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Young man, old soul

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Timeline Photos

Young man, old soul

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Kelley Faulkner Pitts
Tracy Sharp
luvv him xxxx
Heidy Mora
Ilyy Pitbul te Amo soy tu mega Fan 💖🎵🎤
Vanessa Anderson
So sexy! Dale <3
Natjarawee Peyre
Maddee Jones
Jayde Mansfield im a young girl old soul??? same person
Jahid Hasan
World wide soul with a wise mans heart
Monique Gonzalez
But really they did to accept accept her (www.facebook.com/evelyn.alvarez.30 & www.facebook.com/ashley.waltz www.facebook.com/tls83, www.facebook.com/steven.perez.52)
Jason Frewen
World wide soul with a wise mans heart
Sean O'Connor
Adam O'Connell you're a young man with an old soul
Clarence White
Worldaass news. Support my gofundme campaign on Facebook. Pittbull.Clarence a white. Thanks
Moni Loly
Sos tan lindo papichulo te amo bendiciones en todo mi angel dale 305
Riccardo Alessandrin
Dale chico! My congratulations for the nomination for Mejor Canciòn Par Bailar at Premios Juventud with #HeyMa. Tu sito el numero uno ya tu sabe que yo voto por ti!
Demet Taş
I always wish you were young and always energetic and handsome☺☺☺💪💪💪
Monique Gonzalez
a cunt in front of their is probably i nerd anywho, otherwise

Other newsfeed from Pitbull

Listen to this remix of "Better On Me" Ft Ty Dolla $ign http://smarturl.it/PBOMRPV1

1.9k reactions 64 comments
ပန္းလိပ္ျပာ ပန္းလိပ္ျပာ ခ်စ္​တယ္​
Izaskun Gómez It's really good,Pitbull <3
John Davies Brilliant!💿📀®
Mohammad Raju Nice Songs
Coco Ridoy Nc

The party is on! Becky G is officially setting sail with yours truly, Flo Rida and more amazing artists for Pitbull After Dark Party! www.pitbullcruise.com #pitbullcruise #dale

3.6k reactions 106 comments
Fayssal Fayssal Bouokka Beck j 💓💓+pitbull =#love it😻
Md Niamul Rahaman Safi oow???
Santiago Barzallo Mateo jejejejje becky g... BECKY YIII
Masako Taguchi Wish I could go!
Dylan Stempel Jess Tages yo what?!?! Sorry this is dream

Let's raise the roof, Houston!

2.8k reactions 84 comments
AH Riyadh you are best singer bro
Za Eem PooKkzz N I C E
Jenny Fortner Dale! Puedes hacer un album de navidad?😍
Welinton Hartmann Best singer
Arbert Clarion Cazanova 👍👍👍

Say please! The "Por Favor" music video is coming soon.

7.9k reactions 220 comments
Susmita Shrestha (^.^)
Rosemary Gomez <3 😍😍😍😍😍😍..........so sexy in your suits
Adel Deel Timothius Tandio mama said be polite baby
Lorraine Contreras Hi pitbull so handsome my 👑dale i can't wait ❤😍😘
Jerry Matakatea Raven Addei the elegance is incredible

Get ready to listen free! SiriusXM Radio's Free Listening Event is on now through 11/27. Listen free to #Globalization and 99 other channels on your inactive satellite radio.

677 reactions 63 comments
Màjør J-ałloulí Beautiful Looking Pitbull
Jeline Myer kisses chuli!
Coco Ridoy Nc
Janet Torres Hi. Pitbull. Will. Do..
Nguyễn Hoàng Phát ❤️

Let the weekend live #SundayFunday

5.9k reactions 150 comments
Felipe HD Who’s Here For #BeckyG
Bilal Jencarlos PitbuL ♡
Tolotea Tia Petersen Mr Worldwide 😁👍
Sämrât Amït Sîngh #True*Rapper
Maria Isabella Dale 💋💋💋

Is the 305 in the house? Dale!

2.6k reactions 98 comments
Chương Lê Tương tác ❤️
سيام ماهامودول আরে টাকলা ভাই আমার 😍
Sanjini Nair Wow
Steve Koops 9.15 is the three pack special my friend
Michelle Howard You were awesome in 619 !

Now introducing our new lyric video for "Jungle" with Stereotypes Ft E-40 & Abraham Mateo http://smarturl.it/pjunglelv

2.1k reactions 47 comments
Chanchai Salbua hi
Sumanth Tito Adding✌✌
Welinton Hartmann "Jungle" Pitt bull
Màjør J-ałloulí Good Pitbull. Stereotypes
David Garcia Cuevas Pitbull como está

Start the weekend with some rhythm! "Jungle" with Stereotypes Ft E-40 & Abraham Mateo out now! http://smarturl.it/pjungle

2.6k reactions 55 comments
Akhil Santhosh Add
Saleem Soofi Nyc
Aman Afridi #Daly
Welinton Hartmann Love from Brasil pitbull
Juan-Marco De Niza Cet homme est un génie !!!


