Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Nan they aren't biased at all...

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Nancy Williams PAUL RYAN IS A TRAITOR. SEE THIS. http://usapoliticsnow.com/breaking-paul-ryan-secret-meeting-hour-killed-healthcare-bill/
Bryanie Archique Pathetic press
Joseph Jeffries Katy the Turd doesn't know when to quit.
Ankg Nilso Worst station ever. I haven't watched it in years and never will again
Trish Kells Katy TURD is a better name for the libtard.
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago


852 reactions 47 comments
JoAnna Gonzales Pesek WOW!
Steve Herrera All too easy....
Craig Hughes This interview is unbelievable! Wow.. Surprise, surprise!
Mark Bond So the left wanted America to be like Europe, well at least they achieved the corruption of Europe
David Crayton no surprise there
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Trump Tweet Causes Internet Frenzy... And He Didn't Even Say 1 Word

Trump Tweet Causes Internet Frenzy... And He Didn
Trump Tweet Causes Internet Frenzy... And He Didn't Even Say 1 Word

They can't stand the support President Trump is getting...

829 reactions 28 comments
Sandee Day Trump Out smarted them and they are too dumb to know it ... Yet!
Edward Chick http://newcenturytimes.com/2017/03/26/trump-shocks-world-calls-for-paul-ryan-to-step-down-in-most-cowardly-way-possible/
Randy Woodruff Love Trump
Susan Smith Anything to mess up their weekend! 😂
Bobbye Greenhaw Payback time!!
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Think any of Hollywood elites are hurting over their tripled healthcare premiums??

320 reactions 134 comments
Paul Brennan Screw Hollywood, they should stick to acting.
Cheryl Driskill If they are a member of the Screens Actor's Quild Union..they get health insurance through the union..no Obamacare ...
Traci Homan Celebrities opinions of politics is insignificant. For some reason they feel because they are famous that they speak for us, when, in fact, they do not. They have put themselves so high on a pedestal that they feel using ENTERTAINMENT venues is an ...
Diane Arguin Not for long, not for long!!
Sharon Kendall Moyer See they think Trump failed...but he didn't they pulled it...it wasn't what We the people needed, why pass more Obama shot...we didn't fail at all....it was stopped till they can do it right....too bad the democrats didn't even read Obama care, they ...
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Donald Trump Just Revealed The REAL Reason His Healthcare Bill Failed. This Is Huge

806 reactions 111 comments
Donna Carlino I will always call for a total repeal of Obamacare the non healthcare tax bill. A abomination perpetrated upon the citizens of America. It merely raised the ceiling to be eligible for medicaid and totally entrapped the middle income citizens in a ...
Dorveen Duncan Rowan I do NOT trust Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell, they have their own agendas but I DO trust President Trump! I think Trump knows exactly what is being done, letting Paul Ryan and the House go through the process and will NOT let the people down. There ...
Henry Krause And now we rely on Paul RINO to do tax reform? Another SUPER FAIL in the making.
Leslie Clark-Glaza The margin was greater against the bill, thus they cancelled the vote to preventing embarrassment! That change in healthcare would have hurt millions of vulnerable citizens, young and old! Check your sources for information and consider " the least of ...
Mike Jones The biggest fail in this was Paul Ryan being voted in as Speaker of the House even after showing his complete lack of regard for the American public. To truly work, force it down his throat like he just tried to do once again to America. Ryan failed to ...
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

WATCH: Room's Priceless Reaction When Gorsuch Uses Trump's Fav "Word"

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Frank Looney Sure, they are in cohorts all along with each other!
Cyndi Grant-Zyga He will be an awesome Judge!
Darwin Feliciano Gonzalez Great
Sharon Munger It was funny.
Michelle Wayerski I saw it when he did it, that was great.
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Have to keep moving forward.

644 reactions 24 comments
Jonathan Torrisi More likely, Paul Ryan played him. Pres. Trump has said there would be 3 phases to his healthcare plan, with each successively improving on the former phase. And he isn't giving up.
Todd Alan On to taxes. They need to cut middle class taxes to 20%. It's way to high because the middle class subsidize the loopholes that the rich and corporations use to get out of paying their fair share.
Janes Jane He should have made a visit to the southern part of the state, not Putnam where the well to do lives.
James Patrick Smith I'm betting they will get back to health-care. This creates an out while they come up with a real plan. This plan was conceived by Paul Ryan. We all know they can do better.
Thom KJr Didn't it take many months to draft and pass the affordable care act? Just sayin
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

See this?

