Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Not a laughing matter. All lives matter.

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Rob Mann That's because she's nothing but a race baiting hatet
Dan Gaul Sr. Some no good liberals SNL
Bob C. Ogletree Has anybody really watched this turd bowl since the 80 tys ?
Steve Bloss I know some pretty tough white women who'd love to knock the crap out of her.
Ed Nesbit Shes a toad
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Good on you, Mr. President. Putting oneself in front of the firing squad just isn't funny after awhile. I would've done the same thing. Instead of this passé, hatin', elitist shindig, enjoy a nice evening with your family instead. - SP

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Todd Steinacher As long as Trump keeps going around the media and communicates to the people, we don't need the media !
Allen Newell Keep draining the swamp
Donna Davis They should throw a party for wounded vets, and families that have been hurt by illegals on the same night
Peter Conlin Meanwhile, the left is calling him a coward; that he can dish it, but not take it. Did everyone return to high school in D.C.?
Jeanette Maly Great idea President!
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago


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Timothy Rogers 🖕🏻 liberals #MAGA
Cannon Taylor He'll be sodomized in the bighouse.
Herbert-Shirley Whitey Just think if A Rep. doing this the democrats would be having A fit
Eileen Tenney Trying to paint the President in a bad light. All that Russian crap was made up to cover up their BS. Wake up people.
Nancy Simpson They have more nerve than brain
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Register today at the!

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Tom-Ann Patterson Was there last month, what an experience!!!! incredible!!
Deniseglenn Poore I want to see New Jerusalem,y'all know it going to be spaceship..This glenn
Lino Raposo I love my Jesus but i don't think there will ever be peace here, till the Prince of Peace comes back. Love u Lord.
Betty Milam I was baptized in the Jordan river---As you travel thru--Its like the Bible comes alive
Maureen Baker The BEST trip ever! Just returned from this trip and had the time of my life! The Huckabee's make the trip extraordinary!
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago


Trump's New Plan Has Mexico Crying All the Way to the U.N.

Do they really think Trump is going to listen to the U.N.?

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Marny Koch The UN does not have authority over the US. We are, and will continue to be, a sovereign nation, a Constitutional Republic of, by, and for the people.
Harry Rempel The Chiricahua Apaches, original americans got imprisoned for TWENTY-EIGHT years for being enemies of the USA. Look out CNN and such
Jon Gray UN are nothing but self serving communist enablers who seek Americans riches , freedoms & should pay more attention to the Islamic terror around the globe & feeding the mass wasting away in Africa . Slavery in China & humanitarian injustice in the ...
Lawrence Theodore Masterson No country can force another sovereign country to keep its citizens. The United Nations needs the United States a hell of a lot more than we need it. Mexico will take all the illegals they let cross their country to compromise our border. Mexico will ...
Karen Warren Newman Strange how all these bleeding heart liberals are claiming Trump is a racist and Mexico won't take their citizens back...what's wrong with this picture?
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Great! 👍🏻

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Don Neufield He is spot on and citizens around the world are waking up.. they almost got away with it, but not quite..!
Al Cap I saw his speech a few weeks ago before the EU Parliament in Brussels on C-SPAN. Everyone was condemning President Trump using the campaign talking points as truth. He stood up and gave a speech defending Trump with the truth. I emailed him to thank him ...
Lou Tosado He rocked the house...loved his speech!
Eric Grinnell Sr. Nigel is right on.
B.j. Cordes He is terrific!
Al Franken
6 hours ago

Congratulations to Tom Perez on being elected DNC Chair. I look forward to working with you to move our party and our country forward. And to my friend Congressman Keith Ellison: thank you for running a campaign built on unification and integrity, and congrats on being the new Deputy Chair of the DNC. I'm glad that you will continue to be able to fight for progressive values and the families that call the fifth congressional district of Minnesota home. I supported Keith in his bid but firmly believe we should all follow what he said earlier today: we must be united. Tom Perez and Keith Ellison will no doubt do a great job at the helm of the Democratic Party. Now let's go to work.

