto it. But then again, Congress could override his Veto... so there is that.
Burl Buchanan i would trust Russia before most of congress and senate
Ral Mel Scharf Idiotic .. Russia should be our allie and Islam our enemies
William Ray What I am more concerned about are these bundle deals, we need to address issues on a one on one basis . It's just more proof that our government is not functioning ,just wrap it all up in a single bill like the mega trillion dollar bundle deals they ...
Kim Street Actually,,, not sure I understand this. Sorry to be so obtuse. How does one accusation include all? Or do I have it wrong all together? I value a decent explanation without nastiness, thank you so very much.
Mike Huckabee
17:54 07/23/2017

The cradle of the free speech movement, UC-Berkeley, now seems to be firmly in the hands of people who belong in a cradle, because they have a tantrum whenever anything upsets them. The latest example of their ongoing efforts to stifle non-leftist speech is that conservative Ben Shapiro was booked to speak in September by the College Republicans, but officials blocked it. Their excuse: lack of a venue. They just can’t find a lecture hall where he can speak with only two months advance warning. (FYI: the central campus alone is 178 acres and includes dozens of buildings, and presumably, not a single one will have a large room empty for an hour or so in September.) As this story notes, California Sen. Diane Feinstein recently asked anyone who had evidence that Berkeley was suppressing conservative speech to show it to her. Come September, if someone could take a selfie in one of the many empty lecture halls and email it to Sen. Feinstein, I’m sure she’d appreciate your help.

322 reactions 71 comments
Eileen Smithers What Country are they from, They are not True Americans. oh right they are from The Walking Dead Shows .Oh wait maybe I am Wrong they look more like Zombies
Diane Partridge Wonder if they're finding it hard to find jobs with a UC Berkeley degree...anyone watching stats on this??
Mary Riddell These kids are very bad for our America. I hope none of these people go into politics. They do not have honesty or love of Freedom and so indoctrinated that their beliefs are locked up in beliefs controlled by the Elites.
Becca Walker This is not an institution of higher learning. Cut the funds.
Jim Wheiland Cut ALL federal funding to the City and college!
Mike Huckabee
17:54 07/23/2017

Just In: Russian Lawyer Who Met With Trump Jr. Drops Bomb - It Could Change Everything

983 reactions 138 comments
Sabrina Deeter "“If the Senate wishes to hear the real story, I will be happy to speak up and share everything I wanted to tell Mr. Trump.” she said." Everything she WANTED to tell him...
Jason Levy Carvalho you liberals are taking stupidity to a whole new level😂. keep it up. and we will never see a democratic globalist in office ever again😂 (TRUMPPrison)😂 more like paedophiles/ thieves/ Islamist/globalist/evil/ murderers/ don't need to give you the names ...
Catherine Watkins Mayberry If anyone needs to be investigated it's the Clinton's. And everyone that wants to testify against then ends up dead.
Linda G Trotter I wouldn't believe a word she says!!!! She is probably on Soros's payroll!!!
Gina Blighton Who knew conversations or merely listening to a person speak were illegal in The United States Of America. Only in the dim-0's transformed America where he'll set the stage for entrapment every time.
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017

More monkey business from the far left!

360 reactions 121 comments
PC Arroyo OINK (Only IN Kalifornikatistan)!
Mary Lou White Hughes What a load. This man is just trying to use his skills to make a living, and these whineybutts have to act like morons. Good grief.
Melissa Jasper Poor man, what an insane world.
Dennis Miller I think I dated her in college
Evelyn Lawson Lambert This is one of the most insane things I've ever heard of!!!
Paul Ryan
17:18 07/23/2017

Looking forward to joining UpFront with Mike Gousha tomorrow morning. Be sure to tune in.

81 reactions 85 comments
Pam Wall "Meanwhile, China has quietly and rapidly expanded its influence without deploying its military on foreign soil. A new book by the famed historian Alfred McCoy predicts that China is set to surpass the influence of the U.S. globally, both militarily ...
Kelly Cook NOPE YOU ARE A LIAR AND HAVE PUT PARTY BEFORE COUNTRY. Americans hate the GOP and trump
Jeanne Barnes Well Wisconsin you can take care of this disgusting creep with TERM LIMITS VOTE HIM OUT!
Delight Turner I'll tune in when you're no longer representing the American people
Jerry Hodgson Done with the Republican party, you guys are too liberal for this land loving Patriot
Mike Huckabee
17:54 07/23/2017

It’s Saturday, and after a long week of having to listen to the 24/7 “news” people, I think we could all use a rest. Go play with your kids or read a book or take in some music. Anything but listening to the media harp away at Trump on a beautiful July weekend. So here are the stories that are all over the news today that I think it's pretty safe to ignore: 1. Inside baseball stories about Trump’s staff. Aside from the marvelous decision about the new Press Secretary, does anyone really care, other than the reporters who are there every day, trying to get their faces on camera saying something combative and disrespectful so their colleagues will buy them a drink later? Trump shook up his staff. So does every President. George W. Bush had four press secretaries, and Obama had three. Can you name any of them? Oh, but here’s some interesting trivia: Obama supporters love to call Trump a sexist, but guess which one of them never hired a female press secretary? Hint: Ask my daughter, the press secretary. By the way, I’m sure she’ll be terrific at the job. She’s smart, tough, honest, experienced, competent, and I can personally attest that she knows how to handle children.

608 reactions 63 comments
Linda Harper Slaton Love this, your daughter is awesome, have a great weekend
KimKyle Secrist Love Sarah, you must be so proud of her Governor Mike.
Melinda Rose Always love your truth tinged with humor 👍 Congratulations to Sarah, she will slay it..She already has..
Sharie Zak Lineback Awesome! Your daughter does a great job! Good job to you and your wife.
Jeri Minton I am glad to see Sarah become the new press secretary, she does a great job.
Sarah Palin
17:24 07/23/2017


286 reactions 39 comments
Rick McLane What a "suck". I give him about 2 weeks.....
Leonard Anderson The GOTCHA game is over....
Carie Chagnon Anti gun, gay rights advocate, hates us all
Jerry Kimball WTF
Donna Smieja A good sense of humor.
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