Top Trump Critic Gets Job At Unexpected Role In Trump
Top Trump Critic Gets Job At Unexpected Role In Trump's Administration... Wow

"... a member of the very establishment he campaigned against."

160 reactions 33 comments
Lesley Lapihuska I'm sorry but that's funny.
Thomas Morgan I want a job with the admin.
MarzAnna Cukrowski Keep your enemies close!
Sharon Goodlett Hicks WHAT???!!!!!
Waneta Atkinson I hope he's not trouble !
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

JUST IN: Right After 'Trumpcare' Fails, Donald Reveals His Alarming Next Move

312 reactions 62 comments
Eric Ritter They should've done tax reform first, and we all knew it.
Violet McClurg Plan all along?
Darrell W Casey This is & always be ONLY! Democrats & Obamas Care! Specially since they all Including Democrats made it thier own! And fell for it!
LaDonna Chesney Can't even read the article without pop ups trying to get me to download apps.
Lisa Malley Don't know why it's being spun as trumpcare. Actually it's #RyansRinoCare.
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Interview over.

Trump Ends Time Mag Interview With 12 Unforgettable Words
Trump Ends Time Mag Interview With 12 Unforgettable Words

The president knows how to shut it down.

2.8k reactions 83 comments
Rosa J. Vasquez I love Trump, regardless of the news being false or true, he got my respect and admiration ♡
George Platt Using THAT logic, the last eight years weren't THAT bad either.
Danny Carroll Makes sense that Cuckabee would find ways to praise this tantrum-laden borefest
Louis Tomsu LOVE IT!
Nancy Williams I REMEMBER THOSE WORDS.........
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

This is inspiring Dakota Meyer! 👍🏻🇺🇸

396 reactions 9 comments
Lorna Spriggs Thank you for all you have done, and are still doing, for our country! God bless you and your family!
Emily Anna Gannis- Torres Dakota rocks. I Love our brave warriors!!!!!!!
Thomas Nelson A REAL HERO!!!!!
Patti Angel God's Blessing upon you & your Family 😇
Peggy Maranciak Thank you for your service!
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

In all the current media frenzy over alleged ties between people around Donald Trump and Russia, Sean Spicer reminded reporters that Hillary Clinton had far deeper ties to Russia and the media turned a blind eye to them. Click the link for a reminder of those warm, pre-New Cold War days when Hillary offered her Russian friends Reset Buttons and one-fifth of our uranium. You know, hearing all this paranoia over whether someone in Washington actually talked to the Russian ambassador got me thinking: Isn’t it the liberals who always accuse Republicans of “wanting to turn back the clock to the 1950s”? Yet, who is actually bringing back the 1950s? The smears against White House officials as Russian sympathizers are perfect illustrations of the left’s cartoon shorthand version of McCarthyism. We also have liberal government leaders in Europe telling women to dress less provocatively, as if it would be their own fault if they got raped (at least, if they got raped by a Muslim migrant), just as young ladies were told in the pre-feminist ‘50s. In America, liberals are arguing that the First Amendment has gone too far, and we need government censors enforcing what even stand-up comedians are allowed to say, in case it might offend someone (just like in the pre-Lenny Bruce ‘50s.) We even have some SJWs on college campuses demanding “safe spaces” for black people only. Welcome back, 1950’s-style school segregation! Will these black-only safe spaces also have black-only water fountains? At least when conservatives talk about “making America great again,” we mean bringing back the good stuff from the past, like border security, industrial jobs, patriotism and individual freedom. Liberals want to bring back McCarthyism, sexism, censorship and segregation. I don’t think they’ve got the hang of this “nostalgia” thing.