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Paul De Martini I really hope this wasn't a major mistake, yet another we'll regret for years to come. Though I know Ellison will continue a grassroots focus even if he's not "the guy." This is all window dressing until we find out who the next pres candidate is. It is ...
Chris Babin Way to go! So awesome that you guys are paving the way for more losses! You seriously need to move AWAY from the neoliberalism that has created the disconnect between your voters and the public. What a joke!
Cory Nicholas Sorry, Al. This Clinton surrogate cemented the departure of the Bernie crowd and our vacating of the Democratic party.
Bill Osters Just a sign that Dems have NOT figured it out as yet. Let's bring back Clinton for another run - NOT! America needs a NEW DIRECTION that neither the Republicans or Dems are willing to offer.
Jordan Benjamin I'm tired of the party not making a true change, and the saying, "we must unite"...yes but what we have isn't working! Local state and federal, we are losing and not trying to make a change...
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

"Clueless" Chelsea Clinton Just Got MASSIVE Bad News... Again

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Trish Smink The Clinton name doesn't get you as far in Washington DC as it used to...she should start using her husbands last name and drop might help.
Rita Byford-Shearstone All she's got is Killary & Slike Willie, For partners and. And her job was handed to her . So the only thin she's ever don't is layed on her back and poped out 2 kids.
John Demetriff "The Clintons are like herpes: Just when you think they're gone, they show up again"- Tim Allen
Sandra Jo Garrison DePaul Poor kid, she has those people for parents (I think-maybe not) and lived in a bubble like her is she supposed to be normal?
Janice Cornelius Bless her heart. She should not be punished for things her parents have done. She trusts them and it has to hurt to find out you've been betrayed all your life by your parents.
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

More of the same.

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Kevin Fay They really don't get it the Democrats are doomed
Daniel Gilfillan Democrats have to lose just ONE MORE SEAT until the Republicans have a majority so huge they could have a constitutional convention :D That's why they're screaming like crazy babies, they're hanging on to the edge of a cliff by their finger tips. 😂
Leo Cwiok So much for Hope and Change, of the Democrat's!!!!
Eric Krcilek Scratched
Patrick Keller Just waiting until things blew over for the tools. She just took a nice vacation.
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

WOW: Welfare Abusers in This State Are About to Lose Their FOOD STAMPS

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Nina Geyen Good news!!! Some are abusing the system for years and years.. Finally, something is being done.
Richard Chambers Give them cans of food not money, cards, or stamps. Less fraud, maybe the people who get off of welfare and go back to work.
Gaye Cochrane Great! Clean up the entire Welfare Program! For all of those employees of the Welfare offices who don't do their jobs correctly...lock them up! No more abuse! Make America Great Again!
Kate Jennings Does this include the fact that a muslim man(termed loosely), gets food stamps & welfare for each of his up to 4 wives? Of course it's a win/win if the bride is under 5, then he gets wic too...........astoundingly disgusting that these towns have ...
Terry Bradley This is a Great, but not exactly a new concept........2,000 years ago it was written in the Bible, " you don't don't eat". Guess what ? No unemployed moochers in Judea .
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

They just don't seem to get it.

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George Perich Sarah you need to go to Washington and help them
Todd Wright When I hear the term Gerrymandering I think Democrat not Republican.
Newman Eva Disgusting Getto dictator at its best!
Brenda Koontz-Gula He is as ignorant as ever!
Karen Short Find another country to live and leave USA alone--shame on obuma!!
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Mexico Tries Playing Hardball, Gets Brutal Message from US Farmers Who Feed Them

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Russell Bouteiller As usual the Mexican government is full of sh*t. They probably know what to do with corn cobbs.
Darren Gappa Charge them a $150 a bushel for it and watch them change their attitude.
Sharon Plummer Here's another viewpoint from another source: "The pledged boycott of American corn comes as a response to President Trump's stances on the border with Mexico and talk of a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement. For the past two ...
Rose M Kincaid More liberal lunatics flapping their lips AND saying NOTHING--bullies and crybabies!
James Wagoner We feed them? Now I know that this place is the Bastion of idiots ... where in the hell do you think your winter vegetables and fruits come from?
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

A step closer!

