20:49 05/18/2017

Young man, old soul

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Young man, old soul

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Kelley Faulkner Pitts
Tracy Sharp
luvv him xxxx
Heidy Mora
Ilyy Pitbul te Amo soy tu mega Fan 💖🎵🎤
Vanessa Anderson
So sexy! Dale <3
Natjarawee Peyre
Maddee Jones
Jayde Mansfield im a young girl old soul??? same person
Jahid Hasan
World wide soul with a wise mans heart
Monique Gonzalez
But really they did to accept accept her (www.facebook.com/evelyn.alvarez.30 & www.facebook.com/ashley.waltz www.facebook.com/tls83, www.facebook.com/steven.perez.52)
Jason Frewen
World wide soul with a wise mans heart
Sean O'Connor
Adam O'Connell you're a young man with an old soul
Clarence White
Worldaass news. Support my gofundme campaign on Facebook. Pittbull.Clarence a white. Thanks
Moni Loly
Sos tan lindo papichulo te amo bendiciones en todo mi angel dale 305
Riccardo Alessandrin
Dale chico! My congratulations for the nomination for Mejor Canciòn Par Bailar at Premios Juventud with #HeyMa. Tu sito el numero uno ya tu sabe que yo voto por ti!
Demet Taş
I always wish you were young and always energetic and handsome☺☺☺💪💪💪
Monique Gonzalez
a cunt in front of their is probably i nerd anywho, otherwise

Other newsfeed from Pitbull

The fun begins tomorrow! Join us for Time of Our Lives at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino ticketmaster.com/Pitbull

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Monica Isabel Sierra Velasquez Felizzzzzzz cumple!!! Muchas bendiciones!!!!🙏🙅🎂🎉🍰
Nozar Schaiegy Hi Pitbull.
DArebid Hang 💜🌹🎁🎂🎶🎬😍 Happy Birthday king 💜💜💜
Frances Mae Malanum ❤️❤️👍👍
Viviane Mariana. #HappyBirthdayPitbull #HBDPitbull

Keep up the good thoughts!

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Alejandra Hernandez Happy birthday my love pitbull my sweet heart!😍😘😍🎂🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉
Mario Hermosillo Espero que te la ayas pasado increíble en tu cumpleaños felicidades me encanta tu música
Rahul Sehra Happy birthday pitbull.Today is my birthday too
Brenda Sanchez being positive. and listening to your music relaxsess me and makes me also dance lol! happy birthday Mr.305
Elizabeth Sanchez 🎊Happy Birthday Handsome!🎈 Enjoy your day!🙌 May God bless you with many more 🎬🎶🎤🎶🎉🎈💃🎂😘❤🍸💯

Time for joy!

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Maria Isabella I love you so much Pitbull ❤❤❤
Barani Barani Wow!!sweet heart love you!
Chewy Sims Traci Gonzalez- may 12th woootwooot
Evelyn Mahkee See ya soon😘💜
Ruth N Reyes well dressed man

"I know you want me, you know I want cha!"

3.2k reactions 153 comments
Deborah Beysthefield Lol, ok
Shasi Kumar Tirnatho Cheers Champion!!
Frances Mae Malanum That's wonderful ❤️❤️👍👍
Leander Xatzigrigoriou Olof Nilsson min dröm att vara där
Juanila Solideo Am 64 but love love ur music.

Have the time of your life at sea with yours truly and many more amazing artists! Enter for a chance to win a cabin for two on the 2nd Annual Pitbull After Dark Party courtesy of Voli 305 Vodka! Must be 21+ to enter http://www.pitbullcruise.com/volivodka/

5.5k reactions 351 comments
Chris Taylor Damn it man !!! 😎😎😎 would love to see miami 😦😦
Nadira Abdool Can my son came with me if I win we are going
Gabrielle Sollenberger Kristen Aluzzi my bags are packed when you’re ready 😉
Maranie Lin Coby Ringgenberg You should enter, 'cas I really want to go. ;)
Helen Cup Awww wish I lived in the states now! I'm out!!!