2.5k reactions 81 comments
Patti Stornelli again i ask, what is going to be done about it! i am so sick and tired of these these people getting away with this garbage!!!
Joe Osgood Asking the media to get a grip is like asking the enemy to give up in the middle of a battle. This is a war and the media is on the wrong side (willingly )
Mike Ricketts Like the liberals the media has killed themselves as well!! I'll never watch them again
R M Sew Van Yes....she sure does need life in prison & no parole!! And more too!!
Jack Foos-Gordon You would love to turn it back on Hillary wouldn't you Mike. Are you trying to cover something yourself?
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Before this week slips away, I want to make sure to pay notice to a surprisingly solid 6-2 Supreme Court decision that President Obama violated the Constitution. Click the link to read the details, but suffice to say that it was one of Obama’s notorious attempts to argue that if the Senate didn’t exercise its reserved power and do what he wanted, that justified him doing it himself. This time, even the Supreme Court officially called that an attempt to do an end-run around the Constitution. A timely reminder in these days when the media keep calling President Trump a dictator and an authoritarian that he’s trying to get his agenda enacted by lobbying Congress to pass it. Obama ignored Congress and the Constitution and tried to impose his agenda by executive order. Who’s the authoritarian again?

Just In: Supreme Court Makes Shock Ruling AGAINST Obama
Just In: Supreme Court Makes Shock Ruling AGAINST Obama

"We cannot cast aside the separation of powers ..."

6.1k reactions 274 comments
Troy Pyatt The Constitution was shredded under obama! His supporters acted as if he was a gift from God, all he really did is divide our country and continues to do so!!
Carolyn Hulsey Berry All well and good - but so what?? What's going to happen to him? How will this information get out to the public in enough numbers to make a difference?? When - if ever - will Obama be held accountable?? Big fat joke!! 😕
Kim Hoppe-walker When are we going to put these people in prison. Obama isn't even legal, what is going to be done to the people who knew it and covered it up the 8 years while allowing him to ruin this country. The whole cabal needs to be purged
Glyn Lang He should go to jail, but we know the Rothschilds won't allow it. So I say go after the ones who are pulling the strings. Don't let one live.
KimSears DennisSlater Im sick of hearing about all the crap he gets away with. 😡
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Imagine if Congress actually legislated instead of expecting the courts to do it for them!

2.7k reactions 66 comments
Christine Baker Naugler At least it will be quick and I will instantly be with Jesus!
Jim Dean Holy crud...what a novel idea!!!
Tom Kohlman I e-mailed Tammy Baldwin (Wisconsin) on this a few days ago and got the canned response that she will get back to me. But see the game here...courts legislating from the bench provides "political cover" for controversial issues. In that respect it's ...
Max Bingaman They can't
Danny Crowe Our legislators have done nothing for eight years but kiss Obama's ass and roll in Soros and the elite globalists money.......kind of hard to work after that. (Like any of them have ever worked.)
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

The failure of House Republicans to pass an Obamacare repeal and replacement bill has jazzed up liberals to start their call for what they’ve really wanted all along: single-payer government health care. But with health care already unaffordable and the government having amassed staggering debt, where would you get the money? That would just be replacing one problem with an even bigger problem. And before anyone starts accusing me of being an “alt-right hater,” or whatever today’s term is that liberals call people instead of addressing their arguments, let me point out that all I was just doing was quoting California Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown.

Jerry Brown Slams Trump for Abandoning Program He Himself Won
Jerry Brown Slams Trump for Abandoning Program He Himself Won't Implement

Gov. Jerry Brown needs to make up his mind, because he wants two different things.

545 reactions 167 comments
Ed Chapman Obamacare is like Detroit… Broken and not worth fixing. Sometimes you just have to start over.
Toni Hoskinson McIntire I keep hearing they want it to be like Medicare. But then they say Medicare needs to be reworked because it is going broke. So it leaves a lot to the imagination to why they want a single payer system when the one already being used for SS people is ...
George Parsons trump needs to executive order the end of obumcare and stop dealing with the isiots in washington. for years people went without healthcare and guess what, they could probably pay the bill in cash if they saved there obumacare fine money. it wasnt ...
Georgia Ekaitis You don't make good decisions Mr Brown. Lost respect for you and the rest of your California posse. You will all be gone very soon. California will be great again without your help.
Anna Schneider The only person who has come up with free mkt/COMPETITON suggestions is RAND PAUL. It is really depressing how many "conservatives" do not recognize the NWO/globalist WOLVES in our midst. Dems aren't our problem. GOP globalist traitors are our problem. ...
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

A bar in Gilbert, Arizona, banned patrons with neck tattoos on the assumption that they denoted gang membership and criminality. But they just got a humbling lesson after they ejected a veteran who had the number “22” tattooed on his neck. Click the link to find out why.