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Jerry D Goldman Thanks
Teri Carroll living in arizona....we are begging for the wall....
Luke VanDuyn Dumbest idea ever 😔
Cheryl A Bristol Steady Thank you President Trump. You're a God sent
Ed Wright Border security is a real need, but I would think our money better spent by using 21st century technology with barriers as a more cost affective plan with greater deterrence value.
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago


2.2k reactions 73 comments
Carol Purma A "time out" would be good for any reporter not following rules.
Pat Woods Love Spicer and the way he put the liberal media in their place.
Paul Weber These DISGRACEFUL democrats will be REMEMBERED for BLOCKING and TRYING to DESTROY the REPUBLIC of the UNITED🇺🇸 States🇺🇸 of America and for SCAMMING taxpayers and social security citizens, and USING Deceptive false accusations WITHOUT evidence and ...
Barbara Pender-Crane the past president allowed the press in the white house to cover day to day items. They can also be asked to leave anytime.
Judy Smith Aldrich If they were unwilling to show respect THEY humiliated themselves.
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Build the wall!

5.2k reactions 214 comments
Karen Short Build the wall! ENFORCE the wall!! All other countries have borders--see what happens to you if you cross another country's border! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Marlene Broullard Build the wall! Proud of those Troopers.
Cheryl Avery When people can riot and block streets because of what they think is "unfair" about immigration,maybe they do not care if this is what happens to the children. I have to wonder if those who protest actually think that they are safe from people like this.
Barbara Bodda BUILD THE WALL !
John Leake Seems to me a microchip in each and every illegal immigrant would be a great idea, implanted in such a way that it would be extremely difficult to remove.
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Keith Ellison Says Blacks Don't Have "Obligation" to Obey Government for INSANE Reason

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Mark Gilkey He needs to lead by example then and see what will happen! Want some money, go to the bank with a gun and get some! Dont tell others, show others if your willing to face the consequences!
Bob Cook Here's a fact for you Keith. If Africans hadn't sold your forefathers to the slavetraders, you would have been born in Africa.
David Maddux They do not come any more racist, radical, extremist, big government than this guy. He will be terrible for Democrats and a boom for Republicans. Can't wait to see the ads.
Wanddy Murphy This traitor uses the same strategy as Obummer, manipulates the blacks to against the government. He looks half black...but he really works for the muslin brotherhood!!! We have to keep an eye on him!!!
Robert Ernest The racist lawlessness is why the democrats lost and will continue to loose more seats. Trump was called a racist for enforcing immigration law but this is racism at its best. This is who liberals want to lead their party.
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago


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Cheryl Plato not worth reading. I hate teaser headlines that are just that.
Irene Ward He doesn't want a wall but has security around him all the time. Why? There is nothing to worry about Obama Illegal criminals are good you have nothing to be afraid of isn't that right Obama
Robert Abrams Probably hanging in the bushes at Cenral Park slinging $5 BJ's
Mark Fitchpatrick I don't care.
Maddie Erickson talk about a waste of tax payers money on secret service....
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Surprise, surprise