Show your true colors

5.4k reactions 107 comments
Arjun Pandit 👌 😎 thanks
Nguyễn Văn Hiếu • IBOX Nói Nè ❤ TTT
Asma Khan Durrani Love u
Livier Abril Tony mi tío Pitbullllll
Ismail Abdulla Berezhi یەک قیچی دی خۆی شۆڕکاتۆ بەردەبیتۆ Hunar😉

"We are strong!"

5.2k reactions 98 comments
Arjun Pandit 👌 I cool 👌 sir
Fayssal Fayssal Bouokka Love you 305😜😜😍😍😍
Jafar Á Hasn Seeba Aruos 😍😍😍 نحن اقوياء عقولتو
Md É Ràýhâñ ♥√√√√
Masako Taguchi Have a great week!

Siding with success in 2018 #JungleGotMeLike

8.9k reactions 1274 comments
Mohammad Ikhwan Pitt Ab Rahaman is this gonna be you in 2018 ?
Robert J King I think I would have a problem avoiding everything if I won the lottery
Danny Do Hope this year treat us so well darling Thuý Vân
Pouya Farahi Allisongaye Barjose If u dance like that for me we will avoid all of that together 😂😂😘
Lorraine Contreras Happy Sunday Pitbull Have A Great Day Love It Mr305 Mr.Worldwide Sexy Chico Dale 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

"Tonight we're making history, I just wanna celebrate"

6.0k reactions 84 comments
Lynda Smith Dale
Viviane Mariana. One day you will come in Europe
Fayssal Fayssal Bouokka Mr305😍😍😍😍
Eve Brook Me to!😋
Sonia Velasquez Ya tu sabe😚😚😚

Pitbull's cover photo

4.9k reactions 106 comments
Latif Mamedov You are chosen, agent 47
Brenda Soto Wish I could go...
Md É Ràýhâñ pitbull
Fayssal Fayssal Bouokka Love mr pitbull😍😍
Jennifer Opalka Geovanny Kon I see a may trip in the future

"We've been around the world, same song, work hard, play hard, all day long"

5.9k reactions 85 comments
Jennifer Chagoya I Admire your Beautiful Smile🤗
Viviane Mariana. Come in Europe please
Letty Molina Dale
Fayssal Fayssal Bouokka Mr305 pitbull
Shahram Ahmadi Rain over me

Enjoy life!

4.0k reactions 83 comments
Deborah Beysthefield Surely
Janet Torres Hi pitbull so true .
Lynda Smith Dale
Myrna Lombraña Perez And he's just sexy sexy.....
Tracy Sharp i intend to xxx

"Born in a flame, mama said that everyone would know my name"

4.8k reactions 120 comments
Juliette van Berkum Elise flame, party
Ãdïł Farhane Happy new year
Frans Wientjes Pitbull the best💪
Asli Akgun Just you name ?
Cori Ferrara I love you so much..

Come out to Worldwide NYE and feast! We are proud to present Voli 305 Vodka drinks and gourmet bites by Sugar Factory at our VIP Food & Wine Party. Get your tickets today at worldwidenye.eventbrite.com​ or at the door.

17.8k reactions 426 comments
Íqbál Hossain Pitbull how nice enjoy baby Ordinance first day was good luck
Andrew Hinckley You the Man...... no one or far and few between are someone i wish i was!
Kara Flanagan Kevin Newman they forgot to send your invite DALÈ
Maria Del Carmen Granado Feliz Anio sea con mas exitos te sigo siempre cuando estoy decaida escucho tu musica zas me pongo a bailar y a cantar sos un genio! Feliz 2018🎵🎶❤😚
Linda Marie Herrera Wishing you A Happy New Year. My wish is to meet you and get an autographed cd.

Make a resolution to have fun!

9.8k reactions 184 comments
Mariela Rodriguez Aim was not discountined so we will be back after the New Year sexy stud @charlec69. Make sure 2 be online later. Free Aol download & Aim was not discontinued on December, it was not. @charlesc69
Mariela Rodriguez I'm looking New Years party, last minute invites. Food & Drinks, wine, champhange & grapes
Mariela Rodriguez cooperate on waiting for the tired ,for me to chat on Aim chat that was not discountinue [email protected]
Mariela Rodriguez I will be back to chat with sexy stud on Free Aol & Aim chat that was not discontiuned. One more chance I'm giving the the person if the person is not rude @charlesc69
Barani Barani love you my sweetheart

Bring passion to the new year!