306 reactions 19 comments
Brett Wheeler #22KILL www.22KILL.com
Benjamin S Sorenson Banned? I read a few days ago asked to leave.
Sandy Doran Lack of knowledge.
Charlie Smith Why would someone choose to get a tattoo on his neck?
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Planned Parenthood attacked Ivanka Trump for not lobbying against defunding Planned Parenthood. Because as a woman, she is somehow required to be pro-abortion and to get involved in political issues that she prefers to avoid. But I’m sure that publicly attacking her will convince her to change her mind.

740 reactions 214 comments
Erin Burnette Tregeagle Feminazis need to take a seat and gain some reality and perspective. They don't speak for all women, thank heavens for that!
Phyllis Ask I'm angry at PP for expecting all women to stand on the side of murder. Other people have the right to stand for their beliefs also. That includes the President's family.
Maureen Kuhar Ivanka Trump does stand for women. She stands for mother, wife, daughter, and sister. She is a great business woman with class and dignity! She also has much character and great work ethic.
Patti Blahut Cecile, I wish you would just stfu already.... chastity would be a blessing for the citizens of this country... we see the death and destruction and catastrophe that PP has unleashed, it's time to be REAL again
Karen Warren Newman Did they send her a knit pink hat as well? Unreal. Liberals have taken things to a new low. Now they're teaching small children it's ok to have abortions. Check out this book. http://www.lifenews....
Goodluck Jonathan
7 hours ago

Recommended Reading: El-Rufai's Vindication of Jonathan https://www.thisdaylive.com/index.php/2017/03/25/el-rufais-vindication-of-jonathan/

2.0k reactions 198 comments
Delaw Eze Immediately the news said you called PMB to congratulate him, I dropped my pen, switched off my phone and I told my wife that all of them who in one way or the other conspired against PGEJ will receive their rewards under one year and they will regret ...
Kelvin Uche D gospel truth is if GEJ had performed very well, and Nigerians see that he was fighting corruption, Nigerians wouldn't have voted him out. Look at Osinbanjo wen Buhari was not around look what he was doing. Just imagine that osinbanjo was d President ...
Maurice JT Udoh My Oga the killing has increased o, we now have Fulani herdsmen that's killing people everyday, Fashola was saying that any good govt can turn things around in six months and now Fashola is minister of everything including light but still we don't have ...
Adegboyega Kazeem With all respect sir, if you could recollect the case of Stella odua during Jonathan administration, it took him a very long time before he could decide on what to do.......though, we do not expect Buhari to repeat the same mistake but he needs to ...
John Ifenna GEJ, your government is a disgrace. You're too corrupt. whenever my naive brother's from East are praising you, i do ask them, name 1 20b project your administration excuted in entire eastern region for 6year's in office, but dey name none, even eastern ...
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

President Trump is on Twitter this morning - he's right!

1.9k reactions 202 comments
Ruben Stringer All he has to do is change the name of Obama Care to Trump Care. The liberals would then be demandig that it be repealed.
Sandy Nickell McConnell Plan and simple, let obamacare emplode on itself and get/keep government OUT of Healthcare!
Rick Hales It's already exploding! !
Peter MacDonald 8 yrs ago it was give him a chance, give him a chance
Gerald Tambi So-called Democrats may laugh now, but they now have a wrong, failing and exploding insurance policy right down their throats alone now. Trump just washed his hands completely off it and tossed the ball back onto their court, and that, is extremely ...
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Congressional Republicans should take the rejoicing by Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and other liberals over their failure to deal with Obamacare as an incentive to get back to work, do it right and do it now. It may be tempting to let prices keep rising and choices keep being cut until it implodes on its own, but a lot of Americans are going to be hurt by those rising prices and reduced choices before the program dies, and they’re not going to blame the Democrats who created it. They’re going to blame the Republicans whom they sent to Washington to fix it and who just sat around watching it devour American's paychecks.