6.2k reactions 355 comments
King Rudolf My guess is the rioters have no property therefore if the parents live take thier property. See how fast these punks start to feel dad's hand of justice . I know my kids would know justice .
Barbara Pender-Crane My husband pointed out, these people doing the rioting..... do not have property....... so now what.... the law means ....".... that if someone were to be arrested causing property damage during a riot, prosecutors could seize the individual’s own ...
Linda Koepp Leduc "There may be one problem with the bill. According to the Phoenix New Times, critics claimed that under SB 1142, those who planned a riot could also be held liable for any damages caused by the disturbance — even if they were not directly responsible ...
David Ketzenberger "The Senate approved the bill Wednesday on a 17-13 party line vote, the Capitol Times reported. It now heads to the state House for consideration." Party line vote. Kinda says it all, doesn't it?
Julia Churchill Duvall I think this goes a little far. Rioters should pay reparation, participate in repairs, and community service. Repeat offenders should be pressed into the military, where they can learn respect and how to be productive.
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Amazing story 🇺🇸

6.0k reactions 134 comments
Rick Sandra Shelton Some truly amazing people!
Steve Sibley kevin oilpan beckum craig preacherman lake must read
Kenneth Ugojor Ogoh RIP Marine!
DaveandGalen Lewis Awesome tribute. Thank you men and women for the service you do for America's fallen heros.
Marcia Gayle Ensz So great!
Gavin Newsom
6 hours ago

"Something has changed in the United States." No one should have to fear for their life because of the color of their skin or where they are from. Fear and hate are leading too many in this country right now.

He yelled ‘Get out of my country,’ witnesses say, and then shot 2 men from India, killing one
He yelled ‘Get out of my country,’ witnesses say, and then shot 2 men from India, killing one

A 51-year-old Kansas man faces first-degree murder and attempted murder charges in connection to the Wednesday night shooting of two Indian engineers and a third man who stepped in to help.

5.7k reactions 404 comments
Jeff Sloan I blame the media. They have twisted President Trump's message and made it about race, when if you listen to what he says, it is never about race. So much hate from the MSM. It was obvious this would happen when they all cried about Hilliary not being ...
Naweed Wahidi If Trump doesn't like the way America is then he should go buy an Island and be the king take all his supporters with him. Anyone tells me to get out of this country I tell them abviouly you don't like the way America works maybe you need to get out. ...
Eduardo Rodriguez Aren't all murders based on hate, regardless of skin color, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or nationality. I do find it odd that people are so upset and yelling how horrible hate crimes are, when in the last election a law was pass making ...
Martha Dalfino Horrific! Most of these Trump supporters call themselves Christians ? The most hypocritical of all - Racism has spiked since Trump's incoherent rally speeches.
Shane McGuire White Fundamental Christian Terrorists are declaring war on humanity. "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." Locally and Globally, we are more. We are the majority. Resist Trump! #ResistTrump #Resistance #Resist
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago


1.6k reactions 27 comments
Louie Campbell G
Konstantin Dudnikov А чего лол, так то идея неплохая.
Larry Howard Hip hip hooray.
Sylvia Martin Lafferty Still friends!!!
Faye Stephens That's Our President !!!Thats My President!!! So proud of him
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Have you heard about this?

763 reactions 69 comments
Brenda Owens Trump will soon stop all this nonsense.
Colleen Kumpar I would love to comment if the feed would appear.
Al Cochran Proud Flag
Mary Helen Morris Hughes I don't worship our flag, but I certainly respect what it stands for!!
Thomas Hoy Hang the flag of the United States of America any way.
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Guess we shouldn't be surprised at this point...

5.5k reactions 4107 comments
Nick Brizzi And Trump will still be your president.
Sharon Laws Cook Always thought she was above that sort of thing, guess I was wrong .
Robert Smith Liberal; a mental illness, a distortion of reality, a conflict between emotion and reason and a constant search for something to be a victim of
Desiree Ryan One more reason I don't buy cable tv!
Jerry Barfield She's a dip stick I didn't like her anywa.
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

This kind of story makes me mad...