4.3k reactions 94 comments
Athul Raj Puthenveettil #കലക്കി_മുത്തേ
Athul Raj Puthenveettil #തിമിർത്തു
Gloria Martinez Hola, from Corpus Christi, Texas
Nicolas Hoang Jules Plet ça fait longtemps
Vishu Bhat Pitbull ya bulldog 🙄🙄🙄

Last year’s NYE was a blast and this year’s will be off the charts! VIP tickets available: worldwidenye.eventbrite.com

5.3k reactions 118 comments
Helen Cup Wish I can go too
Tämąņģ Päŕķáşh Wish i can go to
Mariela Rodriguez Aol Aim will not be discountinue. I'm going to take a break an come back later. :)
Mariela Rodriguez he dont want to go on facebook cause he thinks he will get a virus Facebook :Ray Miranda
Fa-Jri (ˆ★ˆ) Neng Masako( ★) ---==💛 💙 🐛 💚 💗==--- Bingung Mau jawab Apa Neng Masako ---==🍔 🍔 🎓 🍔 🍔==--- wajah kamu makin hari makin cantik bgt,cuma lebih cantik lagi kalo tuh muka di tutupin pake karung beras •҉•╬ Vip ® Minang-Bot™ ╬•҉•

Eat, sip, and dance this Sunday at the Worldwide NYE - New Year's Eve VIP Food & Wine Party. 🎉 Enjoy Voli 305 Vodka cocktails, bites by The Sugar Factory, and live performances by yours truly, IamChino, DJ LAZ (The Real DJ LAZ) and DJ IRIE! Tickets available at worldwidenye.eventbrite.com

891 reactions 146 comments
Noemi Volpi Edward tienes planes por la Nochevieja?? 😍
Gacmadheere Sheeraa Thanks Force Base Camp Rock Band Ring Of The Year Of The World War
Pamela Lussier Nicole Lussier why are we not going to this?
Jessica Mercieca Jimmy Parascos Sorry, no more NYEE. My priorities have changed ❤️❤️
Hannah MacDonald Angela Allwright if only we could do this lol

Celebrate NYE with live performances by yours truly, IamChino , DJ LAZ (The Real DJ LAZ) and DJ IRIE at the Worldwide NYE - New Year's Eve VIP Food & Wine Party! Enjoy the best New Year's experience in Miami. Sip on premium cocktails made with Voli 305 Vodka and taste gourmet bites curated by The Sugar Factory. ️Secure your VIP tickets today at worldwidenye.eventbrite.com

3.7k reactions 229 comments
Logan Muir It's great to see you happy pittyboi ily
Virginia Mae Wood I wished I would dance all night with you xoxo happy New year love
Fabian Saucedo Omg cool I want yum 👅 love u world wide lover❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Romie dale
Christine Fournier Copeland If only it was possible... I'm sure it will be a blast.. Miami is the place to be :)
Jill Vercaempst Hallo Pitbull we verlangen tot je naar Belgie terug komt !!! We hebben jou voor de 1 ste maal gezien in LOKEREN EN WE HEBBEN ER VAN GENOTEN !!!! GROETEN Jill en Tom en een Gelukkig nieuwjaar 2018

Keep living the dream!

4.1k reactions 68 comments
Cristiane Ambrozevicius Happy holidays for this amazing person!!!!Love you Cristiane Ambrozevicius
Jose Garcia Haciendo música! Saludos desde #Venezuela
Richard Egan London dream.
Yuliana SchMi My baby... Lo amo ❤
Dennis Biglove Handfield I like that song with that jamican

Let's get this weekend started!

1.9k reactions 67 comments
Tena Mclean God I wish I had your energy.
Badmash Badmash Hello sir i am big fan your
Yuliana SchMi D A L E E E .... HERMOSO FIN MY BABY!!!
Wina Canizares With me you sexy giy
Frances Mae Malanum That's awesome ❤️❤️👍👍

Thank you Zumba for taking "Muévelo Loca Boom Boom" worldwide and always showing love. Dale!