1.2k reactions 290 comments
Dorothy Olivar That's with the Democrats.... they own it. I just feel for all the people that have to be on it and have to pay the fines, and also have money taken out of their checks to subsidize. I'm glad that President Trump is going to let it die and then ...
Ernie Russell I honestly feel 'that' is what they wanted and we're hoping from the get-go...for it not to work, to implode, to drive insurers & doctors away, for it to die by attrition... This way, their main desire/goal would be accomplished, for the government to ...
Steve Frandle Listen to Sharon Jacob and Patricia Holtzman to name a few. Exactly right. Congress has their own cushy plan so they don't care about us. The Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Starbucks, Target, Union companies, Big Banks, Federal Workers, etc. .... those ...
Ross Willingham Let it implode. Its referred to as "obamacare" because obama signed it. He owns it. Not one dem supported the new bill. Let those losing their awful insurance call their dem congressman when they lose their insurance. Yes i hate people losing ...
David Maddux Hillary is a thrice defeated Democrat liberal so nothing she says is important to me and millions of Americans. Hey Washington, how about giving the American people, all, a tax credit that the insurance companies say would cover a family of 4. You ...
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

At the link, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer struggles mightily to come up with a reason for opposing and filibustering Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. But having none, he’s forced to resort to outright lies and Democratic boilerplate. According to Schumer, Gorsuch couldn’t convince him that he would serve the people rather than defer to his “political leanings.” Which is rich, considering that Gorsuch refused to take political stands because judges don’t do that, while Schumer and the other Democrats are blocking the SCOTUS from getting back to work with a full bench for no other reason than their own political leanings. The hearings in which Gorsuch patiently responded to increasingly nonsensical and hostile questions not only confirmed that he’s qualified for the Supreme Court, but that he’s far more qualified for that job than the Democratic Senators are for theirs. Still, despite not being able to elucidate a single genuine disqualification of Gorsuch, Schumer is both threatening a filibuster and arguing against the Republicans invoking the nuclear option to end the Democrats’ ability to filibuster SCOTUS appointees. He said, “The answer isn’t to change the rules; it’s to change the nominee.” But as one pundit said, if they’d filibuster Gorsuch, who wouldn’t they filibuster? Here’s a better solution: voters should change the Senate so there are at least 60 Republicans. That would end the filibuster without having to invoke the nuclear option and some business could finally get done. Problem solved.

WATCH: Chuck Schumer
WATCH: Chuck Schumer's Philosophy of "Do as I Say, Not as I Do"

The Democrats guide to being hypocritical...

1.3k reactions 324 comments
Linda Mae Sprague In it all for himself and not the people he is supposed to be working for (those who elected him). They all are so ticked off that a non politician was elected that they just can't let it go.
Marky Bowling This man is an idiot. Gorsuch would make a great addition to the supreme court and all you had to do was watch the people questioning him and his answers to know that. He is far superior to any of the idiots that are questioning him......
Darin Johnson After watching the questions. I'm pretty sure the are just afraid that Neil is just that much smarter than all of them. Their alternatives that would be appointed would be worse. I thought he nailed it.
Roseanne Morroney I am so tired of the democrats going against everything that the President try's to do. They will probably start vetoing the tax reform, approval of Judge Gorsuch etc. Schumer is such a sleezeball
Ruben Houser Just take one look at this low down scum and you can see why the country is in shape is when you have lots more just like him sitting in and running the Government for life. past time for term limits. TACK OUT THE TRASH !
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Has Chicago finally had enough of "The Godfather's" inept reign and the city's rampant violence?

1.2k reactions 88 comments
Brian Wyatt Why is Chicago so stupid ?
Steve Burnett Corruption at its finest...
Jeff Kolski JAIL RHAM
David Thobaben Chicago needs a Hispanic mayor.
David Willoughby That's ok, they're legalizing recreational cannabis. I'll move to Illinois after that WHY IS IT NOT FEDERAL YET?
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

It's true!

2.8k reactions 27 comments
Brooks Noling You know I love you sarah. Kid Rock loves you as well Hell yeah
Constantina Landt That's awesome!
Michael Rakowski nice grill
Cathy Webb Rushing 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Ami Cervantes Linda Norred
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

The best day of my life was April 20, 1989. That was the day I became a mom. I haven’t had a solid night’s sleep since. ❤️


But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of, because you know those from whom you learned it, and how from infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 3:14-15 The best day of …

1.2k reactions 31 comments
Vita Moore Lol I know what your saying
Owenna Holmwood Mcdonald JESUS IS MY FOCUS!!!!
Wilson Laku Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Steven Nettles Lol
Granny Robbi Douglass I became a Mom 6-23-69....just a month before we landed on the moon. My oldest is a veteran ..non-combat spec/ops who is much damaged by the deathcare he has received. I have lost my voice due to damage from a car wreck. He is stuck in Boston because ...
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Timeline Photos

4.3k reactions 51 comments
Mary Moss Amen
Dolly Malik Amen
Thelma Parham Thank you sweetie .
Mary Pulido I love You Yeshua!
Duane Caddy Amen
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

These guys make an interesting point.