1.4k reactions 42 comments
نايف جودت النايف ❤❤ <3 VipFB. Vn <3
نايف جودت النايف ❤❤ <3 VipFB. Vn <3
Jian Lichicken <3
Jamie Franks Stefan Johansen Arie Johansen Lewis Russell
Trevor Philips ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Proud to announce our "Greatest Hits" album release on December 1st. Pre-order now and instantly receive our new single "Jungle" http://smarturl.it/pgh

7.9k reactions 295 comments
Riccardo Alessandrin Let's go for your listen #Jungle I can't wait!
Tim Nemeckay Thank you for the great music and being an inspiration and for what you give back Pitbull
Andreas Vilstrup Jacob Eiche Andersen tror du virkelig han kan have alle sine sange på ét album??? :)
Saba Soltani Sarah Mejia this is what I'm getting you for christmas
Henry Jordan William Hall it's going to be much too big an album

Let's have some fun! This word search reveals the track list for our "Greatest Hits" album!

3.2k reactions 325 comments
Liam Johns Pitbull greatest hits album- straight on the Christmas list Calum Mac Jake Cox Rich Butler Callum Boshell
Lely Pinky De Mora hotel room service,timber.international love.dont stop the party.feel this moment
Francesca Aimée Evans Simon Rishworth Greatest Hits Album on its way
Babli Panjwani Lets get started n let iit rain over me badman love u pitbull rock of all kudos
Grace Revill Dom Mason find 4 and I will be eternally proud of you xxxxx

TBT What an amazing night at the Latin American Music Awards Enrique Iglesias #TeamPitbull

2.6k reactions 110 comments
Muhammad Naveed Bot on fire
Douha Rkmr The king 😍😍
Masako Taguchi ❤️
Salehe Small Blessed blood
Shubham Kushwaha Congratulations

Thank you to Dreamforce for letting us share your platform at such an inspiring event.

4.8k reactions 215 comments
Maria Isabella Very very nice ❤❤❤❤💋
Lorraine Contreras Love you pitbull my 👑sexy chico dale 💟❤💟❤💟❤💟❤💟❤💟❤💟👑💟❤
Fayssal Fayssal Bouokka Lindaaaaaaa te amo😍😍😍😍
Yuliana SchMi Mi hombreeeeee 😙... Mrs. Mundial... Ud el único!!!!
Kristin Folbrecht Sofia Ahlawat he’s so beautiful HELP 😍😩

Act like an animal! "Jungle" by yours truly and Stereotypes Ft E-40 & Abraham Mateo on the way!

3.8k reactions 136 comments
Fayssal Fayssal Bouokka Love this song pitbull 😀💓💓
Masako Taguchi Love this!
Loubna Ats Maye elle est pas mal
Riccardo Alessandrin But is your song?
Janet Torres So cool

Keep moving, por favor #MusicMonday

2.9k reactions 79 comments
Lina Acosta Hoooo guaaauuuu
Dorina Skenderi ❤💣🐯😂❤
Fabian Saucedo Dale ❤️❤️❤️Romie
Yamaica Rivera Bendicione
Stephenie Hamilton Sexy ass hell

Listen to "Por Favor" on Amazon Music Unlimited https://sml.lnk.to/PorFavor

4.7k reactions 116 comments
Darlene Schneider Dilbeck Love your music, brother!! ❤❤❤💯💯💯🐐🐐🐐
অসভ‍্য nice
Kunal Rajput Nope, only free download :-p
Giannis Thanas Σε ευχαριστώ
Robiul Mrh Love ya pitbull

It's the weekend!

12.2k reactions 159 comments
Màjør J-ałloulí Ouan Tree Sexy Enouta Ouwh Ouwh Rain Over Me Special
Ariel Martinez Cool.
Fabian Lapzien King!
Nelly Montiel-Hernandez 😍😍😍
Robiul Mrh Pitbull love ya

🔥 Dale! 🔥 Coming back to Axis at Planet Hollywood for the Time of Our Lives Las Vegas Residency January 17 – 27 and April 27 – May 1! Tickets on sale Friday, Nov 10 at 10 AM PT: http://livemu.sc/PitbullResidency

5.8k reactions 464 comments
Heather Lorente Maaaaaaa Heidi Jauregui i need to go to this pleaseeeeee
Bie's Hilton I love you Armando Christian Perez. #Mylovepitbull
Oz Maria I want to be there ...lima Perú
Yolanda Rios-Walker Pw Walker this would be a great bday present for me
Theresa Bonsignore Branciforti No.....be there the week in February when I'm there!