1.2k reactions 74 comments
Peace Love Happiness. Dear person reading this I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better. You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work. I know you may feel unimportant or insecure at the moment but ...
Beulah Marie ATTN all proud American Deplorables: In the coming week there will be Spirit of America rallies across the country. We need to start showing the looney liberals that we can exercise our right to peaceful assembly and free speech too! Here are current ...
Priscilla Park Since when the American flag became offensive???? It is all the liberal media's fault. Being pro America is not being racist.
Ida Williams Trump Time. Soon Trump will change this. He loves that flag!!!
Madeline Kaloczy It's our American flag why would we take it down. Whoever does not like our flag our country our American values can leave!
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Ask for understanding of His life-changing message in the Word.


We also know that the law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers, for the sexually immoral, for those practicing homosexuality, for slave traders and liars and perjur...

707 reactions 19 comments
Bud Henry Ahh, the usual inclusiveness and acceptance of other Americans' views and even looks by the "progressive" Left. Yes, indeed. I can feel the love from here...
Peter D'Alessandro Palin, Trump`s rhetorical soul-sister - can the flake sparkle anew?
Eric Grinnell Sr. Amen.
Nikki Bennett Sarah Palin, which Bible translation do you reference?
Gayle Fleming Love the devotionals Sarah!
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

BREAKING: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Neil Gorsuch Announcement That Changes Everything

2.7k reactions 140 comments
Patrick Berry While its great that Ruth validated him most of use don't take the words of a pedophile (i.e. Ruth) seriously. Reminder: She wanted to change the age of consent form whatever it was, 16 I believe, to 12. That's pedophilia activism.
Charly Everett Let the Ginsburg bashing begin...another example of eating their own.
Tracy Graham I hope he isn't another liberal that believes it is the job of the court to usurp the duties of the legislative branch of government and rewrite the US Constitution
Kim Mansfield Zetterstrom Well, hopefully with her endorsement things will move quicker
Wayne Settle Maybe the old troll knows her days are numbered. That's the only reason I can think of she would say anything nice about a conservative.
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Will you be watching?

6.6k reactions 14483 comments
Peace Love Happiness. Dear person reading this I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better. You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work. I know you may feel unimportant or insecure at the moment but ...
Vicque DeJuliannie I don't have time to watch overpaid actors pat each other on the back and bash those of us who spend their lives working in the real world.
Leigh Baker Nope
Tony Colucci No. Rather get my appendix out than watch the Oscars. Bunch of liberal imbeciles patting themselves on their backs.
Terry Edwards Nope, never again
Mike Huckabee
7 hours ago

Timeline Photos

5.4k reactions 51 comments
Mary Vandyken Thank you Lord!
Cordelia Bay Yes and Amen.
Elidenny Guillen Amen
Susannah Hill - Cruz Thank you, needed that.
Sally Malian Give us a renewed strength!
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Absolutely terrible.

1.3k reactions 99 comments
Michael Sekura Find something positive to talk about sometime Sarah Palin
Maria Bonham Watch and learn America!!!
Sheila Willis Please keep sharing these stories. They're not fake news.
Lynne Minkel Could we accept these Christians as refugees?
Carol Miner Peirce this is where Egypt needs to step in and get rid of ISIS. They are threatening their citizens and they should be protecting all. They get money from the US, use it for something productive please.
Sarah Palin
8 hours ago

Check this out. 👍🏻

2.9k reactions 59 comments
Nancy Wright Robert Davi, you are a man with a lot of words that don't make sense. This is for you: John 3:3,4,5,6. (This is also for your celebrity friends. Read the Bible it will surely teach you how to live and love your fellow man.🇺🇸
Roselyn Tower Palmer How many body guards for the ISIS terriosts that HATE HOLLYWOOD'S LACK of Morals , MORE THAN US!!
Anna Lee Paul Joseph Watson takes one of their own to task over their hipocracy. Pardon the strong language--but Watson reallys sets the record straight:
Anna Lee And it's interesting to find out who the Hollywood bunch does admire:
Dawn K Borden Time for them to put their money where their mouths are.....Meryl has a nice large piece of property in Conn.....They have become a Sanctuary for illegals...Set up those tents.....Surely she won't mind =)
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