31.7k reactions 741 comments
Steven Kent Tucker "CLASSY" lady
Pat Sopko Correct. tina fey is the one who made that statement on snl, not Sarah, yet everyone attributes it to Sarah saying it. Seems to me, every country's Public Enemy #1 are the terrorist muslims. All countries should form a 'union' - so to speak, in order to ...
Christopher Coleman Sorry she is one of the worst things to happen to the Republican party!! She a crook and a lier and yes she is pretty stupid!! John McCain would have won if it wasn't for her. And then we wouldn't be in the mess were in now.
Saya Emy Look like tina fey😂
Vic Mac smoking
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Look forward to tuning in!

235 reactions 7 comments
Don Wanzer I would watch, Sarah but just the sight of Brian Kilmead coupled with all the closed circuit things he has said here at MY HOME makes me go nearly ballistic. Then he goes home to his marriage and his own set of rights in this country. I won't need a ...
Kathleen Bolton Mrs. Palin I'm a long time fan. I'm a contributing Trumpite, but I'm writing this in confusion and despair. I voted a straight Republican ticket though it made me sick because realized that President Trump needed a Senate and House to do the job we ...
Barry R Berlin Yes
Rick Kaster I just saw you and heard what your thoughts. Thank you for your outstanding service and character.
Goodluck Jonathan
7 hours ago

Recommended reading. GEJ https://www.thisdaylive.com/index.php/2017/03/25/el-rufais-vindication-of-jonathan/

1.4k reactions 162 comments
Kehinde Adewunmi I once disliked you after a certain point. Was also angry that during your tenure soldiers, officers and officer cadets were being sent away from training in order to assuage the belief that they were working. But now I believe you had good intentions ...
Oge Ofuzim Are you ready to invest in Telecommunication Business? In modern age, communication is a vital part of human progress in any area – business, culture, love. But the worldwide corporations charge unreasonably high for things which cost practically ...
Krusader Ebube Frederick Okafor Reno is in a class of his own.. Well articulated writeup. I personally campaigned against Jonathan for the way he handled the aftermath of NIS job. How he paid 5⃣ million to the families of those that died in the recruitment process few days to the ...
Musa Prince U spend all the synergy in developing the northern part of Nigeria in detriment of Niger delta thinking the northerners will love u shame !!!! U had much time to sake jege with enough security report at ur disposal but u played blinds eyes to it . Well ...
Akyala Ishaku Inspirational Write Up to Educate the minds of the ignorant people amongst us who are still dwelling in deceit and denial on the true state of the Nation....This is the first time in Nigeria since it's amalgamation & independence,that her citizens are ...
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Today we celebrate and thank American heroes who have been awarded the Medal of Honor - our nation's highest and most prestigious personal military decoration. Our family is blessed to call one of them "family." Sgt. Dakota Meyer is humble and grateful, and shares with us his proclaimed true "medal of honor" - his precious daughter, Sailor Grace. Today and everyday let us honor all active duty and military vets, for they are genuinely heroic for protecting and preserving every American freedom. 🙏🏼🎖🇺🇸 - Sarah Palin http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4321036/Bristol-Palin-s-daughter-wears-husband-s-Medal-Honor.html

4.6k reactions 98 comments
Stacy Gibson Jude My husband got to meet him when he visited the Kentucky State Police. Great guy!
Norma Lohmeyer Nice looking family
Jimmy Guerrero P.s.my brother-in-law who is a doctor & served in the Navy for 27 years did serverd in Desert Storm, & the Iraq War helped the Military over there.as a doctor. Lol.😄😄😄😄👍👍⛪⛪🗽🗽🗽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Bill Vanark Sr. I'm Air Force but, Hoorah my brother Marine!
Janet Helm Love your family
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