Please check out the "Por Favor" Spanish lyric video hyperurl.co/m7d24a?IQid=vevo

1.6k reactions 52 comments
Anas Adnane Aabir hadi hadi :p
Juan Octavio Garcia Rico Muy buena cancion,saludos bro dale
Rita Planky I love it
Roy Cook Awesome music
Janet Torres Dale! :-)

What do you say for trick or treat? http://hyperurl.co/porfavoraudio

11.7k reactions 237 comments
Keith Glock You trikn me or treatn me? Cause I'm teddy for both.
Riccardo Alessandrin Happy Halloween Pitbull everyday party with your music big Mr. Worldwide
Sasha Cruz cinema/skrillex love you just the way you are
Sandra Contreras Mmmm sexy like always looking good Mr 305
Ranjy Logan Pitbull is a beautiful man a sex symbol a good singer and a gay icon like BRITNEY SPEARS.

Dale! Angeles will be hitting the road again with yours truly and Enrique Iglesias in Corpus Christi, Laredo and Austin #EnriquePitbullTour

8.8k reactions 139 comments
Sä R Âth Gd
Kamal Jamos خواااتي بالرضاعة <3
PanKaj ShaRma Legands 😎
Youssef Shakkouf وانا لي كنت فاكرك نينجا...طلعت ترتر...مليت من النسوان ياغالي...صرت guy ياغالي...ههههه
Youssef Shakkouf Ali Khadoor ذكرني بالشباب لي قعدنا جنبن بمباراة المنتخب ههههه..

Getting ready for more great times on tour with Becky G! She joins yours truly and Enrique Iglesias for the #EnriquePitbullTour in Miami, Orlando and Houston in November. Dale!

7.0k reactions 75 comments
Shana Myer good morning lindo!
Md Shabu hi pitbull
Raul Perez-medina Nora Perez this got better 😬
Welinton Hartmann Sensacional
Jian Lichicken Good~

Join the fun!

8.0k reactions 133 comments
Ahmed Mohammed Atallah join the asses 👌👌👌
Steven Kayange Oooh pit bull miss yu
Ahmed Nabil Jahannam is waiting
Jamal Albaba Thanks pitbull
Denise Merrifield Bucket list, to see PITBULL!💙

Gracias to the sophisticated ladies of Fifth Harmony for joining us onstage to perform our new single #PorFavor

9.3k reactions 256 comments
Karla Salceda de Ortiz What the he'll is that thing in silver !?
Maria Almanza I was there 😍 love you pitbull 💘
Chicky Moran Omg !!!! That poor girl in the silver look like she's pregnant horrible then she's lost what happened !!!!!!
Homar De La Torre Sophisticate and half naked don’t go together...not that I’m complaining 😎
Willis Wier Somoya Pitbull looks great Fifth Harmony needs a new wardrobe manager

Check out the full audio for "Por Favor"

5.5k reactions 89 comments
Gs Rubel we want officially video #worldwideDale
N.K. Anik Khan already check
Billal Hossen Anik 💜💜💜💔💔😉😉✌✌✋✋👍👍👍
Mahmoud Aboubaker Daleeeeee
Viviane Mariana. Super great song


3.1k reactions 50 comments
Marlen Sierra Eres el mejor papi
Rasel Khan good ...
Negrita El Dorado Hermoso y ejemplo!!!!!
Masako Taguchi Love this song!
Nikolina Morić Ciao from Croatia,Zagreb! Congrats!

"Por Favor" featuring Fifth Harmony available worldwide https://SML.lnk.to/PorFavor

7.6k reactions 126 comments
Carmen Figueroa Felicidades" mi vida"👍😂😂
Juliette van Berkum Elise friday, party
Lovely Ali ➡POWERED BY💪Lovely Ali👈
Alexa Ramos Me encantó
Gutierrez Isa Good song!

Watch as we premier "Por Favor" live with Fifth Harmony​ tonight at the Latin American Music Awards​ on Telemundo​ 8/7c

4.2k reactions 126 comments
Viviane Mariana. Please come in France with Enrique please
Md É Ràýhâñ cong:-) pitbull
Jeff Agee-Aguayo Bueno tu discurso al aceptar tu premio!
Ilaria Mariani ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥
Nozar Schaiegy Hi Pitbull.

Get ready for "Por Favor" featuring Fifth Harmony

7.3k reactions 137 comments
Mandy Lovejoy My Pitbull
Chetan Singh yes
Cori Kvetina love you... Pitbull..
Anas Adnane Amr fach tdini ltma, ghandiro hadi ;)
Arbert Clarion Cazanova 👍👍👍
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