10.6k reactions 299 comments
Lisa Williams-Roth Omg! That's exactly how I dance, they stole my moves!!
Kristina Bilyk Natalie Hirsch schau mal wer Deutschland vertritt 😍
Izaskun Gómez Very good and funny song."Boom,boom ¡Muévelo!¡Muévelo!.."¡Daleee! <3 you Pitbull.
Christiane Thu Awesome 🎶💃💥😍 !! so proud of Elodie Armahanian representing France 🇫🇷️ 🤗 !! happy crew 😊
Ranjdar Diler Nice I kind of like them , better than your background dancers Pitbull

Counting the days until it's time to party with us at Pitbull After Dark Party in March?

4.9k reactions 53 comments
Jessica Schatz Lagos Caganet🤣🤣🤣
Paivi Olsson are ready
Ada Gilda Mitchell Hola guapo 😘
Frances Mae Malanum ❤️❤️👍👍
Nozar Schaiegy Nice dancers Pitbull.

"We gon' live it up!"

3.2k reactions 62 comments
Amrit Limbu Men With Unlimited Dreams
Viviane Mariana. Super cool
Manisha Kumari Kashyap Awesome Mr Pitbull ❤ 😍
Ahimed Nasir Cool
LuAnn Hembree Yes we are DALEEEEE!

Enjoy the celebration!

5.5k reactions 74 comments
Yuliana SchMi Mi amorchhhhh
Viviane Mariana. #dale
Matteo Serìo DALE
Tayor Joseff Omole #MrWorldwide
Abdelwahab Abbie Radouan Hapoy Holidays... www.house-mixes.com/profile/DJABIcasablanca

Make a statement!

1.8k reactions 115 comments
Mominul Islam oww
Maria Isabella Very nice ❤❤❤
Viviane Mariana. I love this photo
Lorraine Contreras Pitbull Love you my 👑 dale ❤😍😘😎
Hawar S. Kareem ♥♥

What a year it has been Spotify http://spoti.fi/2kxlnsT

5.4k reactions 143 comments
Mahmudul Hasan Rifat Now you can listen to your new song on Christmas ....
Beatrice Diguet Bonjour je te souhaite une bonne fête de Noël qui arrive très vite une bonne année avant tout le monde
Riley McNabb Alison Fliss.. or guy has made it!
Liam Bloomfield Jake Lindsay I'm about 10 of those 39 mill
Paul Gregg You've worked 39 million hours Steven Richards?

The fiesta is on! Join yours truly, Yandel, Flo Rida and Becky G as we sail from Miami to Nassau, March 2-5, 2018 on the second annual Pitbull After Dark Party! Book today at http://www.pitbullcruise.com

4.3k reactions 128 comments
Verónica López Maestro. Dale. Gracias. Pitbull. Yo soy V L. Para ti!!!
Mariela Rodriguez It is ur fault Nuestra Belleza Latina 2017 has not started on Sunday 8pm.Everyone says get the show Nuestra Belleza Latina 2017 onto Univision.
Mariela Rodriguez Its ur fault Alejandra Espinoza has not come on Gordo y Flaca in a while.
Shye Brooke Michelle Lynn this right here is what i want for my birthday!!!
Brett Schumacher Michael Behr Waddya think!?!?!

Let your voice be heard!

5.0k reactions 100 comments
Ali Makame ooooh weee...
Sandra Porras Leslie Cerda Aush! #dale #mipelonfavorito :* ;)
Ely Sanchez Mi voz ya fué escuchada. Thank's a lot! I love u
Jasmin Singh call me then u can hear lol mwah
Helen Cup Ohhh yes!!!!!

Get behind the scenes at our "Jungle" island party!

11.7k reactions 166 comments
Barani Barani sweet heart love you!
Anita Gro Dalen Love the new music video jungle 😊 ❤
Maria Isabella Oh my god i love my Pitbull 👀❤❤❤
Natanya Cooper Love love LOVE this song!
Maria Pena Pitbull la estrella del mundo palante que a. Nadie te apaga triunfador 😘😘😘
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